SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 92
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 PKR_DOCNT Count for donation expense NUM05 NUMC 
2 PKR_DOCOD Donation Code SUBTY_591A CHAR 
3 PKR_DOCUR Donation expense currency WAERS CUKY 
4 PKR_DON30 30% deduction donation amount WERT05 CURR 
5 PKR_DONAM Name of donation company CHAR30 CHAR 
6 PKR_DPEDF Dependant's educational expenses WERT05 CURR 
7 PKR_DPEFC Dependant's educational expenses currency WAERS CUKY 
8 PKR_DPOLD Additional deduction for old dependent CHAR1 CHAR 
9 PKR_DPTID Indicator for dependent family member CHAR1 CHAR 
10 PKR_DPTP2 Dependant's type PKR_DPTP2 CHAR 
11 PKR_DPTY1 Dependant's type PKR_DPTY1 CHAR 
12 PKR_DPTYP Dependant's type PKR_DPTYP CHAR 
13 PKR_DPTYX Dependant's Type Description TEXT30 CHAR 
14 PKR_DPYNG Dependats below 20 years old CHAR1 CHAR 
15 PKR_DRTCD Expense for direct card WERT05 CURR 
16 PKR_DUPAD Adjusted Duplicated Service Period NUM3 NUMC 
17 PKR_DUPEX Medical Expense for Non-dependents WERT05 CURR 
18 PKR_DUPPR Duplicated service period in previous company NUM3 NUMC 
19 PKR_EALID SI entitlement status PKR_EALID CHAR 
20 PKR_EALTX Text for SI entitlement status TEXT20 CHAR 
21 PKR_EARRT Reason for retirement from military service PREAS CHAR 
22 PKR_EDT01 Entry date of previous company DATUM DATS 
23 PKR_EDUID Indicator for eduction expense CHAR1 CHAR 
24 PKR_EDULV Dependant's education level PKR_EDULV CHAR 
25 PKR_EECOI Contribution by Employee CHAR1_X CHAR 
26 PKR_EEERT Employee's Exemption Rate for Social Insurances DEC3_3 DEC 
27 PKR_EEHSS Employee housing saving amount WERT05 CURR 
28 PKR_EEPRT Employee's Social Insurance Rate DEC3_3 DEC 
29 PKR_EIM01 Employment insurance premium from previous company WERT05 CURR 
30 PKR_EINTX Name of External Institution TEXT40 CHAR 
31 PKR_EINUM Employment Insurance number of business place CHAR20 CHAR 
32 PKR_EMBEG Start Date of Tax Exemption DATUM DATS 
33 PKR_EMBRT Enable Modifying Basic Rate of Social Insurances XFELD CHAR 
34 PKR_EMEND End Date of Tax Exemption DATUM DATS 
35 PKR_EMERT Enable Modifying Exemption Rate of Social Insurances XFELD CHAR 
36 PKR_EMPTY Employment type PKR_EMPTY CHAR 
37 PKR_EMSRT Enable Modifying Supplement Rate of Social Insurances XFELD CHAR 
38 PKR_EMZRT Enable Modifying Exemption Rate of Supplement Rate XFELD CHAR 
39 PKR_ENTID SI entitlement reason PKR_ENTID CHAR 
40 PKR_ENTXT Text for SI entitlement reason TEXT80 CHAR 
41 PKR_ERACO Accrue Contribution (ER) CHAR1_X CHAR 
42 PKR_ERAMO No. of Month to Accrued Contribution(ER) NUMC3 NUMC 
43 PKR_ERAWT Wage Type for Accrued Contribution (ER) LGART CHAR 
44 PKR_ERBRT Employer's Basic Rate for Social Insurances DEC3_3 DEC 
45 PKR_ERBWT Wage Type for Calculation Base (ER) LGART CHAR 
46 PKR_ERCBA Contribution Base (ER) PKR_ERCBA CHAR 
47 PKR_ERCOI Contribution by Employer CHAR1_X CHAR 
48 PKR_ERCSI Suspend Contribution (ER) CHAR1_X CHAR 
49 PKR_ERDEF Decision Factor (ER) PKR_DEFCT CHAR 
50 PKR_ERERT Employer's Exemption Rate for Social Insurances DEC3_3 DEC 
51 PKR_ERPRT Employer's Social Insurance Rate DEC3_3 DEC 
52 PKR_ERRTE Contribution Rate(ER) DEC3_3 DEC 
53 PKR_ERSRT Employer's Supplement Rate for Social Insurances DEC3_3 DEC 
54 PKR_ERZRT Employer's Exemption Rate for Supplement Rate(PSD) DEC3_3 DEC 
55 PKR_ESPRP Generate Receipt for Estimated Retirement Payment CHAR1 CHAR 
56 PKR_EXBEG Start Date of Tax Exemption DATUM DATS 
57 PKR_EXCUR Expense currency key WAERS CUKY 
58 PKR_EXEND End Date of Tax Exemption DATUM DATS 
59 PKR_EXMAF Excluded Months After 2013 NUM3 NUMC 
60 PKR_EXMBF Excluded Months Before 2013 NUM3 NUMC 
61 PKR_EXMHO Excluded Months for Total Separation Payment NUM3 NUMC 
62 PKR_EXMLS Excluded Months for Legal Separation Payment NUM3 NUMC 
63 PKR_EXMPC Excluded Months for Previous Company NUM3 NUMC 
64 PKR_EXMRT Exemption Rate Identifier PKR_SIPID CHAR 
65 PKR_EXPAY Extra pay WERT11 CURR 
66 PKR_EXPTY Expense type SUBTY CHAR 
67 PKR_EXSTY Expense Category CHAR1 CHAR 
68 PKR_EXTIN External Institution PKR_EXTIN CHAR 
69 PKR_FABPL Birth place of family member TEXT25 CHAR 
70 PKR_FAJOB Job of family members TEXT24 CHAR 
71 PKR_FAMID Indicator for family allowance CHAR1 CHAR 
72 PKR_FCDEP Non-handicapped dependents' education expense WERT05 CURR 
73 PKR_FCECU Educational expenses for dependents WERT05 CURR 
74 PKR_FCEEE Education expense for employee him/herself WERT05 CURR 
75 PKR_FCEHD Educational expense for the handicapped WERT05 CURR 
76 PKR_FCEWF Educational expense for employee's spouse WERT05 CURR 
77 PKR_FCEXP Expired Financial Code XFELD CHAR 
78 PKR_FCPAR Factor Parameter PKR_FCPAR CHAR 
80 PKR_FCTVA Decision Factor Value CHAR10 CHAR 
81 PKR_FCTVS Decision Factor Value Base on Seniority NUMC2 NUMC 
82 PKR_FCTXT Financial Code Description TEXT40 CHAR 
83 PKR_FDNHM No Premium in the Acquired Month PKR_FDNHM CHAR 
84 PKR_FDSDO Donations to appointed associations WERT05 CURR 
85 PKR_FERTX Tax Exemption Rate Text TEXT6 CHAR 
86 PKR_FGDAY Flag for daily basis CHAR1 CHAR 
87 PKR_FHADI Medical expenses for the handicapped WERT05 CURR 
88 PKR_FID01 Indicator for family allowance CHAR1 CHAR 
89 PKR_FILENM TemSe object name CHAR50 CHAR 
90 PKR_FINCO Institution's Financial Code PKR_FINCO NUMC 
91 PKR_FINVS Investment (15%) WERT11 CURR 
92 PKR_FINVT Investment (30%) WERT11 CURR 
93 PKR_FLD01 Field engineer deduction WERT05 CURR 
94 PKR_FLDEG Field engineer PKR_FLDEG NUMC 
95 PKR_FLDTX Field engineer text TEXT20 CHAR 
96 PKR_FLGDO Legal donations WERT05 CURR 
97 PKR_FLNTS Flag for NTS data or others PKR_FLNTS CHAR 
98 PKR_FMDED Medical expense for the employee or dependents WERT05 CURR 
99 PKR_FMDOH Medical expenses for the aged WERT05 CURR 
100 PKR_FMHND Medical Expenses for the Disabled WERT05 CURR 
101 PKR_FMODE Mode (SPACE, H (Headquarter)) CHAR1 CHAR 
102 PKR_FNMCH First Name (Chinese) TEXT20 CHAR 
103 PKR_FNMHG First name (Hangul) TEXT40 CHAR 
104 PKR_FOHIS Insurance premium for handicapped person WERT05 CURR 
105 PKR_FOR01 Non-applicable for tax exemption CHAR1 CHAR 
106 PKR_FOR02 Tax Exempted by Tax Exemption Law (Full) CHAR1 CHAR 
107 PKR_FOR03 Tax exempted by income tax law CHAR1 CHAR 
108 PKR_FOR04 Non taxable by mutual tax agreement CHAR1 CHAR 
109 PKR_FOR05 Tax Exempted by Tax Exemption Law (Partial) CHAR1 CHAR 
110 PKR_FORCK Pre-paid tax currency in foreign currency WAERS CUKY 
111 PKR_FORCT Pre-paid tax amount in foreign currency WERT05 CURR 
112 PKR_FOTIS Insurance premium expense WERT05 CURR 
113 PKR_FPERN Payment for pension savings (from 2001.01.01) WERT11 CURR 
114 PKR_FPERP Payment for personal pension savings WERT11 CURR 
115 PKR_FPRDO Interest Payment for Housing Loan (6M) WERT05 CURR 
116 PKR_FRAGE Valid age range for family allowance PKR_AGE INT1 
117 PKR_FRE01 Exempted tax amount by tax exemption law WERT05 CURR 
118 PKR_FRI01 Exemption by income tax law in previous company WERT05 CURR 
119 PKR_FRNMN Enable Flat Rate Tax Method in Regular Payroll for Foreigner XFELD CHAR 
120 PKR_FRNTX Foreigner non-taxable from previous company WERT05 CURR 
121 PKR_FRSER From seniory year PKR_SERPR NUMC 
123 PKR_FSTID Indicator for Fostered Child CHAR1 CHAR 
124 PKR_FTCES Payment for employee stock saving WERT13 CURR 
125 PKR_FTCHI Payment for the housing loan interest WERT13 CURR 
126 PKR_FTCLP long term stock savings for previous year WERT11 CURR 
127 PKR_FTCLS Long term stock saving for current year WERT11 CURR 
128 PKR_GETDT Date of getting application for overseas tax credit DATUM DATS 
129 PKR_GIROE Expense paid by giro institution WERT05 CURR 
131 PKR_GVCOD SI code given from SI agencies PKR_GVCOD CHAR 
132 PKR_GVTXT Text for SI code from agencies TEXT80 CHAR 
133 PKR_HANGL HanGul Name format for Korea CHAR6 CHAR 
134 PKR_HANJA Hanja name type for Korea CHAR6 CHAR 
135 PKR_HELI1 Indicator for health insurance CHAR1 CHAR 
136 PKR_HELID Indicator for health insurance CHAR1 CHAR 
137 PKR_HIADJ Health Insurance Adjustment for Last Year CHAR1 CHAR 
138 PKR_HNDED Indicator for the handicapped education CHAR1 CHAR 
139 PKR_HNDEE Handicapped employee PKR_HNDEE CHAR 
140 PKR_HNDID Indicator for the handicapped CHAR1 CHAR 
141 PKR_HNDIS Indicator for the handicapped insurance CHAR1 CHAR 
142 PKR_HONRP Print Receipt in case of Separation with Honorable Payment CHAR1 CHAR 
143 PKR_HPAMT Original Honorable Payment Amount PRBETRG CURR 
144 PKR_HPY00 Honorary separation pay WERT11 CURR 
145 PKR_HPY01 Previous honorary separation pay WERT11 CURR 
146 PKR_HSHLD Householder Indicator XFELD CHAR 
147 PKR_HSINS Housing installment amount WERT05 CURR 
148 PKR_HSSAV Housing saving amount WERT05 CURR 
149 PKR_IDATE Issuing date of ID DATS DATS 
150 PKR_INBZN Business Number of External Institution PKR_INBZN CHAR 
151 PKR_INCMS Include Mid-Separation CHAR1 CHAR 
152 PKR_INDIF Income Reduction for Job Keeping WERT13 CURR 
153 PKR_INDPL Individual Paid Lease WERT05 CURR 
154 PKR_INS01 Medical insurance WERT05 CURR 
155 PKR_INSID Indicator for insurance CHAR1 CHAR 
156 PKR_INSLN Interest Payment for Housing Loan (15M) WERT11 CURR 
157 PKR_INSNM Name of Pension/Saving Institution TEXT30 CHAR 
158 PKR_INT01 Income tax paid in the previous company WERT05 CURR 
159 PKR_INTAX Original Income Tax PRBETRG CURR 
160 PKR_INTFN Fix interest/Non-deferred loan payment (15M) WERT11 CURR 
161 PKR_INTHL Interest Payment for Housing Loan (10M) WERT05 CURR 
162 PKR_INTOT Other Housing Interest Loan Payment (5M) WERT05 CURR 
163 PKR_INVST Investment Since January 2012 WERT11 CURR 
164 PKR_IPY00 Insurance separation pay WERT11 CURR 
165 PKR_IPY01 Previous insurance separation pay WERT11 CURR 
166 PKR_IRABN Business Number of Individual Retirement Account Institution PKR_RGBZN CHAR 
167 PKR_IRANM Name of Individual Retirement Account Institution TEXT30 CHAR 
168 PKR_JOBTX Job type text for unemployment insurance TEXT60 CHAR 
169 PKR_JOBTY Job type for unemployment insurance KR PKR_JOBTY CHAR 
170 PKR_KIBON Basic pay item when calculating MCA for medical insurance CHAR1 CHAR 
171 PKR_KOFST First name of family member in Korean TEXT40 CHAR 
172 PKR_KOLST Last name of family member in Korean TEXT40 CHAR 
173 PKR_KORCR Tax paid oversea in Korean WON WERT11 CURR 
174 PKR_LDT01 Previous company leave date DATUM DATS 
175 PKR_LEAVE Tax deduction item in leave quota compensation CHECKBOX CHAR 
176 PKR_LGPRO Legal Provision PKR_LGPRO CHAR 
177 PKR_LHSSV Long-term housing saving amount WERT05 CURR 
178 PKR_LIVID Indicator for living with family member CHAR1 CHAR 
179 PKR_LNMCH Last name in Chinese TEXT20 CHAR 
180 PKR_LNMHG Last name in Korean TEXT40 CHAR 
181 PKR_LOCAT 2nd address line PAD_LOCAT CHAR 
182 PKR_LOCOD Reason code for loss given by SI association PKR_GVCOD CHAR 
183 PKR_LSPDT Separation pay base date DATUM DATS 
184 PKR_LSPRP Print Receipt in case of Legal Sepration Payment CHAR1 CHAR 
185 PKR_LTEXP Long Term Care Insurance Exemption Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
186 PKR_LTSF1 Investment in Long-Term Stock Fund (First Year) WERT11 CURR 
187 PKR_LTSF2 Investment in Long-Term Stock Fund (Second Year) WERT11 CURR 
188 PKR_LTSF3 Investment in Long-Term Stock Fund (Third Year) WERT11 CURR 
189 PKR_LWLMT Lower Limit of Tax Base Amount PKR_CURR15 CURR 
190 PKR_MCAMT Monthly compensation amount WERT11 CURR 
191 PKR_MDSEP Excluded Separation Payment WERT11 CURR 
192 PKR_MEAMT Amount for medical expense paid by cash WERT05 CURR 
193 PKR_MECDA Credit amount for medical expense WERT05 CURR 
194 PKR_MECDT Credit Card count for medical exp NUM05 NUMC 
195 PKR_MECNT Count for medical expense by cash NUM05 NUMC 
196 PKR_MECUR Medical expense currency WAERS CUKY 
197 PKR_MED01 Medical insurance premium from previous company WERT05 CURR 
198 PKR_MEDID Indicator for medical expense CHAR1 CHAR 
199 PKR_MEPCD Proof Code for Medical Expense Classification PKR_MEPCD CHAR 
200 PKR_MICNR Medical insurance card number PKR_MICNR CHAR 
201 PKR_MILID Military identification number CHAR15 CHAR 
202 PKR_MILJC Job classification PKR_MILJC CHAR 
203 PKR_MILJX Military Job Classification Text KR TEXT30 CHAR 
204 PKR_MILPS Primary skill PKR_MILPS CHAR 
205 PKR_MILPX Military Primary Skill Text KR TEXT30 CHAR 
206 PKR_MILRE Reason for exemption from military service TEXT40 CHAR 
208 PKR_MILRX Military Rank Text KR TEXT30 CHAR 
209 PKR_MILST Service type PKR_MILST CHAR 
210 PKR_MILSX Military Service Type Text KR TEXT20 CHAR 
211 PKR_MILUT Military unit TEXT30 CHAR 
212 PKR_MINUM Administrative number given from MI association CHAR11 CHAR 
213 PKR_MONPY Tax deduction item in monthly payroll CHECKBOX CHAR 
214 PKR_MONRT Monthly Rental Fee WERT05 CURR 
215 PKR_MRNTD Total Monthly Rent Amount WERT11 CURR 
216 PKR_MSCMP Amount for monthly standard compensation WERT11 CURR 
217 PKR_MTHSS Multiple Housing Saving Amount WERT05 CURR 
218 PKR_NAMHG Name in Korean CHAR40 CHAR 
219 PKR_NAPPR National pension separation pay convertible amount WERT11 CURR 
220 PKR_NINVS Investment Since Jan. 2009 WERT11 CURR 
221 PKR_NOAPP Reason for SI non-applicable TEXT80 CHAR 
222 PKR_NONAP Non-Applicable to Retirement Pension CHAR1 CHAR 
223 PKR_NOPRE Flag for no premium deduction in the month of hiring PKR_FDNHM CHAR 
224 PKR_NOTIF Indicator of notification about unemployment wage PKR_NOTIF CHAR 
225 PKR_NPBON Tax deduction item in non-periodic sangyeo payroll CHECKBOX CHAR 
226 PKR_NPCON Original National Pension Separation Pay Convertible Amount PRBETRG CURR 
227 PKR_NPM01 National pension premium from previous company WERT05 CURR 
228 PKR_NTCOD Code of Non-taxable/Exempted Allowance PKR_NTCOD CHAR 
229 PKR_NTCTX Non-taxable/Exempted Allowance TEXT80 CHAR 
230 PKR_NTEXM Indicator for Non-taxable/Exempted Allowance PKR_NTEXM CHAR 
231 PKR_NTFNO Non-taxable/Exempted Item Field No on YEA Receipt CHAR5 CHAR 
232 PKR_NTFTX Text of Non-taxable/Exempted Item Field TEXT40 CHAR 
233 PKR_NTFYR Non-taxable/Exempted Item Field PKR_NTFYR CHAR 
234 PKR_NTS13 Expense amount info from NTS (Length 13) WERT13 CURR 
235 PKR_NTSAM Expense amount info from NTS WERT05 CURR 
236 PKR_NTX03 Overseas Constructor XFELD CHAR 
237 PKR_NTXFC Indicator for non-taxable overseas worker CHAR1 CHAR 
238 PKR_NTXO1 Overseas Worker XFELD CHAR 
239 PKR_NTXO2 Deep-sea Fishing Worker XFELD CHAR 
240 PKR_NTXOV Non-taxable Overseas Income XFELD CHAR 
241 PKR_NUMBR Number of dependants NUM03 NUMC 
242 PKR_OAPID Eligible for Additional Deduction for Aged Dependant CHAR1 CHAR 
243 PKR_OLDEE Eligible for Additional Deduction for Aged Employee CHAR1 CHAR 
244 PKR_OLYHO Only Honorary Payment without Legal Separation Pay CHAR1 CHAR 
246 PKR_OPTIO Tax calculation method for foreigner PKR_OPTIO CHAR 
247 PKR_OPTTX Foreigner tax calculation text TEXT22 CHAR 
248 PKR_ORT1 Si/Ku/Kun TEXT40 CHAR 
249 PKR_ORT2 Dong/Eup/Myun TEXT40 CHAR 
250 PKR_OSCHO Tax Credit for Oversea Honorable WERT05 CURR 
251 PKR_OSPDT Original Separation Pay Date DATUM DATS 
252 PKR_OTH01 Other non-taxable income from previous company WERT05 CURR 
253 PKR_OTH13 Expense amount info from other source (Length 13) WERT13 CURR 
254 PKR_OTHAM Expense amount info from other source WERT05 CURR 
255 PKR_OTHNP Other NP Premium from Previous Company PKR_AMT10 CURR 
256 PKR_OTHPI Other Pension Insurance PKR_AMT10 CURR 
257 PKR_OTSDO Other Special Donation WERT05 CURR 
258 PKR_OUT01 Non-taxable overseas income from previous company WERT05 CURR 
259 PKR_OVR01 Non-taxable overtime from previous company WERT05 CURR 
260 PKR_OVSCT Tax Credit for Oversea WERT05 CURR 
261 PKR_OVSWK Overseas Worker CHAR1 CHAR 
262 PKR_PABEG Start Date of Service Period Attributable to YEA DATUM DATS 
263 PKR_PAEND End Date of Service Period Attributable to YEA DATUM DATS 
264 PKR_PARST Participant Status PKR_PARST CHAR 
265 PKR_PARTI Pension Participant CHAR1_X CHAR 
266 PKR_PAYRP Applicable to Retirement Pension CHAR1 CHAR 
267 PKR_PAYTY Payment type PKR_PAYTY CHAR 
268 PKR_PAYYM Evaluation period for average pay CHAR006 CHAR 
269 PKR_PDCID Personal Deduction Changed Indicator XFELD CHAR 
270 PKR_PERUL Calculation process for time specification (Separation pay) PSEN_PROCE CHAR 
271 PKR_PGTXT Payroll group text CHAR30 CHAR 
272 PKR_PINUM Pension Insurance number of business place CHAR11 CHAR 
273 PKR_PINVS Investment Till Dec. 2006 WERT11 CURR 
274 PKR_PNSTX Description of Secondary Category of Expense TEXT40 CHAR 
275 PKR_PNSTY Secondary Category of Expense   CHAR 
276 PKR_POLDN Political donation amount WERT05 CURR 
277 PKR_PRAIN Sum of Principle and Interest WERT11 CURR 
278 PKR_PREIN Previous Company XFELD CHAR 
279 PKR_PRGRP Payroll grouping CHAR2 CHAR 
280 PKR_PRODU Production worker PKR_PRODU CHAR 
281 PKR_PRPDT Participation Date of DB Retirement Pension DATUM DATS 
282 PKR_PRUNT Unit of period PKR_PRUNT NUMC 
283 PKR_PRVER Indicator for Previous Employers CHECKBOX CHAR 
284 PKR_PSPAD Adjusted Previous Service Period NUM3 NUMC 
285 PKR_PSTLZ Postal code PSTLZ CHAR 
286 PKR_PSTTX Description of Participant Status TEXT40 CHAR 
287 PKR_PTCDO Donation for Public Corporation WERT05 CURR 
288 PKR_PUBTR Expense for Public Transportation PKR_AMT10 CURR 
289 PKR_PUNAR Authority issuing a disciplinary measure TEXT30 CHAR 
290 PKR_PUNRS Reason for issuing a disciplinary measure TEXT30 CHAR 
291 PKR_PUNTX Text for disciplinary measure TEXT40 CHAR 
292 PKR_PUNTY Type of disciplinary measure PKR_PUNTY CHAR 
293 PKR_PUTDT Date of submitting application for overseas tax credit DATUM DATS 
294 PKR_PYAMT Amount of pay WERT11 CURR 
295 PKR_PYBEG Evaluation begin date for regular pay DATUM DATS 
296 PKR_PYCUM Cumulation period NUM3 NUMC 
297 PKR_PYCUR Exclude Payroll Results Paid in Valuation Month CHAR1 CHAR 
298 PKR_PYEND Evaluation end date for regular pay DATUM DATS 
299 PKR_PYFUN Relevancy test function CHAR50 CHAR 
300 PKR_PYMAX Maximum reference period NUM3 NUMC 
301 PKR_PYREL Relevancy period NUM3 NUMC 
302 PKR_PYWGT Comparable wage type LGART CHAR 
303 PKR_RCBEG Rental Contract Begin Date   DATS 
304 PKR_RCEND Rental Contract End Date   DATS 
305 PKR_RCMSC The reason of current monthly std. comp. determination PKR_RCMSC CHAR 
306 PKR_RCPRT Premium rate for retirement convertible pay of NP DEC3_2 DEC 
307 PKR_RDSVR Adjusted service period PKR_SVRPR DEC 
308 PKR_RDTAX Original Resident Tax PRBETRG CURR 
309 PKR_RECFR Received on DATUM DATS 
310 PKR_RECMD Recruitment method of contributor's beneficiary PKR_RECMD NUMC 
311 PKR_RECTX Text for recruit method of national contributor KR TEXT40 CHAR 
312 PKR_RECUT Recruitment method of employee PKR_RECUT CHAR 
313 PKR_RECUX Text for recruitment method of employee TEXT40 CHAR 
314 PKR_REFID Exemption by Income tax law/Tax exemption regulation law PKR_REFID CHAR 
315 PKR_REGIO Region (State, Province, County) REGIO CHAR 
316 PKR_REGNO Korean Registration Number PKR_REGNO CHAR 
317 PKR_RELAT Relationship with national contributor AUSPR CHAR 
318 PKR_RELDO Religious Donation WERT05 CURR 
319 PKR_RENUM Serial Number of Donation Receipt CHAR20 CHAR 
320 PKR_REPAC Account Number for Retirement Pension BANKN CHAR 
321 PKR_REPAM Lump Sum Amount of Retirement Pension WERT11 CURR 
322 PKR_REPAY Annual repayment for the principal of housing loan WERT05 CURR 
323 PKR_REPEI Representative business place for Employment Insurance J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
324 PKR_REPMI Representative business place for medical insurance J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
325 PKR_REPPC Retirement Pension From Previous Company PKR_AMT10 CURR 
326 PKR_REPPI Representative business place for National Pension J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
327 PKR_RET01 Resident tax paid in the previous company WERT05 CURR 
328 PKR_RETID Retirement Reason PKR_RETID CHAR 
329 PKR_RETPE Retirement pension PKR_AMT10 CURR 
330 PKR_RETTX Retirement Reason ID Description TEXT30 CHAR 
331 PKR_RPAMT Original Retirement Pension Payment Amount PRBETRG CURR 
332 PKR_RPPLN Retirement Pension Plan PKR_RPPLN CHAR 
333 PKR_RPPST Status of Retirement Pension Plan PKR_RPPST CHAR 
334 PKR_RPPTX Name of Retirement Pension Plan TEXT40 CHAR 
335 PKR_RSNOT Indicator for non-Korean-resident PKR_RSNOT CHAR 
336 PKR_RSNTX Research non-taxable from previous company WERT05 CURR 
337 PKR_RSTRU Repeat or Non-Repeat Structure XFELD CHAR 
338 PKR_SAL01 Regular salary from the previous company WERT11 CURR 
339 PKR_SAVAM The saving amount for housing WERT05 CURR 
340 PKR_SAVNM House savings name TEXT30 CHAR 
341 PKR_SECCO Section Code SECCO CHAR 
342 PKR_SEEDK Key for SEED Algorithm PKR_RAW04 RAW 
343 PKR_SENEX Senior Executive CHAR1 CHAR 
344 PKR_SEPDT Separation date DATUM DATS 
345 PKR_SET01 Previous special tax WERT11 CURR 
346 PKR_SFEHI Health Insurance Premium for Self-Insured Employee WERT05 CURR 
347 PKR_SFENP National Pension Premium for Self-Insured Employee WERTV5 CURR 
348 PKR_SIANM Name of Social Insurance Agency TEXT30 CHAR 
349 PKR_SICMP Social Insurance Compensation PKR_SICMP CHAR 
350 PKR_SIERP SI exemption/reduction percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
351 PKR_SIGRP PS Grouping for Employment Insurance CHAR2 CHAR 
352 PKR_SIMCA Monthly compensation amount for SI WERT11 CURR 
353 PKR_SIMOD Social Insurance Agency PKR_SIMOD CHAR 
354 PKR_SIPID Social Insurance Type PKR_SIPID CHAR 
355 PKR_SIPTX Social Insurance Type Description TEXT40 CHAR 
356 PKR_SIPTY Social insurance premium type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
357 PKR_SITYP Social insurance type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
358 PKR_SIVER Version number of monthly standard compensation table PKR_SIVER NUMC 
359 PKR_SMBFI Small Biz Insurance Funds WERT11 CURR 
360 PKR_SPAMT Original Separation Payment Amount PRBETRG CURR 
361 PKR_SPCDO Special donation WERT05 CURR 
362 PKR_SPT01 Special tax paid in the previous company WERT05 CURR 
363 PKR_SPTAX Original Special Tax PRBETRG CURR 
364 PKR_SPY01 Previous separation pay WERT11 CURR 
365 PKR_STCD2 Biz place number CHAR10 CHAR 
366 PKR_STOPT Previous Company's Stock Option WERT11 CURR 
367 PKR_STPRD Calculation-Starting Period PKR_STPRD NUMC 
368 PKR_STRAS House number and street PAD_STRAS CHAR 
370 PKR_SUBCE Date of application for cultural & educational expense DATUM DATS 
371 PKR_SUBDT Date of filing application DATUM DATS 
372 PKR_SUBFR Submitted on DATUM DATS 
373 PKR_SUBIS Date of submitting application for other insurance premium DATUM DATS 
374 PKR_SUBME Date of submitting application for medical expense DATUM DATS 
375 PKR_SUBPE Reason of DME Submission XFELD CHAR 
376 PKR_SUBRD Date of submitting receipt for donation DATUM DATS 
377 PKR_SUBST Recruit substitute of the retiree PKR_SUBST CHAR 
378 PKR_SUDAN Allowance item when calculating MCA for medical insurance CHAR1 CHAR 
379 PKR_SUPNM Name of supply CHAR40 CHAR 
380 PKR_SUPNR Biz number of supply PKR_BZNUM CHAR 
381 PKR_SUPRT Supplement Rate Identifier PKR_SIPID CHAR 
382 PKR_SVDED Service period deduction P_AMT08V CURR 
383 PKR_SVRHO Service period for tax calculation of honorary payment NUM2 NUMC 
384 PKR_SVRPR Service period in previous companies NUM3 NUMC 
385 PKR_TAXCM Tax calculation method PKR_TAXCM NUMC 
386 PKR_TAXCT Tax paid country LAND1 CHAR 
387 PKR_TAXGR Tax Grouping of Simple Tax Table PKR_TAXGR CHAR 
388 PKR_TAXNR Previous company's business number PKR_TAXNR CHAR 
389 PKR_TDAMT Progressive taxation amount WERT11 CURR 
390 PKR_TDFRP Generate Receipt for IRA Tax Refund CHAR1 CHAR 
391 PKR_TIBBT Repayment installment in off cycle WERT13 CURR 
392 PKR_TINVS Investment Since Jan. 2007 WERT11 CURR 
393 PKR_TOAGE Valid age range for family allowance(TO) PKR_AGE INT1 
394 PKR_TOSER To seniority year PKR_SERPR NUMC 
395 PKR_TOSVR Upper service period NUM3 NUMC 
396 PKR_TPERL Calculation process for time specification (Separation Tax) PSEN_PROCE CHAR 
397 PKR_TRADI Expense Amount in Traditional Market WERT05 CURR 
398 PKR_TRDMK Expense in Traditional Market CHAR1 CHAR 
399 PKR_TXAMT Upper limit of Tax base amount WERT11 CURR 
400 PKR_TXDED Tax deduction item PKR_TXDED CHAR 
401 PKR_TXEMP Exemption of Calculated Separation Tax CHAR1 CHAR 
402 PKR_TXEPR Tax Exemption in Previous Separation Payment CHAR1 CHAR 
403 PKR_TXPAS Indicator for Taxpayer Association CHAR1 CHAR 
404 PKR_TXRTE Income tax rate NUMC3 NUMC 
405 PKR_TXSVR Service perid for tax calculation NUM2 NUMC 
406 PKR_TXVER Version number of Tax rate table PKR_TXVER NUMC 
407 PKR_UBPCO Unit business place code given from MI association CHAR03 CHAR 
408 PKR_UPLMT Upper Limit of Tax Base Amount PKR_CURR15 CURR 
409 PKR_VALDT Valuation Date of Monthly Average Income for Separation Pay DATUM DATS 
410 PKR_VGLGR Pay scale group for second pay component TRFGR CHAR 
411 PKR_VGLST Pay scale level for second pay component TRFST CHAR 
412 PKR_VINVS Investment Since Jan. 2012 for Venture Enterprises WERT11 CURR 
413 PKR_WAERS Currency key WAERS CUKY 
414 PKR_WCICD Classification Code for Workers' Compensation Insurance CHAR5 CHAR 
415 PKR_WCICT Workers' Compensation Insurance Classification TEXT50 CHAR 
416 PKR_WCIE1 Exempt from Wage Claim XFELD CHAR 
417 PKR_WCIE2 Exempt from Asbestos Relief Contribution XFELD CHAR 
418 PKR_WESVR Weighted service period PKR_SVRPR DEC 
419 PKR_WGGRP Wage type group PKR_WGGRP CHAR 
420 PKR_WIGRP PS Grouping for Workers' Compensation Insurance CHAR2 CHAR 
421 PKR_WOMEE Matriarch or dual income PKR_WOMEE CHAR 
422 PKR_WTSVR Weighted value PKR_SVRPR DEC 
423 PKR_YNGEE Young Employee in SME CHAR1 CHAR 
424 PKR_YNGMN English Name format for Korea CHAR9 CHAR 
425 PKSAF Control type PKSAF CHAR 
426 PKSAR Control type PKSAR CHAR 
427 PKSASTOCK Bin Stock of Material for a Control Cycle   QUAN 
428 PKSAU Control type PKSAU CHAR 
429 PKSBZ Description: Kanban replenishment strategy TEXT40 CHAR 
430 PKSCRAP Selection for Processing of Scrap XFELD CHAR 
431 PKSEQ Control Cycle for Sequenced JIT Calls XFLAG CHAR 
432 PKSFG Status Sequence Kanban PKSFG CHAR 
433 PKSL_DB_REF Reference to cl_pksl_db_pk (DB Layer) CL_PKSL_DB_PK REF 
434 PKSODE Sort in descending order XFELD CHAR 
435 PKSOPRI Sort priority NUMC1 NUMC 
436 PKSQUA Several Material Quants in a Storage Bin PKSQUA CHAR 
437 PKSTA Packing status of item STATV CHAR 
438 PKSTAR Cost element of partner KSTAR CHAR 
439 PKSTAR_SIZE Portion Size for Primary Costs SYST_LONG INT4 
440 PKSTA_VTTP There are Packed Deliveries Dependent on Shipping XFELD CHAR 
441 PKSTE Control Cycle Replenishment Strategy for In-House Production PKSTS CHAR 
442 PKSTF Replenishment Strategy of Control Cycle - Ext. Procurement PKSTF CHAR 
443 PKSTK Overall packing status of all items STATV_PKST CHAR 
444 PKSTK_BEZ Description: packing status TEXT20 CHAR 
445 PKSTK_VTTK Shipment Contains Handling Units XFELD CHAR 
446 PKSTL_D Partner cost center KOSTL CHAR 
447 PKSTS Kanban control profile PKSTS CHAR 
448 PKSTU Control Cycle Replenishment Strategy for Stock Transfer PKSTU CHAR 
449 PKSUB Key Structure of External Object Types AS4TAB CHAR 
450 PKSUM Control Cycle for Manual Generation of Summarized JIT Calls XFLAG CHAR 
451 PKSVN Text Field Status From --> Status To CHAR16 CHAR 
452 PKSY1 PS symbol CHAR2 CHAR 
453 PKSYM_D Negative symbols for T530D CHAR20 CHAR 
454 PKTABNM Table name AS4TAB CHAR 
455 PKTBLDTYP IS-M: Bundling type for bundle type in postal shipping PKTBLDTYP CHAR 
457 PKTIM Delivery time for a kanban TZNTSTMPS DEC 
458 PKTIMER Interval for Refreshing the Kanban Board Automatically NUMC5 NUMC 
459 PKTMINTECH IS-M: Minimum quantity in bundle PKTTEILER DEC 
460 PKTPROG Program for determining bundle dividers CHAR30 CHAR 
462 PKTREGART Type of bundling rule PKTREGART CHAR 
463 PKTSUCHFOL Sequence in which bundling rules are to be used PKTSUCHFOL NUMC 
464 PKTTEILER Bundle Divider in Units PKTTEILER DEC 
465 PKTTEILER_N Bundle Divider in Units   NUMC 
466 PKTTEIL_04 IS-M: Bundle divider CHAR4 CHAR 
467 PKTXT Name of Employee Subgroup TEXT20 CHAR 
468 PKTZT Time when letter of credit must be assigned to a document PKTZT CHAR 
469 PKT_MAXMNG IS-M: Maximum quantity in odd bundle PKTTEILER DEC 
470 PKT_MINMNG IS-M: Minimum no. of units in bundle (not common odd bundle) PKTTEILER DEC 
471 PKUAB Price deviation in percent DEC3_7 DEC 
472 PKUMW Issuing Plant in Kanban Processing WERKS CHAR 
473 PKUPDLCM Change Lifecycle Status of a Control Cycle XFELD CHAR 
474 PKUR Price in percent DEC3_7 DEC 
475 PKURFN RHC/BWP Reference Number KURFN CHAR 
476 PKURG1 Priority with limit "maximum empty" DRING DEC 
477 PKURG2 Priority without limit "Maximum empty" DRING DEC 
478 PKUSER1 First user exit in kanban board TEXT60 CHAR 
479 PKUSER2 Second user exit in kanban board TEXT60 CHAR 
480 PKVPACK Use of Packing Instructions in the KANBAN Control Cycle VPACK CHAR 
481 PKVXX Total Planned Costs in CO Area Currency WERTV8 CURR 
482 PKWAER Report in Controlling Area Currency XCHAR CHAR 
483 PKWGL Regulation for Taxation of Company Car PKWGL CHAR 
484 PKWKL Vehicle Class PKWKL CHAR 
485 PKWRG Reimbursement Group for Travel Costs PKWRG CHAR 
486 PKWRT Planned condition value WERTV8 CURR 
487 PKWRT_P Planned condition value WERTV8 CURR 
488 PKWTX Car rule TEXT60 CHAR 
489 PKWWR Car Value WERT05 CURR 
490 PKWZW Cross-plant kanban XFELD CHAR 
491 PKXZZ Payment periods CHAR46 CHAR 
492 PKZER Lock Indicator for Planning Revenues YNFLG CHAR 
493 PKZGDT Date of Next Planned Receipt DATUM DATS 
494 PKZGUZ Time of Next Planned Receipt UZEIT TIMS 
495 PKZKP Lock Indicator for Plan Primary Costs YNFLG CHAR 
496 PKZKS Lock Indicator for Plan Secondary Costs YNFLG CHAR 
497 PKZLUMB New line in the kanban board PKZLUMB CHAR 
498 PKZOOM Zoom Factor Kanban Board BCZOOMFAC NUMC 
499 PKZTX Description of the period indicator TEXT40 CHAR 
500 PKZWI Interim value for price simulation KZWIW CHAR