SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 45
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P13_FE_PYUFT Union Fees Text Under Foreign Employment CHAR50 CHAR 
2 P13_FE_PYUNI Union Deduction Fees Under Foreign Employment DEC8_2 DEC 
3 P13_FE_PYWIT Payment summary Foreign Employment has been withdrawn YESNO CHAR 
4 P13_FE_PYWPG Work Place giving Under Foreign Employment DEC8_2 DEC 
5 P13_FE_PYWPGA Work Place giving Amount Under Foreign Employment DEC8_2 DEC 
6 P13_FE_PYWPGT Work Place Giving Text Under Foreign Employment CHAR50 CHAR 
7 P13_GCMXD Regenerate/Reprint on or after DATUM DATS 
8 P13_GENPS Payment summary/ETP summary generate XFELD CHAR 
9 P13_IMPER LWOP impact period DATAR CHAR 
10 P13_LBLFMT Formatting Lines DEC2 DEC 
11 P13_LBLLMAR Left Margin in Characters DEC2 DEC 
12 P13_LBLNUM Labels Per Page Width DEC2 DEC 
13 P13_LBLPRNT Print Envelope Labels CHAR1 CHAR 
14 P13_LBLUMAR Upper margin in lines DEC2 DEC 
15 P13_LBLXINT Label Interval(X) DEC2 DEC 
16 P13_LBLYINT Label Interval(Y) DEC2 DEC 
17 P13_LBTAX Life Benefit - Tax Instalment Deductions DEC8_2 DEC 
18 P13_LBTCE Excluded Life Benefit Taxable Component DEC8_2 DEC 
19 P13_LBTCP Life Benefit - ETP Taxable component DEC8_2 DEC 
20 P13_LBTFP Life Benefit - ETP Tax Free component DEC8_2 DEC 
21 P13_LBTXE Life Benefit Excluded Taxable Component DEC8_2 DEC 
22 P13_LCONV Perform Conversion TDBOOL CHAR 
23 P13_LDACC Pay loading on accrual on termination TDBOOL CHAR 
24 P13_LDENT Pay loading on entitlement on termination TDBOOL CHAR 
25 P13_LDVAL Leave Loading Dollar Value PAU_DV12_2 DEC 
26 P13_LIABV Liability Dollar Value PAU_DV12_2 DEC 
27 P13_LSEDT Lump sum E details report XFELD CHAR 
28 P13_LSLDT Long-Service Leave Date Type DATAR CHAR 
29 P13_LSPAT Lump sum payment A type YESNO CHAR 
30 P13_LSUBT Address Subtype Priority CHAR14 CHAR 
31 P13_LSUMC Employee Termination Payment Gross Amount PRBETRG CURR 
32 P13_LVETY Leave type of the leave grouping P13_LVETY NUMC 
33 P13_LWOPE Leave Without Pay (LWOP) Impact Indicator P13_LWOPE CHAR 
34 P13_LWOPI Leave Without Pay (LWOP) Impact Type P13_LWOPI CHAR 
35 P13_LWOPT Leave Without Pay (LWOP) Threshold Value DEC3_2 DEC 
36 P13_LWOPU Consider Total LWOP Days CHAR1 CHAR 
37 P13_LWTYP Quota Payment Wage Type LGART CHAR 
38 P13_MAXYR Maximum number of continuous service years for redundancy NUMC2 NUMC 
39 P13_MSGAR Messages CHAR1 CHAR 
40 P13_MSTXT Messages text CHAR75 CHAR 
41 P13_MULTI Multiplier for transfer frequency NUM6 NUMC 
42 P13_NOACC Pay no accrual if the entitlement is less than zero TDBOOL CHAR 
43 P13_NPLEN Time unit for threshold value P13_NPLEN CHAR 
44 P13_OCVAL On Cost Dollar Value PAU_DV12_2 DEC 
45 P13_ORDAT Override Date DATUM DATS 
46 P13_OVDAT Override date started on ETP DATUM DATS 
47 P13_OVER_FLG Override indicator for employee CHAR1 CHAR 
48 P13_P220_SGC SGC Flag XFELD CHAR 
49 P13_PCODE ETP Payment Code P13_PCODE CHAR 
50 P13_PPREP Payment summary in ATO stationary XFELD CHAR 
51 P13_PRIOR_PI Prior Termination Payment   CHAR 
52 P13_PROVV Leave Provision Entitlement/Accrual Values P13_LVEPR DEC 
53 P13_PSISSUED Payment Summary Issued Yes/No CHAR1 CHAR 
54 P13_PSPLP Payment summary in plain paper XFELD CHAR 
55 P13_PSREC Payment Summary Reconciliation report XFELD CHAR 
56 P13_PSREP Flag to process Payment summary XFELD CHAR 
57 P13_PSRPT Payment Summary Listing Report XFELD CHAR 
58 P13_PYA83 Number of ETP days after 30 June 1983   DEC 
59 P13_PYACC Quota type accrual payable on termination TDBOOL CHAR 
60 P13_PYADT Last ATO File Creation Date DATUM DATS 
61 P13_PYALL Allowance value DEC8_2 DEC 
62 P13_PYAMD Amended Payment Summary/ETP has been created YESNO CHAR 
63 P13_PYATM Last ATO File Creation Time TIME TIMS 
64 P13_PYATO Number of ATO Files Created INT1 INT1 
65 P13_PYBDT Payment Summary Start Date DATUM DATS 
66 P13_PYCDP Commonwealth Development Employment Project Amount DEC8_2 DEC 
67 P13_PYCGT CGT Exempt Component DEC8_2 DEC 
68 P13_PYCON Concessional Component DEC8_2 DEC 
69 P13_PYDAT Payment Summary Creation Date DATUM DATS 
70 P13_PYDEA Death Benefit ETP YESNO CHAR 
71 P13_PYDTY Type of Death Benefit P13_PYDTY CHAR 
72 P13_PYE83 Pre July 1983 Component DEC8_2 DEC 
73 P13_PYEAS Assessable Amount DEC8_2 DEC 
74 P13_PYEDP ETP date of payment DATUM DATS 
75 P13_PYEDS ETP date started DATUM DATS 
76 P13_PYEDT Payment Summary End Date DATUM DATS 
77 P13_PYEGR Gross Amount of Payment DEC8_2 DEC 
78 P13_PYENM Number of ETP Summary prints INT1 INT1 
79 P13_PYENT Quota type entitlement payable on termination TDBOOL CHAR 
80 P13_PYETA Tax Instalment Deductions DEC8_2 DEC 
81 P13_PYETC ETP Taxable component DEC8_2 DEC 
82 P13_PYETD Last ETP print date DATUM DATS 
83 P13_PYETF ETP Tax Free component DEC8_2 DEC 
84 P13_PYETM Last ETP print time TIME TIMS 
85 P13_PYETP ETP Payment Summary YESNO CHAR 
86 P13_PYETX ETP Total Tax Withheld DEC8_2 DEC 
87 P13_PYFBT Reportable Fringe Benefits Tax DEC8_2 DEC 
88 P13_PYFIN Final Payment Summary YESNO CHAR 
89 P13_PYGRO Gross income DEC8_2 DEC 
90 P13_PYI94 Post June 1994 Invalidity Component DEC8_2 DEC 
91 P13_PYLAT Lump sum payment A type P13_PYLSAT CHAR 
92 P13_PYLDT Last PS print Date DATUM DATS 
93 P13_PYLSA Lump Sum A DEC8_2 DEC 
94 P13_PYLSB Lump Sum B DEC8_2 DEC 
95 P13_PYLSD Lump sum D DEC8_2 DEC 
96 P13_PYLSE Lump Sum E DEC8_2 DEC 
97 P13_PYLTM Last PS print Time TIME TIMS 
98 P13_PYMAN Manual payment summary/group certificate has been created YESNO CHAR 
99 P13_PYNQC Non-Qualifying Component DEC8_2 DEC 
100 P13_PYNUM Number of Payment Summary prints INT1 INT1 
101 P13_PYOTI Other income DEC8_2 DEC 
102 P13_PYP83 Number of ETP days before 1 July 1983   DEC 
103 P13_PYT83 Post June 1983 Taxed Element DEC8_2 DEC 
104 P13_PYTAL Total Allowances DEC8_2 DEC 
105 P13_PYTAX Tax Instalment Deductions DEC8_2 DEC 
106 P13_PYTIM Payment Summary Creation Time TIME TIMS 
107 P13_PYTNA Total number of allowances INT1 INT1 
108 P13_PYTUF Total number of Union fees INT1 INT1 
109 P13_PYTWG Total number of Workplace Giving INT1 INT1 
110 P13_PYU83 Post June 1983 Untaxed Element DEC8_2 DEC 
111 P13_PYUCO Undeducted Contributions DEC8_2 DEC 
112 P13_PYUFW Wagetype for Union fees LGART CHAR 
113 P13_PYUNI Union deduction fees DEC8_2 DEC 
114 P13_PYWGT Wagetype for allowance LGART CHAR 
115 P13_PYWIT Payment summary has been withdrawn YESNO CHAR 
116 P13_PYWPG Workplace Giving DEC8_2 DEC 
117 P13_QUOMO Quota type selection rule group - Australia CHAR2 CHAR 
118 P13_RANNV Reduce Anniversary Date TDBOOL CHAR 
119 P13_RECURS_EVERY Recurs every (Interval/unit) CHAR3 CHAR 
120 P13_REGEN Payment summary/ETP summary regenerate XFELD CHAR 
121 P13_REPRT Payment summary/ETP summary reprint XFELD CHAR 
122 P13_RESUP Reptble ER Super contrib PRBETRG CURR 
123 P13_RNVND Round numeric values to the nearest dollar XFELD CHAR 
124 P13_SINGL ABS: Process Single Period CHAR1 CHAR 
125 P13_SPLIT Payment Summary for Split ETP YESNO CHAR 
126 P13_SPOOL Payment/ETP Summary Spool Generation XFELD CHAR 
127 P13_SSTDT Service Start Date   DATS 
128 P13_SUP_ALL Superannuation Report XFELD CHAR 
131 P13_SWITX Switch for Salary & Wages Tax Percentage XFELD CHAR 
132 P13_TAXC Employee Termination Payment Tax PRBETRG CURR 
133 P13_TAXCOMP Taxable Termination Payment PRBETRG CURR 
134 P13_TAXFCOMP Tax Free Termination Payment PRBETRG CURR 
135 P13_TAXLC Termination Tax on Lump Sum C PRBETRG CURR 
136 P13_TAXLC2 Total Tax Withheld PRBETRG CURR 
137 P13_TCPDB Death Benefit PRBETRG CURR 
138 P13_TCPLB Life Benefit PRBETRG CURR 
139 P13_TCPTR Transitional Payment PRBETRG CURR 
140 P13_TLIAB Total Liability Value PAU_DV15_2 DEC 
141 P13_TOTAL Total Allowance amount PRBETRG CURR 
142 P13_TOTAX Total Tax amount PRBETRG CURR 
143 P13_TRANS Transfer Frequency NUM6 NUMC 
144 P13_TRANS_TPI Transitional Termination Payment   CHAR 
145 P13_TRTAX Transitional - Tax Instalment Deductions DEC8_2 DEC 
146 P13_TRTCP Transitional - ETP Taxable component DEC8_2 DEC 
147 P13_TRTFP Transitional - ETP Tax Free component DEC8_2 DEC 
148 P13_TRUNC Truncate all numeric values to the nearest dollar XFELD CHAR 
149 P13_TUNIT Time unit for transfer frequency P13_TUNIT CHAR 
150 P13_TWTYP Leave Loading Wage Type LGART CHAR 
151 P13_TXPER Leave Loading Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
152 P13_UNFER Flag to process Union fees report XFELD CHAR 
153 P13_UNION Union Fee detail report XFELD CHAR 
154 P13_WKNUM Number of week days in month P13_WKNUM NUMC 
155 P13_WPGVL Workplace Giving detail report XFELD CHAR 
156 P13_WPGVR Flag to process Workplace Giving report XFELD CHAR 
157 P14COUNT2 Proxy Data Element (generated)   INT4 
158 P14_ACCNO Company account number TEXT17 CHAR 
159 P14_ADRUN CP22A Simulation Run XFIELD CHAR 
160 P14_ALFLD ALL Table Field CHAR10 CHAR 
161 P14_ALGRP ALL Table Group P14_ALGRP CHAR 
162 P14_ALIMY Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
163 P14_ALKEY ALL Table Key CHAR4 CHAR 
164 P14_ALTXT ALL Table Key Text TEXT30 CHAR 
165 P14_AMTEE Employee contribution amount WERTV5 CURR 
166 P14_AMTER Employer contribution amount WERTV5 CURR 
167 P14_APTYP Additional pay types P14_APTYP CHAR 
168 P14_ASDTE Evaluation date for infotype information DATUM DATS 
169 P14_ASPRE Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
170 P14_ATAMT Gross taxable salary P14_AMT CURR 
171 P14_AUSVG 2nd part of SI number (birthdate) NUM8 NUMC 
172 P14_AUSVL 1st part of SI number (sequential number) NUM4 NUMC 
173 P14_BDEDV Value of the begda and endda for evaluation of seniority CHAR4 CHAR 
174 P14_BKALW Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
175 P14_BMPTR Bumiputera status - Malaysia XFELD CHAR 
176 P14_BNKCD Company bank code TEXT11 CHAR 
177 P14_BRBSF Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
178 P14_BTHID Birth certificate ID CHAR20 CHAR 
179 P14_CAMEE SOCSO contribution by employee (Malaysia) WERT5 CURR 
180 P14_CAMER SOCSO contribution by employer (Malaysia) WERT5 CURR 
181 P14_CATGE Eligibility category for Malaysia P14_CATGE CHAR 
182 P14_CDTXT Text for BIK (EA form) Malaysia TEXT80 CHAR 
183 P14_CFLAG Flag to indicate whether reference no. is CP39 reference CHECKBOX CHAR 
184 P14_CHCUS Child custody status XFELD CHAR 
185 P14_CHKBOX Print Borang E Form XFELD CHAR 
186 P14_CHKDI Tax number check digit CHAR02 CHAR 
187 P14_CHQNUM Cheque number for every CP38 P14_CHQNUM CHAR 
188 P14_CINEE Indicator for employee contribution CHAR1 CHAR 
189 P14_CINER Indicator for employer contribution CHAR1 CHAR 
190 P14_CODNR Code number for BIK P14_CODNR NUMC 
191 P14_COMID Company ID TEXT3 CHAR 
192 P14_CPCEE Employee contribution percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
193 P14_CPCER Employer contribution percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
194 P14_CSEMP Employee ceased employment and left Malaysia CHAR2 CHAR 
195 P14_CSREP Cessation reported to LHDNM CHAR2 CHAR 
196 P14_CTGRY Category of SOCSO opted P14_CTGRY CHAR 
197 P14_DATE Date format for Assignment CHAR8 CHAR 
198 P14_DDAMT Gross tax deductible amount (/136 WT) P14_AMT CURR 
199 P14_DISSF Disabled Individual XFELD CHAR 
200 P14_DISSP Disabled Spouse XFELD CHAR 
201 P14_DOMID Domain ID TEXT11 CHAR 
202 P14_DOWNF Download format parameters P14_DOWNF CHAR 
203 P14_DPATH Path + filename for download TEXT40 CHAR 
204 P14_DSG Designation CHAR54 CHAR 
205 P14_DSSPN Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
206 P14_DTYPE Disk format type P14_DTYPE CHAR 
207 P14_EBUSN Employer's business number CHAR10 CHAR 
208 P14_EDFEE Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
209 P14_EDMIN Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
210 P14_EECAT Resident Employee Category P14_EECAT CHAR 
211 P14_EECRT Employee company rate - radio button XFELD CHAR 
212 P14_EEPRT Employee personal rate - radio button XFELD CHAR 
213 P14_EESRT Employee rate for EPF (MY) radio button XFELD CHAR 
214 P14_EETXT Text for employee subgroup grouping EPF (Malaysia) CHAR20 CHAR 
215 P14_EGTXT Eligibility category text for Malaysia TEXT30 CHAR 
216 P14_EHEAD Employer's head office number CHAR10 CHAR 
217 P14_ELSUB Eligibility type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
218 P14_EMEPC Employee percentage contribution for EPF (Malaysia) DEC03_2 DEC 
219 P14_EMRPC Employer percentage contribution for EPF (Malaysia) DEC3_2 DEC 
220 P14_EPFIN Employee initials for EPF CHAR10 CHAR 
221 P14_EPFNO Employee EPF number CHAR20 CHAR 
222 P14_EPFOP Flag to indicate that contributions are made to EPF XFELD CHAR 
223 P14_EPFSC Indicator for Self Contributor XFELD CHAR 
224 P14_EQDIS Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
225 P14_ERCRT Employer company - radio button XFELD CHAR 
226 P14_ERNAME Employer Name CHAR54 CHAR 
227 P14_ERPRT Employer personal - radio button XFELD CHAR 
228 P14_ERRNE Employer EPF reference number for Malaysia CHAR20 CHAR 
229 P14_ERRNS Employer SOCSO reference number for Malaysia CHAR20 CHAR 
230 P14_ERSRT Employer statutory - radio button XFELD CHAR 
231 P14_ESTXT Text for employee subgroup grouping SOCSO Malaysia CHAR20 CHAR 
232 P14_ETTXT Text for employee Subgroup grouping for tax (Malaysia) CHAR20 CHAR 
233 P14_FACCD Faculty code NUMC3 NUMC 
234 P14_FNAME Full name for infotype 0002 - Malaysia CHAR50 CHAR 
235 P14_FRMAT Internet File Download Format for EPF P14_FRMAT CHAR 
236 P14_FRMAT_M2N Internet File Download Format for SOCSO/IRB P14_FRMAT_M2N CHAR 
237 P14_GRREN Tax Relevant Amount P14_AMT15 CURR 
238 P14_GSAMT Gross salary amount P14_AMT CURR 
239 P14_HANCH Child handicap status XFELD CHAR 
240 P14_HASHTOTAL Hash total for MBB format P14_HASHTOTAL CURR 
241 P14_HIRGE Higher earnings limit NUMC09 NUMC 
242 P14_HSLIN Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
243 P14_ICIND Choice of IC number (old or new) XFELD CHAR 
244 P14_INMTH Month of CP38 recovery CHAR02 CHAR 
245 P14_INYER Year of CP38 recovery CHAR04 CHAR 
246 P14_LFINS Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
247 P14_MARST Marital status for income tax purpose (MY) XFELD CHAR 
248 P14_MEDEX Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
249 P14_MEDPR Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
250 P14_MEDSD Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
251 P14_MODEE Employee subgroup grouping for EPF (Malaysia) NUMC02 NUMC 
252 P14_MODES Employee subgroup grouping for SOCSO (Malaysia) NUMC02 NUMC 
253 P14_MODET Employee subgroup grouping for Tax (Malaysia) CHAR02 CHAR 
254 P14_MODPE Personnel subarea grouping for EPF (Malaysia) NUMC02 NUMC 
255 P14_MODPS Personnel subarea grouping for SOCSO (Malaysia) NUMC02 NUMC 
256 P14_MODPT Personnel subarea grouping for Tax (Malaysia) NUMC02 NUMC 
257 P14_NUMCH Number of dependents eligible for tax relief (MY) NUM03 NUMC 
258 P14_OGTXT Text for tax office grouping for Malaysia CHAR20 CHAR 
259 P14_OPREE Employee amount operation P14_AMTOP CHAR 
260 P14_OPRER Employer amount operation P14_AMTOP CHAR 
261 P14_PASNR Passport number CHAR20 CHAR 
262 P14_PCALW Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
263 P14_PDAT Pay date DDATE DATS 
264 P14_PETXT Text for personnel area grouping for EPF (Malaysia) CHAR20 CHAR 
265 P14_PPFLG Pay period P14_PPFLG CHAR 
266 P14_PPN Passport / Identity Card / Police / Army no. RPCHAR12 CHAR 
267 P14_PRSTD Tax Relevant Amount P14_AMT15 CURR 
268 P14_PSTXT Text for personnel area grouping for SOCSO (Malaysia) CHAR20 CHAR 
269 P14_PTTXT Text for personnel area grouping for tax (Malaysia) CHAR20 CHAR 
270 P14_PTYPE Payment Type for EA Form Section F Reporting PCAL_VERS NUMC 
271 P14_RATES Tax rates for Malaysia PRZNT DEC 
272 P14_RCTDT Receipt date for CP159 DATUM DATS 
273 P14_RCTNO Receipt number for Borang CP159 P14_RCTNO CHAR 
274 P14_RCTNUM Receipt number for Borang CP159 P14_RCTNUM CHAR 
275 P14_REFNO Income tax reference number CHAR08 CHAR 
276 P14_REGNO Registration No with Companies Commsn. of Malaysia or others CHAR012 CHAR 
277 P14_RELIF Tax Relevant Amount P14_AMT15 CURR 
278 P14_SCHCD Institute/school code NUM10 NUMC 
279 P14_SEMPS Spouse employment status XFELD CHAR 
280 P14_SENIO Seniority level number for Malaysia DEC03_2 DEC 
281 P14_SEQNR Sequence number for BIK (EA form) Malaysia NUMC03 NUMC 
282 P14_SERNR Serial number for EA form NUMC06 NUMC 
283 P14_SFDIS Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
284 P14_SOCNO Employee SOCSO number CHAR20 CHAR 
285 P14_SPCTR Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
286 P14_SPDIS Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
287 P14_SPEMR Spouse employer CHAR40 CHAR 
288 P14_STCOD State codes for internet download formats NUMC2 NUMC 
289 P14_STCODE Status Code For Employers CHAR2 CHAR 
290 P14_STXOF Spouse tax office Malaysia CHAR4 CHAR 
291 P14_TAMNT Total BIK amount for the year P14_AMT CURR 
292 P14_TAXDE Tax deduction product for Malaysia DEC05 DEC 
293 P14_TAXOP Flag to indicate to deduct tax XFELD CHAR 
294 P14_TAXSTATUS Resident Status of Individual for Tax Purposes P14_TAXSTATUS CHAR 
295 P14_TAXTP Tax subtype for Malaysia SUBTY CHAR 
296 P14_TCTGF Tax category flag (to derive info from 198 or 21,213&2) XFELD CHAR 
297 P14_TDAMT Total tax deducted for the month P14_AMT CURR 
298 P14_TEMPE Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
299 P14_TEST Flag for Test Run CHAR1_X CHAR 
300 P14_TNOEE Income tax number of employee (MY) CHAR20 CHAR 
301 P14_TNOER Employer tax reference number for Malaysia CHAR20 CHAR 
302 P14_TOTPF Tax Relevant Amount P14_AMT15 CURR 
303 P14_TOTXT Tax office text for Malaysia CHAR30 CHAR 
304 P14_TP1DSG Designation CHAR54 CHAR 
305 P14_TP1ENAM Employer Name CHAR54 CHAR 
306 P14_TP1_RDT Run Date DATUM DATS 
307 P14_TXEMR Tax paid by the employer - MY XFELD CHAR 
308 P14_TXGRP Income tax office grouping for Malaysia NUMC02 NUMC 
309 P14_TXNYR Taxation year CHAR04 CHAR 
310 P14_TXOFF Income tax office Malaysia CHAR4 CHAR 
311 P14_TXPFX Tax number prefix CHAR2 CHAR 
312 P14_TXTPT Additional tax text CHAR20 CHAR 
313 P14_TXTYP Tax type for Malaysia P14_TXTYP CHAR 
314 P14_UI_TXNUM Tax Number CHAR2 CHAR 
315 P14_WIFEI Value for wife code CHAR01 CHAR 
316 P14_WIFWS Entitlement for spouse tax relief - wife working status (MY) XFELD CHAR 
317 P14_ZKDED Tax Relevant Amount WERTV5 CURR 
318 P15_1RAAC 1st IRPEF down payment instalment - Tax payer + husband/wife P15_1RAAC CURR 
319 P15_1RAACC 1st Installment IRPEF Advance Pay - Spouse P15_1RAAC CURR 
320 P15_1RAACD First IRPEF advance installment - Declarant P15_1RAAC CURR 
321 P15_2RAAC Second or only IRPEF advance instalment P15_2RAAC CURR 
322 P15_2RAACC 2nd or single IRPEF advance installment - Spouse P15_2RAAC CURR 
323 P15_2RAACD 2nd or Single IRPEF Advance Installment - Declarant P15_2RAAC CURR 
324 P15_730_FILE_A Revenue Agency File XFELD CHAR 
325 P15_730_FILE_B File 730 CAF Tracking XFELD CHAR 
326 P15_770_CALC_G Calculate G Record XFELD CHAR 
327 P15_770_CALC_J Calculate J Record XFELD CHAR 
328 P15_770_CID_FILE Local file for upload/download LOCALFILE CHAR 
329 P15_770_CID_TEMSE HR TemSe object number CHAR10 CHAR 
330 P15_770_CODE Code - 770   CHAR 
331 P15_770_CODEN Box Code 770   CHAR 
332 P15_770_CORR_RES Correct Results XFELD CHAR 
333 P15_770_GEN_CODE Code - 770   CHAR 
334 P15_770_GEN_PROG General Sequential Number - 770   NUMC 
335 P15_770_GEN_VAL Value - 770   CHAR 
336 P15_770_INTEG Integer Amount 770   DEC 
337 P15_770_LINEN Line Number - 770   NUMC 
338 P15_770_NOCUD Shows employees without CUD XFELD CHAR 
339 P15_770_OPERA Operation   CHAR 
340 P15_770_ORIGN Origin - 770   CHAR 
341 P15_770_OVRWT_RES Overwrite results XFELD CHAR 
342 P15_770_PARTN DA, DB, DC, or DD Part of G-Type Records   CHAR 
343 P15_770_REC_FILE Locale file for upload/download file LOCALFILE CHAR 
344 P15_770_REC_FLD Field - Record   NUMC 
345 P15_770_REC_SEQN Sequence Number - Record - 770   NUMC 
346 P15_770_REC_TEMSE HR TemSe object number CHAR10 CHAR 
347 P15_770_REC_TXT Text - 770 Record   CHAR 
348 P15_770_REC_TYPE Record Type - 770   CHAR 
349 P15_770_REC_VAL Value - 770 Record   CHAR 
350 P15_770_REC_VALUE Record Value   CHAR 
351 P15_770_SAVE_TENSE Save 770 TemSe XFELD CHAR 
352 P15_770_SEQNO Sequence Number - 770   NUMC 
353 P15_770_SEQNUM Sequence Number   NUMC 
354 P15_770_STEP Step   NUMC 
355 P15_770_SUBTY Subtype - 770   CHAR 
356 P15_770_TRUNC Amount Truncation on 770 file XFELD CHAR 
357 P15_770_VAL Value - 770 - SS   DEC 
358 P15_770_VALUE Value - 770   CHAR 
359 P15_770_VAR Variable   CHAR 
360 P15_AACOM Total PIT Municipal Surcharge Down Payment P15_IMTIR CURR 
361 P15_AACOMC Municipal Surcharge Advance Pay to IRPEF for Spouse P15_IMTIR CURR 
362 P15_AACOMD Municipal Surcharge Advance Pay to IRPEF for Declarant P15_IMTIR CURR 
363 P15_AAGG Supplementary allowance XFELD CHAR 
364 P15_ABSEH Number of absence hours for not protected events ANZHL DEC 
365 P15_ABSTA Company absence type ABSTP CHAR 
366 P15_ABSTI INPS absence type ABSTP CHAR 
367 P15_ABSVL Absolute value P15_ABSVL CHAR 
368 P15_ACACO Cumulation indicator for current year arrears P15_ACPER CHAR 
369 P15_ACAPR Cumulation indicator for previous years arrears P15_ACPER CHAR 
370 P15_ACPER Cumulation indicator for arrears related to the period P15_ACPER CHAR 
371 P15_ACTIO Action indicator for file CUD 2002 P15_ACTIO CHAR 
372 P15_ACTSC Separate Taxation Advance Pay - Spouse P15_IMTIR CURR 
373 P15_ACTSD Separate Taxation Advance Pay - Declarant P15_IMTIR CURR 
374 P15_ACTSE Separate taxation instalment P15_ACTSE CURR 
375 P15_ADM10 Authorization indicator for DM10 issue P15_ADM10 CHAR 
376 P15_ADO1M INPS authorization indicator for 01/M issue P15_ADO1M CHAR 
377 P15_ADVANCE INAIL: advance pay amount P15_IMPORTO CURR 
378 P15_ADVDISC INAIL: Advance Pay Reduction Amount P15_IMPORTO CURR 
379 P15_ALIQU Trainees rate P15_PERCE DEC 
380 P15_ALIQUOTA Rate (Emens key) NUMC04 NUMC 
381 P15_ALL Selection option CHAR1 CHAR 
382 P15_ALLIN Field alignment P15_ALLIN CHAR 
383 P15_ALPHA Alphanumeric code P15_ALPHA CHAR 
384 P15_AMTBS Special bonus amount CURR12 CURR 
385 P15_AMTF Maximum time period for the father   NUMC 
386 P15_AMTM Maximum time period for the mother   NUMC 
387 P15_AMTT Total maximum time for both parents   NUMC 
388 P15_ANFTX Description of the family member ind. for family allowance TEXT42 CHAR 
389 P15_ANNBS Tax period special bonus P15_ANNBS NUMC 
390 P15_ANNME Year/Month P15_ANNME NUMC 
391 P15_ANNO Processing year NUM04 NUMC 
393 P15_ANNOE Processing year P15_ANNOE NUMC 
394 P15_ANNOREF Reference year P15_ANNOREF CHAR 
396 P15_ANRIF Reference year from P15_ANRIF CHAR 
397 P15_ANTIP Advance Pay Amount P15_IMPORTO CURR 
400 P15_APAIM Application of a Higher Tax Rate for Income Tax on Soc. Ins. P15_PRCDP DEC 
401 P15_APERIDO Reference to   NUMC 
402 P15_APPEARS Report: exposure split P15_APPEARS CHAR 
403 P15_AR770 Part-time type P15_AR770 CHAR 
404 P15_AREAC Prefix CHAR04 CHAR 
405 P15_ASCII Ascii file XFELD CHAR 
406 P15_ASRETTIF Emens - Generate current declaration as correction XFELD CHAR 
407 P15_ASSCA Insurance covered by INPDAI P15_ASSCO CHAR 
408 P15_ASSCO Insurances covered by INPS P15_ASSCO CHAR 
409 P15_ASSIC Insurance P15_ASSIC CHAR 
410 P15_ASSPR Social security contribution taxation type (form) P15_TPASS NUMC 
411 P15_ASSSN Taxation type for health contributions (form) P15_TPASS NUMC 
412 P15_AUCIG Authorization type P15_AUCIG CHAR 
413 P15_AUT1M Authorization number for 01M form issue P15_AUT1M CHAR 
414 P15_AUTORETT Emens - Correction Automatic Generation XFELD CHAR 
415 P15_AUTYP Subtype for INAIL Self-Settlement SUBTY_591A CHAR 
416 P15_AZBLO Blocking action for family allowances ( total / partial) P15_AZBLO CHAR 
417 P15_AZIMP Monthly reimb.from company P15_INDIN CURR 
418 P15_AZPRA Levell.indicator sickness progr. personnel action start P15_AZPRA CHAR 
419 P15_BALANCE INAIL: settlement amount P15_IMPORTO CURR 
420 P15_BASE Base amount   DEC 
421 P15_BATCH Background processing XFELD CHAR 
422 P15_BEGWK Start date of the week DATUM DATS 
423 P15_BEWKL Evalutation rule of the absence KLBEW NUMC 
424 P15_BINARY Binary file XFELD CHAR 
425 P15_BIRTH Child type P15_BIRTH CHAR 
426 P15_BLOAC CAF: down payment block P15_BLOAC CHAR 
427 P15_BONUS Bonus type P15_BONUS CHAR 
428 P15_BOOL Boolean field ('X' = true) (' ' = false) P15_BOOL CHAR 
429 P15_BOXFORMAT Report: output box format P15_BOXFORMAT CHAR 
430 P15_BOXNAME Report: output box name P15_BOXNAME CHAR 
431 P15_BOXNR Form box number P15_BOXNR NUMC 
432 P15_CAACC Municipal surcharge down payment indicator for spouse CHAR_LG_04 CHAR 
433 P15_CAACD Municipal surcharge down payment indicator for declarant CHAR_LG_04 CHAR 
434 P15_CADRM Address for Central Address Management ANSSL CHAR 
435 P15_CAL77 Data origin P15_CAL77 CHAR 
436 P15_CALCPER Report: calculation period P15_CALCPER CHAR 
437 P15_CALLBACK Callback routine CHAR40 CHAR 
438 P15_CALMS Calculate, store and print DM10 XFELD CHAR 
439 P15_CALRR Reference income calculation mode P15_CALRR CHAR 
440 P15_CALSTA Calculate/Print DM10 XFELD CHAR 
441 P15_CAMP1 The values vary according to the section and the line ind. NUM12 NUMC 
442 P15_CAMP2 The values vary according to the section and the line ind. NUM12 NUMC 
443 P15_CAMP3 The values vary according to the section and the line ind. NUM12 NUMC 
444 P15_CAMP4 The values vary according to the section and the line ind. NUM12 NUMC 
445 P15_CAMP5 The values vary according to the section and the line ind. NUM12 NUMC 
446 P15_CAMP6 The values vary according to the section and the line ind. NUM12 NUMC 
447 P15_CANTI Work site of origin P15_CANTI CHAR 
448 P15_CARI Dependent 770 (Only For The Spouse) XFELD CHAR 
449 P15_CARRA Flag: grace day at company's exp. P15_CARRE CHAR 
450 P15_CARRI Flag: grace day at INPS exp. P15_CARRE CHAR 
452 P15_CATXT Reason description TEXT42 CHAR 
453 P15_CAUSA Leaving reason P15_CAUSA NUMC 
454 P15_CAUSALE Note to payee code   CHAR 
455 P15_CBI_F24_ABI ABI being a reference of the physical sender of the flow   CHAR 
456 P15_CBI_F24_ACCONTO Down payment   CHAR 
457 P15_CBI_F24_ANNORIFTRIB Reference Year for Taxes   CHAR 
458 P15_CBI_F24_BANCAPASSIVA ABI Code of Passive Bank   CHAR 
459 P15_CBI_F24_CABRIFERIMENTO CAB being a reference of the physical sender of the flow   CHAR 
460 P15_CBI_F24_CAP ZIP code of the place of residence of printing recipient   CHAR 
461 P15_CBI_F24_CAUSALE Note to Payee   CHAR 
462 P15_CBI_F24_CAUSCONTRIBUTO Note to Payee related to Contribution   CHAR 
463 P15_CBI_F24_CCNUMPOSACTIVA Control Code of Insurance Position Number   CHAR 
464 P15_CBI_F24_CIN StC   CHAR 
465 P15_CBI_F24_CODATTO Target Pr. assigned by the Financial Admin.   CHAR 
466 P15_CBI_F24_CODCLIENTE Bank Customer Code   CHAR 
467 P15_CBI_F24_CODDIVISA Currency Code   CHAR 
468 P15_CBI_F24_CODENTE Authority Code   CHAR 
469 P15_CBI_F24_CODENTE2 Authority Code   CHAR 
470 P15_CBI_F24_CODFISCALE Taxpayer Reference No.   CHAR 
471 P15_CBI_F24_CODIDENTIFIC14 Personnel Number   CHAR 
472 P15_CBI_F24_CODIDENTIFICATIVO Personnel Number   CHAR 
473 P15_CBI_F24_CODINDIVIDUALE Individual Code Type   CHAR 
474 P15_CBI_F24_CODMITTENTE Sender Code   CHAR 
475 P15_CBI_F24_CODPOSACTIVA Insurance Position Code   CHAR 
476 P15_CBI_F24_CODPROVINCIA Provincial Code   CHAR 
477 P15_CBI_F24_CODREGIONE Region code   CHAR 
478 P15_CBI_F24_CODSEDE Place of work code   CHAR 
479 P15_CBI_F24_CODSEDE2 Place of work code   CHAR 
480 P15_CBI_F24_CODTRIBUTO Tax Code   CHAR 
481 P15_CBI_F24_CODTRIBUTO2 Tax Code   CHAR 
482 P15_CBI_F24_CODUFFICIO Office Code   CHAR 
483 P15_CBI_F24_COGNOME Surname/Corporate Name   CHAR 
484 P15_CBI_F24_COMUNE Place of birth   CHAR 
485 P15_CBI_F24_CONTOADDEBITO Debit Account   CHAR 
486 P15_CBI_F24_DATACREAZIONE Creation Date   CHAR 
487 P15_CBI_F24_DATANASCITA Date of birth   CHAR 
488 P15_CBI_F24_DATAPAGAMENTO Payment Date   CHAR 
489 P15_CBI_F24_DENOMSTAMPA Designation of Printing Receiver   CHAR 
490 P15_CBI_F24_DESTINATARIO Receiver   CHAR 
491 P15_CBI_F24_DETRAZIONEICI County Tax Deduction   CHAR 
492 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER1 Filler with Length 1   CHAR 
493 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER12 Filler with Length 12   CHAR 
494 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER2 Filler with Length 2   CHAR 
495 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER21 Filler with Length 21   CHAR 
496 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER24 Filler with Length 24   CHAR 
497 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER30 Filler with Length 30   CHAR 
498 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER38 Filler with Length 38   CHAR 
499 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER4 Filler with Length 4   CHAR 
500 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER42 Filler with Length 42   CHAR