SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index I, page 2
IMG Activity - I
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 ISHMED_BADI_PTS S_KK4_96000682 BAdI: Enhancements in Transport Orders View Type 
2 ISHMED_BADI_VP_DIALO S_KK4_98000137 BAdI for Vital Sign Maintenance Dialog 
3 ISHMED_BEW_UEX S_KK4_98000149 Exits for Processing Visits 
4 ISHMED_BI_BADI S_ANI_98000272 BAdI: Base Item Type BAdI 
5 ISHMED_BI_COMPONENT S_ANI_98000286 BAdI: Component-Based Base Item Types 
6 ISHMED_BI_CORDER S_ANI_98000287 BAdI: Base Item Type Clinical Order 
7 ISHMED_BI_DIAGNOSIS S_ANI_98000282 BAdI: Base Item Type Diagnoses 
8 ISHMED_BI_DOCUMENT S_ANI_98000275 BAdI: Base Item Type Document 
9 ISHMED_BI_PATHWAY S_ANI_98000288 BAdI: Base Item Type Treatment Pathway 
10 ISHMED_BI_PRINT_SC S_ANI_98000278 BAdI: Base Item Type Form Printing - SAPscript 
11 ISHMED_BI_PRINT_SF S_ANI_98000277 BAdI: Base Item Type Form Print - Smart Forms 
12 ISHMED_BI_PRINT_WO S_ANI_98000281 BAdI: Base Item Type Form Printing - Work Organizer 
13 ISHMED_BI_PROBLEM S_ANI_98000289 BAdI: Base Item Type Problems 
14 ISHMED_BI_PROCEDURE S_ANI_98000283 BAdI: Base Item Type Procedures 
15 ISHMED_BI_PROGRESS S_ANI_98000285 BAdI: Base Item Type Progress Entry 
16 ISHMED_BI_REQUEST S_ANI_98000290 BAdI: Base Item Type Request 
17 ISHMED_BI_SERVICEADM S_ANI_98000284 BAdI: Base Item Type Administrative Services 
18 ISHMED_BI_TA S_ANI_98000273 BAdI: Base Item Type Transaction 
19 ISHMED_BI_URL S_ANI_98000274 BAdI: Base Item Type URL 
20 ISHMED_CASE_VALID S_P7C_98000363 BAdI: Validity Check for Completed/Billed Case 
21 ISHMED_CDOKU_CALL S_KK4_96000558 BAdI: Call Surgical Documentation 
22 ISHMED_CDOKU_RELEASE S_KK4_96000651 BAdI: Release Surgical Documentation 
23 ISHMED_CDOKU_SAVE S_KK4_96000649 BAdI: Save Surgical Documentation 
24 ISHMED_CLINWP S_KK4_96000678 IS-H*MED: Clinical Work Station 
25 ISHMED_CLIN_ORDER S_KK4_98000034 Clinical Order 
26 ISHMED_COM_COMPRTWS S_ANI_98000292 Maintain Communication Partner 
27 ISHMED_COM_DEL_LOG S_PNI_98000311 Clean Up Communication Log 
28 ISHMED_COM_DOCFORMAT S_ANI_98000293 Format Settings for Outgoing Documents 
29 ISHMED_COM_DOCOUT_LP S_ANI_98000301 Partner-Specific Logical Port for Documents 
30 ISHMED_COM_DOCOUT_WS S_ANI_98000299 Release Web Service for Document Receipt 
31 ISHMED_COM_DOCRIN_WS S_ANI_98000300 Release Web Service for Response Receipt 
32 ISHMED_COM_DOCROUTLP S_ANI_98000302 Partner-Specific Logical Port for Responses 
33 ISHMED_COM_DOCTYPMAP S_ANI_98000294 Settings for Incoming Documents 
34 ISHMED_COM_DOC_BADI S_ANI_98000295 BAdI for Document Modification (Incoming and Outgoing) 
35 ISHMED_COM_DOC_BADI2 S_PRI_97000120 BAdI for Unpacking Received Documents 
36 ISHMED_COM_DOC_BADI3 S_PRI_97000121 BAdI for Filling Created Documents 
37 ISHMED_COM_DOC_RCPBD S_ANI_98000296 BAdI for Recipient Presetting 
38 ISHMED_COM_N2T7 S_PNI_98000310 Activate Dispatch Function for Individual Document Categories 
39 ISHMED_COM_SCHEMA S_PNI_98000308 Download Schema/DTD for Medical Documents 
40 ISHMED_COM_SYSTID S_ANI_98000291 Maintain Sender Settings for Own Institution 
41 ISHMED_CONN_PAT_EXT S_P7C_98000353 Patient Creation by Connectivity Services 
42 ISHMED_CON_CORD_IN S_P7C_98000357 Clinical Order: Configure Order Types for External Initiation 
43 ISHMED_CON_CORD_OUT S_P7C_98000358 Clinical Order: Configure Order Types for Transfer to Third Party System 
44 ISHMED_CON_HNDL_REG S_P7C_98000356 Registration of Connectivity Handlers 
45 ISHMED_CON_PLG_PROX S_P7C_98000354 Planning: System-Wide Proxy OU for Planning by Connectivity Services 
46 ISHMED_CON_PLG_PROXD S_P7C_98000355 Planning: Detailed Assignment Proxy OU to Business Partner for Connectivity 
47 ISHMED_CON_SERV_REG S_P7C_98000352 Registration of Connectivity Services 
48 ISHMED_CON_SERV_REL S_P7C_98000351 Release Web Services for Runtime 
49 ISHMED_CORD_BADI_PRT S_KK4_98000181 BAdI to Control Printing in Clinical Order 
50 ISHMED_CORD_CORDNR S_KK4_98000035 Set Up Order Numbers 
51 ISHMED_CORD_COSTA S_KK4_98000037 Set Up Order Status 
52 ISHMED_CORD_POSTA S_KK4_98000038 Set Up Status Profile for Item Status 
53 ISHMED_CORD_TYPEDEF S_KK4_98000039 Set Up Order Types for Clinical Order 
54 ISHMED_DCML_SAPLN1VP S_KK4_98000166 Exit for Dispatch Log 
55 ISHMED_DCML_VERSCHCK S_KK4_98000167 Exit for Checking Dispatch Authorization 
56 ISHMED_DIA_VERSION S_KK4_96000565 External Diagnosis Coding - Maintain Catalog Versions 
57 ISHMED_DOC_PATT S_KK4_98000152 Use of Sample Document Categories 
58 ISHMED_DOC_STD S_KK4_98000153 Use of Standard Document Categories 
59 ISHMED_DSPTY_DEF S_KK4_98000116 Define Scheduling Types 
60 ISHMED_EXIT_SAPLN1OK S_KK4_98000132 Exit: Caseless Objects' Classification for Create Admission/Visit 
61 ISHMED_FALLZUO_BADI S_KK4_96000627 BAdI: Case Selection with Case Assignment for Caseless Object 
62 ISHMED_GL S_KK4_98000056 Additional Component Requires Further License 
63 ISHMED_GL_ACTIVITY S_P7C_98000326 BAdI: Enhance Execution of Activity 
64 ISHMED_GL_ACT_BADI S_KK4_98000079 BAdI: Execute a BAdI 
65 ISHMED_GL_ACT_CAT S_P7C_98000322 Edit Categories of Activities 
66 ISHMED_GL_ACT_CATC S_P7C_98000321 Edit Categories 
67 ISHMED_GL_ACT_CATM S_P7C_98000320 Edit Main Categories 
68 ISHMED_GL_ACT_DOC S_KK4_98000080 BAdI: Document Processing 
69 ISHMED_GL_ACT_REQ S_KK4_98000081 BAdI: Create a Request 
70 ISHMED_GL_ACT_SC S_KK4_98000063 BAdI: Print SAPscript Form 
71 ISHMED_GL_ACT_SF S_KK4_98000062 BAdI: Print a Smart Form 
72 ISHMED_GL_ACT_VIEW S_P7C_98000329 BAdI: Adjust View of Released Comments 
73 ISHMED_GL_ACT_WO S_KK4_98000064 BAdI: Print an IS-H Work Organizer 
74 ISHMED_GL_AUTH S_KK4_98000071 Set Up Authorization 
75 ISHMED_GL_CASE S_KK4_98000044 BAdI: Determine Current Case 
76 ISHMED_GL_CUST_BCSET S_P7C_98000346 Activate Supplied Customizing 
77 ISHMED_GL_EDINST S_KK4_98000106 Install Graphical Editor 
78 ISHMED_GL_IV_C S_P7C_98000323 Edit Information Units 
79 ISHMED_GL_IV_U S_P7C_98000324 Override Sequence of Information Units 
80 ISHMED_GL_KEYWORDS S_KK4_98000069 Enter Keyword 
81 ISHMED_GL_LAYOUT S_P7C_98000325 Determine Layout 
82 ISHMED_GL_PATINFO S_KK4_98000053 BAdI: Display Additional Text in Patient Information 
83 ISHMED_GL_PROFESSION S_KK4_98000070 Assign Occupational Groups 
84 ISHMED_GL_PROPERTY S_KK4_98000084 Determine Layout Properties for Graphical Editor 
85 ISHMED_GL_RP_ADD S_P7C_98000331 Add Evaluations 
86 ISHMED_GL_RP_CUST S_P7C_98000330 Adjust Pathway Log 
87 ISHMED_GL_SMARTFORMS S_KK4_98000117 Use Customer-Specific Smart Forms 
88 ISHMED_GL_TD S_P7C_98000327 Activate Pathway Proposal in Diagnosis Processing 
89 ISHMED_GL_TD_DEL S_P7C_98000328 Schedule Deletion Program for Pathway Proposals 
90 ISHMED_GL_TM_NOTECAT S_KK4_98000148 Enter Categories for Step Notes 
91 ISHMED_GL_TM_NOTEREA S_KK4_98000151 Deactivate Reason Entry on Step Cancellation 
92 ISHMED_GL_TM_PLAN S_KK4_98000156 Define Reasons for New Planning 
93 ISHMED_ME_ACT_CHECK S_KK4_98000203 BAdI: Check when Changing Activation Mode of Drug 
94 ISHMED_ME_APPLIC_DEV S_KK4_98000097 Maintain Administration Devices 
95 ISHMED_ME_APPLIC_ROU S_KK4_98000099 Maintain Administration Routes 
96 ISHMED_ME_DRUG_SEARC S_P7C_98000334 BAdI: Drug Search Override 
97 ISHMED_ME_ESTATUS S_KK4_98000128 Manage Event Status 
98 ISHMED_ME_FILLSOURCE S_KK4_98000094 Maintain Fill Source for Drug 
99 ISHMED_ME_FILLS_OU S_KK4_98000120 Fill Source - Organizational Unit Assignment 
100 ISHMED_ME_FORM_CHECK S_KK4_98000204 BAdI: Check Drug 
101 ISHMED_ME_FORM_TYP S_KK4_98000095 Maintain Drug Types 
102 ISHMED_ME_FO_MAINDET S_KK4_98000205 BAdI: Integrate Additional Tab Pages 
103 ISHMED_ME_FO_MENU S_KK4_98000208 BAdI: Enhance Menu 
104 ISHMED_ME_FO_MONOURL S_KK4_98000209 BAdI: Generate URL of Drug Monograph 
105 ISHMED_ME_FO_SEARCH S_KK4_98000210 BAdI: Modify Search in Drug Management 
106 ISHMED_ME_IMP_BDCC S_KK4_98000131 Control of Transfer of Base Catalog Entries to Formulary 
107 ISHMED_ME_IMP_FORM S_KK4_98000157 BAdI: Control of Transfer from Base Catalog into Formulary 
108 ISHMED_ME_IM_DT_FSOU S_P7C_98000335 BAdI - Fill Source Determination 
109 ISHMED_ME_LINTYPE S_KK4_98000129 Manage Line Type 
110 ISHMED_ME_MEDIC_GRP S_KK4_98000101 Maintain Drug Category 
111 ISHMED_ME_MELOC S_KK4_98000126 Maintain Localization for Medication 
112 ISHMED_ME_N1DC S_KK4_98000090 Maintain Catalog ID for External and Internal Formularies 
113 ISHMED_ME_NDIC S_KK4_98000088 Define External and Internal Formularies 
114 ISHMED_ME_NDIC_EINRI S_KK4_98000089 Create ID of Formulary for Institution (Time-Dependent) 
115 ISHMED_ME_ORDERPRIO S_KK4_98000123 Maintain Order Priority 
116 ISHMED_ME_ORDERTYPE S_KK4_98000122 Maintain Order Type 
117 ISHMED_ME_ORDPRIO S_KK4_98000124 Maintain Order Priority 
118 ISHMED_ME_OSTATUS S_KK4_98000125 Maintain Order Status 
119 ISHMED_ME_PHARM_FORM S_KK4_98000098 Maintain Dosage Form 
120 ISHMED_ME_PROCRELCAT S_KK4_98000092 Maintain Process-Related Classification 
121 ISHMED_ME_REASONIND S_P7C_98000316 Maintain Reason Code (Institution-Independent) 
122 ISHMED_ME_REASON_DEA S_KK4_98000091 Maintain Reason Key 
123 ISHMED_ME_RES_CODE_U S_KK4_98000096 Maintain Key for Use of Drug 
124 ISHMED_ME_SAVE_FORM S_KK4_98000207 BAdI: Preset when Creating and Saving Drug 
125 ISHMED_ME_SEARCHCPOE S_KK4_98000211 BAdI: Modify Search for Drugs 
126 ISHMED_ME_SEARCH_BDC S_KK4_98000212 BAdI: Modify Search in Basic Catalog 
127 ISHMED_ME_SEARC_TMPL S_KK4_98000206 BAdI: Modify Search for Order Templates 
128 ISHMED_ME_THERAP_CLA S_KK4_98000093 Maintain Therapeutic Class 
129 ISHMED_ME_THERA_CL_S S_KK4_98000102 Maintain Type of Therapeutic Classification 
130 ISHMED_ME_THERA_CL_T S_KK4_98000100 Maintain Types of Therapeutic Classes 
131 ISHMED_ME_UNIT S_KK4_98000127 Maintain Time Units for Orders 
132 ISHMED_N1CSCHG S_KK4_98000194 Maintain Change Reasons 
133 ISHMED_N1LAGRG S_KK4_74000570 Maintain position types 
134 ISHMED_N1LSTGSPLIT S_KK4_96000288 AT/CH/SG: Define Surgical Procedure Split 
135 ISHMED_N1POBKL S_KK4_74000571 Maintain Planning Object Classes 
136 ISHMED_N1RLST S_KK4_98000193 Maintain Release Status 
137 ISHMED_N1ROLZUO S_KK4_96000287 AT/CH/SG: Define Role Assignment IS-H -> IS-H*MED 
138 ISHMED_N1_WP_OP S_KK4_96000683 BAdI: Enhancements in Surgeries View Type 
139 ISHMED_NR19_BADI S_KK4_96000626 Appointment Lists: BAdI for Additional Fields 
140 ISHMED_OPD_KVDOC1 S_KK4_98000107 Set Up PPA Documents 
141 ISHMED_OPD_KV_RL S_KK4_98000108 Set Up Red List Input Help 
142 ISHMED_OPD_KV_STP S_KK4_98000109 Configure Stamps 
143 ISHMED_OP_PROGRAMM S_KK4_74000620 Set up OR schedule - activities 
144 ISHMED_PF_EXIT_GUI S_KK4_98000135 Exit for Implementing Customer-Specific Functions in Nursing 
145 ISHMED_PF_EXIT_PLAN S_KK4_98000134 Exit for Presetting Nursing Plan on Creation 
146 ISHMED_PF_EXIT_URL S_KK4_98000136 Exit for Overriding Connection of URL 
147 ISHMED_PG_BADI_APP S_KK4_98000114 BAdI for Labelling Planned Appointments 
148 ISHMED_PG_BADI_POS S_KK4_98000110 BAdI for Determining Tab Pages and Positioning in Time Grid 
149 ISHMED_PG_BADI_TIMGD S_KK4_98000111 BAdI for Labelling Time Grid 
150 ISHMED_PG_BADI_TIMST S_KK4_98000113 BAdI for Labelling Available Appointments in Time Slot 
151 ISHMED_PLGR_BADI_WPL S_KK4_98000052 BAdI for Labelling Nodes in Worklist 
152 ISHMED_POB_DEF S_KK4_98000051 Set Up Planning Objects and Available Timeslots 
153 ISHMED_PREREG_BADI S_KK4_96000444 BAdI at Start of Clinical Order Dialog 
154 ISHMED_PRER_BADI_CHK S_KK4_96000445 BAdI in Clinical Order Dialog for Checking Entries 
155 ISHMED_PRER_BADI_UCO S_KK4_96000446 BAdI in Clinical Order Dialog (Receive User Commands) 
156 ISHMED_PRG_BADI_SUBS S_KK4_96000635 BAdI for Including Customer-Specific Subscreen 
157 ISHMED_PRG_KONTEXT S_KK4_96000585 Set Up Treatment Contexts for Clinical Order 
158 ISHMED_PRG_TN14H S_KK4_96000619 Set Up Referral Types 
159 ISHMED_PROC_DIA_ENCD S_KK4_96000559 BAdI: Call Combined Diagnosis-Procedure Coding 
160 ISHMED_PROC_ENCODING S_KK4_96000547 BAdI: Call Procedure Coding 
161 ISHMED_PROC_ENC_HITL S_KK4_96000674 BAdI: Call Personal Hit List for Procedure Coding 
162 ISHMED_PRO_VERSION S_KK4_96000564 External Procedure Coding - Maintain Catalog Versions 
163 ISHMED_PRZ_BASIS S_KK4_96000675 Set Up SPC Hit Lists 
164 ISHMED_PRZ_USED2 S_KK4_98000192 Edit SPC Hit Lists 
165 ISHMED_RAD_IC10 S_KK4_96000621 DICOM Server 
166 ISHMED_RAD_IC11 S_KK4_96000622 Delete Table Contents of Radiological Tables 
167 ISHMED_RAD_REPCAT S_KK4_98000130 Set Up Categories for Findings Documents 
168 ISHMED_RAD_WLDETAILS S_KK4_98000057 BAdI: Define Detail View of Examination 
169 ISHMED_SRV_EXIT_CANC S_KK4_98000143 Exit for Canceling Services - Initial Screen 
170 ISHMED_SRV_EXIT_CHEC S_KK4_98000146 Exit for Checking Before Service Dialogs 
171 ISHMED_SRV_EXIT_DISP S_KK4_98000138 Service Scheduling Exits 
172 ISHMED_SRV_EXIT_QUI S_KK4_98000139 Exit for Performing/Releasing Services - After Update 
173 ISHMED_SRV_EXIT_REPL S_KK4_98000144 Exits for Medical Replacement of Services 
174 ISHMED_TGPL_COLHEAD S_KK4_98000017 BAdI for Determining Columns in Day-Based Planning 
175 ISHMED_USER_MA S_P7C_98000319 Assign User ID to Employees 
176 ISHMED_UX_OCC_LIST S_KK4_96000681 SAP Enhancements for Arrivals, Occupancy, and Departures View Types 
177 ISHMED_VIS_UEX S_KK4_98000150 Exits: Visits' Processing in Outpatient Clinics 
178 ISHMED_WAITLIST_RSN S_KK4_96000584 Set Up Reasons for Removal from Waiting List 
179 ISHMED_WAITLIST_TYPE S_KK4_96000583 Set Up Waiting Lists 
180 ISHMED_WP_LSTAMB_UX S_KK4_96000680 BAdI: Enhancements to Outpatient Clinic / Service Facility View Type 
181 ISHMED_ZYKLUS_DIALOG S_KK4_98000028 Set Up Cycles 
182 ISHT_MES_01 S_EGG_64000028 Define User Status Profiles 
183 ISHT_MES_02 S_EGG_64000029 Define Order-Type Dependent Parameters 
184 ISHT_MES_03 S_EGG_64000037 Define Batch Where Used 
185 ISHT_MES_04 S_EGG_64000038 Define Batch Level 
186 ISHT_MES_ADD_BUTTON S_EGG_64000043 Add Result Recording Button 
187 ISHT_MES_BATCH_CLASS S_EGG_64000040 Set Up Batch Classification for Movement Types 
188 ISHT_MES_BIN_SCREEN S_EGG_64000041 Include Bin Screen 
189 ISHT_MES_BT_01 S_EGG_64000030 Activate Documentation of Goods Movement 
190 ISHT_MES_CNTRL_KEYS S_EGG_64000036 Define MES Control Keys 
191 ISHT_MES_CONTRL_KEYS S_EGG_64000035 Define MES Control Keys 
192 ISHT_MES_ENABLE S_EGG_64000033 Enable MES Functions 
193 ISHT_MES_EXITS S_EGG_64000034 Enable MES Functions 
194 ISHT_MES_MOVE_TYPE_1 S_EGG_64000039 Define Movement Types for Batch Inheritance 
195 ISHT_MES_MVMT_TYP_BG S_KA5_12000994 Maintain Movement Types Requiring Special Handling for Batch Genealogy 
196 ISHT_MES_PM_REPORT S_EGG_64000042 Add PM Malfunction Report Button 
197 ISHT_MES_RESREC_01 S_EGG_64000031 Define Process Message Categories 
198 ISHT_MES_RESREC_02 S_EGG_64000032 Define Process Instruction Categories 
199 ISHT_MES_SPC_01 S_EGG_64000024 Define Valuation Rules 
200 ISHT_MES_SPC_02 S_EGG_64000025 Define Valuation Mode 
201 ISHT_MES_SPC_03 S_EGG_64000026 Define SPC Criteria 
202 ISHT_MES_SPC_04 S_EGG_64000027 Set Up Control Charts 
203 ISH_ABR_ABTYP S_KK4_74000015 Define Billing Categories 
204 ISH_ABR_PARAM S_KK4_74000016 Set Billing Parameters 
205 ISH_ABR_ROLTP S_KK4_74000408 Define Functions of a Service-to-Business Partner Asgmt 
206 ISH_ABSCHLAG_APS S_KK4_74000006 DE: Set Up Departmental per Diem Discount 
207 ISH_ABWES_1 S_KK4_74000395 Set Parameters for Handling Absences 
208 ISH_ACM_AKR_SHOW S_P7C_98000402 Anzeigen der Ambulanten Kodierrichtlinien 
209 ISH_ACM_AKR_URL S_P7C_98000401 Ambulante Kodierrichtlinien einbinden 
210 ISH_ACM_BG_LFDNR S_PNI_98000314 BAdI : Adjust WCA Documents 
211 ISH_ACM_DOKART S_PNI_98000268 Define Document Types 
212 ISH_ACM_DOKOBJ S_PNI_98000267 Documentation: Maintain Object 
213 ISH_ACM_INSPROV_CREA S_P7C_98000339 DE: Create PPA Insurance Provider Master Record 
214 ISH_ACM_KV_BADICHECK S_P7C_98000271 DE: BAdI: KV-Abrechnung - Daten prüfen 
215 ISH_ACM_KV_BADILEIKZ S_P7C_98000337 DE: BAdI: PPA Billing - Change Service Indicator 
216 ISH_ACM_KV_STP S_PNI_98000315 BAdI: Adjust PPA Documents 
217 ISH_ACM_N2DO S_P7C_98000405 OE-bezogenes Dokumentprofil 
218 ISH_ACM_NKTR_KV S_P7C_98000340 DE: PPA Insurance Provider Master from External PPA Billing System 
219 ISH_ACM_RZH_URLDEF S_P7C_98000410 URLs pflegen 
220 ISH_ACM_TN21BUKRS S_ANI_98000213 Maintain Company Codes for Direct Patient Billing 
221 ISH_ACM_TNACM S_ANI_98000208 Maintain Settings for 1:N Remapping 
222 ISH_ACM_TNKTR_KV S_P7C_98000338 DE: Maintain Default Insurance Provider for PPA Insurance Provider Master 
223 ISH_ACM_WS_INSTALL S_AIR_98000255 DE: Configure Web Services for Outpatient Subsystem 
224 ISH_APCN_CHG_CORD S_KK4_98000162 BAdI for Controlling Appointment Templates 
225 ISH_API_PREREQUISITS S_P7C_98000269 BAdI: Check Prerequisites Before API/BAPI Call 
226 ISH_APP_BADI_PATSRCH S_KK4_98000073 BAdI to Control Patient Index Search 
227 ISH_ARCH_CUST S_KK4_74000152 Set Up Case Archiving 
228 ISH_ARCH_FAKTURA S_KK4_74000153 Archiving Control for Billing Documents 
229 ISH_AT_BEFRGR S_KK4_96000418 AT: Reasons for Waiving Outpatient Clinic Fee 
230 ISH_AT_BEWART S_KK4_96000381 AT: Define Movement Types 
231 ISH_AT_DEKADEN S_KK4_96000455 AT: 10-Day Services (A11) 
232 ISH_AT_DEKADEN_KOST S_KK4_96000456 AT: 10-Day Servies - Exclusion for Insurance Provider (A11) 
233 ISH_AT_ECARD S_PNI_98000258 BAdI: AT: ECard Reader Connection 
234 ISH_AT_EDIVKA_BADI S_PL5_98000226 BAdI: EDIVKA Datenaustausch - Methoden für Verfahren EDKOS, EDLEI und EDHON 
235 ISH_AT_ELDAA_BADI S_KK4_96000642 AT: BAdI - ELDAA 
236 ISH_AT_ELDA_BADI S_ANI_98000250 BAdI: ELDA Data Exchange - General Methods 
237 ISH_AT_ELDA_ELDAL_BA S_ANI_98000252 BAdI: ELDA Data Exchange - Methods for ELDAL Procedure 
238 ISH_AT_ELDA_P321_BAD S_ANI_98000251 BAdI: ELDA Data Exchange - Methods for P321 Procedure 
239 ISH_AT_GIN_DIALOG S_P7C_98000309 AT: Details zur e-Card Anbindung 
240 ISH_AT_GIN_PINCD S_P7C_98000312 AT: GINA PIN-Code zur Dialogerzeugung 
241 ISH_AT_GIN_PORTS S_P7C_98000310 AT: GINA Portdefinition / Vertragspartnerzuordnung 
242 ISH_AT_GIN_TERMCR S_P7C_98000311 AT: GINA Zuordnung Terminal - CardReader 
243 ISH_AT_GIN_USRTRM S_P7C_98000313 AT: GINA Zuordnung User - Terminal (WTS) 
244 ISH_AT_HCM_321_CUST S_KK4_96000413 AT: P321 Customizing 
245 ISH_AT_HCM_EDHON_CUS S_P7C_98000332 AT: Vorgehen EDHON Customizing 
246 ISH_AT_HCM_EDKOS_CUS S_PL5_98000224 AT: Vorgehen EDKOS Customizing 
247 ISH_AT_HCM_EDLEI_CUS S_PL5_98000225 AT: Vorgehen EDLEI Customizing 
248 ISH_AT_HCM_ELDAL_CUS S_PNI_98000254 AT: ELDAL Customizing 
249 ISH_AT_HCM_ELDA_CUST S_KK4_96000423 AT: ELDAA Customizing 
250 ISH_AT_HCM_MEDDOKU_C S_P7C_98000406 AT: Vorgehen MEDDOKU Customizing 
251 ISH_AT_HCM_SCOAD_CUS S_P7C_98000404 AT: Vorgehen SCOAD Customizing 
252 ISH_AT_HCM_SCOR_CUST S_KK4_96000422 AT: Scoring Customizing 
253 ISH_AT_HOEH_OP_GRP S_KK4_96000553 AT: Higher Ranking - Surgery Groups (A10) 
254 ISH_AT_HOEH_OP_LST S_KK4_96000554 AT: Higher Ranking - Surgery-Related Services (A10) 
255 ISH_AT_HOEH_TK_GRP S_KK4_96000555 AT: Higher Ranking - Day Clinics - Groups (A12) 
256 ISH_AT_HOEH_TK_LST S_KK4_96000556 AT: Higher Ranking - Day Clinics - Services (A12) 
257 ISH_AT_LEIKOMB_UMSCH S_KK4_98000121 AT: Remap Service Combinations (A16) 
258 ISH_AT_LEIST_UMSCH S_KK4_74000354 AT: Maintain Service Code Re-Mapping (A3) 
259 ISH_AT_MAX_ARRAYS S_KK4_96000608 AT: Service Maximum Value Scaling (A6) 
260 ISH_AT_MAX_GROUPS S_KK4_74000347 AT: Maximum Values via Groups (A5, A15) 
261 ISH_AT_MAX_VAL S_KK4_96000443 AT: Maintain Maximum Values 
262 ISH_AT_MAX_VALUES S_KK4_74000339 AT: Maintain Maximum Values by Case and Specialty (A4) 
263 ISH_AT_NKRS_NEW S_KK4_96000665 AT: Preassign Number Ranges for Year Change 
264 ISH_AT_NWAT_ABB S_KK4_96000689 BAdI: AT: Preset Contribution Towards Treatment / Contract Partner Number 
265 ISH_AT_OEARZT S_KK4_96000454 AT: Physician-to-OU Assignment 
266 ISH_AT_PAUSCHAL_ABRK S_KK4_74000355 AT: Maintain Flat Rate Assignment/Billability (A1,A2) 
267 ISH_AT_SCOEWKOMM S_KK4_98000187 AT: Standard Comments for Accepted Errors / Warnings 
268 ISH_AT_SCOMSGCL S_KK4_98000185 AT: Scoring Message Classification 
269 ISH_AT_SCOMSGID S_KK4_98000186 AT: Maintain Scoring Messages (incl. Classification) 
270 ISH_AT_SCORING_AMB S_P7C_98000399 BAdI: Diverse Exits für das ambulante Scoring 
271 ISH_AT_SCOVARI S_ANI_98000247 AT: Standard Layout Defaults for Online Scoring (Tab Page) 
272 ISH_AT_SCO_APSTATE S_P7C_98000439 BadI: Applikationsstatus ändern (Scoring / EKVK) 
273 ISH_AT_SRULES_AK S_KK4_96000587 BAdI: AT: Leistungsgenerierung 
274 ISH_AT_SRULE_OPT S_P7C_98000284 AT: Leistungsstorno (Einstellungen für zugeordnete Leistungen) 
275 ISH_AT_TN16V S_KK4_96000370 Define Subgroups for Insurance 
276 ISH_AT_TNWATKBDIA S_KK4_96000419 AT: Service Generation - Exclusion via Diagnoses 
277 ISH_AT_TNWATKBGEN S_KK4_96000371 AT: Service Generation 
278 ISH_AT_TNWAT_OE_ABBE S_KK4_96000412 AT: Treatment Types for Outpatient Clinics 
279 ISH_AT_TNWAT_OE_VPNR S_KK4_96000407 AT: Contract Partner Numbers for Outpatient Clinics 
280 ISH_AT_VVHAUPT S_KK4_96000384 AT: Maintain Relationship to Main Insured 
281 ISH_AT_ZEIT_ZULEIST S_KK4_74000003 AT: Define Times for Surcharge Services 
282 ISH_BADI_DRGCKF_DATE S_KK4_98000179 DE: BAdI: DRG Key Figures: Limit Dates (mLOS, ALOS, MLOS Date) 
283 ISH_BADI_E1PLUS_ALV S_KK4_98000045 BAdI: IS-H DE: E1plus: ALV Output 
284 ISH_BADI_UNIRETCASE S_KK4_98000175 DE: BAdI: Check Complete Readmission Case 
285 ISH_BADI_VKPRINT S_KK4_96000433 Preregistration List: Business Add-In for Customized Printing 
286 ISH_BAS_BENUTZER_GRP S_KK4_74000278 Define User Groups 
287 ISH_BAS_BENUTZER_PFL S_KK4_74000261 Maintain Users 
288 ISH_BAS_BENUTZER_ZUO S_KK4_74000241 Assign Users to User Groups 
289 ISH_BAS_EINR_ANLEGEN S_KK4_74000378 Create Institution 
290 ISH_BAS_SYSPAR_UEPFL S_KK4_74000416 Overall Parameter Maintenance 
291 ISH_BED_PLANNING S_P7C_98000306 BAdI: Bed Planning 
292 ISH_BERECHT_CUST S_KK4_74000428 Maintain Authorizations with the Profile Generator 
293 ISH_BG_ABRECHNUNG S_KK4_74000004 DE: Configure Workers' Compensation Association Billing 
294 ISH_BG_OE_PERSON S_P7C_98000308 DE: Workers' Comp. Fund Billing - OU-to-Person Asgmt 
295 ISH_BP_CHECK S_KK4_96000661 BAdI: Check General Business Partner Data 
296 ISH_BS02 S_KK4_96000561 Define Status Profiles 
297 ISH_BS52 S_KK4_96000562 Maintain Authorization Keys 
298 ISH_BW_0HC_PCS S_KK4_98000160 BAdI: Modify Data During Extraction from Datasource 0HC_PCS 
299 ISH_CASELIST_CASEFLD S_KK4_96000660 BAdI: Add Case Level User Field to Case List 
300 ISH_CASELIST_MVMTFLD S_KK4_96000659 BAdI: Add Movement Level User Field to Case List 
301 ISH_CASH_DESK S_KK4_96000566 Set Up Cash Desk 
302 ISH_CASREV S_KK4_98000040 Define Case Revision Settings 
303 ISH_CASREV_BADI S_KK4_98000104 BAdI: Case Revision - Processing of Customer-Specific Data 
304 ISH_CH_ABKOMMEN S_KK4_74000323 CH: Maintain Convention 
305 ISH_CH_ABRART S_KK4_74000112 CH: Determine Billing Types 
306 ISH_CH_ABRV S_KK4_74000110 CH: Maintain Billing Agreement 
307 ISH_CH_ABR_ABTYP S_KK4_74000028 CH: Define Billing Categories 
308 ISH_CH_ABR_MAT S_KK4_98000170 CH: Billability of Materials 
309 ISH_CH_ABWESENHEITEN S_KK4_74000394 CH: Set Parameters for Handling Absences 
310 ISH_CH_AHVNR S_KK4_74000250 CH: Maintain Pension Insurance Number Determination 
311 ISH_CH_ALIS_ERRHAND S_P7C_98000413 Steuerungsparameter ALIS-Fehlerhandling 
312 ISH_CH_ANALYSE_EXTRA S_P7C_98000392 CH: Zuschlagsleistungen 
313 ISH_CH_ANALYSE_KUMU S_P7C_98000394 CH: Kumulation 
314 ISH_CH_ANALYSE_MAX S_P7C_98000393 CH: Höchstwerte 
315 ISH_CH_BADI_TMLR S_KK4_96000699 Business Add-Ins zu den TARMED-Leistungsregeln 
316 ISH_CH_BAPI_SRVRULES S_P7C_98000285 ALIS-Leistungsschnittstelle - Steuerung der Leistungsregeln 
317 ISH_CH_BEWART S_KK4_74000243 CH: Define Movement Types 
318 ISH_CH_BFS_DATA S_P7C_98000282 BAdI: CH: Aufbereitung BfS-Daten 
319 ISH_CH_CHECK_TARMED S_KK4_96000698 dd 
320 ISH_CH_CONTROL_PARAM S_KK4_96000544 CH: Control Parameters Service Assignments/Rules 
321 ISH_CH_COST_DIV S_P7C_98000419 Kostenteiler ermitteln 
322 ISH_CH_DRG_CALL_APPL S_P7C_98000281 BAdI: CH: Anbindung kundenspezifischer Applikationen 
323 ISH_CH_EINZG_KANTTAR S_KK4_74000322 CH: Maintain Canton Tariff-to-Geographical Area Asgmt 
325 ISH_CH_ERM_ABRV S_KK4_74000109 CH: Maintain Billing Agreement Determination 
326 ISH_CH_EXAUF_ABRART S_KK4_74000013 CH: Maintain Billing Types 
327 ISH_CH_EXAUF_AFART S_KK4_74000008 CH: Maintain Order Types 
328 ISH_CH_EXAUF_AUTYP S_KK4_74000029 CH: Maintain Order Categories 
329 ISH_CH_EXAUF_BADI S_KK4_96000408 CH: BAdIs for External Order 
330 ISH_CH_EXAUF_PFLGGEB S_KK4_74000010 CH: Maintain Processing Fee for Ordering Party 
331 ISH_CH_EXAUF_POINTS S_KK4_74000012 CH: Pricing 
332 ISH_CH_HCARE S_P7C_98000274 CH: Einstellungen für Leistungsumschlüsselung pflegen 
333 ISH_CH_HCM_EOXML_CUS S_P7C_98000362 CH: Vorgehen EOXML Customizing 
334 ISH_CH_HCM_PATR_CUST S_KK4_98000105 CH: PATREC Customizing 
335 ISH_CH_HCM_XMLIN_CUS S_PNI_98000256 CH: INXML Customizing 
336 ISH_CH_HOECHSTWERTE S_KK4_74000336 CH: Maintain Maximum Values 
337 ISH_CH_HON_ABRART S_KK4_74000032 CH: Define Billing Types 
338 ISH_CH_HON_FILL_RECH S_P7C_98000333 BAdI: CH: Rechnungsnr. bei nicht-abrechenbaren Leistungen im Honorar setzen 
339 ISH_CH_HON_POINTS S_KK4_74000031 CH: Assign Currency Amounts to Charge Factors 
340 ISH_CH_HON_REL_SERV S_P7C_98000397 BAdI: CH: Honorarleistungen für Preisfindung anpassen 
341 ISH_CH_KANTONSTARIF S_KK4_74000325 CH: Maintain Canton Tariff 
342 ISH_CH_KHS S_P7C_98000283 BAdI: CH: Krankenhausstatistik 
343 ISH_CH_KTARTEN S_KK4_74000383 CH: Define Insurance Provider Types 
344 ISH_CH_KUECODE S_KK4_74000104 CH: Maintain Insurance Verification Code 
345 ISH_CH_KUE_KLASSEN S_KK4_74000102 CH: Maintain Classes (Med. Svce, Hotel/Nrs., Combined) 
346 ISH_CH_KUE_LEIVERS S_KK4_74000115 CH: Maintain Code for Services in Ins. Provider Supplement 
347 ISH_CH_KUNDE_SAMMEL S_KK4_74000179 CH: Configure Customer Settings 
348 ISH_CH_LEISTAUFTEIL S_KK4_74000335 CH: Maintain Service Breakdown 
349 ISH_CH_LEISTTXT_KZL S_KK4_74000291 CH: Maintain Service Text Codes 
350 ISH_CH_LEISTZUS S_KK4_74000346 CH: Maintain Surcharge Services 
351 ISH_CH_OPKZ S_KK4_74000260 CH: OR Indicator 
352 ISH_CH_OPSZUS S_KK4_74000345 CH: Maintain OPS Rules 
353 ISH_CH_PATART S_KK4_74000316 CH: Maintain Patient Types 
354 ISH_CH_PATCLASS S_KK4_74000085 CH: Define Patient Class 
355 ISH_CH_PATTYP S_KK4_74000283 CH: Maintain Patient Categories 
356 ISH_CH_PAUSCHAL_ABRK S_KK4_74000337 CH: Maintain Flat Rate Assignment/Billability 
357 ISH_CH_PAYDIST_DISC S_P7C_98000273 BAdI: CH: Preis der Rabattleistung festlegen 
358 ISH_CH_PA_BEISPIEL S_KK4_74000450 CH: Notes on Configuring Forms of Billing 
359 ISH_CH_PLZ_REGION S_KK4_74000334 CH: Maintain Postal Code-to-Region Assignment 
360 ISH_CH_POINTS S_KK4_74000097 CH: Assign Currency Amounts to Charge Factors 
361 ISH_CH_PROZ_REDUKT S_KK4_74000014 CH: Define Reductions 
362 ISH_CH_PROZ_ZULEIST S_KK4_74000001 CH: Define Percentage Services 
363 ISH_CH_RADIOLOGIE S_KK4_74000344 CH: Radiology Rules 
364 ISH_CH_RUECKWEISCODE S_KK4_74000103 CH: Maintain Rejection Reason Codes 
365 ISH_CH_SAMMELAUFTRAG S_KK4_74000178 CH: Collective Orders 
366 ISH_CH_SAP_SAMMEL S_KK4_74000180 CH: Display SAP Values 
367 ISH_CH_SDRG_ACC S_P7C_98000420 Bewertungsrelation für Erlösabgrenzung 
368 ISH_CH_SDRG_ADDITION S_P7C_98000422 CH: Generieren DRG-Zusatzentgelte 
369 ISH_CH_SDRG_DATA_GET S_P7C_98000417 CH: BAdI Definition SwissDrg-Daten manipulieren (Grouper) 
370 ISH_CH_SDRG_GEN S_P7C_98000421 CH: Generieren DRG-Leistungen 
371 ISH_CH_SESSION S_KK4_96000366 CH: Define Session Codes 
372 ISH_CH_STD_LEISTGEN S_KK4_74000111 CH: Maintain Quantity Determination for Service Generation 
373 ISH_CH_TARGRP S_P7C_98000272 CH: Zuordnung Tariftyp - Tarifgruppe pflegen 
374 ISH_CH_TARMED_BAST S_KK4_98000055 CH: (+)% Surcharge Services 
375 ISH_CH_TARMED_DIVIS S_KK4_98000018 CH: Division Surcharge 
376 ISH_CH_TARMED_OEGP S_KK4_96000338 CH: Assign Responsible Physician to Org. Unit for Grade Rule 
377 ISH_CH_TARMED_RULES S_KK4_96000697
378 ISH_CH_TARMED_TM01 S_KK4_96000291 CH: Maintain Anesthesia Risk Class 
379 ISH_CH_TARMED_TM02 S_KK4_96000292 CH: Maintain Qualitative Grade 
380 ISH_CH_TARMED_TM03 S_KK4_96000293 CH: Maintain Quantitative Grade 
381 ISH_CH_TARMED_TM04 S_KK4_96000294 CH: Maintain Fracture Codes 
382 ISH_CH_TARMED_TM05 S_KK4_96000295 CH: Maintain Location Codes 
383 ISH_CH_TARMED_TM06 S_KK4_96000296 CH: Maintain Mandatory Service Codes 
384 ISH_CH_TARMED_TM07 S_KK4_96000297 CH: Maintain Invoice Categories 
385 ISH_CH_TARMED_TM08 S_KK4_96000298 CH: Maintain Divisions 
386 ISH_CH_TARMED_TM09 S_KK4_96000367 CH: Maintain Mechanic Codes 
387 ISH_CH_TARMED_TM10 S_KK4_96000368 CH: Maintain Service Category Codes 
388 ISH_CH_TARMED_TMLR S_KK4_96000403 CH: Classification TarMed Case 
389 ISH_CH_TARTYP S_KK4_74000290 CH: Maintain Tariff Types 
390 ISH_CH_TNDRG S_P7C_98000418 DRG-Abrechnungsparameter pflegen 
391 ISH_CH_TNGRP0 S_KK4_98000172 CH: Set Parameters for DRG Documentation 
392 ISH_CH_TNHCO S_KK4_74000201 CH: Maintain Basic Settings 
393 ISH_CH_TNWCH150 S_KK4_96000440 CH: Define Units of Time/Measure 
394 ISH_CH_TNWCHFACH S_P7C_98000389 CH: Fachbereich pflegen 
395 ISH_CH_UMSCHL_LEIDAU S_KK4_96000377 CH: Convert Service Duration 
396 ISH_CH_USAGE_COSTDIV S_P7C_98000424 Verwendung Kostenteiler pflegen 
397 ISH_CH_ZEIT_ZULEIST S_KK4_74000002 CH: Define Times for Surcharge Services 
398 ISH_COLORD_BADI S_P7C_98000296 BAdI: Determination of Collective Order for Outpatient Case-Based Order 
399 ISH_COPA_BEWERTZUORD S_KK4_74000467 Assign Valuation Strategy 
400 ISH_C_TNHCO_COLORD S_P7C_98000295 Collective Orders 
401 ISH_DAYPAT_DELIMINAT S_KK4_98000168 BAdI: DE: DRG - Delimit Validity of Day Patient Services 
402 ISH_DIAERG S_P7C_98000411 SG: Maintain Diagnosis Qualifier 
403 ISH_DIAGW S_KK4_96000312 Maintain Diagnostic Certainty 
404 ISH_DIALO S_KK4_96000311 Maintain Medical Localization 
405 ISH_DOKAR_REDOMA S_ANI_98000210 Define Document Types 
406 ISH_DOKUMENTENART S_KK4_74000402 Define Medical Record/Document Types 
407 ISH_DRG_OPTMODEL S_KK4_96000672 DE: Define Participation in DRG Billing acc. to KHEntgG 
408 ISH_DRG_PRICING_PROC S_KK4_96000673 DE: Set Up Pricing Procedure for DRG Billing 
409 ISH_DRG_QSZUSCHLAG S_KK4_96000705 DE DRG Billing: Assign QA Surcharge Services to QA Modules 
410 ISH_DRG_ROM S_KK4_96000310 Define Risk of Mortality for DRG 
411 ISH_DRG_SOI S_KK4_96000309 Define Severity of Illness for DRG 
412 ISH_DWS_TASKPROF S_PNI_98000266 Edit Tasks for Occupational Groups 
413 ISH_EBMCOL_DE S_ANI_98000207 DE: Configure EBM Column Determination 
414 ISH_EDI_DCP_FILECMP S_KK4_74000126 DE: P301 Compare Data Collection Points with DKG File 
415 ISH_EDI_DCP_FILECMP2 S_KK4_96000442 DE: P301/P302 Compare Data Collection Points with HI Fund Files 
416 ISH_EDI_DCP_INSPROV S_KK4_74000128 Assign Insurance Providers (Not DE: P302) 
417 ISH_EDI_DCP_INSPROV2 S_P7C_98000314 DE: P302 Assign Insurance Providers 
418 ISH_EDI_DCP_MASGNMT S_KK4_74000127 DE: Assign Insurance Providers (Mass Processing) 
419 ISH_EDI_DEPOSITION S_KK4_96000347 Place Old EDI Status Management Records in Temporary Storage 
420 ISH_EDI_FILENAME S_KK4_96000305 Define File Name Composition 
421 ISH_EIS_CUSTOMIZING S_KK4_74000202 Make Settings in EC-EIS 
422 ISH_EIS_RFC S_KK4_74000436 Data Transfer Beyond System Limits via RFC for EC-EIS 
423 ISH_ENHANCEMT_OVERVW S_KK4_96000465 Display Customer-Specific Enhancement Options 
424 ISH_EO_BILLTYP_DET S_P7C_98000304 Determine Billing Types 
425 ISH_EO_CHARFAC_DET S_P7C_98000305 Pricing 
426 ISH_EO_HON_AUFTCD S_P7C_98000315 Determine Fee Breakdown Code for Transfer 
427 ISH_EO_ORDER_CAT S_P7C_98000303 Maintain Order Categories 
428 ISH_EO_ORDER_TYPE S_P7C_98000302 Maintain Order Types 
429 ISH_EO_WORK_ORG S_P7C_98000307 Work Organizer Control by Order Type/Category and Order Placer 
430 ISH_ERLKONTAB_ANL S_KK4_74000050 Edit Account Determination Table 
431 ISH_EVT_BOR_EVT_CST S_KK4_96000308 Assign IS-H Events to BOR Events (Customer) 
432 ISH_EVT_BOR_EVT_SAP S_KK4_96000307 Assign IS-H Events to BOR Events (SAP) 
433 ISH_EXP_WL_STATUS S_KK4_96000613 Maintain Waiting List Statuses 
434 ISH_EXTPATID S_KK4_96000541 BAdI: External Patient Identification 
435 ISH_FATYCLASS S_ANI_98000212 Classify Case Categories 
436 ISH_FATYP_ACT S_KK4_98000200 Activate Case Categories 
437 ISH_FATYP_REL S_KK4_98000198 Maintain Assignments to Case Categories 
438 ISH_FUNCTION_CALL S_P7C_98000425 BAdI: Execute Customer-Specific Function in Clinical WS Views 
439 ISH_GEBIET_CHECK S_P7C_98000415 BAdI: Check Geographical Area 
440 ISH_HCF_INBOUND_CHG S_BSD_38000074 BAdI: Change of mapping of Inbound structures 
441 ISH_HCF_OUTBOUND_CHG S_BSD_38000073 BAdI: Change of mapping of inbound structures 
442 ISH_HCM_301KTRNTYPEN S_KK4_74000124 Exclude Insurance Provider From Message Dispatch 
443 ISH_HCM_301_ACTIV S_KK4_74000120 Activate EDI Procedure 
444 ISH_HCM_301_APPLSTAT S_KK4_74000117 Maintain Application Status 
445 ISH_HCM_301_AT S_KK4_98000184 dddddd 
446 ISH_HCM_301_CMSTATUS S_KK4_74000118 Maintain Communication Status 
447 ISH_HCM_301_DO_CUST S_KK4_74000440 DE: §301 Customizing 
448 ISH_HCM_301_HILFSPRG S_KK4_74000144 Use EDI Auxiliary Programs 
449 ISH_HCM_301_INSTIT S_KK4_74000119 Maintain Agreements for the Institution 
450 ISH_HCM_301_NCMAPP S_KK4_74000123 Map Internal Codes to External Codes 
451 ISH_HCM_301_PARTNER S_KK4_74000125 Connect Data Transfer System 
452 ISH_HCM_301_PRGLIST S_KK4_74000439 Overview of EDI Utilities 
453 ISH_HCM_301_SERVASGN S_KK4_74000165 SG: Assign Services to Indicators 
454 ISH_HCM_CCPS_DO_CUST S_KK4_74000431 SG: CCPS Customizing 
455 ISH_HCM_CCPS_INDIC S_KK4_74000164 SG: CCPS Options 
456 ISH_HCM_ELACH_DO_CUS S_KK4_74000430 CH: ELACH Customizing 
457 ISH_HCM_MONITORING S_KK4_74000122 Execute Monitoring Programs 
458 ISH_HCM_MONITOR_PRF S_KK4_74000137 Maintain Monitoring Checks 
459 ISH_HCM_NPMI_DO_CUST S_KK4_74000432 SG: NPMI Customizing 
460 ISH_HCM_P301_GD_WORK S_KK4_96000348 DE: §301 Explain Set-Up Procedure in Special Situations 
461 ISH_HCM_P302_DO_CUST S_KK4_74000429 DE: §302 Customizing 
462 ISH_HCM_P302_GD_WORK S_KK4_96000349 DE: §302 Explain Set-Up Procedure in Special Situations 
463 ISH_HCM_SYNC_VERS_M S_KK4_74000131 Display Express Dispatch Options (SAP) 
464 ISH_HCM_SYNC_VER_AUF S_KK4_74000132 Configure Express Dispatch of Admission Data 
465 ISH_INPUT_DIAKAT S_KK4_74000332 Diagnoses - Import Catalogs 
466 ISH_INSREL_CASE_SAVE S_KK4_98000169 IS-H: BAdI for Insurance Relationships 
467 ISH_INVOICE_CHECK S_KK4_96000620 BAdI: Check Invoice Creation 
468 ISH_KONFIGURATION S_KK4_74000398 Check Configuration 
469 ISH_LATE_CHARGES S_KK4_74000352 SG: Configure Services for Discharge Times 
470 ISH_LEIST_KATEGORIE S_KK4_74000292 SG: Maintain Service Summary Codes 
471 ISH_LOK_DIALEI S_KK4_96000633 CH, AT: Maintain Localization of a Service/Diagnosis 
472 ISH_LONG_TERM_ACCOMM S_KK4_96000677 Define Long-Term Accommodation Services 
473 ISH_MANDANT_RESET S_KK4_74000376 Reset Client 
474 ISH_MAX_GROUPS S_KK4_74000353 Maintain Maximum Values for Groups 
475 ISH_MAX_VALUES S_KK4_74000385 Maintain Maximum Values 
476 ISH_MD_FAS_BADI S_KK4_98000054 BAdI: Assign Department Status to a Department 
477 ISH_MM_AGENT S_KK4_96000591 Active Ingredients 
478 ISH_MM_GEART S_KK4_74000187 Define Approval Types 
479 ISH_MM_HIT_DEF S_KK4_74000182 Define Material Proposal 
480 ISH_MM_KAT_DEF S_KK4_74000186 Define Catalogs 
481 ISH_MM_KAT_DEF_SINGL S_KK4_96000631 Maintain Catalogs Individually 
482 ISH_MM_KAT_HIER S_KK4_74000181 Define Hierarchy for Input Help 
483 ISH_MM_KAT_OE S_KK4_74000185 Assign Material Catalogs to OUs 
484 ISH_MM_MATCONS_BIL S_P7C_98000301 Bill Case-Related Material Consumptions 
485 ISH_MM_MATLEI_DEF   Define Default Material Service 
486 ISH_MM_MEDCAT S_KK4_96000590 Medical Categories 
487 ISH_MM_OMSH S_KK4_96000599 Maintain Search Helps 
488 ISH_MM_OMSM S_KK4_96000601 Set Up Administrative Data at a Later Stage 
489 ISH_MM_OMT2 S_KK4_96000598 Define Required-Field Check for Direct Input 
490 ISH_MM_SET_DEF S_KK4_74000184 Define Material Sets 
491 ISH_MM_SET_OE S_KK4_74000183 Assign Material Sets to Organizational Units 
492 ISH_MM_STOR_DEF S_KK4_96000686 Define Closet 
493 ISH_MM_SXDA S_KK4_96000600 Data Transfer Workbench: Material Master (Direct Input) 
494 ISH_MM_TNM01 S_KK4_74000174 Assign Plants to Institutions 
495 ISH_MM_TNM02 S_KK4_74000175 Maintain Basic Settings 
496 ISH_MM_TNM03 S_KK4_96000685 Determine Procurement Types and Document Types 
497 ISH_MM_TNM04 S_KK4_98000083 Determine CO-Relevancy of Material Consumption 
498 ISH_NAHGRS S_KK4_96000414 AT: Ceiling Limit Table for Scoring 
499 ISH_NAKLF S_KK4_96000417 AT: KRAZAF - Insurance Provider for State Fund 
500 ISH_NEW_PRICE_FIELDS S_KK4_96000428 New Fields for Pricing