SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 9
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P01_ATZLEVAM Last Evaluation Period: Month PABRP NUMC 
2 P01_ATZLK SR: Special Indicator for Wage Type Processing P01_ATZLK CHAR 
3 P01_ATZMAXAJ Maximum Evaluation Period: Year GJAHR NUMC 
4 P01_ATZMAXAM Maximum Evaluation Period: Month PABRP NUMC 
5 P01_ATZMERKM Feature for Grouping of Personnel Areas CHAR5 CHAR 
6 P01_ATZMO Semiretirement Model P01_ATZMO CHAR 
7 P01_ATZNA Name of Move-Up Candidate TEXT40 CHAR 
8 P01_ATZNN Personnel Number of Move-Up Candidate PERSNO NUMC 
9 P01_ATZNR Start of Semiretirement from 07/01/2004 XFELD CHAR 
10 P01_ATZONLYA Only Last Current Results XFELD CHAR 
11 P01_ATZPA Percentage of Previous Working Time P01_ATZPR DEC 
12 P01_ATZPB Percentage for Limiting PI Increase P01_ATZPR DEC 
13 P01_ATZPG Individual Check: Statutory/Collective Agreement P01_ATZPG CHAR 
14 P01_ATZPH Semiretirement: Phase in Block Model P01_ATZPH CHAR 
15 P01_ATZPN Percentage Rate Minimum Net SR Model P01_ATZPR DEC 
16 P01_ATZPT SR: Phase Name P01_ATZTX CHAR 
17 P01_ATZRE Reimbursement of Supplementary Amounts XFELD CHAR 
18 P01_ATZRO SR: Increase Calculation under Old Rules XFELD CHAR 
19 P01_ATZSR Special Rule for Semiretirment P01_ATZSR CHAR 
20 P01_ATZST SR Special Rule Text P01_ATZTX CHAR 
21 P01_ATZTB Include in Semiretirement Gross P01_ATZPR DEC 
22 P01_ATZTX SR Model Text P01_ATZTX CHAR 
23 P01_ATZWAERS Output Currency of Semi-Retirement List WAERS CUKY 
24 P01_ATZWB Personnel Number of Reassigned Person PERSNO NUMC 
25 P01_ATZWN Name of Reassigned Person TEXT40 CHAR 
26 P01_ATZ_AP_BTRG Semiretirement Value Credit: Current Savings Amount LGART CHAR 
27 P01_ATZ_AP_WERT Semiretirement Value Credit: Value Credit in Savings Phase LGART CHAR 
28 P01_ATZ_DYNLG Statement Wage Type for Dynamic Modification Amount LGART CHAR 
29 P01_ATZ_DYNWG Target Value Credit for Dynamic Modification P_SUML CHAR 
30 P01_ATZ_FP_BTRG Semiretirement Value Credit: Current Dissavings Amount LGART CHAR 
31 P01_ATZ_FP_RATE Semiretiremt Value Credit: Dissaving Rate in Exemption Phase LGART CHAR 
32 P01_ATZ_FP_REST Semiretiremt ValueCredit: Remaining Value in Exemption Phase LGART CHAR 
33 P01_ATZ_WGHVA Semiretirement: Value Credit Processing Type P01_ATZ_WGHVA CHAR 
34 P01_AUFIN Print List of Personnel Number Range XFELD CHAR 
35 P01_AUFRJ Recalculation Year GJAHR NUMC 
36 P01_AUFRJA HR-DSV: Recalculation Year (Disr. Event Inc. Thresh. Defic.) GJAHR NUMC 
37 P01_AUFRM Recalculation Month PABRP NUMC 
38 P01_AUFRMO HR-DSV: Recalculation Mo. (Disr. Event Inc. Thresh. Defic.) PABRP NUMC 
39 P01_AUFSI Print List XFELD CHAR 
40 P01_AUMIT Obligation to Carry Social Insurance ID Card XFELD CHAR 
41 P01_AUPER ETStmt: Evaluation Period   CHAR 
42 P01_AUSKZ Supplement for Child Living Abroad P01_AUSKZ CHAR 
43 P01_AUSMI Relevance for AI Minimum Remuneration P01_AUSMI CHAR 
44 P01_AUSN1 Change on First Day of Subsequent Period P01_AUSN1 CHAR 
45 P01_AUSWP Evaluation Period PRIOD CHAR 
46 P01_AUVOR Submission of Social Insurance ID Card P01_AUVOR CHAR 
47 P01_AVBTR Disruptive Event Pay Liable for Contributions in UI P01_WGBTR CURR 
48 P01_AVKNZ Contribution Group Key: Unemployment Insurance P01_AVKNZ CHAR 
49 P01_AVNPF Pension Cannot Be Seized Section 851c XFELD CHAR 
50 P01_AVVVJ Total Disruptive Event UI ITD to Year before Last P01_WGBTR CURR 
51 P01_AVVVJV Default Total Disruptive Event UI ITD to Year before Last P01_VZLUFT CURR 
52 P01_AVWAJ Remuneration Credit for Contribution Calculation for NrP P01_WGBTR CURR 
53 P01_AVWVJ Used Disruptive Event SI ITD Previous Year in UI P01_WGBTR CURR 
54 P01_AVZAJ Increase Disruptive Event UI ITD Current Year P01_WGBTR CURR 
55 P01_AVZAJV Default Increase Disruptive Event UI ITD Current Year P01_VZLUFT CURR 
56 P01_AVZVJ Increase Disruptive Event UI ITD Previous Year P01_WGBTR CURR 
57 P01_AVZVJV Default Increase Disruptive Event UI ITD Previous Year P01_VZLUFT CURR 
58 P01_AZKK Health Insurer Reference P01_AZKK CHAR 
59 P01_AZVU Case Number of Employer P01_AZVU CHAR 
60 P01_BAART AVmG: Processing Type P01_BAART CHAR 
61 P01_BABS Contributions from Remuneration (Qualified Advance Payment) XFELD CHAR 
62 P01_BACT Activities for Statements in Authorization Check P01_BACT CHAR 
63 P01_BALLE Contributions from Remuneration and Benefits Payments XFELD CHAR 
64 P01_BAREA Statement Type P01_BAREA CHAR 
65 P01_BATBV Contribution Split for Professionals Pension SVBAT CHAR 
66 P01_BAUST AVmG: Module P01_BAUST CHAR 
67 P01_BBAUS AVmG: Basic Module P01_BAUST CHAR 
68 P01_BBEGD Fixed Start Date of a Statement P01_BBEGD DATS 
69 P01_BBNRAB Company Number of Sender D3BBNR CHAR 
70 P01_BBNRAS Company Number of Accounting Office D3BBNR CHAR 
71 P01_BBNRBV Company Number of Professional Pension Scheme D3BBNR CHAR 
72 P01_BBNREP Company Number of Recipient D3BBNR CHAR 
73 P01_BBNRKK Company Number of Health Insurance Fund D3BBNR CHAR 
74 P01_BBNRKKN Company Number of New Health Insurance Fund D3BBNR CHAR 
75 P01_BBNRVU Paying Office Number D3BBNR CHAR 
76 P01_BDIFF Difference Contributions from Remuneration XFELD CHAR 
77 P01_BD_ABWKA Alternative Correspondence Address ANSSL CHAR 
78 P01_BD_ANRAP Form of Address for Contact Person (Mr., Mrs...etc) P01_BD_ANRAP CHAR 
79 P01_BD_AZVU Reference of Notifying Employer D3AZ CHAR 
80 P01_BD_BBNRAB Company Number of Sender D3BBNR CHAR 
81 P01_BD_BBNRAS Company Number of Accounting Office D3BBNR CHAR 
82 P01_BD_BBNRBS Company Number of Place of Work D3BBNR CHAR 
83 P01_BD_BBNREP Company Number of Recipient D3BBNR CHAR 
84 P01_BD_BBNRKK Company Number of Health Insurance Fund D3BBNR CHAR 
85 P01_BD_BBNRME Company No. of Notifying Body D3BBNR CHAR 
86 P01_BD_BDMLD Do Not Report DEUEV Notificatns for Company Data Maintenance XFELD CHAR 
87 P01_BD_BTRNR_ABS Company Number of Sender D3BBNR CHAR 
88 P01_BD_BTRTLBS Personnel Subarea of Data for a Place of Work BTRTL CHAR 
89 P01_BD_DATA_RUHEND Inactive Indicator XFELD CHAR 
90 P01_BD_DSID Data Record ID   CHAR 
91 P01_BD_ED Creation Date and Time of the Data Record D3ED NUMC 
92 P01_BD_EMAILAP Contact Person's E-Mail Address TEXT70 CHAR 
93 P01_BD_FAXAP Contact Person Fax Number TEXT20 CHAR 
94 P01_BD_FEAN Number of Errors in Data Record D3FEAN NUMC 
95 P01_BD_FEKZ Indicator for Data Records with Errors D3FEKZ NUMC 
96 P01_BD_GD Reason for Statutory Payment P01_BD_GD NUMC 
97 P01_BD_GD_BEZ Name of Submission Reason TEXT60 CHAR 
98 P01_BD_GUIDCNECT GUID of Linked Notification SYSUUID_C CHAR 
99 P01_BD_HNR Company House Number D3NR CHAR 
100 P01_BD_KVSCH Health Insurance Key of Payee Fund KVSCH CHAR 
101 P01_BD_MMKA Data Module DBKA Exists D3MMMM CHAR 
102 P01_BD_MMTN Data Module DBTN Exists D3MMMM CHAR 
103 P01_BD_NAME1 Name/Description of Company Part 1 TEXT30 CHAR 
104 P01_BD_NAME2 Name/Description of Company - Part 2 TEXT30 CHAR 
105 P01_BD_NAME3 Name/Description of Company - Part 3 TEXT30 CHAR 
106 P01_BD_NAMEAP Name of Contact Person TEXT30 CHAR 
107 P01_BD_ORT Company City D3ORT CHAR 
108 P01_BD_PLZPO Postal Code (PO Box) D3PLZ CHAR 
109 P01_BD_PLZZU Postal Code (Delivery) D3PLZ CHAR 
110 P01_BD_POSTFACH Company PO Box   CHAR 
111 P01_BD_RUHEND Inactive Indicator P01_BD_RUHEND CHAR 
112 P01_BD_RUHEND_BEZ Name of Inactive Indicator TEXT20 CHAR 
113 P01_BD_STATUS Status Indicator of Notif. for Business Data Maintenance P01_BD_STATUS CHAR 
114 P01_BD_STATUS_BEZ Name of Notification Status TEXT30 CHAR 
115 P01_BD_STR Company Street D3STR CHAR 
116 P01_BD_TELAP Telephone Number of Contact Person TEXT20 CHAR 
117 P01_BD_TYP Type in Notification Procedue for Business Data Maint. P01_BD_TYP CHAR 
118 P01_BD_TYP_BEZ Name of Notification Type TEXT30 CHAR 
119 P01_BD_VERNR Version Number of Data Record D3VERNR NUMC 
120 P01_BD_VF Notification Procedure Indicator P01_BD_VF CHAR 
121 P01_BD_WERKSBS Personnel Area of Data for a Place of Work PERSA CHAR 
122 P01_BD_WUKL Industry Subclass as per Classification WZ2008   CHAR 
123 P01_BEART Processing Type for Assessment Threshold P01_BEART CHAR 
124 P01_BEBKL AVmG (BVV): Calculation Using Contribution Scale XFELD CHAR 
125 P01_BEGA Assessment Basis for Non-Recurring Payment PRBETRG CURR 
126 P01_BEGBW Start Date of Statement Period DATUM DATS 
127 P01_BEGDA Valid from date DATUM DATS 
128 P01_BEGM Assessment Basis for Non-Reccurring Payment March Clause PRBETRG CURR 
129 P01_BEITG AVmG: Contribution P01_BEITG CURR 
130 P01_BEITKV Health Insurance Contribution PRBETRG CURR 
131 P01_BEITPV Contribution to Care Insurance PRBETRG CURR 
132 P01_BEITRKV Health Insurance Contribution P01_ZSBTR NUMC 
133 P01_BEITRPV Contribution to Care Insurance P01_ZSBTR NUMC 
134 P01_BEREG AVmG: Processing Rule P01_BEREG CHAR 
135 P01_BERTX AVmG: Processing Rule Text TEXT60 CHAR 
136 P01_BESBV Confirmation of Submission of Release Letter for PI XFELD CHAR 
137 P01_BESCH Employed from DATUM DATS 
138 P01_BETBP Table XIT: Tax-Exempt Amount Liable to Contributions PRBETRG CURR 
139 P01_BETRG Amount Withheld WERT6 CURR 
140 P01_BEVGR Basis for Preferred Garnishment WERT6 CURR 
141 P01_BEWID Statement Identifier P01_BEWID NUMC 
142 P01_BEWLA Statement Wage Type P01_BEWLA CHAR 
143 P01_BEWTX Statement Text P01_BEWTX CHAR 
144 P01_BEZ Health Insurance Fund Short Text TEXT50 CHAR 
147 P01_BFREI Contributions for Voluntarily-Insured with Altern. Due Date XFELD CHAR 
148 P01_BFUNC Statement Functions P01_BFUNC CHAR 
149 P01_BFUTX Statement Function Text P01_BFUTX CHAR 
150 P01_BGBN Start of Period for Contribution Statement CHAR8 CHAR 
151 P01_BGKMJ Assessment Basis ChTx Multi-Year Payments PRBETRG CURR 
152 P01_BGKSB Assessment Basis ChTx Other Payments PRBETRG CURR 
153 P01_BGNW_DATE List Creation Date CHAR10 CHAR 
154 P01_BG_AUSGABE_PROZT WCA Percentage in Output Table P01_BG_AUSGABE_PROZT DEC 
155 P01_BG_BTRNR Company Number of Main Workers' Compensation Association BTRNR CHAR 
156 P01_BG_BTRNR_HV Company Number of Workers' Compensation Assoc. Head Office BTRNR CHAR 
157 P01_BG_NBGPF Feature in Accident Insurance P01_BG_NBGPF CHAR 
158 P01_BG_PROZENT Percentage for a Workers' Compensation Association P01_BG_PROZENT DEC 
159 P01_BG_PROZENT_C Percentage of Hazard Pay Area Assignment   CHAR 
160 P01_BINPUT Create Batch Input Session XFELD CHAR 
161 P01_BISJA Evaluation from Year GJAHR NUMC 
162 P01_BISMO Evaluation from Month P01S_MONAT NUMC 
163 P01_BLAKN Indicator for Use of Statement Wage Types P01_CHAR1 CHAR 
164 P01_BLART AVmG: Base Wage Type LGART CHAR 
165 P01_BLATX Statement Wage Type Text P01_BLATX CHAR 
166 P01_BMSTATTX Status of BVV DEUEV Notification in Plain Text   CHAR 
167 P01_BMSTATUS Status Indicator of PPO DEUEV Notifications P01_BMSTATUS CHAR 
168 P01_BNKE Data Record ID P01_BNKE CHAR 
169 P01_BNORM Contributions from Remuneration XFELD CHAR 
170 P01_BNORT Location of Employer CHAR25 CHAR 
171 P01_BNW_BNRAB Contribution Statement: Sender Company No. (Payroll Office) P01_BNW_BTRNR CHAR 
172 P01_BNW_BNREP Contribution Statement: Payee Fund Company Number P01_BNW_BTRNR CHAR 
173 P01_BNW_LFDNR Contribution Statement Data Record: Sequence Number NUM02 NUMC 
174 P01_BNW_PERIODE Contribution Statement: Payroll Period NUM06 NUMC 
175 P01_BN_ABRJ_IN Year of In-Period GJAHR NUMC 
176 P01_BN_ABRPER Payroll Period of Contribution Statement   CHAR 
177 P01_BN_ABRP_IN In-Period of Creation of Contribution Statement PABRP NUMC 
178 P01_BN_BBNRAG Employer Company Number/Paying Office Number D3BBNR CHAR 
179 P01_BN_BBNREP Company Number of Recipient D3BBNR CHAR 
180 P01_BN_BNART Type of Contribution Statement P01_BN_BNART CHAR 
181 P01_BN_BNART_TXT Type of Contribution Statement CHAR30 CHAR 
182 P01_BN_BTEPST Standard Flat-Rate Tax NUM11 NUMC 
183 P01_BN_BTRNRKK Company Number of Health Insurance Fund BTRNR CHAR 
184 P01_BN_BTRTL Personnel Subarea of Employer/Paying Office BTRTL CHAR 
185 P01_BN_BTZAHL Payment Amount/Credit in SI Contribution Statement   DEC 
186 P01_BN_INPER In-Period of Contribution Statement CHAR7 CHAR 
187 P01_BN_KEKORR Indicator: Correction Contribution Statement P01_BN_KEKORR CHAR 
188 P01_BN_KNAPP Contribution Statement for Miners' and Mine EEs' Insurance P01_BN_KNAPP CHAR 
189 P01_BN_LAUFNR Run Number NUMC3 NUMC 
190 P01_BN_LFDNR Contribution Statement Data Record: Sequence Number NUM03 NUMC 
191 P01_BN_MDTYP Notification Type P01_BN_MDTYP CHAR 
193 P01_BN_RENTNER Contribution Statement for Pensioners (Paying Office) P01_BN_RENTNER CHAR 
194 P01_BN_STATUS Status of Contribution Statement P01_BN_STATUS CHAR 
195 P01_BN_UPDATE Database Update XFELD CHAR 
196 P01_BN_WDHLF Repetition Run XFELD CHAR 
197 P01_BN_WERKS Personnel Area of Employer/Paying Office PERSA CHAR 
198 P01_BN_WRKBT Personnel Area/Personnel Suubarea Combination CHAR8 CHAR 
199 P01_BOGEN Questionnaire Type NUMC1 NUMC 
200 P01_BOTTM Indicator for Page End Element of Main Window P01_CHAR1 CHAR 
201 P01_BRCHT Correction ABRKN CHAR 
202 P01_BRENT Contributions from Benefits Payments XFELD CHAR 
203 P01_BSAZT Working Time with No Agreement to Preserve Employment STDAZ DEC 
204 P01_BSBEG Start of Agreement to Preserve Employment DATUM DATS 
205 P01_BSBTX Functional Area ID for Statements P01_BSBTX CHAR 
206 P01_BSCHV Prohibition of Employment Indicator XFELD CHAR 
207 P01_BSEND End of Agreement to Preserve Employment DATUM DATS 
208 P01_BSERG AVmG: Module of Contract Model XFELD CHAR 
209 P01_BSIM Contributions from Remuneration (Simulation Payroll) XFELD CHAR 
210 P01_BSNOR Synchronization of Contribution Rates XFELD CHAR 
211 P01_BSUBJ Functional Area ID for Statements P01_NUMC2 NUMC 
212 P01_BSVER Pension Rate Synchronization XFELD CHAR 
213 P01_BT0001 Care Insurance Contribution NUM11 NUMC 
214 P01_BT0010 UI Contribution - Full Contribution NUM11 NUMC 
215 P01_BT0020 UI Contribution - Half Contribution NUM11 NUMC 
216 P01_BT0050 Insolvency Pay Contribution NUM11 NUMC 
217 P01_BT0100 Pension Insurance Contribution - Full COntribution NUM11 NUMC 
218 P01_BT0200 Contribution for Emp. PI - Full Contribution NUM11 NUMC 
219 P01_BT0300 Pension Insurance Contribution - Half Contribution NUM11 NUMC 
220 P01_BT0500 Pension Insurance Contribution - Flat-Rate Contribution NUM11 NUMC 
221 P01_BT0600 Contribution for Emp. PI - Flat-Rate Contribution NUM11 NUMC 
222 P01_BT1000 Health Insurance Contribution - General Contribution NUM11 NUMC 
223 P01_BT1OSA HI Contribution - General Contribution - w/o SI Adjustment NUM11 NUMC 
224 P01_BT2000 Health Insurance Contribution - Increased Contribution NUM11 NUMC 
225 P01_BT3000 Health Insurance Contribution - Reduced Contribution NUM11 NUMC 
226 P01_BT3OSA HI Contribution - Reduced Contribution - w/o SI Adjustment NUM11 NUMC 
227 P01_BT6000 Health Insurance Contribution - Flat-Rate Contribution NUM11 NUMC 
228 P01_BTABL Permitted Table P01_BTABL CHAR 
229 P01_BTAUS Company Training Relationship XFELD CHAR 
230 P01_BTEPST Standard Flat-Rate Tax NUM11 NUMC 
231 P01_BTERST Reimbursement of Employer Expenses NUM11 NUMC 
232 P01_BTFOSA Contribution to Voluntary Health Insurance w/o SI Adjustment NUM11 NUMC 
233 P01_BTGES Grand Total NUM11 NUMC 
234 P01_BTIME Period of Statement P01_BTIME NUMC 
235 P01_BTKVFR Contribution for Voluntary Health Insurance NUM11 NUMC 
236 P01_BTMTX AVmG: Module Text TEXT60 CHAR 
237 P01_BTNV Not Used NUM11 NUMC 
238 P01_BTPVFR CI Contribution for Persons with Voluntary Health Insurance NUM11 NUMC 
239 P01_BTRKL AVmG: BVV Contribution Scale CHAR2 CHAR 
240 P01_BTRKL_INFTY AVmG: BVV Contribution Scale P011_ZUSKL CHAR 
241 P01_BTRKN Company ID Number NUM3 NUMC 
242 P01_BTRNR Company Number for Earnings Survey NUM9 NUMC 
243 P01_BTRTL Personnel Subarea for Disruptive Event BTRTL CHAR 
244 P01_BTRTLV Default Personnel Subarea for Disruptive Event BTRTL CHAR 
245 P01_BTSONST1 Other Contribution NUMC11 NUMC 
246 P01_BTSONST2 Other Contribution NUMC11 NUMC 
247 P01_BTSV Basic Rate Private Social Insurance for Tax SVBTR CURR 
248 P01_BTU1 Contribution Amount - Illness Costs NUM11 NUMC 
249 P01_BTU2 Contribution Amount - Maternity Costs NUM11 NUMC 
250 P01_BTZAHL Payment Amount/Credit NUM11 NUMC 
251 P01_BTZWS Subtotal NUM11 NUMC 
252 P01_BVAZVU Case Number of Employer P01_AZVU CHAR 
253 P01_BVBBNRAB Company Number of Sender D3BBNR CHAR 
254 P01_BVBBNREP Company Number of Recipient D3BBNR CHAR 
255 P01_BVBBNRVU Company Number of Notifying Employer D3BBNR CHAR 
256 P01_BVED Creation Date and Time of the Data Record D3ED NUMC 
257 P01_BVEGA Non-Recurring Payment PRBETRG CURR 
258 P01_BVEGM Non-Recurring Payment March Clause PRBETRG CURR 
259 P01_BVERF Procedure for Expected Due Contributions P01_BVERF CHAR 
260 P01_BVFEKZ Indicator for Data Records with Errors D3FEKZ NUMC 
261 P01_BVFMNA Last Name of Member D3FMNA CHAR 
262 P01_BVGBDT Date of Birth of Member P01_ZSDAT DATS 
263 P01_BVGE Gender of Member D3GE CHAR 
264 P01_BVIK Internal ID NUM1 NUMC 
265 P01_BVKE Identification of Data Record or Data Module P01_BVKE CHAR 
266 P01_BVLGA Current Remuneration PRBETRG CURR 
267 P01_BVLGAF Regular Remuneration Excluding Notional Remuneration P01_BVLGAF NUMC 
268 P01_BVNA1 Name of Employer P01_BVNAME CHAR 
269 P01_BVNA2 Second Part of Employer's Name P01_BVNAME CHAR 
270 P01_BVNA3 3rd Part of Employer's Name P01_BVNAME CHAR 
271 P01_BVNAZU Name Affix of Member D3NAZU CHAR 
272 P01_BVNR Number of the Professionals Pension Organization P01_BVNR NUMC 
273 P01_BVORM Contributions from Remuneration (Basis: Prev. Mo. Contrib.) XFELD CHAR 
274 P01_BVORT Location of Place of Work D3ORT CHAR 
275 P01_BVPLZ Postal Code of Place of Work P01_BVPLZ NUMC 
276 P01_BVPRG Program Type for BVV Collection of Contributions Procedure P01_BVPRG CHAR 
277 P01_BVRES2 Reserve Field (2 Characters) CHAR2 CHAR 
278 P01_BVSTATTX Plain Text Notification Status   CHAR 
279 P01_BVSTATUS Notification Status Indicator P01_BVSTATUS CHAR 
280 P01_BVSTR Street D3STR CHAR 
282 P01_BVTITEL Member Title D3TITEL CHAR 
283 P01_BVTYP Notification Category for PPO Collection of Contributions P01_BVTYP NUMC 
284 P01_BVVF Procedure Feature of Data Record D3VF CHAR 
285 P01_BVVONA Member's First Name D3VONA CHAR 
286 P01_BVVOSO Name Prefix of Member D3VOSA CHAR 
287 P01_BVV_ABRDJM Payroll Date   NUMC 
288 P01_BVV_ABWBWZDAT Start of Alternative Waiting Period (YYYYMMDD)   NUMC 
289 P01_BVV_AGSTFR Employer Amount (Tax-Free)   NUMC 
290 P01_BVV_AGSTIND Employer Amount (Taxed Individually)   NUMC 
291 P01_BVV_AGSTPA Employer Amount (Taxed at Flat Rate)   NUMC 
292 P01_BVV_AKADTI Academic Title   CHAR 
293 P01_BVV_ANSTFR Employee Amount (Tax-Free)   NUMC 
294 P01_BVV_ANSTIND Employee Amount (Taxed Individually)   NUMC 
295 P01_BVV_ANSTPA Employee Amount (Taxed at Flat Rate)   NUMC 
296 P01_BVV_ANZAHLP No. of Transactional Records for Pension Fund   NUMC 
297 P01_BVV_ANZAHLPF No. of Transactional Records for Pension Fund   NUMC 
298 P01_BVV_ANZAHLU No. of Transactional Records for Relief Fund   NUMC 
299 P01_BVV_ANZKIND Number of Children   NUMC 
300 P01_BVV_AUSDAT Leaving Date (YYYYMMDD)   NUMC 
301 P01_BVV_BETRAG Amount   NUMC 
302 P01_BVV_BEVOLLM Insured Person Number of Duly Authorized Representative   NUMC 
303 P01_BVV_BEVOLLPZ Check Digit for BEVOLLM   CHAR 
304 P01_BVV_CO_INFO c/o Info   CHAR 
305 P01_BVV_EINDAT Entry Date   NUMC 
306 P01_BVV_FAMSTAN Marital Status   NUMC 
307 P01_BVV_FMAPERSNR Personnel Number in Company   CHAR 
308 P01_BVV_FMA_ID BVV Company No.   CHAR 
309 P01_BVV_GEBDAT Date of Birth   NUMC 
310 P01_BVV_GEBNAME Name at Birth   CHAR 
311 P01_BVV_GESCHL Gender   NUMC 
312 P01_BVV_GUEDJM Validity Year/Month   NUMC 
313 P01_BVV_KLASSE Contribution Scale in Pay Scale Community A   CHAR 
314 P01_BVV_MGAPLZ Postal Code   CHAR 
315 P01_BVV_MGAUSL Country Code   CHAR 
316 P01_BVV_ORT City   CHAR 
317 P01_BVV_RESERVE Filler/Reserve   CHAR 
318 P01_BVV_RUECKKZ Log Indicator   CHAR 
319 P01_BVV_SA Record Type   CHAR 
320 P01_BVV_SORTABR_1 Length of First Group Change Term in Key Field   NUMC 
321 P01_BVV_SORTABR_2 Length of Second Group Change Term in Key Field   NUMC 
322 P01_BVV_SORTABR_3 Length of Third Group Change Term in Key Field   NUMC 
323 P01_BVV_SORTABR_4 Length of Fourth Group Change Term in Key Field   NUMC 
324 P01_BVV_SORTABR_SCHLUESSEL Sorting Key for Accounting Office of COmpany   CHAR 
325 P01_BVV_SORTVERS_1 Length of First Group Change Term in Key Field   NUMC 
326 P01_BVV_SORTVERS_2 Length of Second Group Change Term in Key Field   NUMC 
327 P01_BVV_SORTVERS_3 Length of Third Group Change Term in Key Field   NUMC 
328 P01_BVV_SORTVERS_4 Length of Fourth Group Change Term in Key Field   NUMC 
329 P01_BVV_SORTVERS_SCHLUESSEL Sorting Key of Structure Unit of Insured Person   CHAR 
330 P01_BVV_STR Street   CHAR 
331 P01_BVV_SUBETRP Total Amounts of Transactional Records for Pension Fund   NUMC 
332 P01_BVV_SUBETRPF Total Amounts of Transactional Records for Pension Fund   NUMC 
333 P01_BVV_SUBETRU Total Amounts of Transactional Records for Relief Fund   NUMC 
334 P01_BVV_SVADRESS_1 Company Address Line 1   CHAR 
335 P01_BVV_SVADRESS_2 Company Address Line 2   CHAR 
336 P01_BVV_SVADRESS_3 Company Address Line 3   CHAR 
337 P01_BVV_SVADRESS_4 Company Address Line 4   CHAR 
338 P01_BVV_TALFDNR Additional Number for BVV Insurance Number   CHAR 
339 P01_BVV_TARIFBEZ Pay Scale Name   CHAR 
340 P01_BVV_UEB Transfer Commitment to Pension Insurance from Previous ER   CHAR 
341 P01_BVV_UNVDAT Start of Statutory Vesting (YYYYMMDD)   NUMC 
342 P01_BVV_VERSNR BVV Number of Insured Person   NUMC 
343 P01_BVV_VERSNRPZ Check Digit for BVV Number of Insured Person   CHAR 
344 P01_BVV_VM0 Reason for Amount 0 or Contribution Scale 00 P01_BVV_VM0 CHAR 
345 P01_BVV_VMA Processing Feature for Leaving/End of Contract P01_BVV_VMA CHAR 
346 P01_BVV_VN Policyholder   CHAR 
347 P01_BVV_VORNAME First Name   CHAR 
348 P01_BVV_VSGATTE Social Insurance Number of Spouse   CHAR 
349 P01_BVV_VSNR Social Insurance Number   CHAR 
350 P01_BVV_VZ +/- Sign P01_BVV_VZ CHAR 
351 P01_BVV_VZDAT Start of Pension Commitment (YYYYMMDD)   NUMC 
352 P01_BVV_VZ_AGSTFR +/- Sign of AGSTFR   CHAR 
353 P01_BVV_VZ_AGSTIND +/- Sign of AGSTIND   CHAR 
354 P01_BVV_VZ_AGSTPA +/- Sign of AGSTPA   CHAR 
355 P01_BVV_VZ_ANSTFR +/- Sign of ANSTFR   CHAR 
356 P01_BVV_VZ_ANSTIND +/- Sign of ANSTIND   CHAR 
357 P01_BVV_VZ_ANSTPA +/- Sign of ANSTPA   CHAR 
358 P01_BVV_VZ_BETRAG +/- Sign for Amount   CHAR 
359 P01_BVV_WAEHRG Currncy   CHAR 
360 P01_BVV_ZNAGVZ Identifier of Pension Commitment of ER: ZZNAGVZ   CHAR 
361 P01_BVV_ZUNAME Last Name   CHAR 
362 P01_BV_AKTIV Status of a Professionals Pension Organization XFELD CHAR 
363 P01_BV_BANKNAME Name of Bank for Professionals Pension Organization P01_BV_BANKNAME CHAR 
364 P01_BV_BEZ Short Description of a Professionals Pension Organization TEXT50 CHAR 
365 P01_BV_BTRNR Company Number of Professional Pension Scheme BTRNR CHAR 
366 P01_BV_DUMMYNR Dummy Member Number of a Professionals Pension Organization P01_BV_DUMMYNR CHAR 
367 P01_BV_ERSTELLDATUM Creation Date of PPO File DATS DATS 
368 P01_BV_FPATH Path and File Name for PPO File LOCALFILE CHAR 
369 P01_BV_IBAN IBAN of a Professionals Pension Organization HRD_IBAN CHAR 
370 P01_BV_KNR Account Number of a Professionals Pension Organization P01_BV_KNR CHAR 
372 P01_BV_MELDEFILTER Notification Filter for DEUEV Notifications P01_BV_MELDEFILTER CHAR 
373 P01_BV_SWIFT SWIFT BIC of a Professionals Pension Organization SWIFT CHAR 
374 P01_BV_UPDATE Database Update XFELD CHAR 
375 P01_BV_VERWENDUNGSZWECK Note to Payee of a Bank Transfer to a PPO P01_BV_VERWENDUNGSZWECK CHAR 
376 P01_BV_ZLSCH PPO Payment Method ZLSCH CHAR 
377 P01_BWCUR Output Currency in Statements WAERS CUKY 
378 P01_BYSATZ Contribution Rate of Health Insurance Fund P01_BYSATZ NUMC 
379 P01_BZ Indicator: Contribution Payment P01_BZ NUMC 
380 P01_BZALL Contribution Rate - General NUM4 NUMC 
381 P01_BZERH Contribution Rate - Increased NUM4 NUMC 
382 P01_BZERM Reduced Contribution Rate NUM4 NUMC 
383 P01_CBTRTL Personnel Subarea for Entire Company BTRTL CHAR 
384 P01_CHANGE Change Possible? (Checkbox or Selection Field) XFELD CHAR 
385 P01_CLAIM Return Value: Entitlement to Child Allow. or Comp. (COLA)   CHAR 
386 P01_CLASS Class of Retirement Pension SEOCLSNAME CHAR 
387 P01_CNVKY Conversion Indicator CHAR02 CHAR 
388 P01_CNVVL Control Value for Conversion CHAR5 CHAR 
389 P01_COLOR Log Color CHAR1 CHAR 
390 P01_COLS Number of Columns to Be Displayed in the Form P01_NUMC1 NUMC 
391 P01_COMMT Comment CHAR15 CHAR 
392 P01_COUNTER Log Counter NUM5 NUMC 
393 P01_CPFLD Comparison Field of Statement Table FDNAME CHAR 
394 P01_CPOPR Relational Operator P01_CPOPR CHAR 
395 P01_CPTYP Comparison Type P01_CPTYP CHAR 
396 P01_CPVAL Comparison Value CHAR40 CHAR 
397 P01_CWERKS Personnel Area for Entire Company PERSA CHAR 
398 P01_D3KENNZMAN DEUEV: Reason for Manual Notification P01_D3KENNZMAN CHAR 
399 P01_D3MLDTYP Type of DEUEV Notification P01_D3MLDTYP NUMC 
400 P01_D3MLDTYP_O Type of DEUEV Notification (Outbound Notifications) P01_D3MLDTYP_O NUMC 
401 P01_D3M_DTART Type of Notification for DEUEV Statement P01_D3M_DTART CHAR 
402 P01_D3RFLIDNR DEUEV Confirmation: Sequential Number of Status Indicator P01_D3RFLIDNR NUMC 
403 P01_D3RSTATUS DEUEV Confirmation: Status Indicator P01_D3RSTATUS CHAR 
404 P01_D3STATTX Status of DEUEV Notification in Plain Text   CHAR 
405 P01_D3STATUS DEUEV Status Indicator P01_D3STATUS CHAR 
406 P01_D3_ABBRF DEUEV Vocational Training P01_D3_ABBRF CHAR 
407 P01_D3_ABBTX DEUEV: Vocational Training Text TEXT255 CHAR 
408 P01_D3_ABSCH DEUEV Education P01_D3_ABSCH CHAR 
409 P01_D3_ABSTX DEUEV: School Leaving Certificate Text TEXT255 CHAR 
410 P01_D3_ANUEB DEUEV Leasing of Temporary Personnel P01_D3_ANUEB CHAR 
411 P01_D3_ANUTX DEUEV: Leasing of Temp. Pers. Text TEXT20 CHAR 
412 P01_D3_ANUV DEUEV Number of AI Data Records P01_D3_ANUV NUMC 
413 P01_D3_ANUV_LFDNR DEUEV Sequence NUmber of AI Data Record in DBUV P01_D3_ANUV NUMC 
414 P01_D3_ANUV_V02 DEUEV Number of AI Data Records   NUMC 
415 P01_D3_BBNRGT DEUEV Company Number AI Institution with Hazard Pay Scale D3BBNR CHAR 
416 P01_D3_BBNRUV DEUEV Company No. of Responsible AI Institution D3BBNR CHAR 
417 P01_D3_BGNFG Successor of Worker's Compensation Association D3BBNR CHAR 
418 P01_D3_BRFTX DEUEV Occupation Text P01_D3_BRFTX CHAR 
419 P01_D3_CHKDATA DEUEV Conversion: Notification Content to Convert P01_D3_CHKDATA CHAR 
420 P01_D3_FAGTS Foreign Hazard Pay Area NUM1 NUMC 
421 P01_D3_FRMAT Format of a Membership Number CHAR100 CHAR 
422 P01_D3_GFTST Hazard Pay Area for DEUEV Notification P01_D3_GFTST CHAR 
423 P01_D3_GFTST_NAME Hazard Pay Area Abbreviation TEXT50 CHAR 
424 P01_D3_KONVDAT DEUEV Conversion: Converted Notification Content P01_D3_KONVDAT CHAR 
425 P01_D3_LDKZD License Plate Country Codes for DEUEV LANDK CHAR 
426 P01_D3_MINEO Minimum Remuneration East NUM10 NUMC 
427 P01_D3_MINEW Minimum Remuneration West NUM10 NUMC 
428 P01_D3_MMDAG SHI Monthly Declaration, EE/ER Declaration P01_D3_MMDAG CHAR 
429 P01_D3_MMDKK SHI Monthly Declaration, HI Fund Declaration P01_D3_MMDKK CHAR 
430 P01_D3_MMUV DEUEV Data Module DBUV Exists D3MMMM CHAR 
431 P01_D3_MNMAX Maximum Length of a Membership Number NUM2 NUMC 
432 P01_D3_MNMIN Minimum Length of a Membership Number NUM2 NUMC 
433 P01_D3_MNR DEUEV Company Membership Number at AI Institution P01_MNRBG CHAR 
434 P01_D3_MXJAV Highest Annual Earnings NUM10 NUMC 
435 P01_D3_NFGBEGDA Worker's Compensation Association Valid from Date DATUM DATS 
436 P01_D3_NFGENDDA Worker's Compensation Association Valid to Date DATUM DATS 
437 P01_D3_PRFZF Check Digit of a Membership Number NUM2 NUMC 
438 P01_D3_SEL_ABGRP Restrict Infotype Record as of MONTH NUMC 
439 P01_D3_SEL_ABSCH Conversion TS2010: Fill School Lv Cert., Voc. Training XFELD CHAR 
440 P01_D3_SEL_ANUEB Conversion TS 2010: Fill Leasing Temp. Personnel Key XFELD CHAR 
441 P01_D3_SEL_ANUEB_BADI Conversion TS2010: Leasing Temp. Personnel from BAdI XFELD CHAR 
442 P01_D3_SEL_ANUEB_YN Conversion TS2010: Leasing Temp. Personnel Manual Entry XFELD CHAR 
443 P01_D3_SEL_AUSGT Conversion TS2010: Convert Leavers XFELD CHAR 
444 P01_D3_SEL_BATIP Conversion TS2010 with Batch Input XFELD CHAR 
445 P01_D3_SEL_DIRIP Conversion TS2010 with Direct Input XFELD CHAR 
446 P01_D3_SEL_PROTO Create Log XFELD CHAR 
447 P01_D3_SEL_RENTN Conversion TS2010: Convert Pensioners XFELD CHAR 
448 P01_D3_SEL_TTSCH Conversion TS2010: Fill Employment Key XFELD CHAR 
449 P01_D3_SEL_UEBER Conversion TS2010: Overwrite Fields XFELD CHAR 
450 P01_D3_SEL_UMS35 Conversion TS2010: Current Position from Conv. Table 3->5 XFELD CHAR 
451 P01_D3_SEL_UMSBA Conversion TS2010: Determine Employment from BAdI XFELD CHAR 
452 P01_D3_SEL_UPDAT Database Update Switch XFELD CHAR 
453 P01_D3_SEL_VTRFM Conversion TS2010: Fill Contract Form Key XFELD CHAR 
454 P01_D3_TTBRF DEUEV Occupation Key P01_D3_TTBRF CHAR 
455 P01_D3_TTSCH DEUEV Current Position P01_D3_TTSCH CHAR 
456 P01_D3_TTSTX DEUEV Occupational Code 2010 Text P01_D3_TTSTX CHAR 
457 P01_D3_UVARBSTD DEUEV Hours Worked for Worker's Compensation P01_D3_UVARBSTD NUMC 
458 P01_D3_UVENTGT DEUEV AI-Liable Remuneration in EUR D3EG NUMC 
459 P01_D3_UVGD DEUEV Reason for Special Conditions in AI Data P01_D3_UVGD CHAR 
460 P01_D3_UVNAME Worker's Compensation Association: Name of Institution TEXT35 CHAR 
461 P01_D3_VTFRM DEUEV Contract Form P01_D3_VTFRM CHAR 
462 P01_D3_VTFTX DEUEV: Contract Form Text TEXT40 CHAR 
463 P01_D3_ZEICH Permitted Characters in a Membership Number TEXT50 CHAR 
464 P01_D3_ZUUVG Permissibility AI Reasons NUM1 NUMC 
465 P01_DATE Date DATS DATS 
466 P01_DATEI Contribution Rates Not Transferred from Contrib. Rate File XFELD CHAR 
467 P01_DATEX HR-DBS: Date Field DATUM DATS 
468 P01_DATNR File Number for E-Mail Procedure P01_DATNR NUMC 
469 P01_DATUM Date of Status Change   DATS 
470 P01_DBAUAA Type of Downtime P01_DBAUAA NUMC 
471 P01_DBAUAE Type of Remuneration in DBAU P01_DBAUAE NUMC 
472 P01_DBAUUA Cause of the Work Incapacity P01_DBAUUA NUMC 
473 P01_DBBVVG Payment Method of the Reimbursement P01_DBBVVG NUMC 
474 P01_DBHBV Data Module: Higher Insurance Contribution Exists D3MMMM CHAR 
475 P01_DBKZGD Reason for Notification in Data Module DBKZ P01_DBKZGD NUMC 
476 P01_DBKZGDT Name of the Reason for the Notification in DBKZ Data Module TEXT40 CHAR 
477 P01_DBMIV Data Module: Membership ID Exists D3MMMM CHAR 
478 P01_DBZKGD Reason for Notification in Data Module DBZK P01_DBZKGD NUMC 
479 P01_DBZKGDT Name of the Reason for the Notification in Data Module DBZK TEXT40 CHAR 
480 P01_DELEP Deletion Possible? (Checkbox or Selection Field) XFELD CHAR 
481 P01_DFLSC Column Width per Fictitious Run   NUMC 
482 P01_DFLSE Single-Column Display of Fictitious Run XFELD CHAR 
483 P01_DFLSL Display of Wage Type Distribution XFELD CHAR 
484 P01_DFLSM Multi-Column Display of Fictitious Runs XFELD CHAR 
485 P01_DFLSR Number of Fictitious Runs per Page   NUMC 
486 P01_DFLST Use standard schema XFELD CHAR 
487 P01_DRUIN Printout of All Personnel Numbers XFELD CHAR 
488 P01_DRUSI Print Selected Personnel Numbers XFELD CHAR 
489 P01_DSERAV Type of Insurance in the Data Record DSER P01_DSERAV NUMC 
490 P01_DSERGD Reason for Issue in Data Record DSER P01_DSERGD NUMC 
491 P01_DSERGDT Designation of the Notific. Reason in the DSER Data Record TEXT20 CHAR 
492 P01_DSFLG Indicator for Creating Data Record XFELD CHAR 
493 P01_DSID Identification Number of the Data Record P01_DSID CHAR 
494 P01_DSSFL Indicator for Creating and Sending Data Record XFELD CHAR 
495 P01_DSSTATUS Status Indicator for DEUEV Immediate Notifications P01_D3STATUS CHAR 
496 P01_DSVZGD Reason for Statutory Payment in DSVZ Data Record P01_DSVZGD NUMC 
497 P01_DS_SOFORTMLD Company Liable for Immediate Notifications XFELD CHAR 
498 P01_DT1_ANG Date on Which First Contract Signed for Employee DATS DATS 
499 P01_DT1_ARB Date on Which First Contract Signed for Hourly EE DATS DATS 
500 P01_DT2_ANG Date on Which Second Contract Signed for Employee DATS DATS