SAP ABAP Data Element - Index B, page 38
Data Element - B
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 BKK_STACKIDAT Date: Stack Creation in Means of Payment Management DATUM DATS 
2 BKK_STACKITIM Time of Creation of a Stack in Position Management TIME TIMS 
4 BKK_STACKNR_CHAR BCA: Stack Number in Means of Payment Management (CHAR) CHAR13 CHAR 
6 BKK_STACKNR_OLD Stack Number in Main Stock BKK_STACKNR CHAR 
7 BKK_STACKSDAT Date on Which the Status was Last Changed DATUM DATS 
8 BKK_STACKSTAT Status of a Stack in Position Management BKK_STACKSTAT CHAR 
9 BKK_STACKSTAT_PART Status of a Check Stack for Display (Parts of Fixed Values) BKK_STACKSTAT_PART CHAR 
10 BKK_STACKSTIM Time at Which the Status was Last Changed UZEIT TIMS 
11 BKK_STACKSTT Description of Stack Status in Position Management TEXT50 CHAR 
13 BKK_STACK_DIV Stack Hierarchy or Stack Status BKK_STACK_DIV NUMC 
14 BKK_STACK_ORIGIN Creation Location of a Check Stack BKK_PLACE_KEY NUMC 
15 BKK_STACK_PLACE Key of a Location in Position Management BKK_PLACE_KEY NUMC 
17 BKK_STACK_RDAT Date: Release date of the Stack DATUM DATS 
18 BKK_STACK_REMARK Comment on the Check Stack TEXT60 CHAR 
19 BKK_STACK_RTIM Time of Release of a Stack TIME TIMS 
20 BKK_STACNT Number of the Processing Level in Parallel Processing BKK_CNT NUMC 
21 BKK_STANDARDVAR Standard Variant for End of Day Processing Report VARIANT CHAR 
22 BKK_STATAD Account Status Enhancement BKK_STATAD CHAR 
23 BKK_STATPP Status of Postprocessing BKK_STATPP CHAR 
25 BKK_STDATE Start date of period DATUM DATS 
26 BKK_STDPRC Standard Process in BCA BKK_STDPRC CHAR 
27 BKK_STEPCOUNTER Counter of Parallel Processing Levels Edited So Far BKK_CNT NUMC 
28 BKK_STEPSTARTCNT Number of Processing Levels Started So Far BKK_CNT NUMC 
29 BKK_STIDAT Date of Position Issue DATUM DATS 
30 BKK_STMCNT Number of Maximum Runs BKK_CNT NUMC 
31 BKK_STRUCTPAOBJ Name of DDIC Structure of Key of Parallel Proc. Object AS4TAB CHAR 
32 BKK_STSDAT Date of Last Status Change DATUM DATS 
33 BKK_STTYPE Source Transaction Type BKK_TTYPE CHAR 
34 BKK_STYPE_BI Batch Input Interface Record Type CHAR1 CHAR 
35 BKK_ST_60T Account Hierarchy: Short Text for Heirarchy Types TEXT10 CHAR 
36 BKK_ST_92T Short Text Interest Compensation Method TEXT10 CHAR 
37 BKK_SUBCOL Indicator: Subject to Final Payment (S.F.P.) XFELD CHAR 
38 BKK_SUBSEQRATE Subsequent Installment BKK_ITAMT CURR 
39 BKK_SUMSZ Totals Record Number for Reconciliation Key INT4 INT4 
40 BKK_SUPINT Loan Committment Interest Amount BKK_ITAMT CURR 
41 BKK_SURCHG Flag: Markup Condition FLAG CHAR 
42 BKK_SYMBOL Text Symbols Payment Notes Formatting CHAR60 CHAR 
43 BKK_SZSREF Interest Reference ZIREFKU CHAR 
45 BKK_TABFIELD Table Field Description   CHAR 
47 BKK_TABLE_NUMBERS Table Groups for Archiving BKK_TABLE_NUM NUMC 
48 BKK_TABNAM Table Transferred to List Tool AS4TAB CHAR 
49 BKK_TABNAME Table Name in Length for Version 3.x BKK_AS4TAB CHAR 
50 BKK_TAMNT Amount in Transaction Currency BKK_ITAMT CURR 
51 BKK_TAMNTA Amount in Transaction Currency for Notification BKK_ITAMT CURR 
52 BKK_TAMNTC Amount in Transaction Currency (External Display) CHAR25 CHAR 
53 BKK_TAMNTV Amount in Transaction Currency (No +/- Sign) BKK_AMT CURR 
54 BKK_TANTC_NOAC Indicator: Full Amount Notice Without Account Closure XFELD CHAR 
55 BKK_TAPPLDTYPE Description of an Application Data Type TEXT50 CHAR 
56 BKK_TARCHSTATUS Text on Archiving Status TEXT20 CHAR 
57 BKK_TASKNO Number of Tasks or Jobs Running in Parallel on the Server INT4 INT4 
58 BKK_TASK_STATUS Status of Parallel Tasks in a Mass Run BKK_TASK_STATUS NUMC 
60 BKK_TAXIT Indicator: Tax item CHAR1 CHAR 
61 BKK_TAX_COND_KEY Condition Type for Sales Tax KSCHL CHAR 
62 BKK_TBFLD Table Field (Table Name - Field Name) CHAR30 CHAR 
63 BKK_TCATG Category Transaction Type (For Item Counter) BKK_TCATG CHAR 
64 BKK_TCHARG Charge in Transaction Currency BKK_ITAMT CURR 
65 BKK_TCHARGC Charge in Trans. Currency CHAR25 CHAR 
66 BKK_TCHARV Charge in Transaction Currency (No +/- Sign) BKK_AMT CURR 
67 BKK_TCHRGC Charge in Transaction Currency (External Display) CHAR25 CHAR 
68 BKK_TCHTYP Description Check Type TXT25 CHAR 
69 BKK_TCLOSREPORT Description for Report in End-of-Day Processing TEXT50 CHAR 
70 BKK_TCLRUN Description of Mass Run Category TEXT40 CHAR 
71 BKK_TCODE Transaction Code of Version 3.x Length BKK_TCODE CHAR 
72 BKK_TCUR Transaction Currency WAERS CUKY 
73 BKK_TCUR_SHOW Transaction Currency (Alternative Display) WAERS CUKY 
74 BKK_TDSTART_INP Term Start for Each Entry CHAR1 CHAR 
75 BKK_TECH Technical Field XFELD CHAR 
77 BKK_TERMKEY Key for Term Agreement NUMC8 NUMC 
81 BKK_TERMTYPE Term Agreement Category BKK_TERMTYPE NUMC 
82 BKK_TERMTYPE_DI Term Agreement Category   CHAR 
84 BKK_TERM_DI Term Duration   CHAR 
86 BKK_TERM_END_DI End of Term   CHAR 
87 BKK_TEXCLBT Description of Function Variant TEXT20 CHAR 
88 BKK_TEXT Text   CHAR 
89 BKK_TEXT20 Individual Condition TEXT20 CHAR 
90 BKK_TEXTNR Text Number for Text Symbols BKK_TXTNR CHAR 
91 BKK_TE_ACC_END_OF_TERM Total Commitment: Term End DATS DATS 
92 BKK_TFMPRUNIT_DI Rounding unit in FIMA   CHAR 
93 BKK_TFORCED Description: Forced Payment Order   CHAR 
94 BKK_TFORMA Description Format Payment Notes CHAR25 CHAR 
95 BKK_TGVCODE Description of Business Transaction Code TEXT60 CHAR 
98 BKK_TIMESTAMP To store timestamp value BKK_TIMESTAMP DEC 
99 BKK_TIME_BRING_IN Time at which EFT was imported TIME TIMS 
100 BKK_TIME_CHANGED Time of Change by Report UZEIT TIMS 
101 BKK_TIME_CREATE Time at which EFT was created TIME TIMS 
102 BKK_TIME_FROM Earliest Time of Processed Items During Day DATE_ITEM_FROM TIME TIMS 
103 BKK_TIME_LAST_STMT Last Bank Statement Time TIME TIMS 
104 BKK_TIME_TO Latest Time of Processed Items During Day DATE_ITEM_TO TIME TIMS 
105 BKK_TINCHG Interest + Charges in Transaction Currency BKK_ITAMT CURR 
106 BKK_TINTER Interest in Transaction Currency BKK_ITAMT CURR 
107 BKK_TITSTAT Description: Status of a Payment Item DDTEXT CHAR 
108 BKK_TITTYPE Description: Type of Payment Item DDTEXT CHAR 
109 BKK_TLISTI Description BCA List TEXT25 CHAR 
110 BKK_TMEDIA Name of medium TEXT25 CHAR 
111 BKK_TMEDIASHORT Short description of medium TEXT6 CHAR 
112 BKK_TOBJCATG Description of Object Category TEXT50 CHAR 
113 BKK_TOCRDAT Latest Release Date DATUM DATS 
114 BKK_TOLAMT Tolerance Amount BKK_ITAMT CURR 
115 BKK_TOLD_M Tolerance Days: Value Date Min. BKK_DAYS3 NUMC 
116 BKK_TOLD_M_DI Tolerance Days: Value Date Min.   CHAR 
117 BKK_TOLD_P Tolerance Days: Value Date Max. BKK_DAYS3 NUMC 
118 BKK_TOLD_P_DI Tolerance Days: Value Date Max.   CHAR 
119 BKK_TPAAPLLCATG Description of a Parallel Processing Application TEXT50 CHAR 
120 BKK_TPAYME Pmnt Method ID TEXT25 CHAR 
121 BKK_TPERIODUNIT Description of a Time Unit TEXT25 CHAR 
122 BKK_TPOSTAT Description: Status of a Payment Order DDTEXT CHAR 
123 BKK_TRACE_AREA Area for Which Trace Data Should Be Displayed BKK_TRACE_AREA CHAR 
124 BKK_TRACE_DATE Date on Which Trace Should Be Active DATUM DATS 
125 BKK_TRACE_USER User Who Should Have Trace Data Displayed USNAM CHAR 
126 BKK_TRAINT Amount Transaction Interest TFM_WRTV9 CURR 
127 BKK_TRANSF_P_N Flag: If Cash Concen. Carr.Forw. Are Separated Pos. + Neg. XFELD CHAR 
128 BKK_TRANSF_TYPE Type of Carry Forward Determination BKK_TRANSF_TYPE CHAR 
129 BKK_TRCL Account Balancing Log BKK_TRCL CHAR 
130 BKK_TREPCHAIN Name of a Processing Chain TEXT50 CHAR 
132 BKK_TRETURNCODE Return Code of a Report TEXT30 CHAR 
133 BKK_TRFBKB Reference Bank Area from Transfer Posting (Orig. Docu.) BKK_BKKRS CHAR 
134 BKK_TRFBKF Reference Bank Area from Transfer Posting BKK_BKKRS CHAR 
135 BKK_TRFDCB Reference Document Number from Transfer Posting (Source Doc) BKK_DOCNO NUMC 
136 BKK_TRFDCF Reference Document Number from Transfer Posting BKK_DOCNO NUMC 
137 BKK_TRFPSB Reference Position Number from Trans.Posting (Orig.Document) BKK_POSNO NUMC 
138 BKK_TRFPSF Reference Position Number from Transfer Posting BKK_POSNO NUMC 
139 BKK_TRKEY Description Return Key TXT25 CHAR 
140 BKK_TRNCAT Transaction Type Category (Differentiation Type) BKK_TRNCAT CHAR 
141 BKK_TRNCAT2 Transaction Type Category 2 (Diff. Type) BKK_TRNCAT2 CHAR 
142 BKK_TRNS_NET_RATE IHC exch rate from transaction to netting currency BKK_EXRATE DEC 
143 BKK_TRUNSTATUS Description of Mass Run Status TEXT30 CHAR 
144 BKK_TSCGRP Field group name TEXT20 CHAR 
145 BKK_TSENDT Description Dispatch Type of Bank Statement TEXT50 CHAR 
146 BKK_TSTACK_PLACE Description of the Location TEXT50 CHAR 
147 BKK_TS_REACTION Reaction to failed time stamp synchronization BKK_TS_REACTION CHAR 
148 BKK_TS_WAIT_SEC Maximum waiting period in seconds   NUMC 
149 BKK_TTYPE Transaction Type BKK_TTYPE CHAR 
150 BKK_TTYPE2 Transaction Type_2 BKK_TTYPE CHAR 
151 BKK_TTYPER Transaction Type Offsetting Posting for Payment Order BKK_TTYPE CHAR 
152 BKK_TTYPE_EXCL Transaction Type of a Turnover (Payment Item) BKK_TTYPE CHAR 
153 BKK_TTYP_C Transaction Type (Credit) BKK_TTYPE CHAR 
154 BKK_TTYP_D Transaction Type (Debit) BKK_TTYPE CHAR 
156 BKK_TWARR Guaranteed Amount in Transaction Currency BKK_ITAMT CURR 
157 BKK_TXT Description TXT15 CHAR 
159 BKK_TXTDYNSAL Dynamic Balance Description BKK_TXTDYNSAL CHAR 
161 BKK_TXT_KEY_ADD Text key supplement BKK_TXT_KEY_ADD CHAR 
162 BKK_TXT_RUN_NO Sequential Number in Text Key Maintenance BKK_TXT_RUN_NO NUMC 
163 BKK_T_ACCL Category of a Block in End of Day Processing TEXT25 CHAR 
164 BKK_T_ARCH_PRD_UNIT Description Time Unit BCA Archiving TEXT10 CHAR 
165 BKK_T_BALOBJCATG Description for Object Category for Balancing TEXT25 CHAR 
166 BKK_T_BANKL Name of financial instit. TEXT60 CHAR 
167 BKK_T_BANKS Country Name TEXT15 CHAR 
168 BKK_T_BKRS Description Bank Area TEXT25 CHAR 
169 BKK_T_BUTT Text for Button in Modal Online Entry Window (Initial) TEXT35 CHAR 
170 BKK_T_CARD Description Card ID TEXT25 CHAR 
171 BKK_T_CDIF Description Bank Condition Type Differentiation TEXT25 CHAR 
172 BKK_T_CHQNUMISSUE Desc. Check Number Issuing TEXT25 CHAR 
173 BKK_T_CLAS Description Bank Condition Class TEXT25 CHAR 
174 BKK_T_CLST Description Balancing Type TEXT25 CHAR 
175 BKK_T_CNTR Description Item Counter TEXT25 CHAR 
176 BKK_T_CON Bank Condition Name TEXT25 CHAR 
177 BKK_T_CONC Description Bank Condition Category TEXT25 CHAR 
178 BKK_T_COND Description Condition Area TEXT25 CHAR 
179 BKK_T_CONG Description Bank Condition Group TEXT25 CHAR 
180 BKK_T_DCTR Description Dispatch Expenses Counter TEXT25 CHAR 
181 BKK_T_DESC General Text Field for Output on Subscreen TEXT25 CHAR 
182 BKK_T_DOCT Text Document Type TXT25 CHAR 
183 BKK_T_EMP_OBJMTH Description Object Methods Employee Accounts TEXT55 CHAR 
184 BKK_T_ERR_RS Details on Lock in End-of-Day Processing TEXT35 CHAR 
185 BKK_T_FLDSTA Description Field Status TEXT10 CHAR 
186 BKK_T_FUNC Description Feature TEXT25 CHAR 
187 BKK_T_FUNCTION Function text TEXT35 CHAR 
188 BKK_T_FUNG Description Functions Group TEXT25 CHAR 
189 BKK_T_GLACCT Description General Ledger Account CHAR50 CHAR 
190 BKK_T_GLACTION Description Action Trans.Postings TEXT25 CHAR 
191 BKK_T_GRCA Description Bank Condition Groups Category TEXT25 CHAR 
192 BKK_T_LIM Description Limit Category TEXT25 CHAR 
193 BKK_T_LOCK Description Locking Reason TEXT25 CHAR 
194 BKK_T_MCAT Description for Category of Payment Order Medium TEXT25 CHAR 
195 BKK_T_METHOD Text on a Method TEXT30 CHAR 
196 BKK_T_NOSTRO Description of Bank Account Category TEXT15 CHAR 
197 BKK_T_NTCTYPE Description of Notice Amount TEXT25 CHAR 
198 BKK_T_NTCTYPE1 Label Description (Partial Amount Notice): Notice Amount TEXT25 CHAR 
199 BKK_T_NTCTYPE2 Label (Full Amount Notice): Anticipated Notice Amount TEXT25 CHAR 
200 BKK_T_OBJECT Text of an Object TEXT25 CHAR 
201 BKK_T_POOL_METH Text for Pooling Method TEXT25 CHAR 
202 BKK_T_PROC Description Process TEXT25 CHAR 
203 BKK_T_PROD Product Description TEXT25 CHAR 
204 BKK_T_PTCG Description Internal Posting Categories TEXT25 CHAR 
205 BKK_T_QUALIFIER BCA: Description of Qualifier TEXT25 CHAR 
206 BKK_T_RCTG Description Reference Account Category TEXT25 CHAR 
207 BKK_T_RLTYP Business partner role TEXT25 CHAR 
208 BKK_T_SHIFTWDAY Determination of the Working Day (Standing Order Execution) TEXT50 CHAR 
209 BKK_T_SLIM Description Reference Limit TEXT25 CHAR 
210 BKK_T_STAD Description Account Status TEXT25 CHAR 
211 BKK_T_STAT Description of Account Status TEXT15 CHAR 
212 BKK_T_STCL Description Position Type TXT25 CHAR 
213 BKK_T_TABLE_NUM Description Table Group TEXT30 CHAR 
214 BKK_T_TCAT Description for Category Transaction Types (Item Counter) TEXT25 CHAR 
215 BKK_T_TRNC Description Transaction Type Category (Differentiation Type) TEXT25 CHAR 
216 BKK_T_TRNC2 Description for Transaction Type Category2 (Differ. Type) TEXT25 CHAR 
217 BKK_T_TTYP Description Trans. Type TEXT25 CHAR 
218 BKK_T_TTYPL Detailed Description of Transaction Type TEXT60 CHAR 
219 BKK_T_TYP Type name TEXT25 CHAR 
220 BKK_T_VALUE Text Information on Value Fields TEXT25 CHAR 
221 BKK_UEBST Transfer Status Reconciliation Key BKK_UEBST CHAR 
222 BKK_ULTIMO Month-end indicator BKK_ULTIMO CHAR 
223 BKK_UNAMEI User Creating a Position SYCHAR12 CHAR 
224 BKK_UNAMES User Changing Status of a Position SYCHAR12 CHAR 
225 BKK_UNIT_D Period Unit: Days XFELD CHAR 
226 BKK_UNIT_M Period Unit: Months XFELD CHAR 
227 BKK_UNIT_Q Period Unit: Quarter XFELD CHAR 
228 BKK_UNIT_W Period Unit: Weeks XFELD CHAR 
229 BKK_UNIT_Y Period Unit: Years XFELD CHAR 
230 BKK_UPAMNT Maximum Amount TFM_WRTV9 CURR 
231 BKK_UPAMNT_DI Maximum Amount   CHAR 
232 BKK_UPDATE Update Ext. Account Number XFELD CHAR 
233 BKK_UPLIM Maximum Interest Rate DECV3_7 DEC 
234 BKK_UPLIM_DI Maximum Interest Rate   CHAR 
235 BKK_UP_AMT Markup/Markdown on Standard Amount TFM_WRTV9 CURR 
236 BKK_USECPD Indicator: Use for CpD (Suspense) Accounts Allowed XFELD CHAR 
237 BKK_USED Date till when Condition was Used DATUM DATS 
238 BKK_USED_DI Date till when Condition was Used   CHAR 
239 BKK_USED_STAT Status of Utilization of Allowance BKK_USED_STAT CHAR 
241 BKK_USEPRT Indicator: Return from Customer Account Allowed XFELD CHAR 
244 BKK_US_HOLD_CHDATE_DI Changed On for Direct Input   CHAR 
247 BKK_VALFRO_DI Valid from   CHAR 
250 BKK_VALREQ Indicator: Value Date Specification Allowed BKK_VALREQ NUMC 
251 BKK_VALSIGN Val.Dt.Balance +/-Sign BOOLE CHAR 
253 BKK_VALTO_DI Valid to   CHAR 
254 BKK_VALTO_HD Valid to (Condition Header) DATUM_INV CHAR 
255 BKK_VALUE0 Replacement Value for Digit 0 NUM1 NUMC 
256 BKK_VALUE1 Replacement Value for Digit 1 NUM1 NUMC 
257 BKK_VALUE3 General 3-Digit Character Field BKK_VALUE3 CHAR 
258 BKK_VAL_IA Cash Concentration: Value Date Paying Account DATUM DATS 
259 BKK_VAL_RA Cash Concentration: Value Date Receiving Account DATUM DATS 
260 BKK_VAL_TO Cash Concentration: Value Date to DATUM DATS 
261 BKK_VARI Variant for Parallel Processing CHAR8 CHAR 
262 BKK_VA_CUR Currency for Amount Individ. Value Adjustment WAERS CUKY 
263 BKK_VA_FIX Fixed Amount of an Individ. Value Adjustment BKK_ITAMT CURR 
264 BKK_VA_POSTED Individual Value Adjustment Amount Posted on GL BKK_TOAMT CURR 
265 BKK_VA_POSTED_DIFF Difference Amount for IVA Currently Posted on GL BKK_ITAMT CURR 
266 BKK_VA_POSTED_OLD Individual Value Adjustment Amount Posted So Far on GL BKK_ITAMT CURR 
267 BKK_VA_POSTED_PREV Amount Posted as IVA in Previous Years BKK_TOAMT CURR 
268 BKK_VA_PROC Percentage Amount of an Individual Value Adjustment BKK_PROZENT052 DEC 
269 BKK_VA_TO_POST Amount for Individual Value Adjustment for Posting BKK_ITAMT CURR 
270 BKK_VA_XFIX Fixed amount XFELD CHAR 
271 BKK_VA_XPROC Percentage amount XFELD CHAR 
272 BKK_VA_YEAR Year of Last Addition for Individual Value Adjustment BKK_YEAR NUMC 
273 BKK_VDTSET Indicator: Value Date was Specified XFELD CHAR 
274 BKK_VF_INV Valid from date DATUM_INV CHAR 
275 BKK_VKONT Clearing Account Transfer FI General Ledger SAKNR CHAR 
276 BKK_VMONTH Value Date Month MONAT NUMC 
277 BKK_VOIDR Reason for Invalid Checks VOIDR NUMC 
278 BKK_VOR_EXT Posting Day Shift for External Posting BKK_VOR_INT INT1 
279 BKK_VOR_INT Posting Date Shift for Internal Posting BKK_VOR_INT INT1 
280 BKK_VRSNO Available Balance Series Number BKK_VRSNO NUMC 
281 BKK_VRSNO_DI Available Balance Series Number for DI   CHAR 
282 BKK_VRSTYP Available Balance Series Category BKK_VRSTYP CHAR 
283 BKK_VSHIFT Shift Factor for Value Date Days NUM2 NUMC 
284 BKK_VVSTGBASIS_DI No. of days in year for interest calc. method (cash flow)   CHAR 
285 BKK_VVSTGMETH_DI Days calculation method (cash flow)   CHAR 
286 BKK_VVZ_END Withdrawal Period End BKK_VVZ_END DATS 
287 BKK_VVZ_START Withdrawal Period Start BKK_VVZ_START DATS 
288 BKK_VYEAR Value Date Year NUM4 NUMC 
289 BKK_WAMNT Guaran. Amount BKK_ITAMT CURR 
290 BKK_WCURR Currency of Guaranteed Amount of a Check WAERS CUKY 
291 BKK_WDATE Date for Resubmission DATUM DATS 
292 BKK_WDATE_DI Date for Resubmission   CHAR 
293 BKK_WDAY Weekday TEXT15 CHAR 
295 BKK_WEIGHT Weighting Factor BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
296 BKK_WGHT01 Weighting Factor 1 BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
297 BKK_WGHT02 Weighting Factor 2 BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
298 BKK_WGHT03 Weighting Factor 3 BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
299 BKK_WGHT04 Weighting Factor 4 BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
300 BKK_WGHT05 Weighting Factor 5 BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
301 BKK_WGHT06 Weighting Factor 6 BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
302 BKK_WGHT07 Weighting Factor 7 BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
303 BKK_WGHT08 Weighting Factor 8 BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
304 BKK_WGHT09 Weighting Factor 9 BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
305 BKK_WGHT10 Weighting Factor 10 BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
306 BKK_WGHT11 Weighting Factor 11 BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
307 BKK_WGHT12 Weighting Factor 12 BKK_WEIGHT INT1 
308 BKK_WHTAX Capital Yield Tax Indicator BKK_WHTAX CHAR 
309 BKK_WHTX_A Amount of Capital Yield Tax (CYT) BKK_ITAMT CURR 
310 BKK_WHTX_C Amount of Capital Yield Tax (Character Format) CHAR25 CHAR 
311 BKK_WIED Resubmission Reason BKK_WIEDGRUND CHAR 
312 BKK_WORKDAYSHIFT Type of Shift of Due Date to Working Day T_SWERK NUMC 
313 BKK_XACCAUTH Adopt BP as Authorized Drawer XFELD CHAR 
314 BKK_XACCCL Indicator: Account Balancing Executed XFELD CHAR 
315 BKK_XACCHOLD Adopt BP as Account Holder XFELD CHAR 
316 BKK_XACCLO Flag: Balancing on Reference Account XFELD CHAR 
317 BKK_XACCRF Indicator: Execute Accrual/Deferral for Charges XFELD CHAR 
318 BKK_XACCRT Indicator, error in account check? XFELD CHAR 
319 BKK_XACCRU Indicator: Execute Interest Acc./Def. XFELD CHAR 
320 BKK_XACC_HLDR_SAME Accounts Belong to Same Account Holder (Business Partner) XFELD CHAR 
321 BKK_XACC_HOLDER Use as Dispatch Type for the Account Holder XFELD CHAR 
322 BKK_XACREF Indicator: Account Used as Reference Account XFELD CHAR 
323 BKK_XACST Indicator if Bank Statement Was Executed BOOLE CHAR 
324 BKK_XACSTL Indicator: Since the last bank statement XFELD CHAR 
325 BKK_XADAPTMAX Deposit Adjustment up to Maximum Deposit XFELD CHAR 
326 BKK_XADAPTMIN Deposit Adjustment to Minimum Deposit XFELD CHAR 
327 BKK_XALL All payment items with all statuses XFELD CHAR 
328 BKK_XAND Indicator: Joint(AND)Account XFELD CHAR 
329 BKK_XANNUAL Single Year Indicator XFELD CHAR 
330 BKK_XARCHDELETED Indicator: Delete Program Complete BOOLE CHAR 
331 BKK_XBALANCES Output Balances (Calculation Bases) XFELD CHAR 
332 BKK_XBALANC_ON_REFACNT Balancing to Reference Account XFELD CHAR 
333 BKK_XBALNOTPOST Do Not Post Account Balancing XFELD CHAR 
334 BKK_XBANK Product is a Bank Account XFELD CHAR 
335 BKK_XBFILE Indicator: Bank Inbound File XFELD CHAR 
336 BKK_XBKSTREC Adopt BP as Bank Statement Recipient XFELD CHAR 
337 BKK_XBLOC Indicator: Presented check already blocked? X CHAR 
338 BKK_XBLOCKCRED Indicator: Credit Lock XFELD CHAR 
339 BKK_XBLOCKDEB Indicator: Debit Lock XFELD CHAR 
340 BKK_XBLOCKINFO Indicator: Notification Sent for Block CHAR1 CHAR 
341 BKK_XBMACTIVE Indicator: Benchmark Active X CHAR 
342 BKK_XBSTRE Indicator: Bank Statement Recipient X CHAR 
343 BKK_XBTCHJOBS Indicator: Parallel Processing by Background Jobs XFELD CHAR 
344 BKK_XBUPRT Indicator, error in business partner check? XFELD CHAR 
345 BKK_XCAL Shift to working day BKK_SWORKD CHAR 
346 BKK_XCALCD Indicator: Determine Next Due Date XFELD CHAR 
347 BKK_XCALCHYLIM Indicator: Automatic Calculation of Hierarchy Limit XFELD CHAR 
348 BKK_XCALCRESULT Output Calculation Results of Account Balancing XFELD CHAR 
349 BKK_XCALCRESULTS Output Total Calculation Results of Account Balancing XFELD CHAR 
350 BKK_XCALC_LI Convert Limits XFELD CHAR 
351 BKK_XCAL_POOL_AUT Calculate Internal Pool Limit Automatically XFELD CHAR 
352 BKK_XCHBLK Indicator: Check Type is Blocked XFELD CHAR 
353 BKK_XCHCUR Indicator: Account Block Due to Currency Change XFELD CHAR 
354 BKK_XCHCURDEL Marked for deletion X CHAR 
355 BKK_XCHEQ Indicator: Check with Check Management XFELD CHAR 
356 BKK_XCHKAC Indicator, account block check excluded? XFELD CHAR 
357 BKK_XCHKBP Indicator, business partner check excluded? XFELD CHAR 
358 BKK_XCHKCH Indicator: Check for the Check (Cheque) Switched Off? XFELD CHAR 
359 BKK_XCHKDG Indicator: No Check Digit Calculation XFELD CHAR 
360 BKK_XCHKL Indicator, limit check excluded? XFELD CHAR 
361 BKK_XCHKLIMTYP02 Indicator:Internal Account Limit Check (Limit Cat. 02) XFELD CHAR 
362 BKK_XCHKLIMTYP05 Internal Interest Compensation Limit Check (Category 05) XFELD CHAR 
363 BKK_XCHKLIMTYPPRD Indicator - Check Internal Limit (Product-Dependent) XFELD CHAR 
364 BKK_XCHKOLD Indicator: DataRecord Active/Inactive (X=Inact.;SPACE=Activ) XFELD CHAR 
365 BKK_XCHKV Indicator, value date check exluded? XFELD CHAR 
366 BKK_XCHKVAL Indicator to Show if Data Record Obsolete (X=Old,SPACE=New) XFELD CHAR 
367 BKK_XCHNG Indicator: Data has been changed XFELD CHAR 
368 BKK_XCHQNH Maintain Number at Check Presentation XFELD CHAR 
369 BKK_XCHQNI Number Assignment - Check Issue XFELD CHAR 
370 BKK_XCHQRT Indicator, error in position management check? XFELD CHAR 
371 BKK_XCLOS Indicator: Is Account Balanced? BOOLE CHAR 
372 BKK_XCNTBNKREP Flag: Regulatory Peport. Relevant Central Bank (Min.Reserve) XFELD CHAR 
373 BKK_XCOLL Indicator: Direct Debit Collection Allowed XFELD CHAR 
374 BKK_XCOMPL Indicator: Complment Formation X CHAR 
375 BKK_XCOND Flag, Individual Condition Exists XFELD CHAR 
376 BKK_XCOND1 Flag: Conditions Time Dependent? XFELD CHAR 
377 BKK_XCOND2 Flag: Condition Determination Time Dependent? XFELD CHAR 
378 BKK_XCONDEXCHANG Exchange Conditions During Account Balancing XFELD CHAR 
379 BKK_XCONDITION Issue conditions XFELD CHAR 
380 BKK_XCOND_OHDR Interest Compensation: Central Conditions on Header Account XFELD CHAR 
381 BKK_XCONTACT Contact Person X CHAR 
382 BKK_XCONTROL Indicator: Dual Control for Creation of Check Stack XFELD CHAR 
383 BKK_XCORRECTION Flag indicating if Term Agreement has been corrected XFELD CHAR 
384 BKK_XCPD Product is a CpD (Suspense) Product XFELD CHAR 
385 BKK_XCREATION Indicator: Direct Check Stack Creation Allowed XFELD CHAR 
386 BKK_XCRED Indicator: Credit XFELD CHAR 
387 BKK_XCTLFLGBAL Flag: Control Indicator Account Balancing Exists XFELD CHAR 
388 BKK_XCTRL Indicator: Control by 2nd User Required (Dual Control) XFELD CHAR 
389 BKK_XCTRLVAR Standing Order Type (Variable or Fixed) XFELD CHAR 
390 BKK_XCURRT Indicator, error due to block/currency changeover? XFELD CHAR 
391 BKK_XDAILY Daily Indicator XFELD CHAR 
392 BKK_XDEFLT Default Value X CHAR 
393 BKK_XDELE Central Archiving Flag? XFELD CHAR 
394 BKK_XDELE_DUM No longer needed XFELD CHAR 
395 BKK_XDELE_NOTICE Archiving Flag (Notice) XFELD CHAR 
396 BKK_XDFIX Indicator: Address Is Fixed Address of Partner XFELD CHAR 
397 BKK_XDIALOG Indicator: Online Processing XFELD CHAR 
398 BKK_XDIAPC Indicator: Online Entry Internal Order Allowed X CHAR 
399 BKK_XDIAPF Indicator: Online Entry Foreign Payment Order Allowed X CHAR 
400 BKK_XDIAPI Indicator: Online Entry Payment Item Allowed X CHAR 
401 BKK_XDIAPO Indicator: Online Entry Payment Order Allowed X CHAR 
402 BKK_XDIAPR Indicator: Online Entry Return Order Allowed X CHAR 
403 BKK_XDIASO Indicator: Online Entry Standing Order Allowed BKK_DIASO CHAR 
404 BKK_XDISPDEBUG Indicator: Debugging On (No Background Jobs) XFELD CHAR 
405 BKK_XDISTRIBUTE Indic.: Distribution of Check Stacks to other Locations O.K. CHAR1 CHAR 
406 BKK_XDOCU Indicator: Documented Return XFELD CHAR 
407 BKK_XDONE Indicator: Completed XFELD CHAR 
408 BKK_XDUPL Indicator: Bank Statement Duplicate (Do not use!) XFELD CHAR 
409 BKK_XDUPLICAT Indicator: A Duplicate of this File has Been Created XFELD CHAR 
410 BKK_XDUPLICATE Indicator Duplicate Creation for Bank Statement XFELD CHAR 
411 BKK_XDUPL_BALNOT Indicator: Duplicate CHAR1 CHAR 
412 BKK_XDUPL_REC Recipient of Bank Statement Copy XFLAG CHAR 
413 BKK_XDUPL_RUN Duplicate Run of Bank Statement XFLAG CHAR 
414 BKK_XEINZUG Fixed Term Deposit Was Collected XFELD CHAR 
415 BKK_XEMP Execute Employee Account Check XFELD CHAR 
416 BKK_XEMPTYINTV Indicator: Empty Interval Occurred XFELD CHAR 
417 BKK_XENQRT Indicator, error in blocking account balance? XFELD CHAR 
418 BKK_XEOFSL Indicator: End of Selection Reached (Parallel Processing) BOOLE CHAR 
419 BKK_XERR Indicator: Defect XFELD CHAR 
420 BKK_XERROR Indicator: Data Record is Incorrect XFELD CHAR 
421 BKK_XEURO Indicator: Currency Conversion only at Acct. Balancing XFELD CHAR 
422 BKK_XEXPINT Exponential interest calculation XFELD CHAR 
423 BKK_XEXTRCV Indicator: Error when sending external recipient data XFELD CHAR 
424 BKK_XFELD Check Box   CHAR 
426 BKK_XFLGNTC_NOPD Flag: No Notice Period for Existing Notice Reason XFELD CHAR 
427 BKK_XFLGNTC_PD Flag: No Notice Period for Existing Notice Reason XFELD CHAR 
428 BKK_XFORGN Indicator: Externally Initiated Payment Item XFELD CHAR 
429 BKK_XFROM_DB Check Stack Location is Saved on Database CHAR1 CHAR 
430 BKK_XFXNET Indicator: Foreign exchange netting enabled XFELD CHAR 
431 BKK_XGLITM Indicator: No Update in General Ledger X CHAR 
432 BKK_XHDR_NPPOOL Root Account not Participating in Interest Compensation XFELD CHAR 
433 BKK_XHOLD Account Holder X CHAR 
434 BKK_XIMDEL Indicator: Close Account Immediately XFELD CHAR 
435 BKK_XIMMR Indicator: Delete Block When Removing Reference Block XFELD CHAR 
436 BKK_XINCREASE Contract Amount Adjustment Type BKK_DEPOSITADAP CHAR 
437 BKK_XIND Flag: Individual Condition XFELD CHAR 
438 BKK_XINDINTERESTEXIST Individual Interest Condition Exists XFELD CHAR 
439 BKK_XINT Indicator: Bank Posting X CHAR 
440 BKK_XINTCR Indicator: Interval Creation Completed XFELD CHAR 
441 BKK_XINTER Indicator: Interest Relevance XFELD CHAR 
442 BKK_XINTEREST Indicator: Balance Notification with Interest Information XFELD CHAR 
443 BKK_XINTNR Internal Number Assignment XFELD CHAR 
444 BKK_XINTREST Indicator: Balance Notification with Interest Information XFELD CHAR 
445 BKK_XINT_POST_DIRECT Flag: Direct Posting to Reference Account XFELD CHAR 
446 BKK_XISSUE_CUST Indicator: Issuing Checks to Customers Allowed CHAR1 CHAR 
447 BKK_XITEMS Display Turnovers in List XFELD CHAR 
448 BKK_XITEM_INTERN Indicator: Item is Internal BCA XFELD CHAR 
449 BKK_XKEEP_BI Indicator: Keep Batch Input Session After Processing ? XFELD CHAR 
450 BKK_XKEY Key field XFELD CHAR 
451 BKK_XLCKAC Indicator: Cause of Account Block Still Exists XFELD CHAR 
452 BKK_XLEADER Account Maintenance Officer X CHAR 
453 BKK_XLEAVESONO Ind: Direct Input: Do Not Extract New Sono XFELD CHAR 
454 BKK_XLEGIT Indicator: Authorized Drawer X CHAR 
455 BKK_XLIDEL Marked for Deletion X CHAR 
456 BKK_XLIMIT Execute Limit Check XFELD CHAR 
457 BKK_XLIMRT Indicator, error in limit check? XFELD CHAR 
458 BKK_XMONTHLY Monthly Indicator XFELD CHAR 
459 BKK_XMRCV Indicator: Several Recipients Allowed X CHAR 
460 BKK_XNAMECHECK Indicator: Execute Account Call-Up Check XFELD CHAR 
461 BKK_XNAMEOFTYPE Indicator: Name Defines a Category XFELD CHAR 
462 BKK_XNCLCD Indicator: Do Not Determine Next Due Date XFELD CHAR 
463 BKK_XNCONF Indicator: No Interval Confirmation for Account XFELD CHAR 
464 BKK_XNDISP Execute Overdraft Limit Check XFELD CHAR 
465 BKK_XNEWSTEP Ind.:1st Interval of a New Parallel Processing Level XFELD CHAR 
466 BKK_XNOINTERVUSE Indicator: No Interval Formation/Usage XFELD CHAR 
467 BKK_XNOIT Indicator: No Turnover Items on Bank Statement XFELD CHAR 
468 BKK_XNOITEM Indicator: Bank Statement Without Turnovers XFELD CHAR 
469 BKK_XNOPER Indicator: No Periodicity XFELD CHAR 
470 BKK_XNOPST Flag: Balancing not Posted BKK_XNOPST CHAR 
471 BKK_XNOWAIT Indicator: Do not wait for return code (End of day process.) XFELD CHAR 
472 BKK_XNPREP Indicator: Do Not Flag Account Data (For Saving) XFELD CHAR 
473 BKK_XNTCACT Notice: Amount Notice is Active XFELD CHAR 
474 BKK_XNUMH Indicator: Maintain Check Number at Presentation XFELD CHAR 
475 BKK_XNUMI Indicator: Check for Existence in Check Postion XFELD CHAR 
476 BKK_XNUPD Indicator: No Database Update for Account XFELD CHAR 
477 BKK_XOFFER Indicator: Create Account as Offer XFELD CHAR 
478 BKK_XOLDDT Balancing for a Legacy Data Transfer Period XFELD CHAR 
479 BKK_XOPEN Indicator: Open BCA Data Record from Customer Enhancement XFELD CHAR 
480 BKK_XOPITM Open Items Posted to the Account XFELD CHAR 
481 BKK_XOR Indicaotr: OR-Account XFELD CHAR 
482 BKK_XORIG Indicator: Bank Statement Original Recipient XFELD CHAR 
483 BKK_XPAYME Indicator: Use as Payment Method XFELD CHAR 
484 BKK_XPAYMI Indic.: Medium/Payment Method for BCA-Internal Transactions XFELD CHAR 
485 BKK_XPAYNTE Indicator: Display Payment Notes X CHAR 
486 BKK_XPERIO Periodic Feature XFELD CHAR 
487 BKK_XPFURT Indicator - Posting Date is in the Future XFELD CHAR 
488 BKK_XPOOL_FEES Interest Compensation: Charges to be Compensated XFELD CHAR 
489 BKK_XPOS Output All items in the List XFELD CHAR 
490 BKK_XPOST Flag: Balancing Completed (Posted) XFELD CHAR 
491 BKK_XPOSTBAL Flag: Posting Balance XFELD CHAR 
492 BKK_XPOSTD BCA: Posting Date as Required Field BKK_XYPOSTD CHAR 
493 BKK_XPOST_FEE_SEP Post Charges Individually XFELD CHAR 
494 BKK_XPOST_NBAL Interest Compensation: Post Normal Account Balancing Result XFELD CHAR 
495 BKK_XPPROC Indicator: In Postprocessing XFELD CHAR 
496 BKK_XPREPO Indicator: Postprocessing XFELD CHAR 
497 BKK_XPRIPP Indicator: Priority in Postprocessing X CHAR 
498 BKK_XPTNOK Flag: Determination of Further Postings Failed XFELD CHAR 
499 BKK_XQUARTERLY Quarterly Indicator XFELD CHAR 
500 BKK_XRACC X - Account is Root Account for this Hierarchy XFELD CHAR