SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 31
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
4 P06_NUMVOIE DADS : house number NUM4 NUMC 
5 P06_NUM_ANSP DADS-U: authorization number issued by ANSP CHAR15 CHAR 
6 P06_NUM_CAISSE DADS-U: Fund affiliation number CHAR15 CHAR 
7 P06_NUM_CLIENT Customer number at sender CHAR15 CHAR 
8 P06_NUM_PREV Pension institute code CHAR5 CHAR 
9 P06_NUM_VOIE DADS-U: House number CHAR4 CHAR 
12 P06_NVLEMB New hires contract XFELD CHAR 
13 P06_OASSC Original contribution basis ASSC1 NUMC 
14 P06_OBEGD Date originelle de début d'absence DATUM DATS 
15 P06_OBGRZ Monthly upper limit for payment range WERT11 CURR 
16 P06_OBJDC Object which injured the victim TEXT20 CHAR 
17 P06_OBJDT Content of the Object which injured the victim, to print CHAR255 CHAR 
18 P06_OBSERV Comments TEXT25 CHAR 
19 P06_ODCATT Object which injured the victim CHAR20 CHAR 
20 P06_ODEST Management delegatee indicator CHAR9 CHAR 
21 P06_ODFMT First month of work at 60 hours or 60 SMIC NUM2 NUMC 
22 P06_ODFQT First quarterly work period at 120 hours NUM2 NUMC 
23 P06_ODLMT Last month of work at 60 hours or 60 SMIC NUM2 NUMC 
24 P06_ODLQT Last quarterly work period at 120 hours or 120 SMIC NUM2 NUMC 
25 P06_ODYCN Annual working time equals 1200 hours or 2030 SMIC NUM2 NUMC 
26 P06_OENDD Date originelle de fin d'absence DATUM DATS 
27 P06_OOSP Occasional provider of entertainment XFELD CHAR 
28 P06_OPER Operator for data calculation P06_OPER CHAR 
29 P06_OPKEZ Operation indicator for wage types P06_OPKEN CHAR 
30 P06_OPQUALITE EDI: Operator Quality Code P06_OPQUALITE CHAR 
31 P06_OPS Social Protection Agency P06_OPS CHAR 
32 P06_OPTIO Profit sharing tax option P06_OPTIO CHAR 
33 P06_OPTIOC Display tax option for profit sharing XFELD CHAR 
34 P06_OPTRET DADS-U: Option retained by the employee indicator CHAR30 CHAR 
35 P06_OPTTDS DADS-TDS background options XFELD CHAR 
36 P06_ORCOD Registered Supplementary Pension Agency Indicator CHAR7 CHAR 
37 P06_ORDER_NUMBER Order number CHAR3 CHAR 
38 P06_ORGAN Code identifiant d'un organisme P06_ORGAN CHAR 
39 P06_ORGIS Organizations and contributions for industrial accident rate   CHAR 
40 P06_ORGT DUCS: Branches to be processed BOOLE CHAR 
41 P06_ORGTX Administrative office code CHAR30 CHAR 
42 P06_ORG_BPO Postal Code CHAR40 CHAR 
43 P06_ORG_CD Official agency code P06_ORG_CD CHAR 
44 P06_ORG_NOM Name of the organization CHAR40 CHAR 
45 P06_ORG_RUE Street of the organization CHAR40 CHAR 
46 P06_ORG_TEL Telephone CHAR40 CHAR 
47 P06_ORG_VIL Town/City CHAR40 CHAR 
48 P06_ORT District TEXT25 CHAR 
49 P06_OTRAN Original tranche P06_OTRAN CHAR 
50 P06_OUTILS_NTIC DADS-U: Tools issued from NTIC CHAR1 CHAR 
52 P06_PAID_HEADC Last BRC: paid headcount over a period P06_HEADCOUNTS NUMC 
53 P06_PAID_SALARY Last BRC: contributions base BTRA_BETRG CURR 
54 P06_PAIE_ETAB DADS-U: Employee remunerated by diverse places of work CHAR6 CHAR 
55 P06_PAMON IRCANTEC specific situation amount P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
56 P06_PAMON_V01X07 IRCANTEC specific situation amount DEC10_2 DEC 
57 P06_PAPER_MODE Paper mode BOOLE CHAR 
58 P06_PARNE Accumulated net profit sharing BETRG CURR 
59 P06_PARNEC Display accumulated net profit sharing XFELD CHAR 
60 P06_PARTIC Display accumulated gross profit sharing XFELD CHAR 
61 P06_PASPN Ordre de l'étape dans un processus de promotion NUMC2 NUMC 
62 P06_PASPP Etape d'un processus de promotion P06_PASPP CHAR 
63 P06_PASPS Etape de processus de promotion suivante P06_PASPP CHAR 
64 P06_PATAX CNRACL FSPOEIE pay rate - specific situations P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
65 P06_PATAX_V01X07 CNRACL FSPOEIE pay rate - specific situations DEC3_2 DEC 
66 P06_PAYE Compensation indicator for an absence day XFELD CHAR 
67 P06_PAYFL Paiement du SFT selon code XFELD CHAR 
68 P06_PAYINT Interest payment WTy. LGART CHAR 
69 P06_PAYMT Paiement du SFT au conjoint XFELD CHAR 
70 P06_PAYPRO Payment wage type LGART CHAR 
71 P06_PAYS Country of birth CHAR20 CHAR 
72 P06_PAYSNAISS DADS : Country of birth NUMC3 NUMC 
73 P06_PAYSNATIO DADS-U: Country of nationality CHAR32 CHAR 
74 P06_PAYSNATIO2 Country of nationality CHAR38 CHAR 
75 P06_PAYST Paiement de la position statutaire XFELD CHAR 
76 P06_PAYWT Payment wage type LGART CHAR 
77 P06_PCLAS Classement d'un employé dans un pas de proc. de promotion NUMC6 NUMC 
78 P06_PCMP Absence quota identifier ABSTY CHAR 
79 P06_PCODE Payment method ZLSCH CHAR 
80 P06_PCODE_BASE DADS-U: Specific upper bases type code P06_DADSU_CODE CHAR 
81 P06_PCONV Procédé de conversion d'échelle P06_PCONV CHAR 
82 P06_PCS Socio-professional category INSEE code P06_PCS CHAR 
83 P06_PCTRL Contrôle supp. associé à une position administrative P06_PCTRL CHAR 
84 P06_PDATE Date de promotion (date de debut du classement suivant) DATUM DATS 
85 P06_PDINTC Display interest already paid XFELD CHAR 
86 P06_PD_SCT Labor Relations Section of a company P06_PD_SCT CHAR 
87 P06_PER02 CHAR35 CHAR 
88 P06_PERBEG Start of calculation period (PPYYYY) CHAR6 CHAR 
89 P06_PERCO Including the amount on the collective pension savings plan BETRG CURR 
90 P06_PERCP Percentage on the collective pension savings plan P06_PERTA DEC 
91 P06_PERDC Declaration periodicity indicator P06_PERDC CHAR 
92 P06_PERDEB DADS-U: Start of coverage period P06_PER_DEB CHAR 
93 P06_PERDR EDI: Entitlement Statement period CHAR4 CHAR 
94 P06_PEREE Rate of the employee contribution (%) DEC2_3 DEC 
95 P06_PEREMPL TDS : Employment periods NUMC08 NUMC 
96 P06_PEREND End of calculation period (PPYYYY) CHAR6 CHAR 
97 P06_PERER Rate of the employer's contribution (%) DEC2_3 DEC 
99 P06_PERFIN DADS-U: End of coverage period P06_PER_FIN CHAR 
100 P06_PERIODE BRC : Reference period NUMC04 NUMC 
101 P06_PERJOINSGN Contact person CHAR80 CHAR 
102 P06_PERNRC Display personnel number XFELD CHAR 
103 P06_PERSA Personnel area PERSA CHAR 
104 P06_PERSON Temporary contact person CHAR30 CHAR 
105 P06_PERTY Employee type P06_PERTY CHAR 
106 P06_PERTY1 First character of Employee type BRC   CHAR 
107 P06_PERTY2 Second character of Employee type BRC   CHAR 
108 P06_PERTY3 Third character of Employee type BRC   CHAR 
109 P06_PERTY4 Fourth character of Employee type BRC   CHAR 
110 P06_PERTY5 Fifth character of Employee type BRC   CHAR 
111 P06_PERTYTRSP BRC : Employee transport type NUMC03 NUMC 
112 P06_PERTY_HEADC DUCS: Personnel resources w/ contributions in a given Perty P06_HEADCOUNTS NUMC 
113 P06_PERTY_TEMSE BRC : EE type (TEMSE file) CHAR3 CHAR 
114 P06_PER_DEB_COTIS DADS-U: Start of employee contribution period P06_PER_DEB CHAR 
115 P06_PER_DEB_COUV DADS-U: Start of coverage period P06_PER_DEB CHAR 
116 P06_PER_DEB_SIT DADS-U: Start of declared situation period P06_PER_DEB CHAR 
117 P06_PER_DEB_SIT_PART DADS-U: Start of special situation period P06_PER_DEB CHAR 
118 P06_PER_FIN_COTIS DADS-U: End employee contribution period P06_PER_FIN CHAR 
119 P06_PER_FIN_COUV DADS-U: End of covered period P06_PER_FIN CHAR 
120 P06_PER_FIN_SIT DADS-U: End of declared situation period P06_PER_FIN CHAR 
121 P06_PER_FIN_SIT_PART DADS-U: End of special situation period P06_PER_FIN CHAR 
122 P06_PER_RAT DADS-U: Incorporation period start code CHAR2 CHAR 
123 P06_PFIXE Fixed amount WERTV5 CURR 
124 P06_PFPER Max. cash-in amt. WERTV5 CURR 
125 P06_PFREP Maximum distribution WERTV5 CURR 
126 P06_PHONE Telephone address CHAR20 CHAR 
127 P06_PINDM Compensation percentage   DEC 
128 P06_PLAF Contributions: Upper limit PRBETRG CURR 
129 P06_PLAF_BASE DADS-U: Exceptional upper bases amount P06_AMOUNT_DADSU DEC 
130 P06_PLAF_BASE2 DADS-U: Special upper bases amount P06_AMOUNT_DADSU2 DEC 
131 P06_PLIB Levy on interest deducted at source (profit sharing) BETRG CURR 
132 P06_PLIBC Display levy on interest deducted at source XFELD CHAR 
133 P06_PLPER Minimum cash-in amount WERTV5 CURR 
134 P06_PLRE Contributions: Real Upper limit PRBETRG CURR 
135 P06_PLREP Minimum distribution WERTV5 CURR 
136 P06_PLUSETAB TDS : Employee paid by several companies CHAR6 CHAR 
137 P06_PMCDA No remuneration between two dates of payment indicator NUMC2 NUMC 
138 P06_PMCDD Payroll period overrun indicator NUMC2 NUMC 
139 P06_PMCDR Indicator for unpaid employee belonging to company (pension) NUMC2 NUMC 
140 P06_PMCDT Indicator for part-time employee contributing full time NUMC2 NUMC 
141 P06_PMDEB Start date of period covered by payroll DATS DATS 
142 P06_PMF5_DUE PMF5. formality indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
143 P06_PMFIN End date of period covered by payroll DATS DATS 
144 P06_PMHRR Number of paid hours DEC4_2 DEC 
145 P06_PMHRS Number of hours' overtime DEC4_2 DEC 
146 P06_PMHRT Number of hours worked DEC4_2 DEC 
147 P06_PMNJC Number of days corresponding to overtime DEC4_2 DEC 
148 P06_PMNJT Number of days worked DEC4_2 DEC 
149 P06_PMNJT_V01X07 Number of days worked DEC3 DEC 
150 P06_PMORALE Legal person XFELD CHAR 
151 P06_PNCWG Capped wage, subject to contrib., of civil av. flight pers. P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
152 P06_PNCWG_V01X07 Capped wage, subject to contrib., of civil av. flight pers. DEC10_2 DEC 
153 P06_PNFDM_V01X07 Capped wage, subject to contribution to surcharge fund P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
154 P06_PNGWG Gross wage of civil aviation flight personnel P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
155 P06_PNGWG_V01X07 Gross wage of civil aviation flight personnel DEC10_2 DEC 
156 P06_PNMSIG Signatory's first name CHAR20 CHAR 
157 P06_PNM_BENEF First name of person receiving the fees CHAR40 CHAR 
158 P06_PNNBD Number of days CRPNPAC DEC3 DEC 
159 P06_PNTYP Annual contribution type indicator CRPNPAC CHAR2 CHAR 
161 P06_POINT_REMISE Delivery point CHAR38 CHAR 
162 P06_POPULA Cover population formula code P06_POPULA CHAR 
163 P06_POPULATION Cover population formula code NUMC2 NUMC 
164 P06_POPULATION_EMPLOI Employment population code of employee or agent P06_POPULATION_EMPLOI NUMC 
165 P06_PORTAB Status portability BOOLE CHAR 
166 P06_PORTEUR_RISQUE DADS-U: Risk agency code CHAR17 CHAR 
167 P06_POSIT CRC-TDS records position NUMC03 NUMC 
169 P06_POSTE Internal Job Number NUMC6 NUMC 
170 P06_POURBOIRE DADS-U: Tip income CHAR1 CHAR 
171 P06_PPACKID Parallel package ID P06_PPACKID CHAR 
172 P06_PPAPP Amount of employer's contribut. to financing of sp. benefit P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
173 P06_PPCTP Special benefit type code CHAR2 CHAR 
174 P06_PPSTA Etat d'une étape de processus de promotion P06_PPSTA NUMC 
175 P06_PRANC Evaluate Seniority by Calculation Process XFELD CHAR 
176 P06_PRENOM CRC : First name CHAR20 CHAR 
177 P06_PRENOM1 TDS : First name (first 3 letters) CHAR03 CHAR 
178 P06_PRENOM2 TDS : First name (last 17 letters) CHAR17 CHAR 
179 P06_PRENOMSAL Employee's first name CHAR32 CHAR 
180 P06_PRENOMSGN First name of signatory CHAR40 CHAR 
181 P06_PRENOMUSA Customary first name CHAR40 CHAR 
182 P06_PRETEM First name of witness VORNM CHAR 
183 P06_PRINT EDI: Presence or absence of temporary staff NUMC1 NUMC 
184 P06_PRIOD Processing parameter for calculation of rolling period P06_PRIOD CHAR 
185 P06_PRIOR Claim type in garnishment P06_PRIOR CHAR 
186 P06_PRIS_EMPL DADS-U: Covered by employer CHAR1 CHAR 
188 P06_PRMSL Situation d'un agent vis-à-vis du processus de promotion CHAR50 CHAR 
189 P06_PRMST Situation d'un matricule dans un processus de promotion P06_PRMST CHAR 
190 P06_PRNOM First name CHAR100 CHAR 
191 P06_PROCE Processing parameter for start of rolling period P06_PROCE CHAR 
192 P06_PROFESSION Profession or position CHAR30 CHAR 
193 P06_PROFI PGMD_Profile CHAR3 CHAR 
194 P06_PROFIL EDI: Pay statement profile TEXT255 CHAR 
195 P06_PROLO Indicator of explicit extension XFELD CHAR 
196 P06_PRORN Durée de la prorogation (nombre) DEC3 DEC 
197 P06_PRUDH_COD_FIN DADS-U: Contract status on the last Friday of the year CHAR2 CHAR 
198 P06_PRUDH_COD_NAF DADS-U: NAF code of company where employed CHAR4 CHAR 
199 P06_PRUDH_COLL Labor rel. college CHAR2 CHAR 
200 P06_PRUDH_ENSEIGN DADS-U: Name of place of work CHAR60 CHAR 
201 P06_PRUDH_LIEU DADS-U: Labor relations voting site CHAR2 CHAR 
202 P06_PRUDH_SECT Labor Relations Section CHAR2 CHAR 
203 P06_PRUDH_SEC_ETA Labor relations section of place of work CHAR2 CHAR 
204 P06_PSADM Position administrative P06_PSADM CHAR 
205 P06_PSAGENT Authorized public sector agent indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
206 P06_PSSTT Position statutaire P06_PSSTT CHAR 
207 P06_PSSUBTY Subtype of infotype used for infotypes 0008/0429 SUBTY_591A CHAR 
208 P06_PSSV 'Performing art' label CHAR03 CHAR 
209 P06_PSTLZ Postal Code NUM06 NUMC 
210 P06_PTIERS First name of 3rd party involved VORNM CHAR 
211 P06_PTIME Part of distrib. profit sharing reserve / length of time PRBETRG CURR 
212 P06_PTOT Profit sharing reserve PRBETRG CURR 
213 P06_PUNIF Part of evenly distrib. profit sharing PRBETRG CURR 
214 P06_PUNIFC Display part of evenly distrib. profit sharing XFELD CHAR 
215 P06_PVAMT Amount of the bonus paid P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
216 P06_PVAMT_V01X07 Amount of the bonus paid DEC10_2 DEC 
217 P06_PVBEG Start of paid bonus incorporation period DATS DATS 
218 P06_PVCTP Paid bonus type indicator P06_PVCTP CHAR 
219 P06_PVCTP_V01X07 Type code of bonus paid (V01X07) P06_PVCTP_V01X07 CHAR 
220 P06_PVEND End of paid bonus incorporation period DATS DATS 
221 P06_P_BETRG Base cumulation from previous period P_99S_ANWBT CURR 
222 P06_QAACC Nature of accident CHAR255 CHAR 
227 P06_QEFFE DUCS: "headcount" record ID CHAR02 CHAR 
229 P06_QFP02 CHAR03 CHAR 
242 P06_QOBJD Object which injured the victim CHAR255 CHAR 
245 P06_QTD01 P06_QUANT NUMC 
246 P06_QTD02 P06_QUANT NUMC 
247 P06_QTD03 P06_QUANT NUMC 
248 P06_QTD04 P06_QUANT NUMC 
249 P06_QTD05 P06_QUANT NUMC 
250 P06_QTD06 P06_QUANT NUMC 
251 P06_QTD07 P06_QUANT NUMC 
252 P06_QTD08 P06_QUANT NUMC 
253 P06_QTD09 P06_QUANT NUMC 
254 P06_QTD10 P06_QUANT NUMC 
255 P06_QTD11 P06_QUANT NUMC 
256 P06_QTD12 P06_QUANT NUMC 
257 P06_QTD13 P06_QUANT NUMC 
258 P06_QTD14 P06_QUANT NUMC 
259 P06_QTD15 P06_QUANT NUMC 
260 P06_QTD16 P06_QUANT NUMC 
263 P06_QUALIF Qualification P06_QUALIF CHAR 
264 P06_QUALIF_DUE Qualification indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
267 P06_QUALTX CRC : Type of employment CHAR30 CHAR 
269 P06_QUOSA Garnishment basis P06_QUOSA CHAR 
270 P06_QVEMO Potential justified reservations CHAR255 CHAR 
271 P06_RAISON Business name CHAR60 CHAR 
272 P06_RAISON_DUE Business name CHAR32 CHAR 
273 P06_RAISON_IJSS EDI: business name CHAR256 CHAR 
274 P06_RAISON_SOC DADS-U: Corporate Name CHAR40 CHAR 
275 P06_RAISON_SOC_E DADS-U: Corporate name of sender CHAR60 CHAR 
276 P06_RAPORT Police report XFELD CHAR 
277 P06_RATRA IRCANTEC back pay level A P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
278 P06_RATRA_V01X07 IRCANTEC back pay level A DEC10_2 DEC 
279 P06_RATRB IRCANTEC back pay level B P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
280 P06_RATRB_V01X07 IRCANTEC back pay level B DEC10_2 DEC 
281 P06_RATTAC Allocation of the bonuses to the settlement XFELD CHAR 
282 P06_RAT_BEGDA Start of wage assignation period DATE DATS 
283 P06_RAT_ENDDA End of wage assignation period DATE DATS 
284 P06_RAYEA Year of IRCANTEC back pay allocation NUMC4 NUMC 
285 P06_RCCEX Supplementary pension of employed lawyers (CNBF) CHAR2 CHAR 
286 P06_RCFNE Refusal to join FNE agreement signed by company XFELD CHAR 
287 P06_RCOTC Contribution for accrual: criteria P06_RCOTC CHAR 
288 P06_RCOTY Type of contribution for accrual P06_RCOTY CHAR 
289 P06_RDAMR Amount of reduction DEC10_2 DEC 
290 P06_RDAMS Amount of SMIC deducted for Fillon reduction calculation DEC10_2 DEC 
291 P06_RDATE Date of notification of work stoppage DATE DATS 
292 P06_RDCOD Reduction type indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
293 P06_REASN Code pour le SFT P06_REASN CHAR 
294 P06_REATX Textes pour les différents motifs donnant droit SFT TEXT24 CHAR 
295 P06_REDIS Distribution of non-distributed amounts DEC3_3 DEC 
297 P06_REFDOSSIER File reference CHAR005 CHAR 
298 P06_REFENV Sending reference XFELD CHAR 
299 P06_REFER DADS-U: Sending reference CHAR10 CHAR 
300 P06_REFER1 DADS-U: Sending reference CHAR35 CHAR 
301 P06_REFERE DADS-U: Reference of the pension fund contract CHAR50 CHAR 
302 P06_REFERENCE DADS-U: Reference of the pension fund contract CHAR50 CHAR 
303 P06_REFERTX Wage type text pension contract reference TEXT100 CHAR 
304 P06_REFEV Sending reference TEXT35 CHAR 
305 P06_REFNV Sending reference XFELD CHAR 
307 P06_REF_BEGDA Start of declaration reference period DATE DATS 
308 P06_REF_ENDDA End of declaration reference period DATE DATS 
309 P06_REF_INTERNE Declarant internal reference CHAR44 CHAR 
310 P06_REF_INTERNE1 Internal reference CHAR15 CHAR 
311 P06_REF_INTERNE2 Internal reference CHAR14 CHAR 
312 P06_REF_PAIEMENT DADS-U: Payment reference for adjustment CHAR50 CHAR 
313 P06_REF_PER DADS-U: Possible specific references of the period CHAR60 CHAR 
314 P06_REGAC Expense template for unemployment insurance plan P06_REGNO CHAR 
315 P06_REGDT Accrual date DATUM DATS 
316 P06_REGIM Other plan P06_REGIM CHAR 
317 P06_REGIME CRC : Plan code CHAR7 CHAR 
318 P06_REGIME_ACCTRAV Compulsory work accident risk scheme indicator P06_REGIME CHAR 
319 P06_REGIME_ALS_MOS Alsace-Moselle extension code CHAR2 CHAR 
320 P06_REGIME_BASE DADS-U: Compulsory basic plan indicator P06_REGIME CHAR 
321 P06_REGIME_GES_MAL Code for maintenance delegation of illness risk CHAR2 CHAR 
322 P06_REGIME_MALADIE Compulsory illness risk scheme indicator P06_REGIME CHAR 
323 P06_REGIME_VIEPATR Compulsory pension plan code (employer part) P06_REGIME CHAR 
324 P06_REGIME_VIESALAR DADS-U: Compulsory pension plan code (employee part) P06_REGIME CHAR 
325 P06_REGION_OF_BIRTH 'Departement' of birth CHAR2 CHAR 
326 P06_REGNO Expense template for other plans P06_REGNO CHAR 
327 P06_REGRT Expense template for supplementary retirement pension plan P06_REGNO CHAR 
328 P06_REGSS0 Expense template for social insurance plan P06_REGNO CHAR 
329 P06_REGUL Progressive regularisation of the contribution XFELD CHAR 
330 P06_REGUL_BRC BRC - various accrual amounts BTRA_BETRG CURR 
331 P06_REINTC Display interest still to pay XFELD CHAR 
332 P06_REMB EE rehiring the following day MASSN CHAR 
333 P06_REMB_AUTR DADS-U: Reimbursements other than professional expenses CHAR1 CHAR 
334 P06_REMB_FRAIS DADS-U: Professional expenses reimbursements CHAR1 CHAR 
335 P06_REMEXPA TDS : expatriation payments NUMC07 NUMC 
336 P06_REMNET TDS : Net remuneration without expatriation payments NUMC07 NUMC 
337 P06_REMUN Remunération de l'enfant XFELD CHAR 
338 P06_RENDIV TDS : miscellaneous information CHAR39 CHAR 
339 P06_RENVL Nombre de renouvellement NUM2 NUMC 
340 P06_REPRI EDI: Return type code P06_REPRI CHAR 
341 P06_RESER02 TDS : Reserved field (2 characters) CHAR02 CHAR 
342 P06_RESER03 TDS : Reserved fields CHAR03 CHAR 
343 P06_RESER06 TDS : Reserved field (6 characters) CHAR6 CHAR 
344 P06_RESER07 TDS : Reserved field (7 characters) CHAR07 CHAR 
345 P06_RESER114 TDS : Reserved field (114 characters) CHAR114 CHAR 
346 P06_RESER119 TDS : Reserved field (119 characters) CHAR119 CHAR 
347 P06_RESER12 TDS : Reserved field (12 characters) CHAR12 CHAR 
348 P06_RESER131 CRC : Reserved field (131 characters) LOGLINE CHAR 
349 P06_RESER153 CRC : Reserved field (153 characters) P06_RESER153 CHAR 
350 P06_RESER18 CRC : Reserved field (18 characters) CHAR18 CHAR 
351 P06_RESER20 TDS : Reserved field (20 characters) CHAR20 CHAR 
352 P06_RESER242 CRC : Reserved field (242 characters) P06_RESER242 CHAR 
353 P06_RESER25 TDS : Reserved field (25 characters) CHAR25 CHAR 
354 P06_RESER323 CRC : Reserved field (323 characters) P06_RESER323 LCHR 
355 P06_RESER36 TDS : Reserved field (36 characters) CHAR36 CHAR 
356 P06_RESER397 CRC : Reserved field (397 characters) P06_RESER397 LCHR 
357 P06_RESER41 CRC : Reserved field (21 characters) CHAR41 CHAR 
358 P06_RESER45 TDS : Reserved field (45 characters) CHAR45 CHAR 
359 P06_RESER5 DADS : Reserved field (5 characters) CHAR5 CHAR 
360 P06_RESER527 CRC : Reserved field (527 characters) P06_RESER527 LCHR 
361 P06_RESER542 CRC : Reserved field (542 characters) P06_RESER542 LCHR 
362 P06_RESER57 TDS : Reserved field (57 characters)   NUMC 
363 P06_RESER58 TDS : Reserved field (58 characters)   NUMC 
364 P06_RESER74 TDS : Reserved field (74 characters)   NUMC 
365 P06_RESER75 TDS : Reserved field (75 characters)   NUMC 
366 P06_RESER8 CRC : Reserved field (8 characters) CHAR8 CHAR 
367 P06_RESER83 TDS : Reserved field (83 characters) CHAR83 CHAR 
368 P06_RESER98 TDS : Reserved field (98 characters) CHAR98 CHAR 
369 P06_RESTR EDI: Reorganizaion of workplace NUMC1 NUMC 
370 P06_REST_EE_ADDR Restaurant voucher distribution point: Employee's home XFELD CHAR 
371 P06_RESZN Zone de résidence P06_RESZN CHAR 
372 P06_RETCOMP DADS-U: Supplementary retirement and pension code CHAR2 CHAR 
373 P06_RETENUE DADS-U: Deduction from pay P06_AMOUNT_DADSU DEC 
374 P06_RETENUE2 DADS-U: Deduction from pay P06_AMOUNT_DADSU2 DEC 
375 P06_RETENUE_TAUX Deduction at source exemption or reduction rate code CHAR1 CHAR 
376 P06_RETSAL TDS : Deduction from pay NUMC06 NUMC 
378 P06_RFASS RAFP assessment basis P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
379 P06_RFASS_V01X07 RAFP assessment basis DEC10_2 DEC 
381 P06_RFMCP Amount of RAFP contribution (employer's contribution) P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
382 P06_RFMCP_V01X07 Amount of RAFP contribution (employer's contribution) DEC10_2 DEC 
383 P06_RFMCS Amount of RAFP contribution (employee's contribution) P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
384 P06_RFMCS_V01X07 Amount of RAFP contribution (employee's contribution) DEC10_2 DEC 
386 P06_RISQUE EDI: SS risk code CHAR005 CHAR 
387 P06_RLBEG Notice type start date DATS DATS 
388 P06_RLCOD Performance and payment of notice type indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
389 P06_RLEND Notice type end date DATS DATS 
390 P06_RMAIL EDI: Return mail XFELD CHAR 
391 P06_RPAMT Amount of payroll reminder P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
392 P06_RPAMT_V01X07 Amount of payroll reminder DEC10_2 DEC 
393 P06_RPBGR Start date of payroll reminder assignment period DATUM DATS 
394 P06_RPCBC BIC code of account to be debited CHAR11 CHAR 
395 P06_RPCID IBAN code of debit account CHAR34 CHAR 
396 P06_RPCMP Payment method indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
397 P06_RPCTP Paid reminder type indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
398 P06_RPDAP Date associated with payment DATE DATS 
399 P06_RPEDR End date of payroll reminder assignment period DATUM DATS 
400 P06_RPMDP Payment amount P06_N4DS_SUM_FISC_AMOUNT DEC 
401 P06_RPRPR Payment reference for adjustment CHAR50 CHAR 
402 P06_RSAI Other contribution amounts on interest BETRG CURR 
403 P06_RSAMT Amount of payments made P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
404 P06_RSAMT_V01X07 Amount of payments made DEC10_2 DEC 
405 P06_RSCOD Accrual type indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
406 P06_RSPSS Special regime: Social Security CHAR40 CHAR 
407 P06_RS_S Corporate Name CHAR81 CHAR 
408 P06_RTIME Time of notification UZEIT TIMS 
409 P06_RTMOD Contribution rate modifier P06_RTMOD CHAR 
410 P06_RULE Rule type P06_RULE CHAR 
411 P06_RULEF Rule F P06_RULE CHAR 
412 P06_RULEP Post rule P06_RULE CHAR 
413 P06_SACOM Municipality or place of birth CHAR30 CHAR 
414 P06_SADEP BRC: Unrestricted employees NUMC13 NUMC 
415 P06_SALAIRE CRC : Total remuneration NUMC07 NUMC 
416 P06_SALAIRE01 Gross salary DEC4_2 DEC 
417 P06_SALAIRE_AMOUNT DADS-U: Average salary DEC6_2 DEC 
418 P06_SALPAT Employee/employer indicator P06_SALPAT CHAR 
419 P06_SALPOURB TDS : Tip income CHAR01 CHAR 
420 P06_SALRECONST CRC : Reconstructed salary NUMC07 NUMC 
421 P06_SAL_COMMNAISS DADS-U: Municipality where born CHAR30 CHAR 
422 P06_SAL_PAYSNAISS DADS-U: Country of birth CHAR32 CHAR 
423 P06_SAL_PAYSNAISS2 Country of birth CHAR38 CHAR 
424 P06_SAL_PRENOM First name CHAR40 CHAR 
425 P06_SANS_SAL DADS-U: Place of work without employees code CHAR2 CHAR 
426 P06_SAPLA BRC : Rem. with max. limits NUMC13 NUMC 
427 P06_SECACT Section according to business area (labor court elections) XFELD CHAR 
428 P06_SECIA Ancienneté dans l'échelon cible (années) NUMC2 NUMC 
429 P06_SECIJ Ancienneté dans l'échelon cible (jours) NUMC2 NUMC 
430 P06_SECIM Ancienneté dans l'échelon cible (mois) NUMC2 NUMC 
431 P06_SECM Mission spent outside Europe indicator NUMC2 NUMC 
432 P06_SECT Territory (country grouping) or country of work indicator NUMC5 NUMC 
433 P06_SECTIO Company section I.A. CHAR2 CHAR 
434 P06_SECTION DADS-U: Labor relations section of place of work CHAR2 CHAR 
435 P06_SECTN Section (labor court elections) P06_SECTN CHAR 
436 P06_SEDC Start date of leave period spent outside territory DATS DATS 
437 P06_SEDF End date of non-military service performed outside Europe DATS DATS 
438 P06_SEDT Start date of non-military service performed outside Europe DATS DATS 
439 P06_SEFC End date of leave period spent outside territory DATS DATS 
440 P06_SEINA Ancienneté dans l'échelon initial (années) NUMC2 NUMC 
441 P06_SEINJ Ancienneté dans l'échelon initial (jours) NUMC2 NUMC 
442 P06_SEINM Ancienneté dans l'échelon initial (mois) NUMC2 NUMC 
443 P06_SELCR Selection criterion for declaring the absence P06_AN4SC CHAR 
444 P06_SELNAME Criteria name for reference period calculation. P06_SELNAME CHAR 
445 P06_SENAB Evaluation of seniority for absence quota BOOLE CHAR 
446 P06_SEQCRIT Sequential no. (criteria group processing order) NUM2 NUMC 
447 P06_SEQNO Sequential number NUMC2 NUMC 
448 P06_SEQNO_05 5-figure sequential number NUMC5 NUMC 
449 P06_SEQNP Sequential number (for level of indemnity) NUM2 NUMC 
450 P06_SEQNR Numéro d'ordre NUM3 NUMC 
451 P06_SEQUN Special rule for assessment basis code P06_CHAR4 CHAR 
453 P06_SERVIC DADSU: Service chosen by sender P06_SERVIC CHAR 
454 P06_SERVICE DADS-U: Chosen service code CHAR2 CHAR 
455 P06_SETABL TDS : Company section CHAR2 CHAR 
456 P06_SEXE EDI: Gender code CSEXE CHAR 
457 P06_SFTBE Date de début de validité du SFT DATS DATS 
458 P06_SFTEN Date de fin de validité du SFT DATS DATS 
459 P06_SHARE Contracts excluded or exempt from charges for profit sharing P06_SHARE CHAR 
460 P06_SICIN Cinema/entertainment object number CHAR12 CHAR 
461 P06_SIDAT Date of remuneration payment for this employee DATS DATS 
462 P06_SIETR Employee of a foreign company NUM2 NUMC 
463 P06_SIGEO Geographical area code NUM2 NUMC 
464 P06_SIGN DADS-U: Sign P06_SIGN CHAR 
465 P06_SIGNATURE EDI: Sender signature CHAR64 CHAR 
466 P06_SIGNE Operation Sign P06_SIGNE CHAR 
467 P06_SILIE Code for employee's family relationship with employer P06_SILIE NUMC 
468 P06_SINISTRE DAT: claim number CHAR70 CHAR 
469 P06_SIPOP Employment population code of employee or agent NUM2 NUMC 
470 P06_SIREN SIREN number   CHAR 
472 P06_SIRET1 TDS : SIRET No. (first 9 characters) NUMC09 NUMC 
473 P06_SIRET2 TDS : SIRET number (last 5 characters) NUMC05 NUMC 
474 P06_SIRET_LIEU Accident location SIRET number VDSK1 CHAR 
476 P06_SITFAM DADS-U: Marital status code P06_SITFAM CHAR 
477 P06_SITUA EDI: Employment status CHAR2 CHAR 
478 P06_SITUATION CRC : Job type ind. CHAR2 CHAR 
479 P06_SITUATION_COTIS DADS-U: Marital status code CHAR2 CHAR 
480 P06_SITUATION_DUE Situation indicator before hiring CHAR1 CHAR 
481 P06_SIT_FAM DADS-U: Marital status code NUMC2 NUMC 
482 P06_SNDPR Start date of redeemed period DATS DATS 
483 P06_SNFPR End date of redeemed period DATS DATS 
484 P06_SNMBS Amount of specific basis for contribution redemption P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
485 P06_SNMBS_V01X07 Amount of specific basis for contribution redemption DEC10_2 DEC 
486 P06_SNMRC Amount of contribution redemption P06_N4DS_AMOUNT DEC 
487 P06_SNMRC_V01X07 Amount of contribution redemption DEC10_2 DEC 
488 P06_SNTPR Redeemed period type indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
489 P06_SNTRC Contribution redemption type indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
491 P06_SOFT DADS-U: Name of software used CHAR20 CHAR 
492 P06_SOFT_CONTR DADS-U: Precontrol software code CHAR10 CHAR 
493 P06_SOIND Number of allowance points for special constraints and risk NUMC8 NUMC 
494 P06_SOJUR Legal status code CHAR3 CHAR 
495 P06_SOMISOL Separate amounts NUMC07 NUMC 
496 P06_SOPOS Detailed code of assignment position CHAR3 CHAR 
497 P06_SORTIE Leaving date DATS DATS 
498 P06_SOSER Service category code CHAR2 CHAR 
499 P06_SPANM Detailed code of soldier inactivity position CHAR5 CHAR 
500 P06_SPARTC Display profit sharing distributed acc. to remuneration XFELD CHAR