SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 39
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P10F_RCTYP HR-US: ADP Interface, Record type NUMC3 NUMC 
2 P10F_SAPRC HR-US: ADP Interface, selection of record P10F_SAPRC CHAR 
3 P10F_SORTN HR-US: ADP Interface, Sort number NUMC3 NUMC 
4 P10P_1042CK Checkbox XFELD CHAR 
6 P10P_ACTAB CPDF Value Table Code P10P_ACTAB CHAR 
7 P10P_AGENTPH Agent's phone number CHAR20 CHAR 
8 P10P_AMETH Access Method Name   CHAR 
9 P10P_ANIND Annuitant Indicator Code P10P_ANIND CHAR 
10 P10P_ANTXT Annuitant Indicator Text TEXT60 CHAR 
11 P10P_ATT01 CPDF Tables Type 01 P10P_ACTAB CHAR 
12 P10P_BARTX Bargaining Unit Text TEXT45 CHAR 
13 P10P_BARUN Bargaining Unit P10P_BARUN NUMC 
14 P10P_BARUNC Bargaining Unit CHAR4 CHAR 
15 P10P_CDTYP Code Type P10P_CDTYP CHAR 
17 P10P_CLASS Classification CHAR4 CHAR 
18 P10P_CLTXT Area Classification Text TEXT20 CHAR 
19 P10P_CONTNAME Contact Name CHAR40 CHAR 
20 P10P_CONTPH Contact Telephone Number CHAR20 CHAR 
21 P10P_CSTAT Certificate and Area Status CHAR1 CHAR 
22 P10P_CSTTX Status Text TEXT20 CHAR 
23 P10P_CTBEG Certificate Effective Begin Date DATUM DATS 
24 P10P_CTEND Certificate Effective End Date DATUM DATS 
25 P10P_CTNUM Certificate Identification CHAR10 CHAR 
26 P10P_CTTXT Certificate Type Text TEXT20 CHAR 
27 P10P_CTTYP Certificate Type CHAR4 CHAR 
28 P10P_DBFLD Database Table Field   CHAR 
29 P10P_DBTAB Database Table AS4TAB CHAR 
30 P10P_DOMAX Maximum Absence Pool Donation INT_4 NUMC 
31 P10P_DOMIN Minimum Absence Pool Donation INT_4 NUMC 
33 P10P_EFULL Absence Pool Eligibility: Full-Time Employees Only XFELD CHAR 
34 P10P_EMONT Absence Pool Eligibility: Minimum Months of Service INT_2 NUMC 
35 P10P_EVOLN Absence Pool Eligibility: All Employees XFELD CHAR 
36 P10P_FCTXT Functional Classification Text TEXT60 CHAR 
37 P10P_FEDCD Federal Code CHAR4 CHAR 
38 P10P_FERSC FERS Coverage Code P10P_FERSC CHAR 
39 P10P_FGTXT Validation Field Group Text TEXT80 CHAR 
40 P10P_FLDGP Validation Field Group Code P10P_FLDGP CHAR 
41 P10P_FLDTX Text for display in validation configuration TEXT65 CHAR 
42 P10P_FNAME Validation Field Technical Name   CHAR 
43 P10P_FTYPE Validation Field Type   CHAR 
44 P10P_FUCLS Functional Classification Code P10P_FUCLS NUMC 
45 P10P_FUCLSC Functional Classification Code CHAR2 CHAR 
46 P10P_GRPWT Wage Type Grouping for Deferred Pay P10_GRPWT CHAR 
47 P10P_HIPCT High Percentage Rate   DEC 
48 P10P_HLTPL Health Plan Code P10P_HLTPL CHAR 
49 P10P_HLTTX Health Plan Text TEXT45 CHAR 
50 P10P_HQUAL Highly Qualified XFELD CHAR 
51 P10P_INACT Return Unused Donation Balance to Inactive Donor Employees XFELD CHAR 
52 P10P_INTMN Termination Relevant P10_INTMN CHAR 
53 P10P_INVLS Flag for inclusion in validation structure BOOLE CHAR 
54 P10P_ISAUT Certificate Issuing Authority CHAR2 CHAR 
55 P10P_ISTXT Certificate issuing authority name TEXT20 CHAR 
56 P10P_LEGAU Legal Authority P10P_LEGAU CHAR 
57 P10P_LEVEL Area Level CHAR2 CHAR 
58 P10P_LOCAR Locality Pay Area P10P_LOCAR CHAR 
59 P10P_LOCTX Locality Pay Area Description TEXT60 CHAR 
60 P10P_LOPCT Low Percentage Rate   DEC 
61 P10P_LVTXT Level Text TEXT20 CHAR 
62 P10P_MSGNR Message Number for Certificate Renewal Code CHAR3 CHAR 
63 P10P_NOACO Nature of Action Code P10P_NOACO CHAR 
64 P10P_PARID Variable text id CHAR01 CHAR 
65 P10P_PEROF Personnel Office Identifier P10P_PEROF NUMC 
66 P10P_PEROFC Personnel Office Identifier CHAR4 CHAR 
67 P10P_PERTX Personnel Office Identifier Text TEXT60 CHAR 
68 P10P_PRFLD CPDF Primary Field Code   NUMC 
69 P10P_PRVAL Parameter Value   CHAR 
70 P10P_PYBSS Pay Basis P10P_PYBSS CHAR 
71 P10P_REMRK Remark Code P10P_REMRK CHAR 
72 P10P_RENCD Renewal Code CHAR4 CHAR 
73 P10P_RETPL Retirement Plan Code P10P_RETPL CHAR 
74 P10P_RETTX Retirement Plan Text TEXT60 CHAR 
76 P10P_RLVER Rule Version Number   NUMC 
77 P10P_RTFLD Return Field FDNAME CHAR 
78 P10P_RTTYP Donation Return Options P10_RTTYP CHAR 
79 P10P_RTUNI Round Down and Return Unused Leave in Increments of Minutes INT_2 NUMC 
80 P10P_RULNO CPDF Rule Number   NUMC 
81 P10P_SBEGD Area Effective Begin Date DATUM DATS 
82 P10P_SCODE Code (Classification, Area and Level) CHAR6 CHAR 
83 P10P_SDNUM Area Document Number CHAR10 CHAR 
84 P10P_SELRL Value Table Selection Rule CHAR4 CHAR 
85 P10P_SENDD Area Effective End Date DATUM DATS 
86 P10P_SJTXT Area Text TEXT30 CHAR 
87 P10P_SLVFL Status Level P10P_SLVFL CHAR 
88 P10P_SSTAT Area Status CHAR1 CHAR 
89 P10P_SSTXT Supervisory Status Text TEXT35 CHAR 
90 P10P_STTUS Status in certification-qualification conversion process SYCHAR132 CHAR 
92 P10P_SUSTS Supervisory Status Code P10P_SUSTS NUMC 
93 P10P_SUSTSC Supervisory Status Code CHAR1 CHAR 
94 P10P_TCC Transmitter Control Code CHAR5 CHAR 
95 P10P_TCOOF Certificate: Out of Field CHAR1 CHAR 
96 P10P_TENUR Tenure Code P10P_TENUR NUMC 
97 P10P_TIMEC3 Generic Data Type DATA REF 
98 P10P_TIN Taxpayer's Identification Number CHAR9 CHAR 
99 P10P_TYPDF Deferred/Non-deferred Type of Wage Type P10_TYPDF CHAR 
100 P10P_TYPEC Certificate Category CHAR4 CHAR 
101 P10P_VALGP Validation Group Code P10P_VALGP CHAR 
102 P10P_VALNO Validation Number   NUMC 
103 P10P_VGTXT Validation Group Text TEXT80 CHAR 
104 P10P_VLTXT Validation Rule List Text TEXT80 CHAR 
105 P10P_VRLST Validation Rule List   CHAR 
106 P10P_VRTXT Validation Rule Text TEXT80 CHAR 
107 P10P_VTAGP Value Table Access Group Code P10P_VTAGP CHAR 
108 P10P_VTATX Value Table Access Group Text TEXT80 CHAR 
109 P10P_WKASG Certificate: Duty Assignment CHAR8 CHAR 
110 P10P_WRKSC Work Schedule Code P10P_WRKSC CHAR 
111 P10P_WRKTX Work Schedule Text TEXT45 CHAR 
112 P10P_WSTXT Certificate: Work Assignment Text TEXT30 CHAR 
113 P10P_WTMAX Maximum Absence Pool Withdrawal INT_4 NUMC 
114 P10P_WTMIN Minimum Absence Pool Withdrawal INT_4 NUMC 
115 P10Y_TXTKZ PAISY: 1520 Text Indicator CHAR02 CHAR 
116 P10_A402G Benefit amounts used for 402(g) exception prior implem. P_AMT08 CURR 
117 P10_ABWKO Target Absence Quota Type ABWKO NUMC 
118 P10_ACTION Field Description CHAR6 CHAR 
120 P10_AGENTPH Agent's phone number CHAR20 CHAR 
121 P10_AGRCP Adjusted gross receipts for tip processing P10_AGRCP CURR 
122 P10_ALLOI Tip allocation indicator P10_ALLOI CHAR 
123 P10_ALPCT Tip allocation percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
124 P10_AMT7S QDRO Award Amount P_AMT07V CURR 
125 P10_AMTFD 1042S Federal Tax Amount PRBETRG CURR 
126 P10_AMTRELATED Absence donation amount related XFELD CHAR 
127 P10_AMTST 1042S State Tax Amount PRBETRG CURR 
128 P10_AMTTF 1042S Tax Free Amount PRBETRG CURR 
129 P10_AMTTX 1042S Taxable Amount PRBETRG CURR 
130 P10_ANAME QDRO Attorney Name TEXT40 CHAR 
131 P10_ANONY Flag for Anonymity XFELD CHAR 
132 P10_APPLICATION Application CHAR4 CHAR 
133 P10_APPL_COMP Application Component CHAR10 CHAR 
134 P10_APPTLEN Appointment length exceeds 1 year indicator P10_APPTLEN CHAR 
135 P10_APTXT Application Name   CHAR 
136 P10_ARNUM Treaty article number TEXT20 CHAR 
137 P10_ASOFD As of date P10_ASOFD DATS 
138 P10_AUISP Automated Input specification for payroll bonds CHAR1 CHAR 
139 P10_BAISC EEO Complaint Base and Issue Code CHAR3 CHAR 
140 P10_BAISF EEO Complaint Base or Issue Flag P10_BAISF CHAR 
141 P10_BAIST EEO Complaint Base and Issue Text TEXT40 CHAR 
142 P10_BALMI Minimum Personal Leave Balance ANZHL DEC 
143 P10_BASEC Code for EEOC Base CHAR3 CHAR 
144 P10_BASEI Bases and Issues progress icon (traffic light) P10_EEOCI CHAR 
145 P10_BDBEN Beneficiary Type P10_BENTY CHAR 
146 P10_BDEWT Savings Bond Deduction Wage Type LGART CHAR 
147 P10_BIDAT Bond Issue Date DATUM DATS 
148 P10_BIFLG EEO Complaint Base or Issue Flag P10_BIFLG CHAR 
149 P10_BITXT EEO Complaint Base or Issue Text CHAR40 CHAR 
150 P10_BNUMG Number of Bonds NUM4 NUMC 
151 P10_BNUMS Number of Bonds NUM4 NUMC 
152 P10_BNUWT Savings bond number wage type LGART CHAR 
153 P10_BONUS Bond indicator plan relevant for bonus payments CHAR1 CHAR 
154 P10_BONYY RIF Bonus Years DEC3 DEC 
155 P10_BPBWT Savings bond balance (per period) for posting purpose LGART CHAR 
156 P10_BPDAT Bonds purchase date DATUM DATS 
157 P10_BREWT Savings bond balance amount wage type LGART CHAR 
158 P10_BSERI Bond Series P10_BSERI CHAR 
159 P10_BSIFORMULA Formula number P10_BSIFORMULA CHAR 
160 P10_BTOTG Totals WERT05 CURR 
161 P10_BTOTS Totals WERT05 CURR 
162 P10_CADDR Address number AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
163 P10_CASEN EEO Complaint Case Number CHAR10 CHAR 
164 P10_CASHW Cash wage for tip credit P10_CASHW CURR 
165 P10_CCARD Establishment accepts credit cards XFELD CHAR 
166 P10_CCNTD Counseling contact date DATUM DATS 
167 P10_CERTN Certificate Number CHAR23 CHAR 
168 P10_CFINT Counseling final interview date DATUM DATS 
169 P10_CHGTP Charged tips P10_CHGTP CURR 
170 P10_CHRCP Charged receipts P10_CHRCP CURR 
171 P10_CIINT Counseling initial interview date DATUM DATS 
172 P10_CITY Duty Station City P10_CITY CHAR 
173 P10_CITYT Duty Station City Text TEXT40 CHAR 
174 P10_CLOSD Personnel Area Closed Date DATUM DATS 
175 P10_CLRTXT Final Decision Closure type text TEXT40 CHAR 
176 P10_CLSDT Personnel Area Closed Date DATUM DATS 
177 P10_CMPAR Competitive Area P10_CMPAR CHAR 
178 P10_CMPART Competitive Area Text TEXT40 CHAR 
179 P10_CMPLV Competitive Level P10_CMPLV CHAR 
180 P10_CMPLVT Competitive Level Text TEXT40 CHAR 
181 P10_CMSER Creditable Military Service   CHAR 
182 P10_CNAME QDRO Court Name TEXT40 CHAR 
183 P10_CNOFI Counseling notice of final interview received (NOFI) date DATUM DATS 
184 P10_CNTR1 1042S Country P10_CNTRY CHAR 
185 P10_CNTRN Control Number P10_CNTRN NUMC 
186 P10_CNTRY Tax treaty country code P10_CNTRY CHAR 
187 P10_COMID Company ID by Federal Reserve Bank CHAR6 CHAR 
188 P10_COMPI Formal Complaint progress icon (traffic light) P10_EEOCI CHAR 
189 P10_COMPM Common Paymaster Tax Company TXCMP CHAR 
190 P10_COMPM_MATCH Tax Company or Tax Company Group Match TXCMP CHAR 
191 P10_COMPM_XF Common Paymaster Indicator XFELD CHAR 
192 P10_COMTY Type of Control Recipe Destination COMTY CHAR 
193 P10_CONSOLIDATE EEO Complaint consolidated cases XFELD CHAR 
194 P10_CONTNAME Contact Name CHAR40 CHAR 
195 P10_CONTPH hContact Telephone Number CHAR20 CHAR 
196 P10_CONTY Duty Station County P10_CONTY CHAR 
197 P10_CONTYT Duty Station County Text TEXT40 CHAR 
198 P10_COSTA Cost Assignment CHAR1 CHAR 
199 P10_COTERMINUS Coterminus indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
200 P10_COUNI Counseling progress icon (traffic light) P10_EEOCI CHAR 
201 P10_COURTESY_WH Courtesy withholding P10_COURTESY_WH CHAR 
202 P10_CPDFR Flag to Indicate Action is CPDF Reportable   CHAR 
203 P10_CPIND Permissibility of Common Paymaster Relationships XFELD CHAR 
204 P10_CP_EFFDT Start date of common paymaster relationship DATUM DATS 
205 P10_CP_RESDT Gültigkeitsende DATUM DATS 
206 P10_CP_RSCDT End date of common paymaster relationship DATUM DATS 
207 P10_CRECV Counseling counselor's report received by EEO office date DATUM DATS 
208 P10_CTYST City/State ORT01 CHAR 
209 P10_DACTN Final Decision agency action P10_DACTN CHAR 
210 P10_DACTX Final Decision Agency Action text TEXT60 CHAR 
211 P10_DATTN Final Decision attorney's fee and cost amount P_AMT07V CURR 
212 P10_DAWRD Final Decision monetary award amount P_AMT07V CURR 
213 P10_DAYSC Day Count   NUMC 
214 P10_DBCKP Final Decision back pay amount P_AMT07V CURR 
215 P10_DCLSD EEO Complaint Final Decision Closure Date DATUM DATS 
216 P10_DCLSR Final Decision closure type P10_DCLSR CHAR 
217 P10_DCMPD Final Decision compliance completion date DATUM DATS 
218 P10_DCMPS Final Decision compliance status P10_DCMPS CHAR 
219 P10_DDSCP Final Decision disciplinary action P10_DDSCP CHAR 
220 P10_DECII Final Decision progress icon (traffic light) P10_EEOCI CHAR 
221 P10_DEFICON Icons for deferred pay report messages.   CHAR 
222 P10_DEFICON_CREATE Icon for creating a new infotype 15 record.   CHAR 
223 P10_DEF_RAD Person Display Selection   CHAR 
224 P10_DELDT Infotype Delimit Date DATUM DATS 
225 P10_DHIRE Final Decision hire type P10_DHIRE CHAR 
226 P10_DLSUM Final Decision lump sum amount P_AMT07V CURR 
227 P10_DOCNO QDRO Docket Number CHAR35 CHAR 
228 P10_DPROM Final Decision promotion type P10_DPROM CHAR 
229 P10_DRGTEST Drug Test Designated Position XFELD CHAR 
230 P10_DSORT Default sorting criteria for form class. P10_DSORT CHAR 
231 P10_DTYSN Duty Station P10_DTYSN CHAR 
232 P10_DXATT Final Decision attorney's fees and costs flag (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
233 P10_DXAWR Final Decision monetary award flag (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
234 P10_DXBCK Final Decision back pay flag (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
235 P10_DXNOR Final Decision corrective action none required flag (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
236 P10_DXOTH Final Decision other corrective action flag (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
237 P10_DXRAS Final Decision reassignment flag (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
238 P10_DXRIN Final Decision reinstatement flag (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
239 P10_DXRMV Final Decision purged of adverse material flag (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
240 P10_DXRVL Final Decision performance evaluation modified flag (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
241 P10_DXSUM Final Decision lump sum flag (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
242 P10_DYNNR Nature of Action Customer Screen Number SYCHAR04 CHAR 
243 P10_DZNPER Number of periods between two payments NUM2 NUMC 
244 P10_EAMNT The amount for exempt limit WRTV7 CURR 
245 P10_EDOPT Nature of Action Edit Options P10_EDOPT CHAR 
246 P10_EEOCS Status of EEOC case P10_EEOCS CHAR 
247 P10_EEPPD Wage Type For Employee's Contribution Per Pay Period LGART CHAR 
248 P10_EEYTD Wage Type For Employee's Year To Date Contribution LGART CHAR 
249 P10_EFFR_ATTR US Effort Reporting : Attributes CHAR10 CHAR 
250 P10_EFFR_ATTRT Effort Certification Attribute Text TEXT40 CHAR 
251 P10_EFFR_CONF US Effort reporting : Configure Defaults for Actuals P10_EFFR_CONF CHAR 
252 P10_EFFR_ECRSTATUS US Effort Reporting : ECR Status P10_EFFR_ECRSTATUS CHAR 
253 P10_EFFR_GROUP US Effort Rep : Wage Type Group P10_EFFR_GROUP CHAR 
254 P10_EFFR_RETRO_UPDATE_IND US Effort Reporting : Retro update indicator P10_EFFR_RETRO_UPDATE_IND CHAR 
255 P10_EFFR_TYPE US Effort Certification Record Type P10_EFFR_TYPE NUMC 
256 P10_EFFR_VALUE Attribute Values CHAR10 CHAR 
257 P10_EFFR_VRCD US Effort reporting : Certification Variance Code P10_EFFR_VRCD CHAR 
258 P10_EFFR_VRCD_TEXT US Effort Reporting : Variance code description P10_EFFR_VRCD_TEXT CHAR 
259 P10_EMAIL E-mail Address TEXT40 CHAR 
260 P10_EMPKF Exempt key for FACE P10_EMPKY CHAR 
261 P10_EMPKY Exempt key P10_EMPKY CHAR 
263 P10_EPPDC Employee's Contribution Per Pay Period PRBETRG CURR 
264 P10_ERPPD Wage Type For Employer's Contribution Per Pay Period LGART CHAR 
265 P10_ERYTD Wage Type For Employer's Year To Date Contribution LGART CHAR 
266 P10_ESTAB Establishments for tip processing P10_ESTAB CHAR 
267 P10_ESTXT Establishment name P10_ESTXT CHAR 
268 P10_ETA_FITEX Federal Income Tax Exemption Method P10_ETA_OVMTH CHAR 
269 P10_ETA_FMTEX Federal Medicare Tax Exemption Method P10_ETA_OVMTH CHAR 
270 P10_ETA_FSTEX Federal Social Security Tax Exemption Method P10_ETA_OVMTH CHAR 
271 P10_ETA_FUTEX Federal Unemployment Insurance Tax Exemption Method P10_ETA_OVMTH CHAR 
272 P10_ETA_OVMTH US Tax Exemption Method P10_ETA_OVMTH CHAR 
273 P10_ETA_OVMTT Text for US Tax Override P10_ETA_OVMTT CHAR 
274 P10_ETA_OVMTX Override method description CHAR15 CHAR 
275 P10_ETA_RSLOC Employee's Residence Locality Tax Jurisdiction Indicator YESNO CHAR 
276 P10_ETA_RSSTA Employee's Residence State Tax Jurisdiction Indicator YESNO CHAR 
277 P10_ETA_SDTEX State Disability Insurance Tax Exemption Method P10_ETA_OVMTH CHAR 
278 P10_ETA_SITEX State Income Tax Exemption Method P10_ETA_OVMTH CHAR 
279 P10_ETA_SUTEX State Unemployment Insurance Tax Exemption Method P10_ETA_OVMTH CHAR 
280 P10_ETA_SWTEX State Workers Compensation Tax Exemption Method P10_ETA_OVMTH CHAR 
281 P10_ETA_TMPWL Employee's Temporary Work Local Tax Jurisdiction Indicator YESNO CHAR 
282 P10_ETA_TMPWS Employee's Temporary Work State Tax Jurisdiction Indicator YESNO CHAR 
283 P10_ETA_UISTA Employee's SUI Tax Jurisdiction Indicator YESNO CHAR 
284 P10_ETA_WKLOC Employee's Work Locality Tax Jurisdiction Indicator YESNO CHAR 
285 P10_ETA_WKSTA Employee's Work State Tax Jurisdiction Indicator YESNO CHAR 
286 P10_ETYPE Establishment type P10_ETYPE CHAR 
287 P10_EXCLD Exclude Residents BOOLE CHAR 
288 P10_EXECD Exemption Code CHAR1 CHAR 
289 P10_EXMPT Exemption Code CHAR1 CHAR 
290 P10_EXPRY Tax treaty expiry date DDATE DATS 
291 P10_EXTFD 1042S Federal Exemption Code CHAR1 CHAR 
292 P10_EXTST 1042S State Exemption Code CHAR1 CHAR 
293 P10_EXTTF 1042S Tax Free Exempt Code CHAR1 CHAR 
294 P10_EXTTX 1042S Taxable Exempt Code CHAR1 CHAR 
295 P10_EX_PERSON External person receives absence donation CHAR20 CHAR 
296 P10_EX_QUOTA Quota type of external person who receives absence donation CHAR20 CHAR 
297 P10_EYTDC Employee's Year To Date Contribution PRBETRG CURR 
298 P10_FACCD Formal Complaint accepted/dismissed date DATUM DATS 
299 P10_FACKD Formal Complaint acknowledged date DATUM DATS 
300 P10_FDOCN Formal Complaint docket number CHAR15 CHAR 
301 P10_FEDRI Federal rule indicator P10_FEDRI CHAR 
302 P10_FFILE Formal Complaint filed date DATUM DATS 
303 P10_FILDA Filing date DATUM DATS 
304 P10_FILE_NAME Local File Name with Path P10_FILE_NAME CHAR 
305 P10_FILE_REQ File Required P10_FILE_REQ CHAR 
306 P10_FINST Financial Statements Required P10_FINST CHAR 
307 P10_FMIXD Formal Complaint mixed case flag (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
308 P10_FPOOL Foreign Sick Leave Pool ID P10_POOL CHAR 
309 P10_FRBDD Federal Reserve Bank district designator NUM3 NUMC 
310 P10_FRECV Formal Complaint received by bureau's EEO date DATUM DATS 
311 P10_FRMND Formal Complaint remanded for investigation date DATUM DATS 
312 P10_FRMNU Tax Reporter Form Number P10_FRMNU NUMC 
313 P10_FRTYP Form Type P10_FRTYP CHAR 
314 P10_FVTXT NoA Favorites Text   CHAR 
315 P10_FZSER Frozen Service   CHAR 
316 P10_GENDA Generation Date DATUM DATS 
317 P10_GENTM Generation Time UZEIT TIMS 
318 P10_GRPWT Grouping for Wagetypes P10P_GRPWT CHAR 
319 P10_HPOOL Home Sick Leave Pool ID P10_POOL CHAR 
320 P10_IADDR Investigator's address number AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
321 P10_IAPPL Investigation appeal filed date DATUM DATS 
322 P10_IASGN Investigation assigned to investigator date DATUM DATS 
323 P10_ICIVL Investigation civil action filed date DATUM DATS 
324 P10_IDECI Investigation EEOC decision date DATUM DATS 
325 P10_IDECR Investigation EEOC decision received date DATUM DATS 
326 P10_IFADI Investigation final agency decision (FAD) issued date DATUM DATS 
327 P10_IFADR Investigation final agency decision (FAD) requested date DATUM DATS 
328 P10_IFRDH Investigation file forwarded to EEOC for hearing date DATUM DATS 
329 P10_IHEAR Investigation hearing requested date DATUM DATS 
330 P10_INARC Investigation record sent to NARC date DATUM DATS 
331 P10_INCCD Income Code CHAR1 CHAR 
332 P10_INCFD 1042S Federal Income Code CHAR2 CHAR 
333 P10_INCOD Income Code CHAR1 CHAR 
334 P10_INCST 1042S State Income Code CHAR2 CHAR 
335 P10_INCTF 1042S Tax Free Income Code CHAR2 CHAR 
336 P10_INCTX 1042S Taxable Income Code CHAR2 CHAR 
337 P10_INGOV Inherently Governmental XFELD CHAR 
338 P10_INIAMT Initial amount in Pool P_AMT07V CURR 
339 P10_INIHR Sick Leave Pool Initial Hours/Days P10_INIHR DEC 
340 P10_INVEI Investigation progress icon (traffic light) P10_EEOCI CHAR 
341 P10_IPAID Investigation paid amount P_AMT07V CURR 
342 P10_IRECD Number of records in subtotal P10_IRECD NUMC 
343 P10_IROID Report of investigation (ROI) issued date DATUM DATS 
344 P10_ISSUC Code for EEOC Issue CHAR3 CHAR 
345 P10_ISTAT Investigator (Internal/External) P10_ISTAT CHAR 
346 P10_JNAME QDRO Judge Name TEXT40 CHAR 
347 P10_LATXT NoA Legal Authority Text P10_LATXT CHAR 
348 P10_LEGAUTH NoA Legal Authority P10_LEGAUTH CHAR 
349 P10_LFDNR Assignment SUBTY_591A CHAR 
350 P10_LOCID Location ID NUM4 NUMC 
351 P10_LOTXT Location ID text TEXT20 CHAR 
352 P10_MADDR Mediator's address number AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
353 P10_MAIND Manual Service Adjustment Indicator P10_MAIND CHAR 
354 P10_MASGN Mediation assigned date DATUM DATS 
355 P10_MCMPL Mediation completion date DATUM DATS 
356 P10_MCOST Mediation cost P_AMT07V CURR 
357 P10_MDTXT Test method text P10_MDTXT CHAR 
358 P10_MEALC Maximum Exclusive Allowance Limit Calculation PRBETRG CURR 
359 P10_MEDII Mediation progress icon (traffic light) P10_EEOCI CHAR 
360 P10_METHOD WC: Premium calculation method P10_METHOD CHAR 
361 P10_MINWG Minimum wage for tip credit P10_MINWG CURR 
362 P10_MRSLD Mediation resolution date DATUM DATS 
363 P10_MRSOL Mediation resolution reached flag (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
364 P10_MSPTD Substantial Presence Test Date   CHAR 
365 P10_MTYPE Type of mediation/ADR CHAR02 CHAR 
366 P10_MTYPT Type of mediation /ADR Text TEXT40 CHAR 
367 P10_NBQLC Number of Qualifying Children NUM2 NUMC 
368 P10_NCACT HR-US: NC-9901 Major Activity P10_NCACT CHAR 
369 P10_NCDES HR-US: NC-9901 Major Activity Description TEXT60 CHAR 
370 P10_NCLOC NC9901 Location Code CHAR9 CHAR 
371 P10_NCSTA HR-US: NC-9901 Status P10_NCSTA CHAR 
372 P10_NOA Nature of Action Code SUBTY CHAR 
373 P10_NOACD Nature of Action Code SUBTY_591A CHAR 
374 P10_NOACT Nature of Action Code Text   CHAR 
375 P10_NOALONGTEXT Nature of Action Long Text TEXT80 CHAR 
376 P10_NOATEXT Field Description TEXT30 CHAR 
377 P10_NXINDIC Nexus Indicator P10_NXINDIC NUMC 
378 P10_OCCAT Occupational Category P10_OCCAT CHAR 
379 P10_OCCSE Occupation (Series) P10_OCCSE CHAR 
380 P10_ONPROB Probation Status P10_ONPROB CHAR 
381 P10_OPTION Field value option P10_OPTIONRMRK CHAR 
382 P10_PAYTY Payment type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
383 P10_PERCT EE deduction percentage for savings bond purchase DEC3_2 DEC 
384 P10_PNAME Absence Pool Name TEXT40 CHAR 
385 P10_POAMT Available total amount in Pool P_AMT07V CURR 
386 P10_POLAD Sick leave pool administrator TEXT40 CHAR 
387 P10_POLID Absence Pool ID P10_POOL CHAR 
388 P10_POLLO Low Watermark for Absence Pool ANZHL DEC 
389 P10_POLTP Sick Leave Pool Type (Hours or Amount) P10_POLTP CHAR 
390 P10_PRPUR Primary purpose of visiting P10_PRPUR NUMC 
391 P10_PRWTA Predominant Tax Authority Flag XFELD CHAR 
392 P10_PRWTAR Predominant Tax Area Flag XFELD CHAR 
393 P10_PSOCC Position Occupied P10_PSOCC CHAR 
394 P10_PSSEN Position Sensitivity P10_PSSEN CHAR 
395 P10_PTEXT Text for visa subtype TEXT40 CHAR 
396 P10_PTEXX Text for primary purpose P10_PTEXX CHAR 
397 P10_QBNAM QDRO Beneficiary Full Name TEXT50 CHAR 
398 P10_QCOST Cost assignment P10_QCOST CHAR 
399 P10_QSTAT QDRO Status: Inactive CHAR1 CHAR 
400 P10_RACEC Race category TEXT50 CHAR 
401 P10_REASON Noa Reason   CHAR 
402 P10_REFCASEN Reference Case Number of consolidated cases CHAR10 CHAR 
403 P10_REGTYPE RIF Register Type P10_REGTYPE CHAR 
404 P10_REMARK Noa Remark P10_REMARK CHAR 
405 P10_REMITTAXAU Remittance Tax Authority TAXAT CHAR 
406 P10_REMTXT Noa Remark Text P10_REMTXT CHAR 
407 P10_REPID NoA Report Containing the Customer Subscreen PROGRAMM CHAR 
408 P10_REPUN Worksite Reporting Unit Number NUMC5 NUMC 
409 P10_RESST Residence Status for SPT P10_RESST CHAR 
410 P10_RESTOREAUTH Restore Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
411 P10_RIFST Reduction in Force Veterans' Preference P10_RIFST CHAR 
412 P10_RNTXT Drug screening test reason text P10_RNTXT CHAR 
413 P10_ROTAT Rotation indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
414 P10_ROTSQ Rotation sequence NUM2 NUMC 
415 P10_RPPDC Employer's Contribution Per Pay Period PRBETRG CURR 
417 P10_RSTAXAU Resident Tax Authority TAXAT CHAR 
418 P10_RSTUS Override key P10_RSTUS CHAR 
419 P10_RSTXT Test result text P10_RSTXT CHAR 
420 P10_RYTDC Employer's Year To Date Contribution PRBETRG CURR 
421 P10_SANUM Sample number CHAR8 CHAR 
422 P10_SCD Service Computation Date DATUM DATS 
423 P10_SCRCL Tax form class control indicator P10_SCRCL CHAR 
424 P10_SECCL Security Clearance P10_SECCL CHAR 
425 P10_SECCLT Security Clearance Text TEXT80 CHAR 
426 P10_SLD_TRANS Sick Leave Donation - transaction type P10_SLD_TRANS CHAR 
427 P10_SPTDT Substantial Presence Test Date DATUM DATS 
428 P10_SPTFV filter value P10_SPTFV CHAR 
429 P10_SRVCH Service charge P10_SRVCH CURR 
431 P10_STATE Duty Station State or Country P10_STATE CHAR 
432 P10_STATET Duty Station State or Country Text TEXT40 CHAR 
433 P10_STEXT Drug screening substance test description TEXT40 CHAR 
434 P10_STTXT Test site text P10_STTXT CHAR 
435 P10_SUBCT Substance test category SUBTY_591A CHAR 
436 P10_SUBST Substance test content code CHAR4 CHAR 
437 P10_SUPCD_DEF Default Supplemental Method SUPCD CHAR 
438 P10_SVCDD Service: Number of days DEC5_4 DEC 
439 P10_SVCMM Service: Number of months DEC4_4 DEC 
440 P10_SVCYY Service: Number of years DEC3_4 DEC 
441 P10_TADIS Tax authority switch XFIELD CHAR 
442 P10_TAXAT_MATCH Tax Authority or Tax Authority Group Match TAXAT CHAR 
443 P10_TAXST Tax Status TEXT20 CHAR 
444 P10_TCC Transmitter Control Code CHAR5 CHAR 
445 P10_TENUREGRP Tenure Group CHAR1 CHAR 
446 P10_TENURELEN Career tenure achieved indicator P10_TENURELEN CHAR 
447 P10_TERSN Drug screening test reason P10_TERSN CHAR 
448 P10_TESDT Sample collecting date DDATE DATS 
449 P10_TESTY Drug screening test type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
450 P10_TEXEC Test executer name TEXT80 CHAR 
451 P10_TFADT Audit Report XFIELD CHAR 
452 P10_TFGTP Tax form class generation type P10_TFGTP CHAR 
453 P10_TFMDE Employee copy of output XFIELD CHAR 
454 P10_TFMDR Employer copy of output XFIELD CHAR 
455 P10_TFMDS Summary report of output XFIELD CHAR 
456 P10_TFMDT Magnetic media output XFIELD CHAR 
457 P10_TFRCL Tax form class CHAR4 CHAR 
458 P10_TIPCD Tip Credit Indicator XFELD CHAR 
459 P10_TIPEE Tipped Employee Indicator P10_TIPEE CHAR 
460 P10_TMEDA Test method for sample A P10_TMETH CHAR 
461 P10_TMEDB Test method for sample B P10_TMETH CHAR 
462 P10_TOBSE Test observer name TEXT80 CHAR 
463 P10_TOSHF Total tip shortfall P10_TOSHF CURR 
464 P10_TOTDT Total direct tips for tip processing P10_TOTDT CURR 
465 P10_TOTHR Sick Leave Pool Total Hours/Days P10_TOTHR DEC 
466 P10_TOTIT Total indirect tips for tip processing P10_TOTIT CURR 
467 P10_TOWGTYP Copy to wage type for posting LGART CHAR 
468 P10_TRAMT Tax Reporter interface - Amount fields TXBET CURR 
469 P10_TRESU Overall test result P10_TRESU CHAR 
470 P10_TRTXT Tax Reporter interface : Text fields definition TEXT60 CHAR 
471 P10_TSAMT Substance test amout P10_TSAMT QUAN 
472 P10_TSITE Test site P10_TSITE CHAR 
473 P10_TSRES Substance test result P10_TRESU CHAR 
474 P10_TSUNT Substance test unit CDUNIT UNIT 
475 P10_TTRGP Tax treaty groups P10_TTRGP CHAR 
476 P10_TXLAGW BSI TaxLocator: Annual Gross Wages of employee CHAR24 CHAR 
477 P10_TXLCIT BSI TaxLocator: City CHAR58 CHAR 
478 P10_TXLCNF BSI TaxLocator : Conformance Icon ICONNAME CHAR 
479 P10_TXLCOU BSI TaxLocator: County CHAR23 CHAR 
480 P10_TXLDTL BSI TaxLocator: Icon for Detail hotspot ICONNAME CHAR 
481 P10_TXLDVR BSI TaxLocator: TaxLocator Data Version CHAR1 CHAR 
482 P10_TXLECD BSI TaxLocator: Employee Code CHAR12 CHAR 
483 P10_TXLECL BSI TaxLocator: Employee Class CHAR1 CHAR 
484 P10_TXLEIC BSI TaxLocator: EIC Code CHAR1 CHAR 
485 P10_TXLENA BSI TaxLocator: Employee Name CHAR31 CHAR 
486 P10_TXLEST BSI TaxLocator: Employee Status CHAR1 CHAR 
487 P10_TXLFL1 BSI TaxLocator: Filler 1 CHAR1 CHAR 
488 P10_TXLFLR BSI TaxLocator: Filler 2 CHAR2 CHAR 
489 P10_TXLFNO BSI TaxLocator: Formula Number CHAR1 CHAR 
490 P10_TXLHDT BSI TaxLocator: Employee Hire Date DATS DATS 
491 P10_TXLMCO BSI TaxLocator: Message Code CHAR4 CHAR 
492 P10_TXLMCT BSI TaxLocator: Message Text CHAR300 CHAR 
493 P10_TXLMID BSI TaxLocator: Error Messages ID SYCHAR50 CHAR 
494 P10_TXLMPR BSI TaxLocator: Member PS Retirement CHAR1 CHAR 
495 P10_TXLMSL BSI TaxLocator: Message Level CHAR1 CHAR 
496 P10_TXLMTX BSI TaxLocator: Error Messages Text TEXT220 CHAR 
497 P10_TXLNLE BSI TaxLocator: Number of Locator Entries CHAR1 CHAR 
498 P10_TXLNTE BSI TaxLocator: Number of Tax Entries CHAR3 CHAR 
499 P10_TXLPCO BSI TaxLocator: ZIP (Postal) Code CHAR10 CHAR 
500 P10_TXLRAS BSI TaxLocator: Return All States CHAR1 CHAR