SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 58
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P44_TAX_SALARY Pecuniary salary LL   NUMC 
2 P44_TAX_SIGN Sign for wage type amount +/- P44_TAX_SIGN CHAR 
3 P44_TAX_SIG_SP SI gross for EEs with surrogate payer collecting taxes   NUMC 
4 P44_TAX_SIG_TOT SI gross total   NUMC 
5 P44_TAX_SI_CON Total SI contributions   NUMC 
6 P44_TAX_SI_DED Deductions from SI contributions   NUMC 
7 P44_TAX_SI_EXM Social Security Exemption NUMC12 NUMC 
8 P44_TAX_SI_SAL Paid Wages NUMC12 NUMC 
9 P44_TAX_SI_TOT Social insurance total contribution for employer   NUMC 
10 P44_TAX_SOURCE Source of tax data (ATS)   CHAR 
11 P44_TAX_TABLE Table / structure for ATS   CHAR 
12 P44_TAX_TELNO Extension number of contact person's tel./fax (ATS)   NUMC 
13 P44_TAX_THSAL Theoretical Salary of a part time pensioners   NUMC 
14 P44_TAX_TOTAL Tax withheld per payment type   NUMC 
15 P44_TAX_TRAV Interface key HR Payroll <-> FI-Travel Mgmt. for tax codes P44_TAX_TRAV CHAR 
16 P44_TAX_TR_TFA Transport to work, Tax free amount NUMC10 NUMC 
17 P44_TAX_TR_WKB Transport to work benefit NUMC10 NUMC 
18 P44_TAX_TR_WKU Transport to work benefit used P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
19 P44_TAX_TTYPE Identifier of the tax type   NUMC 
20 P44_TAX_UNL_CC Unlimited use of company car Y/N P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
21 P44_TAX_VPI_B92 Voluntary PI - before 1992   NUMC 
22 P44_TAX_VPI_CON Voluntary PI contributions   NUMC 
23 P44_TAX_VPI_EXC Voluntary PI - BPS exceeded   NUMC 
24 P44_TAX_VPI_NEX Voluntary PI - BPS not exceeded   NUMC 
25 P44_TAX_VPI_WOC Voluntary PI - w/o clarification   NUMC 
26 P44_TAX_WAGE_NR_IN Wages paid to NR which are subject to ER Soc. Insuranc. con   NUMC 
27 P44_TAX_WITHHELD Taxes withheld for Annual Tax Statement Finland   NUMC 
28 P44_TAX_WORKDAY Worked days, if Payments with Payment Identifier A9 reported NUMC3 NUMC 
29 P44_TAX_WRKHR Hours per month, 140 Hr minimum   CHAR 
30 P44_TAX_YEAR Tax year for Annual Tax Statement Finland JAHR NUMC 
31 P44_TBGDA Identifier for taxation validity DATE DATS 
32 P44_TELDAT Start date of active TEL employment   CHAR 
33 P44_TELDATA Specific data for TEL reporting   CHAR 
34 P44_TELDT Start date of active TEL employment DATS DATS 
35 P44_TELEPHONE_NUMBER Complete telephone number (including area code) CHAR14 CHAR 
36 P44_TEL_INDP Insurance department used in TEL reporting   CHAR 
37 P44_TEL_INGR Insurance group used in TEL reporting   CHAR 
38 P44_TEMPL eLetter Template at ePost P44_TEMPL CHAR 
39 P44_TERMEMP Include Terminated Employee   CHAR 
40 P44_TEXAM Tax-exempt amount P44_TXAMT CURR 
41 P44_TFONT Standard font used in Template P44_FONT CHAR 
42 P44_TLINEB Standard line break to be used in template P44_LINEB CHAR 
43 P44_TN_REQUEST Request Individual Tax Number XFELD CHAR 
44 P44_TOTEE Total no. of employee's NUMC3 NUMC 
45 P44_TPERS Tax employee groups P44_TPERS NUMC 
46 P44_TPLNM Name of eLetter Template TEXT60 CHAR 
47 P44_TRMCS Reason for termination P44_TRMCS CHAR 
48 P44_TRMDAT Date of TEL employment termination   CHAR 
49 P44_TRMDATE Termination Date   CHAR 
50 P44_TRMDT Date of TEL employment termination DATS DATS 
51 P44_TRMRS Termination Reason P44_TRMRS CHAR 
52 P44_TRMYR Year where 'Earnings prior to termination year' is reported   CHAR 
53 P44_TRQID Identification of electronic tax card transfer requester P44_TRQID CHAR 
54 P44_TSPEC Specification of tax card type / error code P44_TSPEC NUMC 
55 P44_TTYPE Tax card types P44_TTYPE CHAR 
56 P44_TTYPT Tax card type text   CHAR 
57 P44_TUFEE Trade union membership fee NUM7 NUMC 
58 P44_TUMEM TUMF Member's name CHAR18 CHAR 
59 P44_TUM_DEPTNO Department number assigned to trade/union local   NUMC 
60 P44_TVR_RELEVANT Is the Payscale group/level relevant for TVR X CHAR 
61 P44_TXAM Limit amount for Finnish tax calculation PRBETRG CURR 
62 P44_TXAM1 First limit amount P44_TXAMT CURR 
63 P44_TXAM2 Second limit amount P44_TXAMT CURR 
64 P44_TXAM3 Third Limit amount for Finnish tax calculation PRBETRG CURR 
65 P44_TXAM4 Yearly tax limit for Annual Incomes P44_TXAMT CURR 
66 P44_TXAU_NAME Tax Authority Name P44_TXAU_NAME CHAR 
67 P44_TXCHE Check box for Yearly tax limit for Annual Incomes XFELD CHAR 
68 P44_TXDAY Tax day calculation method P44_TXDAY CHAR 
69 P44_TXKEY_TEXT Tax key description (ATS) TEXT40 CHAR 
70 P44_TXM01 Annual taxable amount   NUMC 
71 P44_TXMA1 Side job taxable limit   NUMC 
72 P44_TXMA4 Yearly tax limit for Annual Incomes, number   NUMC 
73 P44_TXMTH Tax calculation method P44_TXMTH CHAR 
74 P44_TXRNO Tax reference number P44_TXRNO CHAR 
75 P44_TXTY1 Primary tax card   CHAR 
76 P44_TXTY2 Ancillary tax card   CHAR 
77 P44_TYEAR Tax year   NUMC 
78 P44_UI_INNAME Name of insurance code in Finland P44_INNAME CHAR 
79 P44_UI_UNPERC Unemployment percent for Finland   DEC 
80 P44_UI_UNTEXT Name of unemployment group in Finlan Face P44_INNAME CHAR 
81 P44_UNGR Unemployment group P44_INGR NUMC 
82 P44_UNION Trade union number - Finland P44_UNION_NO NUMC 
83 P44_UNION_TEXT Text for trade union / local - Finland CHAR25 CHAR 
84 P44_UNIPR Employer unemployment insurance percentage DEC2_3 DEC 
85 P44_UNPERC Unemployment percent for Finland   DEC 
86 P44_UNTEXT Name of unemployment group in Finland P44_INNAME CHAR 
87 P44_UPPERB Upper border of channel on page in number of lines   NUMC 
88 P44_V1AMB Settled and still to settle leave XFELD CHAR 
89 P44_V1NOR Leave not settled XFELD CHAR 
90 P44_V1OVE Leave settled XFELD CHAR 
92 P44_VACGRP Return value P44_VACGRP CHAR 
93 P44_VACIND Indicator for constants, wage types and rules P44_VACIND CHAR 
94 P44_VACRUL Calculation rules for vacation pay and vacation bonus P44_VACRUL CHAR 
95 P44_VACSEQ Sequence number P44_VACSEQ NUMC 
96 P44_VAC_AMT Vacation pay amount   CURR 
97 P44_VAC_BANKAMT Leave bank amount   CURR 
98 P44_VAC_BDAYS Number of accrued vacation bonus days currently available   NUMC 
99 P44_VAC_BEG Begin date of employment acc. to HPA Finland   CHAR 
100 P44_VAC_BONAMT Vacation bonus amount   CURR 
101 P44_VAC_DAYS Number of accrued vacation days currently available   NUMC 
102 P44_VAC_HBDEF Holiday bonus definition P44_VAC_HBDEF CHAR 
103 P44_VAC_HBTYP Holiday bonus type   CHAR 
104 P44_VAC_HQTYR Holiday quota year   CHAR 
105 P44_VAC_LBDYS Number of accrued leave bank days currently available   NUMC 
106 P44_VAC_PERNR Personnel number   CHAR 
107 P44_VAC_TTLAMT Total amount for vacation pay, bonus and leave bank   CURR 
108 P44_VDAYNO HR-FI: Total number of vacation days in the quota P44_VDAYNO NUMC 
109 P44_VFACTOR Factor for evaluation of vacation days PRANZHL DEC 
110 P44_VKESS Record Identification for the tax card file P44_VKESS CHAR 
111 P44_VWTA Value for work time adjustment   DEC 
112 P44_WAERS Currency (Finland) WAERS CUKY 
113 P44_WITH1 Variable amount rule XFELD CHAR 
114 P44_WITHF Fixed amount rule XFELD CHAR 
115 P44_WITHM Minimum/Maximum Amount Rule XFELD CHAR 
116 P44_WTTYPE EEs type of working time P44_WTTYPE NUMC 
117 P44_YEAR Year   CHAR 
118 P44_YRLY_ACTID Action identifier (Yearly) P44_YRLY_ACTID CHAR 
119 P44_YRLY_RECID Data record identifier (Yearly) P44_YRLY_RECID CHAR 
120 P44_ZIPCODE Zip code for eLetters CHAR8 CHAR 
121 P45DT Date P45 issued DATUM DATS 
122 P45ID P45 has been issued indicator XFELD CHAR 
123 P45MN P45 Tax month number PABRP NUMC 
124 P45PY P45 taxable pay WERTV5 CURR 
125 P45TX P45 tax paid WERTV5 CURR 
126 P45WK P45 Tax week number PABRP NUMC 
127 P46DT Date P45(3) / P46 issued DATUM DATS 
128 P46ID P46 has been issued indicator XFELD CHAR 
129 P48_13BEG Begin date of 13th month accounting period DATUM DATS 
130 P48_13END End date of 13th month accounting period DATUM DATS 
131 P48_ACSSS Total earnings contributing to SSS PRBETRG CURR 
132 P48_ADDRS Previous Employer's Address CHAR30 CHAR 
133 P48_ADDTX Tax percentage on excess amount DEC3_2 DEC 
134 P48_AGE Employee Age NUM03 NUMC 
135 P48_ASIGN Company Authorized Signatory CHAR50 CHAR 
136 P48_ASIGP Position held by company authorized signatory CHAR30 CHAR 
137 P48_AVERG 13th month based on average salary XFELD CHAR 
138 P48_BASIC 13th month based on basic salary XFELD CHAR 
139 P48_BLTYP Employee Blood Type P48_BTYPE CHAR 
140 P48_BNTYP SSS Benefit Type P48_BNTYP CHAR 
141 P48_BUSCO Business Code P48_CHAR4 CHAR 
142 P48_BUSNM Company Registered Business Name CHAR50 CHAR 
143 P48_CBTYP SSS Benefit or Contribution Type CHAR2 CHAR 
144 P48_CHAR Tax Status CHAR4 CHAR 
145 P48_CITY1 Prev Employer's City CHAR30 CHAR 
146 P48_CNTAMT Fixed Contribution Amount BETRG CURR 
147 P48_CNTMAX Contribution Basis Amount (Upper Limit) BETRG CURR 
148 P48_CNTPER Contribution Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
149 P48_CNTTYP Contribution Type P48_CNTTYP CHAR 
150 P48_CNTYP Social Security System (SSS) Contribution Type P48_CNTYP CHAR 
151 P48_COGRP Company Grouping NUM2 NUMC 
152 P48_COGTX Company Grouping Long Text TEXT30 CHAR 
153 P48_COYNM Company Name CHAR30 CHAR 
154 P48_CUMNO Calendar month P48_NUMC2 NUMC 
155 P48_CUMYR Calendar year P48_NUMC4 NUMC 
156 P48_DAYS Date of basic salary DATUM DATS 
157 P48_DOC Document Number DB2CHAR06 CHAR 
158 P48_DPTYP Dependant Type for BIR 2316 Form XFELD CHAR 
159 P48_DWNLD PhilHealth Download Flag CHECKBOX CHAR 
160 P48_EECCP Employee Compulsory Basis Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
161 P48_EECMP Employee Compensation DEC3_2 DEC 
162 P48_EECNT Social Security System (SSS) Employee Contribution BETRG CURR 
163 P48_EECNTPR Philhealth Employee Contribution in Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
164 P48_EEHCP Employee Percentage for Higher Voluntary Bracket DEC3_2 DEC 
165 P48_EELCP Employee Percentage for Lower Voluntary Bracket DEC3_2 DEC 
166 P48_EEMCC Employee Basis Amount BETRG CURR 
167 P48_EEMCP Employee maximum contribution percentage - HDMF DEC3_2 DEC 
168 P48_EHDMF Private Companies Home Development Management Fund Number NUM12 NUMC 
169 P48_EMAD Employer Address AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
170 P48_EMAD1 Employer Address Line 1 AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
171 P48_EMAD2 Employer Address Line 2 AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
172 P48_EMHDP Private Companies Home Development Management Fund Number NUM10 NUMC 
173 P48_EMPHH Company/Employer PhilHealth Number CHAR12 CHAR 
174 P48_EMPLC Employer locator code P48_EMPLC CHAR 
175 P48_EMSSS CompanyEmployer SSS Number CHAR11 CHAR 
176 P48_EMTEL Employer Business Telephone Number CHAR12 CHAR 
177 P48_EMTIN CompanyEmployer Tax Identification Number CHAR13 CHAR 
178 P48_EMZIP Employer Zip Code CHAR4 CHAR 
179 P48_EPF Employee Pre-Validation File CHECKBOX CHAR 
180 P48_EPNONE No eligibility requirement XFELD CHAR 
181 P48_EPONE One month eligibility requirement XFELD CHAR 
182 P48_ERCCP Employer Compulsory Basis Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
183 P48_ERCNT Social Security System (SSS) Employer Contribution CURR6 CURR 
184 P48_ERCNTPR Philhealth Employer Contribution in Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
185 P48_ERHCP Higher Voluntary Bracket Employer Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
186 P48_ERLCP Lower Voluntary Bracket Employer Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
187 P48_ERMCC Employer Basis Amount BETRG CURR 
188 P48_ERMCP Employer Maximum Contribution Ceiling Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
189 P48_ERNAM Previous Employer's Name CHAR30 CHAR 
190 P48_EXAMT Tax Exemption amount per status BETRG CURR 
191 P48_EXPAT Expatriot flag for tax calculations CHECKBOX CHAR 
192 P48_EXYEE Calculate 13th month for terminated employees XFELD CHAR 
193 P48_FILE File name or logical file name P48_C60L CHAR 
194 P48_FIXAM 13th month fixed amount PRBETRG CURR 
195 P48_FIXTX Fixed Tax on Lower Salary Bracket PRBETRG CURR 
196 P48_GRSPP Gross period amount for tax calculation PRBETRG CURR 
197 P48_HDGRP Pag-IBIG grouping P48_CHAR4 CHAR 
198 P48_HDMCN Voluntary Contribution Indicator CHECKBOX CHAR 
199 P48_HDMEX Home Development Mutual Fund Exemption CHECKBOX CHAR 
200 P48_HDMNO Home Development Mutual Funding Number NUMC12 NUMC 
201 P48_HDMVOL Home Development Mutual Fund Voluntary Contribution CHECKBOX CHAR 
202 P48_LOWER Lower Salary Bracket PRBETRG CURR 
203 P48_LWRBR Salary Lower Bound PRBETRG CURR 
204 P48_MCL Monthly Contribution List CHECKBOX CHAR 
205 P48_MEBCC Compulsory Basis BETRG CURR 
206 P48_MEBCM Maximum earning before compulsory membership BETRG CURR 
207 P48_MEBHC Higher Voluntary Bracket BETRG CURR 
208 P48_MEBLC Lower Voluntary Bracket BETRG CURR 
209 P48_MEDEE Employee Medicare Contribution DEC3_2 DEC 
210 P48_MEDER Employer Medicare Contribution DEC3_2 DEC 
211 P48_MINWG Minimum Wage BETRG CURR 
212 P48_MMERC Maximum monthly earning used for employer contribution. BETRG CURR 
213 P48_MNSAL SSS Minimum Salary CURR6 CURR 
214 P48_MSGAR HR-PH: Payroll Message Area CHAR1 CHAR 
215 P48_MSNUM HR-PH: Payroll Message Number P48_MSNUM NUMC 
216 P48_MSTXT HR-PH: Payroll Highlight Message Text TEXT75 CHAR 
217 P48_MXSAL Social Security System (SSS) Maximum Salary BETRG CURR 
218 P48_NMULT Nth month pay multiplier DEC3_2 DEC 
219 P48_NODEP Number of dependents for tax exemptions NUMC02 NUMC 
220 P48_OFFPY Payment through off-cycle payroll XFELD CHAR 
221 P48_PAPER Plain Paper Printing CHECKBOX CHAR 
222 P48_PATH Directory path for file or logical path name P48_C60L CHAR 
223 P48_PAYDT 13th month payment date DATUM DATS 
224 P48_PAYPF Pay Period Frequency for Tax Calculations CHAR2 CHAR 
225 P48_PBR PhilHealth Bank Receipt Number P48_PBR CHAR 
226 P48_PBRDATE Issue date for PBR P48_PBRDATE DATS 
228 P48_PDAT Pay date DDATE DATS 
229 P48_PFIRE Based on basic salary on termination date XFELD CHAR 
230 P48_PHGRP PhilHealth Grouping P48_CHAR4 CHAR 
231 P48_PHHEX PhilHealth Exemption Flag CHECKBOX CHAR 
232 P48_PHHNO Employee PhilHealth Number CHAR12 CHAR 
233 P48_PRATE Percentage of 13th month amount to be paid DEC3_2 DEC 
234 P48_PROC Prorate based on number of calendar days XFELD CHAR 
235 P48_PROP Prorate based on number of months XFELD CHAR 
236 P48_PROW Prorate based on number of working days XFELD CHAR 
237 P48_QUARTER Quarter P48_NUMC2 NUMC 
238 P48_RECEIPT store the receipt number for SS, HDMF and Philhealth P48_RECEIPT CHAR 
239 P48_REFPONO Reference Payment Order Number / Special Bank Receipt P48_REFPONO CHAR 
240 P48_REGCO Employee Region Code CHAR5 CHAR 
241 P48_REGNM Employee Region Name CHAR40 CHAR 
242 P48_REGPY Payment through regular payroll XFELD CHAR 
244 P48_RELTX Relationship Text for "Other Dependants" TEXT20 CHAR 
245 P48_RTNUM Registration Tracking Number NUMC12 NUMC 
246 P48_RTYPE Part-month rounding type P25C_DTYPE NUMC 
247 P48_SALBR Salary Brackets CHAR2 CHAR 
248 P48_SALCR Social Security System Monthly Salary Credit BETRG CURR 
249 P48_SALMN Minimum salary for fixed tax PRBETRG CURR 
250 P48_SCJOB Second Job Flag for Tax Calculations CHECKBOX CHAR 
251 P48_SDATE Based on basic salary on specified date XFELD CHAR 
252 P48_SEXMF Employee Gender P48_SEX12 CHAR 
253 P48_SPEXM Spouse Exemption Status CHECKBOX CHAR 
254 P48_SSGRP SSS grouping P48_CHAR4 CHAR 
255 P48_SSSEE Employee SSS Percentage Contribution DEC3_2 DEC 
256 P48_SSSER Employer SSS Percentage Contribution DEC3_2 DEC 
257 P48_SSSEX Social Security Contribution Exemption CHECKBOX CHAR 
258 P48_SSSNO Social Security Membership Number CHAR11 CHAR 
260 P48_STAVE Based on average salary on termination date XFELD CHAR 
261 P48_SUBS Substitute Filing CHECKBOX CHAR 
262 P48_TAXAM Tax Amount for Salary Bracket PRBETRG CURR 
263 P48_TAXBR Tax Salary Brackets CHAR2 CHAR 
264 P48_TAXEX Tax Exemption Amount per Status PRBETRG CURR 
265 P48_TAXFN Tax Identification Number (TIN) NUMC12 NUMC 
266 P48_TAXFX Fixed Tax Amount per Salary Bracket PRBETRG CURR 
267 P48_TAXMT Tax Method Applied previous period CHAR3 CHAR 
268 P48_TAXPR Excess Tax Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
269 P48_TAXST Tax Status CHAR4 CHAR 
270 P48_TAXTP Total Tax Payable PRBETRG CURR 
271 P48_TAXTX Description of Tax Status TEXT30 CHAR 
272 P48_TEST Test Print CHECKBOX CHAR 
273 P48_TINNO Employer's TIN No. NUMC12 NUMC 
274 P48_TSTON Test run indicator XFELD CHAR 
275 P48_TUNIT Time unit P25C_TUNIT CHAR 
276 P48_TXGRP Tax grouping P48_CHAR4 CHAR 
277 P48_TXMWE Tax Exemption - Minimum Wage Earner XFELD CHAR 
278 P48_TXRDO Regional District Office Code NUMC3 NUMC 
279 P48_UPPER Upper Salary Bracket PRBETRG CURR 
280 P48_W2ISS BIR Form 2316 Indicator NUMC4 NUMC 
281 P48_WTAMT Wage Type Amount PRBETRG CURR 
282 P48_WTIND Wage Type Indicator WTIND CHAR 
283 P48_WTNUM Wage Type Number DEC03_2 DEC 
284 P48_ZIPCD Previous Employer's ZipCode NUMC4 NUMC 
286 P5RSOP_GRANT_NO Number of stocks Granted NUMC15 NUMC 
287 P77QPSTEXT Field Name of the Specified Selection Criterion TEXT40 CHAR 
288 P80TEILZ Part-Time Work Indicator XFELD CHAR 
289 P850C Normal Calculation of Normal Garnishment XFELD CHAR 
290 PA2640_POS_ID1_ICA First Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
291 PA2640_POS_ID1_KK First Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
292 PA2640_POS_ID2_ICA Second Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
293 PA2640_POS_ID2_KK Second Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
294 PA2640_POS_ID3_ICA Third Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
295 PA2640_POS_ID3_KK Third Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
296 PA2640_POS_ID4_ICA First Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
297 PA2640_POS_ID4_KK Fourth Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
298 PA2640_POS_ID5_ICA Fifth Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
299 PA2640_POS_ID5_KK Fifth Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
300 PA2640_POS_ID6_ICA Sixth Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
301 PA2640_POS_ID6_KK Sixth Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
302 PA2640_POS_ID7_ICA Seventh Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
303 PA2640_POS_ID7_KK Seventh Key for Posting Area 2640 CHAR12 CHAR 
304 PA2PCSOURCEFIELD Source field for assignment rule, table callup, enhancement FDNAME CHAR 
305 PA2PCTARGETFIELD Target field for assignment rule / table callup / enhancemnt FDNAME CHAR 
306 PAAIV Partner Role is Authorized to Receive Payment CHECKBOX CHAR 
307 PAANZ_KK Minimum Number of Payments for Parallelization PAANZ_KK NUMC 
308 PAAR Index of last pair read INT4 INT4 
309 PAAR1 Index of first pair of day INT4 INT4 
310 PAAROK Index of last correct pair INT4 INT4 
311 PAART Order type PAART CHAR 
312 PAART_AT IS-H: Outpatient flat rate type (BCM) PSART_AT CHAR 
313 PAAT0 Contact person: Attribute 10 PAAT0 CHAR 
314 PAAT1 Contact Partner: Attribute 1 PARHO CHAR 
315 PAAT2 Contact person: Attribute 2 PAAT2 CHAR 
316 PAAT3 Contact person: Attribute 3 PAAT3 CHAR 
317 PAAT4 Contact person: Attribute 4 PAAT4 CHAR 
318 PAAT5 Contact person: Attribute 5 PAAT5 CHAR 
319 PAAT6 Contact person: Attribute 6 PAAT6 CHAR 
320 PAAT7 Contact person: Attribute 7 PAAT7 CHAR 
321 PAAT8 Contact person: Attribute 8 PAAT8 CHAR 
322 PAAT9 Contact person: Attribute 9 PAAT9 CHAR 
323 PAATY JIT call activities for authorization check PAATY CHAR 
324 PABAR Settlement Type CHAR1 CHAR 
326 PABAVM Goods Receipt Qty for a JIT Call MENG13 QUAN 
327 PABBR Cancel CHAR1 CHAR 
328 PABCD_D Letter CHAR1 CHAR 
329 PABCONF Confirm Summarized JIT Call in Internet PABCONF CHAR 
330 PABDKZ Message: JIT call edited PABDKZ CHAR 
331 PABDLQTY Current Delivery Quantity for Summarized JIT Call MENG13 QUAN 
332 PABED Special character for coding project def. and WBS elements CHAR1 CHAR 
333 PABED2 Special character for coding project def. and WBS elements CHAR1 CHAR 
334 PABED3 Special character for coding project def. and WBS elements CHAR1 CHAR 
335 PABED4 Special character for coding project def. and WBS elements CHAR1 CHAR 
336 PABED5 Special character for coding project def. and WBS elements CHAR1 CHAR 
337 PABED6 Special character for coding project def. and WBS elements CHAR1 CHAR 
338 PABED7 Special character for coding project def. and WBS elements CHAR1 CHAR 
339 PABED8 Special character for coding project def. and WBS elements CHAR1 CHAR 
340 PABEG Start of break UZEIT TIMS 
341 PABEXP Data element for ALV structures for expanding list CHAR1 CHAR 
342 PABEZ Language-specific description of partner function CHAR2 CHAR 
343 PABGERFBW Revenue accrued/deferred in position currency (PC) WERTV8_TR CURR 
344 PABGERFHW Revenue Accrued/Deferred in Local Currency WERTV8_TR CURR 
345 PABGERFPLW Revenue Accrued/Deferred in Profit/Loss Currency WERTV8_TR CURR 
346 PABGKZ Delimit start/end time for attendance/absence reasons ABGKZ CHAR 
347 PABKS_EB Country key of partner bank LAND1 CHAR 
348 PABKZ Requirements reduction indicator PABKZ CHAR 
349 PABLA Unloading point of the ship-to party TEXT25 CHAR 
350 PABLDT Delivery time for a JIT call, date DATUM DATS 
351 PABLDTK Delivery time for a JIT call header, date DATUM DATS 
352 PABLUZ Delivery time for a JIT call, time of day UZEIT TIMS 
353 PABLUZK Delivery time for a JIT call header, time of day UZEIT TIMS 
354 PABLZ_EB Bank number of partner bank BANKK CHAR 
355 PABMEINS Summarized JIT Call Base Unit of Measure MEINS UNIT 
356 PABMNG JIT Call Quantity MENG13 QUAN 
357 PABMSD Usage of Message Determination PABMSD CHAR 
358 PABNH Train station used for freight transport XFELD CHAR 
359 PABNPL Output partner for JIT call LIFNR CHAR 
360 PABNR Payroll Number (D) PABNR NUMC 
361 PABNR_2 Branch Office for Pension Insurer PABNR_2 NUMC 
363 PABPAR Partner role for JIT call PARVW CHAR 
364 PABPM Percentage variance in order price unit PRZ22 DEC 
367 PABPRT JIT call profile long text TEXT40 CHAR 
368 PABRJ Payroll Year GJAHR NUMC 
369 PABRJ2 Settlement Year GJAHR NUMC 
370 PABRP Payroll Period PABRP NUMC 
371 PABRP2 Accounting Period PABRP NUMC 
372 PABRP6 Payroll Period (Six Digits MMYYYY) PABRP6 NUMC 
373 PABRQ Belgian SI quarter PABRQ NUMC 
374 PABRST3 Replenishment Strategy Stock Transfer for SumJC PABRST3 CHAR 
375 PABTIM Time for a JIT call TZNTSTMPS DEC 
376 PABWEDU Post GR for JIT call in background XFELD CHAR 
377 PABWEF Goods receipt flag for JIT call XFELD CHAR 
378 PABWEM Goods receipt qty for a JIT call MENG13 QUAN 
379 PABZG Average Cash Discount per Clearing RFPRZ32V DEC 
380 PABZTD Time definition for JIT call summary TIMEDEF CHAR 
381 PABZUS Summary of summarized JIT calls PABZUS CHAR 
382 PACA_TYPE Payment card category BU_RLTYP CHAR 
383 PACK02 Packed field with length 2 (-> hierarchy level of an elem.) PACK02 DEC 
384 PACK3 Packed Field Length 3 PACK3 DEC 
385 PACKA Dimension CHAR15 CHAR 
386 PACKAGE Service Assignment CHAR1 CHAR 
387 PACKAGENR Package Number Test Data   CHAR 
388 PACKAGE_ID GUID of Data Package with Aggregated POS Transactions CHAR32 CHAR 
389 PACKAUTHOR User Responsible for Package AS4USER CHAR 
390 PACKA_DATA Data of a package in a class (compressed) ARCH_PACK RAW 
391 PACKCHK Obsolete   CHAR 
392 PACKD Determine packing data XFELD CHAR 
393 PACKED10 External Data Transfer: Field for Test Data Transfer   DEC 
394 PACKED12 Packed Field of Length 12   DEC 
395 PACKEP ID for including packaging data in EDI PACKEP CHAR 
396 PACKET Obsolete   CHAR 
397 PACKETOBJT Object type for IDoc packet OJ_NAME CHAR 
398 PACKETS_ALV Packets per Second   INT4 
399 PACKET_NR Package Number PACKET_NR INT4 
400 PACKFELD Computational field PACK6 NUMC 
401 PACKFLAG Package Indicator FLAG CHAR 
402 PACKG Package Identifier CHAR4 CHAR 
403 PACKHU Pack handling unit XFELD CHAR 
404 PACKING_FINAL Call up Final Round of Packing for Checking Document Flow XFELD CHAR 
405 PACKING_REFRESH Update packing date before the change XFELD CHAR 
408 PACKNO Package number PACKNO NUMC 
409 PACKNO_EKBE Package Number of Service PACKNO NUMC 
410 PACKNR Text no. for packaging material data TDID CHAR 
411 PACKPARENT Direct Superpackage DEVCLASS CHAR 
412 PACKRESTR Adding further objects to package not possible FLAG CHAR 
413 PACKT Packing Station PACKT CHAR 
414 PACKTT Description of Packing Station TEXT72 CHAR 
415 PACKTYPE Obsolete   CHAR 
416 PACK_UNIT IS-M/SD: Unit of Measure for Bundles MEINS UNIT 
418 PACNR Material Number of the Full Product MATNR CHAR 
419 PACOM Parameter mandatory XFELD CHAR 
420 PACOP Copy partner from partner determination procedure XFELD CHAR 
421 PACSTATE Package Status   CHAR 
422 PACSZ Packet Size PACSZ INT1 
423 PAC_COPY Maintenance Packages Are Copied FLAG CHAR 
424 PAC_LINK Maintenance Package Exists SYCHAR132 CHAR 
425 PAC_LOCK Maintenance Package Assignment is Locked FLAG CHAR 
426 PADAT Settlement date DATUM DATS 
427 PADAUER Length of break in seconds (internal) INT4 INT4 
428 PADCE_CATNO Detail View: Personnel Assignments - Categories PADCE_CATNO NUMC 
429 PADCE_CTEXT Detail View: Personnel Assignments - Category Text TEXT40 CHAR 
430 PADCE_DISLN Maximum Display Length (Personnel Assignment Description)   NUMC 
431 PADCE_DISVA Display Variant (Personnel Assignment Description) PADCE_DISVA CHAR 
432 PADCE_GRPTX Grouping Value Text TEXT30 CHAR 
433 PADCE_IDTXT Display Variant - Key and/or Description PADCE_IDTXT CHAR 
434 PADCE_ITMTP Description of Personnel Assignments - View PADCE_ITMTP CHAR 
435 PADCE_LISTALL CE: Records of All Personnel Assignments in List Screen CHAR1 CHAR 
436 PADCE_PRTXT Personnel assignment text PADCE_PRTXT CHAR 
437 PADICON Icon in Text Fields (Substitute Display, Alias) TEXT40 CHAR 
438 PADIV_MODULE Indirect evaluation module PADIV_MODULE CHAR 
439 PADIV_MODULE_SPEC Module variant for indirect evaluation PADIV_MODULE_SPEC CHAR 
440 PADIV_MODULE_TXT Module text for indirect evaluation TEXT60 CHAR 
441 PADIV_REDMTH_TXT Text for Reduction Method of Ind. Valuation TEXT60 CHAR 
442 PAD_ABWRU No wage-type-dependent indicator entry in payroll past XFELD CHAR 
443 PAD_ACCST Points Carried Over XFELD CHAR 
444 PAD_ACTION_STEP_ID Process Step ID for Actions Status Management CHAR20 CHAR 
446 PAD_AMT amount for payment DEC10_5 DEC 
447 PAD_AMT7S Wage Type Amount for Payments P_AMT07V CURR 
448 PAD_ANRDE Form of Address ANRDE CHAR 
449 PAD_APPR_MIGRA Checkbox field XFELD CHAR 
451 PAD_BEGDA Valid-From Date DATUM DATS 
452 PAD_CHG_COUNTRY Indicator: Country reassignment action   CHAR 
453 PAD_CINCL Create Infotypes - Expert mode XFELD CHAR 
454 PAD_CLASS Name of Specific UI Class SEOCLSNAME CHAR 
455 PAD_CNAME Complete Name TEXT80 CHAR 
458 PAD_COUNT County code PAD_ORT01 CHAR 
459 PAD_CUR Currency Field for Changeover to Euro WAERS CUKY 
460 PAD_CURRE Payroll Currency (FACE) WAERS CUKY 
461 PAD_DAYAF Days in the Future   NUMC 
462 PAD_DAYBE Days in the Past   NUMC 
464 PAD_DENOM Denominator PAD_DEC_9_6 DEC 
466 PAD_DUMMY Placeholder for UI Field CHAR1 CHAR 
467 PAD_DUMMY_RADIO Placeholder for Radio Group PAD_DUMMY_RADIO CHAR 
468 PAD_EMRGN Emergency Contact XFELD CHAR 
470 PAD_ERD_DATE Execution Data for Employee Information   DATS 
471 PAD_ERD_D_REASON_VAL Default Values for Reason for Info. about Employee Data PAD_ERD_D_REASON_VAL CHAR 
472 PAD_ERD_JUPER_DATE Time of Employer Assignment   DATS 
473 PAD_ERD_MODULES List of Executed Modules as String   STRG 
474 PAD_ERD_REASON Reason for Employee Information PAD_ERD_D_REASON STRG 
475 PAD_ERD_TIME Execution Time of Employee Information   TIMS 
476 PAD_ERR Infotype for Country Grouping not Permitted XFELD CHAR 
477 PAD_FAMST Marital Status FAMST CHAR 
478 PAD_FRSLT Appraisal final result DEC_8_2 DEC 
479 PAD_GBDAT Date of Birth GBDAT DATS 
480 PAD_GBDMT Date of Birth (Day, Month)   CHAR 
481 PAD_GBLND Country of Birth LAND1 CHAR 
482 PAD_GBORT Birthplace PAD_ORT01 CHAR 
483 PAD_HEMNG Indicator for Temporary Restriction FLAG CHAR 
484 PAD_HOURS Unit (hours) PAD_HOURS CHAR 
487 PAD_IDERR Taiwan ID error status PAD_IDERR CHAR 
488 PAD_INFKN Primary / Secondary Infotype PAD_INFKN CHAR 
489 PAD_INFTV Alternative prefix for field names   CHAR 
490 PAD_INTERN Internal Use CHAR1 CHAR 
491 PAD_ITXAL Indicator: Text Allowed For Infotype CHAR1_X CHAR 
492 PAD_ITXTT Tool Tip for Text Line TEXT30 CHAR 
493 PAD_KFAST Indicator: List Entry (Person-Specific Fast Entry) XFELD CHAR 
495 PAD_KNZNM Name Format Indicator for Employee in a List KNZN2 NUMC 
496 PAD_KONFE Religious Denomination KONFE CHAR 
497 PAD_LINES Blank Rows   INT4 
498 PAD_LOCAT 2nd address line PAD_LOCAT CHAR 
499 PAD_LONG_TEXT Long Text Field (For Example, For Infotype Texts) PAD_LONG_TEXT STRG 
500 PAD_LSTNG Indicator for Benefit Level FLAG CHAR