SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 129
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P_HIREY Column 09: Entry Year CHAR4 CHAR 
2 P_IADAT Date of Adjustment DATS DATS 
3 P_IADRL Date When Adjustment is Relevant DATS DATS 
4 P_IARSN Reason for Adjustment P_IARSN CHAR 
5 P_IDBAL Amount Payable Total PG_CURR CURR 
6 P_IDBTY Type of Total Payment P_IDBTY CHAR 
8 P_IDDEP Number of Dependants NUMC2 NUMC 
9 P_IDNIE Exempt Amount XFELD CHAR 
10 P_IDNIN Non-Exempt Amount XFELD CHAR 
11 P_IDNLD Amount per Dependant PG_CURR CURR 
12 P_IDNLF Flat Amount PG_CURR CURR 
13 P_IDNLP Percentage Limit   DEC 
14 P_IDNRL Relation Between Limits P_IDNRL CHAR 
15 P_IDNUA Unit of Amount Value P_IDNUA CHAR 
16 P_IDNUM Debt Number within an Order   NUMC 
17 P_IDNUP Unit Percentage Limit P_IDNUP CHAR 
18 P_IDOC_COUNT Number of IDocs in Transmission 0 P_TRANS_COUNT DEC 
19 P_IDOPA Amount Ongoing Payment PG_CURR CURR 
20 P_IDOPU Calculation Unit for the Debt P_IDOPU CHAR 
21 P_INCFL Including fuel XFELD CHAR 
22 P_INDADJ Indicator Adjustments P_GXFELD CHAR 
23 P_INDAP Indicator Additional Payment P_GXFELD CHAR 
24 P_INDBN Debt Number   NUMC 
25 P_INDCD Indicator Costs in Debts P_GXFELD CHAR 
26 P_INDEP Indicator Exceptional Payment P_GXFELD CHAR 
27 P_INDGED Indicator Garnishments End Date P_GXFELD CHAR 
28 P_INDHO Indicator hour in prioritising P_GXFELD CHAR 
29 P_INDIN Indicator Interets P_GXFELD CHAR 
30 P_INDRA Indicator Reset Arrears P_GXFELD CHAR 
31 P_INDRE Indicator Refund P_GXFELD CHAR 
32 P_INDSC Indicator Separate Calculation P_GXFELD CHAR 
33 P_INDSCA Indicator Service Charge P_GXFELD CHAR 
34 P_INDSCB Indicator Service Charge Overwritten P_GXFELD CHAR 
35 P_INDSCH Indicator Service Charge P_GXFELD CHAR 
36 P_INDTTP Indicator Total Payment P_GXFELD CHAR 
37 P_INIT Legal Control: SLS: Initial Upload of SLS Records XFELD CHAR 
38 P_INSUR Including insurance XFIELD CHAR 
39 P_INTAM Amount Interest PG_CURR CURR 
40 P_INTBA Basis for Interest P_INTBA CHAR 
41 P_INTCU Currency of Interest PG_CURR CURR 
42 P_INTDE Interest Dependency P_INTDE CHAR 
43 P_INTER Indicator: Interactive analysis XFELD CHAR 
44 P_INTHI Maximum Amount Interest PG_CURR CURR 
45 P_INTHIP Maximum Percentage Interesr   DEC 
46 P_INTLO Minimum Amount Interest PG_CURR CURR 
47 P_INTLOP Minimum Percentage Interest   DEC 
48 P_INTPE Interest Period P_INTPE CHAR 
49 P_INTRA Interest Rate   DEC 
50 P_INTTY Interest Calculation Type P_INTTY CHAR 
51 P_INTVA Value Added Tax in Interest P_INTVA CHAR 
52 P_IOACO Agency Country LAND1 CHAR 
53 P_IOANM Agency Name TEXT40 CHAR 
54 P_IOAPC Agency Postal Code TEXT3 CHAR 
55 P_IOAPH Agency Coutry LAND1 CHAR 
56 P_IOAPR Agency Province REGIO CHAR 
57 P_IOAST Agency Street TEXT35 CHAR 
58 P_IOCN1 Case Number 1 TEXT25 CHAR 
59 P_IOCN2 Case Number 2 TEXT25 CHAR 
60 P_IOCTD Court Order Date   DATS 
61 P_IONUM Internal order number P_IONUM NUMC 
62 P_IONUMR Case Number (Internal) for Garnishment Order   NUMC 
63 P_IOPAY Make Check Payable to Plaintiff XFELD CHAR 
64 P_IOPLN Plaintiff 1 TEXT40 CHAR 
65 P_IOPRI Order priority P_IOPRI NUMC 
66 P_IORCD Received Date   DATS 
67 P_IOREM Remittance Rule RULNR NUMC 
68 P_IOREMG Remittance Rule RULNR NUMC 
69 P_IORHR Received Hour   TIMS 
70 P_IORLD Release Date   DATS 
71 P_IOSCI Single cheque indicator XFLAG CHAR 
72 P_IOSCIG Single cheque indicator XFLAG CHAR 
73 P_IOSHT Hour for prioritising orders of garnishment   TIMS 
74 P_IOSRT Garnishment order sort date DATUM DATS 
75 P_IOSRTG Garnishment order sort date DATUM DATS 
76 P_IOSTS Garnishment Order Status P_IOSTS CHAR 
77 P_IRRATE Determine Exchange Rate from Invoice Receipt XFELD CHAR 
78 P_IT0442_LABEL Data label for infotype 0442(Company Car) CHAR20 CHAR 
79 P_ITAB Internal table name CHAR10 CHAR 
80 P_ITALIA Italy-Intrastat indicator XFELD CHAR 
81 P_JCODE Job from survey CHAR8 CHAR 
82 P_JURIS Code for jurisdiction P_JURIS CHAR 
83 P_JURISD Code for jurisdiction P_JURISD CHAR 
84 P_JURTX Description of jurisdiction P_GATXT CHAR 
85 P_JURTXT Description of Jurisdiction TEXT40 CHAR 
86 P_KALKART Preference: Indicator for determination type P_KALKLART CHAR 
87 P_KALKAUTO Preference: Perform Calculation in Export Order XFELD CHAR 
88 P_KASSE Fund Type: Pension Fund or Relief Fund P_KASSE CHAR 
89 P_KBETR Transfer Amout Costs PG_CURR CURR 
90 P_KDFBT Column 12: Tax Exemptions for Children DEC2_1 DEC 
91 P_KFZKZ License plate number CHAR10 CHAR 
92 P_KIFRB Spalte 12: Tax Exemption for Children NUMC03 NUMC 
93 P_KKENN Transfer of Costs XFELD CHAR 
94 P_KOABT Lawyer's Department TEXT12 CHAR 
95 P_KOANR Lawyer's Anrede TEXT1 CHAR 
96 P_KOART40 Account assignment type CHAR2 CHAR 
97 P_KOFIR Lawyer's Firm TEXT25 CHAR 
98 P_KOKEY Lawyer's Key TEXT8 CHAR 
99 P_KOKTL Controlling area, cost center CHAR14 CHAR 
100 P_KOLND Lawyer's Land TEXT3 CHAR 
101 P_KOMOK40 Transfer to FI/CO: Symbolic Account P_KOMOK40 CHAR 
102 P_KONAM Lawyer's Surname TEXT25 CHAR 
103 P_KONH SD Archiving of conditions: Parameters for checking KONH INT4_NOS9 INT4 
104 P_KONV SD Archiving of Conditions: Parameters for doc.check INT4_NOS9 INT4 
105 P_KOORT Lawyer's City TEXT25 CHAR 
106 P_KOPLZ Lawyer's Postcode TEXT10 CHAR 
107 P_KOSTR Lawyer's Street TEXT30 CHAR 
108 P_KOTEL Lawyer's Telephone TEXT20 CHAR 
109 P_KOTIT Lawyer's Title TEXT15 CHAR 
110 P_KOVOR Lawyer's Name TEXT25 CHAR 
111 P_KPROZ Transfer Percentage Costs DEC4 DEC 
112 P_KTTYP Symbolic Account Type P_KTTYP CHAR 
113 P_KUM Leg. Contrl: Bureau of Exp. Administr. diskette: Aggr. data XFELD CHAR 
114 P_KV Percentage rate health insurance employer/ee CHAR4 CHAR 
115 P_KWAER ID: Controlling area currency leading currency for prices XFELD CHAR 
116 P_LAKLAS Legal Control: Country Classification CHAR1 CHAR 
117 P_LAND1 Country Key for Commodity Code LAND1 CHAR 
118 P_LANDEX Legal Control: Existence Check for Countries CHAR1 CHAR 
119 P_LANDKEY Country key XFELD CHAR 
120 P_LARRS Arrears characteristic for limit wage types P_LARRS CHAR 
121 P_LCOMP_DSC Description of the Leasing Company TEXT30 CHAR 
122 P_LEASC Leasing Category (for NL only) P_LEASC CHAR 
123 P_LEGAL Statutory requirement, maintenance only by SAP XFELD CHAR 
124 P_LEVRT Rate for Level Systems   DEC 
125 P_LEVUP Upper Limit   CURR 
126 P_LEWLW Lower Level   CURR 
127 P_LGRUP Country Grouping for Export Control CHAR1 CHAR 
128 P_LICENS License for Product Classification CHAR1 CHAR 
129 P_LIEF Foreign Trade: Preference: Request vendor declaration? XFELD CHAR 
130 P_LIEFER Indicator: Supplying vendor XFELD CHAR 
131 P_LIEFR Document type 'delivery doc.' for Reporting in Foreign Trade XFELD CHAR 
134 P_LINCT Number of output lines in the TemSe file+ SYST_SHORT INT4 
135 P_LISTP Car List Price WERT15 CURR 
136 P_LOG Detailed log XFELD CHAR 
138 P_LOHNF Spalte 16: Wage System CHAR1 CHAR 
139 P_LOWLE Low Level for Rounding   CURR 
140 P_LSCOD Code for level systems P_LSCOD CHAR 
141 P_LSTGR Column 06: Benefits Group CHAR1 CHAR 
142 P_LSTKL Column 11: Employment Tax Class CHAR1 CHAR 
143 P_LSTXT Text for Level Systems   CHAR 
144 P_LTEST Switch for simulation run XFELD CHAR 
145 P_LTEXT Title of Job from Survey TEXT60 CHAR 
146 P_MABAM Average bonus payment (absolute) P_AMT07V CURR 
147 P_MABAS Average Survey Salary P_AMT07V CURR 
148 P_MABPC Average Bonus Payment (Percentage) DECV3_2 DEC 
149 P_MAHN Initial letter or dun TDCHAR CHAR 
150 P_MAHN1 Dunning letter - First level XFELD CHAR 
151 P_MAHN2 Dunning letter - Second level XFELD CHAR 
152 P_MAHNE Print dunning letter indicator XFELD CHAR 
153 P_MANDT43 Two-character client number for transfer to R/2 4.3 NUMC2 NUMC 
154 P_MARI Compile short documents CHECKBOX CHAR 
155 P_MARI2 Delete short documents only CHECKBOX CHAR 
156 P_MASNG Action, action reason CHAR4 CHAR 
157 P_MATNR Material number for Statistical Office CHAR6 CHAR 
158 P_MATXT Text container for dunning text TDOBNAME CHAR 
159 P_MAXL Maximum Length for a Value INT4 INT4 
160 P_MAXLINES Additional document split according to number of lines P_MAXLINES INT4 
161 P_MAXMA Maximum dunning level NUMC1 NUMC 
162 P_MAXO Maximum Occurrence for a node INT4 INT4 
163 P_MBEGD Car model Begin date DATUM DATS 
164 P_MCNV Conversion Method CHAR61 CHAR 
165 P_MDMPS Preference: Indicator explode dummy assembly XFELD CHAR 
166 P_MEMORY Indicator: Also List Held PReqs XFELD CHAR 
167 P_MENG_LS IS-H: Service Quantity (Planned) LEISMENGE NUMC 
168 P_MESTD Column 21: Paid Overtime Hours NUMC05 NUMC 
169 P_MINL Minimum Length for a Value INT4 INT4 
170 P_MINO Minimum Occurrence for a node INT4 INT4 
171 P_MITPOS Display with document items P_MITPOS CHAR 
172 P_MKREF Market reference pay P_AMT07V CURR 
173 P_MNTRL Regulation for maintenance of company car P_MNTRL CHAR 
174 P_MNTTX Regulation for maintenance, text TEXT60 CHAR 
176 P_MODTX Car Model Text TEXT40 CHAR 
177 P_MOFIX60 Transfer FI/CO: EE Grouping Standard Accounting FM/GM P_MOFIX60 CHAR 
178 P_MOMAG40 Transfer to FI/CO: EE Grouping for Account Determination P_MOMAG40 CHAR 
179 P_MSGNO HR-XX: Exception reporting Message Number P_MSGNO NUMC 
180 P_MSGTX HR-XX: Exception reporting Message Text P_MSGTX CHAR 
181 P_MSGTY HR-XX: Exception reporting Message Type P_MSGTY NUMC 
182 P_MTEXT Car Model Description TEXT40 CHAR 
183 P_MTXT1 Request text TDOBNAME CHAR 
184 P_MTXT2 Dunning text for the first and second dunning letter - VDecl TDOBNAME CHAR 
185 P_MTXT3 Outline text TDOBNAME CHAR 
186 P_MULT Multiple node flag CHAR1 CHAR 
187 P_NACHUEB Indicator: Whether list of messages found is to be displayed XFELD CHAR 
188 P_NEAMT Amount of the wage type   CURR 
189 P_NEMODG Code for the net model   CHAR 
190 P_NENEG Deducting from basis P_GXFELD CHAR 
191 P_NEPOS Adding to Basis P_GXFELD CHAR 
192 P_NETXT Description of the net model   CHAR 
193 P_NEWPG Indicator separate long-term vendor declara. for each mat. XFELD CHAR 
194 P_NONST SED: Data not relevant for declaration to the authorities XFELD CHAR 
195 P_NOPRE Indicator: Do not print preference zones on list XFELD CHAR 
196 P_NPERC Percentage of Net   DEC 
197 P_NSTDBZ Column 20: Paid Regular Working Hours NUMC05 NUMC 
198 P_NTMOD Code for the net model P_GNMOD CHAR 
199 P_NTYP Node type N_TYPES CHAR 
200 P_NXEXD Number of excluded dependants in non-exempt calculation   NUMC 
201 P_NXIDE Is result of exemption calculation the exempt amount? XFELD CHAR 
202 P_NXIDN Is result of exemption calculation the non-exempt amount? XFELD CHAR 
203 P_NXLTD Amount per dependant value in non-exempt calculation   CURR 
204 P_NXLTF Flat amount value in non-exempt calculation   CURR 
205 P_NXLTP Percentage limit of non-exempt amount calculation   DEC 
206 P_NXMOD Code for the non-exempt amount model P_NXMOD CHAR 
207 P_NXMODG Code for the non-exempt amount model P_NXMODG CHAR 
208 P_NXREL Relation by which percentage and amount values are connected P_NXREL CHAR 
209 P_NXSEQ Sequence number for Non Exempt Amount   NUMC 
210 P_NXTXT Description of the non-exempt amount model P_GATXT CHAR 
211 P_NXTXTG Description of the non-exempt amount model   CHAR 
212 P_NXUNA Unit of the non-exempt amount P_NXUNA CHAR 
213 P_NXUNP Unit of percentage value in non-exempt calculation P_NXUNP CHAR 
214 P_OAREQ Include Outline Agreement Requisitions in Selection XFELD CHAR 
215 P_OBLG Obligatory flag CHAR1 CHAR 
216 P_OCTYP Type of off-cycle activity P_OCTYP CHAR 
217 P_OFFMA Documents with non-transmitted messages XFELD CHAR 
218 P_OFFSE Formatting goods text for commodity code XFELD CHAR 
219 P_ONEPD One time with hold payment WERT15 CURR 
220 P_ONLY_DATA Only Display Partners with Transmissions XFELD CHAR 
221 P_OUTLINE_NO Parent's Outline Number INTROW NUMC 
222 P_OUTPT Foreign Trade: PRE: Output types XFELD CHAR 
223 P_OWAER ID: Object currency leading currency for prices XFELD CHAR 
224 P_P46CDT P46Car issued date DATS DATS 
225 P_P46CID P46Car has been issued indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
226 P_PABANK Amounts Paid after bankruptcy. WERT7 CURR 
227 P_PABRP Payroll period PABRP NUMC 
228 P_PAIDP Car Paid Price WERT15 CURR 
229 P_PANCUR Currency of Previous Year's Salary for Salary Survey WAERS CUKY 
230 P_PATH Directory for form letter data LOCALFILE CHAR 
231 P_PAYMO Using the payment model XFELD CHAR 
232 P_PC Export to PC XFELD CHAR 
233 P_PCUBIC HR-GB:Provided Car Engine Size NUMC4 NUMC 
235 P_PERNR Personnel Number PERNR NUMC 
236 P_PFREQ Payroll Time Unit PFREQ NUMC 
237 P_PKWGL Regulation for taxation of company car PKWGL CHAR 
238 P_PMBEGDA Start Posting Payments   DATS 
239 P_PMODEL HR-GB:Provided Car Model CHAR35 CHAR 
240 P_PNANS Annual salary for salary survey P_AMT08V CURR 
241 P_PNPSELDE Flag for deletion of data selection entry XFELD CHAR 
242 P_PNPSELDI Flag for display of selection input field XFELD CHAR 
243 P_PNPSELFI Flag for entry in selection input field XFELD CHAR 
244 P_POLLC Pollution Category P_POLLC CHAR 
245 P_POPUP Indicator selection window for print preview XFELD CHAR 
246 P_POSERR Indicator: Exclude faulty items from automatic PO generation XFELD CHAR 
247 P_POSIGN Plus/Minus Sign for Posting P_POSIGN CHAR 
248 P_POSTYP Item categories CHAR1 CHAR 
249 P_POST_AMT Posting with quantity CHAR1 CHAR 
250 P_POST_CO Posting with CO/FI-FM information CHAR1 CHAR 
251 P_POST_EG Account determination dependent on employee grouping CHAR1 CHAR 
252 P_POST_EXP Expenses Posting (Evaluation C0/C1) CHAR1 CHAR 
253 P_POST_LASTREF Posting to last org. assignment (for test purposes) CHAR1 CHAR 
254 P_POST_MC Posting with matchcode P_POST_MC CHAR 
255 P_POST_ORIG Posting in original period only CHAR1 CHAR 
256 P_POST_PN Posting with personnel number CHAR1 CHAR 
257 P_POST_RP Posting with transfer posting for R/2-RF CHAR1 CHAR 
258 P_PPNANS Previous year annual salary for salary survey P_AMT08V CURR 
259 P_PR04O Use of expense type XFELD CHAR 
260 P_PRBAL Percentage Total Payment DEC4 DEC 
261 P_PRCNT HR-XX: Pecentage P_PRCNT DEC 
262 P_PRCOS Percentage Cost DEC4 DEC 
263 P_PREIS Bottom price for materials WERT11V CURR 
264 P_PRIMM Print: Issue immediately XFELD CHAR 
265 P_PRINT Trip Print Status P_PRINT CHAR 
266 P_PRITY Transfer Priority TEXT1 CHAR 
267 P_PRKLAS Legal Control: Product Classification Check CHAR1 CHAR 
268 P_PRNI Parent Schema Identification CHAR5 CHAR 
269 P_PRNN Parent Node Identification TM_CHAR12 CHAR 
270 P_PROGRAM Name of prototype PROGNAME CHAR 
271 P_PROPA Percentage Ongoing Payment DEC4 DEC 
272 P_PROTO Type of log PROTO CHAR 
273 P_PROZEN Security percent PRZ32 DEC 
274 P_PRREL Delete spool entry after printing XFELD CHAR 
275 P_PRVDR Private driving per year NUMC6 NUMC 
276 P_PRZAB Open value in percent for license for legal control PRZ32 DEC 
277 P_PSTLZ Selection level for postal code P_PSTLZ CHAR 
278 P_PTIME Prioritise per Time P_PTIME CHAR 
279 P_PV Percentage rate pension insurance employer/ee CHAR4 CHAR 
280 P_QUARTAL Foreign trade: Decl. to auth. - Decl.period for BAFA disk. CHAR3 CHAR 
281 P_RANGE Sequence number NUMC1 NUMC 
282 P_RBLGA Wage type for the debt refund/stopped payment LGART CHAR 
283 P_RCAMT Garnishment: amount for record   CURR 
284 P_RCCAT Garnishment payroll: Record category   CHAR 
285 P_RCDAT Garnishment: date of record DATUM DATS 
286 P_RCDRL Garnishment: date for which record is relevant DATUM DATS 
287 P_RDATE Reversal date for month-end accruals DATUM DATS 
288 P_RDDOF INTRASTAT Luxembourg: record type CHAR4 CHAR 
289 P_REASN Unavailability Reason P_REASN CHAR 
290 P_RECHZ Arithmetic symbol P_RECHZ CHAR 
291 P_RECO2 C02 reduction value NUM03 NUMC 
292 P_RECSE Special cases for relation of debt to other debts P_RECSE CHAR 
293 P_REGIO Origin of data for determining region of origin XFELD CHAR 
294 P_REGPD Regular with hold payment WERT15 CURR 
295 P_REMOD Code for the model of the relationship to other debts P_REMOD CHAR 
296 P_REMODG Code for the model of the relationship to other debts P_REMODG CHAR 
297 P_REPOR SED: Data relevant for declaration to the authorities XFELD CHAR 
298 P_REPRI Priority of the debt in relation to other debts   NUMC 
299 P_RESID Indicator on how debt is sorted in relation to other debts P_RESID CHAR 
300 P_RETXT Description of the model of the relationship to other debts P_GATXT CHAR 
301 P_RETXTG Description of the model of the relationship to other debts   CHAR 
302 P_REVWE Conversion Date in Case of Invoice- or Goods Receipt XFELD CHAR 
303 P_REWID Indicator on how debt is weighted in relation to other debts P_REWID CHAR 
304 P_RGNDA Registration Date DATUM DATS 
305 P_RLDSC HR-XX: Exception Reporting Rule description P_RLDSC CHAR 
306 P_RLTYP HR-XX: Sub Rule Type P_RLTYP NUMC 
307 P_RNNR Node number NUMC4 NUMC 
308 P_ROAMO Rounding amount   CURR 
309 P_ROLLE IS-M/AM: BP Role During Management of Ad Spec Masters P_ROLLE CHAR 
310 P_ROMOD Rounding model P_ROMOD CHAR 
311 P_RONDO Rounding Down P_GXFELD CHAR 
312 P_RONUP Rounding up P_GXFELD CHAR 
313 P_ROTXT Definition Rounding model   CHAR 
314 P_RSNTX Unavilability reason, text TEXT60 CHAR 
315 P_RULNR Remittance rule RULNR NUMC 
316 P_RWEIT Range of coverage of outline agreements DATUM DATS 
317 P_SASBA Administrator modifier, payroll administrator CHAR7 CHAR 
318 P_SASBP Administrator modifier, personnel administrator CHAR7 CHAR 
319 P_SASBZ Administrator modifier, time administrator CHAR7 CHAR 
320 P_SAVOIE Deletion type for INTRASTAT, EXTRASTAT and VAR selection P_SAVOIE CHAR 
321 P_SBETR Transfer Amount Main Claim PG_CURR CURR 
322 P_SCHLNR Recipient's head office NUM01 NUMC 
323 P_SCODE Salary Survey SUBTYP CHAR 
324 P_SEATS Number of seats NUMC01 NUMC 
326 P_SEQNU Sequential number P_SEQNU CHAR 
327 P_SERVICE Select Services XFELD CHAR 
328 P_SETNOLOG Log output control P_SETNOLOG CHAR 
330 P_SHOWL Indicator list display XFELD CHAR 
331 P_SIMPDEC Indicator: Simplified Intrastat Declaration XFELD CHAR 
332 P_SIMUL Indicator simulated run XFELD CHAR 
333 P_SKENN Transfer of Main Claim XFELD CHAR 
334 P_SLGRP Pay grade TRFGR CHAR 
335 P_SLLVL Pay Grade Level CHAR2 CHAR 
336 P_SLMAX Upper limit of pay grade level P_AMT07V CURR 
337 P_SLMIN Lower limit of pay grade level P_AMT07V CURR 
338 P_SLREG Pay Grade Area TRFGB CHAR 
339 P_SLSCR Select rebate arrangements manually (via selection screen) XFELD CHAR 
340 P_SLTYP Pay Grade Type TRFAR CHAR 
341 P_SORT Sort sequence in rescheduling P_SORT NUMC 
342 P_SORTIER Sort Sequence for Analysis of Purchase Order Values P_SORTIER CHAR 
343 P_SORTKZ Sort indicator for purchase requisition lists P_SORTKZ CHAR 
344 P_SORT_MATNR FT: Declara. to Auth.: Goods catalog: MATNO sorting CHAR1 CHAR 
345 P_SORT_MATXT FT: Declara. to Auth.: Goods Catalogue: MATXT sorting CHAR1 CHAR 
346 P_SORT_STAWN FT: Declara. to Auth.: Goods Catalog: STAWN Sorting CHAR1 CHAR 
347 P_SPANI Incoterms - Second addition (France, Spain) XFELD CHAR 
348 P_SPCH Special Handling of MaxOcc Overflow CHAR5 CHAR 
349 P_SPECPRC Special processing of posting items P_SPECPRC CHAR 
350 P_SPLIT Split terms of payment CHAR1 CHAR 
351 P_SPLVN Column number address vendor declaration letter / dun BCROWMAGIN NUMC 
352 P_SPROZ Transfer Percentage Main Claim DEC4 DEC 
353 P_SRAF1 Field text for special rule   CHAR 
354 P_SRAF2 Text of amount field 2 of special rule   CHAR 
355 P_SRCOD Code for special rule P_SRCOD CHAR 
356 P_SRDEP Does dependant field appear in special rule? P_GXFELD CHAR 
357 P_SRIDE Indicator for special rule: result is exempt amount P_GXFELD CHAR 
358 P_SRIDN Indicator for special rule: result is non-exempt amount P_GXFELD CHAR 
359 P_SROPR Operator used in special rule P_SROPR CHAR 
360 P_SRPF1 Text of percentage field 1 of special rule   CHAR 
361 P_SRPF2 Text of percentage field 2 of special rule   CHAR 
362 P_SRRES Result term in special rule P_SRRES CHAR 
363 P_SRSEQ Sequence number of the special rule   NUMC 
364 P_SRTM1 Term 1 of special rule P_SRTRM CHAR 
365 P_SRTM2 Term 2 of special rule P_SRTRM CHAR 
366 P_SRTXT Description of special rule   CHAR 
367 P_SRULE HR-XX: Exception reporting Sub Rules P_SRULE NUMC 
368 P_SRUNT Unit of the non-exempt amount P_NXUNA CHAR 
369 P_SRVAL Value field in special rule   CURR 
371 P_STAT1 Status 1 for display on overview screen J_STATUS CHAR 
372 P_STAT2 Status 2 for display on overview screen J_STATUS CHAR 
373 P_STAT3 Status 3 for display on overview screen J_STATUS CHAR 
374 P_STATU Concatenated field: Status 1, 2 and 3 CHAR3 CHAR 
375 P_STATUS Status for display on overview screen J_STATUS CHAR 
376 P_STAWN Issue length of commodity code NUMC02 NUMC 
377 P_STBRF Column 14: Field B Left Part of Insurance No. CHAR1 CHAR 
378 P_STCOL First output column in the TemSe file SYST_SHORT INT4 
379 P_STDBEZ Column 19: Total Hours Paid NUMC05 NUMC 
380 P_STRAS Payee Street TEXT8 CHAR 
381 P_STSMA Status profile for maintaining status in Sales overview J_STSMA CHAR 
382 P_SUMACC Sum paid for accessories WERT15 CURR 
383 P_SUML Cumulation wage type P_SUML CHAR 
384 P_SUMTX Texts on Cumulation Wage Types TEXT80 CHAR 
385 P_SYMKTXT Description of the symbolic account TEXT67 CHAR 
387 P_SYMSGNO Message number SYMSGNO NUMC 
388 P_T604I Indicator for evaluating data from T604I XFELD CHAR 
390 P_TABTYPE Table Name Specification P_TABTYPE CHAR 
391 P_TAG15 Conversion Date: 15th of Month of Declaration if no Invoice XFELD CHAR 
392 P_TARIF Column 04: Pay Scale Group CHAR10 CHAR 
393 P_TARIFNR Column 05: Sequence Number of Collective Agreement CHAR1 CHAR 
394 P_TAX WH amount reimbursed WERT7 CURR 
395 P_TECHACC Technical Symbolic Accounts (Account Keys) P_TECHACC CHAR 
396 P_TECHN Column 17: Technical Job CHAR1 CHAR 
397 P_TEILBEST Indicator: Include "partially ordered" requisitions in list XFELD CHAR 
398 P_TERMSCHL Parameter Record TERMSCHL CHAR 
399 P_TEST Test run XFELD CHAR 
400 P_TESTLE Test switch for simulation run XFELD CHAR 
401 P_TEXT Period length of the portion CHAR30 CHAR 
402 P_TEXT32 Text (length 32) TEXT32 CHAR 
403 P_TEXTE Indicator: Include descriptions/titles in list XFELD CHAR 
404 P_TGID Tag Identification TM_CHAR12 CHAR 
405 P_TGRUP HR-XX: Tolerance limit Grouping P_TGRUP CHAR 
406 P_TGTX Tag text TEXT50 CHAR 
407 P_THIER Deletion type THIER CHAR 
408 P_TNMOD Code for the termination non-exempt amount model P_NXMOD CHAR 
409 P_TOTDS VAT on Discounts WERT15 CURR 
410 P_TRANS_COUNT Transmission Counter P_TRANS_COUNT DEC 
411 P_TRDISP Option: Assign selected deliveries to shipment XFELD CHAR 
412 P_TRLFRET Option: Select deliveries and returns XFELD CHAR 
413 P_TRNURLF Option: Select only outbound deliveries XFELD CHAR 
414 P_TRNURRET Option: Select only returns XFELD CHAR 
415 P_TRPTH Path inside an XML tree CHAR255 CHAR 
416 P_TRULE HR-XX: Exception Reporting Rule P_TRULE CHAR 
417 P_TRUN Truncated amounts XFELD CHAR 
418 P_TRUNC Truncate decimal XFELD CHAR 
419 P_TRVCT_VORS Posting and payment of advances XFELD CHAR 
420 P_TSTLVL Type of document creation P_TSTLVL CHAR 
421 P_TS_ABSND HR TemSe sending report CHAR8 CHAR 
422 P_TS_BNAME HR TemSe object identifier CHAR6 CHAR 
423 P_TS_CIPIN HR TemSe object type for RPCIPO00 CHAR40 CHAR 
425 P_TS_DSIZE HR TemSe object size CHAR10 CHAR 
426 P_TS_EMPFG HR TemSe receiving report CHAR8 CHAR 
427 P_TS_HRKNZ HR TemSe HR indicator CHAR4 CHAR 
428 P_TS_NONUM HR TemSe: No number assignment XFELD CHAR 
429 P_TS_OBJAR HR TemSe object type CHAR40 CHAR 
430 P_TS_OBJHD HR TemSe object handle RSTSFBH RAW 
431 P_TS_OBJIN HR TemSe: General information on TemSe object CHAR100 CHAR 
432 P_TS_OBJKN HR TemSe object identifier CHAR6 CHAR 
433 P_TS_OBJNR HR TemSe object number CHAR10 CHAR 
434 P_TS_OWNNR HR TemSe: Own object number handling XFELD CHAR 
435 P_TS_SWNUM HR TemSe: No indicator for number assignment XFELD CHAR 
436 P_TS_TSOBJ HR TemSe Object CHAR20 CHAR 
437 P_TS_UNAME HR TemSe user name CHAR12 CHAR 
439 P_TS_VERSN HR TemSe version CHAR2 CHAR 
440 P_TTYDP Transmission Type & Door Plan CHAR5 CHAR 
441 P_TTYPE Car transmission types (for UK only) P_TTYPE CHAR 
442 P_TXT04 Object Status TEXT4 CHAR 
443 P_TXT30 Object status TEXT30 CHAR 
444 P_TXT60 Text P_TXT60 CHAR 
445 P_TYPEU Indicator: EU or German Law CHAR1 CHAR 
446 P_TYPKU Rate for declaration to authorities XFELD CHAR 
447 P_UAVAL Car is unavailable XFELD CHAR 
448 P_UBGEO Planned revaluations at purchase price without VAT WERTV10 CURR 
449 P_UBGVO Planned revaluations at sales price without VAT WERTV10 CURR 
450 P_UBGVP Planned revaluations at sales price including VAT WERTV10 CURR 
451 P_UBMNG Planned revaluations quantity in base unit of measure MENGV15_3 QUAN 
452 P_UEBNO Missing Transfer Indicator XFELD CHAR 
453 P_UMSCH Conversion of special unit of measurement XFELD CHAR 
454 P_UMSGEO Planned sales at purchase price without VAT WERTV10 CURR 
455 P_UMSGVO Planned sales at sales price without value added tax WERTV10 CURR 
456 P_UMSGVP Planned sales at sales price with value added tax WERTV10 CURR 
457 P_UMSMAM Planned sales margin including VAT PRZ32V DEC 
458 P_UMSMAO Planned sales margin without VAT PRZ32V DEC 
459 P_UMSMNG Planned sales quantity in base unit MENGV15_3 QUAN 
460 P_UMSPL Indicator: Scope of list: busn. volume data for arrangement XFELD CHAR 
461 P_UNCONF Indicator 'Unconfirmed documents required'; Rescheduling XFELD CHAR 
462 P_UNIT_TAB Pointer to unit table UNIT_TAB CHAR3 CHAR 
463 P_UPDATE Update info records XFELD CHAR 
464 P_UPDKZ Generate and save messages XFELD CHAR 
465 P_UPPLE Upper Level   CURR 
466 P_URLAUB Column 35: Leave Entitlement CHAR02 CHAR 
467 P_USEPR Ind.: Auto. Determ. of Long-Term Vendor Decl. Validity Date XFELD CHAR 
468 P_USEREXIT User exit (S..: standard exits, U..: user exits) EXIT_NR CHAR 
469 P_USER_COUNT Transmission Counter per User P_TRANS_COUNT DEC 
470 P_USER_IDOC_COUNT Number of IDocs in Transmission 0 With User EDI Partners P_TRANS_COUNT DEC 
471 P_UV Percentage rate accident insurance employer/ee CHAR4 CHAR 
472 P_VALID Validity time for subapplication P_VALID CHAR 
473 P_VALIDD HR: Validity interval on daily basis XFELD CHAR 
474 P_VALIDM HR: Validity interval on monthly basis XFELD CHAR 
475 P_VALIDY HR: Validity interval on annual basis XFELD CHAR 
476 P_VART Column 15: Type of Work Contract CHAR1 CHAR 
477 P_VEHCL Vehicle Classification SUBTY_591A CHAR 
478 P_VEHTY Vehicle type P_VEHTY CHAR 
479 P_VERKAUF_VIEW FT: Declara. to Auth.: Goods Catalog: Sales View CHAR1 CHAR 
480 P_VERS XML-Schema version CHAR4 CHAR 
481 P_VORL Letter lead time BCROWMAGIN NUMC 
482 P_VPRLF Indicator: Execute program as check run only XFELD CHAR 
483 P_VRTYP Purchase requisitions with contract XFELD CHAR 
484 P_WAERS Currency CHAR1 CHAR 
485 P_WAGEP Percentage of wage amount used in calculation of gross/net DEC2_2 DEC 
486 P_WAVAL Classification of Rule CHAR1 CHAR 
487 P_WERT IS-H: Parameter Value (Function Module Name) P_WERT_FI CHAR 
488 P_WFCID1 Settlement calendar (selection parameter for lists) WFCID CHAR 
489 P_WFCID2 Arrangement calendar (selection parameter for lists) WFCID CHAR 
490 P_WITHOUT Print without online display for letters/dunning letters SU XFELD CHAR 
491 P_WOABZ Column 18: Weekly Working Time (Contract) NUMC04 NUMC 
492 P_WOSTD Column 18: Weekly Working Time STDAZ DEC 
493 P_WRKLND Countries of All Plants CHAR1 CHAR 
494 P_WRTZW Industry as per WZ93 CHAR10 CHAR 
495 P_XDTY XML Data Type CHAR50 CHAR 
496 P_XFELD Enter project definition XFELD CHAR 
497 P_XMLX External XML-Schema CHAR255 CHAR 
498 P_XSCH XML-Subschema name CHAR5 CHAR 
499 P_XSID XML-Schema Identification CHAR5 CHAR 
500 P_XV Percentage for employee/employer insurance policies CHAR4 CHAR