SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 3
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P01B_SWAGL NOT USED / Adjust Working Time Account XFELD CHAR 
2 P01B_SWBAU Print Lost Hours per Construction Site XFELD CHAR 
3 P01B_SWBE Severe Challenge Indicator P01B_BOOLE CHAR 
4 P01B_SWBES Severe Challenge Indicator for Social Fund P01B_BOOLE CHAR 
5 P01B_TEXT Help Text Part-Time/Cut-Off CHAR20 CHAR 
6 P01B_TEXT_30 Text of Length 30   CHAR 
7 P01B_TGDEC Number of Leave Days with Decimal Places DEC4_2 DEC 
8 P01B_TGG01 Pay Scale Area Group for Leave in Construction Industry TRFGG CHAR 
9 P01B_TGG02 Pay Scale Area Group for Social Fund Proc. - Constr. Ind. TRFGG CHAR 
10 P01B_TGG03 Pay Scale Area Group for Year-End Bonus - Construction Ind. TRFGG CHAR 
11 P01B_TLDEC Number of Leave Days in Current Year with Decimal Places DEC4_2 DEC 
12 P01B_UAAMF Number of Passengers: Overnight Stay at Workplace DEC2 DEC 
13 P01B_UAETK Distance in km - Overnight Stay - Workplace DEC3 DEC 
14 P01B_UAFKE Reimburse Accommodation-Workplace Travel Costs? XFELD CHAR 
15 P01B_UASTD Travel Time: Place of Overnight Stay to Workplace STDAZ DEC 
16 P01B_UATRK Travel Costs: Place of Overnight Stay to Workplace BETRG CURR 
17 P01B_UAVKM Means of Transport: Place of Overnight Stay to Workplace P01B_AUFWD CHAR 
18 P01B_UDIVI Divisor: Leave Accrual DEC2_2 DEC 
19 P01B_UDIVI_VAG Divisor: Leave Accrual Previous Employer DEC2_2 DEC 
20 P01B_UDIVS Leave Entitlement Divisor DEC2_4 DEC 
21 P01B_UEA Deduction for Meal: Checkbox XFELD CHAR 
22 P01B_UEAB Deduction Amount for Meal   CURR 
23 P01B_UEART Type of Accommodation P01B_AUFWD CHAR 
24 P01B_UEBGB Projected Hours Interim Payment Scaffolding Division Berlin NUM5 NUMC 
25 P01B_UEEDK Origin of Accomodation Costs P01B_UEEDK CHAR 
26 P01B_UEKOS Accommodation Costs BETRG CURR 
27 P01B_UMPRZ Rate for Converting Overtime to Retention Amount DEC3_2 DEC 
28 P01B_URALT Minimum Age for Leave Entitlement NUM2 NUMC 
29 P01B_URART Leave Type URART CHAR 
30 P01B_URBTZ Minimum Length of Service for Leave Entitlement NUM2 NUMC 
31 P01B_URKAS Leave Fund for Construction Industry P01B_ZVKAS CHAR 
32 P01B_UTAGE Leave Entitlement in Days URLTG DEC 
33 P01B_UTAGE_EING Frozen Leave Entitlement in Days URLTG DEC 
34 P01B_UVERG_BLO Leave Remuneration from Gross Wage PRBETRG CURR 
35 P01B_UVERG_BLO_KUM Cumulated Leave Remuneration from Gross Wage PRBETRG CURR 
36 P01B_V2006 Propose Quota Type (Overriding) XFELD CHAR 
37 P01B_VAIKP NOT USED / Advance Hours from Actual Hours Capped PRANZHL DEC 
38 P01B_VASTD Preparation Hours/Minimum Adv. Benefit for Winter Comp. DEC7_2 DEC 
39 P01B_VERKM Vehicles P01B_AUFWD CHAR 
40 P01B_VGKST Constant for Year-End Bonus P01B_KONST CHAR 
41 P01B_VKM Vehicles P01B_AUFWD CHAR 
42 P01B_VOBTR Constant Advance Amount per Hour BETRG CURR 
43 P01B_VORAG Name of Previous Employer TEXT20 CHAR 
44 P01B_VORAI Advance Hours from Actual PRANZHL DEC 
45 P01B_VORAZ Advance Hours PRANZHL DEC 
46 P01B_VORKG Number of Advance Hours is Unlimited XFELD CHAR 
47 P01B_VORKP Limit Advance PRANZHL DEC 
48 P01B_VORKZ Reduction Hours for Advance Hours PRANZHL DEC 
49 P01B_VORLG Propose Leave Type? XFELD CHAR 
50 P01B_VPERK Propose Personnel Numbers from Team XFELD CHAR 
51 P01B_VSTDS Propose Hours from Work Schedule Rule XFELD CHAR 
52 P01B_WAAMF Number of Passengers Residence-Workplace DEC2 DEC 
53 P01B_WAETK Distance in Kilometers: Residence-Workplace DEC5 DEC 
54 P01B_WAGST Winter Compensation Hours CHAR6 CHAR 
55 P01B_WASTD Travel Time: Residence-Workplace STDAZ DEC 
56 P01B_WATRK Travel Costs: Residence - Workplace BETRG CURR 
57 P01B_WAVKM Means of Transport: Residence - Workplace P01B_AUFWD CHAR 
58 P01B_WA_GRWAK CI: Winter Compensation: Conversion Limit: WC to Advance ANZHL DEC 
59 P01B_WA_GRWAU CI: Winter Compensation: Convert Max. WC Hours with Leave ANZHL DEC 
60 P01B_WA_KUVOR CI: Winter Compensation: Maximum Conversion of Vacation Days ANZHL DEC 
61 P01B_WA_MXNGG CI: Winter Compensation:Neg. Limit: Acct for WC Conversion ANZHL DEC 
62 P01B_WA_MXNGU CI: Winter Compensation: Neg Limit: Acct for WCC Conversion ANZHL DEC 
63 P01B_WA_MXNGV CI: Winter Compensation: Neg. Limit: Acct for WCCV Convers. ANZHL DEC 
64 P01B_WEGAZ Travel Allowance for Trainee Social Fund Berlin NUM6 NUMC 
65 P01B_WGSTD Winter Pay Hours CHAR6 CHAR 
66 P01B_WHBEZ Construction Pay: Hostel Name TXT25 CHAR 
67 P01B_WHLGA Wage Type for Accomodation Retention Amount LGART CHAR 
68 P01B_WOCHE Weekly report CHAR1 CHAR 
69 P01B_WOHNR Hostel Number P01B_WOHNR CHAR 
70 P01B_WOKNZ West-East Indicator WOKNZ CHAR 
71 P01B_WUZGB Winter Leave Supplement Scaffolding Division Berlin NUM6 NUMC 
72 P01B_XDATA Data Packet for Evaluation Data Record SFP Construction TEXT240 CHAR 
73 P01B_XZVBI Indicator for Contribution Table/Determination SFP Con. (D) P01B_XZVBI CHAR 
74 P01B_YEBWG Valuation Date for Year-End Bonus DATUM DATS 
75 P01B_ZABHA Minimum Absence Time for Separation Allowance STDAZ DEC 
76 P01B_ZABHE Minimum Absence Time for Reimbursement STDAZ DEC 
77 P01B_ZEVOR Line Feed DEC1 DEC 
78 P01B_ZVKA1 Pension Fund: Previous Employer P01B_ZVKAS CHAR 
79 P01B_ZVKAN Employee Number at a Construction Social Insurance Fund P01B_ZVKAN CHAR 
80 P01B_ZVKAS Social Fund P01B_ZVKAS CHAR 
82 P01B_ZVKAS_TXT Social Fund TEXT20 CHAR 
83 P01B_ZVKN1 Social Fund - Name (First Part) P01B_ZVKNN CHAR 
84 P01B_ZVKN2 Social Fund - Name (Second Part) P01B_ZVKNN CHAR 
85 P01B_ZVKNN Short Name of Social Fund P01B_ZVKNN CHAR 
86 P01B_ZVKSP Flag: "No Participation in Social Fund Procedure" XFELD CHAR 
87 P01B_ZWGST Allowance-Winter Pay Hours CHAR6 CHAR 
88 P01C_AANSP Benefit Type of Company Pension Scheme P01C_ANSPR CHAR 
89 P01C_ABEND No Retroactive Run from Non-Active Periods XFELD CHAR 
90 P01C_ABGUA Different Start of Acceptance for VP Check P01C_NUMID CHAR 
91 P01C_ABLAA Determine Benefit Types XFELD CHAR 
92 P01C_ABLVT Type Validity for Derivations CHAR10 CHAR 
93 P01C_ABREL Total Amounts of Payroll-Relevant Individual Wage Types WERTV5 CURR 
94 P01C_ABRST Payroll Control TEXT30 CHAR 
95 P01C_ABSTL Deactivate Value Type XFELD CHAR 
96 P01C_ABTLG Department Responsible TEXT40 CHAR 
97 P01C_ABWLG Alternative Wage Type LGART CHAR 
98 P01C_ABZLG Deduction/Bonus Wage Type LGART CHAR 
99 P01C_ABZRB Calculate Bonuses/Deductions on Pension Payments XFELD CHAR 
100 P01C_ACCTY Type of Availability P01C_ACCTY CHAR 
101 P01C_ACOPY Entitlement to Be Copied to CHAR4 CHAR 
102 P01C_ACTID Subsequent Payroll Activities Indicator P01C_ACTID CHAR 
103 P01C_ADFUB Function for Determining Trigger Date P01C_NUMID CHAR 
104 P01C_ADMAN Entry of Trigger Date XFELD CHAR 
105 P01C_ADMAS Determinination of Trigger Date XFELD CHAR 
106 P01C_ADRED Pension Calculation Date as Trigger Date XFELD CHAR 
107 P01C_ADRSS Address CHAR30 CHAR 
108 P01C_AEDAY Days Creation Date to P0003-ABRDT Run-Payroll-To Reached NUMC2 NUMC 
109 P01C_AETIM Time of Last Change UZEIT TIMS 
110 P01C_AGAKT Short Text for Pension Plan Type TEXT10 CHAR 
111 P01C_AGALT Long Text for Pension Plan Type TEXT40 CHAR 
112 P01C_AGANT Employer Contribution to Pension WERTV5 CURR 
113 P01C_AGART Type of Pension Plan P01C_KNZID CHAR 
114 P01C_AGEMM Remaining Age in Months (After Deducting Years) NUMC2 NUMC 
115 P01C_AGKON Constant Employer Percentage Rate P01C_KONST CHAR 
116 P01C_AGTXT Name of Pension Plan TEXT40 CHAR 
117 P01C_AINFO Info on Imputation Rule CHAR20 CHAR 
118 P01C_AKTUA Update Indicator for Pension Statement Data SRTZA CHAR 
120 P01C_ALTBT Amount without Currency P01C_ALTBT DEC 
121 P01C_ALTER Age in Years NUM03 NUMC 
122 P01C_ALTGR Check Age Limit for Pension Calculation XFELD CHAR 
123 P01C_ALTNO Alternative to Imputation Rule P01C_NUMC3 NUMC 
124 P01C_ALTRE Retirement Pension XFELD CHAR 
125 P01C_ALTRG Sending Benefits Provider P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
126 P01C_ALTUA Check Old Vested Entitlement XFELD CHAR 
127 P01C_ALTVM Different Benefits Provider Company Pension Organization XFELD CHAR 
128 P01C_ALUIN Retirement and Invalidity Pension XFELD CHAR 
129 P01C_AMGLA Display Cancellation of Existing Status XFELD CHAR 
130 P01C_AMGLJ Permitted with Cancellation of Existing Action XFELD CHAR 
131 P01C_AMGLN Correction of Simultaneous Status not Permitted XFELD CHAR 
132 P01C_AMGLW Simultaneous Action Permitted Without Cancellation XFELD CHAR 
133 P01C_AMGMW Warning for Simulataneous Action Without Cancellation XFELD CHAR 
134 P01C_AMMUA Minimum Duration of Entitlement until VE (Months) NUMC03 NUMC 
135 P01C_AN229 Display of Value Type in Infotype 229 XFELD CHAR 
136 P01C_ANANT Employee Contribution to Pension WERTV5 CURR 
137 P01C_ANBEW Valuation of Entitlement XFELD CHAR 
138 P01C_ANEVT Validity Type for Individual Imputation CHAR10 CHAR 
139 P01C_ANGRP Pension Plan P01C_ANGRP CHAR 
140 P01C_ANGVT Validity Type for Total Allowance CHAR10 CHAR 
141 P01C_ANKON Constant Employee Percentage Rate P01C_KONST CHAR 
142 P01C_ANLND Country Key for Entitlement LAND1 CHAR 
143 P01C_ANPRI Imputation Priority NUMC2 NUMC 
144 P01C_ANRAN Imputation to Entitlement XFELD CHAR 
145 P01C_ANRCH Imputation XFELD CHAR 
146 P01C_ANRE1 Form-of-Address Text ANREX CHAR 
147 P01C_ANRLA Imputation to Benefit Type XFELD CHAR 
148 P01C_ANRNO Number of Imputation Rule P01C_NUMC3 NUMC 
149 P01C_ANRPR Fixed Percentage for Imputation Amount PRZ32 DEC 
150 P01C_ANRTY Origin of Imputation Amount P01C_ANRTY CHAR 
151 P01C_ANRVZ Valency of Imputation Amount P01C_VORZE CHAR 
152 P01C_ANSMN Relevance for Proportional Reduction XFELD CHAR 
153 P01C_ANSNR Entitlement Number NUMC02 NUMC 
154 P01C_ANSP1 Imputation Modifier P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
155 P01C_ANSP2 Entitlement for Imputation P01C_ANSPR CHAR 
156 P01C_ANSPR Entitlement to Company Retirement Pension Plan P01C_ANSPR CHAR 
157 P01C_ANSPZ Bonus Benefits Type P01C_ANSPR CHAR 
158 P01C_ANSZL Bonus Entitlement for Company Pension Scheme P01C_ANSPR CHAR 
159 P01C_ANTBT Reimbursement on Request XFELD CHAR 
160 P01C_ANTXT Text for Pension Plan TEXT40 CHAR 
161 P01C_ANTYP Entitlement Type (Entitlement/Benefit Type) P01C_ANTYP CHAR 
162 P01C_ANWRT Legal Right to Future Pension Payments P01C_BETRG CURR 
163 P01C_ANZ34 Calculation Factor/Number P01C_ANZ34 DEC 
164 P01C_ANZHL Number ANZHL DEC 
165 P01C_ANZJA Number of Years for Time Interval NUM2 NUMC 
166 P01C_ANZLS Number of Benefits Received DEC02 DEC 
167 P01C_ANZMA Maximum Number ANZHL DEC 
168 P01C_ANZMI Minimum number ANZHL DEC 
169 P01C_ANZML Number of Increase Periods P01C_ANZ44 DEC 
170 P01C_ANZMM Number of Interval Months for Consideration of Basis NUM03 NUMC 
171 P01C_ANZMZ Number of Periods for Time Slice for Increase Calculation P01C_ANZ34 DEC 
172 P01C_ANZTG Number of days NUMC05 NUMC 
173 P01C_APBEG Start of Adjustment Period DATUM DATS 
174 P01C_APDAT Check Date for Next Adjustment DATS DATS 
175 P01C_APPPA Copy Age Check Rule from Entitlement XFELD CHAR 
176 P01C_APPVZ Check Age Limit XFELD CHAR 
177 P01C_APTYP Entitlement Assignment for Value Types CHAR2 CHAR 
178 P01C_ARATE Interval between Two Installments CHAR2 CHAR 
179 P01C_ARTUE Method of Capital Transfer (Sender/Recipient) P01C_ARTUE CHAR 
180 P01C_ARULE Address Structure CHAR001 CHAR 
181 P01C_ASBEG Start of Current Employment Status DATUM DATS 
182 P01C_ASDAY Days SY-DATUM to P0003-ABRDT Run-Payroll-To Date Reached NUMC2 NUMC 
183 P01C_ASPER Lock Pension Adjustment XFELD CHAR 
184 P01C_ASTAB Status for Entitlement Valuation P01C_ASTAB CHAR 
185 P01C_ASTUA VE Status of Entitlement P01C_ISTAT CHAR 
186 P01C_ASTWZ Status of Waiting Period for Entitlement P01C_ISTAT CHAR 
187 P01C_ASTYP Type of Entitlement/Benefit P01C_TYPES CHAR 
188 P01C_ATBEZ Absence Categories Without Reduction of Base CHAR10 CHAR 
189 P01C_ATEXT Entitlement/Benefit Type Text TEXT40 CHAR 
190 P01C_ATFIK Absence Categories for Notional Base CHAR10 CHAR 
191 P01C_ATUNB Absence Categories with Reduction of Base CHAR10 CHAR 
192 P01C_AUFAN Pension Plan on Demand XFELD CHAR 
193 P01C_AUSGJ Adjustment Obligation XFELD CHAR 
194 P01C_AUSGN No Adjustment Obligation XFELD CHAR 
195 P01C_AUSTR Leaving Date According to Infotype 0 DATS DATS 
196 P01C_AVART Value Type of CPS P01C_AVART CHAR 
197 P01C_AVDPZ Average Part-Time Percentage Rate PRZ32 DEC 
198 P01C_AVERD Entitlement Summary XFELD CHAR 
199 P01C_AVERE Issuing Pension Organization P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
200 P01C_AVFMA Company Pension Scheme Pension Organizations P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
201 P01C_AVFTX Name of Pension Organization TEXT30 CHAR 
202 P01C_AVLND Country Key for Pension Organization LAND1 CHAR 
203 P01C_AVTTX Name of Type of Retirement Pension Organization TEXT20 CHAR 
204 P01C_AVTXT Text for Value Type TEXT40 CHAR 
205 P01C_AVTYP Type of Pension Organization P01C_KNZID CHAR 
206 P01C_AWBEW Valuate Vesting XFELD CHAR 
207 P01C_AZKON Constant for Imputation P01C_KONST CHAR 
208 P01C_AZLGA Wage Type to Impute LGART CHAR 
209 P01C_AZPER Number of Periods in Interval P01C_AZPER DEC 
210 P01C_AZRDR Round Remaining Time P01C_AZRND CHAR 
211 P01C_AZRGL Rules for Deduction/Bonus P01C_AZRGL CHAR 
212 P01C_AZRND Rounding of Entitlement Times P01C_AZRND CHAR 
213 P01C_AZRTX Text for Bonus/Deduction Rule TEXT40 CHAR 
214 P01C_BAART Basis type P01C_BAART CHAR 
215 P01C_BABEI Use of Contributions as Base XFELD CHAR 
216 P01C_BAEIN Use of Income as Base XFELD CHAR 
217 P01C_BAREP Program for Transfer of Basic Data PROGNAME CHAR 
218 P01C_BASE Base Income for Calculation of Contributions BETRG CURR 
219 P01C_BASHK Symbolic Upper Income Threshold P01C_KONSY CHAR 
220 P01C_BASKH Symbolic Upper Income Threshold P01C_KONSY CHAR 
221 P01C_BASUB Check Transfer of Basis XFELD CHAR 
222 P01C_BATYP Basic Type P01C_BATYP CHAR 
223 P01C_BAUEB Transfer Basic Data XFELD CHAR 
224 P01C_BAUST Benefit Module P01C_BETRG CURR 
225 P01C_BAVAT Absence Category for Company Pension Schemes P01C_TYPES CHAR 
226 P01C_BAVCO Institution of Company Pension Scheme P01C_BAVCO CHAR 
227 P01C_BAVDB CPS Database Table Name P01C_BAVDB CHAR 
228 P01C_BBESI Vested Pension Payment BETRG CURR 
229 P01C_BBZRM Period for Calculation of Contributions P01C_BBZRM CHAR 
230 P01C_BDCP Parameter for BDC/List Processing P01C_BDCP CHAR 
231 P01C_BDIFF Difference Amount: Testator/Surviving Dependant's Pension BETRG CURR 
232 P01C_BEABR Taxation of Contribution P01C_BEABR CHAR 
233 P01C_BEBAS Pensionable Income for Pension Calculation CURR9 CURR 
234 P01C_BEDAT Creation Date on Statement DATUM DATS 
235 P01C_BEDIF Payment Start for Difference Amount DATUM DATS 
236 P01C_BEDNG Checks/Conditions for Pension Calculation P01C_BEDNG CHAR 
237 P01C_BEERR Vested Payments Replace Pension XFELD CHAR 
238 P01C_BEFRL Limited Benefits XFELD CHAR 
239 P01C_BEGAA Alternative Entitlement Start Date for Valuation DATUM DATS 
240 P01C_BEGAG Start of Pension Plan DATUM DATS 
241 P01C_BEGAN Start of Entitlement DATUM DATS 
242 P01C_BEGAZ Start of Conversion Period DATS DATS 
243 P01C_BEGBE Start of Vested Payments DATUM DATS 
244 P01C_BEGBZ Service Start Date DATUM DATS 
245 P01C_BEGDA Start Date DATUM DATS 
246 P01C_BEGDJ Start Employment Year for Valuation NUMC2 NUMC 
247 P01C_BEGFE Start of Company Entry DATUM DATS 
248 P01C_BEGFY Employment Start Year NUMC2 NUMC 
249 P01C_BEGGP Start of Vested Payments DATUM DATS 
250 P01C_BEGHB Start Date for Payment of Basic Pension Payments DATS DATS 
251 P01C_BEGMJ Starting Month for Time Interval P01C_MONTH NUMC 
252 P01C_BEGMM Starting Month of Interval for Consideration of Basis P01C_MONTH NUMC 
253 P01C_BEGMO Starting Month for Time Interval P01C_MONTH NUMC 
254 P01C_BEGPK Pension Fund Entry DATUM DATS 
255 P01C_BEGPP Start Date for Payment of Basic Pension Payments DATS DATS 
256 P01C_BEGRA Validity Start Date for Pension until Leaving DATUM DATS 
257 P01C_BEGRE Validity Start Date for Pension until Final Age DATUM DATS 
258 P01C_BEGUA Technical Start Date for Vesting Check DATUM DATS 
259 P01C_BEGWZ Technical Start Date for Waiting Period Check DATUM DATS 
260 P01C_BEGZR Indicator: Start of Related Period XFELD CHAR 
261 P01C_BEIGE Pension Rule is Enclosed XFELD CHAR 
262 P01C_BEIGZ Contribution Paid P01C_BETRG CURR 
263 P01C_BEIKZ Contribution Indicator P01C_BEIKZ CHAR 
264 P01C_BEIMA Maximum Contribution P01C_BEITR CURR 
265 P01C_BEIMI Minimum Contribution P01C_BEITR CURR 
266 P01C_BEIRE Mathematical Contribution P01C_BETRG CURR 
267 P01C_BEITR Contribution P01C_BETRG CURR 
268 P01C_BEIZA Contribution Payer (Employee/Employer) P01C_BEIZA CHAR 
269 P01C_BEKAG Taxation of Employer Contribution P01C_BEABR CHAR 
270 P01C_BEKAN Taxation of Employee Contribution P01C_BEABR CHAR 
271 P01C_BEKLA Contribution Classification after Taxation P01C_BEKLA CHAR 
272 P01C_BENDI Payment End of Difference Amount DATUM DATS 
273 P01C_BEOLD ER Amount before Imputation BETRG CURR 
274 P01C_BESGR Statement Grouping Entitements P01C_GRPID CHAR 
275 P01C_BET72 Amount P01C_BET72 CURR 
276 P01C_BETAG Amount from Employer Share BETRG CURR 
277 P01C_BETAN Amount from Employee Share BETRG CURR 
278 P01C_BETBT Transfer Amount P01C_BETBT CURR 
279 P01C_BETFI Fixed Amount of Benefit P01C_BETRG CURR 
280 P01C_BETGE Total Entitlement Amount BETRG CURR 
281 P01C_BETGP Vested Payment Amount BETRG CURR 
282 P01C_BETHK Upper Threshold for Basic Amount P01C_BETRG CURR 
283 P01C_BETKO Symbolic Fixed Amount P01C_KONST CHAR 
284 P01C_BETLK Lower Threshold for Basic Amount P01C_BETRG CURR 
285 P01C_BETMA Maximum Benefit P01C_BETRG CURR 
286 P01C_BETMI Minimum Benefit P01C_BETRG CURR 
287 P01C_BETMM Amount with Minimum/Maximum BETRG CURR 
288 P01C_BETMN ER Contribution * (Proportional Reduction) Amount BETRG CURR 
289 P01C_BETMP Temporary Start Date SD Pension before Grace Months DATS DATS 
290 P01C_BETNR Amount from Non-Reimbursable Contributions BETRG CURR 
291 P01C_BETOM Amount without Minimum/Maximum BETRG CURR 
293 P01C_BETRU Individual Amount for Contribution Reimbursement P01C_BETRG CURR 
294 P01C_BETSO Base Amount P01C_BETRG CURR 
295 P01C_BETSY Symbolic Amount P01C_KONSY CHAR 
296 P01C_BETTZ Part-Time Amount P01C_BETRG CURR 
297 P01C_BETUE Transferred Capital P01C_BETRG CURR 
298 P01C_BETV6 Amount WERTV6 CURR 
299 P01C_BETVA Cumulated Amount P01C_BETRG CURR 
300 P01C_BETXT Amount Text CHAR22 CHAR 
301 P01C_BETYP Type of Amount from Contribution Reimbursement P01C_BETYP CHAR 
302 P01C_BETZM Increase Amount with Minimum/Maximum BETRG CURR 
303 P01C_BETZW Increase Amount BETRG CURR 
304 P01C_BEVAR Replace Amount Variable XFELD CHAR 
305 P01C_BEVAZ Number of Amount Variables P01C_VARAZ NUMC 
306 P01C_BFHTY Number of Different Surviving Dependent Types CHAR2 CHAR 
307 P01C_BFLST Number of Different Benefit Origins CHAR2 CHAR 
308 P01C_BFRFE Free Field for Transfer to Customer Function Modules P01C_CH40 CHAR 
310 P01C_BGEAG Total Result from Employer Share BETRG CURR 
311 P01C_BGEAN Total Result from Employee Share BETRG CURR 
312 P01C_BGRRB Limited Pension Benefits XFELD CHAR 
313 P01C_BHBT1 Surviving Dependent Type 1 for Company Pension Scheme P01C_HBTYP CHAR 
314 P01C_BHBT2 Surviving Dependent Type 2 for Company Pension Scheme P01C_HBTYP CHAR 
315 P01C_BHBT3 Surviving Dependent Type 3 for Company Pension Scheme P01C_HBTYP CHAR 
316 P01C_BHBTY Surviving Dependent Type for Company Pension Scheme P01C_HBTYP CHAR 
317 P01C_BHTDI Surviving Dependent Type To Which Difference Amount is Added P01C_HBTYP CHAR 
318 P01C_BI014 Transfer Data for Recurring Payments/Deductions XFELD CHAR 
319 P01C_BI015 Transfer Data for Non-Recurring Payments XFELD CHAR 
320 P01C_BI201 Transfer Data for Basic Pension Payments XFELD CHAR 
321 P01C_BI202 Transfer Data to Entitlements P01C_BI202 CHAR 
322 P01C_BISBT Upper Threshold for Basic Amount P01C_BETRG CURR 
323 P01C_BIS_P TO Period: Month/Year CHAR6 CHAR 
324 P01C_BJAHR Valuation Year for Determination of Benefit CHAR4 CHAR 
325 P01C_BKZP1 Reduction Rercentage Rate 1 PRZ32 DEC 
326 P01C_BKZP2 Reduction Percentage Rate 2 PRZ32 DEC 
327 P01C_BKZP3 Reduction Percentage Rate 3 PRZ32 DEC 
328 P01C_BKZPR Reduction Percentage Rate for BPP for Surv. Dep. BPP PRZ32 DEC 
329 P01C_BLAGR Statement Grouping for Benefit Types P01C_GRPID CHAR 
330 P01C_BLSTG Balance Sheet Date DATUM DATS 
331 P01C_BPROD Product of Difference Amount and Number of Grace Months BETRG CURR 
332 P01C_BPVKR Testator Does Not Draw Pension XFELD CHAR 
333 P01C_BPVMM Postponement of Pension Payment NUM02 NUMC 
334 P01C_BPVRT Testor Draws Pension XFELD CHAR 
335 P01C_BREAG Pension Amount ER Share until Leaving Date BETRG CURR 
336 P01C_BREAN Pension Amount EE Share until Leaving Date BETRG CURR 
337 P01C_BREBG Pension Amount ER Share Until End of Vested Payments BETRG CURR 
338 P01C_BREBN Pension Amount EE Share Until End of Vested Interest BETRG CURR 
339 P01C_BREEN Pension Amount until Final Age (after Leaving) BETRG CURR 
340 P01C_BS123 Total of Surviving Dependent Payments 1+2+3 P01C_BET72 CURR 
341 P01C_BSDAT Date of Last Calculation of Vested Interests DATUM DATS 
342 P01C_BSHB1 Total Surviving Dependent Payments 1 P01C_BETRG CURR 
343 P01C_BSHB2 Total Surviving Dependent Payments 2 P01C_BETRG CURR 
344 P01C_BSHB3 Total Surviving Dependent Payments 3 P01C_BETRG CURR 
345 P01C_BSHBL Total Surviving Dependent Payments for Same SD Type P01C_BETRG CURR 
346 P01C_BSOHK Symbolic Base Amount for Upper Threshold P01C_KONST CHAR 
347 P01C_BSOLK Symbolic Base Amount for Lower Threshold P01C_KONST CHAR 
348 P01C_BSTTY Statement Status Type P01C_KNZID CHAR 
349 P01C_BSYHK Symbolic Upper Threshold Amount P01C_KONST CHAR 
350 P01C_BSYLK Symbolic Lower Threshold Amount P01C_KONST CHAR 
351 P01C_BTABX Structure Indicator: Internal Table CHAR1 CHAR 
352 P01C_BTELE Text Element in Form P01C_CH40 CHAR 
353 P01C_BTFKZ Indicator for Annual/Monthly Benefit P01C_BTPKZ CHAR 
354 P01C_BTGNR Amount Cannot Be Reimbursed PRBETRG CURR 
355 P01C_BTGRE Amount Already Reimbursed PRBETRG CURR 
356 P01C_BTOGP Original Amount BETRG CURR 
357 P01C_BTRAP Adjustment Amount P01C_BET72 CURR 
358 P01C_BTRGL Rule for Amount Calculation P01C_BTRGL CHAR 
359 P01C_BTRNA Amount after Pension Adjustment P01C_BET72 CURR 
360 P01C_BTRVA Amount before Pension Adjustment P01C_BET72 CURR 
361 P01C_BTTYP Type of Amount Calculation CHAR1 CHAR 
362 P01C_BTYPE Combination of Different Surviving Dependent Types CHAR10 CHAR 
363 P01C_BTZAG Contribution Paid by Employer XFELD CHAR 
364 P01C_BTZAN Contribution Paid by Employee XFELD CHAR 
365 P01C_BTZNR Assignment of Reimbursement Transfers P01C_ZODNR NUMC 
366 P01C_BVANS Calculation Method Entitlement/Benefit Type P01C_NUMID CHAR 
367 P01C_BVKNZ Type of Calculation Method P01C_BVKNZ NUMC 
368 P01C_BWIND Window in Form P01C_CH20 CHAR 
369 P01C_BWREL Calculation Relevance for Final Processing Rule P01C_BWREL CHAR 
370 P01C_BWSTG Valuation Date DATUM DATS 
371 P01C_BYEAR Financial Year P01C_YEARS NUMC 
372 P01C_CAPHI Upper Limit for Payable Capital P01C_BETRG CURR 
373 P01C_CAPIT Scale for Capital to Be Paid DEC7_2 DEC 
374 P01C_CAPLO Lower Limit for Payable Capital P01C_BETRG CURR 
375 P01C_CFLAG Individual Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
376 P01C_CHKFR Qualification Check is Possible XFELD CHAR 
377 P01C_CHKRD Check Relevant Data Against Valuation End XFELD CHAR 
378 P01C_CHKRS Check Pension/Valuation Status XFELD CHAR 
379 P01C_CHKUA Perform Check for Vested Pension Entitlements XFELD CHAR 
380 P01C_CHKWZ Perform Waiting Period Check XFELD CHAR 
381 P01C_CHVAZ Numbr of Text Variables P01C_VARAZ NUMC 
383 P01C_CMETH Method for Calculation of the Cumulated Conversion P01C_CMETH CHAR 
384 P01C_COEXT External Company XFELD CHAR 
385 P01C_CONU1 Seq. No. Ref. Substructure ISTIT to TABIX Superstructure NUMC3 NUMC 
386 P01C_CONUM Seq. Number Multiple Use of Structure Field/Logical Page NUMC3 NUMC 
387 P01C_COTYP Collision Type CHAR01 CHAR 
388 P01C_CRDAT Date of Run DATUM DATS 
389 P01C_CSCRN Collision Screen Automatically when Saving XFELD CHAR 
390 P01C_CUTYP Type of Variable Customer Assignment Number CHAR1 CHAR 
391 P01C_CVDAT Valuation Date for Status of Pension Rights DATUM DATS 
392 P01C_DAALG Date: Age Limit is Reached DATUM DATS 
393 P01C_DABEG Start Period for Last Transfer of Basic Data DATUM DATS 
394 P01C_DADAT Period End for Last Transfer of Basic Data DATUM DATS 
395 P01C_DAEDS Date Type for Different Period End DATAR CHAR 
396 P01C_DAGBE ER Contribution Difference from Vested Payments WERTV5 CURR 
397 P01C_DALTR Date: Maximum Age Reached DATUM DATS 
398 P01C_DARUA Date Type for Individual Acceptance Start for VE Check DATAR CHAR 
399 P01C_DASPR Lock Basic Data Transfer XFELD CHAR 
400 P01C_DASTA Error Endicator for Last Transfer of Basic Data XFELD CHAR 
401 P01C_DATAR Date Type "Different Start of Surviving Dependent's Pension" DATAR CHAR 
402 P01C_DATAZ Date Type for Individual Payment Start DATAR CHAR 
403 P01C_DATEI Date Type for Technical Entry Date DATAR CHAR 
404 P01C_DATHK Origins of Data XFELD CHAR 
405 P01C_DATMS Creation Date of Membership Certificate DATUM DATS 
406 P01C_DATRB Individual Date Type for Start of First Adjustment Date DATAR CHAR 
407 P01C_DATRD Different Valuation Date DATUM DATS 
408 P01C_DATRG Different Rule Date DATUM DATS 
409 P01C_DATRU Date of Reimbursement DATUM DATS 
410 P01C_DATUA Vested Since DATUM DATS 
411 P01C_DATUE Date of Capital Transfer DATUM DATS 
412 P01C_DATWZ Date Type for Technical Start of Waiting Period DATAR CHAR 
413 P01C_DAVAR Replace Date Variable XFELD CHAR 
414 P01C_DAVAZ Number of Date Variables P01C_VARAZ NUMC 
415 P01C_DAYS Days within Time Interval NUMC10 NUMC 
416 P01C_DBEXP Database Records Exported XFELD CHAR 
417 P01C_DBIMP Database Records Imported XFELD CHAR 
418 P01C_DCMAX Conversion Request BETRG CURR 
419 P01C_DCMIN Minimum Gross BETRG CURR 
420 P01C_DCMOD Model for Deferred Compensation CHAR6 CHAR 
421 P01C_DCTXT Name of Deferred Compensation Model TXT40 CHAR 
422 P01C_DDUCT Deduction XFELD CHAR 
423 P01C_DEATH Death Date DATUM DATS 
424 P01C_DELDB Records Completely Deleted XFELD CHAR 
425 P01C_DELIM Delimitation Indicator XFELD CHAR 
426 P01C_DIAIN Dialog Entries Allowed XFELD CHAR 
427 P01C_DIALO Dialog Control for Wage Type Group P01C_DIALO CHAR 
428 P01C_DIFCV Difference from Previous Value P01C_BETRG CURR 
429 P01C_DIFDT Date of Previous Statement DATUM DATS 
430 P01C_DIFFB Difference Amount from VE and Future Rights P01C_BETRG CURR 
431 P01C_DINCR Flag: Data from Increase Determination XFELD CHAR 
432 P01C_DIRAB Indicator for Direct Deduction of Input Wage Type XFELD CHAR 
433 P01C_DISRA Display Pension Type in Infotype XFELD CHAR 
434 P01C_DIVFI Fixed Value for Divisor ANZ5_2 DEC 
435 P01C_DIVSY Symbolic Divisor P01C_FLDSY CHAR 
436 P01C_DJJHK Maximum Employment Years NUMC02 NUMC 
437 P01C_DJJLK Minimum Employment Years NUMC02 NUMC 
438 P01C_DJJMA Maximum Employment Years NUMC02 NUMC 
439 P01C_DJJMI Minimum Employment Years for Valuation NUMC02 NUMC 
440 P01C_DJJUA Employment Period in Years until Vested Pension NUMC02 NUMC 
441 P01C_DKKAP Indemnity Capital Paid In WERTV5 CURR 
442 P01C_DMMUA Employment Period in Months until Vested Pension NUMC03 NUMC 
443 P01C_DPRDJ Number of Employment Years for Formation of Section NUMC2 NUMC 
444 P01C_DPRTY Determine Employment Period Percentage Rate P01C_DPRTY CHAR 
445 P01C_DSNUM Number of Data Records for Actuarial Calculations DEC6 DEC 
446 P01C_DSORT Sorting of Wage Types for Conversion NUMC2 NUMC 
447 P01C_DTADT Transfer Date DATUM DATS 
448 P01C_DTDAT Date of Last Statement DATUM DATS 
449 P01C_DTJMA Maximum Weighted Relevant Years NUMC02 NUMC 
450 P01C_DTTYP Type of Last Statement P01C_DTYPE CHAR 
451 P01C_DTYBS Type of Vested Payment Dynamic Modification P01C_KNZID CHAR 
452 P01C_DTYPE Statement Type P01C_GRPID CHAR 
453 P01C_DTZUW End Date Increase Age DATS DATS 
454 P01C_DUWEG Execution Method for Company Pension Scheme P01C_DUWEG CHAR 
455 P01C_DYNAD Dynamic Pension Right Modification XFELD CHAR 
456 P01C_DYNAS Static Entitlement Modification XFELD CHAR 
457 P01C_DYNBS Permissibility of Dynamic Vested Payments XFELD CHAR 
458 P01C_DYNLD Dynamic Benefit Modification XFELD CHAR 
459 P01C_DYNLS Static Benefit Modification XFELD CHAR 
460 P01C_DZEITX Time/Measurement Unit Text EINTX CHAR 
461 P01C_DZJHR Full Entitlement Years NUMC2 NUMC 
462 P01C_DZJJA Compensated Employment Years P01C_ANZ22 DEC 
463 P01C_DZLSCH Payment Method ZLSCH CHAR 
464 P01C_DZPRZ Percentage Rate for Valuation of Employment Period PRZ32 DEC 
465 P01C_DZRTG Remaining Entitlement Days P01C_JTAGE NUMC 
466 P01C_DZTJJ Employment Period in Years for Valuation NUM02 NUMC 
467 P01C_DZWECK Purpose of bank transfers TEXT40 CHAR 
468 P01C_EATYP Entitlement Type for Individual Allowance P01C_TYPES CHAR 
469 P01C_EDDAT Deposit Date of Covering Funds DATUM DATS 
470 P01C_EDMTH Rounding Method for Increase Months P01C_ZWRND CHAR 
471 P01C_EFFTV Use in Actual Calculation XFELD CHAR 
472 P01C_EHESA Matrimonial Case CHAR80 CHAR 
473 P01C_EINAZ Time Unit for Deduction/Bonus P01C_AZEIN CHAR 
474 P01C_EINBZ One-Time Payment XFELD CHAR 
475 P01C_EINDT Entry date DATS DATS 
476 P01C_EINEF Identifier for Actual Income P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
477 P01C_EINFI Identifier for Notional Income P01C_GRID4 CHAR 
478 P01C_EINKO Income P01C_BETRG CURR 
479 P01C_EINKS Valuated Income P01C_BETRG CURR 
480 P01C_EINLG Input Wage Type LGART CHAR 
481 P01C_EINVO Different Start of Pension Plan DATUM DATS 
482 P01C_EINZV Debit Procedure for Contributions P01C_EINZV CHAR 
483 P01C_EKBAS Income Base P01C_BETRG CURR 
484 P01C_EKBER Income in Range P01C_BETRG CURR 
485 P01C_ELTRG Receiving Benefits Provider P01C_AVFMA CHAR 
486 P01C_ENDAN End of Entitlement DATUM DATS 
487 P01C_ENDAZ End of Conversion Period DATS DATS 
488 P01C_ENDBE End of Vested Payments DATUM DATS 
489 P01C_ENDBZ End of Length of Service DATUM DATS 
490 P01C_ENDDA Start date DATUM DATS 
491 P01C_ENDGP End of Vested Payments DATUM DATS 
492 P01C_ENDPP End Date for Payment of Basic Pension Payments DATS DATS 
493 P01C_ENDRA Valid to Date for Pension until Leaving Date DATUM DATS 
494 P01C_ENDRE Valid to Date for Pension until Final Age DATUM DATS 
495 P01C_ENDUA Latest Start of Vesting DATUM DATS 
496 P01C_ENDVA Perform Final Processing XFELD CHAR 
497 P01C_ENDWZ Latest End of Waiting Period DATUM DATS 
498 P01C_ENDZR Indicator: End of Connected Period XFELD CHAR 
499 P01C_EPROT Save Incorrect Personnel Numbers XFELD CHAR 
500 P01C_EQALL Lock Table Completely XFELD CHAR