SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index G
IMG Activity - G
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 GACN_0001 S_P6B_12000289 Maintain Currency Codes 
2 GACN_0002 S_P6B_12000290 Maintain Report Information 
3 GACN_0003 S_P6B_12000291 Maintain Account Information 
4 GACN_0004 S_P6B_12000292 Maintain G/L Accounts for Operating Activities 
5 GACN_0005 S_P6B_12000293 BAdI: Table Content Modification 
6 GACN_0006 S_P6B_12000294 BAdI: Balance Sheet Output 
7 GACN_0007 S_P6B_12000295 BAdI: Change Accountant Names 
8 GACN_0008 S_P6B_12000296 BAdI: Benutzereinträge prüfen 
9 GACN_0009 S_P6B_12000297 Cash Flow Statement 
10 GACN_001 S_P6B_12000288 Maintain Currency Codes 
11 GACN_0010 S_P6B_12000298 Assign Report Items to G/L Accounts 
12 GACN_0011 S_P6B_12000299 Assign Report Items to G/L Accounts (for Additional Info) 
13 GACN_0012 S_P6B_12000300 Maintain Subtotal Lines 
14 GACN_0013 S_P6B_12000303 Maintain Detailed Expense Account 
15 GACN_0014 S_P6B_12000304 Maintain Assignment of Expense Accounts 
16 GAPAWART S_KFM_86000167 Define ALM Valuation Type 
17 GART_DEFINITION_DE S_ALR_87007458 Define Transaction Types 
18 GART_DEFINITION_FX S_ALR_87007869 Define Transaction Types 
19 GART_DEFINITION_GH S_ALR_87007878 Define Transaction Types 
20 GART_DEFINITION_WP S_ALR_87009287 Define Transaction Types 
21 GART_KONDART_DE S_ALR_87007389 Assign Condition Types to Transaction Type 
22 GBLSET_OPM_GEN_SET S_EBS_44000001 General Settings for Network Objects 
23 GCC_PS_PROJECT_LABEL S_PCO_36000198 BAdI: Name of Project Definition and WBS Elements 
24 GCD1_XBRL S_EBJ_98000082 Generate Global Common Data Versions (GCD Upload) 
25 GCS6 S_ALN_01001757 Ergebnisvortragskonten pflegen 
26 GCW2 S_ALN_01001760 Umrechnungsmethode zuordnen 
27 GCW4 S_ALN_01001759 Umrechnungsmethode definieren 
28 GDS_MATERIAL_EXTRACT S_AC0_52000167 BAdI: Extraction of Materials to GDS Console 
29 GDS_MAT_MESS_TYPE S_AC0_52000168 Set Change Document Items for Message Type 
30 GEBIETSBESCH_DEF S_ALR_87004854 Define Area Description 
31 GENIL_05 S_PLC_83000305 Define Simple Objects 
32 GENIL_050 S_PLC_83000304 Define Simple Objects 
33 GEN_EBPP_DEBITOR_SL S_KK4_74002735 BAdI: Assignment of Business Partners to User IDs 
34 GESCHAFT_DE S_ALR_87009312 Define Number Ranges for Transaction 
35 GESCHAFT_FX S_ALR_87009308 Define Number Ranges for Transaction 
36 GESCHAFT_GH S_ALR_87009306 Define Number Ranges 
37 GFGJ S_AHR_61019359 Posting to Company Code Clearing Accounts 
38 GFRNEXPORTCCM S_GM1_71000043 Export Data Sources and Business Rules 
39 GFRNIMPORTCCM S_GM1_71000044 Import Data Sources and Business Rules 
40 GF_EREIGNISERZEUGUNG S_KFM_86000021 Define Event Creation 
41 GGA_100_100 S_SH8_84000320 Specify Indicator Profiles for the Material Master 
42 GGA_100_150 S_SH8_84000319 Specify DG Management Profiles for SD Documents 
43 GGA_100_200 S_SH8_84000318 Specify Date for Determination of DG Master Data 
44 GGA_100_240 S_SH8_84000323 Develop Enh. for Determ. Country/MTC Combination in Shipment Document 
45 GGA_100_250 S_SH8_84000317 Specify Transit Countries 
46 GGA_100_260 S_ALR_87008873 Define Short Descriptions for Mode of Transport Categories 
47 GGA_100_270 S_SH8_84000316 Assign Relevant Mode-of-Transport Categories to Modes of Transport 
48 GGA_100_280 S_SH8_84000322 Develop Enhancement for Country/Mode-of-Transport Category Combination 
49 GGA_100_290 S_SH8_84000309 Specify Fields for Template and One-Time Material Processing 
50 GGA_100_300 S_SH8_84000360 Specify Validity Areas 
51 GGA_100_310 S_SH8_84000308 Specify Regulation Profile 
52 GGA_100_320 S_SH8_84000307 Specify Indicator Category 
53 GGA_100_350 S_SH8_84000361 Specify Processing Statuses 
54 GGA_100_360 S_AEN_10000797 Specify Relevant Dangerous Goods Master Tables 
55 GGA_100_371 S_EE6_85000046 Specify Indicators for Transport 
56 GGA_100_380 S_EE6_85000045 Show Dangerous Goods Indicators in Dangerous Goods Supplement 
57 GGA_100_410 S_SH8_84000325 Develop Enhancement for Material Exchange Multi-Component Explosion 
58 GGA_100_420 S_SH8_84000321 Develop Enhancement for Editing DG Data in Shipping Document 
59 GGA_100_430 S_SH8_84000315 Develop Enhancement for Editing DG Data in Sales Document 
60 GGA_100_440 S_SH8_84000324 Develop Enh. for Determ. Country/MTC Combination in Shipping/Sales 
61 GGA_100_450 S_ALN_01001567 Develop Enhancement for Selection of Dangerous Goods Master Records 
62 GGA_100_460 S_ALN_01001568 Develop Enhancement for Determination of DG Master Records 
63 GGA_100_510 S_ALN_01000082 Specify Determination Routine for Sales and Shipping Documents 
64 GGA_100_520 S_ALN_01000083 Specify Determination Routine for Shipment Documents 
65 GGA_100_530 S_ALN_01000086 Specify Permitted Combinations for Sales Documents 
66 GGA_100_540 S_ALN_01000087 Specify Permitted Combinations for Shipping Documents 
67 GGA_100_550 S_ALN_01000088 Specify Permitted Combinations for Shipment Documents 
68 GGA_100_560 S_ALN_01000089 Settings for Template and One-Time Material Processing 
69 GGA_100_570 S_ALN_01000090 BAdI: Rescheduling in Shipment Document 
70 GGA_100_580 S_ALN_01000093 Indicator Profiles for Template and One-Time Material Processing 
71 GGA_200_100_100 S_ALR_87008869 Specify UN Numbers and Dangerous Goods Descriptions 
72 GGA_200_100_110 S_ALR_87008882 Define Hazard-Inducing Substances 
73 GGA_200_100_130 S_SH8_84000367 Specify Dangerous Goods Classes and Classification Codes 
74 GGA_200_100_140 S_SH8_84000358 Specify Dangerous Goods Regulations 
75 GGA_200_100_145 S_SH8_84000349 Specify Risk Potential 
76 GGA_200_100_150 S_SH8_84000365 Specify Transport Types 
77 GGA_200_100_155 S_SH8_84000357 Check Hazard Inducer Types 
78 GGA_200_100_165 S_SH8_84000379 Configure Basic Data and Tools for Dangerous Goods Management 
79 GGA_200_100_170 S_SH8_84000359 Specify Mode-of-Transport Categories 
80 GGA_200_100_175 S_ALN_01001723 Specify Collective Mode-of-Transport Categories 
81 GGA_200_100_180 S_SH8_84000356 Develop Enhancement for Input Help for Specifications 
82 GGA_200_100_200 S_ALR_87008864 Assign Text IDs for Texts Specific to Dangerous Goods 
83 GGA_200_200_100 S_SH8_84000353 Specify Water Pollution Classes 
84 GGA_200_200_110 S_SH8_84000368 Specify Combustible Liquid (VbF) Classes 
85 GGA_200_200_120 S_SH8_84000375 Specify Storage Hazard Classes 
86 GGA_200_200_130 S_ALN_01001461 Specify Categories of Package 
87 GGA_200_200_140 S_ALN_01001462 Specify Tab Pages in Dangerous Goods Master 
88 GGA_200_200_150 S_ALR_87008848 Define Hazard Notes 
89 GGA_200_200_160 S_ALR_87008849 Define Aggregate States 
90 GGA_200_200_200 S_SH8_84000369 Generate Standard Phrase Sets 
91 GGA_200_204 S_SH8_84000341 Assign DG Check Schemas for Sales Documents 
92 GGA_200_300_100 S_SH8_84000364 Specify Hazard Identification Numbers 
93 GGA_200_300_110 S_SH8_84000363 Specify Danger Labels 
94 GGA_200_300_120 S_SH8_84000354 Specify Labels 
95 GGA_200_300_140 S_SH8_84000352 Specify Packing Instruction Numbers 
96 GGA_200_300_150 S_SH8_84000376 Develop Enhancement for Writing Change Documents 
97 GGA_200_300_160 S_SH8_84000351 Specify Packaging Codes (Old) 
98 GGA_200_300_170 S_SH8_84000355 Check Identification Number Types 
99 GGA_200_300_180 S_SH8_84000377 Activate Phrasing 
100 GGA_200_300_200 S_SH8_84000366 Specify Not Dangerous Goods Full/Empty Transport 
101 GGA_200_300_220 S_SH8_84000350 Specify Profiles for User-Defined Dangerous Goods Texts 
102 GGA_200_400_100 S_AEN_10000488 Specify Categories of Instructions for Enclosure 
103 GGA_200_400_200 S_AEN_10000489 Specify Packaging Codes 
104 GGA_200_400_300 S_AEN_10000490 Specify Regulatory Basis for Transport Restrictions 
105 GGA_200_400_400 S_AEN_10000491 Specify Stowage Categories 
106 GGA_300_100 S_SH8_84000306 Activate Dangerous Goods Checks 
107 GGA_300_112 S_SH8_84000337 Assign for Shipment Documents 
108 GGA_300_120 S_SH8_84000338 Assign for Sales and Shipping Documents 
109 GGA_300_140 S_SH8_84000305 Specify Dangerous Goods Check Methods 
110 GGA_300_160 S_SH8_84000314 Specify Usage Profiles for Dangerous Goods Check Methods 
111 GGA_300_170_100 S_SH8_84000313 Specify Incompleteness Procedures 
112 GGA_300_170_200 S_SH8_84000312 Assign Incompleteness Procedures 
113 GGA_300_170_300 S_SH8_84000311 Specify Status Groups 
114 GGA_300_180 S_SH8_84000310 Specify Dangerous Goods Check Schemas 
115 GGA_300_190_100 S_SH8_84000328 Merge Item and Delivery Scheduling Data for Expected Deliveries 
116 GGA_300_190_200 S_SH8_84000327 Determination of Expected Deliveries 
117 GGA_300_190_300 S_SH8_84000326 Log Header for Expected Delivery 
118 GGA_300_200 S_SH8_84000340 Assign DG Check Schemas for Shipping Documents 
119 GGA_300_202 S_SH8_84000339 Assign DG Check Schemas for Shipment Documents 
120 GGA_300_410 S_SH8_84000346 Specify Segregation Keys 
121 GGA_300_420 S_SH8_84000344 Specify Segregation Rules for Segregation Keys 
122 GGA_300_430 S_SH8_84000345 Specify Responses 
123 GGA_300_440 S_SH8_84000336 Specify Mixed Loading Rules 
124 GGA_300_450 S_SH8_84000342 Specify Segregations 
125 GGA_300_460 S_SH8_84000343 Specify Regulation-Dependent Mixed Loading Groups 
126 GGA_300_470 S_SH8_84000330 Specify Enterprise-Specific Mixed Loading Groups 
127 GGA_300_480 S_SH8_84000329 Specify Segregation Rules for Enterprise-Specific Mixed Loading Groups 
128 GGA_400_050 S_SH8_84000335 Manage User Exits 
129 GGA_400_100 S_SH8_84000334 Specify Output Conditions and Formatting Methods 
130 GGA_400_120 S_SH8_84000333 Specify Languages 
131 GGA_400_180 S_SH8_84000332 Specify Output Control for EDI Processing 
132 GGA_400_200 S_SH8_84000331 Specify Forms 
133 GGA_400_250 S_SH8_84000378 Import Text Pattern Phrases 
134 GGA_500_100 S_SH8_84000362 Specify Environment Parameters 
135 GGA_700_100 S_SH8_84000370 Specify Authorizations 
136 GGA_700_150 S_ALR_87008862 Define Authorization Profiles 
137 GGA_770_100 S_ALR_87008888 Activate Change Log for DGM Customizing Tables 
138 GGA_800_060 S_SH8_84000380 Set Up Distribution of Dangerous Goods Master Data Between ERP Systems 
139 GGA_800_070 S_AEN_10000811 Set Up Distribution of Dangerous Goods Master Data to an SCM System 
140 GGA_800_100 S_ALR_87008890 Specify Transport Indicators 
141 GGA_800_110 S_ALR_87008889 Create Import Files Using CATT 
142 GGA_800_120 S_SH8_84000374 Specify Priorities 
143 GGA_800_140 S_ALR_87008866 Transfer Hazard Notes 
144 GGA_800_150 S_SH8_84000381 Set Up Dangerous Goods Management for Filling 
145 GGA_800_160 S_ALR_87008885 Transfer Hazard-Inducing Substances 
146 GGA_800_180 S_ALR_87008881 Transfer Dangerous Goods Masters 
147 GGA_800_200 S_SH8_84000347 Specify Assignment Objects for Filling 
148 GGA_800_300 S_EE6_85000049 Convert Dangerous Goods Indicators Into Indicators for Transport 
149 GGA_800_500 S_EE6_85000062 Specify Indicators for Transport 
150 GGA_810_050_100 S_SH8_84000371 Specify Checkbox Structure for Dangerous Goods Master 
151 GGA_810_050_200 S_SH8_84000372 Specify Checkbox Structure for DG Packing Requirement 
152 GGA_810_050_300 S_SH8_84000373 Hide Messages in Import Logs 
153 GGA_810_050_400 S_ALN_01001406 Enhancement of Material-Substance Assignment 
154 GGA_810_050_410 S_ALN_01001566 Enhancement of Material-Specification Assignment 
155 GGA_820_100 S_ALR_87008850 Set Up Conversion Tables 
156 GHO_BADI_NETOBJ_BO S_EE6_85000010 BAdI: Network Objects BO 
157 GHO_PP_PT_V_CLEN S_EE6_85000194 Set deletion parameters for obsolete planning data 
158 GHO_PP_PT_V_PRF S_EE6_85000052 Maintain Planning Table Profile 
159 GHO_VC_NETOBJ_MD S_E17_83000063 Maintain Modeling Objects for Object Types 
160 GHO_V_MEAS_CAT S_E17_83000066 Define Measurement Category with Measurement Type 
161 GHO_V_MEAS_MEDI S_E17_83000064 Define Measurements for Mediums 
162 GHO_V_OBJ_FACTOR S_E17_83000065 Define Factors and Coefficients 
163 GIS_DEL_LAYERPER S_EE6_85000163 Delete Layer Personalization Setting 
164 GIS_DEL_LAY_PERS_SET S_EE6_85000140 Delete Layer Personalization Setting 
165 GLEVC_CP_ER_ASGN S_VCG_86000002 ECS: Assign ACP Messages to Compound Error Categories 
166 GLEV_CFIELD_AGGR S_VCG_86000025 Define Custom Fields for Aggregation 
167 GLEV_ECS_EDIT_FD S_VCG_86000043 Define Additional Fields for Corrections to Line Items 
168 GLEV_ECS_FIELD S_VCG_86000020 Define More Fields 
169 GLEV_ECS_MSG S_VCG_86000024 Define Error Messages 
170 GLEV_ECS_MSG_ERR S_VCG_86000013 Assign Error Messages to Error Categories 
171 GLE_ADB_AVG_LEDGER S_EBS_44000413 Define Average Ledger in New General Ledger Accounting 
172 GLE_ADB_DOCT S_VCG_86000058 Assign Document Types to Applications 
173 GLE_ADB_LEDGER_CUST S_VCG_86000033 Define Ledger Environment 
174 GLE_ADB_SNUM_RUNID S_EBS_44000365 Number Range Maintenance for ADB Move and Merge 
175 GLE_AFX_ACT S_VCG_86000026 Define Number Ranges for Activity Log 
176 GLE_AFX_CUST_DEPLOY S_VCG_86000027 Use Global Archiving Customizing 
177 GLE_ARC_FILE_01 S_VCG_86000036 Define File Names and Paths 
178 GLE_ECS_ACP_CGR S_VCG_86000061 Generate Auto Correction Strategies 
179 GLE_ECS_ARC_FILENAME S_VCG_86000022 Cross-Client Maintenance of File Names and Paths 
180 GLE_ECS_BALANCE_DOC S_EB5_05000548 BAdI: Document Balancing 
181 GLE_ECS_CMP_ERR_ASGN S_VCG_86000003 Assign Error Categories to Compound Error Categories 
182 GLE_ECS_CUSTOM_FIELD S_VCG_86000014 Define Custom Fields for ECS Document Reference 
183 GLE_ECS_DETERM_ERROR S_VCG_86000069 BAdI: Derive Compound Error Categories 
184 GLE_ECS_DIRECT_INPUT S_VCG_86000067 BAdI: Rounding Differences for Local Currency 
185 GLE_ECS_DI_PP S_VCG_86000004 ECS Parallel Processing: Define Application Types 
186 GLE_ECS_ERR_CAT S_VCG_86000012 Define Error Categories 
187 GLE_ECS_RESET_CLEAR S_EBS_44000338 BAdI: Clearing Reset Before Reversal 
188 GLE_ECS_SNUM_AWREF S_VCG_86000001 Create Number Ranges for Document Numbers in ECS 
189 GLE_ECS_SUSP_CHECK S_EB5_05000547 BAdI: Check Postings Made to Suspense Account 
190 GLE_ECS_TECS_ACP01 S_XCG_76000015 Define Auto Correction Strategies 
191 GLE_ECS_TECS_UI01 S_VCG_86000042 Define Auto Correction Strategy for Workplace Field Checks 
192 GLE_ECS_VECS_ACP04 S_VCG_86000018 Define Thresholds for ECS Items 
193 GLE_ECS_VECS_ACP06 S_VCG_86000019 Define Factory Calendar for Date Checks 
194 GLE_ECS_VECS_DCT001 S_VCG_86000010 Define First-Level Checks 
195 GLE_ECS_VECS_DCT005 S_VCG_86000011 First-Level Check: Authorization Objects: Define Check Objects 
196 GLE_ECS_VECS_IF001 S_VCG_86000005 Define ECS Environments 
197 GLE_ERR_MSG S_VCG_86000015 Create Messages for the Error Correction System 
198 GLE_MCA_CONV_PAR S_XCG_76000008 MCA Conversion Parameters 
199 GLE_TADB_EX_CUST S_EB5_05000438 Edit Settings for Extraction of Data for Average Daily Balances 
200 GLM_CCGLV_ DGPHRREL S_EE5_50000261 GHS/Dangerous Goods: Define Phrase Assignment 
201 GLM_CCGLV_BASIC S_AER_95000477 Make Settings for Basic Data 
202 GLOBAL_SETTING_FREQ S_EB5_05000564 Define Frequencies 
203 GLOBAL_SETT_QTY_TYP S_EB5_05000565 Define Quantity Types 
204 GMCA_LOAD S_EBS_44000261 Execute MCA Data Load (Inbound Mapping) 
205 GMCA_LOADPP S_EBS_44000266 Execute MCA Data Load (Postprocessing) 
206 GMGTE_CFDA_CODE S_P7U_18000008 Maintain CFDA Codes 
207 GM_ARCHIVE_EXIT S_P7U_18000018 BAdI: Archiving Exit for GM Archiving Programs 
208 GM_GTE_DEFARCHIVE S_P7U_18000017 Define Residence Time 
209 GOALE_DSTSCN_PPCOPA S_ALR_87008551 Product Costing 
210 GP-GRUPPIERUNG S_ALR_87009546 Define Business Partner Groupings 
211 GPD 06 S_KA5_12001300 Add-In: Breakpoint Determination 
212 GPD 10 S_KA5_12001301 Add-In: Change of Pegging Assignments Before DB Update 
213 GPD 11 S_KA5_12001207 Add-In: Build Pegging Assignments Based on MRP Pegging Assignments 
214 GPD 14 S_KA5_12001209 Add-In: Pegging of Scrap 
215 GPD 15 S_KA5_12001210 Pegging of Stock Differences 
216 GPD 16 S_KA5_12001302 Add-In: Cross-Plant Goods Movements 
217 GPD 17 S_KA5_12001303 Add-In: Customer-Specific Adjustments 
218 GPD_GRM4 S_KA5_12000575 Maintain Assignment to Planning WBS Element 
219 GPZUSATZ10_GP S_ALR_87009512 Define Additional Data 10 
220 GPZUSATZ11_GP S_ALR_87009513 Define Additional Data 11 
221 GPZUSATZ1_GP S_ALR_87009521 Define Additional Data 1 
222 GPZUSATZ2_GP S_ALR_87009522 Define Additional Data 2 
223 GPZUSATZ3_GP S_ALR_87009523 Define Additional Data 3 
224 GPZUSATZ4_GP S_ALR_87009524 Define Additional Data 4 
225 GPZUSATZ5_GP S_ALR_87009525 Define Additional Data 5 
226 GPZUSATZ6_GP S_ALR_87009517 Define Additional Data 6 
227 GPZUSATZ7_GP S_ALR_87009509 Define Additional Data 7 
228 GPZUSATZ8_GP S_ALR_87009510 Define Additional Data 8 
229 GPZUSATZ9_GP S_ALR_87009511 Define Additional Data 9 
230 GRACCRTCLTV S_GF1_13000008 Maintain Criticality Levels for Emergency Access Management 
231 GRACRISKLEVEL S_GF1_13000128 Maintain Access Risk Levels 
232 GRACTXTNOTIFYMSGC S_GF1_13000163 Maintain Text for Custom Notification Messages 
233 GRACVACTIVEAPP S_GF1_13000060 Activate Applications in Client 
234 GRACVCNDGPTYPBRF S_GF1_13000021 Assign Condition Groups to BRFplus Functions 
235 GRACVC_AD_PLUGIN S_GF1_13000067 Maintain Plug-in Settings 
236 GRACVC_BP_SP S_GF1_13000017 Maintain Business Processes and Subprocesses 
237 GRACVC_CONNATTR S_GF1_13000011 Select Access Control Connectors 
238 GRACVC_CONNECTOR_SET S_GF1_13000121 Maintain Connector Settings 
239 GRACVC_CONN_GROUP_SE S_GF1_13000120 Maintain Mapping for Actions and Connector Groups 
240 GRACVC_DATASOURCE_MA S_GF1_13000145 Maintain Data Sources Configuration 
241 GRACVC_MAPPING S_GF1_13000006 Assign Connector to Connector Group 
242 GRACVC_MTH S_GF1_13000020 Define Methodology Processes and Steps 
243 GRACVC_NAMECONV S_GF1_13000018 Specify Naming Conventions 
244 GRACVC_ORGLVLMP S_GF1_13000019 Define Organizational Value Maps 
245 GRACVC_PROFCONFIG S_GF1_13000007 Maintain Provisioning Settings 
246 GRACVC_PSSCONFIG S_GF1_13000065 Maintain Password Self Service 
247 GRACVC_USERCUST_MAPP S_GF1_13000146 Maintain Custom User Group 
248 GRACVC_USERDEFAULT S_GF1_13000010 Maintain User Defaults 
249 GRACVMTHACTION S_GF1_13000022 Methodology Action 
250 GRACVNOTIFYMSGC S_GF1_13000162 Maintain Custom Notification Messages 
251 GRACV_APPLMAP S_GF1_13000144 Maintain AC Applications and BRFplus Function Mapping 
252 GRACV_APPLTYPE S_GF1_13000125 Maintain Application Types 
253 GRACV_CNDGPMTH S_GF1_13000132 Associate Methodology Process to Condition Group 
254 GRACV_CNDGRPTYP S_GF1_13000023 Condition Group Type 
255 GRACV_COMPANY S_GF1_13000039 Define Companies 
256 GRACV_CONFIGSET S_GF1_13000009 Maintain Configuration Settings 
257 GRACV_CONGRPST S_GF1_13000025 Maintain Connector Group Status 
258 GRACV_CONNSTAT S_GF1_13000024 Maintain Connector Status 
259 GRACV_CRITILVL S_GF1_13000026 Specify Critical Level 
260 GRACV_CUA_MAPPING S_GF1_13000122 Maintain CUA Settings 
261 GRACV_CUPNR S_GF1_13000004 Define Number Range for Provisioning Requests 
262 GRACV_DTREQATTR S_GE1_71000066 Maintain Field Labels 
263 GRACV_DTREQEUP S_GE1_71000067 Maintain Request Page 
264 GRACV_DTRQATRGRP S_GE1_71000065 Maintain Display Sections 
265 GRACV_EMPTYPE S_GF1_13000003 Define Employee Types 
266 GRACV_EXCLUDEOBJ S_GF1_13000149 Maintain Exclude Objects for Batch Risk Analysis 
267 GRACV_FFIDROLE S_GM1_71000016 Maintain Firefighter ID Role Name Per Connector 
268 GRACV_FIOREQATTR   Maintain Custom Fields 
269 GRACV_FIOREQCFG   Configure Request Parameters 
270 GRACV_FUNCTAREA S_GF1_13000027 Maintain Functional Areas 
271 GRACV_PREREQ S_GF1_13000047 Define Role Prerequisites 
272 GRACV_PRERQTYP S_GF1_13000046 Define Prerequisite Types 
273 GRACV_PRIORITY S_GF1_13000002 Maintain Priority Configuration 
274 GRACV_PROJREL S_GF1_13000028 Maintain Project and Product Release Name 
275 GRACV_REJREASON S_GF1_13000064 Maintain Review Rejection Reasons 
276 GRACV_REQREASON S_GE1_71000068 Maintain Request Reasons 
277 GRACV_REQTYPE S_GF1_13000001 Define Request Type 
278 GRACV_RLCMPLVL S_GF1_13000029 Role Comparison Level 
279 GRACV_RLMNTN S_GF1_13000030 Role Maintenance 
280 GRACV_RLNAMEMAXC S_GF1_13000031 Specify Maximum Length for Role Type 
281 GRACV_RLSENS_ACTVT S_GF1_13000040 Role Sensitivity 
282 GRACV_RLSENS_IMGACTV S_GF1_13000041 Define Role Sensitivity 
283 GRACV_RLSRCHATRC S_GM1_71000026 Configure Attributes for Role Search Criteria in Access Requests 
284 GRACV_RLTYPESTA S_GF1_13000131 Deactivate Role Types 
285 GRACV_ROLESTATUS S_GF1_13000032 Maintain Role Status 
286 GRACV_ROLETYPE S_GF1_13000014 Maintain Labels for Role Types 
287 GRACV_SLA S_GF1_13000066 Maintain Service Level Agreements 
288 GRACV_SYCONACT S_GF1_13000115 Assign Default Connector to Connector Group 
289 GRACV_USERMAP S_GF1_13000147 Maintain Master User ID Mapping 
290 GRAC_ACTION_US_SYNCH S_GF1_13000170 Action Usage Synch 
291 GRAC_ADD_LANGUAGE S_GF1_13000049 Maintain Languages Supported 
292 GRAC_AUTH_SYNCH S_GF1_13000166 Authorization Synch 
293 GRAC_CREATE_ORGRULE S_GM1_71000058 Organization Rule Creation Wizard 
294 GRAC_CUPNR_INTERVAL S_GF1_13000164 Maintain Number Range Intervals for Provisioning Requests 
295 GRAC_DEL_RU S_GF1_13000177 Delete SoD Rules 
296 GRAC_DOWNLOAD_RULES S_GM1_71000004 Download SOD Rules 
297 GRAC_DWLOAD_ADDRULES S_GM1_71000003 Additional Rules Download 
298 GRAC_EMAIL_REMINDER S_GF1_13000130 Maintain Background Job for E-mail Reminders 
299 GRAC_ENDUSER_LOGON S_GF1_13000165 Activate End User Logon 
300 GRAC_EX_B_RSK_AN S_GF1_13000179 Execute Batch Risk Analysis 
301 GRAC_FETCH_IDM_SCHEM S_GF1_13000174 Fetch IDM Schema 
302 GRAC_FF_LOG_SYNCH S_GF1_13000172 FireFighter Log Synch 
303 GRAC_FF_WF_SYNCH S_GF1_13000173 FireFighter Workflow Synch 
304 GRAC_GEN_ALERTS S_GF1_13000181 Generate Alerts 
305 GRAC_GEN_ERM_BRFRULE S_GF1_13000191 Generate BRFPlus Applications, Approvers, and Methodology Functions 
306 GRAC_GEN_RU S_GF1_13000176 Generate SoD Rules 
307 GRAC_HR_ACT_VC S_GF1_13000076 Maintain Settings for HR Trigger 
308 GRAC_MONITOR_WF_FREQ S_GF1_13000160 Maintain Frequency for Monitoring Workflow Deadlines and Escalations 
309 GRAC_MON_B_RSK_AN S_GF1_13000180 Monitor Batch Risk Analysis 
310 GRAC_MSMP_BCSET S_GF1_13000148 Activate MSMP Content for AC 
311 GRAC_PROFILE_SYNCH S_GF1_13000168 Profile Synch 
312 GRAC_REP_OBJ_SYNCH S_GF1_13000182 Repository Object Synch 
313 GRAC_ROLE_SYNCH S_GF1_13000167 Role Synch 
314 GRAC_ROLE_US_SYNCH S_GF1_13000171 Role Usage Synch 
315 GRAC_SM59_CC S_GF1_13000052 Create Connectors 
316 GRAC_SNRO S_GF1_13000057 Define Number Ranges 
317 GRAC_SPM_SYNC S_GM1_71000013 EAM Master Data Synch 
318 GRAC_TRAN_RU S_GF1_13000178 Transport SoD Rules 
319 GRAC_UPLOAD_ADDRULES S_GM1_71000002 Additional Rule Upload 
320 GRAC_UPLOAD_RU S_GF1_13000175 Upload SoD Rules 
321 GRAC_USER_SYNCH S_GF1_13000169 User Synch 
322 GRAC_WF_CLNUP_TMP_DT S_GF1_13000193 Maintain Background Job for Cleanup of Temporary Data 
323 GRCAC_MAINT_CODES S_VA6_57000006 Maintain Reason Codes 
324 GRCAC_MAINT_PARAM S_VA6_57000005 Maintain Configuration Parameters 
325 GRC_LPD_CUST S_GF1_13000127 Configure LaunchPad for Menus 
326 GRFNAGENTSLOTCV S_GR4_71000058 Maintain Custom Agent Determination Rules 
327 GRFNDEFTYPE S_GF1_13000080 Maintain Deficiency Type Description 
328 GRFNDEFTYPEC S_GF1_13000113 Maintain Deficiency Type Description 
329 GRFNEXPORTCCM S_GM1_71000049 Export Data Sources and Business Rules 
330 GRFNIMPACTLEVELV S_GR4_71000001 Maintain Impact Levels 
331 GRFNIMPORTCCM S_GM1_71000050 Import Data Sources and Business Rules 
332 GRFNISSUEENTITY S_GF1_13000088 Enable Ad Hoc Issues by Object Type 
333 GRFNISSUERMD S_GF1_13000089 Enable CAPA for Ad Hoc Issues by Regulation Type 
334 GRFNISSUETYPETY S_GF1_13000091 Assign Ad Hoc Issue Sources to Object Types 
335 GRFNMW_CONFIGURE_WD S_GF1_13000124 Maintain MSMP Workflows 
336 GRFNMW_DEV_RULES S_GF1_13000035 Define Workflow-Related MSMP Rules 
337 GRFNMW_GEN_VERSION S_GF1_13000016 Generate MSMP Process Versions 
338 GRFNMW_MSMP_WORKFLOW S_GF1_13000037 MSMP Configuration 
339 GRFNOBJECTIVECATV S_GR4_71000002 Maintain Objective Categories 
340 GRFNPLANUSAGE S_GF1_13000092 Define Plan Usage 
341 GRFNPLCAHACCS S_GF1_13000086 Set Up Ad-Hoc Access 
342 GRFNPLCDOCLIM S_GF1_13000133 Maintain Upper Limit for Size of Attachments 
343 GRFNPLCSRCCATEG S_GF1_13000084 Maintain Policy Source Categories 
344 GRFNPOLICYCATEG S_GF1_13000083 Maintain Policy Categories 
345 GRFNRCPTTASK S_GF1_13000095 Relate Plan Usage and Recipient Component 
346 GRFNRECIPIENT S_GF1_13000094 Maintain Recipient Component Information 
347 GRFNRELROLES S_GR4_71000024 Maintain Entity Role Assignment 
348 GRFNRELROLESREG S_GF1_13000123 Maintain Regulation Role Assignment 
349 GRFNRELROLESV S_GR4_71000023 Maintain Relevant Roles 
350 GRFNSIDEPANELCONFIG S_GM1_71000056 Configure Side Panel for My Process 
351 GRFNTASKREG S_GF1_13000093 Relate Regulation to Plan Usage 
352 GRFNVACTIVEAPP S_GR4_71000099 Activate Applications in Client 
353 GRFNVALUATION S_GF1_13000063 Implement New Survey Valuation 
354 GRFNVCHGHISTCUST S_GM1_71000007 Enable Change History 
355 GRFNVCONNCAT S_GM1_71000063 Maintain Categories for Connectors and Scripts 
356 GRFNVCONNECTOR S_GR4_71000014 Maintain Connectors 
357 GRFNVCUSTHIERTAB S_GR4_71000003 Maintain Organization Views 
358 GRFNVC_CCI_TS_CONNEC S_GF1_13000050 Maintain Connectors and Connection Types 
359 GRFNVC_CCI_TS_SETTIN S_GF1_13000051 Maintain Connection Settings 
360 GRFNVC_DEO S_GF1_13000079 Maintain Non-Backend Data Source Fields 
361 GRFNVC_EVENTMETA S_GF1_13000077 Define Event Definition 
362 GRFNVC_FLDC S_GF1_13000117 Maintain Field-Based Configuration 
363 GRFNVC_ITEMAUTHC S_GF1_13000126 Maintain Authorizations for Application Links 
364 GRFNVC_MDR S_GF1_13000081 Define Metadata Library 
365 GRFNVC_PLCDM S_GF1_13000082 Maintain Policy Types and Distribution Methods 
366 GRFNVC_STCFG S_GF1_13000078 Maintain Search Terms for Business Rule and Data Source 
367 GRFNVC_TASKNAME S_GF1_13000186 Maintain Custom Task Names 
368 GRFNVNOTIFYMSGC S_GR4_71000019 Maintain Custom Notification Messages 
369 GRFNVPERSRESP S_GR4_71000097 Maintain Users Responsible for Entity 
370 GRFNVRISK_APPET_MAIN S_GR4_71000059 Maintain Risk Appetite 
371 GRFNVSCRBWQ S_GR4_71000015 Maintain Scripts for BW Query 
372 GRFNVSCRSAPQ S_GR4_71000016 Maintain Scripts for SAP Query 
373 GRFNVSCRTAB S_GF1_13000161 Maintain Scripts for SAP Table 
374 GRFNVSCRWS S_GR4_71000021 Maintain Scripts for Web Service 
375 GRFNVSVYAIFFORM S_GF1_13000109 Assign Custom-Defined Adobe Interactive Forms for Surveys 
376 GRFNVSVYONLINE S_GF1_13000108 Maintain Compliance Survey Delivery 
377 GRFNVSVYTYPE S_GF1_13000107 Maintain Survey Types 
378 GRFNV_AMAHQRYCFG_VAR S_GF1_13000116 Maintain Ad Hoc Query 
379 GRFNV_AMLOCK S_GF1_13000114 Lock Data Sources and Business Rules 
380 GRFNV_AUDDEFLT S_GM1_71000032 Maintain Default Values for Audit Transfers 
381 GRFNV_AUDITGP S_GM1_71000045 Define Audit Groups 
382 GRFNV_AUDITGP2 S_GM1_71000047 Define Audit Groups 
383 GRFNV_AUDITGP3 S_GM1_71000051 Define Audit Groups_test 
384 GRFNV_AUDTCONFIG S_GM1_71000031 Allow Repeat Transfers of Audit Components 
385 GRFNV_CUSTFLAG S_GF1_13000085 Define Policy Approvals 
386 GRFNV_DASHBC S_GF1_13000141 Maintain Dashboard File Path 
387 GRFNV_DEC_SETUP S_GF1_13000048 Define Probability and Maximum Score 
388 GRFNV_LDAPSERVER S_GM1_71000040 Maintain LDAP Server Information 
389 GRFNV_OWPBSC S_GM1_71000021 Configure OWP Business Scenario 
390 GRFNV_PLCACKN S_GF1_13000087 Define Acknowledgement Text 
391 GRFNV_POLICYTYPE S_GF1_13000062 Maintain Response Relevance for Policy Types 
392 GRFNV_REARISKFAC S_GM1_71000030 Define Audit Risk Rating Factors 
393 GRFNV_RISK_HMNZ S_GE1_71000070 Activate the Risk Harmonization Feature 
394 GRFN_AMF_FDT_EXPORT S_GF1_13000102 Generate BRFplus XML for Business Rule in Orig. Sys. 
395 GRFN_AMF_FDT_IMPORT S_GF1_13000103 Import BRFplus XML for Business Rule in Target System 
396 GRFN_AMT S_GM1_71000033 Maintain Number Range for Audit Steps 
397 GRFN_AMT_CNTRL S_GM1_71000036 Maintain Number Range for Controls 
398 GRFN_AMT_SUBPR S_GM1_71000035 Maintain Number Range for Subprocesses 
399 GRFN_AM_CLIENT_COPY S_GF1_13000136 Copy Data Source and Business Rule From Other Client to Current Client 
400 GRFN_BADIENTERPSEARC S_GR4_71000071 Implementation: Extract Object Data 
401 GRFN_COM_CONFIG S_GF1_13000053 Common Configurations 
402 GRFN_CREATE_ROOT S_GR4_71000028 Create Root Organization Hierarchy 
403 GRFN_CUSTOMREPORT S_GR4_71000052 Customizing Report 
404 GRFN_DATASTOR_MULTI S_GF1_13000152 Use Data Elements to Enhance the Data Storage for Multiple Value Fields 
405 GRFN_DEFINEAUDITENT S_GM1_71000034 Define Auditable Entity Types 
406 GRFN_DEFINEIMPLEVEL S_GR4_71000060 Maintain Impact Levels 
407 GRFN_DOC_DISABLE_LNK S_GM1_71000042 Disable Link functionality in Attachments and Links 
408 GRFN_ENABLEAPPLOG S_GR4_71000037 Enable Application Logs 
409 GRFN_EVENT_CHECK S_GF1_13000104 Implement BAdI for Event Structure Check 
410 GRFN_EVENT_NOTIFY S_GF1_13000105 Implement BAdI for Rule Violation Notification 
411 GRFN_GEN_SUBTYP S_GF1_13000151 Generate Subtypes 
412 GRFN_GEN_SUBTYP_ID S_GF1_13000153 Generate Subtypes 
413 GRFN_HANDLEEMAIL S_GM1_71000024 Handle E-mail Configuration 
414 GRFN_INIT_BR S_GF1_13000101 Set Connector and Status for Bus. Rules with Data Sources in Target System 
415 GRFN_INIT_DS S_GF1_13000100 Set Connector and Status for Data Source in Target System 
416 GRFN_MAINAUTHSET S_GR4_71000043 Maintain Authorization Customizing 
417 GRFN_MAINCUSTMENU S_GR4_71000079 Maintain Customer-Specific Menus 
418 GRFN_MAINGLBROLEASSI S_GR4_71000041 Maintain Entity Role Assignment 
419 GRFN_MAINORGHIER S_GR4_71000080 Maintain Organizational Hierarchy Relationships 
420 GRFN_MAINORGVIEW S_GR4_71000033 Maintain Organization Views 
421 GRFN_MAINREGROLEASSI S_GR4_71000042 Maintain Regulation Role Assignment 
422 GRFN_MAINRELLINKENT S_GR4_71000029 Maintain Related Links for Entities 
423 GRFN_MAINRISKAPPTAB S_GR4_71000034 Maintain the Risk Appetite Table 
424 GRFN_MAINROLETASKWRK S_GR4_71000081 Maintain Roles to Receive Task in Workflow 
425 GRFN_MAINSELPROC S_GR4_71000045 Maintain Selection Procedure 
426 GRFN_MAINSELPROUSE S_GR4_71000046 Maintain Relationship for Selection Procedure and Plan Usage 
427 GRFN_MAINTIMEFRAME S_GR4_71000032 Maintain Timeframes 
428 GRFN_MAINTIMEFRAMEFR S_GR4_71000031 Maintain Timeframe Frequencies 
429 GRFN_MENU_GROUP_OVER S_GR4_71000030 Maintain Menu Groups 
430 GRFN_PLANNERACTIVITY S_GR4_71000094 Maintain Planner Activities 
431 GRFN_POLICY_ADMIN S_GF1_13000192 Maintain Policy Objects and Groups 
432 GRFN_POL_REV_NOTFN S_GF1_13000138 Schedule Policy Revision Notification 
433 GRFN_PREPRULESCRULTR S_GR4_71000068 Prepare the Rule Script and Rule for Transport 
434 GRFN_PRE_BR S_GF1_13000097 Prepare Business Rules with Data Sources in Original System for Transport 
435 GRFN_PRE_DS S_GF1_13000096 Prepare Data Sources in Original System for Transport 
436 GRFN_PROXY_SOA S_GF1_13000187 Maintain Service Providers and Consumer Proxies in SOA Manager 
437 GRFN_RESETRULEAFTTRN S_GR4_71000069 Reset the Rule Script and Rule after Transport 
438 GRFN_RISKOPPS S_GM1_71000038 Maintain Probability, Risk Levels and Priorities 
439 GRFN_RST_BR S_GF1_13000099 Reset Connector and Status for Bus. Rules with Data Sources After Transport 
440 GRFN_RST_DS S_GF1_13000098 Reset Connector and Status for Data Sources in Orig Sys After Transport 
441 GRFN_SEARCHCONFIG S_GR4_71000070 Configuration Activities for Search 
442 GRFN_SETUPLINKS S_GR4_71000065 Set Up Links 
443 GRFN_SR_CDF S_GE1_71000084 Maintain Visible User-Defined Fields 
444 GRFN_SR_CONF S_GE1_71000086 Maintain Buffer Configuration 
445 GRFN_SR_CONG S_GE1_71000085 Maintain Buffer Configuration 
446 GRFN_SR_COUNTRY S_GE1_71000082 Maintain Country Groups 
447 GRFN_SR_ROLES S_GE1_71000083 Maintain Visible Roles 
448 GRFN_SUBTYPE S_GF1_13000154 Generate Subtypes 
449 GRFN_TASKNAME_OVERVW S_GF1_13000189 Overview for Maintaining Custom Task Names 
450 GRFN_TASKNAME_OVEVW S_GF1_13000190 Overview for Maintaining Custom Task Names 
451 GRFN_TASKNAME_TEXT S_GF1_13000188 Maintain Text for Custom Task Names 
452 GRFN_TIMEFRAME_YEARS S_GF1_13000156 Select Timeframe 
453 GRFN_USERDEFCHECK S_GF1_13000150 Check User Defined Fields 
454 GRFN_V_ISSUETYPE S_GF1_13000090 Maintain Ad Hoc Issue Sources 
455 GROUP S_ALN_01000181 Group Maintenance 
456 GRPCRISKANALTYPE S_GE1_71000089 Maintain Risk Analysis Type 
457 GRPCRISKSCORELVL S_GE1_71000088 Maintain Risk Score and Risk Level Mapping 
458 GRPCV_ADD_ACC S_GM1_71000029 Maintain the Ability to Add Non-significant Account Group to Subprocess 
459 GRPCV_ADD_CN S_GF1_13000134 Maintain Possiblity to Add Local Controls to Local Subprocess 
460 GRPCV_ADD_CN02 S_GF1_13000135 Maintain Ability to Add Locally-Defined Controls 
461 GRPC_AANDT_SPECREPTE S_GR4_98000007 Specify Repeat Testing Necessity 
462 GRPC_ACTV_BCSETS S_GR1_31000032 Activate Business Configuration (BC) Sets 
463 GRPC_ADD_ACC S_GM1_71000028 Maintain the Ability to Add Non-signficant Account Group to Subprocess 
464 GRPC_ADD_LANGUAGE S_GR1_31000118 Maintain Supported Languages 
465 GRPC_ADMINPROGRAMS S_GR1_31000104 Execute Administration Programs for Workflows 
466 GRPC_AFTER_SIGNOFF S_SE3_50000221 Carry Forward Open Issues After Sign-off 
467 GRPC_AIS_CO_REPORT S_SE3_50000274 Display Usage of AIS Reports in Controls 
468 GRPC_AOD S_GR4_71000098 Aggregation of Deficiencies 
469 GRPC_APPLOGSCHEDULE S_GR1_31000103 Analyze Application Log for Scheduling 
470 GRPC_ASGNRULECRITVAL S_GR1_31000073 Assign Rule Criteria/Connector Value to Org. Unit Group 
471 GRPC_AUTOCNTRLSETTIN S_GR4_71000093 Edit the Automated Control Setting 
472 GRPC_AUTO_WRK_CUST S_GR1_31000036 Perform Automatic Workflow Customizing 
473 GRPC_BADIEVENTSTRUC S_GR4_71000050 Implement BAdI for Event Structure Check 
474 GRPC_CASECUSTOMIZING S_GR1_31000094 Check Customizing for Case Management 
475 GRPC_CHNG_LINKAGE S_GR1_31000057 Change Event Type Linkage for Object Type GRC* 
476 GRPC_CHNG_TXT S_GR1_31000056 Change Sign-Off Note Text 
477 GRPC_CI_CASE_FLDATTR S_SE3_50000239 BAdI: Properties of Custom Fields for a Case 
478 GRPC_CI_CASE_PRINT S_SE3_50000238 BAdI: Format of Custom Fields in Print Reports 
479 GRPC_CLEANUP_HRDATA S_GR1_31000119 Clean Up HR Data 
480 GRPC_CNTRLRATRANGE S_GR4_71000063 Set Control Rating Range 
481 GRPC_CONFCOMPINIT S_GR4_71000039 Configure Compliance Initiatives 
482 GRPC_CONFIGPORT S_GR1_31000088 Configure Port 
483 GRPC_CONFIGPOWL S_GR1_31000076 Configure POWL for GRC Inbox 
484 GRPC_CONFIG_RFC S_GR1_31000058 Configure RFC Connectors 
485 GRPC_CONNECTOR S_GR1_31000060 Register Connectors 
486 GRPC_CONNECTORS4_WS S_GR1_31000123 Register Connectors for Web Services 
487 GRPC_CONSIST_CHECK S_QE6_02000014 Check Consistency of Validity Periods 
488 GRPC_CREAREGSPECFILD S_GR4_71000082 Create Regulation-specific Custom Fields 
489 GRPC_CREATE_DATAELE S_GR1_31000112 Create Date Elements in the Data Dictionary 
490 GRPC_CRTIDX S_GR1_31000045 Create Index for Case Attributes Table 
491 GRPC_CRTSCRPT S_GR1_31000068 Create Script Group 
492 GRPC_CUST_PERS_RESP S_S27_10000002 Enter Role for Determining Responsible Person for an Object 
493 GRPC_DABBUFFER S_GF1_13000140 Maintain Dashboard Buffer 
494 GRPC_DATA_TRANS S_GR1_31000055 Transfer Data to SAP BI 
495 GRPC_DEACTSIGNOFF S_GR1_31000102 Maintain Issue Types for Sign-Off 
496 GRPC_DEFINECATEGORY S_GR1_31000081 Define Category 
497 GRPC_DEFINEQUERY S_GR1_31000079 Define Query 
498 GRPC_DEFINESUBTYPECO S_GR4_71000095 Define Subtypes for Regulation Specific Attributes 
499 GRPC_DELAY_EVAL S_GR1_31000106 Set Up Delay of Evaluation 
500 GRPC_DISABLE_OPS S_GR1_31000048 Disable Process Assignment Options