SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index B, page 3
IMG Activity - B
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 BP_TRANSFER_7 S_KFM_86000010 Functions 
2 BP_TRANSFER_8 S_KFM_86000011 Departments 
3 BP_TRANSFER_9 S_KFM_86000012 Execute Conversion Reports 
4 BP_TRANSFER_A S_KFM_86000013 Groupings 
5 BP_TRANSFER_B S_KFM_86000014 Address ID 
6 BP_TRANSFER_C S_KFM_86000015 Role Categories 
7 BP_TRANSFER_D S_KFM_86000016 Relationship Categories 
8 BP_TRANSFER_E S_KFM_86000017 General Notes 
9 BP_TRANSFER_F S_SHV_87000001 Role-Dependent Notes 
10 BP_TRANSFER_PROT S_KFM_86000018 Logs 
11 BP_UMSETZUNGSREP S_KFM_86000304 Execute Conversion Reports 
12 BP_ZIELGRUPPE2_GP S_ALR_87009543 Define Target Group 
13 BRANCHE_GF S_ALR_87009501 Define Industries 
14 BRFPLUS S_GF1_13000036 Define Business Rule Framework 
15 BRF_BADI_1 S_S7B_68000060 Implement BAdI BRF_EXPRESSION for Expressions 
16 BRF_BADI_2 S_S7B_68000057 Define Filter Values for Expression BAdI BRF_EXPRESSION 
17 BRF_BADI_3 S_S7B_68000062 Define Filter Values for BAdI BRF_ACTION 
18 BRF_BADI_4 S_S7B_68000063 Implement BAdI BRF_ACTION for Actions 
19 BRF_HINT S_ABA_72000203 Note on the Following IMG Activities of the BRF 
20 BRF_HINT_2 S_PAB_09000008 Note on the Following IMG Activities of the BRF 
21 BRF_ICL_BRF_EV S_ABA_72000170 Enhance Events 
22 BRF_ICL_BRF_EV_2 S_PAB_09000009 Enhance Events 
23 BRIEFANREDE_GP S_ALR_87009527 Define Salutation 
24 BRIEFANREDE_GP_I S_ALR_87007353 Salutation 
25 BR_VALUT_DATE S_AL0_96000654 Change bank transfer date 
26 BSBP_ESAMAP_ACADEMIC S_BSD_38000030 BAdI: Mapping of Academic Title 
27 BSBP_ESAMAP_ADDRESS S_BSD_38000032 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements of Address Data 
28 BSBP_ESAMAP_ADDRREPR S_BSD_38000034 BAdI: Mapping of International Address Versions 
29 BSBP_ESAMAP_ADDR_USG S_BSD_38000033 BAdI: Mapping of Address Usage 
30 BSBP_ESAMAP_BANKDETA S_BSD_38000035 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements of Bank Details 
31 BSBP_ESAMAP_BPID S_BSD_38000036 BAdI: Mapping of Business Partner ID 
32 BSBP_ESAMAP_BP_GROUP S_BSD_38000081 BAdI: Mapping of Business Partner Grouping 
33 BSBP_ESAMAP_COMMEDIU S_BSD_38000037 BAdI: Mapping for the Communication Medium 
34 BSBP_ESAMAP_COMMON S_BSD_38000038 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to General Data 
35 BSBP_ESAMAP_COMMUNIC S_BSD_38000039 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Communication Data 
36 BSBP_ESAMAP_CUST_UND S_BSD_38000040 BAdI: Mapping for Undesired Customer - Reason 
37 BSBP_ESAMAP_DATA_ORI S_BSD_38000041 BAdI: Mapping of Data Origin 
38 BSBP_ESAMAP_FORMOFAD S_BSD_38000042 BAdI: Mapping of Business Partner Form of Address 
39 BSBP_ESAMAP_GROUP S_BSD_38000043 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements of Group Data 
40 BSBP_ESAMAP_IDENTIFI S_BSD_38000044 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements of Identification Numbers 
41 BSBP_ESAMAP_LEGALENT S_BSD_38000045 BAdI: Mapping of Legal Entity 
42 BSBP_ESAMAP_LEGALFOR S_BSD_38000046 BAdI: Mapping of Legal Entity 
43 BSBP_ESAMAP_MARITALP S_BSD_38000048 BAdI: Mapping of Marital Status 
44 BSBP_ESAMAP_MARITAL_ S_BSD_38000047 BAdI: Mapping of Marital Property Regime 
45 BSBP_ESAMAP_NAMESUPP S_BSD_38000049 BAdI: Mapping of Title of Nobility 
46 BSBP_ESAMAP_NAME_PRE S_BSD_38000050 BAdI: Mapping of Name Prefixes 1/2 
47 BSBP_ESAMAP_NONDELIV S_BSD_38000051 BAdI: Mapping of Reasons for Non-Delivery of Post 
48 BSBP_ESAMAP_OCCUPATI S_BSD_38000052 BAdI: Mapping of Occupation 
49 BSBP_ESAMAP_ORGANISA S_BSD_38000053 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Organizational Data 
50 BSBP_ESAMAP_PARTNER_ S_BSD_38000054 BAdI: Mapping of Partner Group Type 
51 BSBP_ESAMAP_PAYMENTC S_BSD_38000055 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Payment Card Data 
52 BSBP_ESAMAP_PAYMNTCR S_BSD_38000056 BAdI: Mapping of Payment Card Type 
53 BSBP_ESAMAP_PERSON S_BSD_38000057 BAdI: Mapping for Enhancements to Personal Data 
54 BSBP_ESAMAP_PERSONNA S_BSD_38000058 BAdI: Mapping of Name Format for a Person 
55 BSBP_ESAMAP_PRTYIDEN S_BSD_38000059 BAdI: Mapping of Identification Type 
56 BSBP_ESAMAP_REGCITY S_BSD_38000060 BAdI: Mapping for City of Regional Structure 
57 BSBP_ESAMAP_REGDISTR S_BSD_38000061 BAdI: Mapping for District of Regional Structure 
58 BSBP_ESAMAP_REGELEMG S_BSD_38000062 BAdI: Mapping for Groupings of Regional Structure 
59 BSBP_ESAMAP_REGION S_BSD_38000063 BAdI: Mapping of Region 
60 BSBP_ESAMAP_REGSTREE S_BSD_38000064 BAdI: Mapping for Street Name of Regional Structure 
61 BSBP_ESAMAP_RELATION S_BSD_38000065 BAdI: Mapping for Relationship Categories 
62 BSBP_ESAMAP_ROLE S_BSD_38000066 BAdI: Mapping of Business Partner Role 
63 BSBP_ESAMAP_TAXJURIS S_BSD_38000067 BAdI: Mapping of Tax Locations 
64 BSBP_ESAMAP_WORKDAYC S_BSD_38000068 BAdI: Mapping of Factory Calendar 
65 BSD_ESA_GENERAL_IDPS S_BSD_38000023 Define Settings for Idempotent Services 
66 BSD_ESA_GENERAL_SE19 S_BSD_38000027 Implement Enhancements for Inbound and Outbound Processing 
67 BSD_ESA_GENERAL_SICF S_BSD_38000022 Activate Service Nodes in Internet Communication Framework (ICF) 
68 BSD_ESA_GEN_FEH_ORG S_BSD_38000029 Introduction to Forward Error Handling 
69 BSD_ESA_GEN_MAPP_ENH S_BSD_38000028 Enhance Mappings 
70 BSD_ESA_GEN_SFW5 S_BSD_38000031 Enterprise Services and Business Functions 
71 BSD_SOAMANAGER S_BSD_38000025 Manage and Test Enterprise Services 
72 BSD_SV_INDUSTRY S_BSD_38000024 Activate Industry Views for Enterprise Services 
73 BSI_SELECT_CTR_ID S_E4A_94000259 BAdI: Select ERP/SRM Contract ID 
74 BSPER_VC_PERIOD S_BTD_53000143 Define Periods and Due Date Rules 
75 BSP_DEB_CONCEPT S_PLC_83000090 Concept 
76 BSSOAV_WS_ACTIVE S_BTD_53000052 Activate Support for Point2Point Communication 
77 BSSOA_ERR_CAT_BADI S_BTD_53000014 BAdI: Change of Detected Error Category 
78 BS_FND/BCV/SINC S_BTD_53000019 Define Search connectors 
79 BS_FND_ADDR_CALLBK S_BTD_53000078 Register Address Callback Classes 
80 BS_FND_ADDR_GRP S_BTD_53000073 Maintain Address Groups 
81 BS_FND_ADDR_USGE S_BTD_53000075 Maintain Usage of Address 
82 BS_FND_ADDR_WUSED S_BTD_53000076 Maintain Where-Used List of Addresses 
83 BS_FND_AUTHCHKS S_BTD_53000071 Define Authorization Checks 
84 BS_FND_BCV_AUTCHCKPR S_BTD_53000042 BAdI: Definition of the Priority of Authorization Checks 
85 BS_FND_BCV_AUTH_CHEC S_BTD_53000046 Perform Authorization Checks 
86 BS_FND_BCV_AUTH_HOLD S_BTD_53000047 Display Where-Used List of User Group in ACL 
87 BS_FND_BCV_CONS_CHEC S_BTD_53000048 Perform Consistency Check 
88 BS_FND_BCV_CONTEXT S_BTD_53000088 Define Context Key 
89 BS_FND_BCV_FND_CURR S_BTD_53000041 BAdI: Currency Conversion 
90 BS_FND_BCV_FND_UNTCN S_BTD_53000043 BAdI: Unit Conversion 
91 BS_FND_BCV_GROUP S_BTD_53000066 Define Subject Groups 
92 BS_FND_BCV_MEANING S_BTD_53000040 Define Meanings 
93 BS_FND_BCV_QRM_QRES S_BTD_53000036 BAdI: Processing of Query Results 
94 BS_FND_BCV_QRM_QUERY S_BTD_53000035 BAdI: Change of Query Input 
95 BS_FND_BCV_QSTAT S_BTD_53000049 Display Query Statistics 
96 BS_FND_BCV_QUERY S_BTD_53000034 Define BCV Queries 
97 BS_FND_BCV_SINC S_BTD_53000039 Define Search Connectors 
98 BS_FND_BCV_SSTAT S_BTD_53000050 Display Search Connector Statistics 
99 BS_FND_BCV_UDASH S_BTD_53000038 Define Dashboards 
100 BS_FND_BCV_UGRP S_BTD_53000027 Define Query View Hierarchies 
101 BS_FND_BCV_UIF_FILT S_BTD_53000029 BAdI: Filtering Drill-Down Options 
102 BS_FND_BCV_UIF_TABLE S_BTD_53000031 BAdI: Reducing Table Options for ALV Table 
103 BS_FND_BCV_UPRINT S_BTD_53000037 Define Printing Parameters 
104 BS_FND_BCV_UPRVW S_BTD_53000028 Define Overview 
105 BS_FND_BCV_UQVI S_BTD_53000025 Define Query Views 
106 BS_FND_BI_ACTIVATION S_BTD_53000055 BI Content Activation Workbench 
107 BS_FND_BI_ACTIV_SD S_EBS_44000251 Start BI Content Activation Workbench 
108 BS_FND_BI_EXT S_BTD_53000081 Maintain BI Extractor Include for Each Business Object Node 
109 BS_FND_BO_ARCHOBJ S_BTD_53000084 Maintain BO-Specific Archiving Objects 
110 BS_FND_BO_ARCHRET S_BTD_53000085 Maintain BO-Specific Residence Periods 
111 BS_FND_BO_ATF S_BTD_53000089 Maintain Attachment Type Schema 
112 BS_FND_BO_AUTHSETT S_BTD_53000086 Maintain Business Object-specific Authorization Check Settings 
113 BS_FND_BO_TXC S_BTD_53000090 Maintain Text Schema 
114 BS_FND_BUS_ENT S_BFI_75000004 Maintain Business Entities 
115 BS_FND_ICP_ADMIN S_BT6_28000098 Assign Relevant Authorizations to Administrator 
116 BS_FND_ICP_BADIS S_BT6_28000088 Set Up Data Upload for Changes to Infotype Data 
117 BS_FND_ICP_CHP_CLEAN S_BT6_28000091 Schedule Background Job for Cleanup of Change Pointers 
118 BS_FND_ICP_CONS_DEL S_BT6_28000090 Delete Consumers Not Relevant for Infotype Changes 
119 BS_FND_IT_TO_TRACK S_BT6_28000089 Specify Infotypes to Be Tracked per Consumer 
120 BS_FND_PERS_GRP S_BTD_53000074 Maintain Person Groups 
121 BS_FND_PERS_WUSED S_BTD_53000077 Maintain Where-Used List of Persons 
122 BS_FND_PPF_ACTPROF S_BTD_53000080 Assign PPF Action Profiles for Business Objects 
123 BS_FND_PPF_BO S_BTD_53000079 Maintain BO-specific PPF Settings 
124 BS_FND_PROP_BO S_BTD_53000082 Maintain BO-specific Field Control Profiles 
125 BS_FND_PROP_FCNODE S_BTD_53000083 Assign Communication Structure to BO Nodes 
126 BS_FND_REG_CHG_DOC S_BTD_53000072 Maintain BO-Specific Change Document Objects 
127 BS_PERIOD_TOOLSET01 S_BTD_53000146 Check Periods and Due Date Rule Settings 
128 BS_PERIOD_TOOLSET_DU S_BTD_53000144 BAdI: Enhance Due Date Rules 
129 BS_PERIOD_TOOLSET_FR S_BTD_53000145 BAdI: Enhance Period Mapping Categories 
130 BS_POC_PROV_ACTV_BI S_BT6_28000063 Activate Business Intelligence Objects 
131 BS_RESTP_AUSGL S_ALR_87004396 Define Posting Key for Residual/Clearing Items 
132 BS_SOA_IAS_CONF S_BTD_53000053 Define Background RFC (bgRFC) Settings for In-Application Sequencing 
133 BUCHUNGSDATEN S_ALN_01002044 Set Default Posting Date per Application 
134 BUERGSCHAFTSART_II S_ALR_87003944 Define Guarantee Types II 
135 BUILDING ORINETATION S_KA5_12000516 Orientation for building part 
136 BUILDINGPART S_KA5_12000563 Building Part 
137 BUILDINGPARTS S_SA5_06000009 building parts 
138 BUPA_PCARD_CHECK S_S7B_68000076 BAdI: Additional Checks for Payment Cards 
139 BUPA_PURPOSE_EXPORT S_SI3_21000040 BAdI: Exportation of SORT Details of Blocked/Unblocked BP to FS Memory 
140 BUPA_TAXNUMTYPE S_AEC_66000043 Maintain Tax Number Categories 
141 BUPLA_ODN_ID S_P7D_67000068 Introduction: Indonesia 
142 BUPLA_ODN_PH S_SL0_21000028 Introduction: Philippines 
143 BUPR_RELSHP_OVR_EXT S_ABA_72000148 BAdI: Extension of Relationship Overview 
144 BUP_PARTNER_EXLIST S_SI3_21000039 BAdI: Restriction of Business Partner from End of Purpose Check 
145 BUP_PARTNER_KEYMAP S_SI3_21000038 BAdI: Business Partner Key Mapping 
146 BUSENTITYNUMRANGE S_KA5_12000562 Maintain Number Ranges for Business Entity 
147 BUSINESSADAPTER3 S_SE3_62000017 Business Add-In: Change XML Document 
148 BUSINESSADDINADAPT2 S_SE3_62000016 Business Add-In: Import Objects + Price Tables 
149 BUSPROCTYPE S_AEC_66000485 Business Process Type 
150 BWAANMIETUNG S_ALR_87008977 Periodic Postings for General Contract 
151 BWAKONTENPFLEGEAV S_P00_07000019 Incoming Payments and Account Maintenance 
152 BWANWENDERSTATUS S_AX6_42000009 Maintain BW Status Object for User Status 
153 BWBCT_BRFBI_01 S_B73_57000009 Maintain BRF BI Planning Scenario 
154 BWCLBW_CTBW S_AX6_42000002 Maintain Data Sources for Classification Data 
155 BWCOPA_KEB0 S_AX6_42000006 Create Transaction Data DataSource 
156 BWCOPA_KEB1 S_AX6_42000007 Assign Key Figures 
157 BWCOPA_KEB1N S_AXA_22000069 Create Hierarchy DataSource 
158 BWCOPA_KEB1_N S_AXA_22000066 Create Hierarchy DataSource 
159 BWCOPA_KEB2 S_AX6_42000005 Display Detailed Information on DataSource 
160 BWCOPA_KEB3 S_AX6_42000003 Activate Debugging Support 
161 BWCOPA_KEB4 S_AXA_22000068 Activate Debugging Support Using InfoObject 
162 BWCOPA_KEB4N S_AXA_22000070 Activate Debugging Support Using InfoObject 
163 BWCOPA_KEB5 S_AX6_42000004 Simulate Initialization of Delta Process 
164 BWCOPA_REPL S_AX6_42000008 Procedure for Setting Up Replication Model 
165 BWCRM_PRO_INDOBJ   Activate/Deactivate Extraction of Individual Products 
166 BWCRM_STAT_0001 S_AEC_66000627 Display system status 
167 BWCRM_STAT_0002 S_AEC_66000628 Process User Status 
168 BWCRM_STAT_0003 S_AEC_66000629 Generate Text DataSource for BW Status Objects 
169 BWFISL_DSGENHIER S_AX7_53000015 Generate DataSources for Set Hierarchies 
170 BWFS_AB_DATUM_SET S_PLN_06000273 Fix Date of Delta Position 
171 BWFS_INFOSOURCES S_ALN_01002306 Define InfoSources for Position Initialization 
172 BWFS_INFOSOURCESDELT S_ALN_01002307 Define InfoSources for Delta Position 
173 BWFS_INFOSOURCE_INIT S_ALN_01002303 Define InfoSources for Position Initialization 
174 BWFS_INIT_DATE_SET S_PLN_06000272 Fix Date for Position Initialization 
175 BWFS_PROT S_PLN_06000004 BW Extraction Log 
176 BWFS_TIMESTAMPS_DELA S_PLN_06000005 Delete Time Stamp for InfoSource 
177 BWISUCS_MARKTNG_0001 S_KK4_82000650 Settings for Extraction of Marketing-Relevant Data 
178 BWISUCS_MARKTNG_0002 S_KK4_82000651 Extract Marketing-Relevant Data 
179 BWISUISST_PROCESS_01 S_KK4_82001333 Define Success Messages for the Extraction (SAP) 
180 BWISUISST_PROCESS_02 S_KK4_82001334 Define Success Messages for the Extraction (Customer) 
181 BWISUISST_PROCESS_03 S_KK4_82001445 Define Specifications for Extraction 
182 BWISUISST_SALES_0002 S_KK4_82000536 Define Update Groups 
183 BWISUISST_SALES_0003 S_KK4_82000537 Define Statistics Groups for Rate Categories 
184 BWISUISST_SALES_0004 S_KK4_82000538 Define Statistics Groups for Contracts 
185 BWISUISST_SALES_0005 S_KK4_82000539 Define Statistics Groups for Quantities 
186 BWISUISST_SALES_0006 S_KK4_82000540 Define Statistics Groups for Amounts 
187 BWISUISST_SALES_0007 S_KK4_82000541 Define Update Group Determination 
188 BWISUISST_SALES_0008 S_KK4_82000542 Define Statistics Currency per Company Code 
189 BWISUISST_SALES_0009 S_KK4_82000543 Allocate Billing Unit of Measurement to Statistics Unit of Measurement 
190 BWISUISST_SALES_0010 S_KK4_82000949 Define Performance Settings for Sales Statistics Extractor 
191 BWISUISST_STOCK S_KK4_82000534 Stock Statistics 
192 BWISUISST_TRANSACTN S_KK4_82000535 Transaction Statistics 
193 BWLIS_CASELECTION S_AX6_42000034 Cross-Application Selection Parameters 
194 BWLIS_COCKPIT_LBWE S_AX6_42000029 Activate/Edit Extraction Structures 
195 BWLIS_DSGENHIER S_AX6_42000028 Generate DataSources for General Hierarchies 
196 BWLIS_INITIALEXTR S_AX6_42000033 Delete the Contents of the Setup Tables 
198 BWLIS_PROTOKOLL_NEU S_AX8_50000001 LIS Setup Log 
199 BWLIS_SETUPAGENCYBUS S_AX8_68000136 Agency business - Set up 
200 BWLIS_SETUPBESTAENDE S_AX8_50000005 Inventory Management - Perform Setup 
201 BWLIS_SETUPEINKAUF S_AX8_50000006 Perform setup - Purchasing 
202 BWLIS_SETUPINSTAND S_AX7_53000017 Perform setup - Plant Maintenance 
203 BWLIS_SETUPKANBAN S_EAC_24000053 Kanban - Perform Setup 
204 BWLIS_SETUPLEFREIGHT S_AX8_50000008 LES-Shipment Costs - Perform Setup 
205 BWLIS_SETUPLETRANSP S_AX8_50000009 LES-Transport - Perform Setup 
206 BWLIS_SETUPLIEFERUNG S_AX8_50000003 LE Deliveries - Rebuild 
207 BWLIS_SETUPPRODUCT S_AX6_42000032 Perform setup - Production 
208 BWLIS_SETUPQM S_AX6_42000031 Perform setup - Quality Management 
209 BWLIS_SETUPREPRUE S_AXC_91000055 Invoice Verification - Execute Reconstruction 
210 BWLIS_SETUPRETAIL S_AX8_50000007 Perform setup - Retail 
211 BWLIS_SETUPSDAUFTRAG S_AX8_50000002 SD Sales Orders - Rebuild 
212 BWLIS_SETUPSDFAKTURA S_AX8_50000004 SD Billing Documents - Rebuild 
213 BWLIS_SETUPSERVICE S_AX7_53000018 Service Management - Perform Setup 
214 BWLIS_VERS_INFOSTRUK S_AX7_53000014 Version Copier for (Transfer) Information Structures 
215 BWP0 S_AX6_42000019 Dates: Maintain Key Figure 
216 BWP1 S_AX6_42000017 Date Event 
217 BWP2 S_AX6_42000018 Date Origin 
218 BWP3 S_AX6_42000013 Duration: Maintain Key Figure 
219 BWP4 S_AX6_42000012 Dates: Maintain Assignment of Table to Value Type 
220 BWP5 S_AX6_42000014 Duration: Maintain Assignment of Table to Value Type 
221 BWP6 S_AX6_42000015 Float: Maintain Key Figure 
222 BWP7 S_AX6_42000016 Float: Maintain Assignment of Table to Value Type 
223 BWRE_V_TIVBW01 S_AX7_68000098 Parameters for Extracting Imminent Vacancies 
224 BWRSADMINCV1 S_BR3_49000013 Set options for uploading flat files 
225 BWRSADMINCV2 S_BR3_49000014 Set Traffic Light Waiting Time 
226 BWRSADMINCV3 S_BR3_49000015 Maintain proposal for users in the source system (ALE communication) 
227 BWRSADMINCV4 S_BR3_49000016 Maintain default development class for BAPI objects 
228 BWRSADMINCV5 S_BR3_49000017 Set currency translation 
229 BWSIMG_ALEUSU01 S_BR3_49000002 Create User for Background Processes 
230 BW_ADMINCOCKPIT S_BR9_97000036 Set Up BW Administration Cockpit 
231 BW_ADMINCOCKPIT2 S_BR9_97000040 Set Up Call to BW Administration Cockpit 
232 BW_ADP_PERF S_BR9_97000037 Settings for Analysis Processes 
233 BW_AGGREGATES_CHANGE S_J07_15000005 Parameters for Aggregates 
234 BW_ALV_PRINT03 S_BR9_97000033 Set-Up Web Service Destination for Adobe Document Services 
235 BW_ANA_VERS S_BRA_16000006 Set BEx Analyzer Version 
236 BW_APPLHIER_CHANGE S_AX7_53000012 Change Application Component Hierarchy 
237 BW_APPLHIER_TAKEOV S_AX7_53000011 Transfer Application Component Hierarchy 
238 BW_ASSIBTCH S_BR3_49000021 Schedule Monitor Assistant in Background 
239 BW_AUTH S_J16_56000037 Authorization Settings 
240 BW_AUTH_MD S_B4S_38000001 Changing Authorizations for Master Data Maintenance 
241 BW_BADI_AUTH S_BRA_16000010 BAdI: Virtual Authorizations 
242 BW_BADI_AUTH_EXEC S_BRA_16000018 BAdI for virtualized execution authorization 
243 BW_BADI_BBS S_BRA_16000013 BAdI: Own Report Type as Recipient (Jump Target) 
244 BW_BADI_BBS2 S_BRA_16000019 BAdI: dynamic determination of jump targets at runtime 
245 BW_BADI_F4 S_BRA_16000017 BAdI: Restricting the Value Help in the Variables Screen 
246 BW_BADI_FORMULA S_J19_89000001 BAdI: Customer-defined Functions in Formula Builder 
247 BW_BADI_OPENHUB S_J16_56000033 BAdI: InfoSpoke with Transformation 
248 BW_BADI_PLA S_B4S_38000002 Integrated Planning: Logging of Planning Data 
249 BW_BADI_SPO S_BRA_16000025 BAdI: Partitioning of a semantically partitioned object 
250 BW_BADI_TRANSPORT S_BRA_16000015 BAdI: BW Transport 
251 BW_BATCHRZ11 S_BR3_49000012 Define batch work processes 
252 BW_BBS_URL S_BR6_50000016 Define URL to Start RRI in Source System 
253 BW_BBS_WEB S_BR6_50000018 Maintain Drag&Relate Settings for SAP EP 5.0 and 6.0 
254 BW_BCT_AC_01 S_B73_57000003 Assign BW System Administrator Role 
255 BW_BCT_AC_02 S_B71_29000077 Activate Update of Statistics from DWB 
256 BW_BCT_AC_03 S_B73_57000005 Schedule Process Chains 
257 BW_BCT_AC_04 S_B71_29000079 Define Importance 
258 BW_BCT_AC_05 S_B73_57000010 Set Up Technical Content 
259 BW_BCT_AC_06 S_B71_29000080 Connect BW System and Portal 
260 BW_BCT_AC_07 S_B71_29000081 Activate Business Package 'BP BW Administration 3.0' 
261 BW_BCT_BACKEND S_B10_84000061 Object Types for Consolidated InfoObjects 
262 BW_BCT_CRM S_BC8_84000019 Make System Assignment for Exit Variables in Portal Roles 
263 BW_BCT_CRM_ACALCM S_B71_29000071 Maintain User-Defined Accrual Methods 
264 BW_BCT_CRM_ACCRBADI S_B71_29000012 Business Add-In: Adjust Accrual Models 
265 BW_BCT_CRM_ACUSTOMI S_B71_29000072 Define System Parameters for Accrual Modeling 
266 BW_BCT_CRM_ADEFMAP S_B71_29000073 Define Derivation of Accrual Methods from Planning Profiles 
267 BW_BCT_CRM_CCUSTOMI S_B71_29000070 Define System Parameters for Coupon Redemption Modeling 
268 BW_BCT_CRM_CORMBADI S_B71_29000011 Business Add-In: Adjust Coupon Redemption Models 
269 BW_BCT_CRM_MAP_ALERT S_B52_73000038 Mapping of BW Exceptions to Basis Alerts 
270 BW_BCT_CRM_NAV_BSP S_B52_73000042 Navigation from Web Templates to BSP Applications in CRM 
271 BW_BCT_CRM_RELEASE S_B52_73000039 Release Status of Alert Settings 
272 BW_BCT_CUMULUTE S_BC9_84000003 Define Cumulation Scope 
273 BW_BCT_ELM_CHECK S_B10_84000026 Business Add-In: Define Checks 
274 BW_BCT_ELM_HIER S_B10_84000027 Activate Hierarchies 
275 BW_BCT_ELM_MAPPING S_B10_84000025 Business Add-In: Define Mapping 
276 BW_BCT_ELM_ORIGIN S_B10_84000022 Define List Origin 
277 BW_BCT_ELM_RSAN S_B10_84000062 Business Add-In: Response Prediction Models 
278 BW_BCT_ELM_STEPS S_B10_84000024 Define Processing for Steps 
279 BW_BCT_ELM_TYPE S_B10_84000023 Define List Type 
280 BW_BCT_HCM_AUTH S_B75_08000039 HCM Authorizations for BI Content 
281 BW_BCT_HCM_CURR_CON S_B75_08000041 Currency Conversion for HCM Queries 
282 BW_BCT_HCM_RSBBS S_B75_08000040 Settings for the Report-Report Interface for HCM Queries 
283 BW_BCT_IPM_CUMULATE S_BC9_84000004 Define Cumulation Scope 
284 BW_BCT_IPM_DATA S_BC9_84000002 Define Data Values 
285 BW_BCT_IPM_KEY S_BC9_84000005 Define Key Figures Update 
286 BW_BCT_ME_CASH S_B53_39000003 Define Cash Accounts 
287 BW_BCT_ME_FILTER S_B71_29000002 Define Dynamic Filter Conditions for Update Rules 
288 BW_BCT_ME_KO S_B52_73000014 Transformation from Account to Key Figure Model 
289 BW_BCT_ME_KP S_B52_73000012 Define Chart of Accounts 
290 BW_BCT_ME_KYFACC S_B52_73000013 Assign Accounts to Key Figures 
291 BW_BCT_ME_MEV S_B52_73000021 Define Title Levels 
292 BW_BCT_ME_SCEN S_B52_73000018 Set Up Scenario for Title Integration 
293 BW_BCT_ME_TITEL S_B52_73000020 Title Reporting 
294 BW_BCT_MKTCAL_CUST S_B71_29000016 Define Marketing Journal 
295 BW_BCT_MKTCAL_CUST_F S_B71_29000017 Define HTML Color Codes 
296 BW_BCT_MKTCAL_CUST_P S_B71_29000018 Define Profile Name 
297 BW_BCT_PLM_MCB00 S_B52_73000033 Define Planning Attributes 
298 BW_BCT_PLM_MCB01 S_B52_73000034 Define Planning Scenarios and Budgeting Methods 
299 BW_BCT_PLM_MCB02 S_B52_73000041 Define Planning Application 
300 BW_BCT_PORT_PLANMA01 S_B52_73000040 Define KPI Managing System 
301 BW_BCT_RT_ANALYSIS S_B71_29000065 Adjust Slow Seller Analysis 
302 BW_BCT_RT_AUTH S_B71_29000075 Additional Authorization Checks in Event Processing 
303 BW_BCT_RT_BUDG02 S_B52_73000032 Transfer Budget Type to R/3 
304 BW_BCT_RT_BUDG03 S_B52_73000030 Transport Budget Types 
305 BW_BCT_RT_BUDG05 S_B52_73000031 Reorganize Budget Types 
306 BW_BCT_RT_BUGDKS S_B52_73000025 Define Key Figures 
307 BW_BCT_RT_BUGDLEV S_B52_73000024 Define Budget Levels 
308 BW_BCT_RT_BUGDTY S_B52_73000026 Define Budget Types 
309 BW_BCT_RT_BUGD_ACT S_B52_73000027 Activate Budget Types 
310 BW_BCT_RT_CHAR1 S_B52_73000001 Characteristics 1 of a Markdown Profile 
311 BW_BCT_RT_CHAR2 S_B52_73000002 Characteristics 2 of a Markdown Profile 
312 BW_BCT_RT_CHAR3 S_B52_73000003 Characteristics 3 of a Markdown Profile 
313 BW_BCT_RT_CUST S_B52_73000023 Customize Assortment Definition 
314 BW_BCT_RT_DIMEN S_B52_73000022 Customize Assortment Dimension 
315 BW_BCT_RT_EM01 S_B72_29000003 Define Event 
316 BW_BCT_RT_EM02 S_B72_29000004 Define Event Dimension 
317 BW_BCT_RT_FCAL S_B72_29000009 Determine Factory Calendar for Location Dimensions 
318 BW_BCT_RT_FCMOD S_B72_29000011 Define Forecast Model 
319 BW_BCT_RT_FIF_BPS S_B72_29000005 Influencing Factors of Type BPS Key Figure 
320 BW_BCT_RT_FIF_EV S_B72_29000006 Influencing Factors of Type Event 
321 BW_BCT_RT_FIF_EX S_B72_29000008 Influencing Factors of Type Exit 
322 BW_BCT_RT_FIF_SD S_B72_29000007 Influencing Factors of Type Number of Sales Days 
323 BW_BCT_RT_FREF S_B72_29000010 Reference Application in Forecast 
324 BW_BCT_RT_MAP S_B10_84000021 Set Fiscal Year Variant 
325 BW_BCT_RT_MAP_2 S_B74_36000009 Settings of Comparability Indicator for Stores 
326 BW_BCT_RT_MAP_3 S_B74_36000010 General Settings 
327 BW_BCT_RT_MAP_4 S_B74_36000012 Creation of Virtual Time Hierarchy 
328 BW_BCT_RT_MAP_5 S_B74_36000013 Creation of a Regional Plant Hierarchy 
329 BW_BCT_RT_MAP_6 S_B75_08000006 Settings for Images in Assortment Planning 
330 BW_BCT_RT_MAP_7 S_B75_08000016 Settings for Quota Scale Determination 
331 BW_BCT_RT_POS S_BC9_84000001 POS Data Warehouse Management 
332 BW_BCT_RT_RFCBW S_B52_73000029 Create BW RFC Destinations 
333 BW_BCT_RT_RFCR3 S_B52_73000028 Create ERP RFC Destinations 
334 BW_BCT_RT_RTF_01 S_B73_57000001 General Settings 
335 BW_BCT_RT_RTF_02 S_B73_57000013 Fine Control of Determination of Basic Purchase Prices 
336 BW_BCT_RT_RTF_03 S_BH2_10000020 Define Applications 
337 BW_BCT_RT_RTF_04 S_BH2_10000021 Service Classes for Transformations 
338 BW_BCT_RT_RTF_05 S_B73_57000014 TLOG Settings 
339 BW_BCT_RT_RTF_06 S_B74_36000011 General Mapping of Key Figures in Trade Applications 
340 BW_BCT_RT_RTF_07 S_B74_36000016 Store Transformation Profiles 
341 BW_BCT_RT_SLOW S_B10_84000060 Set Markdown Controlling 
342 BW_BCT_RT_TLOGM_CFG S_B73_57000041 Set Analysis Configuration 
343 BW_BCT_RT_VCAL S_B53_39000004 Customize Article List 
344 BW_BCT_SCM_CPART S_B71_29000074 Determine Selection of InfoProviders 
345 BW_BCT_SRM S_B10_84000018 Vendor Evaluation - Carry out Grouping 
346 BW_BCT_SRM_AMDM S_B52_73000019 Carry out Local Master Data Matching 
347 BW_BCT_SRM_EBP S_B10_84000059 Control Table for EBP Project Success 
348 BW_BCT_SRM_GROUP S_B10_84000020 Vendor Evaluation - Carry out Grouping 
349 BW_BCT_SRM_QUEST S_B52_73000016 Vendor Evaluation - Determine Questionnaire 
350 BW_BCT_SRM_RPCA S_B71_29000004 Carry out SRM Product Category Matching 
351 BW_BCT_SRM_RVEN S_B71_29000003 Carry out SRM Business Partner Matching 
352 BW_BCT_SRM_SYS S_B52_73000015 Vendor Evaluation - Define Questionnaire 
353 BW_BCT_SRM_WEIGH S_B10_84000019 Vendor Evaluation - Carry out Weighting 
354 BW_BCT_TB_01 S_B73_57000011 Make Settings for Analysis of Data for Activity Status Conversion 
355 BW_BCT_TB_02 S_B73_57000012 Edit Limits per Limit Category 
356 BW_BCT_TC_ASSIGN S_B73_57000016 Allocation of User Status to Status Objects 
357 BW_BCT_TC_PORTAL S_B71_29000068 Define Setings for Telecommunication Portal 
358 BW_BCT_TC_UPDATE S_B71_29000069 Define Settings for Update of InfoProviders 
359 BW_BCT_TC_USRSTA S_BH2_10000001 Assign a User Status to Status Objects 
360 BW_BEX_CCMS S_BRA_16000016 Availability Monitoring for Information Broadcasting and BEx Web 
361 BW_BROADCAST1 S_BR9_97000006 Settings for Integration with SAP EP 6.0 
362 BW_BROADCAST2 S_BR9_97000008 Set Standard Web Templates 
363 BW_BROADCAST_MAIL S_BR9_97000007 Set Up Mail Server 
364 BW_BROADCAST_MAILSET S_BRA_16000001 Settings for Distributing E-Mails 
365 BW_BUDGETCMOD S_BR3_49000117 Customer Exit for Assigning Actual Values for Budget Types 
366 BW_BWBEOTYP S_BC6_84000015 Maintain BW Back-End Objects 
367 BW_CACHE S_J16_56000017 Global Cache Settings 
368 BW_CA_BP_DSGEN S_AXA_22000005 Generate DataSource for BW Status Object (Business Partner) 
369 BW_CA_BP_SYSTAT S_AXA_22000003 Display Settings for System Status 
370 BW_CA_BP_USSTAT S_AXA_22000002 Edit Settings for User Status 
371 BW_CONNECT_MSAS S_BR6_50000019 Connection between Microsoft Analysis Services and BW 
372 BW_CONT1_TRANSINF S_ALR_87008509 Activate/Deactivate Update 
373 BW_CONTENTDS_EDIT S_AX6_42000025 Edit DataSources and Application Component Hierarchy 
374 BW_CONTENTDS_TAKEOV S_AX6_42000026 Transfer Business Content DataSources 
375 BW_CONTENT_CIM S_BC5_43000048 Customer-Exit for Group Currency Settings 
376 BW_CONTENT_CIM2 S_BC5_43000049 Definition of Strategic Characteristics 
377 BW_CONTENT_CIM3 S_BC5_43000050 Checking the Uniqueness of Strategic Characteristics 
378 BW_CONTENT_DOCU S_J16_56000036 Settings for Displaying SAP Content Documentation 
379 BW_CONTENT_EANALYTIC S_BC5_43000051 Settings for E-Analytics 
380 BW_CONTENT_PS1 S_BC6_84000012 Residual Order Plan for Plan Version 
381 BW_CONTENT_PS2 S_BC6_84000013 Evaluation for Overall Value 
382 BW_COUNTRY S_BR3_49000023 Limited Country Settings 
383 BW_CTC S_BR9_97000038 Wizard-Based Configuration 
384 BW_CURRENCY_DISPLAY S_J10_96000008 Set Alternative Currency Display 
385 BW_DATAEX_RESTRICT S_AX6_42000027 Limit Authorizations for Extraction 
386 BW_DATAFLOW_CON S_BRA_16000004 Definition and Configuration of Connector 
387 BW_DATAFLOW_RFC S_BRA_16000005 Create RFC Destination 
388 BW_DATAFLOW_RFC1 S_BRA_16000003 Enter RFC Destination 
389 BW_DATAMART_IDOC S_BR3_49000020 Maintain Control Parameters for the data transfer 
390 BW_DB_DBIF S_BR9_97000013 Settings for Database Interfaces 
391 BW_DB_ORA S_BR9_97000014 Settings for Database Interfaces (Oracle) 
392 BW_DELTAQUEUE S_AX7_53000019 Check Delta Queue 
393 BW_DISPLAY_NUMBERS S_J07_15000002 Display of Exceptional Values in a Query Result 
394 BW_DOCUMENT S_BR6_50000026 Manage Documents 
395 BW_DOCUMENT_BADI01 S_BR8_35000007 BAdI: Documents 
396 BW_DOCUMENT_BADI02 S_BR9_97000015 BAdI: Web Item "Individual Document" 
397 BW_DOCUMENT_BADI03 S_BR9_97000016 BAdI: Web Item "List of Documents" 
398 BW_DOCUMENT_BADI04 S_BR9_97000017 BAdI: Maintenance of Text Documents in the Web 
399 BW_DOCUMENT_RFC S_BR6_50000027 Creation of an RFC Destination in the BW System 
400 BW_DOCUMENT_SEARCHS S_BR6_50000028 Creation of a Search Server Relation 
401 BW_DOCUMENT_TREX S_BR8_35000006 Installation of TREX 
402 BW_DOCUMENT_TYPE S_BR6_50000017 Define Repository Type for Documents 
403 BW_DOC_CM S_BR9_97000030 Create a CM Repository for Documents 
404 BW_DOC_CM_REP S_BRA_16000009 Define CM Repository for Displaying Documents 
405 BW_DOC_MIG_CM S_BR9_97000031 Migration of Documents to the CM Repository 
406 BW_DOC_MIG_INFO S_BRA_16000011 More Information: Migration of Documents to the CM Repository 
407 BW_DOC_SEC S_BRA_16000008 Configure BW Security Manager for Documents 
408 BW_DS_DELETE S_BRA_16000024 Activate asynchronous deletion from DataStore objects 
409 BW_DWWB_3.X S_BRA_16000007 Hide 3.x Functions of Data Warehousing Workbench 
410 BW_FISCALYEAR S_BR3_49000008 Maintain fiscal year variant 
411 BW_GENERICDS_DEFINE S_AX6_42000024 Maintain Generic DataSources 
412 BW_HIER_F4 S_BR6_50000015 Set F4 Help and Hierarchies for Time Characteristics/OLAP Settings 
413 BW_IGS S_J16_56000002 Maintain Internet Graphics Server (IGS) Settings 
414 BW_IMG_SERVER S_BR6_50000007 Maintain Internet Transaction Server (ITS) 
415 BW_IMG_WEBREPORT1 S_J07_15000006 Release Function Module for Web-Based Reporting 
416 BW_IMG_WEBREPORT2 S_J07_15000007 Release Function Modules for Using the BEx Browser on the Web 
417 BW_IO_HANA S_KIW_52000003 Settings for Generating SAP HANA Views for InfoProviders 
418 BW_ISET S_BR8_35000011 Settings for InfoSets 
419 BW_KM_BROADCAST S_BR8_35000010 Maintain Knowledge Management Folder for Information Broadcasting 
420 BW_LOGSYSSM30 S_BR3_49000003 Check the name of the logical system 
421 BW_MD_GENERATE S_BR6_50000010 Metadata Generation for DataSources 
422 BW_MON_COLOR S_BR3_49000025 Set Traffic Light Color 
423 BW_MPP S_BRA_16000023 Optimize SID generation for MPP databases 
424 BW_MSAS_02 S_J16_56000010 Create RFC Destinations 
425 BW_MSAS_03 S_J16_56000011 Create MOLAP Database 
426 BW_NLS_CON S_BRA_16000012 Process Near-Line Storage Connection 
427 BW_NUKSNUM S_BR3_49000010 Maintain number range objects 
428 BW_ODS S_J16_56000034 Maintain Runtime Parameters of DataStore Objects 
429 BW_OIP S_BRA_16000020 Basic Configuration for Operational Analytics 
430 BW_OMSL S_BR9_97000005 Set Material Number Display 
431 BW_OPERATIOAL_ANA S_BY3_13000022 Operational Analytics 
432 BW_PERS_ACTIVATE S_BR6_50000021 Activate Personalization in BEx 
433 BW_PLA S_BR9_97000011 Settings for Lock Management 
434 BW_PLA_FB S_BR9_97000018 Release of Function Modules for Formulas 
435 BW_PLA_JCO S_BR9_97000029 Define JCo Destination 
436 BW_PLA_PM S_BR9_97000032 Select Server for Standalone BI Java Applications 
437 BW_PLA_ROLE S_BR9_97000041 Assign Portal Role 
438 BW_PORTAL_CLIENT S_BR9_97000009 Settings for Client 
439 BW_PORTAL_DEST S_BR8_35000012 Create RFC Destination for Portal 
440 BW_PORTAL_EXPBW S_BR8_35000019 Export BW Certificate from BW System 
441 BW_PORTAL_EXPPOR S_BR8_35000023 Export Portal Certificate from Portal 
442 BW_PORTAL_IMPBW S_BR8_35000020 Import BW Certificate into Portal 
443 BW_PORTAL_IMPPOR S_BR8_35000024 Import Portal Certificate into BW System 
444 BW_PORTAL_J2EE S_BR8_35000017 Create RFC Destination in Application Server 
445 BW_PORTAL_MENU S_BR8_35000013 Hide Menu Entry "Publish to Enterprise Portal 5.0" 
446 BW_PORTAL_OVER S_BR8_35000016 Overview: Integration into Portal 
447 BW_PORTAL_PLUG S_BR8_35000027 Import SAP Basis Plug-In into BW System 
448 BW_PORTAL_RM S_BR8_35000025 Set Up BW Document and BW Metadata Repository Manager in Portal 
449 BW_PORTAL_SERV S_BR8_35000009 Maintain Portal Server Settings for Portal 
450 BW_PORTAL_SSO S_BR8_35000018 Maintain Single Sign-On in BW System 
451 BW_PORTAL_SYSTEM S_BR8_35000021 Create BW System in Portal 
452 BW_PORTAL_UM S_BR8_35000022 Configure User Management in the Portal 
453 BW_PORTAL_UMAP S_BR8_35000026 Maintain User Assignment in the Portal 
454 BW_PRECAL S_AB2_38000001 Administrate Precalculation Server 
455 BW_PROCESSCHAIN S_BR6_50000020 Schedule Process Chain Monitoring in the Background 
456 BW_PRO_INDOBJ S_BYB_93000001 Extraction Individual Objects On/Off 
457 BW_RA_ALERTS S_BR8_35000015 Settings for SAP Alerts 
458 BW_RFC_BWCLIENT S_BR8_35000001 Create Destination for Import Post-Processing 
459 BW_RSADMIN S_BR3_49000009 Maintain administration settings 
460 BW_RSADMINCV6 S_BR3_49000040 Threshold Value for Data Loading 
461 BW_RSADMINCV7 S_BR3_49000121 Default settings 
462 BW_RSADMINCV9 S_BR3_49000041 Update Mode for Master Data 
463 BW_RSKC S_BR3_49000001 Maintain permitted extra characters 
464 BW_RSLGMP S_BR3_49000011 Change source system name after transport 
465 BW_RSMAILMON S_BR3_49000019 Test 
466 BW_RSMONMAIL S_BR3_49000018 Maintenance of message receivers 
467 BW_RT_AA_APP S_AX7_68000107 Maintenance of Analytical Applications 
468 BW_RT_AA_METH S_AX7_68000108 Maintenance of Methods for Analytical Applications 
469 BW_RT_AA_QUERY S_AX7_68000106 Maintenance of Queries for Analytical Applications 
470 BW_RT_BESTINITIAL S_AX6_42000022 Stock initialization 
471 BW_RT_BRANCHE S_AX6_42000021 Determine Industry Sector 
472 BW_RT_KOST S_AX8_68000123 Assignment of Retail Objects to Cost Centers 
473 BW_RT_VGSCHLUSSEL S_AX6_42000020 Transaction Key Maintenance for SAP BW 
474 BW_SAPMENU S_BR8_35000028 Determine Initial Menu 
475 BW_SEARCH S_BR9_97000039 Manage BW Metadata Search 
476 BW_SPADPRINT S_BR3_49000007 Printer setup 
477 BW_STANDARD_WEBPAGE S_J10_96000010 Determine Settings for Web Templates (Format SAP BW 3.x) 
478 BW_STANDARD_WEBP_2 S_BR9_97000020 Determine Settings for Web Templates 
479 BW_STANDARD_WEBTEMP S_BR8_35000014 Set Standard Web Templates (Format SAP BW 3.x) 
480 BW_STANDARD_WEBT_2 S_BR9_97000019 Set Standard Web Templates 
481 BW_TCURF S_BR8_35000002 Consider Translation Ratios in Currency Translation 
482 BW_TC_INFOOBJECTS S_BR8_35000004 Activate Conversion of InfoObjects 
483 BW_TLOGO S_BRA_16000022 Create historical TLOGO versions automatically 
484 BW_TREX_BISEARCH S_BR9_97000034 Create RFC Destination for the BW Metadata Search 
485 BW_TREX_DOCU S_BR9_97000035 Create RFC Destination for the Document Search 
486 BW_UDC_CCMS S_BR9_97000004 Install Availability Monitoring for UD Connect in CCMS 
487 BW_UDC_J2EE S_BR9_97000002 AS Java: Set Up RFC Destination for BW System 
488 BW_UDC_RFC S_BR9_97000003 Establish the RFC Destination to the AS Java 
489 BW_UDI_APICON S_BR9_97000027 Connect BW System 
490 BW_UDI_OLAPCON S_BR9_97000025 Configure BW XMLA System 
491 BW_UDI_SDKCON S_BR9_97000028 Configure BI Java SDK 
492 BW_UDI_SYSTEM S_BR9_97000026 Create Connector System in the Portal 
493 BW_UDI_TEST S_BR9_97000024 Test Connection 
494 BW_UDI_USER S_BR9_97000023 Maintain User Assignment in the Portal 
495 BW_UD_CONNECT S_BR8_35000029 Configure Relational BI Java Connectors 
496 BW_UOM S_BR9_97000012 Quantity Conversion: Set Buffer Size 
497 BW_URL_CREATION S_J10_96000009 Specify URLs Created by the Server 
498 BW_VARCMOD S_BR3_49000005 Customer exit for variables 
499 BW_VIRTCMOD S_BR3_49000006 Customer exit for virtual characteristic and key figures 
500 BW_VIRT_BADI S_BRA_16000002 BAdI: Virtual Characteristics and Key Figures in Reporting