SAP ABAP Data Element - Index B, page 42
Data Element - B
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 BPR_TEXT Context Name   CHAR 
2 BPSOR Sorting indicator for purchase order item selection list BPSOR CHAR 
3 BPSRVGRP Server Group Name Background Processing CHAR20 CHAR 
4 BPSRVGRPN Server Group Name Background Processing CHAR40 CHAR 
5 BPSTA Pricing: Status of Item in Pricing Document BPSTA CHAR 
6 BPSTA_EL Item status for competitor price entry document BPSTA_EL CHAR 
7 BPSTF Postal code fusion BPSTF CHAR 
8 BPS_ACCST Benefit point account status XFELD CHAR 
9 BPS_ACCTTX Benefit point account type text TEXT40 CHAR 
10 BPS_ACCTY Benefit point account type BPS_ACCTY CHAR 
11 BPS_ADDPT Benefit additional point BPS_ADDPT DEC 
12 BPS_ADDRT The subtype of infotype 0006 address(TC=1/2) SUBTY_591A CHAR 
13 BPS_APCVR Amount to points converting rule BPS_CVRRL CHAR 
14 BPS_APPDA Request approved date DATUM DATS 
15 BPS_BANKT The subtype of External Bank Transfers infotype (0011) LGART CHAR 
16 BPS_BASPT Benefit basic point BPS_BASPT DEC 
17 BPS_BCRIN Request created by batch input or not XFELD CHAR 
18 BPS_BPACC Benefit point account BPS_BPACC CHAR 
19 BPS_BPACTX Benefit point account text TEXT40 CHAR 
20 BPS_CABPT Current benefit point balance BPS_CABPT DEC 
21 BPS_CARRY Carry over point from previous period CHAR1 CHAR 
22 BPS_CCPTS Calculated carry over points BPS_CCPTS DEC 
23 BPS_CROPC Maximum percentage of points can be carried over BPS_CROPC DEC 
24 BPS_CROPT The number of points can be carried over BPS_CROPT DEC 
25 BPS_CUAMT Amount of differenc between reim. and ded. amount P_AMT07 CURR 
26 BPS_CUWTY Wage type for differenc between reim. and ded. amount LGART CHAR 
27 BPS_CVRFC Conversion factor P_AMT07 CURR 
28 BPS_CVRPT Conversion points BPS_MXDPT DEC 
29 BPS_CVRRL Conversion rule BPS_CVRRL CHAR 
30 BPS_CVRRTX Converting rule text TEXT40 CHAR 
31 BPS_DATAR Penalty date type DATAR CHAR 
32 BPS_DATE Datum im CHAR-Format CHAR8 CHAR 
33 BPS_DATTY Benefit point hire date override DATAR CHAR 
34 BPS_DEAGE Family member's age DEC03 DEC 
35 BPS_DEPNO Number of dependents NUMC2 NUMC 
36 BPS_DEWTY Wage type for deduction amount LGART CHAR 
37 BPS_ECRIN Request can be created or not by ESS XFELD CHAR 
38 BPS_ENDTY Benefit point leaving date override DATAR CHAR 
39 BPS_EXAMT Excess amount P_AMT07 CURR 
40 BPS_EXPTS Excess points BPS_MXDPT DEC 
41 BPS_EXWTY Wage type for excess amount LGART CHAR 
42 BPS_FABPT Available points BPS_FABPT DEC 
43 BPS_FAMID Family member subtype object of infotype 0021 OBJPS CHAR 
44 BPS_FAMTY Family member subtype of infotype 0021 SUBTY_591A CHAR 
45 BPS_FNAME Family member's name TEXT40 CHAR 
46 BPS_GENDR Employee gender (infotype 0002) GESCH CHAR 
47 BPS_IABPT Initial account balance BPS_IABPT DEC 
48 BPS_MAXAM Maximum amount for request type P_AMT07 CURR 
49 BPS_MAXPT Maximum number of points for request type BPS_MXDPT DEC 
50 BPS_MAXRQ Maximum number of request DEC2 DEC 
51 BPS_MXCPT Maximum number of points can be carried over BPS_MXCPT DEC 
52 BPS_MXDPC Maximum percentage of deducted point per time unit BPS_MXDPC DEC 
53 BPS_MXDPT Maximum deducted points per time unit BPS_MXDPT DEC 
54 BPS_MXTUN Time period unit BPS_TUNIT CHAR 
55 BPS_OPTPT Deduction points for request option BPS_MXDPT DEC 
56 BPS_OVERW Overwrite the account points CHAR1 CHAR 
57 BPS_PACVR Points to amount conversion rule BPS_CVRRL CHAR 
58 BPS_PNTGR Benefit point grouping BPS_PNTGR CHAR 
59 BPS_PNTGTX Benefit point grouping text TEXT40 CHAR 
60 BPS_PNTIN Benefit point grouping indicator XFELD CHAR 
61 BPS_PNTRL Benefit point rule variant BPS_PNTRL CHAR 
62 BPS_PNTRTX Benefit point rule variant text TEXT40 CHAR 
63 BPS_PTSPR Benefit point prorating method BPS_PTSPR CHAR 
64 BPS_RBAMT Reimbursement amount P_AMT07 CURR 
65 BPS_RBPTS Purchase points BPS_BASPT DEC 
66 BPS_RDAMT Deduction amount P_AMT07 CURR 
67 BPS_RDBEG Request benefit begin date DATUM DATS 
68 BPS_RDEND Request benefit end date DATUM DATS 
69 BPS_RDEPN School period number DEC2 DEC 
70 BPS_RDESP School period BPS_RDESP CHAR 
71 BPS_RDESY School year DEC2 DEC 
72 BPS_RDGNG Number of gifts DEC3 DEC 
73 BPS_RDMCD Confirmed examination date DATUM DATS 
74 BPS_RDMPD Preferred examination date DATUM DATS 
75 BPS_RDPTS Deduction points BPS_MXDPT DEC 
76 BPS_RDPUR Benefit request purpose BPS_RDPUR CHAR 
77 BPS_RDPUTX Benefit request purpose text TEXT40 CHAR 
78 BPS_RDRCN Confirmation number BPS_RDRCN CHAR 
79 BPS_RDRCU Invoice amount currency WAERS CUKY 
80 BPS_RDRES Employee staying or not BPS_RDRES CHAR 
81 BPS_RDRIA Invoice amount P_AMT07 CURR 
82 BPS_RDRNP Number of persons DEC2 DEC 
83 BPS_RDRNR Number of rooms DEC2 DEC 
84 BPS_RDRRS Room size DEC2 DEC 
85 BPS_RDSTA Benefit request status BPS_RDSTA CHAR 
86 BPS_RDSTTX Benefit request detail status text TEXT40 CHAR 
87 BPS_REDGR Benefit request dependent eligibility grouping BPS_REDGR CHAR 
88 BPS_REDGTX Benefit request employee eligibility grouping text TEXT40 CHAR 
89 BPS_REEGR Benefit request employee eligibility grouping BPS_REEGR CHAR 
90 BPS_REEGTX Benefit request employee eligibility grouping text TEXT40 CHAR 
91 BPS_REFER Reference text TEXT128 CHAR 
92 BPS_RMBLM Reimbursement amount limit P_AMT07 CURR 
93 BPS_RMBPC Reim. request amount percentage DEC3 DEC 
94 BPS_RMWTY Wage type for reimbursement amount LGART CHAR 
95 BPS_RQAMT Request amount P_AMT07 CURR 
96 BPS_RQATY Benefit point system absence type BPS_AWART CHAR 
97 BPS_RQCAT Benefit request category BPS_RQCAT CHAR 
98 BPS_RQCATX Benefit request category text TEXT40 CHAR 
99 BPS_RQDAT Benefit request date DATUM DATS 
100 BPS_RQELI Benefit request type eligibility rule BPS_RQELI CHAR 
101 BPS_RQELTX Benefit request type eligibility rule text TEXT40 CHAR 
102 BPS_RQLGR Benefit request type limit grouping BPS_RQLGR CHAR 
103 BPS_RQLGTX Benefit request type limit grouping text TEXT40 CHAR 
104 BPS_RQLIM Benefit request type limit rule variant BPS_RQLIM CHAR 
105 BPS_RQLIN Benefit request type limit group indicator XFELD CHAR 
106 BPS_RQLITX Benefit request type limit rule variant text TEXT40 CHAR 
107 BPS_RQNPM Negative balance processing mode BPS_RQSTA CHAR 
108 BPS_RQOPT Benefit request type option BPS_RQOPT CHAR 
109 BPS_RQOPTX Benefit request type option text TEXT40 CHAR 
110 BPS_RQPER Indicate who can enroll this request type BPS_RQPER CHAR 
111 BPS_RQPEX Pay for points that exceed account balance XFELD CHAR 
112 BPS_RQPMD Benefit request processing mode BPS_RQPMD CHAR 
113 BPS_RQPPM Positive balance processing mode BPS_RQSTA CHAR 
114 BPS_RQPRO Benefit requests processed by Payroll BPS_RQPRO CHAR 
115 BPS_RQPYD Date of origin DATUM DATS 
116 BPS_RQSTA Request status BPS_RQSTA CHAR 
117 BPS_RQTUN Benefit request time unit BPS_TUNIT CHAR 
118 BPS_RQTYP Benefit request type BPS_RQTYP CHAR 
119 BPS_RQTYTX Benefit request type text TEXT40 CHAR 
120 BPS_SLBEG Request type selection begin date DATUM DATS 
121 BPS_SLEND Request type selection end date DATUM DATS 
122 BPS_TOTPT Benefit total point BPS_TOTPT DEC 
123 BPT01 Creation reason for document CHAR2 CHAR 
124 BPT04 Report type CHAR2 CHAR 
126 BPTAXCHECKFCT Check Function Module: Business Partner Tax Number FUNCNAME CHAR 
127 BPTAXNUM Business Partner Tax Number BPTAXNUM CHAR 
128 BPTAXNUML Business Partner Large Tax Number BPTAXNUML CHAR 
129 BPTAXNUMXL Business Partner Tax Number BPTAXNUMXL CHAR 
130 BPTAXNUM_ADDRNUM Address Number for Tax Address of Partner AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
131 BPTAXNUM_BR_KK Tax Number for Business Partner in Brazil BPTAXNUM_BR_KK CHAR 
133 BPTAXTYPE1 Tax Number Type 1 for Business Partner BPTAXTYPE CHAR 
134 BPTAXTYPE2 Tax Number type 2 for Business Partner BPTAXTYPE CHAR 
135 BPTAXTYPECORE Tax Number Category of FI: For Using FI Tax Checks J_1ATOID CHAR 
136 BPTAXTYPETXT Name: Business Partner Tax Number Categories TXT40 CHAR 
137 BPTAXTYPE_COUNTRY Country of Tax Number Category (First Two Characters LAND1 CHAR 
138 BPTAX_ADNR Address Number for Tax Address of Partner AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
139 BPTXT_KK Name of Valuation Plan Variant TEXT50 CHAR 
140 BPT_FORMSEL Bihar PTax Form Selection BPT_FORMSEL CHAR 
141 BPUEB Adopt requisition price in purchase order BPUEB CHAR 
142 BPUMN Denominator for Conv. of Order Price Unit into Order Unit UMBSN DEC 
143 BPUMN_BI Denominator (Conv. of Order Price Un. Into Order Unit: BTCI) CHAR06 CHAR 
144 BPUMZ Numerator for Conversion of Order Price Unit into Order Unit UMBSZ DEC 
145 BPUMZ_BI Numerator for Conv. of Order Price Un. Into Order Un. (BTCI) CHAR06 CHAR 
146 BPVON_F42B From Posting Period (in Format MM) NUM02 NUMC 
147 BPWEB Quantity in Valuated GR Blocked Stock in Order Price Unit MENG13 QUAN 
148 BPWEM Goods receipt quantity in order unit MENG13 QUAN 
149 BPWEM_ABD GR Quantity in Purchase Order Price Unit for Dist. by Amount FLTP FLTP 
150 BPWEM_F Quantity of Goods Received in OPU (Floating Point)   FLTP 
151 BPWES Quantity in GR blocked stock in order price unit MENG13 QUAN 
152 BPWIDTH_PC Width per character for table fields in 1/100 mm NUMC3 NUMC 
153 BPWMM Non-valuated goods receipt quantity in order price unit MENG13V QUAN 
154 BPWMODE Modes for special logs for move-in/out BPWMODE CHAR 
155 BPWWM Valuated goods receipt quantity in order unit MENG13 QUAN 
156 BPWWM_ABD Valuated GR Quantity in Order Unit Distribution by Amount FLTP FLTP 
157 BPXPAADR Partner/address string CHAR60 CHAR 
158 BP_ACCAR Indicator: posting object X CHAR 
160 BP_ACTION Availability control action BP_ACTION NUMC 
161 BP_ADDATE Additional Date for Additional Information DATS DATS 
162 BP_ADDATE_DI Additional Date for Additional Information CHAR8 CHAR 
163 BP_ADDITN Name Affix TEXT20 CHAR 
165 BP_ADDR_C Business partner address TEXT80 CHAR 
166 BP_ADDTYPE Information Category BP_ADDTYPE NUMC 
167 BP_ADDTYPE_DI Information Category CHAR2 CHAR 
168 BP_ADDTYPE_TEXT Description of Information Category TEXT20 CHAR 
169 BP_ADDTYPE_TEXT30 Information Category CHAR30 CHAR 
170 BP_ADD_DIM Additional Dimensions - Sender Recipient Cover Eligibility BP_ADD_DIM CHAR 
171 BP_ADI_CHECK_OFF Suppress Check Against Values Defined in Customizing XFELD CHAR 
172 BP_ADRE_Q Address Information Field BP_ADRE_Q NUMC 
173 BP_ADRNR Address Number SADRNR CHAR 
174 BP_ADRNR_OLD Address Number SADRNR CHAR 
175 BP_ADR_DAT Business partner address relationship valid from DATUM DATS 
176 BP_ADR_D_E Business Partner Address Relationship Valid Until DATUM DATS 
177 BP_ADR_LOC Building CHAR20 CHAR 
181 BP_AENDDAT Date of last change DATUM DATS 
182 BP_AENDNAM Last changed by SYCHAR12 CHAR 
183 BP_AKTIV Tolerance limit active XFELD CHAR 
184 BP_AKTYP Activity Category for Business Partner Management BP_AKTYP CHAR 
185 BP_AKT_ART Availability control activation type BP_AKT_ART CHAR 
187 BP_AMNT_DI Amount CHAR15 CHAR 
188 BP_ANN_ACC Year-End Closing XFELD CHAR 
189 BP_ANUM Delete Target BP_ANUM CHAR 
190 BP_ANZ Business Partner: Field Modification "Display Field" XFELD CHAR 
191 BP_APPL Application Category BP_APPL CHAR 
193 BP_APPLI_AKTIV Conversion: Partner Application Active XFELD CHAR 
194 BP_AQSB2_KK Proportional Withholding Tax Amount In Local Currency 2 BAPICURR DEC 
195 BP_AQSB3_KK Proportional Withholding Tax Amount In Local Currency 3 BAPICURR DEC 
196 BP_AQSBH_KK Proportional Withholding Tax Amount In Local Currency BAPICURR DEC 
197 BP_AQSBO_KK Proportional Withholding Tax Amount In Item Currency BAPICURR DEC 
198 BP_AQSBW_KK Proportional Withholding Tax Amount In Transaction Currency BAPICURR DEC 
199 BP_ARCH_ROLE_ACTIVE Activate Archiving of BP Role After Residence Time Expires XFELD CHAR 
200 BP_ARCH_ROLE_TIME_EXEMPT Residence Time for Business Partners to Be Archived BP_ARCHROLE_TIME_EXEMPT NUMC 
201 BP_ASKT2_KK Proportional Cash Discount In Second Local Currency BAPICURR DEC 
202 BP_ASKT3_KK Proportional Cash Discount In Local Currency 3 BAPICURR DEC 
203 BP_ASKTH_KK Proportional cash discount in local currency BAPICURR DEC 
204 BP_ASKTO_KK Proportional cash discount amount in item currency BAPICURR DEC 
205 BP_ASKTW_KK Proportional cash discount in transaction currency BAPICURR DEC 
206 BP_ASSI_NR Allocation Number BP_ASSI_NR CHAR 
207 BP_ASSI_TYP Assignment Category BP_ASSI_TYP CHAR 
208 BP_AUGB2_KK Clearing Amount in Second Local Currency (With +/- Sign) BAPICURR DEC 
209 BP_AUGB3_KK Clearing Amount in Third Local Currency (With +/- Sign) BAPICURR DEC 
210 BP_AUGBH_KK Clearing amount in local currency with +/- sign BAPICURR DEC 
211 BP_AUGBO_KK Clearing Amount in Open Item Currency BAPICURR DEC 
212 BP_AUGBS_KK Tax Amount in Clearing Currency BAPICURR DEC 
213 BP_AUGBT_KK Clearing amount in clearing currency BAPICURR DEC 
214 BP_AUGBW_KK Clearing amount in transaction currency (with +/- sign) BAPICURR DEC 
215 BP_AUS Business Partner: Field Modification "Hide" XFELD CHAR 
216 BP_AUTWR_KK Payment Cards: Authorized Amount BAPICURR DEC 
217 BP_AVA_ALL Availability control against overall value X CHAR 
218 BP_A_ACC_D Year-End Closing Date for Fiscal Year DATUM DATS 
219 BP_A_ACC_D_DI Year-End Closing Date for Fiscal Year CHAR8 CHAR 
220 BP_BAL_AMT Amount of Balance Sheet Total for Company WERTV8 CURR 
221 BP_BAL_AMT_DI Amount of Balance Sheet Total for Company CHAR21 CHAR 
222 BP_BAL_CUR Balance Sheet Currency WAERS CUKY 
223 BP_BAL_CUR_DI Balance Sheet Currency CHAR5 CHAR 
224 BP_BAL_FLG Balance Sheet Display BP_BAL_FLG CHAR 
225 BP_BAL_SH Balance Sheet Display BP_BAL_SH CHAR 
226 BP_BANKRUP Launch Bankruptcy Proceedings XFELD CHAR 
227 BP_BANK_DEL_D Termination Date for Business Relations with the Bank DATUM DATS 
228 BP_BANK_DEL_D_DI Termination Date for Business Relations with the Bank CHAR8 CHAR 
229 BP_BCA_DTE_CARD_MAX_FILE_SIZE Maximum Size for Ordering File   INT4 
230 BP_BELNR Document number from budget allocation & structure planning BP_BELNR NUMC 
231 BP_BETR2_KK Amount in second parallel currency with +/- sign BAPICURR DEC 
232 BP_BETR3_KK Amount in third parallel currency with +/- sign BAPICURR DEC 
233 BP_BETRH_KK Amount in Local Currency with +/- Signs BAPICURR DEC 
234 BP_BETRW_KK Amount in Transaction Currency with +/- Sign BAPICURR DEC 
235 BP_BETRZ_KK Payment Amount in Transaction Currency BAPICURR DEC 
236 BP_BEZ50 Name of Field Group TEXT50 CHAR 
237 BP_BGT_COLLECT Group budget types in original budget X CHAR 
238 BP_BILL Resulting Billing Period BP_BILL CHAR 
239 BP_BIRTHD Date of Birth of Business Partner DATUM DATS 
240 BP_BIRTHNA Name at Birth TEXT40 CHAR 
241 BP_BIRTHPL Birthplace TEXT40 CHAR 
242 BP_BIRTH_A Name at Birth Affix TEXT40 CHAR 
243 BP_BLDAT Document Date DATUM DATS 
244 BP_BLOCK Block Number Temporary Backup NUMC10 NUMC 
245 BP_BLTXT Document Header Text TEXT50 CHAR 
246 BP_BNAT BP: Natural Person Indicator XFELD CHAR 
247 BP_BNKRY_D Commencement Date of Bankruptcy Proceedings DATUM DATS 
248 BP_BNKRY_D_DI Date of bankruptcy proceedings CHAR8 CHAR 
249 BP_BOTT_UP Bottom-up planning in structure planning XFELD CHAR 
250 BP_BPCAR Budget Object X CHAR 
251 BP_BPGE Planning/Budget Overall Values X CHAR 
252 BP_BPJA Planning/budget annual values X CHAR 
253 BP_BPPE Planning/budget period values X CHAR 
255 BP_BRSCH_OLD Industry Keys BRSCH CHAR 
256 BP_BSPID Budget structure element (BS element) TEXT50 CHAR 
257 BP_BSTAT Document/Document Line Item Status BP_BSTAT CHAR 
258 BP_BSTAT_T Description (text) for planning/budgeting document status TEXT20 CHAR 
259 BP_BTP_ACT Current budget X CHAR 
260 BP_BTP_ASS Assigned budget X CHAR 
261 BP_BTP_DAB distributable budget X CHAR 
262 BP_BTP_DIT Distributed budget X CHAR 
263 BP_BTP_HEA Budget type header X CHAR 
264 BP_BTP_ORG Original budget X CHAR 
267 BP_BUSIN_Y Fiscal year GJAHR NUMC 
268 BP_BUSIN_Y_DI Fiscal Year CHAR4 CHAR 
269 BP_B_Y_BEG Fiscal Year Start Date DATUM DATS 
270 BP_B_Y_BEG_DI Fiscal Year Start Date CHAR8 CHAR 
271 BP_B_Y_END Fiscal Year End Date DATUM DATS 
272 BP_B_Y_END_DI Fiscal Year End Date CHAR8 CHAR 
273 BP_CALC Budget/plan - revaluation percentage PROZV8 DEC 
274 BP_CAL_ID Factory calendar WFCID CHAR 
275 BP_CAP_RESERV Amount of Capital Reserve for Company WERTV8 CURR 
276 BP_CAP_RESERV_DI Amount of Capital Reserve for Company CHAR21 CHAR 
277 BP_CAP_STK Amount of Authorized Capital Stock for Company WERTV8 CURR 
278 BP_CAP_STK_DI Amount of Authorized Capital Stock for Company CHAR21 CHAR 
279 BP_CARDI Cardinality of Role Assignment to an Object NUMC3 NUMC 
280 BP_CARRDYN Check on lowest budget object with budget X CHAR 
281 BP_CARRGRP Object definitions with groups X CHAR 
282 BP_CARR_GR Define budget structure with BS template X CHAR 
283 BP_CARR_SI Define budget objects individually X CHAR 
284 BP_CAT_CB Commitment budget X CHAR 
285 BP_CAT_FIP Financial budget X CHAR 
286 BP_CAT_HEA Budget category X CHAR 
287 BP_CAT_PB Payment budget X CHAR 
288 BP_CA_BAS Costing Basis BP_CA_BAS NUMC 
289 BP_CA_CB Calculation Amount Commitment Budget BP_CA_CB CURR 
290 BP_CA_CP Costing percentage rate for commitment budget PRZ32 DEC 
291 BP_CA_GES Budget object - overall values X CHAR 
292 BP_CA_IN_A Amount of last capital increase WERTV8 CURR 
293 BP_CA_IN_A_DI Amount of Last Capital Increase CHAR21 CHAR 
294 BP_CA_IN_Y Year of Last Capital Increase GJAHR NUMC 
295 BP_CA_IN_Y_DI Year of Last Capital Increase CHAR4 CHAR 
296 BP_CA_PB Calculation Amount Payment Budget BP_CA_PB CURR 
297 BP_CA_PP Payment budget costing percentage rate PRZ32 DEC 
298 BP_CA_STRT Beginning year for processing of budget objects GJAHR NUMC 
299 BP_CA_YR_E Budget object - last year GJAHR NUMC 
300 BP_CA_YR_S Budget object - first year GJAHR NUMC 
301 BP_CB Commitment budget X CHAR 
302 BP_CBETH_KK Cleared amount in local currency BAPICURR DEC 
303 BP_CBETW_KK Cleared amount in transaction currency BAPICURR DEC 
304 BP_CBO Commitment budget X CHAR 
305 BP_CCOM_RE Company Relationship in Company Code BP_COMP_RE CHAR 
306 BP_CDOC Partner-object relationship: Create change documents BP_CDOC CHAR 
307 BP_CENTRAL Indicator for central view of BP indep. of role category XFELD CHAR 
309 BP_CHANGE_KEY Conversion: Key Change XFELD CHAR 
310 BP_CHAR1 Single-Character Indicator BP_CHAR1 CHAR 
311 BP_CHAR2 Version Number Component BP_CHAR2 CHAR 
312 BP_CHECKFC Check Function Module: ID Number in the Business Partner BP_CHECKFC_D CHAR 
313 BP_CHECK_ALL Checking budget consistency (complete) X CHAR 
314 BP_CHECK_COVER Budget Memo "Cover Eligibility" X CHAR 
315 BP_CHECK_LATE Execute check at the end X CHAR 
316 BP_CHECK_ORIGINAL Check for Original Budget and Supplement X CHAR 
317 BP_CHECK_RESIDUAL Check for Residual Budget X CHAR 
318 BP_CHECK_RIB Revenues Increasing Budget with Budget Memo X CHAR 
319 BP_CHECK_SUBTYPE Budget Subtype Check X CHAR 
320 BP_CHECK_ZERO Check Against 0 X CHAR 
321 BP_CHILDRN Number of Children Belonging to the Business Partner DEC2 DEC 
322 BP_CHILDRN_DI Number of Children Belonging to the Business Partner CHAR2 CHAR 
323 BP_CHNG Changes allowed BP_CHNG CHAR 
324 BP_CITY Business Partner Address: City TEXT21 CHAR 
326 BP_CLASSIFICATION_D_DI Date of Risk Grouping CHAR8 CHAR 
327 BP_CNTR_HD Country of Organization's Registered Office LAND1 CHAR 
328 BP_CNTR_N Nationality LAND1 CHAR 
329 BP_CNTR_REP Country for Reporting LAND1 CHAR 
330 BP_CNTR_ST Citizenship LAND1 CHAR 
331 BP_COCAR_C Indicator: assignment object - commitment budget X CHAR 
332 BP_COCAR_P Indicator: assignment object - payment budget X CHAR 
333 BP_COEFF_FINANCE Financing Coefficient for Company in Percent DEC3_2 DEC 
334 BP_COEFF_FINANCE_DI Financing Coefficient for Company in Percent CHAR6 CHAR 
335 BP_COMBINE_TIE Group Affiliation Exists XFELD CHAR 
336 BP_COMPNYC Company Code Relevance Indicator XFELD CHAR 
337 BP_COMP_HD Registered Office TEXT35 CHAR 
338 BP_COMP_RE Organization Relationship BP_COMP_RE CHAR 
339 BP_COM_REG Entry in Commercial Register TEXT50 CHAR 
340 BP_COM_R_D Date of Entry in Commercial Register DATUM DATS 
341 BP_COM_UNT Communications Valid to DATUM DATS 
342 BP_CONSOLI Consolidation XFELD CHAR 
343 BP_CONSTANT Key for a Constant BP_CONSTANT CHAR 
345 BP_CONVERT Convert Business Partner XFELD CHAR 
346 BP_CONV_FLG Indicator to Show if SAP BP Relationship Was Converted XFELD CHAR 
347 BP_CONV_NO Status of Conversion BP_CONV_NO CHAR 
348 BP_CORR Update SAP Business Partner BP_CORR CHAR 
349 BP_COUM Change or Create SAP Business Partner BP_COUM CHAR 
352 BP_CPD BP: Collective Business Partner Grouping Indicator XFELD CHAR 
353 BP_CP_ACT Copy current budget X CHAR 
354 BP_CP_ADD Budget/plan - total view values for existing values X CHAR 
355 BP_CP_BGT Copy budget X CHAR 
356 BP_CP_M1 Copy mode: create new data only X CHAR 
357 BP_CP_M2 Copy mode: reset and overwrite existing data X CHAR 
358 BP_CP_M3 Copy mode: add reference version to existing target data X CHAR 
359 BP_CP_NAC Copy supplements X CHAR 
360 BP_CP_ORG Copy original budget X CHAR 
361 BP_CP_PERC Budget/plan - percentage valuation of view to be copied PROZV8 DEC 
362 BP_CP_PREL Copy parked budget also X CHAR 
363 BP_CP_REPL Budget/plan - overwrite existing values with view values X CHAR 
364 BP_CP_RUE Copy returns X CHAR 
365 BP_CP_SEL Only copy certain budget types X CHAR 
366 BP_CP_UMB Copy transfer postings X CHAR 
367 BP_CRDAT Creation Date DATUM DATS 
368 BP_CREDITING_RELIEF Crediting Relief in Accordance with Paragraph 13/3 GBA XFELD CHAR 
369 BP_CRITER Differentiation Criterion BP_CRITER CHAR 
370 BP_CRITER_AUTH Authorization Check on Differentiation Criterion XFELD CHAR 
371 BP_CRITER_FIELD_USE Usage Type for Differentiation Criterion BP_CRITER_FIELD_USE CHAR 
372 BP_CRITER_MARK Description of Differentiation Criterion TEXT40 CHAR 
373 BP_CRUSER Entered by SYCHAR12 CHAR 
374 BP_CSEGMENT Customer Segment CHAR20 CHAR 
375 BP_CTRLSUM Budgeting/planning control total WERTV8 CURR 
376 BP_CT_FIELD Field with F4 Input Help BP_CT_FIELD CHAR 
377 BP_CT_FIELD_TEXT Description for the Field with Input Help TEXT20 CHAR 
378 BP_CURKOKR Budgeting/Planning in the Controlling Area Currency X CHAR 
379 BP_CUROBJ Budgeting/Planning in the Object Currency X CHAR 
380 BP_CURR Currency WAERS CUKY 
381 BP_CURR_DI Currency CHAR5 CHAR 
382 BP_CURTRA Budgeting/panning in any transaction currency X CHAR 
383 BP_C_ADDATE_FMOD Field Status of the Additional Date for Additional Info BP_C_DATETO_FMOD CHAR 
384 BP_C_ADDATE_TITLE Heading for Additional Date for Additional Information BP_C_TITLE_FMOD CHAR 
385 BP_C_AMNT_FMOD Field Status of Amount Field BP_C_AMNT_FMOD CHAR 
386 BP_C_AMNT_TITLE Heading for Amount Field BP_C_TITLE_FMOD CHAR 
387 BP_C_CRITER Differentiation of Additional Information BP_C_CRITER CHAR 
388 BP_C_CT_FIELD_1 Customizable Depending on Information Category/Type XFELD CHAR 
389 BP_C_CT_FIELD_FMOD Field Status for Field with F4 Input Help BP_C_CT_FIELD_FMOD CHAR 
390 BP_C_CT_FIELD_TITLE Heading for Field with F4 Input Help BP_C_TITLE_FMOD CHAR 
391 BP_C_DATA_TYPE_1 Permit Several Information Types Per Information Category XFELD CHAR 
392 BP_C_DATA_TYPE_2 Use Counters for Date Fields XFELD CHAR 
393 BP_C_DATEFR_FMOD Field Status of Valid-From Date for Additional Information BP_C_DATEFR_FMOD CHAR 
394 BP_C_DATEFR_TITLE Heading for Field Valid-From Date BP_C_TITLE_FMOD CHAR 
395 BP_C_DATETO_FMOD Field Status of Valid-To Date for Additional Information BP_C_DATETO_FMOD CHAR 
396 BP_C_DATETO_TITLE Heading for Valid-To Date for Additional Information BP_C_TITLE_FMOD CHAR 
397 BP_C_DEFAULT Automatic Default Value for Information Category XFELD CHAR 
398 BP_C_DETAIL Show / Hide Detail View XFELD CHAR 
399 BP_C_FST_D Date of Consolidated Financial Statements of Group Company DATUM DATS 
400 BP_C_FST_D_DI Date of Consolidated Financial Statements of Group Company CHAR8 CHAR 
401 BP_C_TEXT_FMOD Field Status of Text Field BP_C_TEXT_FMOD CHAR 
402 BP_C_TEXT_TITLE Heading for Text Field BP_C_TITLE_FMOD CHAR 
403 BP_C_XFELD_FMOD Field Status of Checkbox BP_C_XFELD_FMOD CHAR 
404 BP_C_XFELD_TITLE Heading for Checkbox BP_C_TITLE_FMOD CHAR 
405 BP_DATATYPE_TEXT Description for Information Type TEXT20 CHAR 
406 BP_DATA_TYPE Information Type BP_DATA_TYPE NUMC 
407 BP_DATA_TYPE_DI Information Type CHAR2 CHAR 
409 BP_DATEFR Valid-From Date for Additional Information DATS DATS 
410 BP_DATEFR_DI Valid-From Date for Additional Information CHAR8 CHAR 
411 BP_DATETO Valid-To Date for Additional Information DATS DATS 
412 BP_DATETO_DI Valid-To Date for Additional Information CHAR8 CHAR 
415 BP_DBETH_KK Amount due in local currency BAPICURR DEC 
416 BP_DBETW_KK Amount due in transaction currency BAPICURR DEC 
417 BP_DEAKTIV Entry inactive XFELD CHAR 
418 BP_DEATH_D Date of Death DATUM DATS 
419 BP_DEBI Indicator for View of Customer Data XFELD CHAR 
420 BP_DEBTOR_GROUP Debtor Group According to German Law (BerVersV, Template 5) BP_DEBTOR_GROUP CHAR 
421 BP_DEBTS_F Debt Ratio in Years DEC3_3 DEC 
422 BP_DEBTS_F_DI Debt Ratio in Years CHAR7 CHAR 
423 BP_DEFAULT Standard Rating Procedure XFELD CHAR 
424 BP_DEFAULT_FLAG Business Partner: Default Flag for Standard Address BOOLE CHAR 
425 BP_DEF_DEB Business Partner: Indic. Default Values for Customer Exist XFELD CHAR 
426 BP_DELTA Update of Delta Values X CHAR 
427 BP_DEL_IND Deletion Flag XFELD CHAR 
428 BP_DEL_TOT Delete all budget data X CHAR 
429 BP_DEPART Business Partner's Department BU_ABTNR CHAR 
431 BP_DEPART_OLD Business Partner's Department BP_DEPART CHAR 
432 BP_DEP_ERRTX_KK Last reported error in posting run TEXT100 CHAR 
433 BP_DE_OATH Affidavit XFELD CHAR 
434 BP_DE_OA_D Date of affidavit DATUM DATS 
435 BP_DE_OA_D_DI Date of affidavit CHAR8 CHAR 
437 BP_DF_ACCA Define posting object X CHAR 
438 BP_DF_BPCA Define budget object X CHAR 
439 BP_DIALOG Budget/planning online input X CHAR 
440 BP_DIF_TYP Business Partner - Differentiation Category BP_DIF_TYP CHAR 
441 BP_DIV_DIS Dividend/Profit Distribution Amount for Company WERTV8 CURR 
442 BP_DIV_DIS_DI Dividend/Profit Distribution Amount for Company CHAR21 CHAR 
443 BP_DOCNR Entry Document Number BP_DOCNR NUMC 
445 BP_DYING_PLACE Name of Place of Death of Natural Person BP_DYING_PLACE CHAR 
446 BP_DYN20 Include screen for screen 0200 DYNNR CHAR 
447 BP_DYN30 Include screen for screen 0300 DYNNR CHAR 
448 BP_DYNNR Screen Number BP_DYNNR CHAR 
449 BP_EINZEL Always generate line items X CHAR 
450 BP_EJAHR End year planning and budgeting GJAHR NUMC 
451 BP_EMPLOYM Employment Status BP_EMPLOYM NUMC 
452 BP_EMPLOYM_DI Employment status CHAR2 CHAR 
455 BP_EMPL_T Description of Employment Status TEXT30 CHAR 
456 BP_EMP_UNT Employed Until DATUM DATS 
457 BP_EMP_UNT_DI Employed Until CHAR8 CHAR 
458 BP_ENTITY_QUOTA Business Partner Acc. to Para. 4, Sec. 2 of Asset Regulation BP_ENTITY_QUOTA CHAR 
459 BP_ENTITY_RELATIONS Legal Entity Relationship BerVersV Sample 1 VVORGBEZ NUMC 
460 BP_ENTITY_RELATIONS_DI Legal Entity Relationship BerVersV Sample -1 for DI CHAR2 CHAR 
461 BP_ENTITY_REPORT Legal Entity for Business Partner BP_ENTITY_REPORT CHAR 
462 BP_ENTRACT Number of current entry NUMC3 NUMC 
463 BP_ENTRSUM Number of entries NUMC3 NUMC 
464 BP_ENTR_AL Number of current entry (long)   INT4 
465 BP_ENTR_SL Number of entries (long)   INT4 
466 BP_EPOS Write line items X CHAR 
467 BP_EQUITY Amount of Equity Capital for Company WERTV8 CURR 
468 BP_EQUITY_CAPIT Equity Ratio of Company in Percent BP_EQUITY_CAPITAL DEC 
469 BP_EQUITY_CAPIT_DI Equity Ratio of Company in Percent CHAR6 CHAR 
470 BP_EQUITY_DI Amount of Equity Capital for Company CHAR21 CHAR 
472 BP_ERSTNAM Created by SYCHAR12 CHAR 
473 BP_EXCEPTION Flag Domain/Data Element/Table as Exception XFELD CHAR 
474 BP_EXPENDITURE Expenditure Commitment Item Only X CHAR 
475 BP_EXPN Conversion: External Number XFELD CHAR 
476 BP_EXTE SAP Business Partner Receives Number from Conversion Table BP_EXTE CHAR 
477 BP_EXT_PNR External Business Partner ID CHAR15 CHAR 
479 BP_E_GEBER Receiver fund BP_GEBER CHAR 
480 BP_E_PERIO Receiver period: Budgeting/planning POPER NUMC 
481 BP_FAKTOR Online value / table value conversion factor KOMPF INT4 
482 BP_FCODE Budgeting/planning function BP_FCODE CHAR 
483 BP_FCODES Function Code FCODE CHAR 
484 BP_FDWBT_KK Planned Amount in Document or G/L Account Currency BAPICURR DEC 
485 BP_FELDMOD Symbols for Field Control BP_FELDMOD CHAR 
486 BP_FLAG Business partner: Interface flag BP_JANEI CHAR 
488 BP_FLDSTLS BP: Field Status Definition CHAR255 CHAR 
489 BP_FLD_TYPE Field Type of a Customer-Defined Field with Unrestricted Use BP_FLD_TYPE CHAR 
490 BP_FLG_DIFTYP Differentiation of Rating Procedure BP_FLG_DIFTYP NUMC 
492 BP_FNPAI_EXIT User-Exit Function Module After Input (PAI) FUNCNAME CHAR 
493 BP_FNPBO_EXIT User-Exit Function Module Before Output (PBO) FUNCNAME CHAR 
494 BP_FOBEL Follow-On Document Number BP_BELNR NUMC 
495 BP_FORCL_D Date of foreclosure DATUM DATS 
496 BP_FORCL_D_DI Date of foreclosure CHAR8 CHAR 
497 BP_FORECLO Foreclosure XFELD CHAR 
498 BP_FORM_COMP Legal Form of a Company BP_FORM_COMP CHAR 
499 BP_FORWARD_PROFIT_LOSS Amount of Profit/Loss Carried Forward for Company WERTV8 CURR 
500 BP_FORWARD_PROFIT_LOSS_DI Amount of Profit/Loss Carried Forward for Company CHAR21 CHAR