SAP ABAP Data Element - Index B
Data Element - B
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 B0BTF Calculated amount not liable to garnishment WERT8 CURR 
2 B0BTN Calculated amount liable to garnishment - standard range WERT8 CURR 
3 B0BTV Calculated amount liable to garnishment - preferred range WERT8 CURR 
4 B1BTF Amount exempt from garnishment - block 1 WERT8 CURR 
5 B1BTN Amount liable to garnishment - block 1 standard range WERT8 CURR 
6 B1BTV Amount liable to garnishment - block 1 preferred range WERT8 CURR 
7 B1SUM Store for Time Accounts and Download to Subsystem B1SUM CHAR 
8 B2BTF Amount exempt from garnishment - block 2 WERT8 CURR 
9 B2BTN Amount liable to garnishment, block 2 standard range WERT8 CURR 
10 B2BTV Amount liable to garnishment, block 2, preferred range WERT8 CURR 
11 B3BTF Amount exempt from garnishment - block 3 WERT8 CURR 
12 B3BTN Amount liable to garnishment - block 3 standard range WERT8 CURR 
13 B3BTS Amount liable to garnishment - block 3 via standard range WERT8 CURR 
14 B530C Modifier for exception requirements B530C NUMC 
15 BAAAZ Amount-Based Adjustment I AKTKN CHAR 
16 BAAEB Old-Age Exemption Amount PRBETRG CURR 
17 BAAFS Financial documents: Field selection - External FAAKK CHAR 
18 BAANR Financial document processing: External financial doc. no. BAANR CHAR 
19 BAART P.O./Order type BAART CHAR 
20 BABAE AB Old-Age Exemption Amount PRBETRG CURR 
21 BABLSORT Change Document Sort Sequence BABLSORT CHAR 
22 BABLXBEX Indicator: Display Changes to External Documents? XFELD CHAR 
23 BABLXBKP Indicator: display changes to document header data XFELD CHAR 
24 BABLXBLD Indicator: Display Changes to Recurring Documents? XFELD CHAR 
25 BABLXBLH Indicator: Display Changes to Parked Documents? XFELD CHAR 
26 BABLXBLM Indicator: Display Changes to Sample Documents? XFELD CHAR 
27 BABLXBLN Indicator: Display Changes to Documents? XFELD CHAR 
28 BABLXBLV Indicator: Display Changes to Parked Documents? XFELD CHAR 
29 BABLXBSG Indicator: display changes to the line item data XFELD CHAR 
31 BABNK_49A Bank Posting Document Type BLART CHAR 
32 BABRE Apportionment factor VVBABRE QUAN 
33 BABSSCB_CM Description of document guarantee procedure TEXT60 CHAR 
34 BABSSCH_CM Document payment guarantee procedure BABSSCH_CM CHAR 
35 BABTA Clearing amount for swap WHRBTRG CURR 
36 BABTAKT Current assignment amount for encumbrance BWHR CURR 
37 BABTRET Minimum amount for assignments BWHR CURR 
38 BABTX Name of company department TEXT40 CHAR 
39 BABVSSUM Total input tax amount deductible WERTV7 CURR 
40 BABZG Authorized deductions (in local currency) WRTV8 CURR 
41 BACC Budget at Completion: Costs WERTV8 CURR 
42 BACFINPER Budget at Completion: Finish Period ACPOS CHAR 
43 BACH Budget at Completion: Duration CQUA8 QUAN 
44 BACKBI Type of backbilling BACKBI CHAR 
45 BACKBILLING Start of floating backbilling DATUM DATS 
47 BACKC Background Color PLANCOLOR NUMC 
48 BACKCANC Indicator: Reverse Backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
49 BACKCANC01 Indicator: reverse backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
50 BACKCANC02 Indicator: reverse backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
51 BACKCANC03 Indicator: reverse backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
52 BACKCANC04 Indicator: reverse backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
53 BACKCANC05 Indicator: reverse backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
54 BACKDAYS Read IDocs from the last x number of days DATUM DATS 
55 BACKDOCLINE Billing line item for billing documents LFDNR6 NUMC 
56 BACKDOCNO Number of a billing document E_BELNR CHAR 
57 BACKEDUP Oracle: dba_tables.backed_up CHAR1 CHAR 
58 BACKED_UP Backed up CHAR1 CHAR 
60 BACKEXEC Indicator: allocate backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
61 BACKEXEC01 Indicator: Allocate Backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
62 BACKEXEC02 Indicator: allocate backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
63 BACKEXEC03 Indicator: allocate backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
64 BACKEXEC04 Indicator: allocate backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
65 BACKEXEC05 Indicator: allocate backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
66 BACKF Post goods receipts and goods issues BACKF CHAR 
67 BACKGRND Indicator: Background processing required XFELD CHAR 
68 BACKGROUP Backbilling group BACKGROUP CHAR 
69 BACKIMM Flag to exit report tree display directly using F3 CHAR1 CHAR 
71 BACKL_GEB Posted revaluation of accumulated ordinary depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
72 BACKL_GEP Planned revaluation of accumulated ordinary depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
73 BACKL_GJA Cumulative revaluation of ordinary depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
74 BACKL_GJE Cum. revaluation of ord. depreciation at fiscal year end ANLKWERT CURR 
75 BACKL_LFD Current cumulative revaluation of ordinary depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
76 BACKL_LFDG Cum. revaluation of ord. deprec. in curr. year w/posted val. ANLKWERT CURR 
77 BACKL_LFDP Cum. reval. of ord. deprec. in current year w/planned values ANLKWERT CURR 
78 BACKONLY Indicator: execute schema step for backbilling only KENNZ1 CHAR 
79 BACKSTART Indicator: execute backbilling BACKGROUP CHAR 
80 BACKUPAGE Backup age (in days)   INT4 
81 BACKUPDATE Date of a Database Backup   DATS 
82 BACKUPTIME Time of a Database Backup   TIMS 
83 BACKUPTYPE Type of a Backup   CHAR 
84 BACKUP_DAYS No. of Days for Which Backup Data Is to Be Retained   INT4 
85 BACKUP_RUNS Number of Collective Runs for Which Backup Data Is Retained   INT4 
87 BACKVALUESTRUC Back value structure name AS4TAB CHAR 
88 BACK_F3 Function "Back" is Available XFLAG CHAR 
89 BACK_____1 End of simulation BACK_____1 CHAR 
90 BACOD Printer capable of printing bar codes XFELD CHAR 
91 BACOMMANDS Number of ABAP/4 commands in a user exit INT4 INT4 
92 BACOW_KK User ID for Multi-File Submission BACSCHAR6 CHAR 
93 BACPW_KK Password for BACWAY transfers BACSCHAR7 CHAR 
94 BACRE Batch Creation, Classification, Exp. Date Check in Inb. Dlv. BACRE CHAR 
95 BACSTAPER Budget at Completion: Start Period ACPOS CHAR 
96 BACTLBLIM "Actual" value on service type limit BAPICURR DEC 
97 BACTSPLIM "Actual" value on model specifications limits BAPICURR DEC 
98 BACTVALUE Total value of unplanned entered services BAPICURR DEC 
99 BACT_VALUE Value of Fulfilled Quantity - Current Value WERT7 CURR 
100 BACT_WERT Purchase order: Entered value BAPICURR DEC 
101 BADAT Requisition (request) date DATUM DATS 
102 BADAT_BI Requisition date (BTCI) CHAR10 CHAR 
103 BADBCALLS Number of database calls in a user exit INT4 INT4 
104 BADEB_49A Customer Posting Document Type BLART CHAR 
105 BADIT Planning run: Time for BAdI INT4 INT4 
106 BADIVERIDTEL1 Test Datenelement für Veri BADIVERIDOMA1 CHAR 
107 BADI_CHAR255 Uppercase and Lowercase Character Field of the Length 255 BADI_CHAR255 CHAR 
108 BADI_COMPARATORS Permitted Operations for Filter Comparisons of BAdIs BADI_COMPARATORS CHAR 
109 BADI_COMPARATORS_1 BAdI Filter Values: Subset of Comparators BADI_COMPARATORS_1 CHAR 
110 BADI_COMPARATORS_2 BAdI Filter Values: Subset of Comparators BADI_COMPARATORS_2 CHAR 
114 BADI_FILTER_VAL Filter Value for BAdI CHAR30 CHAR 
115 BADI_IMPL_NAME Name of a BAdI Implementation BADI_IMPL_NAME CHAR 
116 BADI_LETYP_KZRUF Call Position of BAdI: Stor. Unit Type Determination for HU LVS_KZRUF CHAR 
118 BADI_VERI_DTEL_BADINAME Datemelement für Tabelleneintrag der Implementierenden BAdis BADI_VERI_DOMA_BADINAMEN CHAR 
119 BADI_VERI_DTEL_FIL_EINF Datemelement für BADI mit Filterabhängigkeit BADI_VERI_DOMA_FIL_EINF CHAR 
120 BADI_VERI_DTEL_FIL_MEHR Datenelement für Filterabhängige und Mehrfachnutzbare BADI'S BADI_VERI_DOMA_FIL_MEHR CHAR 
122 BAD_ADDRESS_GUID GUID for an Address Object SYSUUID RAW 
123 BAD_ADDRESS_GUID32 GUID for an Address Object in BAPI Format SYSUUID_C CHAR 
124 BAENLOE Change or deletion amount BWHR CURR 
125 BAERF Create purchase requisition CHAR1 CHAR 
126 BAEVP Amount-based adjustment at end of clearing period AKTKN CHAR 
127 BAEXXX Internal Volume Variance WERTV8 CURR 
128 BAFANR Legal Control: BAFA Diskette Sequence Number NUM6 NUMC 
129 BAFIX Purchase requisition is fixed XFELD CHAR 
130 BAFKT Financial Document Processing: Bank Function BAFKT CHAR 
131 BAFMG Open purchase requisition quantity MENGE QUAN 
132 BAFTB Special Employment Tax Relief Amount for Deductible Items P05_WERT7 CURR 
133 BAFTD Special Employment Tax Relief for Deductible Items DATUM DATS 
134 BAFXXX External Volume Variance WERTV8 CURR 
135 BAGATELL1 Trivial amnt limit 1 WERTV7 CURR 
136 BAGATELLGR_CHAR IS-M: De Minimis Limitation CHAR07 CHAR 
138 BAGNR IS-M: BAG Transaction Number TEXT5 CHAR 
139 BAGR Bank Group for Japanese Bank Mergers CHAR4 CHAR 
140 BAGRP Assembly MATNR CHAR 
141 BAGUE Base date for planning delivery schedule generation BAGUE CHAR 
142 BAHNE Express train station BAHNH CHAR 
143 BAHNG Rail carrier LIFNR CHAR 
144 BAHNG_TXT Name of rail carrier NAME CHAR 
145 BAHNH Train station ID XFELD CHAR 
146 BAHNR TrainStnNumber BAHNR CHAR 
147 BAHNS Train station BAHNH CHAR 
148 BAHNTIX_ID_NUMBER ID Number for BahnTix CHAR32 CHAR 
150 BAIEXTRN BAI standard transaction code CHAR6 CHAR 
151 BAIXXX Volume Variance Charged to Activities WERTV8 CURR 
152 BAI_PREP BAI Preprocessor CHAR1 CHAR 
153 BAI_PRIOR Only for Previous Day, only Headers CHAR1 CHAR 
154 BAI_STOP Stop - Incorrect Total CHAR1 CHAR 
155 BAK AC Diagnosis Tool: Before/After Indicator BAK CHAR 
157 BAKCD_EBJP House bank code NUMC4 NUMC 
158 BAKEY Bank Key for Japanese Bank Mergers CHAR4 CHAR 
159 BAKHK Input Tax View Acquisition/production costs amount WERTV7 CURR 
160 BAKHKN Amount of net acquisition/production costs WERT7 CURR 
161 BAKHKSUM AC/PC total (net) WERTV7 CURR 
162 BAKHK_BB Acquisition/Production Costs Display of Amount in CI WERTV7 CURR 
163 BAKLA Evaluation Class for Statement NUMC2 NUMC 
164 BAKNA_EBJP Bank name (1 byte Katakana) CHAR15 CHAR 
165 BAKST Church tax PRBETRG CURR 
166 BAKTKAP Company stock capital issued WERT8 CURR 
167 BAKTO_VK Bank Account Number BAKTO_VK NUMC 
169 BALANCE Balance check BALANCE CHAR 
170 BALANCING_DAYS IS-M/SD: Monitoring Control, Balancing Days BALANCING_DAYS DEC 
171 BALAN_EBBE Old balance CHAR15 CHAR 
172 BALAN_EBBE2 Old balance CHAR15 CHAR 
173 BALAN_KKBE Old balance CHAR15 CHAR 
174 BALASET_KK Creation of Selection XFELD CHAR 
175 BALAUTH Application Log: Authorization SYSUUID_22 CHAR 
176 BALA_ROLE_KK Role in Account Balance BALA_ROLE_KK CHAR 
177 BALA_ROLE_TXT_KK Name of Account Balance Role TEXT40 CHAR 
178 BALBOX Application log: Display: Message selected? BOOLEAN CHAR 
179 BALBYDETL Application log: Construct hierachy by DETLEVEL BOOLEAN CHAR 
180 BALCHAPTER Application Log: Example programs: Chapter CHAR20 CHAR 
181 BALCHARSIZ Application Log: Size of a Character in Bytes NUMC1 NUMC 
182 BALCHDATE Application Log: Date of last change DATUM DATS 
183 BALCHTIME Application Log: Time of last change UZEIT TIMS 
184 BALCHUSER Application Log: User that changed the log XUBNAME CHAR 
185 BALCLIENTC Application Log: Client in which a log was created MANDT CLNT 
186 BALCNTA Application Log: Number of A messages BALCOUNT INT4 
187 BALCNTALL Application Log: Total number of messages BALCOUNT INT4 
188 BALCNTCUM Application Log: Cumulated message count BALCOUNT INT4 
189 BALCNTE Application Log: Number of E messages BALCOUNT INT4 
190 BALCNTHNDL Application Log: Control Display Handle SYSUUID_22 CHAR 
191 BALCNTI Application Log: Number of I messages BALCOUNT INT4 
192 BALCNTLVL Application Log: Message number on a level BALCOUNT INT4 
193 BALCNTPC1 Application Log: Number of messages with problem class 1 BALCOUNT INT4 
194 BALCNTPC2 Application Log: Number of messages with problem class 2 BALCOUNT INT4 
195 BALCNTPC3 Application Log: Number of messages with problem class 3 BALCOUNT INT4 
196 BALCNTPC4 Application Log: Number of messages with problem class 4 BALCOUNT INT4 
197 BALCNTS Application Log: Number of S messages BALCOUNT INT4 
198 BALCNTW Application Log: Number of W messages BALCOUNT INT4 
199 BALCOLADD Application Log: Add field name BOOLEAN CHAR 
200 BALCOLCODE Application Log: Display: Color (1 .. 7) CHAR1 CHAR 
201 BALCOLLEN Application Log: Field name length   INT1 
202 BALCOLOR Application Log: Display: Color of a message line CHAR3 CHAR 
203 BALCOLSEP Applic. Log: Separator betw. field name and field (e.g.':') CHAR1 CHAR 
204 BALCONTSMP Application log: Time basis for context nametab TZNTSTMPS DEC 
205 BALCONVALC Application Log: Context: Context data (CHAR) BALCONVALC CHAR 
206 BALCONVALR Application Log: Context: Context data (RAW) BALCONVALR RAW 
207 BALCOORD Application Log: Dialog box coordinates   INT4 
208 BALCVAL Application Log: Context data BALCVAL CHAR 
209 BALDATE Application log: date DATUM DATS 
210 BALDBCNTA Application Log: Number of A Messages   NUMC 
211 BALDBCNTAL Application Log: Total Number of Messages   NUMC 
212 BALDBCNTCU Application Log: Cumulated message count   NUMC 
213 BALDBCNTE Application Log: Number of E Messages   NUMC 
214 BALDBCNTI Application Log: Number of I Messages   NUMC 
215 BALDBCNTP1 Application Log: Number of messages with problem class 1   NUMC 
216 BALDBCNTP2 Application Log: Number of messages with problem class 2   NUMC 
217 BALDBCNTP3 Application Log: Number of messages with problem class 3   NUMC 
218 BALDBCNTP4 Application Log: Number of messages with problem class 4   NUMC 
219 BALDBCNTS Application Log: Number of S Messages   NUMC 
220 BALDBCNTW Application Log: Number of W Messages   NUMC 
221 BALDBSTATE Application Log: Object database status BALDBSTATE CHAR 
222 BALDBVER Application Log: Database repository format BALDBVER CHAR 
223 BALDOWN Application Log: Sort in descending order BOOLEAN CHAR 
224 BALDT_EBBE Date of old balance CHAR6 CHAR 
225 BALDT_EBBE2 Date of old balance CHAR6 CHAR 
226 BALDT_KKBE Date of old balance CHAR6 CHAR 
227 BALEXCLS Application Log: Exception Class CLASSNAME CHAR 
228 BALEXEC Application Log: User command processed BOOLEAN CHAR 
229 BALEXIT Application Log: Exit log display BOOLEAN CHAR 
230 BALEXPLVL Application Log: Tree: Expand to level   INT4 
231 BALFIELD Application Log: Filter field CHAR100 CHAR 
232 BALGL_KK No open items found for reconciliation account balance CHAR001 CHAR 
233 BALGRP_CA Balance Group (Definition Independent of Balance Sol.)   CHAR 
234 BALHEADSIZ Application Log: Tree: Hierarchy column width   INT4 
235 BALHEADTXT Application Log: Tree: Hierarchy column heading text TEXT50 CHAR 
236 BALHOTSPOT Application Log: Hotspot clicked in list BOOLEAN CHAR 
237 BALID_CA Balance ID - Points to one cell of the Balance Matrix BALID_CA CHAR 
238 BALILONGT Application Log: Message long text icon TEXT30 CHAR 
239 BALIMSGTY Application Log: Message Type Visualization TEXT30 CHAR 
240 BALIPARM Application Log: Detail data icon TEXT30 CHAR 
241 BALITMNUM Application Log: Context: Context part serial number BALMNR NUMC 
242 BALKENIDX GANTT chart: index on res_boxes INT4 INT4 
243 BALKEY_CA Balance Key NUM2 NUMC 
244 BALKZ_FROM Ind.: Clear to the "from" item/"from" document type X CHAR 
245 BALKZ_TO Ind.: Clear to the "to" item/"to" document type X CHAR 
246 BALLANGU Application Log: Log display language SYLANGU LANG 
247 BALLEVEL Application Log: Level of detail BALLEVEL CHAR 
248 BALLISTCOL Application Log: Cursor position in message list (column)   INT4 
249 BALLISTROW Application Log: Cursor position in message list (line)   INT4 
250 BALLISTSEL Application Log: Cursor is on message list BOOLEAN CHAR 
251 BALLISTTBX Application Log: Internal: Index of selected entry   INT4 
252 BALLNGFNAM Application Log: Long field name CHAR100 CHAR 
253 BALLOGHNDL Application Log: Log Handle SYSUUID_22 CHAR 
254 BALMARKDEL Application Log: Deselect messages BOOLEAN CHAR 
255 BALMNR Application log: Internal message serial number BALMNR NUMC 
256 BALMODE Application Log: Operating mode (Batch,Batch Input,Dialog) BALMODE CHAR 
257 BALMSGDAT Anpplication Log: Message creation date DATUM DATS 
258 BALMSGID Application Log: Message class, message ID ARBGB CHAR 
259 BALMSGMRK Applicationn Log: Messages in list selectable BOOLEAN CHAR 
260 BALMSGNO Application Log: Message number in message class SYMSGNO NUMC 
261 BALMSGSTM Application Log: Message date/time CHAR20 CHAR 
262 BALMSGTIM Application Log: Message creation time UZEIT TIMS 
263 BALMSGTXTP Application Log: Message text with parameters BALMSGTXTP CHAR 
264 BALMSGTY Application Log: Message type (A,E,W,I,S) BALMSGTY CHAR 
265 BALMSGV1 Application Log: Message variable 1 SYCHAR50 CHAR 
266 BALMSGV2 Application Log: Message variable 2 SYCHAR50 CHAR 
267 BALMSGV3 Application Log: Message variable 3 SYCHAR50 CHAR 
268 BALMSGV4 Application Log: Message variable 4 SYCHAR50 CHAR 
269 BALMSGVSRC Application Log: Origin of a message variable CHAR15 CHAR 
270 BALNCX_KK Status of reconciliation SYCHAR132 CHAR 
271 BALNOEMPTY Application Log: Do not show empty branches BOOLEAN CHAR 
272 BALNOMSG Application Log: No message data required in tree BOOLEAN CHAR 
273 BALNOR_SC Unrounded Balance WRTV7 CURR 
274 BALNOR_VK Unrounded Balance WRTV7 CURR 
275 BALNOTOOLB Application Log: Hide toolbar in ALV grid BOOLEAN CHAR 
276 BALNREXT Application Log: External ID BALNREXT CHAR 
277 BALOBJT_D Application log: Object text TEXT60 CHAR 
278 BALOBJ_D Application log: Object name (Application code) BALOBJ CHAR 
279 BALOGNR Application log: log number BALOGNR CHAR 
280 BALONAK Final Payment   CHAR 
281 BALPAR Application log: Parameters CHAR10 CHAR 
282 BALPNR Application log: parameter serial number NUM6 NUMC 
283 BALPOPADJ Application Log: Adjust popup height BOOLEAN CHAR 
284 BALPROBCL Application log: Message problem class BALPROBCL CHAR 
285 BALPROBCLH Application Log: Log problem class BALPROBCL CHAR 
286 BALPROG Application log: Program name PROGNAME CHAR 
287 BALPUSHPOS Application Log: Position of a pushbutton in menu/toolbar BALPUSHPOS CHAR 
288 BALPVAL Application log: Parameter value TEXT75 CHAR 
289 BALREFR Application Log: Refresh message list BOOLEAN CHAR 
290 BALREFRAL Application Log: Refresh display BOOLEAN CHAR 
291 BALROOTTXT Application Log: Tree: Root node text TEXT50 CHAR 
292 BALSEG Zero Balance at Segment Level XFELD CHAR 
293 BALSELFLD Application Log: Selected field name FDNAME CHAR 
294 BALSELTAB Application Log: Table name of selected field AS4TAB CHAR 
295 BALSELVAL Application Log: Contents of selected field CHAR100 CHAR 
296 BALSEQNO Application Log: Chronological message serial number BALMNR NUMC 
297 BALSHOWALL Application Log: Display all messagee immediately BOOLEAN CHAR 
298 BALSKEY AApplication Log: Context-dependent statistics key BALSKEY CHAR 
299 BALSORT Application log: Sort criterion/grouping CHAR3 CHAR 
300 BALST Employment Tax PRBETRG CURR 
301 BALSTAT_ACT Activate Difference Status for Bank Statement XFELD CHAR 
302 BALSTAT_DEACT FTE-BSM: Deactivate Balance Reconciliation of Bank Statement XFELD CHAR 
303 BALSUBOBJ Application Log: Subobject BALSUBOBJ CHAR 
304 BALSUBOBJT Application log: sub-object text TEXT60 CHAR 
305 BALS_CATEG_ID Structured Application Log: Category ID   CHAR 
306 BALS_NODE_KEY Structured Application Log TM_CHAR12 CHAR 
307 BALS_NODE_TXT Structured Application Log: Node Text CHAR200 CHAR 
308 BALS_STTXT Structured Application Log: Text for Statistics CHAR100 CHAR 
309 BALT Previous amount WRTV7 CURR 
310 BALTABLEN Application Log: Table width   INT4 
311 BALTABNAME Application Log: Context: DDIC structure name AS4TAB CHAR 
312 BALTALMODE Application Log: Operating mode (Batch,Batch Input,Dialog) AS4TEXT CHAR 
313 BALTALSTAT Application Log: Processing status AS4TEXT CHAR 
314 BALTALTCDE Application Log: Transaction name TEXT36 CHAR 
315 BALTCODE Application Log: Transaction code TCODE CHAR 
316 BALTDELBEF Application Log: Deletion before expiry date allowed? AS4TEXT CHAR 
317 BALTDETLVL Application Log: Level of detail AS4TEXT CHAR 
318 BALTER Indicator: which stock BALTER CHAR 
319 BALTEXT Application log: Standard text CHAR28 CHAR 
320 BALTFE Old condition amount per area unit WRTV7 CURR 
321 BALTFECUK Old condition amount per area unit in 2nd currency WRTV7 CURR 
322 BALTIME Application log: time UZEIT TIMS 
323 BALTIMSTMP Application Log: Message time stamp TZNTSTMPL DEC 
324 BALTITLE Application Log: Screen title SYCHAR70 CHAR 
325 BALTMSG Application Log: Formatted message text BALTMSG CHAR 
326 BALTMSGID Application Log: Message area AS4TEXT CHAR 
327 BALTMSGTY Application Log: Seriousness of a message (A,E,W,I,S) TEXT20 CHAR 
328 BALTPRBCLH Application Log: Log problem class AS4TEXT CHAR 
329 BALTPROBCL Application Log: Problem class AS4TEXT CHAR 
330 BALTP_KK Balance Type in Cash Journal BALTP_KK CHAR 
331 BALTREEADJ Application Log: Tree: Adjust height if TREE_ONTOP = X BOOLEAN CHAR 
332 BALTREEHDR Application Log: Tree only contains log header data BOOLEAN CHAR 
333 BALTREELST Application Log: Level 1 only: Field is column in list tree BOOLEAN CHAR 
334 BALTREELVL Application Log: Selected chapter level   INT4 
335 BALTREESEL Application Log: Something was selected in hierarchy tree BOOLEAN CHAR 
336 BALTREESIZ Application Log: Tree: Size of Tree Control in CHAR   INT4 
337 BALTRONTOP Application Log: Tree: Display above messages BOOLEAN CHAR 
338 BALTXT Application Log: Label for Exception Text (Exception ID) CHAR30 CHAR 
339 BALTXTID Application Log: Key for Exception Message Text, OTR GUID SYSUUID_C CHAR 
340 BALUEF Application Log: Callback: Routine name CHAR30 CHAR 
341 BALUEP Application Log: Callback: Program name PROGNAME CHAR 
342 BALUET Application Log: Callback: Type (Ext. Perform, FM, etc.) BALUET CHAR 
343 BALUSEGRID Application Log: Use grid control for output BOOLEAN CHAR 
344 BALUSER Application log: user name XUBNAME CHAR 
345 BALVERS_CA Specify Balance Solution BALVERS_CA CHAR 
347 BAL_CARRID Application Log, Examples: Airline short name   CHAR 
348 BAL_CLUST Application Log: Data type for compressed storage BAL_CLUST LRAW 
349 BAL_CONNID Application Log, Examples: Flight code   NUMC 
350 BAL_CSTMR Application Log, Examples: Customer number   NUMC 
351 BAL_CUSTMR Application Log, Examples: Customer number   NUMC 
352 BAL_CWO Application Log: Optimize message list column width BOOLEAN CHAR 
353 BAL_DAAG_RESIDENCE Residence Time of Application Logs in Days BAL_DAAG_RESIDENCE CHAR 
354 BAL_DISP Application log: field display flag BAL_DISP CHAR 
355 BAL_EXTERN Application Log: Log display field filled externally BOOLEAN CHAR 
356 BAL_FLDATE Application Log, Examples: Flight date   DATS 
357 BAL_GRIDTITLE Application Log: Grid Title TEXT70 CHAR 
358 BAL_ID Time Base CHAR2 CHAR 
359 BAL_INT_MD IO: Contract Balance Interest Calculation XFELD CHAR 
360 BAL_INVOIC Application Log, Examples: Invoice number CHAR10 CHAR 
361 BAL_LASTNR ApplicationLog: Last message serial number assigned BALMNR NUMC 
362 BAL_NOGRIDTITLE_FLAG Application Log: No Grid Title Flag (Not Used) BOOLEAN CHAR 
363 BAL_Q Balance type CHAR2 CHAR 
364 BAL_STAT Difference Status for Bank Statement SYCHAR132 CHAR 
365 BAL_TYPE Type of Time Account Status PY_BAL_TYPE CHAR 
366 BAMAL Standard Wage PRBETRG CURR 
367 BAMANPART Application analysis: Carry out individual analysis? BAMCROSS CHAR 
368 BAMAPPL Application Analysis: Application BAMAPPL CHAR 
369 BAMAPPLCO Application analysis: Controlling BAMCROSS CHAR 
370 BAMAPPLMM Application analysis: Materials Management BAMCROSS CHAR 
371 BAMAPPLOT Application analysis: Other applications BAMCROSS CHAR 
372 BAMAPPLPP Application analysis: Production planning BAMCROSS CHAR 
373 BAMAPPLRT Application Analysis: Retail BAMCROSS CHAR 
374 BAMAPPLSD Application analysis: SD BAMCROSS CHAR 
375 BAMAS Standard Tax PRBETRG CURR 
376 BAMASTHRSH Threshhold for medium execution time of an ASTAT function SAPWLCTLNG DEC 
377 BAMASTTXT Application analysis: Texts for ASTAT records BAMASTTXT CHAR 
378 BAMBOUND Application analysis: Limit value (<=) BAMRTCNTR DEC 
379 BAMBOUNDR Application analysis: Limiting value for non-assign values BAMRTCNTR DEC 
380 BAMBUFMODE Application analysis: Buffering type of a table BAMBUFMODE CHAR 
381 BAMCHGCNT Application analysis: Total of database accesses that change BAMRTCNTR DEC 
382 BAMCHGREL Application analysis: Changes relative to seq: read accesses BAMCHGREL DEC 
383 BAMCLIAVAI Application analysis: Available clients in system INT4 INT4 
384 BAMCLIENT Application analysis: Analysis client MANDT CLNT 
385 BAMCLILIVE Application analysis: Productive clients in the system INT4 INT4 
386 BAMCOLFIXD Application analysis: UI: Detail lists: Column fixed? BAMCROSS CHAR 
387 BAMCOLHIDN Application analysis: UI: Detail lists: Column invisible? BAMCROSS CHAR 
388 BAMCOLNO Application Analysis: UI Column Number for Display BAMCOLNO NUMC 
389 BAMCOLTYPE Application analysis: UI: Column cat. BAMCOLTYPE CHAR 
390 BAMCWIDTH Application analysis: UI: Column width BAMCWIDTH INT1 
391 BAMDATE Application analysis: Date SYDATS DATS 
392 BAMDELCNT No. of DELETE attempts DEC12 DEC 
393 BAMDFIELDS Application analysis: UI: Number of data fields INT1 INT1 
395 BAMDIRFAIL Number of failed DIRECT READs DEC12 DEC 
396 BAMDISHORT Application analysis: Document type BAMDISHORT CHAR 
397 BAMDOCTYPE Application analysis: Document category BAMDOCTYPE CHAR 
398 BAMDOCUMNT Application analysis: Analysed document CHAR20 CHAR 
399 BAMDOCVLMO Application analysis: Number of months included in stats NUMC1 NUMC 
400 BAMDYNOKCD Application analysis: Function code CHAR20 CHAR 
401 BAMDYNPAVB Application analysis: Analyse availability check BAMCROSS CHAR 
402 BAMDYNPBAT Application analysis: Batch determination BAMCROSS CHAR 
403 BAMDYNPBJB Application analysis: Background jobs in CO BAMCROSS CHAR 
404 BAMDYNPCCK Application analysis: Carry out consistency check BAMCROSS CHAR 
405 BAMDYNPCTD Application analysis: Transaction data in CO BAMCROSS CHAR 
406 BAMDYNPCUE Application analysis: User exits in CO BAMCROSS CHAR 
407 BAMDYNPIND Application analysis: Analyse SD indices BAMCROSS CHAR 
408 BAMDYNPJIM Application analysis: Create job and start immediately BAMCROSS CHAR 
409 BAMDYNPJNS Application analysis: Create job and do not start BAMCROSS CHAR 
410 BAMDYNPJSC Application analysis: Create job and start at specif. time BAMCROSS CHAR 
411 BAMDYNPJSD Application analysis: Start date for job SYDATS DATS 
412 BAMDYNPJTI Application analysis: Start time for job SYTIME TIMS 
413 BAMDYNPKRE Applicatin analysis: Credit management BAMCROSS CHAR 
414 BAMDYNPLST Application analysis: Analyse collective runs BAMCROSS CHAR 
415 BAMDYNPMAT Application analysis: Mat.det./listing/exclusion analysis BAMCROSS CHAR 
416 BAMDYNPMAV Application analysis: Analyze availability check in MM BAMCROSS CHAR 
417 BAMDYNPMDC Application analysis: Material documents BAMCROSS CHAR 
418 BAMDYNPMES Application analysis:Purchasing Information System (PURCHIS) BAMCROSS CHAR 
419 BAMDYNPMJB Application analysis: Create several partial jobs BAMCROSS CHAR 
420 BAMDYNPMMA Application analysis: Material determination, listing, excl. BAMCROSS CHAR 
421 BAMDYNPMOP Application analysis: Analyse output determination BAMCROSS CHAR 
422 BAMDYNPMPR Application analysis: Carry out pricing analysis BAMCROSS CHAR 
423 BAMDYNPMST Application analysis: Material master BAMCROSS CHAR 
424 BAMDYNPOPS Application analysis: Project system BAMCROSS CHAR 
425 BAMDYNPOTR Application analysis: Treasury BAMCROSS CHAR 
426 BAMDYNPOUT Application analysis: Analyse output determination BAMCROSS CHAR 
427 BAMDYNPPAC Application analysis: Availability check in PP BAMCROSS CHAR 
428 BAMDYNPPAR Application analysis: Partner determination BAMCROSS CHAR 
429 BAMDYNPPBK Application analysis: Confirmation BAMCROSS CHAR 
430 BAMDYNPPMR Application analysis: MRP planning run BAMCROSS CHAR 
431 BAMDYNPPRC Application analysis: Carry out pricing analysis BAMCROSS CHAR 
432 BAMDYNPPSL Application analysis: Material selection BAMCROSS CHAR 
433 BAMDYNPPST Application analysis: Stocks BAMCROSS CHAR 
434 BAMDYNPPUE Application analysis: User exits in PP BAMCROSS CHAR 
435 BAMDYNPRCA Application analysis: Pricing BAMCROSS CHAR 
436 BAMDYNPREP Application analysis: Reporting in CO BAMCROSS CHAR 
437 BAMDYNPRIS Application analysis: RIS / Data enhancement BAMCROSS CHAR 
438 BAMDYNPRLI Application analysis: Listing / Assortment list BAMCROSS CHAR 
439 BAMDYNPRO Application analysis: Screen numbers SYCHAR04 CHAR 
440 BAMDYNPRPI Application analysis: POS inbound (IS) BAMCROSS CHAR 
441 BAMDYNPRPU Application analysis: POS inbound BAMCROSS CHAR 
442 BAMDYNPTST Applicatin analysis: Table statistics in CO BAMCROSS CHAR 
443 BAMDYNPUET Application analysis: Analyse u.exits, mod. and print prog. BAMCROSS CHAR 
444 BAMDYNPVKO Application analysis: Variant configuration BAMCROSS CHAR 
445 BAMEI Purchase requisition unit of measure MEINS UNIT 
446 BAMEI_ISO ISO code for unit of measure in purchase requisition ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
447 BAMENDDATE Application analysis: End date SYDATS DATS 
448 BAMENGE_BI Quantity requested (BTCI) CHAR17 CHAR 
449 BAMFIELDNO Application analysis: UI: Field no. in the object structure BAMFIELDNO NUMC 
450 BAMGENKEYS Application analysis: Number of fields in generic key INT4 INT4 
451 BAMGROUP Application Analysis: Analysis Group BAMGROUP CHAR 
452 BAMGRPTEXT Application Analysis: Analysis Group Descriptions TEXT60 CHAR 
453 BAMHEADL1 Application Analysis: UI Title Line 1 TEXT60 CHAR 
454 BAMHEADL2 Application Analysis: UI Title Line 2 TEXT60 CHAR 
455 BAMHITLSIZ Application analysis: Length of the hitlist INT4 INT4 
456 BAMHLPARBG Application analysis: UI: Work area output for help ARBGB CHAR 
457 BAMHLPDEL Application analysis: UI: Dataelement for help ROLLNAME CHAR 
458 BAMHLPMSGN Application analysis: UI: Output number for help MSGNR CHAR 
459 BAMINSCNT No. of INSERT attempts DEC12 DEC 
460 BAMKFIELDS Application analysis: UI: Number key fields INT1 INT1 
461 BAMNG Purchase requisition quantity MENG13 QUAN 
462 BAMNGROUP Application analysis: UI: Analysis group subsq. display BAMGROUP CHAR 
463 BAMNG_F Purchase Requisition Quantity Floating Point Number   FLTP 
464 BAMNOBJID Application analysis: UI: Analysis object subsequent display BAMOBJID CHAR 
465 BAMOAPPL Application analysis: Other application (compared with APPL) BAMAPPL CHAR 
466 BAMOBJID Application Analysis: Analysis Object (ID) BAMOBJID CHAR 
467 BAMOBJTYPE Application analysis: Object or analysis type BAMOBJTYPE CHAR 
468 BAMOK Stock type modification BAMOK CHAR 
469 BAMOK_MSEG Stock Type Modification (Read from Table T156M) BAMOK_MSEG CHAR 
470 BAMPROFILE Application Analysis: UI Number of Display Profile BAMPROFILE NUMC 
471 BAMREPTCOD Appl. analysis: UI: Maintenance report/transaction or domain BAMREPTCOD CHAR 
472 BAMRTAVAIL Application analysis: Results table: Values exist BAMRTAVAIL CHAR 
473 BAMRTCNTR Application analysis: Results table: Counter BAMRTCNTR DEC 
474 BAMRTINIT Application analysis: Results table: Key is preassigned BAMRTINIT CHAR 
475 BAMRTKEY Application monitor: Results table: Key field CHAR30 CHAR 
476 BAMRTPRCNT Application analysis: Results table: Percentage amount BAMRTPRCNT DEC 
477 BAMRTSAMPL Application Analysis: Results Table: Sample CHAR20 CHAR 
478 BAMRTTEXT Application analysis: Results table: Text description TEXT60 CHAR 
479 BAMRTTOTAL Application monitor: Results table: Totals indicator BAMRTTOTAL CHAR 
480 BAMRTTVAL Application analysis: Results table: Textual value TEXT20 CHAR 
481 BAMSDDOCAU Application analysis: Entries in characteristic value table DEC12 DEC 
482 BAMSDDOCFB Application analysis: Number of billing documents DEC12 DEC 
483 BAMSDDOCFP Application analysis: Number of items in billing documents DEC12 DEC 
484 BAMSDDOCKV Application analysis: Entries in condition transaction table DEC12 DEC 
485 BAMSDDOCLB Application analysis: Number of deliver documents DEC12 DEC 
486 BAMSDDOCLP Application analysis: Number of items in delivery documents DEC12 DEC 
487 BAMSDDOCNA Application analysis: Entries in output status table DEC12 DEC 
488 BAMSDDOCPA Application analysis: Partners DEC12 DEC 
489 BAMSDDOCVB Application analysis: Number of sales documents DEC12 DEC 
490 BAMSDDOCVE Application analysis: Number of sched. lines in sales docs DEC12 DEC 
491 BAMSDDOCVP Application analysis: Number of items in sales documents DEC12 DEC 
493 BAMSEQNO Application analysis: Sequential number BAMSEQNO NUMC 
494 BAMSHOWTTL Application analysis: UI: Totals line relevant for display? XFELD CHAR 
495 BAMST14STR Application analysis: String for display tree in ST14 BAMVIEWSTR CHAR 
496 BAMSTADATE Application analysis: Start date SYDATS DATS 
497 BAMSTCOLNO Application analysis: UI: Column item for presorting BAMCOLNO NUMC 
498 BAMSTDIR Application analysis: UI: Sort direction for pre-sorting BAMSORTDIR CHAR 
499 BAMTABNAME Application analysis: Table name AS4TAB CHAR 
500 BAMTABNAME_30 Application analysis: Table name (3.0 format) CHAR10 CHAR