SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 62
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 PAR_V1FEC Indicator: Proposed date of payment XFELD CHAR 
2 PAR_V1NOR Indicator: Selection of leave not settled XFELD CHAR 
3 PAR_V1OVE Indicator: Selection of leave settled XFELD CHAR 
4 PAR_V1SEM Indicator: Date of payment, last working day previous week XFELD CHAR 
5 PAR_VABAS Basic entitlement days PRANZHL DEC 
8 PAR_VAGOZ Paid leave calculation days PRANZHL DEC 
9 PAR_VAPRO Vacation provision calculation days PRANZHL DEC 
10 PAR_VDAY Leave starting day NUMC2 NUMC 
11 PAR_VDAYS Amount of leave days NUMC3 NUMC 
12 PAR_VMONTH Leave starting month CHAR10 CHAR 
13 PAR_VORG Partner Network Activity VORNR CHAR 
14 PAR_VORNR_AUF Partner operation number VORNR CHAR 
15 PAR_VYEAR Year of leave NUMC4 NUMC 
16 PAR_WDAY Weekday CHAR20 CHAR 
17 PAR_WERT IS-H: Parameter Value PAR_WERT CHAR 
18 PAR_WKHRS Amount of hours worked - SIJP NUMC3 NUMC 
19 PAR_ZDESI Disadvantaged area - SIJP CHAR9 CHAR 
21 PAR_ZEITX Frequency unit EINTX CHAR 
22 PAR_ZONDE Supplement amount for family allowances in disadvant. area CHAR9 CHAR 
23 PAS01 Flat-Rate Tax 01 Infotype 0330 (Non-Monetary Remuneration) CHAR2 CHAR 
24 PAS02 Flat-Rate Tax 02 Infotype 0330 (Non-Monetary Remuneration) CHAR2 CHAR 
25 PASCH Planned order profile PASCH CHAR 
26 PASRK Attendee (entry with search string) CHAR12 CHAR 
27 PASS10 Password for RFC user CHAR10 CHAR 
28 PASSENGER_TYPE_CODE Flight Passenger Category FTPD_PTC CHAR 
29 PASSN Passport number CHAR20 CHAR 
30 PASSSTRNG Password String CHAR8 CHAR 
31 PASSVERSION Version of the Password for a User PASSVERSION DEC 
32 PASSW IS-H: Password for user ID for CPIC session PASSW CHAR 
33 PASSWD_NOOFATTAMPT No of Attempts for a User to try Logging with wrong Password PASSWD_NOOFATTAMPT DEC 
34 PASSWORD IS-HCM Password for R/2 logon via CPIC CHAR8 CHAR 
35 PASSW_HANDLING IS-M: Setting for Password and Access Data PASSW_HANDLING CHAR 
36 PASSW_HANDLING_IU2 IS-M: Setting for Password and Access Data PASSW_HANDLING_IU2 CHAR 
38 PASS_DATE Check-in Date DATUM DATS 
40 PASS_NUMB Sequence Number of a Check-in Activity PASS_NUMB CHAR 
41 PASS_TIME Check-in Time UZEIT TIMS 
42 PASTA Status of number assignment for contact person NUM12 NUMC 
43 PASTFCVER_DELE Past forecast version COVERSI CHAR 
44 PAST_ACTL_COST_DELE Actual cost based on past forecast version WERTV8 CURR 
45 PAST_COMPL_COST_DELE Past forecast total cost WERTV8 CURR 
46 PAST_REM_COST_DELE Remaining cost based on past forecast version WERTV8 CURR 
47 PAST_REM_QTY_DELE Remaining quantity based on past forecast version MENGV8 QUAN 
48 PAST_REM_SKF_DELE Remaining SKF based on past forecast version CQUA8 QUAN 
49 PASUB Substructure Additional Data AS4TAB CHAR 
50 PASUM Total number of pages available TABIX INT4 
51 PASWI_EB SWIFT code of partner bank SWIFT CHAR 
52 PASYN Partner synchronization activated XFELD CHAR 
53 PAS_INSHM_ALV Page Area Size in Shared Memory in KB   INT4 
54 PAS_MAXUSED_ALV Maximum Used Page Area Size in KB   INT4 
55 PAS_ONDISK_ALV Page Area Size on Disk in KB   INT4 
56 PAS_USED_ALV Used Page Area Size in KB   INT4 
57 PATBSTATE Status of Batch Operation in OCS Transactions PATBSTATE CHAR 
58 PATCH Support Package name PATCH CHAR 
59 PATCHAOID Patch add-on ID (PAOID) - only IS CHAR2 CHAR 
60 PATCHCOND Status of Support Package step PATCHCOND CHAR 
61 PATCHOBJ Number Patch Objects NUMC6 NUMC 
62 PATCHORDER Support Package sequence NUMC3 NUMC 
63 PATCHSTAT Support Package import status PATCHSTAT CHAR 
64 PATCHSTEP Support Package step name PATCHSTEP CHAR 
65 PATCHSTEPA Step is taken into account during Support Package import PATCHSTEPA CHAR 
66 PATCHSTEPB Step is taken into account when importing backup PATCHSTEPA CHAR 
67 PATCHTRID Request ID of an SAP Patch (Preliminary correction) TRKORR CHAR 
68 PATCHTXT Support Package description TEXT60 CHAR 
69 PATCHTXT2 Support Package description CHAR30 CHAR 
70 PATCHTXT3 Bad patch description CHAR229 CHAR 
71 PATCHT_SDA Support Package Description TEXT60 CHAR 
72 PATCH_APPLY Maintenance type of software component PATCH_APPLY CHAR 
73 PATCH_MSG Message when a termination occurs NATXT CHAR 
74 PATCH_OLD Sup. Pkg. name according to old convention (10 characters) TRKORR_OLD CHAR 
75 PATCH_RC Return code for a Support Package step PATCH_RC CHAR 
76 PATCH_SCEN Scenario for importing the Support Package PATCH_SCEN CHAR 
77 PATCH_SDA Patch Name CHAR20 CHAR 
79 PATCH_USER Person responsible for Support Package import AS4USER CHAR 
80 PATCT Counter for Template Definition PATCT NUMC 
81 PATDELDATE Support Package arrival date SYDATS DATS 
82 PATDELTIME Support Package arrival time SYTIME TIMS 
83 PATDS Template description TEXT40 CHAR 
84 PATEVTKZ IS-HCM: Turn Additional Patient Events into Messages XFELD CHAR 
85 PATEX Attendee Name TEXT40 CHAR 
86 PATFILSIZ File Size Placeholder (for Unicode, Original: EPSFILSIZ) CHAR4 CHAR 
87 PATH01 Unix File Input Path PATH01 CHAR 
88 PATH02 Unix File Output Path PATH02 CHAR 
89 PATHDESC Description of a path CHAR30 CHAR 
90 PATHEXT Physical path name for multimedia connection PATHEXT CHAR 
92 PATHID Identification of a path in a DRP network CHAR18 CHAR 
94 PATHLOG Log Directory PATH01 CHAR 
95 PATHNAME Short description of logical file path TEXT60 CHAR 
96 PATHSPR Language Directory PATH01 CHAR 
98 PATH_D Path name RFC_PATH CHAR 
99 PATH_NAME Path and name of a file SYCHAR64K CHAR 
100 PATIMPDATE Support Package import date AS4DATE DATS 
101 PATIMPTIME Support Package import time SYTIME TIMS 
102 PATJN Define start date of planned orders in the planning table PATJN CHAR 
104 PATNAMEBHS Patient Name TEXT45 CHAR 
105 PATNAM_AUT 1st Character of Pat. Last Name (Authorization Field) TEXT1 CHAR 
106 PATNR IS-H: Patient Number PATNR CHAR 
107 PATNR_AUT IS-H: Patient number (authorization field) PATNR CHAR 
109 PATTERN RSRSCAN1: Search for model (instead of string) SYCHAR01 CHAR 
110 PATTERN_ORIGIN IS-M: Origin of Template Issue for Issue Sequence CHAR15 CHAR 
111 PATTERN__3 Search pattern in short text PATTERN__3 CHAR 
112 PATTR Object attribute PATTR CHAR 
113 PATTRIB Form Attributes CHAR1 CHAR 
115 PATVR Scheduling strategy in the planning table PATVR CHAR 
116 PATWE Attribute Value PWERT CHAR 
117 PATXT Long text for planned order type PATXT CHAR 
118 PATYP Attendance status of pair in time evaluation PATYP CHAR 
119 PAT_ALTER IS-H: Patient Age INT4 INT4 
120 PAT_ANCEST Support Package predecessor TRKORR CHAR 
121 PAT_APPLY Import of a Support Package type allowed CHAR1 CHAR 
122 PAT_CHAREC 20K Character Block PAT_CH20K CHAR 
124 PAT_CONFL Conflicts between Support Package and add-on CHAR1 CHAR 
125 PAT_CONJ PAT07: Logical AND block NUMC2 NUMC 
126 PAT_COREL Component release CHAR10 CHAR 
127 PAT_C_SDA PAT07: Logical AND block NUMC2 NUMC 
128 PAT_ERRIN Error Indicator for Payslip L16 P03_ERRIN CHAR 
130 PAT_FORMAT Identification of EPS parcel format PAT_FORMAT CHAR 
131 PAT_HIAN High predecessor (for CRTs only) CHAR2 CHAR 
132 PAT_IGNORE Ignore Status for Error Check CHAR1 CHAR 
133 PAT_LENGTH Length of a record in the EPS parcel NUM8 NUMC 
134 PAT_MAXLEN Maximum length (20K) of an EPS parcel PAT_MAXLEN LRAW 
135 PAT_NOGEN Suppress generation when importing Support Package PAT_NOGEN CHAR 
136 PAT_OMIT Support Package missing in queue CHAR1 CHAR 
137 PAT_QTRCID ID of a Trace Section in the Queue Calculation NUMC06 NUMC 
138 PAT_REASON Reason why a step was terminated CHAR30 CHAR 
139 PAT_RECTYP Record type of a record in EPS parcel PAT_RECTYP CHAR 
140 PAT_REQT PAT07: Prerequisite type CHAR1 CHAR 
141 PAT_REQU PAT07: Prerequisite CHAR40 CHAR 
142 PAT_R_SDA PAT07_SDA: Requirement CHAR40 CHAR 
143 PAT_SEQ PAT07/PAT08/PAT13: Sequence NUMC3 NUMC 
144 PAT_SPAMFX Support Package is an update of SAP Patch Manager (SPAM) CHAR1 CHAR 
146 PAT_STRICT Flag for fixed predecessor CHAR1 CHAR 
147 PAT_S_SDA PAT07: Sequence NUMC3 NUMC 
148 PAT_TOD IS-H: Patient Is Deceased XFELD CHAR 
149 PAT_TRUE PAT07: True value PAT_TRUE CHAR 
150 PAT_VALUE PAT08: Value of extended Support Package attribute CHAR60 CHAR 
151 PAT_V_SDA PAT08: Enhanced Patch Attribute Value CHAR60 CHAR 
152 PAT_WAERS Evaluation currency WAERS CUKY 
153 PAT_XATT PAT08: Name of extended attribute CHAR20 CHAR 
154 PAT_X_SDA PAT08: Name of extended attribute CHAR20 CHAR 
155 PAUDAUER Length of breaks in hours DEC2_2 DEC 
156 PAUFBP Indicator: Create planned orders with asynchronous MRP CHAR1 CHAR 
157 PAUFM_POS Planned allocation quantity in sales units MENG13 QUAN 
158 PAUFS Planned markup WERTV6 CURR 
159 PAUFS_BAPI Planned Markup for BAPIs BAPICURR DEC 
160 PAUFWE Ind: Create plnd orders for reversal GR qty on current day CHAR1 CHAR 
161 PAUKZ Select by planned orders CHAR1 CHAR 
162 PAUMW Input Tax Indicator for Flat-Rate Taxation MWSKZ CHAR 
163 PAUNSTD Break after hours DEC03_2 DEC 
164 PAUPD Update Flag for Partners at Serialized Object CHAR1 CHAR 
165 PAUPLAN Work break schedule PAUPLAN CHAR 
166 PAUSCHAL IS-H: Indicator Preapproval for IV Request XFELD CHAR 
167 PAUSCHPER Frequency for flat rates (day, week, month) MEINS UNIT 
168 PAUSCHPOS Blanket Line CHAR01 CHAR 
169 PAUSEN Accumulated break time in "hours:minutes" UZEIT TIMS 
170 PAUSENR Break number in break plan NUM02 NUMC 
171 PAUSG Issue premium in percentage DEC3_7 DEC 
172 PAUSH Travel Expense Type Individual or Per Diem/Flat Rate PAUSH CHAR 
173 PAUSN_VK Payment Exception PAUSN_VK CHAR 
174 PAUSSATZ Disbursement rate in percentage DEC3_7 DEC 
175 PAUST Tax Indicator PAUST CHAR 
176 PAUVS Input Tax Entry in Travel Management PAUVS CHAR 
177 PAU_ABOR1 Aboriginal/Torres strait islander origin key CHAR1 CHAR 
178 PAU_ABOR2 Aboriginal/Torres strait islander origin key CHAR1 CHAR 
179 PAU_ABOR3 Aboriginal/Torres strait islander origin key CHAR1 CHAR 
180 PAU_ABORG Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander PAU_ABORG CHAR 
181 PAU_ABSDY Include absence days for minimum number of days RADIOFIELD CHAR 
182 PAU_ABSGR Absence type grouping CHAR4 CHAR 
183 PAU_ABSIND Leave type stored in 2001 indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
184 PAU_ABSPH Absence days (including public holidays) RADIOFIELD CHAR 
186 PAU_ABWKO Quotas to be deducted parallely ABWKO NUMC 
187 PAU_ACBEG Period start date DATUM DATS 
188 PAU_ACCAN Accrual period-Anniversary Year XFELD CHAR 
189 PAU_ACCDT Accrual anniversary date DATS DATS 
190 PAU_ACCMN Accrual Period-Anniversary Month XFELD CHAR 
191 PAU_ACCPP Accrual Period - Pay period within Anniversay year XFELD CHAR 
192 PAU_ACDAY Actual unpaid days after threshold value per period TAGE4_2 DEC 
193 PAU_ACEND Period end date DATUM DATS 
194 PAU_ACGRP Acting Classification Group PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
195 PAU_ACPBM Actual Performance Bonus paid in previous 12 months PRBETRG CURR 
196 PAU_ACRAT Accrual rate DEC3_3 DEC 
197 PAU_ACTIV Status active? XFELD CHAR 
198 PAU_ACTRB Actual Retention Bonus Payments Paid in previous 12 months PRBETRG CURR 
199 PAU_ACTSA Acting Classification Salary PRBETRG CURR 
200 PAU_ADALL APS Adjust Allowance PAU_ADALL CURR 
202 PAU_ADAY Anticipation days TAGE4_2 DEC 
203 PAU_ADDCON Superannuation Additional contribution assignement PAU_ADDCON CHAR 
204 PAU_ADHDA APS Adjust Higher duty allowance PAU_ADHDA CURR 
205 PAU_ADPLT APS Adjust Penalties PAU_ADPLT CURR 
206 PAU_ADRAL Additional Duties/Responsibilities Allowances PRBETRG CURR 
208 PAU_ADSUP Adjusted Superable salary PRBETRG CURR 
209 PAU_ADVNC Leave advance Payment CHAR1 CHAR 
210 PAU_AFLAG Anticipation allowd CHAR1 CHAR 
211 PAU_AGCOD Agency Code NUM3 NUMC 
212 PAU_AGEID Use Age as identifier TDBOOL CHAR 
213 PAU_AGEJJ Age of the employee DEC3_2 DEC 
214 PAU_AGENT Name of agent for the last service CHAR30 CHAR 
215 PAU_AGFLG Accrual or Grant leave type PAU_AGFLG CHAR 
216 PAU_AGNAM Agency Name CHAR25 CHAR 
217 PAU_AJAMT Adjustment Amount WERTV5 CURR 
218 PAU_AJTWT WT for payment adj. LGART CHAR 
219 PAU_ANBDT Seniority based on anniversary begin date CHAR1 CHAR 
220 PAU_ANBEG Original anniversary date DATUM DATS 
221 PAU_ANDAT Anniversary date DATAR CHAR 
222 PAU_ANDAY Anticipation flag CHAR1 CHAR 
223 PAU_ANEND End of Anniversary Year DATUM DATS 
224 PAU_ANLDT Anniversary date type DATAR CHAR 
225 PAU_ANNLL Annual Leave Loading PRBETRG CURR 
226 PAU_ANTICIPATE Anticipation field for popup in infotype 0573 CHAR1 CHAR 
227 PAU_ANTIP Anticipation Absence Type CHAR1 CHAR 
228 PAU_ANVDT Anniversary date type DATAR CHAR 
229 PAU_ANYSW Switch for crossing aniversary date XFELD CHAR 
230 PAU_APDAT Approval date DATS DATS 
231 PAU_APSFR Gross amount for payment WERTV5 CURR 
232 PAU_ARRDT Arrival date in Australia DATUM DATS 
233 PAU_AUNIT Accrual unit PAU_AUNIT CHAR 
234 PAU_AVGPT Average hour per week for part time service DEC3_4 DEC 
235 PAU_AVPAY Advance payment allowed ? CHAR1 CHAR 
236 PAU_AWART Absence types induced parallel deduction AWART CHAR 
237 PAU_AWASQ Next Absence to be created for same leave code AWART CHAR 
239 PAU_BCGRP Base Classification Group PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
240 PAU_BDDMM Month and Day of leave loading start date CHAR5 CHAR 
241 PAU_BEGDA Leave begin date DATS DATS 
242 PAU_BEGTI Start time UZEIT TIMS 
243 PAU_BENHR APS Superannuation benefit hours DEC3_2 DEC 
244 PAU_BETAJ Adjusted amount for wage type P_AMT07V CURR 
245 PAU_BISDY BIS(Break-in-service) days in current anniversary year TAGE4_2 DEC 
246 PAU_BISMI Minimum Break in Service NUM05 NUMC 
247 PAU_BONUS Taxation tick box for leave loading CHAR1 CHAR 
248 PAU_BRDAY Maximum Break In Service to nullified previous Prior Service NUM05 NUMC 
249 PAU_BREAK HDA Break Threshhold Days for Resetting Accumulating   DEC 
250 PAU_BTRTL Personnel subarea of the higher duty position BTRTL CHAR 
251 PAU_CALDY Include calendar days within the absence period RADIOFIELD CHAR 
252 PAU_CAREC Care/Responsibility commitments PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
253 PAU_CDAYS HR AUS PS:Number of Calendar days DEC7 DEC 
254 PAU_CDRHD Percentage of cost distribution for high duty cost centre PAU_DEC32 DEC 
255 PAU_CDRNO Percentage of cost distribution for nominal cost centre PAU_DEC32 DEC 
256 PAU_CEFDT APS Superannuation cessation effective date DATUM DATS 
257 PAU_CLDES Superannuation Medical Description TEXT30 CHAR 
258 PAU_CLMAX APS Classification Structure - Maximum class PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
259 PAU_CLMIN APS Classification Structure - Minimum class PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
260 PAU_CLMOT Cash in Lieu of Motor Vehicle PRBETRG CURR 
261 PAU_CLSW1 Based on LOS from PS commence date CHAR1 CHAR 
262 PAU_CLSW2 Transfer at regular Anniversary Year/Month/Pay Period CHAR1 CHAR 
263 PAU_CLSW3 Transfer at period start date CHAR1 CHAR 
264 PAU_CLSW4 Transfer at period end date CHAR1 CHAR 
265 PAU_CLSW5 Transfer at irregular Anniversary Year/Month/Pay Period CHAR1 CHAR 
266 PAU_CLSW7 Transfer for Sick Leave (Temp Staffs) CHAR1 CHAR 
267 PAU_CLSW8 Customer Specific Transfer CHAR1 CHAR 
268 PAU_CLSW9 Transfer LSL at end of accrual date + 1 CHAR1 CHAR 
269 PAU_CLSWT Calculation Methode for transfer frequency XFELD CHAR 
270 PAU_CLWOP Include LWOP in length of service TDBOOL CHAR 
272 PAU_CMONS Option for calculating LOS PAU_CMONS CHAR 
273 PAU_CNTRY Country of Birth PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
274 PAU_COFTH Convert full pay to half pay CHAR1 CHAR 
275 PAU_COHTF Convert half pay to full pay CHAR1 CHAR 
276 PAU_CONFH Convert to Full or Half Pay Flag. CHAR1 CHAR 
277 PAU_CONFP Convert To Full Pay CHAR1 CHAR 
278 PAU_CONHP Convert to Half Pay CHAR1 CHAR 
279 PAU_CONLO Contribute lower superable salary CHECKBOX CHAR 
280 PAU_CONTR Contributor status PAU_CONTR CHAR 
281 PAU_COPAY Conversion flag for full pay / half pay CHAR1 CHAR 
282 PAU_COSUP Computed Superable salary PRBETRG CURR 
283 PAU_CRTXT Contributor text TEXT30 CHAR 
284 PAU_CS542 Employee going for part-time for more than 12 months CHECKBOX CHAR 
285 PAU_CS551 Partial contributor CHECKBOX CHAR 
286 PAU_CTAFP Customer Specific CHECKBOX CHAR 
287 PAU_CTAPP Count actual period of performance RADIOFIELD CHAR 
288 PAU_CTHFD Count Half day as Full day RADIOFIELD CHAR 
290 PAU_CTSKL Count for Sick Leave CHECKBOX CHAR 
291 PAU_CTTER Count for termination CHECKBOX CHAR 
292 PAU_CURPR HR AUS PS:Current service or prior service PAU_CURPR CHAR 
293 PAU_CUSMD Customer specific counting method RADIOFIELD CHAR 
294 PAU_DATA2001 P2001 as data source for historic LWOP/UNAL CHAR1 CHAR 
295 PAU_DATABOTH Data source for historic LWOP/UNAL from P2001 and T5QPBS2P CHAR1 CHAR 
297 PAU_DATAT2P T5QPBS2P as data source for historic LWOP/UNAL CHAR1 CHAR 
298 PAU_DAUER Length of service DEC3_2 DEC 
299 PAU_DAY30 Apply 30-day rule CHAR1 CHAR 
300 PAU_DEATH Redundancy model for death case CHAR1 CHAR 
301 PAU_DEDFP Deduction From Full/Part Time Quota CHAR1 CHAR 
302 PAU_DEDFT Deduct From Full Time Quota CHAR1 CHAR 
303 PAU_DEDPE Number of deduction pay period for purchased leave DEC2_2 DEC 
304 PAU_DEDPT Deduct From Part Time Quota CHAR1 CHAR 
305 PAU_DEDQT Quota type for anticipation ABWKO NUMC 
306 PAU_DEFDT Defered date DATS DATS 
307 PAU_DEKTA Dependent Quota for varying percentage link ABWKO NUMC 
308 PAU_DEPTS Department CHAR20 CHAR 
309 PAU_DFPAY Deduct From Full Pay Quota CHAR1 CHAR 
310 PAU_DHPAY Deduct From Half Pay Quota CHAR1 CHAR 
311 PAU_DISAA Additional disability PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
312 PAU_DISAL Disability Allowance PRBETRG CURR 
313 PAU_DISAP Principal disability PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
314 PAU_DISHF Discard if higher duty performed for less than half day CHECKBOX CHAR 
315 PAU_DQTYP Simulation Quota for the Absence Quota ABWKO NUMC 
317 PAU_DTORG Origin for data type PAU_DTORG CHAR 
318 PAU_DUDTE Due date for Increment DATS DATS 
319 PAU_EDDES Description for Equity and Diversity data TEXT40 CHAR 
320 PAU_EDDMM Month and Day of leave loading End date CHAR5 CHAR 
321 PAU_EDSEQ Sequence number for Equity and Diversity data PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
322 PAU_EDTYP Type of data for Equity and Diversity PAU_EDTYP CHAR 
323 PAU_EFFDT APS Superannuation date of effect DATUM DATS 
324 PAU_ELAMT Employer Liability Contribution Amount DEC3_2 DEC 
325 PAU_ELFTR Employer Liability Factoring Method CHAR1 CHAR 
326 PAU_ELGDT Eligibility Date DATS DATS 
327 PAU_ELIGR Eligibility group for increment PAU_ELIGR CHAR 
328 PAU_ELPCN Employer Liability Contribution % DEC3_2 DEC 
329 PAU_EMPCT Employment Percentage on Higher duty BSGRD DEC 
330 PAU_ENDDA Leave end date DATS DATS 
332 PAU_ENTFU Entitlement for future leave PTM_QUONUM DEC 
333 PAU_ENTIL Entitlement for anticipation PTM_QUONUM DEC 
334 PAU_ENTML HR-AU-PS: Leave entitlement for Prior Service report PAU_ENTML DEC 
335 PAU_ENTPR Entitlement for parallel deduction quota PTM_QUONUM DEC 
336 PAU_EPEFF APS Superannuation Percentage Effective Date DATUM DATS 
337 PAU_ERCLE HR AU PS:Employer order to leave early XFELD CHAR 
338 PAU_EROLE Employer request EE leave before notice period XFELD CHAR 
339 PAU_ETPDT ETP Notification printed date DATUM DATS 
340 PAU_ETPTP Transitional ETP XFELD CHAR 
341 PAU_EXALL Expense Allowances PRBETRG CURR 
342 PAU_EXCHO Choice for Superannuation Fund Exclusion PAU_EXCHO CHAR 
343 PAU_EXLPS Exclude Prior service CHAR1 CHAR 
344 PAU_EXPLS Exclude Prior Service CHAR1 CHAR 
345 PAU_FADDR Fund Address CHAR25 CHAR 
346 PAU_FEATR Name of feature PAU_FEATR CHAR 
347 PAU_FFLAG Discard minimum criteria check CHAR1 CHAR 
348 PAU_FFLNG Father's first language PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
349 PAU_FHFLG Full or half pay flag PAU_PAYCT CHAR 
350 PAU_FHPAY Deduct from Full/Half Pay Quota CHAR1 CHAR 
351 PAU_FISUP Final Superable salary PRBETRG CURR 
352 PAU_FIXUN Fix units to be paid out TDBOOL CHAR 
353 PAU_FKTEX Text for flexible accrual transfer rule TEXT25 CHAR 
354 PAU_FLEX flextime flag CHAR1 CHAR 
355 PAU_FLEXQ Flexi Time quota for 2006 ABWKO NUMC 
356 PAU_FLEXTIME FlexTime field for popup in infotype 0573 CHAR1 CHAR 
357 PAU_FMTXT Text for payment formula TEXT25 CHAR 
358 PAU_FNAMT Fortnightly amount PAU_FNAMT CURR 
359 PAU_FNRTE Fortnightly rate DEC3_2 DEC 
360 PAU_FPAY Full pay flag CHAR1 CHAR 
361 PAU_FPDAY Full pay leave in days for Matrix DEC3_2 DEC 
362 PAU_FPFLG Full or part time flag PAU_PFTCT CHAR 
363 PAU_FPHRS Full Pay leave in hours DEC4_2 DEC 
364 PAU_FPMTH Leave taken in Full Pay months DEC3_4 DEC 
365 PAU_FRULE Selection rule with return value from feature AUT2A CHAR2 CHAR 
366 PAU_FSLNG First language spoken PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
367 PAU_FTETY Full Time entitlement quota type ABWKO NUMC 
368 PAU_FTQT Full time quota flag CHAR1 CHAR 
369 PAU_FTQTY PS LSL Full time accrual quota type ABWKO NUMC 
370 PAU_FULLP Full pay CHAR1 CHAR 
371 PAU_FULLT Full time CHAR1 CHAR 
373 PAU_FUNAM Rollover fund name CHAR30 CHAR 
374 PAU_FUTUR Future leave exists or not CHAR1 CHAR 
375 PAU_GAPBA Group or Whole of Agency Performance Bonuses and Allowances PRBETRG CURR 
376 PAU_GENDR Sex of the employee PAU_GENDR CHAR 
377 PAU_GESC3 Gender Key CHAR1 CHAR 
378 PAU_GESCH Gender for Equity and Diversity PAU_GESCH CHAR 
379 PAU_GLALL Geographic/Locality Allowance PRBETRG CURR 
380 PAU_GRPID Group identifier for leave provision (AU-PBS) PAU_GRPID CHAR 
381 PAU_GRPIN Indicator for the LWOP/UNAL impact grouping PAU_GRPIN CHAR 
382 PAU_GRTXT Text for payment rule group TEXT25 CHAR 
383 PAU_HDADT Date and Time, Current (Application Server) Date SYDATS DATS 
384 PAU_HDAFX Fixed HDA Increment Date DATUM DATS 
386 PAU_HDAPF Begin/End date for evaluating HDA performing period DATUM DATS 
387 PAU_HDAPT End date for evaluating HDA performing period SYDATS DATS 
388 PAU_HIRDT Seniority based on Hire date CHAR1 CHAR 
389 PAU_HIRE Option for hiring event XFELD CHAR 
390 PAU_HLALL Health and Lifestyle Allowance PRBETRG CURR 
391 PAU_HLGAR Higher duty salary wage type LGART CHAR 
392 PAU_HPAY Half pay flag CHAR1 CHAR 
393 PAU_HPDAY Half pay leave in days for Matrix DEC3_2 DEC 
394 PAU_HPHRS Half Pay leave in hours DEC4_2 DEC 
395 PAU_HPMTH Leave taken in Half Pay months DEC3_4 DEC 
396 PAU_HRDAL Hours of duty Allowances PRBETRG CURR 
397 PAU_HRPWK Hours work per week DEC03_2 DEC 
398 PAU_IBUKY Key for Industry within a HR country PAU_IBUKY CHAR 
399 PAU_IFLAG Increment impact check flag CHAR1 CHAR 
400 PAU_IMGRP Group for LWOP/UNAL impact in leave accrual PAU_IMGRP CHAR 
401 PAU_IMPER LWOP impact period PAU_REASC CHAR 
402 PAU_IMPID LWOP or Unauth. leave impact indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
403 PAU_IMPTP LWOP or Unauth. leave impact type CHAR1 CHAR 
405 PAU_IMTXT Text for LWOP/UNAL impact group TEXT30 CHAR 
406 PAU_INALL APS initial allowance PAU_INALL CURR 
407 PAU_INCMA Income Maintenance Allowance PRBETRG CURR 
408 PAU_INCPS Switch for include or exclude Prior service CHAR1 CHAR 
410 PAU_INLPS Include Prior Service CHAR1 CHAR 
411 PAU_INOPE Is Inoperative status (for APSC interface) CHAR1 CHAR 
412 PAU_INPLT APS initial penalties PAU_INPLT CURR 
413 PAU_INPRI Switch for include or exclude Prior service CHAR1 CHAR 
414 PAU_INSAL APS initial salary PAU_INSAL CURR 
415 PAU_INSUP Initial Superable salary PRBETRG CURR 
416 PAU_INVAL Indirect Valuation RADIOFIELD CHAR 
417 PAU_IPRAB Individual Performance related Allowances/Bonuses PRBETRG CURR 
418 PAU_IPRSV Include Prior Service in length of service TDBOOL CHAR 
419 PAU_KEYDT Key date for data retrieval DATUM DATS 
420 PAU_LAAMT Leave adjustment Amount WERTV5 CURR 
421 PAU_LADBD Leave Advance Payment Begin Date DATS DATS 
422 PAU_LADED Leave Advance Payment End Date DATS DATS 
423 PAU_LASTD Last Increment date DATS DATS 
424 PAU_LATWT WT for leave payment adj. LGART CHAR 
425 PAU_LCODE Master leave code PAU_LCODE CHAR 
426 PAU_LDACC Pay current year leave loading TDBOOL CHAR 
427 PAU_LDENT Do not pay previous year leave loading TDBOOL CHAR 
428 PAU_LDTYP Calculation and Payment method PAU_LDTYP CHAR 
429 PAU_LEATY Leave types to be paid on termination AWART CHAR 
430 PAU_LEAVE Leave type stored in 2001 AWART CHAR 
431 PAU_LEVRL Leave Payment Rule Group PAU_PAYRL CHAR 
432 PAU_LGART Wage type to hold result of a termination payment LGART CHAR 
433 PAU_LIVE Option for data conversion on going live date XFELD CHAR 
434 PAU_LIVEDATE Going live date DATUM DATS 
435 PAU_LLDBD HR AU PS:Leave Loading Year Begin Date DATS DATS 
436 PAU_LLDED HR AU PS:Leave Loading Year End Date DATS DATS 
437 PAU_LLDOP Option for unpaid leave loading PAU_LLDOP CHAR 
438 PAU_LLDPC Leave Loading Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
439 PAU_LLDYR HR AU PS:Leave Loading Year NUMC04 NUMC 
440 PAU_LLOAD Leave Loading CHAR1 CHAR 
441 PAU_LLWTY Leave loading payment wage type. LGART CHAR 
442 PAU_LOSID Length of service as identifier TDBOOL CHAR 
443 PAU_LOSLW Low limit of LOS interval DEC3_4 DEC 
444 PAU_LOSUP Upper limit of LOS interval DEC3_4 DEC 
445 PAU_LSLPT Average hr/wk over last 12 months TDBOOL CHAR 
446 PAU_LSPLT Original split leave code PAU_LCODE CHAR 
447 PAU_LUTHR Threshold value for LWOP/UNAL DEC3_2 DEC 
448 PAU_LVBEG Begin Day of leave taken DATUM DATS 
449 PAU_LVEND End date of leave taken DATUM DATS 
450 PAU_LVIND Nature of leave PAU_LVIND CHAR 
451 PAU_LVINR Nature of leave for repeat structure CHAR4 CHAR 
452 PAU_LVRSQ Flexible rule for leave payment PAU_LVRSQ CHAR 
453 PAU_LVTEX Text for flex. rule for leave payment TEXT25 CHAR 
454 PAU_LVTXT Leave description TEXT40 CHAR 
455 PAU_LWOP Leave without Pay field for popup in infotype 0573 CHAR1 CHAR 
456 PAU_LWOPB APS Superannutaion LWOP Begin date DATUM DATS 
457 PAU_LWOPC LWOP threshold check indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
458 PAU_LWOPE LWOP impact indicator PAU_LWOPE CHAR 
460 PAU_LWOPT LWOP threshold value DEC3_2 DEC 
461 PAU_LWOPU Considering total LWOP days/Excess part CHAR1 CHAR 
462 PAU_LWPED APS Superannutaion LWOP End date DATUM DATS 
463 PAU_MACON Superannuation Employee Maximum Contribution Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
464 PAU_MAPAP No Mapping Rule   CHAR 
465 PAU_MAXAM Maximum amount that can be anticipated PTM_QUONUM DEC 
466 PAU_MAXPB Maximum Performance Bonus PRBETRG CURR 
467 PAU_MAXRB Maximum Retention Bonus PRBETRG CURR 
468 PAU_MAXSV Maximum length of service that is eligible for anticipation DEC2_2 DEC 
469 PAU_MEDCL Superannuation Medical Classification PAU_MEDCL CHAR 
470 PAU_MEMST Membership status PAU_MEMST CHAR 
471 PAU_MFLNG Mother's first language PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
472 PAU_MICON Superannuation Employee Minimum Contribution Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
473 PAU_MINAB Mini no of multi absences taken within the leave loading yr NUMC03 NUMC 
474 PAU_MINDC HR AU PS:Mini no. of leave taken to be eligible for LLD NUMC3 NUMC 
475 PAU_MINDY Minimum number of Working days before higher duties payable NUMC3 NUMC 
476 PAU_MINEN Minimum days of entitlement to determine leave loading % NUMC03 NUMC 
477 PAU_MINSV Minimum length of service to be eligible for anticipation DEC2_2 DEC 
478 PAU_MJAGE Juniors Age Criteria CHAR2 CHAR 
479 PAU_MOTAL Motor Vehicle Cost/EVS PRBETRG CURR 
480 PAU_MOTPA Motor Vehicle Parking PRBETRG CURR 
481 PAU_MOVEB Seq no. for movement code (begin) PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
482 PAU_MOVEC Movement code PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
483 PAU_MOVED Movement date DATUM DATS 
484 PAU_MOVEE Seq no. for movement code (end) PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
485 PAU_MRASI Market Related Allowance - Specific individual PRBETRG CURR 
486 PAU_MRASJ Market Related Allowance - Specific Job PRBETRG CURR 
487 PAU_MSLNG Main non-English language spoken PAU_EDSEQ NUMC 
488 PAU_MTLMN Maternity Leave check for minimum length of service DEC3_2 DEC 
489 PAU_MTLWK Maternity Leave check for leave duration DEC3_2 DEC 
490 PAU_MWDAY Minimum number of working days per week CHAR1 CHAR 
491 PAU_MWHRS Minimum number of working hours per week CHAR4 CHAR 
492 PAU_NATXT Leave nature text TEXT40 CHAR 
493 PAU_NDAYS HR AUS PS:Number of days DEC7 DEC 
494 PAU_NEXDT Next Anniversary date DATUM DATS 
495 PAU_NLGAR Nominal salary wage type LGART CHAR 
496 PAU_NLSTD New last Increment date DATS DATS 
497 PAU_NMONS HR AUS PS:Number of months DEC2 DEC 
498 PAU_NMUNT Number of units DEC3_2 DEC 
499 PAU_NOTSL APS Superannuation Notional Salary PAU_NOTSL CURR 
500 PAU_NPDAY Number of unpaid days with given period TAGE4_2 DEC