SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 69
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 PC03RA_ARB_LT10H Workers < 10 Hours/Week   INT4 
2 PC03RA_BANKKONTO Search Term for Account No. of City Fund CHAR25 CHAR 
3 PC03RA_BESCH_VERH Employment Relationship   CHAR 
4 PC03RA_BSOR1 Place of Employment in Vienna CHAR1 CHAR 
5 PC03RA_BSOR2 Place of Employment in Vienna CHAR1 CHAR 
6 PC03RA_BSORT Place of Employment in Vienna XFELD CHAR 
7 PC03RA_DNE Number of Employees   DEC 
8 PC03RA_DNEBE Disabled Employees   INT4 
9 PC03RA_DNEFR Exempt Employees   INT4 
10 PC03RA_DNEFR_ANW Absence-Exempt Employees   INT4 
11 PC03RA_DNELE Apprenticeship Employees   INT4 
12 PC03RA_DNEPF Liable Employees   INT4 
13 PC03RA_DNE_GT55 Employees Older Than 55   INT4 
14 PC03RA_DNE_LT10H Employees < 10 Hrs/Week   INT4 
15 PC03RA_EUAUTO Checkbox for Automatic Calc. of Pmnt in Lieu of Unused Leave XFELD CHAR 
16 PC03RA_GBMFACH Use Basic Amount for Garnishment Monthly XFELD CHAR 
17 PC03RA_KONT Employee's Remaining Leave Days PTM_QUONUM DEC 
18 PC03RA_LPER_DNEFR Exempt Employees in Last Payroll Run   INT4 
19 PC03RA_LPER_DNEPF Liable Employees in Last Payroll Run   INT4 
20 PC03RA_MAANZDJ Number of Employment Years for Penalty Calculation ANZDJ NUMC 
21 PC03RA_MAAUTO Checkbox: Automatic Penalty Calculation XFELD CHAR 
22 PC03RA_MSGTXT Status Message CHAR120 CHAR 
23 PC03RA_PECNT Number of Processed Personnel Numbers   NUMC 
24 PC03RA_PFLEG Indicator for Costs for Meals (Subrogation/Authorization) PC03RA_PFLEG CHAR 
25 PC03RA_PINABP Costs for Meals in Payroll INT4 INT4 
26 PC03RA_PINSTP Costs for Meals in Master Data INT4 INT4 
27 PC03RA_PNBSTP Outstanding Costs for Meals in Master Data INT4 INT4 
28 PC03RA_RECNR Record Number   NUMC 
29 PC03RA_RETRO_FLAG Retroactive Accounting Indicator XFELD CHAR 
30 PC03RA_RETRO_TYPE Retroactive Accounting Type   CHAR 
31 PC03RA_RFEAT Return Value Feature DOKNT Account Assignment Blocks PC03RA_RFEAT CHAR 
32 PC03RA_SONSJ Other data? XFELD CHAR 
33 PC03RA_STATUS Status Information for Infotype Record PC03RA_STATU CHAR 
36 PC03RA_TEXT40 Description   CHAR 
37 PC03RA_WOCHE Year/Month/Week Name   CHAR 
38 PC03RA_WOCHE_DIFF_RETRO Difference from Retroactively Calculated Taxable Weeks   INT4 
39 PC03RA_WOCHE_NOTPF Non-Taxable Weeks (Current Period)   INT4 
40 PC03RA_WOCHE_PF Taxable Weeks (Current Period)   INT4 
41 PC03RA_WOCHE_PF_SUM Total Taxable Weeks (Current and Retroactive Accounting)   INT4 
42 PC03_ABART Reason for Non-Payment of Union Dues CHAR1 CHAR 
43 PC03_ABART_TXT Reason, Text TEXT35 CHAR 
44 PC03_ABFBA Severance Pay Basis PRBETRG CURR 
45 PC03_ABFPR Severance Pay Reserve According to Income Tax Law (EStG) PRBETRG CURR 
46 PC03_ABFRLG Severance Pay Reserve Acc. to Austrian Accounting Act (RLG) PRBETRG CURR 
47 PC03_ABRKN Payroll Parameter for Factor Determination ABRKN CHAR 
48 PC03_ABWGR Reason Why Union Dues = 0 CHAR2 CHAR 
49 PC03_AGKZ0 Municipality Number TEXT5 CHAR 
50 PC03_ALKND Family Situation for Calculating Short-Time Working Subsidy PC03_ALKND CHAR 
51 PC03_ALLBG General Contribution Basis for Social Insurance (Austria) PRBETRG CURR 
52 PC03_ANANG Number of Reported Salaried Employees PC03_ANZHL DEC 
53 PC03_ANANL Number of Reported Apprentice Employees PC03_ANZHL DEC 
54 PC03_ANARB Number of Reported Workers PC03_ANZHL DEC 
55 PC03_ANARL Number of Reported Apprentice Workers PC03_ANZHL DEC 
56 PC03_ANGMA Number of Reported Workers with Penalty PC03_ANZHL DEC 
57 PC03_ANKEY Address Key for Workplace ANSSL CHAR 
58 PC03_ANNS1 No. of Nightshifts of Heavy Labor in Current Yr, UrlG Para.1 NUMC3 NUMC 
59 PC03_ANNSB No. of Nightshifts of Heavy Labor in Current Yr, UrlG Par.1b NUMC3 NUMC 
60 PC03_ANRB0 House Number To TEXT5 CHAR 
61 PC03_ANRV0 House Number From TEXT5 CHAR 
62 PC03_ANTSZ Proportional Special Payments PRBETRG CURR 
63 PC03_ANTXT Address text TEXT40 CHAR 
64 PC03_ANZDA Seniority NUMC3 NUMC 
65 PC03_ANZGF Number of Reported Managing Directors PC03_ANZHL DEC 
66 PC03_ANZHL_DJ Number of Employment Years NUMC3 NUMC 
67 PC03_ANZHL_M Number of Male Persons NUMC8 NUMC 
68 PC03_ANZHL_W Number of Female Persons NUMC8 NUMC 
69 PC03_ANZU0 Addnl Lv. Sec.10 Par.1a w/ Correction fr. PrYr Par.1b NUMC3 NUMC 
70 PC03_ANZU1 Addnl Leave Entitlement Acc. to Sec. 10 (1) Para. 1 NUMC3 NUMC 
71 PC03_ANZUA Entitlement to Addnl Days of Leave Acc. to Sec.10(1) Para.1a NUMC3 NUMC 
72 PC03_ANZUB Entitlement to Add. Days of Leave Acc. to Sec. 10(1) Par. 1b NUMC3 NUMC 
73 PC03_ANZ_DN Number of Employees NUMC3 NUMC 
74 PC03_AORT0 City TEXT40 CHAR 
75 PC03_APLZ0 Postal Code TEXT9 CHAR 
76 PC03_ARBMA Number of Reported Workers with Penalty PC03_ANZHL DEC 
77 PC03_ASTES_FLAG Control Indicator for Tax Calculation PC03_ASTES_FLAG CHAR 
78 PC03_ASTG0 Stairway TEXT5 CHAR 
79 PC03_ASTR0 Street TEXT50 CHAR 
80 PC03_ATOP0 Apartment No. TEXT5 CHAR 
81 PC03_AUSST Date of issue DATUM DATS 
82 PC03_AUSZL Payment in Same Month XFELD CHAR 
83 PC03_AVBET Reduction Amount of UI Contribution PRBETRG CURR 
84 PC03_AVGRD General Contribution Basis UI PRBETRG CURR 
85 PC03_AVLBG UI Clearing Group for Regular Payment TEXT4 CHAR 
86 PC03_AVPRZ Percentage of Reduced UI Contribution   DEC 
87 PC03_AVSBG UI Clearing Group for Special Payment TEXT4 CHAR 
88 PC03_AVSGD Contribution Basis for Special Payment UI PRBETRG CURR 
89 PC03_BACKT Also Display the Continuing Absence Categories XFELD CHAR 
90 PC03_BEITM Penalty Contributions PRBETRG CURR 
91 PC03_BEITR SI Contribution (Regular and Special Payment) PRBETRG CURR 
92 PC03_BETRN Company Number of Union TEXT10 CHAR 
93 PC03_BGGEF General Contribution Basis for Managing Directors PRBETRG CURR 
94 PC03_BGUNU Contribution Basis for Unpaid Leave PRBETRG CURR 
95 PC03_BIURL Obsolete Since Year-End Changes 1999/2000 NUM01 NUMC 
96 PC03_BUTXT Company code text TEXT25 CHAR 
97 PC03_CHBKR New Payslip for Company Code Change XFELD CHAR 
98 PC03_CLEAR ELDA: Archive Confirmed Data Records XFELD CHAR 
99 PC03_DATEN Output Type for Data Medium XFELD CHAR 
100 PC03_DBFLAF Employer's Contribution to Family-Related Exp. Fund (FLAF) DEC4_2 DEC 
101 PC03_DEC11_4 Floating Point Number for Reduction Factors   DEC 
102 PC03_DELAY Include Days Off Work XFELD CHAR 
103 PC03_DESCR ELDA: Short Description CHAR15 CHAR 
104 PC03_DIVISOR Remuneration Divisor for Each Time Unit STDAZ DEC 
105 PC03_DSATZ ELDA: Data Record PC03_DSATZ LCHR 
106 PC03_DSLEN ELDA: Length of Data Record INT2 INT2 
107 PC03_DTRNR ELDA: Data Medium Number CHAR6 CHAR 
108 PC03_DTSRGMO Date Type for Imputable Months for Special Pension DATAR CHAR 
109 PC03_DTZUJAHR Date Type for Imputable Additional Leave Years DATAR CHAR 
110 PC03_DVNR ELDA: Data Processing Number of Transferring Office TEXT7 CHAR 
111 PC03_DZBIS Employment Period in Years Until Reserve Key Date DEC3_2 DEC 
112 PC03_DZPENS Employment Period in Years Until Pension DEC3_2 DEC 
113 PC03_ECARD Total Service Charge for E-Card PRBETRG CURR 
114 PC03_EFANG Number of Reported Salaried Employees Subject to EFZG PC03_ANZHL DEC 
115 PC03_EFARB Number of Reported Workers Subject to Cont'd Pay Act (EFZG) PC03_ANZHL DEC 
116 PC03_EFBET Amount for Continued Pay PRBETRG CURR 
117 PC03_EINSDT Entry date DATUM DATS 
118 PC03_EINST0041 Date of Severance Pay According to Infotype 0041 DATUM DATS 
119 PC03_EINTU0041 Entry Date for Pay Scale Jumps Due to Seniority fr. Lve Ent. DATUM DATS 
120 PC03_EINUDT Key Date for Leave Posting DATUM DATS 
121 PC03_EIUDDT Entry Date for Leave Employment Period DATUM DATS 
122 PC03_EKSK_ANZHL_A Number (All Persons) NUMC8 NUMC 
123 PC03_EKSK_D Income Statistics Average Value Female PRBETRG CURR 
124 PC03_EKSK_D_A Average Value (All Persons) PRBETRG CURR 
125 PC03_EKSK_D_M Income Statistics Average Value Male PRBETRG CURR 
126 PC03_EKSK_FTE_A Full-Time Equivalent (All Persons) ANZHL DEC 
127 PC03_EKSK_M Income Statistics Median Value Female PRBETRG CURR 
128 PC03_EKSK_M_A Median Value (All Persons) PRBETRG CURR 
129 PC03_EKSK_M_M Income Statistics Median Value Male PRBETRG CURR 
130 PC03_ELDA ELDA: Create ELDA Records XFELD CHAR 
131 PC03_ELNR ELDA: Serial Number NUMC6 NUMC 
132 PC03_ENAME ELDA: Field Name CHAR6 CHAR 
133 PC03_ENTGELTART Remuneration Type CHAR4 CHAR 
134 PC03_ENTG_ORD Sequence of Remuneration Elements NUM3 NUMC 
135 PC03_ENTG_TP_T Description of Remuneration Element Type TEXT60 CHAR 
136 PC03_ENTG_TYP Remuneration Element Type PC03_ENTG_TYP CHAR 
138 PC03_ETBTR Remuneration PRBETRG CURR 
139 PC03_EVERS ELDA: External Version Number NUMC2 NUMC 
140 PC03_EWERT ELDA: Converted Value TEXT25 CHAR 
142 PC03_FAKT2 ESTG Severance Pay Factor Acc. to AngG and ArbAbfG DEC3_3 DEC 
143 PC03_FAKTOR RLG Severance Pay Factor According to AngG/ArbAbfG DEC3_3 DEC 
144 PC03_FDDEC ELDA: Number of Decimal Places NUM1 NUMC 
145 PC03_FDERR ELDA: Error Relevant If Field Length Is Insufficient XFELD CHAR 
146 PC03_FDLEN ELDA: Field Length NUMC4 NUMC 
147 PC03_FDTYP ELDA: Field Type PC03_FDTYP CHAR 
148 PC03_FKT_GRP_T Function Group Description TEXT60 CHAR 
149 PC03_FKT_GRUPPE Function Group PC03_FKT_GRUPPE NUMC 
150 PC03_FNAME ELDA: File Name of Data Medium CHAR15 CHAR 
151 PC03_FPPER For-Period for Lists (PP.YYYY) CHAR7 CHAR 
152 PC03_FTE_M Full-Time Equivalent Male ANZHL DEC 
153 PC03_FTE_W Full-Time Equivalent Female ANZHL DEC 
155 PC03_GANG0 Number of Marginally Employed Salaried Employees PC03_ANZHL DEC 
156 PC03_GARB0 Number of Minimum Income Workers PC03_ANZHL DEC 
157 PC03_GESURL Total Leave Reserve and Ancillary Payroll Costs PRBETRG CURR 
158 PC03_GFIMO Total Worked/Fictitious Nightshifts of Heavy Labor per Month NUM03 NUMC 
159 PC03_GNAME Political Municipality or State TEXT50 CHAR 
160 PC03_GRLKT Category of Valuation Bases PC03_GRLKT CHAR 
161 PC03_GSUM6 Creation of group totals CHAR6 CHAR 
162 PC03_GSUM7 Creation of group totals CHAR7 CHAR 
163 PC03_HEMA ELDA: E-Mail Address of Transferring Office TEXT60 CHAR 
164 PC03_HIREDAT Last Entry Date DATUM DATS 
165 PC03_HKFZ ELDA: Intern. License Plate No. of Transferring Office TEXT3 CHAR 
166 PC03_HLIMT Maximum Wage Group PRBETRG CURR 
167 PC03_HORT ELDA: City of Transferring Office TEXT20 CHAR 
168 PC03_HPLZ ELDA: Postal Code of Transferring Office TEXT7 CHAR 
169 PC03_HRST ELDA: Company Name of Transferring Office TEXT45 CHAR 
170 PC03_HSTR ELDA: Street of Transferring Office TEXT30 CHAR 
171 PC03_HTEL ELDA: Telephone Number of Transferring Office TEXT20 CHAR 
172 PC03_IAPER Payroll In-Period CHAR7 CHAR 
173 PC03_IEBET Insolvency Payment Contribution PRBETRG CURR 
174 PC03_INAME ELDA: Field Name of Internal SAP Structure PC03_INAME CHAR 
175 PC03_INPER In-Period for Lists (PP.YYYY)   CHAR 
176 PC03_INSSEL INSERT Selection for Database Changes PC03_MARKED CHAR 
177 PC03_IVERS ELDA: Internal Version Number NUMC2 NUMC 
179 PC03_J1REWF1 Factor for Final Pension Value DEC6_4 DEC 
180 PC03_J1REWF2 Factor for Final Pension Value DEC6_4 DEC 
181 PC03_J2REWF1 Factor for Final Pension Value DEC6_4 DEC 
182 PC03_J2REWF2 Factor for Final Pension Value DEC6_4 DEC 
183 PC03_J3REWF1 Factor for Final Pension Value DEC6_4 DEC 
184 PC03_J3REWF2 Factor for Final Pension Value DEC6_4 DEC 
185 PC03_J4REWF1 Factor for Final Pension Value DEC6_4 DEC 
186 PC03_J4REWF2 Factor for Final Pension Value DEC6_4 DEC 
187 PC03_J5REWF1 Factor for Final Pension Value DEC6_4 DEC 
188 PC03_J5REWF2 Factor for Final Pension Value DEC6_4 DEC 
190 PC03_JUB0041 Anniversary Key Date According to IT 0041 DATUM DATS 
191 PC03_JUBJAR1 Employment Period Until Anniversary DEC3_2 DEC 
192 PC03_JUBJAR2 Employment Period Until Anniversary DEC3_2 DEC 
193 PC03_JUBJAR3 Employment Period Until Anniversary DEC3_2 DEC 
194 PC03_JUBJAR4 Employment Period Until Anniversary DEC3_2 DEC 
195 PC03_JUBJAR5 Employment Period Until Anniversary DEC3_2 DEC 
196 PC03_JUBRST Anniversary Reserve Amount PRBETRG CURR 
197 PC03_JUBRST0 Total Anniversary Reserve Amount PRBETRG CURR 
198 PC03_JUBRST1 Reserve Amount for First Anniversary PRBETRG CURR 
199 PC03_JUBRST2 Reserve Amount for Second Anniversary PRBETRG CURR 
200 PC03_JUBRST3 Reserve Amount for Third Anniversary PRBETRG CURR 
201 PC03_JUBRST4 Reserve Amount for Fourth Anniversary PRBETRG CURR 
202 PC03_JUBRST5 Reserve Amount for Fifth Anniversary PRBETRG CURR 
203 PC03_JUBRST6 Rückstellungsbetrag für sechstes Jubiläum PRBETRG CURR 
204 PC03_JUBRSTF Anniversary Reserve Turnover Margin PRBETRG CURR 
205 PC03_JUBRSTL Additional Costs for Anniversary Reserve PRBETRG CURR 
206 PC03_KOMST Municipal Tax DEC4_2 DEC 
207 PC03_KORR Correction Notification for Contribution Base Statement XFELD CHAR 
208 PC03_KSGEB Total Sickness Certificate Fees PRBETRG CURR 
209 PC03_KTNS1 No. of NS of Heavy Labor in Previous Leave Year (Para. 1) NUMC3 NUMC 
210 PC03_KTNSB No. of NS of Heavy Labor in Previous Leave Year (Para. 1b) NUMC3 NUMC 
211 PC03_KTOV0 No. of Nightshifts of Heavy Labor Not Taken from Current Yr NUMC3 NUMC 
212 PC03_KTOV1 No. of Nightshifts of Heavy Labor Not Taken from Year 1 NUMC3 NUMC 
213 PC03_KTOV2 No. of Nightshifts of Heavy Labor Not Taken from Year 2 NUMC3 NUMC 
214 PC03_KTOV3 No. of Nightshifts of Heavy Labor Not Taken from Year 3 NUMC3 NUMC 
215 PC03_KTZUB Additional Days of Leave Acc. to Sec.10a Para.1b from PrevYr NUMC3 NUMC 
216 PC03_KUBET Contribution Amount to Chambor of Labor PRBETRG CURR 
217 PC03_KZABWA Attendance/Absence Category: Work Accident XFELD CHAR 
218 PC03_KZABWB Attendance/Absence Category: Occupational Illness XFELD CHAR 
219 PC03_KZABWF Symbol for Public Holiday Pay XFELD CHAR 
220 PC03_KZABWK Attendance/Absence Category: Illness XFELD CHAR 
221 PC03_KZABWU Attendance/Absence Category: Accident XFELD CHAR 
222 PC03_KZBMV Indicator: Entry Into Employee Pension Scheme Acc. to BMVG CHAR1 CHAR 
223 PC03_KZEFZ Employee Subject to Continued Pay Act (EFZG) XFELD CHAR 
224 PC03_KZGEF Indicator: Managing Director XFELD CHAR 
225 PC03_KZMAN Indicator for Manual Entry of Severance Pay Basis for EStG CHAR1 CHAR 
226 PC03_KZMRL Indicator for Manual Entry of Severance Pay Basis for RLG CHAR1 CHAR 
227 PC03_KZUNU Indicator for Unpaid Leave XFELD CHAR 
228 PC03_KZZUB Entitlement to Add. Days of Leave Acc. to Sec. 10(1) Par. 1b NUMC3 NUMC 
229 PC03_LAAFM Wage Type for Manual Correction to Severance Pay Wage Type LGART CHAR 
230 PC03_LAEKS Wage Type for Income Report LGART CHAR 
231 PC03_LAHRG Result Wage Type LGART CHAR 
232 PC03_LAMON Wage Type of Current Monthly Pay LGART CHAR 
233 PC03_LAMON_ABF Wage Type of Current Monthly Pay for Severance Pay Reserve LGART CHAR 
234 PC03_LAMON_JUB Wage Type of Current Monthly Pay for Anniversary Reserve LGART CHAR 
235 PC03_LAMON_URL Wage Type of Current Monthly Pay for Leave Reserve LGART CHAR 
236 PC03_LARLM Wage Type for Manual Correction (RLG) LGART CHAR 
237 PC03_LAVDU Wage Type for Past Average LGART CHAR 
238 PC03_LAVDU_ABF Wage Type of Past Average for Severance Pay Reserve LGART CHAR 
239 PC03_LAVDU_URL Wage Type of Past Average for Leave Reserve LGART CHAR 
240 PC03_LFDNR ELDA: Sequence Record Number for Each Data Medium NUM07 NUMC 
241 PC03_LHNGR Wage Group PC03_LHNGR NUMC 
242 PC03_LIMIT Apply Exemption Limits   NUMC 
243 PC03_LKBET Contribution to Agricultural Workers' Association PRBETRG CURR 
244 PC03_LLIMT Lower Limit of Wage Group PRBETRG CURR 
245 PC03_LNKGES Total Ancillary Payroll Costs PRBETRG CURR 
246 PC03_LNKRS Ancillary Payroll Costs for Reserves PRBETRG CURR 
247 PC03_LVERS Version Number   NUMC 
248 PC03_LZ_UBGRD Transfer Reason Payslip Tax Domestic (L16) to Other Payslip PC03_LZ_UBGRD CHAR 
249 PC03_MDART ELDA: Notification Type PC03_MDART CHAR 
250 PC03_MERK1 Feature for Payroll Variant in Reserve Simulation CHAR5 CHAR 
251 PC03_MLONB Extend Search Term for Vendor Determ. to Incl. ER Assmt Unit XFELD CHAR 
252 PC03_MODUL ELDA: Indicator for Activation of Module XFELD CHAR 
254 PC03_MONENT Monthly Remuneration PRBETRG CURR 
255 PC03_MSART ELDA: Record Type PC03_MSART CHAR 
256 PC03_MSGTXT Formatted Message Text CHAR120 CHAR 
257 PC03_MSGTY Message Type P03_MSGTY CHAR 
258 PC03_MSVGR Extend Search Term for Vendor Determin. to Include SI Group XFELD CHAR 
259 PC03_MVBEG Start of Obligation to Contribute to Company Pension Fund DATUM DATS 
260 PC03_MVBET Contribution According to Company Pension Plan Act PRBETRG CURR 
261 PC03_MVBG0 Contribution Basis for Company Pension Fund PRBETRG CURR 
262 PC03_MVDAT Date of MV Entry DATUM DATS 
263 PC03_MVEND End of Contribution Obligation for Company Pension DATUM DATS 
264 PC03_NBBET Amount According to Nightshift Heavy Labor Law PRBETRG CURR 
265 PC03_NSMON Nightshift Heavy Labor Month Acc. to NSchG NUMC1 NUMC 
266 PC03_NSVMO Nightshift Begins in Previous Month NUM01 NUMC 
267 PC03_ORGZU Grouping for Organizational Assignment for Reserve PC03_ORGZU CHAR 
268 PC03_PENSDAT Retirement Date DATUM DATS 
269 PC03_PFAR4 Garnishment Type PFART CHAR 
270 PC03_PFNR4 Garnishment number PFNUM NUMC 
271 PC03_POSNR ELDA: Field Number NUMC3 NUMC 
272 PC03_PROD ELDA: Creation of Production/Test Data Records XFELD CHAR 
273 PC03_PROD_C Check Mode from Start of Data Selection Period XFELD CHAR 
274 PC03_PROD_F Database Update After Start of Data Selection Period XFELD CHAR 
275 PC03_PROD_N No database update - only display of results XFELD CHAR 
276 PC03_PROD_X Database update for periods not yet generated XFELD CHAR 
277 PC03_PROJ ELDA: Project CHAR2 CHAR 
278 PC03_PROLNK Percentage Rate for Ancillary Payroll Costs PRANZHL DEC 
279 PC03_PROT ELDA: Log Creation of Data Records XFELD CHAR 
280 PC03_PROT_A Detailed Log XFELD CHAR 
281 PC03_PROT_N No log XFELD CHAR 
282 PC03_PROT_X Output Personal Calendars Created XFELD CHAR 
283 PC03_PROZ01 Continued Payment of Full Remuneration XFELD CHAR 
284 PC03_PROZ02 No Entitlement to Continued Pay XFELD CHAR 
285 PC03_PROZ03 Entitlement to Partial Remuneration XFELD CHAR 
286 PC03_PROZSA Percentage Rate for Severance Pay DEC2_2 DEC 
287 PC03_PRZNT_ANZHL Percentage Based on Number PRZNT DEC 
288 PC03_PRZNT_D Percentage Based on Average PRZNT DEC 
289 PC03_PRZNT_FTE Percentage Based on FTE PRZNT DEC 
290 PC03_PRZNT_M Percentage Based on Median PRZNT DEC 
291 PC03_P_ART List type XFELD CHAR 
292 PC03_P_SUBMIT Output List of Pensioners XFELD CHAR 
293 PC03_P_TEST x-Online: Print Error List XFELD CHAR 
294 PC03_P_TE_LGA Wage Type of Partial Pay LGART CHAR 
295 PC03_RELEVANCE Data Record Relevance CHAR1 CHAR 
296 PC03_REPSR Report for Processing Simulation Results PROGNAME CHAR 
297 PC03_RKREP Report Name of Reserve Report PC03_RKREP CHAR 
298 PC03_SAART Evaluation Record Type CHAR1 CHAR 
299 PC03_SANZ Number of Records NUM06 NUMC 
300 PC03_SATXT Text for Evaluation Record Type TEXT12 CHAR 
301 PC03_SE16N_CD_VALUE Table Display: Data Part of Change Document PC03_SE16N_CD_VALUE LCHR 
302 PC03_SE16N_ID Table Display: Unique ID of a Change Document TZNTSTMPL DEC 
303 PC03_SE16N_OPTION Table Display: OPTION for Selection CHAR2 CHAR 
304 PC03_SE16N_POS Table Display: Sequence number NUMC6 NUMC 
305 PC03_SE16N_SIGN Table Display: SIGN for Selection PC03_SE16N_SIGN CHAR 
306 PC03_SE16N_TAB Where-used list: Table AS4TAB CHAR 
307 PC03_SE16N_VALUE Table Display: Field Value CHAR132 CHAR 
308 PC03_SE16N_WHERE_132 Generated Where-Condition CHAR132 CHAR 
309 PC03_SEITE Separate Page for Retroactive Accounting XFELD CHAR 
310 PC03_SIMDATEN Use of Simulation Data BOOLEAN CHAR 
311 PC03_SOID ELDA: Software Identification Number TEXT70 CHAR 
312 PC03_SONBEZ Other Payment PRBETRG CURR 
314 PC03_SORT_BGN Sort List for Contribution Base Statement CHAR6 CHAR 
315 PC03_SORT_BVA Sort List for Contribution Statement (BVA) CHAR6 CHAR 
316 PC03_SORT_BVJ Sort List for Contribution Base Statement (BVA) CHAR3 CHAR 
317 PC03_SORT_KSJ Sort List for Annual Municipal Tax CHAR6 CHAR 
318 PC03_SORT_KSM Sort List for Monthly Municipal Tax CHAR7 CHAR 
319 PC03_SORT_SVB Sort List for Contribution Statement CHAR6 CHAR 
320 PC03_SPECP Special rule for time-dependent rounding CHAR1 CHAR 
321 PC03_SPLIT Split different absence types XFELD CHAR 
322 PC03_SRGMO Imputable Months for Special Pension NUM03 NUMC 
323 PC03_STATU ELDA: Status of Data Record PC03_STATU CHAR 
324 PC03_STNR0 Tax Number of Employer NUM9 NUMC 
325 PC03_SUMMA Total SI Contributions to Be Paid PRBETRG CURR 
326 PC03_SUMME Total SI Contributions Deducted PRBETRG CURR 
327 PC03_SUUML Total Contribution Amounts Deducted PRBETRG CURR 
328 PC03_SVDZ Employer's Additional Payment DEC4_2 DEC 
329 PC03_SVLFD Regular Social Insurance PRBETRG CURR 
330 PC03_SVPROZ1 Percentage DB, DZ, KS, BMV PRANZHL DEC 
331 PC03_SVPROZ2 Percentage for Special Payments PRANZHL DEC 
332 PC03_SVPROZ3 Regular Percentage PRANZHL DEC 
333 PC03_SVSZ Social Insurance Special Payment PRBETRG CURR 
334 PC03_SWBET Amount of Bad Weather Pay PRBETRG CURR 
335 PC03_SZALA Wage Type for Automatic Special Payments LGART CHAR 
336 PC03_SZGEF Contribution Basis for Managing Directors (Special Payment) PRBETRG CURR 
337 PC03_SZLAA Wage Type for Proportional Special Payments LGART CHAR 
338 PC03_SZLAA_ABF Wage Type of Proportional Special Pmnts for Sev. Pay Reserve LGART CHAR 
339 PC03_SZLAA_URL Wage Type of Proportional Special Payments for Leave Reserve LGART CHAR 
340 PC03_TAZGR Standard Weekly Working Time PC03_TAZGR CHAR 
341 PC03_TESTK ELDA: Test Indicator XFELD CHAR 
342 PC03_TFMVK Entitlements Transferred to MVK in Percent DEC3_2 DEC 
343 PC03_TRBL6 Print page dividers CHAR6 CHAR 
344 PC03_TRBL7 Print page dividers CHAR7 CHAR 
345 PC03_TSWAPPL Table Search: Application PC03_TSWAPPL CHAR 
346 PC03_TSWKEY Table Search: Search Key of an Application NUMC5 NUMC 
347 PC03_TSWPOS Table Search: Sequence Number NUMC3 NUMC 
348 PC03_TSWTAB Table Search: Assignment of Tables TABNAME CHAR 
349 PC03_UANSPLJE Leave Entitlement Earned for the Current Year PTM_QUONUM DEC 
350 PC03_UANSPLJG Entitled Leave for Current Year PTM_QUONUM DEC 
351 PC03_UANSPLJS Other Leave for Current Year PTM_QUONUM DEC 
352 PC03_UANSPRS Leave Entitlement for Reserves PTM_QUONUM DEC 
353 PC03_UESRB Overwriting Allowed BOOLEAN CHAR 
354 PC03_UKONSLJ Leave Taken in Current Year PTM_QUONUM DEC 
355 PC03_UMCOD Contribution Code   CHAR 
356 PC03_UMDTM Conversion Date for Currency Conversion DATUM DATS 
357 PC03_UMGRD Basis of Secondary Contribution Amount PRBETRG CURR 
358 PC03_UMPRZ Percentage of Corresponding Contribution Amount   DEC 
359 PC03_UNSH_DBMOD Database Modification Type PC03_UNSH_DBMOD CHAR 
360 PC03_UNSH_DBMOX Database Modification Type (Name) DDTEXT CHAR 
361 PC03_UNSH_DERIV Fill Cluster Fields in Subsequent Months Automatically XFELD CHAR 
362 PC03_UNSH_ENDDA End Date of Trans. of Ext. Nightshift Heavy Labor Data to NS DATUM DATS 
363 PC03_UNSH_NRPER No. of Periods for Data Transfer to Cluster NS PABRP NUMC 
364 PC03_UNSH_STAT Status of Data Transfer with Report RPUNSHA0 PC03_UNSH_STAT CHAR 
365 PC03_UNURL0 Unspecified XFELD CHAR 
366 PC03_UNURL1 Attendance/Absence Category: Standard Annual Leave XFELD CHAR 
367 PC03_UNURL2 Attendance/Absence Category: Unpaid Leave at Expense of EE XFELD CHAR 
368 PC03_UNURL3 Attendance/Absence Category: Unpaid Leave at Expense of ER XFELD CHAR 
369 PC03_UNURL4 Attendance/Absence Category: Unpaid Leave at Exp. of EE/ER XFELD CHAR 
370 PC03_UNURL5 Att./Absence Category: Prot. Period Before Delivery (MschG) XFELD CHAR 
371 PC03_UNURL6 Attendance/Absence Category: Grace Period Acc. to MschG XFELD CHAR 
372 PC03_UNURL7 Attendance/Absence Category: Military/Non-Military Service XFELD CHAR 
373 PC03_UNURL8 Att./Absence Category: Other Inactive Work Relationship XFELD CHAR 
374 PC03_UPDSEL UPDATE Selection for Database Changes PC03_MARKED CHAR 
375 PC03_URESTVJ Remaining Leave from Previous Years PTM_QUONUM DEC 
376 PC03_URL_TEILER_TYP Divisor Calculation Method for Leave Reserve   CHAR 
377 PC03_URSBTRG Leave Reserve Amount PRBETRG CURR 
378 PC03_UVST0 ELDA: Insurance Agency as Data Recipient   CHAR 
379 PC03_VARSR Name of Saved Simulation Results VARIANT CHAR 
380 PC03_VGHDU Past Averages PRBETRG CURR 
381 PC03_VWGRP_JAHR Usage Group Year NUMC3 NUMC 
382 PC03_VWG_ORD Ranking of Usage Group NUM3 NUMC 
383 PC03_VW_GRP_T Usage Group Description TEXT60 CHAR 
385 PC03_WAERG Target Currency for Currency Conversion WAERS CUKY 
386 PC03_WFBET Amount of Housing Support PRBETRG CURR 
387 PC03_ZAVER Value of Weekly Working Time TAGE4_2 DEC 
388 PC03_ZEHENT Remuneration for Each Leave Time Unit PRBETRG CURR 
389 PC03_ZHLMT Upper Limit of Weekly Working Time TAGE4_2 DEC 
390 PC03_ZLLMT Lower Limit of Weekly Working Time TAGE4_2 DEC 
391 PC03_ZUDJA Total Nightshifts of Heavy Labor Worked per Leave Year NUM03 NUMC 
392 PC03_ZUDMO Total No. of Nightshifts of Heavy Labor Worked per Month NUM03 NUMC 
393 PC03_ZUJAR Imputable Additional Leave Years NUM03 NUMC 
394 PC04_FECHA Data presentation date through RED system SYDATS DATS 
395 PC04_FNAME RED System external file name CHAR08 CHAR 
396 PC04_HORA Data presentation time through RED system SYTIME TIMS 
397 PC04_PROCE Process sintaxis identifier PC04_PROCE CHAR 
398 PC04_PRUEB Test indicator PC04_PRUEB CHAR 
399 PC04_REFER CENDAR reference PC04_REFER NUMC 
400 PC05B2A_STR String   STRG 
401 PC07_TXITM Field of a tax form PC07_TXITM CHAR 
402 PC09_LPF Periodical Fees PRBETRG CURR 
403 PC09_LPR Commission PRBETRG CURR 
404 PC09_LSA Stempelafgift ("Bill of Exchange") PRBETRG CURR 
405 PC10_ACTIO Action to be carried out PC10_ACTIO CHAR 
406 PC10_ADPCC ADP interface: ADP company codes PC10_ADPCC CHAR 
407 PC10_ADPFN ADP interface: ADP file number NUMC6 NUMC 
408 PC10_ADPVL Value of ADP system variable PC10_ADPVL CHAR 
409 PC10_ADPWT ADP interface: ADP wage type CHAR3 CHAR 
410 PC10_ARNAM Tax Area Description TEXT40 CHAR 
411 PC10_CHKTY ADP interface: Check information PC10_CHKTY CHAR 
412 PC10_DCTXT Short text describing the Distribution Codes TEXT60 CHAR 
413 PC10_DISTC Distribution Code PC10_DISTC CHAR 
414 PC10_NLART New wage type area LGART CHAR 
415 PC10_ONTKR Tax priority: Deduction rule for original period PC10_ONTKR CHAR 
416 PC10_PRCL71 Processing class 71 CHAR1 CHAR 
417 PC10_PRIO0 Tax priority: Type of income CHAR1 CHAR 
418 PC10_PRIO1 Tax priority: Tax level CHAR1 CHAR 
419 PC10_PRIO2 Tax priority: Tax authority CHAR4 CHAR 
420 PC10_PRIO3 Tax priority: Wage type CHAR2 CHAR 
421 PC10_PYREC ADP interface: Record for conversion into EPIP PC10_PYREC CHAR 
422 PC10_RNTKR Tax priority: Deduction rule for retrocalculation period PC10_RNTKR CHAR 
423 PC10_SSN Social Security Number CHAR11 CHAR 
424 PC10_STAT Status TEXT40 CHAR 
425 PC10_TAXAR Tax Area CHAR4 CHAR 
428 PC10_TIME2 Time 2 XFELD CHAR 
429 PC10_TIME3 Time 3 DATUM DATS 
430 PC10_TSTNO BSI: Test Case Number PC10_TSTNO NUMC 
431 PC10_TV_DEC4_5 HCM Data Element: Decimal number, 4 whole number and 5 dec DEC4_5 DEC 
432 PC10_TXAUT Tax Authority Description TEXT30 CHAR 
433 PC10_TXRTE Tax percentage PC10_PERCT DEC 
434 PC10_TXSR2 Sort criteria for tax authorities PC10_TXSR2 CHAR 
435 PC10_TYPE1 Type 1 XFELD CHAR 
436 PC10_TYPE2 Type 2 XFELD CHAR 
437 PC10_TYPE3 Type 3 XFELD CHAR 
438 PC10_TYPE4 Type 4 XFELD CHAR 
439 PC10_VARBL ADP system variable PC10_VARBL CHAR 
440 PC12_ACCAR Amount adv. personal use company car CHAR8 CHAR 
441 PC12_ALLPC Percentage supplementary allowance CHAR2 CHAR 
442 PC12_AMSOL Amount solidarity SI contribution CHAR8 CHAR 
443 PC12_AMT12 Amount deduction job-seeker 12 months CHAR8 CHAR 
444 PC12_AMT24 Amount deduction job-seeker 24 months CHAR8 CHAR 
445 PC12_AMTAC Basic amount - activation unemployment CHAR8 CHAR 
446 PC12_AMTAR Amount reduction for additional recruitments CHAR8 CHAR 
447 PC12_AMTCI Amount replacement career interruption CHAR8 CHAR 
448 PC12_AMTDF Amount difficult to place unempl. CHAR8 CHAR 
449 PC12_AMTEA amount reduction employment agreeement CHAR8 CHAR 
450 PC12_AMTPE Basic Amount Replacement Part-Time SUC CHAR8 CHAR 
451 PC12_AMTRE Amount unempl. in re-deployment job CHAR8 CHAR 
452 PC12_BEGBP Hiring date employee business plan DATUM DATS 
453 PC12_BT25IN Include Regularized Data XFELD CHAR 
454 PC12_BTDID Tax slip identification number BTDID NUMC 
455 PC12_BTDYR Income year GJAHR NUMC 
456 PC12_BTINC Automatic incrementation XFELD CHAR 
457 PC12_BTIND Indication of FINPROF sum type PC12_BTIND CHAR 
458 PC12_BTLIS Cluster key list XFELD CHAR 
459 PC12_BTNM9 BELCOTAX numeric 9 field NUM9 NUMC 
460 PC12_BTTST Test mode XFELD CHAR 
461 PC12_BTVOU Name of FINPROF Form to be generated CHAR5 CHAR 
462 PC12_BYSPO Birth year spouse CHAR4 CHAR 
463 PC12_C32CC Checkbox: controle card XFELD CHAR 
464 PC12_C32DA Checkbox: allocation demand XFELD CHAR 
465 PC12_C32VL Fixed value to add on salary DEC7_2 DEC 
466 PC12_CDIFF Company in difficult position CHAR01 CHAR 
467 PC12_COAMI Amount of contribution ZIV/AMI CHAR12 CHAR 
468 PC12_CODIC Code replacing employee for career break CHAR02 CHAR 
469 PC12_CODPM Code replacing employee by part-time prepension CHAR02 CHAR 
470 PC12_COMPC Total special compensation contribution on early-retirement CHAR12 CHAR 
471 PC12_CORRE Advance corrections CHAR1 CHAR 
472 PC12_CORREC Change cluster entries manually CHAR6 CHAR 
473 PC12_COTBP Code business plan CHAR1 CHAR 
474 PC12_COTCP Special compensatory contribution CHAR8 CHAR 
475 PC12_COTRC unemployment contribution statutorily personnel CHAR12 CHAR 
476 PC12_CREST Company in restructuring CHAR01 CHAR 
477 PC12_DECLQ Declaration quarter CHAR6 CHAR 
478 PC12_DECLT Declaration type (original/corrective) P12_DECLT CHAR 
479 PC12_DEVEL Basic Amount part-timers replacing employee CHAR7 CHAR 
480 PC12_DILLN Number of days worked - ZIV/AMI CHAR4 CHAR 
481 PC12_DRULE Reduction rule to be applied CHAR02 CHAR 
482 PC12_EILLN End date period ZIV/AMI DATUM DATS 
483 PC12_HQUAR High quarter of reduction validity NUMC02 NUMC 
484 PC12_INSOL Company insolvent CHAR01 CHAR 
485 PC12_INTER Notion 'interim employee' in education CHAR1 CHAR 
486 PC12_LIST List cluster entries CHAR1 CHAR 
487 PC12_LISTTAPE List Available Tape Numbers CHAR1 CHAR 
488 PC12_LQUAR Low quarter of reduction validity NUMC02 NUMC 
489 PC12_MBTRV Basic Amount CHAR8 CHAR 
490 PC12_MCONT Monthly contribution for conventional early-retirement CHAR6 CHAR 
491 PC12_MTBAA Basic amount for recognized trainee CHAR8 CHAR 
492 PC12_MTBDE Basic amount servant CHAR8 CHAR 
493 PC12_NACH2 Second name / Birth name CHAR40 CHAR 
494 PC12_NACHN Last name CHAR40 CHAR 
495 PC12_NPEPR Notion first professional experiance CHAR02 CHAR 
496 PC12_PCT72 Social Insurance special contribution percentage DEC7_2 DEC 
497 PC12_PCTYP Type of additional pension NUMC01 NUMC 
498 PC12_PERWK Rate blue-collar workers CHAR2 CHAR 
499 PC12_PREVRUN Replace previous run CHAR1 CHAR 
500 PC12_REDAM Fixed amount reduction P12_WERV10 CURR