SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 108
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 PPU12_F_CONVERT Layout conversion directly after export PLOG_CROSS CHAR 
2 PPU12_IF_ONLY Interface without payroll PLOG_CROSS CHAR 
4 PPU12_INCL Name of the include for the export program PROGRAMM CHAR 
5 PPU12_INDVAL Indirect valuation of wage types XFELD CHAR 
7 PPU12_MATCH Value-dependent repetition CHOICE CHAR 
8 PPU12_NEW_DIFF Interface Format: New Change Validation CHAR1 CHAR 
9 PPU12_NO_RETRO No retroactive accounting CHAR1 CHAR 
10 PPU12_OBJNR TemSe Object Number for Export File CHAR10 CHAR 
11 PPU12_ORIG Export for original periods only XFELD CHAR 
12 PPU12_OUTFILE Output file for a block CHOICE CHAR 
13 PPU12_PRCT Processing time of a block CHOICE CHAR 
15 PPU12_R1 Rectroactive accounting R1 CHOICE CHAR 
16 PPU12_R2 Retroactive accounting R2 CHOICE CHAR 
17 PPU12_R3 Retroactive accounting R3 CHOICE CHAR 
18 PPU12_R4 Retroactive accounting R4 CHOICE CHAR 
19 PPU12_REPET Repitition of a block CHOICE CHAR 
20 PPU12_RPCALC Program containing definition for the include PROGRAMM CHAR 
21 PPU12_SAVE_ACTUAL Save current results only PLOG_CROSS CHAR 
22 PPU12_SAVE_NO Do not save to cluster IF PLOG_CROSS CHAR 
23 PPU12_SECONDARY_FILE PU12 : Name of secondary file CHAR40 CHAR 
24 PPU12_SEL_RETRO PU12: Select separation fields for wage types CHAR1 CHAR 
25 PPU12_STRUCEXP Limited structure export CHOICE CHAR 
26 PPU12_TAB_ENT Select table entries XFELD CHAR 
27 PPU12_UEXIT Parameter content for user-exit CHOICE CHAR 
28 PPU12_UPDATE User-defined change validation CHAR1 CHAR 
29 PPU12_XML Conversion Directly to XML XFELD CHAR 
30 PPUFF_FREI Free float (from forecast) PUFFER DEC 
31 PPUFF_GESM Total float (from forecast) PUFFER DEC 
32 PPVER1 Ind: Reduction of planned orders assigned to a version CHAR1 CHAR 
33 PPVER2 Ind: planned orders assigned and not assigned to a version CHAR1 CHAR 
34 PPVFL Action with default values XFELD CHAR 
35 PPVKZ IS-H: Indicator for Class. Type 'Nursing Acuity Class.' XFELD CHAR 
36 PPVKZ_P IS-H AT: Kennzeichen für Klf.typ 'Pflege PR prospektiv' XFELD CHAR 
37 PPVON PP Planning calendar: first day of a period DATUM DATS 
38 PPYER PP Planning calendar: year of the planning period CJAHR CHAR 
39 PP_ATPM1 ATP quantity/available quantity MENGV15 QUAN 
40 PP_ATPMG ATP quantity/available quantity MENGV13 QUAN 
41 PP_AUFART Order Type for Production Orders AUFART CHAR 
42 PP_CREATE_DATE_SC Payment Plans: Timestamp for Payment Plan Change TZNTSTMPS DEC 
43 PP_DELIVERY Indicator: delivery from PP interface XFELD CHAR 
44 PP_DETSEQ_FOR_ARTMASTER Default Value for PP Determ. Seq. in Internal Article Maint. EKERV CHAR 
45 PP_FROM_TIME_SC Payment Plans: Payment Plan Change Event UZEIT TIMS 
46 PP_OHNE_AKT Execute Debit Entry Without Activities XFELD CHAR 
47 PP_PDATE Procedure for Setting the Posting Date PP_PDATE CHAR 
49 PP_RUWRT01 Confirmed value of processing time from Logistics PW_QUAN13 QUAN 
50 PP_RUWRT02 Confirmed value of setup time from Logistics PW_QUAN13 QUAN 
51 PP_RUWRT03 Confirmed value of machine time from Logistics PW_QUAN13 QUAN 
52 PP_RUWRT04 Confirmed value of variable activity from Logistics PW_QUAN13 QUAN 
53 PP_RUWRT05 Confirmed Value of Teardown Time for Logistics PW_QUAN13 QUAN 
54 PP_RUWRT06 Confirmed value of variable activity from Logistics PW_QUAN13 QUAN 
56 PP_TEST Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
57 PP_VMENG Confirmed quantity/allocated quantity MENGV13 QUAN 
58 PQ13_TOTAL Total Allowance Amount NUM14 NUMC 
59 PQCO5_TXT1 Priority CHAR1 CHAR 
60 PQCO5_TXT2 Proficiency CHAR1 CHAR 
61 PQCO5_TXT3 Object from which qualification/requirement is inherited TEXT40 CHAR 
62 PQCO5_TXT4 Years (text field) CHAR1 CHAR 
63 PQCOASREQ Quantity Confirmed As Requested MENGV15_3 QUAN 
65 PQUOBJ Source Object CHAR1 CHAR 
66 PR Inspection data has already been entered for device KENNZPR CHAR 
67 PR00000000 Process BTE: <technical details> XFELD CHAR 
68 PR00000119 Open FI: Process 00000119 (Transaction Currency Switch) XFELD CHAR 
69 PR00001020 Open FI: Prozess 00001020 XFELD CHAR 
70 PR00001030 Open FI: Process 00001030 (determine form) XFELD CHAR 
71 PR00001040 Open FI: Process 00001040 (determine output) XFELD CHAR 
72 PR00001050 Open FI: Process 00001050 (read MHNK) XFELD CHAR 
73 PR00001051 Open FI: Prozess 00001051 (read MHND/BSID) XFELD CHAR 
74 PR00001052 Open FI: Process 00001050 (read MHND/BSIK) XFELD CHAR 
75 PR00001053 Open FI: Process 00001053 (set cpdkey) XFELD CHAR 
76 PR00001060 Open FI: Process 00001060 (dunning check MHND) XFELD CHAR 
77 PR00001061 Open FI: Process 00001061 (deletion indicator MHND) XFELD CHAR 
78 PR00001070 Open FI: Process 00001070 (Interest calculation MHND) XFELD CHAR 
79 PR00001071 Open FI: Event 00001070 (charge determination MHNK) XFELD CHAR 
80 PR00001100 Post Document: Adjust Payment Condition and Baseline Date XFELD CHAR 
81 PR00001110 Open FI: Process 00001110 XFELD CHAR 
82 PR00001120 Open FI: Process 00001120 XFELD CHAR 
83 PR00001130 BTE: Event 00000000 (sample) XFELD CHAR 
84 PR00001140 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
85 PR00001150 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
86 PR00001160 Open FI: Event 00001160 XFELD CHAR 
87 PR00001170 Open FI: Process 00001170 XFELD CHAR 
88 PR00001210 Open FI: Process 00001210 XFELD CHAR 
89 PR00001212 Open FI: Process 00001212 (SRV) XFELD CHAR 
90 PR00001213 Open FI: Process 00001213 (2nd Calculation DSO) XFELD CHAR 
91 PR00001214 Open FI: Process 00001214 (3rd Calculation DSO) XFELD CHAR 
92 PR00001220 Open FI: Process 00001220 XFELD CHAR 
93 PR00001230 Open FI: Process 00001230 XFELD CHAR 
94 PR00001240 Open FI: Process 00001240 XFELD CHAR 
95 PR00001310 Open FI: Process 00001310 XFELD CHAR 
96 PR00001320 Open FI: Process 00001320 XFELD CHAR 
97 PR00001410 Open FI: Process 00001410 XFELD CHAR 
98 PR00001420 Open FI: Process 00001420 XFELD CHAR 
99 PR00001430 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
100 PR00001435 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
101 PR00001440 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
102 PR00001510 Open FI: Process 00001510 XFELD CHAR 
103 PR00001520 Open FI: Process 00001520 XFELD CHAR 
104 PR00001610 Open FI: Process 00001610 XFELD CHAR 
105 PR00001620 Open FI: Process 00001620 XFELD CHAR 
106 PR00001630 Open FI: Process 00001630 XFELD CHAR 
107 PR00001640 Open FI: Process 00001640 XFELD CHAR 
108 PR00001710 Open FI: Process 00001710 XFELD CHAR 
109 PR00001720 Open FI: Process 00001720 XFELD CHAR 
110 PR00001810 Open FI: Process 00001810 XFELD CHAR 
111 PR00001811 Process BTE: SEPA mandates XFELD CHAR 
112 PR00001812 Process BTE: SEPA mandates XFELD CHAR 
113 PR00001820 Open FI: Process 00001820 (Payment Program F110 Item Sel.) XFELD CHAR 
114 PR00001825 Open FI: Process 00001830 (Payment Program Mandate Ref.) XFELD CHAR 
115 PR00001830 Open FI: Process 00001830 (Payment Program F110 Edit Group) XFELD CHAR 
116 PR00001840 Open FI: Process 00001840 (Paymnt Progm F110 Plan.Bal.Check) XFELD CHAR 
117 PR00001850 Open FI: Process 00001850 (Repetitive Codes, Release) XFELD CHAR 
118 PR00001860 Open FI: Process 00001860 (F110 AuthorizationDefaultEdit) XFELD CHAR 
119 PR00001910 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
120 PR00001911 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
121 PR00002010 Open FI: Process 00002010 XFELD CHAR 
122 PR00002020 Open FI: Process 00002020 XFELD CHAR 
123 PR00002030 Open FI: Process 00002030 XFELD CHAR 
124 PR00002040 Open FI: Process 00002040 XFELD CHAR 
125 PR00002050 Open FI: Process 00002050 XFELD CHAR 
126 PR00002060 Open FI: Process 00002060 XFELD CHAR 
127 PR00002070 Open FI: Process 00002070 XFELD CHAR 
128 PR00002210 Open FI: Process 00002210 XFELD CHAR 
129 PR00002211 Open FI: Process 00002211 XFELD CHAR 
130 PR00002212 Open FI: Process 00002212 XFELD CHAR 
131 PR00002213 Open FI: Process 00002213 XFELD CHAR 
132 PR00002214 Open FI: Process 00002214 XFELD CHAR 
133 PR00002220 Open FI: Process 00002220 XFELD CHAR 
134 PR00002310 Open FI: Event 00002310 (sample) XFELD CHAR 
135 PR00002410 Open FI: Process 00002410 (Fax/e-mail Balance Confirmation) XFELD CHAR 
136 PR00002440 Interface Registration 00002440 (SAPLIEDP SCB Exits) XFELD CHAR 
137 PR00002441 Process BTE: 00002441 Change Payment IDoc XFELD CHAR 
138 PR00002720 BTE: Process 00002730 Valuation Grouping Line Items XFELD CHAR 
139 PR00002730 BTE: Process 00002730 Valuation Select Item XFELD CHAR 
140 PR00002810 Open FI: Process 00002810 (Post Bank Statement Item) XFELD CHAR 
141 PR00002820 Open FI: Prozess 00002820 (Change Bank Statement Data) XFELD CHAR 
142 PR00002830 Open FI: Transfer of Screen and Program of the Application XFELD CHAR 
143 PR00002840 Open FI: Check of Selection Fields for FEBAN XFELD CHAR 
144 PR00002850 Open FI: Change Bank Data Storage in FEBAN XFELD CHAR 
145 PR00002860 Open FI: Process 00002810 (Post Bank Statement Item) XFELD CHAR 
146 PR00002870 Open FI: Process 00002870 (Representations of the items) XFELD CHAR 
147 PR00002880 Open FI: Process 00002880 (Selection of Items) XFELD CHAR 
148 PR00002910 Open FI: process business area 00002910 for goods movement XFELD CHAR 
149 PR00003010 Global interface registration (TADIR replacement) XFELD CHAR 
150 PR00003020 Global interface registration (TADIR replacement) XFELD CHAR 
151 PR00003030 Global interface registration (TADIR replacement) XFELD CHAR 
152 PR00003110 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
153 PR00003120 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
154 PR00003130 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
155 PR00003140 Open FI: Process 00003410 XFELD CHAR 
156 PR00003210 Open FI: Process 00003210 (Batch Heading - Turkey) XFELD CHAR 
157 PR00003220 Open FI: Process 00003220 XFELD CHAR 
158 PR00003310 Interface Registration 3310 XFELD CHAR 
159 PR00003320 Interface Registration 3320 XFELD CHAR 
160 PR00003410 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
161 PR00004152 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
162 PR00005010 Open FI: Process 00005010 XFELD CHAR 
163 PR00005011 Open FI: Process 00005011 - Change Pointer BWFI_AEDAT XFELD CHAR 
164 PR00005012 Open FI: Process 00005012 - Change Pointer BWFI_AEDA2 XFELD CHAR 
165 PR00005013 Open FI: Process 00005013 - Change Pointer BWFI_AEDA3 XFELD CHAR 
166 PR00005020 Open FI: Process 00005020 XFELD CHAR 
167 PR00005021 Open FI: Process 00005021 - Customer Enhancements to FI Itms XFELD CHAR 
168 PR00005022 Open FI: ProCess 00005022 - Enhancement FI Transaction Figs XFELD CHAR 
169 PR00005023 Open FI: Process 00005023 - Enhancement FI Credit Management XFELD CHAR 
170 PR00005030 Open FI: Process 00005030 XFELD CHAR 
171 PR00005040 Open FI: Process 00005040 XFELD CHAR 
172 PR00010123 Open FI-BA: Event 00010123 XFELD CHAR 
173 PR00010124 Open FI: Process 00010124 XFELD CHAR 
174 PR00011012 Open FI: Process 00011012 (Conversion of Ext. Acct for IHC) XFELD CHAR 
175 PR00011310 Open FI-BA: Process 00011310 XFELD CHAR 
176 PR00101010 Business Transaction Event: Process 00101010 Act ast trsfr XFELD CHAR 
177 PR00101111 BTE: Process 00101111 (BW Posting FI-FM) XFELD CHAR 
178 PR00101122 BTE: Process 00101122 (BW Posting FI-FM) XFELD CHAR 
179 PR00101133 BTE: Process 00101133 (BW posting IS-PS) XFELD CHAR 
180 PR00101144 BTE: Process 00101144 (BW posting IS-PS) XFELD CHAR 
181 PR00101155 BTE: Process 00101155 (BW-posting) XFELD CHAR 
182 PR00101166 BTE: Process 00101166 (BW-posting) XFELD CHAR 
183 PR00102010 BTE: Process 00102010 (Cash desk IS-PS: Clearing info) XFELD CHAR 
184 PR00102021 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
185 PR00102022 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
186 PR00102024 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
187 PR00102025 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
188 PR00102026 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
189 PR00103005 BTE: Process 00103005 (Dunning IS-PS: Dunning Group) XFELD CHAR 
190 PR00103010 BTE: Process 00103010 (Dunning IS-PS: Intrst Calcltn Date) XFELD CHAR 
191 PR00103015 BTE: Process 00103015 (Dunning IS-PS: Exclude Document) XFELD CHAR 
192 PR00103020 BTE: Process 00103020 (Dunning IS-PS: Post Dunning Interest) XFELD CHAR 
193 PR00103025 BTE: Process 00103025 (Dunning IS-PS: Post Dunning Charges) XFELD CHAR 
194 PR00103035 BTE: Process 00103035 (RFFMINTCALC: Call Form) XFELD CHAR 
195 PR00103510 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
196 PR00103520 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
197 PR00104010 BTE Process: US Federal Government BL account derivation XFELD CHAR 
198 PR00105010 BTE Process: US Budgetary Ledger flexible data collection XFELD CHAR 
199 PR00105020 BTE: Acceptance period in purchase order for the PPA XFELD CHAR 
200 PR00106010 Interface registration CFLEVEL in FMRI XFELD CHAR 
201 PR00106111 BTE Process: Logical Database FMF - Node FMAA XFELD CHAR 
202 PR00106112 BTE Process: Logical Database FMF - Node FMAAREL XFELD CHAR 
203 PR00106113 BTE Process: Logical Database FMF - Node FMSNREL XFELD CHAR 
204 PR00106121 BTE Process: Logical Database FMF - Node FMTOX XFELD CHAR 
205 PR00106122 BTE Process: Logical Database FMF - Node FMOIX XFELD CHAR 
206 PR00106123 BTE Process: Logical Database FMF - Node FMFIX XFELD CHAR 
207 PR00106124 BTE Process: Logical Database FMF - Node FMCOX XFELD CHAR 
208 PR00106131 BTE Process: Logical Database FMF - Selection Screen XFELD CHAR 
209 PR00106132 BTE Process: Logical Database FMF - Check of Selection Optns XFELD CHAR 
210 PR00106133 BTE Process: LDB FMF - Deactivation of Sub-Hierarchy XFELD CHAR 
211 PR00106141 BTE Process: logical database FMF - FM bdgt memo check XFELD CHAR 
212 PR00106142 BTE Process: logical database FMF - change selec. criteria XFELD CHAR 
213 PR00106341 BTE Process: Research - Check FM Account Assignment XFELD CHAR 
214 PR00106342 BTE Process: Research - Change Selection Criteria XFELD CHAR 
215 PR00107010 Data element for BTE 00107010 XFELD CHAR 
216 PR00107020 Data element for BTE 00107020 XFELD CHAR 
217 PR00107030 Data element for BTE 00107030 XFELD CHAR 
218 PR00107040 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
219 PR00107050 Data Element for BTE 00107050 XFELD CHAR 
220 PR00108012 BTE Process: Budgetary ledger FI document type derivation XFELD CHAR 
221 PR00109010 BTE for Derivation of Func. Area for RIB Senders/Receivers XFELD CHAR 
222 PR00109020 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
223 PR00109030 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
224 PR00109040 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
225 PR00109050 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
226 PR00420001 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
227 PR00420011 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
228 PR00420012 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
229 PR00501020 OPEN FI: Stage 1020 (Sales & Dist. SD) XFELD CHAR 
230 PR00501021 OPEN FI: Stage 1021 (Sales & Dist. SD) XFELD CHAR 
231 PR00501022 OPEN FI: Stage 1022 (Sales & Dist. SD) XFELD CHAR 
232 PR00503101 Global interface registration (TADIR replacement) XFELD CHAR 
233 PR00503102 Global interface registration (TADIR replacement) XFELD CHAR 
234 PR00503103 Global interface registration (TADIR replacement) XFELD CHAR 
235 PR00503122 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
236 PR00503140 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
237 PR00505004 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
238 PR00511074 BTE for Definition of CRM Scenarios XFELD CHAR 
239 PR00700001 Customer exit: automatically create functional location XFELD CHAR 
240 PR00700002 Customer exit: automatically create functional location XFELD CHAR 
241 PR00700101 BTE: Event 00000000 (sample) XFELD CHAR 
242 PR00700105 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
243 PR00700110 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
244 PR00700150 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
245 PR00700151 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
246 PR00700152 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
247 PR00700153 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
248 PR00700160 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
249 PR00700161 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
250 PR00700162 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
251 PR00700163 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
252 PR00700170 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
253 PR00700171 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
254 PR00700172 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
255 PR00700173 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
256 PR00700180 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
257 PR00700181 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
258 PR00700182 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
259 PR00700183 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
260 PR00700190 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
261 PR00700191 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
262 PR00700192 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
263 PR00700193 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
264 PR00700201 BTE: Event 00000000 (sample) XFELD CHAR 
265 PR00700205 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
266 PR00700210 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
267 PR00700301 BTE: Event 00000000 (sample) XFELD CHAR 
268 PR00700305 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
269 PR00700310 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
270 PR00700401 BTE: Event 00000000 (sample) XFELD CHAR 
271 PR00700405 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
272 PR00700410 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
273 PR00702001 BTE: Event 00000000 (sample) XFELD CHAR 
274 PR00702005 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
275 PR00702105 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
276 PR00702205 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
277 PR00702305 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
278 PR00702308 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
279 PR00702309 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
280 PR00702351 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
281 PR00702352 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
282 PR00702401 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
283 PR00702402 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
284 PR00702501 BTE: Event 00000000 (sample) XFELD CHAR 
285 PR00702601 SRA: Loading the VIMI25 XFELD CHAR 
286 PR00702602 SRA: Loading the VIMI28 and Output of Calculated Intervals XFELD CHAR 
287 PR00702603 SRA: Change VIMI25 XFELD CHAR 
288 PR00702604 SRA: Change VIMI28 and Output of Calculated Intervals XFELD CHAR 
289 PR00702605 SRA: Change of Calculated Sale XFELD CHAR 
290 PR00702606 Sales-Based LO: Generate Contractual Sales Agreem. Headers XFELD CHAR 
291 PR00702607 Sales-Based LO: Generate Sales Grading (VIMIUI) XFELD CHAR 
292 PR00702610 Sales Settlement: Minimum Rent for Multiple Conditions XFELD CHAR 
293 PR00702910 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
294 PR00704001 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
295 PR00705000 Invoice print: exclude contracts XFELD CHAR 
296 PR00705001 Invoice print: group items for invoices XFELD CHAR 
297 PR00705002 Invoice print: get data for invoice items XFELD CHAR 
298 PR00705800 RE-IS: Overview of Rental Units XFELD CHAR 
299 PR00705801 Contract Account Sheet: Extend Field Catalog XFELD CHAR 
300 PR00705802 Contract Account Sheet: Modify Sel. Cust./LeaseOut XFELD CHAR 
301 PR00705803 Contract Account Sheet: Modify Items for Customers XFELD CHAR 
302 PR00705804 Contract Account Sheet: Modify Field Catalog for Hierarchy XFELD CHAR 
303 PR00705805 Contract Account Sheet: Modify Hierarchy Structure XFELD CHAR 
304 PR00705820 BW Extractor: User Exit for Ref. Area Determination XFELD CHAR 
305 PR00705900 Office Letter: Retrieve Additional Data (Lease-Out) XFELD CHAR 
306 PR00705910 Office Letter: Retrieve Additional Data (General Contract) XFELD CHAR 
307 PR00705920 Office Memo: INPLACE/OUTPLACE Display XFELD CHAR 
308 PR00708001 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
309 PR00708010 Interface registration XFELD CHAR 
310 PR00708020 Open FI: Process 00708020 (Rent Adj. Gen.Contrct: Forecast) XFELD CHAR 
311 PR00708021 Open FI: Process 00708021 (Rent Adj.Gen. Contract: Forecast) XFELD CHAR 
312 PR00708030 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
313 PR00708101 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
314 PR00708102 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
315 PR00708103 Interface Registration XFELD CHAR 
316 PR00709001 Open FI: Prozess 00709001 XFELD CHAR 
317 PR00709002 Open FI: Prozess 00709002 XFELD CHAR 
318 PR00709003 Open FI: Prozess 00709003 XFELD CHAR 
319 PR00709004 Open FI: Prozess 00709004 XFELD CHAR 
320 PR00709005 Open FI: Prozess 00709005 XFELD CHAR 
321 PR00709006 Open FI: Prozess 00709006 XFELD CHAR 
322 PR00709007 Open FI: Prozess 00709007 XFELD CHAR 
323 PR00709008 Open FI: Prozess 00709008 XFELD CHAR 
324 PR00709009 Open FI: Prozess 00709009 XFELD CHAR 
325 PR00709010 Open FI: Prozess 00709010 XFELD CHAR 
326 PR00709011 Open FI: Prozess 00709011 XFELD CHAR 
327 PR00709012 Open FI: Prozess 00709012 XFELD CHAR 
328 PR00709013 Open FI: Prozess 00709013 XFELD CHAR 
329 PR00709014 Open FI: Prozess 00709014 XFELD CHAR 
330 PR00709015 Open FI: Prozess 00709015 XFELD CHAR 
331 PR00709016 Open FI: Prozess 00709016 XFELD CHAR 
332 PR00709017 Open FI: Prozess 00709017 XFELD CHAR 
333 PR00709018 Open FI: Prozess 00709018 XFELD CHAR 
334 PR00709019 Open FI: Prozess 00709019 XFELD CHAR 
335 PR00709020 Open FI: Prozess 00709020 XFELD CHAR 
336 PR00709021 Open FI: Prozess 00709021 XFELD CHAR 
337 PR00709023 Open FI: Prozess 00709023 XFELD CHAR 
338 PR00709025 Open FI: Prozess 00709025 XFELD CHAR 
339 PR00709026 Open FI: Prozess 00709026 XFELD CHAR 
340 PR00709027 Open FI: Prozess 00709027 XFELD CHAR 
341 PR00709028 Open FI: Prozess 00709028 XFELD CHAR 
342 PR00709029 Open FI: Prozess 00709029 XFELD CHAR 
343 PR00709030 Open FI: Prozess 00709030 XFELD CHAR 
344 PR00709031 Open FI: Prozess 00709031 XFELD CHAR 
345 PR00709033 Open FI: Prozess 00709033 XFELD CHAR 
346 PR00709035 Open FI: Prozess 00709035 XFELD CHAR 
347 PR00709036 Open FI: Prozess 00709036 XFELD CHAR 
348 PR00709037 Open FI: Prozess 00709037 XFELD CHAR 
349 PR00709038 Open FI: Prozess 00709038 XFELD CHAR 
350 PR00709039 Open FI: Prozess 00709039 XFELD CHAR 
351 PR00709040 Open FI: Prozess 00709040 XFELD CHAR 
352 PR00709050 Open FI: Prozess 00709050 XFELD CHAR 
353 PR00709051 Open FI: Prozess 00709051 XFELD CHAR 
354 PR00709055 Open FI: Prozess 00709055 XFELD CHAR 
355 PR00709056 Open FI: Prozess 00709056 XFELD CHAR 
356 PR00709057 Open FI: Prozess 00709057 XFELD CHAR 
357 PR00709058 Open FI: Prozess 00709058 XFELD CHAR 
358 PR00709059 CRE: P/S-Event 00709059: Architektur TPL Klassifizierung XFELD CHAR 
359 PR00709061 CRE: P/S-Event 00709061: PM Anbindung: Generieren TPL Name XFELD CHAR 
360 PR00709062 CRE: P/S-Event 00709062: PM Anbindung: Füllen TPL Struktur XFELD CHAR 
361 PR01000004 Process Event Query NDI Release XFELD CHAR 
362 PR01000020 Process Event BCO XFELD CHAR 
363 PR01000021 Process Event BCO, EP Revaluation XFELD CHAR 
364 PR01000410 Process Event: Sales Order Connection to LIS Data Enhancemnt XFELD CHAR 
365 PR01000411 Process Event: SD Connection to LIS Enhancement BW Check XFELD CHAR 
366 PR01000420 Process Event: Billing Doc. Connection > LIS Data Enhancemnt XFELD CHAR 
367 PR01000430 Process Event: Delivery Connection LIS Data Enhancement XFELD CHAR 
368 PR01000710 Process Event: Purchasing Interface, LIS Data Derivation XFELD CHAR 
377 PR01000808 ATP BTE for Characteristics Retrofit XFELD CHAR 
378 PR01000809 ATP: BTE for Configuration and Batch Classifctn. R/3 -> APO XFELD CHAR 
383 PR01000827 QUOT: BTE for PERS_ENQ_QUOT_WRITE Discrete Prod. Allocation XFELD CHAR 
384 PR01000828 QUOT: BTE for PERS_ENQ_QUOT_WRITE Cumulative Prod.Allocation XFELD CHAR 
387 PR01000910 Process Event Revaluation at Retail XFELD CHAR 
388 PR01010000 New Dimension plug-in process 01010000: Central switch XFELD CHAR 
389 PR01010002 Interface Registration: Message (Short) Text XFELD CHAR 
390 PR01010003 Interface Registration: HELP_OBJECT_SHOW XFELD CHAR 
391 PR01010004 Interface Registration: HELP_OBJECT_SHOW XFELD CHAR 
392 PR02000101 New Dimension PlugIn BTE: Markdown Planning 01 XFELD CHAR 
393 PR02000102 New Dimension PlugIn BTE: Markdown Planning 02 XFELD CHAR 
394 PR02000103 New Dimension PlugIn BTE: Markdown Planning 03 XFELD CHAR 
395 PR02000105 BTE: Markdown Planning 05 XFELD CHAR 
396 PR02000106 BTE: Markdown Planning 06 XFELD CHAR 
397 PR02000107 BTE: Markdown Planning 07 XFELD CHAR 
398 PR04O Use of Expense Type in Weekly Report/Business Trip PR04O CHAR 
399 PR04X Sequence of Expense Types in Weekly Report PR04X CHAR 
400 PR0BANK002 BTE FS Release Tool: User Selection and Period Details XFELD CHAR 
401 PR0BANK004 BTE FS Release Tool: User-Dependent Release Control XFELD CHAR 
402 PR0BANK010 Splitting into Packages for Parallel Processing XFELD CHAR 
403 PR0BANK011 Details of Job Distribution for Parallel Proc. - Mass Run XFELD CHAR 
404 PR0BANK015 Mass Runs - Job Control Call-Up XFELD CHAR 
405 PR0FVDL000 BTE Print Event for Correspondence Type BL00 XFELD CHAR 
406 PR0FVDL001 BTE Generation Event for Correspondence Type BL00 XFELD CHAR 
407 PR0FVDL460 BTE Print Time for Correspondence Type BL46 XFELD CHAR 
408 PR0FVDL461 BTE Generation Time for Correspondence Type BL46 XFELD CHAR 
409 PR0FVDL900 BTE for Correspondence Type BL90 XFELD CHAR 
410 PR0FVDL901 BTE for Correspondence Type BL90 XFELD CHAR 
411 PR1AK Check of target quantity XFELD CHAR 
412 PR1VK Indicator: Link with additional check XFELD CHAR 
413 PR2AK Check with regard to target value XFELD CHAR 
414 PR3AK Check with regard to validity period of agreement XFELD CHAR 
415 PR4AK Check with regard to outline agreements no longer used XFELD CHAR 
416 PRAAG Employer premium WERTV5 CURR 
417 PRABR_LST IS-H: Ind. for Service Subject to Direct Patient Billing XFELD CHAR 
418 PRACCT Partner account number SAKNR CHAR 
419 PRACT Competitor prices: price activation XFELD CHAR 
422 PRACTIONNR Print action record PRACTIONNR NUMC 
423 PRAEB Premium basis WERTV5 CURR 
425 PRAEFIXIN IS-HCM: EDI - file prefix inbound VAL_TEXT CHAR 
426 PRAEFIXOUT IS-HCM: EDI - file prefix outbound VAL_TEXT CHAR 
427 PRAEMART Type of advertising bonus PRAEMART CHAR 
428 PRAEMIEBR Premium ask TV_KURS DEC 
429 PRAEMIEGE Premium bid TV_KURS DEC 
430 PRAEV IS-H: Referral for preventive treatment XFELD CHAR 
431 PRAGA Rate of employer contributions level A (%) DEC2_3 DEC 
432 PRAGB Rate of employer contributions level B (%) DEC2_3 DEC 
433 PRAGC Rate of employer contributions level C (%) DEC2_3 DEC 
434 PRAKN Premium Number PRAKN CHAR 
435 PRAKT Display current price XFELD CHAR 
436 PRAKZ Premium Indicator PRAKZ NUMC 
437 PRALVSL ALV Selections   CHAR 
438 PRALVST ALV Statistics   CHAR 
439 PRAMI_VK Premium Tax BOOLE CHAR 
440 PRAMO_CA Open Part of Payment Amount Promised WRTV7 CURR 
441 PRAMT_CA Promised Payment Amount WRTV7 CURR 
442 PRAMT_CHR_CA Charges for Promise to Pay WRTV7 CURR 
443 PRAMT_INT_CA Interest for Promise to Pay WRTV7 CURR 
444 PRAMT_TOT_CA Total Amount Including Charges and Interest WRTV7 CURR 
445 PRAN40 Description TEXT40 CHAR 
446 PRANA Rate of employee contributions level A (%) DEC2_3 DEC 
447 PRANB Rate of employee contributions level B (%) DEC2_3 DEC 
448 PRANC Rate of employee contributions level C (%) DEC2_3 DEC 
449 PRANZ HR payroll: Number PRANZHL DEC 
450 PRANZ1 No. of sample devices PRANZ NUMC 
451 PRANZ2 Second drawing: number of sample of devices PRANZ NUMC 
452 PRANZHL HR payroll: Maximum number PRANZHL DEC 
453 PRANZ_CHAR Payroll: Number: Character Field CHAR21 CHAR 
454 PRART Percent type CHAR2 CHAR 
455 PRART_VK Premium Type PRART_VK CHAR 
456 PRAST Period split PRAST CHAR 
457 PRASTA Period split PARAS CHAR 
458 PRASTP Time buckets grid for flexible planning PRASTP CHAR 
459 PRAT1 ID for product attribute 1 PRATA CHAR 
460 PRAT2 ID for product attribute 2 PRATA CHAR 
461 PRAT3 ID for product attribute 3 PRATA CHAR 
462 PRAT4 ID for product attribute 4 PRATA CHAR 
463 PRAT5 ID for product attribute 5 PRATA CHAR 
464 PRAT6 ID for product attribute 6 PRATA CHAR 
465 PRAT7 ID for product attribute 7 PRATA CHAR 
466 PRAT8 ID for product attribute 8 PRATA CHAR 
467 PRAT9 ID for product attribute 9 PRATA CHAR 
468 PRATA ID for product attribute 10 PRATA CHAR 
469 PRATP_KK Installment Plans: Select Original Items XFELD CHAR 
470 PRATX Premium Name TEXT20 CHAR 
471 PRATYP IS-H: Practice category ISH_PRATYP NUMC 
472 PRAUSP No Check for Same Classification XFELD CHAR 
473 PRAVH_043G Tolerance Limit for Difference Compared with Pmnt Advce Item PRZ21 DEC 
474 PRAVS_043G Tolerance Limit for Difference Compared with Pmnt Advce Item PRZ21 DEC 
475 PRAVT Price change: carried over from previous to current period XFELD CHAR 
476 PRBAG Check Amount PRFLD CHAR 
477 PRBAS Price basis WERTV6 CURR 
479 PRBAS_KK Basis for Percentage Part of Write-Off XFELD CHAR 
480 PRBAS_VK Price Basis for Shipping Costs PRBAS_ISP CHAR 
481 PRBED Forecast requirements MENG13 QUAN 
482 PRBEH Probationary Period (Unit) RPMSH CHAR 
483 PRBES Best Price in the Case of a Price Simulation XFELD CHAR 
484 PRBET HR payroll: Maximum amount BETRG CURR 
485 PRBETRG HR payroll: Maximum amount PRBETRG CURR 
486 PRBEZ Forecast profile description TEXT40 CHAR 
487 PRBEZ_CM Description of automatic credit control TEXT30 CHAR 
488 PRBKL Check contribution scale PRFLD CHAR 
489 PRBKN_005 Rule for checking bank account number field PR005 CHAR 
490 PRBKS_005 Rule for checking bank key field PR005 CHAR 
491 PRBLZ_005 Rule for checking bank number field PR005 CHAR 
492 PRBME Base unit of measure for product group MEINS UNIT 
493 PRBST Check purchase order number PRBST CHAR 
494 PRBTAB Table for master data validation AS4TAB CHAR 
495 PRBTR Cumulated amount PRBETRG CURR 
496 PRBW204010 Process BW204010: BW Extraction of Trans.Data (from 40B) XFELD CHAR 
497 PRBW204020 Process BW204020: BW Extraction of Master Data (from 40B) XFELD CHAR 
498 PRBW204030 Process BW204030: BW Extraction of Texts (from 40B) XFELD CHAR 
499 PRBW204040 Process BW204040: BW Extraction of Hierarchies (from 40B) XFELD CHAR 
500 PRBZT Probationary Period (Number) DEC3 DEC