SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 64
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 PA_UVWKT Leave Management in Working Days CHAR1 CHAR 
2 PA_XXXDA Input control for data selection period PA_XXXDP CHAR 
3 PA_XXXPS Input Control for Person Selection Period PA_XXXDP CHAR 
4 PB01_BSHRT Repayment Installment for Principal - Normal/Priority Area WERT05 CURR 
5 PB01_COLX HR: Report (SC Act) - Number Field for Column PB01_COLX NUMC 
6 PB01_COLX_SUM HR: Report (SC Act) - Total Number Field for Column PB01_COLX_SUM NUMC 
7 PB01_DVWA1 Currency of Insurance Premium WAERS CUKY 
8 PB01_DVWA2 Currency of Insurance Total WAERS CUKY 
9 PB01_NSHRT Repayment Installment for Principal, Normal Area WERT05 CURR 
10 PB01_PFWAE Currency Key for Garnishments WAERS CUKY 
11 PB01_SB_BETRG HR-DEH: Amount (Severely Challenged Directory) PB01_SB_BETRG CURR 
12 PB01_TIRFG Repayment Sequence within Garnishment PB01_TIRFG CHAR 
13 PB01_VERDA Vested Date of Insurance DATUM DATS 
14 PB01_VLWAE Currency of Capital Formation Savings Deposit WAERS CUKY 
15 PB03_AABG0 Indicator for Dissolution Charge PB03_AABG0 CHAR 
16 PB03_ABEZ0 Type of Payment PB03_ABEZ0 CHAR 
17 PB03_ABIS0 Earned Income - Period To DATS DATS 
18 PB03_ACTION Batch Input Actions PB03_ACTION CHAR 
19 PB03_ADAT0 Registration/Deregistration Date DATS DATS 
20 PB03_AEFZ0 Contd Pay Entitlement in Weeks NUM2 NUMC 
21 PB03_AETXT Reason for SI Notification Text TEXT30 CHAR 
22 PB03_AGRD0 Deregistration Reason: Code PB03_AGRD0 CHAR 
23 PB03_AGRD1 Deregistration Reason: Code PB03_AGRD1 CHAR 
24 PB03_AGRD2 Deregistration Reason: Code PB03_AGRD2 CHAR 
25 PB03_AGRDK Work Relationship Not Terminated XFELD CHAR 
26 PB03_AHEB0 Entitlement to Half Pay Until DATS DATS 
27 PB03_AMEB0 Entitlement to More Than Half Pay Until DATS DATS 
28 PB03_ANB10 Count Previous Illness - To DATS DATS 
29 PB03_ANGV0 Entitlement to Continued Pay PB03_ANGV0 CHAR 
30 PB03_ANGVG Legal Entitlement to Continued Pay XFELD CHAR 
31 PB03_ANGVK No Entitlement to Continued Pay XFELD CHAR 
32 PB03_ANGVV Contractual Entitlement to Continued Pay XFELD CHAR 
33 PB03_ANSP0 Telephone Contact Person GKK PB03_ANSP0 CHAR 
34 PB03_ANV10 Count Previous Illness - From DATS DATS 
35 PB03_ANZB0 Number of Sick Pay Blocks Assigned NUM1 NUMC 
36 PB03_AOCC1 Fully-Employed Substitute Employee XFELD CHAR 
37 PB03_AOCC2 Apprentice as Substitute Employee XFELD CHAR 
38 PB03_ARNAM Formatted Name of Substitute Employee TEXT40 CHAR 
39 PB03_ARNNA Last Name of Substitute Employee PAD_NACHN CHAR 
40 PB03_AROCC Work Relationship of Substitute Employee PB03_EAUSP NUMC 
41 PB03_ARPER Personnel Number of Substitute Employee PERSNO NUMC 
42 PB03_ARSEX Gender of Substitute Employee GESCH CHAR 
43 PB03_ARSVG 2nd Part of SI No. of Substitute Employee (8-Digit DoB) NUM8 NUMC 
44 PB03_ARSVL 1st Part of Social Insurance No. of Substitute Employee NUM4 NUMC 
45 PB03_ARTIT Title of Substitute Employee TITEL CHAR 
46 PB03_ARVON First Name of Substitute Employee PAD_VORNM CHAR 
47 PB03_ARVSW Name Prefix of Substitute Employee TITEL CHAR 
48 PB03_ASTAT Status Information for Semiretirement Record PB03_ASTAT CHAR 
49 PB03_ASVGC 2nd Part of SI Number: 8-Digit Display (DD.MM.YY) CHAR8 CHAR 
50 PB03_ATZMD Semiretirement Model PB03_ATZMD NUMC 
51 PB03_ATZT1 SR Category = Required Information on Substitute Employee CHAR1 CHAR 
52 PB03_ATZT2 SR Category = No Information on Substitute Employee CHAR1 CHAR 
53 PB03_ATZTY Semiretirement Category (Subsidy/Allowance) PB03_ATZTY CHAR 
54 PB03_ATZWH Working Hours per Week During Semiretirement STDAZ DEC 
55 PB03_AUAB0 Incapacity to Work Start Date DATS DATS 
56 PB03_AUBGT Text for Technical Contribution Group TEXT40 CHAR 
57 PB03_AUBI0 Incapacity to Work End Date DATS DATS 
58 PB03_AUFW0 Expense, Expense Reimbursement WERTV5 CURR 
59 PB03_AUSDT Leaving Date DATUM DATS 
60 PB03_AVER0 Type of Insurance CHAR2 CHAR 
61 PB03_AVER1 Earned Income in Last Three Calendar Months WERTV5 CURR 
62 PB03_AVER2 Earned Income for Freelance Employees (Gross) WERTV5 CURR 
63 PB03_AVON Earned Income - Period From DATS DATS 
64 PB03_AVON0 Earned Income - Period From DATS DATS 
65 PB03_AZMGT Number of Monthly Salaries ANZHL DEC 
66 PB03_BBE10 Payment Amount WERTV5 CURR 
67 PB03_BBI10 Payment To DATS DATS 
68 PB03_BBMVG Start of Company Pension Plan Act DATS DATS 
69 PB03_BEAB0 Employed Since (Last Legally Defined Entry) DATS DATS 
70 PB03_BEFRG Reason for Exemption from Sickness Certificate Fee AUSPR CHAR 
71 PB03_BENT0 Tips or Commissions Contained in Gross Remuneration PB03_BENT0 NUMC 
72 PB03_BENT1 Monetary Remuneration Including Tips XFELD CHAR 
73 PB03_BENT2 Monetary Remuneration Including Commission XFELD CHAR 
74 PB03_BETL0 Award TEXT20 CHAR 
75 PB03_BETR0 Amount WERTV5 CURR 
76 PB03_BGEN0 Remuneration Liable to Contributions (Without Spec. Payment) WERTV5 CURR 
77 PB03_BGMA0 Contribution Basis for Penalty Calculation WERTV5 CURR 
78 PB03_BKFZ0 Place of Employment, International License Plate Number CHAR3 CHAR 
79 PB03_BLOE0 Work Relationship Terminated XFELD CHAR 
80 PB03_BORT0 Place of Employment, City TEXT20 CHAR 
81 PB03_BPFV0 Start of Other Compulsory Insurance DATS DATS 
82 PB03_BPLZ0 Place of Employment, Postal Code TEXT7 CHAR 
83 PB03_BSUM0 Total WERTV5 CURR 
84 PB03_BTAG0 Employment Days per Week NUM1 NUMC 
85 PB03_BUAK0 Construction Workers' Leave Fund XFELD CHAR 
86 PB03_BVO10 Payment From DATS DATS 
87 PB03_BZURL Paid Leave XFELD CHAR 
88 PB03_DADIE Date Type for Seniority Determination DATAR CHAR 
89 PB03_DAURL Date Type, Alternative Entry Date for Leave DATAR CHAR 
90 PB03_DBABM Exemption/Imputation Method for Double Taxation Convention PB03_DBABM CHAR 
91 PB03_DBAUK Double Taxation Convention - Field Input for Infotype 42 PB03_DBAUK NUMC 
92 PB03_DGKST SR Notif.Supplement: Ancillary Costs P_AMT07V CURR 
93 PB03_DGNA0 Employer's Name TEXT70 CHAR 
94 PB03_DGNR0 Contribution Account Number TEXT10 CHAR 
95 PB03_DLYON Waiting Period XFELD CHAR 
96 PB03_DTEL0 Employer's Telephone Number TEXT30 CHAR 
97 PB03_DTEL1 Employer's Telephone Number TEXT50 CHAR 
98 PB03_E1LJ0 End of First Year as Apprentice DATS DATS 
99 PB03_EAUSP Value of Characteristics for Contribution Groups PB03_EAUSP NUMC 
100 PB03_EAUSPT Text for Values of Characteristics for Contribution Groups TEXT40 CHAR 
101 PB03_EBSV0 End of Work Relationship DATS DATS 
102 PB03_ECARD Indicator: Exemption from E-Card Fee for SI AT XFELD CHAR 
103 PB03_ECARD_NEW E-Card Charge for SI AT New P03_ECARD CHAR 
104 PB03_ECARD_OLD E-Card Charge for SI AT Old P03_ECARD CHAR 
105 PB03_EKSB_PSEL_BEG Preselection Start Date   DATS 
106 PB03_EKSB_PSEL_END Preselection End Date   DATS 
107 PB03_ELDA_FILENAME Physical File Name of the ELDA Notifications TEXT60 CHAR 
108 PB03_ELDA_KM_ABS_DETAIL Reason for Incapacity to Work (Description)   CHAR 
109 PB03_ELDA_KM_STAT ELDA Comparison Status   CHAR 
110 PB03_ELDA_LFDNR Sequence Record Number in the ELDA File NUM07 NUMC 
111 PB03_EMPCT Employment Percentage Before Semiretirement BSGRD DEC 
112 PB03_ENTA0 Remuneration: Other Agreement? TEXT30 CHAR 
113 PB03_ENTM0 Agreed Monthly Remuneration Without Special Payment WERTV5 CURR 
114 PB03_ENTS0 Special Payment Amount, If Agreed WERTV5 CURR 
115 PB03_ENTV0 Agreed Remuneration for Duration of Contract WERTV5 CURR 
116 PB03_ERTG0 Payment in Lieu of Unused Leave: Paid Working Days PB03_ERTG0 NUMC 
117 PB03_ETYPE Characteristic Type for Contribution Groups PB03_NUMC2 NUMC 
118 PB03_ETYPT Text for Characteristic Types of Contribution Groups TEXT40 CHAR 
119 PB03_EXDAT External Data on Substitute Employee Completed XFELD CHAR 
120 PB03_EXTAB Tab Page: External Data on Substitute Employee XFELD CHAR 
121 PB03_FANA0 Family Name TEXT35 CHAR 
122 PB03_FBAKD Children Entitled to Family Allowance DEC2 DEC 
123 PB03_FNAM Meaning of a Function TEXT100 CHAR 
124 PB03_FORT0 Incapacity to Work Continuation Date DATS DATS 
125 PB03_FUNC Function Number NUM5 NUMC 
132 PB03_FUPER For-Period for Payroll Results UDATSB DATS 
133 PB03_FWAGN Company Car XFELD CHAR 
134 PB03_GEGC0 Legal Bases: Code PB03_GEGC0 CHAR 
135 PB03_GEGT0 Legal Bases: Text TEXT30 CHAR 
136 PB03_GESCH Managing Director Indicator for Social Insurance AT XFELD CHAR 
137 PB03_GPGRD Reason Public Transport Is Not Acceptable PB03_GPGRD CHAR 
138 PB03_GPGRN Reason Public Transport Is Not Acceptable XFELD CHAR 
139 PB03_GRUN0 Reason for Cessation of Work TEXT30 CHAR 
140 PB03_GRUN1 Reason for Cessation of Work TEXT45 CHAR 
141 PB03_HLTKM Distance in Kilometers from Home to Public Transport Stop PB03_PPNKM DEC 
142 PB03_HOLTY Symbol for Public Holiday Pay ABSTY CHAR 
143 PB03_HYBEG Start Date of Public Holiday Regulation DATUM DATS 
144 PB03_INPER In-Period for Payroll Results UDATSB DATS 
145 PB03_JAGU0 Entitlement Calc. Acc. to Working Year or Calendar Year PB03_JAGU0 NUMC 
146 PB03_JAGU1 Entitlement Calculation Acc. to Working Year XFELD CHAR 
147 PB03_JAGU2 Entitlement Calculation Acc. to Calendar Year XFELD CHAR 
148 PB03_JBTKT Job Ticket XFELD CHAR 
149 PB03_KABE0 Type of Employment (Worker, Salaried Employee)   CHAR 
150 PB03_KABE1 Type of Employment (Worker, Salaried Employee) XFELD CHAR 
151 PB03_KABE2 Type of Employment (Worker, Salaried Employee) XFELD CHAR 
152 PB03_KABE3 Type of Employment (Worker, Salaried Employee, and so on) XFELD CHAR 
153 PB03_KABE4 Type of Employment (Apprentice)   CHAR 
154 PB03_KB_FUN00 Free Function XFELD CHAR 
155 PB03_KB_FUN01 Enter Absence   CHAR 
156 PB03_KB_FUN02 Align Absence Type   CHAR 
157 PB03_KB_FUN03 Convert Absence Type   CHAR 
158 PB03_KB_FUN04 Delete Absence   CHAR 
159 PB03_KB_FUN0A Copy Status Compared   CHAR 
160 PB03_KB_FUN0B Set Status Manual OK   CHAR 
161 PB03_KB_GRUN0 Reason for Incapacity to Work Acc. to ELDA Illness Notif. PB03_KB_GRUN0 CHAR 
162 PB03_KB_STA01 ELDA KM Conflict Status: Time Data Complete ICON CHAR 
163 PB03_KB_STA02 ELDA Illness Notif. Conflict Sts: Time Data Does Not Overlap ICON CHAR 
164 PB03_KB_STA03 ELDA Illness Notification Conflict Status: Absence Type ICON CHAR 
165 PB03_KB_STAT0 Free Status Value ICON CHAR 
166 PB03_KEAB0 Pay in Lieu of Notice From DATS DATS 
167 PB03_KEBI0 Pay in Lieu of Notice To DATS DATS 
168 PB03_KGA0 Sick Pay Block Start Date DATS DATS 
169 PB03_KGB0 Sick Pay Block End Date DATS DATS 
170 PB03_KGBEG Start of Allowance Period for Short-Time Work DATUM DATS 
171 PB03_KGEND End of Allowance Period for Short-Time Work DATUM DATS 
172 PB03_KGLFD Regular Portion: Pay in Lieu of Notice P_AMT07V CURR 
173 PB03_KGSZG Special Payment Portion: Pay in Lieu of Notice P_AMT07V CURR 
174 PB03_KGZ0 Sick Pay Amount WERTV5 CURR 
175 PB03_KG_GUID Object Key IT Sick Pay SYSUUID_C CHAR 
176 PB03_KKTAG No. of Calendar Days for Pay in Lieu of Notice ANZDJ NUMC 
177 PB03_KM_GUID Object Key IT Illness Notification SYSUUID_C CHAR 
178 PB03_KM_KONS Status: Consolidation with IT3248 PB03_KSB_KONS CHAR 
179 PB03_KM_LINKED_GUID Object Key of the Previous Record IT Illness Notification SYSUUID_C CHAR 
180 PB03_KM_MTYP Notification Type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
181 PB03_KM_PERSNO Status of the Search by Personnel Number PB03_KSB_PERSNO CHAR 
182 PB03_KM_REJECT_OK Display Only New Cases for Comparison Purposes XFELD CHAR 
183 PB03_KM_UPDT_STATUS Update Status ICON CHAR 
184 PB03_KSB_ARCHIVE Move Files to Archive Directory XFELD CHAR 
185 PB03_KSB_KONS Status: Consolidation with IT3248 PB03_KSB_KONS CHAR 
186 PB03_KSB_PERSNO Status of the Search by Personnel Number PB03_KSB_PERSNO CHAR 
187 PB03_KSVBG Start Date of SI Liability for Pay in Lieu of Notice DATUM DATS 
188 PB03_KUEKZ Indicator for Regular Payment as Pay in Lieu of Notice XFELD CHAR 
189 PB03_KUENT Pay in Lieu of Notice XFELD CHAR 
190 PB03_KUKAT Short-Time Work Category PB03_KUKAT CHAR 
191 PB03_KUKT0 Short-Time Work Category Text CHAR40 CHAR 
192 PB03_KURFN Reference No. for Short-Time Work PB03_KURFN CHAR 
193 PB03_KVARZ Payment of Short-Time Working Support PB03_KVARZ CHAR 
194 PB03_KVZT0 Payment of Short-Time Working Support: Text CHAR40 CHAR 
195 PB03_KZABW Absence indicator PB03_KZABW CHAR 
196 PB03_KZFDT Inflow Date for Pay in Lieu of Notice DATUM DATS 
197 PB03_KZKU0 Indicator for Illness/Accident, Work Accident/Illness PB03_KZKU0 NUMC 
198 PB03_KZKU1 Illness/Accident XFELD CHAR 
199 PB03_KZKU2 Work Accident/Occupational Illness XFELD CHAR 
200 PB03_LABTG0 Last Working Day - If WR Continues DATS DATS 
201 PB03_LAUSG SR Notif.Supplement: Wage Compensation P_AMT07V CURR 
202 PB03_LBDA0 Date of Apprenticeship, To (End of Apprenticeship) DATS DATS 
203 PB03_LFDBG Regular Portion of Payment P_AMT07V CURR 
204 PB03_LGWAK Action to Be Carried Out After Change of Group PBAS_TEXT5 CHAR 
205 PB03_LIMIT Apply Limits XFELD CHAR 
206 PB03_LIMIT_CHECK Application of Small Business Regulation PB03_LIMIT_CHECK CHAR 
207 PB03_LKOPF List Header for Reserve Reports TEXT20 CHAR 
208 PB03_LOEKZ Deletion indicator XFELD CHAR 
209 PB03_LONKP Percentage Rate for Ancillary Payroll Costs DEC3_2V DEC 
210 PB03_LSORT Sort Information for Reserves PBAS_TEXT5 CHAR 
211 PB03_LTAG0 Last Working Day DATS DATS 
212 PB03_LVDA0 Date of Apprenticeship, First Year as Apprentice From DATS DATS 
213 PB03_LZGEN Payslip Type Selection PB03_LZGEN CHAR 
214 PB03_MAAFP Percentage for Determining Employee's Reserve Value DEC3_2V DEC 
215 PB03_MALU0 Penalty Obligation PB03_MALU0 CHAR 
216 PB03_MART0 Notification Type PB03_MART0 CHAR 
217 PB03_MDAT0 First Day of Reduced Pay Due to an Absence DATS DATS 
218 PB03_MODRS Modifier for Reserves CHAR5 CHAR 
219 PB03_MONRL Employment Period in Months for RLG Reserve Calculation NUM3 NUMC 
220 PB03_MVBEG0 Start of Company Pension Plan DATS DATS 
221 PB03_MVEND0 End of Company Pension Fund DATS DATS 
222 PB03_NKTAG No. of Calendar Days for Regular Portion of Payment NUMC3 NUMC 
223 PB03_OFFKM Distance from Alighting Point - Place of Work PB03_PPNKM DEC 
224 PB03_ORDN Processing Sequence NUM5 NUMC 
225 PB03_ORGKO Organizational Unit/Cost Center Checkbox XFELD CHAR 
226 PB03_PENSM Male Retirement Age for Reserves KGLFD NUMC 
227 PB03_PENSW Female Retirement Age for Reserves KGLFD NUMC 
228 PB03_PFKTN Number of Days for Journey Between Home - Place of Work PB03_PPFKT CHAR 
229 PB03_PFKTX Number of Days for Journey Between Home - Place of Work XFELD CHAR 
230 PB03_PFWAE Currency Key for Garnishments WAERS CUKY 
231 PB03_PLZL0 City of Residence, Postal Code TEXT7 CHAR 
232 PB03_PLZL1 City of Residence, Postal Code TEXT9 CHAR 
233 PB03_PPFKT Reduction Factor for Commuter Rate and Commuter Euro PB03_PPFKT CHAR 
234 PB03_PROV0 Commision During Incapacity to Work P03_PROV0 CHAR 
235 PB03_PROZ0 Percentage of Total Pay (100% Is Full Pay) NUM3 NUMC 
236 PB03_PROZ00 Percentage of Total Pay (100% Is Full Pay) NUM2 NUMC 
237 PB03_PSVS0 Insurance Agency with Other Compulsory Insurance AUSVA CHAR 
238 PB03_PTVS0 Insurance Agency with Compulsory Insurance AUSVA CHAR 
239 PB03_R3DAT All Substitute Employee Data Filled Automatically XFELD CHAR 
240 PB03_R3TAB Tab Page: Substitute Employee Data Filled Automatically XFELD CHAR 
241 PB03_RDAT0 Correct Registration/Deregistration Date DATS DATS 
242 PB03_REMPC Working Time During Semiretirement for Regular SI Pay BSGRD DEC 
243 PB03_RNART Rounding Type for Employment Years PC03_RNDART CHAR 
244 PB03_RNARU Rounding Indicator for Leave Obtained PB03_RNARU CHAR 
245 PB03_RUNDT Processing Date DATUM DATS 
246 PB03_RUNTM Processing Time UZEIT TIMS 
247 PB03_RWGBA Increase in Regular SR Payments (WT /T22) BSGRD DEC 
248 PB03_RWGCP Wage Compensation for Reg. SI Payments During SR (WT /T02) BSGRD DEC 
249 PB03_RWSUM Sum of Regular Payments During Semiretirement BSGRD DEC 
250 PB03_RWTOT Total Sum of Regular Payment Portions Relevant to Payroll BSGRD DEC 
251 PB03_RZASP Interest Rate for Accumulation Method for Reserve DEC3_2V DEC 
252 PB03_SAGR0 Deregistration Reason: Text TEXT60 CHAR 
253 PB03_SANR0 Record Number in This Transfer NUM2 NUMC 
254 PB03_SART0 ELDA Record Type (Electronic Data Transfer) SUBTY CHAR 
255 PB03_SBGB0 Checkbox: Monetary Payment Contains Payment in Kind XFELD CHAR 
256 PB03_SBTW0 No. of Days with Payment in Kind per Week NUM1 NUMC 
257 PB03_SBTW1 Payments in Kind XFELD CHAR 
258 PB03_SBTZ0 Payments in Kind (Provide Exact Types and Amounts) TEXT24 CHAR 
259 PB03_SBZB0 Payment in Kind, Amount WERTV5 CURR 
260 PB03_SBZC0 Payment in Kind: Code PB03_SBZC0 CHAR 
261 PB03_SBZT0 Payment in Kind: Text TEXT24 CHAR 
262 PB03_SEMPC Reduced Special Payments Due to Semiretirement BSGRD DEC 
264 PB03_STATS Status of Characteristic Type PB03_STATS CHAR 
265 PB03_STATU Status Information for ELDA PB03_STATU CHAR 
266 PB03_STATUS_ABG Status Info. f.Infotype Illness Notification frm ELDA (3248) PB03_STATUS_ABG CHAR 
267 PB03_STAT_RUECK Status Information for Reserve Basis Infotype PB03_STAT_RUECK CHAR 
268 PB03_STRA0 City of Residence, Street TEXT30 CHAR 
269 PB03_STRA1 City of Residence, Street TEXT50 CHAR 
270 PB03_STTAG Day Used to Read Reserve Bases UDATSB DATS 
271 PB03_SVAEN Other SI Change Notifications CHAR20 CHAR 
272 PB03_SVBEG SI Liability Start Date DATUM DATS 
274 PB03_SVEND SI Liability End Date DATUM DATS 
275 PB03_SVFREI_BETRG SI-Exempt Amount of Payment P_AMT07V CURR 
276 PB03_SVTAG Arrears Payment: Number of SI Days NUMC3 NUMC 
277 PB03_SVTXT Reason for ELDA Record   CHAR 
278 PB03_SWGBA Increase in SR Special Payments (WT /T23) BSGRD DEC 
279 PB03_SWGCP Wage Compensation for Special Payments During SR (WT /T03) BSGRD DEC 
280 PB03_SWSUM Sum of SR Special Payments BSGRD DEC 
281 PB03_SWTOT Sum of SI Special Payment Portions Relevant to Payroll BSGRD DEC 
282 PB03_SZBG Special Payment Portion of Payment P_AMT07V CURR 
283 PB03_SZKZ0 Entitlement to Special Payment XFELD CHAR 
284 PB03_SZMO0 Extent of Special Payment in Monthly Pay DEC2_2 DEC 
285 PB03_SZWO0 Extent of Special Payment in Weekly Pay DEC2_2 DEC 
286 PB03_TAET0 Activity TEXT30 CHAR 
287 PB03_TAGE0 Employment Days CHAR62 CHAR 
288 PB03_TAGU0 Calc. Cont. Pay Entitl. Acc. to Working Days, Calendar Days PB03_TAGU0 NUMC 
289 PB03_TAGU1 Entitlement Calculation Acc. to Working Days XFELD CHAR 
290 PB03_TAGU2 Entitlement Calculation Acc. to Calendar Days XFELD CHAR 
291 PB03_TATU0 Work Day Rotation NUM1 NUMC 
292 PB03_TBI10 Partial Remuneration To DATS DATS 
293 PB03_TELNR Contact Person GKK PB03_ANSP0 CHAR 
294 PB03_TPR10 Partial Remuneration: Percentage of Total Pay NUM2 NUMC 
295 PB03_TRNKM Distance in Kilometers with Public Transport PB03_PPNKM DEC 
296 PB03_TRNTP Type of Public Transport TEXT30 CHAR 
297 PB03_TVO10 Partial Remuneration From DATS DATS 
298 PB03_UAAB0 Payment in Lieu of Unused Leave, From DATS DATS 
299 PB03_UABI0 Payment in Lieu of Unused Leave, To DATS DATS 
300 PB03_UNB10 Suspension of Pay To DATS DATS 
301 PB03_UNURL Leave Information PB03_UNURL NUMC 
302 PB03_UNV10 Suspension of Pay From DATS DATS 
303 PB03_URLAN Leave Entitlement in Weeks URLTG DEC 
304 PB03_URLAR Leave Type for Entitled Leave URART CHAR 
305 PB03_URLB0 Leave Prior to Maternity Leave: To DATS DATS 
306 PB03_URLV0 Leave Prior to Maternity Leave: From DATS DATS 
307 PB03_URWKT Leave Management in Working Days XFELD CHAR 
308 PB03_USVBG Start Date of SI Liability: Leave Compensation DATUM DATS 
309 PB03_UZFDT Inflow Date for Leave Compensation DATUM DATS 
310 PB03_VABD0 Conclusion of Contract DATS DATS 
311 PB03_VANZ0 Number of Contracts NUMC2 NUMC 
312 PB03_VDA10 Contract Date 1 DATS DATS 
313 PB03_VDA20 Contract Date 2 DATS DATS 
314 PB03_VEEN0 Actual Remuneration Without Special Payment WERTV5 CURR 
315 PB03_VENT0 Continued Payment of Full Remuneration Until DATS DATS 
316 PB03_VFLN0 Contract Sequence Number NUMC2 NUMC 
317 PB03_VONA0 First name TEXT42 CHAR 
318 PB03_VPAN0 Number of Contract Partners NUMC2 NUMC 
319 PB03_VRNBR Agreement   CHAR 
320 PB03_VSTD0 Processing Status DATS DATS 
321 PB03_VWVC0 Type of Relationship: Code PB03_VWVC0 CHAR 
322 PB03_VWVT0 Type of Relationship: Text TEXT15 CHAR 
323 PB03_VZSUM Total Comparison Payment P_AMT07V CURR 
324 PB03_WEGK1 Distance: Home - Place of Work (Partial Commuter Rate) PB03_PPNKM DEC 
325 PB03_WEGK2 Distance: Home - Place of Work (Comprehensive Commuter Rate) PB03_PPNKM DEC 
326 PB03_WKFZ0 City of Residence, International License Plate Number LANDK CHAR 
327 PB03_WOBD0 Additional Classification Key for Employer TEXT12 CHAR 
328 PB03_WORT0 City of Residence, City TEXT20 CHAR 
329 PB03_WORT1 City of Residence, City TEXT40 CHAR 
330 PB03_WOSTD Weekly Hours Acc. to Work Schedule (100% Employment) STDAZ DEC 
331 PB03_WOTA1 Workdays XFELD CHAR 
332 PB03_WOTA2 Workdays XFELD CHAR 
333 PB03_WOTA3 Workdays XFELD CHAR 
334 PB03_WOTA4 Workdays XFELD CHAR 
335 PB03_WOTA5 Workdays XFELD CHAR 
336 PB03_WOTA6 Workdays XFELD CHAR 
337 PB03_WOTA7 Workdays XFELD CHAR 
338 PB03_WRKVK Company Transportation XFELD CHAR 
339 PB03_ZATE0 Agreed Payment Dates TEXT30 CHAR 
340 PB03_ZLART Payment Type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
341 PB03_ZLPER Payment Period (PP.YYYY) CHAR7 CHAR 
342 PB03_ZOBD0 Additional Classification Key for Employer TEXT15 CHAR 
343 PB03_ZUPZT Commitment in Percent DEC3_2 DEC 
344 PB04_AUTOR RED System authorization key NUM08 NUMC 
345 PB04_MODUS Personal Calendar generation mode (PC) CHOICE CHAR 
346 PB04_PROT Calendar generation result log CHOICE CHAR 
347 PB04_QLAND Country code LAND1 CHAR 
349 PB05_DSATZ NSI: Data Record PB05_DSATZ CHAR 
350 PB06_OPKEZ Operation code for wage types OPKEN CHAR 
351 PB06_SEQUN Sequential number SEQNO CHAR 
352 PB08_PNTYP Pension scheme type PNTYP CHAR 
353 PB10_AAPBT Additional Amount Prohibited XFELD CHAR 
354 PB10_ACCNT BSI: Account number CHAR11 CHAR 
355 PB10_ADDIN Indicator for additional exemption PB10_NEIND CHAR 
356 PB10_ADDUN Unit for additional exemption PB10_GUNIT CHAR 
357 PB10_ADDVL Value for additional exemption PB10_AMOU7 CURR 
358 PB10_ADPAU ADP tax authority code CHAR4 CHAR 
360 PB10_AEAMT BSI: Additional exemption amount BSI_WAGE DEC 
361 PB10_AEXMP BSI: Additional tax exemptions NUMC5 NUMC 
362 PB10_ATAMT BSI: Additional Tax Amount BSI_WAGE DEC 
363 PB10_ATCOD BSI: Additional Tax Code NUMC1 NUMC 
364 PB10_ATRAT BSI: Additional Tax Rate BSI_RATE CHAR 
366 PB10_AUTHT BSI: Name of tax authority TEXT30 CHAR 
367 PB10_AWFED Allowance not greater than Federal XFELD CHAR 
368 PB10_AWLMT Number of allowances limit NUM2 NUMC 
369 PB10_AZVTW Arizona Voluntary Tax Withholding % (Form A-4V)   DEC 
370 PB10_BASWG BSI: Base wage BSI_WAGE DEC 
372 PB10_CALCT BSI: Calculated tax BSI_WAGE DEC 
373 PB10_CDATE BSI: Check Date PB10_CDATE DATS 
378 PB10_CMETH BSI: Tax calculation method PB10_CMETH NUMC 
383 PB10_CODET BSI: Tax code category CHAR1 CHAR 
384 PB10_CTEXT Description of model non-exempt amount TEXT40 CHAR 
385 PB10_CUMUL BSI: Cumulative payment NUM1 NUMC 
387 PB10_DBEGD Start date of Garnishment Document DATUM DATS 
388 PB10_DEDCT Garnishment order deduction PB10_AMOU7 CURR 
389 PB10_DEDUC Garnishment order deduction indicator PB10_OBALN CHAR 
390 PB10_DEDUT Garnishment order deduction unit P106_DEDUT CHAR 
391 PB10_DEFAW Default number of allowances NUM2 NUMC 
393 PB10_DEFMS Default filing status NUMC NUMC 
394 PB10_DEMOD Model of the disposable net PB10_DEMOD CHAR 
395 PB10_DENDD End date of Garnishment Document DATUM DATS 
396 PB10_DEXMP BSI: D Tax exemptions NUMC5 NUMC 
397 PB10_DTEXT Description of model disposable net TEXT40 CHAR 
398 PB10_EETAX BSI: Employee tax BSI_WAGE DEC 
400 PB10_EMP BSI: Employee CHAR11 CHAR 
401 PB10_EMPNA BSI Canada: Employee name CHAR30 CHAR 
403 PB10_EQUAL Equal amounts pay off processing XFELD CHAR 
404 PB10_ERATE BSI: Experience rate BSIT_RATE DEC 
405 PB10_ERTAX BSI: Employer tax BSI_WAGE DEC 
406 PB10_ESTGR BSI: Estimated gross BSI_WAGE DEC 
407 PB10_ESTSP BSI: Estimated gross - spouse BSI_WAGE DEC 
408 PB10_EXCEP Rule for calculating the non-exempt amount PB10_EXCEP CHAR 
409 PB10_EXCPT Exceptional case PB10_EXCPT CHAR 
411 PB10_EXMED Exemption expiration day NUM2 NUMC 
412 PB10_EXMEM Exemption expiration month NUM2 NUMC 
413 PB10_EXPAM BSI: Experience amount BSI_WAGE DEC 
414 PB10_EXTN US:Telephone extension number of the employee PB10_EXTN CHAR 
415 PB10_FEDRL Indicator for CCPA Federal Rule XFELD CHAR 
416 PB10_FIPSC Additional garnishment reference code   CHAR 
417 PB10_FLATB BSI: Flat amount BSI_WAGE DEC 
418 PB10_FNAME Full Name of Employee TEXT40 CHAR 
419 PB10_FORML BSI: Tax formula PB10_FORML NUMC 
421 PB10_FTEXT Description of filing status TEXT30 CHAR 
422 PB10_GANSW Answer letter indicator P106_GANSW CHAR 
423 PB10_GCASE Garnishment case number CHAR35 CHAR 
424 PB10_GCATE Garnishment document category PB10_GCATE CHAR 
425 PB10_GCATX Document category text TEXT20 CHAR 
426 PB10_GCODE BSI Canada: Group code CHAR11 CHAR 
428 PB10_GORCD Garnishment originator code PB10_GORCD CHAR 
429 PB10_GORCT Garnishment originator country LAND1 CHAR 
430 PB10_GORIC Garnishment origin country LAND1 CHAR 
431 PB10_GORIG Garnishment document jurisdiction REGIO CHAR 
432 PB10_GORNA Garnishment originator name TEXT30 CHAR 
433 PB10_GOROR Garnishment originator city TEXT30 CHAR 
434 PB10_GORPL Garnishment originator zip code PSTLZ CHAR 
435 PB10_GORRE Garnishment originator state REGIO CHAR 
436 PB10_GORST Garnishment originator address TEXT30 CHAR 
437 PB10_GPLAI Garnishment plaintiff TEXT25 CHAR 
438 PB10_GPRIO Garnishment document priority NUM3 NUMC 
439 PB10_GRCVD Date of garnishment receipt DATUM DATS 
440 PB10_GRLSD Date of garnishment release DATUM DATS 
441 PB10_GRNUM Internal garnishment case number SUBTY CHAR 
442 PB10_GROSS BSI: Total gross BSI_WAGE DEC 
443 PB10_GRPNO BSI: Group number NUM2 NUMC 
444 PB10_GRSUP BSI: Gross up indicator NUMC1 NUMC 
445 PB10_GRTXT Text for domain values TEXT40 CHAR 
446 PB10_GSTAT Garnishment document status PB10_GSTAT CHAR 
447 PB10_IBALN Garnishment order initial balance PB10_AMO11 CURR 
449 PB10_LAND1 Country LAND1 CHAR 
450 PB10_LASTS BSI: Last Support Bulletin CHAR3 CHAR 
451 PB10_LGART Wage type LGART CHAR 
452 PB10_LIFNR Garnishment vendor LIFNR CHAR 
454 PB10_MARIT BSI: Marital status NUMC2 NUMC 
455 PB10_MAXRT BSI: Maximum rate BSI_RATE CHAR 
456 PB10_MAXTX BSI: Maximum tax rate BSI_WAGE DEC 
457 PB10_MAXWG BSI: Maximum salary BSI_WAGE DEC 
458 PB10_MEDSU Medical support indicator PB10_MEDSU CHAR 
459 PB10_METHD BSI Canada - Calculation method description CHAR100 CHAR 
460 PB10_METHN BSI Canada: Calculation method name CHAR50 CHAR 
461 PB10_MIHPW Minimum hours per week NUMC2 NUMC 
462 PB10_MINWG BSI: Minimum salary BSI_WAGE DEC 
464 PB10_MSGNO BSI: Message number PB10_MSGNO NUMC 
465 PB10_MSGPA BSI: Message parameters TEXT30 CHAR 
466 PB10_MSGTX BSI: Error message CHAR250 CHAR 
467 PB10_MTDTX BSI: Month to date tax BSI_WAGE DEC 
468 PB10_MTDWG BSI: Month to date Wages BSI_WAGE DEC 
469 PB10_NEIN1 Indicator 1 for exemption PB10_NEIND CHAR 
470 PB10_NEIN2 Indicator 2 for exemption PB10_NEIND CHAR 
471 PB10_NEMOD Model for calculating the nonexempt amount PB10_NEMOD CHAR 
472 PB10_NETWG BSI: Net wages BSI_WAGE DEC 
473 PB10_NONEX Non-exempt XFELD CHAR 
474 PB10_NONTX BSI: Non taxable contributions BSI_WAGE DEC 
475 PB10_NON_RES_ALIEN Non-resident tax calculation indicator YESNO CHAR 
476 PB10_NUNI1 Unit 1 for exemption PB10_GUNIT CHAR 
477 PB10_NUNI2 Unit 2 for exemption PB10_GUNIT CHAR 
478 PB10_NVAL1 Value 1 for exemption PB10_AMOU7 CURR 
479 PB10_NVAL2 Value 2 for exemption PB10_AMOU7 CURR 
480 PB10_OBALN Garnishment order initial balance indicator PB10_OBALN CHAR 
481 PB10_OCATE Garnishment order category PB10_OCATE CHAR 
482 PB10_OFLAT BSI: Override flat amount BSI_WAGE DEC 
483 PB10_OMAXT BSI: Override maximum tax BSI_WAGE DEC 
484 PB10_OMAXW BSI: Override maximum salary BSI_WAGE DEC 
485 PB10_OMINW BSI: Override minimum salary BSI_WAGE DEC 
486 PB10_OMULT Garnishment multiple order indicator XFELD CHAR 
487 PB10_OPRIO Garnishment order priority NUM3 NUMC 
488 PB10_ORDCD Garnishment order type PB10_ORDCD CHAR 
489 PB10_ORDLG Wage type for order code LGART CHAR 
490 PB10_ORDTX Garnishment order code text TEXT30 CHAR 
493 PB10_OVAMT Override amount for withholding taxes WERTV5 CURR 
494 PB10_OVERA BSI: Override amount BSI_WAGE DEC 
495 PB10_OVERR BSI: Override rate BSI_RATE CHAR 
496 PB10_OVERT BSI: Override type CHAR1 CHAR 
497 PB10_OVPCT Override percentage for withholding taxes PC10_PERCT DEC 
498 PB10_OVTAX BSI: Override tax BSI_RATE CHAR 
499 PB10_OZERO No tax indicator YESNO CHAR