SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 106
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 PPTP_TRTTX Treatment Type Description TEXT140 CHAR 
3 PPTP_TTCON Total amount of institutional contribution CHAR12 CHAR 
4 PPTP_TTDSC Total amount of discounts CHAR12 CHAR 
9 PPTP_VCONT Amount of entity contribution DEC8_2 DEC 
10 PPTP_VDSCR Amount of withheld discount DEC8_2 DEC 
11 PPTP_VRMPE Amount of remuneration or pension subject to discount DEC8_2 DEC 
12 PPTP_WESCR SIADAP: Weight for Scale Range DEC12_3 DEC 
13 PPTP_WKDUR Week Duration NUMC2 NUMC 
14 PPTP_WKREG Availability for Work PPTP_WKREG CHAR 
15 PPTP_WMACT Social Balance: board 22 - Counting Work Medicine Activities CHAR75 CHAR 
16 PPTP_WORKE Social Balance: board 28AB - Worker NUMC5 NUMC 
17 PPTP_WRPCD Workplace Code CHAR6 CHAR 
18 PPTP_WRPTX Workplace Description TEXT100 CHAR 
19 PPTP_YMD Number of Year, Months or Days PPTP_YMD NUMC 
20 PPTXBAS Previous Tax Basis P46PEN XFELD CHAR 
21 PPTXCOD Previous tax code - P46PEN CHAR8 CHAR 
22 PPTXT PP Planning Calendar: Short Description TEXT40 CHAR 
23 PPTXT_CA Promise to Pay: Name of Payment Type TXT25 CHAR 
24 PPTXXX Total Price in Item Foreign Currency WERTV8 CURR 
25 PPT_1ARTI Hours under no. 1, art. 227, Law 7/2009 of 12/02 CHAR3 CHAR 
26 PPT_2ARTI Hours under no. 2, art. 227, Law 7/2009 of 12/02 CHAR3 CHAR 
27 PPT_3112O Employed on 31. Dezember CHAR5 CHAR 
28 PPT_A3110 Total of persons working on 31. October CHAR5 CHAR 
29 PPT_AAIRCT IRCT applicability attribute CHAR12 CHAR 
30 PPT_ABSDA Absence data XFELD CHAR 
31 PPT_ACOCO Alternative council code NUMC02 NUMC 
32 PPT_ACTC Activity table code (public list no.1011/2001, 21/08)   NUMC 
33 PPT_ACTIO Personnel action type PPT_ACTIO CHAR 
35 PPT_AD004 Annual Income Declaration - IRS attachment J/M10 CHAR1 CHAR 
36 PPT_AD026 AID - 26 spaces PPT_AD026 CHAR 
37 PPT_AD059 Annual Income Declaration - 59 spaces CHAR59 CHAR 
38 PPT_AD079 Annual Income Declaration - 79 spaces CHAR79 CHAR 
39 PPT_AD087 AID - 87 spaces PPT_AD087 CHAR 
40 PPT_AD106 AID - 106 spaces PPT_AD106 CHAR 
41 PPT_AD114 Inc.decl. - 114 blanks attachment J CHAR114 CHAR 
42 PPT_AD120 Annual Income Declaration - spaces 120 CHAR120 CHAR 
43 PPT_AD122 Annual Income Declaration Attach.TemSe J - Record Type 2 CHAR_122 CHAR 
44 PPT_AD124 Annual Income Declaration Attach.TemSe J - Record Type 2 CHAR_124 CHAR 
45 PPT_AD131 Annual Income Declaration - spaces 131   CHAR 
46 PPT_AD140 AD - 140 blanks Attach. J CHAR140 CHAR 
47 PPT_AD153 Annual Income Declaration - spaces 153   CHAR 
48 PPT_AD154 Annual Income Declaration - spaces 154 CHAR154 CHAR 
49 PPT_AD160 Annual Income Declaration - spaces 160   CHAR 
50 PPT_AD166 Annual Income Declaration - spaces 166   CHAR 
51 PPT_AD4OA Annual Income Declaration - other attachments CHAR1 CHAR 
52 PPT_ADA2S AD - Blanks CHAR24 CHAR 
54 PPT_ADCAE Annual Income Declaration - CAE code - REV2   CHAR 
55 PPT_ADCCD AD - Code for changes CHAR1 CHAR 
56 PPT_ADCOD District/Municip./Parish code NUMC06 NUMC 
57 PPT_ADCSF Annual Income Declaration - Tax Office Code   CHAR 
58 PPT_ADCTA Annual Income Decl.- Activity Tab.Code (PL 1011/2001, 21/08)   CHAR 
59 PPT_ADCUR Annual Income Declaration - currency indicator   CHAR 
60 PPT_ADCVR Social Security additional cover ABRKN CHAR 
61 PPT_ADCWT Wage type for VA regarding days calculated on current year LGART CHAR 
62 PPT_ADDAP AID - declaration presented in terms of d) no.1, art.119   CHAR 
63 PPT_ADDCM AD - Tax deductions: commissions CHAR11 CHAR 
64 PPT_ADDCP AD - Tax deductions: capitals CHAR11 CHAR 
65 PPT_ADDDW AD - Tax deductions: dependent work CHAR11 CHAR 
66 PPT_ADDEC Annual Income Declaration - special declarations   CHAR 
68 PPT_ADDIW AD - Tax deductions: independent work CHAR11 CHAR 
69 PPT_ADDLB AD - Deductions: liberating taxes CHAR11 CHAR 
70 PPT_ADDLT AD - Type of declaration CHAR1 CHAR 
71 PPT_ADDMV AD - Tax deductions: plus value CHAR11 CHAR 
72 PPT_ADDPR AD - Deductions... CHAR11 CHAR 
73 PPT_ADDPS AD - Pension tax deduction CHAR11 CHAR 
74 PPT_ADDRE Street and house no. TEXT60 CHAR 
75 PPT_ADDTY AD - Type of declaration CHAR6 CHAR 
77 PPT_ADFFA According to d), no.1, art.119 CIRS XFELD CHAR 
78 PPT_ADFNA AD - Fiscal name CHAR86 CHAR 
79 PPT_ADFTY Annual Income Declaration - file type CHAR5 CHAR 
80 PPT_ADFVE Annual Income Declaration - file version CHAR2 CHAR 
81 PPT_ADFVS AD - Format version CHAR1 CHAR 
82 PPT_ADICO Alternative district code NUMC02 NUMC 
83 PPT_ADIIT AD - Income type CHAR3 CHAR 
84 PPT_ADIRC AD - IRC deductions CHAR11 CHAR 
85 PPT_ADITY AD - Income type CHAR3 CHAR 
86 PPT_ADJ2Y Maximum no.of leave days paid in second year NUMC2 NUMC 
88 PPT_ADJFL Flag for adjustment payment in period XFELD CHAR 
89 PPT_ADJHY Leave allowance adjustment of hiring year XFELD CHAR 
90 PPT_ADJIR AID - Amounts withheld PPT_ADJIR CHAR 
91 PPT_ADJPY Flag for immediate adjustment of vacation allowance payment XFELD CHAR 
92 PPT_ADJRE AID - Annual income PPT_ADJRE CHAR 
93 PPT_ADJTC AD - IRC/IRS compensation attachment J TEXT12 CHAR 
94 PPT_ADJTD Type of record - attachment J CHAR12 CHAR 
95 PPT_ADJTI AD - Total tax income attachment J TEXT12 CHAR 
96 PPT_ADJTR AID - Withholding value PPT_ADJTR CHAR 
97 PPT_ADJTS AD - Sum retentions - attachment J TEXT12 CHAR 
98 PPT_ADJTT AD - IRC/IRS compensation attachment J TEXT12 CHAR 
99 PPT_ADJWT Wage type for adjustments of vacation allowance payments LGART CHAR 
100 PPT_ADLRE AID - Income origin PPT_ADLRE CHAR 
102 PPT_ADNFT Annual Income Declaration - Tax Code Statutory Accountant   CHAR 
103 PPT_ADNIF Annual Income Declaration - legal representative tax code   CHAR 
104 PPT_ADNR3 Annual Income Declaration - number of records   CHAR 
105 PPT_ADNRC AD - No.of records type 2 CHAR5 CHAR 
106 PPT_ADNRC7 AD - No.of records type 2 CHAR7 CHAR 
107 PPT_ADNRE Annual Income Declaration - number of records   CHAR 
108 PPT_ADNYR AID - Previous years income - no.of years PPT_ADNYR CHAR 
109 PPT_ADPDA AID - first declaration of the year/substitution declaration   CHAR 
110 PPT_ADPRE AID - Previous years income - amounts PPT_ADPRE CHAR 
111 PPT_ADPVN Annual Income Declaration - Business Volume Percentage   CHAR 
112 PPT_ADRYR AD - Year of "Reporte" CHAR4 CHAR 
114 PPT_ADSER ADSE exempt flag XFELD CHAR 
115 PPT_ADSP1 DAR - Blanks for record J01 CHAR13 CHAR 
116 PPT_ADSP2 DAR - Blanks for record J02 CHAR66 CHAR 
117 PPT_ADSP3 DAR - Blanks for record J99 CHAR45 CHAR 
118 PPT_ADSSC AID - compulsory discount to Social Security CHAR13 CHAR 
119 PPT_ADTDE AD - Total tax withheld CHAR13 CHAR 
120 PPT_ADTIN AD - Total income CHAR13 CHAR 
121 PPT_ADTIR AID - Total withheld amounts PPT_ADTIR CHAR 
122 PPT_ADTRA AID - Total income from previous years PPT_ADTRA CHAR 
123 PPT_ADTRE AID - Total annual income PPT_ADTRE CHAR 
124 PPT_ADTRM DAR - Sum retentions PPT_ADTRM CHAR 
125 PPT_ADTRT AID - Withholding totals PPT_ADTRT CHAR 
126 PPT_ADTSE Total of extraordinary surcharge in records J02 CHAR14 CHAR 
127 PPT_ADTSS AID - compulsory discount to Social Security CHAR14 CHAR 
128 PPT_ADTUD AID - Quota Arrangement of Union CHAR14 CHAR 
129 PPT_ADTXC AD - Tax compensation CHAR13 CHAR 
130 PPT_ADTXD AD - Tax withheld CHAR13 CHAR 
131 PPT_ADTXY AD - Tax year CHAR4 CHAR 
132 PPT_ADUND AID - Quota Arrangement of Union CHAR13 CHAR 
133 PPT_ADVRU Coverage rule for advance PPT_COVRU NUMC 
134 PPT_ADVWT Advance/cheque wage type LGART CHAR 
135 PPT_ADYEA Annual Income Declaration - Year   CHAR 
136 PPT_ADYMD Annual Income Declaration - Date YYYYMMDD CHAR8 CHAR 
137 PPT_AEVAL Flag for "as earned" principle in VA processing XFELD CHAR 
138 PPT_AFIND Code for disabled from the Armed Forces XFELD CHAR 
140 PPT_ALLTY Type of vacation allowance PPT_ALLTY CHAR 
141 PPT_ALTYP Type of earnings PPT_ALTYP CHAR 
142 PPT_AMORT Fiscal year amortizations CHAR10 CHAR 
143 PPT_ANNWH Number of annual hours for working time account DEC3_2 DEC 
144 PPT_ANREA Previous years income - year NUMC4 NUMC 
145 PPT_ANREN Income from previous years - values CHAR14 CHAR 
146 PPT_APACO Alternative parish code NUMC02 NUMC 
147 PPT_APERN Average no. persons working for employer during year CHAR5 CHAR 
149 PPT_APPNA PS 2003 - Name of application CHAR40 CHAR 
150 PPT_APPVE PS 2003 - Version of application CHAR20 CHAR 
151 PPT_AQUALEV Qualification level attribute CHAR10 CHAR 
152 PPT_ASSAT Association attribute for Unique Report TEXT20 CHAR 
153 PPT_ASSCD Association CHAR03 CHAR 
154 PPT_ATACO Inquiry actions attribute in safety and health for UR CHAR1 CHAR 
155 PPT_ATACT Activity attribute for unique report CHAR20 CHAR 
156 PPT_ATAFO Training actions attribute in safety and health for UR CHAR1 CHAR 
157 PPT_ATAGE Agent attribute for Unique Report CHAR20 CHAR 
158 PPT_ATAIM Immunization actions attribute for Unique Report CHAR1 CHAR 
159 PPT_ATAIN Information actions attribute on inherent risks for UR CHAR1 CHAR 
160 PPT_ATAPR Promotion actions attribute of health at work for UR CHAR1 CHAR 
161 PPT_ATCHJ Attachment J XFELD CHAR 
162 PPT_ATDOC Illness confirmation in report reference year CHAR1 CHAR 
163 PPT_ATDOE Illness attribute for unique report CHAR20 CHAR 
164 PPT_ATDOP Illness notification in the report reference year CHAR1 CHAR 
165 PPT_ATEEM Activities performed by employer CHAR1 CHAR 
166 PPT_ATEIN EINECS attribute (CE number) for unique report CHAR12 CHAR 
167 PPT_ATEMA Training theme attribute for unique report CHAR15 CHAR 
168 PPT_ATEMP Number of temporary workers during the year CHAR5 CHAR 
169 PPT_ATEXA Admission, period.and/or occas.examinations attrib.for UR CHAR1 CHAR 
170 PPT_ATEXC Complementary examinations attribute for Unique Report CHAR1 CHAR 
171 PPT_ATEXM Examinations attribute for Unique Report CHAR15 CHAR 
172 PPT_ATFAR Risk factor attribute for Unique Report CHAR20 CHAR 
173 PPT_ATFRB Biological risk factors attribute for unique report CHAR1 CHAR 
174 PPT_ATFRF Physical risk factors attribute for unique report CHAR1 CHAR 
175 PPT_ATFRM Risk factor attribute change skeletor-muscular system for UR CHAR1 CHAR 
176 PPT_ATFRP Psychosocial and organizational risk factors attribute UR CHAR1 CHAR 
177 PPT_ATFRQ Chemical risk factors attribute for Unique Report CHAR1 CHAR 
178 PPT_ATFRS Risk factors attribute of SHW workers for Unique Report CHAR1 CHAR 
179 PPT_ATMEN Risk mention or phrase attribute for Unique Report CHAR15 CHAR 
180 PPT_ATMEP Adopted preventive actions attribute for Unique Report CHAR20 CHAR 
181 PPT_ATOC1 Work accidents, working time, with workers at local unit CHAR1 CHAR 
182 PPT_ATOC2 Work accidents , working time, w/other workers local unit CHAR1 CHAR 
183 PPT_ATRAZ Reason attribute for inquiry actions for Unique Report CHAR15 CHAR 
184 PPT_ATSIF Information actions situation attribute for Unique Report CHAR15 CHAR 
185 PPT_ATTEP Service company type attribute for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
186 PPT_ATTRD Activities performed by the designated worker CHAR1 CHAR 
187 PPT_ATVAC Vaccine attribute for unique report CHAR15 CHAR 
188 PPT_AVGWT Wage type with variable component of VA reference remuner. LGART CHAR 
189 PPT_AVOUT Average number of employed during the year CHAR5 CHAR 
190 PPT_AWART Absence type of leave period triggering allowance payment AWART CHAR 
191 PPT_BAABS Due basic pay regarding the total of October CHAR10 CHAR 
192 PPT_BAPAY Paid basic pay regarding the total of October CHAR10 CHAR 
193 PPT_BASWT Base wage type (Social Security) LGART CHAR 
194 PPT_BDATE Date of birth CHAR07 CHAR 
195 PPT_BDAYS No.of leave days for calculation NUMC2 NUMC 
196 PPT_BRADV Gross value-added (GVA) in the report reference year CHAR10 CHAR 
197 PPT_BSCNT Basis contribution XFELD CHAR 
198 PPT_BSMAX Social Security - Maximum basis contribution DEC2_1 DEC 
199 PPT_BSMIN Social Security - Minimum basis contribution DEC2_1 DEC 
200 PPT_BSMWT Basis with limit for members of statutory bodies (soc.sec.) LGART CHAR 
201 PPT_BSTYP Calculation basis nature PPT_BSTYP CHAR 
202 PPT_BTEDT Date of Labour and Employment Bulletin (BTE) DATUM DATS 
203 PPT_BTENR No.of Labour and Employment Bulletin (BTE) NUMC2 NUMC 
205 PPT_CAE10 Economical Activity Code (CAE) of local unit on 31/10 CHAR5 CHAR 
206 PPT_CAE12 Main economical activity (CAE) employer on 31/12 CHAR5 CHAR 
207 PPT_CAGRP Christmas allowance grouping PPT_GRVAL CHAR 
208 PPT_CAPDEC Declarant capital stock equity CHAR3 CHAR 
209 PPT_CAPSC Capital stock DEC13_2 DEC 
210 PPT_CAPTAX Capital stock equity of the taxable person CHAR3 CHAR 
211 PPT_CAREV Career evolution XFELD CHAR 
212 PPT_CATAT Attribute professional category for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
213 PPT_CATPR Professional category CHAR5 CHAR 
214 PPT_CBIRS Withholding tax for independent workers XFELD CHAR 
215 PPT_CBOX Check box for additional cover XFELD CHAR 
216 PPT_CCODE Residence country code CHAR3 CHAR 
217 PPT_CCTXT Description of Social Security regime for CGA TEXT50 CHAR 
218 PPT_CDESC Description in capital letters CHAR30 CHAR 
219 PPT_CDURP No.of months in same processing variant (in year) DEC2_2 DEC 
220 PPT_CEAMT Cumulated amount of earned VA PRBETRG CURR 
221 PPT_CERTA Validity year of registration PPT_CERTA NUMC 
222 PPT_CGACOD Social Security regime code for CGA PPT_RGCOD CHAR 
225 PPT_CGRWT Wage type for cumulated taxable gross amount LGART CHAR 
226 PPT_CHAR28 Category of length character 28 CHAR28 CHAR 
227 PPT_CHCO1 Flag for affecting VA annual estimation due to part-time XFELD CHAR 
228 PPT_CHRLW Christmas allowance XFELD CHAR 
229 PPT_CLAAT Attribute claim for strikes for Unique Report CHAR15 CHAR 
230 PPT_CLAIM Cliam for strikes CHAR03 CHAR 
231 PPT_CLAMT Amount to be cleared (due to as-earned principle) PRBETRG CURR 
232 PPT_CLDAY Taken leave days to be cleared (due to as-earned principle) PTM_QUONUM DEC 
233 PPT_CLSTR Use contributions from cluster XFELD CHAR 
234 PPT_CNTNA PS 2003 - Name(s) of contact PPT_CNTNA CHAR 
235 PPT_CNTTY Counting type PPT_CNTTY NUMC 
236 PPT_CNTXT Counting rule text TEXT40 CHAR 
237 PPT_COABS Convert absence classification XFELD CHAR 
238 PPT_COBE1 Mandatory contributions - entity 1 NUM9 NUMC 
239 PPT_COBE2 Mandatory contributions - entity 2 NUM9 NUMC 
240 PPT_COBE3 Mandatory contributions - entity 3 NUM9 NUMC 
241 PPT_COBVA Mandatory contributions - values CHAR13 CHAR 
242 PPT_COCOD Council code NUMC02 NUMC 
243 PPT_CODENT Entity code NUMC09 NUMC 
244 PPT_CODP Postal code PPT_CODP CHAR 
245 PPT_CODRF Tax office code PPT_CODRF NUMC 
246 PPT_COEUR Euro conversion XFELD CHAR 
247 PPT_COLUM Tax table column PPT_COLUM CHAR 
248 PPT_COMISS Commissions CHAR18 CHAR 
249 PPT_COMNA Name or social designation CHAR70 CHAR 
250 PPT_CONGL Type of pension earnings conglobation for tax calculation CHAR1 CHAR 
251 PPT_CONTY Contract type CHAR32 CHAR 
252 PPT_COPAG Cover page XFELD CHAR 
253 PPT_COSST Service supplementation CHAR1 CHAR 
254 PPT_COTAT Attribute contract type for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
255 PPT_COTXT Company name TEXT60 CHAR 
256 PPT_COTYP Contract type CHAR2 CHAR 
257 PPT_COUBI Municipality of birth TEXT30 CHAR 
258 PPT_COUNT Counting rule PPT_COUNT CHAR 
259 PPT_COUTX Council CHAR30 CHAR 
260 PPT_COVRU Coverage rule PPT_COVRU NUMC 
261 PPT_COVTY Coverage type PPT_COVTY CHAR 
262 PPT_COWKS Convert work schedule classification XFELD CHAR 
263 PPT_CPACT Company's economical main activity   NUMC 
264 PPT_CPADR Company address TEXT40 CHAR 
265 PPT_CPAMT Paid VA amount cumulated until period PRBETRG CURR 
266 PPT_CPAYF Type of payment frequency at least occuring once in year CHAR1 CHAR 
267 PPT_CPDAY No.of cumulated leave days covered by VA payment PTM_QUONUM DEC 
268 PPT_CPLOC Company locality TEXT20 CHAR 
269 PPT_CRTXT Coverage rule text TEXT40 CHAR 
270 PPT_CSTXT Name of Social Security institution for CGA TEXT50 CHAR 
271 PPT_CTPAR Contract partition XFELD CHAR 
272 PPT_CTRIT Interruptions in Social Security contributing period NUM3 NUMC 
273 PPT_CTTAT Attribute contract type for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
274 PPT_CTTXT Description of contract type TEXT50 CHAR 
275 PPT_CTTYP Contract type PPT_CTTYP CHAR 
276 PPT_CTYRU Contract type PPT_CTYRU CHAR 
277 PPT_CVDAY No.of cumulated leave days taken PTM_QUONUM DEC 
278 PPT_CVTBS Conventional contribution basis amount DEC2_1 DEC 
279 PPT_CWHWT Wage type for cumulated amount of withholding tax LGART CHAR 
280 PPT_DAAMT Daily amount CURR9 CURR 
281 PPT_DAAVG Daily average salary CURR9 CURR 
282 PPT_DADEA Date of death DATUM DATS 
283 PPT_DATAT Attribute incoming/outgoing reason for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
284 PPT_DATER Incoming/outgoing reference date CHAR07 CHAR 
285 PPT_DAYWH Number of daily hours for working time account DEC3_2 DEC 
286 PPT_DCYCL Personnel calculation rule for lunch allowance days CCYCL CHAR 
287 PPT_DECTIP Tax - declaration type NUMC1 NUMC 
288 PPT_DELRE Delete existing records XFELD CHAR 
290 PPT_DERIV Consequence of event PPT_DERIV CHAR 
291 PPT_DESCR Description of disability TEXT50 CHAR 
292 PPT_DFVAL Formula for calculating lunch allowance days PPT_DFVAL CHAR 
293 PPT_DHIRE Hiring date in the employer CHAR07 CHAR 
294 PPT_DICOD District code NUMC02 NUMC 
295 PPT_DIPAT Attribute certificate type CHAR20 CHAR 
296 PPT_DIPLO Certificate type CHAR2 CHAR 
297 PPT_DISBO Entitlement to bonus due to challenge XFELD CHAR 
298 PPT_DITXT District TEXT30 CHAR 
299 PPT_DNASC Date of birth CHAR8 CHAR 
301 PPT_DOMSA Especification in health domain CHAR2 CHAR 
302 PPT_DOMSE Especification in safety domain CHAR2 CHAR 
303 PPT_DPERC Percentage of disability DEC3_1 DEC 
304 PPT_DRDEF Specification of tax reduction waiver due to disability XFELD CHAR 
305 PPT_DSENT Entity designation TEXT60 CHAR 
306 PPT_DTCON Tax - consolidation date using plan values DATS DATS 
307 PPT_DTEXP Tax - plan deletion date DATS DATS 
308 PPT_DTINI Tax - plan start date DATS DATS 
309 PPT_DURAT Strike duration   CHAR 
310 PPT_DWORK Dependent work CHAR18 CHAR 
311 PPT_DYEAR Delivery year NUMC4 NUMC 
312 PPT_E3110 Number of persons working in local unit on 31. October CHAR5 CHAR 
313 PPT_EACOD Economical Activity Code (CAE) PPT_EACOD NUMC 
314 PPT_EAFEC Workers allocated to first aid, fire, evacuations CHAR3 CHAR 
315 PPT_EAMNT VA amount earned in period PRBETRG CURR 
316 PPT_EARLD Earliest date for payment of vacation allowance PABRP NUMC 
318 PPT_EASC Association CHAR01 CHAR 
319 PPT_EASCD Trade association code NUMC3 NUMC 
320 PPT_EBENS Charges with goods or equipments CHAR9 CHAR 
321 PPT_EDIFF Difference between estimated VA amount and reference remun. PRBETRG CURR 
322 PPT_EDUAT Attribute education level for Unique Report CHAR9 CHAR 
323 PPT_EDUCC Education level CHAR3 CHAR 
324 PPT_EECTR Employee contribution rate DEC2_3 DEC 
325 PPT_EECWT Employee deduction wage type (Social Security) LGART CHAR 
326 PPT_EFHRS Total number of effectively worked hours CHAR9 CHAR 
327 PPT_EFORM Charges with education, information and inquiry CHAR9 CHAR 
328 PPT_EFREF Method for building effective VA reference remuneration PPT_EFREF CHAR 
330 PPT_EMAI2 PS 2003 - E-mail address PPT_EMAI2 CHAR 
331 PPT_EMAIL Mail address TEXT61 CHAR 
332 PPT_ENFER Number of nurses CHAR2 CHAR 
333 PPT_ENTDA Entry date DATUM DATS 
335 PPT_ENTIT Code for entity that certified disability PPT_ENTIT CHAR 
336 PPT_ENTTY Logical entity CHAR8 CHAR 
337 PPT_ENVAL Charge amount CHAR12 CHAR 
338 PPT_EOSST Charges w/organization safety and health at work services CHAR9 CHAR 
339 PPT_EOTRA Charges with organization/change of workspaces CHAR9 CHAR 
340 PPT_EOUTR Other charges CHAR9 CHAR 
341 PPT_EPROF Global charges with professional training CHAR9 CHAR 
342 PPT_ERCTR Employer contribution rate DEC2_3 DEC 
343 PPT_ERCWT Employer deduction wage type (Social Security) LGART CHAR 
344 PPT_ESERV Existence of workers on service during accounting year CHAR1 CHAR 
345 PPT_ESTAB Establishment ID CHAR8 CHAR 
346 PPT_ESTAM Estimated annual VA amount PRBETRG CURR 
347 PPT_ESTME Method for annual estimation of vacation allowance PPT_ESTME CHAR 
348 PPT_ETXT Description of entity that certified disability TEXT50 CHAR 
349 PPT_EXAME Examination code CHAR2 CHAR 
350 PPT_FACRI Risk factor CHAR4 CHAR 
351 PPT_FAMAL Entitlement to family allowance XFELD CHAR 
352 PPT_FAXNR Fax no. NUMC09 NUMC 
353 PPT_FDATA Property value TEXT48 CHAR 
354 PPT_FIENT Employer entity financed amount CHAR9 CHAR 
355 PPT_FIEXT Financing external to the employer entity CHAR9 CHAR 
356 PPT_FIFSE European Social Fund financing (ESF) CHAR8 CHAR 
357 PPT_FILOS Costs and financial losses CHAR10 CHAR 
359 PPT_FISCA Family income scale PPT_FISCA CHAR 
360 PPT_FIXCO Fixed component of VA reference remuneration PRBETRG CURR 
361 PPT_FIXWT Wage type with fixed component of VA reference remuneration LGART CHAR 
362 PPT_FNAAC Personnel summary Azores - full name CHAR70 CHAR 
363 PPT_FNAME Property name PPT_FNAME CHAR 
364 PPT_FOREI % of foreign capital NUMC4 NUMC 
365 PPT_FOREN Foreign capital percentage CHAR5 CHAR 
366 PPT_FORM_COMPANY_ADDRE HR_PT_IID PDF form: company address   CHAR 
367 PPT_FORM_COMPANY_COMPA HR_PT_IID PDF form: company name   CHAR 
368 PPT_FORM_COMPANY_POCIT HR_PT_IID PDF form: company location   CHAR 
369 PPT_FORM_COMPANY_POCOD HR_PT_IID PDF form: company postal code   CHAR 
370 PPT_FORM_COMPANY_TAXNU HR_PT_IID PDF form: company tax number   CHAR 
371 PPT_FORM_DATE HR_PT_IID PDF form: date   CHAR 
372 PPT_FORM_GROSS_REMUN HR_PT_IID PDF form: gross remuneration PRBETRG CURR 
373 PPT_FORM_INCOME_TYPE HR_PT_IID PDF form: income type text   CHAR 
375 PPT_FORM_REPORT_YEAR HR_PT_IID PDF form: income year   CHAR 
376 PPT_FORM_RESID_TEXT HR_PT_IID PDF form: place of residence text   CHAR 
377 PPT_FORM_RETENT_REMUN HR_PT_IID PDF form: remuneration deduction PRBETRG CURR 
378 PPT_FORM_TEXT_DATA HR_PT_IID PDF form: text element   CHAR 
379 PPT_FORM_TYPE_ADSE HR_PT_IID PDF form: not reimbursed ADSE medical expenses   CHAR 
380 PPT_FORM_TYPE_DED HR_PT_IID PDF form: deduction type text   CHAR 
381 PPT_FRSAT Attribute situation regarding frequency UR CHAR20 CHAR 
382 PPT_FRSIT Situation regarding frequency or equivalent CHAR2 CHAR 
383 PPT_FTEXT Field text TEXT32 CHAR 
385 PPT_GENAT Gender attribute for Unique Report CHAR5 CHAR 
387 PPT_GENER Indicator for automatic generation of allowance payment XFELD CHAR 
388 PPT_GLDAY No.of leave days for which a payment was generated PTM_QUONUM DEC 
389 PPT_GPAR1 Parameter 1 TEXT2 CHAR 
390 PPT_GPAR2 Parameter 2 NUM2 NUMC 
391 PPT_GRPCT Contract type grouping TEXT1 CHAR 
392 PPT_GRSWT Wage type for taxable gross amounts LGART CHAR 
393 PPT_GRTXT Description of grouping TEXT30 CHAR 
394 PPT_GRTXV Description of vacation allowance grouping TEXT70 CHAR 
395 PPT_GRTYP Distinction of holiday/Christmas allowance grouping type PPT_GRTYP CHAR 
396 PPT_GRVAL Holiday/Christmas allowance grouping PPT_GRVAL CHAR 
397 PPT_GWTYP Wage type generated for allowance payment LGART CHAR 
398 PPT_HIRFI Incomings and/or outgoings in the report reference year CHAR01 CHAR 
399 PPT_HRSUP Number of overtime hours in October CHAR5 CHAR 
400 PPT_HSPSE Disabled marriage partner XFELD CHAR 
401 PPT_HYSAF Hygiene and safety XFELD CHAR 
402 PPT_IDATE Date when disability document was issued DATUM DATS 
403 PPT_IGRP Social security institution grouping TEXT1 CHAR 
404 PPT_INCAT Income category PPT_INCAT CHAR 
405 PPT_INCOM Tax - plan income CHAR17 CHAR 
406 PPT_INCOMEAMT Gross value of the paid or provided income CHAR20 CHAR 
407 PPT_INCOV Included overtime XFELD CHAR 
408 PPT_INCTV Hiring incentive indicator PPT_INCTV CHAR 
409 PPT_INCTX Income tax CHAR10 CHAR 
410 PPT_INIAT Attribute training initiative UR CHAR20 CHAR 
411 PPT_INITI Training initiative CHAR2 CHAR 
412 PPT_INTERESTS Interest or income derived from capital application CHAR18 CHAR 
413 PPT_INTXT Description of income category TEXT60 CHAR 
414 PPT_IRCTA Attribute IRCT code for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
415 PPT_IROCT Irregular installments paid in October CHAR10 CHAR 
416 PPT_ISEQ Sequential CHAR3 CHAR 
417 PPT_ITYPE Income type CHAR2 CHAR 
418 PPT_IWBRT Tax rate for independent workers PPT_IWBRT DEC 
419 PPT_IWORK Independent work CHAR18 CHAR 
420 PPT_JPGRP Legal entity grouping CHAR2 CHAR 
421 PPT_LADJD Latest date for adjustment of vacation allowance PABRP NUMC 
422 PPT_LATED Latest date for payment of vacation allowance PABRP NUMC 
423 PPT_LDRES List format XFELD CHAR 
424 PPT_LEACY Cumulated leave for year XFELD CHAR 
425 PPT_LEDAY Leave entitlement days PTM_QUONUM DEC 
426 PPT_LEGRP Leave entitlement regime grouping PPT_GRVAL CHAR 
427 PPT_LGRWT WT for previous period's gross amount LGART CHAR 
428 PPT_LIBEX Indication of liberatory rate exemption XFELD CHAR 
429 PPT_LIBRT Liberatory rate DEC3_1 DEC 
430 PPT_LLMBN Entitlement to monthly living allowance XFELD CHAR 
431 PPT_LMTHI Enforce upper limit for contribution basis XFELD CHAR 
432 PPT_LMTLO Enforce lower limit for contribution basis XFELD CHAR 
433 PPT_LMTMO Payroll original period PABRP NUMC 
434 PPT_LMTYE Payroll original period GJAHR NUMC 
435 PPT_LNAAT Attribute legal nature for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
436 PPT_LNACD Legal category   CHAR 
437 PPT_LNATU Company legal category code NUMC2 NUMC 
438 PPT_LNUM0 Item no.- attachment J TEXT7 CHAR 
439 PPT_LNUM1 Line number NUMC07 NUMC 
440 PPT_LOCAL Locality TEXT20 CHAR 
441 PPT_LVDAT Leaving data XFELD CHAR 
442 PPT_LWHWT WT for previous period's withholding tax amount LGART CHAR 
443 PPT_LWTYP Lunch allowance wage type LGART CHAR 
444 PPT_MACAE Main economic activity (CAE) CHAR5 CHAR 
445 PPT_MACAT Attribute main activity code for Unique Report CHAR11 CHAR 
446 PPT_MACTC Economical Activity Code (CAE) of employer entity on 31/12 CHAR5 CHAR 
447 PPT_MAX2 Maximum amount BETRG CURR 
448 PPT_MAXAG Maximum age for regime NUM2 NUMC 
449 PPT_MAXDA Maximum no.of days NUMC04 NUMC 
450 PPT_MAXPC Maximum percentage for disability level NUMC4 NUMC 
451 PPT_MAXPR Maximum contribution period for regime NUM2 NUMC 
452 PPT_MAXV Maximum amount NUMC09 NUMC 
453 PPT_MD10J Annex J / Model 10 XFELD CHAR 
454 PPT_MDL10 Model 10 XFELD CHAR 
455 PPT_MDRAT Attribute remuneration difference reason for Unique Report CHAR20 CHAR 
456 PPT_MDRCD Code for remuneration difference reason CHAR2 CHAR 
457 PPT_MEDPR Adopted preventive actions CHAR3 CHAR 
458 PPT_MENCA Risk mention or phrase CHAR4 CHAR 
459 PPT_MESST Number of occupational physicians CHAR2 CHAR 
460 PPT_MIN2 Minimum amount BETRG CURR 
461 PPT_MINAG Minimum age for regime NUM2 NUMC 
462 PPT_MINLE Minimum no.of leave days for VA payment to be triggered NUM2 NUMC 
463 PPT_MINPC Minimum percentage for disability level NUMC4 NUMC 
464 PPT_MINPR Minimum contributing period for regime NUM2 NUMC 
465 PPT_MINV Minimum amount NUMC09 NUMC 
466 PPT_MISC1 Not used (length 1) TEXT1 CHAR 
467 PPT_MISC2 Not used (length 2) TEXT2 CHAR 
468 PPT_MISC3 Not used (length 3) TEXT3 CHAR 
469 PPT_MODAL Training specification CHAR2 CHAR 
470 PPT_MODAT Attribute training specification for Unique Report CHAR20 CHAR 
471 PPT_MODCR Employee grouping for coverage rules PPT_MODCR CHAR 
472 PPT_MODIF Substitution declaration XFELD CHAR 
473 PPT_MODLA Grouping for lunch allowance MOABR CHAR 
474 PPT_MREF Reference month CHAR6 CHAR 
475 PPT_MSTA1 Marital status - not married CHAR1 CHAR 
476 PPT_MSTA2 Marital status - married CHAR1 CHAR 
477 PPT_MSTAT Marital status PPT_MSTAT CHAR 
478 PPT_NACAT Attribute nationality for Unique Report CHAR10 CHAR 
479 PPT_NACCO Number of performed health promotion actions CHAR3 CHAR 
480 PPT_NACIO Nationality CHAR2 CHAR 
481 PPT_NAPOL Policy number CHAR20 CHAR 
482 PPT_NATIO Nationality CHAR30 CHAR 
483 PPT_NAVAL Number of evaluations done CHAR3 CHAR 
484 PPT_NCEDP Professional ID card number CHAR5 CHAR 
485 PPT_NDAYS No.of days paid DEC4_2 DEC 
486 PPT_NDEP2 No.of dependents NUM2 NUMC 
487 PPT_NDEPH No.of handicapped dependents NUM2 NUMC 
488 PPT_NDEST Number of outward assignments CHAR5 CHAR 
489 PPT_NEMPL No.of employees NUMC5 NUMC 
490 PPT_NEMPO Personnel summary Azores - no.of employees last week October NUMC5 NUMC 
491 PPT_NETRS Fiscal year net result CHAR10 CHAR 
492 PPT_NHROC Number of regular hours paid in October CHAR5 CHAR 
493 PPT_NIFES NIF number in country of residence CHAR30 CHAR 
495 PPT_NINOC Number of inoculations CHAR4 CHAR 
496 PPT_NIQUA Training qualification level PPT_NIQUA CHAR 
497 PPT_NLDAY Annual leave entitlement days PTM_QUONUM DEC 
498 PPT_NODAY No.of days for resetting NUMC03 NUMC 
499 PPT_NOREP Name of employer representative for tracking CHAR70 CHAR 
500 PPT_NOUTR Number of other personnel CHAR2 CHAR