SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P001X Infotyp Org. Assignment required XFIELD CHAR 
2 P001_SONZV Special Regulations: Supplementary Insurances P011_SONZV CHAR 
3 P002X Personal Data required XFIELD CHAR 
4 P006X Infotype Address required XFIELD CHAR 
5 P009_SBFMN Minimum Challenged Group Credit for a Reserved Position P009_SBFMN DEC 
6 P009_SBFMX Maximum Challenged Group Credit for a Reserved Position P009_SBFMX DEC 
7 P00T_PAYDT Tax pay date P00T_PAYDT NUMC 
8 P00_ADDON_LOGREL Relevance Payroll Log Add-On Solution XFELD CHAR 
9 P00_ADDON_MDREL Relevance Master Data Handling Add-On Solution XFELD CHAR 
10 P00_ADDON_RECRU Recruitment Relevance Add-On Solution XFELD CHAR 
11 P00_CLGART Customizing wage type LGART CHAR 
12 P00_DLGART Wage type to be deleted LGART CHAR 
13 P00_LOG_COLUMN Add. Column for HCM Logging CHAR30 CHAR 
14 P00_LOG_COMPTYPE Component Type for HCM Logging CHAR6 CHAR 
15 P00_LOG_HEADER Heading for HCM Logging CHAR75 CHAR 
16 P00_LOG_IDENT Identifier for Logging HCM CHAR15 CHAR 
17 P00_LOG_LEVEL Log Level for HCM Logging   INT1 
18 P00_LOG_SEQNR Sequence Number for HCM Logging NUMC6 NUMC 
19 P00_LOG_TEXT Text for HCM Logging TEXT80 CHAR 
20 P00_MLGART Model wage type LGART CHAR 
21 P00_MSGHDL_DUMMY Dummy Data Element for Adding an Empty Node HCM DUMMY CHAR 
22 P00_OLGART Original wage type LGART CHAR 
23 P00_PBSNO_DOCTYP Document type of a notification P00_PBSNO_DOCTYP CHAR 
24 P00_PBSNO_FLAG Additional Flag FLAG CHAR 
26 P00_PBSNO_NGRPTXT Notification group text P00_PBSNO_NGRPTXT CHAR 
27 P00_PBSNO_NOTGRP Notification group P00_PBSNO_NOTGRP CHAR 
28 P00_PBSNO_NOTID Notification Identifier P00_PBSNO_NOTID CHAR 
29 P00_PBSNO_NOTTXT Notification Text P00_PBSNO_NOTTXT CHAR 
30 P00_PBSNO_PACK Package for notifications P00_PBSNO_PACK CHAR 
31 P00_PBSNO_SEQNR Sequence number of the notification within the package P00_PBSNO_SEQNR CHAR 
32 P00_PBSNO_USE_ADOBE Use Adobe or Smartforms for notifications P00_PBSNO_USE_ADOBE CHAR 
33 P00_PBSNO_UTIME User time (System Time) P00_PBSNO_UTIME CHAR 
35 P00_PBS_ACTIONTEXT Action description CHAR40 CHAR 
36 P00_PBS_ACTLOGTEXT Texts for Action Log of Process Workbench Engine (PWE) P00_PBS_ACTLOGTEXT CHAR 
37 P00_PBS_ADATE Effective date for the action to be triggered DATS DATS 
38 P00_PBS_AETIM Time of last change UZEIT TIMS 
39 P00_PBS_APPL Application use of PWE P00_PBS_APPL CHAR 
40 P00_PBS_APPLN Application CHAR4 CHAR 
41 P00_PBS_APRFNR Application reference number NUMC06 NUMC 
42 P00_PBS_BASPC Basic process scenario indicator XFELD CHAR 
43 P00_PBS_BFSEQ Sequence number in business flow NUM03 NUMC 
44 P00_PBS_BRTXT Description for business rules TEXT40 CHAR 
45 P00_PBS_BRULE Rules for business flow P00_PBS_BRULE CHAR 
46 P00_PBS_CHANGERE Change Relevance flag CHAR1 CHAR 
48 P00_PBS_DATA_BEFORE_ADATE Flag: Read data before Effective Date BOOLE CHAR 
49 P00_PBS_DISPLAYTYPE Decribes the Display Parameter for the Next Processor Field P00_PBS_DISPLAYTYPE CHAR 
50 P00_PBS_DYNNR Screen number DYNNR CHAR 
51 P00_PBS_EXTCLS Sub Process Scenario Exit Class name SEOCLSNAME CHAR 
53 P00_PBS_FIELDGROUPTEXT Fieldgroup text TEXT40 CHAR 
55 P00_PBS_FUTURE_CHANGE Serial number of future changes to assessments NUMC2 NUMC 
56 P00_PBS_FUTURE_CHANGE_SCREEN Serial number of future changes to assessments CHAR2 CHAR 
57 P00_PBS_GPTXT Text for grouping for process tasks TEXT40 CHAR 
58 P00_PBS_GRPPS Grouping for sub process scenarios P00_PBS_GRPPS CHAR 
59 P00_PBS_GRPPT Grouping for process tasks P00_PBS_GRPPT CHAR 
60 P00_PBS_GRPRT Grouping for Request Type CHAR4 CHAR 
61 P00_PBS_GRPTXT Text for grouping for sub process scenarios TEXT40 CHAR 
62 P00_PBS_INDCT Indicator for object name P00_PBS_INDCT CHAR 
63 P00_PBS_INVIS Sub Process scenario invisible P00_PBS_INVIS CHAR 
64 P00_PBS_LASTPROCSCEN Subprocess Scenario for Determining Next Processor P00_PBS_PROCSCEN CHAR 
65 P00_PBS_MASS_INSERT Mass insert flag P00_PBS_MULTREC CHAR 
66 P00_PBS_MODTXT Business scenario request mode description TEXT40 CHAR 
67 P00_PBS_MULTREC Multiple records flag P00_PBS_MULTREC CHAR 
68 P00_PBS_NEWRQSTAT New Overall Status P00_PBS_STATUS CHAR 
69 P00_PBS_NEWSTATUS New Process Status P00_PBS_STATUS CHAR 
71 P00_PBS_OLDRQSTAT Old Overall Status P00_PBS_STATUS CHAR 
72 P00_PBS_OSTAT Old status value of the sub process scenario from DB P00_PBS_STATUS CHAR 
73 P00_PBS_PARAM Parameters defined in PWE CHAR30 CHAR 
74 P00_PBS_PARDEF Parameter data definiton CHAR100 CHAR 
75 P00_PBS_PARTX Parameter description for PWE TEXT40 CHAR 
76 P00_PBS_PARTYP Import/Export paramater type P00_PBS_PARTYP CHAR 
77 P00_PBS_PEXCL Exit class at process scenario level SEOCLSNAME CHAR 
78 P00_PBS_PGNAME Program name CHAR30 CHAR 
79 P00_PBS_PLAN_STATUS Plan status TEXT12 CHAR 
80 P00_PBS_PRCSR Processor of Process Scenario XUBNAME CHAR 
81 P00_PBS_PRGRP Process Group P00_PBS_PRGRP CHAR 
82 P00_PBS_PRGTX Process group description TEXT40 CHAR 
83 P00_PBS_PRICK Applicability of status check for primary sub proc scenario P00_PBS_CKIND CHAR 
84 P00_PBS_PRINTNUM Number of Printouts   INT1 
85 P00_PBS_PRMPS Primary Sub Process scenario P00_PBS_PROCSCEN CHAR 
86 P00_PBS_PROCSCEN Sub Process Scenario P00_PBS_PROCSCEN CHAR 
87 P00_PBS_PROCTXT Sub Process scenario description TEXT40 CHAR 
88 P00_PBS_PRSCN Process Scenario P00_PBS_PRSCN CHAR 
89 P00_PBS_PRSENSE Specification of Process Scenarios Indicating Meaning P00_PBS_PRSENSE CHAR 
90 P00_PBS_PRSEQ Sequence number for processing NUM02 NUMC 
91 P00_PBS_PRSGRP Grouping for SPS status P00_PBS_STATGRP CHAR 
92 P00_PBS_PRSTAT Sub process Scenario status P00_PBS_STATUS CHAR 
93 P00_PBS_PRSTXT Description for process scenario TEXT40 CHAR 
94 P00_PBS_PRTSK Process tasks P00_PBS_PRTSK CHAR 
95 P00_PBS_PSBEG Process scenario begin date DATUM DATS 
96 P00_PBS_PSEND Process scenario end date DATUM DATS 
97 P00_PBS_PSFRL Process status flow rule P00_PBS_PSFRL CHAR 
98 P00_PBS_PSFRTXT Description for process status flow rule TEXT40 CHAR 
99 P00_PBS_PSREL Relationship between sub process scenarios P00_PBS_PSREL CHAR 
100 P00_PBS_PTTXT Process tasks description TEXT40 CHAR 
101 P00_PBS_PWEPAR PWE user parameter name MEMORYID CHAR 
102 P00_PBS_REQMODE Business scenario request mode P00_PBS_REQMODE CHAR 
103 P00_PBS_REQTXT Business scenario description TEXT40 CHAR 
104 P00_PBS_REQTYPE Business Scenario SUBTY_591A CHAR 
105 P00_PBS_RQSGRP Grouping for proc scenario status P00_PBS_STATGRP CHAR 
106 P00_PBS_RQSTAT Process Scenario status P00_PBS_STATUS CHAR 
107 P00_PBS_SECCK Applicability of status check for secondary sub prc scenario P00_PBS_CKIND CHAR 
108 P00_PBS_SECPS Secondary Sub Process scenario P00_PBS_PROCSCEN CHAR 
109 P00_PBS_SELECTTYPE Type Specifying How Next Processor Is Determined P00_PBS_SELECTTYPE CHAR 
110 P00_PBS_SEQNO Sequence number for saved action   NUMC 
111 P00_PBS_SEQNR Sequence Number for Display NUM02 NUMC 
112 P00_PBS_SPATH Status path P00_PBS_SPATH CHAR 
113 P00_PBS_STAT1 Primary sub process scenario status P00_PBS_STATUS CHAR 
114 P00_PBS_STAT2 Secondary sub process scenario status P00_PBS_STATUS CHAR 
115 P00_PBS_STATGRP Grouping for status P00_PBS_STATGRP CHAR 
117 P00_PBS_STGTX Grouping for status description TEXT40 CHAR 
118 P00_PBS_STSEQ Sequence number in process status relationship NUM03 NUMC 
119 P00_PBS_STTXT Status description TEXT40 CHAR 
121 P00_PBS_SUBACTIONTEXT Sub-Action description CHAR40 CHAR 
122 P00_PBS_TABNAME Table name CHAR30 CHAR 
125 P00_PBS_TYPCK Type of error check (Err / Warning / Info) P00_PBS_TYPCK CHAR 
126 P00_PBS_UNAMEKEY Key for Processor Groupings P00_PBS_UNAMEKEY CHAR 
127 P00_PBS_UPDCHKRE Up-to-date check relevance flag CHAR1 CHAR 
128 P00_PBS_USERG PWE user parameter value USERG CHAR 
129 P00_PBS_USRDP Obsolete : Do not use XFELD CHAR 
130 P00_PBS_VERSN Version number RAW1 RAW 
131 P00_PBS_WORKMODUS Work Mode of Process Scenario P00_PBS_WORKMODUS CHAR 
132 P00_SEQNA Text Identification CHAR1 CHAR 
133 P00_XDEBIT_EMFSL Automatic Debit Authorization Indicator XFELD CHAR 
134 P00_XDEBIT_INFTY Automatic Debit Authorization Indicator XFELD CHAR 
135 P010_ALART Output Wage Type from Processing Wage Types LGART CHAR 
136 P010_LGART Input Wage Type for the Processing of Wage Types LGART CHAR 
137 P010_ROUNA Processing Routine for Derivation of Wage Types P010_ROUNA CHAR 
138 P011_6PRO HR-DEH: Obligation Rate 6 Percent XFELD CHAR 
139 P011_ABSND Indicator for Printing Sender Address XFELD CHAR 
140 P011_ABSNR EDI Company Number of Physical Sender BTRNR CHAR 
141 P011_AGBTR Standard health insurance contribution PC01_PRZ22 DEC 
142 P011_AKJHR Year of Current Period NUMC4 NUMC 
143 P011_AKPER Month of Current Period NUMC2 NUMC 
144 P011_ALJHR Year of Last List of Workers' Compensation Associations NUMC4 NUMC 
145 P011_ANART Address Type CHAR2 CHAR 
146 P011_ANFKT Credit Factor used by Employment Office for Severe Challenge CHAR3 CHAR 
147 P011_ANZHL SI Statement of Contributions: SI Days P011_ANZHL DEC 
148 P011_ATPER Period of Last List of Workers' Compensation Associations NUMC2 NUMC 
149 P011_BEKLA Contribution Scale DEC4_2 DEC 
150 P011_BETRG SI Statement of Contributions: Amount Field P011_BETRG DEC 
151 P011_BGAGS Clearing Record of a Workers' Comp. Assoc. (percen. rate 1) PC01_PRZ23 DEC 
152 P011_BGAMD Percentage Rate - Works Medical Serv. (Percentage Rate 2) PC01_PRZ23 DEC 
153 P011_BGGKL Hazard Class xx.xx DEC2_2 DEC 
154 P011_BGHBS Deduction Rate of Workers' Compensation Association PC01_PRZ23 DEC 
155 P011_BGKKA Bankruptcy Compensation Record - WCA (Percentage Rate 3) PC01_PRZ23 DEC 
156 P011_BGLGA Workers' Compensation Assoc.: Wage Type for Prov. Amount LGART CHAR 
157 P011_BLTKZ Structure of Data Entry Forms Stored under Form Indicators CHAR3 CHAR 
158 P011_BTKLS Contribution Scale P011_BTKLS CHAR 
159 P011_CSV Download as .csv File XFELD CHAR 
160 P011_DECKB Indicator: Print Cover Sheets XFELD CHAR 
161 P011_DFART EDI - Type of Data Exchange P011_DFART CHAR 
162 P011_DFNRP EDI - No Check on File Number XFELD CHAR 
163 P011_DFNUM EDI - File Number P011_DFNUM NUMC 
164 P011_DFUEG EDI - Health Insurance Fund Branch KVGST CHAR 
165 P011_DFUEK EDI - Health Insurance Fund KVSCH CHAR 
166 P011_DFWDH EDI - Number of Redialing Attempts NUM02 NUMC 
167 P011_EHBTR Health Insurance Contribution Increased PC01_PRZ22 DEC 
168 P011_EMBTR Health Insurance Contribution Reduced PC01_PRZ22 DEC 
169 P011_EMPNR EDI - Company Number of Physical Recipient BTRNR CHAR 
170 P011_ERROR HR-DEEH: Extended Error Log XFELD CHAR 
171 P011_EUART EDI - Digital Signature P011_EUART NUMC 
172 P011_FORML Form for Structure and Content of a List FORMU_514D CHAR 
173 P011_FORMM Form for Structure and Content of a Letter FORMU_514D CHAR 
174 P011_FRMKZ Form Indicator for Wage Type List CHAR2 CHAR 
175 P011_GRBEH Severe Challenge: Percentage CHAR5 CHAR 
176 P011_GTSPL Administration of Several Hazard Pay Scales per Employee CHAR5 CHAR 
177 P011_INTRV Amount for Lowering or Increasing Assessment Threshold NUMC5 NUMC 
178 P011_KAPPE Cap Benefit Payments at Assessment Thresholds XFELD CHAR 
179 P011_KKTXT Text for HI Fund TEXT30 CHAR 
180 P011_KKTXT_ABA Text for HI Fund TEXT30 CHAR 
181 P011_KKZFG Grouping of Health Insurance Funds XFELD CHAR 
182 P011_KOMOK Symbolic Accounts for Days Carried Over to FI/CO CHAR2 CHAR 
183 P011_KPART EDI - Compression Type P011_KPART NUMC 
184 P011_KPFAD EDI - Path for Backup Files on PC LOCALFILE CHAR 
185 P011_KVBRU Gross Maximum for Compulsory Health Insurance DEC5_2 DEC 
186 P011_KVBTF Health Insurance Contribution DEC4_2 DEC 
187 P011_KZALT Display Pension Insurance Payments XFELD CHAR 
188 P011_KZGEH Wages and Salaries XFELD CHAR 
189 P011_KZNW Indicator for SI Contribution Statement CHAR1 CHAR 
190 P011_KZPNK Other Employee Benefit Costs XFELD CHAR 
191 P011_KZSOZ Employers' Social Insurance Contributions XFELD CHAR 
192 P011_KZTGE Number of Employees and Non-Working Days XFELD CHAR 
193 P011_LGADJ Form Indicator with Wage Type Catalog for Amt. Determination FORMU_514D CHAR 
194 P011_LGAHJ Form Indicator with Wage Type Catalog for Amt. Determination FORMU_514D CHAR 
195 P011_LGAJL Form Indicator with Wage Type Catalog for Amt. Determination FORMU_514D CHAR 
196 P011_LGAMO Form Indicator with Wage Type Catalog for Amt. Determination FORMU_514D CHAR 
197 P011_LGASO Form Indicator with Wage Type Catalog for Amt. Determination FORMU_514D CHAR 
198 P011_LGAVJ Form Indicator with Wage Type Catalog for Amt. Determination FORMU_514D CHAR 
199 P011_LIRND Distance Betw. Text Lines of Letter and Left Margin NUM2 NUMC 
200 P011_LISTE Indicator: Output List XFELD CHAR 
201 P011_LOHNW Yearly Wage Statement or Monthly Provision XFELD CHAR 
202 P011_MMODF Feature that Controls the Assignment of Accounts CHAR5 CHAR 
203 P011_MTTLG Indicator: Print Letter XFELD CHAR 
204 P011_NO_CHAIN No Suppression of Data Records XFELD CHAR 
205 P011_ORDAG Administrative Feature of Employer XFELD CHAR 
206 P011_PATH HR: Directory Path TEXT100 CHAR 
207 P011_PVBFR CI Contribution Deductions for Voluntarily Insured Person P011_PVBFR CHAR 
208 P011_PVBKL Care Insurance Contribution Scales for Voluntary Insurees P011_PVBKL CHAR 
209 P011_PVBTR Fixed Contribution for Care Insurance P011_SVBTR DEC 
210 P011_RTBTR Health Insurance Contribution for Pensioners PC01_PRZ22 DEC 
211 P011_SELBS Indicator Whether Notif. only for Partic. of HIfR Procedure XFELD CHAR 
212 P011_SELZ Ind. of Payee of Own Contributions for SI Contrib. Statement CHAR4 CHAR 
213 P011_SODR Print Immediately XFELD CHAR 
214 P011_SPERR SI Attribute that Locks the Automatic Adjustment SVATT CHAR 
215 P011_SPFAD EDI - Path for sending EDI files on PC LOCALFILE CHAR 
216 P011_S_EN Sort by Individual Statement Lists P011_S_EN CHAR 
217 P011_S_SN Sort by Collective Statement Lists P011_S_SN CHAR 
218 P011_URL09 Settle Taken Leave against Future Years XFELD CHAR 
219 P011_URL10 Total of Reserves Data per Cost Center XFELD CHAR 
220 P011_URL11 Flat Percentage Rate for Additional Ancillary Payroll Costs DEC2_2 DEC 
221 P011_URL12 Calculate Exact Ancillary Payroll Costs from Social Ins. XFELD CHAR 
222 P011_URL13 Remuneration Processing for Open Leave in Fictitious Payroll XFELD CHAR 
223 P011_VSART EDI - Encryption Type P011_VSART NUMC 
224 P011_WOKZK West/East Indicator for Health Insurance Funds WOKNZ CHAR 
225 P011_ZUSKL Contribution Scale Supplementary Pensions P011_ZUSKL CHAR 
226 P012_EMTXT Payee text TEXT57 CHAR 
227 P012_GRTXT Reason Text TEXT57 CHAR 
228 P013_KUGKZ Reduced Hours Substitution Indicator XFELD CHAR 
229 P013_LAAGA Wage Type for Employer's Contribution to Capital Formation LGART CHAR 
230 P013_SEQNA Decision operation CHAR1 CHAR 
231 P013_SOBSG Special Rule: Calc. Acc. to Capacity Util. Level P013_SOBSG CHAR 
232 P013_VARGL Processing Rule for Capital Formation P013_VARGL CHAR 
233 P013_VNORM Transfer/Withhold Capital Formation XFELD CHAR 
234 P013_VSTOR Cancel Capital Formation XFELD CHAR 
235 P013_VUMBU Repost Capital Formation XFELD CHAR 
236 P013_VWLBT Value of Capital Formation Variant BETRG CURR 
237 P014_BPRAE Miner's Bonus P014_BPRAE CHAR 
238 P014_DGSTZ DUEVO Record (Cluster DG) CHAR80 CHAR 
239 P014_DKABK DEUEV Indicator for Miners' Reason for Abandonment P014_DKABK CHAR 
240 P014_DKSTZ DUEVO Record (Cluster DK) CHAR250 CHAR 
241 P014_DUABW DEUEV Absence Indicator P014_DUABW CHAR 
242 P014_DUETA DEUEV Occupational Code P014_DUETA CHAR 
243 P014_DUMAS DEUEV Action Indicator P014_DUMAS CHAR 
244 P014_DUSTZ DUEVO Record (Cluster DU) CHAR80 CHAR 
245 P014_DUZUL DUEVO Compliant XFELD CHAR 
246 P014_GRBWR Indicator: Mine Rescue Brigade XFELD CHAR 
247 P014_KONMD DEUEV: Indicator: Pension Similar to Civil Service XFELD CHAR 
248 P014_KZMAN Flag: Lock Automatic Calculation XFELD CHAR 
249 P014_NBPBR Not Authorised for Payment of Miners' Premiums XFELD CHAR 
250 P014_PRBEG DEUEV Start of Production DATUM DATS 
251 P014_SONMD DEUEV Special Registration XFELD CHAR 
252 P015_BETRG Max. Amount for Wage Statements from Workers' Comp. Assoc. P015_BETRG CURR 
253 P015_BRFGN Workers' Compensation Association P015_BRFGN CHAR 
254 P015_GFTST Hazard Pay Scale P015_GFTST CHAR 
255 P015_STAGB Statistics Indicator P015_STAGB NUMC 
256 P015_STAUS Indicator for Exceptions in Statistics P015_STAUS CHAR 
257 P016_LSTJA Indicator: Annual Income Tax Declaration Seizable XFELD CHAR 
258 P016_SOPRD Operand for Special Case Garnishment - Field/Block SOPRB CHAR 
259 P016_ZMEH1 Unseizable Basic Amount from This Income XFELD CHAR 
260 P016_ZMEH2 Unseizable Amounts from This Income XFELD CHAR 
261 P016_ZVER0 No Summation XFELD CHAR 
262 P016_ZVER1 Summation According to Procedure 1 XFELD CHAR 
263 P016_ZVER2 Summation According to Procedure 2 XFELD CHAR 
264 P017_SOLEG Planned Remuneration for Reduced Hours/Seasonal Reduced Hrs WERT7 CURR 
265 P01A_AJAHR Application Year NUMC4 NUMC 
266 P01A_ANBNR Provider Number CHAR10 CHAR 
267 P01A_ANTDA Application Date DATUM DATS 
268 P01A_BEAMT Entitled Person Was Exclusively a Civil Servant XFELD CHAR 
269 P01A_BISMK To-Month Child Allowance Payment P01A_MONAT NUMC 
270 P01A_DATUB Transfer Data Even if Not Relevant for Valuation XFELD CHAR 
271 P01A_EINDA Date of Receipt of Application DATUM DATS 
272 P01A_EINLF Income from Agriculture and Forestry PRBETRG CURR 
273 P01A_FANAM Last Name of Spouse TEXT35 CHAR 
274 P01A_FASEX Gender Key GESCH CHAR 
275 P01A_FAVOR First Name of Spouse TEXT35 CHAR 
276 P01A_FGBDT Spouse's Date of Birth GBDAT DATS 
277 P01A_FGBNA Spouse's Name at Birth TEXT35 CHAR 
278 P01A_FGBOT Spouse's Place of Birth TEXT35 CHAR 
279 P01A_FZAMT Tax Office Responsible TEXT40 CHAR 
280 P01A_GBDAT Applicant's Date of Birth GBDAT DATS 
281 P01A_GBORT Place of Birth of Investor TEXT35 CHAR 
282 P01A_GEBDT Child's Date of Birth GBDAT DATS 
283 P01A_GESCH Gender of Applicant GESCH CHAR 
284 P01A_HSNMR House Number TEXT9 CHAR 
285 P01A_KIZUA Child Allowance Requested XFELD CHAR 
286 P01A_KJAHR Year for Child Allowance Entitlement NUMC4 NUMC 
287 P01A_KNDNR Child Number OBJPS CHAR 
288 P01A_KNZLF Indicator: Income from Agriculture and Forestry XFELD CHAR 
289 P01A_MEART Type of Notifications CHAR40 CHAR 
290 P01A_MERKE Selection XFELD CHAR 
291 P01A_NACHN Last Name of Investor TEXT35 CHAR 
292 P01A_NAME2 Name at Birth of Investor TEXT35 CHAR 
293 P01A_NAMZU Name Affixes PC01_TTLIN CHAR 
294 P01A_NATIO Nationality LAND1 CHAR 
295 P01A_NKIZA Last Name of Person Entitled to Child Benefit TEXT35 CHAR 
296 P01A_NNAME Last Name of Child TEXT35 CHAR 
297 P01A_NVAEG New Contract under German Pension Tax Law XFELD CHAR 
298 P01A_OBART Object Type CHAR30 CHAR 
299 P01A_ORT01 City TEXT35 CHAR 
300 P01A_PSTLZ Postal Code TEXT5 CHAR 
301 P01A_STAKT Current Status CHAR30 CHAR 
302 P01A_STNEU New Status CHAR30 CHAR 
303 P01A_STRAS Street TEXT35 CHAR 
304 P01A_STRNR Tax Number TEXT11 CHAR 
305 P01A_TELNR Telephone Number P01A_TELNR CHAR 
307 P01A_TXT30 Status Text CHAR30 CHAR 
308 P01A_VKIZA First Name of Person Entitled to Child Benefit TEXT35 CHAR 
309 P01A_VMKEY Key Field XFELD CHAR 
310 P01A_VMTXT Field Text CHAR30 CHAR 
311 P01A_VMVAL Field contents CHAR60 CHAR 
312 P01A_VNAME Child's First Name TEXT35 CHAR 
313 P01A_VONMK From-Month Child Allowance Payment P01A_MONAT NUMC 
314 P01A_VORNA First Name of Investor TEXT35 CHAR 
315 P01A_VORSW Name Prefix PC01_TTLIN CHAR 
316 P01A_ZAHAZ Child Allowance Number / File Number TEXT20 CHAR 
317 P01A_ZAHST Employment Office/Paying Office of Child Allowance TEXT30 CHAR 
318 P01A_ZBRCH Directly Entitled to Bonus XFELD CHAR 
319 P01A_ZERTF Certification Number CHAR6 CHAR 
320 P01A_ZULAA Bonus at Other Provider XFELD CHAR 
321 P01A_ZUNRA Bonus Number: Investor TEXT12 CHAR 
322 P01A_ZUNRE Bonus Number: Spouse TEXT12 CHAR 
323 P01A_ZUOKN Assignment of Child Allowance XFELD CHAR 
324 P01A_ZUSDA Date of Approval and Signature of Wife DATUM DATS 
325 P01B_ABETR Trainee Remuneration CURR6 CURR 
326 P01B_ABLAT Departure on Last Working Day XFELD CHAR 
327 P01B_ABRDR Business Trip Indicator XFELD CHAR 
328 P01B_ABRFT Departure on Following Day XFELD CHAR 
329 P01B_ABSTA Storage Type for Wage Types with Date in IT P01B_ABSTA INT1 
330 P01B_ABSTD Absence Hours JRSTD DEC 
331 P01B_ABWKA Attributes for Absences Quota Types Construction for IT 2006 P01B_ABWKA CHAR 
332 P01B_ABWNY Absence Permissibility XFELD CHAR 
333 P01B_ABWST Absence Hours JRSTD DEC 
334 P01B_ABWTG Absence Day - Meal Allowance P01B_ABWTG CHAR 
335 P01B_AB_ABZEIT SFP Account Comparison - MM/YYYY Month/Year Comparison   CHAR 
336 P01B_AB_AUSBTRG SFP Account Comparison - Adjustment Amount PRBETRG CURR 
337 P01B_AB_AUSLERNJAHR SFP: File for Final Year of Traineeship   CHAR 
338 P01B_AB_AUSSTD SFP Account Comparison - Hours Lost   CHAR 
339 P01B_AB_BRUTTO SFP Account Comparison - Gross Wages Liable to Contributions PRBETRG CURR 
340 P01B_AB_BTAGE SFP Account Comparison - Employment Days PRANZHL DEC 
341 P01B_AB_BTRNR SFP Account Comparison - Company Account Number BTRNR CHAR 
342 P01B_AB_DAT_FILE SFP Account Comparison - Data Contained in File BOOLEAN CHAR 
343 P01B_AB_DAT_SAP SFP Account Comparison - Data in SAP R/3 BOOLEAN CHAR 
344 P01B_AB_DETAIL SFP Account Comparison - Sequence No. for Multiple Records   CHAR 
345 P01B_AB_DIFF SFP Account Comparison - Sequence No. for Multiple Records BOOLEAN CHAR 
346 P01B_AB_ERROR SFP Account Comparison - Sequence No. for Multiple Records BOOLEAN CHAR 
347 P01B_AB_ERZEIT SFP Account Comparison - Creation Date   CHAR 
348 P01B_AB_FABZEIT SFP Account Comparison - File MM/YYYY Month/Year Comparison   CHAR 
349 P01B_AB_FAUSBTRG SFP Account Comparison - File for Adjustment Amount   CHAR 
350 P01B_AB_FAUSLERNJAHR SFP Account Comparison - File for Final Year of Traineeship   CHAR 
351 P01B_AB_FAUSSTD SFP Account Comparison - File for Hours Lost   CHAR 
352 P01B_AB_FBRUTTO SFP Account Comparison - File for Gross Wages Liab. to Cont.   CHAR 
353 P01B_AB_FBTAGE SFP Account Comparison - File on Employment Days   CHAR 
354 P01B_AB_FBTRNR SFP Account Comparison - File for Company Account Number   CHAR 
355 P01B_AB_FERZEIT SFP Account Comparison - File of Creation Date   CHAR 
356 P01B_AB_FGEBDAT SFP Account Comparison - File for Date of Birth   CHAR 
357 P01B_AB_FILE SFP Account Comparison - File   CHAR 
358 P01B_AB_FJUGEND SFP Account Comparison - File for Young Person   CHAR 
359 P01B_AB_FMZEITBEG SFP Account Comparison - File for Start of Reporting Period   CHAR 
360 P01B_AB_FMZEITEND SFP Account Comparison - File for End of Reporting Period   CHAR 
361 P01B_AB_FM_APR SFP Account Comparison - File: April Notification Available   CHAR 
362 P01B_AB_FM_AUG SFP Account Comparison - File: August Notification Available   CHAR 
363 P01B_AB_FM_AUGUST SFP Account Comparison - File: August Notification Available   CHAR 
364 P01B_AB_FM_DEZ SFP Account Comparison - File: December Notification Avail.   CHAR 
365 P01B_AB_FM_DEZEMBER SFP Account Comparison - File: December Notification Avail.   CHAR 
366 P01B_AB_FM_FEB SFP Account Comparison - File: February Notification Avail.   CHAR 
367 P01B_AB_FM_JAN SFP Account Comparison - File: January Notification Avail.   CHAR 
368 P01B_AB_FM_JUL SFP Account Comparison - File: July Notification Available   CHAR 
369 P01B_AB_FM_JULI SFP Account Comparison - File: July Notification Available   CHAR 
370 P01B_AB_FM_JUN SFP Account Comparison - File: June Report Available   CHAR 
371 P01B_AB_FM_JUNI SFP Account Comparison - File: June Report Available   CHAR 
372 P01B_AB_FM_MAI SFP Account Comparison - File: May Notification Available   CHAR 
373 P01B_AB_FM_MAR SFP Account Comparison - File: March Notification Available   CHAR 
374 P01B_AB_FM_NOV SFP Account Comparison - File: November Notification Avail.   CHAR 
375 P01B_AB_FM_NOVEMBER SFP Account Comparison - File: November Notification Avail.   CHAR 
376 P01B_AB_FM_OKT SFP Account Comparison - File: October Notification Avail.   CHAR 
377 P01B_AB_FM_OKTOBER SFP Account Comparison - File: October Notification Avail.   CHAR 
378 P01B_AB_FM_SEP SFP Account Comparison - File: September Report Available   CHAR 
379 P01B_AB_FM_SEPTEMBER SFP Account Comparison - File: September Report Available   CHAR 
380 P01B_AB_FNAME SFP Account Comparison - File: Last Name of Employee   CHAR 
381 P01B_AB_FNN1 SFP Account Comparison - File: NN1   CHAR 
382 P01B_AB_FNN2 SFP Account Comparison - File: NN2   CHAR 
383 P01B_AB_FRZNR SFP Account Comparison - File: Recipient's Data Center No.   CHAR 
384 P01B_AB_FRZSOKA SFP Account Comparison - File: Sender's Data Center Number   CHAR 
385 P01B_AB_FSCHWB SFP Account Comparison - File: Severe Challenge   CHAR 
386 P01B_AB_FSKENN SFP Account Comparison - Record ID   CHAR 
387 P01B_AB_FSKPERNR SFP Account Comparison - File: Personnel Number   CHAR 
388 P01B_AB_FU_GES_S SFP Account Comparison - File: Bal. Leave Days Current Year   CHAR 
389 P01B_AB_FU_GES_S_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - File: Leave Remun. Bal. Curr. Year   CHAR 
390 P01B_AB_FU_LFD SFP Account Comparison - File: Current Leave Entitl. Days   CHAR 
391 P01B_AB_FU_LFD_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - File: Current Leave Remuneration   CHAR 
392 P01B_AB_FU_LFD_GE SFP Account Comparison - File: Leave Days Granted   CHAR 
393 P01B_AB_FU_LFD_GE_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - File: Leave Remun. Granted Curr Yr   CHAR 
394 P01B_AB_FU_LFD_S_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - File: Leave Remun. Bal. Curr. Year   CHAR 
395 P01B_AB_FU_REST SFP Account Comparison - File: Remaining Leave Days Prev. Yr   CHAR 
396 P01B_AB_FU_REST_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - File: Rem. Leave Remun. Prev. Year   CHAR 
397 P01B_AB_FU_REST_GE SFP Account Comparison - File: Rem. Lv.Days Granted Prev. Yr   CHAR 
398 P01B_AB_FU_REST_GE_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - File: Rem. Leave Remun. Granted PY   CHAR 
399 P01B_AB_FU_REST_S SFP Account Comparison - File: Remaining Leave Balance   CHAR 
400 P01B_AB_FU_REST_S_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - File: Remaining Leave Remuneration   CHAR 
401 P01B_AB_FVERSION SFP Account Comparison - File: Version Number   CHAR 
402 P01B_AB_FVORNAME SFP Account Comparison - File: First Name of Employee   CHAR 
403 P01B_AB_FWAEHRS SFP Account Comparison - File: Currency Indicator   CHAR 
404 P01B_AB_FZVKAN SFP Account Comparison - File: Employee Number   CHAR 
405 P01B_AB_GEBDAT SFP Account Comparison - Date of Birth GBDAT DATS 
406 P01B_AB_JUGEND SFP Account Comparison - Young Person   CHAR 
407 P01B_AB_MZEITBEG SFP Account Comparison - Notification Period Start   CHAR 
408 P01B_AB_MZEITEND SFP Account Comparison - Notification Period End   CHAR 
409 P01B_AB_M_APR SFP Account Comparison - April Notification Available   CHAR 
410 P01B_AB_M_AUG SFP Account Comparison - August Notification Available   CHAR 
411 P01B_AB_M_DEZ SFP Account Comparison - December Notification Available   CHAR 
412 P01B_AB_M_FEB SFP Account Comparison - February Notification Available   CHAR 
413 P01B_AB_M_JAN SFP Account Comparison - January Notification Available   CHAR 
414 P01B_AB_M_JUL SFP Account Comparison - July Notification Available   CHAR 
415 P01B_AB_M_JUN SFP Account Comparison - May Notification Available   CHAR 
416 P01B_AB_M_MAI SFP Account Comparison - May Notification Available   CHAR 
417 P01B_AB_M_MAR SFP Account Comparison - March Notification Available   CHAR 
418 P01B_AB_M_NOV SFP Account Comparison - November Notification Available   CHAR 
419 P01B_AB_M_OKT SFP Account Comparison - October Notification Available   CHAR 
420 P01B_AB_M_SEP SFP Account Comparison - File: September Report Available   CHAR 
421 P01B_AB_NAME SFP Account Comparison - Last Name of Employee PAD_NACHN CHAR 
422 P01B_AB_NN1 SFP Account Comparison - NN1   CHAR 
423 P01B_AB_NN2 SFP Account Comparison - NN2   CHAR 
424 P01B_AB_RZNR SFP Account Comparison - Recipient's Data Center Number P01B_BKRZN_R CHAR 
425 P01B_AB_RZSOKA SFP Account Comparison - Recipient's Data Center Number P01B_BKRZN_R CHAR 
426 P01B_AB_SCHWB SFP Account Comparison - Severe Challenge   CHAR 
427 P01B_AB_SEQNO SFP Account Comparison - Sequence No. for Multiple Records   NUMC 
428 P01B_AB_SKENN SFP Account Comparison - Fle: Record ID   CHAR 
429 P01B_AB_SKPERNR SFP Account Comparison - Personnel Number PERNR NUMC 
430 P01B_AB_U_GES_S SFP Account Comparison - Balance: Leave Days in Current Year PRANZHL DEC 
431 P01B_AB_U_GES_S_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - Leave Remun. Balance in Current Yr PRBETRG CURR 
432 P01B_AB_U_LFD SFP Account Comparison - Current Leave Entitlement in Days PRANZHL DEC 
433 P01B_AB_U_LFD_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - Current Leave Remuneration PRBETRG CURR 
434 P01B_AB_U_LFD_GE SFP Account Comparison - Leave Days Granted PRANZHL DEC 
435 P01B_AB_U_LFD_GE_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - Leave Remuneration Granted in CurrY PRBETRG CURR 
436 P01B_AB_U_REST SFP Account Comparison - Remaining Leave Days Previous Year PRANZHL DEC 
437 P01B_AB_U_REST_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - Remaining Leave Remun. Prev. Year PRBETRG CURR 
438 P01B_AB_U_REST_GE SFP Account Comparison - Remaining Leave Days Granted PrevYr PRANZHL DEC 
439 P01B_AB_U_REST_GE_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - Rem. Leave Remun. Granted Prev Yr PRBETRG CURR 
440 P01B_AB_U_REST_S SFP Account Comparison - Remaining Leave Balance PRANZHL DEC 
441 P01B_AB_U_REST_S_BTRG SFP Account Comparison - Remaining Leave Remuneration Bal. PRBETRG CURR 
442 P01B_AB_VERSION SFP Account Comparison - Version Number   CHAR 
443 P01B_AB_VORNAME SFP Account Comparison - First Name of Employee PAD_VORNM CHAR 
444 P01B_AB_WAEHRS SFP Account Comparison - Currency Indicator   CHAR 
445 P01B_AB_ZVKAN SFP Account Comparison - Employee Number P01B_ZVKAN CHAR 
446 P01B_ACTION Action Executed on the Screen (Initial FCode)   CHAR 
447 P01B_ADJFM Indicator "Leaving in SRHC Period" XFELD CHAR 
448 P01B_AKKOR Piecework Rule P01B_AKKOR CHAR 
449 P01B_ALOHN Training Reimbursement CURR16 CURR 
450 P01B_ANAME Edited Name (Sortable) TEXT20 CHAR 
451 P01B_ANRAT Arrival on First Working Day XFELD CHAR 
452 P01B_ANRVT Arrival on Previous Day XFELD CHAR 
454 P01B_ANZAL Number for Formulas for Year-End Bonus DEC5_2 DEC 
455 P01B_ANZHL Number of Days DEC3_2 DEC 
456 P01B_ANZMF Number of Passengers DEC2 DEC 
457 P01B_ANZPE Number of People per Sheet DEC2 DEC 
458 P01B_APRIO Priority for Processing NUMC2 NUMC 
459 P01B_ARGBZ Work Cooperative Name TEXT40 CHAR 
460 P01B_ARGEB Work Cooperative Name TEXT30 CHAR 
461 P01B_ARGEN Work Cooperative P01B_ARGEN NUMC 
462 P01B_ARGEP Partner in Work Cooperative P01B_ARGEP CHAR 
463 P01B_ARTDA Type of Work P01B_BSATT CHAR 
464 P01B_ARTFA Type of Trip (Residence/Accommodation <-> Workplace) P01B_ARTFA CHAR 
465 P01B_AUFWD Construction Pay Expense P01B_AUFWD CHAR 
466 P01B_AUSFK Minimum Leave Remuneration - Lost Hours Illness NUM5 NUMC 
467 P01B_AUSJA Training Year for Reimbursement P01B_BSATT CHAR 
468 P01B_AUSSK Minimum Leave Remuneration - Lost Hours Seasonal RHC NUM5 NUMC 
469 P01B_AVERG Trainee Remuneration CURR6 CURR 
470 P01B_AWART Type of Expense P01B_AWART CHAR 
471 P01B_AWDBT Amount of Daily Expense BETRG CURR 
472 P01B_AWDBW Amount for Weekend Trip Home BETRG CURR 
473 P01B_AWDST Daily Entitlement to Reimbursement of Expenses P01B_AUFWD CHAR 
474 P01B_AWDSW Expenses: Weekend Trip Tome P01B_AUFWD CHAR 
475 P01B_AZEIL Number of Lines per Day NUM1 NUMC 
476 P01B_BABAS Construction Work Key P01B_BABAS CHAR 
477 P01B_BALEI Construction Site Supervisor TEXT25 CHAR 
478 P01B_BALTX Construction Site Short Text TXT25 CHAR 
479 P01B_BAS01 Construction Work Key on Monday P01B_BABAS CHAR 
480 P01B_BAS02 Construction Work Key on Tuesday P01B_BABAS CHAR 
481 P01B_BAS03 Construction Work Key on Wednesday P01B_BABAS CHAR 
482 P01B_BAS04 Construction Work Key on Thursday P01B_BABAS CHAR 
483 P01B_BAS05 Construction Work Key on Friday P01B_BABAS CHAR 
484 P01B_BAS06 Construction Work Key on Saturday P01B_BABAS CHAR 
485 P01B_BAS07 Construction Work Key on Sunday P01B_BABAS CHAR 
486 P01B_BASC1 Work schedule rule SCHKN CHAR 
487 P01B_BASNY Entry of Construction Work Key XFELD CHAR 
488 P01B_BATXT Name of Construction Site TEXT40 CHAR 
489 P01B_BAUBZ Name of Construction Site Identification SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
490 P01B_BAUID Identification of CO Objects for HR Construction Sites P01B_BAUID CHAR 
491 P01B_BAUNR Construction Site Number CHAR24 CHAR 
492 P01B_BAUST Construction Site Assignment Number CHAR4 CHAR 
493 P01B_BAUTT Name for Construction Industry Employee Subgroup Grouping TEXT20 CHAR 
494 P01B_BAUTU Employee Subgroup Subgrouping for Construction Ind. Leave P01B_BAUTU CHAR 
495 P01B_BAUTX EE Subgroup Grouping for Construction Ind. (Inc. Init.Value) P01B_BAUTY CHAR 
496 P01B_BAUTY Employee Subgroup Grouping for Construction Pay P01B_BAUTY CHAR 
497 P01B_BAUTZ Exception/Addition EE Subgroup Grouping for Const. Ind. Wage P01B_BAUTZ CHAR 
498 P01B_BBETR Social Funds - Contribution Amount CURR6 CURR 
499 P01B_BEANZ Number of Employees with Social Fund Contribution PRANZHL DEC 
500 P01B_BEGBE Sorting of Report by Construction Site/Team XFELD CHAR