SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 56
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P33_NATIT OKIN: Nationality P33_NATIT CHAR 
2 P33_NATRESID Status of Social Insurance Residence P33_RESID CHAR 
3 P33_NDAYS Number of nonworking days within a year CHAR3 CHAR 
4 P33_NEGAT Display Negative Amounts CHAR1 CHAR 
5 P33_NEIN1 Indicator 1 for exemption P33_NEIND CHAR 
6 P33_NEIN2 Indicator 2 for exemption P33_NEIND CHAR 
7 P33_NEWBA New balance indicator XFELD CHAR 
8 P33_NFFMS Military Status after Change CHAR1 CHAR 
9 P33_NONEGAT No Negative Amounts CHAR1 CHAR 
10 P33_NONRESIDENT_ADDRESS Non-Resident Address TEXT132 CHAR 
11 P33_NRFROMORG Number of Employees - Provided by Other Organizations REPTT CHAR 
12 P33_NRTOORG Number of Employees - Provided to Other Organizations REPTT CHAR 
13 P33_NR_PCCID NR Category NUM2 NUMC 
14 P33_NUMB Number NUM5 NUMC 
15 P33_NUMC4 Count parameters NUMC4 NUMC 
16 P33_NUMCOPY Number of Copies (Legal Form)   NUMC 
17 P33_NUMDOK Document Number P33_NUMDOK NUMC 
18 P33_NUMER Document Number for Personal Identification CHAR15 CHAR 
19 P33_NUMMESS Message Number in a Package NUM3 NUMC 
20 P33_NUMPACK Package Number NUMC5 NUMC 
21 P33_NUNI1 Unit 1 for exemption P33_GUNIT CHAR 
22 P33_NUNI2 Unit 2 for exemption P33_GUNIT CHAR 
23 P33_NVAL1 Value 1 for exemption P33_AMOU7 CURR 
24 P33_NVAL2 Value 2 for exemption P33_AMOU7 CURR 
26 P33_OBALN Initial Balance of Garnishment Order P33_OBALN CHAR 
27 P33_OBJPROF Object Code for Job FLAG CHAR 
29 P33_OCATE Garnishment Order Category P33_OCATE CHAR 
30 P33_OCPROCESS Off-Cycle: Process for Employee Selection P33_OCPROCESS CHAR 
31 P33_OFFICE_PHONE Office Phone Number CHAR20 CHAR 
33 P33_OKFSA OKFS algorithm P33_OKFSA CHAR 
39 P33_OKSO_VERSION6 6-digit code OKSO FLAG CHAR 
41 P33_OKVED_NAME OKVED Description TEXT200 CHAR 
42 P33_OLDVER Version by order BG-3-05/550 from 09.10.2002 FLAG CHAR 
43 P33_OMULT Multiple Garnishment Order XFELD CHAR 
44 P33_ONLY_CUR_MONTH Consider only Current Month CHAR1 CHAR 
46 P33_OPRIO Garnishment Order Priority NUM3 NUMC 
47 P33_OP_CREATE Package Operation - Create FLAG CHAR 
48 P33_OP_DELETE Package Operation - Delete FLAG CHAR 
49 P33_OP_EDIT Package Operation - Edit FLAG CHAR 
50 P33_OP_STATUS Package Operation - Change Status FLAG CHAR 
51 P33_ORDBA Order Basis TEXT200 CHAR 
52 P33_ORDBA_1 Order basis TEXT67 CHAR 
53 P33_ORDCD Garnishment Order Type P33_ORDCD CHAR 
54 P33_ORDDT Order Date DATS DATS 
55 P33_ORDLG Formed Wage Type for Order Amount LGART CHAR 
56 P33_ORDNU Order Number TEXT30 CHAR 
57 P33_ORDST Signed CHAR1 CHAR 
58 P33_ORDTX Description of Garnishment Order Code TEXT30 CHAR 
59 P33_ORGCODE Organization Code P33_ORGCODE CHAR 
60 P33_ORGEH Organizational Unit Description P33_ORGEH STRG 
61 P33_ORGLANG Original Language CHAR1 CHAR 
62 P33_ORGLGNLANG Original and Logon Languages CHAR1 CHAR 
63 P33_ORPRF Legal Form of Organization CHAR40 CHAR 
64 P33_ORUBA Leave Order Text TEXT200 CHAR 
65 P33_ORUBA_1 Retirement order basis TEXT67 CHAR 
66 P33_ORUDT Leave Order Date DATS DATS 
67 P33_ORULE Garnishment Order Rule P33_OBALN CHAR 
68 P33_ORUNU Leave Order Number CHAR30 CHAR 
69 P33_OSIUB PBSI-Transfer (Russia) XFELD CHAR 
70 P33_OSNOV HR valuation rules length of service reason XFELD CHAR 
71 P33_OTPNAM Name of Output RSPOPNAME CHAR 
72 P33_OTPTYP Type of Output   CHAR 
73 P33_OUT Code for Special Working Conditions P33_OUT CHAR 
74 P33_OUTAU Outgoing Authority (Executive sheet) CHAR100 CHAR 
75 P33_OUTDT Outgoing Date (Executive Sheet) DATS DATS 
76 P33_OUTNU Outgoing Number (Executive Sheet) CHAR20 CHAR 
77 P33_OUT_KPS Position for Special Working Conditions P33_OUT_KPS CHAR 
78 P33_OVRWRT Overwrite Master Data XFELD CHAR 
80 P33_P4_CLUSTER_EXT Cluster Extension for Processing Average Employees CHAR1 CHAR 
81 P33_P4_DETACH_SUBDIV_OBJID Object ID of Detached Subdivision HROBJID NUMC 
82 P33_P4_END_OF_QUARTER Quarterly Data Calculation P33_P4_END_OF_QUARTER CHAR 
83 P33_P4_END_OF_YEAR Calculate Employee Movements P33_P4_END_OF_YEAR CHAR 
84 P33_P4_EXPTAB Export P-4 Tables P33_P4_EXPTAB CHAR 
85 P33_P4_USE_2501 Do Not Use Infotype 2501 CHAR1 CHAR 
86 P33_PACKAGES_NUM Number of Packages INT4 INT4 
87 P33_PACK_MODE Package mode CHAR1 CHAR 
88 P33_PACK_REGNO Registration Number's Code P33_PACK_REGNO CHAR 
89 P33_PARAM Parameter P33_PARAM CHAR 
90 P33_PARTN Section in Military Catalog P33_PARTN NUMC 
91 P33_PARTY Parameter Type PARTY CHAR 
92 P33_PAR_DESC_CODE Parameter description for senioiry P33_PAR_DESC_CODE CHAR 
93 P33_PAR_DESC_NAME Parameters description name for seniority P33_PAR_DESC_NAME CHAR 
94 P33_PAR_DESC_SHORT Short name of description parameter P33_PAR_DESC_SHORT CHAR 
95 P33_PASSL Issuing Authority TEXT100 CHAR 
96 P33_PAYEE_TYPE Payee Type   NUMC 
97 P33_PAYERCAT Name of Employee Category P33_PAYERCAT CHAR 
98 P33_PAYERCATK Short Name of Employee Category CHAR50 CHAR 
99 P33_PAYFUND_WCODE Wage Type Code for Payments from Payroll Fund P33_WCODE CHAR 
101 P33_PCCID Internal ID of Employee Category NUM2 NUMC 
102 P33_PCCOD Official Code of Employee Category P33_PCCOD CHAR 
103 P33_PCEN_DURHH Duration in hours DEC5 DEC 
104 P33_PCKEY * OBSOLETE * Payer's Category ID NUM2 NUMC 
105 P33_PCNAM * OBSOLETE * Payer's Category Name P33_PCNAM CHAR 
106 P33_PCODE Subunit Code TEXT10 CHAR 
107 P33_PENS_PERIODS Without Pension Periods FLAG CHAR 
109 P33_PENS_PERIODS_NO Only Pension Periods FLAG CHAR 
110 P33_PERCT Personnel Category   CHAR 
111 P33_PERMANENT_ADDRESS Permanent Address SUBTY_591A CHAR 
112 P33_PERSM Personal Modifier P33_PERSMOD CHAR 
113 P33_PERSMOD Personal modifier P33_PERSMOD CHAR 
114 P33_PERSX Use Position FLAG CHAR 
115 P33_PERS_DATA_INN_EXIST No personal data if inn exists CHAR1 CHAR 
116 P33_PERS_IN_PACK Only Unprocessed Employees CHAR1 CHAR 
117 P33_PFADI Length service additional information P33_PFADI CHAR 
118 P33_PFFUS PF fused period feature P33_PFFUS CHAR 
119 P33_PFLSA Long-service additional information P33_PFLSA CHAR 
120 P33_PFLSR Long-service reason P33_PFLSR CHAR 
121 P33_PFNPP Number (NPP) P33_PFNPP NUMC 
122 P33_PFRES Length service reason P33_PFRES CHAR 
123 P33_PFR_AWART_ILL Unpaid Absence AWART CHAR 
124 P33_PFR_AWART_INV Absence - Temporary Incapacity to Work AWART CHAR 
125 P33_PFR_NEXT_YEAR Packages - Pension Next Year CHAR1 CHAR 
126 P33_PFR_SPV1 Form SPV-1 FLAG CHAR 
127 P33_PFR_SZV63 Form SZV-6-3 FLAG CHAR 
128 P33_PFTER Territorial code P33_PFTER CHAR 
129 P33_PFWCC Particular work condition code P33_PFWCC CHAR 
130 P33_PFWCN Particular work condition P33_PFWCN CHAR 
133 P33_PKCER PFR Error types P33_PKCER CHAR 
134 P33_PKCOD Package Type P33_PKCOD CHAR 
135 P33_PKERR PFR Error text P33_PKERR CHAR 
136 P33_PKIDN Package Type NUM2 NUMC 
137 P33_PKMN_ASPACE Available Package Capacity INT4 INT4 
138 P33_PKMN_INLIST Number of Employees in the Transfer List INT4 INT4 
139 P33_PKMN_INPACK Number of Messages in the Package INT4 INT4 
140 P33_PKMN_PRELEV Relevant for Transfer INT4 INT4 
141 P33_PKMN_SYS_CONTENT Package Content Existing FLAG CHAR 
142 P33_PKMN_SYS_NUMBERING Package Numbering FLAG CHAR 
143 P33_PKMN_TERCOND_CODE Code for Territorial Working Conditions P33_TERCOND_CODE CHAR 
144 P33_PKPOS PFR Package position P33_PKPOS NUMC 
145 P33_PKTXT Name of Package Type P33_PKTXT CHAR 
146 P33_PLACE City of Birth P33_PLACE CHAR 
147 P33_PLSTX Manager's Position TEXT79 CHAR 
148 P33_PMON Month P33_PMON NUMC 
149 P33_PM_ATTR_T Attribute Text F4CHAR132 CHAR 
150 P33_PM_CHECK Checking Status P33_PM_CHECK NUMC 
151 P33_PM_CHECKI Checking Status - Icon ICON CHAR 
152 P33_PM_CHECK_TEXT Checking Status DDTEXT CHAR 
153 P33_POSIT Position (CIS) TEXT200 CHAR 
154 P33_POSIT100 Position (Russia) TEXT100 CHAR 
155 P33_POSTPONE Postpone Processing FLAG CHAR 
156 P33_POS_CONV_OM Position of Item in Source File   INT2 
157 P33_POS_TEXT_DEST Text from Job CHAR1 CHAR 
158 P33_PRBETPE Tax Exempt Percent DEC03_2 DEC 
159 P33_PRBETRG Tax Exempt Sum BETRG CURR 
160 P33_PRC01 Common Seniority According to Infotype 0294 PSEN_PROCE CHAR 
161 P33_PRC02 Continuous Seniority According to IT 0294 PSEN_PROCE CHAR 
162 P33_PRC03 Right to Long-Service Bonus (1) According to IT 0294 PSEN_PROCE CHAR 
163 P33_PRC04 Right to Long-Service Bonus (2) According to IT 0294 PSEN_PROCE CHAR 
164 P33_PRCDT Processing date   DATS 
165 P33_PRCTT Personnel Category Text   CHAR 
166 P33_PREPARATION Prepare Data for Form FLAG CHAR 
167 P33_PRIGHT Pension Right P33_PRIGHT CHAR 
168 P33_PRIGHTI Pension Right - Icon ICON CHAR 
169 P33_PRIGHT_TEXT Pension Right DDTEXT CHAR 
170 P33_PRINT0SUMS Print Zero Amounts CHAR1 CHAR 
171 P33_PRINT_AND_DOWNLOAD Print and download file CHAR1 CHAR 
172 P33_PRINT_ONLY Print only CHAR1 CHAR 
173 P33_PRIOR Priority of HR Valuation Rules P33_PRIOR NUMC 
174 P33_PRLMBETRG Tax Privilege Limitation Amount BETRG CURR 
175 P33_PROCN Percentage DEC03_2 DEC 
177 P33_PRPRIO Tax Privilege Priority NUM3 NUMC 
178 P33_PRPSL Garnishment Order Proposal XFELD CHAR 
179 P33_PRV Personal Privileges CHAR1 CHAR 
180 P33_PRVAL Attribute of sum, percent or minimum pay P33_MTD CHAR 
181 P33_PR_ALL_PERSONS Process All Employees CHAR1 CHAR 
182 P33_PR_WITHOUT_INS_NUM Process Employees Without Insurance Certificate CHAR1 CHAR 
183 P33_PR_WITH_INS_NUM Process Employees with Insurance Certificate CHAR1 CHAR 
184 P33_PSTLZ KLADR: Postal Code CHAR6 CHAR 
185 P33_PTDWNTE Number of Employees - Unexpected Downtime REPTT CHAR 
186 P33_PTDWNTM Number of Employees - Downtime Caused by Employer REPTT CHAR 
187 P33_PTMUTAGR Number of Part-Time Employees - Mutual Agreement REPTT CHAR 
188 P33_PTMUTAGREAS Reason for Action - Dismissal by Mutual Agreement MASSG CHAR 
189 P33_PTSHIFTS Number of Employees - Shift Work REPTT CHAR 
190 P33_PTTMP Number of Employees - Temporary or Seasonal Work REPTT CHAR 
191 P33_PTTMPSRV Number of Employees - Temporary or Seasonal Work by Agency REPTT CHAR 
192 P33_PUNIT Political unit P33_PUNIT CHAR 
193 P33_PUNTT Political unit name P33_PUNTT CHAR 
194 P33_PYACC Time Account Code for Payroll P33_PYACC CHAR 
195 P33_PYACS Summarized Time Account CHAR1 CHAR 
196 P33_PYER Year P33_PYER NUMC 
197 P33_QBEDA Length of servise - on start date DATE DATS 
198 P33_QCCODE Qualification Code According to OKSO   CHAR 
199 P33_QHIRE Length of service - hiring date DATE DATS 
200 P33_QMONB Length of servise - on start date - month NUMC2 NUMC 
201 P33_QMONT Length of servise - on current date - month NUMC2 NUMC 
202 P33_QTODA Length of servise - on current date DATE DATS 
203 P33_QUARTER1 For First Quarter CHAR1 CHAR 
204 P33_QY006 CIS - Data element for Address Extension P33_QY006 CHAR 
205 P33_QYARB Length of servise - on start date - year NUMC4 NUMC 
206 P33_QYART Length of servise - on current date - year NUMC4 NUMC 
207 P33_RAION Area of Birth P33_RAION CHAR 
208 P33_RCOUNTYT Name of County P33_RCOUNTYT CHAR 
209 P33_REGCD Tax Authority Code CHAR4 CHAR 
210 P33_REGDT Registration Date DATUM DATS 
211 P33_REGIO Region (State, Province, County) for garnishmetn P33_REGIO CHAR 
212 P33_REGION Region of Birth P33_REGION CHAR 
213 P33_REGIONT Region name P33_REGIONT CHAR 
214 P33_REGISTER_NUMBER Register number TEXT20 CHAR 
215 P33_REGNK Registration Number in Correction Period P33_REGNO CHAR 
216 P33_REGNO Registration Number P33_REGNO CHAR 
217 P33_REGOR Tax Authority Name   CHAR 
218 P33_REKNR Bank Account or Giro Account Number CHAR20 CHAR 
219 P33_REMAR Special Remarks TEXT50 CHAR 
220 P33_REPORG Reporting Organization CHAR22 CHAR 
221 P33_REPRESENTATIVE_NAME Representative's Name TEXT132 CHAR 
222 P33_REPRESENTATIVE_NAME_PHONE Representative's Name and Telephone Number TEXT132 CHAR 
223 P33_REPRESENTATIVE_PHONE Representative's Phone TEXT132 CHAR 
224 P33_RERAM Regional Additional Payment Calculated by Employer PRBETRG CURR 
225 P33_RESID Residence Status P33_RESID CHAR 
226 P33_RESIDNAME Name of Residence Status TEXT40 CHAR 
227 P33_RESP_NAME Name of Person Responsible TEXT132 CHAR 
228 P33_RESP_POS_NAME Position of Person Responsible TEXT132 CHAR 
229 P33_RESTYPE Residence Type P33_RESTYPE CHAR 
230 P33_RETRO_0048 Retro Calculation Switch for Infotype 0048 P33_RETRO_0048 CHAR 
231 P33_RFSAM Regional Additional Payment Calculated by FSS PRBETRG CURR 
232 P33_ROUNDSUMS Round Sums CHAR1 CHAR 
233 P33_RPTGN Document Group Text TEXT50 CHAR 
234 P33_RPTGR Document Grouping CHAR2 CHAR 
235 P33_RUF0NAME HR-RU or SAPScript Form Name TDFORM CHAR 
236 P33_RUFORMFIELD Form Field Name CHAR32 CHAR 
237 P33_RUFORMVALUE Form Field Value TEXT255 CHAR 
238 P33_RULIM Rule for Limits P33_RULIM CHAR 
239 P33_RULIM_RETRO Addition for Retro Processing P33_RULIM_RETRO CHAR 
240 P33_RULN1 Remittance rule P33_RULNR NUMC 
241 P33_RULTX Text for Garnishment Calculation Rule CHAR40 CHAR 
242 P33_RUN Report Run SYSUUID_C CHAR 
243 P33_S900F Field name P33_S900F CHAR 
244 P33_S900V Value P33_S900V CHAR 
245 P33_SALAR Salary LGART CHAR 
246 P33_SALRY Total Salary   CHAR 
247 P33_SALTX Salary in words P33_CHAR255 CHAR 
248 P33_SCRUL Service charge rule P33_SCRUL CHAR 
249 P33_SEL_DATE Selection Date   DATS 
250 P33_SENCALC_ADD1D Add One Day During Senoirity Calculation FLAG CHAR 
251 P33_SENDATE Start Date of Seniority DATUM DATS 
252 P33_SEPAR Separator TEXT1 CHAR 
253 P33_SEQNR Sequence number   NUMC 
254 P33_SEQNR_N3 Number of Record with Same Key NUM03 NUMC 
255 P33_SERI0 Series CHAR2 CHAR 
256 P33_SERIA Series of certificate TEXT11 CHAR 
257 P33_SERIE Series Code of Document CHAR8 CHAR 
258 P33_SIBASY1 First Base Year for Social Insurance Payments GJAHR NUMC 
259 P33_SIBASY2 Second Base Year for Social Insurance Payments GJAHR NUMC 
260 P33_SICKLM Limitation Rate PRBETRG CURR 
261 P33_SIGN +/- Sign HRF_SIGN CHAR 
263 P33_SIGNED Signed Order   CHAR 
264 P33_SIGN_DATE Signature Date DATS DATS 
265 P33_SIGN_DATE_IN_WORDS Sign date in words TEXT20 CHAR 
266 P33_SKIP_IRR_POS_DAYS Process Selected Positions CHAR1 CHAR 
267 P33_SLNUM Sickness Certificate Number CHAR12 CHAR 
268 P33_SLSER Sickness Certificate Series CHAR15 CHAR 
269 P33_SMCAC New Release Reason Code   CHAR 
270 P33_SMSAC New Military Status CHAR1 CHAR 
271 P33_SOCGR Social Insurance Group P33_SOCGR CHAR 
272 P33_SOCPAY_WCODE Wage Type Code for Social Payments P33_WCODE CHAR 
274 P33_SOORT Organization Type P33_SOORT CHAR 
275 P33_SORT1 Sort P33_SORT1 CHAR 
276 P33_SORTM Sort mode TEXT20 CHAR 
278 P33_SORT_BY_PERNR Sort by Personnel Number FLAG CHAR 
279 P33_SOURCE Source of information CHAR1 CHAR 
280 P33_SPBD1 Special Birth Date FLAG CHAR 
281 P33_SPBD2 Standard Birth Date FLAG CHAR 
282 P33_SPBDT Special Birth Date FLAG CHAR 
283 P33_SPCPF Special Birthplace P33_SPCPF CHAR 
284 P33_SPECO_CODE Code for Special Working Conditions P33_SPECO_CODE CHAR 
285 P33_SPECO_POS Position for Special Working Conditions P33_SPECO_POS CHAR 
287 P33_SRT01 Short key for Address data CIS P33_SRT01 CHAR 
288 P33_SSDMS Current Military Status CHAR1 CHAR 
289 P33_STAFF_SCHEDULE_DATE List of Members of Staff - Date   DATS 
290 P33_START_DOC_NUMBER Starting Document Number TEXT8 CHAR 
291 P33_STAT2_ACCURATELY Consider Employment Status Accurately CHAR1 CHAR 
292 P33_STATH Status of employee processing P33_STATH CHAR 
293 P33_STATU Employee Grouping for Reporting CHAR1 CHAR 
294 P33_STATUS Package Status NUM2 NUMC 
295 P33_STATUS_NAME Package Status Name TEXT50 CHAR 
296 P33_STAT_VARNT View Variant Name of the Form P33_STAT_VARNT CHAR 
297 P33_STCD1 Regional Tax Code STCD1 CHAR 
298 P33_STEUP Tax Rate (Percent) DEC03_2 DEC 
299 P33_STRANA Country of Birth P33_STRANA CHAR 
300 P33_STRAS Street P33_STRAS CHAR 
301 P33_STREET Street and House Number P33_STREET CHAR 
303 P33_STRING HR RU string P33_STRING STRG 
304 P33_SUBNM Subtype name CHAR32 CHAR 
305 P33_SUBTY Document Type P33_SUBTY CHAR 
306 P33_SUBTY_CONV_OM Subtype of Infotype 1002 SUBTYP CHAR 
307 P33_SUM_EMPLOYEE Sum by Employee PRBETRG CURR 
308 P33_SUM_EMPLOYER Sum by Employer PRBETRG CURR 
310 P33_SWIT1 Switch: Address element P33_SWIT1 RAW 
311 P33_SZV42_ON_LIST Employees on SZV-6-2 list INT4 INT4 
312 P33_SZV_ALG1 Algorithm One for Form SZV CHAR1 CHAR 
313 P33_SZV_ALG2 Algorithm Two for Form SZV CHAR1 CHAR 
314 P33_SZV_ALG_CUST Customer Algorithm for Form SZV CHAR1 CHAR 
315 P33_SZV_FT_APP Type of SZV Form - Pension Assignment CHAR1 CHAR 
316 P33_SZV_FT_CORRECTION Type of SZV Form - Correction CHAR1 CHAR 
317 P33_SZV_FT_DECLINE Type of SZV Form - Rejection CHAR1 CHAR 
318 P33_SZV_FT_EMPTY Type of SZV Form - Empty CHAR1 CHAR 
319 P33_SZV_FT_START Type of SZV Form - Initial CHAR1 CHAR 
320 P33_SZV_FULLY_CHECKED Employee Data Completely Checked CHAR1 CHAR 
321 P33_SZV_NOT_ADD_1_DAY_LAST Do Not Add One Day for Last Date CHAR1 CHAR 
322 P33_SZV_NOT_CHECKED Employee Data not Checked CHAR1 CHAR 
323 P33_SZV_PARTLY_CHECKED Employee Data Partly Checked CHAR1 CHAR 
324 P33_SZV_RELEASE Release mode CHAR1 CHAR 
325 P33_SZV_RP_SWCOND Packages - Special Working Conditions CHAR1 CHAR 
326 P33_SZV_SIM_SPEC_COND Simultaneous Special Conditions CHAR1 CHAR 
327 P33_SZV_TEST Test mode CHAR1 CHAR 
328 P33_SZV_WITHOUT_IT294 No Records in Infotype 0294 CHAR1 CHAR 
329 P33_T5YTS_DEVCODE Deviation Element Code HRPAD_CHAR04 CHAR 
330 P33_T5YTS_ETYPE Time Schedule Report - Type of Time Element P33_T5YTS_ETYPE CHAR 
331 P33_T5YTS_TSCODE Conventional Notation HRPAD_CHAR02 CHAR 
332 P33_T5YTS_TYPE Time Scedule - Type op Time Evaluation Element P33_T5YTS_TYPE CHAR 
333 P33_T6YTS_OPER Time Schedule Report - Cross Operation P33_T6YTS_OPER CHAR 
334 P33_T7RUTS_DEFTSCODE Default Conventional Notation HRPAD_CHAR02 CHAR 
335 P33_T7RUTS_TWTYPE Time Wage Type or Time Category Code HRPAD_CHAR04 CHAR 
336 P33_TABEL_NUMBER Table Number TEXT10 CHAR 
337 P33_TABOO Permitted Statuses P33_TABOO NUMC 
338 P33_TARIFF_CODE Tariff Codes of Payers of Social Insurance Contributions   NUMC 
339 P33_TAXL Tax Privilege Class P33_TAXL CHAR 
340 P33_TAXLT Name of Tax Privilege P33_TAXTX CHAR 
341 P33_TAXN Tax Class P33_TAXN CHAR 
342 P33_TAXNEWINPER Tax Class Occurs for First Time in Payroll Period FLAG CHAR 
343 P33_TAXREGIME Taxation Regime of Organization (Social Ins. Contributions) CHAR3 CHAR 
344 P33_TAXRESID Status of Tax Residence P33_RESID CHAR 
345 P33_TAXRESIDNAME Income Tax Residence Status Name TEXT40 CHAR 
346 P33_TAXSCHEMAIN Include in Tax Schema Using In-Period Principle FLAG CHAR 
347 P33_TAXTX Name of Tax Class P33_TAXTX CHAR 
349 P33_TAX_BETRG Tax Amount (Constant) WERTV5 CURR 
350 P33_TAX_INCOME Upper Amount for Cumulative Income WERTV5 CURR 
351 P33_TCPRIO Tax Class Priority NUM3 NUMC 
352 P33_TEMPORARY_ADDRESS Temporary Address in Russia SUBTY_591A CHAR 
353 P33_TERCOND_CODE Code for Territorial Working Conditions P33_TERCOND_CODE CHAR 
354 P33_TERCOND_KOEF Territorial conditions: coefficient P33_TERCOND_KOEF DEC 
355 P33_TERCOND_KOEF1 Coefficient for Territorial Working Conditions CHAR4 CHAR 
356 P33_TERCOND_NAME Name of Territorial Working Conditions P33_TERCOND_NAME CHAR 
357 P33_TERKOEF Territorial Coefficient P33_TERKOEF CHAR 
358 P33_TERKOES_NEC Enter Territorial Coefficient P33_TERKOES_NEC CHAR 
359 P33_TERRI HR valuation rules territory XFELD CHAR 
360 P33_TEST_DATA Test Mode of Legacy Data Transfer CHAR1 CHAR 
361 P33_TEXT100 Text length 100 TEXT100 CHAR 
362 P33_TEXT158 Text length 158 P33_TEXT158 CHAR 
364 P33_TOTAM Total Amount Paid by Employer PRBETRG CURR 
365 P33_TOTDY Total Paid Days PRANZHL DEC 
366 P33_TOTFS Total Amount Paid by FSS PRBETRG CURR 
367 P33_TOTUP Total Additional Amount Paid by Employer PRBETRG CURR 
368 P33_TXBRG Tax Regime Code For Budget Organization CHAR2 CHAR 
369 P33_TXDR Reason for Tax Privilege TEXT100 CHAR 
370 P33_TXINS Text for Organization type TEXT30 CHAR 
371 P33_TXNU Number of Tax Card from Previous Employer CHAR10 CHAR 
372 P33_TXSRG Special Tax Regime Code CHAR2 CHAR 
373 P33_TYPEREC Record Type for Working Conditions CHAR1 CHAR 
374 P33_UI_ASTAT Residence Status SUBTY_591A CHAR 
375 P33_UI_AUSBE Issuing Authority VARGA CHAR 
376 P33_UI_BEWNR Approval Number CHAR15 CHAR 
377 P33_UNION Merge HR Valuation Rules XFELD CHAR 
378 P33_UNITS_HH_MM Indicator for units HH MM XFELD CHAR 
379 P33_UNITT Unit in words CHAR25 CHAR 
380 P33_UNO Site of MNS HRPAD_CHAR04 CHAR 
381 P33_UNSIGNED Unsigned Order   CHAR 
382 P33_UPLOAD_T005 Upload into T005* tables CHAR1 CHAR 
383 P33_USER_EXIT_CONV_OM User Exit to Convert Data   CHAR 
384 P33_USE_TAX_CLASSES Use Tax Classes To Calculate Rows 0200-0500 CHAR1 CHAR 
385 P33_USLTR HR valuation rules work condition XFELD CHAR 
386 P33_USZVK Exclude from Report SZV-K FLAG CHAR 
387 P33_VACNUL Vacation not Using Quota AWART CHAR 
388 P33_VACYUL Vacation Using Quota AWART CHAR 
389 P33_VALDY Valid days for calculating end date NUM03 NUMC 
390 P33_VALI1 Garnishment Order Indicator for Limit 1 P33_OBALN CHAR 
391 P33_VALI2 Garnishment Order Indicator for Limit 2 P33_OBALN CHAR 
392 P33_VERSION Version Number CHAR3 CHAR 
393 P33_VORAG Name of employer (CIS) TEXT200 CHAR 
394 P33_VTEXT Text for Social Insurance Group CHAR50 CHAR 
395 P33_VTYPE Vacation type CHAR1 CHAR 
396 P33_WCODE Wage Type Code P33_WCODE CHAR 
397 P33_WCODE_IN Income code P33_WCODE CHAR 
398 P33_WCODE_PR Privilege code P33_WCODE CHAR 
399 P33_WCS_NUMBER Number of Working Conditions Environment NUMC5 NUMC 
400 P33_WCS_TEXT Text for Working Conditions Environment TEXT100 CHAR 
401 P33_WDBHD Military Registration and Enlistment Office TEXT100 CHAR 
402 P33_WDDRA Name of Draft Code TEXT100 CHAR 
403 P33_WDGRP Group TEXT100 CHAR 
404 P33_WDKAT Category TEXT100 CHAR 
405 P33_WDPFL Fit for Military Service CHAR1 CHAR 
406 P33_WDSPO General Registration TEXT100 CHAR 
407 P33_WDSPU Special Registration TEXT100 CHAR 
408 P33_WDSTF Rank TEXT100 CHAR 
409 P33_WDSTV Staff TEXT100 CHAR 
410 P33_WDUFF Release Reason TEXT100 CHAR 
411 P33_WDUSP Speciality TEXT100 CHAR 
412 P33_WINNUM Title Number   NUMC 
413 P33_WITHOUT_ORGMANAGEMENT Count Average Number of Employees Using Pers. Admin. CHAR1 CHAR 
414 P33_WITH_ORGMANAGEMENT Count Average Number of Employees Using Org. Management CHAR1 CHAR 
415 P33_WKWDY Weekly workdays CHAR1 CHAR 
416 P33_WNAME Name of Wage Type Code P33_CHAR128 CHAR 
417 P33_WORKDAYS Number of Working Days per Week CHAR1 CHAR 
418 P33_WORKHOURS Number of Working Hours per Week NUMC2 NUMC 
419 P33_WORKT Employee Category CHAR1 CHAR 
420 P33_WRITE_JOURNAL Write Journal CHAR1 CHAR 
421 P33_WRKCL Work Condition Class P33_WRKCL CHAR 
422 P33_WRKCN Harmfull work conditions OTYPE CHAR 
423 P33_WRKST Work Condition Degree P33_WRKST CHAR 
424 P33_WRKTY Work type   CHAR 
425 P33_WTNAME Name of wage code's type HRPAD_CHAR50 CHAR 
426 P33_WTSETNAME Title of Wage Type Set P33_TEXT40 CHAR 
427 P33_WTYPE Wage type P33_WTYPE CHAR 
429 P33_XPRII Change HR Forms Before Printing XFELD CHAR 
430 P33_YEAR Year NUMC4 NUMC 
431 P33_YEAR1 First Year NUMC4 NUMC 
432 P33_YEAR2 Second Year NUMC4 NUMC 
433 P38SD Form P38S for Students held indicator XFELD CHAR 
434 P3FXX Fix.price (political price) CVAL5 CURR 
435 P3PR_ACCOUNT Account identifier for V0 type 'T' CHAR6 CHAR 
436 P3PR_ACCTYPE Accounting type CHAR1 CHAR 
437 P3PR_ACTSTAT Update indicator for third party remittance CHAR1 CHAR 
439 P3PR_COMP_EVAL Not evaluated payroll results XFELD CHAR 
440 P3PR_COMP_NPOS No posting run created XFELD CHAR 
441 P3PR_COMP_POST Open remittance posting runs in PCP0 XFELD CHAR 
442 P3PR_ERRTEXT Error text   CHAR 
443 P3PR_ERRTYPE Error type   NUMC 
444 P3PR_EVALNO Evaluation run number NUMC10 NUMC 
445 P3PR_FIUPD Update already posted items XFELD CHAR 
446 P3PR_LITXT Vendor name NAME CHAR 
447 P3PR_MODE Remittance engine mode P3PR_MODE CHAR 
448 P3PR_NORECORDS Number of records   INT4 
449 P3PR_OLDDT Old due date DATUM DATS 
450 P3PR_PINFO Period info TEXT20 CHAR 
451 P3PR_POST_DOWN Download/export TemSe file XFELD CHAR 
452 P3PR_POST_LOG1 Include due date changes by accumulator XFELD CHAR 
453 P3PR_STATUS Third party remittance status P3PR_STATUS CHAR 
454 P3PR_STATXT Third party remittance status text DDTEXT CHAR 
455 P3PR_STOPG Stopped payment flag XFELD CHAR 
456 P3PR_UNDO_RDATN Undo evaluation run XFELD CHAR 
457 P3PR_UNDO_REMPN Undo acknowledgement run XFELD CHAR 
458 P3PR_UNDO_REMSN Undo posting run XFELD CHAR 
459 P3PR_XBLNR HR reference document number XBLNR CHAR 
460 P3TYPE 3D graphics type P3TYPE CHAR 
461 P3TYPE_TXT Graphics: 3D graphics type TEXT30 CHAR 
462 P3VXX Total Price Set by User CVAL5 CURR 
463 P40_MERIT_IND Merit Indicator of the employee FLAG CHAR 
464 P40_VETS1 Veteran Status 1 XFELD CHAR 
465 P40_VETS2 Veteran Status 2 XFELD CHAR 
466 P40_VETS3 Veteran Status 3 XFELD CHAR 
467 P40_VETS4 Veteran Status 4 XFELD CHAR 
468 P40_VETS5 Veteran Status 5 XFELD CHAR 
469 P43Q_ESS_COMKY1 1st additional number COMKY CHAR 
470 P43Q_ESS_COMKY2 2nd additional number COMKY CHAR 
471 P43Q_ESS_COMKY3 3rd additional number COMKY CHAR 
473 P43Q_ESS_PCODE Postal code PSTLZ CHAR 
474 P43Q_ESS_REF_ACC_NUM Reference account number PSKTO CHAR 
476 P43_ACCNM Balance Number of Employee Accrual PTM_QUONUM DEC 
477 P43_ARGRS Gross for Average Rate Calculation NZ P43_GROSS CURR 
478 P43_AVGRT Current Rate Wage Type LGART CHAR 
479 P43_CHKCL Applicable for Leave Liability CHAR1 CHAR 
480 P43_CHKLR Liability at Taken Rate CHAR1 CHAR 
481 P43_CHKNE Estimate Negative Entitlement CHAR1 CHAR 
482 P43_CLBWT Leave Liability WT (Current period) LGART CHAR 
483 P43_CUMEN Cumulate past entitlements TDBOOL CHAR 
484 P43_CURRATE Use Current Rate Only CHECKBOX CHAR 
485 P43_ELEVL Expansion Level NUMC1 NUMC 
486 P43_ENTNM Balance Number of Employee Time Quota PTM_QUONUM DEC 
487 P43_EXACC Exclude Accruals CHECKBOX CHAR 
488 P43_GENDT Generate Date type 01 TDBOOL CHAR 
489 P43_HIRED Consider Hire date as last anniversary date TDBOOL CHAR 
490 P43_HOMECOST Apply Cost to Home Cost Center CHECKBOX CHAR 
491 P43_IANNV Increment Anniversary Date TDBOOL CHAR 
492 P43_KTEXT Cost Center Text TEXT20 CHAR 
493 P43_LCONV Simulation run for Leave conversion TDBOOL CHAR 
494 P43_LLAMT Liability amount PNZ_EPMAX CURR 
495 P43_LLDVB Leave Liability with a Daily Valuation Base CHAR1 CHAR 
496 P43_LLIND Accr./Entl. CHAR15 CHAR 
497 P43_LLRTE Hourly rate for calculating Liability amount PNZ_DECV19_5 DEC 
498 P43_NONSP Data loading from Non-SAP system TDBOOL CHAR 
499 P43_OPGRS Gross for Ordinary Pay Rate Calculation NZ P43_GROSS CURR 
500 P43_PLBWT Leave Liability WT (Previous period) LGART CHAR