SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 24
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P05T_DELETE Remove TemSe Object   CHAR 
2 P05T_DELETE_CURR Wage Return: Delete Current Wage Return XFELD CHAR 
3 P05T_DELETE_WCR Delete Work Cost Regulation Data XFELD CHAR 
4 P05T_DEL_DOWN Download and Delete TemSe Object   CHAR 
5 P05T_DISPEE Display Employee Data XFELD CHAR 
6 P05T_DISPLAY_BALANCED Display Balanced Wage Data XFELD CHAR 
7 P05T_DISPLAY_CUST Display Customizing Settings XFELD CHAR 
8 P05T_DISPLAY_DELTAS Display differences XFELD CHAR 
9 P05T_DISPLAY_KENT_OVW Display Indicators XFELD CHAR 
10 P05T_DISPLAY_NON_BALANCED Display Non-Balanced Wage Data XFELD CHAR 
11 P05T_DISPTAB Wage Return: Display Entries XFELD CHAR 
12 P05T_DISPUNBAL Wage Return: Display Unbalanced Return Data XFELD CHAR 
13 P05T_DISP_CA Wage Return: Only Display Collective Return XFELD CHAR 
14 P05T_DOWNLOAD Download TemSe object   CHAR 
15 P05T_EARLY_SAVE Wage Return: Save Income Relationships Early XFELD CHAR 
16 P05T_EDM_DISP_RESP Display response messages for Day-one-announcement XFELD CHAR 
17 P05T_EDM_IDBER Supplier message reference CHAR32 CHAR 
18 P05T_EDM_RESP_FILE Response message for Day-one-announcement TEXT255 CHAR 
19 P05T_EMPL Employer P05T_EMPL CHAR 
20 P05T_END End of Download Line   INT4 
21 P05T_ENDDARG Wage Return: Sector Risk Group End Date DATUM DATS 
22 P05T_ERRORCODE Error Text CHAR255 CHAR 
23 P05T_ERRORID Error Identification in a Nominative Return NUMC4 NUMC 
24 P05T_ERR_BELD Wage Return: Tax Authority Error XFELD CHAR 
25 P05T_ERR_EXTR Wage Return: Error in Data XFELD CHAR 
26 P05T_ERR_PERNR Wage Return: Personnel Number for Correction PERNR NUMC 
27 P05T_ERR_TRANS Wage Return: Transmission Error XFELD CHAR 
28 P05T_ERR_XML Wage Return: Error in XML File XFELD CHAR 
29 P05T_ERTXT Employer Text TEXT50 CHAR 
30 P05T_EXCEL_DOWNLOAD Wage Return: Excel Download   CHAR 
31 P05T_EXDEF Wage Return: Indicator Default Values XFELD CHAR 
32 P05T_FILENAME Response Message File Name CHAR255 CHAR 
33 P05T_FILE_DOWNLOAD Wage Return: File Download   CHAR 
34 P05T_FILLED_BY_CVZ Field is only filled by HCIB XFELD CHAR 
35 P05T_FORCED_CORRECTION ALH: Forced Adjustement From XFELD CHAR 
36 P05T_FORCED_CORR_PERIOD Forced Adjustment Return For-Period PABRP NUMC 
37 P05T_FORCED_CORR_YEAR Forced Adjustment Return For-Period Year JAHR NUMC 
38 P05T_FSINDFZ Wage Return: F & S Phase Categorization Code P05_CFIFZ CHAR 
39 P05T_GDATE Creation/Change Date DATS DATS 
40 P05T_GEBRAUTO Wage Return: Reason for No Taxab.Income for Car Code P05T_GEBRAUTO CHAR 
41 P05T_GESL Wage Return: Gender P05T_GESL CHAR 
42 P05T_GTIME Creation/Change Hour UZEIT TIMS 
43 P05T_HANDLE_LL_SPLIT Handling of Life-Course Saving Scheme Split in Wage Return P05T_HANDLE_LL_SPLIT CHAR 
44 P05T_HKONT General Ledger Account Number P05T_HKONT CHAR 
45 P05T_HUISNR Wage Return: House Number TEXT9 CHAR 
46 P05T_HUISNRTOEV Wage Return: House Number Supplement TEXT4 CHAR 
47 P05T_HUSINR Wage Return: House Number TEXT9 CHAR 
48 P05T_INDAANVUITK Wage Return: Benefit Supplement Code P05_INDIC CHAR 
49 P05T_INDICATOR Wage Return: Code P05_INDIC CHAR 
50 P05T_INDLHKORT Wage Return: Wage Tax Reduction Code P05_INDIC CHAR 
51 P05T_INDPKAGH Premium Reduction Work Disability P05_INDIC CHAR 
52 P05T_INDPKIDOW Premium Reduction Employing Elderly Employee P05_INDIC CHAR 
53 P05T_INDPKNAOW Premium Reduction Hiring Elderly Employee P05_INDIC CHAR 
54 P05T_INDPMA PMA (Ex-Social Benefits Recipient) P05_INDIC CHAR 
55 P05T_INDRGLMARB Wage Return: Regular Work Arrangement Code P05_INDIC CHAR 
56 P05T_INDTHK Temporary Tax Credit Code P05_INDIC CHAR 
57 P05T_INDVAKBN Wage Return: Holiday Vouchers Applied Code P05_INDIC CHAR 
58 P05T_INDWAO Wage Return: "WAO" Insured Code P05_INDIC CHAR 
59 P05T_INDWOR Reduced Pay Old Regulation P05_INDIC CHAR 
60 P05T_INDWW Wage Return: "WW" Insured Code P05_INDIC CHAR 
61 P05T_INDZFW Wage Return: "ZFW" Insured Code P05_INDIC CHAR 
62 P05T_INDZW Wage Return: "ZW" Insured Code P05_INDIC CHAR 
63 P05T_IV_TYPE Type of Income Relationship P05T_IV_TYPE CHAR 
64 P05T_JLO_AANTIV Annual Wage Return: number of income relationships   INT4 
65 P05T_JLO_APPL Software package TEXT35 CHAR 
66 P05T_JLO_COLUMN CSV file column number NUM3 NUMC 
67 P05T_JLO_CONTPERS Sender contact person TEXT35 CHAR 
69 P05T_JLO_DATATYPE Data type for Annual Wage Return P05T_JLO_DATATYPE CHAR 
70 P05T_JLO_FIELDNAME Field name of data field in the Annual Wage Return TEXT50 CHAR 
71 P05T_JLO_GEBRSWPAKKET Software Package Used for Creation of Annual Wage Return CHAR27 CHAR 
72 P05T_JLO_IDBER Supplier message reference CHAR32 CHAR 
74 P05T_JLO_MULT_DATA Handling various data with different values P05T_JLO_MULT_DATA CHAR 
76 P05T_JLO_RELNR Relationship Number CHAR8 CHAR 
78 P05T_JLO_RUBRIEK Annual Wage Return column P05T_JLO_RUBRIEK CHAR 
79 P05T_JLO_STATUS Status of Annual Wage Return P05T_JLO_STATUS CHAR 
80 P05T_JLO_TELNR Telephone No. of Contact Person TEXT14 CHAR 
81 P05T_JLO_TELNR_LONG Telephone No. of Contact Person TEXT25 CHAR 
82 P05T_JLO_YEAR Year of Annual Wage Return GJAHR NUMC 
83 P05T_JWN_FIELDNAME_EN English Text f. Field in the Annual Employee's Tax Statement TEXT30 CHAR 
84 P05T_JWN_FIELDNAME_NL Dutch Text for Field in the Annual Employee's Tax Statement TEXT30 CHAR 
85 P05T_JWN_ROUND Annual Employee Tax Statement: Rounding P05T_JWN_ROUND NUMC 
86 P05T_JWN_ROW_NUMBER Row of the Annual Employee's Tax Statement NUMC3 NUMC 
87 P05T_KENT Wage Return: Indicator NUMC4 NUMC 
88 P05T_KENTAG Wage Return: Indicator Tag Name TEXT60 CHAR 
89 P05T_KENTXT Wage Return: Indicator Text TEXT60 CHAR 
90 P05T_KOSTL Cost Center CHAR10 CHAR 
91 P05T_LA06_DISP_RESP Display messages for wage return XFELD CHAR 
92 P05T_LADDPF First adjustment period to be displayed PABRP NUMC 
93 P05T_LADDPT Last period to be displayed PABRP NUMC 
94 P05T_LAFPJ Wage Return For-Period Year GJAHR NUMC 
95 P05T_LAFPM Wage Return For-Period PABRP NUMC 
96 P05T_LAIPJ Wage Return In-Period Year GJAHR NUMC 
97 P05T_LAIPM Wage Return In-Period PABRP NUMC 
98 P05T_LANDCD Wage Return: ISO Country Code CHAR2 CHAR 
99 P05T_LAT_2013 Take also into account corrections in 2013 XFELD CHAR 
100 P05T_LBTAB Wage Return: Employment Tax Table Code CHAR3 CHAR 
101 P05T_LHNR Wage Return: Wage Tax Number CHAR12 CHAR 
102 P05T_LOCDOWNLOAD Wage Return: Local Download XFELD CHAR 
103 P05T_LOCDOWNPATH Wage Return: Path for Local Download   CHAR 
104 P05T_LOCOMS Wage Return: Location Text TEXT35 CHAR 
105 P05T_MAN_STAT_INFO Wage Return: Select by Status   CHAR 
106 P05T_MFTPID Notific. of Incorrect Contribution Percentage Application ID NUMC4 NUMC 
107 P05T_NAT Wage Return: Nationality NUMC4 NUMC 
108 P05T_NAT_OMS Wage Return: Nationality Text TEXT100 CHAR 
109 P05T_NMIP Wage Return: Withholding Agent Name TEXT200 CHAR 
110 P05T_NOM_INFO Wage Return: Display only Employee Data   CHAR 
111 P05T_NO_DISP Wage Return: Do Not Display Entries XFELD CHAR 
112 P05T_NUMERRORS Number of Identifying Errors   NUMC 
113 P05T_NUMIV IR Number NUM4 NUMC 
114 P05T_PATH Wage Return: Download Path TEXT255 CHAR 
115 P05T_PBNR Wage Return: P.O. Box Number TEXT7 CHAR 
116 P05T_PC Wage Return: Postal Code CHAR9 CHAR 
117 P05T_PDATE Processing Date for Response Message DATS DATS 
119 P05T_PERMO Period Parameters for Wage Return PERMO NUMC 
120 P05T_PERN_TST Wage Return: Personnel Number (Test) PERNR NUMC 
121 P05T_PLEN Indicate the Length of Field PATH INT4 INT4 
122 P05T_PROCERROR Wage Return: Only Process Errors XFELD CHAR 
123 P05T_PRWGF Wage Return: Total Redundancy Pay Scheme Contribution P05T_AMOUNT CURR 
124 P05T_PTIME Response Message Processing Time   TIMS 
125 P05T_RANGE Partial Download of TemSe Object   CHAR 
126 P05T_RDNEIND Wage Return: Reason for End Income Relationship Flexiworker CHAR2 CHAR 
127 P05T_REFERID Incoming Message Message ID CHAR64 CHAR 
128 P05T_REFERIDBD Incoming Message Unique Tax Authority ID CHAR64 CHAR 
129 P05T_REG Wage Return: Region Name TEXT24 CHAR 
130 P05T_REINR Trip Number NUMC10 NUMC 
131 P05T_REPER Legal Person P05_REPER CHAR 
132 P05T_RESPCLASS Error Error Class CHAR25 CHAR 
133 P05T_RESPCODE Error Class-Dependent Error Code CHAR2 CHAR 
134 P05T_RESPCODE_LONG Error Class-Dependent Error Code CHAR20 CHAR 
135 P05T_RESPDESCR Error Text CHAR250 CHAR 
136 P05T_RESPDONE Errors in Response Message Processed CHAR1 CHAR 
137 P05T_RESPID Response Message Response ID CHAR64 CHAR 
138 P05T_RESPPATH Class-Dependent Error Location Code   LCHR 
139 P05T_RESPTYPE Response Message Response Type P05T_RESPTYPE CHAR 
140 P05T_RISGRP Wage Return: Risk Contribution Group (Sector Risk Group) NUMC2 NUMC 
141 P05T_RMDATE Date of Registration, Deregistration and Update DATS DATS 
143 P05T_RPLWCEN0_RPOMS Name Legal Person P05_RPOMS CHAR 
144 P05T_RPLWCON0_NOTXT Hide texts for ENAME and Cost Center XFELD CHAR 
145 P05T_RUN_CHECKS Check Customizing Settings XFELD CHAR 
146 P05T_SALDO Wage Return: Balance Adjustments Previous Return Period P05T_AMOUNT CURR 
147 P05T_SATXT Wage Return: Special Indicator Tag Name TEXT60 CHAR 
148 P05T_SECT Wage Return: Sector (Sector Risk Group) NUMC3 NUMC 
149 P05T_SEL_ALL Wage Return: Do not Select on Status XFELD CHAR 
150 P05T_SEL_COLL Wage Return: Only Display Collective Data XFELD CHAR 
151 P05T_SEL_COMBI Wage Return: Display Collective and Nominative Data XFELD CHAR 
152 P05T_SEL_CORR Wage Return: Display Adjusted Data XFELD CHAR 
153 P05T_SEL_CURR Wage Return: Also Display Incorrect Returns XFELD CHAR 
154 P05T_SEL_KEY Wage Return: Hide Key Fields XFELD CHAR 
155 P05T_SEL_OK Wage Return: Display Current Return XFELD CHAR 
156 P05T_SEQNO Wage Return: Sequence Number NUMC4 NUMC 
157 P05T_SHOW_COSTS Display Work Costs only XFELD CHAR 
158 P05T_SHOW_EARN Display Earnings only XFELD CHAR 
159 P05T_SHOW_EARN_COSTS Display Earnings and Work Costs XFELD CHAR 
160 P05T_SHOW_EXTR Display Extracted WCR Data only XFELD CHAR 
161 P05T_SHOW_EXTR_MAN Display Extracted and Manually Entered WCR Data XFELD CHAR 
162 P05T_SHOW_MAN Display Manually Entered WCR Data only XFELD CHAR 
163 P05T_SIGNM Wage Return: Significant Part of Last Name TEXT200 CHAR 
164 P05T_SOFINR Wage return: CSN/SoFi Number   NUMC 
165 P05T_SPOOL Wage Return: Export Return Data to Spool   CHAR 
166 P05T_SRTAANG Wage Return: Type of Return P05T_SRTAANG CHAR 
167 P05T_SRTIV Wage Return: Income Relationship P05T_SRTIV CHAR 
168 P05T_STATUS Wage Return: Return Status P05T_STATUS NUMC 
169 P05T_STATXT Wage Return: Status Text AS4TEXT CHAR 
170 P05T_STAT_INFO Wage Return: All Returns   CHAR 
171 P05T_STR Wage Return: Street Name TEXT24 CHAR 
172 P05T_SUM_ALLOW WCR Cumulation Wage Type for Allowances P_SUML CHAR 
173 P05T_SUM_EARN WCR Cumulation Wage Type for Earnings P_SUML CHAR 
174 P05T_SYSID System ID CHAR7 CHAR 
175 P05T_SYSID_LTXT System ID Description TEXT50 CHAR 
176 P05T_TABNAME Wage Return: Table Name P05T_TABNAME CHAR 
177 P05T_TELNR Telephone number for use in wage return CHAR25 CHAR 
178 P05T_TEMSE Wage Return: Export Return Data to TemSe   CHAR 
179 P05T_TESTRUN Indicator: Test Mode XFELD CHAR 
180 P05T_TIMEFRAMEID Identification of a Date Range in a Response Message NUMC4 NUMC 
181 P05T_TYPE Type of Payroll Taxes Return   CHAR 
182 P05T_UITKENT Wage Return: Exclude Indicator XFELD CHAR 
183 P05T_VOLGNR Wage Return Sequence Number   NUMC 
184 P05T_VOORL Wage Return: Initials TEXT6 CHAR 
185 P05T_VOORV Wage Return: Prefix TEXT10 CHAR 
189 P05T_WCR_CODE_T WCR Code Description TEXT50 CHAR 
190 P05T_WCR_CONF_TRIGGERED WCR data changed   CHAR 
191 P05T_WCR_FINAL_LEVY Amount of Final Levy P05T_AMOUNT CURR 
193 P05T_WCR_FPY WCR For-Period Year GJAHR NUMC 
196 P05T_WCR_IPY WCR In-Period Year GJAHR NUMC 
197 P05T_WCR_JUPER Legal Person to report the WCR Results XFELD CHAR 
198 P05T_WCR_JUPERDESCRIPTION Legal Person Description P05_RPOMS CHAR 
199 P05T_WCR_JUPERSTATUS Status of Legal Person ICON CHAR 
200 P05T_WCR_KENT Financial Type NUMC4 NUMC 
202 P05T_WCR_MODAY WCR: Month and day (MMDD) P05T_WCR_D_MODAY NUMC 
203 P05T_WCR_MSGTXT Message Text   CHAR 
204 P05T_WCR_PRODMODE WCR Mode: Productive/Simulation/Inactive P05T_WCR_D_PRODMODE CHAR 
208 P05T_WOONPL Wage Return: City Name TEXT24 CHAR 
209 P05T_XML_NAMESPACE Wage Return: XML Name Space TEXT255 CHAR 
210 P05T_XML_OBLIG Wage Return: Tag is Mandatory XFELD CHAR 
211 P05T_XML_PROT Wage Return: Detail Level Report P05T_XML_PROT NUMC 
212 P05T_XML_SECT Wage Return: Section in Wage Return P05T_XML_SECT NUMC 
213 P05T_XML_SORT Wage Return: Tag Sequence in a Part of a Section NUMC3 NUMC 
214 P05T_XML_SPOS Wage Return: Part of a Section NUMC2 NUMC 
215 P05T_XML_VERE Wage Return: Schema Version P05T_XML_VERE CHAR 
216 P05T_XML_VERI Wage Return: Schema Version Internal NUMC4 NUMC 
217 P05_65_M Field for Special Payments Table Display DEC2_2 DEC 
218 P05_65_Z Field for Special Payments Table Display DEC2_2 DEC 
219 P05_AANSP External Rights for Life-Course Savings Scheme P_AMT07V CURR 
220 P05_AANTAL Number of Days/Weeks/Months PRBETPE CURR 
221 P05_AANTAL_OW Number of Days/Weeks/Months Education PRBETPE CURR 
222 P05_AANTJ External No. of Calendar Years f. Life-Course Savings Scheme P05_AANTJ INT1 
223 P05_AANVU Number of Remunerated Hours P05_AANVU DEC 
224 P05_AARD Type of Childcare Arrangement (Day-care or Allowance) P05_AARD CHAR 
225 P05_AARDP Type of the Contribution P05_AARDP NUMC 
226 P05_ABGRENZ_ART Processing method P05_ABGRENZ_ART CHAR 
227 P05_ACTCO 'Permanent Invalidity Benefit' activity code P05_ACTCO CHAR 
228 P05_ACTGR Eligibility for Perm. Inv. Benefit (Restrictions) Act plan P05_ACTGR CHAR 
229 P05_ACTMT Text maintenance for PW activity mandatory XFELD CHAR 
230 P05_ACTPN 'Perm. Invalidity Benefit' activity period: no. of units NUMC3 NUMC 
231 P05_ACTPR 'Permanent Invalidity Benefit' activity processing P05_ACTPR CHAR 
232 P05_ACTPU 'Permanent Invalidity Benefit' activity period: unit P05_ACTPU CHAR 
233 P05_ACTSD Number of signalling days for Perm. Inv. Benefit activity NUMC3 NUMC 
234 P05_ACTSO Elig. for Perm. Inv. Benefit (Restrictions) Act act. type P05_ACTSO CHAR 
235 P05_ACTST Text f. Eligib.f.Perm.Inval.Benef.(Restr.) Act Activity Type P05_CHAR15 CHAR 
236 P05_ACTXT Description of 'Permanent Invalidity Benefit' activity P05_CHAR50 CHAR 
237 P05_ADREI External Agency Address Key ANSSL CHAR 
238 P05_ADRES Authority or Representing Legal Person General Address AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
239 P05_ADRRP Representing Legal Person Address Key ANSSL CHAR 
240 P05_AFBBT Different Amount Special Rate P05_WERT7 CURR 
241 P05_AFDLG Department TEXT25 CHAR 
242 P05_AFDRACHT_BOV Premium Reduction Amount for Paid Parental Leave [BOV] P_AMT07V CURR 
243 P05_AFDRACHT_DV Premium Reduction Amount for 'Doorstroomvermindering' P_AMT07V CURR 
244 P05_AFDRACHT_LL Premium Reduction Amount for Low Earnings [Lage Lonen] P_AMT07V CURR 
245 P05_AFDRACHT_LW Premium Reduction Amount for the Long-Term Unemployed P_AMT07V CURR 
246 P05_AFDRACHT_OW Premium Reduction Amount for Education/Training P_AMT07V CURR 
247 P05_AFDRACHT_TOT Total Premium Reduction Amount P_AMT07V CURR 
248 P05_AFRPG Rounding Method for Pensionable Salary P05_AFRND CHAR 
249 P05_AFRWG Rounding Method ER Contribution P05_AFRND CHAR 
250 P05_AFRWN Rounding Method EE Contribution P05_AFRND CHAR 
251 P05_AFVLC Difference Wage Type LGART CHAR 
252 P05_AFWAD Different Working Hours CHAR1 CHAR 
253 P05_AFWAR Different Working Hours P05_AFWAD CHAR 
254 P05_AFWPG Different Pensionable Salary P05_AFWPG CURR 
255 P05_AFWPP_WG Different ER Contribution Percentage P05_AFWPP_WG DEC 
256 P05_AFWPP_WN Different EE Contribution Percentage P05_AFWPP_WN DEC 
257 P05_AFWWG Different Employer Contribution P05_AFWWG CURR 
258 P05_AFWWN Different Employee Contribution P05_AFWWN CURR 
259 P05_AGE_01_01 Age on 1 January P05_AGE_01_01 NUMC 
260 P05_AGE_1D_PAYR_PER Age on First Day of Payroll Period NUMC2 NUMC 
261 P05_AKLHF Different Conversion Rule P052_KDLHF CHAR 
262 P05_AKVIT Do/Do Not Include Infotype Checkbox CHAR1 CHAR 
263 P05_ANSNR Registration Number CHAR20 CHAR 
264 P05_APQ_OURE Record counter CDINT4 INT4 
265 P05_APSCR Apply Special Calculation Rules for Extra SI P05_APSCR CHAR 
266 P05_APSJB Payroll Period Start Annual Accounting P05_APSJB NUMC 
267 P05_ARBGK Disabled Person's SI Reduction P05_ARBGK CHAR 
268 P05_ARPAT Work Arrangement CHAR1 CHAR 
269 P05_ASTXT Text for Special EE Group Indicator/No Table TEXT60 CHAR 
270 P05_ATRFG Different Tax Class P05_TARGR CHAR 
271 P05_AWGWN Employer's Share in EE Contribution P05_DEC7_4 DEC 
272 P05_BBZKT Special Processing for Sickness P05_BBZKT CHAR 
273 P05_BDRWGLLR Employer Contribution to Life-Course Savings Scheme P05_WERTV7 CURR 
274 P05_BEDRV Executive Authority Indicator SUBTY_591A CHAR 
275 P05_BEGLL Begin Date Life-Course Savings Withdrawal DATUM DATS 
276 P05_BEROEP Professional Group Code P05_BEROEP CHAR 
277 P05_BEROM Professional Group Description TEXT40 CHAR 
278 P05_BETRR Interest Amount for Life-Course Savings Scheme P_AMT07V CURR 
279 P05_BETRS Savings Amount P_AMT07V CURR 
280 P05_BETRS_BB Savings Amount for Special Payments P_AMT07V CURR 
281 P05_BETRU Withdrawal Amount for Life-Course Savings Scheme P_AMT07V CURR 
282 P05_BEVST Confirmation of 'Permanent Invalidity Benefit' activity XFELD CHAR 
283 P05_BGLST Marital Status for Evaluations P05_BGLST CHAR 
284 P05_BIJZTR Special Rate Conversion Final Levy DEC3_2 DEC 
285 P05_BIMGRPN Name of Batch Input Session CHAR12 CHAR 
286 P05_BIM_INFO Batch Input Session information CHAR16 CHAR 
287 P05_BLZDT Start date of last sickness DATS DATS 
288 P05_BSN Citizen Service Number [BSN] NUM9 NUMC 
289 P05_BSNCD Citizen Service Number [BSN] P05_BSNCD CHAR 
290 P05_BSTCV Valid Soc.Insurance Ind. for UVI and Primary Ins. Cover Ind. P05_BSTCV NUMC 
291 P05_CAARD Work Relationship Type Code P05_CAARD CHAR 
292 P05_CALENDERDAYS Number of Calender Days INT4 INT4 
293 P05_CAOCD Pay Scale Indicator CHAR6 CHAR 
294 P05_CAOCL Collective Agreement Indicator on Wage Return P05_CAOCD NUMC 
295 P05_CAOCO Pay Scale Indicator NUM4 NUMC 
296 P05_CAOOM CAO Indicator Text TEXT50 CHAR 
297 P05_CASE_MAN Case Manager for "Poortwachter" Act TEXT20 CHAR 
298 P05_CASE_MANAGER Case Manager TEXT35 CHAR 
299 P05_CASE_MAN_GRP Group Case Manager CHAR4 CHAR 
300 P05_CASE_MAN_ID Case Manager ID SACHA CHAR 
301 P05_CATGO Category P05_CATGO CHAR 
302 P05_CATGR Category CHAR2 CHAR 
303 P05_CCOBT Open-Ended / Fixed-Term Contract Indicator P05_CCOBT CHAR 
304 P05_CDAYS Number of calendar days of an Attendance/Absence record P05_CDAYS INT4 
305 P05_CDEST Modify print parameters XFELD CHAR 
306 P05_CDFIS Notification Tax Authority P05_CDMDG CHAR 
307 P05_CDMDG Notification code P05_CDMDG CHAR 
308 P05_CDOUT Output of Primary Ins. Cover Code for Executive Authority P05_CHAR15 CHAR 
309 P05_CDTXT Notification Text CHAR20S CHAR 
310 P05_CDVDR Yes/No Field Advantage Rule CHAR1 CHAR 
311 P05_CDVOM Text for Primary Insurance Cover/Capacity Code TEXT20 CHAR 
312 P05_CDVRZ Primary Insurance Cover/Capacity of the Insured P05_CDVRZ CHAR 
313 P05_CDZKM Sickness Notification Indicator P05_CDZKM CHAR 
314 P05_CFIFZ Flexibility and Security Phase Categorization Indicator P05_CFIFZ CHAR 
315 P05_CFIZZ Flexibility and Security Phase Categorization Ind./Obsolete P05_CFIZZ CHAR 
317 P05_CHBES Initialize Special Tax Rate P05_CHBES CHAR 
318 P05_CHBIM Create Batch Input Session XFELD CHAR 
319 P05_CHECK_VIA_0879 Selection Based on Infotype 0879 XFELD CHAR 
320 P05_CHHER Convert Conversion Rules XFELD CHAR 
321 P05_CHJBR Calculate Annual Salary for Special Tax Rate XFELD CHAR 
322 P05_CHJIN Initialize Annual Salary for Special Tax Rate XFELD CHAR 
323 P05_CHMBT Initialize Different Conversion Rule XFELD CHAR 
324 P05_CHOOSE_DLNOW Default Value for Payment Reduction P05_DLNOW_EN2 CHAR 
325 P05_CIINV One-Off Reduction in Income Indicator P05_CIINV CHAR 
326 P05_CIVPL Insurance Obligation Influence Code P05_CIVPL CHAR 
327 P05_CKHER Check if conversion rule is already present in 1999. XFELD CHAR 
328 P05_CKTRG Check if tax class has been created in the new year XFELD CHAR 
329 P05_CLCPS Wage Type Code for Pensionable Salary P05_CLCPS CHAR 
330 P05_CM Consistency Monitor display   CHAR 
331 P05_CMTYP Communication Type Text TEXT10 CHAR 
332 P05_CODE Process Yes/No XFELD CHAR 
333 P05_CODEHERL Type of Conversion P05_HERLCODE CHAR 
334 P05_CODHR Conversion Rule Indicators P05_CODHR CHAR 
335 P05_COMBC Combination P05_COMBC CHAR 
336 P05_COMBT Text: Combination TEXT30 CHAR 
337 P05_COMKY Communication Type COMKY CHAR 
338 P05_COMPL_ADRES Complete asdress CHAR80 CHAR 
341 P05_CORBR Correction procedure necessary from DATUM DATS 
342 P05_CORCCD Correction Code Cadans P05_CORCCD CHAR 
343 P05_CORLA Correction of LA table from DATUM DATS 
344 P05_CORRCD Correction Code CHAR2 CHAR 
345 P05_CORST Correction of ST table from DATUM DATS 
346 P05_CORSV Correction of SV table from DATUM DATS 
347 P05_CPCOM Partner Receives Maximum Allowance XFELD CHAR 
348 P05_CR55P Compensation Regulation 55+ XFELD CHAR 
349 P05_CREIF Code with Reason for End of Flexiworker Income Relationship P05_CREIF CHAR 
350 P05_CRGBA Reason for No Addition to Taxable Income for Car Code P05_CRGBA CHAR 
352 P05_CRTAX_MSG Message Text CHAR200 CHAR 
353 P05_CRTAX_PERSNO Personnel Number PERSNO NUMC 
355 P05_CSR_0011_AFG Delimit from infotype 0011   CHAR 
356 P05_CSR_BEKNOPT_VSL Brief report   CHAR 
358 P05_CSR_LC_SL Wage Type Savings LGART CHAR 
359 P05_CSR_LC_SL_BB Wage Type Savings SP LGART CHAR 
360 P05_CSR_NAAM_BIM Name of the Batch Input Session CHAR12 CHAR 
361 P05_CSR_RB_CV Convert IT 0011 to IT 0854 CHAR1 CHAR 
362 P05_CSR_RB_WZ Transfer data in infotype 0854 CHAR1 CHAR 
363 P05_CTPEI Address Data of Contact for External Agency ANSSL CHAR 
364 P05_CTPRP Address Data of Contact for Representing Legal Person ANSSL CHAR 
365 P05_CTYPE Calculation Type P05_CTYPE CHAR 
366 P05_CUMHB Cumulative Retroactive Accounting P05_CUMHB CHAR 
367 P05_CVTRG Tax Class Conversion XFELD CHAR 
368 P05_DABET Number of days better since last (re)generation NUMC3 NUMC 
369 P05_DABOV Yes/No Field for Participation in Paid Parental Leave CHAR1 CHAR 
370 P05_DAGEN Number of Days DEC3 DEC 
371 P05_DATAG Start Date for Disabled Person's SI Reduction DATUM DATS 
372 P05_DATBOV Start Date for Reduction for Paid Parental Leave DATUM DATS 
373 P05_DBR4D2 Amount P05_WERTV6 CURR 
374 P05_DBR5D2 Amount P05_WERTV7 CURR 
375 P05_DBR7D2 Amount CURR9 CURR 
376 P05_DEC12_5 Decimal with 5 Decimal Places and +/- Sign P05_DEC12_5 DEC 
377 P05_DEC13_2 Decimal Field with 13 Predecimal Places and 2 Decimal Places DEC13_2 DEC 
378 P05_DEC15_4 HR NL: Amount with 4 Decimal Places DEC15_4 DEC 
379 P05_DEC17_4 Decimal Field, Length 17 with 4 Decimal Places P05_DEC17_4 DEC 
380 P05_DEC18_8 Dec field with 8 decimals P05_DEC18_8 DEC 
381 P05_DEC21_8 Dec field with 8 decimals P05_DEC21_8 DEC 
382 P05_DEC4_5 Data Element with domain DEC4_5 DEC4_5 DEC 
383 P05_DEC9_2 Data Element with 9 Figures before the Point and 2 Decimals P05_DEC9_2 DEC 
384 P05_DEC9_4 Data Element with 9 Figures before the Point and 4 Decimals P05_DEC9_4 DEC 
385 P05_DELETE_ADD_INS Delete Private Insurer XFELD CHAR 
386 P05_DELETE_ADD_PREM Delete Private Insurance Contribution XFELD CHAR 
387 P05_DELETE_ER_SAVINGS Delete Employer Saving Amounts BOOLE CHAR 
388 P05_DELETE_INS_0264 Delete Insurance Data in Infotype 0264 XFELD CHAR 
389 P05_DENS Density Code P05_DENS CHAR 
390 P05_DENSCC Density Code Cadans P05_DENSCC CHAR 
392 P05_DGPWK Days per Period for Childcare P05_DGPWK DEC 
393 P05_DIFFERENCES_SA Also Check for Differences in Special Indicators XFELD CHAR 
394 P05_DIFFP Difference Percentage P05_DIFFP DEC 
395 P05_DISP_STAT Record Status ("Old" or "New") P05_DISP_STAT CHAR 
396 P05_DLEVC Recognition of Obtained Competencies CHAR1_X CHAR 
397 P05_DLINC Increase Standard of Education CHAR1_X CHAR 
398 P05_DLNOW_EHP Payment Reduction for Education / Training P05_DLNOW_EHP CHAR 
399 P05_DLNOW_EN Payment Reduction for Education / Training P05_DLNOW_EN CHAR 
400 P05_DNSTB Employment P05_DNSTV CHAR 
401 P05_DNSTV Employment CHAR1 CHAR 
402 P05_DOELU Reason for Withdrawal P05_DOELU CHAR 
403 P05_DSNAM Dataset Name P05_CHAR50 CHAR 
404 P05_DSTAGE Internship (MBO Level 1 or 2) CHAR1_X CHAR 
405 P05_DSTLL Yes/no Field Participation in Compens. for Loss of LE Relief CHAR1_X CHAR 
406 P05_DTBIM Year for Initialization GJAHR NUMC 
407 P05_DTEVC Recognition of Obtained Competencies (EVS) Start Date DATUM DATS 
408 P05_DTINC Increase Standard of Education Start Date DATUM DATS 
409 P05_DTMLL Start Date f. Particip. in Compensation f. Loss of LE Relief DATUM DATS 
410 P05_DURABS Unit for Attendance/Absence duration P05_DURABS CHAR 
411 P05_DURILL Unit for selection of sickness duration P05_DURILL CHAR 
412 P05_DURNUM Number of units for selection of minimum duration P05_DURNUM NUMC 
413 P05_DVMBO Pre-Vocational Secondary Education (VMBO) CHAR1_X CHAR 
414 P05_DZANZL_BB Interval Between Savings Periods for Special Payments DEC3 DEC 
415 P05_DZFPER First Savings Period PABRP NUMC 
416 P05_DZFPER_BB First Savings Period for Special Payments PABRP NUMC 
417 P05_EENHEID_TOETSLOON Unit of Displayed Assessment Wage CHAR10 CHAR 
418 P05_EENHEID_TOETSLOON_OW Unit of Displayed Assessment Wage for Education CHAR10 CHAR 
419 P05_EENHEID_UREN Unit of Displayed Hours CHAR10 CHAR 
420 P05_EHBDR Unit of Costs and EE Contribution P05_EHKOV CHAR 
421 P05_EHBOV Unit for Paid Parental Leave P05_EHBOV CHAR 
422 P05_EHDGN Unit of Days P05_EHKOV CHAR 
423 P05_EH_CAOCD Unit Pay Scale [CAO] Indicator P05_EH_CAOCD CHAR 
424 P05_EIOMS External Agency Text P05_EIOMS CHAR 
425 P05_EIRID Indicator for Own Risk Bearer for "WGA" and/or "WAO" XFELD CHAR 
426 P05_EIR_ZKMKT_EN Status of Notification in Absences (2001) Infotype P05_ZKMKT CHAR 
427 P05_ELZDT End date of last sickness DATS DATS 
428 P05_ENAME Name Format CHAR40 CHAR 
429 P05_ENDLL End Date Life-Course Savings Withdrawal DATUM DATS 
430 P05_ENDTE Processing date of 'Permanent Invalidity Benefit' activity DATS DATS 
431 P05_ENTKM Commuting Distance in Kilometers DEC3 DEC 
432 P05_ENT_STATUS Entitlement Status P05_ENT_STATUS CHAR 
433 P05_ERCOM Allowance from Employer WERTV5 CURR 
434 P05_EXCLUDE_COMP_CAR Exclude Company Car from Pensionable Wage XFELD CHAR 
435 P05_EXREE Excluded from SI Reduction Employing Elderly Employee P05_EXREE CHAR 
436 P05_EXSJR Excluded from Small Jobs Regulation XFELD CHAR 
437 P05_FACTOR Factor DEC5_2 DEC 
438 P05_FACTOR_CVZ Country of residence factor P05T_CVZ_FACTOR DEC 
439 P05_FAMSA Relationship P05_FAMSA CHAR 
440 P05_FILE_IDENTIFIER file path + file name + extension P05_DFILE_IDENTIFIER CHAR 
441 P05_FLAG_WG_BIJDR_BB Employer Contribution as Special Payment XFELD CHAR 
442 P05_FONDS Pension Fund P05_FONDS CHAR 
443 P05_FPPER Future Payment Period NUMC6 NUMC 
444 P05_FRCWG Employer 'Franchise' (Port.of Calc.Pens.Contr) P05_FRCWG CURR 
445 P05_FRCWN Employee 'Franchise' (Port.of Calc.Pens.Contr) P05_FRCWN CURR 
446 P05_FREQ Frequency CHAR1 CHAR 
447 P05_FRIDAY Friday ICON CHAR 
448 P05_FRNCH Port.of Calc.Pen.Con. P05_WERTV8 CURR 
449 P05_GBJR Year of Birth NUMC4 NUMC 
450 P05_GENDER Gender CHAR1 CHAR 
451 P05_GRPVL Grouping value for feature return matrix CHAR3 CHAR 
452 P05_GRSL Basis for Pension Calculation (100%) P05_GRSL CURR 
453 P05_GRSLG Baisis for Calculation of Contribution Amount P05_GRSLG NUMC 
454 P05_GRTXT Description of 'Permanent Invalidity Benefit' plan P05_CHAR50 CHAR 
455 P05_HERBR Retroactive Accounting Ind. P05_HERBR CHAR 
456 P05_HERLCODE Conversion Rule Indicator P05_HERLCODE CHAR 
457 P05_HIDE_ACT_INFO Hide (green) activities that do not require action XFELD CHAR 
458 P05_IAANS Internal Rights for Life-Course Savings Scheme P_AMT07V CURR 
459 P05_IAOUK Benefit Supplement Indication P05_INDIC CHAR 
460 P05_ICON_L2 Status of BIS data SYCHAR132 CHAR 
461 P05_IDCVZ Identification at CVZ CHAR25 CHAR 
462 P05_ILLN_BEGDA Start date of most recent sickness DATUM DATS 
463 P05_ILLN_ENDDA End date of most recent sickness DATUM DATS 
464 P05_INDCVZ CVZ indication P05_INDCVZ CHAR 
465 P05_INDDA Entry Date DATUM DATS 
466 P05_INDIV Selection Option for Payroll Account per Person P05_CHAR1 CHAR 
467 P05_INDVB Holiday Vouchers Indication Applied P05_INDIC CHAR 
468 P05_INSTA External Agency P05_INSTA CHAR 
469 P05_INSTL Authority P05_INSTL CHAR 
470 P05_INZJP Submitting Repr. Legal Person JUPER CHAR 
471 P05_INZRP Submitting Representing Legal Person P05_REPER CHAR 
472 P05_IREAP Regular Work Arrangement Indication P05_INDIC CHAR 
473 P05_IVVAK ID for Holiday Vouchers P05_IVVAK NUMC 
474 P05_J65_M Field for Special Payments Table Display DEC2_2 DEC 
475 P05_J65_Z Field for Special Payments Table Display DEC2_2 DEC 
476 P05_JAAR Year NUMC4 NUMC 
477 P05_JAARLOON Ann.Salary WERTV5 CURR 
478 P05_JAARL_BB Annual Salary (for Special Payments Table Display) CHAR6 CHAR 
479 P05_JANEE Indicator for Amount Coding Special Indicator P05_JNO NUMC 
480 P05_JGKRT Young Disabled Person's SI Reduction CHAR1 CHAR 
481 P05_JOWNDAT Date of employee's annual employment tax statement CHAR5 CHAR 
482 P05_JRLOT Annual Salary DEC5_2 DEC 
483 P05_JWN_EE_LANGU Display Form in Employee's Language XFELD CHAR 
484 P05_JWN_LANGU_NL Display Form in Dutch XFELD CHAR 
485 P05_JWN_RELEVANT Indicator Is Relevant for Annual Statement Employee XFELD CHAR 
486 P05_KDGVB Name Day-Care Center P05_KDGVB CHAR 
487 P05_KDZKSTXT HI Indicator Text CHAR20 CHAR 
488 P05_KENJN Yes/No Field Objection Filed XFELD CHAR 
489 P05_KENTBOV Paid Parental Leave Premium Reduction Indicator TEXT20 CHAR 
490 P05_KENTLL Compensation for Loss of Low earnings Relief Indicator TEXT20 CHAR 
491 P05_KENTSB Comments Special Provisions TEXT20 CHAR 
492 P05_KENTSKNOW Standard Qualification Level Reference TEXT20 CHAR 
493 P05_KINOP Type of Childcare P05_KINOP CHAR 
494 P05_KNAAM Authority (Short Text) TEXT22 CHAR 
495 P05_KOBLS Taxable Portion of Childcare Allowance P05_SALGR CURR 
496 P05_KOTXT Text for Type of Childcare TXT25 CHAR 
497 P05_LAND1 Countries for 'Wet SAMEN' LAND1 CHAR 
498 P05_LARE IBM Standard Labels (Yes/No) XFELD CHAR 
499 P05_LBDAG Number of Days for Employment Tax P05_LBDAG NUMC 
500 P05_LCAANTAL Wage Type (Number) for Decision Tree PMEN1 PRANZHL DEC