SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 57
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P43_QUONM Balance Number of Employee Time Quota PTM_QUONUM DEC 
2 P43_RANNV Reduce Anniversary Date TDBOOL CHAR 
3 P43_RDPGR Gross for RDP P43_GROSS CURR 
4 P43_VTYPE View Type NUMC1 NUMC 
5 P43_WKDYO Ordinary Working Days NZ P43_WKPER DEC 
6 P43_WKDYS Working days NZ P43_WKPER DEC 
7 P43_WKHRA Actual Working Hours NZ P43_WKPER DEC 
8 P43_WKHRD Actual Working Days NZ P43_WKPER DEC 
9 P43_WKHRS Working hours NZ P43_WKPER DEC 
10 P44_ABBDT Begin date of TEL absence DATS DATS 
11 P44_ABCODE Absence Code P44_ABCODE CHAR 
12 P44_ABEDT End date of TEL absence DATS DATS 
13 P44_ABSBDT Begin date of TYEL absence DATS DATS 
14 P44_ABSCD TEL absence code P44_ABSCD CHAR 
15 P44_ABSDT Date Pair for Absence   CHAR 
16 P44_ABSEDT End date of TYEL absence DATS DATS 
17 P44_ABSGR Nordic absence grouping P44_ABSGR CHAR 
18 P44_ABWTG Number of absence days to be evaluated   NUMC 
19 P44_ACIPR Employer accident insurance percentage DEC2_3 DEC 
20 P44_ACONR Accident insurance contract number   CHAR 
21 P44_ACRSGR Risk group number P44_ACRSGR NUMC 
22 P44_ACRSNAME Risc group name for Finnish accident insurance P44_ACRSNAME CHAR 
23 P44_ACRSRECL Risc gr responsibility class for Finnish accident insurance P44_ACRSRECL NUMC 
24 P44_ACTION Service action for ePost P44_ACTION CHAR 
25 P44_ADDINF0 Additonal information in Kela form CHAR200 CHAR 
26 P44_AGEFR Start of age group   NUMC 
27 P44_AGEGR Age group for company car P44_AGEGR CHAR 
28 P44_AGETO End of age group   NUMC 
29 P44_AGE_FLAG Age Relevance for Tax Code 136 P44_AGE_FLAG CHAR 
30 P44_AINFO Reset tax cumulation XFELD CHAR 
31 P44_ARCHID Archive ID at ePost TEXT2 CHAR 
32 P44_ARCHIVE Electronic archiving of eLetter documents P44_ARCHIVE CHAR 
33 P44_ATCST Contraint of tax code columns P44_ATCST CHAR 
34 P44_ATH_NAME Authorised Person TEXT30 CHAR 
35 P44_ATRNO Reference number to object for wagetype cumulation PRSPL RAW 
36 P44_ATS0_CON ATS Data Collector data container   CHAR 
37 P44_ATS0_CONTFLAG Specify Contact Person Information on Selection Screen XFELD CHAR 
38 P44_ATS0_FIELD Field name for ATS0 file to TemSe   CHAR 
39 P44_ATS0_TYPE Record type for ATS Data Collector P44_ATS0_TYPE CHAR 
40 P44_ATSDC Dataset constant for ATS Data Collector file identification P44_ATSDC CHAR 
41 P44_AWTMEN Annual working time men P44_AWTMEN DEC 
42 P44_AWTMGRP Main groups for annual working time report P44_AWTMGRP CHAR 
43 P44_AWTMTEXT Main group texts for annual working time report TEXT80 CHAR 
44 P44_AWTPROZ Annual working time percent of total time P44_AWTPROZ DEC 
45 P44_AWTSGRP Subgroups for annual working time report P44_AWTSGRP CHAR 
46 P44_AWTTEXT Subgroup texts for Annual working time reporting TEXT80 CHAR 
47 P44_AWTTOT Annual working time total P44_AWTTOT DEC 
48 P44_AWTWMEN Annual working time women P44_AWTWMEN DEC 
49 P44_BEGDT Begin date   CHAR 
50 P44_BENPR Car benefit percentage   DEC 
51 P44_BETRG1 Earnings in first month   CURR 
52 P44_BETRG2 Earnings in second month   CURR 
53 P44_BETRG3 Earnings in third month   CURR 
54 P44_BETRG4 Earnings in fourth month   CURR 
55 P44_BETRG5 Earnings in fifth month   CURR 
56 P44_BETRG6 Earnings in sixth month   CURR 
57 P44_BGABJ Begin of validity payroll year for quarterly averages GJAHR NUMC 
58 P44_BGABJ_ANNUAL Begin of validity payroll year for annual averages GJAHR NUMC 
59 P44_BGABP Begin of validity payroll period for quarterly averages PABRP NUMC 
60 P44_BGABP_ANNUAL Begin of validity payroll period for annual averages PABRP NUMC 
61 P44_BONUS_PERCT Bonus Percenatge ANZHL DEC 
62 P44_BRABJ Begin of relevant payroll year for quarterly averages GJAHR NUMC 
63 P44_BRABJ_ANNUAL Begin of relevant payroll year for annual averages GJAHR NUMC 
64 P44_BRABP Begin of relevant payroll period for quarterly averages PABRP NUMC 
65 P44_BRABP_ANNUAL Begin of relevant payroll period for annual averages PABRP NUMC 
66 P44_BSAL_CURR Basic salary   CURR 
67 P44_CALPERIOD Calendar period YYYYMM   NUMC 
68 P44_CATEG_TXT Category text (ATS) TEXT40 CHAR 
69 P44_CDEPDT Change date to new ins. dep   CHAR 
71 P44_CFONT Standard font used in Channel P44_FONT CHAR 
72 P44_CGRPDT Change date to new ins. group   CHAR 
73 P44_CHANO Number of Channel in eLetter Template P44_CHANO CHAR 
74 P44_CHGDAT Change date to new insurance   CHAR 
75 P44_CHGDT Change date to new insurance DATS DATS 
76 P44_CHNUM Number of channels used in template   NUMC 
77 P44_CLINEB Standard line break to be used in channel P44_LINEB CHAR 
78 P44_CNDPDT Change date to new insurance department DATS DATS 
79 P44_CNGRDT Change date to new insurance group DATS DATS 
80 P44_COLNO Column number on channel of eLetter template   NUMC 
81 P44_COLZONE Cost of living P44_COLZONE CHAR 
82 P44_CONCERNS Kela Report concerned P44_CONCERNS CHAR 
83 P44_CONNR Pension insurance contract number P44_CONNR CHAR 
84 P44_COPY Copy of printed letters sent back XFELD CHAR 
85 P44_COUNT Counter used in TaEL/LEL reporting   NUMC 
87 P44_COUNTRY Country code for eLetter   CHAR 
88 P44_CTTYP Contract Type   CHAR 
89 P44_CUMTP Cumulation type for Finnish tax storage SCRT NUM02 NUMC 
90 P44_CURID Currency pension insurance ID P44_CURID CHAR 
91 P44_CUSID Customer ID at ePost P44_CUSID CHAR 
92 P44_CUSIT Name of customer ID at ePost TEXT60 CHAR 
93 P44_DEC11_4 Exact calculation field for vacation handling   DEC 
94 P44_DEF_DATE Default Posting Date with today's date XFELD CHAR 
95 P44_DEPID Department ID   CHAR 
96 P44_DISLF Distance of left edge of image to left border of the page   NUMC 
97 P44_DISLF_FI Distance of left edge of image to left border of the page   NUMC 
98 P44_DISP_EDT Display remuneration statement output XFELD CHAR 
99 P44_DISP_ELT Display eLetter file XFELD CHAR 
100 P44_DISUP Distance of upper edge of image to upper border of the page   NUMC 
101 P44_DISUP_FI Finnish distance to upper border   NUMC 
102 P44_DPINDI Indicator for department request in screen XFELD CHAR 
103 P44_DTPAIR TEL reporting: Date pair for absence reporting   CHAR 
104 P44_DUPLEX Duplex printing XFELD CHAR 
105 P44_DYS No. of Vacation Days P44_DYS INT2 
106 P44_EARFE Former earnings P44_TXAMT CURR 
107 P44_EDTVAR Remuneration statement variant RALDB_VARI CHAR 
108 P44_EFNME Name of eLetter format TEXT60 CHAR 
109 P44_EFORM eLetter format P44_EFORM CHAR 
110 P44_EGABJ End of validity payroll year for quarterly averages GJAHR NUMC 
111 P44_EGABJ_ANNUAL End of validity payroll year for annual averages GJAHR NUMC 
112 P44_EGABP End of validity payroll period for quarterly averages PABRP NUMC 
113 P44_EGABP_ANNUAL End of validity payroll period for annual averages PABRP NUMC 
114 P44_EKNBR EK Number(Finland)   NUMC 
115 P44_EKTXT EK Field Descrption   CHAR 
116 P44_ELDPT Department number for eLetters (electronic letters)   CHAR 
117 P44_ELDPU Departmental accounting used XFELD CHAR 
118 P44_ELETT Display eLetter ICON CHAR 
119 P44_ELTPS Display remuneration statements and eLetter ICON CHAR 
120 P44_EMNAT TEL employment type P44_EMNAT CHAR 
121 P44_EMP_TYP Employee type   CHAR 
122 P44_ENVEL Envelope for eLetter P44_ENVEL CHAR 
123 P44_EPLVLETSUB EPLV Bundle Letter Subject CHAR100 CHAR 
124 P44_EPLVNO E-letter without EPLV Meta Data CHAR1 CHAR 
125 P44_EPLVSNAME EPLV Bundle Sender party name CHAR100 CHAR 
126 P44_EPLVSOVTID EPLV Bundle batch sender party identification number CHAR100 CHAR 
127 P44_EPLVYES E-letter with EPLV Meta Data CHAR1 CHAR 
128 P44_ERABJ End of relevant payroll year for quarterly averages GJAHR NUMC 
129 P44_ERABJ_ANNUAL End of relevant payroll year for annual averages GJAHR NUMC 
130 P44_ERABP End of relevant payroll period for quarterly averages PABRP NUMC 
131 P44_ERABP_ANNUAL End of relevant payroll period for annual averages PABRP NUMC 
132 P44_ERIDT Employer identification P44_ERIDT CHAR 
133 P44_ERPER Employer pension contribution percentage P44_ERPER DEC 
135 P44_ERR_AVG_BASE1 Average Base Salary including Fringe benefits   DEC 
136 P44_ERR_AVG_BASE2 Average base salary with benefits and bonuses   DEC 
137 P44_ERR_BEGPER Date of beginning for period   CHAR 
138 P44_ERR_BSAL Basic salary   DEC 
139 P44_ERR_COMP Competence classifications   CHAR 
140 P44_ERR_COUNT Number of Employees   DEC 
141 P44_ERR_EMPLBEG Start date of employment   DATS 
142 P44_ERR_EMPLCON Employment type of contract   CHAR 
143 P44_ERR_ENDPER Date for end of period   CHAR 
144 P44_ERR_FCSAL Monthly salary total / worked hours   DEC 
145 P44_ERR_FGBEN Fringe benefits   DEC 
146 P44_ERR_FIXPBS Fixed part of performance-based salary   DEC 
147 P44_ERR_GENDER Gender in employee representative report   CHAR 
148 P44_ERR_GROSS Total gross   CURR 
149 P44_ERR_IDPHRS Incentive direct piece work hours   DEC 
150 P44_ERR_IDPSAL Incentive direct piece work salary   DEC 
151 P44_ERR_IPPHRS Incent. part. piece work and reward work hours   DEC 
152 P44_ERR_IPPSAL Incent. part. piece work and reward work salaries   DEC 
153 P44_ERR_JOBGR_TXT Job Group text TEXT30 CHAR 
154 P44_ERR_MAINGR_TXT TT Main Group Text TEXT30 CHAR 
155 P44_ERR_MEMBNR Membership number P44_ERR_MEMBNR CHAR 
156 P44_ERR_NRSTEP Number of steps   NUMC 
157 P44_ERR_OCCODE Occupational code P44_ERR_OCCODE NUMC 
158 P44_ERR_OCCU Occupational group P44_ERR_OCCU NUMC 
159 P44_ERR_OTHRS Overtime hours   DEC 
160 P44_ERR_OTINC Overtime increments   DEC 
161 P44_ERR_PIDENT Period identifier P44_ERR_PIDENT CHAR 
162 P44_ERR_POS_TXT TT Position Text TEXT30 CHAR 
163 P44_ERR_PSWHRS Pecuniary salary for worked hours   DEC 
164 P44_ERR_PYGRP Payroll group   CHAR 
165 P44_ERR_RBSAL Result based salary   DEC 
166 P44_ERR_REQCL Requirement classification   NUMC 
167 P44_ERR_REQJG Requirement of job group   NUMC 
168 P44_ERR_RESP Name of respondent unit   CHAR 
169 P44_ERR_RUNDAT Date of statistic run   CHAR 
170 P44_ERR_SUBGR_TXT TT Sub Group Text TEXT30 CHAR 
171 P44_ERR_SUNHRS Sunday work hours   DEC 
172 P44_ERR_SUNINC Sunday work increments   DEC 
173 P44_ERR_TBHRS Time based hours   DEC 
174 P44_ERR_TBSAL Time-based salaries   DEC 
175 P44_ERR_TUN Trade union   CHAR 
176 P44_ERR_WCINC Working condition increments   DEC 
177 P44_ERR_WHRS Worked hours   DEC 
178 P44_ERR_WTBON Working time related bonuses   DEC 
179 P44_ERR_YINSRV Year Service Bonus   DEC 
180 P44_ESTBM Type of establishment CHAR1 CHAR 
181 P44_ESTXT Type of establishment text TEXT50 CHAR 
182 P44_EXGAR External garnishable net per tax day P44_MAXBETRG CURR 
183 P44_EXOFF Execution office EMFSL CHAR 
184 P44_FACTY HR-FI: Evaluation factor for vacation days CHAR1 CHAR 
185 P44_FDMAP Field mapping only P44_FDMAP CHAR 
186 P44_FGBEN_CURR Fringe benefits   CURR 
187 P44_FIFMT File Format   CHAR 
188 P44_FILEF File format for eLetter P44_FILEF CHAR 
189 P44_FILTER_COUNT Filter Count in BAdI P44_COUNT NUMC 
190 P44_FIXAM Fixed amount per tax day PRBETRG CURR 
191 P44_FIXAM2 period of payment P44_FIXAM DEC 
192 P44_FLDNM Data Field Name   CHAR 
193 P44_FLDNO Serial number in statistical file   NUMC 
194 P44_FNAME Font name TEXT60 CHAR 
195 P44_FONT Font for eLetter P44_FONT CHAR 
196 P44_FRBEN TEL fringe benefit amount   CURR 
197 P44_FRBLY TEL fringe benefits in year prior to termination   CURR 
198 P44_FRBLYR TEL fringe benefits in year prior to termination   CHAR 
199 P44_FRIBEN TEL fringe benefit amount   CHAR 
200 P44_FSHIFT Free Shifts   DEC 
201 P44_FSIEX EE eligible for SI exemption XFELD CHAR 
202 P44_FUTURE_DATE Start Date for Future Absence DATUM DATS 
203 P44_GARNO Garnishment reference number   NUMC 
204 P44_GARNO_DISP Garnishment reference number   CHAR 
205 P44_GLIPR Employer group life insurance percentage DEC2_3 DEC 
206 P44_GRINDI Indicator for group request in screen XFELD CHAR 
207 P44_GRINS Insurance gross in pennies   CHAR 
208 P44_HDATE Hire date DATUM DATS 
209 P44_HPA_DL Productive Document XFELD CHAR 
210 P44_HPA_ETYPE Employee Type for HPA P44_HPA_ETYPE CHAR 
211 P44_HPA_FIPOST Select FI Posting XFELD CHAR 
212 P44_HPA_FP HPA Calculation for F&P XFELD CHAR 
213 P44_HPA_FPADJPAY Adjustment Pay wage type LGART CHAR 
214 P44_HPA_FPAPRATE Hourly rate for AP calculation LGART CHAR 
215 P44_HPA_FPBCFEAT Identify blue-collar for HPA CHAR5 CHAR 
216 P44_HPA_FPBCPCT Vacation bonus factor BSGRD DEC 
217 P44_HPA_FTYPE Identify the type of functionality for HPA P44_HPA_FTYPE CHAR 
218 P44_HPA_LKKWTNEW This yr's accrued vac. months LGART CHAR 
219 P44_HPA_LKKWTOLD Last yr's accrued vac. months LGART CHAR 
220 P44_HPA_MONTH Month of Posting MONTH NUMC 
221 P44_HPA_NRA Identify the type of field of the Wage type to be used P44_HPA_NRA CHAR 
222 P44_HPA_PERCONST Average calculated acc. to constant in T511k ABRKN CHAR 
223 P44_HPA_POSNOREV Only Fresh Posting-No Reversal XFELD CHAR 
224 P44_HPA_PRIORITY Priority of the wage type in HPA report P44_HPA_PRIORITY CHAR 
225 P44_HPA_PROT Employee-specific output log XFELD CHAR 
227 P44_HPA_SEQNR Sequence number P44_HPA_SEQNR NUMC 
228 P44_HPA_SIM Simulation document XFELD CHAR 
229 P44_HPA_SPLITCOS Split Cost Centre From Infotype 0027 XFELD CHAR 
230 P44_HPA_STD Standard HPA Calculation XFELD CHAR 
231 P44_HPA_TEST Test the amount in ALV amount XFELD CHAR 
232 P44_HPA_VACAVEFP Hourly vac. average LGART CHAR 
233 P44_HPA_YEAR Posting year JAHR NUMC 
234 P44_HSHIFT Daily shift counter (HIGH)   NUMC 
235 P44_ICODE Information to code system P44_ICODE NUMC 
236 P44_IDA Accident insurance identification number   NUMC 
237 P44_IDA2 Accident insurance identification number, NEW   CHAR 
238 P44_IDP Pension insurance identification number   NUMC 
239 P44_IDP2 Pension insurance identification number, NEW   CHAR 
240 P44_IMAGE Image for eLetters P44_IMAGE CHAR 
241 P44_IMAGE_FI Finnish Image ID   CHAR 
242 P44_IMGNM Name for Image for eLetter TEXT60 CHAR 
243 P44_IMGTP Standard image XFELD CHAR 
244 P44_INCODE Pension insurance code P44_INCODE NUMC 
245 P44_INDP Pension insurance department   CHAR 
246 P44_INDPNAME Depart name in pension insurance contract P44_INDPNAME CHAR 
247 P44_INDTC Tax card available XFELD CHAR 
248 P44_INDUL Indicator for tax card by upload XFELD CHAR 
249 P44_INFO Contact information for ePost TEXT40 CHAR 
250 P44_INGR Pension insurance group   CHAR 
251 P44_INGRNAME Pension insurance group name P44_INGRNAME CHAR 
252 P44_INNAME Name of insurance code in Finland P44_INNAME CHAR 
253 P44_INSTOTAL Total sum of insurance / interest paid to TaEL/LEL   NUMC 
254 P44_ITNFG Individual Tax Number Request Flag CHAR1 CHAR 
255 P44_ITXNO Individual Tax Number P44_ITXNO NUMC 
256 P44_KELA_ABSE Only Ended Absences   CHAR 
257 P44_KELA_MIN_ABS Minimun number of absence days   CHAR 
258 P44_KELA_PMT Payments in KELA reporting   CHAR 
259 P44_KMRTE Km rate for driving a company car for private purposes   CURR 
260 P44_LEFTB Left border of channel on page in number of characters   NUMC 
261 P44_LELDAT Begin date of LEL employment   CHAR 
262 P44_LELDT Begin date of active LEL employment DATS DATS 
263 P44_LETNO Number of letters in eLetter file NUMC6 NUMC 
264 P44_LFONT Special font used in line of channel P44_FONT CHAR 
265 P44_LIMIT Limited car benefit XFELD CHAR 
266 P44_LINECOUNT Line counter NUMC3 NUMC 
267 P44_LINNO Line number for line of channel in eLetter Template P44_LINNO NUMC 
268 P44_LOBI Line of Business   CHAR 
269 P44_LOCAL Trade union local number - Finland P44_LOCAL_NO NUMC 
270 P44_LONG_TERM_ABS Daily rate long term absence LGART CHAR 
271 P44_LOWERB Lower border of channel on page in number of lines   NUMC 
272 P44_LSHIFT Daily shift counter (LOW)   NUMC 
273 P44_LUMPS Lump sum for car benefit   CURR 
274 P44_MAN_DATE Manually Enter Posting Date XFELD CHAR 
275 P44_MAXAT Maximum garnishment amount P44_MAXBETRG CURR 
276 P44_MBRNO Membership number used in Stat. reporting   CHAR 
277 P44_MEMNO Empolyer membership number used in stat. reporting   CHAR 
278 P44_MINAT Minimum garnishment amount P44_MAXBETRG CURR 
279 P44_MODIV HR-FI: Vacation factor grouping Finland P44_MODIV NUMC 
280 P44_MTHLY_ACTID Action Identifier (Monthly) P44_MTHLY_ACTID CHAR 
281 P44_MTHLY_RECID Data record identifier (monthly) P44_MTHLY_RECID CHAR 
282 P44_MTPAY Monthly Earnings   CHAR 
283 P44_MTYPE Message type for TEL reporting P44_MTYPE CHAR 
284 P44_MUNIC Municipality Number   CHAR 
285 P44_NAME Employee's name   CHAR 
286 P44_NEXTYEAR_PERCT Part-time percentage >1 year BSGRD DEC 
287 P44_NSIEX Indicator for No SI Exemption XFELD CHAR 
288 P44_NUMCL Number of requirement classes/steps   NUMC 
289 P44_NUMEMPL Number of employees on TaEL/LEL report   NUMC 
290 P44_NUM_COPY Number of copies for eLEtter files CHAR1 CHAR 
291 P44_NUSED Currently not used - reservartion (in ALV show pernr)   CHAR 
292 P44_NUSED2 Not used field - future reservation   CHAR 
293 P44_OFF_CYCLE Off cycle result (Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
294 P44_OPTCT Optical control P44_OPTCT CHAR 
295 P44_ORDER Order number for channel NUMC2 NUMC 
296 P44_ORDERID Order identification number CHAR8 CHAR 
297 P44_ORGNO1 Organization number (part 1) NUM10 NUMC 
298 P44_ORGNO2 Organization number (part 2) CHAR10 CHAR 
299 P44_OTINC_CURR Overtime increments   CURR 
300 P44_OVT_MONTH Number of months in evaluation period P44_OVT_MONTH NUMC 
301 P44_OVT_WEEK Number of weeks in evaluation period P44_OVT_WEEK NUMC 
302 P44_PAGNO Number of pages in eLetter file NUMC6 NUMC 
303 P44_PAPER Paper type for usage by eLetters P44_PAPER CHAR 
304 P44_PARTT_ENDDATE Vacation Period End Date DATUM DATS 
305 P44_PARTT_STARTDATE Vacation Period Begin Date DATUM DATS 
306 P44_PAYAN TEL reporting year   CHAR 
307 P44_PAYID Payer identification for bank transfer file NUM9 NUMC 
308 P44_PAYLY TEL earnings in year prior to termination   CURR 
309 P44_PAYLYR TEL earnings in year prior to termination   CHAR 
310 P44_PAYMT Month and year of payment   NUMC 
311 P44_PAYSL Display remuneration statement ICON CHAR 
312 P44_PAYTP_CUM Payment type cumulation target (ATS) P44_TAX_PAYID CHAR 
313 P44_PAYTP_TXT Payment type text TEXT40 CHAR 
314 P44_PCC_CODE PCC code for eLetter P44_PCC_CODE CHAR 
315 P44_PCT01 First tax percentage   CHAR 
316 P44_PCT02 Second tax percentage   CHAR 
317 P44_PCT03 Third tax percentage   CHAR 
318 P44_PENALTY Penalty interest rate in pennies paid to TaEL/LEL   NUMC 
319 P44_PERID Social insurance number   CHAR 
320 P44_PERIOD Garnishment period fix amount. P44_PERIOD CHAR 
321 P44_PHNO Phone number of contact person   CHAR 
322 P44_PICPR Employer pension insurance percentage DEC2_3 DEC 
323 P44_PMONTH Monthly Earning's Payment month AM_MONAT NUMC 
324 P44_POBID Place of Business ID   NUMC 
325 P44_PRCAT Protected amount per tax day P44_MAXBETRG CURR 
326 P44_PROCTYP TYEL Yearly Reporting - Processing Type   CHAR 
327 P44_PRS_DAYOFF Paid absence hrs   DEC 
328 P44_PRS_DAYOFF_SAL Absence time incomes   CURR 
329 P44_PRS_OCCGRP Occupation code   CHAR 
330 P44_PRS_ONETIME One time payments   CURR 
331 P44_PRS_PAYSCALE Pay Scale   CHAR 
332 P44_PRS_SBON Shift bonus   CURR 
333 P44_PRS_TAXINC Other taxable incomes   CURR 
334 P44_PRS_VTULOSP Bonus/ Profit sharing   CURR 
335 P44_PST_DATE Posting date For HPA DATUM DATS 
336 P44_PYEAR Monthly Payments Year   NUMC 
337 P44_PYLYR Earnings prior to termination year   CURR 
338 P44_QTR Statistical Quarter   NUMC 
339 P44_QTR_DATE Dates for the Quarter period   DATS 
340 P44_QUOTA_DEDUCT Quota deduct Immediatelty XFELD CHAR 
341 P44_RAT01 Tax percentage for base tax card   NUMC 
342 P44_RAT02 Additonal percentage   NUMC 
343 P44_RAT13 Percentages for staircase tax card   NUMC 
344 P44_RATA1 Side job tax percentage   NUMC 
345 P44_RATA2 Additonal tax percentage (side job)   NUMC 
346 P44_RATE1 Base tax rate   DEC 
347 P44_RATE2 Second tax rate   DEC 
348 P44_RATE3 Third tax rate   DEC 
349 P44_RATP1 Pensioner/frelancer tax percent   NUMC 
350 P44_RBSAL_CURR Result based salary   CURR 
351 P44_RDATE Run date DATS DATS 
352 P44_REACO TUMF reason code NUM2 NUMC 
353 P44_RECCO TUMF Record code for HFIFTUM0 list CHAR1 CHAR 
354 P44_RECID TEL: Record ID P44_RECID CHAR 
355 P44_RECID_TXT Record identifier text TEXT40 CHAR 
356 P44_RECORD_ID Record identifier for eLetter records P44_RECORD_ID CHAR 
357 P44_REFNO Reference number for payments P44_REFNO CHAR 
358 P44_REF_MET1 Old method for Reference Number creation XFIELD CHAR 
359 P44_REF_MET2 Second Model for Reference Number Calculation XFIELD CHAR 
360 P44_REF_MET3 Third Model for Reference Number Calculation XFIELD CHAR 
361 P44_RELAA Relevance for annual average calculation XFELD CHAR 
362 P44_RELAP Relevance for preliminary quarterly average calculation XFELD CHAR 
363 P44_RELAQ Relevance for quarterly average XFELD CHAR 
364 P44_REMIT5 TUMF Remitter ID Reserved (Part 2) NUM5 NUMC 
365 P44_REMIT7 TUMF remitter ID NUM7 NUMC 
366 P44_REMITID Remitter number   NUMC 
367 P44_REPAY TEL earnings amount   CURR 
368 P44_REPORTING_DATE Reporting date DATUM DATS 
369 P44_REPPAY TEL reporting amount   CHAR 
370 P44_REPTEC Reporting technique P44_REPTEC CHAR 
371 P44_REQCL Requirement classification P44_REQCL NUMC 
372 P44_RESCL Reserves class for posting to Financials (Finland) P44_RESCL CHAR 
373 P44_RESNO Respondent Unit Number   CHAR 
374 P44_RESTY Reserves type for posting to Financials (Finland) P44_RESTY CHAR 
375 P44_RESUT Respondent unit used in statistical reporting   CHAR 
376 P44_RIGHTB Right border of channel on page in number of characters   NUMC 
377 P44_RPPAY Earnings from Reporting Year   CURR 
378 P44_RPTYR Earnings Reporting Year (yyyy)   CHAR 
379 P44_RQTYP Tax card request type P44_RQTYP NUMC 
380 P44_RSCOL Starting column of field on remuneration statement   NUMC 
381 P44_RSLEN Starting column of field on remuneration statement   NUMC 
382 P44_RSLIN Line of field on remuneration statement   NUMC 
383 P44_RTIME Run time TIME TIMS 
384 P44_SAMEYEAR_PERCT Part-time percentage 1st year BSGRD DEC 
385 P44_SAVE_AS Save data on a file at the application server XFELD CHAR 
386 P44_SAVE_LF Save data on a local file XFELD CHAR 
387 P44_SAVE_NO Do not save data on file XFELD CHAR 
388 P44_SAVE_TS Save data on TemSe XFELD CHAR 
389 P44_SEA_COL Column of statement of earnings   NUMC 
390 P44_SECTOR Type of Sector   CHAR 
391 P44_SEQNO Sequence number   NUMC 
392 P44_SEQNO_ABS Sequence number for TEL absence record   NUMC 
393 P44_SHTNO Number of papersheets in eLetter file NUMC6 NUMC 
394 P44_SICEX ER Soc Ins Contr for EE from TEL/TaEL XFELD CHAR 
395 P44_SICPR Social insurance rate_2003 DEC2_3 DEC 
396 P44_SIEXM Indicator for tax county SI exemptions XFELD CHAR 
397 P44_SIGN Sign of net component P44_SIGN CHAR 
398 P44_SLINEB Special line break used in line P44_LINEB CHAR 
399 P44_SNDCLASS Letter class for eLetters P44_SNDCLASS CHAR 
400 P44_SOC_AMT Social Cost in HPA   CURR 
401 P44_SOHNR Indicator for employee pension contribution XFELD CHAR 
402 P44_SOSEC Indicator for SI contributions XFELD CHAR 
404 P44_SPOOL Spool output XFELD CHAR 
405 P44_SSCPR Social insurance rate DEC2_2 DEC 
406 P44_STATEXC Statistical exception (Finland) P44_STATEXC NUMC 
407 P44_STATID Statistical ID   NUMC 
408 P44_STATTXT Statistics Branch   CHAR 
409 P44_STDTP Standard Template provided by ePost XFELD CHAR 
410 P44_STMTH Statistical run - Month   NUMC 
411 P44_STYR Statistical Year   NUMC 
412 P44_SUMGRINS Sum of ins. gross for one TaEL/LEL report   NUMC 
413 P44_SUMPAYINS Sum of payed insurance to TaEL/LEL   NUMC 
414 P44_SUM_TAMT Total Amount in HPA   CURR 
415 P44_SUM_TOTAL Tot. Cost in HPA   CURR 
417 P44_TALEL_RD Run date for TaEL/LEL format ddmmyy   NUMC 
419 P44_TAUTH Finnish tax county P44_TAUTH CHAR 
420 P44_TAXCODE_TXT Tax code text (ATS) TEXT40 CHAR 
421 P44_TAX_ACCOUNT ATS Recipient account number for payment types S1 / S3 CHAR34 CHAR 
422 P44_TAX_ADDRESS Payee's street address in home country TEXT70 CHAR 
423 P44_TAX_AGE_CC Age group of company car P44_AGEGR CHAR 
424 P44_TAX_AL_NDY Wages without daily allowance payment NUMC10 NUMC 
425 P44_TAX_ARCOD Area code of contact person's telephone/fax (ATS) until 2012   NUMC 
426 P44_TAX_BASAL Wages as the basis for deduction   NUMC 
427 P44_TAX_BEN_AP Taxable benefit from apartment Y/N P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
428 P44_TAX_BEN_CC Taxable benefit from company car   NUMC 
429 P44_TAX_BEN_FR Fringe benefits LL   NUMC 
430 P44_TAX_BEN_HL Taxable benefit from house loan   NUMC 
431 P44_TAX_BEN_LT Lunch benefit deduction equal to taxable benefit Y/N P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
432 P44_TAX_BEN_LU Taxable benefit from lunch Y/N P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
433 P44_TAX_BEN_OC Other taxable benefits cumulated   NUMC 
434 P44_TAX_BEN_OD Other taxable benefits deductions   NUMC 
435 P44_TAX_BEN_OP Taxable benefit from stock options   NUMC 
436 P44_TAX_BEN_OT Taxable benefit from other Y/N P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
437 P44_TAX_BEN_TL Taxable benefit from telephone Y/N P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
438 P44_TAX_BEN_TOT Total fringe benefits amount < principal / ancillary income   NUMC 
439 P44_TAX_BICCD BIC code in SEPA for types of payment S1/S3 CHAR11 CHAR 
440 P44_TAX_CATEG Category (ATS)   CHAR 
441 P44_TAX_CCD_CE Country code for country of employment INTCA CHAR 
442 P44_TAX_CCD_HC Country code for home country INTCA CHAR 
443 P44_TAX_CCD_PID Country Code when 5/5Y/7Q Payment identifiers INTCA CHAR 
444 P44_TAX_CITYREG City/region in home country TEXT35 CHAR 
445 P44_TAX_CLERK Name of contact person (ATS) TEXT30 CHAR 
446 P44_TAX_CODE Tax code (ATS)   NUMC 
447 P44_TAX_CP_NAME Name of contact person TEXT30 CHAR 
448 P44_TAX_CP_TAC Area code of ATS contact person's telephone/fax   NUMC 
449 P44_TAX_CP_TEL Complete telephone number of ATS contact person CHAR13 CHAR 
450 P44_TAX_CURR ATS Currency indicator P44_TAX_CURR CHAR 
451 P44_TAX_DEDUCT ATS deductions before withholding tax   NUMC 
452 P44_TAX_DEDUCTED Deduction before withholding of tax   NUMC 
453 P44_TAX_DED_CC Deduction for use of company car   NUMC 
454 P44_TAX_DED_SI Deduction from ER SI contribution base NUMC12 NUMC 
455 P44_TAX_DED_TOT Total deductions before withholding tax   NUMC 
456 P44_TAX_EE_COST Taxable employee cost compensation   NUMC 
457 P44_TAX_EE_IPR Insurance Premium paid by Employees   NUMC 
458 P44_TAX_ER_HOU Household Employer P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
459 P44_TAX_ER_IPR Insurance Premium paid by Employer   NUMC 
460 P44_TAX_ER_VIP Vol. Insurance Premium paid by Employer   NUMC 
461 P44_TAX_ES_TYP Type of Establishment P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
462 P44_TAX_EVENT Type of event for Annual Tax Statement Finland P44_TAX_EVENT CHAR 
463 P44_TAX_EXEMPT Tax-exempt salary LL   NUMC 
464 P44_TAX_EXP_DA Tax-exempt expenses: Daily allowance abroad Y/N P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
465 P44_TAX_EXP_DY Tax-exempt expenses: Daily allowance Y/N P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
466 P44_TAX_EXP_HD Tax-exempt expenses: Half-day allowance Y/N P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
467 P44_TAX_EXP_KM Tax-exempt KM private car   NUMC 
468 P44_TAX_EXP_KP Tax-exempt KM private car - amount paid   NUMC 
469 P44_TAX_EXP_LU Tax-exempt lunch allowance Y/N P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
470 P44_TAX_EXP_TL Total tax-exempt expenses   NUMC 
471 P44_TAX_FIELD Field in table / structure   CHAR 
472 P44_TAX_FNAME Payee's first names TEXT70 CHAR 
473 P44_TAX_GROSS Gross tax w/o decimals for Annual Tax Statement Finland   NUMC 
474 P44_TAX_IDENAMC Identifier Y-code for Account maintenance Community   CHAR 
475 P44_TAX_INS_CON Obligatory PI/UI EE contributions   NUMC 
476 P44_TAX_KM_LOG Kilometers according to driver's log   NUMC 
477 P44_TAX_LENGTH Length of tax code field for fixed format   NUMC 
478 P44_TAX_LIM_CC Limited use of company car Y/N P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
479 P44_TAX_LISAMT Low Income Support amount   NUMC 
480 P44_TAX_LNAME Payee's last name TEXT70 CHAR 
481 P44_TAX_ML_REC Number of machine language records   NUMC 
482 P44_TAX_MONTH Month of payment for Annual Tax Statement Finland P44_TAX_MONTH NUMC 
483 P44_TAX_NAME_CE Name of country of employment TEXT35 CHAR 
484 P44_TAX_NAME_HC Name of home country TEXT35 CHAR 
485 P44_TAX_NO_PAY Wages / salaries not paid during calendar year P44_TAX_FLAG CHAR 
486 P44_TAX_NO_REC Number of records per payment type   NUMC 
487 P44_TAX_OBLIG Tax code obligatory (ATS) CHECKBOX CHAR 
488 P44_TAX_OFFSET Offset of field in ATS file   NUMC 
489 P44_TAX_OTHER Daily allowances / cost compensation LL   NUMC 
490 P44_TAX_PAYID Payment type for Annual Tax Statement Finland P44_TAX_PAYID CHAR 
491 P44_TAX_PAYID_NR Payment type for record identifier VSRAERIE P44_TAX_PAYID CHAR 
492 P44_TAX_PAY_TOT Total amount of payments per payment type   NUMC 
493 P44_TAX_PENCOLL Pension Collected Back from Employee   NUMC 
494 P44_TAX_PENSION Pension/unemployment contributions for Annual Tax Statement   NUMC 
495 P44_TAX_PERID_HC Personal ID code in home country CHAR20 CHAR 
496 P44_TAX_POSTCD Postal code in home country   CHAR 
497 P44_TAX_PT_REC Number of payment type specific records   NUMC 
498 P44_TAX_PY_PST Position of trust payment NUMC10 NUMC 
499 P44_TAX_RECID Record identifier for Annual Tax Statement   CHAR 
500 P44_TAX_REC_LENGTH Length of dataset record (ATS)   NUMC