SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index I, page 3
IMG Activity - I
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 ISH_NL_ARZT_KTRAGER S_KK4_74000288 NL: Assign Physician to Insurance Provider (WDS) 
2 ISH_NL_DBC_TAB_ID S_KK4_96000576 NL: Maintain DBC Tables 
3 ISH_NL_EPB_ID S_KK4_98000013 NL: Maintain EPB Tables 
4 ISH_NL_KU_KND S_KK4_74000068 NL: Conditions for Insurance Verification 
5 ISH_NL_LAZR_ID S_KK4_96000579 NL: Maintain LAZR Tables 
6 ISH_NL_LEI_REGELN01 S_KK4_74000359 NL: Value-Dependent Rules for Service Groups 
7 ISH_NL_LEI_REGELN02 S_KK4_74000358 NL: Time-Dependent Rules for Services 
8 ISH_NL_LMR_ID S_KK4_96000578 NL: Maintain LMR Tables 
9 ISH_NL_PA_ALLG_EINRI S_KK4_74000038 NL: Set Up Billing Parameters 
10 ISH_NL_PA_INCLEXLC S_KK4_74000356 NL: Maintain Exclusions and Inclusions (e.g. all in) 
11 ISH_NL_PA_SCHEINE01 S_KK4_74000087 NL: Define Validity of Certificates 
12 ISH_NL_PA_SCHEINE02 S_KK4_74000108 NL: Sequence for Certificates 
13 ISH_NL_PA_SCHEINE03 S_KK4_74000107 NL: Times for Service Generation 
14 ISH_NL_PA_SCHEINE04 S_KK4_74000106 NL: Certificates and Services 
15 ISH_NL_PA_SCHEINE05 S_KK4_74000105 NL: Business Partners 
16 ISH_NL_PA_VVNL01 S_KK4_74000380 NL: Combinations of Classes and Ins. Provider Types 
17 ISH_NL_REGEL_AUFN S_KK4_74000357 NL: Generate Services at Admission 
18 ISH_NL_SAMMEL_ID S_KK4_96000577 NL: Maintain Collective Invoice Tables 
19 ISH_NL_WARTELISTE_ID S_KK4_96000580 NL: Maintain Waiting List Tables 
20 ISH_NPROC_RULES S_P7C_98000294 Define Rule Types and Maintain Check Procedure 
21 ISH_NPROC_SERVICE S_P7C_98000400 Maintain Procedure Generation Using Services 
22 ISH_NRSF_SG S_KK4_74000262 SG, CA: Risk Information 
23 ISH_NR_TERMINRESERV S_KK4_74000257 Define Number Range for Provisional Appointments (Outpatient) 
24 ISH_NTPZ1 S_KK4_74000327 Assign Services to Surgical Procedure Codes 
25 ISH_NTPZ2 S_KK4_74000326 Assign Surgical Procedure Codes to Services 
26 ISH_NUM_KREIS_DOKART S_KK4_74000407 Define Number Ranges for Medical Record/Document Types 
27 ISH_NV2000_CASTYPCHG S_KK4_96000670 BAdI: Clinical Process Builder - Check Data at Case Type Change 
28 ISH_NV2000_PAI S_KK4_96000657 BAdI: Clinical Process Builder - Check Data of Individual Subscreens 
29 ISH_NV2000_PAI_COMPL S_KK4_96000656 BAdI: Clinical Process Builder - Check Complete Data 
30 ISH_NV2000_PBO S_KK4_96000655 BAdI: Clinical Process Builder - Preset All Subscreens 
31 ISH_NV2000_TOOLBAR S_PNI_98000257 BAdI: Clinical Process Builder - Toolbar 
32 ISH_NV200_REN_TABPG S_P7C_98000279 BAdI: Clinical Process Builder - Dynamic Assignment of Tab Page Texts 
33 ISH_NWPLACE_DTM S_KK4_96000609 Determine Variant for Clinical Process Builder 
34 ISH_OMSH S_KK4_96000597 Maintain Search Helps 
35 ISH_OMT3B S_KK4_96000592 Define Structure of Data Screens for Each Screen Sequence 
36 ISH_OMT3E S_KK4_96000595 Assign Screen Sequences to User/Material Type/Transaction/Industry Sector 
37 ISH_OMT3R S_KK4_96000594 Maintain Order of Main and Additional Screens 
38 ISH_OMT3U S_KK4_96000596 Maintain User Settings 
39 ISH_OMT3Z S_KK4_96000593 Assign Secondary Screens 
40 ISH_OM_BASICS S_KK4_74000444 Explain Basics of Work Organizer Management 
41 ISH_ONAV S_KK4_96000315 Define Variants for Invoice Restriction 
42 ISH_OPDC_DIALOG S_PNI_98000260 BAdI: Define Entry Dialog for Outpatient Clinic Folder Entries 
43 ISH_OPDC_PARAM_CASE S_PNI_98000265 Preset Outpatient Clinic Folder Entry 
44 ISH_OPDC_PRINT S_PNI_98000264 BAdI: Define Print Output for Selected Outpatient Clinic Folder Entries 
45 ISH_OPDC_VIEW S_PNI_98000261 BAdI: Define View for Outpatient Clinic Folder Entries 
46 ISH_OPDC_VIEWALL S_PNI_98000263 BAdI: Define View for Progress Entries 
47 ISH_OUPT_COPAY_DIVER S_ANI_90000009 Configure Different Types of Outpatient Copayment 
48 ISH_OUPT_GET_USAGE S_P7C_98000403 Verwendungen der ambulanten Zuzahlung ermitteln 
49 ISH_OUTP_COPAYMENT S_ANI_90000004 Configure Copayment 
50 ISH_OUTP_COPAY_EXAMP S_ANI_90000007 Store Reasons for Outpatient Copayment Waiver 
51 ISH_OUTP_COPAY_PARA S_ANI_90000005 Maintain Parameters for Copayment Requests 
52 ISH_OUTP_COPAY_SERV S_ANI_90000008 Assign Services to Exemption Reasons 
53 ISH_OWPCB S_KK4_96000375 Personalize MiniApps for Inpatient Billing Workplace 
54 ISH_P301_OE_BSNR S_P7C_98000438 DE: Ambulante §301-Abrechnung OE-BSNR-Zuordnung 
55 ISH_PATJOIN_CHANGE S_P7C_98000435 BAdI: Change Patient Merging 
56 ISH_PATJOIN_CHECK S_P7C_98000388 BAdI: Check Patient Merging 
57 ISH_PATJOIN_RANKING S_P7C_98000436 BAdI: Patient Merging - Determine Reference Patient 
58 ISH_PAYDIST_INSREL S_KK4_98000154 BAdI: CA/CH/SG: Payment Distribution Control 
59 ISH_PAYMENT_TYPES S_KK4_96000563 Set Up Payment Types 
60 ISH_PA_BEISPIEL S_KK4_74000427 Display Examples 
61 ISH_PA_COMPMAX S_KK4_96000438 SG, CH: Settings for Contract Scheme Maximum 
62 ISH_PA_FPSE_PARAM S_KK4_74000377 Configure Proposal of Flat Rates per Case/Proc. Surcharges 
63 ISH_PA_FPSE_REGELN S_KK4_74000341 Assignment Rules for Flat Rates per Case/Proc. Surcharges and Addit.Charges 
64 ISH_PA_GPART_KTR01 S_KK4_74000289 NL: Maintain Additional Values for Master Data 
65 ISH_PA_GPART_LEI01 S_KK4_74000421 NL: Define Functions for Services 
66 ISH_PA_GPART_LEI02 S_KK4_74000423 NL: Maintain Requesting Business Partners 
67 ISH_PA_GPART_LEI03 S_KK4_74000410 NL: Define Requesting Business Partner Categories 
68 ISH_PA_GPART_VV S_KK4_74000381 NL: Assign Ranking Orders of Ins.Relatshps to Nursing Classes 
69 ISH_PA_KU_NL01 S_KK4_74000066 NL: Determine Procedure 
70 ISH_PA_KU_NL02 S_KK4_74000067 NL: Define Internal Insurance Provider Type 
71 ISH_PA_PFLEGE01 S_KK4_74000415 NL: Define Nursing Classes 
72 ISH_PA_PFLEGE02 S_KK4_74000412 NL: Assign Services to Patient Days 
73 ISH_PA_PUNKT01 S_KK4_74000098 NL: Assign Currency Amounts to Charge Factors 
74 ISH_PA_RECH01 S_KK4_74000422 NL: Enter Billing Party in Relation to Service 
75 ISH_PA_RECH02 S_KK4_74000409 NL: Assign Dummy Services to Billing Parties 
76 ISH_PA_RECH03 S_KK4_74000411 NL: Define Working Hours per Clinic 
77 ISH_PA_SAMMEL01 S_KK4_74000194 NL: Define Number Ranges for Collective Invoice Documents 
78 ISH_PA_SAMMEL02 S_KK4_74000193 NL: Define Document Type of FI Document 
79 ISH_PA_SAMMEL03 S_KK4_74000192 NL: Define Mapping Type for VEKTIS Services 
80 ISH_PA_SAMMEL04 S_KK4_74000191 NL: Maintain Service Catalog for VEKTIS Services 
81 ISH_PA_STORNO S_KK4_96000352 Define Cancellation Reasons 
82 ISH_PA_TARIF01 S_KK4_74000037 NL: Determine Billing Catalog 
83 ISH_PLANNING_CHECK S_P7C_98000348 BAdI: Check Appointment 
84 ISH_PLANNING_CHECK_C S_P7C_98000349 BAdI: Check for Changes to the Appointment 
85 ISH_PLANNING_PREALLO S_P7C_98000347 BAdI: Preset Appointment 
86 ISH_PLANNING_SAVE S_P7C_98000350 BAdI: Save Appointment 
87 ISH_PM_EINZUGSGEB S_KK4_74000329 Maintain Geographical Areas 
88 ISH_POSTALCODES_ES S_KK4_74000331 ES: Maintain Postal Codes 
89 ISH_POSTALCODES_SG S_KK4_74000330 SG: Maintain Postal Codes 
90 ISH_PREREG_CONTEXT S_KK4_96000610 Set Up Treatment Contexts for Preregistration 
91 ISH_PRG_BADI_STAT S_KK4_96000607 BAdI for Setting Preregistration Status 
92 ISH_PRG_SRV_STAT S_KK4_96000637 Set Up Statuses for Preregistered Service 
93 ISH_PRIO_WARTELISTE S_KK4_74000282 Define Priorities for Waiting List 
94 ISH_PROBCAT S_ANI_98000276 IS-H: Maintain Problem Catalog 
95 ISH_PSYDRGCASE_CHECK S_P7C_98000442 BAdI: Check Relevance of Case for Psy. SPC and Psy. DRG 
96 ISH_PSYDRG_OPT S_P7C_98000437 Teilnahme an der PEPP-Abrechnung nach §17d KHG hinterlegen 
97 ISH_PTINP S_KK4_96000432 Set Up Inpatient Scheduling Types 
98 ISH_REDOMA S_ANI_98000211 Maintain Document Type Assignments 
99 ISH_REDOMA_BADI S_PNI_98000255 BAdI: Renewable Document Management - Process Customer-Specific Data 
100 ISH_RESPIRATION_PROC S_KK4_98000059 BAdI: SP Codes for Duration of Mechanical Ventilation 
101 ISH_RNAACP00 S_KK4_74000044 Set Up Accrual 
102 ISH_SD_FUNKTIONEN S_KK4_74000426 Other Functions in SD 
103 ISH_SERVICECATEGORY S_ANI_98000209 Assign Services to Classes 
104 ISH_SERVICE_DPD S_KK4_96000570 BAdI: Determine Departmental Per Diem 
105 ISH_SERVICE_ENTRY S_KK4_96000572 BAdI: Develop Automatic Entry Support 
106 ISH_SERVICE_FORM01 S_KK4_96000369 Form-Based Service Entry 
107 ISH_SERVICE_MOVEMENT S_KK4_96000571 BAdI: Determine Corresponding Movement for a Service 
108 ISH_SET_COP_WAIVER S_P7C_98000423 BAdI: Define Copayment Waivers 
109 ISH_SET_GET S_KK4_74000438 Display Supported IS-H User Parameters 
110 ISH_SG_CHARGE_SCHEME S_KK4_74000190 SG: Maintain Estimation Procedure 
111 ISH_SG_CONTRACT_CAT S_KK4_74000363 SG,CH, CA: Maintain Contract Schemes 
112 ISH_SG_EST_TABLES S_KK4_74000189 SG: Maintain SAP Estimation Tables 
113 ISH_SG_EXTCONTRACT S_KK4_74000360 SG: Maintain Default Values for External Contract Schemes 
114 ISH_SG_MEDISAVE_EST S_KK4_74000371 SG: Medisave Claim Estimation 
115 ISH_SURCHARGESERVICE S_KK4_74000342 Configure Service Action for Surcharges 
116 ISH_SYSPARM_VV S_KK4_74000379 Maintain Insurance Relationship System Parameters 
117 ISH_TARAS_RULES S_KK4_74000393 Define Rules for Multiplication Factors 
118 ISH_TC_CLEARBUFFER S_P7C_98000434 Clear Treatment Authorization Buffer 
119 ISH_TC_OVERVIEW S_P7C_98000427 Global Data for Treatment Authorization 
120 ISH_TERMINAL_DETERMI S_P7C_98000414 BAdI: Find Terminal for Form Printing 
121 ISH_TIMESLOT_TXT S_KK4_96000676 BAdI: Change Appointment (or Time Slot) Text in Appointment Overview 
122 ISH_TN12R S_KK4_74000287 Maintain Ranks for Persons 
123 ISH_TN14H S_KK4_74000273 Maintain Referral Types/Postdischarge Treatment Types 
124 ISH_TN14I S_KK4_74000275 Maintain Emergency Services 
125 ISH_TN14K S_KK4_74000274 Maintain Modes of Arrival 
126 ISH_TN14M S_KK4_96000285 SG, CA: Maintain Treatment Programs 
127 ISH_TN14O S_KK4_74000268 Maintain Surgery Types 
128 ISH_TN15D S_KK4_74000235 Define Case End Types 
129 ISH_TN15H S_KK4_96000284 SG: Define Choice of Ward Class 
130 ISH_TN16V S_KK4_96000378 Define Subgroups for Insurance 
131 ISH_TN17D S_KK4_74000311 Maintain Identification Document Types 
132 ISH_TN17J_IMG   Display Protectable Fields (SAP) 
133 ISH_TN17K_IMG   Maintain Change Reasons for Protected Fields 
134 ISH_TN17R S_KK4_74000317 Maintain Race 
135 ISH_TN1TC_GLOB_SET S_P7C_98000428 Global Settings 
136 ISH_TN1TC_OU_RESP S_P7C_98000429 Texts for OU Jurisdictions 
137 ISH_TN1TC_OU_RESP_OU S_P7C_98000430 OU Constellations Within OU Jurisdictions 
138 ISH_TN1TC_RESP_ROLE S_P7C_98000431 Assignments of OU Jurisdictions to User Roles 
139 ISH_TN1TC_TIMES_INST S_P7C_98000432 Follow-Up/Request Periods for OU Jurisdictions 
140 ISH_TN1TC_TIMES_OU S_P7C_98000433 Follow-Up/Request Periods for OU Constellations 
141 ISH_TN21L S_KK4_96000548 Display Customizable Messages (SAP) 
142 ISH_TN40C S_KK4_74000238 Define Alternative Scheduling Types (Outpatient) 
143 ISH_TNACC S_KK4_74000304 Define Accommodation Categories 
144 ISH_TNC301VER S_KK4_98000202 P301 Determine Version Validity 
145 ISH_TNCATD S_P7C_98000407 Specify Discharge Date as Reference for Catalog Determination 
146 ISH_TNDCV_IMG S_KK4_74000251 Display Country-Specific Screen Modification 
147 ISH_TNDIA S_KK4_74000267 Set Parameters for Diagnosis Documentation 
148 ISH_TNDRG S_KK4_96000671 DE: Maintain DRG Billing Parameters 
149 ISH_TNEI0 S_KK4_74000221 Parameters for Characteristic and Key Figure Determination 
150 ISH_TNEIS S_KK4_74000223 Display Characteristic and Key Figure Determination for IS-H 
151 ISH_TNFAS S_KK4_98000042 Assign Department Status to a Department 
152 ISH_TNFAS_FS S_KK4_98000043 Define Dependencies Between Case Status and Department Status 
153 ISH_TNFCL S_KK4_74000222 Case Categorization 
154 ISH_TNGRP0 S_KK4_96000427 Set Parameters for DRG Documentation 
155 ISH_TNGRP1 S_KK4_96000435 Define DRG Grouper Assignment 
156 ISH_TNGRP2 S_KK4_96000436 Define DRG Grouper 
157 ISH_TNGRP3 S_KK4_96000437 Define DRG Grouper File Conventions 
158 ISH_TNHCO S_KK4_74000188 Maintain Basic Settings 
159 ISH_TNIEBILL S_KK4_96000334 Internet Configuration 
160 ISH_TNIRS S_KK4_98000147 Maintain Settings for Insurance Relationships 
161 ISH_TNKRS S_KK4_74000343 Maintain Technical Number Ranges 
162 ISH_TNPEPP S_P7C_98000441 Maintain PEPP Billing Parameters 
163 ISH_TNPEPP0 S_P7C_98000440 Define Parameters for PEPP Documentation 
164 ISH_TNPROC_MAT_REL S_P7C_98000290 Maintain Asgmt of Single-Qty Proc.Cd. to Matl and Summary Proc.Cd. 
165 ISH_TNSTA0 S_KK4_96000560 Maintain Status Profiles Used for Medical Documentation 
166 ISH_TNVRGC S_ANI_98000206 Maintain Fields for Detailed Definition of Business Transactions 
167 ISH_TNVRGR S_ANI_98000205 Display Possible Fields for Detailed Definition of Bus. Transactions (SAP) 
168 ISH_TNWATSCD S_KK4_82000314 AT: System Information for EDI Scoring 
169 ISH_UE_KUNDE S_KK4_74000397 Configure Customer User Exits 
170 ISH_UE_SAP S_KK4_74000405 Display SAP User Exits 
171 ISH_V2_V3_PUNKTWERTE S_KK4_74000209 Define Charge Factor Values for V2 and V3 Statistics 
172 ISH_VD_00 S_PNI_98000262 Define Number Range for Progress Entries 
173 ISH_VKGTYP S_KK4_96000430 Set Up Preregistration Types Based On Clinical Order Types 
174 ISH_VKGZPI S_KK4_96000431 Set Up Time Interpretations for Preregistration 
175 ISH_VORKALKULATION S_KK4_74000197 Assign IS-H Services to CO Base Planning Objects 
176 ISH_V_N1STGR S_KK4_74000271 Maintain Cancellation Reasons 
177 ISH_WAITINGLIST_RSN S_KK4_74000280 Maintain Reasons for Removal 
178 ISH_WAITINGLIST_STAT S_KK4_74000279 Set Up Preregistration Status 
179 ISH_WAITINGLIST_TYPE S_KK4_74000281 Maintain Waiting List Types 
180 ISH_WL_ABSENCE S_KK4_96000552 Maintain Reasons for Temporary Absence from Waiting List 
181 ISH_WP_PREREG_VIEW S_KK4_96000615 BAdI: Customer-Specific Enhancement for View Type Preregistration 
182 ISH_WP_TC_CHECK S_P7C_98000426 BAdI: Check Treatment Authorization in Clinical Work Station 
183 ISH_WP_VIEW_FUNC S_ANI_98000253 BAdI: Execute Functions in Clinical Work Station Views 
184 ISH_WP_VIEW_TITLE S_KK4_96000586 BAdI: Change View Title in Clinical Work Station 
185 ISH_WP_VW123_COLUMN S_KK4_96000703 BAdI: Add Columns to Arrivals/Departures/Occupancy View 
186 ISH_WP_VW123_FUNC S_KK4_98000112 BAdI: Execute Cust.-Spec. Functions in Arrivals/Departures/Occupancy View 
187 ISH_ZUZ_BETRAG_OUTP S_ANI_90000006 Maintain Copayment Amount for Insurance Provider 
188 ISH_ZUZ_BETRAG_PRO_T S_KK4_74000082 Maintain Copayment Amount per Day by Insurance Provider 
189 ISIFICA_INFOCON_GEN   General Information for Information Container 
190 ISISFICABFAD_VY6S S_KK4_08000131 Assign Transactions for Account Balance Display (FS-CD) 
191 ISISFICABFVO_FMP S_KK4_08000116 Field Groupings and Authorizations 
192 ISISFICABFVO_INSOSN S_KK4_08000118 Define Field Groups for Authorization Check 
193 ISISFICABF_VSC05 S_KK4_08000149 Assign Subtransactions to Payt Plan-Specific Main Transactions (S/L item) 
194 ISISFICABF_VSC07 S_KK4_08000171 Assign Subtransactions to Payt Plan-Specific Main Transactions (G/L Item) 
195 ISISFICABF_VVSCCACT S_KK4_08000152 Define Activities when Changing Payment Plan Items 
196 ISISFICABF_VVSCEACT S_KK4_08000150 Define Activities for Payment Plan Posting 
197 ISISFICABF_VY6M S_KK4_08000154 Define Clearing Specifications 
198 ISISFICABROK_IBR33 S_KK4_08000143 Assign General Ledger Accounts to Clarification Codes 
199 ISISFICABT_V070 S_SK4_11000001 Assign Main and Sub-Transactions to Interest Keys 
200 ISISFICABT_VY7V S_KK4_08000197 Assign Withholding Tax Code to Main and Sub-Transactions 
201 ISISFICAB_VVSCCACT S_KK4_08000153 Define Activities When Changing Payment Plan Items 
202 ISISFICASCHED_VSC06 S_KK4_08000161 Define Account Determination for Debt Recognition 
203 ISISFICA_ADDFIEIO S_KK4_08000180 Include Fields in the Insurance Object 
204 ISISFICA_ADDFIEREG S_KK4_08000181 Include Fields in the Insurance Object-Partner Relationship 
205 ISISFICA_ARCHSCHEDUL S_SK4_11000002 Define Runtime for Payment Plans 
206 ISISFICA_ARCH_VYAC3   Define Duration for Entries for Business Case Reversal 
207 ISISFICA_ARCH_VYAV2   Activate Archive Info Structure for Info Container Archive 
208 ISISFICA_BADI_ITEMSE   BAdI: Filtering Items for an Insurance Object 
209 ISISFICA_BFIO_SE75 S_KK4_08000096 Define Note Types 
210 ISISFICA_CLEARLIMIT   Define Value Limits for Clearing Interpretation 
211 ISISFICA_CLEAROLDDOC   Define Document Types for Clearing Oldest Debt 
212 ISISFICA_CREATECI   Include for Extended AAAI Storage 
213 ISISFICA_IC_COMMTYPE   Activate Communication Types 
214 ISISFICA_IC_INFOTYPE   Define Information Types 
215 ISISFICA_IC_SOURCE   Define Information Origin 
216 ISISFICA_INSO0018 S_KK4_08000120 Configure Field Attributes per Activity 
217 ISISFICA_INV_NOTUSED   Important Information for FS-CD 
218 ISISFICA_ITAG_ARCHIV   Define Duration for Container 
219 ISISFICA_KC7R S_KK4_08000091 Define Carryforward Rules 
220 ISISFICA_KCLL S_KK4_08000090 Define Sender Structure 
221 ISISFICA_KCSE S_KK4_08000092 Define Output Fields 
222 ISISFICA_TIBRSELTYP S_KK4_08000209 Define Selection Categories for Broker Reports 
223 ISISFICA_TIMA_CRT_AC S_KK4_08000117 Define Account Creation Variants 
224 ISISFICA_TIMA_CRT_RU S_KK4_08000723 Define Account Creation Rules 
225 ISISFICA_TKKVBASIC S_KK4_08000105 Activation of Basic Functions 
226 ISISFICA_TKKVEVOR_BR S_KK4_08000137 Assign Categories for Broker Collections to Main and Subtransactions 
227 ISISFICA_TKKVPNTYP S_KK4_08000168 Define Item Categories 
228 ISISFICA_T_INSONR S_KK4_08000734 Define Number Ranges 
229 ISISFICA_VCTKKV_EV_C S_KK4_08000138 Assign Item Categories to Main and Sub-Transactions 
230 ISISFICA_VC_IBR35 S_KK4_08000210 Define Grouping for Broker Report Items 
231 ISISFICA_VC_TFK047E S_SK4_11000017 Define Charge Schedules for Payment Plans 
232 ISISFICA_VC_TIMAOTYP S_KK4_08000119 Define Grouping of Insurance Object Categories 
233 ISISFICA_VC_TKKV007A S_KK4_08000148 Assign Insurance Tax Schedule to Tax Code 
234 ISISFICA_VC_TKKVEVOR S_KK4_08000136 Assign Invoicing Parameters to Main and Sub-Transactions 
235 ISISFICA_VC_TKKVE_IT S_KK4_08000140 Define and Parameterize External Transactions 
236 ISISFICA_VO_ENHANCE   Extensibility 
237 ISISFICA_VSC10_11   Define Specifications for Early Ending 
238 ISISFICA_VVSCNUM S_KK4_08000093 Maintain Payment Plan Number Ranges 
239 ISISFICA_VVTB037INSO S_KK4_08000735 Maintain Authorization Groups 
240 ISISFICA_V_TFK047H S_SK4_11000018 Define Charge Categories for Payment Plans 
241 ISISFICA_V_TIMAOTYP S_KK4_08000094 Configure IO Categories and Assign Number Ranges 
242 ISISFICA_V_VKK0365 S_KK4_08000747 Define Incoming Payment Methods Suitable for Dunning 
243 ISISIICA_ARCH_VYAC4   Activate Archive Info Structure for Payment Plan Archive 
244 ISISIICA_ARCH_VYAC5   Activate Archive Info Structure for Business Case Reversal Archive 
245 ISJP S_P7D_67000066 Notes on Implementation 
246 ISJP_CUST S_E4A_94000071 BAdI: Invoice Summary Customer Master Data 
247 ISJP_HEAD S_E4A_94000035 BAdI: Invoice Summary Payer and Monthly Invoices 
248 ISJP_INVOICE_CREATIO S_E4A_94000181 BAdI: Invoice Summary Invoice Processing 
249 ISJP_ITEM S_P7D_67000065 Notes on Implementation 
250 ISJP_POST S_E38_98000134 BAdI: Invoice Summary-Relevant Postings 
251 ISM-SI_ORDERLIST S_KK4_82000056 AI Order List 
252 ISMAM_AGNTCONTRGROUP S_KK4_74001837 Maintain Sales Agent Contract Groupings 
253 ISMAM_BEZCOND_KOAR_Z S_KK4_74002004 Assign Condition Types to Condition References 
254 ISMAM_BEZKOND_BEMGR S_KK4_74001577 Define Assessment Bases 
255 ISMAM_BEZKOND_MF S_KK4_82000980 Maintain Quantity-Relevant Condition References 
256 ISMAM_CCARD_ACCASSGN S_KK4_74001657 Assign Payment Card Accounts for Account Determination 
257 ISMAM_CCARD_ACCSCHEM S_KK4_74001670 Maintain Account Determination Procedures 
258 ISMAM_CCARD_ACCSEQ S_KK4_74001668 Maintain Access Sequences 
259 ISMAM_CCARD_AUTCONTR S_KK4_74001658 Authorization/Settlement Control for Each Account 
260 ISMAM_CCARD_AUTHTEXT S_KK4_74001660 Maintain Texts Describing Card Check Results 
261 ISMAM_CCARD_AUTH_VAL S_KK4_74001665 Specify Authorization Validity Periods 
262 ISMAM_CCARD_CHECKGRP S_KK4_74001664 Maintain Checking Groups 
263 ISMAM_CCARD_CONDTAB S_KK4_74001667 Maintain Condition Tables 
264 ISMAM_CCARD_CONDTYPE S_KK4_74001669 Maintain Condition Types 
265 ISMAM_CCARD_EXCLCOND S_KK4_74001597 Maintain Blocking Reasons 
266 ISMAM_CCARD_FIELDCAT S_KK4_74001666 Add To Field Catalog 
267 ISMAM_CCARD_INSTITUT S_KK4_74001595 Maintain Card Type 
268 ISMAM_CCARD_MERCHANT S_KK4_74001659 Maintain Merchant IDs Per Account 
269 ISMAM_CCARD_TYPE S_KK4_74001596 Maintain Card Category 
270 ISMAM_CM_BASIC_SET S_KK4_74001353 Make Default Settings 
271 ISMAM_CM_LIS_ACTIVE S_KK4_74001352 Activate Update 
272 ISMAM_COAS_KSTEU S_KK4_74001678 Determine Condition Control for each Condition Type 
273 ISMAM_COA_ASS_PART S_KK4_74001582 Define and Assign Partner Accesses for Contract Determination 
274 ISMAM_COA_UNITS S_KK4_74001626 Define Dimension Key for Contract Target Quantity 
275 ISMAM_COND_FORSALVOL S_KK4_74002000 Define Alias Cond.Types for External Sales Volume Creation 
276 ISMAM_CORRCAUSE S_KK4_74001315 Define Correction Reasons for Sales Agent Assignment 
277 ISMAM_CRED_MGMT_ASSI S_KK4_74001339 Assign Sales Documents 
278 ISMAM_CRED_MGMT_KG S_KK4_74001346 Define Credit Groups 
279 ISMAM_CRED_MGMT_MAIN S_KK4_74001340 Define Automatic Credit Control 
280 ISMAM_FAKT_INDEX S_KK4_82000968 Create Database Index for Billing Due List 
281 ISMAM_FK_COPA_RES_WE S_KK4_74001593 Reset Value Fields 
282 ISMAM_FK_COPA_ZUO_ME S_KK4_74001594 Assign Quantity Fields 
283 ISMAM_FK_COPA_ZUO_WE S_KK4_74001592 Assign Value Fields 
284 ISMAM_JHEOBA S_KK4_82000400 Update Revenue Recognition Category and Revenue Objects in Orders 
285 ISMAM_JHVINSSER S_KK4_82001107 Define Series Creation Rule 
286 ISMAM_JHVTVTA_BPSAGR S_SK4_53000008 Assign Sales Area Group for BP Selection 
287 ISMAM_JHVWWW_JHB4 S_KK4_82000065 General Settings 
288 ISMAM_KONTAKT_COPY S_KK4_82001180 Maintain Copying Control For Sales Activities 
289 ISMAM_OD_DYNMENU_JA S_KK4_82000050 Define Dynamic Menu for Condition Maintenance 
290 ISMAM_OD_DYNMENU_JF S_KK4_82000052 Define Dynamic Menu for Condition Maintenance 
291 ISMAM_OD_DYNMENU_JG S_KK4_82000053 Define Dynamic Menu for Condition Maintenance 
292 ISMAM_OD_DYNMENU_JH S_KK4_82000054 Define Dynamic Menu for Condition Maintenance 
293 ISMAM_OD_DYNMENU_JK S_KK4_82000051 Define Dynamic Menu for Condition Maintenance 
294 ISMAM_OUTBK_COND_EX S_KK4_74002016 Define Exceptions for Charging Off Condition Types 
295 ISMAM_OUTBK_FKART_AS S_KK4_74001673 Receivables Charge-Off Billing Type: Assign Billing Types 
296 ISMAM_OUTBK_FKART_DF S_KK4_74001672 Define Billing Document Types 
297 ISMAM_PRDH_AGROL S_KK4_82001073 Define Agency Roles 
298 ISMAM_PRDH_GFELD S_KK4_82001074 Define Business Areas 
299 ISMAM_PRDH_GLOBAL S_KK4_82001070 Define Global Settings 
300 ISMAM_PRDH_ISMGPART S_KK4_82001091 Define IS-M Business Partner Types 
301 ISMAM_PRDH_NKRS S_KK4_82001094 Define Number Range for Provisional Products 
302 ISMAM_PRDH_PRSUCH S_KK4_82001093 Define Settings for the Product Search 
303 ISMAM_PRDH_SPGPART S_KK4_82001090 Define External Business Partner Types 
304 ISMAM_PRDH_UAGROL S_KK4_82001076 Define Recoding of External Agency Roles 
305 ISMAM_PRDH_UGFELD S_KK4_82001075 Define Recoding of External Business Areas 
306 ISMAM_PRDH_VTB S_KK4_82001095 Assign Sales Areas for the Product Hierarchy (S&P) 
307 ISMAM_PUB_CHANGE S_P7I_68000234 Activate Publication Change 
308 ISMAM_PUB_CHNG_RSN S_P7I_68000235 Define Reasons for Publication Change 
309 ISMAM_REVREC_URACC S_KK4_82000372 Assign Account for Unbilled Receivables 
310 ISMAM_SGP_CP_MIG_DPT S_KK4_82000487 Assign Departments 
311 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_ACT S_KK4_82000495 Activate Contact Person 
312 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_AUT S_KK4_82000490 Assign Authority 
313 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_CAS S_KK4_82000750 Convert Sales Support Documents 
314 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_CLA S_KK4_82000742 Convert Contact Person Classification 
315 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_CNV S_KK4_82000491 Convert Media Contact Person 
316 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_DPT S_KK4_82000488 Assign Departments 
317 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_FNC S_KK4_82000486 Assign Functions 
318 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_FS S_KK4_82000813 Convert Free Subscription 
319 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_IND S_KK4_82000767 Convert Address Lists for CAS Activities 
320 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_ORD S_KK4_82000493 Convert Orders and Contracts 
321 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_RB S_KK4_82000814 Convert Responsibility 
322 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_STT S_KK4_82000492 Define Conversion Status 
323 ISMAM_SGP_MIG_CP_VIP S_KK4_82000489 Assign VIP Key 
324 ISMAM_SNRO_ISM_FESTP S_KK4_82000388 Define Number Range Intervals for Online Fixed Spaces 
325 ISMAM_TJH61 S_KK4_82000474 Define Units of Measure for Ad Heights 
326 ISMAM_TJHARTWORK_TYP S_KK4_82001274 Define Types of Artwork 
327 ISMAM_TJHAW_JHWWW S_KK4_82000063 General Settings 
328 ISMAM_TJHBOOKL S_KK4_74001609 Define Booking Types 
329 ISMAM_TJHCENTACCESS S_KK4_74001231 Make Settings for Central/Standard Access/Classified Order Entry 
330 ISMAM_TJHCHTYPE_AVM S_KK4_82000002 Define Order Change Type 
331 ISMAM_TJHCIC_EDITOR S_KK4_82000470 Make Settings for Ad Spec Editor Component 
332 ISMAM_TJHCIC_ORDER_W S_KK4_82000448 Make Settings for Ad Item Entry Component 
333 ISMAM_TJHGENBIGET S_KK4_82000494 Date Rule for Generating Billing Datasets 
334 ISMAM_TJHGRALESAREA S_SK4_53000009 Define Sales Area Group for BP Selection 
335 ISMAM_TJHGRAPHIC_TYP S_KK4_82001275 Define Graphic Types 
336 ISMAM_TJHGRSALESAREA S_SK4_53000004 Define Sales Area Group for BP Selection 
337 ISMAM_TJHGR_REL_STAT S_KK4_82001358 Define Release Status of Graphics 
338 ISMAM_TJHMC4 S_SK4_83000006 Control Update of Hierarchy Levels (M/AM) 
339 ISMAM_TJHOLBME S_KK4_74001621 Define Units of Measure for Banner Sizes 
340 ISMAM_TJHOLFMT S_KK4_74001612 Define Format Proposals 
341 ISMAM_TJHOLHME S_KK4_74001630 Define Units of Measure for Banner Height 
342 ISMAM_TJHTARGET S_KK4_74001611 Define Target Groups 
343 ISMAM_TJHTMMZ_OL S_KK4_82000606 Assign Technical Characteristics to IS-M/AM Characteristics (Online) 
344 ISMAM_TJHUNITOL S_KK4_74001608 Define Units of Measure for Gross Impressions 
345 ISMAM_TJHWWW_JHAW S_KK4_82000064 General Settings 
346 ISMAM_TJJPLZONL S_KK4_74001610 Define Positioning Instructions 
347 ISMAM_TJJPLZONLHIE S_KK4_82000316 Define Positioning Instructions Hierarchy 
348 ISMAM_TWIN_BILLNGGRP S_KK4_74001679 Define Twinned Billing Dataset Types 
349 ISMAM_USEREXABRECH S_KK4_74002064 Settlement (M/AM) 
350 ISMAM_USEREXFAKT S_KK4_74002066 Billing (M/AM) 
351 ISMAM_USEREXTECH S_KK4_74002063 Connection of Media Technical Systems (M/AM) 
352 ISMAM_USEREXVERK S_KK4_74002069 Sales (M/AM) 
353 ISMAM_USEREX_M_VERM S_KK4_82000412 Media Sales Agent (M/AM): Contract, Sales Agent Determination 
354 ISMAM_USTAX_TAXIW S_KK4_74001350 Set Tax Indicator for Plant 
355 ISMAM_USTAX_TAXIW_PL S_KK4_74001351 Assign Tax Indicators for Plants 
356 ISMAM_USTAX_TXJCD_PL S_KK4_74001349 Assign Delivering Plants For Tax Determination 
357 ISMAM_WERKZDUE_ALT S_KK4_74001541 Copy Legacy Orders from Previous System 
358 ISMAM_WERKZDUE_AZSI S_KK4_74001531 Item Type: Ad, Ad Insert and Online 
359 ISMAM_WERKZDUE_CHECK S_KK4_74001522 Interface File Check 
360 ISMAM_WERKZDUE_DATEI S_KK4_74001521 Display Interface File 
361 ISMAM_WERKZDUE_GEN_N S_KK4_74001519 New Orders: Generate Test Data 
362 ISMAM_WERKZDUE_GEN_O S_KK4_74001520 Legacy Orders: Generate Test Data 
363 ISMAM_WERKZDUE_NOT S_KK4_74001542 Copy New Orders from the Emergency System (Ad Orders) 
364 ISMAM_WERKZDUE_WSVT S_KK4_74001540 Item Type: Commercial, Distribution 
365 ISMBPVALIDRLTYP S_KK4_82000062 Define Admissible Role Categories 
366 ISMMSD_SC_ORDERPROT1 S_ANI_68000187 Define Status of Order Generation 
367 ISMMSD_SC_ORDERPROT2 S_ANI_68000188 Assign Statuses to Messages 
368 ISMMSD_SC_ORDERPROT3 S_ANI_68000189 Log Overview 
369 ISMMSD_SC_ORDERPROT4 S_ANI_68000190 Calculation Rule for Evaluation of Log Status 
370 ISMMSD_SC_ORDERPROT5 S_ANI_68000191 Log Overview of Order Generation for Shipping Schedule 
371 ISMP/SAPMP/MM_T161P1 S_KA5_12001204 Copy Charcteristic Values from the Purchasing Info Record 
372 ISMP/SAPMP/MM_T161_1 S_KA5_12001202 Set Up Fast Entry for Characteristic Values 
373 ISMP/SAPMP/MM_T161_2 S_KA5_12001203 Remove Global/Local Group 
374 ISMP/SAPMP/R3CDPXADM S_KA5_12001345 Copying of Characteristic Values for Sub-Items 
375 ISMP/SAPMP/SD_MUEBS S_KA5_12001200 Define Characteristic Display for Overview Screen (mySAP Mill Products) 
376 ISMP/SAPMP/SD_TVAK1 S_KA5_12001198 Set Up Fast Entry for Characteristic Values 
377 ISMP/SAPMP/SD_TVAK_2 S_KA5_12001199 Remove Global/Local Group 
378 ISMP/SAPMP/V_VBMUEH S_KA5_12001201 Define Application Group for Characteristic Display 
379 ISMSD_ABRECHNDELIV S_KK4_74001222 Maintain Depend.for Carrier Route FlatRates, Settl.Summar.,Ext.Interface 
380 ISMSD_ABREINLNRPOST S_KK4_74001218 Align Goods Arrival List No.for PPost w/Legacy System 
381 ISMSD_ABRPROVSPERR S_KK4_74001217 Define Commission Settlement Blocks 
382 ISMSD_ACCESSIBILITY S_KK4_82000789 Define Accessibilities and Restrictions 
383 ISMSD_AUFTRREKLAMGR S_KK4_74001457 Determine Reasons for Complaint 
384 ISMSD_AUTGUELTDAUER S_KK4_74001256 Specify Authorization Validity Periods 
385 ISMSD_BADI_ADD_PAYM S_ANI_68000195 Business Add-In for Determining Recipient of Additional Payment in Renewals 
386 ISMSD_BADI_RFESR000 S_ANI_68000196 Business Add-In for Processing an ISR Payment for a Renewal 
387 ISMSD_BUILD_AMODATA S_PNI_68000212 Generate Amortization Log and Rev. Potential for Cycles in Tolerance Period 
388 ISMSD_CCARD_FELDKAT S_KK4_74001257 Add To Field Catalog 
389 ISMSD_CCARD_KONAUT S_KK4_74001247 Define Auth./Settlement Control for Each Account 
390 ISMSD_CCARD_KONDART S_KK4_74001252 Maintain Condition Types 
391 ISMSD_CCARD_KONDTAB S_KK4_74001258 Maintain Condition Tables 
392 ISMSD_CCARD_KONSCHEM S_KK4_74001245 Maintain Account Determination Procedures 
393 ISMSD_CCARD_KONTOZUO S_KK4_74001246 Assign Accounts 
394 ISMSD_CCARD_MERCHID S_KK4_74001248 Maintain Merchant IDs Per Account 
395 ISMSD_CCARD_TEXTERG S_KK4_74001249 Maintain Texts Describing Card Check Results 
396 ISMSD_CCARD_ZUGRIFF S_KK4_74001259 Maintain Access Sequences 
397 ISMSD_CIRCBOOK_NKRS S_KK4_74001554 Define Number Range for Circulation Book 
398 ISMSD_DELIVGRPSPLIT S_KK4_82000465 Define Address Alternation Groups 
399 ISMSD_DELIVSPLIT S_KK4_82000464 Define Alternating Address Elements 
400 ISMSD_DSD S_KK4_82001434 Maintain Visit Control 
401 ISMSD_EDIART S_KK4_82000411 Define EDI Participant Types 
402 ISMSD_ERLBELEGMITBEZ S_KK4_74001428 Service-Related Revenue Accrual With Liability Account 
403 ISMSD_ERLBELEGOHNBEZ S_KK4_74001429 Service-Related Revenue Accrual Without Liability Account 
404 ISMSD_ERLBELEGPERIOD S_KK4_74001430 Period-Related Revenue Accrual 
405 ISMSD_ERLOSABGRRWINT S_KK4_74001341 Activate FI Interface for Transfer (IS-M/SD) 
406 ISMSD_FAKTBELTRENNKR S_KK4_74001422 Define Exclusion and Split Criteria for Billing Docs. 
407 ISMSD_FAKTCOPA S_KK4_82001282 CO-PA 
408 ISMSD_FAKTLOHNART S_KK4_82001265 Assign Wage Types for Billing 
409 ISMSD_FKRENERLOSABGR S_KK4_74001416 Define Accounting Method for Each Company Code 
410 ISMSD_FKREVUR S_KK4_74001427 Define G/L Account for Unbilled Receivables 
411 ISMSD_FK_COPA_RES_WE S_KK4_82001285 Reset Value/Quantity Fields 
412 ISMSD_FK_COPA_ZUO_ME S_KK4_82001284 Assign Quantity Fields 
413 ISMSD_FK_COPA_ZUO_WE S_KK4_82001283 Assign Value Fields 
414 ISMSD_GPKUNDSCHEM S_KK4_74001854 Define Customer Pricing Procedures for Renewals 
415 ISMSD_HOME_DEL_ELE S_KK4_82000752 Define Home Delivery Alternation Elements 
416 ISMSD_HOME_DEL_GROUP S_KK4_82000753 Define Home Delivery Alternation Groups 
417 ISMSD_IAC_ADR_GEN S_KK4_82000094 Define Variants of IAC 'Change Address' 
418 ISMSD_IAC_BPID S_KK4_82000087 Identify and Check Business Partners 
419 ISMSD_IAC_COMPL S_KK4_82000751 Define Variants of the IAC Create Complaint 
420 ISMSD_IAC_IUCONTROL S_KK4_82000526 Settings for Internet User 
421 ISMSD_IAC_ORDER_DEF S_KK4_82000093 Define Variants of IAC Subscription Sales 
422 ISMSD_IAC_ORDER_HEAD S_KK4_82000089 Maintain Combinations of Fixed Order Values 
423 ISMSD_IAC_ORDER_ITEM S_KK4_82000092 Maintain Combinations of Variable Order Values (Presettings) 
424 ISMSD_IAC_PAY_GEN S_KK4_82000096 Define Variants of IAC Change Payment Data 
425 ISMSD_IAC_VAC_GEN S_KK4_82000095 Define Variants of IAC Vacation Service 
426 ISMSD_INTERNET_AK S_KK4_82000086 Internet Application Components (IACs) 
427 ISMSD_JVSODANNSCH S_ANI_68000192 Define Level of Detail for Order Deadline 
428 ISMSD_JVSODTPRIO S_KK4_82000764 Define Priorities for Address Variants for Each Delivery Type 
429 ISMSD_KARTENART S_KK4_74001253 Maintain Card Type 
430 ISMSD_KARTENTYP S_KK4_74001254 Maintain Card Category 
431 ISMSD_LES_INTERFACE S_KK4_82000779 LES Interface 
432 ISMSD_LES_PRINTING S_KK4_82000781 Assign Output Types to Shipping Document Types 
433 ISMSD_MS_COLLAUART S_PNI_68000205 Define Collection Types 
434 ISMSD_MS_COLLECTROLE S_PNI_68000202 Define Partner Role 
435 ISMSD_MS_COLLREASON S_PNI_68000203 Define Collection Reasons 
436 ISMSD_MS_COLLRULE S_PNI_68000204 Define Rules for Calculating Collection Date 
437 ISMSD_MS_CONTRACT_AA S_PNI_68000210 Allowed Promotion Types for Contract Interface 
438 ISMSD_MS_CONTRACT_AS S_KK4_82001360 Define Allowed Contract Type for Assortments 
439 ISMSD_MS_EVENTFIELD S_PNI_68000207 Define Quantity Fields for Event Planning 
440 ISMSD_MS_INSERTGRP S_KK4_82000823 Define Customer Groups for Insert Planning 
441 ISMSD_MS_INSGRPHIER S_KK4_82000824 Define Customer Group Hierarchies for Insert Planning 
442 ISMSD_MS_KONTRAKT S_KK4_82001111 Edit Contracts 
443 ISMSD_MS_MIXGEN S_XNI_68000223 Bill of Material for Mix - Plant-Independent Bill of Material 
444 ISMSD_MS_TOOLBAREVEN S_PNI_68000211 Define Functions 
445 ISMSD_MS_TOOLBARFUNC S_ANI_68000186 Define Functions 
446 ISMSD_MV_COLLNM S_KK4_82000891 Define Number Range for Collective Processing of Credit Memo Creation 
447 ISMSD_MV_REM_NRKRS S_KK4_82000597 Maintain Number Ranges for Request Documents 
448 ISMSD_MV_UMB_NRKRS S_KK4_82000598 Maintain Number Ranges for Transfer Posting Documents 
449 ISMSD_NACHRFIND_BED S_KK4_82000215 Define Requirements 
450 ISMSD_POST_CH_01 S_KK4_82000979 Test 
451 ISMSD_PREISSCHLABO S_KK4_74001356 Maintain Rate Code 
452 ISMSD_PRODSCHEM S_KK4_74001813 Define Product Procedures for Renewal Subscription 
453 ISMSD_PRUEFGRUPPE S_KK4_74001255 Maintain Checking Groups 
454 ISMSD_REFUNDTYPE S_KK4_82001232 Maintain Refund Type 
455 ISMSD_REKLVERURSACH S_KK4_74001458 Define Origin of Complaints 
456 ISMSD_REMSCHEMATA S_KK4_74001441 Maintain Monitoring Procedures 
457 ISMSD_REMSCHEMFIND S_KK4_74001442 Define Monitoring Procedure Determination 
458 ISMSD_RENKALKSCHEM S_KK4_74001360 Mark Pricing Procedure as Net Procedure 
459 ISMSD_REN_ZE_ERF S_KK4_82000325 Control Parameters for Incoming Payments for Renewals 
460 ISMSD_RFCFI S_KK4_74001558 Maintain Parameters for FI Connection 
461 ISMSD_SCS_BPROLESET S_KK4_82001250 Define Business Partner Role for Display 
462 ISMSD_SCS_CONP_1 S_ANI_68000199 Fixed Quantities - Types 
463 ISMSD_SCS_CREATEORD S_XNI_68000215 Technical Settings for Order Generation 
464 ISMSD_SCS_ORDER1 S_KK4_82000682 Settings for Order Generation with Quantity Zero 
465 ISMSD_SCS_ORDER2 S_KK4_82000741 Take Account of SD Copying Control 
466 ISMSD_SCS_POS_SUS1 S_ANI_68000197 POS Planning Calendar Suspension Reasons 
467 ISMSD_SCS_POS_SUS2 S_ANI_68000198 POS Planning Calendar Suspension Reasons - Affected Contract Types 
468 ISMSD_SCS_QUANTFIELD S_KK4_82000755 Maintain Attributes of Quantity Fields 
469 ISMSD_SCS_QUANTFUBA S_KK4_82000756 Maintain Function Modules for General Quantity Change 
470 ISMSD_SCS_QUANTPLAN S_KK4_82000370 Maintain Control Parameters for Quantity Plan 
471 ISMSD_SCS_QUANTVERS S_KK4_82000754 Define Quantity Plan Versions 
472 ISMSD_SCS_REASONCODE S_KK4_82000925 Define Reasons for Change 
473 ISMSD_SCS_RELEASE S_XNI_68000214 Technical Settings for Releasing Returns 
474 ISMSD_SCS_REMERF S_KK4_82000771 Maintain General Settings for Returns Processing 
475 ISMSD_SCS_REMGROUP S_KK4_82000368 Maintain Operation Group 
476 ISMSD_SCS_REMQUAN S_KK4_82000466 Define Order Type for Determining Return Quantity (Exclusion) 
477 ISMSD_SCS_REMTYPE S_KK4_82000369 Define Service Operations 
478 ISMSD_SCS_REMUSER S_KK4_82000794 Define Initial Settings for Service Cockpit 
479 ISMSD_SCS_REM_ADMIN S_KK4_82000795 Edit Service Profiles 
480 ISMSD_SCS_REM_GROUP S_KK4_82001034 Define Operation Groups for Service Cockpit 
481 ISMSD_SCS_REM_INTNET S_KK4_82000366 Maintain Settings for Recording Returns via Internet 
482 ISMSD_SCS_SET_ROLE S_KK4_82001261 Define Business Partner Role for Display in Transaction JKSD03 
483 ISMSD_SCS_SQP_AREA S_PNI_68000209 Maintain Planning Area 
484 ISMSD_SCS_TRANSFER S_KK4_82000367 Maintain Transfer Type for Goods Transfer 
485 ISMSD_SCS_WARENERF S_KK4_82000775 Maintain General Settings for Goods Transfer 
486 ISMSD_SGP_DCM_PROT S_KK4_82001421 Display Conversion Log 
487 ISMSD_SGP_DCM_TOOL S_KK4_82001374 Convert Customers and Vendors to SAP Business Partner 
488 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_ALG_BE S_KK4_82000378 Assign Occupations 
489 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_ALG_BR S_KK4_82000377 Assign Industries 
490 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_ALG_HE S_KK4_82000376 Assign Origin 
491 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_EXECUS S_KK4_82000390 Setup SAP BP Customizing 
492 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_INITCU S_KK4_82000389 Initialize SAP BP Customizing 
493 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_NP_AKA S_KK4_82000382 Assign Academic Titles 
494 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_NP_ANR S_KK4_82000381 Assign Forms of Address 
495 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_NP_FAM S_KK4_82000380 Assign Marital Statuses 
496 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_NP_NZU S_KK4_82000384 Assign Name Affixes 
497 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_NP_VOR S_KK4_82000383 Assign Prefixes 
498 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_ORG_RT S_KK4_82000379 Assign Legal Forms 
499 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_OVERV S_SK4_83000012 Display Migration Overview 
500 ISMSD_SGP_MIG_PARTAB S_KK4_82000386 Migrate Business Partners