SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 50
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P16_BTRNR Company number BTRNR CHAR 
2 P16_BUNTX Non-Taxable Bursary BETRG CURR 
3 P16_BURPD Bursary Paid BETRG CURR 
4 P16_BURTX Taxable Bursary BETRG CURR 
5 P16_BUSKM Business kilometers NUM11 NUMC 
6 P16_CADAT ITA88 Cancellation Date DATUM DATS 
7 P16_CALCFM Name of the calculation function module FUNCNAME CHAR 
8 P16_CARAL Travel allowance P_AMT07V CURR 
9 P16_CAREA ITA88 Cancellation Reason CHAR90 CHAR 
10 P16_CARVL Car value WERTV5 CURR 
11 P16_CATEG Labour Relations Category P16_CATEG CHAR 
12 P16_CATID Salary packaging: Category ID   CHAR 
13 P16_CATXT Salary Packaging: Category TEXT50 CHAR 
14 P16_CAVAL ITA88 Cancel Value P_AMT08V CURR 
15 P16_CCTXT Contribution Class Text TEXT40 CHAR 
16 P16_CDTXT Long text of retro code CHAR50 CHAR 
17 P16_CERNR SARS Interface: Certificate Number NUMC8 NUMC 
18 P16_CFCOMP Carry forward Component CHAR4 CHAR 
19 P16_CHALLENGE Challenge   INT4 
20 P16_CHAR11 ZA Character String with only digits Length 11   CHAR 
21 P16_CHAR12 ZA Character String with only digits Length 12   CHAR 
22 P16_CHAR13 ZA Character String with only digits Length 13   CHAR 
23 P16_CHAR15 ZA Character String with only digits Length 15   CHAR 
24 P16_CHAR16 ZA Character String with only digits Length 16   CHAR 
25 P16_CHAR17 ZA Character String with only digits Length 17   CHAR 
26 P16_CHAR23 ZA Character Field of Length 23 CHAR23 CHAR 
27 P16_CHAR34 ZA Character String Length 34   CHAR 
28 P16_CHAR8 ZA Character String with only digits Length 8   CHAR 
29 P16_CHAR9 ZA Character String with only digits Length 9   CHAR 
30 P16_CHCON Contribution per child dependant DEC6_2 DEC 
31 P16_CHDEP Number of Child Dependants NUMC2 NUMC 
32 P16_CHMAX Maximal accounted children for child contribution NUMC2 NUMC 
33 P16_CLEAR Clearance Number for Pension Fund NUM11 NUMC 
34 P16_CNAME Contact Person Name CHAR30 CHAR 
35 P16_CNTRY Country of Foreign Income LAND1 CHAR 
36 P16_CODSC Description of SARS Code TEXT50 CHAR 
37 P16_COLMN Column Option XFELD CHAR 
38 P16_COLOR Color formatting in List XFELD CHAR 
39 P16_COLOU Desgnated ethnic group Coloured Employment Equity   DEC 
40 P16_COMNR Kommunikationsnummer CHAR20 CHAR 
41 P16_COMPLETION Activity report (completed, not completed) CHAR015 CHAR 
42 P16_CONVR Conversion Routine CHAR2 CHAR 
43 P16_CPIND Course Pass/Fail Indicator P16_CPIND CHAR 
44 P16_CREAF Indicator: Registered as Creator at SARS XFELD CHAR 
45 P16_CREDIT NQF Credit value   NUMC 
46 P16_CRSPO Spool Number for Certificates SYSPONO NUMC 
47 P16_CSEQU Calculation sequence NUMC2 NUMC 
48 P16_CTYPE Type of electronic certificate (IRP5, UIF) P16_CTYPE CHAR 
49 P16_C_BEG Bank Code Range Begin BANKL CHAR 
50 P16_C_END Bank Code Range End BANKL CHAR 
51 P16_DATTY SARS Data Type of Field P16_DATTY CHAR 
52 P16_DCOMP Latest Tax Year for which all Remuneration has been Paid GJAHR NUMC 
53 P16_DDIRA Directive Deemed Remuneration P_AMT07V CURR 
54 P16_DEFFIG Default figure DEC13_2 DEC 
55 P16_DESCR Description TEXT100 CHAR 
56 P16_DESIG Designated Group P16_DESIG CHAR 
57 P16_DFAMT ITA88 Default Amount (3345) P_AMT08V CURR 
58 P16_DIRNO Number of Tax Directive Issued on Regular Earnings CHAR13 CHAR 
59 P16_DISAB Disability XFELD CHAR 
60 P16_DISCH Display Choice P16_DISCH CHAR 
61 P16_DLFLG ZA- Delete Flag P16_DLFLG CHAR 
62 P16_DSEQU Display sequence NUMC2 NUMC 
63 P16_D_IND Deletion Indicator P16_DEL CHAR 
64 P16_EEAVE Income Differential : Average   CURR 
65 P16_EECNT Number of Employees/Cases   DEC 
66 P16_EEDEC Number of Employees (with decimals)   DEC 
67 P16_EEHGH Income Differential : High Amount   CURR 
68 P16_EELOW Income Differential : Low Amount   CURR 
69 P16_EENAM Employee Surname or Trading Name CHAR120 CHAR 
70 P16_EEPER Percentage for Employment Equity Reporting   DEC 
71 P16_EFFDATE Salary packaging: effective date DATUM DATS 
72 P16_ELIGR Salary Packaging: Eligibility rule for salary components CMP_ELIGR CHAR 
73 P16_EMAIL E-mail Address TEXT70 CHAR 
75 P16_ERAMT Employer Amount Due P_AMT08V CURR 
76 P16_ETHNIC Ethnic Origin   INT4 
77 P16_ETYID Business event type: key HROBJID NUMC 
78 P16_EVSTEXT Name of the business event TEXT40 CHAR 
79 P16_EVTID Business event HROBJID NUMC 
80 P16_EXFIN Foreign income is exempt from tax FLAG CHAR 
81 P16_EXRATE Exchange rate   DEC 
82 P16_F4HLPFM Salary packaging Category F4 help function module FUNCNAME CHAR 
83 P16_FACTP Salary packaging: factor of total package DEC4_3 DEC 
84 P16_FCODE Foreign SARS Code P16_FCODE CHAR 
85 P16_FEMALE Female   INT4 
86 P16_FIELD NQF Field defintions P16_FIELD NUMC 
87 P16_FILENO UIF interface: File number NUMC3 NUMC 
88 P16_FILESTA Send status of the electronic UIF file P16_FILESTA NUMC 
89 P16_FILSZ File size NUMC15 NUMC 
90 P16_FLDID SARS Field Identification Code CHAR4 CHAR 
91 P16_FLDSC SARS Decimal Places NUMC2_1_99 NUMC 
92 P16_FLUMP Foreign Income Lumpsum Flag FLAG CHAR 
93 P16_FNAM2 PAYE Reference Number CHAR20 CHAR 
94 P16_FNAME Field Name CHAR5 CHAR 
95 P16_FOAMT Foreign income amount per SARS code P_AMT07V CURR 
96 P16_FOCUR Currency of Foreign Income Amount WAERS CUKY 
97 P16_FOINC Foreign income period FLAG CHAR 
98 P16_FORMN Form Name P16_FORMN CHAR 
99 P16_FORMT Output form type P16_FORMT CHAR 
100 P16_FORMU SARS Interface: Form Name FORMU CHAR 
101 P16_FRAGE Lower Age Limit   NUMC 
102 P16_FTNAM First two Names CHAR90 CHAR 
103 P16_FUDGE Fudge Factor P16_FUDGE NUMC 
104 P16_FUELC ZA receiver rates: fuel cost DEC4_2 DEC 
105 P16_FXCST ZA receiver rates: fixed cost NUM11 NUMC 
106 P16_GAPAL Income Differential Ratio : Allowed Gap   DEC 
107 P16_GESCH_T Gender Description TEXT20 CHAR 
108 P16_GRADE Job Grade TEXT20 CHAR 
109 P16_HRPARID Attendee ID CHAR45 CHAR 
110 P16_IMONT ITA88 Issue Month CHAR2 CHAR 
111 P16_INDIA Counter . Employees designated ethnic group is Indian   DEC 
112 P16_INFWT Inflow wagetypes CHAR4 CHAR 
113 P16_INPST Salary packaging: input setting P16_INPST CHAR 
114 P16_INTGR ZA Two digit Numeric field   CHAR 
115 P16_IRP30 IRP30 (Labour Broker Exemption Certificate) XFELD CHAR 
116 P16_ISDAT ITA88 Issue Date DATUM DATS 
117 P16_ISSDATE SAQA Registration date DATUM DATS 
118 P16_ITEND Last Infotype 11 Update Date DATS DATS 
119 P16_ITIDX Salary packaging: Infotype record index SYST_LONG INT4 
120 P16_ITREG SARS Interface : ITREG Relevance XFELD CHAR 
121 P16_IYEAR ITA88 Issue Year CHAR4 CHAR 
122 P16_JOBDATES Job dates instead of specified dates FLAG CHAR 
123 P16_JOBTY Job/Function Type P16_JOBTY NUMC 
124 P16_KBGDA Valid from: business event DATUM DATS 
125 P16_KENDT Validity end date: business event DATUM DATS 
126 P16_KNRZS Account number of health insurance fund CHAR10 CHAR 
127 P16_KXSCH Social Insurance Company P16_KXSCH CHAR 
128 P16_KYGST Social Insurance Scheme P16_KYGST CHAR 
129 P16_LABRK Labour Broker Indicator XFELD CHAR 
130 P16_LBSPO Spool Number for SARS Labels SYSPONO NUMC 
131 P16_LENGT SARS Length of Field NUMC4 NUMC 
132 P16_LRCASNR Case Number (Labour Relations ZA) P16_LRCASNR NUMC 
133 P16_LRCOMPL LR Process : completion step YESNO CHAR 
134 P16_LRDATEP Actual date of act/omission/misconduct   DATS 
135 P16_LRDESC50 Description TEXT50 CHAR 
136 P16_LRDESCL Description TEXT100 CHAR 
137 P16_LRDESCM Description TEXT50 CHAR 
138 P16_LRDESCS Description (Short) TEXT25 CHAR 
139 P16_LREXTRF External Case/Reference number   CHAR 
140 P16_LRICON Pushbutton   CHAR 
141 P16_LROTY Object Type OTYPE CHAR 
142 P16_LROUCT Outcome of Labour Relations Intervention P16_LROUCT NUMC 
143 P16_LRPABEG LR Participant : Begin date of participation   DATS 
144 P16_LRPAEND LR Participant : End date of participation   DATS 
145 P16_LRPRBEG LR Process : Begin Date of an intervention   DATS 
146 P16_LRPREND LR Process : End Date of an intervention   DATS 
147 P16_LRPRIM Roleplayer has primary responsiblity for status YESNO CHAR 
148 P16_LRREAS Reason for / Nature of Labour Relations intervention P16_LRREAS NUMC 
149 P16_LRREATF LR Process : Reaction Timeframe (days)   NUMC 
150 P16_LRRESPO Current responsible party for a Lab.Rel case P16_LRRESPO CHAR 
151 P16_LRROLE Participating Role in Labour Relation Intervention P16_LRROLE NUMC 
152 P16_LRSTAT Status/Level of Labour Relations Intervention P16_LRSTAT NUMC 
153 P16_LRTYP Labour Relations Type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
154 P16_LTYPE Line Type for Smartform   CHAR 
155 P16_MAGAP Gap Insurance XFELD CHAR 
156 P16_MAIND MA Capped Amount Option Indicator XFELD CHAR 
157 P16_MAINT ZA receiver rates: maintenance cost DEC4_2 DEC 
158 P16_MAJOR Major (OFO Code: South Africa) P16_OFOCD NUMC 
159 P16_MALE Male   INT4 
160 P16_MANDA SARS Interface : Mandatory Code XFELD CHAR 
161 P16_MAPAC Medical Aid Personal Savings Account DEC6_2 DEC 
162 P16_MASPC Special Contribution Class ZA P16_STATH CHAR 
163 P16_MAXAG Upper Age Limit for SI Contribution ZA NUM03 NUMC 
164 P16_MAXFIG Maximum figure DEC13_2 DEC 
165 P16_MECON Member's Contribution DEC6_2 DEC 
166 P16_MEDEP Number of Member Dependants NUMC2 NUMC 
167 P16_MEMTY Insurance or membership type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
168 P16_MINAG Lower age limit for SI contribution ZA NUM03 NUMC 
169 P16_MINFIG Minimum figure DEC13_2 DEC 
170 P16_MITNR Membership Number Social Insurance ZA CHAR15 CHAR 
171 P16_MNDRY Mandatory salary component XFELD CHAR 
172 P16_MODED ITA88 Monthly Deduction P_AMT08V CURR 
173 P16_MODUL Modulus ZA CDV Routine P16_MODUL NUMC 
174 P16_MONTH Month P16_MONTH NUMC 
175 P16_MULTIPLE Count each training with skills prio FLAG CHAR 
176 P16_NAPER Nature of Person Code P16_NAPER CHAR 
177 P16_NATSTD Indicator of SAQA approved national standard FLAG CHAR 
178 P16_NATUR Nature of SARS code P16_NATUR CHAR 
179 P16_NATURE Nature of Person Code for Combo Box on Tax Infotype CHAR1 CHAR 
180 P16_NEAMT New amount P_AMT07V CURR 
181 P16_NEPCT New percentage ANZHL DEC 
182 P16_NEWTC Salary packaging: new total cost P_AMT08V CURR 
183 P16_NORSC Employee is Exempt from RSC Levy XFELD CHAR 
187 P16_NQFOTYPE NQF Object types P16_NQFOTYPE CHAR 
188 P16_NTEXT Text for Combo Box in Tax Infotype CHAR20 CHAR 
189 P16_NUMBER ID Number   CHAR 
190 P16_NUMC1 ZA Character String with only digits Length 1   CHAR 
191 P16_NUMFA Number of employees (Female African)   NUMC 
192 P16_NUMFC Number of employees (Female Coloured)   NUMC 
193 P16_NUMFI Number of employees (Female Indian)   NUMC 
194 P16_NUMFW Number of employees (Female White)   NUMC 
195 P16_NUMMA Number of employees (Male African)   NUMC 
196 P16_NUMMC Number of employees (Male Coloured)   NUMC 
197 P16_NUMMI Number of employees (Male Indian)   NUMC 
198 P16_NUMMW Number of employees (Male White)   NUMC 
199 P16_NUMPA Nr. of Employees used to Calculate Averages   INT1 
200 P16_NUMTO Number of Employees (Total)   NUMC 
201 P16_OCAGR LR Outcome : Employee accepted Outcome YESNO CHAR 
202 P16_OCBEG LR Outcome : Begin date of an outcome/resolution   DATS 
203 P16_OCCAT Occupational Category Employment Equity P16_OCCAT CHAR 
204 P16_OCCPD Occupation Code P16_OFOCD NUMC 
205 P16_OCEND LR Outcome : End date of an outcome/resolution   DATS 
206 P16_OCIDX Alternative Title Index P16_OCIDX NUMC 
207 P16_OCLEV Occupation Level Employment equity P16_OCLEV CHAR 
208 P16_OCTITLE Outcome Long Title - Outcome statement TEXT100 CHAR 
209 P16_OCTXT Description of Occupational Category DDTEXT CHAR 
210 P16_OCTYP Labour Relations : Outcome Type P16_LROUCT NUMC 
211 P16_OCTYPE Outcome type P16_OCTYPE CHAR 
213 P16_OFOTXT OFO Code Description P16_OFOTXT CHAR 
214 P16_OLAMT Old amount P_AMT07V CURR 
215 P16_OLDTC Salaryp packaging: old total cost P_AMT08V CURR 
216 P16_OLPCT Old percentage ANZHL DEC 
217 P16_OLTXT Description of Occupational Level DDTEXT CHAR 
218 P16_OTCDE ITA88 Outcome Code P16_OTCDE NUMC 
219 P16_OTHER Additional Query Fields   DEC 
220 P16_OTITLE Alternative Title / Specialization P16_OFOTXT CHAR 
221 P16_OUTWT Outflow wagetype CHAR4 CHAR 
222 P16_PAAMT Employer ITA88 Paid Amount P_AMT08V CURR 
223 P16_PATYPE Type of participation (prebooking, booking, cancellation) PATYPE CHAR 
224 P16_PAYDA Pay Date of Foreign Income DATUM DATS 
225 P16_PAYRF PAYE Reference Number NUMC10 NUMC 
226 P16_PCKIND Package indicator P16_PCKIND CHAR 
227 P16_PERID ID Number P16_PRDNI CHAR 
228 P16_PERM Permanent - (Equity) P16_PERM CHAR 
229 P16_PERTY Salary packaging: permission type P16_PERTY CHAR 
230 P16_PFREQ Payroll frequency. Used for medical aid tables PFREQ NUMC 
231 P16_PLYRS Penalty Years - from   NUMC 
232 P16_PNYRS Penalty Years   NUMC 
233 P16_PPERC Penalty Percentage   DEC 
234 P16_PREDC Allowed Predecessor P16_RUNST NUMC 
235 P16_PREFN Payment Reference Number   CHAR 
236 P16_PRNOTES Lab.Relations Process : Notes TEXT60 CHAR 
237 P16_PROMO Promoted - (Equity) XFELD CHAR 
238 P16_PROVI Provident fund indicator XFELD CHAR 
239 P16_PRREB Primary Rebate   NUMC 
240 P16_PSOFT Payroll Software CHAR12 CHAR 
241 P16_QTYPE Qualification type P16_QTYPE NUMC 
242 P16_RAGAP Income Differential Ratio Gap   DEC 
243 P16_RATIO Actual Income Differential Ratio   DEC 
244 P16_RECDS SARS Record Type Description TEXT50 CHAR 
245 P16_RECRU Recruited - (Equity) XFELD CHAR 
246 P16_RECTY SARS Record Type P16_RECTY NUMC 
247 P16_REFNO Tax Reference Number ZA CHAR10 CHAR 
248 P16_REFNX SARS Interface : Clearance Number Required XFELD CHAR 
249 P16_REGNM Registered Name of Trust, CC or Company for IRP5 TEXT120 CHAR 
250 P16_REGNO Old version - Use P16_REGNO_C instead P16_REGNO NUMC 
251 P16_REGNO_C Registered Number for Trust, CC and Company for IRP5 P16_REGNO_C CHAR 
252 P16_RELID Relation Id OBJPS CHAR 
253 P16_REMHI Average Highest Paid PRBETRG CURR 
254 P16_REMLO Average Lowest Paid PRBETRG CURR 
255 P16_REMRK Remarks (Bursaries) P16_REMRK CHAR 
256 P16_REMUN Remuneration Amount PRBETRG CURR 
257 P16_REPNR Number of repeats in P3202 (ZA, Labour Relations)   INT1 
258 P16_REVDATE Review date DATUM DATS 
259 P16_RFISX SARS Interface : RFI Split Required XFELD CHAR 
260 P16_RMCON Risk portion of member contribution DEC6_2 DEC 
261 P16_RMPRT Salary packaging Remainder parts NUMC2 NUMC 
262 P16_RQUST Indicator Requested package   CHAR 
263 P16_RSCCD Regional Services Council Code P16_RSSCD CHAR 
264 P16_RSCDE RSC Description TEXT30 CHAR 
265 P16_RSCON Risk portion of adult contribution DEC6_2 DEC 
266 P16_RSTXT SARS Interface : Status Text TEXT50 CHAR 
267 P16_RUNID Run Number NUMC8 NUMC 
268 P16_RUNNR SARS Interface: Run Number NUMC8 NUMC 
269 P16_RUNST SARS Interface: Run Status P16_RUNST NUMC 
270 P16_RUNTY SARS Interface: Type of Run P16_RUNTY CHAR 
271 P16_SBETR Subsidy Amount   DEC 
272 P16_SCCAT Salary packaging category NUMC4 NUMC 
273 P16_SCCTG Component category   CHAR 
274 P16_SCODE Stream Code CDV ZA P16_SCODE NUMC 
275 P16_SCOMP Salary component P16_SCOMP CHAR 
276 P16_SCOTXT Salary Component TEXT30 CHAR 
277 P16_SCTXT Social Insurance Scheme Description SA TEXT40 CHAR 
278 P16_SEASN Seasonal Employee Flag XFELD CHAR 
279 P16_SEQNO Sequence Number   INT1 
280 P16_SEQNR Sequence Number of code within SARS Interface record NUMC4 NUMC 
281 P16_SEQUE Sequence Number for Different Number Ranges Within Banks P16_SEQUE NUMC 
282 P16_SIEXR Exempt Reason P16_SIEXR CHAR 
283 P16_SITXT Social Insurance Text TEXT40 CHAR 
284 P16_SLEVEL Skill Levels (OFO South Africa) P16_SLEVEL NUMC 
285 P16_SOC Standard Occupational Category Code (South Africa) P16_SOC CHAR 
286 P16_SOC7 Standard Occupational Category Code (South Africa) P16_SOC7 CHAR 
287 P16_SOCTEXT Standard Occupational Category Code Text TEXT100 CHAR 
288 P16_SOFTWARE Software Vendor CHAR20 CHAR 
289 P16_SPAYER SDL Reference Number CHAR10 CHAR 
290 P16_SPCLAS Skill priority classification TEXT40 CHAR 
291 P16_SPERC Subsidy Percentage   DEC 
292 P16_SPQUALI Type of Skills Priority P16_SPQUALI CHAR 
293 P16_SRATE RSC Rate   DEC 
294 P16_SRFIND Suppress retirement funding indicator on IRP5 XFELD CHAR 
295 P16_SSPNR Sequence Nr. of Strategic Skills Priority   NUMC 
296 P16_STATH Contribution Class for Social Insurance ZA P16_STATH CHAR 
297 P16_STATU SARS Interface: Employee Status P16_STATU NUMC 
298 P16_STDAT Recovery Date DATUM DATS 
299 P16_STSPO Spool Number for SARS Interface Status Report SYSPONO NUMC 
300 P16_STTXT Tax status Text ZA TEXT20 CHAR 
301 P16_SUBFIELD NQF Subfield   NUMC 
302 P16_SUBOB Sequential Number for Number Range Subobject P16_SUBOB NUMC 
303 P16_SUPWT Original Wagetype CHAR4 CHAR 
304 P16_SVKZ1 Social Insurance Contribution Type P16_SVKZ1 CHAR 
305 P16_SVSPA SI sector P16_SVSPA CHAR 
306 P16_TARAT Target Income Differential Ratio   DEC 
307 P16_TAXCR Current taxable amount WERTV5 CURR 
308 P16_TAXYE Taxable amount at year end WERTV5 CURR 
309 P16_TAXYR Tax Year GJAHR NUMC 
310 P16_TCODE Trade Classification Code NUM4 NUMC 
311 P16_TC_DISP Display format: table control CHAR1_X CHAR 
312 P16_TDNAME SAPScript text used in email body CHAR16 CHAR 
313 P16_TECAT Termination Reason P16_TECAT CHAR 
314 P16_TERMI Terminated - (Equity) XFELD CHAR 
315 P16_TEST Test Without Database Update FLAG CHAR 
316 P16_TESTF Test Run XFELD CHAR 
317 P16_TEUIF UIF: Termination Categories P16_TEUIF CHAR 
318 P16_THWTG Technical Wagetype CHAR4 CHAR 
319 P16_TILL_DAT Reconciliation date DATUM DATS 
320 P16_TITLE Long title TEXT100 CHAR 
321 P16_TLTXT Attendee Name TEXT40 CHAR 
322 P16_TMSPR TemSe Name for SARS Electronic Certificates CHAR20 CHAR 
323 P16_TNAM2 Table Name CHAR20 CHAR 
324 P16_TNAME Table Name CHAR5 CHAR 
325 P16_TOAGE Upper Age Limit   NUMC 
326 P16_TONAM Trading or Other Name CHAR90 CHAR 
327 P16_TOTKM total kilometers NUM11 NUMC 
328 P16_TRAINED Number of employees with training   DEC 
329 P16_TRALL Travel Allowance indicator   CHAR 
330 P16_TRNUM ITA88 Transaction Number P16_TRNUM CHAR 
331 P16_TRVLC Travel Allowance Check FLAG CHAR 
332 P16_TTYPE Type of Termination Category P16_TTYPE CHAR 
333 P16_TXTKR Fund description TEXT25 CHAR 
334 P16_TYCLO Tax Year Open/Closed XFELD CHAR 
335 P16_UIFAB Abscence Indicator for UIF Purpose P16_UIFAB CHAR 
336 P16_UIFCREAF Indicator: Registered as Creator at SARS XFELD CHAR 
337 P16_UIFRF UIF reference number CHAR9 CHAR 
338 P16_UIFRN UIF Reference Number (From WWUIF) NUMC10 NUMC 
339 P16_UI_BKREF Reference specifications for bank details P16_BKREF CHAR 
340 P16_UI_DZWECK Reference (ZWECK is used instead of BKREF) TEXT40 CHAR 
342 P16_UI_ZAAMT Amount in Rand P_AMT07V CURR 
343 P16_UMAIL Email Address for UIF Download per Legal Entity TEXT50 CHAR 
344 P16_UPAYER UIF Reference Number CHAR10 CHAR 
345 P16_UPVAL ZA receiver rates: Up to value NUM11 NUMC 
346 P16_USDFFM User default values function module FUNCNAME CHAR 
347 P16_USICFM User input checks function module FUNCNAME CHAR 
348 P16_USTYP Unit Standard Type P16_USTYP NUMC 
349 P16_VARGA Layout rule for address type VARGA CHAR 
350 P16_VARID Package variant ID P16_VARID CHAR 
351 P16_VATIN RSC Vat Indicator YESNO CHAR 
352 P16_VTSHT Business event type abbreviation TEXT12 CHAR 
353 P16_WHITE Counter . Employees designated ethnic group is White   DEC 
354 P16_WT1 CDV Weighting Digit 1 P16_WT NUMC 
355 P16_WT10 CDV Weighting Digit 10 P16_WT NUMC 
356 P16_WT11 CDV Weighting Digit 11 P16_WT NUMC 
357 P16_WT2 CDV Weighting Digit 2 P16_WT NUMC 
358 P16_WT3 CDV Weighting Digit 3 P16_WT NUMC 
359 P16_WT4 CDV Weighting Digit 4 P16_WT NUMC 
360 P16_WT5 CDV Weighting Digit 5 P16_WT NUMC 
361 P16_WT6 CDV Weighting Digit 6 P16_WT NUMC 
362 P16_WT7 CDV Weighting Digit 7 P16_WT NUMC 
363 P16_WT8 CDV Weighting Digit 8 P16_WT NUMC 
364 P16_WT9 CDV Weighting Digit 9 P16_WT NUMC 
365 P16_WWSCH_SBTY Subtype of Switch CHAR2 CHAR 
366 P16_WWSCH_TYPE Type of Switch CHAR3 CHAR 
367 P16_XCODE Exception Code P16_XCODE CHAR 
368 P16_XDATE Date on which tax year is closed DATUM DATS 
369 P19_SENDER Issuing reference number NUM6 NUMC 
370 P19_UI_0331_CONGL Type of pension earnings conglobation for tax calculation XFELD CHAR 
371 P19_UI_0332_BSTXT Reference to National Minimum Wage CHAR5 CHAR 
372 P19_UI_0332_PSION Code for pensioner status XFELD CHAR 
373 P19_UI_ADCV1 Checkbox for Disease and Maternity XFELD CHAR 
374 P19_UI_ADCV2 Checkbox for Occupational illness XFELD CHAR 
375 P19_UI_ADCV3 Checkbox for Family provisions XFELD CHAR 
376 P19_UI_CNAME Full name TEXT80 CHAR 
377 P19_UI_CVTBS_TXT Reference to National Minimum Wage P19_CHAR5 CHAR 
378 P19_UI_FISNA Full name PPT_FULNA CHAR 
379 P19_UI_HSPSE Disabled marriage partner XFELD CHAR 
380 P19_UI_SS Social security deductions TEXT60 CHAR 
381 P19_UI_TAX Tax processing TEXT60 CHAR 
382 P19_UI_TERMX Special processing for termination XFELD CHAR 
383 P19_UI_TEXT1 Comment 1 TEXT72 CHAR 
384 P19_UI_TEXT2 Comment 2 TEXT72 CHAR 
385 P19_UI_TEXT3 Comment 3 TEXT72 CHAR 
386 P19_UI_VAGR1 Vacation allowance grouping PPT_GRVAL CHAR 
387 P19_UI_VAGR2 Vacation allowance grouping II PPT_GRVAL CHAR 
388 P19_UI_WSPSE Working marriage partner XFELD CHAR 
389 P19_VERSION Declaration version number DEC3_2 DEC 
390 P1FXX Fixed price per QU plan.act CVAL5 CURR 
391 P1VXX Total Price Per Unit of Plan Activity CVAL5 CURR 
392 P20P_ADR Address TEXT40 CHAR 
393 P20P_AFTILL Other recurring payments P20P_FTILL NUMC 
394 P20P_AKSJON Action date DATE DATS 
395 P20P_ALONN Agreed Salary   NUMC 
396 P20P_ANSSTI Employment date - present position (format yymmdd) P20P_ANSVIR CHAR 
397 P20P_ANSVIR Employment Date (Format yymmdd) P20P_ANSVIR CHAR 
398 P20P_ANTLJ Number of lines (status /change messages ) NUM6 NUMC 
399 P20P_ANTTJM Number of months in service (in this year) P20P_ANTTJM NUMC 
400 P20P_APLGA Additional Position Wage type for Norway Public Sector LGART CHAR 
401 P20P_APRSN Additonal position reason for Norway Public Sector P20P_APRSN CHAR 
402 P20P_APRSNT Text for Reason Code for Norway Public Sector CHAR40 CHAR 
403 P20P_APRST Reason Type for Additional positions (Norway PS) P20P_APRST CHAR 
404 P20P_BONPAY Bonus payments so far in this year   NUMC 
405 P20P_BUDKAP Budget chapter P20P_BUDKAP NUMC 
406 P20P_BUDPOS Budget subchapter P20P_BUDPOS NUMC 
407 P20P_CATEGT Text for Element Category for Norway Public Sector CHAR40 CHAR 
408 P20P_COMMENT Comments to describe SPK batch CHAR40 CHAR 
409 P20P_CTSEQ Sequence Number for Category (Norway PS) P20P_CTSEQ NUMC 
410 P20P_DELPRO Part time percentage P20P_DELPRO NUMC 
411 P20P_DELT Part time % P20P_DELT CHAR 
412 P20P_DUMMY1 Dummy field : 1 Character CHAR1 CHAR 
413 P20P_DUMMY6 Dummy field CHAR6 CHAR 
414 P20P_ELEMENT Element for Norway Public Sector P20P_ELEMENT CHAR 
415 P20P_ELIG_CAT Eligibility Category for Norway Public Sector P20P_ELIG_CAT CHAR 
416 P20P_ELMNTT Text for Element for Norway Public Sector CHAR40 CHAR 
417 P20P_ETATK Department Code P20P_ETATK CHAR 
418 P20P_ETATT Department Text TEXT30 CHAR 
419 P20P_FTILL Recurring payments so far in this year   NUMC 
420 P20P_FTILLB Recurring Payment B-Table P20P_FTILL NUMC 
421 P20P_FUNG Acting P20P_FUNG CHAR 
422 P20P_HIVAL High Value for Element for Norway Public Sector P20P_HIVAL CHAR 
423 P20P_HLON Basic Pay P20P_HLON NUMC 
424 P20P_HLON_CHAR Basic Pay CHAR8 CHAR 
425 P20P_IBUKY IBU Key (Type of Company) P20P_IBUKY CHAR 
426 P20P_JOBNR Job Number P20P_JOBNR NUMC 
427 P20P_KORTA Card art P20P_KORTA CHAR 
428 P20P_LONNPERC Wage Percentage BSGRD DEC 
429 P20P_LONNRA Pay Scale Group ( SST ) P20P_LONNRA CHAR 
430 P20P_LONSK Code for wagesystem (Lønnssystemkode) P20P_LONSK CHAR 
431 P20P_LOVAL Low Value for Element for Norway Public Sector P20P_LOVAL CHAR 
432 P20P_LTR Wage Level (Lønnstrinn) P20P_LTR NUMC 
433 P20P_LTR_CHAR Wage Level (Lønnstrinn) CHAR3 CHAR 
434 P20P_LYRBON Bonus payments in 4th quarter of last year   NUMC 
435 P20P_MONTH Calendar Month AM_MONAT NUMC 
436 P20P_MPLGA Main position wage type for Norway Public Sector LGART CHAR 
437 P20P_MTYP Message Type P20P_MTYP NUMC 
438 P20P_MTYP_C Message Type CHAR2 CHAR 
439 P20P_OPRKO Operation Code P20P_OPRKO CHAR 
440 P20P_ORGJU_CHAR Legal org. number (juridisk nummer) CHAR11 CHAR 
441 P20P_ORGNJ Organization number juridisk P20P_ORGNJ NUMC 
442 P20P_OVTPAY Overtime Compensation so far in this year   NUMC 
443 P20P_OVTTIM Overtime hours (so far this year) P20P_OVTTIM NUMC 
444 P20P_PEN_IND Pension Eligible Indicator (Higher Duty) CHECKBOX CHAR 
445 P20P_PERID_CHAR Norwegian personal id (foedselsnummer) CHAR11 CHAR 
446 P20P_PERMAAR Number of Years for Leave of Absence P20P_PERMAAR NUMC 
447 P20P_PERMAAR_CHAR Number of Years for Leave of Absence CHAR1 CHAR 
448 P20P_PERMAVT Code for Leave Agreement P20P_PERMAVT CHAR 
449 P20P_PERMI Leave Indicator P20P_PERMI CHAR 
450 P20P_PRCOD Process Code for Norway PS P20P_PRCOD CHAR 
451 P20P_PRCODT Text for Process Code for Norway PS P20P_PRCODT CHAR 
452 P20P_PRCOD_SST Process Code for SST (Norway PS) P20P_PRCOD CHAR 
453 P20P_PRCSS Process ID for Norway Public Sector P20P_PRCSS CHAR 
454 P20P_PRSEQ Process Sequence number for Norway PS P20P_PRSEQ NUMC 
455 P20P_RAPPD SPK Reporting date DATE DATS 
456 P20P_REG Wage scale code P20P_REG NUMC 
457 P20P_REG_CHAR Wage scale code CHAR3 CHAR 
458 P20P_RETIR Retirement Age P20P_RETIR NUMC 
459 P20P_RETIR_CHAR Retirement Age CHAR2 CHAR 
460 P20P_RID Report ID P20P_RID CHAR 
461 P20P_RUNDATE Rundate for report DATS DATS 
462 P20P_RUNID Sequence number for SPK Cluster Batch NUMC05 NUMC 
463 P20P_RUNTIME Runtime for report TIME TIMS 
464 P20P_SENIOR Seniority Date DATS DATS 
465 P20P_SEQNO Sequence number for SPK Cluster Employee Directory NUMC05 NUMC 
466 P20P_STATUS Record Status P20P_STATUS CHAR 
467 P20P_STELL Job Code P20P_STELL NUMC 
470 P20P_STLBET Position description P20P_STLBET CHAR 
471 P20P_SUM Check sum of lines in file NUM10 NUMC 
472 P20P_TFORH1 Emploment Status - 1 P20P_TFORHX CHAR 
473 P20P_TFORH2 Emploment Status - 2 P20P_TFORHX CHAR 
474 P20P_TFORH3 Emploment Status - 3 P20P_TFORHX CHAR 
475 P20P_TILLF Recurring Payment P20P_TILL CHAR 
476 P20P_TILLJ Additional payment - Adjusted P20P_TILL CHAR 
477 P20P_TILLV Variable payment P20P_TILL CHAR 
478 P20P_TJANSM Seniority : Months P20P_TJANSX CHAR 
479 P20P_TJANSY Seniority : Years P20P_TJANSX CHAR 
480 P20P_TJENK Place of work code P20P_TJENK CHAR 
481 P20P_TJENT Place of work TEXT30 CHAR 
482 P20P_UTDSSB Education code : SSB standard P20P_UTDSSB NUMC 
483 P20P_UTDSST Educational code SST standard P20P_UTDSST NUMC 
484 P20P_VAROVT Variable overtime compensation P20P_VAROVT NUMC 
485 P20P_VARTIL Additional Payments P20P_VARTIL NUMC 
486 P20P_VERS Version of Statistics P20P_VERS NUMC 
487 P20P_VERS_CHAR Version of Statistics CHAR2 CHAR 
488 P20P_VRTILL Variable payments so far this year   NUMC 
489 P20P_YEAR Calendar Year NUMC04 NUMC 
490 P20_AACCO Date new <organisasjonsnummer bedrift> is valid from. DATS DATS 
491 P20_AACCW Date number of working hours per week code was changed DATS DATS 
492 P20_AACFD Resignation date after RTV definition DATS DATS 
493 P20_AACHD Entry into company acc. to RTV's definition DATS DATS 
494 P20_AACHI Corrrected hire date. DATS DATS 
495 P20_AACOC Change date for occupational code - Norway DATS DATS 
496 P20_AACPD AA Register file reporting date DATS DATS 
497 P20_AAEND Waiting period to show End Message INT1 INT1 
498 P20_AAF04 Blank filler for AA-Register file. CHAR4 CHAR 
499 P20_AAF30 Blank filler for AA Register control file. CHAR30 CHAR 
500 P20_AAFDA AA-Register file creation date. DATUM DATS