SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index G, page 2
IMG Activity - G
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 GRPC_DISPLAY_APILOGS S_GR1_31000121 Analyze Application Log for APIs Access 
2 GRPC_DISPLAY_AUTHLOG S_GR1_31000122 Analyze Application Log for Authorization 
3 GRPC_DOCUMENTS_COPY S_QE6_02000016 Copy Documents After Carry Forward 
4 GRPC_DOWNLOADREPORTS S_GR1_31000101 Activate Alternative Download of Print Reports 
5 GRPC_EDITBUSPROATTR S_GR4_71000040 Edit Business Process Transactions 
6 GRPC_EDITCNTRLRSKFAC S_GR4_71000062 Edit Control Factor 
7 GRPC_EDIT_REG_ATTRIB S_GR4_71000006 Edit Regulatory Attributes 
8 GRPC_EL_AGGR_CONTROL S_GR1_31000051 Specify Aggregation for Entity-Level Control Group Rating 
9 GRPC_ENABLE_APPLOG S_GR1_31000120 Enable Application Log 
10 GRPC_EVENTYPE S_GR4_71000047 Maintain Event Type 
11 GRPC_EV_QUEUE_ADMIN S_GR1_31000039 Maintaining the Event Queue Settings 
12 GRPC_EXTDUEDATEREVAL S_GR4_71000092 Extend Due Date for Repeat Assessment and Test 
13 GRPC_FALLBACKRECEIVE S_GR1_31000089 Maintain Fallback Receiver 
14 GRPC_FIELDGROUP S_GR1_31000077 Set Column Fields for Reporting Display 
15 GRPC_GENERAT_INFOTYP S_GR1_31000113 Generate Infotypes 
16 GRPC_GRFNIMPACTLEVEL S_GR4_71000011 Maintain Impact Levels 
17 GRPC_IDX_TABLE S_GR1_31000052 Create Index for Table for Infotype 1001 
18 GRPC_IFC_SERVICE S_GR1_31000109 Set Up ICF for Service 
19 GRPC_INBOUNDWEB S_GR1_31000087 Activate Inbound Web Services 
20 GRPC_ISSUE_REPORT S_GR1_31000050 Determine Entity-Level Controls: Necessity of Issue Reporting 
21 GRPC_MAINCONFIGREMIN S_R1P_73000002 Maintain Workflow Notifications 
22 GRPC_MAINCUSTOM S_GR4_71000051 Maintain All Customizing 
23 GRPC_MAINGENSETTING S_GR4_71000036 Maintain General Settings 
24 GRPC_MAINOBJATTRIB S_GR4_71000035 Maintain Object Attributes 
25 GRPC_MAINPARTNER S_GR4_71000048 Maintain Partner 
26 GRPC_MAINTGLOBLINKS S_GR4_98000003 Maintain Global Links 
27 GRPC_MAINTLINKENTIT S_GR4_98000002 Maintain Related Links for Entities 
28 GRPC_MAINT_BUFFER S_GR1_31000054 Maintain Reporting Datamart 
29 GRPC_MAINT_NWBC S_GR1_31000074 Maintain NWBC Metadata 
30 GRPC_MAINT_REPORTS S_GR1_31000053 Maintain Requested Reports 
31 GRPC_MAINVERSION S_GR4_71000049 Maintain Event Version 
32 GRPC_MONITOR_AREAS S_GR1_31000049 Monitor Active Areas 
33 GRPC_NAMESRATING S_GR1_31000098 Specify Names for Ratings 
34 GRPC_NEWFIELD_WEBUI S_GR1_31000115 Maintain New Fields in the Web UI 
35 GRPC_NUMBRANGE S_GR1_31000047 Define Number Ranges 
36 GRPC_NUMRAN_AUTHORIZ S_GR1_31000111 Administrative Preparation Work: Number Ranges and Authorizations 
37 GRPC_NUMRAN_MASTDATA S_GR1_31000105 Set Up Number Range for Event Tables 
38 GRPC_NWBC_SETUP S_GR1_31000075 Set Up NWBC 
39 GRPC_ORGCONNECT S_GR1_31000072 Org. Unit Group Level Connector Assignment 
40 GRPC_ORGSYSPARAM S_GR1_31000071 Org. Level System Parameters 
41 GRPC_OWPLOG S_GM1_71000022 View OWP Log 
42 GRPC_OWP_EMAILBND S_GM1_71000019 Configure E-mail Inbound Process 
43 GRPC_OWP_EMAILINBND S_GM1_71000023 Configure E-mail Inbound Process 
44 GRPC_OWP_SENDER S_GM1_71000020 Set Up Job to Deliver PDF through E-mail 
45 GRPC_PROCMAINT S_GR1_31000046 Maintain Selection Procedure 
46 GRPC_QUERYROLE S_GR1_31000080 Assign Query Role 
47 GRPC_RATEREQISSREP S_GR4_71000061 Set Rating Requiring Issue to be Reported 
48 GRPC_REC_TAB_CH S_GR1_31000033 Record Table Changes 
49 GRPC_REGWRKFLOW S_GR1_31000040 Register Workflow System in qRFC Monitor 
50 GRPC_RELEASE_WS S_GR1_31000107 Release/Test Web Service 
51 GRPC_REPLACEMENT S_GR1_31000093 Transfer Work Items to Replacement 
52 GRPC_REPORTING_INFRA S_GR1_31000116 Update the Reporting Infrastructure 
53 GRPC_REPORT_WEIGHT S_QE6_02000007 Activate BAdI for Weighting of a Report Line During Aggregation 
54 GRPC_REST_PERS_CRT S_GR1_31000035 Restrict Authorization to Create Person 
55 GRPC_REVIEW S_GR1_31000099 Specify Whether Review is Necessary 
56 GRPC_RLCR S_GR1_31000070 Transport Rule Criteria 
57 GRPC_ROLETYPE S_GR1_31000078 Assign Role Type 
58 GRPC_RULECRIT S_GR1_31000066 Rule Criteria Value 
59 GRPC_RULEDEF S_GR1_31000061 Rule Definition 
60 GRPC_RULEDEFIC S_GR1_31000065 Maintain Rule Deficiency Description 
61 GRPC_RULEGRP S_GR1_31000062 Create Rule Group 
62 GRPC_RULEPARAM S_GR1_31000063 Rule Parameter 
63 GRPC_RULEPARTEXT S_GR1_31000064 Rule Parameter Text 
64 GRPC_RULESCRIPT S_GR1_31000067 Rule Script 
65 GRPC_RULE_NOTIF S_GR1_31000110 Implement BAdl for Rule Violation Notification 
66 GRPC_SAPCON S_GR1_31000042 Set Up SAPconnect 
67 GRPC_SCHED_EMAIL S_GR1_31000043 Schedule Job for Workflow E-mail Notification 
68 GRPC_SCOPFREQ S_GR4_71000053 Maintain Scoping Materiality Analysis Frequency 
69 GRPC_SCRRULEASGN S_GR1_31000069 Script and Rule Criteria Assignment 
70 GRPC_SETCASE S_GR1_31000044 Specify Number Ranges for Cases 
71 GRPC_SETCRAFLAG S_GR4_71000054 Set CRA Rating Manually 
72 GRPC_SETLEVELEVIDEN S_GR4_71000055 Set Level of Evidence 
73 GRPC_SETLEVELEVIDVAL S_GR4_71000056 Set Level of Evidence Value 
74 GRPC_SETREMIND S_GR1_31000041 Maintain Workflow for Reminders and Escalations 
75 GRPC_SET_TRANS_CON S_GR1_31000034 Set Up Transport Connection 
76 GRPC_SHAREDOBJECT S_GR1_31000097 Activate Shared Objects Memory 
77 GRPC_SKIPREVIEW S_GR1_31000100 Skip Review Depending on Rating 
78 GRPC_SPECREPEATEST S_GR4_71000038 Specify Repeat Testing Necessity 
79 GRPC_SPECREPEATEVAL S_GR4_71000091 Specify Reevaluation Necessity and Time Lag 
80 GRPC_SPEC_APPR_NEC S_GR4_71000007 Specify Approval Necessity 
81 GRPC_SPEC_RETEST_NEC S_GR4_71000008 Specify Retest Necessity 
82 GRPC_STRUCT_UPLOAD S_GR1_31000117 Allow Upload of Custom Fields 
83 GRPC_STR_CHANGE S_GR1_31000095 Set Up Structure: Expert Mode 
84 GRPC_STR_MDCWORKFLOW S_GR4_98000001 Activate Workflow for Master Data Changes 
85 GRPC_SYSTYPE S_GR1_31000059 Maintain System Type 
86 GRPC_TASK_SPEC_CUST S_GR1_31000037 Perform Task-Specific Customizing 
87 GRPC_TESTMANCTRLAIF S_GR4_71000044 Enable SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe 
88 GRPC_TEST_WS S_GR1_31000108 Test Web Service 
89 GRPC_TRANSORGLEVEL S_GR1_31000086 Transport Organization Level System Parameters 
90 GRPC_TRANSRULEDEF S_GR1_31000085 Transport Rule Definition 
91 GRPC_TRANSRULESCRIPT S_GR1_31000084 Transport Rule Script 
92 GRPC_USERDEFHR S_GR4_71000106 Coordinating Number Ranges and Authorizations 
93 GRPC_USERDEFHRDE S_GR4_71000107 Create Data Elements in the ABAP Dictionary 
94 GRPC_USERDEFHRINFO S_GR4_71000108 Generate Infotypes for Data Storage 
95 GRPC_USERDEFHROV S_GR4_71000113 Adding HR User-Defined Fields 
96 GRPC_USERDEFHRPOWER S_GR4_71000109 Add New Fields to SAPGUI Transaction for Data Maintenance 
97 GRPC_USERDEFHRREP S_GR4_71000114 Include HR Fields in Online Reporting 
98 GRPC_USERDEFNONHR S_GR4_71000101 Adding Non-HR User-Defined Fields 
99 GRPC_USERDEFNONHRBAD S_GR4_71000104 Activate BAdI: Specify User Field Type 
100 GRPC_USERDEFNONHRDE S_GR4_71000103 Use Data Elements to Enhance the Data Storage for Single Value Fields 
101 GRPC_USERDEFNONHRDIC S_GR4_71000102 Modify the ABAP Dictionary 
102 GRPC_USERDEFNONHROV S_GR4_71000112 Adding Non-HR User-Defined Fields 
103 GRPC_USERDEFNONHRREP S_GR4_71000105 Include Non-HR Fields in Online Reporting 
104 GRPC_USERFIELDTYPE S_GR1_31000083 Activate BAdl: Specify User Field Type on UI 
105 GRPC_USERINFOTYPE S_GR1_31000082 Assign User Infotype to PC Object Type 
106 GRPC_VC_EDITATTRVAL S_GR1_31000091 Edit Attribute Values 
107 GRPC_VC_EDITTIMEFRAM S_GR1_31000092 Edit Frequency Timeframes 
108 GRPC_VC_GRPCROLE S_GR1_31000090 Edit Roles 
109 GRPC_VIEWING_TRANSAX S_GR1_31000114 Add the New Fields to the Power User Viewing Transactions 
110 GRPC_V_EXCPSTAT S_GE1_71000093 Maintain Exception Status Description 
111 GRPC_V_ORGHIERARCHY S_GR1_31000096 Select Organizational Hierarchy as Relevant for PC 
112 GRRMLOSSMATRIXV S_R1P_73000006 Define Colors for Loss Matrix 
113 GRRMOBEBADWNL S_GFR_11000014 BAdI: Loss Download to EBA Format 
114 GRRMOBLOSEVTNR S_GFR_11000010 Maintain Number Ranges for Loss Events 
115 GRRMOBORXDWNL S_GFR_11000013 BAdI: Loss Download to ORX Format 
116 GRRMOBQRRFIELD S_GE1_71000091 Select Fields for QRR Export 
117 GRRMOBRCSAKFIGV S_GFR_11000009 Define RCSA Key Figures 
118 GRRMOBVACTTYP S_GFR_11000012 Define the Activity Type for Products and Processes 
119 GRRMOBVAGGRSCORE S_GFR_11000011 Maintain Aggregation Score and Colors 
120 GRRMOBVCORXCAT S_GE1_71000078 Maintain ORX Categories 
121 GRRMOBVCORXLLE S_GE1_71000079 Maintain Large Loss Event Attributes 
122 GRRMOBVCWF S_GFR_11000006 Define Loss Event Types and Workflow Configuration 
123 GRRMOBVDETACT S_GFR_11000002 Define Detection Activities 
124 GRRMOBVEFFTY S_GFR_11000005 Define Effect Types 
125 GRRMOBVLOSCRIT S_GFR_11000003 Define Loss Criteria 
126 GRRMOBVORXCONFIG S_GE1_71000080 Maintain Global Settings for ORX Export 
127 GRRMOBVQRRCONFIG S_GE1_71000092 Maintain Global Settings for QRR Export 
128 GRRMOBVRCSAFORW S_GFR_11000008 Allow RCSA Forward 
129 GRRMOBVRCSAVAL S_GFR_11000007 Allow RCSA Review 
130 GRRMORGUNITUOMT S_GR4_35000008 Maintain Units of Measure 
131 GRRMPRISKACT S_GM1_71000037 Activate Risk Proposal and/or Ad-hoc Escalation 
132 GRRMRESPAUTHCENTRAL S_GM1_71000046 Central authorization check for shared Responses 
133 GRRMRESPAUTIMP S_GF1_13000034 Maintain Implementation Classes for Response Automation 
134 GRRMRESPAUTOM S_GF1_13000033 Maintain Response Automation Types 
135 GRRMRESPAUTOMPMNOTIF S_GF1_13000042 BAdI: Maintain Additional Parameters for PM Notification 
136 GRRMRESPAUTOMPSPRO S_GF1_13000061 BAdI: Maintain Additional Parameters for Project Definition in PS 
137 GRRMRESPAUTSTCMP S_GF1_13000058 Map Business Suite Object Status to Response Completeness 
138 GRRMRESPAUTTY S_GF1_13000045 Map Response Automation to Response Types 
139 GRRMRESPONSEISSUE S_GF1_13000068 Set Up Response Notification Recipient for Issue 
140 GRRMRESPONSENOTIFISS S_GF1_13000069 Set Up Issue Response Notification Text 
141 GRRMSCUSTAGGR S_GM1_71000010 Automatic Risk Aggregation Settings 
142 GRRMSIMPERCENTV S_GR4_71000020 Maintain Simulation Percentile 
143 GRRMTERMINOLOGY S_GE1_71000069 Maintain Risk Management Terminologies 
144 GRRMVANALPROFILE S_GR4_71000009 Maintain Analysis Profile 
145 GRRMVBENEFIT S_GR4_71000010 Maintain Benefit Categories 
146 GRRMVCACTPROCLNK S_GR4_71000022 Maintain Activity Types for Central Process 
147 GRRMVCACTTYP S_GR4_35000009 Maintain Activity Types 
148 GRRMVCATCUST S_R1P_73000001 Allow Free Text Definition for Drivers, Impacts and Benefits 
149 GRRMVCORRSTRN S_GR4_35000007 Maintain Influence Strength 
150 GRRMVCRAG S_GM1_71000057 Maintain Risk Analysis Guidance 
151 GRRMVCTRLRTNGCVR S_GR4_71000026 Convert Control Rating for RM Response Field 
152 GRRMVDEFAULTHIER S_GR4_71000025 Maintain Default Organizational Hierarchy (Obsolete?) 
153 GRRMVDIM S_GF1_13000110 Define Dimensions for Contexts 
154 GRRMVDIMENTITY S_GF1_13000111 Assign Dimension to Entity 
155 GRRMVDIMTYPEBO S_GF1_13000112 Map Dimension Type to Business Object Type 
156 GRRMVIMPCATG S_GR4_35000001 Maintain Impact Categories 
157 GRRMVKRIBUPR S_GR4_35000005 Maintain Business Process 
158 GRRMVKRISYS S_GR4_35000003 Maintain Systems 
159 GRRMVKRITHLD S_GM1_71000048 Maintain Thresholds 
160 GRRMVOPPRESPTYPE S_GR4_71000012 Maintain Enhancement Plan Types 
161 GRRMVPOLICYNOTIFICAT S_GF1_13000055 Set Up Response Notification Recipient for Policy 
162 GRRMVPOLICYNOTIFTEXT S_GF1_13000056 Set Up Policy Response Notification Text 
163 GRRMVPOLICYRESP S_GF1_13000054 Link Policy Status and Response Completeness 
164 GRRMVRESPAUTWF S_GF1_13000071 Maintain Attributes for Workflow Automation 
165 GRRMVRESPAUTWFCM S_GF1_13000073 Map Workflow Status to Response Completeness 
166 GRRMVRESPCASUPDT S_GR4_71000027 Set Up Link from Control Results to RM 
167 GRRMVRESPCOMPLET S_GR4_71000064 Maintain Response and Enhancement Plan Completeness 
168 GRRMVRESPEFCTVNS S_GR4_71000013 Maintain Response and Enhancement Plan Effectiveness 
169 GRRMVRESPPURPOSE S_GR4_71000096 Maintain Response and Enhancement Plan Purpose 
170 GRRMVRISKCOLCUST S_GM1_71000039 Risk Summary Settings 
171 GRRMVRISKTREND S_GE1_71000087 Maintain Risk Trend 
172 GRRMVRISKTYPEACT S_GM1_71000009 Activate Risk and Opportunity Types 
173 GRRMVROOTCAUSE S_GR4_35000002 Maintain Driver Categories 
174 GRRM_CONTEXT_REL_COM S_GF1_13000119 Display Connectors in RM Context Model 
175 GRRM_MAINDRIVERCAT S_GR4_71000067 Maintain Driver Categories 
176 GRRM_MAINIMPACTCAT S_GR4_71000066 Maintain Impact Categories 
177 GRRM_NOTIFY_CONTEXT S_GF1_13000139 BAdI: Notify remote system of adding context value 
178 GRRM_NOTIF_ON_RESPON S_GF1_13000075 Schedule Notification on Response Due Date 
179 GRRM_OPPORTUNITY S_GM1_71000041 Visibility of Opportunity 
180 GRRM_REP_IM_DR S_GE1_71000094 Enable Response Impact/Driver Assignment 
181 GRRM_RESP_AUTOM_WF S_GF1_13000072 BAdI: Maintain Additional Parameters for Workflow Triggering 
182 GRRM_S050 S_GR4_71000057 Maintain Inbound E-mail Settings for Survey 
183 GRUNDBUCH S_ALR_87004599 Land Register Number 
184 GRUNDEINSTELLUNGEN S_ALR_87007817 Define Evaluation Type 
185 GRUNDLAGEN S_PH9_46000539 OHAXAL01 
186 GRUNDSTVERH_DEF S_ALR_87004806 Define Property Conditions 
187 GTCN_SELLER_ADDRESS S_EBJ_98000014 BAdI: Payee Address 
188 GUTERSTAND_GP S_ALR_87009539 Define Property Regimes 
189 GUTERSTAND_GP_I S_ALR_87009572 Define Property Regime 
190 GVBUCHUNGPARAMETER S_ALR_87099927 Define Parameters for Business Operations 
191 GWUL S_ALN_01001761 Währungsumrechnung durchführen