SAP ABAP IMG Activity RMS_RCP_21 (Set Up User Status Profile)
EA-APPL (Software Component) SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials
   PLM-RM (Application Component) Recipe Management
     CPPERCP (Package) RMS-RCP: iPPE Objects for Appl. Type RCP (Recipe, Header)
IMG Activity
ID RMS_RCP_21 Set Up User Status Profile  
Transaction Code S_XBA_46000024   IMG Activity CPPERCP 
Created on 20001009    
Customizing Attributes RMS_RCP_21   Set Up User Status Profile 
Customizing Activity RMS_RCP_21   Set Up User Status Profile 
Document Class SIMG   Hypertext: Object Class - Class to which a document belongs.
Document Name RMS_RCP_21    

In this IMG activity, you define user status profiles for recipes. In this way, you add your own status profile to the system statuses of recipes to map your company-specific processes onto your SAP System. According to your requirements, you define:

  • User statuses with a status number
    They form a status sequence. Only one status with a status number can be set in a recipe at a time. Once the next status with a status number is set, the preceding status is deleted.
  • User statuses without a status number
    Several of these statuses may be active at the same time. They can be set in addition to the statuses with a status number.
  • Dependencies between user statuses and transactions:
    Like system statuses, user statuses can be set or deleted by business transactions. They control which transactions are permitted. Statuses that are not set or deleted by transactions can be maintained manually in recipe management.
  • The authorization required for changing statuses:
    You define the authorization by assigning an authorization key for each user status.

You then assign the user status profiles to the recipe types for which you want to use them.


You want to make sure that the following process is followed for your recipes:

  • At the end of the processing phase, your recipes are first checked by production and then by quality assurance.
  • Before releasing them, your recipes are first checked by the production director and then by the head of quality control.

You therefore define the following user status profile:

Status         Initial         Transaction control

ProcProd.         Yes         Status prohibits transaction Release recipe.

CheckProdD         No         Status is set by transaction Close processing.

                Status prohibits transactions Release recipe and Restrict scope of application.

You obtain the following status network:

Rejected     @0G@ @0G@ @0G@ @0G@     @0G@ @0G@ @0G@ @0G@ @0G@ @0G@     @0G@

@HI@         @HH@     @HH@

In process @0F@    In process @0F@    Proc.closed @0F@    Proc.closed @0F@    Released

ProcProd.        CheckProdD     @HI@

            @0F@ @0F@ @0F@ @0F@ @0F@ @0F@    Application scope


Production deletes the initial user status ProcProd. once recipe creation has been completed. Quality assurance can then check the recipe and close recipe processing.
When recipe processing is closed the system automatically sets user status CheckProdD. The production director deletes this status once he has checked the recipe. The head of quality control can then release the recipe and thus set status Application scope restricted.


Define Authorization Keys for User Statuses

Standard settings



  1. Create a status profile (see Create Status Profile).
  2. Assign the status profile to object type Recipe (see Assign Object Type).
  3. Define the required user statuses (see Define User Statuses).
  4. Define the dependencies between user statuses and business transactions (see Set Up Business Transaction Control).
  5. Translate the status profile and user statuses into all languages you need in your enterprise (see Translate Status Profiles).
  6. Assign the status profile to the recipe types for which you want to use it by choosing the IMG activity Recipe Settings.

Further notes

You can also use user status profiles for the scope of application for recipes and formulas. For more information, see Scope of Application -> Set Up User Status Profile.

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ASAP Roadmap ID 203   Establish Master Data 
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