SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 107
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 PPT_NQUOT Absence quota type for annual leave entitlement ABWKO NUMC 
2 PPT_NRACC Number of actions performed CHAR4 CHAR 
3 PPT_NRAUT Authorization number CHAR10 CHAR 
4 PPT_NRCAP Number of professional suitability certificate (CAP) CHAR30 CHAR 
5 PPT_NRDEP No.of dependents NUM2 NUMC 
6 PPT_NRDES Number of recipients CHAR5 CHAR 
7 PPT_NRDIG Number of digits in SS no. NUM2 NUMC 
8 PPT_NRHRM Number of monthly hours of earmarking CHAR6 CHAR 
9 PPT_NRMNM Number of earmarking monthly minutes CHAR2 CHAR 
10 PPT_NRMON No.of months before start of deduction (after hiring) NUMC2 NUMC 
11 PPT_NRPAR Number of participants CHAR5 CHAR 
12 PPT_NRSUB No.of working subjects NUM1 NUMC 
13 PPT_NSERS Social services number PPT_NSERS CHAR 
14 PPT_NSQOB Income not liable to contribution - mandatory contributions CHAR14 CHAR 
15 PPT_NSQSI Income not liable to contrib.- trade union quota arrangs. CHAR14 CHAR 
16 PPT_NSRIR Income not liable to contribuition - IRS retention CHAR14 CHAR 
17 PPT_NSRSO Income not liable to contribution - surcharge retention CHAR14 CHAR 
18 PPT_NSVRE Income not liable to contribution - income value CHAR15 CHAR 
19 PPT_NTXSU No.of tax subjects NUM1 NUMC 
20 PPT_NUBEN ADSE beneficiary no. CHAR20 CHAR 
21 PPT_NUMEE Number of employees on strike CHAR4 CHAR 
22 PPT_NUMEN Number of men CHAR7 CHAR 
23 PPT_NUREG Number of records NUMC09 NUMC 
24 PPT_OBKEY Time object key CHAR10 CHAR 
25 PPT_OBTXT Time object value text TEXT32 CHAR 
26 PPT_OBTYP Time object type PPT_OBTYP CHAR 
27 PPT_OBVAL Time object value PPT_OBVAL CHAR 
28 PPT_OLDTX Old processing of taxes (/607, /617, /627) XFELD CHAR 
29 PPT_ORGAT Attribute working time organization for Unique Report CHAR20 CHAR 
30 PPT_ORGAU Audit organization CHAR1 CHAR 
31 PPT_ORGIN Inspection organization CHAR1 CHAR 
32 PPT_ORGPP Risk prevention programs organization CHAR1 CHAR 
33 PPT_ORGPS Health promotion programs organization CHAR1 CHAR 
34 PPT_ORGTM Working time organization CHAR2 CHAR 
35 PPT_ORGTP Charge origin CHAR10 CHAR 
36 PPT_ORGVS Health surveillance programs organization CHAR1 CHAR 
37 PPT_ORIEN Charge origin CHAR01 CHAR 
39 PPT_OUTFI Other financing sources CHAR8 CHAR 
40 PPT_OVREC Overwrite all coincident records XFELD CHAR 
41 PPT_P3112 No. of persons working for employer entity on 31. December CHAR5 CHAR 
42 PPT_PACOD Parish code NUMC02 NUMC 
43 PPT_PAMNT VA amount paid in period PRBETRG CURR 
44 PPT_PARBI Parish of birth TEXT30 CHAR 
46 PPT_PAYFL Type of payment frequency (A - annual; P - periodic) CHAR1 CHAR 
47 PPT_PAYTDESC Employee Tax Data: Payment description CHAR60 CHAR 
48 PPT_PAYTID Employee Tax Data: Payment identifier CHAR4 CHAR 
49 PPT_PAYTR Vacation allowance payment triggering method PPT_PAYTR CHAR 
50 PPT_PBAMT Percentage of basis amount for pre-retired employees DEC3_1 DEC 
51 PPT_PCAAT Attribute professional category for Unique Report CHAR6 CHAR 
52 PPT_PCATT Professional category description TEXT64 CHAR 
53 PPT_PCDEF Disability percentage PPT_PCDEF DEC 
54 PPT_PCNPT Professional classification (CNP or CPP) TEXT128 CHAR 
55 PPT_PDAYS No.of leave days covered by VA payment in period PTM_QUONUM DEC 
57 PPT_PENSR Code for pensioner status XFELD CHAR 
58 PPT_PERAT Attribute training reference period UR CHAR20 CHAR 
59 PPT_PERCO Personnel costs XFELD CHAR 
60 PPT_PERCT Percentage paid DEC3_2 DEC 
61 PPT_PERIO Training reference period CHAR2 CHAR 
62 PPT_PFILE Electronic format XFELD CHAR 
64 PPT_PFUNT HR-PT: Functional Structure designation TEXT128 CHAR 
65 PPT_PIRCT HR-PT: Professional Category designation TEXT128 CHAR 
66 PPT_PLTYP Tax - plan type CHAR01 CHAR 
67 PPT_PNT Weekly regular work period (RWP)   CHAR 
68 PPT_PODIS Postal locality TEXT30 CHAR 
69 PPT_PRACO Personnel summary Azores - qualification level code PPT_PRACO NUMC 
70 PPT_PRCAT Professional category PPT_PRCAT CHAR 
71 PPT_PRCNP Professional classification (CNP or CPP) PPT_PRCNP CHAR 
72 PPT_PRCOD Professional category IRC code NUMC5 NUMC 
73 PPT_PRCTP Professional category PPT_PRCTP CHAR 
74 PPT_PRCUN IRCT code of professional category CHAR5 CHAR 
75 PPT_PRENA PS 2003 - Name of producing company CHAR60 CHAR 
76 PPT_PRERT Pre-retirement indicator PPT_PRERT CHAR 
77 PPT_PRFUN Functional structure PPT_PRFUN NUMC 
78 PPT_PRGRP Professional group PPT_PRGRP NUMC 
79 PPT_PRIMD First declaration of the year XFELD CHAR 
80 PPT_PRIVN Private capital percentage CHAR5 CHAR 
81 PPT_PRIVT % of private capital NUMC4 NUMC 
82 PPT_PRMDT Last promotion date CHAR07 CHAR 
83 PPT_PROF Dividends or profit derived from social equity CHAR18 CHAR 
84 PPT_PROFD Indicator for receiver of occupational illness pension XFELD CHAR 
85 PPT_PROFIS Occupation CHAR5 CHAR 
86 PPT_PROPERTY Land register CHAR18 CHAR 
87 PPT_PROVI Fiscal year reserves CHAR10 CHAR 
88 PPT_PRPAR Professional partitioning PPT_PRPAR NUMC 
89 PPT_PRS00 Personnel summary 2000 XFELD CHAR 
90 PPT_PRS03 Personnel summary 2003 XFELD CHAR 
91 PPT_PRS93 Personnel summary 1993 XFELD CHAR 
92 PPT_PRSAT Attribute professional situation for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
93 PPT_PRSIT Professional situation PPT_PRSIT NUMC 
94 PPT_PSBAS PS - Basic pay CHAR8 CHAR 
95 PPT_PSBD2 PS 2000 - Date of 'Boletim do Trabalho e do Emprego' DATUM DATS 
96 PPT_PSBD3 PS 2000 - Birth date YYYYMM NUMC06 NUMC 
97 PPT_PSBDT PS - Date of "Boletim do Trabalho e Emprego" NUMC6 NUMC 
100 PPT_PSCDP PS - Postal code CHAR4 CHAR 
101 PPT_PSCOD Code of "Instrumento de Regulamentação Colectiva" NUMC5 NUMC 
102 PPT_PSCPS PS 2000 - Company capital NUMC12 NUMC 
103 PPT_PSCST Personnel costs CHAR10 CHAR 
104 PPT_PSCTS Contract situation regarding Act no.20/98 PPT_PSCTS NUMC 
105 PPT_PSCTT PS - Contract type PPT_PSCTT NUMC 
106 PPT_PSDAT Collective agreement effectiveness date DATUM DATS 
107 PPT_PSED2 PS 2000 - education level code PPT_PSED2 NUMC 
108 PPT_PSEDU PS - education level code PPT_PSEDU NUMC 
109 PPT_PSERU Education level code PPT_PSED2 NUMC 
110 PPT_PSFNA PS - Full name CHAR40 CHAR 
111 PPT_PSHD3 PS 2000 - Hiring date YYYYMM NUMC06 NUMC 
112 PPT_PSHRG PS - Hiring date YYMM NUMC4 NUMC 
113 PPT_PSIAT Attribute professional situation for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
114 PPT_PSION Code for pensioner status TEXT1 CHAR 
115 PPT_PSIRR PS - Irregular remuneration CHAR8 CHAR 
116 PPT_PSLCT PS - Sequencial employee no. NUMC2 NUMC 
117 PPT_PSMHR PS - Monthly hours CHAR3 CHAR 
118 PPT_PSNAT PS - Nationality indicator PPT_PSNAT NUMC 
119 PPT_PSOVH PS - Overtime hours remunerated CHAR3 CHAR 
120 PPT_PSOVR PS - Overtime hours remuneration CHAR8 CHAR 
121 PPT_PSP2S PS - Blanks CHAR11 CHAR 
122 PPT_PSP3S PS - Blanks CHAR78 CHAR 
123 PPT_PSPC2 PS 2000 - Postal code NUMC07 NUMC 
124 PPT_PSPD2 PS 2000 - Collective agreement effectiveness date NUMC06 NUMC 
125 PPT_PSPD3 PS 2000 - Promotion date YYYYMM NUMC06 NUMC 
126 PPT_PSPDI PS - Postal locality CHAR20 CHAR 
127 PPT_PSPMT PS - Promotion date YYMM NUMC4 NUMC 
128 PPT_PSPSD PS - Collective agreement effectiveness date NUMC4 NUMC 
129 PPT_PSRCT PS - Control remuneration NUMC1 NUMC 
130 PPT_PSREG PS - Regular remuneration CHAR8 CHAR 
131 PPT_PSREV PS 2000 - Revenue NUMC12 NUMC 
132 PPT_PSS2S PS 2000 - Blanks (record type 2) CHAR17 CHAR 
133 PPT_PSS3S PS 2000 - Blanks (record type 3) PPT_PSS3S CHAR 
134 PPT_PSSEN PS - Seniority remuneration CHAR8 CHAR 
135 PPT_PSSSB PS 2003 - Social security no. NUMC11 NUMC 
136 PPT_PSSSN PS - Social security no. NUMC10 NUMC 
137 PPT_PSTXT Collective agreement type description TEXT128 CHAR 
138 PPT_PSWKH PS - Weekly hours (IRC) CHAR3 CHAR 
139 PPT_PSWSR PS - work schedule regime PPT_PSWSR NUMC 
140 PPT_PTYPE HR-PT: professional classification type (CNP or CPP) PPT_PTYPE CHAR 
141 PPT_PUBLI % of public capital NUMC4 NUMC 
142 PPT_PUBLIC Remunerations and public pensions CHAR18 CHAR 
143 PPT_PUBLN Public capital percentage CHAR5 CHAR 
144 PPT_PVOLN Business Volume Percentage   NUMC 
145 PPT_PWPSW "Pay-when-possible" switch for vacation allowance payments XFELD CHAR 
146 PPT_PYINC Previous years income XFELD CHAR 
147 PPT_QCLAS Classification of absence quota PPT_QCLAS CHAR 
148 PPT_QUAAT Attribute training qualification level for Unique Report CHAR20 CHAR 
149 PPT_QUALEV Qualification level PPT_QUALEV CHAR 
150 PPT_QUALI Training qualification level CHAR2 CHAR 
151 PPT_QUOTM Method to consider leave absences depending on quota valid PPT_QUOTM CHAR 
152 PPT_QUSIN TU quota arrangs. CHAR13 CHAR 
153 PPT_RATE Tax rate DEC2_2 DEC 
154 PPT_RAZAC Reason for inquiry actions CHAR2 CHAR 
155 PPT_RCYCL Personnel calculation rule for lunch allowance rate CCYCL CHAR 
156 PPT_RDIFS Separate retroactive accounting of differences XFELD CHAR 
157 PPT_RDT Work duration regime CHAR2 CHAR 
158 PPT_RDTAT Attribute work duration regime for Unique Report CHAR15 CHAR 
159 PPT_REASN Reason for action PPT_REASN CHAR 
160 PPT_RECAT Attribute regime code for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
161 PPT_RECOD Applied retirement regime identification CHAR01 CHAR 
162 PPT_RECTY PS 2003 - Record type TEXT2 CHAR 
163 PPT_REDRT Tax reduction rate DEC3_1 DEC 
164 PPT_REDVA Absence relevant for leave period reduction XFELD CHAR 
165 PPT_REFWT Wage type for reference amount for tax calculation LGART CHAR 
166 PPT_REGCA Attribute regime code for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
167 PPT_REGTY Type of regime (normal/alternative) PPT_REGTY CHAR 
168 PPT_REINC Regular income XFELD CHAR 
169 PPT_REIRS IRS retention CHAR13 CHAR 
170 PPT_RELCO Relationship with company TEXT15 CHAR 
171 PPT_RELEV Disability relevance value for tax and soc.sec.processing PPT_RELEV CHAR 
172 PPT_REMHO Amount correspondent to remuneration hours spent in training CHAR8 CHAR 
173 PPT_RENVI Work relationship with overtime aimed by comission CHAR01 CHAR 
174 PPT_REPPY Flag for reported income from previous years CHAR1 CHAR 
175 PPT_RESAT Attribute strike result for Unique Report CHAR15 CHAR 
176 PPT_RESCO Strike result CHAR01 CHAR 
177 PPT_RESI1 Indication of residence - Mainland CHAR1 CHAR 
178 PPT_RESI2 Indication of residence - abroad CHAR1 CHAR 
179 PPT_RESI3 Indication of residence - Azores CHAR1 CHAR 
180 PPT_RESI4 Indication of residence - Madeira CHAR1 CHAR 
181 PPT_RESI5 Residence specification - non-habitual resident CHAR1 CHAR 
182 PPT_RESID Indication of residence PPT_RESID CHAR 
183 PPT_RESOB Surcharge retent. CHAR13 CHAR 
184 PPT_RESP1 Transfer of VA payment responsibility with new contract XFELD CHAR 
185 PPT_RESP2 Transfer of VA payment responsibility with entity change XFELD CHAR 
186 PPT_RESUP Overtime remuneration on October CHAR10 CHAR 
187 PPT_RETFI Retrieve FI data XFELD CHAR 
188 PPT_RETRO Indicator for retroactive accounting rate values CHAR1 CHAR 
189 PPT_RETXT Description of wage type list in tax calculation TEXT20 CHAR 
190 PPT_RFINE Employer entity financing remaining CHAR8 CHAR 
191 PPT_RFTXT Tax office text TEXT30 CHAR 
192 PPT_RFVAL Fixed value of lunch allowance rate BETRG CURR 
193 PPT_RGBWT Social regime base wage type LGART CHAR 
194 PPT_RGCOD Social security regime code PPT_RGCOD CHAR 
195 PPT_RGOUT Adaptability regime XFELD CHAR 
196 PPT_RGOVT Adaptability regime XFELD CHAR 
197 PPT_RGRP Grouping for disability relevance TEXT1 CHAR 
198 PPT_RGSEQ Regime sequential processing no. SEQNP NUMC 
199 PPT_RGTXT Description of social security regimes TEXT114 CHAR 
200 PPT_RIQOB Exempt income - mandatory contributions CHAR14 CHAR 
201 PPT_RIQSI Exempt income - trade union quota arrangements CHAR14 CHAR 
202 PPT_RIRIR Exempt income - IRS retention CHAR14 CHAR 
203 PPT_RIRSO Exempt income - surcharge retention CHAR14 CHAR 
204 PPT_RIVRE Exempt income - income value CHAR15 CHAR 
205 PPT_RLTXT Description of relevance TEXT50 CHAR 
206 PPT_RMONTH Reference month CHAR2 CHAR 
207 PPT_ROYAL Royalties CHAR18 CHAR 
208 PPT_RPART Part-time reduction indicator XFELD CHAR 
209 PPT_RSBNT RS- type of beneficiary NUMC2 NUMC 
210 PPT_RSCON RS - Total of SS contributions NUMC12 NUMC 
211 PPT_RSLOC RS - Contributor business location NUMC2 NUMC 
213 PPT_RSMTH RS - Remuneration reference date TEXT6 CHAR 
214 PPT_RSNAT RS - Type of remuneration TEXT2 CHAR 
215 PPT_RSNRU Incoming/outgoing reasons for Unique Report CHAR4 CHAR 
216 PPT_RSNRX RS - No.of records type R2 NUMC06 NUMC 
217 PPT_RSQOB Exempt income - mandatory contributions CHAR14 CHAR 
218 PPT_RSQSI Income liable to contribution - trade union quota arrangs. CHAR14 CHAR 
219 PPT_RSR10 RS - Zeros NUMC11 NUMC 
220 PPT_RSR1S RS - Blanks TEXT8 CHAR 
221 PPT_RSR2S RS - Blanks TEXT1 CHAR 
222 PPT_RSR39 RS - Nines NUMC11 NUMC 
223 PPT_RSR3S RS - Blanks CHAR53 CHAR 
224 PPT_RSREC RS - Type of record TEXT2 CHAR 
225 PPT_RSRIR Income liable to contribution - IRS retention CHAR14 CHAR 
226 PPT_RSRSN RS - Contributor firm name TEXT66 CHAR 
227 PPT_RSRSO Income liable to contribution - surcharge retention CHAR14 CHAR 
228 PPT_RSRUT Incoming/outgoing reason text for the Unique Report TEXT60 CHAR 
229 PPT_RSSGN RS - Remuneration signal CHAR1 CHAR 
230 PPT_RSTOT RS - Total remunerations NUMC14 NUMC 
231 PPT_RSVAL RS - Remuneration value NUMC09 NUMC 
232 PPT_RSVER RS - Version NUMC2 NUMC 
233 PPT_RSVRE Income liable to contribution - income value CHAR15 CHAR 
234 PPT_RSWKD RS - No.of working days NUMC3 NUMC 
235 PPT_RSWKS RS - Signal of working days CHAR1 CHAR 
236 PPT_RUME Company incoming employee reason for Unique Report PPT_RUME CHAR 
237 PPT_RUMS Company outgoing employee reason for Unique Report PPT_RUMS CHAR 
238 PPT_RVABS Absence classification PPT_RVABS CHAR 
239 PPT_RYEAR Reference year CHAR4 CHAR 
240 PPT_SAADA Personnel summary Azores - personnel subarea address TEXT80 CHAR 
241 PPT_SAADR Personnel subarea address TEXT40 CHAR 
242 PPT_SACIN Information action situation CHAR2 CHAR 
243 PPT_SALE2 Sales volume DEC13_2 DEC 
244 PPT_SALE3 Sales volume CHAR10 CHAR 
245 PPT_SALES Company sales (previous fiscal year) NUMC10 NUMC 
246 PPT_SALOC Personnel subarea locality TEXT20 CHAR 
247 PPT_SALOW Scholarship benefit assignment XFELD CHAR 
248 PPT_SANPO Non-profit organization indicator XFELD CHAR 
249 PPT_SANRU Personnel subarea no. CHAR4 CHAR 
250 PPT_SANUA Personnel summary Azores - personnel subarea number NUMC05 NUMC 
251 PPT_SANUM Personnel subarea no. NUMC04 NUMC 
252 PPT_SATXA Personnel summary Azores - personnel subarea name TEXT80 CHAR 
253 PPT_SATXT Personnel subarea name TEXT60 CHAR 
254 PPT_SBEDU BS - Educational level code PPT_SBEDU NUMC 
255 PPT_SBVAT Indication of VAT subject XFELD CHAR 
256 PPT_SCODE Tax office code of the head office or tax jurisdiction CHAR4 CHAR 
257 PPT_SDATE Strike date   CHAR 
258 PPT_SEDEC Head office CHAR1 CHAR 
259 PPT_SEGURAD Insurance company code CHAR4 CHAR 
260 PPT_SEMT1 Semester 1 XFELD CHAR 
261 PPT_SEMT2 Semester 2 XFELD CHAR 
262 PPT_SEREX Off-site work CHAR1 CHAR 
263 PPT_SERIN Internal service CHAR1 CHAR 
264 PPT_SERPA Common/shared service CHAR1 CHAR 
265 PPT_SERSA National/Regional Health Service CHAR1 CHAR 
266 PPT_SERVIC Service rendering CHAR18 CHAR 
267 PPT_SESAU Service organization of health at work CHAR1 CHAR 
268 PPT_SESEG Service organization of safety at work CHAR1 CHAR 
269 PPT_SETDA Set earliest date for changes XFELD CHAR 
270 PPT_SFEAT Voluntary social insurance level PPT_SFEAT CHAR 
271 PPT_SHARE Company capital NUMC10 NUMC 
272 PPT_SHARN Company capital CHAR10 CHAR 
273 PPT_SIBEG Situation start CHAR7 CHAR 
274 PPT_SICOD Situation code CHAR1 CHAR 
275 PPT_SIEND Situation end CHAR7 CHAR 
276 PPT_SIN31 Number of syndicalized employees on 31. October CHAR5 CHAR 
277 PPT_SIREA Situation reason CHAR3 CHAR 
278 PPT_SITU Situation CHAR10 CHAR 
280 PPT_SITXT Name of social security institution TEXT50 CHAR 
281 PPT_SIZE Size of company PPT_SIZE CHAR 
282 PPT_SMEAL Lunch allowance CHAR10 CHAR 
283 PPT_SOBEX Extraordinary surcharge retention CHAR13 CHAR 
284 PPT_SOCAC Social action and support charges CHAR12 CHAR 
285 PPT_SOCPR Social protection XFELD CHAR 
286 PPT_SOTHE Other bonus and regular allowances CHAR10 CHAR 
287 PPT_SPBEN Single-parent allowance entitlement XFELD CHAR 
288 PPT_SPCER Registration submission XFELD CHAR 
289 PPT_SPLIT Splitting rule PPT_SPLIT CHAR 
290 PPT_SPREG Indicator for special regime PPT_SPREG CHAR 
291 PPT_SPTXT Splitting rule text TEXT40 CHAR 
292 PPT_SRCWT Source wage type (Social Security) LGART CHAR 
293 PPT_SRELV Disability relevance value for processing PPT_RELEV CHAR 
294 PPT_SRETY Applicability of the working time account regime PPT_SRETY CHAR 
295 PPT_SRTXT Description of social security regime TEXT50 CHAR 
296 PPT_SSA3P Entitlement to nursing allowance XFELD CHAR 
299 PPT_SSCNR PS 2003 - Social security contributor no. NUMC11 NUMC 
300 PPT_SSCON Social security contributor no. NUMC6 NUMC 
301 PPT_SSCON2 Social security contributor no. NUMC11 NUMC 
302 PPT_SSDIS Permanent disability indicator (Social Security) XFELD CHAR 
303 PPT_SSDTE Social security enrolment date DATUM DATS 
304 PPT_SSINS Social security institution PPT_SSINS NUMC 
305 PPT_SSINS2 Social security institution PPT_SSINS2 NUMC 
306 PPT_SSINS3 Social security institution PPT_SSINS3 NUMC 
307 PPT_SSIPS Social security institution - personnel summary code PPT_SSIPS NUMC 
308 PPT_SSNPO Non-profit organization indicator XFELD CHAR 
309 PPT_SSNSA Social security subarea code NUMC4 NUMC 
310 PPT_SSNUM Social security no. TEXT15 CHAR 
311 PPT_SSPRC Type of social security processing CHAR1 CHAR 
312 PPT_SSRGM Social security regime PPT_SSRGM CHAR 
314 PPT_SSSUB Social security infotype subtype PPT_SSSUB CHAR 
315 PPT_SSSVC Social security subregional service PPT_SSSVC NUMC 
316 PPT_SSTXT Description of voluntary social insurance level TEXT18 CHAR 
317 PPT_SSTYP Type of basis level of social security contribution PPT_SSTYP CHAR 
318 PPT_SS_BASE_TOP_EE Calculation base with limit to employee LGART CHAR 
319 PPT_SS_BASE_TOP_ER Calculation base with limit to employer LGART CHAR 
320 PPT_SS_BASE_WT_EE Calculation base to employee LGART CHAR 
321 PPT_SS_BASE_WT_ER Calculation base to employer LGART CHAR 
322 PPT_SS_BSTYP Type of social protection regime PPT_SS_BSTYP CHAR 
323 PPT_SS_DED_WT_EE Deduction for employee LGART CHAR 
324 PPT_SS_DED_WT_ER Deduction for employer LGART CHAR 
325 PPT_SS_NATUR Nature of wage type PPT_SS_NATUR CHAR 
326 PPT_SS_SOURCE_WT_EE Basis cumulation wage type for employee LGART CHAR 
327 PPT_SS_SOURCE_WT_ER Basis cumulation wage type for employer LGART CHAR 
328 PPT_STACH St - Non-working hours due to work or occupational accident DEC3_2 DEC 
329 PPT_STAPY St - Allowances PRBETRG CURR 
330 PPT_STATC Status of postal code CHAR1 CHAR 
331 PPT_STBPY St - Basic pay PRBETRG CURR 
332 PPT_STCNP St - Group of professions CHAR2 CHAR 
333 PPT_STDUA VA/CA payment amount in twelfths PRBETRG CURR 
334 PPT_STDUF VA/CA payment indicator in twelfths FLAG CHAR 
335 PPT_STFAG St - Flag if employee is under certain age CHAR1 CHAR 
336 PPT_STFAH St - Non-working hours due to maternity, paternity DEC3_2 DEC 
337 PPT_STFBG St - Flag present at start of period CHAR1 CHAR 
338 PPT_STFED St - Flag present end of period CHAR1 CHAR 
339 PPT_STFFR St - Flag outgoing employee CHAR1 CHAR 
340 PPT_STFHR St - Flag incoming employee CHAR1 CHAR 
341 PPT_STFHS St - Hours flag CHAR1 CHAR 
342 PPT_STFMC St - Flag for change from fixed term contract to perm.contr. CHAR1 CHAR 
343 PPT_STFPT St - Flag for part-time contracts CHAR1 CHAR 
344 PPT_STFTR St - Flag for establishment transfer CHAR1 CHAR 
345 PPT_STGC2 St - Grouping for contract type CHAR3 CHAR 
346 PPT_STGCT St - Grouping for contract type CHAR3 CHAR 
347 PPT_STGRS St - Grouping for hiring/firing reasons CHAR3 CHAR 
348 PPT_STGSI St - Grouping for situation in profession CHAR3 CHAR 
349 PPT_STIC St - Contract conventional and optional expenditures PRBETRG CURR 
350 PPT_STILH St - Non-working hours due to illness DEC3_2 DEC 
351 PPT_STINF Statistical information XFELD CHAR 
352 PPT_STLC St - Legal expenditures PRBETRG CURR 
353 PPT_STMOH St - Monthly overtime hours DEC3_2 DEC 
354 PPT_STMPH St - Monthly paid hours DEC3_2 DEC 
355 PPT_STMPY St - Flag minimun salary CHAR1 CHAR 
356 PPT_STNPR St - Professional level (Partitioning/Professional group) CHAR3 CHAR 
357 PPT_STOPY St - Payment of overtime hours PRBETRG CURR 
358 PPT_STOTH St - Non-working hours for other reasons DEC3_2 DEC 
359 PPT_STOVH St - Extra working hours DEC3_2 DEC 
360 PPT_STPC St - Daily work percentage DECV3_2 DEC 
361 PPT_STRAT Attribute strike identification for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
362 PPT_STRCO Strike identification CHAR03 CHAR 
363 PPT_STRIK Strikes during reference year CHAR01 CHAR 
364 PPT_STSC St - Social allowances (in collective agreement) PRBETRG CURR 
365 PPT_STSEE St - Flag for self-employed CHAR1 CHAR 
366 PPT_STTRH St - Non-working hours due to technical reasons DEC3_2 DEC 
367 PPT_STURN Shift allowance CHAR10 CHAR 
368 PPT_STVAH St - Non-working hours due to leave and public holidays DEC3_2 DEC 
369 PPT_STWKH St - Weekly working hours DEC3_2 DEC 
370 PPT_SUBRO Bonus and regular allowances paid in October DEC8_2 DEC 
371 PPT_SUPWH Overtime hours all along the year CHAR01 CHAR 
372 PPT_SVRAT Savings deduction rate DEC3_1 DEC 
373 PPT_T3110 Number of temporary workers on 31. October CHAR5 CHAR 
374 PPT_T3112 Number of temporary workers on 31. December CHAR5 CHAR 
375 PPT_TABAT Attribute time-off reason for Unique Report CHAR20 CHAR 
376 PPT_TABCO Time-off reason CHAR2 CHAR 
378 PPT_TARAT Attribute education/training area of action for UR CHAR20 CHAR 
379 PPT_TAREA Education/training area of action CHAR3 CHAR 
380 PPT_TARRU Coverage rule for target PPT_COVRU NUMC 
383 PPT_TDEST Number of outward assigned employees CHAR5 CHAR 
384 PPT_TE3110 No.of persons working in local unit on 31/10 incl.absence CHAR5 CHAR 
385 PPT_TECH Tax code of the chartered accountant CHAR9 CHAR 
386 PPT_TELNO Telephone/Fax no. NUMC07 NUMC 
387 PPT_TELNR Telephone no. NUMC09 NUMC 
388 PPT_TELOG Technical log XFELD CHAR 
389 PPT_TELPF Telephone/Fax prefix CHAR03 CHAR 
390 PPT_TEMAF Workers training action theme CHAR2 CHAR 
391 PPT_TEMSE Temse file CHAR20 CHAR 
392 PPT_TENAT Attribute training entity for Unique Report CHAR20 CHAR 
393 PPT_TENTI Training entity CHAR2 CHAR 
394 PPT_TENTR Selection rule validity (dep.on EE's contract situation) PPT_TENTR CHAR 
395 PPT_TERFL Flag for contract termination adjustment XFELD CHAR 
396 PPT_TERM1 Triggering of VA payment in case of contract termination XFELD CHAR 
397 PPT_TERM2 Triggering of VA payment in case of change of entity XFELD CHAR 
398 PPT_TERM3 Triggering of VA payment in case of pensioner status XFELD CHAR 
399 PPT_TERM4 Triggering of VA payment in case of inactive status XFELD CHAR 
400 PPT_TERMX Special processing for termination XFELD CHAR 
401 PPT_TESHT Number of technicians of SHW CHAR2 CHAR 
402 PPT_TEXT32 Text with 32 characters TEXT32 CHAR 
403 PPT_TIPEN Charge type CHAR1 CHAR 
404 PPT_TIPMV Movement type CHAR1 CHAR 
405 PPT_TLDAY Entitlement days for contract termination PTM_QUONUM DEC 
406 PPT_TLOG Technical log XFELD CHAR 
407 PPT_TMART Date type for deduction start date (created in IT0019) TMART CHAR 
409 PPT_TNDEP Total no.of dependents NUM2 NUMC 
410 PPT_TNUMBER Guide number CHAR3 CHAR 
411 PPT_TOAMT Total amount CURR9 CURR 
412 PPT_TOCOB Total - mandatory contributions CHAR15 CHAR 
413 PPT_TODED Total of withholding amounts in records 006 CHAR15 CHAR 
414 PPT_TOEXA Total number of examinations CHAR4 CHAR 
415 PPT_TOQSI Total - trade union quota arrangements CHAR15 CHAR 
416 PPT_TORAN Total income from previous years in records 006 CHAR15 CHAR 
417 PPT_TOREA Income from year CHAR14 CHAR 
418 PPT_TOREG Number of records NUMC07 NUMC 
419 PPT_TORIR Total - IRS retention CHAR15 CHAR 
420 PPT_TORSO Total - surcharge retention CHAR15 CHAR 
421 PPT_TOSST Organization type of safety and health activities CHAR1 CHAR 
422 PPT_TOTAL Charge total CHAR10 CHAR 
423 PPT_TOTEE Total of workers CHAR7 CHAR 
424 PPT_TOTRE Income total from year in records 006 CHAR16 CHAR 
425 PPT_TOVRE Total - income value CHAR16 CHAR 
426 PPT_TPEPR Service company type CHAR1 CHAR 
427 PPT_TQUOT Absence quota type for termination entitlement ABWKO NUMC 
428 PPT_TRAID Training identification CHAR4 CHAR 
429 PPT_TRDUR Action duration CHAR4 CHAR 
430 PPT_TRELV Disability relevance value for tax processing PPT_RELEV CHAR 
431 PPT_TRFCO Code for transfer between companies XFELD CHAR 
432 PPT_TRNDA Training data XFELD CHAR 
433 PPT_TRTTY Treatment Type NUMC5 NUMC 
434 PPT_TSCAT Attribute training schedule UR CHAR20 CHAR 
435 PPT_TSCHE Training schedule CHAR2 CHAR 
436 PPT_TSJRE Annual income declaration - record type TEXT3 CHAR 
437 PPT_TSMWT Basis w/o limit for members of statutory bodies (soc.sec.) LGART CHAR 
438 PPT_TSREC Record type TEXT1 CHAR 
439 PPT_TSSHT Number of superior technicians of SHW CHAR2 CHAR 
441 PPT_TVALUE Guide value CHAR18 CHAR 
442 PPT_TXACB Frequency rate of work accidents CHAR7 CHAR 
443 PPT_TXACM Incidence rate of fatal accidents CHAR7 CHAR 
444 PPT_TXACT Incidence rate of work accidents CHAR7 CHAR 
445 PPT_TXAMT Withholding tax amount CHAR18 CHAR 
446 PPT_TXAPL Applicability for income tax calculation PPT_TXAPL CHAR 
447 PPT_TXCODE Taxation regime code CHAR2 CHAR 
448 PPT_TXGRV Severity rate of work accidents CHAR9 CHAR 
449 PPT_TXID Issuing entity NIF number CHAR9 CHAR 
450 PPT_TXRATE Applied taxation rate CHAR5 CHAR 
451 PPT_TYPE Declaration type CHAR1 CHAR 
452 PPT_VACIN Vaccine code CHAR2 CHAR 
453 PPT_VACLW Vacation allowance XFELD CHAR 
454 PPT_VADSE ADSE card validity PPT_VADSE DATS 
455 PPT_VAGRP Vacation allowance grouping PPT_GRVAL CHAR 
456 PPT_VALUE Multiple of national minimun wage DEC2_1 DEC 
458 PPT_VARCO Variable component of VA reference remuneration PRBETRG CURR 
459 PPT_VATRA VAT rate for independent workers PPT_VATRA DEC 
460 PPT_VDAYS Number of leave days taken PTM_QUONUM DEC 
461 PPT_VLDAT Value date CHAR8 CHAR 
462 PPT_VLNAT Nature of the value CHAR4 CHAR 
463 PPT_WEEWH Number of weekly hours to working time account DEC3_2 DEC 
464 PPT_WGTYP Vacation allowance payment wage type LGART CHAR 
465 PPT_WIHWT Wage type for calculated withholding tax amounts LGART CHAR 
466 PPT_WKSCH Work schedule XFELD CHAR 
467 PPT_WOMEN Number of women CHAR7 CHAR 
468 PPT_WORAT Attribute working time duration for Unique Report CHAR20 CHAR 
469 PPT_WORKT Working time duration CHAR2 CHAR 
470 PPT_WPLAN Annual maximum potential CHAR12 CHAR 
471 PPT_WRKSP Work schedule regime CHAR9 CHAR 
472 PPT_WSPSE Working marriage partner XFELD CHAR 
473 PPT_WTTAB Payroll internal table for cumulation wage types PPT_WTTAB CHAR 
474 PPT_XMLDT XML attribute for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
475 PPT_XMLNS XMLNS attribute CHAR70 CHAR 
476 PPT_XRELV Disability relevance value for unknown processing PPT_RELEV CHAR 
477 PPT_YCONS Year of foundation NUMC4 NUMC 
478 PPT_YEAR Tax - year NUMC4 NUMC 
479 PPT_YRELV Disability relevance value for unknown processing PPT_RELEV CHAR 
480 PPU12_APPEND Append to export files XFELD CHAR 
481 PPU12_CHECK_PA03 Check control record PLOG_CROSS CHAR 
482 PPU12_CONV_PROG Generate conversion program + includes for file-layout PROGRAMM CHAR 
483 PPU12_DB_INCLUDE PU12 : Data definition include PROGRAMM CHAR 
484 PPU12_DELETE_UNTIL_DATE Delete interface results up to this date DATUM DATS 
485 PPU12_DLBIN Save in Binary Format XFELD CHAR 
487 PPU12_ENTRIES Table dependent processing CHOICE CHAR 
489 PPU12_EXPREP Repetition of Export XFELD CHAR 
490 PPU12_EXPUPD Update When Exporting XFELD CHAR 
491 PPU12_EXP_PROG Name of the export program to be generated PROGRAMM CHAR 
492 PPU12_EXP_UNTIL Number of months for export after leaving   NUMC 
493 PPU12_FCONTENT Type of field contents CHOICE CHAR 
494 PPU12_FILE_LAYOUT PU12 : Name of the file layout CHAR8 CHAR 
495 PPU12_FLENGTH Type of field length CHOICE CHAR 
496 PPU12_FLOBJNR TemSe Object Number for Export Files CHAR10 CHAR 
497 PPU12_FLUPDATE Save output export file in TemSe XFELD CHAR 
498 PPU12_FL_BLOCK Block in file layout CHAR25 CHAR 
499 PPU12_FL_FIELD PU12 : Field in file layout CHAR25 CHAR 
500 PPU12_FL_STRUCT Name of structure in file layout CHAR25 CHAR