SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 91
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
9 PJP_ENKAKU1 Remote Health Insurance Card Number 1   CHAR 
10 PJP_ENKAKU2 Remote Health Insurance Card Number 2   CHAR 
11 PJP_ENKAKU3 Remote Health Insurance Card Number 3   CHAR 
12 PJP_ENKAKU4 Remote Health Insurance Card Number 4   CHAR 
13 PJP_ENKAKU5 Remote Health Insurance Card Number 5   CHAR 
14 PJP_ENKAKU_KAISYU1 Witdrawal of Remote Health Insurance Card 1   CHAR 
15 PJP_ENKAKU_KAISYU2 Witdrawal of Remote Health Insurance Card 2   CHAR 
16 PJP_ENKAKU_KAISYU3 Witdrawal of Remote Health Insurance Card 3   CHAR 
17 PJP_ENKAKU_KAISYU4 Witdrawal of Remote Health Insurance Card 4   CHAR 
18 PJP_ENKAKU_KAISYU5 Witdrawal of Remote Health Insurance Card 5   CHAR 
19 PJP_EPEPR_EI Employment Insurance Premium Rate for Employee DEC3_3 DEC 
20 PJP_EPEPR_WI Worker's Insurance Premium Rate for Employee DEC3_3 DEC 
21 PJP_EXCGR SI Fixed Grade (Exclusion Month Excluded) NUMC2 NUMC 
22 PJP_EXCSC SI Fixed Standard Compensation (Exclusion Month Excluded) WERT05 CURR 
23 PJP_FLAGX General flag CHAR1_X CHAR 
24 PJP_FORM_CODE Form Code   NUMC 
26 PJP_GENBUTSU_AMOUNT1 Amount in Kind (April)   CHAR 
27 PJP_GENBUTSU_AMOUNT1_G Amount in Kind (3 Months Before)   CHAR 
28 PJP_GENBUTSU_AMOUNT2 Amount in Kind (May)   CHAR 
29 PJP_GENBUTSU_AMOUNT2_G Amount in Kind (2 Months Before)   CHAR 
30 PJP_GENBUTSU_AMOUNT3 Amount in Kind (June)   CHAR 
31 PJP_GENBUTSU_AMOUNT3_G Amount in Kind (1 Month Before)   CHAR 
32 PJP_HIDE Hide Information of Privacy PJP_HIDE CHAR 
33 PJP_HIHOKENSHA_SHOU Unnecessity of Health Insurance Card   CHAR 
34 PJP_HIHOKENSYA_ID Indicator (Insured)   NUMC 
35 PJP_HIHUYOUSHA With/Without Health Insurance Dependent   NUMC 
36 PJP_HI_DEPENDENT_NO1 Health Insurance Dependent Number 1   CHAR 
37 PJP_HI_DEPENDENT_NO2 Health Insurance Dependent Number 2   CHAR 
38 PJP_HI_DEPENDENT_NO3 Health Insurance Dependent Number 3   CHAR 
39 PJP_HI_DEPENDENT_NO4 Health Insurance Dependent Number 4   CHAR 
40 PJP_HI_DEPENDENT_NO5 Health Insurance Dependent Number 5   CHAR 
41 PJP_INC_DEC_ID Indicator (Increase/Decrease in Payment)   CHAR 
42 PJP_ITXMF Income Tax Modifier PJP_ITXMF CHAR 
43 PJP_JLOLP Action type: Layoff or Low Payment for Leave or Others PJP_JLOLP CHAR 
44 PJP_JUZEN_COMP_AMT_EP Previous Monthly Standard Compensation (EP)   CHAR 
45 PJP_JUZEN_COMP_AMT_HI Previous Monthly Standard Compensation (HI)   CHAR 
46 PJP_JUZEN_GENGOU GENGOU (Year of Previous Revision)   NUMC 
47 PJP_JUZEN_MONTH Month of Previous Revision   NUMC 
48 PJP_JUZEN_YEAR Year of Previous Revision   NUMC 
50 PJP_KAITEI_MONTH Effective Month   NUMC 
51 PJP_KAITEI_YEAR Effective Year   NUMC 
52 PJP_KAITEI_YOTEI_MONTH Planned Month of Revision   CHAR 
53 PJP_KANA_ADDRESS_LINE Kana Address line   STRG 
54 PJP_KANJI_ADDRESS_LINE Kanji Address line   STRG 
55 PJP_KANYU_KEITAI Enrollment Status   CHAR 
56 PJP_KANYU_NO Insurance Number (Pension Fund)   CHAR 
57 PJP_KASAN_KYUYO1 Monthly Addtional Payment 1   CHAR 
58 PJP_KASAN_KYUYO2 Monthly Addtional Payment 2   CHAR 
59 PJP_KASAN_SHOYO1 Addtional Shoyo Payment 1   CHAR 
60 PJP_KASAN_SHOYO2 Addtional Shoyo Payment 2   CHAR 
61 PJP_KENPO_JIGYO_NO Office Number (Health Insurance Union)   CHAR 
62 PJP_KE_INS_NO Insurance Number (Health Insurance Union)   CHAR 
63 PJP_KE_KOYU Health Insurance Union Specific Field   CHAR 
64 PJP_KIKIN_JIGYO_NO Office Number (Pension Fund)   CHAR 
65 PJP_KIKIN_KOYU01 Pension Fund Specific Field 1   CHAR 
66 PJP_KIKIN_KOYU02 Pension Fund Specific Field 2   CHAR 
67 PJP_KIKIN_KOYU03 Pension Fund Specific Field 3   CHAR 
68 PJP_KIKIN_KOYU04 Pension Fund Specific Field 4   CHAR 
69 PJP_KIKIN_KOYU05 Pension Fund Specific Field 5   CHAR 
70 PJP_KIKIN_KOYU06 Pension Fund Specific Field 6   CHAR 
71 PJP_KIKIN_KOYU07 Pension Fund Specific Field 7   CHAR 
72 PJP_KIKIN_KOYU08 Pension Fund Specific Field 8   CHAR 
73 PJP_KIKIN_KOYU09 Pension Fund Specific Field 9   CHAR 
74 PJP_KIKIN_KOYU10 Pension Fund Specific Field 10   CHAR 
75 PJP_KIKIN_NO Pension Fund Number   CHAR 
76 PJP_KINSEN_AMOUNT Monetary Amount   CHAR 
77 PJP_KINSEN_AMOUNT1 Monetary Amount (April)   CHAR 
78 PJP_KINSEN_AMOUNT1_G Monetary Amount (3 Months Before)   CHAR 
79 PJP_KINSEN_AMOUNT2 Monetary Amount (May)   CHAR 
80 PJP_KINSEN_AMOUNT2_G Monetary Amount (2 Months Before)   CHAR 
81 PJP_KINSEN_AMOUNT3 Monetary Amount (June)   CHAR 
82 PJP_KINSEN_AMOUNT3_G Monetary Amount (1 Month Before)   CHAR 
85 PJP_KNAME Kana Name of Employee TEXT50 CHAR 
86 PJP_KOKUNEN_BANGOU National Pension Number   CHAR 
87 PJP_KOKUNEN_FUGOU National Pension Code   CHAR 
88 PJP_KOUNEN_BANGOU Employee's Pension Number   CHAR 
89 PJP_KOUNEN_FUGOU Employee's Pension Code   CHAR 
90 PJP_KSPST Kyusyoku Flag in Month (Annual) CHAR1 CHAR 
93 PJP_LA_COVRT Conversion Rate   DEC 
94 PJP_LA_CRFLG Overtime Convert to Quota of Leave in Lieu CHAR1_X CHAR 
95 PJP_LA_LGART_01 Original Wage Type LGART CHAR 
96 PJP_LA_LGART_02 Converted Wage Type LGART CHAR 
97 PJP_LA_NODED No need generate deduction WT CHAR1_X CHAR 
98 PJP_LA_OTACM OT Accumulation for LSA CHAR1_X CHAR 
100 PJP_LA_OTGRT Text of Employee Group for Overtime TEXT40 CHAR 
101 PJP_LA_OTLIM Lower Overtime Limit   NUMC 
103 PJP_LA_PRINO Accumulation Sequence   NUMC 
104 PJP_LA_SELFLG Selection Flag CHAR1_X CHAR 
105 PJP_LA_SEQNO Sequence Number   NUMC 
106 PJP_LA_SRCFG User-defined Leave Hours CHAR1_X CHAR 
108 PJP_LA_WKHRS Leave Hours   DEC 
110 PJP_LA_WTGRT Text for Wage Type Group TEXT40 CHAR 
111 PJP_LV_MSGTX Problem Description CHAR100 CHAR 
112 PJP_LV_STATUS Batch Input or Infotype Update Status TEXT20 CHAR 
113 PJP_MONTH_INC_DEC Indicator (Increase/Decrease in Payment)   CHAR 
114 PJP_NAAHS Non-Application of Annual Average Hokensha-Santei PJP_NAAHS CHAR 
115 PJP_NORMAL_KYUYO1 Monthly Standard Payment 1   CHAR 
116 PJP_NORMAL_KYUYO2 Monthly Standard Payment 2   CHAR 
117 PJP_NORMAL_SHOYO1 Standard Shoyo Payment 1   CHAR 
118 PJP_NORMAL_SHOYO2 Standard Shoyo Payment 2   CHAR 
119 PJP_NYUSHA_DATE Date of Entry   CHAR 
121 PJP_OFFICE_ADDRESS Office Address   STRG 
122 PJP_OFFICE_NAME Office Name   STRG 
123 PJP_OUTPUT_FORM_INDICATION Indication of Output   CHAR 
124 PJP_PASNO Personnel assignment no. CHAR25 CHAR 
125 PJP_PAYMENT_GENGOU GENGOU (Date of Shoyo Payment)   NUMC 
126 PJP_PAYMENT_YYMMDD Date of Shoyo Payment   NUMC 
127 PJP_PAYTYTX Payroll Type Text DDTEXT CHAR 
128 PJP_PBPST Payment Basis Days in Month (Annual Average) P22J_PBDYS NUMC 
129 PJP_POST3 Postal Code (Parent)   CHAR 
130 PJP_POST4 Postal Code (Child)   CHAR 
131 PJP_PRATE_EI Employment Insurance Premium Rate for Branch Office DEC3_3 DEC 
132 PJP_PRATE_WI Worker's Insurance Premium Rate for Branch Office DEC3_3 DEC 
133 PJP_PRESC SI Last Standard Compensation WERT05 CURR 
134 PJP_PRNFL SI Status (Geppen at the Termination of Parental Leave) PJP_PRNFL CHAR 
135 PJP_PRNTL SI Status (Geppen at the Termination of Parental Leave) PJP_PRNTL CHAR 
136 PJP_RCTVC Municipal city code P22J_RCTVC CHAR 
137 PJP_RECALC_PAYMENT Recalculated Payment   CHAR 
138 PJP_REMARKS Remarks Column   STRG 
139 PJP_REPRESENTATIVE Representative's Name   STRG 
140 PJP_RETIRE_ADDRESS_KANA Address after Retirement (Kana)   STRG 
141 PJP_RETIRE_ADDRESS_KANJI Address after Retirement (Kanji)   STRG 
142 PJP_RETRO Retroactive result XFELD CHAR 
143 PJP_RTXMF Residence Tax Modifier PJP_RTXMF CHAR 
144 PJP_SAKUSEI_GENIN Reason of Preparation   CHAR 
145 PJP_SANTEI_KISO_DAY1 Payment Basis Days (April)   CHAR 
146 PJP_SANTEI_KISO_DAY1_G Payment Basis Days (3 Months Before)   CHAR 
147 PJP_SANTEI_KISO_DAY2 Payment Basis Days (May)   CHAR 
148 PJP_SANTEI_KISO_DAY2_G Payment Basis Days (2 Months Before)   CHAR 
149 PJP_SANTEI_KISO_DAY3 Payment Basis Days (June)   CHAR 
150 PJP_SANTEI_KISO_DAY3_G Payment Basis Days (1 Month Before)   CHAR 
152 PJP_SANTEI_KISO_MONTH1_G SANTEI Target Month (3 Months Before)   CHAR 
154 PJP_SANTEI_KISO_MONTH2_G SANTEI Target Month (2 Months Before)   CHAR 
156 PJP_SANTEI_KISO_MONTH3_G SANTEI Target Month (1 Month Before)   CHAR 
157 PJP_SCICA Office Area Code   CHAR 
158 PJP_SCICC Office Name Code   CHAR 
159 PJP_SCIMF Social Insurance Modifier PJP_SCIMF CHAR 
160 PJP_SENPO_BANGOU Sailor's Insurance Number   CHAR 
161 PJP_SENPO_FUGOU Sailor's Insurance Code   CHAR 
162 PJP_SHUBETSU Indicator (Gender)   NUMC 
163 PJP_SHUSEI_AMOUNT Adjusted Average Amount   CHAR 
164 PJP_SHUTOKU_DATE_GENGOU GENGOU (Date of Acquisition)   NUMC 
165 PJP_SHUTOKU_DATE_YYMMDD Date of Acquisition   NUMC 
166 PJP_SHUTOKU_KUBUN Acquisition ID   CHAR 
167 PJP_SIIID_EI Entitlement Status of Employment Insurance P22J_SIII1 CHAR 
168 PJP_SIIID_EITX Entitlement Status of Employment Insurance Text (Infotype) TEXT24 CHAR 
169 PJP_SIIID_EITX_FPEND Entitlement Status of Employment Insurance Text (Payroll RT) TEXT24 CHAR 
170 PJP_SIIID_EI_FPEND Entitlement Status of Employment Insurance (FPEND) P22J_SIII1 CHAR 
171 PJP_SIIID_WI Entitlement Status of Worker's Insurance P22J_SIII1 CHAR 
172 PJP_SIIID_WITX Entitlement Status of Worker Insurance Text (Infotype) TEXT24 CHAR 
173 PJP_SIIID_WITX_FPEND Entitlement Status of Worker Insurance Text (Payroll RT) TEXT24 CHAR 
174 PJP_SIIID_WI_FPEND Entitlement Status of Worker's Insurance P22J_SIII1 CHAR 
175 PJP_SIINR Insurance number PJP_SIINR CHAR 
176 PJP_SIINR_EP Employee's Pension Insurance Number PJP_SIINR CHAR 
177 PJP_SIINR_HI Health Insurance number PJP_SIINR CHAR 
179 PJP_SI_INSURER Health Insurance Insurer PJP_SI_INSURER CHAR 
180 PJP_SI_INSURER_DESC Health Insurance Insurer Description TEXT50 CHAR 
181 PJP_SI_INS_NO Insurance Number   CHAR 
182 PJP_SI_INS_WITHDRAW Withdrawal of Health Insurance Card   CHAR 
183 PJP_SOSHITSU_JIYU Cause of Loss   CHAR 
186 PJP_SOUSHITSU_GENIN Reason of Loss   NUMC 
187 PJP_TAXI1 Income tax reference number 1 CHAR10 CHAR 
188 PJP_TAXI2 Income tax reference number 2 CHAR12 CHAR 
190 PJP_TEKIYOU_MONTH Effective Month   NUMC 
191 PJP_TEKIYOU_YEAR Effective Year   NUMC 
192 PJP_TEKIYO_JIYU Cause of Additional Payment Termination   CHAR 
193 PJP_TEKIYO_KEITAI Application Status   CHAR 
194 PJP_TEKIYO_UMU Application of Additional Payment   CHAR 
195 PJP_TELEPHONE_NUMBER Telephone Number   CHAR 
196 PJP_TOTAL_AMOUNT Total Amount   CHAR 
197 PJP_TOTAL_AMOUNT1 Total Amount (April)   CHAR 
198 PJP_TOTAL_AMOUNT1_G Total Amount (3 Months Before)   CHAR 
199 PJP_TOTAL_AMOUNT2 Total Amount (May)   CHAR 
200 PJP_TOTAL_AMOUNT2_G Total Amount (2 Months Before)   CHAR 
201 PJP_TOTAL_AMOUNT3 Total Amount (June)   CHAR 
202 PJP_TOTAL_AMOUNT3_G Total Amount (1 Month Before)   CHAR 
203 PJP_TXI1D Reference number 1(Disk) CHAR10 CHAR 
204 PJP_TXI2D Reference number 2(Disk) CHAR13 CHAR 
205 PJP_TXTID Indicator for taxation (tax category) CHAR1 CHAR 
206 PJP_UPDATE_INFO Update Infotype Directly CHOICE CHAR 
207 PJP_WCPST SI Wage Cut in Month (Annual) WERTV5 CURR 
208 PJP_WITHDRAW_HI_DEP_CARD_ID1 Withdrawal of Health Insurance Dependent Card 1   CHAR 
209 PJP_WITHDRAW_HI_DEP_CARD_ID2 Withdrawal of Health Insurance Dependent Card 2   CHAR 
210 PJP_WITHDRAW_HI_DEP_CARD_ID3 Withdrawal of Health Insurance Dependent Card 3   CHAR 
211 PJP_WITHDRAW_HI_DEP_CARD_ID4 Withdrawal of Health Insurance Dependent Card 4   CHAR 
212 PJP_WITHDRAW_HI_DEP_CARD_ID5 Withdrawal of Health Insurance Dependent Card 5   CHAR 
213 PJP_XAPST Compensation Amount (after first Adjust.) in Month (Annual) WERT6 CURR 
214 PJP_XKPST Comp. Amount(Ben. in Kind, after Adjust.) in Month (Annual) WERT05 CURR 
215 PJP_XMPST Compensation Amount (Money, after Adjust.) in Month (Annual) WERT05 CURR 
216 PJP_YAVGR SI Fixed Grade Annual Average NUMC2 NUMC 
217 PJP_YAVSC SI Fixed Standard Compensation Annual Average WERT05 CURR 
218 PJP_YEAID Indicator for Year End Adjustment CHAR1 CHAR 
219 PJP_YEAR_INC_DEC Year of Fixed Compensation Change   CHAR 
220 PJP_YOBI1 Reserve 1   CHAR 
221 PJP_YOBI2 Reserve 2   CHAR 
222 PJREASON Reason for output request CHAR18 CHAR 
223 PJSDATE Start date for output request DATS DATS 
224 PJSTATUS Status text for output request CHAR90 CHAR 
225 PJSTIME Start time for output request CHAR5 CHAR 
226 PJTIME Output Request Created On CHAR5 CHAR 
227 PK05_ACTIO Processing control activity P02_ACTIO CHAR 
228 PK05_APPL Applicatie CHAR2 CHAR 
229 PK05_BEGDA_BEN Field of type DATS DATS DATS 
230 PK05_CHAR35 Descriptie CHAR35 CHAR 
231 PK05_ENDDA_BEN Field of type DATS DATS DATS 
232 PK05_EVENT Not More Closely Defined Area, Possibly Used for Patchlevels CHAR4 CHAR 
233 PK05_FILENAME 128 character CHAR128 CHAR 
234 PK05_FILETYPE 3-Byte field CHAR3 CHAR 
235 PK05_FRMEVENT Not More Closely Defined Area, Possibly Used for Patchlevels CHAR4 CHAR 
236 PK05_KASSE Pension fund P02K_KASSE CHAR 
237 PK05_LOCCHKBX Lokaal Checkbox XFELD CHAR 
238 PK05_OVR_LIST Overzichtslijst Checkbox XFELD CHAR 
239 PK05_REFCHKBX Referentie Datum XFELD CHAR 
240 PK05_REF_DATE Referentiedatum SYDATS DATS 
241 PK05_TOEVENT Not More Closely Defined Area, Possibly Used for Patchlevels CHAR4 CHAR 
242 PK05_TST_RUN Test run XFELD CHAR 
243 PK05_UI_BEGDA_BEN Start Date of Benefit DATS DATS 
244 PK05_UI_ENDDA_BEN End Date of Benefit DATS DATS 
245 PK05_VALTY PC value type P02_VALTY CHAR 
246 PK05_VALUE Value voor Verloopstaat NUM04 NUMC 
247 PKAB_AUTOMATIC_IDENTIFICATION1 Proxy Data Element (Generated)   CHAR 
248 PKAB_OBJECT_ID_CONTENT Proxy Data Element (Generated)   CHAR 
249 PKADR Kanban delivery address AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
250 PKAEV Evangelical Share of Flat-Rate Church Tax DEC3_2 DEC 
251 PKAKT Define own activities for switching status XFELD CHAR 
252 PKALERT Indicator for Alerts in Kanban XFELD CHAR 
253 PKALERTLCM Alerts for Kanban Control Cycles XFELD CHAR 
254 PKAMG Quantity withdrawn from a Kanban container MENG13 QUAN 
255 PKANZ Number of Price Components NUM01 NUMC 
256 PKARK Catholic Chare of Flat-Rate Church Tax DEC3_2 DEC 
257 PKART Fund Cat. P02_BVAR CHAR 
258 PKASM Control Cycle for Automatic Summarized JIT Calls XFLAG CHAR 
259 PKATY Kanban Activity for Authorization Check PKATY CHAR 
260 PKAZLK Number of Emtpy Kanbans BEHAZ NUMC 
261 PKBAR Scanning a bar code XFLAG CHAR 
262 PKBDMNG Requirements Quantity PKBDMNG QUAN 
263 PKBHT Kanban Container MATNR CHAR 
264 PKBMG Quantity requested MENG13 QUAN 
265 PKBOX ALV Checkbox CHAR1 CHAR 
266 PKBSA Previous kanban status PKBST CHAR 
267 PKBST Kanban status PKBST CHAR 
268 PKBST1 Status 1 PKSTB CHAR 
269 PKBST2 Status 2 PKSTB CHAR 
270 PKBST3 Status 3 PKSTB CHAR 
271 PKBST4 Status 4 PKSTB CHAR 
272 PKBST5 Status 5 PKSTB CHAR 
273 PKBST6 Status 6 PKSTB CHAR 
274 PKBSTR1 Authorization Check for Status 1 PKSTBR CHAR 
275 PKBSTR2 Authorization Check for Status 2 PKSTBR CHAR 
276 PKBSTR3 Authorization Check for Status 3 PKSTBR CHAR 
277 PKBSTR4 Authorization Check for Status 4 PKSTBR CHAR 
278 PKBSTR5 Authorization Check for Status 5 PKSTBR CHAR 
279 PKBSTR6 Authorization Check for Status 6 PKSTBR CHAR 
280 PKBSTSODE Sort in descending order according to kanban status XFELD CHAR 
281 PKBSTSP Sort priority for kanban status CHAR1 CHAR 
282 PKCAPA_AV Kanban Calculation: Available Capacity of a Resource   INT4 
283 PKCAPA_DEM Kanban Calculation: Requirement Quantity per Day   FLTP 
284 PKCAPA_LOTS Kanban Calculation: Number of Production Lots per Day   INT4 
285 PKCAPA_REQ_P Kanban Calculation: Capacity Requirement for Production   INT4 
286 PKCAPA_REQ_S Kanban Calculation: Capacity Requirement for Setup   INT4 
287 PKCAPA_REQ_T Kanban Calculation: Total Capacity Requirement   INT4 
288 PKCAPA_SETUPS Kanban Calculation: Number of Setup Operations per Day   INT4 
289 PKCAPA_TRGAZ Kanban Calculation: Trigger Point per Day   INT4 
290 PKCAPA_UTL_P Kanban Calculation: Capacity Utilization (Production) DEC3_2 DEC 
291 PKCAPA_UTL_S Kanban Calculation: Capacity Utilization (Setup) DEC3_2 DEC 
292 PKCAPA_UTL_T Kanban Calculation: Capacity Utilization (Total) DEC3_2 DEC 
293 PKCDACTION Type of Change TEXT10 CHAR 
294 PKCLW Column width in [mm/100] BCINT4 INT4 
295 PKCLWD Column width PKCLWD CHAR 
296 PKDELER Delete Error Message CHAR1 CHAR 
297 PKDELLCM Deletion of Control Cycle with Lifecycle Status 'Locked' XFELD CHAR 
298 PKDIRTA Automatic TO creation immediately after TR generation XFELD CHAR 
299 PKDKZ Print indicator for printing kanban XFELD CHAR 
300 PKDRS Kanban Card Print Control PKDRS CHAR 
301 PKEXP Data element for ALV structures for expanding list CHAR1 CHAR 
302 PKEXPQNT Total Quantity of SumJCs not yet Posted for GR MENG13 QUAN 
303 PKEXXX Resource Price Unit in Controlling Area Currency PKEXXX NUMC 
304 PKEYFD_SC Valid-From Date for Payment Plan Key DATUM DATS 
305 PKEYNEW_SC Payment Plan Key - New PKEY_VK CHAR 
306 PKEYOLD_SC Payment Plan Key - Current PKEY_VK CHAR 
307 PKEY_VK Payment Plan Key PKEY_VK CHAR 
309 PKFLDT Short description of the selected data fields AS4TEXT CHAR 
310 PKFMG Fixed Kanban Quantity MENG13 QUAN 
311 PKFRM Form for printing a kanban (card) TDFORM CHAR 
312 PKGAB Date as of which personal calendar must be generated DATUM DATS 
313 PKGCHG iSeries: Timestamp of Last Change of an SQL Package   CHAR 
314 PKGCRT iSeries: Create Timestamp of an SQL Package   CHAR 
315 PKGO1 Delivery Number CHAR2 CHAR 
316 PKGO2 Grouping of Personnel Areas CHAR5 CHAR 
317 PKGO3 HR TemSe Object ID CHAR8 CHAR 
318 PKGOBJ iSeries: Number of SQL Packages in a Library   INT4 
319 PKGPZG Planned Receipt TZNTSTMPS DEC 
320 PKGSIZE Size (KB) of SQL Packages in a Library   INT4 
321 PKGUSD iSeries: Timestamp of Last Usage of an SQL Package   CHAR 
322 PKGXXX Price per Resource Price Unit in Controlling Area Currency WERTV6 CURR 
323 PKGZDT Date of Next Planned Receipt DATUM DATS 
324 PKGZUZ Time of Planned Receipt for a Kanban UZEIT TIMS 
325 PKHD_DB_REF Reference to Control Cycle Master (DB-Layer) CL_PKHD_DB_PK REF 
326 PKHEB Reduced Assessment Rate for Flat-Rate Church Tax DEC2_2 DEC 
327 PKHLF Assessment Rate for Flat-Rate Church Tax (Sec.40a(3)) DEC2_2 DEC 
328 PKHTZ Assessment Rate for Flat-Rate Church Tax (Sec. 40a) DEC2_2 DEC 
329 PKICON Display signal in the kanban board CHAR2 CHAR 
331 PKIDPO Call Item Number PKIDPO NUMC 
332 PKIMG Actual quantity MENG13 QUAN 
333 PKIMGSODE Sort in descending order according to actual kanban quantity XFELD CHAR 
334 PKIMGSP Sort priority actual quantity CHAR1 CHAR 
336 PKIND Parameter type P990_PKIND CHAR 
337 PKINR Entry of a kanban ID number XFLAG CHAR 
338 PKIS1 Flexible Itemization XCHAR CHAR 
339 PKIST Flat-Rate Church Tax XFELD CHAR 
340 PKKBLN Length of a Kanban in the Kanban Board PKKBLN NUMC 
341 PKKEY Identification Number PKKEY NUMC 
342 PKKEYSODE Sort in descending order by kanban ID number (PKKEY) XFELD CHAR 
343 PKKEYSP Sort priority for kanban ID number (PKKEY) CHAR1 CHAR 
345 PKKMP Selection for processing components XFELD CHAR 
346 PKKNTTP Account Assignment Category KNTTP CHAR 
347 PKKQF Kanban Quantity (Floating Point Number) MENG13 QUAN 
348 PKKSA Consumption settled at cost center PKKSA CHAR 
349 PKKTX Control cycle short text CHAR40 CHAR 
350 PKKURS Purchase Price of Borrower's Note PWKURS DEC 
351 PKKZDIF Difference Indicators LVS_KZDIF CHAR 
352 PKLCMST Text Lifecycle Status of Control Cycle TEXT15 CHAR 
353 PKLDT Delivery time for a kanban, date DATUM DATS 
354 PKLEKBDT Last Date on which a Kanban was Requested DATUM DATS 
355 PKLEKBUZ Last Time at which a Kanban was Created UZEIT TIMS 
356 PKLKT Kanban Has Been Deleted CHAR46 CHAR 
357 PKLKZ Deletion Indicator for a Kanban XFELD CHAR 
358 PKLOG Logic for Setting Kanban to Empty PKLOG CHAR 
359 PKLUZ Delivery time for a kanban, time of day UZEIT TIMS 
360 PKLZKBDT Date, on which last GR was posted for control cycle DATUM DATS 
361 PKLZKBUZ Time, at which last GR was posted for control cycle UZEIT TIMS 
362 PKMCOPY Number of Copies   NUMC 
363 PKMES Error Text - Kanban Calculation TEXT132 CHAR 
364 PKMINAL Minimum Age of Event-Driven Kanban in Days PKMINAL NUMC 
365 PKMINAZ Minimum Number of Event-Driven Kanbans per Control Cycle PKMINAZ NUMC 
366 PKMSG Text for Error Message CHAR90 CHAR 
367 PKMSGLONG Long Text in Kanban Message TEXT220 CHAR 
368 PKMWP Entery of a material XFLAG CHAR 
369 PKMZAEHL Number of Control Cycles   NUMC 
370 PKNAZ New Number of Kanbans BEHAZ NUMC 
371 PKNKF Number of Kanbans (Floating Point Number) MENG13 QUAN 
372 PKNMG New Quantity per Kanban MENG13 QUAN 
373 PKNSE Replenishment element PKNSE CHAR 
374 PKNTRI New Trigger Point of a Control Cycle BEHAZ NUMC 
375 PKNUM Control cycle number PKNUM CHAR 
376 PKOND Percentage rate for condition items DECV3_7 DEC 
377 PKOND2 Percentage Rate for Condition Items DECV5_10 DEC 
378 PKOND2_1 Percentage Rate DECV5_10 DEC 
379 PKOND3_2 Output format PKOND DECV3_2 DEC 
380 PKOND3_3 Int.rate w. 3 places before/3 after dec.point with +/-sign DECV3_3 DEC 
381 PKONDMAX Maximum percentage rate DEC3_7 DEC 
382 PKONDMIN Minimal percentage rate DEC3_7 DEC 
383 PKOND_FIX Percentage Rate (Calculated by Formula) DECV3_7 DEC 
384 PKOND_WAC Weighted Average Coupon PKOND_WAC DEC 
385 PKON_BI Percentage rate for condition items CHAR12 CHAR 
386 PKOPJIT Number of SumJCs not yet posted for goods receipt PKOPJIT NUMC 
387 PKOPQUAN Total Quantity of SumJCs not yet Posted for GR MENG13 QUAN 
388 PKORDER Sequence of fields for KANBAN board PKORDER CHAR 
390 PKOSA_D Cost collector for production process PROCNR AUFNR CHAR 
391 PKOST Indicator: General costs activity FLAG CHAR 
392 PKOSTL Partner cost center KOSTL CHAR 
393 PKPOS Kanban item number / control cycle item PKPOS NUMC 
394 PKPOSSODE Sort in descending order by kanban number (PKNUM) XFELD CHAR 
395 PKPOSSP Sort priority for kanban number (PKNUM) CHAR1 CHAR 
396 PKPRZ Cost center percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
397 PKPS_DB_REF Reference to kanban container (DB Layer) CL_PKPS_DB_PK REF 
398 PKRCK Selection for backflushing the container XFELD CHAR 
399 PKREST Replenishment Strategy CHAR4 CHAR 
400 PKRESTT Replenishment strategy text TEXT40 CHAR 
401 PKRKA Entry of a control cycle number XFLAG CHAR 
402 PKRKSTT Text for Control Cycle Type TEXT10 CHAR 
403 PKRMG Rounding Quantity MENG13 QUAN 
404 PKR_ABDUR The number of months during working overseas PKR_ABDUR CHAR 
405 PKR_ABJOB Employee's job during working overseas TEXT30 CHAR 
406 PKR_ABN01 Previous company's acknowledged bonus WERT11 CURR 
407 PKR_ABPAY Total earned income during working overseas WERT11 CURR 
408 PKR_ABPLA Working place for overseas employee TEXT30 CHAR 
409 PKR_ACCNO Account Number PKR_BANNO CHAR 
410 PKR_ACQDT Date of buying or renting a house DATUM DATS 
411 PKR_ACSVR Actual service period PKR_SVRPR DEC 
412 PKR_ADCID Indicator for Adopted Child CHAR1 CHAR 
413 PKR_ADDAF Added Months After 2013 NUM3 NUMC 
414 PKR_ADDPC Added Months for Previous Company NUM3 NUMC 
415 PKR_ADJST Infotype Subtype PKR_ADJST CHAR 
416 PKR_ADPAY Additional pay WERT11 CURR 
417 PKR_ADPDT Adoption or Foster Date DATUM DATS 
418 PKR_AGPDT Agreed Payment Date in case of Mid-separation DATUM DATS 
419 PKR_ALCID The indicator for social insurance reporting PKR_ALCID CHAR 
420 PKR_ALSTS SI reporting status TEXT20 CHAR 
421 PKR_APPDT Date of application for housing fee DATUM DATS 
422 PKR_APWOT Applicable to Retirement Pension Without Tax Deferring CHAR1 CHAR 
423 PKR_APWTD Applicable to Retirement Pension with Tax Deferring CHAR1 CHAR 
424 PKR_AQCOD Reason code for acquisition given by SI association PKR_GVCOD CHAR 
425 PKR_ASVRD Actual service days NUM2 NUMC 
426 PKR_ASVRM Actual service months NUM2 NUMC 
427 PKR_ASVRY Actual service years NUM2 NUMC 
428 PKR_AVEMD Frequency for averaging monthly compensation amount PKR_AVEMD CHAR 
429 PKR_AVPRE Average confirmed premium for previous year WERT11 CURR 
430 PKR_BACHD Additional Deduction for Birth and Adoption of Child CHAR1 CHAR 
431 PKR_BALID Basic living dependent indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
432 PKR_BANKN Bank Account Number PKR_BANKN CHAR 
433 PKR_BDELI Age Check for Basic Deduction CHAR01 CHAR 
435 PKR_BIZNO Previous Company / Taxpayer Association Business Number PKR_BIZNO CHAR 
436 PKR_BON01 Previous company's bonus WERT11 CURR 
437 PKR_BONUS Tax deduction item in periodic sangyeo payroll CHECKBOX CHAR 
438 PKR_BREXP Business Related Expense WERT05 CURR 
439 PKR_BSDED Basic deduction P_AMT08V CURR 
440 PKR_BUPLA Business Place J_1BBRANCH CHAR 
441 PKR_CAADO Amount for donations of Culture and Arts promotion WERT05 CURR 
442 PKR_CADME Expense in Certificated Medical Center CHAR1 CHAR 
443 PKR_CALTY Cumulation method PKR_CALTY NUMC 
444 PKR_CARTX Text for school career KR TEXT40 CHAR 
445 PKR_CARTY School career KR PKR_CARTY CHAR 
446 PKR_CASHE Expense paid by cash WERT05 CURR 
447 PKR_CCBIZ Business Related Expense Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
448 PKR_CCMED Medical Expense Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
449 PKR_CCOTH Other Expense CHAR1 CHAR 
450 PKR_CCTOT Total Credit Card Expense Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
451 PKR_CCTRA Expense for Public Transportation CHAR1 CHAR 
452 PKR_CHAGR Challenge degree PKR_CHAGR NUMC 
453 PKR_CHAID Identification number of challengers KR TEXT20 CHAR 
454 PKR_CHATA Type of challenge for unemployment insurance PKR_CHATA CHAR 
455 PKR_CHATX Text for type of challenge KR TEXT20 CHAR 
456 PKR_CHATY Type of challenge PKR_CHATY NUMC 
457 PKR_CHCOD Reason code for change given by SI association PKR_GVCOD CHAR 
458 PKR_CHDID Indicator for exemption for child-care expense CHAR1 CHAR 
459 PKR_CHJOB Submit the change job document PKR_CHJOB CHAR 
460 PKR_CLNTX Childcare non-taxable from previous company WERT05 CURR 
461 PKR_CLPRD Calculation Frequency PKR_CLPRD CHAR 
462 PKR_CNTR3 Split for Retirement Pension RAW1 RAW 
463 PKR_COMCD Implementing Company Code BUKRS CHAR 
464 PKR_COMKY Communication type COMKY CHAR 
465 PKR_COMNM Previous Company / Taxpayer Association Name TEXT24 CHAR 
466 PKR_COMNM2 Company(Jurisdiction) name CHAR40 CHAR 
467 PKR_COMST Company stock WERT11 CURR 
468 PKR_CONFU Congratulations and condo-lences: times of funeral NUMC01 NUMC 
469 PKR_CONID ID number of national contributor's beneficiary TEXT20 CHAR 
470 PKR_CONMA Congratulations and condo-lences: times of marriage NUMC01 NUMC 
471 PKR_CONRE Congratulations and condo-lences: times of removal NUMC01 NUMC 
472 PKR_CONTX Text for National contributor KR TEXT40 CHAR 
473 PKR_CONTY National contributor type PKR_CONTY NUMC 
474 PKR_CRDCD Expense for credit card WERT05 CURR 
475 PKR_CRDDP Expense paid by dependant's credit card WERT05 CURR 
476 PKR_CREID Indicator for credit card etc CHAR1 CHAR 
477 PKR_CRMED Credit card expense at certificated medical center WERT05 CURR 
478 PKR_CRPAY Correction Pay WERT11 CURR 
479 PKR_CRVIN Carried Over Donation Indicator XFELD CHAR 
480 PKR_CRVYR Carried Over From Year   NUMC 
481 PKR_CSTDT Calculation-Starting Date DATUM DATS 
482 PKR_CUMCA Determination of cumulation class per each allowance for MI CHAR1 CHAR 
483 PKR_DAGE1 The aged dependents over 70 CHAR1 CHAR 
484 PKR_DAGED The aged dependents CHAR1 CHAR 
485 PKR_DBTCD Expense Paid by Debit/Check Card WERT05 CURR 
486 PKR_DEDPR Deducted Amount Till Previous Year WERT13 CURR 
487 PKR_DEFCT Decision Factor PKR_DEFCT CHAR 
488 PKR_DEPAC Account Number for IRA Contribution PKR_BANKN CHAR 
489 PKR_DEPAM Contribution Amount WERT11 CURR 
490 PKR_DEPCU Deposit Amount Currency Key WAERS CUKY 
491 PKR_DEPDT Date for Contribution Transfer DATUM DATS 
492 PKR_DEPNU Number of Dependents PKR_DEPNU NUMC 
493 PKR_DESDO Other Designation Donation WERT05 CURR 
494 PKR_DFTTX Description of Decision Factor TEXT30 CHAR 
495 PKR_DISDM Enable Editing Month Number of Duplicated Period CHAR1 CHAR 
496 PKR_DISPS Enable Editing Previous Service Period CHAR1 CHAR 
497 PKR_DMETY DME Code for Secondary Category of Expense   CHAR 
498 PKR_DNAME Dependant's name CHAR20 CHAR 
499 PKR_DOAMT Amount for donation expense WERT13 CURR 
500 PKR_DOBNU Biz number of donation company PKR_RGBZN CHAR