SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index R, page 4
IMG Activity - R
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 RM_STEFFI_10 S_XBI_19000019 Set Up Workbench 
2 RODPS_DATASOURCE_EXT S_BY3_13000021 BAdI: Processing of DataSource Enhancements 
3 RODPS_NOTES S_BY3_13000020 Overview Information 
4 RODPS_ODP_IMG S_BRK_62000001 Specify Client for Modeling 
5 ROLE TYPE S_GF1_13000013 Role Type 
6 ROLE_COMPARE_TOOL S_BJA_09000026 Roles comparison tool 
7 ROLE_REFERENCE S_XC0_18000016 Roles 
8 ROLLE-SICHT-ZUORD_GI S_ALR_87007489 Role Category - View Allocation 
9 ROLLE-SICHT-ZUORD_GP S_ALR_87009538 Define Role-View Assignment 
10 ROLLE/DOK.GRUPPE S_ALR_87003896 Assign Documents to Correspondence Activities and Roles 
11 ROLLENART_GP S_ALR_87009535 Define Role Types 
12 ROLLENART_GP_I S_ALR_87007470 Role Categories and Role Types 
13 ROLLENTYP S_ALR_87004818 Assign Role Category to Application 
14 RPLM_MT_REPORTING S_AEN_10000755 Transfer Default Values for LaunchPad 
15 RPLM_PSS_REPORTING S_AEN_10000791 Apply Default Values for LaunchPad 
16 RPLM_QI_REPORTING S_AEN_10000765 Transfer Default Values for LaunchPad 
17 RPM_BUPA_CUST_FIELDS S_PCC_47000057 BAdI: Portfolio Management BUPA Customer Fields 
18 RPM_CALC_BUPA_BPFTE S_PCC_47000058 BAdI: Calculate the Business Partner Availability 
19 RPM_CREATEUSR_NAME S_PCC_47000061 BAdI: Generate User Name 
20 RPM_DX_BUCKET S_X1D_36000069 Import from Microsoft Excel to Buckets 
21 RPM_DX_INITIATIVE S_X1D_36000054 Import from Microsoft Excel to Initiatives 
22 RPM_DX_ITEM S_X1D_36000053 Import from Microsoft Excel to Items 
23 RPM_DX_PORTFOLIO S_X1D_36000070 Import from Microsoft Excel to Portfolios 
24 RPM_DX_RES_ASSIGN S_X1D_36000071 Import from Microsoft Excel to Capacity Assignment of Bucket 
25 RPM_FES_PROJECT S_X1D_36000057 BAdI: Change Sorting and Content - Staffing Work Center/FES 
26 RPM_FES_RESOURCE S_X1D_36000056 BAdI: Change Sorting and Content - Resources Work Center/FES 
27 RPM_FES_RESOURCE_WOR S_X1D_36000055 Change Sorting and Content for Resources Work Center/FES 
28 RPM_FICO_INTF S_EE5_50000308 BAdI: Transfer of Fin. Ctrlg Data to Portf. and Proj. Mgmt 
29 RPM_HR_IN_IF001 S_PCC_47000060 BAdI: Inbound Time Processing for the HR Header Segment 
30 RPM_HR_IN_IF002 S_PCC_47000063 BAdI: Inbound Time Processing for Original System Segment 
31 RPM_HR_IN_IF003 S_PCC_47000064 BAdI: Inbound Time Processing for Availability Segment 
32 RPM_HR_IN_IF004 S_PCC_47000065 BAdI: Inbound Time Processing for the Absence Segment 
33 RPM_HR_IN_IF005 S_PCC_47000066 BAdI: Inbound Time Processing for Rate Segment 
34 RPM_HR_IN_IF006 S_PCC_47000067 BAdI: Inbound Time Processing for General Segment 
35 RPM_OBJECT_SERVICES S_X1D_36000087 BAdI: Maintenance Services for Portfolio Management Objects 
36 RPM_PDFFORMS S_PTD_51000083 Create PDF-Based Print Forms 
37 RPM_PROCESS_DATA S_PCC_47000068 BAdI: Inbound Processing of Time Data by Customer 
38 RPM_PROJ_CUST_FIELDS S_PCC_47000076 BAdI: Project Customer Fields 
39 RPM_RM_ICON_CALC S_PTD_51000010 BAdI: Icon Calculation for Resource Management 
40 RPM_TIMCV S_EE5_50000306 Convert Working Time Unit 
41 RPM_V_FES_IMG   Set Summary Line and Buffering of Fast Entry Screen 
42 RRICB_ICCA S_EBS_44000014 Maintain Clearing Accounts for Company Codes 
43 RRICB_OK17 S_EBS_44000015 Maintain Optional Account Determination 
44 RR_REPORT S_B6A_52000003 Test 
45 RR_SICF S_B6A_52000004 Configure and Activate HTTP Services Individually 
46 RSA1 S_EBS_44000116 Activate Queries 
47 RSBCTDC_PARAM S_B71_29000005 Define Global Demand Combination Parameters 
48 RSBCTSDPR_EOLSR S_B52_73000009 Score Reduction for Discrepant Emergency Orders 
49 RSBCTSDPR_GLBPRM S_B53_39000001 Global Parameters 
50 RSBCTSDPR_LOOKUP S_B52_73000007 Score Lookup Table 
51 RSBCTSDPR_MTCCAT S_B52_73000011 Metric Categories 
52 RSBCTSDPR_MTCDTY S_B52_73000017 Valid Combinations of Metrics and Delivery Types 
53 RSBCTSDPR_MTCID S_B52_73000006 Metrics 
54 RSBCTSDPR_OTDWF S_B52_73000004 Weighting Factors for On-time Delivery in Quantity Algorithm 
55 RSBCTSDPR_PRSR S_B52_73000010 Problem Report Score Reductions 
56 RSBCTSDPR_SCALC S_B52_73000008 Score Calculation Rule Table 
57 RSBCTSDPR_SIGDOC S_B71_29000008 Definition of significant document type 
58 RSBCT_SREP_SCL S_B75_08000018 Scalability Level Configuration 
59 RSBCT_TLOGM_ADJ_SEL S_B75_08000008 Adjust Selection of Analysis Run 
60 RSBCT_TLOGM_RULEKEYS S_B73_57000044 Adjust Quantity of Rule Keys for an Analysis Run 
61 RSBCT_TLOGM_TASK S_B73_57000047 Implement Single Task for Postprocessing 
62 RSBCT_TLOGM_TASKLIST S_B73_57000046 Define Task Codes for Postprocessing Depending on Analysis Configuration 
63 RSL S_ALR_87015145 Calculation Key 
64 RSLBCT_001 S_BH2_10000008 Define Account Key 
65 RSLBCT_002 S_BH2_10000009 General Settings 
66 RSL_DEGRESSIV S_ALR_87009138 Declining-Balance Method 
67 RSL_PER S_ALR_87009204 Period Control Method 
68 RSL_RECHENSCHLUSSEL S_ALR_87009139 Base Method 
69 RSL_STUFEN S_ALR_87009203 Multi-Level Method 
70 RSL_STUFEN_KALE S_ALR_87009217 Multi-Level Method in Calendar Years 
71 RSL_ZUORDNUNG S_ALR_87009205 Assignment of Methods to Depreciation Key 
72 RSXWB_ENHANCE_ACTIVA S_BT6_28000056 BAdI: Actions to be performed before or after content activation (BW) 
73 RTAXMCHECK S_AC0_52000035 Check Material Masters for Obsolete Tax Classifications 
74 RTP_KR_001 S_L4H_49002366 Define Retirement Pension Plans 
75 RTP_KR_002 S_L4H_49002367 Define Participant Status 
76 RTP_KR_004 S_L4H_49002412 BAdI: Modification of Contribution Calculation 
77 RTP_KR_005 S_L4H_49002369 Specify Frequency and Method for Contribution Calculation 
78 RTP_KR_006 S_L4H_49002370 Define Contribution Rates 
79 RTP_KR_007 S_L4H_49002371 Define External Institutions 
80 RTP_KR_008 S_L4H_49002372 Assign Pension Plans to External Institutions 
81 RTP_KR_009 S_L4H_49003110 BAdI: Modification of Contribution Period 
82 RTTE_SET_3XTAXDET S_PLC_83000105 Enable / Disable TTE 3.x Tax Determination 
83 RUA1 S_AHR_61018934 Build up rounding model for garnishments 
84 RUA2 S_AHR_61018935 Build up Net for Garnishments 
85 RUA3 S_AHR_61018936 Build up Gross for Garnishments 
86 RUA4 S_AHR_61018937 Build up Basis for Garnishments 
87 RUA51 S_AHR_61018938 Model for the Level Systems 
88 RUA52 S_AHR_61018939 Model for the Special Rules 
89 RUA53 S_AHR_61018940 Model of the non-exempt amount 
90 RUA6 S_AHR_61018941 Assign Calculation Rule to type of debts 
91 RUECKZ_ABLEHN_DEF S_KFM_86000062 Define Rejection Reasons 
92 RUECKZ_ALLG_STEUER S_KFM_86000058 Define General Control Data 
93 RUECKZ_BEWEG_FELD S_KFM_86000059 Test 
94 RUECKZ_FINANZSTR   Define Cash Flow Behavior 
95 RUECKZ_GRUENDE_DEF S_KFM_86000061 Define Payoff Reasons 
96 RUECKZ_KGRUENDE_DEF S_ALN_01001294 Define Reasons for Notice 
97 RUECKZ_KONDIS_FEST S_KFM_86000060 Define Condition Types 
98 RUFIAA_CUSTLODB S_EB5_05000289 Customizing Include: Add Russian Fields to Logical Database 
99 RUFIAA_CUSTREP S_EB5_05000290 Customizing Include: Add Russian Fields to Reports 
100 RULE_TEST S_L4H_49001327 Test rule and function 
101 RUND_VZ_PAUSCH S_ALR_87006963 Determine Rounding Parameters for Adjusted AP/Flat Rates 
102 RU_OFFSACC_BF23 S_EB5_05000218 Activate Online Offsetting Account Determination 
103 RWBE_DB_OPTIMIZATION S_E17_83000021 BAdI: Optimization for Retail Stock Overview 
104 RZ_KK_MUSTER S_PLN_06000288 Define Templates 
105 RZ_KK_STEUERDATEN S_PLN_06000289 Define General Control Data 
106 R_PRP_SYNC_STAF_STAT S_CP4_60000038 Synchronize Roles to Staffing Type