SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index R
IMG Activity - R
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 R3BWSTATUS S_AX6_42000010 Maintain BW Status Object for System Status 
2 R3CRMDATAUS S_AXA_22000019 Data Exchange Conditions 
3 RAHMENVERTRAG_NK_MM S_ALR_87007822 Define Number Ranges 
4 RAHMENVERTRAG_NOTIZ S_ALR_87100101 Define Memo Book 
5 RAHMENVERTR_ART_MM S_ALR_87007816 Define Master Agreement Types 
6 RASRPDEL S_PL7_36000004 Reorganization of Single Records 
7 RATING_GP S_ALR_87009502 Define Rating 
8 RBDMANI2_SM36 S_BIE_59000236 Schedule Job 
9 RBDMANI2_VAR S_BIE_59000235 Define variant 
10 RBPEWU2M S_KI4_38000120 RBPEWU2M: Reconstruction of Budget Totals Records from Line Items 
11 RBT_ENH_ACTIVATE S_ABV_91000193 Activate Extended Rebate Processing 
12 RBT_ENH_BADI_IND S_ABV_91000204 Extensions to Update Indirect Data 
13 RBT_ENH_CSEQ S_ABV_91000189 Set up Variable Key for Rebate Settlement 
14 RBT_ENH_CSEQ_CHECK S_ABV_91000205 Check Variable Key for Rebate Settlement 
15 RBT_ENH_REBUILD S_ABV_91000194 Simulate And Execute Reorganization of Statistical Data 
16 RBT_ENH_T6B1_V S_AVV_01000029 Settings for Agreement Types 
17 RCCC_CUSTPARM S_BSD_38000014 Make Settings for Experts 
18 RCCC_ENG_DEST S_BSD_38000013 Edit Destinations 
19 RCFV77RCFACT2CRSNSCP S_KER_43000222 Assign Reasons for Decision to Confirmation Activities 
20 RCF_77RCF_WL2CNTXT S_KER_43000230 Assign Worklists to Contexts 
21 RCF_ACT2FORM S_KER_43000085 Assign Forms to Activity Types 
22 RCF_ACT2FORM_SCP S_KER_43000193 Assign Forms to Activity Types 
23 RCF_ACT2OTYPE S_KER_43000084 Assign HR Object Types to Activity Types 
24 RCF_ACT2OTYPE_SCP S_KER_43000184 Assign HR Object Types to Activity Types 
25 RCF_ACT2PROC S_KER_43000139 Assign Activity Types to Recruitment Processes 
26 RCF_ACT2PROC_SCP S_KER_43000179 Assign Activity Types to Processes for Succession Planning 
27 RCF_ACT2STAT_SCP S_KER_43000185 Assign a Status to Status-Changing Activity Types 
28 RCF_ACT_CAT_2_SCP S_KER_43000242 Assign Document Categories to Activity Categories 
29 RCF_ACT_CAT_SCP S_KER_43000241 Assign Document Categories to Activity Categories 
30 RCF_ACT_DATATRANSFER S_KER_43000145 Set Up Data Transfer for New Employees 
31 RCF_ACT_DATATRAN_SCP S_KER_43000189 Set Up Data Transfer for New Employees 
32 RCF_ACT_PROC S_KER_43000138 Define Processes 
33 RCF_ACT_PROC_SCP S_KER_43000183 Define Processes 
34 RCF_ACT_STAT S_PE1_57000004 Assign a Status to Status-Changing Activity Types 
35 RCF_ACT_TYPE S_KER_43000083 Define Activity Types 
36 RCF_ACT_TYPE_SCP S_KER_43000182 Define Activity Types 
37 RCF_ALE_BADI_HRALE S_KER_43000173 BAdI: Inbound Processing HR Master Data 
38 RCF_ALE_BADI_INBOUND S_KER_43000172 BAdI: Customer-Defined Inbound Processing 
39 RCF_ALE_EE_OVERVIEW S_KER_43000171 Set Up ALE Distribution for SAP E-Recruiting 
40 RCF_APPLSRC S_KER_43000167 Define Application Sources 
41 RCF_APPLSTY S_KER_43000166 Define Application Source Types and Assign Note Texts to Them 
42 RCF_ASSIGN_SCALES S_KER_43000165 Assign Scales to Scale Types 
43 RCF_ASSIGN_SCALE_SCP S_KER_43000187 Assign Scales to Scale Types 
44 RCF_ASS_PROC2SP S_KER_43000177 Assign Processes to Succession Planning 
45 RCF_ATT_TYPES S_KER_43000072 Define Attachment Types 
46 RCF_ATT_TYPE_USAGE S_KER_43000071 Determine Use of Attachment Types 
47 RCF_AVAIL_CURRENCY S_KER_43000074 Determine Currencies for Salary Ranges 
48 RCF_AVAIL_CURR_SCP S_KER_43000212 Determine Currencies for Salary Ranges 
49 RCF_BADI_APPL_WZD S_PES_12000024 BAdI: Specify Application Configuration for Application Wizards 
50 RCF_BADI_REFCODE S_PES_12000005 BAdI: Generate Reference Codes 
51 RCF_BEFORE_CONFIG S_PER_51000002 Check System Settings 
52 RCF_BP_BRANCHES S_PER_51000004 Define Business Partner Role for Branches 
53 RCF_BRANCHES S_KER_43000114 Define and Assign Branches to Companies 
54 RCF_BUPA_GROUP S_KER_43000117 Define Groupings and Assign Number Ranges 
55 RCF_BUPA_NUM_RANGE S_KER_43000118 Define Number Ranges 
56 RCF_BUSINESSPARTNER S_KER_43000112 Set SAP Business Partner for E-Recruiting 
57 RCF_CAND_COM_CHANNEL S_KER_43000098 Define Communication Channels 
58 RCF_CAND_EDU_DEGREE S_KER_43000097 Define Educational Certificates/Degrees 
59 RCF_CAND_EDU_FLD S_KER_43000096 Define Broad Field of Education 
60 RCF_CAND_EDU_TYPE S_KER_43000095 Define Education Types 
61 RCF_CAND_TGROUP S_KER_43000099 Define Interest Groups 
62 RCF_CD_CREATE_SCALES S_KER_43000164 Define Scales for Ranking and Reporting 
63 RCF_CD_CRESCALES_SCP S_KER_43000186 Define Scales for Ranking and Reporting 
64 RCF_CI S_KER_43000174 Define Additional Fields 
65 RCF_COMPANY S_KER_43000100 Define Company 
66 RCF_CONFIG_STARTP S_PES_12000037 BAdI: Specify Application Configuration for Start Page 
67 RCF_CONTAINERSEQ S_KER_43000153 Create Container Sequences 
68 RCF_CONTENT_SERVER S_KER_43000121 Set Up Access to Documents 
69 RCF_CONTEXT S_PER_51000003 Define Context 
70 RCF_CONTRACT S_KER_43000055 Define Work Contract Types 
71 RCF_CONTRACT_SCP S_KER_43000206 Define Work Contract Types 
72 RCF_CORRESPONDENCE S_KER_43000235 Overview 
73 RCF_CORRESPOND_SCP S_KER_43000246 Overview 
74 RCF_CREATE_USER S_KER_43000218 Create Internal Users and Candidates for SAP E-Recruiting 
75 RCF_CS_ADAPT_USER S_KER_43000125 Adapt User for Correspondence 
76 RCF_CS_ADAPT_USR_SCP S_KER_43000191 Adapt User for Correspondence 
77 RCF_CS_CHAN_ASG_FMT S_KER_43000088 Assign Document Formats to Output Channels 
78 RCF_CS_CHAN_A_F_SCP S_KER_43000195 Assign Document Formats to Output Channels 
79 RCF_CS_ID S_KER_43000154 Modify Container Sequences 
80 RCF_CS_ITEM S_KER_43000155 Define Elements for Container Sequences 
81 RCF_CS_SEQ S_KER_43000156 Assign Elements to Container Sequences 
82 RCF_DATAOVR_ATTACH S_PES_12000035 BAdI: Filter for Attachments on Data Overviews 
83 RCF_DATATRANSFER_ERP S_KER_43000159 Set Up Data Transfer from SAP ECC 
84 RCF_DEL_EXT_CAND S_KER_43000216 Delete External Candidates 
85 RCF_DOC_UPLOAD S_KER_43000163 BAdI: Upload Documents 
86 RCF_ECC_INTEGRATION S_KER_43000175 Software Runs on One Instance 
87 RCF_EE_TO_INT_CAND S_KER_43000157 Set Up Synchronization of Employee and Candidate Data 
88 RCF_FUNCTIONAL_AREA S_KER_43000053 Define Functional Areas 
89 RCF_FUNC_AREA_SCP S_KER_43000208 Define Functional Areas 
90 RCF_HIERARCHY S_KER_43000056 Define Hierarchy Levels 
91 RCF_HIERARCHY_SCP S_KER_43000205 Define Hierarchy Levels 
92 RCF_HRRCF_QUERY_LOG S_PES_12000030 BAdI: Log Search Query 
93 RCF_HTTP_SERVICES S_KER_43000113 Determine E-Recruiting Services 
94 RCF_INCL2FORM_SCP S_KER_43000245 Assign Changeable Letter Sections to Forms 
95 RCF_INDUSTRY S_KER_43000054 Define Industries 
96 RCF_INDUSTRY_SCP S_KER_43000207 Define Industries 
97 RCF_INITIALIZE_KPRO S_PES_12000033 Initialize KPro Directory Structure for SAP E-Recruiting 
98 RCF_INTEGRAT_EVENT S_KER_43000158 Set Up Data Synchronization Trigger 
99 RCF_INTEGRAT_ORGMGN S_KER_43000160 Set Up Integration with SAP Organizational Management 
100 RCF_INTEGRAT_RULES S_KER_43000161 Determine Rules for Data Synchronization 
101 RCF_KWF_ACTIVATE S_KER_43000076 Activate Indexing 
102 RCF_KWF_CONTENT_USER S_KER_43000077 Create Special Users 
103 RCF_LANGUAGES S_KER_43000079 Determine Languages Available 
104 RCF_LAWPERIOD S_KER_43000214 Store Legal Periods 
105 RCF_NAVI_CTREE S_PE1_57000001 Redefine Navigation Trees 
106 RCF_PER_SER_ACT S_KER_43000129 Activate Periodic Services 
107 RCF_PER_SER_DEF S_KER_43000128 Define Periodic Services 
108 RCF_PER_SER_JOB S_KER_43000127 Schedule Background Process for Periodic Services 
109 RCF_PER_SER_PERIODE S_KER_43000131 Determine Period of Periodic Services 
110 RCF_PER_SER_RULES S_KER_43000130 Determine Rules for Periodic Services 
111 RCF_PHTMLB_FLI S_KER_43000170 Modify Fields in Interfaces 
112 RCF_POSTING_CHANNEL S_KER_43000094 Define Posting Channels 
113 RCF_PRE_DATA_OVERV S_PES_12000034 BAdI: Prepare Additional Data for Data Overview 
114 RCF_PROC2SUB S_KER_43000194 Assign Processes to Recruitment 
115 RCF_PROC2SUB_SCP S_KER_43000178 Assign Processes to Succession Planning 
116 RCF_PROFILE_DATA_SCP S_PES_12000006 BAdI: Candidate Profile Enhancement for Potential Successors 
117 RCF_PROFILE_PICTURE_ S_PES_12000007 BAdI: Determine Link for Profile Picture 
118 RCF_QACAT2ACT S_KER_43000142 Assign Categories to Activity Types 
119 RCF_QACAT2ACT_SCP S_KER_43000200 Assign Categories to Activity Types 
120 RCF_QA_ASSIGN_STR S_KLF_34000004 Assign Information Structures to Information Areas 
121 RCF_QA_ASSIGN_VAL S_KLF_34000005 Assign Values to Information Fields 
122 RCF_QA_ASSIGN_V_SCP S_KER_43000203 Assign Values to Information Fields 
123 RCF_QA_CREATE_AREA S_KLF_34000003 Set Up Information Areas 
124 RCF_QA_CREATE_SCALES S_KLF_34000002 Define Scales for Questionnaires 
125 RCF_QA_CREA_AREA_SCP S_KER_43000202 Set Up Information Areas 
126 RCF_QA_CREA_CAT S_KER_43000136 Set Up Categories 
127 RCF_QA_CREA_CAT_SCP S_KER_43000197 Set Up Categories 
128 RCF_QA_CREA_SCAL_SCP S_KER_43000196 Define Scales for Questionnaires 
129 RCF_QA_TRANS_CAT S_KER_43000137 Transport Categories 
130 RCF_QA_TRANS_CAT_SCP S_KER_43000199 Transport Categories 
131 RCF_QA_UPD_CAT S_KLF_34000001 Update Categories 
132 RCF_QA_UPD_CAT_SCP S_KER_43000198 Update Categories 
133 RCF_QUALCAT_VIEW_SCP S_KER_43000210 Define Views of Qualifications Catalog 
134 RCF_QUALICAT_INF S_KER_43000215 Overview 
135 RCF_QUALICAT_INF_SCP S_KER_43000232 Overview 
136 RCF_QUALICAT_VIEW S_KER_43000169 Restrict View of Qualifications Catalog 
137 RCF_QUALICAT_VIEWS S_KER_43000168 Define Views of Qualifications Catalog 
138 RCF_QUALI_CATALOG S_KER_43000124 Define Qualifications Catalog 
139 RCF_QUALI_SCALES S_KER_43000123 Define Scales for Qualifications 
140 RCF_QUALI_SCALES_SCP S_KER_43000211 Define Scales for Qualifications 
141 RCF_QUERY_CONCEPT S_KER_43000133 Concept 
142 RCF_QUERY_CRYSTAL S_KER_43000135 Integrate Crystal Reports 
143 RCF_QUERY_EREC_UGR S_KER_43000234 Specify Available User Groups 
144 RCF_QUERY_SENT S_KER_43000134 Set Up Default Value for Dispatch of Query Lists 
145 RCF_QUERY_USR_ROLE S_KER_43000143 Assign Query User Groups to Roles 
146 RCF_RCD2STAT S_KER_43000141 Assign Status Reasons to Statuses for Recruitment 
147 RCF_RCD2STAT_SCP S_KER_43000188 Assign Status Reasons to Statuses for Succession Planning 
148 RCF_RECREATE_SP S_KER_43000119 Update Search Profile 
149 RCF_ROLE S_KER_43000103 Define Roles in E-Recruiting 
150 RCF_ROLE2SUB S_KER_43000180 Assign Roles to Recruitment Area 
151 RCF_ROLE2SUB_SCP S_KER_43000181 Assign Roles to Succession Planning Area 
152 RCF_RSN_CODE S_KER_43000140 Define Status Reasons 
153 RCF_SALARY_RANGE S_KER_43000075 Define Salary Ranges 
154 RCF_SALARY_RANGE_SCP S_KER_43000213 Define Salary Ranges 
155 RCF_SAPCONNECT S_KER_43000078 Set Up Communication Interface 
156 RCF_SEARCH_INDEX S_KER_43000070 Schedule Search Profile Creation 
157 RCF_SEARCH_MASK S_KER_43000061 Define Search Templates 
158 RCF_SEARCH_MAX_HITS S_PES_12000032 BAdI: Search - Maximum Number of Hits 
159 RCF_SEARCH_PROF_TYPE S_KER_43000057 Define Search Profile Types 
160 RCF_SEARCH_RANKING S_PES_12000004 BAdI: Weighting of Search Results Hits 
161 RCF_SM59 S_PES_12000009 Create RFC Connection to Backend System 
162 RCF_SM59_TO_FRONTEND S_PES_12000023 Create RFC Connection to Front-End System 
163 RCF_SMARTFORMS S_KER_43000011 Create Forms 
164 RCF_SMARTFORMS2_SCP S_KER_43000243 Create Forms and Changeable Letter Sections 
165 RCF_SMARTFORMS_2 S_KER_43000238 Create Forms and Changeable Letter Sections 
166 RCF_SMARTFORMS_SCP S_KER_43000192 Create Forms 
167 RCF_SMG_ASM S_KER_43000065 Assign Search Templates to Search Template Groups 
168 RCF_SM_ASME S_KER_43000060 Assign Search Template Elements to Search Templates 
169 RCF_SM_ELEM S_KER_43000059 Define Search Template Elements 
170 RCF_SM_GROUP S_KER_43000064 Define Search Template Groups 
171 RCF_SO10_SCP S_KER_43000244 Create Texts for Changeable Letter Sections 
172 RCF_SPT_ASSIGN_ATTYP S_PE1_57000003 Assign Attachment Types to a Search Profile Type 
173 RCF_SPT_ASSIGN_FIELD S_KER_43000058 Assign Fields from Information Categories to a Search Profile Type 
174 RCF_SPT_ASSIN_SUBTY S_PE1_57000002 Assign Attachment Types to a Search Profile Type 
175 RCF_SPT_IC S_KER_43000063 Define Information Categories 
176 RCF_SPT_LANGUAGES S_KER_43000080 Assign Languages to a Search Profile Type 
177 RCF_SP_ASGRP S_KER_43000151 Assign Links to Start Page Groups 
178 RCF_SP_ASID S_KER_43000152 Assign Groups to Start Pages 
179 RCF_SP_GROUP S_KER_43000150 Define Start Page Groups 
180 RCF_SP_ID S_KER_43000147 Define Start Pages 
181 RCF_SP_IDC S_KER_43000148 Define Start Pages 
182 RCF_SP_LINK S_KER_43000149 Define Links for Start Pages 
183 RCF_SP_MARK4EXTRACT S_KER_43000120 Activate Periodic Services 
184 RCF_STARTPAGES S_KER_43000146 Create Start Pages 
185 RCF_T77RCF_ACT_CAT S_KER_43000236 Assign Document Categories to Activity Categories 
186 RCF_T77RCF_ACT_CAT_2 S_KER_43000237 Assign Document Categories to Activity Categories 
187 RCF_T77RCF_COV2FORM S_PES_12000029 Assign Templates for Cover Letter to Letter Templates 
188 RCF_T77RCF_INCL2FORM S_KER_43000240 Assign Changeable Letter Sections to Forms 
189 RCF_T77RCF_WDSP1STC S_PES_12000016 Create Structuring Elements for First Level 
190 RCF_T77RCF_WDSP2NDC S_PES_12000017 Create Structuring Elements for Second Level 
191 RCF_T77RCF_WL S_KER_43000228 Define Worklists 
192 RCF_T77RCF_WLA_CNTXT S_KER_43000223 Specify Names of Application Areas in a Context 
193 RCF_T77RCF_WLA_IDXGR S_KER_43000233 Define Index Groups for Worklists 
194 RCF_T77RCF_WL_ACT_P S_KER_43000227 Define Function Profiles for Worklists 
195 RCF_T77RCF_WL_OUTL_P S_KER_43000229 Activate Links of Fields in Output Profiles to Objects 
196 RCF_T77RCF_WL_OUT_P S_KER_43000226 Define Output Profiles for Worklists 
197 RCF_T77RCF_WL_SEL_P S_KER_43000224 Define Selection Profiles for Worklists 
198 RCF_T77RCF_WL_SEL_PV S_KER_43000225 Assign Values to Selection Profiles for Worklists 
199 RCF_T77S0_PARAMS S_KER_43000111 Set System Parameters 
200 RCF_T77S0_PARAMS_WD S_PES_12000008 Enter RFC Destination of Receiving Backend System 
201 RCF_TREX_CHECK S_KER_43000122 Check Settings 
202 RCF_TREX_CONNECTION S_KER_43000104 Set Up Search Engine for E-Recruiting 
203 RCF_UI_FFLEX_SEARCH S_KER_43000162 Set Up Search Applications 
204 RCF_UI_LINKS S_KER_43000067 Define Links for Start Pages 
205 RCF_UI_MATCH_FIELDS S_KER_43000231 Enter Comparison Fields 
206 RCF_UI_PARAMS S_KER_43000068 Assign Parameters to Parameter Types 
207 RCF_UI_SMG_NAVI S_KER_43000110 Assign Search Template Groups to Search Applications 
208 RCF_USER S_KER_43000105 Create User Profiles 
209 RCF_USERGROUP S_PES_12000001 Create User Groups 
210 RCF_USER_GROUPS S_PES_12000002 Define User Lists for Support Teams 
211 RCF_V77RCF_ACT2CRSN S_KER_43000220 Assign Possible Confirmation Results and Reasons 
212 RCF_V77RCF_ATTTYPE_U S_PES_12000003 Identify Attachment Type as Resume 
213 RCF_V77RCF_CNF_RSN S_KER_43000219 Define Reasons for Decision 
214 RCF_V77RCF_LANG_PRVC S_PES_12000021 Store URLs for Language-Dependent Data Privacy Statements 
215 RCF_V77RCF_MDL_PRM_C S_PES_12000028 Specify URL Parameter for Applications with Web Dynpro ABAP 
216 RCF_V77RCF_QA_GROUP S_KER_43000176 Define Questionnaire Groups 
217 RCF_V77RCF_QA_GR_SCP S_KER_43000201 Define Questionnaire Groups 
218 RCF_V77RCF_RM_STEPC S_PES_12000019 Create Roadmap Steps 
219 RCF_V77RCF_RSN_SCP S_KER_43000221 Define Reasons for Decision 
220 RCF_VC_T77RCF_RM_IDC S_PES_12000020 Create Roadmap Pattern 
221 RCF_VC_T77RCF_WD_SPC S_PES_12000018 Define Start Pages 
222 RCF_VIEW_SRVLOG S_PES_12000031 Display Search Query Log for Requisitions 
223 RCF_VIRUSSCANNER S_KER_43000217 Virus Scan when Uploading Documents 
224 RCF_WEBDYNPRO_HINT S_PES_12000011 Note 
225 RCF_WEBDYNPRO_INFO S_PES_12000012 Overview 
226 RCF_WEBDYNPRO_SERVUS S_PES_12000013 Create Special Users for Front-End System (Web Dynpro ABAP) 
227 RCF_WEBDYNPRO_SPARAM S_PES_12000014 Specify System Parameters for Web Dynpro 
228 RCF_WEBDYN_SERVICES S_PES_12000015 Specify E-Recruiting Services (Web Dynpro ABAP) 
229 RCF_WEBDYN_USER_BACK S_PES_12000027 Create Special Users for Backend System (Web Dynpro ABAP) 
230 RCF_WEBDYN_USER_BL S_PES_12000026 Specify Role Assignment for Service Users and Reference Users 
231 RCF_WEBDYN_USER_UI S_PES_12000025 Specify Role Assignment for Service Users and Reference Users 
232 RCF_WF_ACT_CREATE S_PE1_57000009 Workflow After Creating Activities 
233 RCF_WF_ACT_CREA_SCP S_KER_43000190 Workflow After Creating Activities 
234 RCF_WF_ADJ_ENTRY S_PER_51000001 Workflow After Data Entry Error 
235 RCF_WF_CAND_DERIG S_PE1_57000008 Workflow After Candidate's Request to Delete Registration 
236 RCF_WF_EXT_SERVICE S_KER_43000109 Define External Services for Workflow 
237 RCF_WF_E_RECRUITING S_KER_43000144 Workflow in E-Recruiting 
238 RCF_WF_FILTER S_KER_43000102 Define Task Filter 
239 RCF_WF_GENERAL S_PE1_57000011 Adjust SAP Workflows 
240 RCF_WF_OBJECT_CREATE S_PE1_57000010 Workflow After Creating E-Recruiting Objects 
241 RCF_WF_POS_APPROVAL S_KER_43000106 Set Up Approval Process for Job Posting (Workflow) 
242 RCF_WF_REQ_APPROVAL S_KER_43000107 Set Up Approval Process for Requisition (Workflow) 
243 RCF_WF_REQ_APROV_SCP S_KER_43000204 Set Up Approval Process for Requisition (Workflow) 
244 RCF_WF_SEND_PASSWORD S_PE1_57000005 Assign Requested Replacement Password (Workflow) 
245 RCF_WF_STATUS_CHANGE S_PE1_57000007 Workflow After Status Changes to E-Recruiting Objects 
246 RCF_WORKTIME S_KER_43000052 Define Employment Fractions 
247 RCF_WORKTIME_SCP S_KER_43000209 Define Employment Fractions 
248 RCPVC_SPEC_RCP_01 S_XBI_19000001 Recipe Maintenance 
249 RCP_COPY_MODIFY S_E36_82000030 BAdI: Change Data When Copying Objects 
250 RCP_COPY_RCP_DATA S_AEN_10000079 BAdI: Copy Own Data 
251 RCP_DELETE_RCP_DATA S_AEN_10000080 BAdI: Delete Own Data 
252 RCP_DISPLAY_MODI S_PEN_05000339 BAdI: Adaptation of Recipe Display 
253 RCP_REGISTER_EVENTS S_AEN_10000104 BAdI: Event Registration for Own Developments 
254 RCP_SAVE_RCP_DATA S_AEN_10000081 BAdI: Save Own Data 
255 RCR_WD_UI_PARAMS S_PES_12000022 Assign Values to Interface Parameters (Web Dynpro ABAP) 
256 RDIAN_CUST_MIGRATION S_EBJ_98000140 Copy Settings from Previous DIAN Solution 
257 RDM_OPT_IN_WAKT_000 S_PR0_40000273 Maintain Media Types 
258 RDM_OPT_IN_WAKT_0001 S_P8K_45000066 Extended Maintenance of Promotion Type 
259 RDM_OPT_IN_WAKT_0002 S_P8K_45000067 Maintain Media Types 
260 RDM_OPT_IN_WAKT_0003 S_P8K_45000068 Maintain Customer Types 
261 REAJ_ADJUSTMENT S_EE6_85000037 Implement Enhancements (BAdI) 
262 REAJ_ADJUSTMENT_COMP S_EE6_85000036 Influence Determination of Comparative Apartments and Comparative Rent 
263 REAJ_ADJUSTMENT_EDIT S_EE6_85000180 Customer Fields (Editable) 
264 REAJ_ADJ_ROUND S_EE6_85000181 Rounding During Adjustment 
265 REBD_MEAS S_EE6_85000179 Prevent Overwriting of Total Measurements 
266 REBD_OCCUPANCY S_EE6_85000178 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Occupancy 
267 REBP_ACCTASS_DET S_EE6_85000186 Determine Account Assignment Object 
268 RECAECADJAERE S_EE5_50000159 Conversion of Accrual Engine Amounts 
269 RECAECADJAT S_EE5_50000158 Round Adjustment Measures 
270 RECAECADJCN S_EE5_50000031 Contracts 
271 RECAECADJOF S_EE5_50000030 Contract Offers 
272 RECAECADJRO S_EE5_50000029 Rental Objects 
273 RECAECCF S_EE5_50000009 Rental Objects 
274 RECAECCFCN S_EE5_50000032 Contracts 
275 RECAEC_CP S_EE5_50000013 Correspondence 
276 RECAEC_IS S_EE5_50000014 Information System 
277 RECAEC_VARIANTE S_EE5_50000012 Modify Report Variants 
278 RECA_AUTH_CHECK S_EE6_85000182 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Authorization Checks 
279 RECD_CALC_RULE S_EE6_85000185 Calculation Formula for Conditions 
280 RECD_DIST_RULE S_EE6_85000184 Distribution Formula for Conditions 
281 RECHTSFORM_GP S_ALR_87009531 Define Legal Form 
282 RECHTSFORM_GP_I S_ALR_87007369 Legal Form 
283 RECHTSTRAGER_GP S_ALR_87009544 Define Legal Entity 
284 RECHTSTRAGER_GP_I S_ALR_87009301 Legal Entity 
285 RECN_NOTICE S_EE6_85000187 Implement Enhancements (BAdI) 
286 REEX_AL_ACROBJ S_PRN_53000246 Implement Enhancements: Exclude Contracts (BAdI) 
287 REFCH_TIVLMLRTYPE_EN S_EEI_69000095 Define Land Register Types 
288 REFCH_VICASHVALBP_EN S_EEI_69000099 Define Partner Numbers Possible for Search Strategy 
289 REFERENZZINSEN S_ALR_87007840 Define Reference Interest Rates 
290 REFERENZ_DATAFEED S_ALR_87007812 Define Reference Interest Rates 
291 REFORDER_BAPI_MESG S_EB5_05000238 BAdI: Adjustments for BAPI Messages 
292 REFV_TIVEXFIDEEPTAX S_AEN_10000011 Input Tax Distribution with Multilevel TaxCode 
293 REFXBADIREITOPTRATE S_E4E_66000005 Option Rate Determination 
294 REFXB_T042 S_PLN_06000358 Payable Special General Ledger Processes (Debit-Side) 
295 REFXCH_TIVBDLOCSY_EN S_EEI_69000094 Define Hierarchical Location Structure 
296 REFXCH_TIVCASHSTR_EN S_EEI_69000098 Define Search Strategy for Land Registry 
297 REFXCH_TIVLMENCTY_EN S_EEI_69000097 Define Encumbrance Types 
298 REFXCH_TIVLMSET_EN S_EEI_69000093 Make General Settings for Land Use Management 
299 REFXCLFVVI_BK01 S_PLN_06000340 Change Test Data to DTAUS Format 
300 REFXCLFVVI_MC S_PLN_06000339 Change Test Data to Multicash Format 
301 REFXCL_BSVS S_PLN_06000085 User Status and Activity Control 
302 REFXCL_FVVIBUKRS S_ALN_01001221 Basic Settings in Company Code 
303 REFXCL_FVVI_FAKOA S_PLN_06000191 Define Cost Elements of Settlement Company 
304 REFXCL_KOKRSOKKP S_ALN_01001222 Activate Real Estate Management in Controlling Area 
305 REFXCL_RECACUCNNO S_ALN_01001258 Automatically Generate Contract Number 
306 REFXCL_STATSELSCM S_PLN_06000058 Status Selection Profile 
307 REFXCL_TIVG1 S_ALN_01001241 Municipality Key 
308 REFXCL_TIVG2 S_ALN_01001242 Local Subdistricts 
309 REFXCL_VTIPZBST S_ALN_01001235 Default Unit of Measurement per Company Code 
310 REFXCL_VTIV01 S_ALN_01001250 Usage Types 
311 REFXCL_VTIV01A S_ALN_01001259 Usage Types for Service Charge Settlement 
312 REFXCL_VTIV10 S_ALN_01001231 Layer 
313 REFXCL_VTIV12 S_ALN_01001251 Parts of building 
314 REFXCL_VTIV16 S_ALN_01001234 Maintenance Areas 
315 REFXCL_VTIV31 S_ALN_01001254 Occupancy Obligations for Accommodation Entitlement Certificate 
316 REFXCL_VTIV36 S_SLN_44000030 Main Usage Types 
317 REFXCL_VTIV37 S_ALN_01001253 Floor Descriptions 
318 REFXCL_VTIV38 S_ALN_01001252 Locations on Floor 
319 REFXCL_VTIV43 S_ALN_01001255 Reasons for different rent increase 
320 REFXCL_VTIV44 S_ALN_01001233 Transport Connection 
321 REFXCL_VTIV45 S_ALN_01001232 District Locations 
322 REFXCL_VTIV54 S_PLN_06000192 Fuel Types 
323 REFXCL_VTIV5AI S_ALN_01001240 Building Types 
324 REFXCL_VTIV65 S_PLN_06000056 Account Determination for Non-Deductible Input Tax per Cost Element 
325 REFXCL_VTIV71 S_ALN_01001226 Fixture/Fittings Characteristics for Buildings and Rental Objects 
326 REFXCL_V_TDO9_I S_ALN_01001249 Heritable Building Right Types 
327 REFXCL_V_TIPZZ3 S_ALN_01001224 Folder for Temporary Data 
328 REFXCL_V_TIPZZNR S_ALN_01001228 Suppress Leading Zeros in Object Keys 
329 REFXCL_V_TIV03 S_ALN_01001223 Define Tenancy Law 
330 REFXCL_V_TIV35 S_ALN_01001230 Regional Locations 
331 REFXCL_V_TIV56 S_ALN_01001243 Property types 
332 REFXCL_V_TIV57 S_ALN_01001244 Location Qualities 
333 REFXCL_V_TIV58 S_ALN_01001245 Ground Types 
334 REFXCL_V_TIV59 S_ALN_01001246 Statuses 
335 REFXCL_V_TIV83 S_ALN_01001236 Building Condition 
336 REFXCL_V_TIVA3_FX S_AEN_10000003 Settings Dependent on Tenancy Law: Apportion Vacancy and Reg. Location Key 
337 REFXCL_V_TIVB3 S_ALN_01001247 Usage Types in Development Plan 
338 REFXCL_V_TIVC4 S_ALN_01001248 Usage Types in Land Use Map 
339 REFXCNDEPOSIT S_ALN_01002165 Security Deposit 
340 REFXCO_SSTRUC S_PLN_62000002 Edit Settlement Structure 
341 REFXES_VOUCHER S_EEI_69000100 Define Number Ranges for Withholding Tax Returns 
342 REFXEX_SNUMBUCF S_ALN_01001270 Business Partner Number Range 
343 REFXEX_V_T035 S_AER_95000196 Define Planning Groups 
344 REFXEX_V_T036 S_AER_95000195 Define Planning Levels 
345 REFXEX_V_T039 S_AER_95000194 Define Source Symbols 
346 REFXEX_V_TB001 S_ALN_01001271 Define Groupings and Assign Number Ranges 
347 REFXF41A S_PLN_62000229 Enter Posting Keys for Clearing and Advance Payment 
348 REFXFOIY S_ALN_01000764 Resubmission reasons 
349 REFXFOJC S_ALN_01000763 Rules for Resubmission 
350 REFXISPF S_ALN_01002156 Report Profile 
351 REFXKEI1 S_PLN_62000006 Edit PA Transfer Structure 
352 REFXKP34 S_ALN_01002250 Define User-Defined Planner Profiles 
353 REFXKSC1 S_AEN_10000061 Create Indirect Activity Allocation 
354 REFXKSC2 S_AEN_10000062 Change Indirect Activity Allocation 
355 REFXKSU1 S_PLN_62000008 Create Actual Apportionment 
356 REFXKSU2 S_PLN_62000009 Change Actual Apportionment 
357 REFXKSV1 S_PLN_62000288 Create Distribution 
358 REFXKSV2 S_PLN_62000289 Change Distribution 
359 REFXKSW1 S_PLN_62000290 Create Periodic Reposting 
360 REFXKSW2 S_PLN_62000291 Change Periodic Reposting 
361 REFXMIV_TIVCDCONDTYP S_XEN_65000045 Check Condition Types 
362 REFXMIV_TIVCDFLOWREL S_XEN_65000044 Assign Reference Flow Types and Define Account Determination 
363 REFXMIV_TIVCNCCTADD S_AER_95000043 Assign Number Range for Real Estate Contract 
364 REFXMIV_TIVEXTAXMAP S_XEN_65000036 Specify Tax Code 
365 REFXMIV_TIVFLOWTYPE S_XEN_65000043 Define Flow Types 
366 REFXMIV_TIVMIMAPVZSO S_AER_95000227 Define Transfer of User Fields 
367 REFXMI_BADI_CALCSUBS S_PRN_53000253 Define Calculation Formula for Migration of Subsidies 
368 REFXMI_CNTYPE S_AER_95000207 Make Enhancements to Migrated Contract Type 
369 REFXMI_CONDGROUP S_XEN_65000046 Check Condition Groups 
370 REFXMI_REFXAJ S_AER_95000225 Make Settings for Adjustment Rule 
371 REFXMI_REFXCUST S_XEN_65000042 Set Up RE-FX Customizing 
372 REFXMMCOCC S_AER_95000052 Other Settings for Condominium Owner Company Code 
373 REFXNOTE_VIEW S_PLN_16000346 Note Views 
374 REFXPT S_E36_82000246 Define Hierarchical Location Structure 
375 REFXREAJCG0002 S_PLN_62000345 Field Groups 
376 REFXREAJCG0003 S_PLN_62000347 Views 
377 REFXREAJCG0004 S_PLN_62000348 Sections 
378 REFXREAJCG0005 S_PLN_62000349 Screens 
379 REFXREAJCG0006 S_PLN_62000350 Screen Sequences 
380 REFXREAJCG0007 S_PLN_62000351 Events 
381 REFXREAJCG0016 S_PLN_62000352 Tables 
382 REFXREAJCG0100 S_PLN_62000346 Field Status 
383 REFXREAT0002 S_PEN_05000207 Field Groups 
384 REFXREAT0003 S_PEN_05000229 Views 
385 REFXREAT0004 S_PEN_05000240 Sections 
386 REFXREAT0005 S_PEN_05000251 Screens 
387 REFXREAT0006 S_PEN_05000262 Screen Sequences 
388 REFXREAT0007 S_PEN_05000273 Events 
389 REFXREAT0016 S_PEN_05000284 Tables 
390 REFXREAT0100 S_PEN_05000218 Field Status 
391 REFXREBDAO0002 S_ALN_01000700 Field Groups 
392 REFXREBDAO0003 S_ALN_01000699 Views 
393 REFXREBDAO0004 S_ALN_01000698 Sections 
394 REFXREBDAO0005 S_ALN_01000697 Screens 
395 REFXREBDAO0006 S_ALN_01000696 Screen Sequences 
396 REFXREBDAO0007 S_ALN_01000694 Events 
397 REFXREBDAO0016 S_ALN_01000693 Tables 
398 REFXREBDAO0100 S_ALN_01001280 Field Status 
399 REFXREBDBE0002 S_ALN_01000710 Field Groups 
400 REFXREBDBE0003 S_ALN_01000709 Views 
401 REFXREBDBE0004 S_ALN_01000708 Sections 
402 REFXREBDBE0005 S_ALN_01000706 Screens 
403 REFXREBDBE0006 S_ALN_01000703 Screen Sequences 
404 REFXREBDBE0007 S_ALN_01000702 Events 
405 REFXREBDBE0016 S_ALN_01000701 Tables 
406 REFXREBDBE0100 S_ALN_01001281 Field Status 
407 REFXREBDBU0002 S_ALN_01000723 Field Groups 
408 REFXREBDBU0003 S_ALN_01000722 Views 
409 REFXREBDBU0004 S_ALN_01000720 Sections 
410 REFXREBDBU0005 S_ALN_01000718 Screens 
411 REFXREBDBU0006 S_ALN_01000717 Screen Sequences 
412 REFXREBDBU0007 S_ALN_01000716 Events 
413 REFXREBDBU0016 S_ALN_01000713 Tables 
414 REFXREBDBU0100 S_ALN_01001282 Field Status 
415 REFXREBDPR0002 S_ALN_01000732 Field Groups 
416 REFXREBDPR0003 S_ALN_01000730 Views 
417 REFXREBDPR0004 S_ALN_01000729 Sections 
418 REFXREBDPR0005 S_ALN_01000728 Screens 
419 REFXREBDPR0006 S_ALN_01000727 Screen Sequences 
420 REFXREBDPR0007 S_ALN_01000726 Events 
421 REFXREBDPR0016 S_ALN_01000725 Tables 
422 REFXREBDPR0100 S_ALN_01001283 Field Status 
423 REFXREBDRO0002 S_ALN_01000747 Field Groups 
424 REFXREBDRO0003 S_ALN_01000744 Views 
425 REFXREBDRO0004 S_ALN_01000743 Sections 
426 REFXREBDRO0005 S_ALN_01000741 Screens 
427 REFXREBDRO0006 S_ALN_01000740 Screen Sequences 
428 REFXREBDRO0007 S_ALN_01000738 Events 
429 REFXREBDRO0016 S_ALN_01000737 Tables 
430 REFXREBDRO0100 S_ALN_01001284 Field Status 
431 REFXREBDSU0002 S_PLN_06000322 Field Groups 
432 REFXREBDSU0003 S_PLN_06000324 Views 
433 REFXREBDSU0004 S_PLN_06000325 Sections 
434 REFXREBDSU0005 S_PLN_06000326 Screens 
435 REFXREBDSU0006 S_PLN_06000327 Screen Sequences 
436 REFXREBDSU0007 S_PLN_06000328 Events 
437 REFXREBDSU0016 S_PLN_06000336 Tables 
438 REFXREBDSU0100 S_PLN_06000323 Field Status 
439 REFXREBUPA_TB003 S_ALN_01002432 Define BP Roles 
440 REFXRECACC S_PLN_62000481 Check RE Customizing 
441 REFXRECAIC S_ALN_01000765 Assignment of Icons 
442 REFXRECDCB S_ALN_01000768 External Calculation Rules 
443 REFXRECDCD S_ALN_01000767 External Distribution Rules 
444 REFXRECDCF S_ALN_01000769 External Condition Purpose 
445 REFXRECNAE S_ALN_01000766 Compare Object Types and Contract Types 
446 REFXRECOPLLAYCST S_ALN_01002248 Maintain Planning Layouts for Cost Element Planning 
447 REFXRECOPLLAYIMP S_ALN_01002154 Import Planning Layouts 
448 REFXRECOPLLAYKYF S_ALN_01002249 Maintain Planning Layouts for Statistical Key Figures 
449 REFXRECOPLLAYTR S_ALN_01002155 Transport Planning Layouts 
450 REFXRECPYH S_ALN_01000787 Implement Enhancements (BAdI) 
451 REFXRECPZH S_ALN_01000792 Implement Enhancements (BAdI) 
452 REFXREEXACCSTGNDAT S_PLN_06000338 Generate Data for the Electronic Account Statement Entry 
453 REFXREEXACCSTGNTXT S_PLN_06000341 Generate Data File for Electronic Account Statement Entry 
454 REFXREGC0002 S_ALN_01000762 Field Groups 
455 REFXREGC0003 S_ALN_01000761 Views 
456 REFXREGC0004 S_ALN_01000760 Sections 
457 REFXREGC0005 S_ALN_01000759 Screens 
458 REFXREGC0006 S_ALN_01000758 Screen Sequences 
459 REFXREGC0007 S_ALN_01000756 Events 
460 REFXREGC0016 S_ALN_01000754 Tables 
461 REFXREGC0100 S_ALN_01001285 Field Status 
462 REFXREITTC0002 S_PRN_53000232 Field Groups 
463 REFXREITTC0003 S_PRN_53000234 Views 
464 REFXREITTC0004 S_PRN_53000235 Sections 
465 REFXREITTC0005 S_PRN_53000236 Screens 
466 REFXREITTC0006 S_PRN_53000237 Screen Sequences 
467 REFXREITTC0007 S_PRN_53000238 Events 
468 REFXREITTC0016 S_PRN_53000239 Tables 
469 REFXREITTC0100 S_PRN_53000233 Field Status 
470 REFXRELML00002 S_PEN_05000211 Field Groups 
471 REFXRELML00002_CH S_EEI_69000126 Field Groups 
472 REFXRELML00003 S_PEN_05000233 Views 
473 REFXRELML00003_CH S_EEI_69000128 Views 
474 REFXRELML00004 S_PEN_05000244 Sections 
475 REFXRELML00004_CH S_EEI_69000129 Sections 
476 REFXRELML00005 S_PEN_05000255 Screens 
477 REFXRELML00005_CH S_EEI_69000130 Screens 
478 REFXRELML00006 S_PEN_05000266 Screen Sequences 
479 REFXRELML00006_CH S_EEI_69000131 Screen Sequences 
480 REFXRELML00007 S_PEN_05000277 Events 
481 REFXRELML00007_CH S_EEI_69000132 Events 
482 REFXRELML00016 S_PEN_05000288 Tables 
483 REFXRELML00016_CH S_EEI_69000133 Tables 
484 REFXRELML00100 S_PEN_05000222 Field Status 
485 REFXRELML00100_CH S_EEI_69000127 Field Status 
486 REFXRELML10002 S_PEN_05000212 Field Groups 
487 REFXRELML10003 S_PEN_05000234 Views 
488 REFXRELML10004 S_PEN_05000245 Sections 
489 REFXRELML10005 S_PEN_05000256 Screens 
490 REFXRELML10006 S_PEN_05000267 Screen Sequences 
491 REFXRELML10007 S_PEN_05000278 Events 
492 REFXRELML10016 S_PEN_05000289 Tables 
493 REFXRELML10100 S_PEN_05000223 Field Status 
494 REFXRELML20002 S_PEN_05000213 Field Groups 
495 REFXRELML20003 S_PEN_05000235 Views 
496 REFXRELML20004 S_PEN_05000246 Sections 
497 REFXRELML20005 S_PEN_05000257 Screens 
498 REFXRELML20006 S_PEN_05000268 Screen Sequences 
499 REFXRELML20007 S_PEN_05000279 Events 
500 REFXRELML20016 S_PEN_05000290 Tables