SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 44
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P12_V2115 Tax declaration zone 2.115   CHAR 
2 P12_V2116 Tax declaration zone 2.116   CHAR 
3 P12_V2117 Tax declaration zone 2.117   CHAR 
4 P12_V2119 Tax declaration zone 2.119   CHAR 
5 P12_V2120 Tax declaration zone 2.120   CHAR 
6 P12_V2121 Tax declaration zone 2.121   CHAR 
7 P12_V2122 Tax declaration zone 2.122   CHAR 
8 P12_V2123 Tax declaration zone 2.120   CHAR 
9 P12_V2124 Tax declaration zone 2.124   CHAR 
10 P12_V2125 Tax declaration zone 2.125   CHAR 
11 P12_V2126 Tax declaration zone 2.126   CHAR 
12 P12_V2127 Tax declaration zone 2.127   CHAR 
13 P12_V2128 Tax declaration zone 2.128   CHAR 
14 P12_V2129 Tax declaration zone 2.129   CHAR 
15 P12_V2130 Tax declaration zone 2.130   CHAR 
16 P12_V2131 Tax declaration zone 2.131   CHAR 
17 P12_V2132 Tax declaration zone 2.132   CHAR 
18 P12_V2133 Tax declaration zone 2.133   CHAR 
19 P12_V2134 Tax declaration zone 2.134   CHAR 
20 P12_V2135 Tax declaration zone 2.135   CHAR 
21 P12_V2136 Tax declaration zone 2.136   CHAR 
22 P12_V2137 Tax declaration zone 2.137   CHAR 
23 P12_V2138 Tax declaration zone 2.138   CHAR 
24 P12_V8012 Belgium tax declaration, total of 2.059   CHAR 
25 P12_V8013 Zone 8.013, total of settlement advance/current tax (281.40)   CHAR 
26 P12_V9013 Total of 8.012   CHAR 
27 P12_V9014 Total of 8.013   CHAR 
28 P12_VERSION Version Number of declaration NUM5 NUMC 
29 P12_VRSNU Declared natural person version number NUMC11 NUMC 
30 P12_WARNI Single-Character Indicator for Warnings CHAR1 CHAR 
31 P12_WBAMT Welfare benefit theoretical amount (00956) NUM9 NUMC 
32 P12_WDS Working Days System (00047) P12_WDS NUMC 
33 P12_WEEK4 Reduction 4 days'week CHAR8 CHAR 
34 P12_WEHRN Week Hours Number NUM04 NUMC 
35 P12_WFBEG Winter Training Start Date (00184) DATS DATS 
36 P12_WFEND Winter Training End Date (00185) DATS DATS 
37 P12_WFIND Winter Training (00181) P12_WFIND NUMC 
38 P12_WKGD_COM Workgrid comment for social risk declaration TEXT200 CHAR 
39 P12_WKRHR Worked hours during an SVEVL split DEC6_2 DEC 
40 P12_WOAHO Working at home indication CHAR1 CHAR 
41 P12_WOAHO_UI Working at home indication XFELD CHAR 
42 P12_WORKEDDAYS Worked days during an SVEVL split   NUMC 
43 P12_WORKERSTATUS Worker Status (00053) P12_WORKERSTATUS CHAR 
45 P12_WPADD External working place address code CHAR4 CHAR 
46 P12_WPADR Working place adress code CHAR4 CHAR 
47 P12_WPCIT Work Place City P12_WPCIT CHAR 
48 P12_WPCTR Work Place Country Code NUMC5 NUMC 
49 P12_WPHNB Workplace House Number P12_WPHNB CHAR 
50 P12_WPIND Work Place Indicator P12_WPIND CHAR 
51 P12_WPPBX Workplace PO box number P12_WPPBX CHAR 
52 P12_WPSTR Workplace Street P12_WPSTR CHAR 
53 P12_WPZIP Work Place ZIP Code P12_WPZIP CHAR 
54 P12_WRDAT Working Regulations starting day (00128) DATUM DATS 
55 P12_WREDT Working Regulations Ending Date DATUM DATS 
56 P12_WREFV Workdays system P12_WREFV CHAR 
57 P12_WRHAR Average Working Time After Reduction P12_DMFAWEEKLYWORKINGHOURS NUMC 
58 P12_WRHBR Average Working Time Before Reduction P12_DMFAWEEKLYWORKINGHOURS NUMC 
59 P12_WRKPLACE Workplace address key ANSSL CHAR 
60 P12_WRPID Worker record PID NUM11 NUMC 
61 P12_WRREG Working regulations registry number CHAR16 CHAR 
62 P12_WRUSERREF Worker record user reference CHAR20 CHAR 
63 P12_WRVNU Worker record version number NUMC11 NUMC 
64 P12_WTEBT Show Wage Types with Errors XFELD CHAR 
65 P12_WTWBT Show Wage Types with Warnings XFELD CHAR 
66 P12_XMLDT XML Value CHAR200 CHAR 
67 P12_XMLTG XML Tag Name CHAR50 CHAR 
69 P12_YEARD Number of Days in Calendar Year NUMC3 NUMC 
70 P12_YINYY BELCOTAX office seat CHAR4 CHAR 
71 P12_YSRTY Responsible person social insurance (type 2) CHAR4 CHAR 
72 P13Q_ABMIL Superannuation Guarantee Contribution in % Above Million DEC3_2 DEC 
73 P13Q_ABN ABN of the Super fund DP13Q_ABN NUMC 
74 P13Q_ACCDV Leave Accrual Default Value P13Q_ACCDV DEC 
75 P13Q_ACCFL Leave Accrual - Accrual Flag P13Q_ACCFL CHAR 
76 P13Q_ACCFR Leave Accrual Frequency P13Q_ACCFR CHAR 
77 P13Q_ACCHR Accrued Hours DEC7_2 DEC 
78 P13Q_ACCID Leave Accrual Identifier Australia P13Q_ACCID NUMC 
79 P13Q_ACCMV Leave Accrual Maximum Value P13Q_ACCMV DEC 
80 P13Q_ACCRT Leave Accrual Rate P13Q_ACCRT DEC 
81 P13Q_ACCRU Leave Accrual Adjustment Amount P13Q_ACCRU DEC 
82 P13Q_ACCTX Leave Accrual ID Description Australia CHAR20 CHAR 
83 P13Q_ACCVL Accrual Value LSL DEC4_2 DEC 
84 P13Q_ACCWV Leave Accrual Warning Value P13Q_ACCWV DEC 
85 P13Q_ACNNO Australian Company Number/Group Certs CHAR9 CHAR 
86 P13Q_ACTIO Action type for leave adjustments CHAR4 CHAR 
87 P13Q_ACTIV Active Indicator Leave Accrual Australia P13Q_ACTIV CHAR 
88 P13Q_ADDCH Medicare Additional Child Threshold P13Q_THRES NUMC 
89 P13Q_ADFEE Superannuation Guarantee Charge Administration Fee P13Q_ADFEE DEC 
90 P13Q_AGDPC Superannuation Default Contribution Percentage for aged emp. DEC3_2 DEC 
92 P13Q_ALLOW Employee Allowance Report XFELD CHAR 
93 P13Q_ALWPR Printer Name for Allowance Listing CHAR4 CHAR 
94 P13Q_AMDPS Amended payment summary check box XFELD CHAR 
95 P13Q_ANNDT Leave Accrual Anniversary Distance Type P13Q_ANNDT CHAR 
96 P13Q_ANNDU Leave Accrual Anniversary Distance P13Q_ANNDU NUMC 
97 P13Q_ANNFD Leave Accrual Anniversary Fixed Date P13Q_ANNFD NUMC 
98 P13Q_ANNFV Leave Accrual Anniversary Fixed Value P13Q_ANNFV DEC 
99 P13Q_ANNOP Leave Accrual Anniversary Operation P13Q_ANNOP CHAR 
100 P13Q_ANNTY Leave Accrual Anniversary Type P13Q_ANNTY CHAR 
101 P13Q_ANZHL Wage Rate   CHAR 
102 P13Q_AREAC Telephone number area code CHAR3 CHAR 
103 P13Q_ASSIG Superannuation Wage Type Assignment Information P13Q_ASSIG CHAR 
104 P13Q_AUSIG Authorised Signatory for Group Certificates CHAR25 CHAR 
105 P13Q_AVAPC Allowance variation Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
106 P13Q_BANKL Australian Bank Key P13Q_BANKL CHAR 
107 P13Q_BCDEP CDEP Wage Type Amount NUMC14 NUMC 
108 P13Q_BEFBT Fringe Benefits Tax Wage Type Amount NUMC14 NUMC 
109 P13Q_BETAL Allowance Amount NUMC10 NUMC 
110 P13Q_BETGR Gross Wage Type Amount NUMC14 NUMC 
111 P13Q_BETLA Lump Sum A Wage Type Amount NUM14 NUMC 
112 P13Q_BETLB Lump Sum B Wage Type Amount NUMC14 NUMC 
113 P13Q_BETLC Lump Sum C Wage Type Amount NUMC14 NUMC 
114 P13Q_BETLD Lump Sum D Wage Type Amount NUMC14 NUMC 
115 P13Q_BETLE Lump Sum E Wage Type Amount NUMC14 NUMC 
116 P13Q_BETPE Number for the wage type   CHAR 
117 P13Q_BETRG Wage Amount   CHAR 
118 P13Q_BETTX Tax Wage Type Deduction Amount BETRG CURR 
119 P13Q_BETUN Union Wage Type Deduction Amount NUMC10 NUMC 
120 P13Q_BLMIL Superannuation Guarantee Contribution in % Below Million DEC3_2 DEC 
121 P13Q_BTPER Bonus Payroll Periods P13Q_BTPER NUMC 
122 P13Q_BUSAD Business Address Line 1 CHAR38 CHAR 
123 P13Q_CHECK To Perform check on all fields of Address XFELD CHAR 
124 P13Q_CHGCC Flag for Separate Payment summ/GCERT for Change of Comp Code XFELD CHAR 
125 P13Q_CHLST Sort and Subtotal by Company Code XFELD CHAR 
126 P13Q_CHQDT date for payment by cheque DATS DATS 
127 P13Q_CLING Superannuation Guarantee Levy Earnings Ceiling P13Q_EMEAR DEC 
128 P13Q_COEFA Coefficient A P13Q_COEFA DEC 
129 P13Q_COEFB Coefficient B P13Q_COEFB DEC 
130 P13Q_COMIT Employees Committed for Termination XFELD CHAR 
131 P13Q_CONAM Superannuation Contribution Amount P13Q_CONAM CURR 
132 P13Q_CONCO Superannuation Contribution Wage Type LGART CHAR 
133 P13Q_CONFX Fax Number CHAR15 CHAR 
134 P13Q_CONNM Superannuation Fund Contact Name P13Q_CONNM CHAR 
135 P13Q_CONPH Phone Number CHAR15 CHAR 
136 P13Q_CONPR Contact Name CHAR38 CHAR 
137 P13Q_CQMTD Payment method by cheque XFELD CHAR 
138 P13Q_CRTPR Printer Name for Payment Summaries CHAR4 CHAR 
139 P13Q_DAGWT Superannuation Deduction WT for aged employee LGART CHAR 
140 P13Q_DDELE Delete DME source file after download XFELD CHAR 
141 P13Q_DDOWN Download DME file to PC immediately XFELD CHAR 
142 P13Q_DDRIV Target Drive for DME Bank File CHAR1 CHAR 
143 P13Q_DEDEO Superannuation Deduction Wage Type LGART CHAR 
144 P13Q_DESC Description for Override CHAR40 CHAR 
145 P13Q_DEUPA Deductible amount of the unded purchase price of the annuity DEC8_2 DEC 
146 P13Q_DLGCO delete : records from Group certificate override table XFELD CHAR 
147 P13Q_DMEDS Data Medium Exchange Description/Reference CHAR12 CHAR 
148 P13Q_DOSFI Convert Payment Summaries into DOS File Format XFELD CHAR 
149 P13Q_DPCON Superannuation Default Contribution Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
150 P13Q_DPERC Superannuation Employee Default Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
151 P13Q_DPFAD Target Subdirectory for DME File CHAR40 CHAR 
152 P13Q_DPRDT Processing Date at Bank DATUM DATS 
153 P13Q_DREPT Bank Deposit Detail Report XFELD CHAR 
154 P13Q_DRFEE No Tax on Director Fee XFELD CHAR 
155 P13Q_DTEPD Date to Pay Advance Payment DATUM DATS 
156 P13Q_DTYPE Detailed and Summarised Report Layouts CHAR1 CHAR 
157 P13Q_EACCU Superannuation W&S Earnings Cumulation Wage Type LGART CHAR 
158 P13Q_EDCON Employee Default Contribution Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
159 P13Q_EEINF Employee Influence P13Q_EEINF CHAR 
160 P13Q_EGANO Employer Group Account Number/Group Certs CHAR9 CHAR 
161 P13Q_EMACN Supplier Australian Company Number (ACN) CHAR9 CHAR 
162 P13Q_EMAGE Employee Age for Redundancy Payments NUMC2 NUMC 
163 P13Q_EMCOU Supplier Country CHAR3 CHAR 
164 P13Q_EMP01 Supplier Postal Address Line 1 and Line 2 CHAR38 CHAR 
165 P13Q_EMPAM Superannuation Employee Contribution Amount P13Q_CONAM CURR 
166 P13Q_EMPCN Superannuation Employee Contribution Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
167 P13Q_EMPLR Superannuation Fund Employer Number P13Q_EMPLR CHAR 
168 P13Q_EMPMA Supplier Email Address CHAR76 CHAR 
169 P13Q_EMPNM Supplier Name for Group Certificates CHAR200 CHAR 
170 P13Q_EMSIG Authorised Signatory for Group Certificates CHAR25 CHAR 
171 P13Q_ENTHR Leave Provision Entitlement Hours DEC7_2 DEC 
172 P13Q_ESCON Escalation On-Cost Value PAU_DV7_2 DEC 
173 P13Q_ESCPC Escalation Percentage DEC4_2 DEC 
174 P13Q_ESS_EMPLOYED_FROM Start of Employment at Previous Employer DATS DATS 
175 P13Q_ESS_EMPLOYED_TO End of Employment at Previous Employer DATS DATS 
176 P13Q_ESS_STATE_PCD State and Postcode REGIO CHAR 
178 P13Q_ETP ETP Payment Summary Listing report XFELD CHAR 
179 P13Q_ETPPD ETP paid (Terminations Australia) XFELD CHAR 
180 P13Q_ETTP ETP paid (Terminations Australia) XFELD CHAR 
181 P13Q_EXCLF Superannuation Fund Exclusion Flag Australia P13Q_EXCLF CHAR 
182 P13Q_EXCLUDED Flag in Termination Organizer to set a payment as Excluded XFELD CHAR 
183 P13Q_EXCPT Report by Exception Only XFELD CHAR 
184 P13Q_EXTAX Private Health Insurance Extra Tax CHAR1 CHAR 
185 P13Q_FACTR Superannuation Australia Factoring Method CHAR1 CHAR 
186 P13Q_FADR1 Superannuation Fund Address P13Q_FADR1 CHAR 
187 P13Q_FAXNR Superannuation Fund Contact Fax Number P13Q_FAXNR CHAR 
188 P13Q_FCODE Superannuation Fund Code SUBTY_591A CHAR 
189 P13Q_FEXMT Exempt foreign employment income DEC8_2 DEC 
190 P13Q_FE_RESUP Reportable superannuation contribution amount under FE DEC8_2 DEC 
191 P13Q_FINYR Payment Summary Financial Year GJAHR NUMC 
192 P13Q_FLTAX Flat Tax P13Q_FLTAX NUMC 
193 P13Q_FNDNM Name of the Super fund TEXT40 CHAR 
194 P13Q_FPST1 Superannuation Fund Postal Address P13Q_FPST1 CHAR 
195 P13Q_FTEXT Superannuation Fund Designation TEXT30 CHAR 
196 P13Q_GCERT Payment summary/Group certificate Listing Report XFELD CHAR 
197 P13Q_GCISS Payment Summary/Group Certificate Issued GJAHR NUMC 
198 P13Q_GCYE Payment Summary / Group certificate year - Australia P13Q_GCYD NUMC 
199 P13Q_GCYR Payment Summary / Group Certificate Year P13Q_GCYR NUMC 
200 P13Q_GEMNM Employer's Trading Name CHAR200 CHAR 
201 P13Q_GETNM Employer's Trading Name CHAR200 CHAR 
202 P13Q_GGRTA Flag for Separate Payment Summary on Change of ABN XFELD CHAR 
203 P13Q_GRSPP Total gross taxable for the period WERTV5 CURR 
204 P13Q_GRSTP Total gross taxable for the period PRBETRG CURR 
205 P13Q_GSIGN Authorised Signatory for Payment summary/Group Certificate CHAR48 CHAR 
206 P13Q_HEADER Header for the termination report   CHAR 
207 P13Q_HECS0 HECS/SFSS overpayment Amount PRBETRG CURR 
209 P13Q_HECSO HELP SFSS Over Payment Amount PRBETRG CURR 
210 P13Q_HRLYRATE Hourly Rate   CURR 
211 P13Q_IDORD Sort by Employee Identification Number CHAR1 CHAR 
212 P13Q_IFLOW Superannuation Inflow Wageytpe LGART CHAR 
213 P13Q_INTNO Superannuation Fund Contact Internet Address P13Q_INTNO CHAR 
214 P13Q_INTNR Internal Number for Leave Type Assignment P13Q_INTNR NUMC 
215 P13Q_INVAL Invalidity Payment Indicator TDBOOL CHAR 
216 P13Q_JONID Superannuation Fund Joined Date DATUM DATS 
217 P13Q_KTYPE Type of Leave Liability Constant CHAR2 CHAR 
218 P13Q_LACCR Leave accrued up to termination date P13Q_LACCR DEC 
219 P13Q_LACWT Leave Wage Type for accrual LGART CHAR 
220 P13Q_LBVAL Liability Value PAU_DV7_2 DEC 
221 P13Q_LDACC Pay Loading on Accrual on Termination TDBOOL CHAR 
222 P13Q_LDACD Pay Loading on Accrual till calculation date TDBOOL CHAR 
223 P13Q_LDACN Pay lv load on accrual till notice date TDBOOL CHAR 
224 P13Q_LDEND Pay Loading on Entitlement trans till calc date TDBOOL CHAR 
225 P13Q_LDENN Pay lv load on entl transfer till notice date TDBOOL CHAR 
226 P13Q_LDENT Pay Loading on Entitlement on Termination TDBOOL CHAR 
227 P13Q_LGRTA Separate Payment summaries/Grp certs on Change of ABN/GTE XFELD CHAR 
228 P13Q_LGRTX Leave Type Grouping Text CHAR20 CHAR 
229 P13Q_LGTUN Union Wage Type Long Text TEXT25 CHAR 
230 P13Q_LGTXT Text for the wage type   CHAR 
231 P13Q_LIABU Leave Liability Units   DEC 
232 P13Q_LIABY Long Service Leave Liability Percentage DEC03_2 DEC 
233 P13Q_LLDTP Leave Loading Type P13Q_LLDTP CHAR 
234 P13Q_LLDTY Leave Loading Type P13Q_LLDTY CHAR 
235 P13Q_LLFDT Fixed Date for Leave Loading P13Q_LLFDT NUMC 
236 P13Q_LLPER Leave Loading Percentage P13Q_LLPER DEC 
237 P13Q_LLWTY Payable Leave Loading Wage Type LGART CHAR 
238 P13Q_LOG Disp. payroll log XFELD CHAR 
239 P13Q_LSGTX Sort and Subtotal by ABN/Group Tax Employer XFELD CHAR 
240 P13Q_LSL Use ATO LSL Formula XFELD CHAR 
241 P13Q_LSL_PROVISION Long Service Leave Provision Report XFELD CHAR 
242 P13Q_LSL_PROVISION_PERC Long Service Leave Provision Liability Percentage P13Q_LLPER DEC 
243 P13Q_LSUMD Lump Sum D Payment Indicator TDBOOL CHAR 
244 P13Q_LTANN Last Anniversary Date (Leave Accrual Australia) DATUM DATS 
245 P13Q_LVACC Payroll Results: Leave Amount Accrued P13Q_LVACC DEC 
246 P13Q_LVEDY Number of leave days P13Q_LVEDY DEC 
247 P13Q_LVENT Leave Entitlement P13Q_LVENT DEC 
248 P13Q_LVE_DISP_TOT Only Display Totals XFELD CHAR 
249 P13Q_LVE_PROJECTION Leave Projection Report XFELD CHAR 
250 P13Q_LVE_PROJ_ABSENCES Include absences in leave projection XFELD CHAR 
251 P13Q_LVE_PROVISION Leave Provision Report XFELD CHAR 
252 P13Q_LVGRP Leave Type/Quota Grouping P13Q_LVGRP CHAR 
253 P13Q_LVUPD Leave Entitlements Updated? XFELD CHAR 
254 P13Q_LWTYP Leave Wage Type for entitlement LGART CHAR 
255 P13Q_MAXAF Superannuation maximum age for aged people P13Q_EMAGE NUMC 
256 P13Q_MAXAG Superannuation Maximum Age P13Q_EMAGE NUMC 
257 P13Q_MAXAM Superannuation minimum age foe max aged people P13Q_EMAGE NUMC 
258 P13Q_MAXCN Superannuation Maximum Company Contribution P13Q_EMEAR DEC 
259 P13Q_MAXEA Superannuation Maximum Earnings P13Q_EMEAR DEC 
260 P13Q_MAXMD Maximum dollars to be paid P13Q_MAXMD DEC 
261 P13Q_MAXMW Maximum weeks to be paid P13Q_MAXMW DEC 
262 P13Q_MAXPY Maximum Payout Option P13Q_MAXPY CHAR 
263 P13Q_MAXYR Maximum No. of Continuous Years for Redundancy NUMC2 NUMC 
264 P13Q_MEDCL Superannuation Medical Classification P13Q_MEDCL CHAR 
265 P13Q_MEDEX Medicare Levy Exemption P13Q_MEDEX CHAR 
266 P13Q_MEDLV Medicare Levy P13Q_MEDLV DEC 
267 P13Q_MEMNO Superannuation Fund Membership Number Australia P13Q_MEMNO CHAR 
268 P13Q_MESSG Superannuation Fund Message Code CHAR2 CHAR 
269 P13Q_MGTXT Superannuation Fund Message Text CHAR24 CHAR 
270 P13Q_MINAG Superannuation Minimum Age P13Q_EMAGE NUMC 
271 P13Q_MINCN Superannuation Minimum Company Contribution P13Q_EMEAR DEC 
272 P13Q_MINEA Superannuation Minimum Earnings P13Q_EMEAR DEC 
273 P13Q_MINHR Superannuation Minimum Hours P13Q_EMHRS DEC 
274 P13Q_MINMD Minimum dollars to be paid P13Q_MINMD DEC 
275 P13Q_MINMW Minimum weeks to be paid P13Q_MINMW DEC 
276 P13Q_MINPY Minimum Payout Option P13Q_MINPY CHAR 
277 P13Q_MLFTH Medicare Family Levy Threshold P13Q_THRES NUMC 
278 P13Q_MNHAG Superannuation minimum hour for maximum age P13Q_EMHRS DEC 
279 P13Q_MOBNO Superannuation Fund Contact Mobile Number P13Q_TELPH CHAR 
280 P13Q_MSGAR Payroll Message Area P13Q_MSGAR CHAR 
281 P13Q_MSNUM Payroll Message Number P13Q_MSNUM NUMC 
282 P13Q_MSTXT Payroll Message Text CHAR75 CHAR 
283 P13Q_NAMEO Sort by Employee Name CHAR1 CHAR 
284 P13Q_NDATE Notice Date for in Lieu of Notice Payments SYDATS DATS 
285 P13Q_NLTYP Negative Quota Payment Wage Type for Entitlement LGART CHAR 
286 P13Q_NOACC Pay no accrual if the entitlement is less than equal to zero TDBOOL CHAR 
287 P13Q_NODEP Number of Dependants P13Q_NODEP NUMC 
288 P13Q_NOMIN Superannuation Guarantee Charge Nominal Interest % DEC3_2 DEC 
289 P13Q_OFLOW Superannuation Outflow Wageytpe LGART CHAR 
290 P13Q_OFMTD Payment method by offcycle XFELD CHAR 
291 P13Q_OTEWT Superannuation Ordinary Time Earnings Wage Type LGART CHAR 
292 P13Q_OTHERS Redundancy Details Indicator TDBOOL CHAR 
293 P13Q_OVAGD No. of Dollars to Pay if emp is greater than age limit P13Q_OVAGD DEC 
294 P13Q_OVEAG Weeks Paid for Employees Over Age DEC2_2 DEC 
295 P13Q_PARTP Flag to Create Part Year Payment Summary XFELD CHAR 
296 P13Q_PARTT Prorate Part Time Period TDBOOL CHAR 
297 P13Q_PAYAV Update Flag for Advance Payments CHAR1 CHAR 
298 P13Q_PAYLV Hours of Leave to be paid PTM_QUONUM DEC 
299 P13Q_PAYP Pay period frequency for taxation CHAR2 CHAR 
300 P13Q_PEFEE Superannuation Guarantee Charge Per Employee Fee P13Q_ADFEE DEC 
301 P13Q_PMTHD Payment by Cheque XFELD CHAR 
302 P13Q_POST94 Post 94 roll Amount DECV9_2 DEC 
303 P13Q_POSTETP Post update ETP Rollover XFIELD CHAR 
304 P13Q_PPPRT Print Payment Summary on Plain Paper XFELD CHAR 
305 P13Q_PRETP Print ETP Payment sum./Group cert (Terminations Australia) XFELD CHAR 
306 P13Q_PRIND Maximum Contribution Processing Indicator P13Q_PRIND CHAR 
307 P13Q_PRNCR Print Payment Summary XFELD CHAR 
308 P13Q_PRNGC Print Payment summaries/Group cert (Terminations Australia) XFELD CHAR 
309 P13Q_PROJ_DATE Leave Projection Date DATUM DATS 
310 P13Q_PTYPE Redundancy Payment Type P13Q_PTYPE CHAR 
311 P13Q_PYACC Leave Type Accrual Payable on Termination TDBOOL CHAR 
312 P13Q_PYENT Leave Type Entitlement Payable on Termination TDBOOL CHAR 
313 P13Q_PYMTD Payment method by Payroll XFELD CHAR 
314 P13Q_PYMT_METHOD_TERMINATION Payment method for termination P13Q_PYMT_METHOD CHAR 
315 P13Q_PYPSS List part year payment summary individually XFELD CHAR 
316 P13Q_PYREC Payment Receiced BETRG CURR 
317 P13Q_QGRP Absence quota grouping for leave reporting P13Q_QGRP CHAR 
318 P13Q_RBAMT Rebate Amount WERTV5 CURR 
319 P13Q_RDL Enter Rollover Details later XFELD CHAR 
320 P13Q_REASC Superannuation Reason Code P13Q_REASC CHAR 
321 P13Q_REBAT Rebate Key P13Q_REBAT CHAR 
322 P13Q_REBTX Rebate Designation CHAR30 CHAR 
323 P13Q_RECAT Category for Termination Reason P13Q_RECAT CHAR 
324 P13Q_REINST Reinstate action XFIELD CHAR 
325 P13Q_RESID Resident ID CHAR1 CHAR 
326 P13Q_RESUP Reportable superannuation contribution amount DEC8_2 DEC 
327 P13Q_RETAF Superannuation Retirement Age for Females P13Q_RETAF NUMC 
328 P13Q_RETAM Superannuation Retirement Age for Males P13Q_RETAM NUMC 
329 P13Q_REVAM No Reversal Next Year XFELD CHAR 
330 P13Q_RNTYP Run type for ATO File Report XFELD CHAR 
331 P13Q_RNUMB Superannuation Restriction Rule Number P13Q_RNUMB NUMC 
332 P13Q_ROLAMT Total rollover amount DECV9_2 DEC 
333 P13Q_RUNTY Run Type for Payment Summaries CHAR1 CHAR 
334 P13Q_SCNTR Split ETP Counter P13Q_SCNTR INT1 
335 P13Q_SCODE Super Choice Fund Name PC13Q_SCODE CHAR 
336 P13Q_SERDY Number of service days P13Q_SERDY DEC 
337 P13Q_SERV Include Infotype 0023 in Length of Service Calculations XFELD CHAR 
338 P13Q_SGLFU Superannuation Guarantee Fund Flag Australia P13Q_SGLFU CHAR 
339 P13Q_SOPDV Medicare SOP Divisor P13Q_WFTDV DEC 
340 P13Q_SOPMU Medicare SOP Multiplier P13Q_SOPMU DEC 
341 P13Q_SPIN Superannuation Product Identification Number DP13Q_SPIN CHAR 
343 P13Q_SPLTP Date of payment for Split Employment Termination Payments DATS DATS 
344 P13Q_SPN Superannuation Fund Number DP13Q_SFN CHAR 
345 P13Q_STATE State / Territory P13Q_STATE CHAR 
346 P13Q_STATU Status of Record (Loading Leave Balances Australia) P13Q_STATU CHAR 
347 P13Q_STAXP Salary and Wages Tax Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
348 P13Q_STEXT Australian Bank Short Text Identifier CHAR3 CHAR 
349 P13Q_STTXT State Description TEXT30 CHAR 
350 P13Q_STYPE Summarised Report Layout Only CHAR1 CHAR 
351 P13Q_SUPER Superannuation Modifier P13Q_SUPER CHAR 
352 P13Q_SUPES Superannuation Period Salary P13Q_SUPES CURR 
353 P13Q_SUPMN Supplier Mnemonic Payment Summary/Group Certs NUM11 NUMC 
354 P13Q_SUPRS Suppress Recurring Payments XFELD CHAR 
355 P13Q_SUPSC Superannuation Salary Usage P13Q_SUPSC CHAR 
356 P13Q_SVA83 Service days post 83 P13Q_SERDY DEC 
357 P13Q_SVDAYS Service days and years   DEC 
358 P13Q_SVP78 Eligible service days after 1978 P13Q_SERDY DEC 
359 P13Q_SVP83 Service days pre 83 P13Q_SERDY DEC 
360 P13Q_SVP93 Eligible service days after 1993 P13Q_SERDY DEC 
361 P13Q_SVPTL Total eligible service period P13Q_SERDY DEC 
362 P13Q_SVPTO Total Service days P13Q_SERDY DEC 
363 P13Q_SVYRS Service years in whole number P13Q_SVYRS DEC 
364 P13Q_SWCOD Super Work ChoiceFund Code PC13Q_SWCOD CHAR 
365 P13Q_TAXAM Tax installment for the period WERTV5 CURR 
366 P13Q_TAXAMT Total taxable amount DECV9_2 DEC 
367 P13Q_TAXFI Tax Rebate Amount WERTV5 CURR 
368 P13Q_TAXFN Tax File Number (TFN) P13Q_TAXFN NUMC 
369 P13Q_TAXIN Tax installment for the period PRBETRG CURR 
370 P13Q_TAXNO Tax File Number CHAR9 CHAR 
371 P13Q_TAXPC Fixed Tax Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
372 P13Q_TAXSC Tax Scale P13Q_TAXSC CHAR 
373 P13Q_TAXTP Flat-Tax Amount Payable WERTV5 CURR 
374 P13Q_TAXTX Tax Scale Designation TEXT30 CHAR 
375 P13Q_TDATE Employee's Termination Date DATUM DATS 
376 P13Q_TELPH Superannuation Fund Contact Phone Number P13Q_TELPH CHAR 
377 P13Q_TERM Termination action XFIELD CHAR 
378 P13Q_TERMDT Termination Date DATS DATS 
379 P13Q_TERMI Termination action XFIELD CHAR 
380 P13Q_TESTC Number of Test Payment Summaries NUM1 NUMC 
381 P13Q_TFNAT TFN Available CHAR13 CHAR 
382 P13Q_TFNAV Tax File Number Available Australia P13Q_TFNAV CHAR 
383 P13Q_TFNDP Date tax file number was provided DATUM DATS 
384 P13Q_TFNDT TFN Date Provided CHAR13 CHAR 
385 P13Q_TFNSF Authorise TFN to be given to super fund XFELD CHAR 
386 P13Q_THRES Threshold P13Q_THRES NUMC 
387 P13Q_TMODE Termination Mode Enquiry or Update XFELD CHAR 
388 P13Q_TPAMT Termination Payment Amount WERTV5 CURR 
389 P13Q_TRANS Indicator for Transitional Payment XFELD CHAR 
390 P13Q_TREAS Employee's Termination Reason MASSG CHAR 
391 P13Q_TWTYP Leave Loading Wage Type LGART CHAR 
392 P13Q_TXFAMT Total taxfree amount DECV9_2 DEC 
393 P13Q_TXPER Leave Loading Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
394 P13Q_TXTYP Tax Type P13Q_TXTYP CHAR 
395 P13Q_ULGRP Grouping for Unused Leave NUMC02 NUMC 
396 P13Q_UNAGD No. of Dollars to Pay if employee is under age limit P13Q_UNAGD DEC 
397 P13Q_UNDAG Weeks Paid for Employees Under Age DEC2_2 DEC 
398 P13Q_UNDLV Unused leave P13Q_LVEDY DEC 
399 P13Q_UNIFN Unix File Name for Payment Summaries/Group Certificates CHAR30 CHAR 
400 P13Q_UNIXF Convert Payment Summaries into Unix File Format XFELD CHAR 
401 P13Q_UPGCO Update : Group certificate override table XFELD CHAR 
402 P13Q_USD78 leave used after 1978 P13Q_LVEDY DEC 
403 P13Q_USD93 Leave used after 1993 P13Q_LVEDY DEC 
404 P13Q_USDLV Leave Used P13Q_LVEDY DEC 
405 P13Q_VIEWC Test Run (no update) XFELD CHAR 
406 P13Q_WESIT Medicare Weekly Shade-In Threshold P13Q_THRES NUMC 
407 P13Q_WETHR Medicare Weekly Earnings Threshold P13Q_THRES NUMC 
408 P13Q_WFTDV Medicare Weekly Family Threshold Divisor P13Q_WFTDV DEC 
409 P13Q_WKSAL Period Salary (LSL) P13Q_DEC11 DEC 
410 P13Q_WLAFA Medicare WLA Factor DEC4_2 DEC 
411 P13Q_YEAR ATO file validation year GJAHR NUMC 
412 P13Q_YRPRD Year and Period of the Leave Adjustment NUMC6 NUMC 
413 P13Q_YRS Years of Service DDINT1 INT1 
414 P13Q_YRSPC Years of Service Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
415 P13_13RDN Redundancy Model CHAR8 CHAR 
416 P13_ABNUM Australian business number NUM11 NUMC 
417 P13_ACCVL Accrued Dollar Value PAU_DV12_2 DEC 
418 P13_ALLWN Allowance detail report XFELD CHAR 
419 P13_ALLWR Flag to process Allowance report XFELD CHAR 
420 P13_AMI Amendment Indicator   CHAR 
421 P13_ATOCO Sort and Subtotal Report by Company Code XFELD CHAR 
422 P13_ATOGR Sort and Subtotal Report by ABN XFELD CHAR 
423 P13_ATOID ATO corporate external gateway user ID CHAR10 CHAR 
424 P13_ATOPR Display ATO File Reconciliation Report? XFELD CHAR 
425 P13_BATCH Batch Session Name CHAR12 CHAR 
426 P13_BCDEP Community Development Employment Projects Amount PRBETRG CURR 
427 P13_BEFBT Fringe Benefit Tax Amount PRBETRG CURR 
428 P13_BETGR Total Gross PRBETRG CURR 
429 P13_BETLA Lump Sum A amount PRBETRG CURR 
430 P13_BETLB Lump Sum B amount PRBETRG CURR 
431 P13_BETLD Lump Sum D amount PRBETRG CURR 
432 P13_BETLE Lump Sum E amount PRBETRG CURR 
433 P13_BETUN Union fee amount PRBETRG CURR 
434 P13_BETWG Workplace Giving amount PRBETRG CURR 
435 P13_BOTIN Other Income NUMC14 NUMC 
436 P13_BOTIN2 Other Income amount PRBETRG CURR 
437 P13_BRNUM GST branch registration number NUM3 NUMC 
438 P13_CHKQT Restrict Quota for Provision CHAR1 CHAR 
439 P13_CVACC Leave Conversion - Convert Accrual TDBOOL CHAR 
440 P13_CVANN Leave Conversion - Convert Anniversaries TDBOOL CHAR 
441 P13_CVDAT Leave Conversion Date   DATS 
442 P13_CVENT Leave Conversion - Convert Entitlement TDBOOL CHAR 
443 P13_CVPRV Leave Conversion - Convert Provisions TDBOOL CHAR 
444 P13_DATAR Date type used to determine the leave transfer date DATAR CHAR 
445 P13_DBTAX Death Benefit - Tax Instalment Deductions DEC8_2 DEC 
446 P13_DBTCP Death Benefit - ETP Taxable component DEC8_2 DEC 
447 P13_DBTFP Death Benefit - ETP Tax Free component DEC8_2 DEC 
448 P13_DEATH_BEN Death Benefit   CHAR 
449 P13_DEUPA Undeducted Purchase price of Annuity PRBETRG CURR 
450 P13_DOSFN DOS File Name for Payment Summaries CHAR60 CHAR 
451 P13_DTPAY Employee Termination Payment Pay Date   DATS 
452 P13_EMSRF Supplier File Reference CHAR16 CHAR 
453 P13_ENTV Entitlement value PAU_DV12_2 DEC 
454 P13_ERLOG Payment/ETP Summary message list XFELD CHAR 
455 P13_ESCSB Escalation Amount PAU_DV12_2 DEC 
456 P13_ESS_CITY_PCD City and Postal Code CHAR4 CHAR 
457 P13_ESS_WAGETYPE Transfer category LGART CHAR 
458 P13_ETA83 Employee Termination Payment Days Post 1983   INT4 
459 P13_ETDEA Employee Termination Payment Death Benefit   CHAR 
460 P13_ETDTY Death Benefit Type   CHAR 
461 P13_ETE83 Lump Sum C Pre July 1983 PRBETRG CURR 
462 P13_ETEAS Employee Termination Payment Assessable Amount PRBETRG CURR 
463 P13_ETI94 Lump Sum C Post June 1994 Invalidity PRBETRG CURR 
464 P13_ETP83 Employee Termination Payment Days Pre 1983   INT4 
465 P13_ETPISSUED Employee Termination Payment Issued Y/N CHAR1 CHAR 
466 P13_ETPPL ETP summary in Plain paper XFELD CHAR 
467 P13_ETPPP ETP summary in ATO stationary XFELD CHAR 
468 P13_ETPPR Printer Name for ETP Payment Summaries CHAR4 CHAR 
469 P13_ETPRC ETP Summary Reconciliation report XFELD CHAR 
470 P13_ETPRP Flag to process ETP summary XFELD CHAR 
471 P13_ETPRPT ETP Summary Listing Report XFELD CHAR 
472 P13_ETTFC Tax Free Component PRBETRG CURR 
473 P13_ETTXC Taxable Component PRBETRG CURR 
474 P13_ETU83 Lump Sum C Post June 1993 Untaxed PRBETRG CURR 
475 P13_EXCEPT Exception Reason   CHAR 
476 P13_EXCPR Payment Summary Exception Report XFELD CHAR 
477 P13_FEXMT Exempt foreign employment income PRBETRG CURR 
478 P13_FE_PYADT Last ATO File Creation Date for FE PS DATUM DATS 
479 P13_FE_PYAMD Amended Payment Summary Foreign Employment has been created YESNO CHAR 
480 P13_FE_PYATM Last ATO File Creation Time For FE PS TIME TIMS 
481 P13_FE_PYATO Number of ATO Files Created for FE PS NUMC3 NUMC 
482 P13_FE_PYAUTAX Total Tax Deducted Under Foreign Employment DEC8_2 DEC 
483 P13_FE_PYBDT Payment Summary Foreign Employment Start Date DATUM DATS 
484 P13_FE_PYDAT Payment Summary Foreign Employment Creation Date DATUM DATS 
485 P13_FE_PYEDT Payment Summary Foreign Employment End Date DATUM DATS 
486 P13_FE_PYFBT Reportable Fringe Benefits Tax Under Foreign Employment DEC8_2 DEC 
487 P13_FE_PYFTAX Foreign Tax Paid DEC8_2 DEC 
488 P13_FE_PYGRO Gross Income under Foreign Employment DEC8_2 DEC 
489 P13_FE_PYLAT Lump Sum Payment A Type Under Foreign Employment P13_PYLSAT CHAR 
490 P13_FE_PYLDT Last PS FE Print Date DATUM DATS 
491 P13_FE_PYLSA Lump Sum A under foreign employment DEC8_2 DEC 
492 P13_FE_PYLSD Lump Sum D under foreign employment DEC8_2 DEC 
493 P13_FE_PYLSE Lump Sum E under foreign employment DEC8_2 DEC 
494 P13_FE_PYLTM Last PS FE print time TIME TIMS 
495 P13_FE_PYMAN Manual payment summary Foreign Employment has been created YESNO CHAR 
496 P13_FE_PYNUM Number of Payment Summary Foreign Employment Prints NUMC3 NUMC 
497 P13_FE_PYTIM Payment Summary Foreign Employment Creation Time TIME TIMS 
498 P13_FE_PYTUF Total number of Union fees Under Foreign Employment NUMC3 NUMC 
499 P13_FE_PYTWG Total number of Workplace Giving Under Foreign Employment NUMC3 NUMC 
500 P13_FE_PYUFA Union Fee Amount Under Foreign Employment DEC8_2 DEC