SAP ABAP IMG Activity RMX_DOCUMENT_OBJ (BAdI: Modification-Free Enhancement for Object Links)
EA-APPL (Software Component) SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials
   PLM-RM (Application Component) Recipe Management
     RMXTAPI (Package) Main Package - Trial: API, Database, Customizing
IMG Activity
ID RMX_DOCUMENT_OBJ BAdI: Modification-Free Enhancement for Object Links  
Transaction Code S_XBK_47000043   (empty) 
Created on 20030912    
Customizing Attributes RMX_DOCUMENT_OBJ   BAdI: Modification-Free Enhancement for Object Links 
Customizing Activity RMX_DOCUMENT_OBJ   BAdI: Modification-Free Enhancement for Object Links 
Document Class SIMG   Hypertext: Object Class - Class to which a document belongs.
Document Name RMX_DOCUMENT_OBJ    


You can use the Business Add-In (BAdI) DOCUMENT_OBJ to integrate your own objects in the document management transactions (CV01N, CV02N, CV03N, CV04N) without making modifications.


Standard settings

In trial management, the following implementation is provided for the definition DOCUMENT_OBJ:

IMPL_DOC_TRIAL    TMS: Implementation of Document Management for Trial

The BAdIs are required in document management to display a where-used list for the current document. A tab page containing the appropriate objects is displayed for each implementation. If the document is linked to a dependent object, the name of the recipe or building block to which the dependent object belongs is displayed, together with the complete hierarchy (key for the stage, operation, action, and equipment requirement of the dependent object).

The BAdI is active.

The BAdI is filter dependent. The SAP object TMSTRIAL is used as a filter for this method.


In Customizing for Document Management, you have to carry out the following IMG activities:

  • Maintain Screen for Object Link

    For subscreen container 1500, enter screen number 500.
    In this case, the application program in the SAP system uses the flow logic for subscreen container 1500.

  • Maintain Key Fields

    Enter the object. Other settings (such as transaction code) are not required.

  • Define Object Link for Document Type

    Enter the object link for the document type that you want to link to the new SAP object.
    You make these settings in the IMG activity Define Document Types -> Maintain Object Link Descriptions and Define Object Links.


Business Attributes
ASAP Roadmap ID 257   Create User Exits 
Mandatory / Optional 3   Nonrequired activity 
Critical / Non-Critical 2   Non-critical 
Country-Dependency A   Valid for all countries 
Assigned Application Components
Documentation Object Class Documentation Object Name Current line number Application Component Application Component Name
SIMG RMX_DOCUMENT_OBJ 0 HLA0006251 Basic Data 
Maintenance Objects
Maintenance object type E   Business Add-In - Definition 
Last changed by/on SAP  20030912 
SAP Release Created in 471