SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 47
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P15_ESECUZTEST Flag for CUD test run XFELD CHAR 
2 P15_ESENZ_FILE Exemption file   CHAR 
3 P15_EUSER Last changed by UNAME CHAR 
4 P15_EVOUT Output ind. for events TEXT30 CHAR 
5 P15_EVRAG Key for events and reasons CHAR4 CHAR 
6 P15_EXECTEXT Text to identify the related TemSEs to a program run P15_EXECTEXT CHAR 
7 P15_EXTLOG Long log P15_BOOL CHAR 
8 P15_F24STAT Uniemens cluster: posting send status P15_F24STAT CHAR 
9 P15_F24_ANNO Year   CHAR 
10 P15_F24_APERIOD To period   CHAR 
11 P15_F24_CDCRED F24 section of credit tax code P15_CDCUA CHAR 
12 P15_F24_CDCUA F24: Compensated tax payer's reference number section P15_CDCUA CHAR 
13 P15_F24_CDDEBT F24 section of debit tax code P15_CDCUA CHAR 
14 P15_F24_CODCRED F24 credit code P15_CHR4 CHAR 
15 P15_F24_CODDEB F24 debit code P15_CHR4 CHAR 
16 P15_F24_CODENTE Body   CHAR 
17 P15_F24_CODFIS Reference municipality code   CHAR 
18 P15_F24_CODFISC TaxPayer RefNo.   CHAR 
19 P15_F24_CODREGIONE Region   CHAR 
20 P15_F24_CODRESULT F24: Compensated tax payer's reference number P15_CHR4 CHAR 
21 P15_F24_CODSEDE POW code   CHAR 
22 P15_F24_CODTRIB Tax code   CHAR 
23 P15_F24_COGNOMEC Surname   CHAR 
24 P15_F24_COMP_AMT F24: Compensated amount P15_IMPORTO CURR 
25 P15_F24_COMP_GROUP F24 Comp Group CHAR5 CHAR 
26 P15_F24_COMP_SEQNO F24: Data element for sequence number of compensation NUMC8 NUMC 
27 P15_F24_COMUNEC TP municip.   CHAR 
28 P15_F24_COMUNECDF Municipality TRN   CHAR 
29 P15_F24_CREDITO Credit   CHAR 
30 P15_F24_CRED_COMP_GROUP F24 Comp Group CHAR5 CHAR 
31 P15_F24_DAPERIOD From period   CHAR 
32 P15_F24_DATA_PAGAMENTO F24: F24 payment date DATUM DATS 
33 P15_F24_DATEC TP dates DATS DATS 
34 P15_F24_DEBITO Debit   CHAR 
35 P15_F24_DEB_COMP_GROUP F24 Comp Group CHAR5 CHAR 
36 P15_F24_DENOMC TP denom.   CHAR 
37 P15_F24_DIF_MUNREG F24: Allow comp. between different municipalities/regions XFELD CHAR 
38 P15_F24_IDENTIF Identifier   NUMC 
39 P15_F24_IMPORCRED Credit   CURR 
40 P15_F24_IMPORDEB Debit   CURR 
41 P15_F24_MATRICINPS INPS registration number   CHAR 
42 P15_F24_NOMEC Name of TP   CHAR 
43 P15_F24_NUMERORATE N. of installments   NUMC 
44 P15_F24_PAID_AMT F24: Amount paid by F24 P15_IMPORTO CURR 
45 P15_F24_PERIOD Period   CHAR 
46 P15_F24_PROVC TP province   CHAR 
47 P15_F24_PROVFISCC Pr.   CHAR 
48 P15_F24_RATA Installment   NUMC 
49 P15_F24_RATEAZIONE Division into installments   CHAR 
50 P15_F24_RATREGPROV Accrual/Reg./Prov.   CHAR 
51 P15_F24_REGION Region   CHAR 
52 P15_F24_REMAIN_AMT F24: Remaining amount P15_IMPORTO CURR 
53 P15_F24_REMAIN_TYPE Remaining amount category P15_F24_REMAIN_TYPE CHAR 
54 P15_F24_SALDOFINALE Closing balance   CURR 
55 P15_F24_SAME_YEAR F24: Same year XFELD CHAR 
56 P15_F24_SEQNO Sequence number P15_SEQNO NUMC 
57 P15_F24_TOTALCRED Total credit   CURR 
58 P15_F24_TOTALDEB Total debit   CURR 
59 P15_F24_TOTALSALDO Total bal.   CURR 
60 P15_F24_VIAFISCC Tax   CHAR 
62 P15_FACTOR Floating factor to multiply P15_FACTOR CURR 
63 P15_FASRE Income bracket for family allowance NUM02 NUMC 
64 P15_FASRE07 Income bracket for family allowance NUM03 NUMC 
66 P15_FFIELD Report: field P15_FFIELD CHAR 
67 P15_FIELD Infotype field FDNAME CHAR 
68 P15_FIL Filler   CHAR 
69 P15_FIL1A Filler   CHAR 
70 P15_FIL1B Filler2   CHAR 
71 P15_FIL2 Filler   CHAR 
72 P15_FIL2A Filler A CHAR4 CHAR 
73 P15_FIL2B Filler B CHAR5 CHAR 
74 P15_FIL6A Filler A CHAR11 CHAR 
75 P15_FIL6B Filler B CHAR23 CHAR 
76 P15_FILE Data for integrated 770 form XFELD CHAR 
77 P15_FILEF Value origin of UNiEmens element P15_FILEF CHAR 
78 P15_FILL3 Filler CHAR12 CHAR 
79 P15_FILLE filler P15_FILLE NUMC 
80 P15_FILLR Filler CHAR10 CHAR 
81 P15_FIRMA Owner's or legal representative's signature P15_FIRMA CHAR 
82 P15_FIRMC Signature on form TEXT35 CHAR 
83 P15_FIXLN Box length   INT2 
84 P15_FLAGS Print flag P15_FLAGS CHAR 
85 P15_FLINP Flag: special remuneration for sickness - section C P15_FLINP CHAR 
86 P15_FLPOS Position field P15_FLPOS CHAR 
87 P15_FLRIV Recurrence for pay scale jump revaluation P15_FLRIV CHAR 
88 P15_FLTFR Severance Indemnity Print Flag P15_FLTFR CHAR 
89 P15_FONTX Description of the Fund Indicator TXT25 CHAR 
90 P15_FORFU Report: force function call BOOLE CHAR 
91 P15_FORM Report indicator/legal form P15_FORM CHAR 
92 P15_FORMGIU Legal form for UniEmens - DMA CHAR10 CHAR 
93 P15_FRCPC Force CAF overwriting in table T5ITPC XFELD CHAR 
94 P15_FREQU Calculation type / form recurrence P15_FREQU CHAR 
95 P15_FRIGA Number of end print lines of form section P15_RIGAS NUMC 
96 P15_FRPAG Terms of payment (1=dir.paym., 2=comp.deb., 3=consul.deb.) NUM1 NUMC 
97 P15_FTEXT Section P15_FTEXT CHAR 
98 P15_FTYPE Report fild type P15_FTYPE CHAR 
99 P15_FULLT Full time / Part time flag P15_FULLT CHAR 
100 P15_FUNAM Function for grace special characteristics FUNCNAME CHAR 
101 P15_GBDAT Date of birth P15_GBDAT DATS 
102 P15_GCAIN Grace days for accident from/to P15_GGCAR NUMC 
103 P15_GCOM Family Member Group P15_GCOM NUMC 
104 P15_GCONT Content for output generation TEXT80 CHAR 
105 P15_GEN_DENAZ Flag for Generate Company Declaration XFELD CHAR 
106 P15_GGARE No. of days of paid absence P15_GGLAV DEC 
107 P15_GGCAA Company grace days P15_GGCAR NUMC 
108 P15_GGCAI Grace days National Accident Insurance P15_GGCAI NUMC 
109 P15_GGCAP Standard days for trainees P15_GGCON DEC 
110 P15_GGCAR INPS grace days P15_GGCAR NUMC 
111 P15_GGCDI Management standard days P15_GGCON DEC 
112 P15_GGCFU Standard days for officers P15_GGCON DEC 
113 P15_GGCIM Standard days for employees P15_GGCON DEC 
114 P15_GGCIN Standard days for intermediate cadres P15_GGCON DEC 
115 P15_GGCMB Max no. of days for bonus P15_GGCOB NUMC 
116 P15_GGCOB Bonus days P15_GGCOB NUMC 
117 P15_GGCOM Grace days P15_GGCOM NUMC 
118 P15_GGCON Standard days P15_GGCON DEC 
119 P15_GGCOP Standard days for workers P15_GGCON DEC 
120 P15_GGCOR Standard days accruals/month P15_GGCOR NUMC 
121 P15_GGCPR Extended grace days P15_GGCPR NUMC 
122 P15_GGCQU Standard days for executive employees P15_GGCON DEC 
123 P15_GGDON Blood donation day P15_GGDON NUMC 
124 P15_GGFER Leave days P15_GGLAV DEC 
125 P15_GGFES Non-working days P15_GGLAV DEC 
126 P15_GGFLI Days out of range P15_GGFLI DEC 
127 P15_GGIND Max.number of payable days P15_GGIND NUMC 
128 P15_GGINF Range days for accident P15_GGINF NUMC 
129 P15_GGINR Days of interval for subsequent sickness P15_GGINR NUMC 
130 P15_GGLAV Worked days P15_GGLAV DEC 
131 P15_GGLBM Maximum number of days for sickness bonus P15_GGLPC NUMC 
132 P15_GGLBO Max. no. of days for hospital bonus P15_GGLPC NUMC 
133 P15_GGLEB Max. no of days for short action P15_GGLPC NUMC 
134 P15_GGLIA Max no. of days for company integration P15_GGLIA NUMC 
135 P15_GGLIC Days of admitted certificate delivery delay P15_GGLIC NUMC 
136 P15_GGLII INPS limit bracket: max no. of days P15_GGLIG NUMC 
137 P15_GGLIM Max no. of paid sick days per year P15_GGLIM NUMC 
138 P15_GGLMA INPS sickness category: max no. of days P15_GGLMA NUMC 
139 P15_GGLMI INAIL accident categolry: max no. of days P15_GGLMI NUMC 
140 P15_GGLPC Max no. of days for grace period P15_GGLPC NUMC 
141 P15_GGMAX Max no. of consecutive days for marriage leave P15_GGMAX NUMC 
142 P15_GGMII Max no. of paid days INPS P15_GGMII NUMC 
143 P15_GGNOC Weekday to be excluded from leave P15_GGNOC CHAR 
144 P15_GGNR Special pays CUD: unpaid days P15_GGNR NUMC 
145 P15_GGNRE Unpaid days P15_GGLAV DEC 
146 P15_GGPRE Paid leave days P15_GGLAV DEC 
147 P15_GGPRO Sequential days P15_GGPRO NUMC 
148 P15_GGREB Paid days - section B P15_GGREB NUMC 
149 P15_GGSET Start/end day of the week P15_GGSET NUMC 
150 P15_GGSIN Weekday not reimbursed by INPS P15_GGSNI CHAR 
151 P15_GGSNA Sickness: weekday not reimbursed by INPS P15_GGSNI CHAR 
152 P15_GGSNI Weekday not reimbursed by INPS P15_GGSNI CHAR 
153 P15_GGTOT Total days of personnel action P15_GGTOT NUMC 
154 P15_GGUT Special pays CUD: days P15_GGUT NUMC 
155 P15_GGUTA Clear working days - Company P15_GGUTA NUMC 
156 P15_GINDE Paid days P15_GINDE NUMC 
157 P15_GINUS INPS scale entry/issue day P15_GINUS NUMC 
158 P15_GIOAL to date P15_GIOAL NUMC 
159 P15_GIODA From date P15_GIODA NUMC 
160 P15_GMESE Month days for family allowance P15_GMESE NUMC 
161 P15_GNIND Unpaid days P15_GNIND NUMC 
162 P15_GRAER Integration range P15_GRAER NUMC 
163 P15_GRASI Reimbursement range P15_GRASI NUMC 
164 P15_GRCAI IRPEF calculation group P15_GRCAI CHAR 
165 P15_GRCAL Calculation group P15_GRCAL CHAR 
166 P15_GRCTM Calculation groups for municipal taxes P15_GRCTM CHAR 
167 P15_GRCTP Regional taxes calculation group P15_GRCTP CHAR 
168 P15_GRCTR Calculation group for regional taxes P15_GRCTR CHAR 
169 P15_GRFUN Function group for box P15_GRFUN CHAR 
170 P15_HALLR Paid nursing hours P15_HALLR DEC 
171 P15_HBREF Number of nursing hours ANZHL DEC 
172 P15_HCAPP Trainees: standard hours P15_HCONV DEC 
173 P15_HCDIR Standard hours: managers P15_HCONV DEC 
174 P15_HCFUN Standard hours: officers P15_HCONV DEC 
175 P15_HCIMP Standard hours: employees P15_HCONV DEC 
176 P15_HCINT Standard hours for intermediate cadres P15_HCONV DEC 
177 P15_HCMAX continuous hours for marriage leave P15_HCMAX DEC 
178 P15_HCONV Standard hours P15_HCONV DEC 
179 P15_HCOPE Standard hours for workers P15_HCONV DEC 
180 P15_HCQUA Standard hours for executive employees P15_HCONV DEC 
181 P15_HEAD   CHAR 
182 P15_HEIRF CUD: heirs flag P15_HEIRF CHAR 
183 P15_HHCIG Earnings Equalization Fund hours Period P15_HHCIG DEC 
184 P15_HHFLI Hours beyond limit P15_HHFLI DEC 
185 P15_HHTEO Planned hours Period P15_HHTEO DEC 
186 P15_HIGHC Child's maximum age P15_AGECHLD NUMC 
187 P15_HMINA Minimun no. of worked hours for nursing P15_HMINA DEC 
188 P15_HOLIH Number of hours of holiday in the week ANZHL DEC 
189 P15_HRTAB Payroll driver table P15_HRTAB CHAR 
190 P15_HSETA Week hours - company P15_HHTEO DEC 
191 P15_HSETT Week hours - CIG P15_HHTEO DEC 
192 P15_IABRJ   NUMC 
193 P15_IABRP   NUMC 
194 P15_IDCAF CAAF ID number NUM5 NUMC 
195 P15_IDENTIF Identifier   NUMC 
196 P15_IDENTIF_LINK Identifier   NUMC 
197 P15_IDENTIF_TYPE Auxiliaries' identifier type P15_IDENTIF_TYPE CHAR 
198 P15_IDFAZ Company ID number CHAR10 CHAR 
199 P15_IDMEF MEFID Tag for UniEmens - DMA CHAR7 CHAR 
200 P15_IDTRA Layout ID   NUMC 
201 P15_IDVTAB Vartab identifier (Emens) NUMC10 NUMC 
202 P15_IMACC Provision yearly amount P15_IMACC CURR 
203 P15_IMANF Base amount CURR12 CURR 
204 P15_IMANF01 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
205 P15_IMANF02 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
206 P15_IMANF03 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
207 P15_IMANF04 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
208 P15_IMANF05 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
209 P15_IMANF06 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
210 P15_IMANF07 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
211 P15_IMANF08 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
212 P15_IMANF09 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
213 P15_IMANF10 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
214 P15_IMANF11 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
215 P15_IMANF12 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
216 P15_IMANF13 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
217 P15_IMANF14 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
218 P15_IMANF15 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
219 P15_IMANF16 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
220 P15_IMANF17 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
221 P15_IMANF18 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
222 P15_IMANF19 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
223 P15_IMANF20 Base amount CURR12 CURR 
224 P15_IMCON Amount to be 100% frozen CURR12 CURR 
225 P15_IMDM2 DM/2 amount - company NUM12 NUMC 
226 P15_IMESE Minimum amount P15_IMFAN CURR 
227 P15_IMFAN Annual fixed amount P15_IMFAN CURR 
228 P15_IMFIS Fixed amount P15_IMFAN CURR 
229 P15_IMFME Month's fix amount P15_IMFME CURR 
230 P15_IMIMN Net IRPEF min. amount P15_IMFAN CURR 
231 P15_IMINC Pay scale jump calculation base increase CURR12 CURR 
232 P15_IMLAV Contribution amount on employee's behalf NUM11 NUMC 
233 P15_IMMAX Pay scale jump max.amount CURR12 CURR 
234 P15_IMPAR Reduction annual amount P15_IMPAR CURR 
235 P15_IMPDE Yearly amount of tax deduction P15_IMPDE CURR 
236 P15_IMPES Exemption amount P15_IMFAN CURR 
237 P15_IMPO1 Amount 1 P15_IMPO1 CURR 
238 P15_IMPO2 Amount 2 P15_IMPO2 CURR 
239 P15_IMPOD Declared amount NUM12 NUMC 
240 P15_IMPOP Amount to be paid NUM12 NUMC 
241 P15_IMPOR Amount CURR12 CURR 
242 P15_IMPORTO INAIL: amount for INAIL balance P15_IMPINAI CURR 
243 P15_IMPORTO_ADV INAIL: amount for INAIL advance P15_IMPINAI CURR 
244 P15_IMPOT Amount P15_IMPORTO CURR 
245 P15_IMPOV Amount paid NUM12 NUMC 
246 P15_IMPRE Other income amount NUM12 NUMC 
247 P15_IMPRT Amount value P15_IMFAN CURR 
248 P15_IMPTA Enable import XFELD CHAR 
249 P15_IMPTF Severance indemnity withdrawal fixed amount P15_IMFAN CURR 
250 P15_IMRCC Municipal Surcharge to refund - Spouse P15_IMTIR CURR 
251 P15_IMRCD Municipal Surcharge to refund - Declarant P15_IMTIR CURR 
252 P15_IMRCT Total District Additional Amount to refund P15_IMTIR CURR 
253 P15_IMRIR Amount to be refunded IRPEF P15_IMRIR CURR 
254 P15_IMRIRC IRPEF amount to be refunded to declarant's spouse P15_IMRIR CURR 
255 P15_IMRIRD IRPEF amount to be refunded to declarant P15_IMRIR CURR 
256 P15_IMRRC Regional Surcharge to Refund - Spouse P15_IMTIR CURR 
257 P15_IMRRD Regional Surcharge to Refund - Declarant P15_IMTIR CURR 
258 P15_IMRRT Total local additional charge to refund P15_IMTIR CURR 
259 P15_IMRSS Amount to be refunded CSSN P15_IMRSS CURR 
260 P15_IMSAN Health contribution amount NUM12 NUMC 
261 P15_IMSIN Single pay scale jump amount CURR12 CURR 
262 P15_IMTCC Municipal Surcharge to Deduct - Spouse P15_IMTIR CURR 
263 P15_IMTCD Municipal Surcharge to Deduct - Declarant P15_IMTIR CURR 
264 P15_IMTCT Total District Additional Charge to be withheld P15_IMTIR CURR 
265 P15_IMTID Installment WT in IRPEF coupon for declarant LGART CHAR 
266 P15_IMTIR Amount to withhold IRPEF P15_IMTIR CURR 
267 P15_IMTIRC IRPEF amount to be withheld for declarant's spouse P15_IMTIR CURR 
268 P15_IMTIRD IRPEF amount to be withheld for declarant P15_IMTIR CURR 
269 P15_IMTRC Regional Surcharge to Deduct - Spouse P15_IMTIR CURR 
270 P15_IMTRD Regional Surcharge to Deduct - Declarant P15_IMTIR CURR 
271 P15_IMTRT Amount to withhold - total local additional charge P15_IMTIR CURR 
272 P15_IMTSS Amount to withhold CSSN P15_IMTSS CURR 
273 P15_INAIL_FREZ_T5ITIN1 Freeze T5itin1 XFELD CHAR 
274 P15_INAIL_REDUCTION Employees with deductions XFELD CHAR 
275 P15_INAIL_UPDT_T5ITIN1 Update T5itin1 XFELD CHAR 
276 P15_INAZS Bracket related company integration P15_INAZS CURR 
277 P15_INAZZ Resetting indicator P15_INAZZ CHAR 
279 P15_INCOM Value calculation XFELD CHAR 
281 P15_INCR Mini-scale value   CURR 
282 P15_INDCC Company change P15_INDCC CHAR 
283 P15_INDIN INPS reimbursement month P15_INDIN CURR 
284 P15_INDMN Reimbursements BETRG CURR 
285 P15_INFTY Taxation infotype P15_INFTY CHAR 
286 P15_ININS INPS scale reimbursement P15_ININS CURR 
287 P15_INIP Calculation from period start XFELD CHAR 
288 P15_INPSC INPS indicator P15_INPSC CHAR 
289 P15_INPSM INPS registration number TEXT10 CHAR 
290 P15_INSHW Checkbox that indicates to show values in ALV list XFELD CHAR 
292 P15_INTAZ Monthly company integration P15_INTAZ CURR 
293 P15_INTEG Type of Integration 730 P15_INTEG CHAR 
294 P15_INTEH Number of hours integrated by the employer ANZHL DEC 
295 P15_INTER Interest rate P15_INTER DEC 
296 P15_INTEREST_RULE Constant for interest in ITRET ABRKN CHAR 
297 P15_INTEREST_WAGETYPE Wage type for interest generation in ITRET LGART CHAR 
298 P15_INTGR Integrations BETRG CURR 
299 P15_INTRE Percentage rate for deferred payment P15_INTRE DEC 
300 P15_IPERIOD Reference period INPS F24   CHAR 
301 P15_ISCDA Registration date DATUM DATS 
302 P15_ISLSC Substitute Tax for Extra Work - Spouse   CURR 
303 P15_ISLSD Substitution Tax for Extra Work - Declarant   CURR 
304 P15_ISLST Substit. tax for extra work (total)   CURR 
305 P15_KENN1 Code for first event case NUM02 NUMC 
306 P15_KENN2 Code for subsequent sickness NUM02 NUMC 
309 P15_LARGH Form width (max no. of characters) P15_LARGH CHAR 
310 P15_LASTV Sum of items or the last item of the period P15_LASTV CHAR 
311 P15_LC005 Accrual from delayed adjust./stlmnt mnth (Legal Change 2005) P15_BOOL CHAR 
312 P15_LGCID Display log XFELD CHAR 
313 P15_LIMII Interval limit NUMC04 NUMC 
314 P15_LIMIP Limit value of grace parameter P15_LIMIP NUMC 
315 P15_LIMIT Range P15_LIMIT NUMC 
316 P15_LIMMA Sickness range days P15_LIMMA NUMC 
317 P15_LIMPR Maximum number of days in the reduced income bracket P15_LIMPR NUMC 
318 P15_LIMRI Subsequent sickness limit P15_LIMRI NUMC 
319 P15_LIVRE Reference pay scale level indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
320 P15_LNGTH Event length P15_LNGTH CHAR 
321 P15_LOGDI Display log XFELD CHAR 
322 P15_LOGSEZ3 Flag used to activate trace of section 3 of CUD 2003 XFELD CHAR 
323 P15_LOG_LEVEL log level P15_LOG_LEVEL NUMC 
324 P15_LOWC Child's minimum age P15_AGECHLD NUMC 
325 P15_LTEXT Description of INAIL office TEXT30 CHAR 
331 P15_LUNAS Field length on tape P15_LUNGH NUMC 
332 P15_LUNGH No. of characters in the field P15_LUNGH NUMC 
334 P15_MACSM Monthly highest rate for Earnings Equalization Fund P15_MACSM CURR 
335 P15_MACSO Hourly highest rate for Earnings Equalization Fund P15_MACSO DEC 
336 P15_MALPA Special sicknesses P15_MALPA CHAR 
337 P15_MAMLI Maximum number of months P15_MAMLI NUMC 
338 P15_MASCA Indicator for pay scale jump accrual P15_MASCA CHAR 
339 P15_MATAI INPDAI registration no. NUM10 NUMC 
340 P15_MATAZ Company registration number CHAR10 CHAR 
341 P15_MATCE INPS registration no. for tax centralization P15_MATCE CHAR 
342 P15_MATPROV Registration No of source NHS Contribution Item CHAR10 CHAR 
343 P15_MATRICINPS INPS registration number   CHAR 
344 P15_MATRL INAIL registration number CHAR10 CHAR 
345 P15_MAXGG Maximum number of integration days P15_MAXGG NUMC 
346 P15_MAXIN Maximum number of days of absence interruption NUMC4 NUMC 
347 P15_MDACC Difference cumulation mode P15_MDACC CHAR 
348 P15_MEKEN Priority flag for the criterion to split the absence XFELD CHAR 
349 P15_MEMST Calculate, store and print XFELD CHAR 
350 P15_MEPAG Month of payment P15_MEPAG NUMC 
351 P15_MERIC Alternative occurrence months NUM3 NUMC 
352 P15_MESAC Payment Month First Inst Mun Surcharge Adv Payment(FinL2007) P15_MEPAG NUMC 
353 P15_MESAL Reference month To P15_MESAL NUMC 
354 P15_MESDA Reference month From P15_MESDA NUMC 
355 P15_MESE Processing month NUM02 NUMC 
356 P15_MESEC Month P15_MESEC NUMC 
357 P15_MESEPREC Previous month generation flag XFELD CHAR 
358 P15_MESE_RIF Creation type of reference month P15_MESE_RIF CHAR 
359 P15_MEVER Payment month P15_MEPAG NUMC 
360 P15_MFINT Integration month P15_MEPAG NUMC 
361 P15_MFRAT Final payment month for I/II advance payment instalment P15_MEPAG NUMC 
362 P15_MIGLI Thousand separator XFELD CHAR 
363 P15_MINGI Min.worked days for 100% scale recovery P15_MINGI NUMC 
364 P15_MINRE Daily/hourly pay lowest rate P15_MINRE CURR 
365 P15_MINRM Monthly pay lowest rate P15_MINRM CURR 
366 P15_MMENS Monthly pay P15_MMENS NUMC 
367 P15_MML3M Month range long personnel action P15_MMLPC NUMC 
368 P15_MMLPC Sickness calculation months P15_MMLPC NUMC 
369 P15_MMPRI Priority P15_MMPRI NUMC 
370 P15_MNCID Pers.number min.detail XFELD CHAR 
371 P15_MO730 Grouping for Form 730 P15_MO730 CHAR 
372 P15_MOANF Modifier for Earnings Equalization Fund P15_MOANF CHAR 
373 P15_MOARR Grouping for net wage rounding P15_MOARR CHAR 
374 P15_MOCIG Modifier for Earnings Equalization Fund P15_MOCIG CHAR 
375 P15_MODIF INAIL: modificator P15_MODIF CHAR 
376 P15_MODMN Calculation grouping DM10 P15_MODMN CHAR 
377 P15_MOFON Feature for Pension Fund determination P15_MOFON CHAR 
378 P15_MOINA INAIL modifier CHAR4 CHAR 
379 P15_MONTH Processing period start month MONTH NUMC 
380 P15_MONTH1 Processing period start (month) MONTH NUMC 
381 P15_MONTH2 Processing period end (month) MONTH NUMC 
382 P15_MONTHS Months   NUMC 
383 P15_MOPTF Withdrawl opt.from Sev. Indemnity (100%, min.100%, fix amnt) P15_MOPTF CHAR 
384 P15_MOSOC Company grouping P15_MOSOC CHAR 
385 P15_MPARE Month range from actual delivery date P15_MPARE NUMC 
386 P15_MPARF Opt.maternity leave: months from date P15_MPARE NUMC 
387 P15_MPART Month range from delivery date P15_MPART NUMC 
388 P15_MSDTR Deduction measure P15_PER DEC 
389 P15_MSETT Sickness: week P15_SETTI NUMC 
390 P15_MTAN Less Than Three Years - 770 XFELD CHAR 
391 P15_MTRIC Registration No. CHAR10 CHAR 
392 P15_MUNIC Municipality key P15_MUNIC CHAR 
393 P15_MUNICF24 Municipality key for F24 P15_MUNICF24 NUMC 
394 P15_MXDTR Highest rate for deduct.expenses P15_CURR12 CURR 
395 P15_N0STATUS INAIL: status of table T5ITIN0 P15_N0STATUS CHAR 
396 P15_NAME Name for total field P15_NAME CHAR 
397 P15_NAUT Authorization number   CHAR 
398 P15_NAZ Number of companies   NUMC 
399 P15_NCHILD Childen no.   NUMC 
400 P15_NETLO Integration less reimbursement (not used) BETRG CURR 
401 P15_NIC TaxPayer RefNo.   CHAR 
402 P15_NMAXD Max. number of pay scale jumps DEC2_2 DEC 
403 P15_NMAXPERNRS Maximum number of PNs to process in a TemSe file P15_NMAXPERNRS NUMC 
404 P15_NMEAN Number of monthly pay foreseen NUMC2 NUMC 
405 P15_NMEER Number of monthly pay already disbursed NUMC2 NUMC 
406 P15_NMPOS No.of notice months after expiration (0=no subseq.notice) P15_NMTSC NUMC 
407 P15_NMPRS Number of notice months before expiration (0=no notice) P15_NMTSC NUMC 
408 P15_NMTSC No. of tolerance months for expiration P15_NMTSC NUMC 
409 P15_NOCON CAF: settlement was not carried out P15_NOCON CHAR 
410 P15_NOME Employee's name or other amount receiver TEXT50 CHAR 
411 P15_NOMEC Field name for the table to read P15_NOMEC CHAR 
412 P15_NOMED Employee's name or other amount receiver TEXT50 CHAR 
413 P15_NOMEP Name of the program to execute P15_NOMEP CHAR 
414 P15_NOMET Table name containing the value / text value P15_NOMET CHAR 
415 P15_NOMSE Condition name TEXT30 CHAR 
416 P15_NOTE1 Comment field 1 CHAR80 CHAR 
417 P15_NOTE2 Comment field 2 CHAR80 CHAR 
418 P15_NOTE3 Comment field 3 CHAR80 CHAR 
419 P15_NOTE4 Comment field 4 CHAR80 CHAR 
420 P15_NOTE5 Comment field 5 CHAR80 CHAR 
421 P15_NOTEC Field for note management P15_NOTEC CHAR 
422 P15_NOTEN Comment field CHAR255 CHAR 
423 P15_NOZL First activation XFELD CHAR 
424 P15_NRARR Number of figures P15_NRART CURR 
425 P15_NRASS Number of family members for family allowance NUM2 NUMC 
426 P15_NRATE No.of instalments for settl.payments and poss.down payments P15_NRATE NUMC 
427 P15_NRCNG Number of married partners NUM2 NUMC 
428 P15_NRCOM Number of family members for count type NUM2 NUMC 
429 P15_NROBJ Number range object name NROBJ CHAR 
430 P15_NSETT Number of weeks for special pay P15_NSETT NUMC 
431 P15_NSPEZ CUD: fraction number P15_NSPEZ NUMC 
432 P15_NUALT Number of alternative occurrence pay scale jumps NUM2 NUMC 
433 P15_NUCAR Number of family dependent NUM02 NUMC 
434 P15_NUCFU Number of months in the future class NUM3 NUMC 
435 P15_NUCON Number of pay scale jump for settlement NUM2 NUMC 
436 P15_NUDIP Number of employees NUM6 NUMC 
437 P15_NUDIR INPDAI manager account CHAR10 CHAR 
438 P15_NUM06 Numeric field (6 digits) P15_NUM06 NUMC 
439 P15_NUM4 Return Field of Feature T5ITC   NUMC 
440 P15_NUM9 Numeric Value (9 positions) NUM9 NUMC 
441 P15_NUMAX Max. number of pay scale jumps NUM2 NUMC 
442 P15_NUMCC Company's bank account number - bank details CHAR23 CHAR 
443 P15_NUMDECIMALI Number of decimals for rounding/truncation P15_NUMDECIMALI NUMC 
444 P15_NUME1 Field number 1 P15_NUME1 NUMC 
445 P15_NUME2 Field number 2 P15_NUME2 NUMC 
446 P15_NUME3 Field number 3 P15_NUME3 NUMC 
447 P15_NUME4 Field number 4 P15_NUME4 NUMC 
448 P15_NUMEE Average employee number relevant to 2006 < 50 XFELD CHAR 
449 P15_NUMGG Number of days - section C P15_NUMGG NUMC 
450 P15_NUMOD Form number P15_NUMOD NUMC 
451 P15_NUMSE Condition sequence number P15_NUMSE NUMC 
452 P15_NUNEW Number of pay scale jumps for new pay scale jump indicator NUM2 NUMC 
453 P15_NURIC Number of pay scale jumps for alternative occurrence NUM2 NUMC 
454 P15_NUSCA Number of current pay scale jumps DEC2_3 DEC 
455 P15_NUSCB Number of blocked pay scale jumps DEC2_3 DEC 
456 P15_NUSCC Number of standard pay scale jumps DEC2_3 DEC 
457 P15_NUSSL Personal number 2 CHAR10 CHAR 
458 P15_OAZFL Company hours out of INPS range P15_OAZFL DEC 
459 P15_OBEGD Previous start date DATUM DATS 
460 P15_OENDD Previous end date DATUM DATS 
461 P15_OFSE1 Print position of contribution/exposure indicator P15_OFSET NUMC 
462 P15_OFSET Print position of selected field type P15_OFSET NUMC 
463 P15_OPER Operator P15_OPER CHAR 
464 P15_OPERA Base calculation operator P15_OPERA CHAR 
465 P15_OPERN Base calculation operand LGART CHAR 
466 P15_OPLOG Logical relational operator P15_OPLOG CHAR 
467 P15_ORDES Execution order of special procedures for grace P15_ORDES NUMC 
468 P15_OREAS Absence hours P15_OREAS DEC 
469 P15_OREFF Actual hourly wage P15_OREFF CURR 
470 P15_ORIAZ Company - Integrated hours P15_ORIAZ DEC 
471 P15_ORIGPYRES Flag. original wage results reading for monthly INPS BOOLE CHAR 
472 P15_ORIGT Source table DDOBJNAME CHAR 
473 P15_ORSET Estimated weekly hours - full time P15_ORSET NUMC 
474 P15_ORTEO Target hourly wage P15_ORTEO CURR 
476 P15_OTHER Free space for COVER marking   CHAR 
477 P15_OVERH Number of overtime hours in the week ANZHL DEC 
478 P15_PABRJ   NUMC 
479 P15_PABRP   NUMC 
480 P15_PAGIN New page for wage type XFELD CHAR 
481 P15_PAGOR Hourly wage P15_RELPR CURR 
482 P15_PANPA Paid/Not paid XFELD CHAR 
483 P15_PARAM Parametric form flag P15_PARAM CHAR 
484 P15_PARCA Calculation start P15_PARCA CHAR 
485 P15_PARTIME8 Part-time percentage reading from infotype 8 BOOLE CHAR 
486 P15_PARTN CUD 2002 part name P15_PARTN CHAR 
487 P15_PARTT Flag Part-time P15_FULLT CHAR 
488 P15_PATIN Territorial Insurance Position (PAT) indicator NUM10 NUMC 
489 P15_PATTX Territorial Insurance Position description TEXT30 CHAR 
490 P15_PAYER Reimbursement or integration payer P15_PAYER CHAR 
493 P15_PER00 Selection period   NUMC 
494 P15_PERAA Indemnity percentage c/company P15_PERII DEC 
495 P15_PERAI Company integration percentage P15_PERIA DEC 
496 P15_PERC Percentage 770 (more than 0, less or equal to 100). P15_PERC DEC 
497 P15_PERCA Optional maternity: company integration % P15_PERIA DEC 
498 P15_PERCE Percentage P15_PERCE DEC 
499 P15_PERCI Reimbursement percentage c/INPS P15_PERII DEC 
500 P15_PERCO Frozen percentage P15_PER DEC