SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index B, page 2
IMG Activity - B
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 BADI_PHIN_CUST_LOGIC S_E36_82000159 BAdI: Customer-Specific Functions for Takeover/Handover 
2 BADI_PHIN_DATA_PREPA S_E36_82000160 BAdI: Data Preparation 
3 BADI_PHIN_FILE_EXCHA S_E36_82000161 BAdI: Customer-Specific Modifications to File Content 
4 BADI_PHIN_GET_VALUE_ S_E36_82000162 BAdI: Get Values for Customer Fields 
5 BADI_PHIN_HANDOVER S_E36_82000163 BAdI: Define Customer-Specific Fields in Handover Profile 
6 BADI_PHIN_RELATIONS S_E36_82000165 BAdI: Changing of Object Relationships 
7 BADI_PHIN_STATUS S_E36_82000167 BAdI: Takeover Progress Status 
8 BADI_PHIN_TEMPLATES S_E36_82000168 BAdI: Determination of Copy Reference 
9 BADI_PIC_AUTOXCHGINF S_ALI_97000056 Add-In: Automatic Determination of Material and Quantity for Exchange 
10 BADI_PIC_PREPXCHDATA S_ALI_97000057 Add-In: Prepare PO Data Before Calling Exchange to Create Subitems in PO 
11 BADI_PIQ_OUTPUT S_EBJ_98000409 BAdI: Price List Output 
12 BADI_PIQ_PREPARE S_EBJ_98000394 BAdI: Price Inquiry Preparation 
13 BADI_PIQ_SDPRICELIST S_EBJ_98000408 BAdI: Price List Processing 
14 BADI_PRC_CUSTOM_VIEW S_EBJ_98000214 BAdI: Implement Custom Views 
15 BADI_PRC_VIEW_DETERM S_EBJ_98000215 BAdI: Determine Available Pricing Views 
16 BADI_PRICING_CPF_UI S_EBJ_98000279 BAdI: Handling of CPF Fields in Pricing UI 
17 BADI_PRICING_DIFF_MM S_EBS_44000552 BAdI: Condition Comparison for Differential Billing (Logic) 
18 BADI_PRICING_DIFF_SD S_EBS_44000550 BAdI: Condition Comparison in Differential Billing Documents (Logic) 
19 BADI_PRIC_DIFF_MM_DE S_EBS_44000553 BAdI: Condition Comparison for Differential Billing (Detailed View) 
20 BADI_PRIC_DIFF_SD_DE S_EBS_44000551 BAdI: Condition Comparison in Differential Billing Documents (Detail View) 
21 BADI_PSHLP_GANTT S_EE6_85000127 BAdI: Change of Gantt UI Elements 
22 BADI_PS_CUST_FCODE S_EE6_85000081 BAdI: Addition of Menu Entries 
23 BADI_PS_CUST_PROFILI S_EE6_85000082 BAdI: Change of Field Profiling 
24 BADI_PS_DTE_EXCEPTN S_EE6_85000093 BAdI: Additional Conditions for Dates Exception 
25 BADI_PS_FEEDER_DMR S_EE5_50000271 Feeder Class: Debit Memo Request (DMR) 
26 BADI_PS_FEEDER_SD S_EE5_50000272 Feeder Class: Sales Documents 
27 BADI_PS_HLP_CA_SAVE S_E4E_66000129 Trigger Immediate Database Synchronization 
28 BADI_PS_HLP_CUST S_E4E_66000139 Define Tab Page for Customer Fields 
29 BADI_PS_HLP_DRAFTS_E S_EE6_85000083 BAdI: Check for Draft Existence 
30 BADI_PS_HLP_DRAFT_FI S_E4E_66000146 Define Draft ID 
31 BADI_PS_HLP_DRAFT_UP S_E4E_66000140 Make Settings for Draft Workbench 
32 BADI_PS_HLP_MD_ENTRY S_E4E_66000138 Make Settings for Project Editor 
33 BADI_PS_ODATA_ACTIVI S_E17_83000040 BAdI: Activity OData Services 
34 BADI_PS_ODATA_MLST_C S_E17_83000041 BAdI: Milestone OData Services 
35 BADI_PS_ODATA_WBS_ST S_E17_83000039 BAdI: WBS Element OData Services 
36 BADI_PS_PROJID_CHG S_EE5_50000354 BAdI: Change of Project ID (Project System) 
37 BADI_PS_PROJID_CURR S_EE5_50000372 BAdI: Change of Project Currency (Project System) 
38 BADI_PUR_SALESORDER S_E38_98000117 Business-to-Business for Sales Order Processing 
39 BADI_QNAO_OBJCAT S_E4E_66000135 Business Add-In for Implementing an Object Category 
40 BADI_QOD_QM_NOTIF S_EEI_69000188 BAdI: Extend Data of Gateway Service of Report Quality Issue App 
41 BADI_QOD_QM_NOTIF_MP S_EEI_69000189 BAdI: Extend the Model of the Gateway Service of Report Quality Issue App 
42 BADI_QOD_QM_TASK_DPC S_EEI_69000190 BAdI: Extend the Data of the Gateway Service of My Quality Tasks App 
43 BADI_QOD_QM_TASK_MPC S_EEI_69000191 BAdI: Extend the Model of the Gateway Service of My Quality Tasks App 
44 BADI_QQM_ACT_QTYPE S_EBS_44000450 BAdI: Check of Activity Type for Notification Type 
45 BADI_REBD_AO_CLONE S_EE6_85000092 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Usage Object for Architectural View 
46 BADI_REBD_AO_NUMBER S_EE6_85000090 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Number Assignment 
47 BADI_REBD_CHARACT S_EE6_85000177 Implement Enhancements (BAdI) 
48 BADI_REBP_ACCTASS_DE S_EE6_85000055 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Account Assignment Object for Occupant 
49 BADI_RECA_ADD_TEXT S_EEI_69000176 Implement Enhancements (BAdI) 
50 BADI_RECA_BDT S_EE6_85000058 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): BDT 
51 BADI_RECA_PROCESS S_EE6_85000089 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Control Processes 
52 BADI_RECA_SEARCH_HEL S_EE6_85000199 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Search Help 
53 BADI_REEX_AA_CREATE S_EE6_85000030 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Default Values for Assigned Assets 
54 BADI_REEX_FI_MM_CAPI S_EE6_85000088 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Report on Reserves and Investments 
55 BADI_REEX_FUNC_LOC S_EE6_85000091 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Default Values for Functional Location 
56 BADI_REIS_GENSET S_EE6_85000072 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Set Generation Based on Other Fields 
57 BADI_REIS_PARAM S_EE6_85000071 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Default Values Selection Screen 
58 BADI_REIT_DIST_EXCLU S_EE6_85000031 Exclude Document Items from Input Tax Distribution 
59 BADI_RELM_LR_SEC1 S_EE6_85000115 Land Register Section 1 - Display Additional Fields 
60 BADI_RELM_NOT_ASS_CU S_EE6_85000117 Alternative Currency 
61 BADI_REOR_CASHFLOW S_EEI_69000082 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Price Calculation Outline Agreement 
62 BADI_REOR_COST_DERIV S_EE6_85000056 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Price Derivation 
63 BADI_REOR_RESERVATIO S_EE6_85000057 Reservations 
64 BADI_REOR_SEARCH S_EE6_85000116 RE Search: Offered Objects and Meeting Rooms 
65 BADI_REOR_USER S_EE6_85000173 User as Person Responsible/Occupant 
66 BADI_RERA_CLEARING S_EE6_85000086 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Suppress Clearing 
67 BADI_RERA_TRANSFER_P S_EE6_85000087 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Prevent Object Transfers 
68 BADI_RESC_MSU S_EE6_85000047 Master Settlement Unit 
69 BADI_RESC_SETTLSTEP S_EE6_85000172 Implement Enhancements for SCS Adjustment (BAdI) 
70 BADI_RESR_POSTING S_EE6_85000029 Implement Enhancements (BAdI): Prevent the Posting of Sales-Based Rent 
71 BADI_REXCJP_179_NOT S_P7E_63000048 Notes on Implementation 
72 BADI_REXCJP_179_NOTE S_PRN_53000348 Notes on Implementation 
73 BADI_REXCJP_FORMS179 S_PRN_53000025 BAdI: Maintenance of Forms for Lease-Out Offices in Mega Cities 
74 BADI_REXCJP_PAYMENTR S_PRN_53000042 BAdI: Maintenance of Payment Charges 
75 BADI_REXCJP_PR_NOTE S_PRN_53000347 Notes on Implementation 
76 BADI_REXCJP_SC_BC S_P7E_63000050 Implementation: Credit Posting for Service Charge Settlement 
77 BADI_REXCJP_SC_DC S_P7E_63000051 Implementation: Cost Distribution for SCS 
78 BADI_REXCJP_SC_GC S_P7E_63000049 Implementation: Cost Determination for SCS 
79 BADI_REXC_ES_MOD347 S_EEI_11000006 BAdI: Address Data for Annual Operations Report (Modelo 347) 
80 BADI_REXC_IT_ACROBJ S_EE6_85000120 Implementation: Exclusion of Not Posted Cash Flow Items 
81 BADI_RPLMQIRESULTS S_PRN_53000515 BAdI: Extend Results Recording in Web Application 
82 BADI_RPLM_QI_OBN_CAL S_PRN_53000390 BAdI: Technical Call of Application from Portal 
83 BADI_RPLM_QI_RESULTS S_PRN_53000391 BAdI: Automatic Upload of Results in Results Recording 
84 BADI_SALESAREA_SELEC S_E4A_94000235 Configure Sales Area Selector 
85 BADI_SAPLAD15_RRB_OP S_EBJ_98000251 BAdI: Resource Related Billing Optimization 
86 BADI_SAPLMBME_TKLAS S_EBJ_98000049 BAdI: Defining a Valuation Class for Issuing Stock in Transit 
87 BADI_SCD_ACCTG S_AL0_96000841 Business Add-In for Shipment Cost Account Assignment 
88 BADI_SCD_CREATE S_AL0_96000840 Business Add-In for Creating a Shipment Cost Document 
89 BADI_SCD_CREATE_CHCK S_AL0_96000839 Business Add-In for Checks When Creating a Shipment Cost Document 
90 BADI_SCD_PO_SELECT S_P7D_67000075 Business Add-In for the Purchase Order Item Determination 
91 BADI_SCD_PROCESS_CHK S_AL0_96000838 Business Add-In for Checks During Shipment Cost Processing 
92 BADI_SCD_SAVE S_AL0_96000837 Business Add-In for Saving Shipment Cost Documents 
93 BADI_SCD_TRANSFER S_AL0_96000836 Business Add-In for Transferring Shipment Cost Items 
94 BADI_SDO1_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000069 BAdI: List of Orders Within Time Period (Transaction SDO1) 
95 BADI_SDOC_VIEW_CUS_F S_EX1_23000078 BAdI: Add Pushbutton 
96 BADI_SDOC_WRAPPER S_EX1_23000021 BAdI: Adjust Selection Results 
97 BADI_SDOC_WRAPPER_MA S_EX1_23000071 BAdI: Adjust Selection Results (Mass Access) 
98 BADI_SDQ_PP_INITIAL S_BTD_53000149 BAdI: Access to Data in Reuse Active Area for Search Indexing 
99 BADI_SDQ_PP_SEARCH S_BTD_53000148 BAdI: Search for Data in Reuse Active Area 
100 BADI_SD_CM S_PCO_36000386 BAdI: Connection of SD to SAP Credit Management 
101 BADI_SD_FUNCTION_ACT S_EB5_05000136 Define Additional Checks for Activating SD Functions 
102 BADI_SD_PRS_ITEM S_EB5_05000425 BAdI: Adjust Pricing Date in Sales Item and Billing Item 
103 BADI_SD_REBATES_EHP3 S_E38_98000107 Enhancements for Rebate Processing 
104 BADI_SD_REBATES_IM S_EX1_23000064 BAdI: Enhancements for Rebate Processing (Without Index Table VBOX) 
105 BADI_SD_REF_DOC_CUST S_E4A_94000246 BAdI: Enhancements for Determining Reference Documents 
106 BADI_SD_SALES_CHECK_ S_EB5_05000193 BAdI: Process List of Reference Documents for Copying 
107 BADI_SD_UPDATE_PLVAL S_EB5_05000685 BAdI: Update Planned Values of Sales Orders 
108 BADI_SD_VPRS_UPDATE S_EB5_05000361 Control Cost Update 
109 BADI_SELSCREEN S_ALI_97000023 Handle Custom Selection 
110 BADI_SET_CONT_DET S_E17_83000033 BAdI: Modify Contact Details for My Contacts 
111 BADI_SLSLOOIF_RECSLN S_EB5_05000620 Customize a Document Line in List of Last Sales 
112 BADI_SLSPRSCPI_S_WBS S_EB5_05000606 BAdI: Customize Standard WBS Element 
113 BADI_SLS_BIL_PAYSP S_EB5_05000473 BAdI: Customize Service Data for Payment Transactions 
114 BADI_SLS_CCARD_AUTH S_EBS_44000038 BAdI: Define Authorization for Payment Cards 
115 BADI_SLS_DOC1_BILLBL S_E4A_94000227 BAdI for Sales Documents Blocked for Billing 
116 BADI_SLS_DOC1_DLVBLO S_E4A_94000228 BAdI for Sales Documents Blocked for Delivery 
117 BADI_SLS_DOC1_EXPDOC S_E4A_94000229 BAdI for Expiring Sales Documents 
118 BADI_SLS_DOC1_INCDOC S_E4A_94000230 BAdI for Incomplete Sales Documents 
119 BADI_SLS_HEAD_SCR_CU S_EB5_05000246 BAdI: Provide Additional Tabs (Document Header) 
120 BADI_SLS_ITEM_DIRECT S_EB5_05000272 BAdI: Integration of External Third-Party Order Planning 
121 BADI_SLS_ITEM_SCR_CU S_EB5_05000247 BAdI: Provide Additional Tabs (Document Item) 
122 BADI_SLS_LOOIF_ESTLN S_EB5_05000616 Customize a User Status Line 
123 BADI_SLS_LOOIF_ISTL S_EB5_05000617 Customize System Status List 
124 BADI_SLS_LOOIF_ISTLN S_EB5_05000618 Customize a System Status Line 
125 BADI_SLS_LOOIF_RECSL S_EB5_05000619 Customize List of Last Sales 
126 BADI_SLS_LO_ITEMLISP S_EB5_05000204 Customize Item List with Scroll Function 
127 BADI_SLS_LO_OIFCAUTL S_EB5_05000243 Customize List of Authorizations for Payment Cards 
128 BADI_SLS_LO_OIFFPLTL S_EB5_05000230 Customize List of Billing Plans 
129 BADI_SLS_LO_OIFFPL_L S_EB5_05000331 Customize Line in a Billing Plan 
130 BADI_SLS_LO_OIFILINE S_EB5_05000338 Customize Sales Item Line 
131 BADI_SLS_LO_OIFPARTL S_EB5_05000332 Customize Partner Line 
132 BADI_SLS_LO_OIFREPIL S_EB5_05000333 Customize Line in a Repair Order Item 
133 BADI_SLS_LO_OIFREPOH S_EB5_05000210 Customize Form for Repair Order Header 
134 BADI_SLS_LO_OIFREPOL S_EB5_05000211 Customize List of Repair Order Items 
135 BADI_SLS_LO_OIFSLINF S_EB5_05000212 Customize Form for Schedule Lines 
136 BADI_SLS_LO_OIFSLINL S_EB5_05000213 Customize List of Schedule Lines 
137 BADI_SLS_LO_OIFSLLIN S_EB5_05000334 Customize Line in a Schedule Line 
138 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_CAUT S_EB5_05000328 Customize Line in a Payment Card Authoriziation 
139 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_CCAR S_EB5_05000205 Customize Line for Credit Cards 
140 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_CC_L S_EB5_05000329 Customize Line for a Credit Card 
141 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_COND S_E4A_94000166 Customize Condition Processing 
142 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_CO_L S_EB5_05000330 Customize Line in a Condition 
143 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_DFLI S_EB5_05000613 Customize a Document Line in Document Flow 
144 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_DFLO S_EB5_05000614 Customize Structure in Document Flow 
145 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_ENTR S_EB5_05000108 Specify Default Data for Initial Screen 
146 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_ESTL S_EB5_05000615 Customize User Status List 
147 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_FOUP S_EB5_05000426 BAdI: Define Follow-Up Activities for Configurable Sales UI 
148 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_FPMV S_EB5_05000109 Define Configuration Variant 
149 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_HEAD S_EB5_05000110 Customize Form for Header Data 
150 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_IDR S_E4A_94000167 Customize Identification Region 
151 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_ITEM S_EB5_05000111 Customize Form for Item Data 
152 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_ITLI S_EB5_05000112 Customize List of Sales Items 
153 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_LPAY S_EB5_05000476 Customize Form for Payment Service Provider 
154 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_MAIN S_E4A_94000168 Configure Navigation and Visibility 
155 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_PARF S_EB5_05000113 Customize Form for Partner Data 
156 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_PARL S_EB5_05000114 Customize List of Partners 
157 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_PART S_E4A_94000169 Edit Partner(s) 
158 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_SEAM S_EB5_05000115 Customize Result List for Material Search 
159 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_TEXT S_E4A_94000170 Configure Text Processing 
160 BADI_SLS_LO_OIF_VEDA S_EB5_05000244 Customize Form for Contract Data 
161 BADI_SLS_OIFADD_URLP S_EB5_05000347 Preassign Additional URL Parameters 
162 BADI_SLS_OIFCDOCS_LI S_EB5_05000654 Customize List of Change Documents 
163 BADI_SLS_OIFCDOCS_LN S_EB5_05000655 Customize Line in Change Document 
164 BADI_SLS_OIF_CCARLIS S_EB5_05000340 Customize Credit Card List 
165 BADI_SLS_OIF_CONDLIS S_EB5_05000339 Customize Item List of Conditions 
166 BADI_SLS_PRS_CONV_PR S_EB5_05000430 BAdI: Define Conversion for Work Period 
167 BADI_SMI_PROFILE S_E4E_66000063 BAdI: Additional Actions During SMI Profile Maintenance 
168 BADI_SSC_AGGR_OBJ S_BTD_53000170 BAdI: Split Criteria for Automatic Service Request Creation 
169 BADI_SSC_MDG_INT S_EBI_19000008 BAdI: Integration of SSF and MDG 
170 BADI_SSC_MDG_INT_2 S_E7B_95000004 BAdI: Integration of SSF and MDG 
171 BADI_SSC_MDG_INT_21 S_E7B_95000009 BAdI: Integration of SSF and MDG 
172 BADI_SW_DO_ASSIGNMEN S_EB5_05000282 BAdI: Define Assignment Rule for Field in Result List 
173 BADI_SW_SELECTION_SE S_EB5_05000283 BAdI: Define Selection Sequence 
174 BADI_S_AUT_CONV S_YI2_53000006 BAdI: Conversion of Contents for Evaluation 
175 BADI_S_PCO_CONV_DATA S_YI3_39000016 Conversion of Values with Unknown SQL Data Type 
176 BADI_TBA_DCS_DYN_PER S_BRK_62000005 BAdI: Period Determination Methods 
177 BADI_TBA_DCS_FWD_DYN S_P4S_79000019 BAdI: Period Determination Methods for Commodity Forward Index 
178 BADI_TM_INVOICE S_EBJ_98000077 BAdI: Invoice Print Preview Integration with TM 
179 BADI_TYPE_CUST S_L1B_76000021 BAdI: Visible POWL Types 
180 BADI_USMD_SEARCH S_BTD_53000200 BAdI: Search of Entities 
181 BADI_VA05_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000035 BAdI: List of Sales Documents (transaction VA05) 
182 BADI_VA15_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000076 BAdI: List of Inquiries (Transaction VA15) 
183 BADI_VA25_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000070 BAdI: List of Quotations (Transaction VA25) 
184 BADI_VA45_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000077 BAdI: List of Contracts (Transaction VA45) 
185 BADI_VB_BD_SELECTION S_AC0_52000362 BAdI: Preselection of Batches Within Batch Determination 
186 BADI_VIEW S_ALI_97000024 Handle Custom Workbench Tree Functions 
187 BADI_WBS_SD_LINKS S_EE5_50000356 BAdI: Filter of Sales Document Items Linked to WBS Elements 
188 BADI_WOD1 S_AL0_96000571 Enhancements for Online Planning 
189 BADI_WOD2 S_AL0_96000572 Worklist for Online Planning in the Planning Workbench 
195 BADI_WTY_RCL_PROC S_EE7_66000003 BAdI: Override for Default Warranty Recall Processing 
196 BADI_XLO_CORR_ACTION S_ALI_97000042 BAdI: Corrections in Transit Process 
197 BADI_XLO_PLANT_DET S_ALI_97000006 BAdI: External Plant and Logical System for Goods Recipient 
198 BADI_XLO_STATUS_DET S_ALI_97000041 BAdI: Status of Delivery in Transit Process 
199 BAD_F_SHP_DELDUE_EXT S_EB5_05000589 Feeder Enhancement: Sales Documents Due for Delivery 
200 BAD_F_SHP_DELIVERIES S_EB5_05000591 Feeder Class: Outbound Deliveries 
201 BAD_F_SHP_DELIVR_EXT S_EB5_05000590 Feeder Enhancement: Outbound Deliveries 
202 BAD_F_SHP_POSTGI_EXT S_EB5_05000593 Feeder Enhancement: Outbound Deliveries for Goods Issue 
203 BAD_F_SHP_TOCONF_EXT S_EB5_05000594 Feeder Enhancement: Transfer Orders for Confirmation 
204 BAD_F_SLS_CONFCH_EXT S_EB5_05000596 Feeder Enhancement: Confirmed Change for Date/Quantity 
205 BAD_F_SLS_DLVBLC_EXT S_EB5_05000597 Feeder Enhancement: Delivery-Blocked Sales Documents 
206 BAD_F_SLS_DLVDAT_EXT S_EB5_05000599 Feeder Enhancement: Sales Documents Due for Delivery 
207 BAD_F_SLS_EXPDOC_EXT S_EB5_05000600 Feeder Enhancement: Expiring SD Documents 
208 BAD_F_SLS_INCDOC_EXT S_EB5_05000601 Feeder Enhancement: Incomplete Sales Documents 
209 BAD_F_SLS_LAST_N_EXT S_EB5_05000603 Feeder Enhancement: List of Last SD Documents 
210 BANK_HANDELSPLATZ S_KK4_13000327 Define Exchange 
211 BAPI_FSBP_TC_DELETE S_KBI_80000358 BAdI for TotalCommitment.ItemsDeleteMultiple 
212 BAPI_FSBP_TC_READ S_KBI_80000356 BAdI for TotalCommitment.GetDetail 
213 BAPI_FSBP_TC_WRITE S_KBI_80000357 BAdI for TotalCommitment.ItemsCreateMultiple 
214 BARCODE S_ALR_87008522 Maintain Bar Code Entry for Logistics Invoice Verification 
215 BARCODECANNER S_ALR_87008524 Maintain Bar Code Entry for Logistics Invoice Verification 
216 BARWERTARTEN S_ALR_87007809 Define Price/NPV Type 
217 BARWERT_OTC S_ALR_87008531 Enter Net Present Values 
218 BASE_OBJ_GROUP S_P9C_18000043 Create Base Object Groups 
219 BASICTAX_BUS.PROC. S_AEC_66000340 Define Business Process Type 
220 BASICTAX_FISC_CODE S_AEC_66000341 Maintain Tax Fiscal Code 
221 BASICTAX_INCOTERMS S_AEC_66000339 Define Incoterms 
222 BASICTAX_PPRIC_PROC. S_AEC_66000342 Assign Tax Calculation Procedure 
223 BASICTAX_PROCEDURE S_AEC_66000451 Assign Tax Procedure 
224 BASICTAX_TAX_EVENT S_AEC_66000328 Define Tax Event 
225 BASIC_BUS_PROC_TYPE S_AEC_66000425 Assign Tax From and Tax To Role to Business Process Type 
226 BASIC_TAX_RATE S_AEC_66000427 Define Tax Rate ID 
227 BASIS_TEST S_P99_41000091  
228 BAV_ANZEIGEN S_ALR_87004132 Define BAV Stock Indicators 
229 BA_CA_CO_ESENDC S_PEN_05000113 Define Dispatch Control 
230 BA_CA_CO_VC_TFK070D S_PEN_05000110 Define Correspondence Types 
231 BA_CA_CO_V_TFK070M S_PEN_05000111 Define Correspondence Roles 
232 BA_CA_CO_V_TFK070_A S_PEN_05000112 Configure Address Determination 
233 BA_CA_GL_KONTEN S_KK4_13000331 Define and Check GL Accounts in BCA 
234 BA_CA_VTBKKI_VDAT S_AEN_10000872 Define Limits for Value Date 
235 BA_CA_V_TBKK_SCRN_FL S_AEN_10000983 Define Field Labels 
236 BBPC_RFC_DEST S_PCO_36000374 Definition of RFC Connections for Resource-Related Billing 
237 BBP_COND_MAPPING S_E4A_94000092 Assignment of Conditions 
238 BBP_CTRL_EXT_PROC S_AX7_68000274 Control External Procurement 
239 BBP_CTR_BADI S_AX7_68000283 Change Contracts and Conditions 
240 BBP_CTR_INIT_UP_PI   BAdI for Initial Upload of R/3 Contracts to SRM 
241 BBP_ES_ADDITIONALDAT S_EB5_05000319 BAdI: Add Customizing Data to Data Extractor 
242 BBP_ES_CHANGE_DATA S_P7D_67000295 BAdI: Allow Changing the Value of Certain Fields 
243 BBP_ES_CONDMAP S_EB5_05000293 Assign Condition Types 
244 BBP_ES_DOWNLOAD_XML S_EB5_05000320 BAdI: Download XML Files to Different Location 
245 BBP_ES_EXT_EXTRACT S_EB5_05000318 Notes on Implementation 
246 BBP_ES_REMOVE_DATA S_P7D_67000296 BAdI: Allow Removing Data from the Data Extractor 
247 BBP_ES_SETTINGS S_EB5_05000291 Make Settings for Integration with SAP Sourcing 
248 BBP_EXTREQ_OUT_BADI S_AX7_68000276 Edit Outgoing Requirements 
249 BBP_PO_INBOUND_BADI S_AX7_68000277 Change Incoming Purchase Orders 
250 BBP_PRICE_CALC S_E4A_94000093 Price Calculation 
251 BBP_PROFILE_DET_EXIT S_AX7_68000275 Define Profiles 
252 BBP_PROFILE_EXT_PROC S_AX7_68000273 Maintain Profiles for External Procurement 
253 BCA_BKK_FTD S_P7F_76000069 BAdI: Enhancement for Fixed-Term Deposits 
254 BCA_US_STD_FND_REF S_PLN_16000134 Reference Holds Maintenance 
255 BCA_V_T100C S_P7F_76000078 Change Message Control 
256 BCA_V_TBKK_PAYNT_OFF S_P7F_76000058 Assign Offsetting Payment Notes Categories 
257 BCA_V_TBKK_PAYNT_TYP S_P7F_76000057 Define Payment Notes Categories 
258 BCDIGSI_ADMIN S_BCE_68000273 Maintaining the System's Security Information 
259 BCDIGSI_SSO2ADM S_BIO_23000010 Workplace Single Sign-On Administration 
260 BCIDM_BGRFCDEST S_L1A_49000013 Create bgRFC Destination 
261 BCIDM_HTTPDEST_PROD S_L1A_49000015 Create HTTP Destination to Productive Identity Store 
262 BCIDM_HTTPDEST_STAG S_L1A_49000014 Create HTTP Destination to Staging Area 
263 BCIDM_INTEG_CUST S_L1A_49000016 Specify Destinations to Use for SAP NetWeaver IdM Integration 
264 BCSEC_STRUST_CRL S_YI3_39000109 Define Profiles for Certificate Revocation Lists 
265 BCSRVCAL_EINGANG S_B5A_57000013 Activate Inbound Processing for Appointment Responses 
266 BCS_FMAVC_ADD_LINES S_AEN_10000068 BAdI: Add Additional Lines for Availability Control Checks 
267 BCS_FMAVC_EVENT S_AEN_10000071 BAdI: Define Mail Recipient for Availability Control Check 
268 BCS_FMCEHISDEL S_AEN_10000069 Delete Change Log for Cover Eligibility 
269 BCS_VC_FMPEP_CUST S_AEN_10000278 Define Layout for Multiple Budget Entry 
270 BCS_V_FMAVCLDGRMAINT S_AEN_10000059 Maintain Customer-Specific Ledger for Availability Check 
271 BCS_V_FMCECDACT S_AEN_10000078 Activate Change Log for Cover Eligibility 
272 BCV_C_SRCH_PRV S_BTD_53000122 Define Search Technology 
273 BCV_DEL_SSHOT S_BTD_53000112 Delete Snapshots 
274 BCV_MIGRATION S_BTD_53000168 Migrate Data from PCV to BCV 
275 BCV_QCACHE S_BTD_53000180 Maintain Query Cache 
276 BCV_QCACHE_DELETE S_BTD_53000119 Delete Query Cache 
277 BCV_QDISPATCHER S_BTD_53000172 Maintain Query Dispatcher 
278 BCV_TEST_QUERY S_BTD_53000117 Test BCV Queries 
279 BCV_TEST_SEARCHCON S_BTD_53000118 Test Search Connectors 
280 BCV_V_HITS S_BTD_53000182 Define Max. Number of Hits Received from Data Provision Technologies 
281 BCV_V_SSHOTS S_BTD_53000111 Define Snapshot Parameters 
282 BC_ACTIVATE S_GR4_71000110 Activate Business Configuration (BC) Sets 
283 BC_ADK_ARCH_PARAM S_BIE_59000228 Cross-Archiving Object Customizing 
284 BC_ADK_ARC_USR S_BIE_59000227 Archiving Object-Specific Customizing 
285 BC_ADK_ROUTING S_BCE_68002181 Archive Routing 
286 BC_ADK_ROUT_BADI S_BCE_68002213 BAdI: Archive Routing 
287 BC_ARCH_DAS S_BCE_68002074 Configuration of XML DAS 
288 BC_ARCH_XHOME S_BCE_68002075 Customizing of Home Paths 
289 BC_ILM_DA S_L1A_49000004 Data Archiving 
290 BC_ILM_IRM_CUST S_L1A_49000005 IRM Object Customizing 
291 BC_ILM_LCM_001 S_YI3_39000063 Register E-Discovery Selection Programs 
292 BC_ILM_LRM_CUST S_L1A_49000018 IRM Object Customizing 
293 BC_INS_IMG_SAA S_B9R_99000001 Installation Follow-Up Work 
294 BC_RRR_IMG_SAA S_B9R_99000002 Regular Administration Tasks 
295 BC_SECPOL S_BIN_67000045 Create Security Policies 
296 BC_SET_ACTIVATION S_GR4_71000111 Activate Business Configuration (BC) Sets 
297 BC_SYNC_HOME_PATH S_BCE_68002076 Synchronization of Home Paths for XML-Based Archiving 
298 BDCP_BEFORE_WRITE S_BCE_68001581 Reduce Change Pointers for Message Type 
299 BDCP_MIGRATION S_BCE_68001610 Migrate Change Pointers into the New Repository 
300 BDS_SBDSV1 S_BIE_59000178 Maintain Assignment of Business Objects to Document Classes 
301 BDS_SBDSV2 S_BIE_59000179 Maintain Storage Categories 
302 BDS_SBDSV3 S_BIE_59000180 Maintain Business Document Service class names 
303 BD_MIB_WF_ADD_COMMNT S_BTD_53000097 BAdI: Add comment to workflow item 
304 BD_MIB_WF_GET_COMMNT S_BTD_53000098 BAdI: Get comment for workflow item 
305 BD_SRM_ECM_NODENAME S_YI2_53000001 BAdI: Restrict Node Name 
306 BD_SRM_ECM_NODENAME1 S_SI2_16000005 BAdI: Restrict Node Name 
307 BD_SRM_ECM_RM_ATTR S_YI2_53000002 BAdI: Set Records Management Attribute 
308 BD_SRM_ECM_RM_ATTR1 S_SI2_16000006 BAdI: Set Records Management Attribute 
309 BED_WPBEZ_UMSCHLUESS S_ALR_87007854 Define Meaning of Securities ID Number 
310 BENEFITS_CA_CE_000 S_PLN_16000387 Distribution of Person-Related Wage Types 
311 BENEFITS_CA_CE_001 S_PLN_16000388 Set Up Distribution Basis for Wage Types 
312 BENEFITS_CA_CE_002 S_PLN_16000389 Set Up Distribution Rules for Wage Types 
313 BENEFITS_CA_CE_004 S_PLN_16000390 Assign Distribution Rule and Target Wage Type to a Source Wage Type 
314 BENEFITS_CA_CE_005 S_PLN_06000426 Deselect "Copy infotype" for Benefits-Related Infotypes 
315 BENEFITS_US_CE_000 S_PLN_16000391 Distribution of Person-Related Wage Types 
316 BENEFITS_US_CE_001 S_PLN_16000392 Set Up Distribution Basis for Wage Types 
317 BENEFITS_US_CE_002 S_PLN_16000393 Set Up Distribution Rules for Wage Types 
318 BENEFITS_US_CE_004 S_PLN_16000394 Assign Distribution Rule and Target Wage Type to a Source Wage Type 
319 BENEFITS_US_CE_005 S_PLN_06000425 Deselect "Copy infotype" for Benefits-Related Infotypes 
320 BENUTZERDATEN S_ALR_87007933 Define User Data 
321 BEN_00_AD_ADJM_10 S_AHR_61016562 Overview of Adjustment Permissions 
322 BEN_00_AD_ADJM_12 S_ALN_01000167 Define Benefit Personnel Adjustment Reasons 
323 BEN_00_AD_ADJM_13 S_ALN_01000168 Assign Personnel Adjustment Reasons 
324 BEN_00_AD_DBEL_01 S_AL0_96000022 Define Family Member Groupings 
325 BEN_00_AD_DBEL_02 S_AL0_96000023 Define Dependent Eligibility Rule Variants 
326 BEN_00_AD_DBEL_03 S_AL0_96000024 Define Dependent Eligibility Rules 
327 BEN_00_AD_DBEL_04 S_AL0_96000025 Define Beneficiary Eligibility Rule Variants 
328 BEN_00_AD_DBEL_05 S_AL0_96000026 Define Beneficiary Eligibility Rules 
329 BEN_00_AD_DBEL_06 S_AL0_96000027 Assign Eligibility Rule Variant to Plan 
330 BEN_00_AD_FORM_02 S_AHR_61011741 Copy Templates in BDS 
331 BEN_00_AD_FORM_03 S_AHR_61011742 Modify Templates 
332 BEN_00_AD_FORM_04 S_AHR_61011743 Assign Templates to Form Types 
333 BEN_00_AD_STND_08 S_AHR_61016560 Overview of Standard Selections 
334 BEN_00_AD_ZIPC_01 S_AHR_61011739 Define Zip Code Groups 
335 BEN_00_AD_ZIPC_02 S_AHR_61011740 Assign Zip Codes to Groups 
336 BEN_00_BE_TOOL_07 S_AHR_61011747 Currency Conversion of Infotypes 
337 BEN_00_BE_TOOL_08 S_AHR_61016563 Copy Benefit Plan 
338 BEN_00_BE_TOOL_09 S_AHR_61016565 Delete Benefit Plan 
339 BEN_00_CE_000 S_PLN_16000148 Distribution of Person-Related Wage Types 
340 BEN_00_CE_001 S_PLN_16000149 Set Up Distribution Basis for Wage Types 
341 BEN_00_CE_002 S_PLN_16000150 Set Up Distribution Rules for Wage Types 
342 BEN_00_CE_004 S_PLN_16000151 Assign Distribution Rule and Target Wage Type to a Source Wage Type 
343 BEN_00_CN_FORM_03 S_AHR_61011744 Copy Templates in BDS 
344 BEN_00_CN_FORM_04 S_AHR_61011745 Modify Templates 
345 BEN_00_CN_FORM_05 S_AHR_61011746 Assign Templates to Form Types 
346 BEN_00_CN_PARA_02 S_AL0_96000017 Choose COBRA Spending Accounts 
347 BEN_00_CN_PARA_07 S_AL0_96000019 Define Additional Qualified Beneficiary Subtypes 
348 BEN_00_ES_PARA_01 S_AHR_61019254 Set ESS Parameters 
349 BEN_00_ES_SEAR_01 S_AHR_61019259 Assign Physician Search Information to Provider 
350 BEN_00_ES_URLS_01 S_AHR_61019255 Define URLs 
351 BEN_00_ES_URLS_02 S_AHR_61019256 Assign URLs to Benefit Plan Types 
352 BEN_00_ES_URLS_03 S_AHR_61019257 Assign URLs to Benefit Plans 
353 BEN_00_ES_URLS_04 S_AHR_61019258 Assign URLs to Investments 
354 BEN_00_PA_HEAL_05 S_AL0_96000028 Define Minimum and Maximum Number of Dependents 
355 BEN_00_PC_SAVE_12 S_AHR_61019253 Define Benefit Equivalent Service 
356 BEN_CA_CE_000 S_PLN_16000360 Distribution of Person-Related Wage Types 
357 BEN_CA_CE_001 S_PLN_16000362 Set Up Distribution Basis for Wage Types 
358 BEN_CA_CE_002 S_PLN_16000364 Set Up Distribution Rules for Wage Types 
359 BEN_CA_CE_004 S_PLN_16000366 Assign Distribution Rule and Target Wage Type to a Source Wage Type 
360 BEN_US_CE_000 S_PLN_16000359 Distribution of Person-Related Wage Types 
361 BEN_US_CE_001 S_PLN_16000361 Set Up Distribution Basis for Wage Types 
362 BEN_US_CE_002 S_PLN_16000363 Set Up Distribution Rules for Wage Types 
363 BEN_US_CE_003 S_PLN_16000368 Assign Distribution Rule and Target Wage Type to a Source Wage Type 
364 BER.GRUPPE S_ALR_87007831 Define Authorization Group for Financial Transactions 
365 BERECHTIGUNGEN S_ALR_87007937 Define Authorization Profiles (by Roles) 
366 BERECHTIGUNGSGRUPPE S_ALR_87099664 Define Authorization Group for Transactions 
367 BERI-0001 S_KK4_74001151 Define Report Tree 
368 BERI-0002 S_KK4_74001150 Delete country-specific reports from report tree 
369 BERICHTSARTDEAK S_PLN_16000318 Deactivate Report Types 
370 BERICHTSAUSWAHL_DE S_ALR_87007393 Structure Report Selection 
371 BERICHTSAUSWAHL_DL S_ALR_87004243 Structure Report Selection 
372 BERICHTSAUSWAHL_FX S_ALR_87007830 Structure Report Selection 
373 BERICHTSAUSWAHL_MM S_ALR_87007837 Structure Report Selection 
374 BERICHTSAUSWAHL_MRM S_ALR_87007835 Structure Report Selection 
375 BERICHTSAUSWAHL_WP S_ALR_87004069 Structure Report Selection 
376 BERICHTSDATENSPEICH S_KK4_13000332 Manage Number Ranges for Report Data Memory Run Numbers 
377 BESCHAFTSTATUS_GP S_ALR_87009541 Define Employment Status 
378 BESCHAFTSTATUS_GP_I S_ALR_87009573 Define Employment Status 
379 BESTAND_TPM61 S_PLN_62000772 Transfer Data for Positions 
380 BESTAND_TPM62 S_PLN_62000776 Reverse Data Transfer for Positions 
381 BETAFAK_PFLEGEN S_ALR_87008533 Enter Beta Factors 
382 BEWARTALTZUBEWNEU S_ALR_87009294 Assign Transaction Flow Types to Securities Flow Types 
383 BEWARTENGESCHAEFTWP S_ALR_87009293 Define Flow Types 
384 BEWARTZUORDNUNGWP S_ALR_87009295 Assign Flow Types to Transaction Type 
385 BEWEGARTEN_BEARBTYP S_KFM_86000051 Assign Flow Types to Processing Category 
386 BEWEGARTEN_ZEBEARBT S_KFM_86000029 Assign Flow Types to Processing Category 
387 BEWEGUNGSARTEN_DE S_ALR_87007444 Define Flow Types 
388 BEWEGUNGSARTEN_DEF S_ALR_87007364 Define Flow Types 
389 BEWEGUNGSARTEN_FX S_ALR_87007904 Define Flow Types 
390 BEWEGUNGSARTEN_GH S_ALR_87007874 Define Flow Types 
391 BEWEGUNGSARTEN_ZUORD S_ALR_87007357 Assign Flow Types to Flow Categories 
392 BEWEGUNGSARTPARA S_KA5_12000521 Define Movement Type Parameters 
393 BEWEGUNGSARTPARAMETE S_KA5_12000559 Define Movement Type Parameters 
394 BEWEGUNGSARTZUORDNG S_ALR_87007871 Assign Flow Types to Transaction Type 
395 BEWEGUNGSART_DE S_ALR_87007496 Assign Flow Types to Transaction Type 
396 BEWEGUNGSART_FX S_ALR_87007862 Assign Flow Types to Transaction Type 
397 BEWEGUNG_TBB1 S_PLN_62000777 Flag Flows as Posted 
398 BEWEGUNG_TBB3 S_PLN_62000778 Flag Flows as Reversed 
399 BEWERTG_DE S_ALR_87007414 Assign General Valuation Class 
400 BEWERTG_GH S_ALR_87007850 Assign General Valuation Class 
401 BEWERTUNGSBEREICH S_KP6_83000001 Define Valuation Areas 
402 BEWERTUNGSKLASSEN S_KP6_83000004 Define and Assign Valuation Classes 
403 BEWERT_FX S_ALR_87007841 Assign General Valuation Class 
404 BEWERT_SE S_PLN_62000779 Enter Valuation Area Independent Data for Securities 
405 BEWPRINZ_DE S_ALR_87007838 Define One-Step Valuation Principles 
406 BEZIEHUNGSART_GP S_ALR_87009532 Define Relationship Types 
407 BF11 S_E4A_94000186 Activate Local ATP Check 
408 BF_STATUSSCHEME S_KFM_86000022 Define Status Profiles 
409 BGRFC_CONFIG_DOC S_BIN_67000043 bgRFC Configuration Notes 
410 BGRFC_CUST_O_DST S_BIN_67000033 Destination-Specific Settings (Outbound) 
411 BGRFC_CUST_SUPER S_BIN_67000035 Create Supervisor Destination 
412 BGRFC_SCHED_CONFIG S_BIN_67000032 Configure bgRFC Scheduler 
413 BIC_ADDITIONAL_DATA S_AC0_52000127 Business Add-In: Additional Data/Columns 
414 BIC_FOLLOW_UP_ACTION S_AC0_52000184 BAdI: Follow-Up Actions in the Batch Information Cockpit 
415 BIC_SELECTION S_AC0_52000185 BAdI: Selection Enhancement in the Batch Information Cockpit 
416 BILL_NUMBER S_PEN_05000129 Bill Number 
417 BIL_ODP_MC13VD0HDR S_EBS_44000331 Adjust ODP Data for Header Data (MC13VD0HDR) 
418 BIL_ODP_MC13VD0ITM S_EBS_44000332 Adjust ODP Data for Item Data (MC13VD0ITM) 
419 BIL_ODP_MC13VD0KON S_EBS_44000333 Adjust ODP Data for Conditions (MC13VD0KON) 
420 BIW21 S_AX6_42000036 Enhance InfoSource with Transaction Data 
421 BIW32 S_AX6_42000035 Enhance Attributes 
422 BIW33   Enhance Texts 
423 BIW34   Enhance Hierarchies 
424 BIW45 S_ALR_87099855 Connect Information Structures 
425 BIW5   Maintain Control Parameters for Data Transfer 
426 BIW51 S_ALR_87099852 Plant view 
427 BIW52 S_ALR_87099853 Warehouse View 
428 BIW6 S_ALR_87099857 Modify Product Hierarchies for Transfer into SAP BW 
429 BIW61 S_ALR_87099849 Maintain Statistics Group Material 
430 BIW62 S_ALR_87099851 Assign Update Group 
431 BIW65 S_ALR_87099854 MRP View 
432 BIW66 S_ALR_87099850 Change statistics currency for each sales organization 
433 BIW91 S_ALR_87099858 Generate Transfer Structure for Totals Table 
434 BIW92 S_ALR_87099860 Create InfoSource for Ledger 
435 BIW_ECCS01 S_AX6_42000001 Create Customizing for Extractors in Consolidation 
436 BKK_BADI_BP_CONN S_P7F_76000105 BAdI: Adjust Business Partner Connections 
437 BLA BLAS S_KK4_82000017 Bla Bla 
438 BL_TFIBLOGROUP_DC S_ALR_87015284 Define Payment Combination Indicators 
439 BL_T_FI08 S_P00_07000056 Distribute Banks 
440 BL_VTFIBLOGROUP_ DC S_ALR_87015170 Define Payment Combination Indicators 
441 BL_VTFIBLORIGINC_DC S_ALR_87015171 Define Origin Indicators 
442 BL_V_T100C S_ABA_72000091 Change Message Control 
443 BL_V_TFIBLORIGINC_DC S_ALR_87015285 Enter Origin Indicators 
444 BNK_ALERT_IMPL S_PR0_40000130 BAdI: Implementation for Alert Categories 
445 BNK_BADI_UI_ENHANCE S_EBJ_98000281 BAdI: Additional Fields for BNK_MONI and BNK_APP 
446 BNK_BATCH_GROUPING S_E4A_94000132 BAdI for Additional Grouping Criteria 
447 BNK_BNK_COM_REL01 S_ACR_23000643 Define Release Procedure 
448 BNK_CPON_ENHANCE S_EBJ_98000280 BAdI: Enhancement of Enterprise Service CPON 
449 BNK_ELSIG_03 S_PR0_40000017 Specify Signature Method for Approval Using Simple Signature 
450 BNK_ELSIG_BASIS S_PR0_40000016 Define Basis settings 
451 BNK_ERR_FILE_CR_IMPL S_PR0_40000193 BAdI: Actions after Error during Payment File Creation 
452 BNK_FILE S_EBJ_98000273 Define Directories for File Upload 
453 BNK_FTE_BSM_CUST S_ACR_23000674 Settings for Bank Statement Monitor 
454 BNK_OBPM4 S_PR0_40000031 Payment Medium:Create/Assign Selection Variants 
455 BNK_ORIG_PAYMT_CHG S_E4A_94000133 BAdI: Action on Original Payments on Reject/Resubmit 
456 BNK_PAYM_GRP_ADDN_CR S_PR0_40000205 Additional Criteria for Payment Grouping 
457 BNK_PFCG S_ACR_23000692 Define Roles 
458 BNK_SPLIT_FILE S_EBJ_98000274 BAdI: Splitting an Imported File 
459 BNK_VV_REL_INI S_ACR_23000696 Assign Role to Release Steps 
460 BNK_VV_REL_RTW S_ACR_23000647 Assign Workflow Template to Release Procedure 
461 BNK_VV_REL_RULE S_ACR_23000644 Assign Role to Release Steps 
462 BNK_V_BNK_RULE_MAINT S_ACR_23000648 Rule Maintenance 
463 BNK_V_TBNK_AUT_PAYM S_PR0_40000032 Mark Rules for Automatic Payments(No Approval) 
464 BNK_V_TBNK_CUST_DFLT S_ACR_23000641 Basic Settings for Approval 
465 BNK_V_TBNK_MSG_TYP S_ACR_23000646 Maintain message types causing status change 
466 BNK_V_TBNK_PAYMEDOPT S_ACR_23000642 Payment medium creation options 
467 BNK_V_TBNK_STAT_SET S_ACR_23000650 Set status based on transactions 
468 BNK_V_TBNK_TIMEOUT S_EAC_24000052 Timeout for Batch Status Update 
469 BNK_V_TBNK_XST_2_IST S_ACR_23000649 Map External Status to Internal Status 
470 BOLETO_BARCODE S_AC0_52000140 BAdI: Conversion and Validation of Barcode Numbers in Brazilian Boletos 
471 BOM_EXPLOSION S_EX1_23000031 BAdI: Optimization for Document BOM Explosion 
472 BON_ENH_BADI_SETTLE S_ABV_91000203 Extensions for Accounting of Rebate Agreements 
473 BON_ENH_CDOC S_ABV_91000191 Settings to Create Indirect Billing Documents 
474 BON_ENH_CGEN S_ABV_91000190 Settings to Update Indirect Sales 
475 BON_ENH_GEN S_ABV_91000192 Generate Update of Indirect Sales 
476 BON_ENH_LEDGER S_ABV_91000197 Settings for Reconciliation Accounts 
477 BOR/SPE/INB_V_TVLK S_XNI_32000010 General Settings for Inbound Delivery Processing 
478 BOS_BADI_PRICE S_KA5_12001377 Pricing enhancements for service entry sheet 
479 BOS_BADI_SES_GUI S_KA5_12001378 Enhancements to GUI and data handling 
480 BOS_SYS_MSG S_KA5_12001387 Define Attributes of System Messages 
481 BO_BALANCE S_AEN_10000185 Define Flow Type Groupings 
482 BPTXBGROUP S_AEC_66000486 Business Partner Tax Group 
483 BP_CLEANSE_CUSTOM S_FPD_79000167 Configure Settings for Data Cleansing 
484 BP_CLEANSE_RELEASE S_FPD_79000161 Assign Release Procedure to Release Object 
485 BP_DATENELEMENTE S_KFM_86000299 Data Elements 
486 BP_DOMAENEN S_KFM_86000298 Domains 
487 BP_ENTWICKLKL S_KFM_86000297 Packages 
488 BP_FM_AKT S_ALR_87009530 Maintain Activities 
489 BP_FM_ROLLENTYP S_ALR_87009529 Maintain Role Categories 
490 BP_FUNKTION S_KFM_86000303 Function Modules 
491 BP_PARTNERNUM S_KFM_86000305 Additional Partner Numbers 
492 BP_TABELL S_KFM_86000302 Tables 
493 BP_TABELLEN S_KFM_86000300 Exclude Tables 
494 BP_TABELLENUM S_KFM_86000301 Convert Tables 
495 BP_TRANSFER_1 S_KFM_86000004 Forms of Address 
496 BP_TRANSFER_2 S_KFM_86000005 Industry Sectors 
497 BP_TRANSFER_3 S_KFM_86000006 Legal Forms 
498 BP_TRANSFER_4 S_KFM_86000007 Legal Entities 
499 BP_TRANSFER_5 S_KFM_86000008 Marital Statuses 
500 BP_TRANSFER_6 S_KFM_86000009 Relationship Type