SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 77
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 PES_CDACT Specific activity code   CHAR 
2 PES_CDACT_TXT Specific physical activity TEXT200 CHAR 
3 PES_CDAGE Material agent of the activity PES_CDAGE CHAR 
4 PES_CDAGE_TXT Material agent TEXT200 CHAR 
5 PES_CDCNO Worker employment code CHAR4 CHAR 
7 PES_CDCNO_TXT Worker employment code text TEXT200 CHAR 
8 PES_CDCON Means of contact code   CHAR 
9 PES_CDCON_TXT Contact method TEXT200 CHAR 
10 PES_CDDES Variance code   CHAR 
12 PES_CDHOS Casualty has been hospitalised PES_BOOLE CHAR 
13 PES_CDLES Injury description code   CHAR 
14 PES_CDLES_TXT Description of the injury TEXT200 CHAR 
15 PES_CDLOC Municipality code NUM5 NUMC 
17 PES_CDLUG_TXT Place type TEXT200 CHAR 
18 PES_CDPAR Code of the injured body part   CHAR 
19 PES_CDPAR_TXT Injured body part TEXT200 CHAR 
20 PES_CDPOS Postal code NUM5 NUMC 
21 PES_CDTRA Work code   CHAR 
22 PES_CDTRA_TXT Working process TEXT200 CHAR 
23 PES_CEMAY RED system: Upper case Ç field CHAR3 CHAR 
24 PES_CEMIN RED system: Lower case ç field CHAR3 CHAR 
25 PES_CEMP2 Centre matches the company PES_BOOLE CHAR 
26 PES_CEMPN Centre matches the company CHAR1 CHAR 
27 PES_CEMPS Centre matches the company CHAR1 CHAR 
28 PES_CERET Deductions certificate: Template types PES_TCER CHAR 
29 PES_CHCBAS Edit basic copy form XFELD CHAR 
30 PES_CHCONT Edit contract form XFELD CHAR 
31 PES_CHESC Escape character 3 field CHAR3 CHAR 
32 PES_CHIMP Printing character field CHAR3 CHAR 
33 PES_CHX_D FDI: Previous year's contribution for overtime (dec. part) NUMC2 NUMC 
34 PES_CHX_E FDI: Previous year's contribution for overtime (whole no.) NUMC6 NUMC 
35 PES_CIF RED system: Fiscal identification code (CIF) PES_CIF NUMC 
36 PES_CIFCO Company CIF (tax ID number) CHAR10 CHAR 
37 PES_CIFTY Type of CIF (tax ID number) PES_CIFTY CHAR 
38 PES_CIT62 Infotype 62 fields CHAR20 CHAR 
39 PES_CLASE RED system: Payroll type NUMC2 NUMC 
40 PES_CLASS Calculation method: Method type PES_CLASS CHAR 
41 PES_CLAVE Specific payscale day/working day key PES_CLAVE CHAR 
42 PES_CLBASE RED system: Data element key (EDL) NUMC2 NUMC 
43 PES_CLCO2 Contract key (part-time) PES_IDSEG CHAR 
44 PES_CLCOI Contract key according to INEM PES_IDSEG CHAR 
45 PES_CLCON Contract Key for Social Insurance PES_IDSEG CHAR 
46 PES_CLEDT RED system: Data element key (EDT) NUMC2 NUMC 
47 PES_CLSTR Indicator of result stored in cluster PCL4 FLAG CHAR 
48 PES_CNAEC National classification of business activities CHAR5 CHAR 
49 PES_CNAES CNAE group codification CHAR5 CHAR 
53 PES_CNTVAL Validation control PES_CNTVAL NUMC 
54 PES_CNTX LOPD data logon context PROGRAMM CHAR 
55 PES_CO3MT Deduction annual limit art. 67.bis WERTV5 CURR 
56 PES_COC_D FDI: Prev.year's contributions for other concepts (dec.part) NUMC2 NUMC 
57 PES_COC_E FDI: Prev year's contribution for other concepts (whole no.) NUMC6 NUMC 
58 PES_COD Health Area identification key   CHAR 
59 PES_CODER Error code CHAR4 CHAR 
61 PES_CODIDCONTR Employment office contract identifier   CHAR 
62 PES_CODLOC Town code according to INEM NUM5 NUMC 
63 PES_CODMSG Legal code for message, according to government body CHAR10 CHAR 
64 PES_CODOCU Work center commitment code   CHAR 
65 PES_CODPR Province code REGIO CHAR 
66 PES_COEDE Retentions: Coefficient decimal fraction NUMC2 NUMC 
67 PES_COEEN Retentions: Whole part of the coefficient NUMC1 NUMC 
68 PES_COEM Auxiliary variable for maternity coefficient calculation DEC4_2 DEC 
69 PES_COETP Part-time coefficient for contracts DEC4 DEC 
70 PES_COIAS Health area identification key (C.I.A.S.) CHAR11 CHAR 
71 PES_COLBON Bonus/ Discount group PES_COLBON NUMC 
72 PES_COLBON_NC3 Discount group (output with 3 characters) PES_COLBON_NC3 CHAR 
73 PES_COLECT RED system: Worker group NUMC3 NUMC 
74 PES_COLEF Training age group PES_COLEF NUMC 
75 PES_COLIN Incentive group key NUM4 NUMC 
77 PES_COMPANY_EE_INDICATOR Number of company employees indicator PES_COMPANY_EE_INDICATOR CHAR 
78 PES_COMPEN Compensations CHAR12 CHAR 
79 PES_CON11 Pay scale code PES_CON11 NUMC 
80 PES_CON14 Pay scale code NUMC14 NUMC 
81 PES_CON20 Pay scale code PES_CON20 NUMC 
82 PES_CONCEPTO Amount concept CHAR30 CHAR 
83 PES_CONCO Contracts: Set of contracts by contribution PES_CONCO CHAR 
84 PES_CONCOL Collective agreement indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
85 PES_CONDDE RED system: Unemployed PES_CONDDES CHAR 
87 PES_CONDI Contracts: Days remaining until end of contract NUMC6 NUMC 
88 PES_CONSE Employee special status code PES_EXESS CHAR 
89 PES_CONSS Pay scale code NUM7 NUMC 
90 PES_CONSSR RED system: Pay scale code CHAR7 CHAR 
91 PES_CONT Risk   CHAR 
92 PES_CONTAC RED system: Contact employee TEXT34 CHAR 
93 PES_CONTE Payroll results container CHAR4 CHAR 
96 PES_CONTX Describing text of the pay scale code TEXT80 CHAR 
97 PES_COT30 Bases calculation with inverse contribution group PES_COT30 NUMC 
98 PES_COTDEC Contibution days/hours (decimals) NUMC2 NUMC 
99 PES_COTIZ Social insurance or healthcare company costs WERTV5 CURR 
100 PES_COTIZA Contribution days/hours (full) NUMC3 NUMC 
101 PES_CPLAN Work center staff   NUMC 
102 PES_CPOST Center's postal code PSTLZ CHAR 
103 PES_CPSDC Time dedicated to public or labor union post PES_PERC_DEC DEC 
104 PES_CPSDU Time dedicated to public or labor union post PES_CPSDU NUMC 
105 PES_CPSHA Country code according to the Internal Revenue Service CHAR3 CHAR 
106 PES_CPSIN Public or labor union post PES_CPSIN CHAR 
107 PES_CPTRA Change of work center PES_CPTRA NUMC 
108 PES_CRT2_CESE Company certificates XFELD CHAR 
109 PES_CRT2_CTYPE Type of communication to SPEE SUBTY CHAR 
110 PES_CRT2_EFILE Production file identifier CHAR20 CHAR 
111 PES_CRT2_ERE Activity periods XFELD CHAR 
112 PES_CRT2_ERRCOM Errors detected in communication PES_CRT2_ERRCOM CHAR 
113 PES_CRT2_REJEMP Ignore employees rejected in payroll XFELD CHAR 
114 PES_CRT2_STACOM Status of communication to SPEE PES_CRT2_STACOM CHAR 
115 PES_CRT2_TYPEEREBEG Starting date of ERE suspension PES_CRT2_TYPEEREBEG NUMC 
116 PES_CRT2_USUCOM Person reporting to SPEE CHAR12 CHAR 
117 PES_CSTAT Notification status PES_CSTAT NUMC 
118 PES_CSTAT_TXT Notification status TEXT36 CHAR 
119 PES_CTELE Work center telephone number   CHAR 
120 PES_CTEP2 Center belongs to the company PES_BOOLE CHAR 
121 PES_CTEPN Center belongs to the company CHAR1 CHAR 
122 PES_CTEPS Center belongs to the company CHAR1 CHAR 
123 PES_CUAD Extra contributions NUM7 NUMC 
124 PES_CUOAD Additional contribution indicator XFELD CHAR 
125 PES_CUORET Edit retroactive accounting change of contribution types XFELD CHAR 
126 PES_CUOTA RED system: Amount or contribution NUMC11 NUMC 
127 PES_CV190 Variable key type 2 record form 190 CHAR4 CHAR 
128 PES_CVEUR Conversion type to euro PES_CVEUR CHAR 
129 PES_DATAP Date of employment office approval of ERE PES_DATAP DATS 
130 PES_DATTE Names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses TEXT200 CHAR 
131 PES_DCNAC Main business activity code of the accident center CHAR5 CHAR 
132 PES_DCNAC_TXT Main business activity of the accident center TEXT80 CHAR 
133 PES_DECFAC RED system: Decimal fraction of type or factor NUMC5 NUMC 
134 PES_DECIM Decimal part   NUMC 
135 PES_DECODI RED system: Control break decodification CHAR25 CHAR 
136 PES_DENEXC RED system: Name of the activity CHAR40 CHAR 
137 PES_DESCR LOPD: Help text for access class CHAR40 CHAR 
138 PES_DETBC Determination of contribution bases for benefits calculation NUMC2 NUMC 
139 PES_DFIND Default value indicator PES_DFIND CHAR 
140 PES_DFVAL Default values PES_DFVAL CHAR 
141 PES_DIALT No of days registered NUM2 NUMC 
142 PES_DIANO Retentions: days coefficient not applied NUMC3 NUMC 
143 PES_DIAS RED system: Days worked NUMC3 NUMC 
144 PES_DIASI Retentions: working days (coefficient applied) NUMC3 NUMC 
145 PES_DIA_B FDI: Expected duration of leave (days) NUMC3 NUMC 
146 PES_DIA_C Day of SI coverage/ month NUMC2 NUMC 
147 PES_DIA_S FDI: Sum of days that qualify for SI cover NUMC3 NUMC 
148 PES_DICON Working days in part-time contracts DEC3 DEC 
149 PES_DIESP Payment type PES_DIESP CHAR 
150 PES_DIREA Address where accident took place TEXT32 CHAR 
151 PES_DIREC Company address TEXT32 CHAR 
152 PES_DISP Display field CHAR3 CHAR 
153 PES_DMCIL Address of center TEXT60 CHAR 
154 PES_DMET2 Valid as second method XFELD CHAR 
155 PES_DOMIC Address TEXT32 CHAR 
156 PES_DT3MT Deduction validity for children under DATS DATS 
157 PES_DTCCC CA code of the center where the accident occurred NUM11 NUMC 
158 PES_DTRTP Days worked part-time NUMC2 NUMC 
159 PES_DURAT Number of contribution days PES_DURAT NUMC 
160 PES_DURCT Duration of employment contract   CHAR 
161 PES_DURMAX Maximum duration of contract NUM3 NUMC 
162 PES_DURMIN Minimum duration of contract NUM3 NUMC 
163 PES_DURMO Duration of allowance/reduction DEC3 DEC 
164 PES_EASIT TI Insurance company CHAR3 CHAR 
165 PES_ECOACT Business activity text PES_ECOACT CHAR 
166 PES_EDLCLAVE Data element (EDL) full key (4 places) CHAR4 CHAR 
167 PES_EFECT Actual days/working days NUMC2 NUMC 
168 PES_EFILE Production file identifier CHAR20 CHAR 
169 PES_ELEMNT RED system: Element days NUMC3 NUMC 
170 PES_EMETH Type of electronic production file PES_EMETH CHAR 
171 PES_EMETH_TXT Type of electronic file TEXT10 CHAR 
172 PES_EMPRE Name of the company PES_EMPRE CHAR 
173 PES_EMPTT Temporary employment company XFELD CHAR 
175 PES_ENDIR Employment tax (IRPF): End of generation DATE DATS 
176 PES_ENDMES RED system: End of calculation period NUMC2 NUMC 
177 PES_ENTID Change of TI insurance company NUMC3 NUMC 
178 PES_ENTRA Whole part   NUMC 
179 PES_ENVRED RED system: Message transfer mode PES_ENVRED CHAR 
180 PES_EPI114 RED system: Secondary epigraph (only 114) EPIGR NUMC 
181 PES_EPLAN Number of hourly wage workers in the company   NUMC 
182 PES_ERRCOM Errors detected in communication CHAR07 CHAR 
183 PES_ESEDE Head office contribution account code NUM11 NUMC 
184 PES_ESPEC Special method for contracts CHAR1 CHAR 
185 PES_EVALU Risk evaluation has been carried out PES_BOOLE CHAR 
186 PES_EVALX Risk evaluation has been carried out XFELD CHAR 
187 PES_EVENT Calculation methods: Event to execute CHAR30 CHAR 
188 PES_EXAMT Quantity field in external table PES_GRNCUR CURR 
189 PES_EXCED RED system: Textile industry surplus PES_EXCED CHAR 
190 PES_EXCLA Reson for exclusion from agricultural register NUM2 NUMC 
191 PES_EXCLU RED system: Textile industry surplus CHAR02 CHAR 
192 PES_EXCVD Social disadvantage / domestic violance PES_EXCVD NUMC 
193 PES_EXDES RED system: Exemption from unemployment PES_EXDES NUMC 
194 PES_EXFLD Identifier field in external table PES_EXFLD CHAR 
195 PES_EXPLO Name of activity CHAR40 CHAR 
196 PES_EXPNT Entry pointer in external table for debts PES_EXPNT RAW 
197 PES_EXREC Surcharge exemption in extra payroll runs PES_EXREC CHAR 
198 PES_EXSOC Worker in social exclusion CHAR1 CHAR 
200 PES_FAX RED system: Fax number CHAR12 CHAR 
201 PES_FBAJA Leaving date DATS DATS 
202 PES_FCAEA Insurance company change date DATS DATS 
203 PES_FCLASS Form type CHAR4 CHAR 
204 PES_FCT_MNDTRY FCT segment mandatory CHECKBOX CHAR 
206 PES_FEALT Entry date DATS DATS 
207 PES_FEBEFI Start date of fiscal year SYDATS DATS 
208 PES_FECABD Entry date on employment office database DATS DATS 
209 PES_FECAC Accident date   DATS 
210 PES_FECAD Adoption date DATE DATS 
211 PES_FECAL Report issuer charge TEXT20 CHAR 
212 PES_FECAT FDI: IA and ID date NUM8 NUMC 
213 PES_FECAUT RED system authorization date SYDATS DATS 
214 PES_FECBA Sick leave date   DATS 
215 PES_FECCOM Date of communication DATS DATS 
216 PES_FECED Document submission date SYDATS DATS 
217 PES_FECHA RED system: Preparation date NUM8 NUMC 
218 PES_FECHAI RED system: Contract start date NUM8 NUMC 
219 PES_FECHAINI RED system: Contract start date NUM8 NUMC 
220 PES_FECHCN RED system: Control dates NUMC8 NUMC 
221 PES_FECHEF RED system: Date effective NUM8 NUMC 
222 PES_FECHNA RED system: Date of birth NUMC8 NUMC 
223 PES_FECHPR RED system: Presentation date NUM8 NUMC 
224 PES_FECHRE RED system: Actual date NUM8 NUMC 
225 PES_FECHSO Date of report request by the RED system NUMC8 NUMC 
226 PES_FECH_I Contracts start date DATUM DATS 
227 PES_FECON Leaving date DATS DATS 
228 PES_FECRG INEM: Date of registration DATE DATS 
229 PES_FEC_A FDI: Entry date NUM8 NUMC 
230 PES_FEC_B FDI: Date left NUM8 NUMC 
231 PES_FEDACN RED system: Control date SYDATS DATS 
232 PES_FEFALT Effective date of hiring DATS DATS 
233 PES_FEGENV Date the notification send was generated DATS DATS 
234 PES_FENOM Name and surnames of the report issuer TEXT40 CHAR 
235 PES_FEPRIM Date of submission of template 190 SYDATS DATS 
236 PES_FERE2 Start date for reduction/allowance (other methods) DATUM DATS 
237 PES_FFRMG Reduction end date due to geographical mobility DATUM DATS 
239 PES_FICID File identification NUM4 NUMC 
240 PES_FIJO Contracts: Fixed value for quota WERT5 CURR 
241 PES_FINAL RED system: Period end NUMC8 NUMC 
242 PES_FINIPR Loan start date CHAR8 CHAR 
243 PES_FLGNI Flag amounts by Contribution Account Code XFELD CHAR 
244 PES_FNDESD New start date DATS DATS 
245 PES_FNHAST New date to DATS DATS 
246 PES_FNOIR Payroll date for adjustment amounts DATUM DATS 
247 PES_FOBOI Formula for time-dependent allowances calculation CHAR4 CHAR 
248 PES_FOMAG Program for the promotion of agricultural employment CHAR1 CHAR 
249 PES_FORBO Formula for calculating allowances CHAR4 CHAR 
250 PES_FORDE Contribution type for Unemployment PES_FORDE1 NUMC 
251 PES_FORFI Formula for increase CHAR4 CHAR 
252 PES_FORFQ Final payt formula CHAR3 CHAR 
253 PES_FORM Calculation methods: FORM to execute CHAR20 CHAR 
254 PES_FPACO Confirmation report issue date DATS DATS 
255 PES_FPAFI .AFI message processing date DATS DATS 
256 PES_FPRES Presentation date DATS DATS 
257 PES_FRADE Description of the situation TEXT55 CHAR 
258 PES_FSTAC Status of INEM forms PES_FSTAT CHAR 
259 PES_FSTAT Status of INEM forms PES_FSTAT CHAR 
260 PES_FULMO Date of last reported transaction DATS DATS 
261 PES_FVENPR Loan due date CHAR8 CHAR 
262 PES_F_CAM Insurance company change date NUMC8 NUMC 
263 PES_F_CON Confirmation report date NUMC8 NUMC 
264 PES_GABPAY Legal deductions: Balance of payments PES_GRNCUR CURR 
265 PES_GABREM Legal deductions: Remaining balance PES_GRNCUR CURR 
266 PES_GACPRP Legal deductions: Amount paid in current period PES_GRNCUR CURR 
267 PES_GAMTOD Amount paid from beginning of month until date PES_GRNCUR CURR 
268 PES_GAPADD Amount paid for additional payments PES_GRNCUR CURR 
269 PES_GAPNOW Amount paid now PES_GRNCUR CURR 
270 PES_GAPNXM Amount paid from totally non-exempt money PES_GRNCUR CURR 
271 PES_GAPPRE Amount paid in previous garnishments with greater priority PES_GRNCUR CURR 
273 PES_GARANT Guarantees CHAR12 CHAR 
274 PES_GAREQR Amount requested in current payroll period PES_GRNCUR CURR 
275 PES_GATTOD Amount paid until date PES_GRNCUR CURR 
276 PES_GAYTOD Amount paid from beginning of year up to present PES_GRNCUR CURR 
277 PES_GDARRS Arrears accumulated indefinitely PES_GRNCUR CURR 
278 PES_GDMAIN Difference between amounts paid and owing on main debt PES_GRNCUR CURR 
279 PES_GDMTDL Difference cumulated up to present in last payroll period PES_GRNCUR CURR 
280 PES_GDMTOD Cumulated difference by month up to the present PES_GRNCUR CURR 
281 PES_GFAMT Garnishee fee amount PES_GFCUR CURR 
283 PES_GFTWH Deduction type for garnishee fee PES_GFTWH CHAR 
284 PES_GFUNT Garnishee fee unit PES_GFUNT CHAR 
285 PES_GFUTX Garnishee fee text unit AS4TEXT CHAR 
286 PES_GGATXT Text for deductions PES_GGATXT CHAR 
287 PES_GGCPRP Gross amount on current payroll PES_GRNCUR CURR 
288 PES_GGCURR Current gross amount PES_GRNCUR CURR 
289 PES_GGMTOD Gross amount to date calculated monthly PES_GRNCUR CURR 
290 PES_GHDKEY Deductions: Header key PES_GHDKEY NUMC 
291 PES_GHDTXT Deductions: Header text PES_GHDTXT CHAR 
292 PES_GHINTS Deductions: Intensified flag for history text PES_GHINTS CHAR 
293 PES_GHLENG Deductions: History text length PES_GHLENG NUMC 
294 PES_GHLEVL Deductions: History text level PES_GHLEVL CHAR 
295 PES_GHTEXT Deductions: History text PES_GHTEXT CHAR 
296 PES_GIGRNP Indicator of payment made XFELD CHAR 
297 PES_GMAMD Total value already deducted P_AMT08 CURR 
298 PES_GMAMT Deducted amount for current interval P_AMT08 CURR 
299 PES_GMBAS Garnishment basis for value calculation P_AMT08 CURR 
300 PES_GMBEG Constant reading date for garnishments XFELD CHAR 
301 PES_GMBLG Garnishment basis wage type LGART CHAR 
302 PES_GMCID Garnishment ID CHAR20 CHAR 
303 PES_GMCPR Value previously deducted P_AMT08 CURR 
304 PES_GMDEB Total payable P_AMT08 CURR 
305 PES_GMIPR Deduction group   CHAR 
306 PES_GMNBT Amount still not transferred P_AMT08 CURR 
307 PES_GMNYD Amount not deducted in period P_AMT08 CURR 
308 PES_GMPNO Garnishment priority NUMC5 NUMC 
309 PES_GMRED Garnishment discount in percentage PES_PRCNT_2 DEC 
310 PES_GMRTE Porcentual deduction of garnishment basis PES_PRCNT_2 DEC 
311 PES_GMSEQ Garnishment priority NUMC6 NUMC 
312 PES_GMSEQ_F4 Garnishment priority NUMC6 NUMC 
313 PES_GMSUB Monthly deductible value P_AMT08 CURR 
314 PES_GMTBD Total value to deduct P_AMT08 CURR 
315 PES_GMTOT Total amount deducted from the beginning of garnishment P_AMT08 CURR 
316 PES_GMTYP Garnishment order type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
317 PES_GMTYP_TXT Garnishment type text TEXT34 CHAR 
318 PES_GMZNR Garnishment mapping number PES_GMZNR RAW 
319 PES_GNCPRP Net amount on current payroll period PES_GRNCUR CURR 
320 PES_GNCURR Current net amount for statutory deductions PES_GRNCUR CURR 
321 PES_GNIND Sign indicator for Gross/Net calculation PES_GNIND CHAR 
322 PES_GNLGA Wage type for changing gross/net amount LGART CHAR 
323 PES_GNMTOD Net amount calculated monthly to date PES_GRNCUR CURR 
324 PES_GNTPY Type of payment for which Gross/Net amount is calculated PES_GNTPY CHAR 
325 PES_GNWPC Wage type percentage used in calculation of gross/net amount DEC2_2 DEC 
326 PES_GPRIO_MIN Minimum garnishment priority NUMC6 NUMC 
327 PES_GRADO Degree of injury PES_GRADO CHAR 
328 PES_GRAMIN Degree of challenge NUM2 NUMC 
329 PES_GRMSTS Deduction transfer status PES_GRMSTS CHAR 
330 PES_GRPID Company group/grouping indentifier PES_GRUPO CHAR 
331 PES_GSLBEG Selection period start date for deduction DATUM DATS 
332 PES_GSLEND End date of period selected for deduction DATUM DATS 
333 PES_GSORT1 Sort parameters for deductions report PES_GSORT1 CHAR 
334 PES_GTCPRP Total paid for maximum priority debt in current period PES_GRNCUR CURR 
335 PES_GTMTOD Total paid in month for maximum priority debt PES_GRNCUR CURR 
336 PES_GXCURR Current amount not exempt PES_GRNCUR CURR 
337 PES_GXXTND Non-exempt amount (Extension) PES_GRNCUR CURR 
338 PES_HABIT Usual work of the worker PES_BOOLE CHAR 
339 PES_HI3MT Child under 3 years of working mother CHAR1 CHAR 
340 PES_HOFOR Training hours DEC4_2 DEC 
341 PES_HOGENV Time (HHMMSS) the notification send was generated   TIMS 
342 PES_HORA RED system: Preparation time NUM4 NUMC 
343 PES_HORAA Time of accident UZEIT TIMS 
344 PES_HORAS Contracts: Working hours in part-time contracts DEC4_2 DEC 
345 PES_HOSPI Hospital name TEXT40 CHAR 
346 PES_HPAFI .AFI message processing time   TIMS 
347 PES_HTRAB Work time when the accident occurred PES_HTRAB CHAR 
348 PES_HUEINI Initial print of file *.FAN CHAR32 CHAR 
349 PES_HUEL Activity percentage in the event of a partial strike NUM3 NUMC 
350 PES_HUELGA Partial strike PES_HUELGA CHAR 
351 PES_HUELLA RED system: Horizontal print CHAR3 CHAR 
352 PES_IAAMT Adjustment amount PES_CUR9_2 CURR 
353 PES_IADAT Adjustment date DATUM DATS 
354 PES_IADBN Debt number OBJPS CHAR 
355 PES_IADRL Date adjustment is relevant DATUM DATS 
356 PES_IAQT1 Amount processing PES_IAQT1 CHAR 
357 PES_IAQT2 Extra payment processing PES_IAQT2 CHAR 
358 PES_IARNT Text describing the reason for adjustment AS4TEXT CHAR 
359 PES_IARSN Reason for adjustment PES_IARSN CHAR 
360 PES_IAWTT Description of amount processing AS4TEXT CHAR 
361 PES_IAWTY Amount processing PES_IAWTY CHAR 
362 PES_IBASEL Employment tax (IRPF): Basis for deduction type WERTV5 CURR 
363 PES_IBETR Amount for employment tax calculation WERTV5 CURR 
364 PES_ICCEV Employment tax (IRPF): Wage type relevant for evaluations LGART CHAR 
365 PES_ICDESP Dismissal costs indicator PES_ICDESP CHAR 
366 PES_ICOMP Complementary information PES_ICOMP CHAR 
367 PES_ICONTE Written contract indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
368 PES_ICP62 Employment tax (IRPF): Payment key according to infotype 62 XFELD CHAR 
369 PES_ICPRO Indicator of professional standard certificate XFELD CHAR 
370 PES_ICUOTA Employment tax (IRPF): Deduction contribution WERTV5 CURR 
371 PES_IDBAL Opening balance PES_BALCUR CURR 
372 PES_IDBTT Description of type of opening balance AS4TEXT CHAR 
373 PES_IDBTY Type of opening balance PES_IDBTY CHAR 
374 PES_IDCONT Contract identification by company PES_IDCONT CHAR 
375 PES_IDDEP Number of dependents PES_NXEXD NUMC 
376 PES_IDDISC Gap indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
377 PES_IDEN RED system: Identification type PES_IDEN CHAR 
379 PES_IDIRPF Factor for applying family minimum PES_IDIRPF CHAR 
380 PES_IDISC Family member degree of challenge PES_IDISC NUMC 
381 PES_IDISE Employee challenge grade PES_CATMIN CHAR 
382 PES_IDLIM Flag for limit (overwriting rule) XFELD CHAR 
383 PES_IDLLAM Calling identifier PES_IDLLAM CHAR 
384 PES_IDNAT Text describing the limit amount unit AS4TEXT CHAR 
385 PES_IDNIE Deductible is result of the exemption calculation XFELD CHAR 
386 PES_IDNIN Deductible amount is result of non-exempt calculation XFELD CHAR 
387 PES_IDNLD Amount per dependent for overwriting rule PES_NXDCUR CURR 
388 PES_IDNLF Rounded number for overwriting rule limit PES_NXFCUR CURR 
389 PES_IDNLP Percentage for overwriting deduction rule limit PES_PERCNT DEC 
390 PES_IDNPT Text describing the percentage limit unit AS4TEXT CHAR 
391 PES_IDNRL Relation between percentage limit and amount PES_NXREL CHAR 
392 PES_IDNRT Text describing the relation between limits AS4TEXT CHAR 
393 PES_IDNUA Amount unit for overwriting rule PES_NXUNA CHAR 
394 PES_IDNUP Percentage limit unit for overwriting rule PES_NXUNP CHAR 
395 PES_IDOFER Offer identifier CHAR17 CHAR 
396 PES_IDOPA Amount of online payment PES_OCUPAR CURR 
397 PES_IDOPAB Screen help element PES_IDOPAB DEC 
398 PES_IDOPT Text describing the on-going payment unit AS4TEXT CHAR 
399 PES_IDOPU Online payment unit PES_IDOPU CHAR 
400 PES_IDOTG Single deduction XFLAG CHAR 
401 PES_IDPAY Flag for on-going payment XFELD CHAR 
402 PES_IDSA1 Amount field 1 of special rule PES_CUR9_2 CURR 
403 PES_IDSA2 Amount field 2 of special rule PES_CUR9_2 CURR 
404 PES_IDSAM Amount field in the tabulated payment CURR9 CURR 
405 PES_IDSEG Main contract key PES_IDSEG CHAR 
406 PES_IDSP1 Percentage field 1 of special rule PES_PERCNT DEC 
407 PES_IDSP2 Percentage field 2 of special rule PES_PERCNT DEC 
408 PES_IDTYPE Identity document type PES_ID CHAR 
410 PES_IEMCC Monthly amount of non-industrial risks allowance WERT5 CURR 
411 PES_IGAALI Annuities for child maintenance CHAR13 CHAR 
412 PES_IGABEG Start of period considered CHAR10 CHAR 
413 PES_IGABRT Gross salary CHAR13 CHAR 
414 PES_IGACOT IRPF: Social Insurance or Healthcare Co. costs CHAR13 CHAR 
415 PES_IGAEND End of period considered CHAR10 CHAR 
416 PES_IGAPCM Employment Tax (IRPF): Compensatory payments CHAR13 CHAR 
417 PES_IGAPES Payment in kind CHAR13 CHAR 
418 PES_IGARPE Employment tax (IRPF): Annal gross salary received CHAR13 CHAR 
419 PES_IGARRI Employment tax (IRPF): Irregular performance CHAR13 CHAR 
420 PES_IGARRP Employment tax (IRPF): Deductions up to adjustment CHAR13 CHAR 
421 PES_IGAVFI Fixed variable payments CHAR13 CHAR 
422 PES_IGAVVR Employment tax (IRPF): Variable variable payments CHAR13 CHAR 
423 PES_IGA_COPY Copy of previous period XFELD CHAR 
424 PES_ILAND Country code LAND1 CHAR 
425 PES_IMPC11 The whole part of the amount CHAR11 CHAR 
427 PES_INACT RED system: inactivity CHAR1 CHAR 
428 PES_INACTI Inactivity type PES_INACT CHAR 
429 PES_INCLAL Include inactive employees CHOICE CHAR 
430 PES_INCPER Incapacitated employee readmitted CHAR1 CHAR 
431 PES_INCRE Readmitted person with occupational disability XFELD CHAR 
432 PES_INDAU Automatism indicator XFELD CHAR 
433 PES_INDCAR RED system: Account debit charge indicator XFELD CHAR 
434 PES_INDCOT Contribution indicator PES_INDCOT CHAR 
435 PES_INDDAT Indicator NUMC1 NUMC 
436 PES_INDFAC RED system: Factor or type indicator PES_INDFAC CHAR 
437 PES_INDIC Calculation type indicator PES_INDIC CHAR 
438 PES_INDIMP RED system: printout indicator PES_INDIMP CHAR 
439 PES_INDIS Disability indicators CHAR1 CHAR 
440 PES_INDOB Indicator of active allowance PES_INDOB CHAR 
441 PES_INDPB Lost of profits indicator PES_INDPB CHAR 
442 PES_INDRZS RED system: Registered company name indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
443 PES_INDSUB Partial subrogation indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
444 PES_INDSUB_UI Partial subrogation indicator XFELD CHAR 
445 PES_INDTRA RED system: Employee indicators CHAR1 CHAR 
446 PES_INDVA Vacation indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
447 PES_INEM Spanish Office of Employment (INEM): INEM local office code PES_INEM NUMC 
448 PES_INERB Percentage added to non-garnishable wage PES_PRCNT_2 DEC 
449 PES_INF62 Employment tax (IRPF): Entry allowed in infotype 62 XFELD CHAR 
450 PES_INICIO RED system: Start of period NUMC8 NUMC 
451 PES_INPER_UI Payroll in-period CHAR7 CHAR 
452 PES_INTCOE RED system: Whole part of coefficient NUMC2 NUMC 
453 PES_INTDEC RED system: Decimal fraction of coefficient NUMC2 NUMC 
454 PES_INTTIP RED system: Whole part of type NUMC3 NUMC 
455 PES_IOACI City of the agency TEXT35 CHAR 
456 PES_IOACO Country of the agency LAND1 CHAR 
457 PES_IOANM Name of the agency TEXT40 CHAR 
458 PES_IOAPC Postal code of the agency PSTLZ CHAR 
459 PES_IOAPH Telephone number of the agency TEXT16 CHAR 
460 PES_IOAPR Province of the agency REGIO CHAR 
461 PES_IOAST Street address of the agency TEXT35 CHAR 
462 PES_IOCLT Description of correspondence AS4TEXT CHAR 
463 PES_IOCN1 Case number 1 PES_IOCN1 CHAR 
464 PES_IOCN2 Case number 2 PES_IOCN1 CHAR 
465 PES_IOCOL Correspondence language SPRAS LANG 
466 PES_IOCTD Order shipping date DATUM DATS 
467 PES_IOGFA Garnishee fee PES_GFCUR CURR 
468 PES_IOPAY Make check payable to plaintiff XFELD CHAR 
469 PES_IOPLN Plaintiff TEXT40 CHAR 
470 PES_IORCD Reception date DATUM DATS 
471 PES_IORLD Reception date DATUM DATS 
472 PES_IOSRT Garnishment order sort date DATUM DATS 
473 PES_IOSTS Garnishment request status PES_IOSTS CHAR 
474 PES_IOSTX Status text AS4TEXT CHAR 
475 PES_IPADU Duration authorization indicator XFELD CHAR 
476 PES_IPERCE Payments per payment period PRBETRG CURR 
477 PES_IPERLI Payroll run period PES_MMJJJJ NUMC 
478 PES_IPORCE Employment tax (IRPF): Deduction percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
479 PES_IPORRE Reduction percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
481 PES_IRESTO Employment tax (IRPF): Rest of base for deduction type WERTV5 CURR 
482 PES_ISFAM Family member/reference person relation PES_ISFAM CHAR 
483 PES_ITRAMO Payment time period PRBETRG CURR 
485 PES_JORN Type of working day in contract PES_JORN CHAR 
486 PES_JORN_GL Working day type of the contract before legal guardianship PES_JORN CHAR 
487 PES_JORN_M Working day type of the contract before before maternity PES_JORN CHAR 
488 PES_JUBPAR Retirement indicator PES_JUBPAR CHAR 
489 PES_JUPGR Legal person grouper CHAR4 CHAR 
490 PES_KUMUL Cumulator NUMC2 NUMC 
491 PES_L13COM Edit L13 as Complementary (printring) XFIELD CHAR 
492 PES_LARED RED System: Country code CHAR3 CHAR 
493 PES_LEG Legal calculation indicator XFLAG CHAR 
494 PES_LEGBON Legislation applying to the right to bonuses NUM02 NUMC 
495 PES_LEGFOM Law promoting indefinate term contracts NUM02 NUMC 
496 PES_LIQUI Settled   DEC 
497 PES_LMODE_GEN Logging mode for calendar processing PES_LMODE_GEN CHAR 
498 PES_LNGTH Length of record NUMC3 NUMC