SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index R, page 3
IMG Activity - R
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 REFX_REAJ_ADJ_TASK S_PEN_05000372 Validation, Substitution 
2 REFX_REAJ_COMPARE_GR S_PEN_05000373 Comparative Group of Apartments: Validation, Substitution 
3 REFX_REAJ_EXPENSE_CR S_PRN_53000272 Calculation Formula 
4 REFX_REBD_ARCH_OBJ S_PLN_06000012 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Validation and Substitution 
5 REFX_REBD_BUILDING S_PLN_06000008 Number Assignment, Validation, Substitution 
6 REFX_REBD_MEAS S_AER_95000025 Define Allowability of Measurements by Object Type 
7 REFX_REBD_PROPERTY S_PLN_06000010 Number Assignment, Validation, Substitution 
8 REFX_REBD_RENTAL_OBJ S_PLN_06000011 Number Assignment, Validation, Substitution 
9 REFX_RECA_MESSAGE S_AEN_10000053 Implement Differentiation of Message Control 
10 REFX_RECA_RESUBM S_PLN_06000054 Implement Enhancements (BAdI) 
11 REFX_RECA_SH_METH S_XEN_65000022 Implement/Activate Search Methods for Search Strategies 
12 REFX_RECA_SH_METH_CH S_EEI_69000140 Implement/Activate Search Methods for Search Strategies 
13 REFX_RECD_CALC_RULE S_PEN_05000399 Calculation Formula for Conditions 
14 REFX_RECD_CONDITION S_AEN_10000234 Specify Defaults and Perform Consistency Check per Condition 
15 REFX_RECD_DIST_RULE S_PEN_05000400 Distribution Formula for Conditions 
16 REFX_RECN_CONTRACT S_PLN_06000013 Number Assignment, Validation, Substitution 
17 REFX_REEX_FI_BAPI S_PEN_05000410 Change Document Data (BAdI) 
18 REFX_REEX_FI_GET_ACC S_PEN_05000408 Change Account Determination (BAdI) 
19 REFX_REEX_PM S_PLN_62000224 Implement Enhancements for PM Integration (BAdI) 
20 REFX_REIS_LIST S_PEN_05000405 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Influence Expenditure List 
21 REFX_REIS_RM S_PLN_62000233 Implement Enhancement for Records Management (BAdI) 
22 REFX_REIT_TC_OBJ S_PRN_53000240 Number Assignment, Validation, Substitution 
23 REFX_RELM_JOINT_LIAB S_PEN_05000398 Validation, Substitution 
24 REFX_RELM_LR S_PEN_05000379 Validation, Substitution 
25 REFX_RELM_LRPAGENO S_PEN_05000380 Conversion Exits for the Page Number of Land Register 
26 REFX_RELM_LRPAGE_CH S_EEI_69000135 Conversion Exits for the Page Number of Land Register 
27 REFX_RELM_LRREGNO S_PEN_05000381 Conversion Exits for Numbers in the Real Estate Register 
28 REFX_RELM_LRREGNO_CH S_EEI_69000136 Conversion Exits for Numbers in the Real Estate Register 
29 REFX_RELM_LR_CH S_EEI_69000134 Validation, Substitution 
30 REFX_RELM_NOTICE_ASS S_PEN_05000396 Validation, Substitution 
31 REFX_RELM_PL S_PEN_05000391 Validation, Substitution 
32 REFX_RELM_PLNO S_PEN_05000392 Conversion Exits for Parcel Number 
33 REFX_RELM_PUB_ENCUMB S_PEN_05000394 Validation, Substitution 
34 REFX_RELM_RECORD_CHG S_PEN_05000393 Validation, Substitution 
35 REFX_RELM_SECNO S_PEN_05000397 Conversion Exits for Numbers in Sections II and III 
36 REFX_RELM_SECNO_CH S_EEI_69000137 Conversion Exits for Numbers in Sections II and III 
37 REFX_REMM_MANDATE S_PEN_05000371 Number Assignment, Validation, Substitution 
38 REFX_REOR_OFFER S_PEN_05000377 Number Assignment, Validation, Substitution 
39 REFX_REOR_OFFER_OBJ S_PEN_05000374 Number Assignment, Validation, Substitution 
40 REFX_REOR_POSITIONS S_EAE_99000046 Desk Assignments on Reservation Object 
41 REFX_REOR_PO_SUG_POS S_EAE_99000047 Determine Possible Available Desk Assignments 
42 REFX_REOR_RENTAL_REQ S_PEN_05000375 Number Assignment, Validation, Substitution 
43 REFX_REOR_SEARCH S_PEN_05000376 Implement Enhancements (BAdI) 
44 REFX_RERA_DOC S_PEN_05000406 Change RE Document Before Posting 
45 REFX_RERA_INVOICE S_SLN_44000016 Implement Enhancements (BAdI) 
46 REFX_RERA_OP S_PEN_05000407 One-Time Postings: Change Default Data 
47 REFX_RESC_PART_GROUP S_PLN_06000015 Number Assignment, Validation, Substitution 
48 REFX_RESC_SETTL_UNIT S_PLN_06000014 Number Assignment, Validation, Substitution 
49 REFX_RESR_CALC_RENT S_PEN_05000409 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Calculation of Sales-Based Rent 
50 REFX_REXC_CHACCOUNT S_EE6_85000159 Enhancements in Calculation of Fuel Consumption 
51 REFX_REXC_MS_CALC S_PEN_05000414 Enhancements to Fictitious Calculations 
52 REFX_REXC_MS_DATA S_PEN_05000413 Enhancements to Main Rent Statement 
53 REFX_SCAL S_PRN_53000227 Accrual/Deferral of Service Charges 
54 REFX_SCSACCOUNT S_ALN_01001264 Accounts for Service Charge Settlement 
55 REFX_SD S_ALN_01000687 Master Data 
56 REFX_SNUMBDBE S_ALN_01001227 Number Range for Business Entity 
57 REFX_SNUMBDBU S_ALN_01001237 Building Number Range 
58 REFX_SNUMBDCN S_ALN_01001257 Number Range for Contracts 
59 REFX_SNUMBDPR S_ALN_01001238 Number Range for Properties 
60 REFX_SNUMBDRO S_ALN_01001239 Number Range for Rental Objects 
61 REFX_SNUMELMPECS S_PEN_05000123 Specify Number Range for Contamination/Non-Hazardous Waste 
62 REFX_SNUMELMPEPSNO S_PEN_05000124 Define Number Range for Site Protection 
63 REFX_SNUMITTC S_P7E_63000026 Specify Number Range for Correction Object 
64 REFX_SNUMMMBANK S_XEN_65000032 Define Number Range for House Bank 
65 REFX_SNUMMMMN S_AEN_10000768 Specify Number Ranges for Mandate 
66 REFX_SNUMORMPID S_AER_95000445 Define Number Range for Move Planning 
67 REFX_SNUMOROF S_PEN_05000013 Define Number Range for Contract Offer 
68 REFX_SNUMOROO S_PEN_05000011 Define Number Range for Offered Object 
69 REFX_SNUMORRR S_PEN_05000012 Define Number Range for RE Search Request 
70 REFX_SNUMRAFOB0 S_PDE_26000001 Set Up Number Range for Automatically Created Posting Documents 
71 REFX_SNUMRAINVNO S_SLN_44000020 Number Range for Rent Invoice 
72 REFX_SNUMRECALN S_ALN_01001297 Number Range for Logs in SAP Application Log 
73 REFX_SNUMREOREX S_EE5_50000194 Number Ranges for Reservations 
74 REFX_SNUM_IMKEY S_EE6_85000147 IMKEY Number Range 
75 REFX_SNUM_INTRENO S_EE6_85000148 INTRENO Number Range 
76 REFX_ST S_ALN_01000660 Taxes 
77 REFX_TA_RECAGUICUST S_P1E_80000003 User Interface 
78 REFX_TA_RECAPICCUST S_P1E_80000004 Background Graphic 
79 REFX_TIVORAECINFO S_XEN_65000076 Specify Additional Information for AEC 
80 REFX_VE S_ALN_01000670 Contract 
81 REFX_VTIVCDFLOWRELSC S_ALN_01002233 Assign Reference Flow Types for Receivables/Credit from SCS 
82 REFX_VTIVZW S_AEN_10000028 Determine Dunnable Payment Methods 
83 REFX_V_TIVBPSUBROLE S_ALN_01001272 Role Types 
84 REFX_V_TIVRADOCCNDS S_PLN_62000180 Activate Document or Tax Summarization in Company Code 
85 REFX_V_TIVSCAJSCKATT S_ALN_01002286 Different Calculation of Service Charge Condition 
86 REFX_V_TIVSCAJSPEC S_ALN_01002301 Calculation of Adjustment Date 
87 REFX_V_TIVSCDEFCOND S_ALN_01001278 Assign Default Condition Type to Service Charge Key 
88 REFX_V_TIVSCSUDEF S_ALN_01002234 Default Values for Distribution Rule of Settlement Unit 
89 REFX_V_TZB0 S_ALN_01001269 Business Partner Role Categories 
90 REFX_XCOT S_PRN_53000192 Calculation of VAT 
91 REFX_XCOT_BADI S_PRN_53000197 Implement Enhancements for Calculation Formula and Posting 
92 REGION S_AEC_66000344 REGION 
93 REGION_COUNTRYASSGN S_AEC_66000347 Specify Country and Assign Tax Community Priority 
94 REGION_TAXREGION S_AEC_66000348 Define Tax Region 
95 REIT_DATE_OF_SERVICE S_EE6_85000035 Enter Default Value for Date of Service 
96 REIT_DIST_EXCLUDE S_EE6_85000033 Exclude Document Items from Input Tax Distribution 
97 REIT_POSTING_RULE S_EE6_85000032 Account Determination for Input Tax Distribution 
98 RELATION TYPES S_KA5_12000262 Maintain Relationship Types 
99 RELEVANT ORDER TYPES S_KA5_12000268 Maintain Relevant Sales Document Types 
100 RELM_LR_RANKINGNO S_EE6_85000183 Allow Manual Entry of Ranking Numbers for Sections II and III 
101 RELM_LR_RANKINGNO_CH S_EEI_69000138 Allow Manual Entry of Ranking Numbers for Sections II and III 
102 RENTENFONDS_ZUORD S_ALR_87004152 Assign Fund Type Exclusively to Bond Funds 
103 REPLACEMENT_BN S_PLN_06000385 Define Bank Numbers for Discharge of Loan 
104 REPORTFUNKTPFLEGEN S_ALR_87003728 Define Report Functions 
105 REPORTS IN PRE-SALE S_KA5_12000267 Maintain Reports in Business Entity Browser 
106 RERA_ACCT_SHEET S_EE6_85000188 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Tenant Account Overview 
107 RERA_CLEARING S_EE6_85000189 Prevent Clearing of Items by RE Processes 
108 RERA_DOC_SPLIT S_EE6_85000193 Change Document Split 
109 RERA_POSTING_PARAM S_EE6_85000190 Periodic Posting: Restrict Selection of Cash Flow Records 
110 RERA_REVERSAL S_EE6_85000192 Reversal - Additional Checks 
111 RERA_TRANSFER_POST S_EE6_85000191 Prevent Object Transfers 
112 RETRAKTOR_CUST S_AX7_53000007 Define Field Assignments 
113 RETRAKTOR_TRANSFER S_AX7_53000006 Execute data transfer 
114 REXCAT_001 S_AEN_10000721 Main Rent Statement: Basic Customizing 
115 REXCFRPROCID S_EE6_85000034 Define Number Ranges 
116 REXCFR_SRU_ENH_SPOT S_EE6_85000009 BAdI: Option Rate Determination 
117 REXCITPROCID S_EEI_69000020 Define Number Ranges 
118 REXCIT_001 S_AEN_10000480 Maintain Cadastral Category Descriptions 
119 REXCIT_002 S_AEN_10000481 Maintain Cadastral Categories 
120 REXCIT_003 S_AEN_10000482 Maintain Calculation Types 
121 REXCIT_004 S_AEN_10000483 Maintain City Parameters 
122 REXCIT_005 S_AEN_10000484 Maintain City Rates 
123 REXCIT_006 S_AEN_10000485 Maintain Payment Installments 
124 REXCIT_007 S_AEN_10000486 Maintain Coefficients for Building Category 'D' 
125 REXCIT_008 S_PEN_05000187 Basic Information 
126 REXCIT_01 S_XEN_65000047 Basic Information 
127 REXCIT_IB_001 S_AEN_10000500 Maintain IB Stamp Tax Parameters 
128 REXCIT_IRE_001 S_AEN_10000496 Maintain Tax Code Descriptions 
129 REXCIT_IRE_002 S_AEN_10000497 Maintain Registration Tax Parameters 
130 REXCIT_IRE_003 S_AEN_10000498 Maintain Time-Dependent Parameters 
131 REXCIT_IRE_004 S_AEN_10000499 Maintain Register Office Master Data 
132 REXCIT_IRE_005 S_PEN_05000104 Maintain Calculation Types 
133 REXCIT_IRE_006 S_PEN_05000189 Basic Information 
134 REXCJPFUP S_PRN_53000043 Maintain Fixed Unit Prices 
135 REXCJP_PAYM_ENH_SPOT S_PRN_53000041 Notes on Implementation 
136 REXCSKACCPER S_CZR_14000187 Define Posting Period Control 
137 REXCSKACCS S_CZR_14000186 Define Posting Scheme 
138 REXCSKDRNEM S_CZR_14000177 Define Tax Property Type 
139 REXCSKHLAVPR S_CZR_14000176 Define Tax Payer Data 
140 REXCSKHLAVTE S_CZR_14000184 Define Tax Technical Settings 
141 REXCSKKOREDU S_CZR_14000185 Define Tax Reduction 
142 REXCSKKOSVOB S_CZR_14000180 Define Tax Exemption 
143 REXCSKOBCE S_CZR_14000178 Define Municipalities, Subdistricts, Cadastral Districts 
144 REXCSKRIZENIOK S_CZR_14000183 Define Fiscal Year Control 
145 REXCSKVZNF1 S_CZR_14000181 Define Increments for Additional Floor 
146 REXCSKVZNP12 S_CZR_14000182 Define Price of Land 
147 REXCSKVZNR S_CZR_14000179 Define Annual Tax Rate 
148 REXC_AJ_AT_001 S_AEN_10000900 Adjustment by Fifteenths 
149 REXC_CP_AT_001 S_AEN_10000723 Define List Variants 
150 REXC_ES_EVALIDATE S_EEI_11000017 BAdI: External Validation 
151 REXC_RA_AT_001 S_AEN_10000722 Set Up Settlement Schema 
152 REXC_RA_AT_002 S_AEN_10000724 Set Up Number Range for Schema Item for Cost Element 
153 REXC_RA_AT_003 S_AEN_10000788 Define Parameters for Vacancy Reason 
154 RE_CONTRACT_TYPE S_ALN_01000019 Contract Type 
155 RE_CONTRACT_TYPE_OBJ S_ALN_01000470 Assignment of Objects to Contract Type 
156 RE_XC_SC_CH_MPATTRIB S_AEN_10000879 Assignment of Measuring Point Category to OLD Characteristic 
157 RE_XC_SC_CH_MPTYP S_AEN_10000878 OLD Measuring Point Categories 
158 RE_XC_SC_FC S_AEN_10000877 Service Charge Key for Fuel Management - Old 
159 RFC_CONFIGURE S_AEC_66000403 Define RFC Settings 
160 RFDOPR20_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000032 Database-Specific Optimization for Report RFDOPR20 
161 RFEBNORDIC_SECURITY S_P6B_12000031 Add-In: EDIFACT File Authentication 
162 RFEWA015 S_EB5_05000275 RFEWA015: Reconcile Entry View with Document Splitting Information 
163 RFIDPT_001 S_XAH_05000001 Define Pro-Rata Calculation Entity 
164 RFIDPT_002 S_XAH_05000002 Define Pro-Rata Period Type 
165 RFIDPT_003 S_XAH_05000003 Define Pro-Rata Periods 
166 RFIDPT_004 S_XAH_05000004 Define Pro-Rata Validation Entity 
167 RFIDPT_005 S_XAH_05000005 Define Pro-Rata Validation Entity Values 
168 RFIDPT_006 S_XAH_05000006 Define Field Catalog Entries 
169 RFIDPT_007 S_XAH_05000007 Define Pro-Rata Posting Aggregation Key 
170 RFIDPT_008 S_XAH_05000008 Standard Settings 
171 RFIDPT_009 S_XAH_05000009 Define Pro-Rata Transaction Key 
172 RFIDPT_010 S_XAH_05000010 Check Calculation Procedure 
173 RFIDPT_011 S_XAH_05000011 Check Message Control 
174 RFIDPT_012 S_XAH_05000012 BAdI: Pro-Rata Adjustment Document 
175 RFIDPT_013 S_XAH_05000013 BAdI: Pro-Rata Selection Document 
176 RFIDPT_014 S_XAH_05000016 BAdI: Change Parameters in Pro-Rata Adjustment due to PR Variation Report 
177 RFIDPT_015 S_XAH_05000017 BAdI: Change Components of Pro-Rata Adjustment Calculation Formula 
178 RFIDPT_016 S_P7D_67000032 BAdI: Pro-Rata Adjustment Document Selection 
179 RFIDTRBOE1_BADI_001 S_P6B_12000017 Dynamic Selections in Bill of Exchange Transactions Program 
180 RFIDTRBOE2_BADI_001 S_P6B_12000016 Dynamic Selections in Bill of Exchange Reversals Program 
181 RFIDTRWEKO_BADI_001 S_P6B_12000007 Dynamic Selections in Bill of Exchange List 
182 RFLQ_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000018 BAdI: Liquidity Item Assignment Based on Document Chains 
183 RFTREY60 S_ALR_87007366 Check Settings 
184 RFUMSV00_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000039 Optimization of Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases (RFUMSV00) 
185 RFUMSV10_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000040 Optimization of Addit. List for Adv. Return for Tax on Sls/Purch.(RFUMSV10) 
186 RFVICPTL S_P99_41000218 Overview of Letters and Text Modules 
187 RFVISAD9 S_P00_07000007 Transfer Program Applications (Old) -> Rental Request (New) 
188 RHPV0001 S_AL0_96000451 BAdI: Additional Checks for Booking 
189 RICHTLINIEN S_PLC_83000045 hdfhd 
190 RKEBBI02 S_AL0_96000864 Resource-Related Billing Special Index 
191 RM07KOF2_ALV_DBSYS_O S_EX1_23000008 BAdI: Stock Consistency Check 
192 RM07MLBD_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000009 BAdI: Stock on Posting Date 
193 RMAN_ORPS11 S_PRN_53000163 Specify Settings for Variant Selection for Object Types of Info System 
194 RMAN_PRSP_CUSTOM_FIE S_AER_95000388 Enhancements for Customer's Own Fields in Portal Confirmation 
195 RMAN_PRSP_VC_SCR S_PEN_05000322 Define Confirmation Layouts 
196 RMAN_PRSP_V_RSCR S_PEN_05000324 Assign Layouts to Plant/Order Type 
197 RMAN_TASKLIST S_E4E_66000159 Enhancements for Worklist 
198 RMA_0001 S_BC5_43000002 Test 0001 
199 RMFZ1 S_KFM_86000312 Strategy for Deriving the Analysis Part for Facilities 
200 RMIKLFZ S_KFM_86000311 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
201 RMPSDOCCATEGRY S_OT2_15000011 Define Document Categories 
202 RMPSDOC_EXT S_OT2_15000012 Define Enhancements for Document Categories 
203 RMPSDOD_RULEBASE S_OT2_15000015 Define Disposal Schedules (DoD) 
204 RMPSE_SOA_DOC S_BSD_38000071 Define Document Types for Services 
205 RMPSE_SOA_REC S_BSD_38000070 Define Record Types for Services 
206 RMPSE_SOA_STATUS S_BSD_38000104 Define Status Mapping 
207 RMPSU_VITAL_RECORDS S_ABA_72000314 Configure Vital Record Check 
208 RMPSVC_MAP_EMAIL_ATT S_OT2_15000008 Map Incoming Post Item Attributes to E-Mail Attributes 
209 RMPS_ATTRIBUTES S_ABA_72000286 Terminology for Customer Attributes 
210 RMPS_ATTR_PROF_EXT S_SRM_25000027 Enhance Attribute Profile 
211 RMPS_AUTHORORG S_ABA_72000324 Create Organizations 
212 RMPS_AUTH_ACL S_ABA_72000290 Authorization Control Using Access Lists 
213 RMPS_AUT_EDESK S_KRM_01000040 Check Authorizations for User Interfaces 
214 RMPS_AUT_ORG_BADIKEY S_KRM_01000039 BAdI: Implement Creation of Authorization Keys 
215 RMPS_AUT_ORG_LEVEL S_KRM_01000035 Create Organizational Levels for Authorization Check 
216 RMPS_AUT_ORG_PP01 S_KRM_01000038 Assign Organizational Units to Org. Object for Authorization Check 
217 RMPS_AUT_ORG_UNIT S_KRM_01000036 Create Organizational Objects for Authorization Check 
218 RMPS_CASE_DIS_TYPE S_KRM_01000046 Set Type of Activity 
219 RMPS_DESIGNTIME S_SI3_21000006 Transfer Design Time 
220 RMPS_DESK_DESK S_KRM_01000044 Define Structure of Worklist 
221 RMPS_DESK_GOTO S_SRM_25000008 Activate Goto Functions 
222 RMPS_DESK_MENU S_PAB_37000028 Limit Menu Entries 
223 RMPS_DESK_MOD S_KRM_01000041 Define Work Area for Electronic Desk 
224 RMPS_DESK_STARTSCRN S_SRM_25000007 Define Start Screen 
225 RMPS_DISPOSAL_XML S_OT2_15000005 Define XML Output Format of Disposal 
226 RMPS_DLMAP_ATTRIBUTS S_KRM_01000055 BAdI: Prepare Classification Attributes for Download 
227 RMPS_DOC_ATTR_TEMP S_OT2_15000001 Activate Attribute Templates for Documents 
228 RMPS_DOC_PRIVATE_OBJ S_ABA_72000289 Activate Private Documents 
229 RMPS_DOC_TEMPLATE S_PAB_37000020 Manage Document Templates 
230 RMPS_DOD_CUTOFF_PERI S_OT2_15000003 Define Disposal Cutoff Date 
231 RMPS_DOD_DISPOAUTHOR S_OT2_15000004 Define Disposal Authorization 
232 RMPS_DOD_EVENTCUST S_OT2_15000014 Define Disposal Events (DoD) 
233 RMPS_DOD_TOOLBARCUST S_OT2_15000002 Configure Context Menu and Toolbar 
234 RMPS_EMAIL S_OT2_15000010 BAdI: E-Mail Attribute Processing 
235 RMPS_EXTERNAL_OUTPUT S_KRM_01000065 BAdI: External Output of Attributes/Document Contents 
236 RMPS_EXT_MAIL_ATT S_OT2_15000009 Define MIME Header Attributes for E-Mail 
237 RMPS_FREEZE_CODE S_OT2_15000016 Define Reasons for Freezing Folders and Documents 
238 RMPS_HIDE_BUTTONS S_ABA_72000300 Show and Hide Pushbuttons for Records and Documents 
239 RMPS_INIT_PATH S_ABA_72000152 Activate Process Route 
240 RMPS_MAINT_PATH_POST S_KRM_01000063 Define Process Route 
241 RMPS_MEDIUM S_ABA_72000307 Define Medium 
242 RMPS_MEDIUMFORMAT S_OT2_15000006 Define Medium Format 
243 RMPS_PARA_PROFILE S_ABA_72000302 Display or Change Central Parameters 
244 RMPS_PART_CLOSE S_ABA_72000291 Set Behavior when Part Closed 
245 RMPS_PATH_FIELDS S_KRM_01000057 BAdI: Processing of Customer-Specific Fields and External Step 
246 RMPS_PES_CASE_ANCHOR S_L1B_76000011 Anchor for Creating a Case From an Incoming Post Item 
247 RMPS_POST_DEFATTR S_KRM_01000059 BAdI: Preassign Attributes and Document Types 
248 RMPS_PRO_ACTIVATE S_SRM_25000041 Make Basic Settings for RMS ID 
249 RMPS_PRO_AUTH_VIEW S_SRM_25000034 Overview of TNA Authorization Concept 
250 RMPS_PRO_AUT_SCCHANG S_SRM_25000031 Create Rule for Changing the Authorization Level 
251 RMPS_PRO_DESCRIPTOR S_SRM_25000032 Create Descriptors 
252 RMPS_PRO_DISP_TYPE S_SRM_25000035 Define Customer Disposal 
253 RMPS_PRO_DPA_EXEMPT S_SRM_25000024 Define Exemptions from Data Access in Accordance with DPA 
254 RMPS_PRO_EIR_EXEMPT S_SRM_25000025 Define Exemptions from Data Access in Accordance with EIR 
255 RMPS_PRO_EVENTTYPES S_SRM_25000033 Define Disposal Events 
256 RMPS_PRO_EXPORT_DEST S_SRM_25000016 Define Destination for Export 
257 RMPS_PRO_FOI_EXEMPT S_SRM_25000026 Define Exemptions from Data Access according to FoI 
258 RMPS_PRO_FOLDERTYPE S_SRM_25000044 Allow More Folder Types for Fileplan 
259 RMPS_PRO_LANGISO639 S_SRM_25000023 Define Languages for Records and Incoming Post Items 
260 RMPS_PRO_MDT_DPEC S_SRM_25000019 Define Exemption for Mandates 
261 RMPS_PRO_MDT_PDA S_SRM_25000020 Define Purpose for Mandates 
262 RMPS_PRO_MDT_STATU S_SRM_25000021 Define Mandates 
263 RMPS_PRO_PART_ANCHOR S_SRM_25000043 Define Anchor for Part 
264 RMPS_PRO_PART_CUTOFF S_SRM_25000018 Define Rules for Automatic Closing of a Part 
265 RMPS_PRO_RECTYPE S_SRM_25000013 Declare Document Types 
266 RMPS_PRO_RECTYPECUST S_SRM_25000015 Define Disposal Schedule for Disposal Document Type 
267 RMPS_PRO_RECTYPES S_SRM_25000014 Create Disposal Document Type 
268 RMPS_PRO_REFGENPROF S_SRM_25000028 Create Generation Profile 
269 RMPS_PRO_REFGENPROFA S_SRM_25000029 Assign Generation Profile to Case Type 
270 RMPS_PRO_REFGENPROFZ S_SRM_25000030 Assign Generation Profile 
271 RMPS_PRO_RULEBASE S_SRM_25000017 Define Disposal Schedules 
272 RMPS_PRO_RULE_UPDATE S_SRM_25000042 Determine Data Update for Disposal Changes 
273 RMPS_RESUB_BADI S_KRM_01000066 BAdI: Calculate Resubmission Date from Template 
274 RMPS_RESUB_PAT S_KRM_01000042 Define Client-Dependent Resubmission Template 
275 RMPS_RESUB_PATSY S_KRM_01000043 Create New Cross-Client Resubmission Templates 
276 RMPS_RESUB_TYPE S_SRM_25000009 Define Agent Types of Resubmissions 
277 RMPS_RMPSDOCTYPECUST S_KRM_01000049 Define Incoming Item Types 
278 RMPS_RMPSPATHORGTYP S_KRM_01000058 Define Object Types and Assign Activity Types 
279 RMPS_RMPSPEDEFCSTYP S_KRM_01000060 Assign Case Type as Default When Creating Incoming Post Item 
280 RMPS_RMPSPEDEFSPS S_KRM_01000061 Assign Element Type as Default When Creating Record 
281 RMPS_RMPSU_EVENT_MAI S_OT2_15000007 Define Event-Driven E-Mail Notification 
282 RMPS_SCMGATTR_SESCAL S_KRM_01000016 Create Values for Attribute 'Reason for Escalation' 
283 RMPS_SCMGAUTACTIVITY S_KRM_01000028 Create Activities for Authorization Check 
284 RMPS_SCMGAUT_SECLEVL S_KRM_01000018 Create Values for the Authorization Level Attribute 
285 RMPS_SCMGV_ATTRESCAL S_KRM_01000017 Assign Reasons for Escalation to Attribute Profile 
286 RMPS_SCMG_ATTRHELP S_SRM_25000040 Define Different F4 Help for Attributes 
287 RMPS_SCMG_FUNCTION S_SRM_25000039 Define Functions 
288 RMPS_SGPARAM S_ABA_72000308 Define Set/Get Parameters 
289 RMPS_SRMPATHCASEEXIT S_SRM_25000011 Enhancement for the Execution of Activity Functions 
290 RMPS_SRMPATHCUSTCASE S_KRM_01000023 Define Activities and Activity Functions for Process Route 
291 RMPS_SRMWFCUST S_ABB_85000003 Specify Screen Control for Process Route 
292 RMPS_SRM_STATUS_DEF S_SRM_25000036 Define Status 
293 RMPS_SRM_STATUS_NET S_SRM_25000038 Definition of Status Network 
294 RMPS_SRM_STATUS_PROF S_SRM_25000037 Define Status Profile 
295 RMPS_SRM_WFPATH_NO S_KRM_01000064 Create Number Range Interval 01 for Process Route 
296 RMPS_TEMPLATE_MODEL S_SRM_25000022 Define Document Templates in Folder Model 
297 RMPS_TOADD_FOR_RM S_PAB_37000019 Register Document Formats 
298 RMPS_TRF_BASIC_SET S_SI3_21000005 Grundeinstellungen für Export und Import 
299 RMPS_TRF_ENT_MAP_EXP S_SI3_21000009 BAdI: Entitäts-Mapping für Export 
300 RMPS_TRF_ENT_MAP_IMP S_SI3_21000010 BAdI: Entitäts-Mapping für Import 
301 RMPS_TRF_VAL_MAPPING S_SI3_21000007 BAdI: Werte-Mapping für Export 
302 RMPS_TRF_VAL_MAP_IMP S_SI3_21000008 BAdI: Werte-Mapping für Import 
303 RMPS_UPGRADE_700 S_ABA_72000303 Note on Upgrade to PSRM 2.00 (WAS 7.00) 
304 RMPS_VC_POSTPATH S_KRM_01000062 Define Activities and Activity Functions for Process Route 
305 RMPS_V_RMPS_MAP2DLAT S_KRM_01000054 Define Classification Attributes 
306 RMPS_V_RMPS_RETDURPW S_KRM_01000045 Define Residence Time for Temporary Objects 
307 RMPS_V_STORPLACE S_KRM_01000048 Define Storage Locations 
308 RMPS_WFPATH_NUMBERRG S_KRM_01000024 Create Number Range Interval 01 for Process Route 
309 RMSA_VAI_ADD_INF S_XBI_19000061 BAdI: Extension of Table-Based Value Assignment Dialog 
310 RMSA_VAI_ADD_INF_NEU S_XBI_19000062 BAdI: Extension of Table-Based Value Assignment Dialog 
311 RMSLA_STMT_ID S_EE6_85000054 Specify Statement Purpose 
312 RMSLC_CHANGE_DOC S_E4E_66000144 Activate Change Documents 
313 RMSLC_PARA_LBL S_PRN_53000044 Specify Retention Period for Application Logs 
314 RMSLV_FORM_TAB S_E4E_66000042 Define PDF-Based Print Forms 
315 RMSLV_PARAMETER S_AER_95000517 Set Up Connection to Recipe Management 
316 RMSLV_RULE S_PRN_53000407 Include BAdI Implementation for Rules 
317 RMSLV_UI_TAB S_PRN_53000408 Specify Tab Pages 
318 RMSL_ACTIVITY_CHECK S_PRN_53000686 BAdI: Additional Activity Checks 
319 RMSL_APPLY_AGGREGATE S_E4E_66000132 BAdI: Aggregate Ingredients 
320 RMSL_APPLY_COMBINE_I S_E4E_66000047 BAdI: Combine Ingredients 
321 RMSL_APPLY_RULE_DI S_PRN_53000219 BAdI: Label Data for Diets/Qualitative Data: Execute Rules 
322 RMSL_APPLY_RULE_IN S_PRN_53000217 BAdI: Ingredient Label Data: Execute Rules 
323 RMSL_APPLY_RULE_NU S_PRN_53000218 BAdI: Data for Nutrition Label/Quantitative Component Label: Execute Rules 
324 RMSL_AUTHORITY_CHECK S_AER_95000391 BAdI: Additional Authorization Checks 
325 RMSL_CHECK_CREAKEYD S_EE6_85000162 BAdI: Key Date Check at Label Creation 
326 RMSL_DATA_SOURCE S_AER_95000390 BAdI: Data Origin 
327 RMSL_DATA_SRC_WEBUI S_EE5_50000219 BAdI: Data Origin for Recipe Management in PLM Web UI 
328 RMSL_DIET S_AER_95000392 BAdI: Diets 
329 RMSL_DIET_DRAFT S_E4E_66000069 BAdI: Generate Draft for Label for Diets/Qualitative Data 
330 RMSL_DIET_GROUP S_AER_95000393 BAdI: Checks Validity of Transferred Diet Groups 
331 RMSL_DIET_LIST S_AER_95000519 BAdI: Diet Suitability for Data Origin 
332 RMSL_DIET_STATEMENT S_PRN_53000175 BAdI: Information for Diet Statements/Qualitative Statements 
333 RMSL_FOOTNOTE S_PRN_53000174 BAdI: Footnote Information 
334 RMSL_HTML_PREVIEW S_PRN_53000173 BAdI: Change State of Label Sets (HTML Preview) 
335 RMSL_INGREDIENT S_PRN_53000172 BAdI: Ingredient Information 
336 RMSL_INGREDIENT_DRFT S_E4E_66000070 BAdI: Generate Draft for Ingredient Label 
337 RMSL_INGREDIENT_LIST S_AER_95000520 BAdI: Ingredients for Data Origin 
338 RMSL_INGRED_WEBUI S_EE5_50000210 BAdI: Ingredient Information 
339 RMSL_INGR_LIST_WEBUI S_EE5_50000211 BAdI: Ingredients for Data Origin 
340 RMSL_LBL_ID S_PRN_53000165 Define Number Ranges 
341 RMSL_MARKETING_STATM S_PRN_53000171 BAdI: Marketing Statement Information 
342 RMSL_MESSAGE S_PRN_53000273 BAdI: Message Processing 
343 RMSL_NUTRIENT S_AER_95000394 BAdI: Nutrients 
344 RMSL_NUTRIENT_COMP S_AER_95000518 BAdI: Nutrient Composition for Data Origin 
345 RMSL_NUTRIENT_GROUP S_AER_95000395 BAdI: Nutrient Groups 
346 RMSL_OUTPUT S_E4E_66000133 BAdI: Settings for Output of PDF-Based Print Form 
347 RMSL_PHRASEN S_E4E_66000211 Create Phrase Set for Declared Value Statement 
348 RMSL_PRODUCT_SPEC S_PRN_53000170 BAdI: Product Specification Information 
349 RMSL_PROD_SPEC_WEBUI S_EE5_50000287 BAdI: Product Specification Information for Recipe Management in PLM Web UI 
350 RMSL_QUAL_DATA S_EE5_50000216 BAdI: Qualitative Data 
351 RMSL_QUAL_DATA_GROUP S_EE5_50000217 BAdI: Validity Check for Transferred Qualitative Data Groups 
352 RMSL_QUAL_DATA_LIST S_EE5_50000218 BAdI: Qualitative Data Suitability for Data Origin 
353 RMSL_QUANT_DATA S_EE5_50000212 BAdI: Components 
354 RMSL_QUANT_DATA_COMP S_EE5_50000215 BAdI: Quantitative Composition for Data Origin 
355 RMSL_QUAN_DATA_GROUP S_EE5_50000214 BAdI: Component Groups 
356 RMSL_RDA_DATA S_PRN_53000169 BAdI: Recommended Daily Allowance Information 
357 RMSL_SAM_WEBUI S_EE6_85000141 BAdI: Initial Label Status 
358 RMSL_USAGE_DATA S_PRN_53000168 BAdI: Usage Information 
359 RMSL_VALUE_HELP_PROD S_PRN_53000167 BAdI: Input Help 
360 RMSL_VALUE_STATEMENT S_E4E_66000071 BAdI: Read Declared Value Statement 
361 RMSL_WUI_NUTRHC S_EE6_85000060 Create Template for Component Structure 
362 RMS_70 S_AEN_10000305 Set Up Checks for Switching Status 
363 RMS_90 S_XBA_46000014 Set Authorizations 
364 RMS_COMPL_CHECK S_PRN_53000701 Set Up EH&S Compliance Check for Recipe Management 
365 RMS_COMPL_CHECK_BADI S_PRN_53000781 Standard Implementations of Business Add-Ins for Compliance Check 
366 RMS_COMPL_CHECK_BC S_PRN_53000790 Set Up Compliance Check Using BC Set 
367 RMS_COMPL_CHECK_RULE S_PRN_53000703 Set Up Set of Rules 
368 RMS_FRML_DATA_CONV S_XBK_47000026 BAdI: Conversion of Formula Data to EH&S Data 
369 RMS_FRML_PREF_RCP_CH S_XBK_47000049 BAdI: Filtering of Formulas in Explosion 
370 RMS_FRML_USAGE_GET S_XBK_47000045 BAdI: Define Usage from Value Assignment Type 
371 RMS_FRM_058 S_XBI_19000042 Specify Unit Assignment for Conversion 
372 RMS_FRM_10 S_XBA_46000001 Define and Assign Values to Environment Parameters 
373 RMS_FRM_100 S_XBI_19000057 Set Material Price for Costing 
374 RMS_FRM_101 S_XBI_19000069 Specify Material Price Description 
375 RMS_FRM_105 S_XBI_19000058 Specify Price Priorities 
376 RMS_FRM_106 S_XBI_19000059 Prices 
377 RMS_FRM_110 S_XBK_47000057 Define Key Figures and Key Figure Groups 
378 RMS_FRM_20 S_XBA_46000002 Set Up and Activate Formula Views 
379 RMS_FRM_21 S_XBK_47000053 Specify Formula View Parameters 
380 RMS_FRM_23 S_XBK_47000063 Extend Formula Views to Include User-Defined Fields 
381 RMS_FRM_25 S_XBI_19000063 Specify Calculation Base 
382 RMS_FRM_30 S_XBA_46000003 Specify Field Attributes for Alternative Items 
383 RMS_FRM_35 S_XBI_19000064 Specify Data Sources 
384 RMS_FRM_40 S_XBA_46000004 Specify Allowed Specification Types 
385 RMS_FRM_45 S_XBI_19000070 Specify Sort Sequence for Nutrient Groups 
386 RMS_FRM_46 S_XBK_47000061 Specify Sort Sequence for Diet Groups 
387 RMS_FRM_50 S_XBA_46000008 Define Allowed Units of Measure 
388 RMS_FRM_58 S_XBI_19000043 Specify Unit Assignment for Conversion 
389 RMS_FRM_60 S_XBA_46000006 Set Up Checks for Formula Data 
390 RMS_FRM_62 S_XBI_19000060 Specify Explosion Scopes 
391 RMS_FRM_63 S_XBK_47000054 Specify Parameters for Explosion Scope 
392 RMS_FRM_65 S_XBI_19000029 Specify Events 
393 RMS_FRM_70 S_XBA_46000007 Set Up Functions for Formula Views 
394 RMS_FRM_75 S_XBI_19000028 Set Up Layouts 
395 RMS_FRM_80 S_XBA_46000009 Set Up EH&S Customizing 
396 RMS_INF_001 S_XBK_47000066 Set Up EH&S for Information Systems 
397 RMS_MRTRS_000 S_ALN_01001444 Technical Background for Transformation 
398 RMS_MRTRS_001 S_ALN_01001441 Technical Background for Transformation 
399 RMS_MRTRS_0100 S_XBO_33000001 Define RFC Destination 
400 RMS_MRTRS_0200 S_XBO_33000002 Define Control Parameters for Master Recipe Transformation 
401 RMS_MRTRS_1 S_ALN_01001442 Technical Background 
402 RMS_MRTRS_2 S_ALN_01001443 Technical Background for Transformation 
403 RMS_MSCHNG_001 S_AEN_10000263 Specify Mass-Change Services 
404 RMS_MSCHNG_101 S_AEN_10000264 Specify Status Change Profiles 
405 RMS_MSC_10 S_XBI_19000032 Define Allowed Units of Measure 
406 RMS_MSC_20 S_AEN_10000789 Set Up Message Output 
407 RMS_QM_10 S_XBI_19000033 Specify Environment Parameters 
408 RMS_QM_20 S_XBI_19000034 Characteristic Weighting Settings 
409 RMS_RCP_10 S_XBA_46000011 iPPE for Recipes - Technical Background 
410 RMS_RCP_100 S_XBI_19000018 Set Up Recipe Distribution (BAPI) 
411 RMS_RCP_11 S_XBI_19000027 Define Number Ranges 
412 RMS_RCP_1111 S_XBI_19000010 Recipe Settings 
413 RMS_RCP_12 S_ALN_01001439 iPPE for Equipment Requirements - Technical Background 
414 RMS_RCP_13 S_ALN_01001440 iPPE for Process Elements - Technical Background 
415 RMS_RCP_21 S_XBA_46000024 Set Up User Status Profile 
416 RMS_RCP_22 S_XBA_46000025 Define Authorization Keys for User Statuses 
417 RMS_RCP_220 S_XBI_19000006 Recipe Properties 
418 RMS_RCP_221 S_XBI_19000012 Configure Equipment Requirements 
419 RMS_RCP_222 S_XBI_19000007 Specify Equipment Requirements 
420 RMS_RCP_2222 S_XBI_19000011 Equipment Requirements 
421 RMS_RCP_30 S_XBA_46000013 Determine Recipe Properties 
422 RMS_RCP_50 S_XBA_46000021 Set Up Name Assignment for Change States 
423 RMS_RCP_60 S_XBA_46000022 Set Up Link to Document Management 
424 RMS_RCP_600 S_XBI_19000031 Define Allowed Units of Measure 
425 RMS_RCP_70 S_XBA_46000023 Set Up Link to Distributed Production Versions 
426 RMS_RCP_80 S_XBI_19000014 Set Up Processes 
427 RMS_RCP_81 S_XBI_19000015 Configure Stages 
428 RMS_RCP_82 S_XBI_19000016 Configure Operations 
429 RMS_RCP_83 S_XBI_19000017 Configure Actions 
430 RMS_RCP_89 S_XBK_47000042 General Settings for Process Parameters 
431 RMS_RCP_90 S_XBI_19000053 Define Process Parameters 
432 RMS_RCP_91 S_XBI_19000054 Specify Process Parameter Descriptions 
433 RMS_RCP_AC S_XBK_47000015 BAdI: Allows Authorization Check to Be Extended/Replaced 
434 RMS_RCP_ALLG S_XBK_47000024 General Settings 
435 RMS_RCP_CONS_CHECK S_XBK_47000020 BAdI: Consistency Check for Recipe 
436 RMS_RCP_DEL_CHECK S_XBK_47000021 BAdI: Checks Whether a Recipe Can Be Deleted 
437 RMS_RCP_GENERAL S_XBK_47000047 General Settings 
438 RMS_RCP_GENERALN S_XBK_47000048 Define Properties of Specification Categories 
439 RMS_RCP_KARIN S_XBI_19000005 sdfsdfsdfsd 
440 RMS_RCP_LONGT_POPUP S_XBK_47000062 BAdI: Allows Long Text Dialog Box to Be Displayed for Dependent Formulas 
441 RMS_RCP_OBJTYPE_RCP S_XBK_47000046 Define Properties for Specification Category 
442 RMS_RCP_PP_01 S_AEN_10000903 Specify Process Parameter Types 
443 RMS_RCP_PP_05 S_AEN_10000904 Specify Attributes for Process Parameters 
444 RMS_RCP_PP_10 S_AEN_10000906 Set Up Columns and Fields for Process Parameter Data 
445 RMS_RCP_PREF_CHECK S_XBK_47000023 BAdI: Checking the Preference Indicator of a Recipe 
446 RMS_RCP_STAT_CHECK S_XBK_47000022 BAdI: Check for Deactivating the System Status Pushbuttons 
447 RMS_RCP_TRANSF S_XBK_47000016 BAdI: Checks Whether General Recipe Can Be Transformed to Master Recipe 
448 RMS_RCP_VAL_CHECK S_XBK_47000017 BAdI: Allows Validity Change to Subsequent Status IN PROCESS 
449 RMS_RCP_VERS_CHECK S_XBK_47000019 BAdI: Version Check for Creating and Deleting Recipes 
450 RMS_UPGR_01 S_P7E_63000011 Important Information About Recipe Management Upgrades 
451 RMS_VRA_10 S_XBA_46000028 Define Ratings 
452 RMS_VRA_20 S_XBA_46000029 Define Validity Area Categories 
453 RMS_VRA_30 S_XBA_46000030 Define Validity Areas 
454 RMS_VRA_40 S_XBA_46000031 Set Up User Status Profile 
455 RMS_VRA_50 S_XBA_46000032 Activate User Status Profile 
456 RMS_VRA_60 S_XBA_46000033 Specify Status Attributes for Formulas 
457 RMS_VRA_70 S_XBA_46000034 Created new 
458 RMS_VRA_80 S_XBI_19000030 Specify Status Attributes for Recipes 
459 RMS_VRS_10 S_XBI_19000024 Set Up Versioning 
460 RMS_WB_10 S_XBI_19000020 General Settings 
461 RMS_WB_20 S_XBI_19000044 Define Layouts 
462 RMS_XCL_10 S_XBI_19000023 Specify Formatting Profiles 
463 RMX_0000 S_AEN_10000205 Transfer Predefined Characteristics 
464 RMX_0001 S_XBK_47000001 Trial Monitor Settings 
465 RMX_0002 S_XBK_47000002 Define Trial Types 
466 RMX_0003 S_XBK_47000003 Configure Building Blocks for Stability Study 
467 RMX_0004 S_XBK_47000004 Define Transformation Groups 
468 RMX_0005 S_XBK_47000006 Assign Streams to Materials 
469 RMX_0006 S_XBK_47000007 Define Transfer of Process Messages to Trial Results 
470 RMX_0007 S_XBK_47000008 Set Up Information Systems in Generic Information System 
471 RMX_0008 S_XBK_47000009 Define Number Ranges 
472 RMX_0009 S_XBK_47000010 Define Trial Views 
473 RMX_0010 S_XBK_47000011 Define Permitted General Recipe Statuses 
474 RMX_0011 S_XBK_47000012 Define Default Values for Plants and Transformation Groups 
475 RMX_0012 S_XBK_47000013 Assign Alternative Material for Inspection Planning 
476 RMX_0013 S_XBK_47000014 Define Field Selection for Trial Views 
477 RMX_0014 S_XBK_47000018 Standardization Settings 
478 RMX_0015 S_XBK_47000029 Assign Process Parameter Class to Process Instruction Category 
479 RMX_0016 S_XBK_47000030 Assign Function Modules to Parameters (Transformation) 
480 RMX_0017 S_XBK_47000031 Assign Function Modules to Parameters (Results Confirmation) 
481 RMX_0018 S_XBK_47000032 Assign Trial Management Classes to Recipe Management Classes 
482 RMX_0019 S_XBK_47000033 Assign Trial Management Characteristics to Recipe Managemt Characteristics 
483 RMX_0020 S_XBK_47000034 Define Control Parameters for Production Planning 
484 RMX_0021 S_XBK_47000035 Assign Forms to Print Report 
485 RMX_0022 S_XBK_47000036 Assign Characteristics 
486 RMX_0023 S_XBK_47000037 Define Specification Categories for Information Systems 
487 RMX_0024 S_XBK_47000038 Create ABAP Classes for Monitor Tasks 
488 RMX_0025 S_XBK_47000052 Assign Control Recipe Destination to Resource 
489 RMX_0027 S_XBK_47000059 Dependencies of Number Ranges for Trial, Stability Study, and Maint. Plan 
490 RMX_0028 S_XBK_47000067 Define Status of Inspection Plans Copied with Stability Study Building Blck 
491 RMX_0029 S_XBK_47000068 Settings for User Status Profile 
492 RMX_024 S_PLN_62000361 Workbench Settings 
493 RMX_DOCUMENT_OBJ S_XBK_47000043 BAdI: Modification-Free Enhancement for Object Links 
494 RMX_PP_0001 S_AEN_10000902 Set Up Columns and Fields for Process Parameter Data 
495 RMX_QM00_SUBSCR_5000 S_XBK_47000040 BAdI: Reference Object Screen for Stability Study (QT) 
496 RMX_QPAP_FLEX_PLAN S_XBK_47000039 BAdI: Flexible Specification Selection for Stability Inspection Lots 
497 RMX_QPAP_FLEX_PL_89 S_XBK_47000056 BAdI: Flexible Specification Selection for Other Inspection Lots 
498 RMX_QST02_STABILOT S_XBK_47000041 BAdI: Change the QALS Work Area 
499 RMX_TRIALPLAN S_XBK_47000060 BAdI: Trial Planning Enhancement 
500 RMX_USEREXITS S_XBK_47000044 User Exits