SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 76
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 PERIOD_ERR Period errors in optional ledgers XFELD CHAR 
2 PERIOD_FIS Notification Period   NUMC 
3 PERIOD_FROM IS-M/AM: Number of Days Before 'Valid-From' Date NUMC03 NUMC 
5 PERIOD_KK Fiscal Year/Period JAMON_XPO CHAR 
6 PERIOD_LAG CO Allocations: Period Shift Active (Read Previous Period) CHAR1 CHAR 
7 PERIOD_NUM Number of periods for reading business volume data NUMC02 NUMC 
8 PERIOD_RV Period of amortization of goodwill and hidden reserves NUM2 NUMC 
9 PERIOD_SC Analysis Period in Days PERIOD_SC NUMC 
10 PERIOD_TO IS-M/AM: Central Access - Number of Days After 'Valid-To' NUMC3 NUMC 
11 PERIOD_TXT1 Screen description CHAR1 CHAR 
12 PERIOD_TYPE Period category for reading business volume data CHAR6 CHAR 
14 PERIOKZ Indicator for time unit CHAR1 CHAR 
15 PERIO_BI Number of periods per seasonal cycle (BTCI) CHAR03 CHAR 
16 PERIO_FP Rule for determining the next billing/invoice date VDREG_VEDA CHAR 
17 PERIO_REP Period (line items) PERBL NUMC 
18 PERIP Period with display PERIP CHAR 
19 PERIR Period split PERIR CHAR 
20 PERIU Period info. CHAR10 CHAR 
21 PERIV Fiscal Year Variant PERIV CHAR 
22 PERIV2 Fiscal year variant for alternative period type PERIV CHAR 
23 PERIV_CM Fiscal year variant of credit control area PERIV CHAR 
24 PERIV_LC Fiscal year variant for consolidation PERIV CHAR 
25 PERI_AUSPR Goods issue day PERI_AUSPR CHAR 
26 PERKON Denotes that condition is period condition XFELD CHAR 
27 PERKS Storage periodicity PERKZ CHAR 
28 PERKZ Period indicator PERKZ CHAR 
29 PERKZ_KNB1 Collective invoice variant PERKZ_KNB1 CHAR 
30 PERKZ_MRP Period Indicator PERKZ_MRP CHAR 
31 PERLE Number of periods INT3 NUMC 
33 PERMINHER Use Accesses are inherited by superpackage PERMINHER CHAR 
34 PERMISFLAG Indicator for use access FLAG CHAR 
35 PERMIS_DEVIATION Permissible deviation from guide value NUM4 NUMC 
36 PERMKZ Indicator for Permanent Restriction AFZHRG CHAR 
37 PERMLINEID Permanent name for the line device PERMLINEID INT4 
38 PERMO Period Parameters PERMO NUMC 
39 PERMONTH Months for Periodic Scheduling PERMONTH INT1 
40 PERMOTX Period parameter - name TEXT20 CHAR 
42 PERN0 Personnel number sequence PERN0 CHAR 
43 PERN1 Personnel Number for Matchcode Processing Only PERNR NUMC 
44 PERNA Period Name PERNA CHAR 
46 PERNB Period without display PERNB CHAR 
47 PERNM Period number PERI3 DEC 
48 PERNN Period information CHAR60 CHAR 
49 PERNO Number of G/L periods PERNO NUMC 
50 PERNR0 Personnel number CHAR15 CHAR 
51 PERNRFLG Include Persons CHAR1_X CHAR 
52 PERNRMACO Matchcode entry for person CHAR12 CHAR 
53 PERNROB Personnel number for person NUM08 NUMC 
54 PERNRTX Text for 'person selected' CHAR1 CHAR 
55 PERNRTXT Text for object type of person (P=Internal/H=External) OTYPE CHAR 
56 PERNRTYP Person type for career and succession planning OTYPE CHAR 
57 PERNR_ALTD Personnel number (Legacy Data Transfer FI-AA) CHAR8 CHAR 
58 PERNR_BI Personnel Number (Batch Input Field) CHAR8 CHAR 
59 PERNR_B_KK Personnel number (batch input) CHAR8 CHAR 
60 PERNR_D Personnel Number PERNR NUMC 
61 PERNR_D_CE Personnel Number PERNR NUMC 
63 PERNR_FITS Number of suitable employees for a shift NUMC4 NUMC 
64 PERNR_NF IS-H: Person no. as PPA billing no. for emergency cases RI_KUNNR CHAR 
65 PERNR_PERID Personnel Number or Person ID CHAR20 CHAR 
67 PERNR_SUPERVISOR_OM Personnel number of superior (Org. Management) PERNR NUMC 
68 PEROD Payroll period code CHAR1 CHAR 
70 PEROFF_SC Offset for Period Positioning PEROFF_SC DEC 
71 PEROK Period check already performed in pre-system (open) XFELD CHAR 
72 PERPOS_SC Positioning in the Period PERPOS_SC CHAR 
73 PERPR Main period of the TC CHAR6 CHAR 
74 PERRB Generate error log? XFELD CHAR 
76 PERREGEL_MP Frequency Rule for Media Products PERREGEL_MP CHAR 
77 PERRI Future/past for number of periods CHAR1 CHAR 
78 PERRL Invoice list schedule (calendar identification) WFCID CHAR 
79 PERS0 Contact person name CHAR32 CHAR 
80 PERS1 Person to be contacted 1 NACHN CHAR 
81 PERS2 Contact person 2 NACHN CHAR 
82 PERS3 Period split for payroll accounting XFELD CHAR 
83 PERSA Personnel Area PERSA CHAR 
84 PERSARC Person responsible for accompanying documents USNAM CHAR 
87 PERSA_SUM Personnel Area Reporting PERSA CHAR 
88 PERSCH Person responsible USNAM CHAR 
90 PERSEXT External Personnel Number CHAR40 CHAR 
91 PERSF Person to be contacted TEXT25 CHAR 
92 PERSG Employee Group PERSG CHAR 
93 PERSIST_TIME Retention Period for Documents in Days PERSIST_TIME NUMC 
94 PERSK Employee Subgroup PERSK CHAR 
95 PERSLIMIT Persons available in company up to the date DATUM DATS 
96 PERSLTXT_CA FCC: Name of Period Key   CHAR 
97 PERSLT_KK Text for Period Key TXT50 CHAR 
98 PERSL_CA FCC: Key for Period Assignment   CHAR 
99 PERSL_KK Key for Period Assignment PERSL_KK CHAR 
100 PERSNO Personnel number PERSNO NUMC 
101 PERSNO1 Personnel Number PERSNO NUMC 
102 PERSNO2 Other Personnel Number PERSNO NUMC 
103 PERSNUM Number of Reservation/Dependent Requirement RSNUM NUMC 
105 PERSONAL_PROFILE Personal travel profile FTPD_PROF_ID CHAR 
106 PERSONID Technical Person Number PERSONID NUMC 
109 PERSONNEL Human Resources CHAR1_X CHAR 
110 PERSON_ACADEMIC_TITLE_CODE_CO Academic title of a person: Key   CHAR 
111 PERSON_AUTHORITY_CODE_CONTENT Partner's Power of Attorney   CHAR 
112 PERSON_D Dynamic menu: menu type PERSON CHAR 
113 PERSON_GENDER_CODE_CONTENT Gender of a person (code)   CHAR 
114 PERSON_MARITAL_STATUS_CODE_CO Marital status of a person (code)   CHAR 
115 PERSON_NAME_AFFIX_CODE_CONTENT Addendum (Präfix/Suffix, also nobility title) to the name of   CHAR 
116 PERSON_NAME_FORMAT_CODE_CONTEN Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
117 PERSON_NAME_INITIALS_CONTENT Name initials (middle initial or personal initial) of a pers   CHAR 
118 PERSON_NAME_SUPPLEMENT_CODE_CO Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
119 PERSON_OCCUPATION_CODE_CONTENT Berufsgruppenbezeichnung einer Person (Schlüssel)   CHAR 
120 PERSP Indicator: Period lock active RKACT CHAR 
121 PERSRESPNAME Name of the Person Responsible CRMPLM XUBNAME CHAR 
122 PERSR_KK Clerk Responsible BU_PARTNER CHAR 
123 PERST_PG_ENABLED Personalization Page Enabled   CHAR 
124 PERST_PROF_DESCRIPTION Description of Function Profile for Personalization   CHAR 
125 PERST_WA_ENABLED Work Area Personalization Enabled   CHAR 
126 PERS_BOX With individual prebookings CHAR1_X CHAR 
127 PERS_D IS-H: Text Designating the EMPLOYEE Function RI_ROLLE CHAR 
128 PERS_MOD Name of Function Module FUNCNAME CHAR 
129 PERS_NAM Name of the personalization object CHAR30 CHAR 
130 PERS_TAB Name of tables used DBOBJ_NAME CHAR 
131 PERS_X With individual prebookings CHAR1_X CHAR 
132 PERT1 Work permit number CHAR9 CHAR 
133 PERTAX_EXT_KK External Tax Percentage Rate XFELD CHAR 
134 PERTAX_KK Tax Percentage PERTAX_KK DEC 
135 PERTEXT Period name   CHAR 
136 PERTO_SC Paymt corridor for incoming payment (upper limit) NUM03 NUMC 
137 PERTP_AR_KK Argentina: Perception Type AR_KK_PERTP CHAR 
138 PERTR Planned opening date in planned order DATUM DATS 
139 PERTX Text on 'pertinent person' CHAR20 CHAR 
140 PERTXT Long text for a person TEXT40 CHAR 
141 PERTXT_F First period XTEXT10 CHAR 
142 PERTXT_L Last period XTEXT10 CHAR 
143 PERTYP Period category (current, previous, last from prev. year...) PERTYP CHAR 
144 PERUL Calculation process for time specifications PSEN_PROCE CHAR 
145 PERUL_OLD Do not use: Calculation rule for time specifications (T525G) PERUL_OLD CHAR 
147 PERUS Amount accrued in company pension WERTV5 CURR 
148 PERUT Calculation rule for time specifications - short text TEXT40 CHAR 
149 PERVERBR Period Consumption PERVERBR DEC 
150 PERVERBRD Period Consumption CHAR14 CHAR 
151 PERVM Period version for determination of fiscal year PERIV CHAR 
152 PERVO "From" period specification MCPERIOD NUMC 
153 PERVR Period indicator PERVR CHAR 
154 PERVV "From" period specification MCPERIOD NUMC 
155 PERWEEK Weekdays for Periodic Scheduling PERWEEK INT1 
156 PERWERT Period value PERWERT NUMC 
157 PERWI Print by periods XFELD CHAR 
158 PERXX Planning period PERIOD CHAR 
159 PERZU End date of period CHAR10 CHAR 
160 PER_ABS_BW Period Close Valuation KKANUM7 NUMC 
161 PER_C2 Period with field length 2 (week, month) TEXT2 CHAR 
162 PER_DAY Display for exact days XRADI CHAR 
163 PER_INFTY Personnel Infotype CHAR1_X CHAR 
164 PER_INV_K Valid-From Period, Inverse Display PER_INV_K NUMC 
165 PER_ITVL Period for VAT Refund Application CHAR7 CHAR 
166 PER_LEN Length of period for incid.expenses acct settlement in days PER_LEN DEC 
167 PER_MAND_KK Period selection requested XFELD CHAR 
168 PER_MARGIN_OK Percentage Margin is OK   CHAR 
169 PER_PERIOD Display by period XRADI CHAR 
170 PER_TOTAL Indicator corresponds to sum of the periods X CHAR 
171 PER_TXT Basic Working Hours CHAR25 CHAR 
172 PER_UNITS Period Units (M3) WERTV9 CURR 
173 PESCHILT Switch: Change of limits during TI PESCHILT NUMC 
175 PESDOK_DOCID ID for Documents and Relationships SDOK_DOCID CHAR 
176 PESDOK_PROPN Attribute of a Document or a Relationship SDOK_PROPN CHAR 
178 PESEHESW Switch: Annual overtime limit PESEHESW NUMC 
179 PESKOST Sender Cost Center KOSTL CHAR 
180 PESOC Contract type key CHAR15 CHAR 
181 PESQNUR Sequence Number NUM3 NUMC 
182 PES_111CONTACTO Template 111: Name and last name of contact person CHAR100 CHAR 
183 PES_111CONTSATIS Template 111: Payments done CHAR17 CHAR 
184 PES_111CUENTA Template 111: Account number CHAR10 CHAR 
185 PES_111DC Template 111: DC CHAR2 CHAR 
186 PES_111DECLCOMP Template 111: Additional declaration NUMC1 NUMC 
187 PES_111DENOM Template 111: Identification. Taxable person. Name CHAR45 CHAR 
188 PES_111EJERC Template 111: Fiscal year NUMC4 NUMC 
189 PES_111EMAIL Template 111: E-mail address CHAR50 CHAR 
190 PES_111ENTIDAD Template 111: Entity CHAR4 CHAR 
191 PES_111FINID Template 111: Template identifier end CHAR1 CHAR 
192 PES_111INDCOM Template 111: Indicator of complementary page CHAR1 CHAR 
193 PES_111INDFIN Template 111: Indicator of end of record CHAR9 CHAR 
194 PES_111INGRESOS Template 111: Direct debit CHAR17 CHAR 
195 PES_111INIID Template 111: Identifier start of template and page CHAR2 CHAR 
196 PES_111JUSTANTE Template 111: Receipt number of previous declaration CHAR13 CHAR 
197 PES_111MODELO Template 111: Template NUMC3 NUMC 
198 PES_111NIF Template 111: Identification. Taxable person. Tax number CHAR9 CHAR 
199 PES_111PAGINA Template 111: Page NUMC2 NUMC 
200 PES_111PERCEP Template 111: Perceptions CHAR17 CHAR 
201 PES_111PERCEPTORES Template 111: Number of recipients NUMC8 NUMC 
202 PES_111PERIODO Template 111: Period CHAR2 CHAR 
203 PES_111RESERADM Template 111: Reserved for the administration CHAR16 CHAR 
204 PES_111RESERADM2 Template 111: Reserved for the administration   CHAR 
205 PES_111RESERAEAT Template 111: Reserved for AEAT's electronic seal CHAR13 CHAR 
206 PES_111RETEN Template 111: Withholdings CHAR17 CHAR 
207 PES_111SUCURSAL Template 111: Branch CHAR4 CHAR 
208 PES_111TELFIXO Template 111: Contact fix telephone CHAR9 CHAR 
209 PES_111TELMOBI Template 111: Contact cell phone CHAR9 CHAR 
210 PES_111TIPODE Template 111: Declaration type PES_111TIPODE CHAR 
211 PES_19065E Ancestors less than 75 years old integral CHAR1 CHAR 
212 PES_19075E Ancestors more than 75 years old integral CHAR1 CHAR 
213 PES_190A3E Ancestors with disability between 33 and 65& integral CHAR1 CHAR 
214 PES_190A65 Ancestors between 65 and 75 years of age CHAR1 CHAR 
215 PES_190A6E Ancestors with a disability of 65% integral CHAR1 CHAR 
216 PES_190A75 Ancestors more than 75 years old CHAR1 CHAR 
217 PES_190AAE Disabled ancestors with reduced mobility integral CHAR1 CHAR 
218 PES_190ACT DME form 190: Tax license epigraph NUM6 NUMC 
219 PES_190AD1 DWI, template 190: Ancestors w/disabilities, between 33-65% CHAR1 CHAR 
220 PES_190AD2 DWI, template 190: Ancestors with disabilities >/= 5% CHAR1 CHAR 
221 PES_190AEN DWI, template 190: Ancestors total (whole) CHAR1 CHAR 
222 PES_190AM3 Ancestors with disability between 33 and 65% CHAR1 CHAR 
223 PES_190AM6 Ancestors with disability 65% CHAR1 CHAR 
224 PES_190AMA Disabled ancestors with reduced mobility CHAR1 CHAR 
225 PES_190ANA Year born CHAR4 CHAR 
226 PES_190ANU DWI template 190: Annuities for child maintenance CHAR11 CHAR 
227 PES_190B01 DME 190 model: Blanks (1) CHAR1 CHAR 
228 PES_190B02 DWI template 190: Blanks CHAR2 CHAR 
229 PES_190B05 DME 190 model: Blank spaces (05) CHAR5 CHAR 
230 PES_190B10 DME model 190: Blank spaces (10) CHAR10 CHAR 
231 PES_190B11 DWI template 190: Blanks (11) CHAR11 CHAR 
232 PES_190B15 DME model 190: Blanks (15) CHAR15 CHAR 
233 PES_190B17 DME model 190: Blanks (17) CHAR17 CHAR 
234 PES_190B18 DWI template 190: Blanks (18) CHAR18 CHAR 
235 PES_190B255 Blank spaces (255) CHAR255 CHAR 
236 PES_190B311 Blank spaces (311) CHAR311 CHAR 
237 PES_190B328 Blank spaces (328) CHAR328 CHAR 
238 PES_190B62 DWI template 190: Blanks (62) CHAR62 CHAR 
239 PES_190B64 DME template 190: Blank spaces (64) CHAR64 CHAR 
240 PES_190B68 Blank spaces (68) CHAR68 CHAR 
241 PES_190CEM DME template 190: Ceuta or Melilla CHAR1 CHAR 
242 PES_190CHK Checks for the annual statement of deductions PES_190CHK NUMC 
243 PES_190CIF DME model 190: Payee NIF CHAR9 CHAR 
244 PES_190CLP Payment key CHAR1 CHAR 
245 PES_190CPR Province code CHAR2 CHAR 
246 PES_190CPS DME model 190: Zip code NUM5 NUMC 
247 PES_190CTR Contract or relation CHAR01 CHAR 
248 PES_190D16 DME template 190: Descendants between 3 and 16 years old CHAR2 CHAR 
249 PES_190D25 DME template 190: Descendants between 16 and 25 years old CHAR2 CHAR 
250 PES_190D3E Descendants disabled between 33 and 65% integrall CHAR2 CHAR 
251 PES_190D6E Descendants disabled 65% integral CHAR2 CHAR 
252 PES_190DAE Disabled descendants with reduced mobility integral CHAR2 CHAR 
253 PES_190DCO Additional declaration CHAR1 CHAR 
254 PES_190DE3 DME template 190: Descendants under 3 years old CHAR2 CHAR 
255 PES_190DEC Decimal places CHAR02 CHAR 
256 PES_190DEN ISD templates 190: Total number of descendants (whole) CHAR2 CHAR 
257 PES_190DHA DME template 190: AEAT office where submitted NUM2 NUMC 
258 PES_190DI1 DME template 190: Descendants with 33% to 65% disability CHAR2 CHAR 
259 PES_190DI2 DME template 190: Descendants with 65% disability or greater CHAR2 CHAR 
260 PES_190DIS DME template 190: Disability CHAR1 CHAR 
261 PES_190DM3 Descendants with disability between 33 and 65% CHAR2 CHAR 
262 PES_190DM6 Descendants with degree of disability 65% CHAR2 CHAR 
263 PES_190DMA Disabled descendants with reduced mobility CHAR2 CHAR 
264 PES_190DOM DME 190 model: Address CHAR28 CHAR 
265 PES_190DSU Substitute declaration CHAR1 CHAR 
266 PES_190EJ1 DME template 190: Fiscal year CHAR1 CHAR 
267 PES_190EJD Fiscal year of payment CHAR4 CHAR 
268 PES_190EJR Fiscal year of declaration CHAR4 CHAR 
269 PES_190ESC DME model 190: Sequence CHAR2 CHAR 
270 PES_190GAS DME template 190: Expenses CHAR11 CHAR 
271 PES_190HIJ Child counting PES_190HIJ NUMC 
272 PES_190INE DME template 190: Payments made CHAR11 CHAR 
273 PES_190INR ISD template 190: Direct debit carried over CHAR11 CHAR 
274 PES_190IP2 DME form 190: Payments CHAR9 CHAR 
275 PES_190IPD DME 190 form: Amount of monetary payments NUM15 NUMC 
276 PES_190IPE DME template 190: total payments amount CHAR13 CHAR 
277 PES_190IRE DME 190 form: Amount of deductions CHAR13 CHAR 
278 PES_190M3E Children younger than 3 years old integral CHAR1 CHAR 
279 PES_190MDL Declaration template CHAR3 CHAR 
280 PES_190MGE Geographic mobility CHAR1 CHAR 
281 PES_190MN3 Children less than 3 years old CHAR1 CHAR 
282 PES_190MUN DME model 190: Municipality CHAR40 CHAR 
283 PES_190NAM Contact person name and surnames CHAR40 CHAR 
284 PES_190NDA Receipt no. of previous declaration CHAR13 CHAR 
285 PES_190NDE Declaration receipt no. CHAR13 CHAR 
286 PES_190NIC DME template 190: Spouse NIF CHAR9 CHAR 
287 PES_190NIP DME 190 model: NIF of presenting party CHAR9 CHAR 
288 PES_190NIR Deduction agent or declarer NIF CHAR9 CHAR 
289 PES_190NOM Surnames and name or registered company name CHAR40 CHAR 
290 PES_190NPE Payee or declared party NIF CHAR9 CHAR 
291 PES_190NRE Legal owner NIF CHAR9 CHAR 
292 PES_190NRL Legal representative NIF CHAR9 CHAR 
293 PES_190NUM DME model 190: Number CHAR5 CHAR 
294 PES_190PAG First Bonus Payment Date CHAR08 CHAR 
295 PES_190PAL Extension of work activity CHAR1 CHAR 
296 PES_190PCO DME model 190: Spouse compensatory payments CHAR11 CHAR 
297 PES_190PEI DME model 190: Complete payment CHAR11 CHAR 
298 PES_190PER Total payees or reported CHAR9 CHAR 
299 PES_190PIA PIAS cumulated amount CHAR10 CHAR 
300 PES_190PIS DME 190 model: Floor CHAR2 CHAR 
301 PES_190PRE DME model 190: Type of medium CHAR1 CHAR 
302 PES_190PRS Type of medium CHAR1 CHAR 
303 PES_190PSA DME 190 model: Payments made NUM15 NUMC 
304 PES_190PTA DME 190 model: Apartment no. CHAR2 CHAR 
305 PES_190RCU Amount of payments for model 190 NUM15 NUMC 
306 PES_190RE2 DME 190 model: Deduction or direct debit NUM15 NUMC 
307 PES_190RED DME model 190: Reductions CHAR11 CHAR 
308 PES_190REE Remaining children calculated as integer CHAR2 CHAR 
309 PES_190REP DME model 190: Deductions made CHAR11 CHAR 
310 PES_190RES Remaining children (between 3 and 24 years old) CHAR2 CHAR 
311 PES_190RET DME 190 model: Deduction NUM9 NUMC 
312 PES_190RPC DME 190 model: Repercussion on recipient CHAR1 CHAR 
313 PES_190RPS DME 190 model: Legal guardian of minors CHAR1 CHAR 
314 PES_190RSP DME form 190: Amount of payments in kind NUM15 NUMC 
315 PES_190SEL Electronic stamp CHAR13 CHAR 
316 PES_190SF1 DME model 190: Family situation CHAR1 CHAR 
317 PES_190SF2 DME 190 model: Number of children CHAR2 CHAR 
318 PES_190SGN Sign CHAR1 CHAR 
319 PES_190SIF DME model 190: Family situation CHAR1 CHAR 
320 PES_190SIG DME 190 model: Initials of fiscal residence CHAR2 CHAR 
321 PES_190SUC Payment subkey CHAR2 CHAR 
322 PES_190TAS ISD model 190: Total number of ancestors CHAR1 CHAR 
323 PES_190TDC DME model 190: deduction type, decimal part NUM2 NUMC 
324 PES_190TDE DME model 190: Total descendants CHAR2 CHAR 
325 PES_190TEN DME model 190: Deduction type, whole part NUM2 NUMC 
326 PES_190TIP Record type CHAR1 CHAR 
327 PES_190TIR DME model 190: Relationship type CHAR1 CHAR 
328 PES_190TLN Telephone number of contact person CHAR9 CHAR 
329 PES_190TPE DME 190 form: Total payees NUM9 NUMC 
330 PES_190TPR DME 190 model: Prefix NUM3 NUMC 
331 PES_190TR2 Deduction type CHAR2 CHAR 
332 PES_190TRE Deduction type CHAR4 CHAR 
333 PES_190TTR DME model 190: Total deduction agents NUM5 NUMC 
334 PES_190UPR Conversion to uppercase XFELD CHAR 
335 PES_190VAL DME model 190: Payment in kind valuations CHAR11 CHAR 
336 PES_190VI2 DME 190 model: Street CHAR21 CHAR 
337 PES_190VIA DME 190 model: Street CHAR40 CHAR 
338 PES_190VIV Home purchase or restoration PES_190VIV CHAR 
339 PES_296ANY Year CHAR4 CHAR 
340 PES_296B1 Blank (1) CHAR01 CHAR 
341 PES_296B14 Blank spaces (14) CHAR14 CHAR 
342 PES_296B201 Blank spaces (201) CHAR201 CHAR 
343 PES_296B24 Model 296. Blank spaces CHAR24 CHAR 
344 PES_296B44 Blank spaces (44) CHAR44 CHAR 
345 PES_296B61 Blank spaces (61) CHAR61 CHAR 
346 PES_296B76 Blank spaces (76) CHAR76 CHAR 
347 PES_296B88 Blank spaces (88) CHAR88 CHAR 
348 PES_296CD Foreign code CHAR12 CHAR 
349 PES_296CDP Address additional information CHAR40 CHAR 
350 PES_296CLV Key CHAR02 CHAR 
351 PES_296CMP Compensations CHAR12 CHAR 
352 PES_296CNC City of birth CHAR35 CHAR 
353 PES_296CO2 Code NUM1 NUMC 
354 PES_296COD Foreign code CHAR12 CHAR 
355 PES_296CPA Country code CHAR02 CHAR 
356 PES_296DC Securities account code: Check digits CHAR2 CHAR 
357 PES_296DEC Decimal part of the duduction percentage CHAR2 CHAR 
358 PES_296DIA Day CHAR2 CHAR 
359 PES_296DPT Beneficiary address CHAR50 CHAR 
360 PES_296EMI Sender code CHAR12 CHAR 
361 PES_296END Securities account code: Entity CHAR4 CHAR 
362 PES_296ENT Deduction percentage whole number CHAR2 CHAR 
363 PES_296F_J Natural person / legal person CHAR1 CHAR 
364 PES_296GRT Guarantees CHAR12 CHAR 
365 PES_296IMP Amount CHAR12 CHAR 
366 PES_296IPE Amount CHAR14 CHAR 
367 PES_296IRE Deductions and payments CHAR15 CHAR 
368 PES_296MED Mediator CHAR1 CHAR 
369 PES_296MES Month CHAR2 CHAR 
370 PES_296NAT Nature CHAR1 CHAR 
371 PES_296NUM Securites account code: Account number CHAR10 CHAR 
372 PES_296PAG Payment CHAR1 CHAR 
373 PES_296PAI Country code CHAR3 CHAR 
374 PES_296PBP Beneficiary town/city CHAR30 CHAR 
375 PES_296PEN Pending CHAR1 CHAR 
376 PES_296PRE Beneficiary province/region/state CHAR30 CHAR 
377 PES_296PRF NIF in the country of residence for tax purposes CHAR20 CHAR 
378 PES_296REM Lender remuneration amount CHAR12 CHAR 
379 PES_296RI2 Deductions and payments CHAR13 CHAR 
380 PES_296RII Deductions at source and direct debits paid CHAR15 CHAR 
381 PES_296SCV Subkey CHAR02 CHAR 
382 PES_296SUC Securities account code: Branch office CHAR4 CHAR 
383 PES_296TIP Code type CHAR1 CHAR 
384 PES_296ZIP Beneficiary postal code CHAR10 CHAR 
385 PES_5JR 5DY/week according to Agreement CHAR1 CHAR 
386 PES_AAFCT Seniority: Action modifier PES_AAFEC CHAR 
387 PES_AANOS Length of seniority time period in years NUMC2 NUMC 
388 PES_ABERE Day(s) type for ERE calendar PES_ABERE CHAR 
389 PES_ABRKN Control constant CHAR6 CHAR 
390 PES_ACAFIE RED system: Action at company level PES_ACCAFI CHAR 
391 PES_ACCAFI Action at employee level PES_ACCAFI CHAR 
392 PES_ACCAF_TXT RED system: Action at worker level TEXT40 CHAR 
393 PES_ACCIO Action   CHAR 
394 PES_ACMAEX Indicator of belonging to Maternity Leave allowance group CHAR1 CHAR 
395 PES_ACNGL Seniority type appraiser PES_ACNGL CHAR 
396 PES_ACOTM Contribution days in the previous month NUMC2 NUMC 
397 PES_ADESC Description of accident TEXT255 CHAR 
398 PES_ADIAS Length of a seniority time period in days NUMC4 NUMC 
399 PES_ADJNO Adjustment number OBJPS CHAR 
400 PES_AEPTX Description of the company's main economic activity TEXT80 CHAR 
401 PES_AESNA Seniority: Calculation procedure text CHAR32 CHAR 
402 PES_AESQU Seniority calculation procedure CHAR8 CHAR 
403 PES_AEXEN Seniority exemption indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
404 PES_AFCAL Seniority: Date of last calculation DATUM DATS 
405 PES_AFCUM Seniority: End date of last time period completed DATUM DATS 
406 PES_AFDEV Seniority: Payment date DATUM DATS 
407 PES_AFIL Reserved Affiliation   CHAR 
408 PES_AFINI Seniority: Automatic calculation start date DATUM DATS 
409 PES_AFVAL Seniority: Reference date for valuation DATUM DATS 
410 PES_AGENM Material agent of the injury PES_CDAGE CHAR 
411 PES_AGENT Triggering material agent PES_CDAGE CHAR 
412 PES_AGRAT Grouper for arrears CHAR5 CHAR 
413 PES_AGRUP Grouper identifier for contracts PES_AGRUP CHAR 
414 PES_ALIME Annuities for child maintenance WERTV5 CURR 
415 PES_ALTDIR Senior management contract indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
416 PES_ALTSIN Entry without payment PES_ALTSIN CHAR 
417 PES_ALUMB Contract after giving birth XFELD CHAR 
418 PES_AMDNA Seniority payment method text TEXT32 CHAR 
419 PES_AMOME Seniority: Time of payment PES_AMOME CHAR 
420 PES_AMTDV Seniority: Payment method PES_AMTDV CHAR 
421 PES_AMTVL Seniority: Valuation method NUMC3 NUMC 
422 PES_AMVNA Seniority valuation method text TEXT32 CHAR 
423 PES_ANDIA Seniority: Number of days NUMC5 NUMC 
424 PES_ANIEXP RED system: File year NUMC4 NUMC 
425 PES_ANIO RED system: Payroll year NUMC4 NUMC 
426 PES_ANMTR Seniority: Number of seniority time periods NUM2 NUMC 
427 PES_APE1 First surname CHAR20 CHAR 
428 PES_APE2 Second surname CHAR20 CHAR 
429 PES_APERI Seniority: Maintenance regularity PES_APERI NUMC 
430 PES_APLNOM Application name, set or subset (ES) CHAR5 CHAR 
431 PES_APORE Total amount CHAR13 CHAR 
432 PES_AREPE Seniority: Symbol repetition in sequence PES_AREPT CHAR 
433 PES_ARR Indicator of allowances and reductions carried forward PES_ARR CHAR 
434 PES_ART81 Apply Article 81.5 PES_INDICADOR CHAR 
435 PES_ASIMB Seniority: Payment symbol CHAR2 CHAR 
436 PES_ASINA Seniority: Payment symbol text CHAR32 CHAR 
437 PES_ASIST Healthcare type PES_ASIST CHAR 
438 PES_ASQAN Seniority: Calculation sequence PES_ASQAN CHAR 
439 PES_ASUNP Assumption of personnel by employer of the preventive activ. XFELD CHAR 
440 PES_ATRAM Seniority: Seniority time period CHAR2 CHAR 
442 PES_AUDCA Seniority calculation unit PES_AUDCA CHAR 
443 PES_AUTTR Authorization to work (foreigners) CHAR3 CHAR 
444 PES_AUTTR1 Authorization to work (foreigners) CHAR3 CHAR 
445 PES_AUTVI Validity of authorization to work (foreigners) DATS DATS 
446 PES_BALIQ Settlement basis for employment tax (IRPF) WERTV5 CURR 
447 PES_BCOTM Monthly contribution basis in previous month P_AMT08 CURR 
448 PES_BCTB1 Annual contribution basis for overtime (B1) P_AMT08 CURR 
449 PES_BCTB2 Annual contribution basis for other items (B2) P_AMT08 CURR 
450 PES_BCTBT Sum of contribution bases B1 + B2 P_AMT08 CURR 
451 PES_BDMAX Maximum daily basis P_AMT08 CURR 
452 PES_BDMIN Daily minimum basis P_AMT08 CURR 
454 PES_BEGIR IRPF: Start generation DATE DATS 
455 PES_BEGMES RED system: Start of payroll run period NUMC2 NUMC 
456 PES_BETDI Difference   DEC 
457 PES_BETRG Amount   DEC 
458 PES_BETRN Current amount   DEC 
459 PES_BETRO Previous amount   DEC 
460 PES_BLAN81 Blank characters (81) CHAR81 CHAR 
461 PES_BLAN91 Blank characters (91) CHAR91 CHAR 
462 PES_BMMAX Monthly maximum basis P_AMT08 CURR 
463 PES_BNMAT Maternity contribution discount XFELD CHAR 
464 PES_BONDIFF Bonification retro acctg differences PES_BONDIFF CHAR 
465 PES_BONIR Allowance reduction indicators NUM1 NUMC 
466 PES_BREGA Regalutory basis A P_AMT08 CURR 
467 PES_BRGTD Daily regulatory basis total P_AMT08 CURR 
468 PES_CA80 Allowance for Continuing Occupational Training (EDTCA80) WERT5 CURR 
469 PES_CABCNA CNA segment header CHAR4 CHAR 
470 PES_CALCLA RED system: Key classifier PES_CALCLA NUMC 
471 PES_CALCOT Calculation of contributions PES_CALCOT CHAR 
472 PES_CALCR Calculation of deductions in form 190 PES_CALCR CHAR 
473 PES_CALEN ERE calendar rule definition PES_CALEN CHAR 
474 PES_CALIF RED system: Company code classifier CHAR2 CHAR 
475 PES_CALLIQ RED system: Accounting appraisal CHAR3 CHAR 
476 PES_CAM19 Field for form 190 PES_CAM19 CHAR 
477 PES_CARAC Special situation for ERE PES_CARAC CHAR 
478 PES_CARCUE Direct debit request CHAR1 CHAR 
479 PES_CAREN RED system: Waiting period CHAR1 CHAR 
480 PES_CAT Professional category   NUMC 
481 PES_CATEG RED system: Category PES_CATEG CHAR 
482 PES_CATMIN Challenge category for fiscal purposes PES_CATMIN CHAR 
483 PES_CATPRO Professional category for RED system NUM07 NUMC 
484 PES_CAUEXT Legal situation of unemployment PES_CAUEXT NUMC 
485 PES_CAUIN Temporary status object cause code PES_CAUIN CHAR 
486 PES_CAUPSU Reason for welfare payment / allowance   NUMC 
487 PES_CAUSA Cause of entry   NUMC 
488 PES_CAUSAS Reason for substitution PES_CAUSAS CHAR 
489 PES_CAUSASUST RED system: Reason for substitution PES_CAUSASUST CHAR 
490 PES_CAUTX Reason for adjustment CHAR26 CHAR 
491 PES_CCC RED system: Contribution account code PES_CCC NUMC 
492 PES_CCCLA Contracts: Wage type classification LGART CHAR 
493 PES_CCCTR Contribution Account Code(CAC) to which employee is assigned NUM11 NUMC 
494 PES_CCCUM Cumulation wage type LGART CHAR 
496 PES_CCDESP Dismissal collective code PES_CCDESP NUMC 
497 PES_CCFIN Contracts: Destination wage types LGART CHAR 
498 PES_CCINI Contracts: Start wage type LGART CHAR 
499 PES_CCRED Reduction group code PES_CCRED CHAR 
500 PES_CCUCLI Customer account code (Bank, Branch, Sort Code, Acct Code) CHAR20 CHAR