SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 78
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 PES_LUGAR Place code CHAR3 CHAR 
2 PES_MDDOM Doctor's address TEXT80 CHAR 
3 PES_MDNON Doctor's name TEXT40 CHAR 
4 PES_MDTEL Doctor's telephone number TELNR CHAR 
5 PES_MES Period (month) NUMC4 NUMC 
6 PES_MES2 Record ID no. - month   NUMC 
7 PES_MESES Expected duration of leave - months   NUMC 
8 PES_METCON Contracts: Control method PES_METODO CHAR 
9 PES_METHAC Contracts: Management method for Internal Revenue Service PES_METODO CHAR 
10 PES_METO2 Contract processing method (other methods) PES_METODO CHAR 
11 PES_METODO Contract process method PES_METODO CHAR 
12 PES_METSEG Contracts: Management method for Social Insurance Admin. PES_METODO CHAR 
13 PES_METTRA Contracts: Transformation method PES_METODO CHAR 
14 PES_MIN33 Reduction for challenged persons 33% - 65% DEC3_2 DEC 
15 PES_MIN65 Reduction for challenged persons >65% DEC3_2 DEC 
16 PES_MINHI Employment tax (IRPF): Family minimum for children WERTV5 CURR 
17 PES_MINMR Decrease for disable persons with reduced mobility DEC3_2 DEC 
18 PES_MINOP Applied decrease WERT05 CURR 
19 PES_MINPE Employment tax (IRPF): Personal minimum WERTV5 CURR 
20 PES_MINPERFA Minimum family personnel WERTV5 CURR 
21 PES_MINUS Employment tax (IRPF): Degree of challenge PES_MINUS NUMC 
22 PES_MIPA2 Decrease due to mortgage PES_MIPAG CHAR 
23 PES_MIPAG Decrease due to mortgage PES_MIPAG CHAR 
26 PES_MOCON Contract type for tax according to the tax office PES_MOCON CHAR 
27 PES_MODAA1 Hospitalization WERT5 CURR 
28 PES_MODAA2 General practice WERT5 CURR 
29 PES_MODAA3 Specialties WERT5 CURR 
30 PES_MODAL Contract category PES_MODAL CHAR 
31 PES_MODCO Contribution type CHAR1 CHAR 
32 PES_MODNO Mode number SYST_LONG INT4 
33 PES_MODPG Payment method PES_MODPG CHAR 
35 PES_MOD_ATT Category of exclusion contracts PES_MODALIDAD CHAR 
36 PES_MOD_HRATT Category of exclusion contract P_99B_HRATTRIBUTE_VALUE CHAR 
37 PES_MOLNR Alternative results modifier PES_N00_99 NUMC 
38 PES_MOLRN Result reader modifier PES_N00_99 NUMC 
39 PES_MONRED Currency FAN message CHAR1 CHAR 
40 PES_MOTAFI Employee status PES_MOTAFI NUMC 
41 PES_MOTAF_TXT RED system: Employee status TEXT40 CHAR 
42 PES_MOTAL Reason for registration MOTIVOALTA CHAR 
43 PES_MOTIVO Contract reason and/or other comments TEXT70 CHAR 
44 PES_MOVEMP Employee movement DEC08 DEC 
45 PES_MOVIM Transaction type PES_MOVIM CHAR 
46 PES_MOVRE Reduced mobility XFELD CHAR 
47 PES_MOVTC2 Voluntary / unvoluntary leave indicator PES_MOVTC2 CHAR 
48 PES_MREIN Rehired female employee PES_MREIN CHAR 
49 PES_MUJSR Under-represented woman XFELD CHAR 
50 PES_MUJSUB RED System: Under-represented woman CHAR1 CHAR 
51 PES_MUJSUBR RED System: Under-represented woman CHAR1 CHAR 
52 PES_MULTI More than one worker affected PES_BOOLE CHAR 
53 PES_MULTX More than one worker affected XFELD CHAR 
55 PES_MUTUA RED system: Entity code for indust.accident/disease PES_MUTUA CHAR 
56 PES_NACION RED system: Nationality CHAR3 CHAR 
57 PES_NACON Social Insurance check digit CHAR2 CHAR 
58 PES_NAF RED System: Social Insurance registration number NUMC10 NUMC 
59 PES_NARED RED system: Nationality key CHAR3 CHAR 
60 PES_NASCD Number of ancestors for employment tax NUMC2 NUMC 
61 PES_NDE01 Employment tax (IRPF): Descendants under 3 years old NUMC2 NUMC 
62 PES_NDE02 Employment tax (IRPF): Descendants aged between 3 and 16 NUMC2 NUMC 
63 PES_NDE03 Employment tax (IRPF): Descendants aged between 16 and 25 NUMC2 NUMC 
64 PES_NDESC Employment tax (IRPF): Number of descendants NUMC2 NUMC 
65 PES_NDM33 IRPF: Descendants between 33% and 65% disabled NUMC2 NUMC 
66 PES_NDM65 Descendants 65% disabled or over NUMC2 NUMC 
67 PES_NDOC Record ID no. - Doc. no. within transmission   NUMC 
68 PES_NENV Record ID no.- transmission number   NUMC 
69 PES_NEWBE New start date DATUM DATS 
70 PES_NEWEN New end date DATUM DATS 
71 PES_NEXRE Reference file number PES_NUMEX CHAR 
72 PES_NFAMI Number of family members relevant for employment tax (IRPF) DEC2 DEC 
73 PES_NFORM Level of training according to INEM PES_NFORM NUMC 
74 PES_NIF RED system: Taxpayer identification number (NIF) CHAR14 CHAR 
75 PES_NIFBE Challenged person beneficiary tax number CHAR9 CHAR 
76 PES_NIFEA Insurance company NIF (Fiscal Identification Number) CHAR9 CHAR 
77 PES_NIFFP Retirement Fund NIF (Fiscal Identification Numbe) CHAR9 CHAR 
78 PES_NISS4 CA code for consultants and administrators NUM11 NUMC 
79 PES_NOBON Do not report bonus differences XFELD CHAR 
80 PES_NOCONT Not applicable BOOLE CHAR 
82 PES_NOMDR Doctor's name CHAR30 CHAR 
83 PES_NOMTIT Holder name CHAR31 CHAR 
84 PES_NORET Basis/deduction form 190 PES_NORET CHAR 
85 PES_NPACO Confirmation report number DEC2 DEC 
86 PES_NRAFI Affiliation number NUM8 NUMC 
87 PES_NRHORA RED system: Number of hours NUMC2 NUMC 
88 PES_NRJUS Statement number CHAR14 CHAR 
89 PES_NUEAN INEM no. - year   NUMC 
90 PES_NUENU INEM no. - number   NUMC 
91 PES_NUMDR Membership number CHAR8 CHAR 
92 PES_NUMEX Employment provision file no. PES_NUMEX CHAR 
93 PES_NUMPE Number of payees for IRPF reports INT4 INT4 
94 PES_NUMPRO Extension sequential number NUM2 NUMC 
95 PES_NUMTRA RED system: Number of employees NUMC6 NUMC 
96 PES_NUREG Record number NUM10 NUMC 
97 PES_NURFP Retirement Fund record number CHAR5 CHAR 
98 PES_NUSEC Sequential number CHAR1 CHAR 
99 PES_NUSS Replaced employee Social Insurance number NUM12 NUMC 
100 PES_NXEXD Number of dependents excluded from the calculation PES_NXEXD NUMC 
101 PES_NXIDE The exemption calculation result is the exempt amount XFELD CHAR 
102 PES_NXIDN The exemption calculation result is the non-exempt amount XFELD CHAR 
103 PES_NXLTD Amount per dependent in the garnishable calculation PES_NXDCUR CURR 
104 PES_NXLTF Flat amount in calculation of non-exempt amount PES_NXFCUR CURR 
105 PES_NXLTP Percentage limit of non-exempt amount calculation PES_PERCNT DEC 
106 PES_NXREL Relation between percentage and amount PES_NXREL CHAR 
107 PES_NXUNA Amount unit in the non-exempt amount calculation PES_NXUNA CHAR 
108 PES_NXUNP Percentage value unit in the non-exempt amount calculation PES_NXUNP CHAR 
109 PES_NYMAY Ñ upper case field CHAR3 CHAR 
110 PES_NYMIN ñ lower case field CHAR3 CHAR 
111 PES_N_COL FDI: Member no. NUM8 NUMC 
112 PES_N_COLT FDI: Member no. CHAR8 CHAR 
113 PES_N_CON Confirmation report number NUMC2 NUMC 
114 PES_OBJPS Counter for field OBJPS NUMC04 NUMC 
115 PES_OBLCB Obligatory to present basic copy to employment office PES_OBLCB CHAR 
116 PES_OCUPA Employment (IA and ID contribution) PES_OCUPA CHAR 
117 PES_OFFIN Spanish Office of Employment (INEM): Enrollment code PES_INEM NUMC 
118 PES_OFFRG Office where contract is filed PES_INEM NUMC 
119 PES_OPTNU Behavior option NUMC2 NUMC 
121 PES_OTROS Other employee profiles PES_OTROS CHAR 
122 PES_PA20_UCOMM Hotspot for PA20 transaction CHAR50 CHAR 
123 PES_PA30_UCOMM Hotspot para PA30 transaction CHAR50 CHAR 
124 PES_PAGOD Delegated payment indicator   CHAR 
125 PES_PAIS RED system: Country of issue CHAR3 CHAR 
126 PES_PASSW RED system: Personal key CHAR08 CHAR 
127 PES_PASSWN RED system: Personal key proposed (new) CHAR08 CHAR 
128 PES_PATIX Assignment of the PAT report in the multi-PAT file NUMC5 NUMC 
129 PES_PAYCO Amount constant CHAR6 CHAR 
130 PES_PBD75 75 percent compensation P_AMT08 CURR 
131 PES_PBECC Discount in company contribution to non-industrial risks (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
132 PES_PBEDE Discount in company cont. to unemployment insurance fund DEC4_4 DEC 
133 PES_PBEFG Discount in company contribution to FOGASA fund (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
134 PES_PBEFP Discount in company cont. to occupational training fund (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
135 PES_PBEHE Discount in company contribution to overtime fund (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
136 PES_PBEHS Discount in company contributions to structural overtime (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
137 PES_PBEIM Discount in company cont. to challenge and death fund (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
138 PES_PBEIT Discount in company cont. for temporary incapacity (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
139 PES_PBTCC Discount in employee cont. for non-industrial risks (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
140 PES_PBTDE Discount in EE cont. to unemployment insurance fund (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
141 PES_PBTFG Discount in employee contributions to FOGASA fund (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
142 PES_PBTFP Discount in employee cont. to occupational training fund (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
143 PES_PBTHE Discount in employee contributions to overtime fund (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
144 PES_PBTHS Discount in employee cont. to structural overtime fund (%) DEC4_4 DEC 
145 PES_PCTBD Basis B daily average P_AMT08 CURR 
146 PES_PDUV18 Live run XFELD CHAR 
147 PES_PER11X Number of month in year PES_MES NUMC 
148 PES_PERCOT Contribution period   NUMC 
149 PES_PERCP Payments for employment tax reports PRBETRG CURR 
150 PES_PERCR Relief contract person PERSNO NUMC 
151 PES_PERDB Lost of profits indicator PES_PERDB NUMC 
152 PES_PERED Reduced payments for IRPF reports PRBETRG CURR 
153 PES_PERIN Full payments for IRPF reports PRBETRG CURR 
154 PES_PERLIQ Payroll run period PES_MMJJJJ NUMC 
155 PES_PERPR Main period of the TC CHAR6 CHAR 
156 PES_PIOTG Percentage of irregular performance integration NUMC3 NUMC 
157 PES_PITGR Integration percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
158 PES_PJUPA Working time percentage, partial retirement contracts PES_PJUPA NUMC 
159 PES_PJUPA_DEC Decimal percent on working time (partial retirement) PES_PJUPA_DEC DEC 
160 PES_PLPDE Percentage of Unemployment concurrent employees DEC3_2 DEC 
161 PES_PLPOR FOGASA percentage multiple employment DEC3_2 DEC 
162 PES_PLURI Multiple employment PES_PLURI CHAR 
163 PES_PMODE_GEN Calendar processing mode PES_PMODE_GEN CHAR 
164 PES_PORAP Employment tax (IRPF) code applied DEC2_2 DEC 
165 PES_PORC Percentage PES_PORC CHAR 
166 PES_PORCE Percentage applied to contribution for contracts DEC4_4 DEC 
167 PES_PORDB Employment tax code stored (database only not displayed) DEC2_2 DEC 
168 PES_PORJR Percentage of contract work schedule with reduction PES_PORJR DEC 
169 PES_PORMN Minimum variation for adjustment WERTV5 CURR 
170 PES_PORNA Payroll percentage maintained automatically CHAR1 CHAR 
171 PES_PORPR Previous IRPF percentage DEC2_2 DEC 
172 PES_PORRD Contribution reduction percentage PES_PORRD DEC 
173 PES_PPARA Area of Retirement Plan CHAR2 CHAR 
174 PES_PPDEN Name of Retirement Plan CHAR40 CHAR 
176 PES_PPPLA Retirement Plan CHAR4 CHAR 
177 PES_PREVA External risk prevention service XFELD CHAR 
178 PES_PREVM Joint risk prevention service XFELD CHAR 
179 PES_PREVP Own risk prevention service XFELD CHAR 
180 PES_PREVT "Designated employee(s)" preventive organization XFELD CHAR 
181 PES_PRGAD Daily average of the regulatory base A P_AMT08 CURR 
182 PES_PRGBD Daily average of the regulatory base B P_AMT08 CURR 
183 PES_PRIMAU Self-employed worker CHAR1 CHAR 
184 PES_PRIMAUT RED system: First self-employed worker CHAR1 CHAR 
186 PES_PROEJ Member province of activity REGIO CHAR 
187 PES_PROEJT Member province of activity CHAR2 CHAR 
188 PES_PROV RED system: Province NUMC2 NUMC 
189 PES_PROVEC Process syntax version CHAR1 CHAR 
190 PES_PROVER RED system: Process syntax version NUM1 NUMC 
193 PES_PTPAR Part-time percentage of the normal working time DEC3_2 DEC 
194 PES_PTRAU Self-employed worker XFELD CHAR 
195 PES_RACIN Active Insertion Income XFELD CHAR 
196 PES_RATSBIX Assignment of RATSB report in multi-RATSB file NUMC5 NUMC 
197 PES_RATSB_ACCIX Assignment of the 'accident' report to RATSB file section NUMC5 NUMC 
198 PES_RAZON Registered company name TEXT40 CHAR 
199 PES_RCAMT Record of amount for statutory deductions PES_GRNCUR CURR 
200 PES_RCCAT Category record for statutory deductions PES_RCCAT CHAR 
201 PES_RCDAT Record date of statutory deduction DATUM DATS 
202 PES_RCDRL Deduction record relevance date DATUM DATS 
203 PES_REACA Previous results only higher than annual VarV CHAR1 CHAR 
205 PES_RECAU Reserved Collection   CHAR 
206 PES_RECMOR Surcharge on arrears NUMC2 NUMC 
207 PES_RECSE Special cases for relating one debt with others PES_RECSE CHAR 
208 PES_RED08 RED system: Reserved 8 characters CHAR8 CHAR 
209 PES_REDAD IRPF: Additional reduction for specific collectives WERTV5 CURR 
210 PES_REDANO Record ID no. - Year   NUMC 
211 PES_REDCAB Segment header PES_REDCAB CHAR 
212 PES_REDERE Reduced working hours through ERE PES_PERC_DEC DEC 
213 PES_REDHIJ Reduced working time for child care PES_PERC_DEC DEC 
214 PES_REDJB Retirement age reduction coefficient NUMC2 NUMC 
215 PES_REDJUB RED system: Retirement reduction coefficient NUMC3 NUMC 
216 PES_REDPRI RED system: Priority key for processed message CHAR1 CHAR 
217 PES_REDSTX RED system message syntax identifier PES_REDSTX CHAR 
218 PES_REDUC Reduction in working day PES_REDUC CHAR 
219 PES_REFER Associated reference CHAR17 CHAR 
220 PES_REFEXP RED system: Record reference CHAR7 CHAR 
221 PES_REFRF Reference file for protected data PES_REFRF CHAR 
222 PES_REG RED system: Social Insurance category PES_REG NUMC 
223 PES_REG2 Social Insurance category NUMC4 NUMC 
224 PES_REGBR Gross annual salary received WERTV5 CURR 
225 PES_REGCC Company contribution account category   NUMC 
226 PES_REGNR Spanish Office of Employment (INEM) record number NUM10 NUMC 
227 PES_REGPRA RED system: Social Insurance regime of main CAC NUMC2 NUMC 
228 PES_REGRT Employment tax (IRPF): Deductions up to adjustment WERTV5 CURR 
229 PES_REGUL IRPF: Reduction by adjustment WERTV5 CURR 
230 PES_RELEV Relief contract CAT_FLAG CHAR 
231 PES_RELEV_UI Relief contract XFELD CHAR 
232 PES_RELLAB Special work relationship PES_RELLAB CHAR 
233 PES_RENI2 Reduction due to irregular performance WERTV5 CURR 
234 PES_RENIR Reduction due to irregular performances WERTV5 CURR 
235 PES_RENTR Employment tax (IRPF): Reduction for work performance WERTV5 CURR 
236 PES_REPOR Profit report status STAT_REP CHAR 
237 PES_REPRE Employee representative TEXT80 CHAR 
238 PES_REPRES Lender remuneration amount CHAR12 CHAR 
239 PES_REPRI Debt priority in relation to other debts PES_REPRI NUMC 
240 PES_REPRS Person responsible for hiring PERNR NUMC 
241 PES_REPTD Profit reported and awaiting response CHAR1 CHAR 
242 PES_REQUIS Contracts: Requirement for special contracts PES_REQUIS CHAR 
243 PES_RES01 Reserved CHAR1 CHAR 
244 PES_RES010 Reserved RED system CHAR10 CHAR 
245 PES_RES02 RED system: Reserved CHAR2 CHAR 
246 PES_RES03 RED system: Reserved CHAR3 CHAR 
247 PES_RES04 RED system: Reserved CHAR4 CHAR 
248 PES_RES05 RED system: Reserved CHAR5 CHAR 
249 PES_RES06 RED system: Reserved CHAR6 CHAR 
250 PES_RES07 Reserved CHAR7 CHAR 
251 PES_RES08 RED system: Reserved CHAR8 CHAR 
252 PES_RES09 RED system: Reserved CHAR9 CHAR 
253 PES_RES10 RED system: Reserved CHAR10 CHAR 
254 PES_RES11 Reserved CHAR11 CHAR 
255 PES_RES12 RED system: Reserved CHAR12 CHAR 
256 PES_RES14 RED system: Reserved CHAR14 CHAR 
257 PES_RES15 RED system: Reserved CHAR15 CHAR 
258 PES_RES24 Reserved field CHAR24 CHAR 
259 PES_RES26 RED system: Reserved CHAR26 CHAR 
260 PES_RES28 RED system: Reserved CHAR28 CHAR 
261 PES_RES35 Reserved   CHAR 
262 PES_RES40 Reserved CHAR40 CHAR 
263 PES_RES46 Reserved (46) CHAR46 CHAR 
264 PES_RES51 Reserved CHAR51 CHAR 
265 PES_RESAFI RED system: Additional information CHAR3 CHAR 
266 PES_RESAN Previous results   DEC 
267 PES_RESDAT Payroll results selection date DATUM DATS 
268 PES_RESDATE Payroll results selection date DATUM DATS 
270 PES_RESERV Reserved   CHAR 
271 PES_RESID Classification indicator of a debt related to other debts PES_RESID CHAR 
272 PES_RESN2 RED system: Reserved NUMC2 NUMC 
273 PES_RESN3 Reserved NUM3 NUMC 
274 PES_RESOL Legal regulation applicable NUM5 NUMC 
275 PES_RESOLU Resolution date NUMC8 NUMC 
276 PES_RESSP Reserved for the Public Sector CHAR2 CHAR 
278 PES_RETEN Deductions for IRPF report PRBETRG CURR 
279 PES_RETRI Full remuneration P_AMT08 CURR 
280 PES_REWID Indicator of weight of debt in relation to other debts PES_REWID CHAR 
281 PES_RE_INEM Relevance ind. for the national employment institute XFELD CHAR 
282 PES_RE_SEC RED system: Category/Sector PES_RE_SEC CHAR 
283 PES_RPCDEA_STATUS PAT file generation result icon CHAR50 CHAR 
284 PES_RZS Registered company name CHAR55 CHAR 
285 PES_R_PRA2 Main CAC Social Insurance category NUMC4 NUMC 
286 PES_SAAFI Type of additional situation PES_SAAFI CHAR 
287 PES_SCHHB Usual shift SCHKN CHAR 
288 PES_SCHKN Contracts: Shift SCHKN CHAR 
289 PES_SCOIN INEM contract print status   CHAR 
290 PES_SCOPI Basic copy status CHAR40 CHAR 
291 PES_SCPER Payment subkey PES_SCPER NUMC 
292 PES_SEC RED system: Social Insurance sector NUMC2 NUMC 
293 PES_SECPRA RED system: Social Insurance Sector of main CAC NUMC2 NUMC 
294 PES_SECTP Public sector indicator XFELD CHAR 
295 PES_SEQCND Contracts: Requirement sequence number CHAR1 CHAR 
296 PES_SEQCON Contracts: Contract sequence number CHAR1 CHAR 
297 PES_SEQJOR Contracts: Contract working day sequential number CHAR1 CHAR 
298 PES_SEQRED RED system: Sequential number of an action CHAR1 CHAR 
299 PES_SER00 IRPF: Exempt salary, no children WERTV5 CURR 
300 PES_SER01 Employment tax (IRPF): Exempt wage, with one child WERTV5 CURR 
301 PES_SER02 IRPF: Exempt wage, with two or more children WERTV5 CURR 
302 PES_SERIE Record ID no. - series   NUMC 
303 PES_SEXO RED system: Gender indicator NUMC1 NUMC 
304 PES_SEXPA Expatriate situation PES_SEXPA CHAR 
305 PES_SIGLAS Abbreviated surname and first name CHAR5 CHAR 
307 PES_SIGNO RED system: Amount sign CHAR1 CHAR 
308 PES_SIMUL Simulated amount   DEC 
310 PES_SINVEC Previous message syntax version CHAR1 CHAR 
311 PES_SINVER RED system: Message syntax version NUM1 NUMC 
312 PES_SITPER Personal situation for employment tax PES_SITPER CHAR 
313 PES_SPRED Employment tax (IRPF): Other reductions WERTV5 CURR 
314 PES_SQTRM Allowance time period NUM3 NUMC 
315 PES_SRAF1 Text for amount field 1 of special rule PES_SRTFX CHAR 
316 PES_SRAF2 Text for amount field 2 of special rule PES_SRTFX CHAR 
317 PES_SRCOD Code for special rule PES_SRCOD CHAR 
318 PES_SRDEP Does dependent field appear in special rule? XFELD CHAR 
319 PES_SRIDE Special rule indicator: Result is exempt amount XFELD CHAR 
320 PES_SRIDN Special rule indicator: Result is non-exempt amount XFELD CHAR 
321 PES_SRLGA Wage type used in special rule LGART CHAR 
322 PES_SROPR Operator used in special rule PES_SROPR CHAR 
323 PES_SRPF1 Text for special rule percentage field 1 PES_SRTFX CHAR 
324 PES_SRPF2 Text for special rule percentage field 2 PES_SRTFX CHAR 
325 PES_SRRES Term resulting from special rule PES_SRRES CHAR 
326 PES_SRSEQ Sequential number in special rule PES_SRSEQ NUMC 
327 PES_SRTM1 Term 1 of special rule PES_SRTRM CHAR 
328 PES_SRTM2 Term 2 of special rule PES_SRTRM CHAR 
329 PES_SRTXT Special rule description P_GATXT CHAR 
330 PES_SRUNT Unit of non-exempt amount PES_NXUNA CHAR 
331 PES_SRVAL Value field in special rule PES_CUR9_2 CURR 
332 PES_SSTAT Status of the live generation PES_SSTAT NUMC 
333 PES_SSTAT_TXT Status of the report generation TEXT36 CHAR 
334 PES_STACOM Status of contracts communication to employment office PES_STACOM CHAR 
335 PES_STAFI .AFI message status PES_STAFI NUMC 
336 PES_STAND Standard method selection for contracts CHAR1 CHAR 
337 PES_STATUS Status indicator PES_STATUS NUMC 
338 PES_SUBCO Subset of contracts according to contribution PES_SUBCO CHAR 
339 PES_SUFI RED system: Reference suffix for exchange control CHAR3 CHAR 
341 PES_SULMO Last movement status STATUS_MOV CHAR 
342 PES_SUM_D FDI: Sum of contribution bases (decimal part) NUMC2 NUMC 
343 PES_SUM_E FDI: Sum of contribution bases (whole no.)+ NUMC6 NUMC 
345 PES_TBASE RED system: Total NUMC11 NUMC 
346 PES_TC2AB Do not print short TC2 XFIELD CHAR 
347 PES_TEL RED system: Telephone number CHAR12 CHAR 
348 PES_TELUG Place type TEXT200 CHAR 
349 PES_TEMPAR RED system: Part-time coefficient NUMC3 NUMC 
350 PES_TESTI Witnesses to the accident PES_BOOLE CHAR 
351 PES_TEXT40 Text, 40 characters long TEXT40 CHAR 
352 PES_TEXTO Description of the results of a transaction process CHAR60 CHAR 
353 PES_TEXTO70 Process result description with length 70 CHAR70 CHAR 
354 PES_TFOR Format for Internal Revenue Service forms PB04_CODAU NUMC 
355 PES_TFORC Format of deductions certificate CHAR4 CHAR 
356 PES_TFORM Template type CHAR4 CHAR 
357 PES_TIACA Academic title code CHAR12 CHAR 
358 PES_TIACC Data access type CHAR1 CHAR 
359 PES_TICON RED system: Contract key PES_TICON NUMC 
360 PES_TIDTIT Holder identification type CHAR1 CHAR 
361 PES_TIMOT Deduction type applied in payroll XFELD CHAR 
362 PES_TIOFI Contracts: Type of INEM office PES_TIOFI CHAR 
363 PES_TIPDAT RED system: Data element type PES_TIPDAT CHAR 
364 PES_TIPEMP Alphabetical type for employer PES_TIPEMP CHAR 
365 PES_TIPEXP RED system: File type NUMC2 NUMC 
366 PES_TIPLIQ Settlement category PES_TIPLIQ CHAR 
367 PES_TIPMO Transaction type TIPO_MOVIM CHAR 
368 PES_TIPO Contract type PES_TIPO CHAR 
369 PES_TIPOEXC RED system: Activity type CHAR1 CHAR 
370 PES_TIPOF Basic copy signature type. Notification of contracts to INEM PES_TIPOF CHAR 
371 PES_TIPOP Type of report PES_TIPOP CHAR 
372 PES_TIPPRE Benefit type   NUMC 
373 PES_TIPRES Resolution type PES_TIPRES NUMC 
374 PES_TIREC High level data access record type CHAR1 CHAR 
375 PES_TIRET Employment tax deduction type DEC2_2 DEC 
377 PES_TMMVB Temporal challenged person allowance CHAR1 CHAR 
378 PES_TMOD Template type CHAR4 CHAR 
379 PES_TMPNAME Template for forms   CHAR 
380 PES_TOTAL Total amount   DEC 
381 PES_TOTALL RED system: Record total counter, including ETI/ETF NUMC8 NUMC 
382 PES_TOTEMP RED system: EMP entry counter NUMC5 NUMC 
383 PES_TPCCC Contribution Account Code type NUMC3 NUMC 
384 PES_TPCCT Contribution Account Code type TEXT32 CHAR 
385 PES_TPCRI Performance type for deduction statement PES_TPCRI CHAR 
386 PES_TPMOD Mode of injury TEXT200 CHAR 
387 PES_TPORIG Source contract type PES_TPORIG CHAR 
388 PES_TPTRAB Relief worker type PES_TPTRAB CHAR 
389 PES_TPTXT Type of report TEXT50 CHAR 
390 PES_TRASEG Social Insurance contribution processing in contracts PES_TRASEG CHAR 
391 PES_TRATA Processing type for special payment wage types PES_TRATA CHAR 
392 PES_TRFCN Traffic accident CHAR1 CHAR 
393 PES_TRFCO Traffic accident PES_BOOLE CHAR 
394 PES_TRFCS Traffic accident CHAR1 CHAR 
395 PES_TSAALT Situation type attached to entry CHAR3 CHAR 
396 PES_TURHAB Usual shift for full-time contracts SCHKN CHAR 
397 PES_TXACC Protected data access type CHAR13 CHAR 
398 PES_TXREC Protected data access CHAR9 CHAR 
399 PES_TXT150 150 character text PES_TXT150 CHAR 
400 PES_TXTAD Additional text indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
401 PES_TXTOT Other text indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
402 PES_TYPEE Employment provision file type PES_TYPEE CHAR 
404 PES_U1POR Inclusion percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
405 PES_UI_0002_GBDEP Province REGIO CHAR 
406 PES_UI_0002_PRDNI Document number CHAR17 CHAR 
407 PES_UI_0061_METOD Contract processing method PES_METODO CHAR 
408 PES_UI_0062_ASCENDIENTES Settlement basis breakdown: ancestor amounts WERTV5 CURR 
409 PES_UI_0062_ASIMF Reduction for disability WERTV5 CURR 
410 PES_UI_0062_ASIST Reduction for attendance WERTV5 CURR 
411 PES_UI_0062_CONTRIBUYENTE Settlement basis breakdown: taxpayer amounts WERTV5 CURR 
412 PES_UI_0062_CUIHI Childcare WERTV5 CURR 
413 PES_UI_0062_DESCENDIENTES Settlement basis breakdown: ancestor amounts WERTV5 CURR 
414 PES_UI_0062_DESGL_BASE_LIQ Settlement basis breakdown CHAR9 CHAR 
415 PES_UI_0062_DISTA Disability active employees WERTV5 CURR 
416 PES_UI_0062_DISTN Disability inactive employees WERTV5 CURR 
417 PES_UI_0062_EDADF Age for tax purposes NUMC2 NUMC 
418 PES_UI_0062_MAS2H Reduction for more than 2 children WERTV5 CURR 
419 PES_UI_0062_MINDE Family minimum WERTV5 CURR 
420 PES_UI_0062_MINFV Reduction due to disability inactive employees: welfare WERTV5 CURR 
421 PES_UI_0062_MINST Text for employment tax degree of challenge CHAR20 CHAR 
422 PES_UI_0062_MOVGE Geographic mobility WERTV5 CURR 
423 PES_UI_0062_PENSS Pensioner reduction WERTV5 CURR 
424 PES_UI_0062_PRACL Extension of work activity WERTV5 CURR 
425 PES_UI_0062_RETOT Total remuneration WERTV5 CURR 
426 PES_UI_0062_TIPOF Family member CHAR15 CHAR 
427 PES_UI_0062_TOTAL_DESGL_BL Settlement basis breakdown: taxpayer amounts WERTV5 CURR 
428 PES_UI_0062_XEDAD Age-related reduction WERTV5 CURR 
429 PES_UI_0092_AEXEN Seniority exemption indicator XFELD CHAR 
430 PES_UI_HSNMR No. (building) PES_UI_HSNMR CHAR 
431 PES_UI_NAME2 Mother's last name PAD_NACHN CHAR 
432 PES_UI_NATSS Employee's social insurance number NUM10 NUMC 
433 PES_UI_POSTA Identification of apartment in a building PES_UI_POSTA CHAR 
434 PES_UI_RESOL2 Second regulation applicable NUM5 NUMC 
435 PES_UI_WKWNG Company-owned apartment XFELD CHAR 
436 PES_UNICO Contracts: Unit for part-time contracts PES_UNICO NUMC 
437 PES_UNIDI Contracts: Time unit for number of part-time days PES_UNIDI NUMC 
438 PES_UNIDUR Contracts: Unit for length of contracts PES_UNIDUR NUMC 
439 PES_UNIHO Contracts: Unit for number of hours of part-time working day PES_UNIHO NUMC 
440 PES_UNIMO Time unit for duration PES_UNIDUR NUMC 
441 PES_UNTCP Time unit for personnel calendar PES_UNTCP CHAR 
442 PES_USACOM User making the communication CHAR10 CHAR 
443 PES_VALOR Contracts: Required value CHAR5 CHAR 
444 PES_VIAKM Via knowledge management TEXT40 CHAR 
445 PES_VIFAM Family tie indicator PES_VIFAM CHAR 
446 PES_WCLIR IRPF: Irregular performance in payroll XFELD CHAR 
447 PES_WERTX Reduction due to extentsion of work activity XFELD CHAR 
448 PES_XFELD Selection field (checkbox) XFELD CHAR 
449 PES_XRNIR IRPF: Irregular performance XFELD CHAR 
450 PES_ZEINT Description of the payroll time unit AS4TEXT CHAR 
451 PETCS Font size in Microsoft Word INT1 INT1 
452 PETER Planned finish date DATUM DATS 
454 PETEXT Long text for person (name) CHAR33 CHAR 
455 PETFT Font in Microsoft Word TEXT32 CHAR 
457 PETNO Label format INT1 INT1 
458 PETPC Percentage for non-industrial risks (min.) DEC3_2 DEC 
459 PETRA Pension Institution PETRA NUMC 
460 PETTX Pension institution text TEXT20 CHAR 
461 PETTY Label product INT1 INT1 
462 PETUR Planned finish time for task UZEIT TIMS 
463 PETURMA End Time of Activity UZEIT TIMS 
464 PETXT Pension reserve text TEXT25 CHAR 
466 PEUNV Vested Date DATUM DATS 
467 PEURO DE: Amount Specifications in Euro PEURO CHAR 
468 PEVAL Pensionable Remuneration WERTV5 CURR 
469 PEVARARTPL IS-M: Production Unit Variant Type (Planned) PRODVARART CHAR 
470 PEVARARTTA IS-M: Production Unit Variant Type (Actual) PRODVARART CHAR 
471 PEVENT1_SC Change Event in Payment Plan Functionality PEVENT1_SC CHAR 
472 PEVENT_SC Posting Event in Payment Plan Functionality PEVENT_SC CHAR 
473 PEVFR Years exempt from insurance NUM2 NUMC 
475 PEVSF Entry date for pension DATUM DATS 
476 PEWAE End of waiting period DATUM DATS 
477 PEXPI Spool retention period PEXPI CHAR 
478 PEXREPORT Extended program name EXTDREPORT CHAR 
479 PEXTV Indicator: external notification number assignment from CAD CHAR1_X CHAR 
480 PE_ALORT IS-M: Postal unit - city ALORT CHAR 
481 PE_COMP Flag: Hidden CHAR1_X CHAR 
482 PE_LAND1 IS-M: Postal unit - country LAND1 CHAR 
483 PE_MODUS Mode field for schemas, cyles and feature reports CHAR1 CHAR 
484 PE_NOTE Flag: Object Has a Note CHAR1_X CHAR 
485 PE_PLZ IS-M: Postal unit - postal code NPSTLZ CHAR 
486 PE_STRASSE IS-M: Postal Unit - Street STRASSENNR CHAR 
487 PF Indicator Billing Block Item CHAR1 CHAR 
488 PF06 F key for Career Planning CHAR1_X CHAR 
489 PF06TXT Description of F06 key - Career Planning - CHAR1 CHAR 
490 PF07 F07 key for Succession Planning CHAR1_X CHAR 
491 PF07TXT Description of F07 key - Succession Planning - CHAR1 CHAR 
492 PF08 F08 key for Education and Training Planning / Career Models CHAR1_X CHAR 
493 PF08TXT Description of F08 key - Education and Training Planning CHAR1 CHAR 
494 PF09 F09 key - screening for Succession Planning CHAR1_X CHAR 
495 PF09TXT Description of F09 key - screening for Succession Planning CHAR1 CHAR 
496 PFABW Switch indicating if remuneration spec. is allowed PFABW CHAR 
499 PFACH_GP IS-H: PO Box of Business Partner ISH_PFACH CHAR