SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index R, page 2
IMG Activity - R
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 REFXRELML20100 S_PEN_05000224 Field Status 
2 REFXRELML30002 S_PEN_05000214 Field Groups 
3 REFXRELML30003 S_PEN_05000236 Views 
4 REFXRELML30004 S_PEN_05000247 Sections 
5 REFXRELML30005 S_PEN_05000258 Screens 
6 REFXRELML30006 S_PEN_05000269 Screen Sequences 
7 REFXRELML30007 S_PEN_05000280 Events 
8 REFXRELML30016 S_PEN_05000291 Tables 
9 REFXRELML30100 S_PEN_05000225 Field Status 
10 REFXRELML40002 S_PEN_05000215 Field Groups 
11 REFXRELML40003 S_PEN_05000237 Views 
12 REFXRELML40004 S_PEN_05000248 Sections 
13 REFXRELML40005 S_PEN_05000259 Screens 
14 REFXRELML40006 S_PEN_05000270 Screen Sequences 
15 REFXRELML40007 S_PEN_05000281 Events 
16 REFXRELML40016 S_PEN_05000292 Tables 
17 REFXRELML40100 S_PEN_05000226 Field Status 
18 REFXRELML50002 S_PEN_05000216 Field Groups 
19 REFXRELML50003 S_PEN_05000238 Views 
20 REFXRELML50004 S_PEN_05000249 Sections 
21 REFXRELML50005 S_PEN_05000260 Screens 
22 REFXRELML50006 S_PEN_05000271 Screen Sequences 
23 REFXRELML50007 S_PEN_05000282 Events 
24 REFXRELML50016 S_PEN_05000293 Tables 
25 REFXRELML50100 S_PEN_05000227 Field Status 
26 REFXREMN0002 S_PEN_05000206 Field Groups 
27 REFXREMN0003 S_PEN_05000228 Views 
28 REFXREMN0004 S_PEN_05000239 Sections 
29 REFXREMN0005 S_PEN_05000250 Screens 
30 REFXREMN0006 S_PEN_05000261 Screen Sequences 
31 REFXREMN0007 S_PEN_05000272 Events 
32 REFXREMN0016 S_PEN_05000283 Tables 
33 REFXREMN0100 S_PEN_05000217 Field Status 
34 REFXREOROF0002 S_PEN_05000208 Field Groups 
35 REFXREOROF0003 S_PEN_05000230 Views 
36 REFXREOROF0004 S_PEN_05000241 Sections 
37 REFXREOROF0005 S_PEN_05000252 Screens 
38 REFXREOROF0006 S_PEN_05000263 Screen Sequences 
39 REFXREOROF0007 S_PEN_05000274 Events 
40 REFXREOROF0016 S_PEN_05000285 Tables 
41 REFXREOROF0100 S_PEN_05000219 Field Status 
42 REFXREOROO0002 S_PEN_05000209 Field Groups 
43 REFXREOROO0003 S_PEN_05000231 Views 
44 REFXREOROO0004 S_PEN_05000242 Sections 
45 REFXREOROO0005 S_PEN_05000253 Screens 
46 REFXREOROO0006 S_PEN_05000264 Screen Sequences 
47 REFXREOROO0007 S_PEN_05000275 Events 
48 REFXREOROO0016 S_PEN_05000286 Tables 
49 REFXREOROO0100 S_PEN_05000220 Field Status 
50 REFXREORRR0002 S_PEN_05000210 Field Groups 
51 REFXREORRR0003 S_PEN_05000232 Views 
52 REFXREORRR0004 S_PEN_05000243 Sections 
53 REFXREORRR0005 S_PEN_05000254 Screens 
54 REFXREORRR0006 S_PEN_05000265 Screen Sequences 
55 REFXREORRR0007 S_PEN_05000276 Events 
56 REFXREORRR0016 S_PEN_05000287 Tables 
57 REFXREORRR0100 S_PEN_05000221 Field Status 
58 REFXRESCPG0002 S_PLN_06000329 Field Groups 
59 REFXRESCPG0003 S_PLN_06000331 Views 
60 REFXRESCPG0004 S_PLN_06000332 Sections 
61 REFXRESCPG0005 S_PLN_06000333 Screens 
62 REFXRESCPG0006 S_PLN_06000334 Screen Sequences 
63 REFXRESCPG0007 S_PLN_06000335 Events 
64 REFXRESCPG0016 S_PLN_06000337 Tables 
65 REFXRESCPG0100 S_PLN_06000330 Field Status 
66 REFXREXCCH0002 S_EEI_69000049 Field Groups 
67 REFXREXCCH0003 S_EEI_69000051 Views 
68 REFXREXCCH0004 S_EEI_69000052 Sections 
69 REFXREXCCH0005 S_EEI_69000053 Screens 
70 REFXREXCCH0006 S_EEI_69000054 Screen Sequences 
71 REFXREXCCH0007 S_EEI_69000055 Events 
72 REFXREXCCH0016 S_EEI_69000056 Tables 
73 REFXREXCCH0100 S_EEI_69000050 Field Status 
74 REFXSFP S_AEN_10000067 Form Builder for PDF-Based Forms 
75 REFXSMARTFORMS S_ALN_01000795 Form Builder for Smart Forms and Text Modules 
76 REFXTA_RECDDC01 S_PLN_16000171 Define Derivation Steps 
77 REFXTA_REORPDRES1 S_AER_95000396 Derive Price Based on Price Code and Other Criteria 
78 REFXTA_REORPDSRV1 S_EE5_50000180 Derive Price of Service Dependent on Price Code and Other Information 
79 REFXTEXTCLIENTCOPY S_ALN_01002552 Client Copy of Text Modules for RE-FX 
80 REFXTEXTMAINTAIN S_ALN_01002553 Manage Text Modules 
81 REFXTIVCAAPPLADDON S_XEN_65000051 Activate Subapplication 
82 REFXTKB1V S_PLN_62000007 Edit Settlement Profile 
83 REFXT_COPLLAYIMP S_ALN_01002153 Import Planning Layouts 
84 REFXV-TIVAJINDXCONV S_ALN_01001553 Define Index Conversion Factors 
85 REFXVCL_MERKMALE S_PLN_06000161 Apport. by Consumption: Define Characteristics and Measuring Point Categ. 
86 REFXVC_FIEB_RETURNS S_ALN_01002356 Configure Returns Processing 
87 REFXVC_FVVI_V_TIVA2 S_ALN_01001263 Heating Days 
88 REFXVC_REAJINDX S_ALN_01001554 Enter Index Levels 
89 REFXVC_STATSELSCM S_ALN_01001563 Define Status Selection Profile 
90 REFXVC_T012 S_ALN_01002354 Define House Banks 
91 REFXVC_T028 S_ALN_01002355 Make Global Settings for Electronic Bank Statement 
92 REFXVC_TIA01 S_ALN_01001261 Settlement Variants 
93 REFXVC_TIVAJRLRA S_PLN_62000061 Define Representative List of Rents 
94 REFXVC_TIVAJRLRAST S_PLN_62000320 Specify Structure of Fixt./Fittings Characteristics Independent of RLR 
95 REFXVC_TIVBDLOCSYS S_AEN_10000762 Define Hierarchical Location Structure 
96 REFXVC_TIVCACTDTRULE S_AER_95000246 Specify Calculation of Translation Date Based on Process 
97 REFXVC_TIVCARSOTRR S_ALN_01002141 Make Settings per Object Type 
98 REFXVC_TIVCARSRULE S_ALN_01002142 Define Resubmission Rules 
99 REFXVC_TIVCDCONDDEF S_PLN_16000173 Define Default Conditions 
100 REFXVC_TIVCDCONDREL S_ALN_01000805 Define Condition Groups and Assign Condition Types 
101 REFXVC_TIVCDCONDSCS S_ALN_01001260 Condition Types for Advance Payments and Flat Rates 
102 REFXVC_TIVCDFIXPER S_SLN_44000007 Define Fixed Periods (For Example, Quarter Days) 
103 REFXVC_TIVCONDDEF S_PLN_16000172 Derivation Steps 
104 REFXVC_TIVCPBS S_ALN_01000788 Basic Settings 
105 REFXVC_TIVCPCA S_ALN_01000790 Define Correspondence Applications and Assign Correspondence Activities 
106 REFXVC_TIVCPCT S_ALN_01000789 Define Correspondence Activities 
107 REFXVC_TIVCPDC S_ALN_01000791 Differentiating Characteristics 
108 REFXVC_TIVISPFCOND S_ALN_01001562 Configure Condition Profiles 
109 REFXVC_TIVISPFMEAS S_ALN_01001561 Configure Measurement Profiles 
110 REFXVC_TIVLMPLUS S_AEN_10000748 Specify Usage Types and Usage Subtypes 
111 REFXVC_TIVORRRTYPE S_AEN_10000219 RE Search Request Type, Meas. Types, Condition Types, Fixt./Fitt. Char. 
112 REFXVC_TIVORRRTYPERS S_AER_95000305 Define RE Search Request Type for Reservations and Seating Arrangements 
113 REFXVC_TIVORRSREV S_AER_95000384 Define Cancellation Schema and Cancellation Costs 
114 REFXVC_TIVRAOPACT S_AEN_10000238 Define Posting Activities 
115 REFXVC_TIVSCEXTRACHR S_AEN_10000433 Define Calculation of Surcharges 
116 REFXVC_TIVTMNTPROC S_ALN_01000671 Notice Procedures 
117 REFXVC_TIVTMNTRULEDR S_ALN_01000672 Notice Rules: Deadline Regulations 
118 REFXVC_TIVTMNTRULEPR S_ALN_01000673 Notice Rules: Period Regulations 
119 REFXVC_TIVTMRNRULE S_ALN_01001038 Renewal Rules 
120 REFXVC_V_TIV80 S_ALN_01001265 Assign Clearing Accounts to Cost Account 
121 REFXVC_V_TIV84 S_ALN_01001266 Assign Non-Deductible Input Tax Revenue Account to Net Revenue Account 
122 REFXVC_V_TIVN1 S_ALN_01001262 Define Default Values for Settlement Participation per Service Charge Key 
123 REFXVN_TP02 S_PLN_16000327 Forms of Address 
124 REFXVN_TP04 S_PLN_16000329 Property Regimes 
125 REFXVN_TP05 S_PLN_16000331 Employee groups 
126 REFXVN_TP06 S_PLN_16000332 Ratings 
127 REFXVN_TP07 S_PLN_16000334 Institute 
128 REFXVN_TP11 S_PLN_16000330 Employment Status 
129 REFXVN_TP13 S_PLN_16000328 Target Groups 
130 REFXVTIVBDAOIDPART S_ALN_01002352 Specify Rule for Determining Object ID 
131 REFXV_BWCVUSST S_P2E_78000001 Maintain BW Status Object for User Status 
132 REFXV_FDIFZZ1 S_PLN_06000363 Determine Incoming Payment Control 
133 REFXV_FDIKOAUS S_PLN_06000361 Account Statement Entry: Multicash/DTAUS Test Tool 
134 REFXV_FDITZV0 S_PLN_06000359 Account Statement Entry: Assign Transactions 
135 REFXV_FDITZV05 S_PLN_06000360 Account Statement Entry: Assign Transactions 
136 REFXV_ORIGIN S_PLN_62000005 Edit Source Structure 
137 REFXV_REBPTPR5S S_PLN_16000415 Assign Role Category to an Application 
138 REFXV_REBPTPR9 S_PLN_16000416 Specify Number Range (Grouping) and Address Type 
139 REFXV_T015W S_PLN_16000374 Instruction Keys 
140 REFXV_TB060R S_PLN_16000347 Assign Note Views to Role Categories 
141 REFXV_TB108 S_PLN_62000052 Configure Field Attributes per BP Role 
142 REFXV_TBC001 S_PLN_16000420 Number Assignment: Assign Account Group to Vendor 
143 REFXV_TBC002 S_PLN_16000421 Vendor Roles 
144 REFXV_TBD001 S_PLN_16000352 Number Assignment: Assign Account Group to Customer 
145 REFXV_TBD002 S_PLN_16000417 Customer Roles 
146 REFXV_TBPID S_PLN_16000335 Features of ID Number Categories 
147 REFXV_TBPID_2 S_PLN_16000356 Additional Partner Numbers 
148 REFXV_TIV01CDGROUP S_ALN_01000919 Assign Condition Group to Rental Object per Usage Type 
149 REFXV_TIV01OPTMETH S_ALN_01000924 Default Option Rate Method for Rental Obj. per Usage Type 
150 REFXV_TIV01_COSEPROF S_PLN_62000011 Define Default Value for Settlement Profile by Usage Type 
151 REFXV_TIV26CNGROUP S_ALN_01000920 Assign Condition Group to Contract per Contract Type 
152 REFXV_TIV26OPTMETH S_ALN_01000925 Default Option Rate Method for Contract per Contract Type 
153 REFXV_TIVAJADJMCTRL S_PLN_62000159 Define Adjustment Control Differing from Standard 
154 REFXV_TIVAJADJMVAR S_PLN_62000157 Define Variables for Adjustment Control 
155 REFXV_TIVAJATCOSTS S_AEN_10000780 Assign Costs Item Group to Adjustment Rule 
156 REFXV_TIVAJATEXPGRP S_AER_95000263 Assign Expense Item Group to Adjustment Rule 
157 REFXV_TIVAJATFINGRP S_AER_95000259 Assign Financing Item Group to Adjustment Rule 
158 REFXV_TIVAJBLOCKREAS S_AER_95000197 Define Adjustment Lock 
159 REFXV_TIVAJCOSTSEXP S_AER_95000264 Assign Costs Item to Expense Item 
160 REFXV_TIVAJCOSTSGRP S_AEN_10000775 Define Costs Item Groups 
161 REFXV_TIVAJCOSTSPOS S_AEN_10000779 Define Costs Items and Assign Them to a Group 
162 REFXV_TIVAJCTRLRULE S_PLN_62000158 Create Adjustment Control Rule 
163 REFXV_TIVAJEARMARK S_AER_95000255 Define Possible Earmarking of Measure for Each Measure Type 
164 REFXV_TIVAJEPCRTD S_E4E_66000141 Specify Time-Dependent Calculation Formula for Expense Items 
165 REFXV_TIVAJEPYROCC S_E4E_66000142 Assign Expense Items to Years Ready for Occupancy 
166 REFXV_TIVAJEXPGRPCD S_AER_95000266 Assign Condition Types to Expense Item Group 
167 REFXV_TIVAJEXPPOS S_AER_95000262 Define Expense Items and Assign Them to Expense Item Groups 
168 REFXV_TIVAJEXPPOSCR S_AER_95000265 Specify Calculation Formula for Expense Items 
169 REFXV_TIVAJEXPPOSGRP S_AER_95000261 Define Expense Item Groups 
170 REFXV_TIVAJFINPOS S_AER_95000260 Define Financing Items and Assign to Financing Item Group 
171 REFXV_TIVAJFINPOSGRP S_AER_95000258 Define Financing Item Groups 
172 REFXV_TIVAJFSVAR S_AEN_10000770 Specify Field Status Variants 
173 REFXV_TIVAJFSVARFM S_AEN_10000771 Define Field Status 
174 REFXV_TIVAJINDXCONV S_ALN_01001551 Enter Index Rebasing Factors 
175 REFXV_TIVAJINDXSERI S_ALN_01001550 Enter Additional Data for Index Series 
176 REFXV_TIVAJMAXINC S_ALN_01001552 Define Adjustment Parameters (Capping Provisions) Dependent on Term 
177 REFXV_TIVAJMEASAT S_AER_95000252 Assign Measurement Types to Adjustment Rule 
178 REFXV_TIVAJMETH S_ALN_01001169 Adjustment Method 
179 REFXV_TIVAJMETHCOMB S_ALN_01001546 Combinable Adjustment Method 
180 REFXV_TIVAJREAS S_PLN_62000056 Define Adjustment Reason 
181 REFXV_TIVAJREASONCEA S_PRN_53000271 Adjustment Reason for Cost Efficiency Analysis 
182 REFXV_TIVAJRLCTRL S_PLN_62000160 Assign Adjustment Control Rule to Adjustment Rule/Rep. List of Rents 
183 REFXV_TIVAJRLRAAMT S_PLN_62000153 Specify Basic Values for Representative List of Rents 
184 REFXV_TIVAJRULE S_ALN_01001547 Define Adjustment Rules 
185 REFXV_TIVAJRULECOMB S_ALN_01001548 Define Combined Adjustment Rules 
186 REFXV_TIVAJRULECOND S_PLN_62000057 Define Rounding, Change Reason, and Classification (Surcharges) 
187 REFXV_TIVAJSPECCOMP S_PLN_62000156 Define Rules for Determining Comparative Rent 
188 REFXV_TIVAJSPECINDX S_ALN_01001549 Enter Parameters for Index Rule 
189 REFXV_TIVAJSPECRLRA S_PLN_62000059 Define Special Rules for Adjustment Using Rep. List of Rents 
190 REFXV_TIVAJSPECTASK S_AEN_10000772 Define Parameters for Adjustment Rule 
191 REFXV_TIVAJTASKSTAT S_AER_95000253 Define Possible Statuses of Adjustment Measure for Each Measure Type 
192 REFXV_TIVBDAOIDPART S_ALN_01002353 Specify Rule for Determining Object ID 
193 REFXV_TIVBDARFSTATUS S_PLN_16000026 Field Status per Architectural Object Type 
194 REFXV_TIVBDARFUNC S_ALN_01000779 Define Possible Functions per Architectural Object Type 
195 REFXV_TIVBDARNODE S_ALN_01000777 Define Allowed Object Type Hierarchy 
196 REFXV_TIVBDAROBJTYPE S_ALN_01000778 Create Architectural Object Types 
197 REFXV_TIVBDCHARACT S_PLN_62000060 Define Fixt./Fittings Characteristics for Buildings, ROs, and Parcels 
198 REFXV_TIVBDCTOBJ S_AER_95000344 Specify Fixt/Fittings Characteristics for Architectural Objects 
199 REFXV_TIVBDCTOBJPR S_EE5_50000382 Specify Fixtures/Fittings Characteristics for Land 
200 REFXV_TIVBDIC S_AEN_10000761 Define Infrastructure Characteristics 
201 REFXV_TIVBDICTB S_AEN_10000763 Specify Basis for Measuring Distance as Time 
202 REFXV_TIVBDMEAS S_ALN_01000689 Define Measurement Types 
203 REFXV_TIVBDMEASAO S_PLN_16000025 Specify Measurement Types per Architectural Object Type 
204 REFXV_TIVBDMEASAOFU S_EAE_99000002 Limit Measurement Types by Function 
205 REFXV_TIVBDMEASCALC S_PLN_06000135 Define Derivable Measurements 
206 REFXV_TIVBDMEASMETER S_PLN_16000136 Settlement by Consumption/Meter Reading: Measurement Type Characteristics 
207 REFXV_TIVBDMEASRO S_ALN_01000748 Measurement Types per Usage Type 
208 REFXV_TIVBDMEASROTYP S_PLN_06000157 Measurement Types Allowed per Rental Object Type 
209 REFXV_TIVBDMEASSUM S_ALN_01001020 Define Total Measurements 
210 REFXV_TIVBDNEIGHBORH S_AEN_10000231 Neighborhood: Define Preferred Values 
211 REFXV_TIVBDNUMCONV S_PLN_62000200 Suppress Leading Zeros in Object Keys 
212 REFXV_TIVBDOBJASS S_PLN_62000151 Assign Functional Locations/Fixed Assets/Projects/CO Orders 
213 REFXV_TIVBDOBJASSCN S_PLN_62000480 Permitted Object Types per Contract Type 
214 REFXV_TIVBDOBJASSIT S_P7E_63000024 Specify Allowed Object Types for Correction Object 
215 REFXV_TIVBDOBJASSOR S_XEN_65000048 Specify Contract Types for Real Estate Search 
216 REFXV_TIVBDPM S_ALN_01001099 PM Integration: Make Settings per Object Type 
217 REFXV_TIVBDPMAO S_ALN_01000776 Make Settings per Architectural Object Type 
218 REFXV_TIVBDPMNT S_PLN_62000201 Define PM Notifications per Object Type 
219 REFXV_TIVBDROFSTATUS S_ALN_01000750 Field Status per Usage Type 
220 REFXV_TIVBDROUSGREL S_ALN_01000752 Usage Type per Rental Object Type 
221 REFXV_TIVBDUSGFUNC S_EAE_99000001 Define Functions of Objects 
222 REFXV_TIVBDUSGPSRS S_PLN_06000049 Usage Types Allowed for Rental Spaces per Pooled Space 
223 REFXV_TIVBDUSGRP S_AER_95000256 Define Usage Groups 
224 REFXV_TIVBDUSTYREL S_AER_95000257 Assign Usage Types to Usage Group 
225 REFXV_TIVBDVACEVRS S_PLN_62000163 Determine Vacancy Reason Based on Vacancy Event 
226 REFXV_TIVBDVACREAS S_PLN_62000162 Define Vacancy Reasons 
227 REFXV_TIVBPGRPCC S_PLN_06000370 Define Company Code-Dependent Number Range (Partner Grouping) 
228 REFXV_TIVBPOBJROLE S_ALN_01002428 Make Settings for Roles per Object Type 
229 REFXV_TIVBPVENDORCMP S_PLN_16000424 Standard Values for Autom. Creation of Vendors (Company-Code-Dependent) 
230 REFXV_TIVBPVENDORGEN S_PLN_16000423 Standard Values for Automatic Creation of Vendors 
231 REFXV_TIVCAAPPLADDON S_PRN_53000386 Activate Subfunction 
232 REFXV_TIVCAARDEL S_ALN_01001776 Deletion of Real Estate Objects Without Archiving 
233 REFXV_TIVCAARRES S_ALN_01001775 Define Residence Times for Archiving 
234 REFXV_TIVCAAUTHGRP S_ALN_01001565 Define Authorization Groups 
235 REFXV_TIVCACCSET S_AEN_10000233 Make Basic Settings in Company Code 
236 REFXV_TIVCACCSETAPP S_PRN_53000248 Activate Required Approval/Earmarked Funds per Company Code 
237 REFXV_TIVCACCSETCT S_AER_95000287 Activate Conditions in Foreign Currency per Company Code 
238 REFXV_TIVCACCSETIT S_PEN_05000125 Specify Objects for Which Input Tax Distribution Is Performed 
239 REFXV_TIVCACCSETITTC S_RE4_36000005 Relevant Objects for Input Tax Distrib. and Correction, Default DOS 
240 REFXV_TIVCACLSET_MM S_EE5_50000263 Activate Time-Dependent Mandate Assignment 
241 REFXV_TIVCACLSET_RA S_EE5_50000286 Allow Integrated Posting 
242 REFXV_TIVCACOLOR S_ALN_01000685 Color Settings 
243 REFXV_TIVCACTCNTYPE S_AER_95000244 Specify Possible Currency Translation Rules per Contract Type 
244 REFXV_TIVCACTRULE S_AER_95000243 Define Currency Translation Rule 
245 REFXV_TIVCACTRYADDON S_AEN_10000072 Activate Country-Specifics 
246 REFXV_TIVCACTSHIFT S_AER_95000241 Define Translation Date Shift Rule 
247 REFXV_TIVCACTUSTYPE S_AER_95000245 Specify Allowed Currency Translation Rules per Usage Type 
248 REFXV_TIVCAICON S_ALN_01001050 Icons 
249 REFXV_TIVCAICONOA S_PLN_16000024 Assign Icons to Architectural Object Types 
250 REFXV_TIVCARECUR S_AER_95000386 Define Recurrence Rule 
251 REFXV_TIVCARSREASON S_PLN_06000038 Define Resubmission Reasons 
252 REFXV_TIVCASARA S_ALN_01002001 Archive Administration 
253 REFXV_TIVCASARJ S_ALN_01002000 Activate Archive Information Structures 
254 REFXV_TIVCASHMETH S_XEN_65000023 Define Custom Search Methods for Search Strategies 
255 REFXV_TIVCASHMETH_CH S_EEI_69000139 Define Custom Search Methods for Search Strategies 
256 REFXV_TIVCASHSTRATSY S_PEN_05000320 Define Search Strategy 
257 REFXV_TIVCASHSTRBPLR S_AEN_10001021 Define Search Strategy for Land Registry 
258 REFXV_TIVCASHSTRBPPL S_AEN_10001018 Define Search Strategy for Main Contractual Partner for Parcel 
259 REFXV_TIVCASHSTRLOC S_XEN_65000024 Define Search Strategy for Deriving Hierarchical Location 
260 REFXV_TIVCASHSTRSCK S_AEN_10001010 Define Search Strategies for Service Charge Key 
261 REFXV_TIVCASHSTRVEND S_AEN_10001002 Define Search Strategies for Vendor 
262 REFXV_TIVCATEXTCATE S_AER_95000160 Define Categories for Additional Texts 
263 REFXV_TIVCAWBLIST S_PEN_05000094 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): "Overviews" - Own Evaluations 
264 REFXV_TIVCDCALCE S_ALN_01001051 Calculation Formulas 
265 REFXV_TIVCDCHGREAS S_PLN_62000055 Define Reason for Change 
266 REFXV_TIVCDCONDFLOW S_ALN_01002200 Assign Flow Type to Condition Type 
267 REFXV_TIVCDCONDTYPE S_ALN_01000801 Define Condition Types 
268 REFXV_TIVCDCOPUEXT S_ALN_01001053 Define Condition Purpose 
269 REFXV_TIVCDDISTE S_ALN_01001052 Distribution Formulas 
270 REFXV_TIVCDDUEDATE S_PLN_06000028 Due Date Correction Rule 
271 REFXV_TIVCDFLOWREL S_ALN_01000803 Assign Reference Flow Types 
272 REFXV_TIVCDFLOWTYPE S_ALN_01000808 Define Flow Types 
273 REFXV_TIVCMCFCC S_AER_95000167 Activate Cash Management and Forecast for RE-FX in Company Code 
274 REFXV_TIVCMCFCNCT S_AER_95000169 Assign Planning Levels to Contract Type 
275 REFXV_TIVCMCFFLOWTP S_AER_95000168 Activate Cash Management for Flow Types 
276 REFXV_TIVCNCCTADD S_ALN_01000691 Define Contract Types 
277 REFXV_TIVCNCCTADDDEP S_ALN_01002167 Contract Types for Security Deposit Agreement 
278 REFXV_TIVCNCCTADD_PR S_PLN_62000010 Define Default Value for Settlement Profile per Contract Type 
279 REFXV_TIVCNCCTBPROLE S_PLN_16000054 Exclude Role Categories per Contract Type 
280 REFXV_TIVCNCCTFMOD S_ALN_01000677 Field Status per Contract Type 
281 REFXV_TIVCNDPTYPE S_ALN_01002169 Security Deposit Type 
282 REFXV_TIVCNMEASCN S_SLN_44000021 Define Measurements for Contract 
283 REFXV_TIVCNNTRE S_ALN_01000683 Notice Reasons 
284 REFXV_TIVCNNTREVAC S_PLN_62000164 Determine Vacancy Reason Based on Notice Reason 
285 REFXV_TIVCNNTRR S_ALN_01000682 Reasons for Rejection 
286 REFXV_TIVCNOBJ S_ALN_01000675 Object Types Permitted For Contract Type 
287 REFXV_TIVCNUSGCNTYPE S_PEN_05000204 Define Contract Types to Propose for Usage Type 
288 REFXV_TIVCPFM S_ALN_01000798 Define Forms 
289 REFXV_TIVCPOIOTBS S_ALN_01000785 Basic Settings and Document Templates 
290 REFXV_TIVCPTM S_ALN_01000797 Define Company-Code-Dependent Text Modules 
291 REFXV_TIVEXCNTYPE S_PRN_53000249 Define Data for Approval and Earmarked Funds per Contract Type 
292 REFXV_TIVEXCOMEASKYF S_PLN_62000181 Assign Measurement Types to Statistical Key Figures 
293 REFXV_TIVEXCOSEPROF S_PLN_62000012 Define Default Settlement Profile per Object Type 
294 REFXV_TIVEXFI S_AER_95000475 Other Settings for FI 
295 REFXV_TIVEXFIACCPROP S_ALN_01000853 Assign RE-Specific Properties to G/L Account 
296 REFXV_TIVEXFIBS S_EAE_99000045 COA Mandate: Assign Flow Types for Account Statement 
297 REFXV_TIVEXFIDEEPTAX S_AEN_10000010 Input Tax Distribution with Multilevel Tax Code 
298 REFXV_TIVEXFIDOCTYPE S_ALN_01000655 Define Document Type Determination 
299 REFXV_TIVEXFIDUNNARA S_PLN_16000224 Define dunning areas 
300 REFXV_TIVEXFIDUNNBP S_PLN_16000225 Assign Application/Role Category/Dunning Parameter 
301 REFXV_TIVEXFIREPSYMB S_ALN_01000656 Replace Account Symbols 
302 REFXV_TIVEXFITAXMAP S_ALN_01000654 Assign Tax Codes 
303 REFXV_TIVEXFITAXTRKY S_ALN_01000653 Assign Tax Transaction Key 
304 REFXV_TIVEXOUCOPYEX S_PEN_05000172 Control of Creating Mandates: Exclude Tables 
305 REFXV_TIVEXTAXMAP S_ALN_01001097 Assign Tax Code (for FI Document) 
306 REFXV_TIVISBPROLEMOD S_PEN_05000097 Define Assignment of Roles of Contract Offer to Real Estate Contract 
307 REFXV_TIVISPF S_ALN_01001560 Administer Report Profile (Main Profile) 
308 REFXV_TIVISRMOTBS S_PLN_62000165 Make Basic Settings for Records Management 
309 REFXV_TIVITDSORSRC S_P7E_63000025 Define Source Object for Option Rate Determination 
310 REFXV_TIVITOPTMETH S_ALN_01000645 Option Rate Methods 
311 REFXV_TIVITTCASSCL S_RE4_36000001 Define Asset Classes as Relevant for Input Tax Correction 
312 REFXV_TIVITTCDOCSO S_RE4_36000002 Define Criteria for Documents Relevant for Input Tax Correction 
313 REFXV_TIVITTCMAL S_RE4_36000003 Define Trivial Amount Limits 
314 REFXV_TIVITTCTXCDMAP S_AER_95000535 Assign Tax Code for Correction Posting 
315 REFXV_TIVITTCTYPE S_RE4_36000004 Define Type of Correction Object 
316 REFXV_TIVLDSELIDDEF S_ALN_01001564 Default Values by Object Type 
317 REFXV_TIVLMCN S_PEN_05000201 Set Up Contract Types for Land Use Management 
318 REFXV_TIVLMENCTYPE S_PEN_05000200 Define Encumbrance Types 
319 REFXV_TIVLMLRDIST S_AEN_10000741 Define Land Register Districts 
320 REFXV_TIVLMLRTYPE S_AEN_10000740 Define Land Register Types 
321 REFXV_TIVLMNAOWNREL S_AEN_10000786 Define Possible Types of Possession 
322 REFXV_TIVLMNAPRTY S_AEN_10000784 Define Land Types in Notice of Assessment 
323 REFXV_TIVLMNAPRTYAR S_AEN_10000783 Define Land Types for Mill Rate 
324 REFXV_TIVLMNASTTY S_AEN_10000785 Define Determination Types 
325 REFXV_TIVLMPECSTYP S_AEN_10000758 Define Types of Contamination/Non-Hazardous Waste 
326 REFXV_TIVLMPEERTYP S_AEN_10000760 Define Easement Types 
327 REFXV_TIVLMPEPSTYP S_AEN_10000759 Define Types of Site Protection 
328 REFXV_TIVLMPLCL S_AEN_10000747 Specify Cadastral Classification 
329 REFXV_TIVLMPLCL_EN S_EEI_69000173 Specify Cadastral Classification 
330 REFXV_TIVLMPLMAP S_AEN_10000742 Define Parcel Map Types 
331 REFXV_TIVLMPLSFO S_AEN_10000743 Define Soil Parent Material 
332 REFXV_TIVLMPLSFTY S_AEN_10000744 Define Soil Textures 
333 REFXV_TIVLMPLSL S_AEN_10000745 Define Overlays 
334 REFXV_TIVLMPLSLHIER S_AEN_10000746 Specify Relevant Overlay Numbers for Certain Hierarchy Levels 
335 REFXV_TIVLMPLSL_EN S_EEI_69000172 Define Overlays 
336 REFXV_TIVLMPLUSGFUNC S_E4E_66000043 Define Function for Parcels 
337 REFXV_TIVLMRCTYPE S_AEN_10000757 Define Parcel Update Types 
338 REFXV_TIVLMSET S_AEN_10000749 Make General Settings for Land Use Management 
339 REFXV_TIVLMSET2 S_E36_82000262 Make General Settings for Land Use Management 
340 REFXV_TIVMIADDON S_ALN_01000771 Activate Real Estate Extension 
341 REFXV_TIVMISET S_XEN_65000025 Make Basic Settings for Migration 
342 REFXV_TIVMISETCDSR S_XEN_65000028 Contract Conditions: Define Sales-Based Rent Condition Types 
343 REFXV_TIVMISETCNTYPE S_XEN_65000027 Contract: Define Different Contract Types for Third-Party and Own Usage 
344 REFXV_TIVMISETMEAS S_XEN_65000026 Master Data: Define Measurement Types for Area Type and Apportionment Unit 
345 REFXV_TIVMISETOC S_AER_95000166 Building Master Data: Convert Object Charact. to Fixt./Fittings Charact. 
346 REFXV_TIVMISETOO S_PRN_53000338 RO Master Data: Assign Occupancy Obligation to Fixt./Fitt. Characteristic 
347 REFXV_TIVMISETSCKEY S_AER_95000027 Define Service Charge Key for Directly Assigned Costs 
348 REFXV_TIVMIUSGTYPE S_AER_95000026 Rental Object Master Data: Specify Different Usage Types 
349 REFXV_TIVMMMNSET S_AEN_10000767 Specify Number Range Interval for COA Mandate and Object Mandate 
350 REFXV_TIVORAEC S_XEN_65000071 Specify Fixtures/Fittings for Accommodation Entitlement Certificate 
351 REFXV_TIVORAECPERS S_XEN_65000075 Specify Person Group for Accommodation Entitlement Certificate 
352 REFXV_TIVORAECPRIO S_XEN_65000074 Specify Levels of Priority for Accomodation Entitlement Certificate 
353 REFXV_TIVORBPROLEMOD S_PEN_05000098 Define Partner Transfer When Contract Created from Offer 
354 REFXV_TIVORCHARACT S_AEN_10000222 Specify Fixtures and Fittings Characteristics for Real Estate Search 
355 REFXV_TIVOREDITIND S_AEN_10000227 Specify Processing Indicators 
356 REFXV_TIVOREDITSTAT S_AEN_10000228 Specify Processing Status 
357 REFXV_TIVORINFLOWFRO S_AEN_10000224 Specify Prospect Sources 
358 REFXV_TIVORINFLOWREA S_AEN_10000225 Specify Reasons for Search 
359 REFXV_TIVORINFLOWWAY S_AEN_10000226 Specify Sources of Inquiry 
360 REFXV_TIVORLOCATION S_AEN_10000248 Specify District Locations for RE Search Request 
361 REFXV_TIVORLOCKRS S_AER_95000443 Define Lock Reasons for Occupancy 
362 REFXV_TIVORLOCMTC S_AEN_10000249 Assign District Locations to Those of Usage View 
363 REFXV_TIVORMPTYPE S_AER_95000442 Define Move Types 
364 REFXV_TIVOROBJSTATRS S_AEN_10000232 Enter Reasons for Search Status 
365 REFXV_TIVOROOUPDATE S_AEN_10000221 Specify Control Parameters for Updating Offered Objects 
366 REFXV_TIVORPOSDEF S_EAE_99000044 Assign Desk Assignments to Reservation Object Type 
367 REFXV_TIVORPRESELECT S_AEN_10000229 Specify Preselection Indicator 
368 REFXV_TIVORPRICECODE S_AER_95000299 Define Price Code 
369 REFXV_TIVORRSAREA S_AER_95000288 Define Reservation Area 
370 REFXV_TIVORRSAREASRV S_AER_95000297 Specify Possible Services for Reservation 
371 REFXV_TIVORRSOBJBO S_AER_95000290 Assign Master Data Object Types to Reservation Object Type 
372 REFXV_TIVORRSOBJTYPE S_AER_95000289 Define Reservation Object Type 
373 REFXV_TIVORRSSET S_AER_95000292 Make General Settings for Reservations 
374 REFXV_TIVORRSSET2 S_EE5_50000192 Assign Cancellation Schema 
375 REFXV_TIVORRSTP S_AER_95000293 Define Reservation Periods 
376 REFXV_TIVORRSTYPE S_AER_95000291 Define Reservation Type 
377 REFXV_TIVORSET S_AER_95000441 Specify Default Date for First Posting 
378 REFXV_TIVORSRVGRPREL S_AER_95000296 Assign Service Types to Service Groups 
379 REFXV_TIVORSRVTYPE S_AER_95000295 Define Service Types 
380 REFXV_TIVORTRANSPCON S_AEN_10000250 Define Transport Connections for RE Search Request 
381 REFXV_TIVORTRANSPMTC S_AEN_10000251 Assign Transport Connections to Those of Usage View 
382 REFXV_TIVRAACCDET S_ALN_01000661 Assign Account Symbol to Flow Type 
383 REFXV_TIVRAACCPROP S_ALN_01000855 Define RE-Specific Account Properties 
384 REFXV_TIVRAACCSYMB S_ALN_01000663 Account Symbols 
385 REFXV_TIVRAALTAX S_PRN_53000245 Assign Accrual Type to Tax Code 
386 REFXV_TIVRACCSETAL S_PRN_53000244 Activate Tax Accrual/Deferral per Company Code 
387 REFXV_TIVRACCSETINV S_SLN_44000019 Company-Code-Dependent Settings for Invoice 
388 REFXV_TIVRADETKEY S_ALN_01000662 Account Determination Values 
389 REFXV_TIVRADOCCNDS S_PLN_62000063 Activate Document or Tax Summarization in Company Code 
390 REFXV_TIVRAFLOWTPCND S_PLN_62000064 Make Settings for Summarization Flow Type 
391 REFXV_TIVRAOPACTGRP S_AEN_10000240 Define Groups for Posting Activities 
392 REFXV_TIVRAOPCCSET S_AEN_10000247 Allow Partly Automatic Creation of Company-Code-Dependent Data 
393 REFXV_TIVRAOPFSBD S_AEN_10000241 Define Field Status Variants for Basic Data 
394 REFXV_TIVRAOPFSIT S_AEN_10000242 Define Field Status Variants for Line Items 
395 REFXV_TIVRAOPRDDEF S_AEN_10000245 Define Rule for Proposing Settlement Reference Date 
396 REFXV_TIVRATAXDFLT S_PLN_06000055 Default Value for Tax Rate per Contract Type 
397 REFXV_TIVRATAXGROUP S_ALN_01000658 Create Tax Groups 
398 REFXV_TIVRATAXTYPE S_ALN_01000659 Define Tax Types 
399 REFXV_TIVSCACCFIRM S_ALN_01000649 Characteristics of External Settlement Companies 
400 REFXV_TIVSCACCPROP S_PLN_06000387 Define Accounts Allowed for Individual Service Charge Keys 
401 REFXV_TIVSCCONDSCK S_ALN_01000811 Assign Condition Type to Service Charge Key/Group 
402 REFXV_TIVSCSCKATTR S_ALN_01000647 Define Service Charge Keys 
403 REFXV_TIVSCSCKEY S_PRN_53000229 Assign Service Charge Group to Service Charge Keys 
404 REFXV_TIVSCSCKEYGRP S_PRN_53000228 Define Service Charge Groups and Accrual/Deferral of Service Charges 
405 REFXV_TIVSCSCKEYSE S_PLN_62000154 Define Default Values for Current Occupancy Principle 
406 REFXV_TIVSCSEPARAM S_ALN_01000648 Define Settlement Parameters 
407 REFXV_TIVSCTRANSACC S_AEN_10000769 Specify Cost Elements to Be Planned for Annual Budget 
408 REFXV_TIVSRRPT S_ALN_01001558 Sales ID 
409 REFXV_TIVSRSEPARAM S_ALN_01001559 Parameters of Sales-Based Rent Settlement 
410 REFXV_TIVSRSR S_ALN_01001557 Type of Sales Rule 
411 REFXV_TIVSRST S_ALN_01001556 Sales Types 
412 REFXV_TIVTMXTERMDEF S_PLN_62000152 Specify Default Text for Naming Terms 
413 REFXV_TIVXABDCNACCT S_ANI_74002797 Define Type of Contract Account 
414 REFXV_TIVXAFCTRNSDET S_ANI_74002796 Assign Main and Subtransaction to Transaction Type 
415 REFXV_TIVXCAJCH01LOC S_PEN_05000056 Location Switzerland: Assign Adjustment Rule to Regional Location 
416 REFXV_TIVXCAJCH01MGR S_PEN_05000055 Define Pass-On Rates 
417 REFXV_TIVXCAJSPECH01 S_PEN_05000054 Adjustment Rules Switzerland: Define Parameters for Adjustment Rule 
418 REFXV_TIVXCFCSCKEYPR S_AEN_10000911 Define Service Charge Key for Fuel Management 
419 REFXV_TIVXCOTCOND S_PRN_53000195 Specify Parameters for Condition Type 
420 REFXV_TIVXCOTPARAM S_PRN_53000194 Specify Parameters for Service Charge Key 
421 REFXV_TIVXCRACHDUNNA S_AEN_10000915 Enter Dunning Area per Process 
422 REFXV_TIVXCRAESRPAR S_PEN_05000312 Define Clearing Parameter for Incoming Payment 
423 REFXV_TIVXCSCCHMPATT S_AEN_10000914 Assign Measuring Point ID to Characteristic 
424 REFXV_TIVXCSCCHMPTYP S_AEN_10000913 Define Measuring Point ID 
425 REFXV_TP019 S_PLN_16000337 Value Table for Additional Data Fields 
426 REFXV_TPZ1 S_PLN_16000338 Set phonetic search 
427 REFXV_TPZ18 S_PLN_16000336 Category of Additional Data Fields 
428 REFXV_TPZ6_N S_PLN_16000372 Role Types 
429 REFXV_TPZ6_NI S_PLN_16000349 Role Types 
430 REFXV_TTXJ S_PLN_16000373 Tax jurisdictions 
431 REFXV_TZD0AI S_PLN_16000418 Standard Values for Automatic Creation of Customers 
432 REFXV_TZD0BI S_PLN_16000419 Standard Values for Autom. Creation of Customers (Company-Code-Dependent) 
433 REFXV_TZDG1 S_PLN_16000375 Define Additional Data 1 
434 REFXV_TZDG2 S_PLN_16000377 Define Additional Data 2 
435 REFXV_TZDG3 S_PLN_16000378 Define Additional Data 3 
436 REFXV_TZDG4 S_PLN_16000379 Define Additional Data 4 
437 REFXV_TZDG5 S_PLN_16000380 Define Additional Data 5 
438 REFXV_TZDG6 S_PLN_16000381 Define Additional Data 6 
439 REFXV_TZDG7 S_PLN_16000382 Define Additional Data 7 
440 REFXV_TZDG8 S_PLN_16000383 Define Additional Data 8 
441 REFXV_TZDG9 S_PLN_16000384 Define Additional Data 9 
442 REFXV_TZEG1 S_PLN_16000385 Define Additional Data 10 
443 REFXV_TZEG2 S_PLN_16000386 Define Additional Data 11 
444 REFXV_VICASHFVALUES S_PEN_05000321 Specify Values for Search Strategy 
445 REFXV_VICASHVALBPLR S_AEN_10001023 Define Partner Numbers Possible for Search Strategy 
446 REFXV_VICASHVALBPPL S_AEN_10001019 Specify Partners Possible for Search Strategy 
447 REFXV_VICASHVALSCKEY S_AEN_10001012 Specify Possible Service Charge Keys for Each Search Strategy 
448 REFXV_VICASHVALVEND S_AEN_10001008 Specifiy Possible Vendors for Search Strategy 
449 REFXV_VIMIMAPAJTID S_PRN_53000593 Specify Migration of Numbers for Cost Efficiency Analysis 
450 REFXV_VIMIMAPCNNR S_PRN_53000252 Specify Migration of Numbers for Contract 
451 REFXV_VIMIMAPOFID S_PRN_53000251 Specify Migration of Numbers for Contract Offer 
452 REFXV_V_TIPZZ2 S_PLN_06000356 Posting Key for Bank Debit Posting (Incoming Payments) 
453 REFX_AJAT S_AER_95000254 Adjustment Measure 
454 REFX_AS S_ALN_01000775 Architectural View 
455 REFX_BATCHREPORTS S_ALN_01001225 Notes on Required Periodic Procedures 
456 REFX_BDT S_PLN_62000177 Change Screen Layout 
457 REFX_BDT_CH S_EEI_69000125 Change Screen Layout 
458 REFX_BF11 S_ALN_01001366 Activate RE-FX for Financial Accounting 
459 REFX_BH S_ALN_01000651 Accounting 
460 REFX_BP S_ALN_01001268 Business Partner 
461 REFX_BPEX S_ALN_01001273 General Settings for Business Partner 
462 REFX_BPRE S_ALN_01001274 Other Settings for Business Partner 
463 REFX_BUSENTITY S_PLN_06000006 Number Assignment, Validation, Substitution 
464 REFX_CABP_BUPA_TB038 S_PLN_06000050 Industry System and Industry 
465 REFX_CACT S_AER_95000247 Conditions in Foreign Currency 
466 REFX_CFMEUNUOFDICASH S_PLN_06000357 Electronic Account Statement Entry 
467 REFX_CMCF S_AER_95000170 Cash Management and Forecast and RE-FX 
468 REFX_CNTYPE S_XEN_65000034 Set Up New Contract Type 
469 REFX_COCC S_XEN_65000030 Information on the Condominium Owner Company Code 
470 REFX_DATA_TRANSFER S_PLN_62000173 Legacy Data Transfer 
471 REFX_DM S_XEN_65000080 Document Management 
472 REFX_DMS_DOCTYPE S_XEN_65000082 Define Document Types 
473 REFX_DMS_SCREEN S_XEN_65000083 Assign Screen for Object Link 
474 REFX_EXPRCTR S_AEN_10000054 Assign Real Estate Objects from Flexible Real Estate Management 
475 REFX_FIDUNNING S_PLN_16000273 Define Dunning Groupings 
476 REFX_FIEB_RETURNS S_ALN_01002357 Business Add-In: Processing of Returns 
477 REFX_GE S_ALN_01000684 Basic Settings 
478 REFX_GPDEBITOR S_PLN_16000350 Business Partner - Customer 
479 REFX_GPDEBITOR_BEM S_PLN_16000354 Remarks 
480 REFX_GPKREDITOR S_PLN_16000351 Business Partner - Vendor 
481 REFX_GPKREDITOR_BEM S_PLN_16000355 Remarks 
482 REFX_IBHS S_ALN_01000652 Integration FI-GL, FI-AR, FI-AP 
483 REFX_ITDS S_PLN_06000057 Input Tax Distribution 
484 REFX_KF S_ALN_01000664 Account Determination 
485 REFX_KG S_ALN_01000918 Condition Group 
486 REFX_KO S_ALN_01000692 Correspondence 
487 REFX_KU S_ALN_01000674 Notice 
488 REFX_KUB S_ALN_01000666 Conditions and Flows 
489 REFX_MM_SC S_PEN_05000117 COA Settlement and Tenant Settlement 
490 REFX_NKA S_ALN_01000650 Service Charge Settlement 
491 REFX_NS S_ALN_01000688 Usage View 
492 REFX_OROO S_AEN_10000220 Offered Object 
493 REFX_ORRR S_AEN_10000223 RE Search Request 
494 REFX_ORRSSRV S_PRN_53000202 Services for Reservation 
495 REFX_OSEUVSA S_ALN_01000646 Option Rate Determination 
496 REFX_RAACC S_ALN_01002283 Accrual/Deferral Using Accrual Engine in RE Environment 
497 REFX_RAOP S_AEN_10000239 One-Time Postings 
498 REFX_RA_FICA S_PNI_82001611 FI-CA Integration 
499 REFX_REAJ_ADJUSTMENT S_PLN_62000058 General Rent Adjustment 
500 REFX_REAJ_ADJ_RLRA S_PLN_62000155 Implement Enhancements for Rent Adjustment Using Rep. List of Rents (BAdI)