SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index I
IMG Activity - I
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 IAOM_ATTRIBUTES S_PCO_36000196 Characteristics of CO Account Assignment to Be Created or Changed 
2 IAOM_BUSINESS_SCENAR S_XBE_58000014 Business Add-In: Controlling Parameters 
3 IAOM_DET_CO_SCENARIO S_XBE_58000015 BAdI: Determine Controlling Scenario 
4 IAOM_RECEIVER S_XBE_58000016 BAdI: Define Receiver 
5 IASZEN S_AEN_10000806 Define Utilization Scenarios 
6 IASZEN_ZUORD S_AEN_10000807 Assign Utilization Scenarios to Valuation Rules 
7 IBAPI_ALM_ORD_MODIFY S_PLN_16000340 BAdI: Adapt Transferred Data to BAPI 
8 ICH_BIF_WO_IN S_E4A_94000119 BAdI: Change Calculated Component Consumptions 
9 ICH_BIF_WO_INF_IN S_E4A_94000245 BAdI: Prepare Work Order Information for ERP 
10 ICH_BIF_WO_INF_IN_N S_E4A_94000295 BAdI: Prepare Work Order Information for ERP 
11 ICH_KANBAN_MD S_AXC_91000065 BAdI: Master Data Transfer for Kanban 
12 ICH_OEM S_AXC_91000047 BAdI: Data Extraction Management for Contract Manufacturing 
13 ICL_DI S_XNI_08000868 Test 
14 ICL_IND_IBNR_SUP S_KK4_08000508 Define Indicatives for IBNR, Supplemental, and ULAE Reserves 
15 ICL_STACKHANDLE S_XNI_08000867 BAdI: Service for Claim-Subobject-Specific Stack Handling 
16 ICL_T112 S_KK4_08000288 Define Rejection Reasons for Payments 
17 ICL_TAX_VALUE_SALES S_KK4_08000460 BAdI: Value-Added Tax and Sales Tax (USA) 
18 ICM_CONFIG S_BCE_68002282 Information Consistency Configuration 
19 ICRCWD002D S_EE7_91000005 Set Up Assignment Confirmation 
20 ICRCWD003D S_EE7_91000006 Configure Reconciliation Overview CHIP 
21 ICRCWD004D S_EE7_91000007 Define Navigation Options from Service Requests to Reconciliation 
22 IDCFMFLOWCALC S_P7F_76000052 BAdI: Flow Calculation 
23 IDCFMVBRSE_PST S_P7F_76000049 Define Attributes of Tax Transactions for Funds 
24 IDCFMVC_FLCR S_P7F_76000043 Define Rules for Tax Flow Calculation 
25 IDCFMVC_FLOWCALC S_P7F_76000044 Define Flow Type Selection 
26 IDCFMVICLTXFLOWS S_P7F_76000050 Define Flow Types for Tax Types of Intercompany Loans 
27 IDCFMVSETX_COMP S_P7F_76000046 Define Compensation Method for Funds 
28 IDCFMVSETX_COMP2 S_P7F_76000056 Define Compensation Method for Funds 
29 IDCFMVSETX_CUST S_P7F_76000047 Define Rules for Posting Income Tax Accrual for Funds 
30 IDCFMVSETX_RATE S_P7F_76000045 Define Tax Rates for Tax Calculation 
31 IDCFM_BST_CFMCLUST S_P7F_76000036 Define Settings for Balance Sheet Transfer 
32 IDCFM_BST_CLUST S_P7F_76000053 Define Settings for FS-CML Transfer 
33 IDCFM_V_FLOWCALC S_P7F_76000051 Assign Flow Calculation Procedure to Transaction Flows 
34 IDCMVBRSE_PST S_P7F_76000048 Create Sales Contracts for Tax Payments 
35 IDCN_ACC_BAL_CS S_EB5_05000645 BAdI: G/L Account Balances 
36 IDCN_ACC_DOC_CS S_EB5_05000644 BAdI: G/L Account Vouchers 
37 IDCN_ACTIVATE S_EB5_05000647 Activate Enhanced Offsetting Account Determination 
38 IDCN_AP_AGING S_EBS_44000456 BAdI: A/P Aging Report 
39 IDCN_ARCHIEV_VAL S_EBS_44000541 Maintain Detail Information for Archive Codes 
40 IDCN_ARCHIV_ITEM S_EBS_44000540 Maintain Archive Codes 
41 IDCN_AR_AGING S_EBS_44000457 BAdI: A/R Aging Report 
42 IDCN_CASHFLOW S_EB5_05000475 BAdI: Cash Flow Statement 
43 IDCN_DOCTYPE S_EBS_44000538 Maintain Document Types 
44 IDCN_EXCH_RATE S_EBS_44000539 Maintain Exchange Rate Types 
45 IDCN_FSC_EXP_IMP S_EBJ_98000236 Export and Import Form Structure for Financial Statement 
46 IDCN_GRIR_BNG S_EBS_44000459 BAdI: GR/IR Clearing for Invoiced But Not Delivered Transactions 
47 IDCN_GRIR_GNB S_EBS_44000458 BAdI: GR/IR Clearing for Delivered But Not Invoiced Transactions 
48 IDCN_NR_GEN S_EBJ_98000237 Copy Number Ranges 
49 IDCN_REPSHEQTY S_EBS_44000542 Maintain Equity of Shareholders 
50 IDCN_SEQUENCE S_EB5_05000648 Define Sequence for Sorting Line Items by G/L Account Number 
51 IDCN_TRDTYPE S_EBS_44000544 Maintain Document Types 
52 IDCN_TRTTYPE S_EBS_44000545 Maintain Transaction Types 
53 IDCN_TR_MAP S_EBS_44000546 Maintain Document Type Mapping 
54 IDCN_VODN_ACTIVE S_EBS_44000467 Activate Document Numbering for Company Code 
55 IDCN_VODN_CLEAR S_EBS_44000099 Maintain Settings for Clearing Documents Without Line Items 
56 IDCN_V_REPFORM S_EB5_05000470 Assign PDF Form to Programs 
57 IDCN_V_ZJFCOCD S_EB5_05000477 Activate P&L Carry Forward for Company Code 
58 IDCO_SCC_PRICES_CHNG S_AC0_52000460 BAdI: Price Changes 
59 IDDOCTYPCN S_EB5_05000524 Assign Document Types to G/L Account Voucher Types 
60 IDFIAA_UK_SORP S_E4A_94000297 Activate SORP/MHCA Functions 
61 IDGTCN_BANK_DETAIL S_EB5_05000550 BAdI: Bank Accounts 
62 IDGTCN_CUST_ADDR S_EBS_44000118 BAdI: Customer Address 
63 IDGTCN_LINE_FIELD S_EBS_44000007 BAdI: Outbound File Change 
64 IDGTCN_MATNR_SPEC S_EB5_05000549 BAdI: Material Specification 
65 IDGTCN_VAT_LINES S_EBJ_98000295 BAdI: Change VAT Content before Generation of Outbound Files 
66 IDGT_DB_CONF_V S_EBJ_98000294 Activate New Database 
67 IDGT_TAB_CONF_V S_EBJ_98000293 Determine Additional Source Documents 
68 IDGT_UOM_CONV_V S_EBS_44000034 Specify Unit of Measure for Merging Billing Amounts 
69 IDHUBILLINGOUT S_EB5_05000568 Define Additional Billing Data 
70 IDHU_TAX_LIFNR_K S_P7D_67000437 Assign ERS Exchange Rate to Vendor 
71 IDHU_VATPROP S_E91_86000001 Define Percentages for Sales Tax Codes 
72 IDITSR12_PSNM_V S_P7D_67000085 Define Reporting Subcategories 
73 IDITSR12_PSNM_V_LU S_E38_98000404 Define Reporting Subcategories 
74 IDITSR12_SELEC_V S_P7D_67000086 Define Criteria for Assigning Doc. to Reporting Cat./Subcat. 
75 IDITSR12_SELEC_V_LU S_E38_98000405 Define Criteria for Assigning Doc. to Reporting Cat./Subcat. 
76 IDITSR_DATA_V S_P7D_67000088 Enter OeNB Number for Foreign-Affiliated Companies 
77 IDITSR_DMEE_V S_E4A_94000280 Assign Reporting Categories to DMEE Format Trees 
78 IDITSR_DMEE_V_AT S_P7D_67000087 Assign Reporting Categories to DMEE Format Trees 
79 IDITSR_DOCTYP_V S_E4A_94000277 Define Reporting Categories 
80 IDITSR_DOCTYP_V_AT S_P7D_67000084 Define Reporting Categories 
81 IDITSR_DOCTYP_V_LU S_E38_98000403 Define Reporting Categories 
82 IDITSR_GLDATA_V S_P7D_67000089 Assign G/L Accounts to Country 
83 IDITSR_POSNUM_V S_E4A_94000278 Define Reporting Subcategories 
84 IDITSR_SELECT_V S_E4A_94000279 Define Criteria for Assigning Documents to Reporting Category/Subcategory 
85 IDKR_IMP S_EB5_05000632 Notes on Implementation 
86 IDMX_DI_DATA_DET S_P7D_67000224 BAdI: Component-Independent Data Determination 
87 IDMX_DI_DATA_DETERM S_P7D_67000223 Notes on Implementation 
88 IDMX_DI_FIDATA_DET S_P7D_67000240 BAdI: FI Data Determination 
89 IDMX_DI_FISOURCEIDOC S_P7D_67000242 Check Location of Data in IDoc Segments 
90 IDMX_DI_PSEFILE S_P7D_67000226 Save PSE File 
91 IDMX_DI_SDDATA_DET S_P7D_67000225 BAdI: SD Data Determination 
92 IDMX_DI_SDSOURCEIDOC S_P7D_67000234 Check Location of Data in IDoc Segments 
93 IDMX_DI_SOURCE_IDOC S_P7D_67000230 Check Location of Data in IDoc Segments 
94 IDMX_DI_SOURCE_OIM S_P7D_67000227 Check Data Sources Required to Form Original Input Message 
95 IDMX_DI_SOURCE_OIMFI S_P7D_67000241 Check Data Sources Required to Form Original Input Message 
96 IDMX_DI_T001Z S_EBJ_98000068 Maintain Tax Regime Codes 
97 IDMX_DI_VBASIC S_P7D_67000204 Specify XML Version for Digital Invoice 
98 IDMX_DI_VDOCTYP S_P7D_67000205 Assign FI Document Types for Payment Flow 
99 IDMX_DI_VPROFDET S_P7D_67000208 Specify Validity of SSF Profiles 
100 IDMX_DI_VPSEPROF S_P7D_67000207 Enter SSF Profile Parameters 
101 IDMX_DI_VTAXES S_P7D_67000231 Assign Legal Tax Abbreviations to Account Keys 
102 IDMX_DI_VTAXESFI S_P7D_67000232 Assign Legal Tax Abbreviations to Account Keys 
103 IDMX_DI_VTXTID S_P7D_67000209 Determine Text IDs to Store Billing Document Data 
104 IDMX_DI_VTXTIDFI S_P7D_67000233 Determine Text IDs to Store Invoice Data 
105 IDPL_DP_NUM_RANG S_EBS_44000516 Record Number Ranges for Down Payment of Clearing Documents 
106 IDREPFW_ACTGR_V S_EBJ_45000046 Enable/Disable Report Groups 
107 IDREPFW_CLGID_V S_EBJ_98000062 Specify Primary Keys Using Key Groups 
108 IDREPFW_COPY_CUST S_EBJ_45000060 Copy Customizing Settings 
109 IDREPFW_CRCK_VC S_EBJ_98000067 Define Cross-Check Rules 
110 IDREPFW_EVN_MGMT S_EBJ_98000055 Define Customer-Specific Function Modules 
111 IDREPFW_HD_VA_V S_EBJ_98000061 Enter Supplementary Data for Report 
112 IDREPFW_ID S_EBJ_98000069 Overview of Settings for Reporting 
113 IDREPFW_ID_VERSIONS S_EBJ_98000072 Overview of Report Identification and Versioning 
114 IDREPFW_O_CSV_V S_EBJ_45000055 Assign CSV Output Versions to Report 
115 IDREPFW_O_PDF_V S_EBJ_98000065 Assign PDF-Based Output Forms to Report 
116 IDREPFW_O_XML_V S_EBJ_98000063 Assign XSL Transformation to XML Version 
117 IDREPFW_REPGR_V S_EBJ_98000056 Create Report Groups 
118 IDREPFW_REPID_V S_EBJ_98000057 Create Report IDs 
119 IDREPFW_REPLI_V S_EBJ_98000060 Set Up Mapping of Lines 
120 IDREPFW_REPRT_V S_EBJ_98000059 Define Report Sections 
121 IDREPFW_REPVR_V S_EBJ_98000058 Create Report Versions 
122 IDREPFW_RUNINR S_EBJ_98000075 Define Number Range Intervals 
123 IDREPFW_SELPA_VC S_EBJ_98000066 Define Selection Parameters 
124 IDREPFW_SRCTY_V S_EBJ_98000076 Specify Data Source for Report Section 
125 IDREPFW_TRANS_V S_EBJ_45000045 Set Up Parameters for Linked Transactions 
126 IDREPFW_XMLMA_V S_EBJ_98000064 Define XML Mapping Rules 
127 IDREPFW_XML_SETTING S_EBJ_98000074 Overview of Settings for XML Output Generation 
128 IDSAU_V_WT_NUMR S_EBJ_98000262 Define Number Ranges for Withholding Tax Certificates 
129 IDSA_V_REPFORM S_EB5_05000653 Assign PDF Form to Programs 
130 IDUN_V_ASDC S_EBJ_98000116 Set Up Aggregated Scaled Dunning Charges 
131 ID_NUMMER_TYP_GB S_KFM_86000288 Set Identification Number Category 
132 ID_NUMMER_TYP_GB1 S_ABA_72000144 Define Identification Number Categories 
133 ID_NUMMER_TYP_GBD S_ABA_72000145 Define Identification Number Category 
134 ID_OFF_NUM_DOCU_CHK S_EBS_44000447 BAdI: Change Document Class and Transaction Code 
135 ID_SOSP_STATUS_MAP S_BCE_68002363 Maintain Status Mapping 
136 ID_SOSP_STATUS_MAP_A S_BCE_68002416 Maintain Status Mapping 
137 ID_SOSP_WF_CUTOMIZE S_BCE_68002307 Workflow Pattern Customization 
138 ID_SOSP_WF_CUTOMIZEA S_BCE_68002415 Workflow Pattern Customization 
139 ID_SOSP_WF_CUTOMIZEW S_YI2_53000011 Workflow Pattern Customization 
140 ID_SOSP_WF_FILT_SET S_Y7A_80000022 Maintain Workflow Filter Settings 
141 ID_SOSP_WF_FILT_SETA S_BCE_68002414 Maintain Workflow Filter Settings 
142 ID_SOSP_WF_SUB_APPL S_BCE_68002370 Maintain Workflow Pattern Applications 
143 IE4NCGP S_KA5_12001272 Make General Settings for Installation/Dismantling 
144 IEQCM_BE_CHECK S_AC0_52000842 BAdI: Customer Checks for Reorganization of Equipment History 
145 IEQCM_CCM_HOLE_BADI S_PEN_05000043 BAdI: Update Structure Gaps 
146 IEQCM_GOODS_MOVEMENT S_PEN_05000051 BAdI: Complete or Change Data for Goods Movement 
147 IEQCM_NOTIF_BADI S_PEN_05000052 BAdI: Process Notification After Restructuring of the Equipment History 
148 IERI_CHECK_INST_DATE S_EAE_99000030 BAdI: Check Installation Date 
149 IERI_DIALOG_CHECK S_ALN_01001048 BAdI: Actions for Screen-Related Checks for IE4N 
150 IERI_INST_REMOV_SAVE S_ALN_01001054 BAdI: Actions Before/After Saving (Database Update) 
151 IERI_INST_REMO_CHECK S_PEN_05000411 BAdI: Perform Checks During Installation/Dismantling 
152 IERI_I_R_CUSTR_CHECK S_ALN_01001049 BAdI: Customer-Specific Checks During Installation/Removal 
153 IERI_MANDAT_IEQM0008 S_ALN_01001055 BAdI: Exit for Mandatory Fields 
154 IERI_USERSCR_INSTALL S_ALN_01001056 BAdI: User-Specific Subscreen for Installation (802) 
155 IERI_USERSCR_REMOVAL S_ALN_01001057 BAdI: User-Specific Subscreen for Removal (801) 
156 IHCCM0 S_PLN_62000311 Set Up Financial Status 
157 IHCCM3 S_PLN_62000312 Check the Consistency of the Settings 
158 IHCRT S_PLN_62000310 Set Up Route Processing 
159 IHC_001 S_KK4_13000328 Manually Created Payment Orders 
160 IHC_002 S_KK4_13000329 Automatically Created Payment Orders 
161 IHC_002_FI S_PLN_06000365 Define Check Payment Method in FI of Subsidiary Company 
162 IHC_003 S_KK4_13000338 IHC Account Determination from Payment Notes 
163 IHC_004 S_KFM_86000217 IHC Account Determination from External Bank Account 
164 IHC_005 S_ALN_01002106 Assign External Business Transaction Code to Posting Types 
165 IHC_005_BADI S_PLN_06000371 Implement BAdI for Calculating Charges in FI 
166 IHC_005_RUECK S_PLN_06000372 Define Returns Processing in FI 
167 IHC_006 S_PLN_06000124 Change Message Control 
168 IHC_BADI_BANSTA_PUSH S_P7F_76000012 BAdI: Convert Bank Statement into Bank Statement IDoc Format 
169 IHC_BADI_BCA_ITEMS S_PLN_62000803 BAdI: Addition to Posting Data of Payment Items 
170 IHC_BADI_CPAYORD_PLL S_P7F_76000011 BAdI: Convert Inbound Payment Order into IHC Format 
171 IHC_BADI_CUSTOMIZING S_PLN_62000804 BAdI: Override Customizing Settings 
172 IHC_BADI_GUI_CHECKS S_PLN_62000264 BAdI: User-Defined Checks for Manual Payment Orders 
173 IHC_BADI_IDOC_2_PN S_PLN_62000797 BAdI: Change Payment Orders During Background Processing 
174 IHC_BADI_PN_2_IDOC S_PLN_62000798 BAdI: Change Outbound IDocs 
175 IHC_BADI_POST_BEHAV S_PLN_62000799 BAdI: Override the Posting Behavior 
176 IHC_BADI_TRANS_CM S_PLN_62000265 Provide IHC Data for Cash Management Systems 
177 IHC_BADI_XBS_TRNS S_PLN_62000800 BAdI: Override Transaction Type 
178 IHC_CBA_ROUTE S_KFM_86000258 Define Routes 
179 IHC_CBA_ROUTE_CHECK S_KFM_86000285 Display and Check Routing Settings 
180 IHC_CBA_ROUTE_DET S_KFM_86000257 Set Route Determination 
181 IHC_DB_CL_XBS S_PLN_62000309 Set Up Account Determination for Incoming Payment 
182 IHC_FIHBO S_ALN_01000486 Maintain IHC Reference Number for Pairing Cross-Company Code Documents 
183 IHC_FI_IHC S_KFM_86000220 Set Up Connection to IHC in FI 
184 IHC_IHCN1 S_PLN_62000238 Set Up Number Ranges for Log 
185 IHC_IHCN2 S_PLN_62000239 Set Up Number Ranges for Reference Documents 
186 IHC_IHCN3 S_PLN_62000241 Set Up Number Ranges for IHC Payment Orders 
187 IHC_IHC_BKKRS S_KFM_86000267 Activate Bank Area as In-House Cash Center 
188 IHC_IHC_FI S_KFM_86000221 Set Up Business Transaction Events for SAP In-House Cash 
189 IHC_MAIN_CUST S_PLN_62000243 Make Basic Settings for Payment Processes 
190 IHC_PI_001 S_AX8_68000420 Setup Generation of Payment Requests for IDoc (Inbound) in FI 
191 IHC_PI_INB_CUST S_PLN_62000247 Make Settings for Creating Payment Requests 
192 IHC_SEPA_PAYRQ S_EB5_05000569 Activate Mandate Application for Payment Requests 
193 IHC_TAB_APM_TT S_PLN_62000245 Define Transaction Type for Automatic Payments 
194 IHC_TAB_XBS_TT S_PLN_62000308 Define Transaction Types for Incoming Payment 
195 IHC_TBKKCBUSAREA S_P7F_76000006 Clearing Account for Change of Business Area 
196 IHC_VC_INB_CUST S_PLN_62000272 Set Up Creation of Payment Requests for Inbound IDoc in FI 
197 IHC_V_AUTH S_PLN_62000262 Amount-Dependent Authorizations 
198 IHC_V_BANK_AREA S_PLN_62000793 Define Bank Area 
199 IHC_V_DUAL S_PLN_62000261 Set Up Principle of Dual Control 
200 IHC_V_GUI_FLD S_PLN_62000266 Set Up Container Fields for IHC Payment Orders 
201 IHC_V_GUI_TRANS S_PLN_62000244 Define Default Setting for Transaction Type 
202 IHC_V_INST S_PLN_62000273 Define Instruction Codes for FI 
203 IHC_V_INST_KEY S_PLN_62000274 Define Instruction Keys 
204 IHC_V_PRTNR S_PLN_62000246 Define Clearing Partner 
205 IHC_V_TRANS S_PLN_62000242 Define Transaction Types 
206 IHC_WORKFLOW S_AEN_10000146 IHC - Perform Task Customizing 
207 IHOGBPBS0101 S_KI4_29000081 Assign Scheme Id & Class to Pension Schemes 
208 IHOGBPBS0102 S_KI4_29000082 Assign Wage Types to CLASS specific Wage Type Groups 
209 IHSA_LIST_EDITING S_AL0_96000860 BAdI: List Processing 
210 IHS_ACT_010_01 S_SH8_22000841 Check Authorizations for Person-Related Data 
211 IHS_ACT_010_04 S_SH8_22000815 Specify Accident Categories 
212 IHS_ACT_010_05 S_SH8_22000824 Specify Incident/Accident Log Entry Types 
213 IHS_ACT_010_05_02 S_E36_82000143 Specify Number Ranges for Incident/Accident Log Entries 
214 IHS_ACT_010_10 S_SH8_22000817 Specify Roles for Persons Involved 
215 IHS_ACT_010_10_1 S_ALN_01002578 Specify Roles for Persons 
216 IHS_ACT_010_20 S_SH8_22000825 Configure OSHA Recording 
217 IHS_ACT_010_30 S_SH8_22000820 Specify Number Ranges for Accident Notifications 
218 IHS_ACT_010_33 S_SH8_22000816 Assign Accident Categories to Absence Types 
219 IHS_AC_005 S_SH8_22000808 Specify Safety Measure Types 
220 IHS_AC_010_07 S_SH8_22000805 Specify Exposure Ratings 
221 IHS_AGT_010 S_SH8_22000809 Specify Agent Types 
222 IHS_ANLS_METHODS S_SH8_84000404 Analysis Methods 
223 IHS_CCIHV_QUALPROT S_AER_95000428 Define Quality of Protection Levels 
224 IHS_CORA_003 S_SH8_22000822 Specify Safety Measure Priorities 
225 IHS_CORA_004 S_SH8_22000821 Specify Safety Measure Categories 
226 IHS_CORA_10 S_ALN_01001968 BAdI: Cost Calculation in Safety Measures 
227 IHS_EXIT_001 S_SH8_84000405 Develop Enhancement 1 for Incident/Accident Log Menu 
228 IHS_EXIT_002 S_SH8_84000406 Develop Enhancement 2 for Incident/Accident Log Menu 
229 IHS_EXIT_003 S_SH8_84000407 Develop Enhancement 1 for Data on Person Involved Menu 
230 IHS_EXIT_004 S_SH8_84000408 Develop Enhancement 2 for Data on Person Involved Menu 
231 IHS_IS_01 S_SH8_22000818 Edit Information Tree 
232 IHS_MD_00 S_SH8_22000832 Display Defined Statuses for Object Types 
233 IHS_MD_011_01 S_SH8_22000819 Specify Authorizations 
234 IHS_MD_05 S_SH8_22000831 Check and Extend Status Profiles 
235 IHS_MD_06 S_SH8_22000833 Assign Phrase Sets to Fields 
236 IHS_MD_100_02 S_SH8_22000828 Assign Value Assignment Types to Classes 
237 IHS_MD_100_04 S_SH8_22000339 Specify Safety Measure Categories 
238 IHS_MD_100_05 S_SH8_22000826 Interim: Manage User Exits 
239 IHS_MD_100_11 S_SH8_22000827 Interim: Specify Environment Parameters 
240 IHS_MD_100_23 S_SH8_22000829 Configure Tab Pages 
241 IHS_MD_125 S_ALN_01001370 Check Product Safety Settings 
242 IHS_MD_ASSIGN_AGATTR S_ALN_01002175 Assign Display Fields to Agent Characteristics 
243 IHS_MD_INFO S_SH8_22000844 Create Phrase Sets 
244 IHS_MD_NEW_SYMBOLS S_ALN_01000928 Create New Symbol and Enter in Report Template 
245 IHS_MD_SYMBOL_ATTR S_SH8_84000401 Create Symbols for Characteristics 
246 IHS_MD_SYMBOL_FIELD S_SH8_84000402 Create Symbols for Table Fields 
247 IHS_MM_BUILDINGS S_ALN_01002192 Specify Buildings 
248 IHS_MM_DETERMIN_TYPE S_ALN_01001482 Specify Determination Types 
249 IHS_MM_EXMP_CBIH05 S_ALN_01002231 Assign Display Fields to Agent Characteristics 
250 IHS_MM_LOC_ASSIGNMNT S_ALN_01001480 Specify Locations and Assign Plants to Them 
251 IHS_MM_LOGSHEET_OBJ S_ALN_01001474 Specify Evaluation Object Types for Measurement Projects 
252 IHS_MM_MEASMNT_ITEMS S_ALN_01001478 Specify Measurement Items 
253 IHS_MM_MENU_EXIT_01 S_ALN_01002224 Develop Enhancement 1 for Header Data of Measurement Project 
254 IHS_MM_MENU_EXIT_02 S_ALN_01002225 Develop Enhancement 2 for Header Data of Measurement Project 
255 IHS_MM_MEX_EHSMPHM1 S_ALN_01002229 Develop Enhancement 1 for Measurement Project Header Data Menu 
256 IHS_MM_MEX_EHSMPHM2 S_ALN_01002230 Develop Enhancement 2 for Measurement Project Header Data Menu 
257 IHS_MM_MEX_EHSMPJM S_ALN_01002226 Develop Enhancement 1 for Measurement Menu 
258 IHS_MM_MEX_EHSMPJM1 S_ALN_01002227 Develop Enhancement 1 for Measurement Menu 
259 IHS_MM_MEX_EHSMPJM2 S_ALN_01002228 Develop Enhancement 2 for Measurement Menu 
260 IHS_MM_MLOCATIONS S_ALN_01001479 Specify Sampling Locations 
261 IHS_MM_MPROJECT_TYPE S_ALN_01001476 Specify and Assign Sampling Types and Project Types 
262 IHS_MM_MTYPES_ASSMNT S_ALN_01001481 Specify and Assign Measuring Device Types and Measurement Methods 
263 IHS_MM_NUM_MEASUREME S_ALN_01001477 Specify Number Ranges for Measurements 
264 IHS_MM_NUM_PROJECTS S_ALN_01001475 Specify Number Ranges for Measurement Projects 
265 IHS_MM_WA_PROJ_ASSMT S_ALN_01001473 Specify Assignment Levels 
266 IHS_NEU_010 S_SH8_22000830 Activate Status Profiles 
267 IHS_OH_000 S_SH8_84000409 Integration in Occupational Health 
268 IHS_OM_000 S_SH8_22000839 Check Organizational Management Customizing 
269 IHS_PM_000 S_SH8_22000842 Configure Maintenance Processing and Service Processing Customizing 
270 IHS_PS_000 S_SH8_22000837 Configure Basic Data and Tools 
271 IHS_QUEST_000 S_SH8_22000840 Configure Questionnaire 
272 IHS_RA_002 S_SH8_22000813 Specify Operation Statuses 
273 IHS_RA_003 S_SH8_84000400 Specify Reasons for Risk Assessments 
274 IHS_RA_004 S_SH8_22000838 Create Analysis Methods 
275 IHS_RA_005 S_SH8_22000806 Assign Analysis Methods to Agent Types 
276 IHS_RA_008 S_SH8_22000807 Set Up Analysis Method Questionnaire 
277 IHS_RA_012 S_SH8_84000403 Set Up Risk Matrix 
278 IHS_TM_000 S_SH8_22000843 Check Time Management Customizing 
279 IHS_VC_RCTREE S_ALN_01002186 Build Cause Hierarchy 
280 IHS_WAM_001 S_SH8_22000835 Specify User-Defined Text Types 
281 IHS_WAM_002 S_SH8_22000814 Specify Number Range for Questionnaires 
282 IHS_WAR_010_01 S_SH8_22000836 Specify Work Area Types 
283 IHS_WA_010_01 S_SH8_22000811 Specify Authorization Groups 
284 IHS_WA_010_02 S_SH8_22000812 Specify Validity Areas 
285 IHS_WA_05_01 S_SH8_22000834 Specify Integration Objects for Work Area Management 
286 IHS_WA_05_04 S_SH8_22000810 Specify Number Ranges for Work Areas 
287 IKS2 S_BCE_68002222 Configure SAP Internet Knowledge Servlet 
288 ILM_BE_ENHANCEMENTS S_EAE_99000041 BAdI: Lean Maintenance 
289 ILM_C_APPL S_E4A_94000077 Define Application 
290 ILM_C_CON S_E4A_94000090 Define Extraction Flow 
291 ILM_C_C_CON S_E4A_94000184 Define Customer-Specific Extraction Flow 
292 ILM_C_OBJECTS S_E4A_94000089 Define Archiving Objects 
293 ILM_C_RAOB S_E4A_94000086 Register Archiving Objects 
294 ILM_C_RAOB_TAB S_E4A_94000087 Register Tables of Archiving Objects 
295 ILM_C_SOEX S_E4A_94000088 Assign Tables to Segment 
296 ILM_C_STRC S_E4A_94000085 Define Segments 
297 IMGDUMMY S_PLN_16000263 Execute Reports 
298 IMG_ACT_CATSXC12 S_ALR_87100598 Define Task Components 
299 IMG_CFMENUFWMCFZWE S_EBJ_98000177 Specify Currency Units 
300 IMG_OHCMPZA_0010 S_PH9_46000141 Define Compensation Area Feature 
301 IMG_WSP_CHP S_AL0_96000863 Information on the WSP Infosets and Queries 
302 IMPORT1 S_SE3_62000018 Business Add-In: Import Costing Hierarchy 
303 IMPORT2 S_SE3_62000019 Business Add-In: Import Objects and Price Tables 
304 IMPORT3 S_SE3_62000020 Business Add-In: Change Generated XML Document 
305 IMPORT_CRM_DATA S_AEC_66000662 Import CRM Customizing Data 
306 IMRC_CHECK_RDGS S_E4A_94000152 BAdI: Check Validity of Measurement Readings 
307 IMRM_COMP_PROCESSING S_AL0_96000852 Deactivation of New Component Processing 
308 IMS_001 S_BCE_68001619 Create RFC Destinations 
309 IMS_002 S_BCE_68001290 Define Search Server Relation 
310 IMS_SSR S_BIE_59000008 Define Search Server Relation 
311 IMS_TRAIN S_BIE_59000007 Define languages for training indexes 
312 IM_MESSAGE S_P99_41000165 Maintain Message Control 
313 IM_SM_BADI_READT399A S_AL0_96000861 BAdI: Assign Work Center to Service Product 
314 INBOX_BCK_2_INB S_BT6_28000079 Assign Connected Back-End Systems to Inbox 
315 INBOX_DETAILS_BADI S_BTD_53000169 BAdI: Change Work Item Details Area 
316 INBOX_EXCEPTIONS S_BT6_28000078 Define Exceptions 
317 INBOX_REFRESH S_BTD_53000103 Set Refresh Interval 
318 INBOX_TASKID_POWL S_BTD_53000207 Assign Task IDs to POWL Types 
319 INBOX_VIEW_SETTING S_BTD_53000124 Hide Task Details Area 
320 INCOME TYPES S_KA5_12000263 Maintain Income Types 
321 INDEXARTEN_GF S_ALR_87007968 Define Index Types 
322 INDEXART_UMSCHLUESS S_ALR_87007804 Convert Codes for Index Types 
323 INDEXART_UMSCHL_DF S_ALR_87007912 Convert Codes for Index Types 
324 INDEXBEZ_UMSCHLUESS S_ALR_87007880 Convert Codes for Index Names 
325 INDEX_INPUT S_ALR_87008538 Enter Index Values 
326 INDEX_VOLA_DF S_ALR_87007959 Define Index Volatilities 
327 INDEX_VOLA_PFLEGEN S_ALR_87008534 Enter Index Volatilities 
328 INDICES_DATAFEED S_ALR_87007877 Define Indexes 
329 INDIZES_GF S_ALR_87007960 Define Index 
330 INFLATION_006 S_AL0_96000004 Assign Inflation Keys to G/L Accounts 
331 INFLATION_008 S_AL0_96000006 Maintain Posting Keys 
332 INFLATION_011 S_AL0_96000007 Maintain Field Status Variants 
333 INFLATION_014 S_AL0_96000003 Display Inflation Key Field in G/L Account (Per Acct Group) 
334 INFLATION_016 S_AL0_96000008 Maintain Inflation Adjustment Accounts 
335 INFLATION_017 S_AL0_96000005 Assign Inflation Methods to Company Codes 
336 INFLATION_023 S_AL0_96000002 Display Inflation Key Field in G/L Account (Per Activity) 
337 INFLATION_102 S_AL0_96000034 Define What Revaluation Amounts to Record 
338 INFLATION_104 S_AL0_96000035 Maintain Basic Settings 
339 INFLATION_105 S_AL0_96000036 Maintain Posting Rules 
340 INFLATION_106 S_AL0_96000037 Maintain Rules for Transfer of APC Values 
341 INFLATION_108 S_AL0_96000033 Maintain Revaluation Areas 
342 INFLATION_109 S_AL0_96000030 Maintain Posting Variants 
343 INFLATION_113 S_AL0_96000046 Maintain Transaction Types for Revaluation Amounts 
344 INFLATION_115 S_AL0_96000040 Maintain Revaluation Measures 
345 INFLATION_116 S_AL0_96000038 Maintain Rules for Transfer of Depreciation Terms 
346 INFLATION_119 S_AL0_96000044 Specify Accounts for Revaluation of APC 
347 INFLATION_120 S_AL0_96000045 Specify Accounts for Revaluation of Previous Years' Depreciation 
348 INFLATION_121 S_AL0_96000029 Maintain Inflation Indexes 
349 INFLATION_122 S_AL0_96000031 Maintain Time Base and Exposure to Inflation Variants 
350 INFLATION_123 S_AL0_96000048 Maintain Inflation Methods 
351 INFLATION_125 S_AL0_96000043 Assign Revaluation Key to Asset Master Record 
352 INFLATION_126 S_AL0_96000049 Assign Inflation Methods to Company Codes 
353 INFLATION_127 S_AL0_96000220 Specify Accounts for Revaluation of Current Year's Depreciation 
354 INFL_ACCTS_GL_MM S_AL0_96000434 Assign Inflation Adjustment Accounts to G/L Accounts 
355 INFL_ADJ_ACCTS_MM S_AL0_96000432 Maintain Inflation Adjustment Accounts 
356 INFL_INDEX_MM S_AL0_96000405 Maintain Inflation Indexes 
357 INFL_METH_CC_MM S_AL0_96000431 Assign Inflation Methods to Company Codes 
358 INFL_METH_MM S_AL0_96000409 Maintain Inflation Methods 
359 INFL_TBE_MM S_AL0_96000406 Maintain Time Base and Exposure to Inflation Variants 
360 INITIALISIERUNG S_KFM_86000296 Initialization of Parallel Valuation Area 
361 INM_APPL_METRIC_MGMT S_X1D_36000036 BAdI: Portfolio-Management-Specific Metrics Management 
362 INM_AUTH_DBSYS_OPD S_X6D_27000001 BAdI: Aloks Test 
363 INM_AUTH_DBSYS_OPT S_X6D_27000002 BAdI: Aloks test 
364 INM_BOE_CONNECTION S_X1D_36000081 BAdI: SAP BusinessObjects Connection 
365 INM_BOE_DATA S_X1D_36000080 BAdI: SAP BusinessObjects Data Export 
366 INM_BUCKET_ROLLUP_DB S_X6D_27000004 BAdI: Bucket Rollup Optimization 
367 INM_CPPM_SYNCH S_EE5_50000335 BAdI: Synchronization with SAP Portf. and Proj. Mgmt 
368 INM_DFM_CUST S_X1D_36000079 Check and Maintain Settings for DFM 
369 INM_DFM_MAP_OBJECT_D S_PTD_51000053 BAdI: Mapping to Target Object Fields 
370 INM_DFM_SYNCH_SCENAR S_PTD_51000050 BAdI: Determination of the Scenario ID 
371 INM_EX_INITIATIVE_ST S_PTD_51000088 BAdI: Initiative Status Flow 
372 INM_EX_INIT_CHNG_PRO S_X1D_36000021 BAdI: Change Process for the Initiative 
373 INM_INITIATIVE_O_BAD S_PTD_51000068 BAdI: Initiative 
374 INM_INITIATIVE_T_BAD S_PTD_51000069 BAdI: Initiative Template 
375 INM_OF_SYNC S_PTD_51000077 BAdI: Object Synchronization 
376 INM_RESOURCE_PROJECT S_X6D_27000005 BAdI: Dashboard Optimization 
377 INM_SEARCH_PHASE_DBS S_X6D_27000007 BAdI: Phase Search Optimization 
378 INM_SEARCH_PROJECT_D S_X6D_27000006 BAdI: Project Search Optimization 
379 INM_SEARCH_TASK_DBSY S_X6D_27000008 BAdI: Task Search Optimization 
380 INM_SET_DATE_NAMES S_X1D_36000073 BAdI: Specify Default Dates for Object Navigator 
381 INM_TLM_GANTT S_PTD_51000075 BAdI: Timeline Monitor 
382 INSTALL_PARAM S_ALR_87004814 Define General Installation Parameters 
383 INSTALL_PARA_PERFORM S_ALN_01001460 Optimize Performance 
384 INSTITUT_GP S_ALR_87009503 Define Credit Rating Institute 
385 INSTITUT_GP_I S_ALR_87007521 Credit Standing: Institute Providing Information 
386 INT-DEV_BADI S_ALN_01002322 Add-In for Internal Foreign Exchange Trading 
387 INTEGRIERTE_KZ_AF S_KFM_86000289 Edit Key Figures and Evaluation Procedures 
388 INTEREST_CURVE_INPUT S_ALR_87008530 Enter and Evaluate Yield Curves 
389 INTEREST_VOLA_INPUT S_ALR_87008528 Enter Interest Rate Volatilities 
390 INTERF_CHANGE_BILL S_PLN_62000788 BAdI: Interface for Changing Billing Data 
391 INTR_VOLA_CURV_MRM S_ALR_87008529 Enter Interest Rate Volatility Curve 
392 INTR_VOLA_DF S_ALR_87007975 Define Interest Rate Volatilities 
393 INV_ACC_ACTIVATION S_SO7_28000011 Activate Controlling Area for Inventory Accounting 
394 IN_001 S_AL0_96000258 Choose Selection Fields 
395 IN_005 S_KI4_05000093 Define G/L Accounts for Taxes 
396 IN_006 S_KI4_05000094 Make Sure That Processing Keys Are Deductible 
397 IN_010 S_AL0_96000283 Maintain Company Code Settings 
398 IN_011 S_AL0_96000284 Maintain Excise Tax Indicators 
399 IN_012 S_AL0_96000285 Maintain Postal Addresses 
400 IN_013 S_AL0_96000286 Make Settings for ARE-1 Procedure 
401 IN_014 S_AL0_96000326 Excise During Sales Using Condition Technique 
402 IN_015 S_AL0_96000327 Make Settings for ARE-3 Procedure 
403 IN_016 S_AL0_96000328 Maintain Excise Duty Indicators 
404 IN_017 S_AL0_96000329 Assign Tax Code to Company Codes 
405 IN_018 S_AL0_96000330 Classify Condition Types 
406 IN_019 S_AL0_96000367 Assign Exemption Reasons to Withholding Tax Codes 
407 IN_020 S_AL0_96000808 Assign Users to Material Master Screen Sequence for Excise Duty 
408 IN_021 S_AL0_96000811 Maintain Chapter IDs 
409 IN_022 S_AL0_96000828 Maintain License Types 
410 IN_023 S_PL0_09000030 Maintain Output Type 
411 IN_024 S_PL0_09000031 Specify Printers 
412 IN_026 S_PL0_09000057 Define Processing Modes Per Transaction 
413 IN_027 S_PL0_09000058 Define Reference Documents Per Transaction 
414 IN_028 S_PL0_09000059 Maintain Rejection Codes 
415 IN_030 S_PL0_09000172 Specify Document Type (Accounts Receivable) 
416 IN_031 S_PL0_09000252 Assign Types of Companies to Withholding Tax Codes 
417 IN_032 S_PL0_09000257 Define Tax Code for Purchasing Documents 
418 IN_033 S_PL0_09000300 Select Tax Calculation Procedure 
419 IOANLEGEN S_AX6_42000011 Generate Data Source for a BW Status Object 
420 IOA_BAL_COND S_AEN_10000189 Assign Condition Types to Flow Type Groupings 
421 IOA_BO S_AEN_10000191 Activate Interest on Arrears Calculation per Business Operation Category 
422 IOA_FT_BAL S_AEN_10000187 Assign Flow Types to Flow Type Groupings 
423 IOA_SCHEMDEF S_AEN_10000182 Define Calculation Profiles 
424 IOA_SCHEME S_AEN_10000190 Assign Flow Type Groups to Calculation Profiles 
425 IOA_STEER S_AEN_10000170 Define General Control Data 
426 IOA_TEMPLATE S_AEN_10000169 Define Templates 
427 IOA_TRIV_AMT S_AEN_10000183 Define Trivial Amount Limits per Calculation Profile 
428 IPMADCONT01 S_ALN_01001387 Define Values for Set of Rules 
429 IPMADMETASGL S_ALN_01001386 Define Set of Rules 
430 IPMARCHPREP S_PLN_62000202 Prepare Archiving Run 
431 IPMOADCONT01 S_ALN_01002474 Define Values for Set of Rules 
432 IPMOADMETASGL S_ALN_01002473 Define Set of Rules 
433 IPMOARCHPREP S_PLN_62000203 Prepare Archiving Run 
434 IPMO_ACE_CU_ACRTY S_ALN_01002468 Assign Accrual Type to Transaction Type 
435 IPMO_ACE_CU_COND S_ALN_01002469 Maintain Condition Types Relevant to Provisions 
436 IPMO_ACE_CU_COPA S_P7E_63000001 CO-PA Integration 
437 IPM_ACEPS_ACEDOCNR S_ALN_01001384 Define Number Ranges for Accrual Engine Documents 
438 IPM_ACEPS_AWREF S_ALN_01001385 Define Number Ranges for Assigning ACC Doc. to ACE Doc. 
439 IPM_ACEPS_RUNID S_ALN_01001382 Define Number Ranges for Periodic Posting Runs 
440 IPM_ACEPS_RUNID_TST S_ALN_01001383 Define Number Ranges for Application Log 
441 IPM_ACE_COMP S_ALN_01002457 Change Component Settings 
442 IPM_ACE_CU_BVAL S_ALN_01001301 Assign Data Values for Rights Usage Confirmation 
443 IPM_ACE_VALTYP_BADI S_ALN_01002507 BAdI: Transfer IPM Data Values to the Accrual Engine 
444 IPM_SD_ATTRMAP S_EB5_05000018 Define Attribute Mapping 
445 IPM_SD_BDC_BUILD S_EB5_05000029 Create OR Data Collector 
446 IPM_SD_BDC_INSTALL S_EB5_05000019 Set Up SD Billing Connection to the OR Data Collector 
447 IPM_SD_BDC_UNDO S_EB5_05000028 Reset OR Data Collector 
448 IPM_SD_ENH_RAW_BADI S_EB5_05000021 OR Data Collector Enhancements 
449 IPM_SD_MAP_ATTR_BADI S_EB5_05000020 Mapping of Rights Attributes 
450 IPPE_ACT_CHECK_EXT S_KA5_12001462 Customer Check for CI in the iPPE Process Structure 
451 IPPE_ACT_SORT S_KA5_12001463 Sort Data of the iPPE Process Structure (ACT) 
452 IPPE_BAL_MMX_EXPL S_ANI_32000001 Saving and Reusing Results of Model Mix Explosion 
453 IPPE_CIF S_P7P_32000015 BAdI: iPPE Data Transfer 
454 IPRM_CHECK_UPD_SCHED S_P6B_12000045 BAdI: Do Not Run DB-Update in Scheduling 
455 IPRM_DIG_SIGNATURE S_P6B_12000049 BAdI: Connect Digital Signature for the Maintenance Planning 
456 IPRM_MCP_DATE_I_PAST S_P6B_12000046 BAdI: Check Whether Plan Date May Be in the Past 
457 IPRM_MCP_SCHE_CHANGE S_P6B_12000047 BAdI: Multiple Counter Plan: Adjust Dates During Scheduling 
458 IPRM_MCP_UPD_CALLOBJ S_P6B_12000048 BAdI: Adapt Plan/Basic Dates of Call Objects 
459 IPSLA_CONFIG_TBL S_EE5_50000337 Configure Commercial Project Inception 
460 IP_CLASSIFICATION S_KA5_12000912 Maintain Classification Data from IP 
461 IP_PROFILES S_KA5_12000687 Maintain IP Mapping and Profiles 
462 IQS0_NOTIF_TYPE_CHAN S_EBS_44000290 BAdI: Checks for Extended Change of Notification Type 
463 IS-AD_CMC_BADIPRCALC S_KA5_12000928 BADI for Customer-Specific Priority Rules 
464 IS-AD_CMC_BADISRV S_KA5_12000926 BADI for Customer-Specific Serviceable Comparison Stock 
465 IS-AD_CMC_BADIUSRV S_KA5_12000927 BADI for Customer-Specific Unserviceable Comparison Stock 
466 IS-AD_CMC_INVG S_KA5_12000936 Determine CMC Inventory Group 
467 IS-AD_CMC_ORCO S_KA5_12000934 Determine CMC Order Codes and Priority Rules 
468 IS-AD_CMC_PROF S_KA5_12000935 Determine CMC Profile 
469 IS-AD_CMC_US S_KA5_12000937 Determine CMC User Status 
470 IS-AD_STOCK_CALC1 S_KA5_12000632 Configure Profiles for Single Item Stock Calculation 
471 IS-AD_STOCK_CALC_BA S_KA5_12000635 Configure Profiles for Multiple Item Stock Calculation 
472 IS-AD_STOCK_CALC_MTB S_KA5_12000872 Determine the Identifier for the MTBE Extractor 
473 IS-AD_STOCK_CALC_NOT S_KA5_12000885 Properties of notifications for installation and removal of parts 
474 IS-AD_STOCK_CALC_SI S_KA5_12000634 Configure Profiles for Single Item Stock Calculation 
475 IS-B-BCA-IC-V_TBKK92 S_KK4_13000084 Specify Interest Compensation Method 
476 IS-BCA-V_TBKKREPORTS S_KK4_13000134 Include Customer Reports for Mass Processing 
477 ISAUTO_HSC_VAT S_ALI_97000071 BAdI: Control of Sales Tax Relevance of Handling Surcharge 
478 ISAUTO_MRER S_ALI_97000002 BAdI: Enhanced Evaluated Receipt Settlement (Automotive) 
479 ISAUTO_OMRM S_ALC_36000003 Define Attributes of System Messages 
480 ISAUTO_REVALUATION S_ALI_97000081 BAdI: Selection for Collective Processing 
481 ISAUTO_REVALUATION_1 S_KA5_12001295 BAdI: Revaluation with Collective Processing 
482 ISAUTO_SUE_BACKLOG S_ALI_97000019 BAdI: MM Backlog List 
483 ISHCH_AUFTCD_EXTAUF S_KK4_74000011 CH: Determine Fee Breakdown Code for Ext. Order Transfer 
484 ISHCO_RNUNO2K0 S_KK4_74000199 Copy Entries from 'IAA Asgmt' to 'Revenue Account Asgmt' 
485 ISHMED_ANF_TREE S_P7C_98000317 Exit for Labeling Nodes in Worklist 
486 ISHMED_APCN_CHG_CORD S_KK4_98000163 BAdI for Controlling Appointment Templates 
487 ISHMED_APCN_CHG_OUTP S_KK4_98000033 BAdI for Controlling Appointment Templates 
488 ISHMED_APP S_KK4_98000046 Appointments 
489 ISHMED_APPCAL_ASPECT S_KK4_98000060 Patient Appointment Calendar: Determine Aspects 
490 ISHMED_APP_BADI_CAN S_KK4_98000066 BAdI for Checking when Canceling an Appointment 
491 ISHMED_APP_BADI_CHK S_KK4_98000050 Exit for Checking an Appointment 
492 ISHMED_APP_BADI_PLN S_KK4_98000082 BAdI for Specifications When Planning an Appointment 
493 ISHMED_APP_BADI_SET S_KK4_98000049 BAdI for Presetting an Appointment 
494 ISHMED_APP_EDIT_PAI S_KK4_98000068 Exit PAI in Dialog Screen for Visit Appointment 
495 ISHMED_APP_EDIT_PBO S_KK4_98000067 Exit PBO in Dialog Screen for Visit Appointment 
496 ISHMED_APP_EXIT_COLL S_KK4_98000133 Exit for Implementing Appointment Collision Check 
497 ISHMED_APP_SEARCH S_KK4_98000031 Search for Free Appointments 
498 ISHMED_APP_SRCH_DILG S_KK4_98000072 BAdI for Implementing Alternative Input Screen for Search Strings 
499 ISHMED_BADI S_KK4_96000409 Preregistration List: BAdI for Customer-Specific Printing 
500 ISHMED_BADI_ADM_CSLS S_KK4_96000658 Create Admission/Visit: BAdI for "Caseless Objects" Dialog Box