SAP ABAP Data Element - Index B, page 39
Data Element - B
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 BKK_XREDUCTION Partial Repayment of Contract Amount on Rollover Date XFELD CHAR 
2 BKK_XRELSE Flag: Principle of Dual Control Active XFELD CHAR 
3 BKK_XRELSE_CHCUR Flag: Principle of Dual Control Active XFELD CHAR 
4 BKK_XREP Indicator: Repeat Run BOOLE CHAR 
5 BKK_XREPETITION Indicator: Repeated Presentaion of the Data Records XFELD CHAR 
6 BKK_XRESTART Indicator: Postprocessing Necessary (Parallel Processing) XFELD CHAR 
7 BKK_XREST_ALLOWED Indicator: Restart Possible XFELD CHAR 
8 BKK_XREV Indicator: Reversal Item XFELD CHAR 
9 BKK_XREVER Indicator: Reversing Allowed XFELD CHAR 
10 BKK_XREVERSE_DTA Indicator: Reversal run XFELD CHAR 
11 BKK_XROLLOVER Flag indicating if Term Agreement is Rollover XFELD CHAR 
12 BKK_XROLLOVINDEF Indicator: Rollover Until Futher Notice XFELD CHAR 
13 BKK_XRSTR Indicator: Restart XFELD CHAR 
14 BKK_XRUNNING Indicator: Mass Run Being Edited XFELD CHAR 
15 BKK_XSAVE Indicator: Current Account Saves Itself XFELD CHAR 
16 BKK_XSCR Indicator: Bank Statement Standard Output XFELD CHAR 
17 BKK_XSEND Indicator: Ordering Party Data XFELD CHAR 
18 BKK_XSEPAC Indicator: Separate Position Number Issue per Account XFELD CHAR 
19 BKK_XSIM Flag: Simulation XFELD CHAR 
20 BKK_XSIMBN Indicator: Simulation Run Balance Notification XFELD CHAR 
21 BKK_XSIMBS Indicator: Simulation of Statement Output XFELD CHAR 
22 BKK_XSIMULBALNOT Indicator: Balance Notification Being Simulated XFELD CHAR 
23 BKK_XSIMULBKST Simulation of Bank Statement XFELD CHAR 
24 BKK_XSIMULRUN Indicator: simulation run XFELD CHAR 
25 BKK_XSINGL Indicator: Single Account XFELD CHAR 
26 BKK_XSKIP Indicator: Skip Following Process XFELD CHAR 
27 BKK_XSOTRACE Indicator: Trace for Standing Order Processing Active XFELD CHAR 
28 BKK_XSTD Flag: Standard Cndition XFELD CHAR 
29 BKK_XSTOR_RELEASED Indicator: Released Version of the Standing Order XFELD CHAR 
30 BKK_XSUPPREF Indicator: Suppress Ref. Bank Statement on Bank Statement XFELD CHAR 
31 BKK_XSYSRT Indicator, error Customizing/master data? XFELD CHAR 
32 BKK_XTAXBT Indic: Determination of Capital Yield Tax in Batch Mode XFELD CHAR 
33 BKK_XTAXDATA Output Transfer Data Capital Yield Tax Interface XFELD CHAR 
34 BKK_XTAX_A Flag: Calculation of Capital Yield Tax Executed XFELD CHAR 
35 BKK_XTAX_B Flag: Calculation of Capital Yield Tax Triggered XFELD CHAR 
36 BKK_XTDACCNTCLOS Update Account Closure Date with End of Term Date XFELD CHAR 
37 BKK_XTERMACBAL Account Balancing Only as Term Balancing XFELD CHAR 
38 BKK_XTHIRD Indicator: To the Benefit of a Third Party XFELD CHAR 
39 BKK_XTODEL Indicator: Account Is To Be Closed XFELD CHAR 
40 BKK_XTRACE Indicator: Trace Active XFELD CHAR 
41 BKK_XUNIQT Indicator: Separate Position Number Per Position Type XFELD CHAR 
42 BKK_XUPDATETASK Indicator: Update Performed in Update Task XFELD CHAR 
43 BKK_XUPDPP Indicator, update payment item? XFELD CHAR 
44 BKK_XUPDRE Indicator, release payment order? XFELD CHAR 
45 BKK_XUSELIMTYP01 Indicator: Use Account Overdraft Limit (Category =1) XFELD CHAR 
46 BKK_XUSELIMTYP04 Indicator: Use Interest Compensation Overdraft Limit(Cat.04) XFELD CHAR 
47 BKK_XVALRQ Indicator: Value Date Specification Allowed XFELD CHAR 
48 BKK_XVALRT Indicator, error in value date check? XFELD CHAR 
49 BKK_XWEEKLY Weekly Indicator XFELD CHAR 
50 BKK_XWHNOK Flag: Determination of Capital Yield Tax Failed XFELD CHAR 
51 BKK_XWHTAX Indicator: Capital Yield Tax BKK_XWHTAX CHAR 
52 BKK_XWRT_APPLLOG Indicator: Write Application Log BOOLEAN CHAR 
53 BKK_XZEROLIM Zero Is Minimum/Maximum XFELD CHAR 
55 BKK_X_EXTTRNS Transfer to Payment System: Synchronous/Asynchronous XFELD CHAR 
56 BKK_X_INCOMING Indicator: IHC FX incoming payment item XFELD CHAR 
57 BKK_X_INTV_IN_PROC Indicator: Interval being edited XFELD CHAR 
58 BKK_X_REF_ACBAL_EXT Indicator: External Reference Account for Account Balancing XFELD CHAR 
59 BKK_X_REF_ACBAL_INT Flag: Internal Reference Account for Acct Balancing (Direct) XFELD CHAR 
60 BKK_X_REF_ACBAL_INT_IND Flag: Internal Reference Acct for Acct Balancing (Indirect) XFELD CHAR 
61 BKK_X_REF_ACBAL_NO Indicator: No Reference Account for Account Balancing XFELD CHAR 
62 BKK_X_REF_CLOS_EXT External Reference Account XFELD CHAR 
63 BKK_X_REF_CLOS_INT Internal Reference Account XFELD CHAR 
64 BKK_X_REF_CLOS_NO Indicator: No Reference Account for Account Closure XFELD CHAR 
65 BKK_X_VA Indicator: Individual Value Adjustment XFELD CHAR 
67 BKK_ZTTYPE Return Transaction Type (Interest Related) BKK_TTYPE CHAR 
68 BKLAG Contribution class for ER share CHAR6 CHAR 
69 BKLAS Valuation Class BKLAS CHAR 
70 BKLCO Boycott list check: System reaction for legal control BKLCO CHAR 
71 BKLST Employment Tax Cumulated PRBETRG CURR 
72 BKNAME09 Bank Name Infotype 0009 TEXT60 CHAR 
73 BKNAME10 Bank Name Infotype 0010 TEXT60 CHAR 
74 BKNDALTCUK Old condition amount in second currency WRTV7 CURR 
75 BKNT_WERT Contract: Value released (via release orders) BAPICURR DEC 
77 BKOART Document account type (K=BSIK, D=BSID) KOART CHAR 
78 BKOBT Acct assignment amount WRTV7 CURR 
79 BKOBWHW_AW Cap. costs val. from rate in display curr. from local curr. WERTV8_TR CURR 
80 BKOBWWR_AW Cap. costs val. from rate in display curr. from pos. curr. WERTV8_TR CURR 
81 BKODE Valuation CHAR1 CHAR 
82 BKOFBHW_AW Forex valuat.of cap. costs in display curr. from local curr. WERTV8_TR CURR 
83 BKOKZ Indicator: Assignment of Normal/Preferred Repayment Balance P016_KKOST CHAR 
84 BKOMO Monthly costs for standard/preferred range WERT05 CURR 
85 BKOND Condition item currency amount WERTV7 CURR 
86 BKONDALT Previous condition amount WRTV7 CURR 
87 BKONDCUK Amount of condition item in second currency WRTV7 CURR 
88 BKONDQM Currency amount per area unit WRTV7 CURR 
89 BKONDQMCUK Amount per area unit in second currency WRTV7 CURR 
90 BKONDQM_BI Amount per area unit CHAR18 CHAR 
91 BKONDS407 Condition item currency amount WERTV8 CURR 
92 BKONDTYP Currency amount for the condition category (total) WERTV7 CURR 
93 BKONT Bank Control Key BKONT CHAR 
94 BKONT_001B To Account MAXKN CHAR 
95 BKONT_045W G/L Account Number of the Bank Account SAKNR CHAR 
96 BKONWA Rate unit for rebate (currency or percentage) WAERS CUKY 
97 BKON_BI Condition item currency amount CHAR18 CHAR 
98 BKOST Cost Center "To" Value KOSTL CHAR 
99 BKOSTHW Capitalized incid.costs acquisition value in local currency WERTV8_TR CURR 
100 BKOSTHW_AW Capitalized incidental costs acquisition value in DC from LC WERTV8 CURR 
101 BKOSTWR Capitalized incid.costs acquisition value in pos. currency WERTV8_TR CURR 
102 BKOSTWR_AW Capitalized incidental costs acquisition value in DC from PC WERTV8 CURR 
103 BKOUV Interest-free costs for standard/preferred range WERT05 CURR 
104 BKOZA Bank Control Key BKONT CHAR 
105 BKOZI Interest-bearing costs for standard/preferred range WERT05 CURR 
106 BKPF_CNT Number of Documents in an Archive Segment U_INT_4 INT4 
107 BKPF_KZ BKPF Indicator   CHAR 
108 BKPLZ Postal Code PSTLZ CHAR 
109 BKPZL Postal code PSTLZ CHAR 
110 BKRAKT Cost center check across company codes XFELD CHAR 
111 BKRBEZTYP Company code relationship type BKRBEZTYP NUMC 
112 BKREF Reference specifications for bank details CHAR20 CHAR 
113 BKRF1_EBBE Bank reference number CHAR13 CHAR 
114 BKRF1_EBBE2 Bank Reference Number CHAR21 CHAR 
115 BKRF1_KKBE Bank Reference Number CHAR21 CHAR 
116 BKRF2_EBBE Bank reference number enhancement CHAR8 CHAR 
117 BKRS_IST Actual data in company code currency WERT8 CURR 
118 BKRS_OBLIGO Commitment in company code currency WERT8 CURR 
119 BKRS_ONLY Ind. to show if local ledgers (company codes) are used XFELD CHAR 
120 BKSOZ Pending Taxes Cumulated PRBETRG CURR 
121 BKSTAHW No content WERTV8_TR CURR 
122 BKSTAWR No content WERTV8_TR CURR 
123 BKSTBHW_AW Capitalized incid.costs book value in display curr. from LC WERTV8 CURR 
124 BKSTBM Amount field for batch input CHAR18 CHAR 
125 BKSTBWR_AW Cap.incid.costs book value in display currency from PC WERTV8 CURR 
126 BKT08_EB Bank acct no., 8 characters NUMC08 NUMC 
127 BKTCD Bank Transaction Code for Automatic Payments BKTCD CHAR 
128 BKTCH Bank Transaction Code for the House Bank BKTCD CHAR 
129 BKTCP Bank Transaction Code for the Customer/Vendor BKTCD CHAR 
130 BKTMN_EB Bank acct reminder CHAR8 CHAR 
131 BKTOA_EB Bank account type CHAR23 CHAR 
132 BKTONR LO account number CHAR15 CHAR 
133 BKTRN_EB Bank transaction CHAR6 CHAR 
134 BKTTX Name of profession TEXT35 CHAR 
135 BKTXT Document Header Text TEXT25 CHAR 
136 BKTXTALT Document header text for old device TEXT25 CHAR 
137 BKTXTNEU Document header text for new device TEXT25 CHAR 
138 BKTXT_SRV Document Header Text TEXT25 CHAR 
139 BKTYP IS-M: Condition Input Type in the Order BKTYP CHAR 
140 BKUAB Absolute price deviation WHRBTRG CURR 
141 BKUEB_048B Cross-Company Code Correspondence XFELD CHAR 
142 BKUNNR_KH Customer no. of higher-level customer hierarchy (brother) KUNNR CHAR 
143 BKUR Absolute price WHRBTRG CURR 
144 BKURSWRT Market value of a security according to stmnt in PRF5 BWHR CURR 
145 BKURZ IS-H: Building Unit Identifier CHAR8 CHAR 
146 BKUWEFW_AW Market value of position in display currency from PC WERTV8 CURR 
147 BKUWEHW_AW Market value of position in display currency from LC WERTV8 CURR 
148 BKUZU_CUR Exch.rate type of av. rate used to determine selling rate KURST CHAR 
149 BKVAL Value Date DATUM DATS 
150 BKVBZ Pension Payments Cumulated PRBETRG CURR 
151 BKVFB Personal Tax Exemptions for Pension Payments Cumulated PRBETRG CURR 
152 BKVZANSC Display bank address data XFELD CHAR 
153 BKVZSTEU Display control data XFELD CHAR 
154 BKVZVERW Display administrative data XFELD CHAR 
155 BKWERT_KOA_RL Gross value of the condition deduction valid w. immed.effect WERTV7 CURR 
156 BKWERT_RL Gross Value of the Remuneratn List Conditions of a Document WERTV7 CURR 
157 BKZER Lock Indicator for Actual Revenue Postings YNFLG CHAR 
158 BKZKP Lock Indicator for Actual Primary Postings YNFLG CHAR 
159 BKZKS Lock Indicator for Actual Secondary Costs YNFLG CHAR 
160 BKZOB Lock Indicator for Commitment Update YNFLG CHAR 
161 BKZUS Combination group CHAR3 CHAR 
162 BK_BKTXT IS-H: Short Text for Treatment Category TEXT15 CHAR 
163 BK_BLTXT IS-H: Description of Treatment Category TEXT30 CHAR 
164 BK_DELTA Indicator: Add up New and Existing Values XFELD CHAR 
165 BL01_COLO_ Display color NUMC2 NUMC 
166 BL01_CPAGE Current page number NUMC2 NUMC 
167 BL01_DESC Flags sorted in descending order XFELD CHAR 
168 BL01_LEN Display length NUMC2 NUMC 
169 BL01_SORT_ Sort sequence CHAR1 CHAR 
170 BL01_TPAGE Number of display pages NUMC2 NUMC 
171 BL01_VARBZ Display variant name TEXT35 CHAR 
172 BL01_VARNR Layout CHAR3 CHAR 
173 BL1CO Indicator: Reserve boycott list 1 for legal control XFELD CHAR 
174 BL1DA Date of last BL1 check for legal control DATUM DATS 
175 BL2CO Indicator: Reserve boycott list 2 for legal control XFELD CHAR 
176 BL2DA Date of last BL2 check for legal control DATUM DATS 
177 BL2TP_VK Posting Transaction BL2TP_VK CHAR 
178 BLA2D Doc. type for additional doc. in purchase account management BLART CHAR 
179 BLACKLIST_ID_KK ID of Entry in Sanctioned Party List BLACKLIST_ID_KK CHAR 
180 BLACKOUT_DATE Forbidden Weekdays - 1:Monday. 2:Tuesday... (e.g.: 1,2) CHAR15 CHAR 
181 BLACKOUT_TYPE Service Type That Is Excluded from Discount FTPD_BLACKOUT_TYPE CHAR 
182 BLAEN_49B Document Number Length NUM02 NUMC 
183 BLAMCLM Bill-up claim amount WERTV8 CURR 
184 BLAND_Z5A Federal State Key NUM2 NUMC 
185 BLANK Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
187 BLANKS150 Blank BLANKS150 CHAR 
188 BLANK_ERS Replacement character for blank character CHAR1 CHAR 
189 BLANZ Number of sheets (without Document Management system) NUM3 NUMC 
190 BLANZ_BI Number of sheets (BTCI) CHAR3 CHAR 
191 BLAR1_FBWE Document types which are to be considered TXT30_FBWE CHAR 
192 BLARD Document Type for A/R Transfer Posting BLART CHAR 
193 BLARK Document Type for A/P Transfer Posting BLART CHAR 
194 BLARS Document Type for G/L Transfer Postings BLART CHAR 
195 BLART Document type BLART CHAR 
196 BLARTFI Document Type FI BLART CHAR 
197 BLARTFICA Document Type: Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable BLART_KK CHAR 
198 BLARTTXT_CA Document Type TEXT20 CHAR 
199 BLARTYP Document type category BLARTYP CHAR 
200 BLART_042Z Document Type for the Payment Document BLART CHAR 
201 BLART_49E Document Type for ISR Posting BLART CHAR 
202 BLART_49F Document Type BLART CHAR 
203 BLART_ACCBAL_ITAGCY Document Type for Transfer Posting in Agency Coll. Acct Bal. BLART_KK CHAR 
204 BLART_CA Document Type   CHAR 
205 BLART_CHR_CA Document Type for Posting of Charges Receivable   CHAR 
206 BLART_CJ_KK Document Type for Cash Journal (Deposit, Withdrawal, Diff.) BLART_KK CHAR 
207 BLART_CLEAR_KK Document Type for Clearing Reset BLART_KK CHAR 
208 BLART_COINS_ITAGCY Document Type Transfer Posting Coins. Shares Agency Coll. BLART_KK CHAR 
209 BLART_COLL_ITAGCY Agency Collections: Document Type Collections BLART_KK CHAR 
210 BLART_CRPO_ACC_MAINT_KK Document Type: Clearing BLART_KK CHAR 
212 BLART_CRPO_CL_KK Document Type: Clearing BLART_KK CHAR 
213 BLART_CRPO_SCHECK_KK Document Type: Create Check BLART_KK CHAR 
214 BLART_CRPO_TR_KK Document Type: Transfer Posting BLART_KK CHAR 
216 BLART_C_VK Document Type for Clearing BLART_KK CHAR 
217 BLART_D Different Document Type for Customers BLART CHAR 
218 BLART_DEPOSIT_ITAGCY Document Type Updating Deposits in Agency Collections BLART_KK CHAR 
219 BLART_DIFFCD_ITAGCY Document Type Updating Differences in Agency Collections BLART_KK CHAR 
220 BLART_DIFF_TP_STAT_ITAGCY Posting Statistical Differences: Document Type BLART_KK CHAR 
221 BLART_EXPENSES_CRCL_KK Document Type for Expense Postings for Check Clarification BLART_KK CHAR 
222 BLART_INSSHARE_CONF_ITAGCY Document Type for Shares Transferred to Insurance Company BLART_KK CHAR 
223 BLART_INSSHARE_ITAGCY Document Type for Posting Shares to Insurance Company BLART_KK CHAR 
224 BLART_INT_CA Document Type for Interest Postings   CHAR 
225 BLART_K Different Document Type for Creditors BLART CHAR 
226 BLART_KK Document Type BLART_KK CHAR 
227 BLART_KM2 Document Type CHAR2 CHAR 
228 BLART_KOST IS-M: Subject to Charge BLART_KOST CHAR 
229 BLART_M Different Document Type for MEA BLART CHAR 
230 BLART_MASK Document Type - Generic Entry Possible BLART_MASK CHAR 
231 BLART_NR Document type in number range object BLART_KK CHAR 
232 BLART_NROBJ Document type in number range object BLART_NROBJ CHAR 
233 BLART_OP_KK Document Type for Adjustment Posting for Receivable/Payable BLART_KK CHAR 
234 BLART_PROCEEDS_CRCL_KK Document Type for Check Encashment BLART_KK CHAR 
235 BLART_RC_VK Document Type for Resetting Clearing BLART_KK CHAR 
236 BLART_RES_KK Document Type for Reserves Adjustment Posting BLART_KK CHAR 
237 BLART_REVENUE_KK Document Type for Revenue/Expense Adjustment Posting BLART_KK CHAR 
238 BLART_REVERSE Document Type Of Reversal Document BLART CHAR 
239 BLART_REV_KK Document Type Of Reversal Document BLART_KK CHAR 
240 BLART_SIM Document Type for Simulated Document BLART_NROBJ CHAR 
241 BLART_STORNO_KK Document Type Of Reversal Document BLART_KK CHAR 
242 BLART_SUBCOMMTR_ITAGCY Doc. Type Trans. Posting 3rd-P. Comm. Agency Collections BLART_KK CHAR 
243 BLART_SUBCOMM_ITAGCY Agency Collections: Document Type Clrg Comm. Third-Party BLART_KK CHAR 
244 BLART_TEMPCOLL_ITAGCY Document Type Updating Temp. Coll. (Agency Collections) BLART_KK CHAR 
245 BLART_TPNET_SUBCOMM_ITAGCY Document Type Transfer Posting Subcommission BLART_KK CHAR 
246 BLART_TP_CCODE_ITAGCY Document Type Company Code Clearing Third-Party Collections BLART_KK CHAR 
247 BLART_TP_COLLECT_ITAGCY Document Type for Clearing Differences BLART_KK CHAR 
248 BLART_TP_DIFF_ITAGCY Document Type Concluding Differences in Third-Party Coll. BLART_KK CHAR 
249 BLART_TP_PM_ITAGCY Document Type Update Payment Methods Third-Party Collections BLART_KK CHAR 
250 BLART_WITHDRAWAL_ITAGCY Document Type Update Withdrawals in Agency Collections BLART_KK CHAR 
251 BLARV_042Z Clearing Document Type for Intercompany Payments BLART CHAR 
252 BLARX_VK Text Document Type TXTF4_VK CHAR 
253 BLATT Page number of document (without Document Management system) BLATT CHAR 
255 BLATTGWMA Leaf Weight of Common Part ISPMNG9 QUAN 
256 BLATTLFD Consecutive number of meter reading sheet LFDNR2 NUMC 
257 BLAUFDAT First day of statement period CHAR6 CHAR 
258 BLAUF_EB Life start DATUM DATS 
259 BLAUM Document type of revaluation document BLART CHAR 
260 BLBEZ Abbreviation for state or region TEXT30 CHAR 
261 BLBLIMIT Value limits on service types BAPICURR DEC 
262 BLBTR Amount on Individual Receipt BLBTR DEC 
263 BLCID Block Number for Business Events with Multiple Sessions DEC2 DEC 
264 BLCIND Ind.: Balance-dependent reclassification X CHAR 
265 BLCK1 Block in Infotype 0114 (Garnishment Amount) XFELD CHAR 
266 BLCKD Purchase Requisition Blocked BLCKD CHAR 
267 BLCKED Blocked CHAR1 CHAR 
268 BLCKO Block in Infotype 0114 (Garnishment Amount) XFELD CHAR 
269 BLCKS Size of the extent in ORACLE blocks DEC14 DEC 
270 BLCKT Reason for Item Block CHAR60K CHAR 
271 BLCNT Number of business event blocks at conventions DEC2 DEC 
272 BLCNT_KK Counter for documents transferred to G/L NUM07 NUMC 
273 BLCOL_KK Document Type for Payments through Collection Agencies BLART_KK CHAR 
274 BLCTX Block text for business events with sessions TEXT25 CHAR 
275 BLDAT Document Date in Document DATUM DATS 
276 BLDAT_B_KK Document date (batch input) CHAR8 CHAR 
277 BLDAT_DI Document Date in Document CHAR8 CHAR 
278 BLDAT_EB Accounting document date DATE_EB DATS 
279 BLDAT_ES Document date of entry sheet DATUM DATS 
280 BLDAT_ISH IS-H: Document Date of Financial Accounting Document DATUM DATS 
281 BLDAT_KQST Document Date for Withholding Tax Form (DDMMYY) CHAR06 CHAR 
282 BLDAT_SRV Document Date in Document DATUM DATS 
283 BLDAT_X_BRO Document Date in Document CHAR8 CHAR 
284 BLDBLK_ACT Activities for Building Blocks BLDBLK_ACT CHAR 
285 BLDGR Screen group BLDGR CHAR 
286 BLDGRP_ACT Activities for Building Block Group BLDGRP_ACT CHAR 
287 BLDIF_KK Difference between balances WERTV8 CURR 
288 BLDLOC_M340_ES Building Location BLDLOC_M340_ES CHAR 
289 BLDTP Screen type NUM1 NUMC 
290 BLDTY Screen sequence type for table: T185 Control BLDTY CHAR 
291 BLEHR Instructions SUBTY_591A CHAR 
292 BLEISTUNG Payment Installment (Amount to be Paid) WERTV7 CURR 
293 BLENDLOC Name of blended locales BLENDLOC CHAR 
294 BLEVEL B tree level DEC14 DEC 
295 BLEVEL1_KK Processing Level: Business Partner FLAG CHAR 
296 BLEVEL2_KK Processing Level: BP - Contract Account FLAG CHAR 
297 BLEVEL3_KK Processing Level: BP - Contract FLAG CHAR 
298 BLEVEL4_KK Processing Level: BP - Contract - Subapplication FLAG CHAR 
299 BLFDN Sequence of Vendor Confirmations NUM01 NUMC 
300 BLFDNR Sequential number (industry table) LFDNR10 NUMC 
301 BLGAR OBN: Document type, delivery type, billing type etc. BLGAR CHAR 
302 BLGART Default document type for transaction type BLART CHAR 
303 BLGCHR Document Character CHAR1 CHAR 
304 BLGEW_CAPA Utilization percentage weight as percentage bar TEXT20 CHAR 
305 BLGEW_NEW_AL Capacity Used: Weight (in Percent) TEXT20 CHAR 
306 BLGFL Switch off document flow update XFELD CHAR 
307 BLGGEW_GR IS-M: Weight of Inserts in Grams NUMC5 NUMC 
308 BLGKZ Document relevance (short/long-term) CHAR1 CHAR 
309 BLGL_ASNMNG_BM Notified Quantity in Order Units   QUAN 
310 BLGL_BMEIN_D Order Units to Display   UNIT 
311 BLGL_EINDTB Item To-Delivery Date   DATS 
312 BLGL_EINDTV Item From-Delivery Date   DATS 
313 BLGL_ETMEN_BSSME Schedule Line Quantity in Base Unit of Quantity   QUAN 
314 BLGL_ETMEN_S Total Scheduled Quantity   QUAN 
315 BLGL_LGMNGB Goods Receipt Quantity in Stock Keeping Units   QUAN 
316 BLGL_LGMNGB_BM Goods Receipt Quantity in Order Units   QUAN 
317 BLGL_LGMNG_BM Actual Delivered Quantity in Order Units   QUAN 
318 BLGL_MEINS_D Base Unit of Quantity to Display   UNIT 
319 BLGL_OMNG_ASN Open Quantity Taking Shipping Notifications into Account   QUAN 
320 BLGL_OPNQTY Open Quantity   QUAN 
321 BLGL_WEEMG_BSSME Quantity of goods received in base unit of measure   QUAN 
322 BLGL_WEEMG_S Total Quantity of Goods Received   QUAN 
323 BLGL_XOMNG Indicate Open Quantity   CHAR 
324 BLGMENGE IS-M: Order Quantity for Insertion STMENGE DEC 
325 BLGMGE_PAM IS-M: Delivery Quantity for Ad Insert STMENGE DEC 
326 BLGNR Document Number BELNR CHAR 
327 BLGNU To warehouse number LGNUM CHAR 
328 BLGOR To Storage Location LGORT CHAR 
329 BLGRP_KK Document Group CHAR2 CHAR 
330 BLGTP Doc.Cat. for Follow-On Doc. to be Generated in Alloc. Tble BLGTP CHAR 
331 BLGTY To storage type LGTYP CHAR 
332 BLGWA Document currency WAERS CUKY 
333 BLG_SORT Sort sequence for document evaluation BLG_SORT CHAR 
334 BLG_STORNO Indicator: without reversal document X CHAR 
335 BLG_TKCO Subgroup or company CHAR06 CHAR 
336 BLHSC Doc. Type for Credit Memo Proc. w/ Handling Surcharge (HSC) BLART CHAR 
337 BLIDAT Calculated date of arrival DATUM DATS 
338 BLIDX First block on page displayed DEC2 DEC 
339 BLIFTBIS Number of last storey reached by elevator VVDEC3_1V DEC 
340 BLIMIT Limit price for unit quotation BWKURS CURR 
341 BLIND Indicator: Doc. index compilation active for purchase orders XFELD CHAR 
342 BLIND_SD Index Structure Active for Subsequent Settlement (in AB) XFELD CHAR 
343 BLINE Starting line NUMC3 NUMC 
344 BLINEACT_DELE Baseline actual cost info XFELD CHAR 
345 BLINE_IND Insert Before Line? XFELD CHAR 
346 BLITYPE Line category NUM01 NUMC 
347 BLIT_BILPR Billing Procedure BLI_BILPR CHAR 
348 BLIT_BILREQ Billing Condition BLI_BILREQ NUMC 
350 BLIT_BP_TEXT Text for Billing Procedure TEXT30 CHAR 
351 BLIT_FAP_STATUS Status of Billing Request Item BLI_FAP_STATUS NUMC 
354 BLIT_USAGE Billing Data Transfer - Key for Assignment of Text IDs BLI_USAGE CHAR 
355 BLIWIRK Reactive, apparent, or active registers BLIWIRK NUMC 
356 BLIZEIT Calulated time of arrival UZEIT TIMS 
357 BLKDAT Block Transaction Date DATUM DATS 
358 BLKDESCR Description of Form Block TEXT40 CHAR 
359 BLKHEADL Block Heading TEXT78 CHAR 
360 BLKKZ Blocking indicator (header) CHAR1_X CHAR 
361 BLKNR Number of the Address Block NUM10 NUMC 
362 BLKS Blocks used DEC17 DEC 
363 BLKSIZE Size of address interval CHAR3 CHAR 
364 BLKSIZEBS_KK Account Statement Transfer: Maximum Size Of Transfer Lot NUMC06 NUMC 
365 BLKSIZEKB EM-Data: Block size in KB   INT4 
366 BLKSIZE_UR Block Size in Processing of Mass Simulation Indexes INT4 INT4 
367 BLKSZ_FLB Blocksize for Lockbox NUM3 NUMC 
368 BLKS_GETS Expected number of consistent mode block gets per row DEC14 DEC 
369 BLK_READS Block Reads DEC12 DEC 
370 BLK_READ_ONLY Blocking Reason Description in Document Cannot be Changed XFELD CHAR 
372 BLK_REASON_TXT Blocking Reason - Text BLK_REASON_TXT CHAR 
373 BLK_WRITE Average Write time DEC_5 DEC 
374 BLK_WRITES Block Writes DEC12 DEC 
375 BLLFZ_KK Document type life for archiving - days NUMC4 NUMC 
376 BLLFZ_T070 Document Life in Days NUMC04 NUMC 
377 BLNAME Block name CHAR20 CHAR 
378 BLNBT Base Amount for Determining the Preference Amount WERT7 CURR 
379 BLNBT_BI Base Amount for Determining Preferential Amount (Batch Inp.) CHAR16 CHAR 
380 BLNCE_CHK Balance check for consolidation document BLNCE_CHK CHAR 
381 BLNDT State TEXT20 CHAR 
382 BLNKZ Subsidy Indicator for Determining the Reduction Rates BLNKZ CHAR 
383 BLNK_DESCR Description for Browser Link (Display Attribute) TEXT60 CHAR 
384 BLNK_INST Instance Information for Browser Link   CHAR 
385 BLNK_LOCAT Locator of Browser Link (Display Attribute)   CHAR 
386 BLNPZ Preference Percentage Rate PRZ52 DEC 
387 BLNPZ_BI Preference Percentage Rate (Batch Input Field) CHAR8 CHAR 
388 BLNRA Issue document number BELNV CHAR 
389 BLNRB Document number, procurement BELNV CHAR 
390 BLNRF Document number from BELNR CHAR 
391 BLNRT Document number to BELNR CHAR 
392 BLNRX Delivery note number CHAR35 CHAR 
393 BLOCK Ind.: Sequence blocked XFELD CHAR 
394 BLOCKDATA BSI: Block data TEXT75 CHAR 
395 BLOCKDTA BSI: Block data TEXT200 CHAR 
396 BLOCKIDORA Oracle: dba_free_extents.block_id DEC17 DEC 
397 BLOCKING_APPL_ID Application that Checks Plant Block BLOCKING_APPL_ID CHAR 
398 BLOCKLEN Block length (transport/conversion) BLOCKLEN NUMC 
399 BLOCKLEN_1 Block length (transport/conversion) BLOCKLEN_1 NUMC 
400 BLOCKLG ABAP: Length of a block in a progarm SYBIN2 INT2 
401 BLOCKLRAW Compressed hex block of ABAP code etc. BLOCKLRAW LRAW 
402 BLOCKNAME Block name on selection screen SYCHAR20 CHAR 
403 BLOCKNO BSI: Block number NUM2 NUMC 
409 BLOCKREASON_QUANT_INV Blocking Reason: Quantity XFELD CHAR 
411 BLOCKS_POSSIBLE Processing by Blocks Is Possible XFELD CHAR 
412 BLOCK_ACT Current block for processing NUMC3 NUMC 
413 BLOCK_ANZ Number of blocks to be processed NUMC3 NUMC 
414 BLOCK_FLAG Use of model service specifications blocked XFELD CHAR 
415 BLOCK_ID Starting block number of the extent DEC14 DEC 
416 BLOCK_POUPUP_VI Dialog Box Display Payment Transaction Blocks XFELD CHAR 
417 BLOCK_SIZE Commitment Counter Per Object Type U_INT_4 INT4 
418 BLOCK_VB Indicator: Document preselected for archiving BLOCK_VB CHAR 
419 BLOCN_KK Block Counter BLOCN_KK NUMC 
420 BLOEK Deletion indicator: purchase requisition account assignment XFELD CHAR 
421 BLOID_KK Block Identification BLOID_KK CHAR 
422 BLOKZ Area in planning screen CHAR1 CHAR 
423 BLOTX Session group: name TEXT25 CHAR 
424 BLPKZ Blocking Indicator (Item) CHAR1_X CHAR 
425 BLP_REL Block Planning Relevance BLP_REL CHAR 
426 BLQTCLM Bill-up claim quantity MENGV15_3 QUAN 
427 BLREK Document Type of Invoice Reduction Document BLART CHAR 
428 BLRTR_CC Document Type for Document from "Reset Cleared Items" BLART CHAR 
429 BLRTS_CC Payment Cards: Document Type for Settlement Document BLART CHAR 
430 BLSEQ Limit range sequence number BLSEQ NUMC 
431 BLSEQ_KK Sequential Number of Last Balance Update SEQNO_KK NUMC 
432 BLSHB Base Amount for Preference ( with +/- Signs ) WRTV7 CURR 
433 BLSIZE Limit for number of documents PACK3 DEC 
434 BLSPL Document split CHAR1 CHAR 
435 BLSTD Start of planned work on last day processed UZEIT TIMS 
436 BLSTP Number of Partners per Processing Package NUMC3 NUMC 
437 BLTBD Date for Different Conversion Rule DATUM DATS 
438 BLTP1_SC Payment Plan Item Category BLTP1_SC CHAR 
439 BLTP1_VK Document Category BLTP1_VK CHAR 
440 BLTP2_SC Payment Plan Document Category BLTP2_SC CHAR 
441 BLTVORG_KK Subtransaction for Line Item (Final Premium Before Renewal) TVORG_KK CHAR 
442 BLTXT Document.Type Description TEXT30 CHAR 
443 BLTYP Document category for document index updates BLTYP CHAR 
444 BLTYPA Category of settlement document (subsequent settlement) BLTYPA CHAR 
445 BLTYPD Doc. cat.: updating of business volumes BLTYPD CHAR 
446 BLTYPF Doc. type: updating of vendor business volumes BLTYPF CHAR 
447 BLTYPN Document category price determination (subseq. settlement) BLTYPN CHAR 
448 BLTYPTXT Text for document category: automatic document adjustment CHAR30 CHAR 
449 BLTYPTXTFS Short Text Document Category Subsequent Settlement (Update) CHAR4 CHAR 
450 BLTYPTXTN Text for document category (subsequent settlement) CHAR25 CHAR 
451 BLTYPTXTNM Text (mid) Document Type Subsequent Settlement TEXT10 CHAR 
452 BLTYPTXTNS Short text: document category (subsequent settlement) CHAR4 CHAR 
453 BLTYP_ARCH Doc. category for archiving bus.vol.-relevant settlem. docs BLTYP_ARCH CHAR 
454 BLTYP_CUST_SC Payment Plan Item Category BLTYP_CUST_SC CHAR 
455 BLTYP_KK Document Class BLTYP_KK CHAR 
456 BLTYP_KO Document Type for Condition Maintenance BLTYP_KO CHAR 
457 BLTYP_VK Document Category BLTYP_VK CHAR 
458 BLUEB Block Heading Line on Screens CHAR80 CHAR 
459 BLUE_REL Blueprint Relevance Flag Initial Value. X = No CHAR1 CHAR 
460 BLUE_REL_1 Initial Value for Blueprint-Relevance Flag, X = Yes CHAR1 CHAR 
461 BLVBLEI Collateral value of LI BWHR CURR 
462 BLVBLEIZ Collateral status of LI BWHR CURR 
463 BLVLEIST Maturity payment BWHR CURR 
464 BLVOL_AL Volume Used (%) TEXT20 CHAR 
465 BLVOL_CAPA Utilization percentage volume as percentage bar TEXT20 CHAR 
466 BLVPR Contract contribution/premium WERTV7 CURR 
467 BLVRUECK Insurance cash surrender value BWHR CURR 
468 BLVWERT Amount Insured BWHR CURR 
469 BLWAE_CA Transaction Currency WAERS CUKY 
470 BLWAE_KK Transaction Currency WAERS CUKY 
471 BLWAR Document currency - statistics WAERS CUKY 
472 BLWAV_FOPT Selection of Default Document Currency BLWAV_FOPT CHAR 
473 BLWERT Gross value of entry sheet BAPICURR DEC 
474 BLZ Bank number BLZ CHAR 
475 BLZEIL Line Number in Block NUM2 NUMC 
476 BL_ADD_INFO_KK Additional Information on Entry in Sanctioned Party List   CHAR 
477 BL_ALIAS_TO_KK ID of Entry in Sanctioned Party List To Which Is Linked BLACKLIST_ID_KK CHAR 
478 BL_MACH machine BL_MACH CHAR 
479 BL_PROCESSOR Backlog processing program PROGRAMM CHAR 
480 BL_STATUS_KK Status after Comparison with Sanctioned Party List BL_STATUS_KK CHAR 
481 BM000 Comparison operand for released/scheduled quantity VGOPE CHAR 
482 BMADT_KK Date On Which Creditworthiness Was Manually Set DATUM DATS 
484 BMALIGN_L Alignment of Structure Node: Left UFFLAG CHAR 
485 BMALIGN_R Alignment of Structure Node: Right UFFLAG CHAR 
486 BMANPBMCUK Monthly adjustment in second currency WRTV7 CURR 
487 BMANZL Number of attendances DEC3 DEC 
488 BMASS Applicant action type BMASS CHAR 
489 BMATN To material number MATNR CHAR 
490 BMATNR Stock material / consumable material MATNR CHAR 
491 BMAXB Maximum amount per characteristics category WRTV6 CURR 
492 BMAXI Financial documents: Maximum no.of banks for a bank function BMAXI INT1 
493 BMAXWHR Maximum Amount for Payments Per Flow WERTV7 CURR 
494 BMA_BMID OLD CFM Benchmarking: Benchmark ID BMA_BMID CHAR 
495 BMA_BMLAYERID OLD CFM Benchmarking: Benchmark Layer ID BMA_BMLAYERID CHAR 
496 BMA_BMMCATEGORY OLD CFM Benchmarking: Market Benchmark Category   INT1 
497 BMA_BMORIGIN OLD CFM Benchmarking: Benchmark Origin BMA_BMORIGIN CHAR 
498 BMA_CHID OLD CFM Benchmarking: Characteristic ID BMA_CHID CHAR 
499 BMA_CHVALUE OLD CFM Benchmarking: Characteristic Value BMA_CHVALUE CHAR 
500 BMA_COUNT BOR Migration: Counter SYNUM03 NUMC