SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 14
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P01_U1IND Calculation of Employer's Share of Contribution XFELD CHAR 
2 P01_U1INI No Divergent Rule XFELD CHAR 
3 P01_U1KB1 Indicator for Refund of ER Contrib for Work Incap. 1st Rate P01_U1KBX CHAR 
4 P01_U1KB2 Indicator for Refund of ER Contrib. for Work Incap. 2nd Rate P01_U1KBX CHAR 
5 P01_U1KB3 Indicator for Refund of ER Contrib. for Work Incap. 3rd Rate P01_U1KBX CHAR 
6 P01_U1KB4 Indicator for Refund of ER Contrib. for Work Incap. 4th Rate P01_U1KBX CHAR 
7 P01_U1KB5 Indicator for Refund of ER Contrib. for Work Incap. 5th Rate P01_U1KBX CHAR 
8 P01_U1KB6 Indicator for Refund of ER Contrib. for Work Incap. 6th Rate P01_U1KBX CHAR 
9 P01_U1NOA No Reimbursement of Employer Share XFELD CHAR 
10 P01_U1PAU Flat Rate Reimbursement of Employer Share of Contribution XFELD CHAR 
11 P01_U1PER Percentage for Flat Rate Reimbursement P01_KKBTR DEC 
12 P01_U1STZ U1 Contribution Rate P01_U1STZ NUMC 
13 P01_U1US1 U1 Contribution Rate 1 P01_UMLSZ DEC 
14 P01_U1US2 U1 Contribution Rate 2 P01_UMLSZ DEC 
15 P01_U1US3 U1 Contribution Rate 3 P01_UMLSZ DEC 
16 P01_U1US4 U1 Contribution Rate 4 P01_UMLSZ DEC 
17 P01_U1US5 U1 Contribution Rate 5 P01_UMLSZ DEC 
18 P01_U1US6 U1 Contribution Rate 6 P01_UMLSZ DEC 
19 P01_U2ASV Include Divergent SI Gross for ER Share XFELD CHAR 
20 P01_U2BBG Limit of PI Contribution Assessment Threshold XFELD CHAR 
21 P01_U2BBV Limit Remun. to Income Threshold for Prohibition of Emplymnt XFELD CHAR 
22 P01_U2BZU Limit Remun. to Income Threshold for Maternity XFELD CHAR 
23 P01_U2EB1 Percent. for Refund of ER Contrib for Prohibition of Emplymt P01_UXEBX DEC 
24 P01_U2ES1 U2 Reimbursement Rate 1 P01_UERST DEC 
25 P01_U2IND Calculation of Employer's Share of Contribution XFELD CHAR 
26 P01_U2KB1 Indicator of Reimburse. of Employer Contr. f. Proh. of Empl. P01_U2KB1 CHAR 
27 P01_U2PAU Flat Rate Reimbursement of Employer Share of Contribution XFELD CHAR 
28 P01_U2PER Percentage for Flat Rate Reimbursement P01_KKBTR DEC 
29 P01_U2POB Flat Rate Reimbursement of ER Share Without Limit XFELD CHAR 
30 P01_U2US1 U2 Contribution Rate 1 P01_UMLSZ DEC 
31 P01_UEBDT Date of Transfer of Commitment to Pension Insurance DATUM DATS 
32 P01_UEBERW Bank Transfer Data for Garnishment TEXT73 CHAR 
33 P01_UEBIN Printout of Personnel Number Range Overview XFELD CHAR 
34 P01_UEBRR AVmG: Recalculation in Retroactive Accounting XFELD CHAR 
35 P01_UEBSI Printout of Overview XFELD CHAR 
36 P01_UENTG Amount to Be Reserved for Open Leave PRBETRG CURR 
37 P01_UETAG Transferred Employer Contribution Share P01_WGBTR CURR 
38 P01_UETEG Transferred Remuneration Credit P01_WGBTR CURR 
39 P01_UI_AFART Adjustment Type AEART CHAR 
40 P01_UI_AINSL AVmG: Key of Investment Institution P01_AINSL CHAR 
41 P01_UI_AKTGL Creditor's Case Number TEXT20 CHAR 
42 P01_UI_AKTZE Case Number of Garnishment and Transfer Ruling TEXT20 CHAR 
43 P01_UI_ANBTR AVmG: Eligible Amount EE BVV P01_BEITG CURR 
44 P01_UI_ANLTX AVmG: Investment Type CHAR60 CHAR 
45 P01_UI_ANNU2 AVmG: 2nd Contract Number TEXT15 CHAR 
46 P01_UI_ANRDE Form-of-Address Key ANRDE CHAR 
47 P01_UI_ANWAU End of Supplementary Pension DATUM DATS 
48 P01_UI_ANWEI Start of Supplementary Pension DATUM DATS 
49 P01_UI_ANWMT Member Number of Supplementary Benefit CHAR15 CHAR 
50 P01_UI_ANWVO Early Future Pension Rights ANWBT CURR 
51 P01_UI_ANWVS Pension Type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
52 P01_UI_APROZ Percentage Transfer of Principal DEC2_2 DEC 
53 P01_UI_ARTBV Garnishment Liability of WT for Preferred Garnishment TXNUM CHAR 
54 P01_UI_ARTGW Garnishment Liability of WT for Normal Garnishment TXNUM CHAR 
55 P01_UI_ATZK9 Employment Office Number, 9 Places P01_ATZK9 CHAR 
56 P01_UI_ATZKA Individual Cap of Semiretirement Gross P01_ATZKA CHAR 
57 P01_UI_ATZMO Semiretirement Model P01_ATZMO CHAR 
58 P01_UI_ATZPG Individual Check: Statutory/Collective Agreement P01_ATZPG CHAR 
59 P01_UI_ATZPH Semiretirement: Phase in Block Model P01_ATZPH CHAR 
60 P01_UI_ATZRE Reimbursement of Supplementary Amounts XFELD CHAR 
61 P01_UI_ATZSR Special Rule for Semiretirment P01_ATZSR CHAR 
62 P01_UI_ATZWB Personnel Number of Reassigned Person PERSNO NUMC 
63 P01_UI_ATZWN Name of Reassigned Person TEXT40 CHAR 
65 P01_UI_AVANZ Interval in Periods DEC3 DEC 
66 P01_UI_AVKNZ Contribution Group Key: Unemployment Insurance P01_AVKNZ CHAR 
67 P01_UI_AVLNR AVmG: Sequence Number OBJPS CHAR 
68 P01_UI_A_BISMK To-Month Child Allowance Payment P01_UI_A_MONAT NUMC 
69 P01_UI_A_NNAME Last Name of Child TEXT35 CHAR 
70 P01_UI_A_STRAS Street TEXT35 CHAR 
71 P01_UI_A_VNAME Child's First Name TEXT35 CHAR 
72 P01_UI_A_VONMK From-Month Child Allowance Payment P01_UI_A_MONAT NUMC 
73 P01_UI_A_ZBRCH Directly Entitled to Bonus XFELD CHAR 
74 P01_UI_A_ZULAA Bonus at Other Provider XFELD CHAR 
75 P01_UI_BAUBZ Name of Construction Site Identification for FACE SCRTEXT_S CHAR 
76 P01_UI_BAUST AVmG: Module P01_BAUST CHAR 
77 P01_UI_BBEGD Interest Calculation from DATUM DATS 
78 P01_UI_BBETR Amount of Transfer of Costs WERT05 CURR 
79 P01_UI_BFREI Unseizable Amount acc. to Sec. 850d ZPO WERT05 CURR 
80 P01_UI_BKOMO Monthly Costs for Normal/Priority Area WERT05 CURR 
81 P01_UI_BKOUV Interest-Free Costs for Normal/Priority Area WERT05 CURR 
82 P01_UI_BKOZI Interest-Bearing Costs for Normal/Priority Area WERT05 CURR 
83 P01_UI_BKPLZ Postal Code PSTLZ CHAR 
84 P01_UI_BPRAE Miner's Bonus P014_BPRAE CHAR 
85 P01_UI_BSATT1 Attribute 1 P01B_BSATT CHAR 
86 P01_UI_BSATT2 Attribute 2 P01B_BSATT CHAR 
87 P01_UI_BSATT3 Attribute 3 P01B_BSATT CHAR 
88 P01_UI_BSATT4 Attribute 4 P01B_BSATT CHAR 
89 P01_UI_BSATT5 Attribute 5 P01B_BSATT CHAR 
90 P01_UI_BSATT6 Attribute 6 P01B_BSATT CHAR 
91 P01_UI_BSATT7 Attribute 7 P01B_BSATT CHAR 
92 P01_UI_BSATT8 Attribute 8 P01B_BSATT CHAR 
93 P01_UI_BSERG AVmG: Module of Contract Model XFELD CHAR 
94 P01_UI_BTRBV Amount of Garnishment Liability for Preferred Garnishment WERT05 CURR 
95 P01_UI_BTRGW Garnishment Liability Amount for Normal Garnishment WERT05 CURR 
96 P01_UI_BTRTL Personnel Subarea for Disruptive Event BTRTL CHAR 
97 P01_UI_BTRTLV Default Personnel Subarea for Disruptive Event BTRTL CHAR 
98 P01_UI_BVBEZ Indicator: Special Payments XFELD CHAR 
99 P01_UI_C_ANGRP Pension Plan P01C_ANGRP CHAR 
100 P01_UI_C_ANTXT Text for Pension Plan TEXT40 CHAR 
101 P01_UI_C_APDAT Check Date for Next Adjustment DATS DATS 
102 P01_UI_C_ASPER Lock Pension Adjustment XFELD CHAR 
103 P01_UI_C_ATEXT Entitlement/Benefit Type Text TEXT40 CHAR 
104 P01_UI_C_AVFMA Company Pension Scheme Pension Organizations P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
105 P01_UI_C_AVFTX Name of Pension Organization TEXT30 CHAR 
106 P01_UI_C_AVFTX2 Text: Company Responsible TEXT30 CHAR 
107 P01_UI_C_BEIKZ Contribution Indicator P01C_BEIKZ CHAR 
108 P01_UI_C_BEITR Contribution P01C_BETRG CURR 
109 P01_UI_C_BTFKZ Indicator for Annual/Monthly Benefit P01C_BTPKZ CHAR 
110 P01_UI_C_CMETH Method for Calculation of the Cumulated Conversion P01C_CMETH CHAR 
111 P01_UI_C_DABEG Start Period for Last Transfer of Basic Data DATUM DATS 
112 P01_UI_C_DADAT Period End for Last Transfer of Basic Data DATUM DATS 
113 P01_UI_C_DASPR Lock Transfer of Basic Data to Cluster DA XFELD CHAR 
114 P01_UI_C_DASTA Error Endicator for Last Transfer of Basic Data XFELD CHAR 
115 P01_UI_C_DATMS Creation Date of Membership Certificate DATUM DATS 
116 P01_UI_C_DCMAX Conversion Request BETRG CURR 
117 P01_UI_C_DCMIN Minimum Gross BETRG CURR 
118 P01_UI_C_DZJJA Compensated Employment Years P01C_ANZ22 DEC 
119 P01_UI_C_EINVO Different Start of Pension Plan DATUM DATS 
120 P01_UI_C_EINZV Debit Procedure for Contributions P01C_EINZV CHAR 
121 P01_UI_C_IDAUS Rule for Payment Control P01C_IDAUS CHAR 
122 P01_UI_C_LGAGP Wage Type Grouping for Payroll Control P01C_GRPID CHAR 
123 P01_UI_C_LURSP Company Responsible P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
124 P01_UI_C_MOBVK Calculation Variant for Entitlement P01C_MODBV CHAR 
125 P01_UI_C_MODBV Calculation Variant for Entitlement P01C_MODBV CHAR 
126 P01_UI_C_NAREL Not Payroll Relevant XFELD CHAR 
127 P01_UI_C_PNRBZ Personnel Number of Contribution Payer PERNR NUMC 
128 P01_UI_C_PRIZA Conversion Priority P01C_PRITY CHAR 
129 P01_UI_C_PROBT Open Contribution Reimbursements XFELD CHAR 
130 P01_UI_C_RELAB Base Determination through Payroll Accounting XFELD CHAR 
131 P01_UI_C_RPCHK Reimbursement Check XFELD CHAR 
132 P01_UI_C_RSPER Lock of Entitlement Valuation XFELD CHAR 
133 P01_UI_C_RSTGR Reserve Group P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
134 P01_UI_C_SUMME Total Amounts of Relevant Individual Wage Types WERTV5 CURR 
135 P01_UI_C_TBEGA Technical Start Date of Entitlement DATUM DATS 
136 P01_UI_C_TBGDZ Technical Start Date for Valuation of Employment Period DATUM DATS 
137 P01_UI_C_UBSTP Date of Earliest Transfer DATUM DATS 
138 P01_UI_C_VJJAB Deviating Final Age for Pension Plan NUM02 NUMC 
139 P01_UI_C_VMBEG Financing Start for Reserves DATUM DATS 
140 P01_UI_C_VMSPR Lock for Creation of Interface Data XFELD CHAR 
141 P01_UI_C_VTBET Maximum Conversion BETRG CURR 
142 P01_UI_C_VTPER Contract Duration in Years NUM02 NUMC 
143 P01_UI_C_WAPRZ Percentage Rate for Conversion DEC03_2 DEC 
144 P01_UI_C_WATYP Conversion Type P01C_GRPID CHAR 
145 P01_UI_C_WMETH Method for Calculation of Conversion Amount P01C_WMETH CHAR 
146 P01_UI_C_ZUANS Assignment: Entitlement OBJPS CHAR 
147 P01_UI_DRITT Declaration by Third Party Debtor XFELD CHAR 
148 P01_UI_DSV_STFKATEGORIE Category of Disruptive Event-Income Threshold Deficit SUBTY_591A CHAR 
149 P01_UI_DVLNR Company Insurance: Sequence Number of Infotype Record OBJPS CHAR 
150 P01_UI_DZANZL Payment Interval in Periods DEC3 DEC 
151 P01_UI_DZFPER First Payment Period PABRP NUMC 
152 P01_UI_DZPANZ Number for Determining Additional Pension Increases DEC2 DEC 
153 P01_UI_DZUSBT Subsidizable Amount SVBTR CURR 
154 P01_UI_DZWECK Note to Payee of Bank Transfers TEXT40 CHAR 
155 P01_UI_EENDD Calculate Interest to DATUM DATS 
156 P01_UI_EMFSL Payee Key for Bank Transfers EMFSL_521B CHAR 
157 P01_UI_EMFTX Payee Text TEXT40 CHAR 
158 P01_UI_EMNAM Formatted Name of Employee or Applicant TEXT40 CHAR 
159 P01_UI_ERBNR Reference Personnel Number for Family Member CHAR12 CHAR 
160 P01_UI_ERGVN AVmG: Supplementary Contract Number BVV CHAR2 CHAR 
161 P01_UI_EUKNZ AVmG: Indicator for Individual Transfer XFELD CHAR 
162 P01_UI_FAMSA Type of Family Record SUBTY_591A CHAR 
163 P01_UI_FINAN Company Insurance: Financing P01_UI_FINAN CHAR 
164 P01_UI_FINTX AVmG: Financing CHAR60 CHAR 
165 P01_UI_FLTXT Text for Special Case Field TEXT10 CHAR 
166 P01_UI_FORBE Start of Adjustment DATUM DATS 
167 P01_UI_FRB1J Annual Personal Exemption according to Tax Card WERT5 CURR 
168 P01_UI_FRB1M Monthly Personal Exemption According to Tax Card WERT5 CURR 
169 P01_UI_FRB2J Annual Additional Exemption According to Tax Card WERT5 CURR 
170 P01_UI_FRB2M Monthly Additional Exemption according to Tax Card WERT5 CURR 
171 P01_UI_FZAMN Tax Office Number FZAMN NUMC 
172 P01_UI_GABRJ Balance to Year GJAHR NUMC 
173 P01_UI_GBDAT Date of Birth GBDAT DATS 
174 P01_UI_GBLND Country of Birth LAND1 CHAR 
175 P01_UI_GBPAS Date of Birth According to Passport CHAR10 CHAR 
176 P01_UI_GBPAS_DD Day of Birth, or 00 If Unknown NUMC2 NUMC 
177 P01_UI_GBPAS_MM Month of Birth, or 00 If Unknown NUMC2 NUMC 
178 P01_UI_GBPAS_YYYY Year of Date of Birth According to Passport NUMC4 NUMC 
179 P01_UI_GERBE Court/Authority TEXT30 CHAR 
180 P01_UI_GFTST Hazard Pay Area P015_GFTST CHAR 
181 P01_UI_GKPER First Valid Period PABRP NUMC 
182 P01_UI_GLABT Creditor - Department TEXT12 CHAR 
183 P01_UI_GLANR Creditor - Form of Address Key ANRDE CHAR 
184 P01_UI_GLART Distribution Type for Simultaneous Garnishment Delivery AUFTE CHAR 
185 P01_UI_GLFRM Creditor - Company Name TEXT26 CHAR 
186 P01_UI_GLLND Creditor - Country Key LAND1 CHAR 
187 P01_UI_GLPLZ Creditor - Postal Code PSTLZ CHAR 
188 P01_UI_GLPRO Percentage for Garnishments Delivered at Same Time DEC2_2 DEC 
189 P01_UI_GLSTR Creditor - Street and House Number TEXT30 CHAR 
190 P01_UI_GLTEL Creditor - Telephone Number CHAR20 CHAR 
191 P01_UI_GLVNA Creditor - First Name VORNM CHAR 
192 P01_UI_GMNDN Municipality Number GMNDN NUMC 
193 P01_UI_GSBER Business Area GSBER CHAR 
194 P01_UI_HINZJ Annual Additional Amount according to Tax Card WERT5 CURR 
195 P01_UI_HINZM Monthly Additional Amount according to Tax Card WERT5 CURR 
196 P01_UI_IBBEG Start of Validity Period for Indirect Valuation DATUM DATS 
197 P01_UI_IBEND Valid To Date DATUM DATS 
198 P01_UI_KDBSL Bonus Entitlement AUSPR CHAR 
199 P01_UI_KDFBT Number of Tax Exemptions for Children (D) DEC2_1 DEC 
200 P01_UI_KDSVH Relationship to Child AUSPR CHAR 
201 P01_UI_KISTA Religious Denomination of Employee KONFE CHAR 
202 P01_UI_KISTE Religious Denomination of Spouse KONFE CHAR 
203 P01_UI_KKENN Flag: Transfer Costs XFELD CHAR 
204 P01_UI_KNDNR Child Number OBJPS CHAR 
205 P01_UI_KNZAG Indicator: Supplementary Benefit From Employer XFELD CHAR 
206 P01_UI_KNZNM Name Format Indicator for Employee in a List KNZN2 NUMC 
207 P01_UI_KOLND Correspondence Country Key LAND1 CHAR 
208 P01_UI_KONDT Date of Entry into Group DATUM DATS 
209 P01_UI_KONMD DUEVO: Indicator Public Sector Total Insurance XFELD CHAR 
210 P01_UI_KOPLZ Correspondence Postal Code PSTLZ CHAR 
211 P01_UI_KORST Correspondence - Street and House Number TEXT30 CHAR 
212 P01_UI_KOTEL Correspondence - Telephone Number CHAR20 CHAR 
213 P01_UI_KPROZ Percentage Transfer of Costs DEC2_2 DEC 
214 P01_UI_KTGRY Statistics Area SUBTY_591A CHAR 
215 P01_UI_KULSA Wage Rate for Reduced Working Hours/Bad Weather Pay WERT4 CURR 
216 P01_UI_KURFN RHC Reference Number KURFN CHAR 
217 P01_UI_KUSPE Lock Indicator for Reduced Working Hours XFELD CHAR 
218 P01_UI_KUSWG Reduced Hours/Winter Compensation KUSWG CHAR 
219 P01_UI_KVARZ Allowance Procedure KVARI CHAR 
220 P01_UI_KVKNZ Contribution Group Key: Health Insurance P01_KVKNZ CHAR 
221 P01_UI_KZMAN Flag: Lock Automatic Calculation XFELD CHAR 
222 P01_UI_LGAR3 Wage Type LGART CHAR 
223 P01_UI_LSTKT Flag: Seizure of Employment Tax Card XFELD CHAR 
224 P01_UI_LSWGV Wage Rate for Advance Interim Payment during Winter Months WERT4 CURR 
225 P01_UI_MAXKV Maximum HI Gross for Pensioners SVBTR CURR 
226 P01_UI_MDVAB PAISY: 11 64 Manual DEUEV Deregistration CHAR1 CHAR 
227 P01_UI_MDVAN PAISY: 11 61 Manual DEUEV Deregistration CHAR1 CHAR 
228 P01_UI_MFBZG Flag: Multiple Benefits XFELD CHAR 
229 P01_UI_NAMZ2 Other Title for Birth Name TITEL CHAR 
230 P01_UI_NATS2 Second Nationality LAND1 CHAR 
231 P01_UI_NATS3 Third Nationality LAND1 CHAR 
232 P01_UI_NBPBR Not Eligible for Miner's Bonus XFELD CHAR 
233 P01_UI_NKOMO Monthly Costs in Normal Range WERT05 CURR 
234 P01_UI_NKOUV Interest-Free Costs in Normal Range WERT05 CURR 
235 P01_UI_NKOZI Interest-Bearing Costs in Normal Range WERT05 CURR 
236 P01_UI_P01B_ANZHL Number of Days DEC3_2 DEC 
237 P01_UI_P01B_BERGR Occupational Group in SF Procedure Construct. Industry (D) CHAR4 CHAR 
238 P01_UI_P01B_ZVKA1 Social Fund - Previous Employer P01B_ZVKAS CHAR 
239 P01_UI_P01B_ZVKSP Flag: "No Participation in Social Fund Procedure" XFELD CHAR 
240 P01_UI_P850C Normal Determination for Normal Garnishm. under Sec.50c ZPO XFELD CHAR 
241 P01_UI_PAUST Flag: Flat-Rate Tax XFELD CHAR 
242 P01_UI_PEANW Start Date for Legal Right to Future Pension Payments DATUM DATS 
243 P01_UI_PEPNR Pensioner's Personnel Number PERNR NUMC 
244 P01_UI_PERUS Amount Accrued in Company Pension WERTV5 CURR 
245 P01_UI_PEVAL Pensionable Remuneration WERTV5 CURR 
246 P01_UI_PEVFR Years Exempt from Insurance NUM2 NUMC 
247 P01_UI_PEVSF Entry Date for Pension DATUM DATS 
248 P01_UI_PFARD Garnishment Type P01_UI_PFART CHAR 
249 P01_UI_PFATX Name of Garnishment Type TEXT40 CHAR 
250 P01_UI_PFBAR Fixed Seizable Amount WERT05 CURR 
251 P01_UI_PFDTM Notification Date/Contract Start DATUM DATS 
252 P01_UI_PFEND Repayment Date for Garnishment/Cession of Wages DATUM DATS 
253 P01_UI_PFLNR Object Identification for Garnishment Infotypes OBJPS CHAR 
254 P01_UI_PFMER Unseizable Surplus DEC2_2 DEC 
255 P01_UI_PFNUM Garnishment Number PFNUM NUMC 
256 P01_UI_PFSTT Status of Garnishment/Cession of Wages PFSTT CHAR 
257 P01_UI_PFUHR Time of Garnishment Notification/Contract Start Date UZEIT TIMS 
258 P01_UI_PFVOM Issue Date of Garnishment Ruling DATUM DATS 
259 P01_UI_PP510 PAISY: P5 10 Gross Total WERT7N2PAISY CURR 
260 P01_UI_PP511 PAISY: P5 11 Gross Taxable WERT7N2PAISY CURR 
261 P01_UI_PP512 PAISY: P5 12 Gross SI-Liable WERT6N2PAISY CURR 
262 P01_UI_PP513 PAISY: P5 13 Retained Employment Tax WERT7N2PAISY CURR 
263 P01_UI_PP514 PAISY: P5 14 Retained Church Tax WERT6N2PAISY CURR 
264 P01_UI_PP515 PAISY: P5 15 Retained Pension Insurance Contribution WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
265 P01_UI_PP516 PAISY: P5 16 Employer Contribution to PI WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
266 P01_UI_PP517 PAISY: P5 17 Retained Unemployment Insurance Contribution WERT4N2PAISY CURR 
267 P01_UI_PP518 PAISY: P5 18 Employer Contribution to Unemployment Insurance WERT4N2PAISY CURR 
268 P01_UI_PP519 PAISY: P5 19 Retained Health Insurance Contribution WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
269 P01_UI_PP520 PAISY: P5 20 ER Contribution to Health Insurance WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
270 P01_UI_PP521 PAISY: P5 21 Retained Care Insurance Contribution WERT4N2PAISY CURR 
271 P01_UI_PP522 PAISY: P5 22 Employer Contribution to Care Insurance WERT4N2PAISY CURR 
272 P01_UI_PP523 PAISY: P5 23 Gross Care Insurance-Liable WERT6N2PAISY CURR 
273 P01_UI_PP524 PAISY: P5 24 Capital Formation WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
274 P01_UI_PP525 PAISY: P5 25 Net WERT7N2PAISY CURR 
275 P01_UI_PP526 PAISY: P5 26 Benefit Payments WERT7N2PAISY CURR 
276 P01_UI_PP527 PAISY: P5 27 Reunification Tax WERT6N2PAISY CURR 
277 P01_UI_PP528 PAISY: P5 28 Semiretirement Pension Insurance Contribution WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
278 P01_UI_PP529 PAISY: P5 29 Semiretirement U Contribution WERT6N2PAISY CURR 
279 P01_UI_PP531 PAISY: P5 31 Flag: External Service Relationship CHAR01 CHAR 
280 P01_UI_PP535 PAISY: P5 35 Part-Time Employment: Health Insurance Gross WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
281 P01_UI_PP536 PAISY: P5 36 Part-Time Employment: Pension Isurance Gross WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
282 P01_UI_PP537 PAISY: P5 37 Part-Time Employment U Amount WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
283 P01_UI_PPBNK PAISY Garnishment: 15 02 Bank Number NUMC08 NUMC 
284 P01_UI_PPERN PAISY: Personnel Number CHAR9 CHAR 
285 P01_UI_PPF02 PAISY Garnishment: 15 02 Bank Number NUMC08 NUMC 
286 P01_UI_PPF03 PAISY Garnishment: 15 03 Account Number CHAR10 CHAR 
287 P01_UI_PPF05 PAISY: 15 05 Payment Creditor TEXT25 CHAR 
288 P01_UI_PPF06 PAISY: 06 Wage Type 1 CHAR3 CHAR 
289 P01_UI_PPF07 PAISY: 07 Amount WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
290 P01_UI_PPF08 PAISY: 15 08 Wage Type 2 CHAR3 CHAR 
291 P01_UI_PPF09 PAISY: 15 09 Amount 2 WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
292 P01_UI_PPF10 PAISY: 15 10 Wage Type 3 CHAR3 CHAR 
293 P01_UI_PPF11 PAISY: 15 11 Amount 3 WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
294 P01_UI_PPF12 PAISY: 15 12 Percentage Garnishment DEC2_2 DEC 
295 P01_UI_PPF19 PAISY Garnishment: 15 19 Reversal Indicator P01Y_STORNO CHAR 
296 P01_UI_PPF20 PAISY Garnishment: 15 20 Key Indicator Text CHAR2 CHAR 
297 P01_UI_PPF21 PAISY: 15 21 Decision Number TEXT25 CHAR 
298 P01_UI_PPF22 PAISY: 15 22 Retroactive Accounting Limit (Garnishment) P01Y_RRSTP CHAR 
299 P01_UI_PPF29 PAISY: 15 29 Selection Indicator CHAR01 CHAR 
300 P01_UI_PPF60 PAISY: 15 60 Notification Date DATS DATS 
301 P01_UI_PPF61 PAISY: 15 61 Total Amount (Limit) WERT7N2PAISY CURR 
302 P01_UI_PPF62 PAISY: 15 62 Arrears WERT7N2PAISY CURR 
303 P01_UI_PPF63 PAISY: 15 63 Maximum Rate WERT5N2PAISY CURR 
304 P01_UI_PPF64 PAISY: 15 64 Remaining Net WERT7N2PAISY CURR 
305 P01_UI_PPF65 PAISY: 15 65 Number of Dependents NUMC1 NUMC 
306 P01_UI_PPF70 PAISY: 15 70 Control: Gross Garnishment P01Y_STRBR CHAR 
307 P01_UI_PPF71 PAISY: 15 71 Symbolic Time NUMC1 NUMC 
308 P01_UI_PPF72 PAISY: 15 72 Garnishable Overtime PAISY_KZPFB CHAR 
309 P01_UI_PPF73 PAISY: 15 73 Garnishable Holiday Bonus PAISY_KZPFB CHAR 
310 P01_UI_PPF74 PAISY: 15 74 Garnishable Employment/Church Tax Adjustment PAISY_KZPFB CHAR 
311 P01_UI_PPF84 PAISY: 15 84 Flag: Print Transfer Amounts P01Y_KZDUW CHAR 
313 P01_UI_PRITA Transfer Priority PFPRI CHAR 
314 P01_UI_PRIZA Payment Priority P013_PRITY CHAR 
315 P01_UI_PROBV Percentage for Garnishability of Preferred Garnishment DEC2_2 DEC 
316 P01_UI_PROGW Percentage for Garnishability of Normal Garnishment DEC2_2 DEC 
317 P01_UI_PRUGR Reserve Group PENGR CHAR 
318 P01_UI_PSTLZ_HR Postal Code PSTLZ CHAR 
319 P01_UI_PVKNZ Contribution Group Key: Care Insurance P01_PVKNZ CHAR 
322 P01_UI_PZIN1 Checkbox for Entry of Interest Data XFELD CHAR 
323 P01_UI_PZIN3 Checkbox for Entry of Interest Data XFELD CHAR 
324 P01_UI_PZIN8 Checkbox for Entry of Interest Data XFELD CHAR 
325 P01_UI_RVKNZ Contribution Group Key: Pension Insurance P01_RVKNZ CHAR 
326 P01_UI_RVNUM Pension Insurance Number RVNUM CHAR 
327 P01_UI_SBETR Transfer Amount for Principal WERT05 CURR 
328 P01_UI_SBTTX Type of Family Record TEXT40 CHAR 
329 P01_UI_SFLNR PAISY Sequence Number OBJPS CHAR 
330 P01_UI_SKENN Flag: Transfer of Principal XFELD CHAR 
331 P01_UI_SONMD DEUEV Special Registration XFELD CHAR 
332 P01_UI_SONTX Social Insurance Special Rule Text TEXT15 CHAR 
333 P01_UI_SONZV Special Regulations: Supplementary Insurances P011_SONZV CHAR 
334 P01_UI_STBRF DEUEV Occupational Status P01_UI_STBRF CHAR 
335 P01_UI_STETX AVmG: Taxation CHAR60 CHAR 
336 P01_UI_STEUR Company Insurance: Tax Code P01_UI_STEUR CHAR 
337 P01_UI_STKAG Date of Issue of Tax Card DATS DATS 
338 P01_UI_STKRT Certification Period NUM2 NUMC 
339 P01_UI_STRKZ Indicator: Tax Card Not Submitted XFELD CHAR 
340 P01_UI_STRS1 Special Rule for Tax STRMM CHAR 
341 P01_UI_STRS2 Special Rule for Tax STRMM CHAR 
342 P01_UI_STVOR Date of Next Increase DATUM DATS 
343 P01_UI_SVAT1 SI Attribute SVATT CHAR 
344 P01_UI_SVAT2 SI Attribute SVATT CHAR 
345 P01_UI_SVAT3 SI Attribute SVATT CHAR 
346 P01_UI_SVAT4 SI Attribute SVATT CHAR 
347 P01_UI_SVAT5 SI Attribute SVATT CHAR 
348 P01_UI_SVAT6 SI Attribute SVATT CHAR 
349 P01_UI_SVAT7 SI Attribute SVATT CHAR 
350 P01_UI_SVAT8 SI Attribute SVATT CHAR 
351 P01_UI_SVFRE Company Insurance Exempt from Social Insurance XFELD CHAR 
352 P01_UI_SWECK Note to Payee of Bank Transfers TEXT40 CHAR 
353 P01_UI_SW_UGBDAT Exact Date of Birth Unknown XFELD CHAR 
354 P01_UI_TABHA Dependencies TXNUM CHAR 
355 P01_UI_TBART Interest Calculation Type TXNUM CHAR 
356 P01_UI_TEILK Checkbox for Part-Time Employee XFELD CHAR 
357 P01_UI_TIMAX Maximum WERT05 CURR 
358 P01_UI_TIMIN Minimum WERT05 CURR 
359 P01_UI_TINSZ Interest Period TXNUM CHAR 
360 P01_UI_TMEHR Value-Added Tax Indicator TMEHR CHAR 
361 P01_UI_TMEIN Other Income WERT05 CURR 
362 P01_UI_UBETR Transfer Amount for Regular Maintenance Payments WERT05 CURR 
363 P01_UI_UDATE Vested Date DATUM DATS 
364 P01_UI_UEBNO Flag: No Transfer XFELD CHAR 
365 P01_UI_UKENN Flag: Transfer Regular Maintenance Payments XFELD CHAR 
366 P01_UI_UNIT_H Text for Hour Unit CHAR10 CHAR 
367 P01_UI_UNIT_KM Text for km Unit CHAR10 CHAR 
368 P01_UI_UNTBR Number of Maintenance Beneficiaries TEXT2 CHAR 
369 P01_UI_UPROZ Transfer Percentage for Regular Maintenance Payments DEC2_2 DEC 
370 P01_UI_VBAG1 Employer's Contribution to Capital Formation VWLSO CHAR 
371 P01_UI_VBANZ Number of Employer Shares NUM2 NUMC 
372 P01_UI_VDISI Wage Maintenance Type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
373 P01_UI_VERDA HR-DSV: Vested Date of Insurance DATUM DATS 
374 P01_UI_VERFH Procedure for Adding Several Incomes P01_UI_VERFH CHAR 
375 P01_UI_VFREI Pension Tax Exemption Granted STRMM CHAR 
376 P01_UI_VGBART Standard Type of Disruptive Event SI in Infotype 0123 P01_VGBART CHAR 
377 P01_UI_VMBNR Current Contract for Capital Formation SUBTY_591A CHAR 
378 P01_UI_VORS2 Name Prefix for Name at Birth TITEL CHAR 
379 P01_UI_VROTX AVmG: Processing Routine CHAR60 CHAR 
380 P01_UI_VROUT AVmG: Processing Routine P01_VROUT CHAR 
381 P01_UI_VRSAR Insurance Type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
382 P01_UI_VSGES Insurance Company CHAR2 CHAR 
383 P01_UI_VSNUM Insurance Policy Number CHAR12 CHAR 
384 P01_UI_VSPRA Insurance Premium WERTV5 CURR 
385 P01_UI_VSSUM Amount Insured WERTV6 CURR 
386 P01_UI_VTMOD AVmG: Contract Model P01_VTMOD CHAR 
387 P01_UI_VTMTX AVmG: Contract Model CHAR60 CHAR 
388 P01_UI_VWANK Indicator: Mark CF XFELD CHAR 
389 P01_UI_WDLGP AVmG: Conversion Wage Type Group P01_WDLGP CHAR 
390 P01_UI_WERKS Personnel Area for Disruptive Event PERSA CHAR 
391 P01_UI_WERKSV Default Personnel Area for Disruptive Event PERSA CHAR 
392 P01_UI_WGDAT Different Date for Disruptive Event bef. Reduction in EarnCp DATUM DATS 
393 P01_UI_WZKZ1 Processing Type of Capital Formation Record WZKZ1 CHAR 
394 P01_UI_W_ABART Subtype SUBTY CHAR 
395 P01_UI_W_ABDAU Traineeship Duration Expected to DATUM DATS 
396 P01_UI_W_ABPRF Final Check Passed? XFELD CHAR 
397 P01_UI_W_ADR01 HR-DBW: Address Field TEXT50 CHAR 
398 P01_UI_W_ADR02 HR-DBW: Address Field TEXT50 CHAR 
399 P01_UI_W_ADR03 HR-DBW: Address Field TEXT50 CHAR 
400 P01_UI_W_ADR04 HR-DBW: Address Field TEXT50 CHAR 
401 P01_UI_W_AEBIS Additional Remuneration: To DATUM DATS 
402 P01_UI_W_AEZUS Additional Remuneration P01W_AEZUS NUMC 
403 P01_UI_W_ANFRT Temporary Entitlement to NUMC02 NUMC 
404 P01_UI_W_APDAT Date of Audit DATS DATS 
405 P01_UI_W_ARTLE Type of Flat-Rate Benefit TEXT80 CHAR 
406 P01_UI_W_ARTNL HR-DBS: Type of One-Time Benefit TEXT80 CHAR 
407 P01_UI_W_ASNAM Applicant: Last Name TEXT25 CHAR 
408 P01_UI_W_ASVNM Applicant: First Name TEXT25 CHAR 
409 P01_UI_W_AVBEG Start of Work Relationship DATS DATS 
410 P01_UI_W_AVEIB Training Contract: Date of Request DATS DATS 
411 P01_UI_W_AVEND End Date of Training Relationship DATS DATS 
412 P01_UI_W_AVEWO Training Amount: Place of Request TEXT30 CHAR 
413 P01_UI_W_AWSTW Deviations - Weekly Working Time: Hours/Week STDAZ DEC 
414 P01_UI_W_BEKNZ Processing Indicator CHAR12 CHAR 
415 P01_UI_W_BFSCR Written Limitation XFELD CHAR 
416 P01_UI_W_BRTAE Working Time P01W_BRTAE CHAR 
417 P01_UI_W_BVAVG Work/Employment Relationship: Reasons TEXT70 CHAR 
418 P01_UI_W_EABET Revenue Changes: Level P_AMT07V CURR 
419 P01_UI_W_EAGRD Revenue Changes: Reasons TEXT30 CHAR 
420 P01_UI_W_EFZGD Continued Pay <= 6 Weeks: Reasons TEXT30 CHAR 
421 P01_UI_W_EINAD Revenue Changes XFELD CHAR 
422 P01_UI_W_ENTSC Excused Unpaid Working Hours STDAZ DEC 
423 P01_UI_W_FADAT Expiration Date DATS DATS 
424 P01_UI_W_FEEND Absence Time: To DATS DATS 
425 P01_UI_W_FEGRD Absence Time: Reason TEXT30 CHAR 
426 P01_UI_W_FRNTO Net Remuneration on First Day of Release from Work P_AMT07V CURR 
427 P01_UI_W_HABEZ Homeworker: Payment Type/Vacation Pay P01W_HABEZ CHAR 
428 P01_UI_W_HAURB Homeworker: Certified Vacation Days NUM03 NUMC 
429 P01_UI_W_HAURE Homeworker: Vacation Pay Contained in Gross Remuneration P_AMT07V CURR 
430 P01_UI_W_HAURJ Homeworker: Vacation per Year NUM03 NUMC 
431 P01_UI_W_KDGAM Notice given on DATS DATS 
432 P01_UI_W_KDGRD_AB Reason for Notice P01W_KDGRD_AB CHAR 
433 P01_UI_W_KDONO Ordinary Notice of Dismissal P01W_KDONO CHAR 
434 P01_UI_W_KDSCR Written Notice XFELD CHAR 
435 P01_UI_W_KDWID Termination: Breaches of Contract P01W_KDWID CHAR 
436 P01_UI_W_KDWIT Termination: Due to Weather XFELD CHAR 
437 P01_UI_W_KDZUM Notice on DATS DATS 
438 P01_UI_W_KDZUS Notice: Additional Agreements XFELD CHAR 
439 P01_UI_W_KPATL Capital Share P01W_KPATL DEC 
440 P01_UI_W_LABEG Building Sector: Wage Compensation From DATS DATS 
441 P01_UI_W_LAEND Building Sector: Wage Compensation To DATS DATS 
442 P01_UI_W_PBETR Amount of Flat-Rate Benefit P_AMT07V CURR 
443 P01_UI_W_PERAB Personal Deductions XFELD CHAR 
444 P01_UI_W_SSOSO Taxable Special Bonuses: Other P_AMT07V CURR 
445 P01_UI_W_STEXT Dynpro Heading for Statement Subinfotypes TEXT100 CHAR 
446 P01_UI_W_STWAG Advance Winter Compensation Benefit: Number of Hours STDAZ DEC 
447 P01_UI_W_SUERG Written Notification of Audit Result DATUM DATS 
448 P01_UI_W_TWZUU HR-DBW: Working Time for Transfer to UI STDAZ DEC 
449 P01_UI_W_UNTSC Unexcused Unpaid Working Hours STDAZ DEC 
450 P01_UI_W_VLAVH Extension of Training Relationship XFELD CHAR 
451 P01_UI_W_VLBRT Loss: Gross P_AMT07V CURR 
452 P01_UI_W_VLNTO Loss: Net P_AMT07V CURR 
453 P01_UI_W_VRBEG Early Retirement Pension: Start of Payment DATS DATS 
454 P01_UI_W_VRPRZ Early Retirement Pension: Rate P01W_VRPRZ DEC 
455 P01_UI_W_VVOLL Working Time of Comparable Full-Time Employee STDAZ DEC 
456 P01_UI_W_VWBET CFS of ER: Amount P_AMT07V CURR 
457 P01_UI_W_WAERS Currency Key WAERS CUKY 
458 P01_UI_W_WALAZ Advance Winter Compensation Benefit in Last Payroll Period XFELD CHAR 
459 P01_UI_W_WHWAA Further Notes TEXT50 CHAR 
460 P01_UI_W_WVLDT Start of Advance Winter Compensation Benefit DATS DATS 
461 P01_UI_W_WZAHL Other Payments XFELD CHAR 
462 P01_UI_W_ZABRT Additional Remuneration: Gross P_AMT07V CURR 
463 P01_UI_W_ZANTO Additional Remuneration: Net P_AMT07V CURR 
464 P01_UI_W_ZSBTG Additional Payments in Kind: Amount P_AMT07V CURR 
465 P01_UI_W_ZULEI Entitlement to Other Benefits P01W_ZULEI NUMC 
466 P01_UNBER Number of Maintenance Beneficiaries DEC2_2 DEC 
467 P01_UPDATE Switch: Database Update XFELD CHAR 
468 P01_UPDFP Path of Update File LOCALFILE CHAR 
469 P01_USAB_CHECKBOX Switch: Accessible Display XFELD CHAR 
470 P01_UTAGE Vacation Days Available PRANZHL DEC 
471 P01_UZEIT Time of Status Change   TIMS 
472 P01_VA_ABW_ADRNR_GER PEP: Alternative Address Number of Court AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
473 P01_VA_ABW_AKTENZ Other Case Number of Pension Equalization Payment TEXT20 CHAR 
474 P01_VA_ABW_NAME_GER Name of Alternative Court TEXT40 CHAR 
475 P01_VA_ADRNR_GERICHT PEP: Address Number of Court AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
476 P01_VA_AKTZ_VERS_AUSG Case Number of Pension Equalization Payment Procedure TEXT20 CHAR 
477 P01_VA_ALTER PEP: Calculation up to Age P01_VA_ALTER CHAR 
478 P01_VA_ANFDAT Request Date   DATS 
479 P01_VA_ANSPUV PEP: Vested Entitlement XFELD CHAR 
480 P01_VA_ANSPUVAB PEP: Entitlement Vested from DATS DATS 
482 P01_VA_ANWRTBTG PEP: Legal Right to Future Pension Payments: Amount P01C_BETRG CURR 
483 P01_VA_AUSGLEICH Equalization Value of Entitlement BETRG CURR 
484 P01_VA_AUSGLWERT PEP: Equalization Value P01C_BETRG CURR 
485 P01_VA_BEREG PEP: Regulation of Calculation Control P01_VA_BEREG CHAR 
486 P01_VA_BESTART Taxation Type P01_VA_BESTART CHAR 
487 P01_VA_BEWUZ PEP: Evaluation Immediate / Periodic P01_VA_BEWUZ CHAR 
488 P01_VA_BEZUG_AUSGLEICH Payment of Equalization Value P01_VA_BEZUG_AUSGLEICH CHAR 
489 P01_VA_BEZ_AUF_ANFRGE Payment on Query NUMC2 NUMC 
490 P01_VA_BTEXT PEP: Text for Calculation Control Regulation TEXT40 CHAR 
492 P01_VA_CHECK_EXT_P14_21 External Distribution Acc. to Sec.14 Para.2 No.1 VersAusglG XFELD CHAR 
493 P01_VA_CHECK_EXT_P14_22 External Distribution as per Sec.14 Para.2 No.2 VersAusglG XFELD CHAR 
494 P01_VA_CHECK_INT Internal Distribution XFELD CHAR 
496 P01_VA_CLSTX Short Description of Class AS4TEXT CHAR 
497 P01_VA_CLVAC PEP: Function Calulation of Pension Equalization Payment P01C_NUMID CHAR 
498 P01_VA_CLVAP PEP: Data Object Personnel Number P01C_NUMID CHAR 
499 P01_VA_DATE_EHE_BIS Date Length of Marriage To DATUM DATS 
500 P01_VA_DATE_EHE_VON Date Length of Marriage From DATUM DATS