SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 4
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P01C_ERBDT Work with Testator Data XFELD CHAR 
2 P01C_ERBLB Testator Payments P01C_BETRG CURR 
3 P01C_ERBRB Check Exists for Basic Testator Pension Payments XFELD CHAR 
4 P01C_ERDAT Start Date of Next Adjustment DATUM DATS 
5 P01C_ERGBS Vested Payments as Result XFELD CHAR 
7 P01C_ERGRB Pension Payment as Result XFELD CHAR 
8 P01C_ERGUA Vested Pension Rights as Result XFELD CHAR 
9 P01C_ERGVM Interface for Reserve as Result XFELD CHAR 
10 P01C_ERGZA Pension Rights Status as Result XFELD CHAR 
11 P01C_ERLDT Completion Date DATUM DATS 
12 P01C_ERLKZ Completion Indicator XFELD CHAR 
13 P01C_ERPRZ Increase Percentage for Pension Adjustment DEC03_2 DEC 
14 P01C_ERROR Error Handling P01C_ERROR CHAR 
15 P01C_ERTYP Imputation Type for Individual Imputation P01C_TYPES CHAR 
16 P01C_EUSER Assigned User for Error Message USNAM CHAR 
17 P01C_EWZAB Calculated End of Waiting Period DATS DATS 
18 P01C_EXIST Record Exists XFELD CHAR 
19 P01C_EXIUA Indicator for Existing Vested Entitlement CHAR1 CHAR 
20 P01C_EXTUE External Payee/Yayer for Capital Transfer TEXT30 CHAR 
21 P01C_FAKVR Annuitization Factor P01C_FAKVR DEC 
22 P01C_FALGR Age Limit NUM02 NUMC 
23 P01C_FBSAR Function for Determination of Imputation Amount P01C_NUMID CHAR 
24 P01C_FBSBV Function Module Name for Calculation Procedure FUNCNAME CHAR 
25 P01C_FBSDI Function to Determine Adjustment Date P01C_NUMID CHAR 
26 P01C_FBSRP Function Module for CPS Contribution Reimbursement FUNCNAME CHAR 
27 P01C_FBSVB Function for Subsequent Processing of Basic Value P01C_NUMID CHAR 
28 P01C_FBSZL Check Function Factor for Bonus P01C_NUMID CHAR 
29 P01C_FBVBZ Tax Exemption for Pensions WERT5 CURR 
30 P01C_FDIFF Available Difference Amounts CHAR1 CHAR 
31 P01C_FDTEL Data Element for Function Module Parameters ROLLNAME CHAR 
32 P01C_FDZBE Earliest Date for Start of Employment Period DATUM DATS 
33 P01C_FEAF2 Final Age of Women (YYMM) NUM04 NUMC 
34 P01C_FEAFR Final Age: Women NUM02 NUMC 
35 P01C_FEAL2 Final Age (YYMM) NUMC4 NUMC 
36 P01C_FEALM Final Age (Months) P01A_MONAT2 NUMC 
37 P01C_FEALT Final Age (Years) NUM02 NUMC 
38 P01C_FEAM2 Final Age: Men (YYMM) NUM04 NUMC 
39 P01C_FEAMA Final Age: Men NUM02 NUMC 
40 P01C_FEAU2 Final Age VE (YYMM) NUM04 NUMC 
41 P01C_FEAUA Final Age Vested Entitlement NUM02 NUMC 
42 P01C_FEBST Fixed Vested Payments BETRG CURR 
43 P01C_FFELD Free Field TEXT20 CHAR 
44 P01C_FHGRW Change of Group for Surviving Dependent Types CHAR1 CHAR 
45 P01C_FIELD Fields of a Value Type P01C_FIELD CHAR 
46 P01C_FIGRU Wage Type Group for Filter P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
47 P01C_FIKTV Use for Notional Calculation XFELD CHAR 
48 P01C_FIXJJ Minimum Years for Valuation NUMC02 NUMC 
49 P01C_FJJMA Start of Early Retirement Pension NUM02 NUMC 
50 P01C_FKFAK Determination of Age Factor P01C_NUMID CHAR 
51 P01C_FKTEA Identification of Final Age Function P01C_NUMID CHAR 
52 P01C_FKTID Purpose of Function P01C_FKTID CHAR 
53 P01C_FLAST Flag for Last Loop Pass XFELD CHAR 
54 P01C_FLDLN Field Length of Pension Statement Elements P01C_FLDLN DEC 
55 P01C_FLDRP Indicator for Multiple Use of a Statement Item XFELD CHAR 
56 P01C_FLGRW Group Change of Benefit Origin CHAR1 CHAR 
57 P01C_FMDAY Days in Incomplete Months DEC7 DEC 
58 P01C_FMLNR Form Number P01C_NUMC3 NUMC 
59 P01C_FMNTH Complete Months in Period DEC4 DEC 
60 P01C_FNAM1 Field Name for Determination of Basis P01C_FNAM1 CHAR 
61 P01C_FNAME Table field name P01C_FLDSY CHAR 
62 P01C_FPARM Function Module Parameters CHAR02 CHAR 
63 P01C_FRAPA Frame Text for Entitlements CHAR40 CHAR 
64 P01C_FRBIT Indicator for One-Time/Recurring Payment INFOTYP CHAR 
65 P01C_FRBLG Wage Type, Difference Amount for Testator Pension Payment LGART CHAR 
66 P01C_FREIW Voluntary Contribution XFELD CHAR 
67 P01C_FTLEN Output length NUMC03 NUMC 
68 P01C_FUBSI Function for Determination of Bonus P01C_NUMID CHAR 
69 P01C_FUBVI Function for Determination of Deduction P01C_NUMID CHAR 
70 P01C_FUHBP Function - Determine Percentage Rate for Surv. Dep. Reduct. P01C_NUMID CHAR 
71 P01C_FULLC Vested Payment Years CHAR02 CHAR 
72 P01C_FULLY Number of Employment Years P01C_NUMC2 NUMC 
73 P01C_FUNK1 Function Description for Authorized Signatories TEXT40 CHAR 
74 P01C_FUNKA Enhanced Function Description for Authorized Signatories TEXT40 CHAR 
75 P01C_FUNKT Company Pension Scheme Function FUNCNAME CHAR 
76 P01C_FUVRT Annuitization Factor Function P01C_NUMID CHAR 
77 P01C_GATYP Imputation Type P01C_TYPES CHAR 
78 P01C_GBJHR Year of Birth   NUMC 
79 P01C_GEBAU Basic Module P01C_BETRG CURR 
80 P01C_GEPER Fiscal Year P01C_GEPER NUMC 
81 P01C_GEPRZ Percentage Profit Sharing PRZ32 DEC 
82 P01C_GEWBE Dividend P01C_BETRG CURR 
83 P01C_GNAAB Continuation Periods of Active Payments for Testator NUMC02 NUMC 
84 P01C_GNADE Continuation Periods for Testator Pension Payments NUMC02 NUMC 
85 P01C_GNRFG Transaction Number of Family Court CHAR30 CHAR 
86 P01C_GPAYM "Vested Payments Exist" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
87 P01C_GPBJJ Employment Start Year P01C_ANZ22 DEC 
88 P01C_GPDJJ Number of Employment Years for Vested Payments P01C_ANZ22 DEC 
89 P01C_GPFIX Vested Payments as Fixed Value XFELD CHAR 
90 P01C_GPMIN Vested Payment as Minimum XFELD CHAR 
91 P01C_GPREP Replaced by Vested Payment XFELD CHAR 
92 P01C_GPTYP Vested Payments Type P01C_GPTYP CHAR 
93 P01C_GRANS Threshold Entitlement P01C_ANSPR CHAR 
94 P01C_GRATY Entitlement Type (Entitlement/Benefit Type) for Threshold P01C_ANTYP CHAR 
95 P01C_GRDVU Reason for Capital Transfer P01C_GRPID CHAR 
96 P01C_GREKA Reason for Payment of Capitalized Entitlement P01C_GRPID CHAR 
97 P01C_GRFUN Function for Final Processing P01C_NUMID CHAR 
98 P01C_GRID4 Identification P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
99 P01C_GRKON Constant for Upper/Lower Thresholds P01C_KONST CHAR 
100 P01C_GRKTX Short Text Grouping TEXT10 CHAR 
101 P01C_GRLT4 Text for CPS Identification Features TEXT40 CHAR 
102 P01C_GRLTX Long Text Grouping TEXT40 CHAR 
103 P01C_GRPID Grouping P01C_GRPID CHAR 
104 P01C_GRPRZ Percentage Rate for Limit Value PRZ32 DEC 
105 P01C_GRPVT Validity Type for Entitlements CHAR10 CHAR 
106 P01C_GRSVT Validity Category for Benefit Types CHAR10 CHAR 
107 P01C_GRTP4 Identification Category P01C_GRTP4 CHAR 
108 P01C_GRTYP Grouping Type P01C_GRTYP CHAR 
109 P01C_GRUAN Grouping for Valuation Basis P01C_GRPID CHAR 
110 P01C_GSALL Selection of Both Genders XFELD CHAR 
111 P01C_GSFRA Select Female XFELD CHAR 
112 P01C_GSMAN Select Male XFELD CHAR 
113 P01C_GSPRZ Total Percentage PRZ32 DEC 
114 P01C_HALTR Maximum Age NUM02 NUMC 
115 P01C_HANSP Company Pension Scheme Entitlement P01C_ANSPR CHAR 
116 P01C_HBDBT Grouping for Formation of Difference Amount P01C_GRPID CHAR 
117 P01C_HBKRZ Groups for Reduction of Surviving Dependent's Pension P01C_GRPID CHAR 
118 P01C_HBLB1 Surviving Dependent Payments 1 P01C_BETRG CURR 
119 P01C_HBLB2 Surviving Dependent Payments 2 P01C_BETRG CURR 
120 P01C_HBLB3 Surviving Dependent Payments 3 P01C_BETRG CURR 
121 P01C_HBLBZ Surviving Dependent Payments per Dependent P01C_BETRG CURR 
122 P01C_HBLKZ Reduce Surviving Dependent Pension XFELD CHAR 
123 P01C_HBLOW Lower Threshold for Surviving Dependent of Same Type P01C_HBLOW NUMC 
124 P01C_HBTYP Surviving Dependent Type for Company Pension Scheme P01C_KNZID CHAR 
125 P01C_HCLAS Dynamic Categorization of Surviving Dependents in Cl. 1;2;3 P01C_HCLAS CHAR 
126 P01C_HRATE Amount of First Installment DEC7_2 DEC 
127 P01C_HTEXT Entitlement Text TEXT40 CHAR 
128 P01C_ICOSP Lock Indicator TEXT40 CHAR 
129 P01C_IDACC ID: Availability of a Conversion Model P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
130 P01C_IDANR Identifier for Imputation Group P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
131 P01C_IDAUS Rule for Payment Control P01C_IDAUS CHAR 
132 P01C_IDAUSTX Text for Payment Identification TEXT80 CHAR 
133 P01C_IDBA1 Identification for Income P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
134 P01C_IDBA2 Identication of Notional Income for Increase P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
135 P01C_IDBAA Indicator for Pensionable Income for Payroll Accounting P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
136 P01C_IDBAP Identification of Income from Entitlement XFELD CHAR 
137 P01C_IDBAS Identification of Basis Calculation P01C_IDBAS CHAR 
138 P01C_IDBAZ Indentification for Basic Increase Calculation P01C_IDBAS CHAR 
139 P01C_IDBE1 Identification for Paid Contributions CHAR04 CHAR 
140 P01C_IDBE2 Identification for Contribution Increase CHAR04 CHAR 
141 P01C_IDBEA Contribution Rule for Payroll P01C_IDBEI CHAR 
142 P01C_IDBEE Identification of Contribution/Income Scale P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
143 P01C_IDBEI Rules for Calculating Contributions P01C_IDBEI CHAR 
144 P01C_IDBEP Identfication of Contributions from Entitlement XFELD CHAR 
145 P01C_IDBER Indicates whether Calculation Method Is from Entitlement XFELD CHAR 
146 P01C_IDBTX Text for Contribution Calculation Rule TEXT40 CHAR 
147 P01C_IDDZB Identification for Seniority Scales P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
148 P01C_IDDZE Identification for Employment Period/Income Scale (Combi) P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
149 P01C_IDDZO Identification of Income Area P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
150 P01C_IDENT Identification Number: Contribution/Income/Increase CHAR4 CHAR 
151 P01C_IDVAL Identification: Default Values of a Conversion Model CHAR4 CHAR 
152 P01C_IDVE2 Annuitization Table Rules P01C_IDVER CHAR 
153 P01C_IDVER Annuitization Rules P01C_IDVER CHAR 
154 P01C_IDVTX Text for Annuitization Rules TEXT40 CHAR 
155 P01C_INCMM Calculated Months until Next Pension Adjustment DEC5 DEC 
156 P01C_INDEX Line Index for a Table SYST_LONG INT4 
157 P01C_INDGR Take Individual Upper/Lower Limits into Account XFELD CHAR 
158 P01C_INSTT Company Pension Scheme Organization P01C_INSTT CHAR 
159 P01C_INVRE Invalidity Pension XFELD CHAR 
160 P01C_ISIGN Information Character P01C_ISIGN CHAR 
161 P01C_ISTIT Pension Statement Element P01C_ISTIT CHAR 
162 P01C_ITBLD Screen Groups Infotype P01C_GRPID CHAR 
163 P01C_IVSTG Data Determination Key Date DATUM DATS 
164 P01C_JBEWE Year for Valuation in Pension Calculation P01C_JBEWE CHAR 
165 P01C_JGEVE Calendar Year for First Payment P01C_GEVE CHAR 
166 P01C_KAEIN Unit for Number Constants P01C_AZEIN CHAR 
167 P01C_KALTY Indicator for All Pension Organization Types XFELD CHAR 
168 P01C_KANAG Indicator if Supplementary Employer Benefit XFELD CHAR 
170 P01C_KBLTY Own Pension Organization Types CHAR12 CHAR 
171 P01C_KBPKZ Validity Period for Amount Constants P01C_BTPKZ CHAR 
172 P01C_KEHRW Formation of Reciprocal Value XFELD CHAR 
173 P01C_KEYDT Key date DATS DATS 
174 P01C_KEYTA Key Date for Rules DATUM DATS 
175 P01C_KFUNK Fund Function P01C_KNZID CHAR 
176 P01C_KGPRZ Profit Sharing P01C_KONST CHAR 
177 P01C_KINAN Number of Child Records per Request NUMC2 NUMC 
178 P01C_KJEND End Date According to Calendar DATUM DATS 
179 P01C_KLAUF Correction run XFELD CHAR 
180 P01C_KNZ15 Flag for Account Assignment Block in Infotype 14/15 XFELD CHAR 
181 P01C_KNZBI Flag for Account Assignment Block in Infotype 15 XFELD CHAR 
182 P01C_KNZBP Start Indicator for Pension Payment P01C_KNZBP CHAR 
183 P01C_KNZBW Flag: Parameters for Statements XFELD CHAR 
184 P01C_KNZCU ID in Payroll for Cumulation from Current Month CHAR1 CHAR 
185 P01C_KNZID Indicators P01C_KNZID CHAR 
186 P01C_KNZIT ID in Payroll for Amounts from Infotype CHAR1 CHAR 
187 P01C_KNZMW Male/Female Indicator P01C_KNZMW CHAR 
188 P01C_KNZPK Flag: Reporting of Pensions for Different Taxation XFELD CHAR 
189 P01C_KNZRD Flag: Default Value Key Date XFELD CHAR 
190 P01C_KNZRE Set "Reimbursable" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
191 P01C_KNZST Flag: Split Annuitization of ER and EE Contributions XFELD CHAR 
192 P01C_KNZTZ Indicator for Part-Time Percentage Rate XFELD CHAR 
193 P01C_KNZWZ Waiting Period Filled Indicator P01C_KNZWZ CHAR 
194 P01C_KNZZF Flag: Eligible for Bonus under AVmG XFELD CHAR 
195 P01C_KOKLA Collision Class P01C_KOKLA NUMC 
196 P01C_KOMLS Combination of Different Benefit Origins CHAR10 CHAR 
197 P01C_KOMNR Constant for Pension Adjustment Period P01C_KONST CHAR 
198 P01C_KOMPR Aggregate Amounts XFELD CHAR 
199 P01C_KONST Constant for Company Pension Scheme P01C_KONST CHAR 
200 P01C_KORRL Correction Run for Transfer of Basis Data XFELD CHAR 
201 P01C_KOTYP Constant Type P01C_KOTYP CHAR 
202 P01C_KREAK Reaction in Case of Collision CHAR20 CHAR 
203 P01C_KRIPE Critical Period for Contribution/Income Calculation NUM02 NUMC 
204 P01C_KUANZ Number for Determination of Cumulation Start Events DEC3 DEC 
205 P01C_KUERE Future Pension Benefit According to Current Status P01C_BETRG CURR 
206 P01C_KUMUL Indicator: Should Conversion Cumulation Be Carried Out? XFELD CHAR 
207 P01C_KUPER First Cumulation Period PABRP NUMC 
208 P01C_KWERT Constant Value P01C_KWERT DEC 
209 P01C_KZABL Type of Entitlement Derivation P01C_KZABL CHAR 
210 P01C_KZALI Indicator for Wage Type Reduction P01C_KZALI CHAR 
211 P01C_KZALL Calculation for All Entitlements Belonging to Primary Ents. CHAR001 CHAR 
212 P01C_KZART Type of Calculation (Bonus or Imputation) CHAR1 CHAR 
213 P01C_KZATM Indicator for Number of Days per Month P01C_KZATM CHAR 
214 P01C_KZBER Indicates that Contribution Is Reimbursed XFELD CHAR 
215 P01C_KZBFO Indicator for Start of Continued Pay on First of Next Month CHAR1 CHAR 
216 P01C_KZDAR Type of Period Determination P01C_KZDAR CHAR 
217 P01C_KZEFI ID Actual or Notional Amount P01C_BAART CHAR 
218 P01C_KZERZ No Imputation to Substitute Benefit Types CHAR001 CHAR 
219 P01C_KZEZL Run Individual Imputation XFELD CHAR 
220 P01C_KZFIX Not Modifiable XFELD CHAR 
221 P01C_KZJIN Annual Interval ID XFELD CHAR 
222 P01C_KZKAP ID: Resulting from Pension or Capital? XFELD CHAR 
223 P01C_KZKEY Indicators CHAR1 CHAR 
224 P01C_KZKTX Short Text Indicator TEXT10 CHAR 
225 P01C_KZKWZ Indicator for Reduced Waiting Period XFELD CHAR 
226 P01C_KZLTX Long Text Indicator TEXT40 CHAR 
227 P01C_KZNPA Indicator: Only Include Increases XFELD CHAR 
228 P01C_KZSB1 Indicator: 1st Authorized Signatory = Administrator XFELD CHAR 
229 P01C_KZSB2 Indicator: 2nd Authorized Signatory = Administrator XFELD CHAR 
230 P01C_KZTYP Indicator Type P01C_KZTYP CHAR 
231 P01C_KZUAB Bonus/Deduction Indicator P01C_KZUAB CHAR 
232 P01C_KZUEX Indicator for Customer Exit P01C_KZUEX CHAR 
233 P01C_KZUMW Indicator for Deferred Compensation P01C_KNZID CHAR 
234 P01C_KZVFK Constant Period-Specific Annuitization Factor XFELD CHAR 
235 P01C_KZZUL Bonus Indicator XFELD CHAR 
236 P01C_KZZUW Increase Calculation Indicator NUMC02 NUMC 
237 P01C_KZZUZ Indicator for Attributable Period CHAR1 CHAR 
238 P01C_KZZWM Indicates that Increase Calculation is Possible with CP XFELD CHAR 
239 P01C_L2DAR Date Type for Enhanced Qualification Period Check DATAR CHAR 
240 P01C_L2MTH Date Determination for Enhanced Qualification Check P01C_L2MTH CHAR 
241 P01C_L2UMT Date Determination for Enhanced Qualification Check P01C_L2MTH CHAR 
242 P01C_LALBE Amount of Regular Benefit/Pension P01C_BETRG CURR 
243 P01C_LALDA Regular Benefit/Pension Not Available XFELD CHAR 
244 P01C_LALJA Regular Benefit/Pension Exists XFELD CHAR 
245 P01C_LALNE Regular Benefit/Pension Not Available XFELD CHAR 
246 P01C_LAPDT Last Adjustment DATS DATS 
247 P01C_LATYP Category of Benefit Type XFELD CHAR 
248 P01C_LCOPY Benefit Type to Be Copied To CHAR4 CHAR 
249 P01C_LEBLE Lifelong Benefit XFELD CHAR 
250 P01C_LEVL2 Benefits Provider for Enhanced Check CHAR34 CHAR 
251 P01C_LFDBZ Regular Payment XFELD CHAR 
252 P01C_LFDNR Identification Number P01C_NUMC2 NUMC 
253 P01C_LFKAN Correction Wage Type Notional Contribution Employee LGART CHAR 
254 P01C_LFUAG Benefits Provider for Company Pension Organization XFELD CHAR 
255 P01C_LGAAB Shadow Wage Type LGART CHAR 
256 P01C_LGAAG Employer Contribution Wage Type LGART CHAR 
257 P01C_LGAAN Employee Contribution Wage Type LGART CHAR 
258 P01C_LGABP Deduction Wage Type for Tax-Exempt Conversion LGART CHAR 
259 P01C_LGABS Deduction Wage Type for Tax-Exempt Conversion LGART CHAR 
260 P01C_LGABT Transfer Amount for Contribution Reimbursement Wage Type LGART CHAR 
261 P01C_LGABZ Contribution Retention XFELD CHAR 
262 P01C_LGADA Wage Type LGART CHAR 
263 P01C_LGAEX Exclusing Wage Type XFELD CHAR 
264 P01C_LGAFA Wage Type: Statement for Interest from Exemption Application LGART CHAR 
265 P01C_LGAFR Wage Type for Exemption Application LGART CHAR 
266 P01C_LGAGP Wage Type Grouping for Payroll Control P01C_GRPID CHAR 
267 P01C_LGAIN Including Wage Type XFELD CHAR 
268 P01C_LGAKZ Capital Payment Wage Type LGART CHAR 
269 P01C_LGAMA Conversion Request LGART CHAR 
270 P01C_LGAMI Minimum Gross LGART CHAR 
271 P01C_LGAR2 Statement Wage Type LGART CHAR 
272 P01C_LGARA Installment Payment Wage Type LGART CHAR 
273 P01C_LGARE Contribution Deduction Wage Type LGART CHAR 
274 P01C_LGARP Wage Type for Total Reimbursed Contributions LGART CHAR 
275 P01C_LGART Wage Type LGART CHAR 
276 P01C_LGASF Pension with Only Yield Portion Taxable LGART CHAR 
277 P01C_LGASP Pension Fully Taxable LGART CHAR 
278 P01C_LGATG Wage Type for Entitlement Days LGART CHAR 
279 P01C_LGAUB Wage Type to Be Transferred LGART CHAR 
280 P01C_LGAWA Conversion Amount LGART CHAR 
281 P01C_LGAZI Wage Type for Interest on Reimbursed Contributions LGART CHAR 
282 P01C_LGBAB Contribution Deduction Wage Type LGART CHAR 
283 P01C_LGBAE Actual Base Wage Type LGART CHAR 
284 P01C_LGBAF Notional Base Wage Type LGART CHAR 
285 P01C_LGBAP Contribution Deduction Wage Type LGART CHAR 
286 P01C_LGBAS Contribution Deduction Wage Type LGART CHAR 
287 P01C_LGBEE Wage Type for Basis for One-Time Payments LGART CHAR 
288 P01C_LGBEL Wage Type for Basis for Regular Pay LGART CHAR 
289 P01C_LGCAG Wage Type for Cumulated Employer Share LGART CHAR 
290 P01C_LGCAN Wage Type for Cumulated Employee Share LGART CHAR 
291 P01C_LGCAT Wage Type for Cumulated Entitlement Days LGART CHAR 
292 P01C_LGCBE Wage Type for Cumulated Actual Basis LGART CHAR 
293 P01C_LGCBF Wage Type for Cumulated Notional Basis LGART CHAR 
294 P01C_LGCID Specific Indicator for Income P01C_KNZID CHAR 
295 P01C_LGDEK Wage Type for Upper Limit for Deferred Compensation LGART CHAR 
296 P01C_LGEIN Wage Type for Contribution Deduction for One-Time Payment LGART CHAR 
297 P01C_LGFAG Wage Type for Notional Employer Share LGART CHAR 
298 P01C_LGFAN Wage Type for Notional Employee Share LGART CHAR 
299 P01C_LGGEV Wage Type: Contract Total for Salary Waiver LGART CHAR 
300 P01C_LGHKE Origin of Income Wage Type P01C_LGHKE CHAR 
301 P01C_LGHKT Origin of Contribution Wage Type P01C_LGHKT CHAR 
302 P01C_LGIDA Wage Type Indicator for Payroll P01C_LGIDA CHAR 
303 P01C_LGKAN Correction Wage Type for Employee Contribution LGART CHAR 
304 P01C_LGLFD Wage Type for Contribution Deduction for Regular Pay LGART CHAR 
305 P01C_LGOLD Original Wage Type from Basic Pension Payment (Testator) LGART CHAR 
306 P01C_LGTYA Calculation Type of Wage Type P01C_LGTYA CHAR 
307 P01C_LIGHT Traffic Lights P01C_LIGHT CHAR 
308 P01C_LIMIT Final Processing Rule P01C_LIMIT CHAR 
309 P01C_LIMTX Text for Final Processing Rule TEXT40 CHAR 
310 P01C_LIMTY Threshold Type P01C_LIMTY CHAR 
311 P01C_LIMZP Time of Final Processing P01C_LIMZP CHAR 
312 P01C_LIVOR Pension Rule Exists XFELD CHAR 
313 P01C_LJJMA Maximum Age NUMC02 NUMC 
314 P01C_LJJMI Minimum Age NUMC02 NUMC 
315 P01C_LJJUA Minimum Age for Vested Pension Rights NUMC02 NUMC 
316 P01C_LMSSG Next Action Reason MASSG CHAR 
317 P01C_LMSSN Next Action MASSN CHAR 
318 P01C_LOGO1 Logo of Pension Organization P01C_VLOGO CHAR 
319 P01C_LPAGE Logical Page within Form (CPS Statements) TDELEMFORM CHAR 
320 P01C_LRGTY Threshold Rule Type P01C_LRGTY CHAR 
321 P01C_LSBEG Start of Alternative Employment Status DATUM DATS 
322 P01C_LSTA1 Next Customer Status STATA CHAR 
323 P01C_LSTA2 Next Employment Status STATA CHAR 
324 P01C_LSTKZ Indicator - Benefit Type P01C_LSTKZ CHAR 
325 P01C_LSTTR Origin of Benefit P01C_LSTTR CHAR 
326 P01C_LSTTY Type of Social Benefit P01C_KNZID CHAR 
327 P01C_LTEXT Dynamic Field Text TEXT15 CHAR 
328 P01C_LTFIX Fixed Benefits Provider P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
329 P01C_LTLUS Benefits Provider for Company Responsible XFELD CHAR 
330 P01C_LTLV2 Benefits Provider for Enhanced Qualification Check P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
331 P01C_LTRFB Function Module Name for Pension Organization Logo FUNCNAME CHAR 
332 P01C_LTRFX Logo for Specified Pension Organization P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
333 P01C_LTRGR Benefits Provider P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
334 P01C_LTRLO Logo of Pension Organization XFELD CHAR 
335 P01C_LTRPA Transfer Benefits Provider from Entitlement XFELD CHAR 
336 P01C_LTRTE Text for Pension Organization Benefits Provider TEXT30 CHAR 
337 P01C_LTUAG Fixed Benefits Provider VP Only Acc. to Statutory Rule P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
338 P01C_LTZNR Valuation Assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
339 P01C_LUECK Indicator: Wage Type May Occur with Gaps XFELD CHAR 
340 P01C_LURSP Company Responsible P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
341 P01C_LURTE Text for Pension Organization Benefit Origin TEXT30 CHAR 
342 P01C_MAANS Possible Benefit Types for Company Pension Scheme P01C_ANSPR CHAR 
343 P01C_MAAZR Special Rule for Deduction/Bonus Rules CHAR10 CHAR 
344 P01C_MABSI Maximum Bonus Amount for Subsequent Utilization P01C_BETRG CURR 
345 P01C_MABVI Maximum Deduction for Early Utilization of ER's Resources P01C_BETRG CURR 
346 P01C_MAPSI Maximum Percentage Bonus for Late Utilization of ER Resourc. PRZNT DEC 
347 P01C_MAPVI Maximum Percentage Deduction for Early Utlization of Resourc PRZNT DEC 
348 P01C_MAXBA Feature for Constant for Basic Value Upper Threshold CHAR5 CHAR 
349 P01C_MAXGS Maximum Bonus Total Amount P01C_BETRG CURR 
350 P01C_MAXZL Maximum Bonus Individual Amount P01C_BETRG CURR 
351 P01C_MBDAT Date for Last Determination of Pension Rights Status DATS DATS 
352 P01C_MBKTX Short Text for Calculation Variant TEXT15 CHAR 
353 P01C_MBVTX Text for Calculation Variant TEXT30 CHAR 
354 P01C_MDATU Date of Manual Change DATUM DATS 
355 P01C_MDFDC Modifier of Conversion Model CHAR4 CHAR 
356 P01C_MGLST Member Status P01C_MGLST CHAR 
357 P01C_MGLTX Long Text for Membership Status TEXT30 CHAR 
358 P01C_MIBSI Minimum Bonus Amount for Late Utilization of Resources P01C_BETRG CURR 
359 P01C_MIBST Minimum Vested Payment BETRG CURR 
360 P01C_MIBVI Minimum Deduction for Early Util. of Employer Resources P01C_BETRG CURR 
361 P01C_MINBA Feature for Constant for Basic Value Lower Threshold CHAR5 CHAR 
362 P01C_MINBS Minimum Vested Payment BETRG CURR 
363 P01C_MINDR Minimum Pension P01C_BETRG CURR 
364 P01C_MINGS Minimum Bonus Total Amount P01C_BETRG CURR 
365 P01C_MINZL Minimum Bonus Individual Amount P01C_BETRG CURR 
366 P01C_MIPSI Minimum Percentage Bonus for Late Util. of Employer Resourc. PRZNT DEC 
367 P01C_MIPVI Minimum Percentage Deduction for Early Resource Utilization PRZNT DEC 
368 P01C_MITNR Membership Number/File Number CHAR15 CHAR 
369 P01C_MITST Entitlement Status P01C_MITST CHAR 
370 P01C_MMKWZ Months of Waiting Period Reduction NUM03 NUMC 
371 P01C_MMNRA Months Until Next Pension Adjustment NUM03 NUMC 
372 P01C_MNTEL Proportional Reduction of Entitlement XFELD CHAR 
373 P01C_MOBBV Valuation Basis According to Calculation Method P01C_MOBBV CHAR 
374 P01C_MOBVK Calculation Variant for Entitlement P01C_MODBV CHAR 
375 P01C_MODBV Calculation Variant for Entitlement P01C_MODBV CHAR 
376 P01C_MODCO Modifier for Posting Details of Pension Basic Amounts CHAR04 CHAR 
377 P01C_MODEV Final Processing Variant P01C_GRPID CHAR 
378 P01C_MONAZ Months as Unit XFELD CHAR 
379 P01C_MONPR Reference Value per Month XFELD CHAR 
380 P01C_MONTH Months (Decimal in a Time Interval) P01C_ANZ78 DEC 
381 P01C_MONVA Monthly Value XFELD CHAR 
382 P01C_MORER Reimbursement Grouping P01C_GRPID CHAR 
383 P01C_MOZAN Grouping of Valuation Basis for Increase Calculation P01C_GRPID CHAR 
384 P01C_MOZBV Increase Basis According to Calculation Method P01C_MOZBV CHAR 
385 P01C_MOZRA Subtype Grouping for Increase Calculation P01C_GRPID CHAR 
386 P01C_MRKRE Feature "Trigger for Pension Calculation" CHAR5 CHAR 
387 P01C_MRKRU Feature "Trigger for Reserves Calculation" CHAR5 CHAR 
388 P01C_MSLTX Entitlement Status Long Text TEXT30 CHAR 
389 P01C_MSPER Lock Calculation of Cyclical Future Pension Rights XFELD CHAR 
390 P01C_MSTTX Entitlement Status Text CHAR30 CHAR 
391 P01C_MTHHB Method of Database Selection for Surviving Dependent Determ. XFELD CHAR 
392 P01C_MULFI Fixed Value Multiplier ANZ5_2 DEC 
393 P01C_MULHK Factor for Amount Upper Threshold ANZ5_2 DEC 
394 P01C_MULLK Lower Threshold Factor Amount ANZ5_2 DEC 
395 P01C_MULSY Symbolic Multiplier P01C_FLDSY CHAR 
396 P01C_MUNAM User Name for Manual Change UNAME CHAR 
397 P01C_MZUAB Bonus/Deduction Months P01C_ANZ32 DEC 
398 P01C_NALTG Do Not Check Age Limit XFELD CHAR 
399 P01C_NAME Field name TEXT20 CHAR 
400 P01C_NAME1 Extended Name TEXT40 CHAR 
401 P01C_NANBE Valuation of Entitlement XFELD CHAR 
402 P01C_NAREL Not Payroll Relevant XFELD CHAR 
403 P01C_NFPRF No Qualification Period Check XFELD CHAR 
404 P01C_NLENT "Vested Entitlement" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
405 P01C_NLGAR Number of Wage Types / Number of Entitlement-Dependent Recs CHAR2 CHAR 
406 P01C_NLRTG Different Benefits Provider Qualification Check P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
407 P01C_NMAF2 Minimum Age Female Employees (YYMM) NUM04 NUMC 
408 P01C_NMAFR Minimum Age for Female Employees NUM02 NUMC 
409 P01C_NMAL2 Minimum Age (YYMM) NUM04 NUMC 
410 P01C_NMALT Minimum Age NUM02 NUMC 
411 P01C_NMAM2 Minimum Age for Male Employees (YYMM) NUM04 NUMC 
412 P01C_NMAMA Minimum Age Male Employees NUM02 NUMC 
413 P01C_NMC15 Numerical field, 15 characters long NUMC15 NUMC 
414 P01C_NOABS Do Not Calculate Deduction XFELD CHAR 
415 P01C_NOADD No Inclusion in Pension XFELD CHAR 
416 P01C_NOAKT Reference Value per Month XFELD CHAR 
417 P01C_NOCND Do Not Condense Text Module XFELD CHAR 
418 P01C_NOERG No Result XFELD CHAR 
419 P01C_NOKOR No Correction for Automatic Basis Transfer XFELD CHAR 
421 P01C_NOREL Only Relevant Notifications XFELD CHAR 
422 P01C_NOSPL Entitlement-Dependent Split by Taxation Type XFELD CHAR 
423 P01C_NOZUS No Bonus Calculation XFELD CHAR 
424 P01C_NOZWS No Increase Calculation XFELD CHAR 
425 P01C_NPAGE New Page per Pension Organization XFELD CHAR 
426 P01C_NUMHB Number of Surviving Dependents of Same Type P01C_HBLOW NUMC 
427 P01C_NUMID Identification of Function P01C_NUMID CHAR 
428 P01C_OCAZ7 Character Number (5.2) for Interface Record NUMC07 NUMC 
429 P01C_OCBET Character Amount for Interface Record NUMC09 NUMC 
430 P01C_OCFA3 Character Factor for Interface Record NUMC03 NUMC 
431 P01C_OCFA4 Character Factor for Interface Record NUMC04 NUMC 
432 P01C_OCFA5 Character Factor for Interface Record NUMC05 NUMC 
433 P01C_OCFA6 Character Factor for Interface Record NUMC05 NUMC 
434 P01C_OCFA7 Character Factor (3.4) for Interface Record NUMC07 NUMC 
435 P01C_OCFA8 Character Factor for Interface Record NUMC08 NUMC 
436 P01C_OCFA9 Character Factor (5.4) for Interface Record NUMC09 NUMC 
437 P01C_OEREJ Public Legal Form XFELD CHAR 
438 P01C_OEREN Public Legal Form XFELD CHAR 
439 P01C_ONLCK Feature for Online Check for Creation of Entitlement CHAR5 CHAR 
440 P01C_OPKNZ Operation Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
441 P01C_OPTION Option for Ranges Tables P01C_OPTION CHAR 
442 P01C_OPTOR Operator for Value Types P01C_OPTOR CHAR 
443 P01C_ORGZU Organizational Assignment Grouping CHAR010 CHAR 
444 P01C_OWNDT Work with Own Data XFELD CHAR 
445 P01C_P16EI Different Entry Date from Contract Elements P01C_P16EI CHAR 
446 P01C_PANSP Determination of Entitlements XFELD CHAR 
447 P01C_PANVT Validity Type for Entitlements CHAR10 CHAR 
448 P01C_PATYP CPS Parameters P01C_PATYP CHAR 
449 P01C_PAVAL Value of CPS Parameter P01C_PAVAL CHAR 
450 P01C_PBDC Batch Input Parameter or Call Transaction P01C_PBDC CHAR 
451 P01C_PDATE Date of Retirement DATUM DATS 
452 P01C_PDAYS Days of Period DEC5 DEC 
453 P01C_PDPFU Pension Calculation Subfunction FUNCNAME CHAR 
454 P01C_PERDI Personnel Number to Which Difference Amount is Granted PERNR NUMC 
455 P01C_PINDEX Price Index for Calculation of Pension Adjustment Percent. P01C_PINDEX DEC 
456 P01C_PKDAT Pension Fund Date, Start of Extraordinary Membership DATS DATS 
457 P01C_PLART Employer Percentage Rate of Benefit Type XFELD CHAR 
458 P01C_PLEV1 Qualification Check XFELD CHAR 
459 P01C_PLEV2 Enhanced Qualification Check XFELD CHAR 
460 P01C_PMNTH Month of Period MONTH NUMC 
461 P01C_PNEIN Selection of Individual Personnel Numbers XFELD CHAR 
462 P01C_PNINT Selection of Several Personnel Numbers XFELD CHAR 
463 P01C_PNRBZ Personnel Number of Contribution Payer PERNR NUMC 
464 P01C_PRDIF Log of Differences XFELD CHAR 
465 P01C_PRDTL Detail Log for Basis Transfer XFELD CHAR 
466 P01C_PRERB Change Reason for Pension Payment PREAS CHAR 
467 P01C_PRFUA VE Check TEXT20 CHAR 
468 P01C_PRFWZ Check: Waiting Period TEXT20 CHAR 
469 P01C_PRIAS Priority of Deductions in Statement NUM02 NUMC 
470 P01C_PRIOA Processing Priority for Entitlement NUMC3 NUMC 
471 P01C_PRIOL Processing Priority for Benefit Type NUMC3 NUMC 
472 P01C_PRIZA Conversion Priority P01C_PRITY CHAR 
473 P01C_PROBT Open Contribution Reimbursements XFELD CHAR 
474 P01C_PROZE Help Field for Calculated Red. Percentage SD pension T5DCI PRZ32 DEC 
475 P01C_PRPNR Log for Personnel Number XFELD CHAR 
476 P01C_PRTAK Log of DB Changes XFELD CHAR 
477 P01C_PRVAR Variable Percentage Rate PRZ32 DEC 
478 P01C_PRZAG Employer Percentage Rate PRZ32 DEC 
479 P01C_PRZAN Employee Percentage Rate PRZ32 DEC 
480 P01C_PRZEK Part-Time Percentage Based on Period DEC03_2 DEC 
481 P01C_PRZEU Origin of Employment Level P01C_PRZEU CHAR 
482 P01C_PRZF2 Fixed Percentage Rate P01C_PRZ34 DEC 
483 P01C_PRZFI Fixed Percentage Rate PRZ32 DEC 
484 P01C_PRZGS Total Percentage Rate PRZ32 DEC 
485 P01C_PRZKO Percentage Rate for Constants PRZ32 DEC 
486 P01C_PRZMA Maximum Percentage Rate PRZ32 DEC 
487 P01C_PRZMI Minimum Percentage Rate PRZ32 DEC 
488 P01C_PRZSI Bonus Percentage Rate for Late Utilization of Resources PRZNT DEC 
489 P01C_PRZSO Base Percentage Rate PRZ32 DEC 
490 P01C_PRZVA Calculated Percentage Rate P01C_PRZ44 DEC 
491 P01C_PRZVI Deduction Percentage Rate for Early Utilization of Resources PRZNT DEC 
492 P01C_PT_ZEINH Time/measurement unit RPMSH CHAR 
493 P01C_PVIEW Maintenance View for Primary Table VIEWNAME CHAR 
494 P01C_PYEAR Year of Period NUMC4 NUMC 
495 P01C_PZUAB Bonus/Deduction Percentage PRZ32 DEC 
496 P01C_RADAT Date for Last Pension Adjustment DATS DATS 
497 P01C_RAFAK Basic Factor for Pension Adjustment P01C_PRZ34 DEC 
498 P01C_RBDAT Date of Last Pension Calculation DATS DATS 
499 P01C_RBSPR Lock Pension Calculation XFELD CHAR 
500 P01C_RCDAT Changed On DATS DATS