SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 54
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P25M_ERCON Constant for Employer Contribution to CPF P25_DEC6_3 DEC 
2 P25M_ERREF_NO Employer tax reference number CHAR15 CHAR 
3 P25M_EXMPT Tax Exemption/Remission Indicator P25_EXMPT CHAR 
4 P25M_EYAMT Flat amount for CPF voluntary contribution of employer WERTV5 CURR 
5 P25M_EYEAM Excess of statutory amount for CPF voluntary of employer WERTV5 CURR 
6 P25M_EYEPC In excess of statutory rate for CPF voluntary of e'yer DEC3_2 DEC 
7 P25M_EYLIM Low limit used for calc. of wages difference (employer) DEC7_2 DEC 
8 P25M_EYPER Fixed rate for the CPF voluntary countr. of employer DEC3_2 DEC 
9 P25M_FRATE Rate for other fund by Employer (eg: SDF) DEC3_2 DEC 
10 P25M_FUNCL Fund class CHAR1 CHAR 
11 P25M_FUNDN Fund name P25M_FUNDN CHAR 
12 P25M_FUNLV Wage level for contributing the additional Funds CHAR2 CHAR 
13 P25M_FUNTY Fund type P25M_FUNTY CHAR 
14 P25M_FWGTX Text for subgroup of foreign workers TEXT30 CHAR 
15 P25M_FWLPR Permanent resident (PR) XFELD CHAR 
16 P25M_FWSGR Subgroup of foreign workers P25M_FWSGR CHAR 
17 P25M_FWSGT Short text for subgroup of foreign worker CHAR5 CHAR 
18 P25M_FWSTX Short text for type of foreign worker CHAR5 CHAR 
19 P25M_FWTXT Text for types of foreign workers TEXT20 CHAR 
20 P25M_FWTYP Types of foreign workers P25M_FWTYP CHAR 
21 P25M_INTAX Employee's income tax borne by employer XFELD CHAR 
22 P25M_IRAS_AMT Grand totals for ESOP/ESOW P25_IRAS_AMT CURR 
23 P25M_LEMAX Maximum for levy for part-month foreign worker DEC4_2 DEC 
24 P25M_LEVTX Text for contribution level CHAR12 CHAR 
25 P25M_MLEVY Levy per month for foreign worker DEC4_2 DEC 
26 P25M_OHCPF Contribution rate to CPF regarding other wage types (OWT) DEC3_2 DEC 
27 P25M_OHLIM Low limit for other wage types DEC7_2 DEC 
28 P25M_OHRAT Pay rate regarding other wage types (OWT) DEC3_2 DEC 
29 P25M_OTCPF Contribution rate to CPF regarding overtime DEC3_2 DEC 
30 P25M_OTLIM Low limit for overtime pay DEC7_2 DEC 
31 P25M_OTRAT Pay rate regarding overtime DEC3_2 DEC 
32 P25M_OWLIM Annual ordinary wages used to limit CPF contr. on add. wages DEC7_2 DEC 
33 P25M_PAY_ALTER Payment Alternative TEXT01 CHAR 
34 P25M_PLEVY Levy for part-month employment of foreign worker DEC4_2 DEC 
35 P25M_POSOV Employee's CPF contr. in respect of overseas posting XFELD CHAR 
36 P25M_PRTRP Transition period of PR status CHAR2 CHAR 
37 P25M_PRTRT Short text for key of transition period of PR TEXT10 CHAR 
38 P25M_PYALD Pay alternative (wage-dependant) XFELD CHAR 
39 P25M_PYALI Pay alternative (wage independant) XFELD CHAR 
40 P25M_RDATE Company Registration date with ACRA. DATUM DATS 
41 P25M_REFNB Tax reference number /SG CHAR15 CHAR 
42 P25M_RTCPF Type of PR/NRIC Rate- Graduated/Full Rate CHAR2 CHAR 
43 P25M_RTYTX Type of PR/NRIC Rate-Graduated/Full RateText CHAR20 CHAR 
44 P25M_SGPRD Date of being granted permanent resident status DATUM DATS 
45 P25M_SIACC Account number of social insurance CHAR15 CHAR 
46 P25M_SIGNR Company number CHAR15 CHAR 
47 P25M_SIGRP Institution of soc. provident funds SG P25M_SIGRP CHAR 
48 P25M_SIGTX Text for SI-institution SG TEXT25 CHAR 
49 P25M_SINAM Corresponding address of inst. of social insurance or office TEXT30 CHAR 
50 P25M_SIOFC Social insurance branch office CHAR6 CHAR 
51 P25M_SIOFT Text for branch office of social insurance TEXT20 CHAR 
52 P25M_SISRT Short text for the institution of social insurance CHAR3 CHAR 
53 P25M_STATUS Status for IR8A report P25M_STATUS CHAR 
54 P25M_TAX Employee Income tax borne by employer indicator P25_TAX CHAR 
55 P25M_TAXCL Tax class CHAR2 CHAR 
56 P25M_TAXNB Income tax number CHAR13 CHAR 
57 P25M_TFUPR Employee's Income Tax borne by Employer Fully XFELD CHAR 
58 P25M_TOFFC Tax office CHAR4 CHAR 
59 P25M_TWLIM Annual total wages used for limit to contrib. on add. wage DEC7_2 DEC 
60 P25M_TXFBR Income Tax fully borne by Employer CHAR1 CHAR 
61 P25M_TXPBR Income Tax partially borne by ER CHAR1 CHAR 
62 P25M_UPAMT Up to amount DEC5_2 DEC 
63 P25M_VCLMT Switch for Monthly Voluntary Contribution Adjustment XFELD CHAR 
64 P25M_VOLLM Contrb. limit for voluntary CPF in excess of statutory - EE DEC7_2 DEC 
65 P25M_VOLLR Contrb. limit for voluntary CPF in excess of statutory - ER DEC7_2 DEC 
66 P25M_WAGLV Wage level DEC7_2 DEC 
68 P25R_ESS_CITYPSTCD City and postal code (ESS SG) ORT01 CHAR 
69 P25R_ESS_COMMTYPE Communications COMKY CHAR 
70 P25R_ESS_EMPSTATUS Employment status (ESS SG) XFELD CHAR 
71 P25R_ESS_POSTAL_CD City / Postal code PSTLZ CHAR 
72 P25R_ESS_RESTYPE Residency type (ESS SG) PMRES CHAR 
73 P25R_ESS_SCHOOLNAME School name of family member (ESS SG) TEXT100 CHAR 
76 P25SOP_COMPANY_NAME Company Name for Stock Options P25SOP_COMPANY_NAME CHAR 
77 P25SOP_DATE_PAID Payment date of refund in IR8S DATUM DATS 
78 P25SOP_DESC_LONG Long description for text key field CHAR50 CHAR 
79 P25SOP_DESC_SHORT Short description for text key field CHAR15 CHAR 
80 P25SOP_DE_EX_DATE Deemed Exercise Date DATUM DATS 
82 P25SOP_EXERCISE_PRICE Exercise Price P25_DEC12_5 DEC 
83 P25SOP_EXERC_MKT_PRICE Market Price at time of Exercise P25_DEC12_5 DEC 
84 P25SOP_EXERC_NO No of stocks Exercised P25_DEC18_3 DEC 
85 P25SOP_EXP_DATE Expiry Date of Stock Options DATUM DATS 
87 P25SOP_GRANT_MKT_PRICE Market Price at time of Grant P25_DEC12_5 DEC 
88 P25SOP_GRANT_NO Number of stocks Granted P25_DEC18_3 DEC 
89 P25SOP_GRANT_PRICE Stock Option Grant Price P25_DEC12_5 DEC 
90 P25SOP_HOLD_MKT_PRICE Market Price at the end of holding period P25_DEC12_5 DEC 
91 P25SOP_HOLD_PRD Holding Period NUMC4 NUMC 
92 P25SOP_HOLD_PRD_FROM Stock Options : Start of Holding Period P25SOP_HOLD_PRD_FROM CHAR 
93 P25SOP_HOLD_UNIT Holding Period Unit RPMSH CHAR 
94 P25SOP_INTEREST_RATE Rate of interest for refund payment in IR8S DEC03_2 DEC 
95 P25SOP_LENGTH_EXCEEDED Length of text element exceeds more than 132 chars CHAR1 CHAR 
96 P25SOP_MORT_PRD Moratorium period NUMC4 NUMC 
97 P25SOP_MORT_UNIT Moratorium period unit RPMSH CHAR 
98 P25SOP_NO_OF_STK Number of Stocks P25_DEC18_3 DEC 
99 P25SOP_NO_PERCT Stocks given in number or in percentage CHAR1 CHAR 
100 P25SOP_OUTSTD_STOCK Outstanding No of Stocks NUMC10 NUMC 
101 P25SOP_PLAN_ID Stock Option Scheme CHAR6 CHAR 
102 P25SOP_PLAN_TEXT Scheme Description TEXT40 CHAR 
103 P25SOP_RCB_NO RCB No for the Company P25SOP_RCB_NO CHAR 
106 P25SOP_SCHEME_TEXT Plan Description TEXT40 CHAR 
107 P25SOP_SG_GNT_FL Singapore tracking of grant CHAR1 CHAR 
108 P25SOP_STK_OF_PLN Stock Offer Plan CHAR1 CHAR 
109 P25SOP_STK_PLAN stock offer plan text P25SOP_SCHEME_ID_ESOW CHAR 
110 P25SOP_TEXT Text to be printed for SG reports P25SOP_TEXT CHAR 
111 P25SOP_TEXT150 Text of 150 characters P25SOP_TEXT150 CHAR 
112 P25SOP_TEXT200 Text 200 P25SOP_TEXT200 CHAR 
113 P25SOP_TEXT60 Text 60 P25SOP_TEXT60 CHAR 
114 P25SOP_TEXT_KEY Key for text handling in SG reports CHAR6 CHAR 
115 P25SOP_TEXT_LEN Stipulated length of the text field NUM4 NUMC 
117 P25SOP_VALID_FROM Validity From Date DATUM DATS 
118 P25SOP_VALID_TO Validity To Date DATUM DATS 
119 P25SOP_VEST_PRD Vesting Period NUMC4 NUMC 
120 P25SOP_VEST_UNIT Vesting Period Unit RPMSH CHAR 
121 P25SOP_WAERS Currency key WAERS CUKY 
122 P25_ACNUM Account number CHAR15 CHAR 
123 P25_ACODE Absence Code for absences not counted as pensionable service P25_ACODE CHAR 
124 P25_ADJST Adjustment value for suggestion DEC3_2 DEC 
125 P25_AFIND Averaging formula indicator P25_AFIND CHAR 
126 P25_AFLAG Accept letter of appointment flag X CHAR 
127 P25_AKIND Single/multiple P25_AKIND CHAR 
128 P25_AMEND Generate Amended IR21 Report CHAR1 CHAR 
129 P25_AMTACT Employer's CPF contribution amount already refunded BETRG CURR 
130 P25_AMTOPT Employer's CPF contribution amount to be refunded BETRG CURR 
131 P25_APEAMT Pensions Scheme Annual Pensionable Emolument Amount BETRG CURR 
132 P25_APEFO APE Formula Code P25_APEFO CHAR 
133 P25_APORX Text for Approval of Retirement Code TEXT30 CHAR 
134 P25_APPOR Approval of Retirement Code P25_APPOR CHAR 
135 P25_APPST Approval status P25_FUSTS CHAR 
136 P25_ARRDT Arrival date in S'pore DATUM DATS 
137 P25_ASGNO Assignment number CHAR4 CHAR 
138 P25_AUTH1 Issuing authority TEXT30 CHAR 
139 P25_AUTHR Authorization for evaluating in the Staff Suggestion Scheme CHECKBOX CHAR 
140 P25_AVGPT Average Points DEC4_2 DEC 
141 P25_AWSUH HR-SG: AWS union subscription rate high amount WERTV5 CURR 
142 P25_AWSUL HR-SG: AWS union subscription rate low amount WERTV5 CURR 
143 P25_AWSUM HR-SG: Modifier for AWS union subscription rate CHAR1 CHAR 
144 P25_AWSUW HR-SG: AWS wage level for contributing to union CHAR1 CHAR 
145 P25_BEGDA SG Public Sector Pensions Scheme Start Date DATUM DATS 
146 P25_BENTX Text for Superannuation option TEXT30 CHAR 
147 P25_BENTY Superannuation option P25_BENTY CHAR 
148 P25_BFNAM Name of business firm TEXT72 CHAR 
149 P25_BFTXT Text for Type of Business Firm TEXT40 CHAR 
150 P25_BFTYP Type of business firm P25_BFTYP CHAR 
151 P25_BIGAK BIGA - Profession category CHAR3 CHAR 
152 P25_BIGAS BIGA plant personnel statistics P25_BIGS CHAR 
153 P25_BLACA Blacklist category P25_BLACA CHAR 
154 P25_BLACX Description of blacklist category TEXT30 CHAR 
155 P25_BLARE Blacklist reason P25_BLARE CHAR 
156 P25_BLARM Blacklist remarks TEXT72 CHAR 
157 P25_BLAST Blacklist status P25_FUSTS CHAR 
158 P25_BSAMT Basis for arriving at amount withheld and period applicable TEXT50 CHAR 
159 P25_BWAGE Salary base wage type LGART CHAR 
160 P25_CATGT Description of Suggestion Category TEXT30 CHAR 
161 P25_CATGY Staff Suggestion Category P25_CATGY CHAR 
162 P25_CCODE Pensions Scheme Constant Code P25_CCODE CHAR 
163 P25_CCODT Description of Pensions Scheme Constant Code TEXT30 CHAR 
164 P25_CCOTX Description of grouping for outcome TEXT50 CHAR 
165 P25_CCOUT Outcome grouping P25_CCOUT CHAR 
166 P25_CHKID 15 Bit ID CHAR1 CHAR 
167 P25_CHMON Are these all the money with held ? XFELD CHAR 
168 P25_CHNAM Financially dependent child name TEXT120 CHAR 
169 P25_CIRPR Circumstances leading to the purchase TEXT72 CHAR 
171 P25_COIMB COI Member's Id PERSNO NUMC 
172 P25_COINE Name of COI member TEXT40 CHAR 
173 P25_COINT Frequency of interest compounding P25_COINT CHAR 
174 P25_COIP1 NOT Used. Reserved. P25_COIP3 CHAR 
175 P25_COIP2 NOT Used. Reserved. P25_COIP3 CHAR 
176 P25_COIP3 UIN/FIN of COI member 2 P25_COIP3 CHAR 
177 P25_COIPR UIN/FIN of COI member P25_COIP3 CHAR 
178 P25_COMMT Comments TEXT72 CHAR 
179 P25_COMPC Pensions Scheme Option Component Code P25_COMPC CHAR 
180 P25_COMPT Pensions Scheme Option Component Code Text TEXT50 CHAR 
181 P25_CONAM Name of company TEXT72 CHAR 
182 P25_CONIN Conflict of interest indicator CHECKBOX CHAR 
183 P25_CONRG Pensions Scheme Constant Rule Grouping P25_CONRG CHAR 
184 P25_CONRT Pensions Scheme Constant Rule Grouping Text TEXT50 CHAR 
185 P25_COTYP Type of company P25_COTYP CHAR 
186 P25_COTYX Text for Type of Company TEXT40 CHAR 
187 P25_CPFASER For periods under CPF Grat/AA service only, use this model CHECKBOX CHAR 
188 P25_CPFDI CPF differential amount P_AMT07V CURR 
189 P25_CPFPY CPF Payment amount to CPF board P_AMT07V CURR 
190 P25_CPFSER For periods under CPF service only, use this model CHECKBOX CHAR 
191 P25_CREAT Initiator CHAR50 CHAR 
192 P25_CREDA Date initiated DATS DATS 
193 P25_CRTCD Evaluation Criteria for Staff Suggestion P25_CRTCD CHAR 
194 P25_CRTXT Description of evaluation criteria TEXT30 CHAR 
195 P25_CTDAT Employee Suggestion Award Collection Date DATS DATS 
196 P25_CURYR HR-PS-SG: Current Year Indicator CHECKBOX CHAR 
197 P25_CYPOW Percentage of ownership DEC3_2 DEC 
198 P25_CYRNS Number of shares held by the employee P25_DEC15_2 DEC 
199 P25_DACKP Date of ack. of penalty DATS DATS 
200 P25_DAKCR Date of acknowledgement of charge DATS DATS 
201 P25_DATEN Valid length of multiple visa DEC3 DEC 
202 P25_DCTRG Pensions Scheme Discount Rule Grouping P25_DCTRG CHAR 
203 P25_DCTRT Pensions Scheme Discount Rule Grouping Text TEXT50 CHAR 
204 P25_DEBTD Details of debt TEXT72 CHAR 
205 P25_DEBTN Details of debt TEXT78 CHAR 
206 P25_DEDPC Deduction Percentage due to discipline DEC03_2 DEC 
207 P25_DENOR Denominator Value for Constant DEC4_4 DEC 
208 P25_DEPT Department used in letter of appointment BTRTL CHAR 
209 P25_DESGN Designation TEXT15 CHAR 
210 P25_DFACT Value of 'd' for frozen sum computation DEC2_4 DEC 
211 P25_DIACD Type of Disciplinary Action P25_DIACD CHAR 
212 P25_DIACT Description of Disciplinary act code TEXT30 CHAR 
213 P25_DISCP Pensions Scheme Discount Period NUMC3 NUMC 
214 P25_DISCV Pensions Scheme Discount Value DEC4_4 DEC 
215 P25_DISPR Details of discounts given by the developer/seller TEXT20 CHAR 
216 P25_DIVST Division status TEXT10 CHAR 
217 P25_DOCN1 Document number for personal identification CHAR20 CHAR 
218 P25_DOCN2 Document number for work permit CHAR20 CHAR 
219 P25_DSNAM Name of developer/seller TEXT80 CHAR 
220 P25_DTGEN Date of Generation of Sequence No DATS DATS 
221 P25_DTREF Date of payment for refund of Govt's CPF share DATUM DATS 
222 P25_DUMMY40 Not Used. Reserved. TEXT40 CHAR 
223 P25_EDATE Payment Option Eligibility Date DATUM DATS 
224 P25_EENMS Pensions Scheme Service Qualifying Period NUMC4 NUMC 
225 P25_EENYS Number of years of service NUMC2 NUMC 
226 P25_ELIGG Pensions Scheme Eligibility Grouping P25_ELIGG CHAR 
227 P25_ELIGX Pensions Scheme Eligibility Grouping Text TEXT50 CHAR 
228 P25_EMPLD Employment status CHAR1 CHAR 
229 P25_ENAME Name of evaluator TEXT50 CHAR 
230 P25_ENDDA SG Public Sector Pensions Scheme End Date DATUM DATS 
231 P25_EPFNO Employee EPF number CHAR20 CHAR 
232 P25_EREGN Type of registration P25_EREGN CHAR 
233 P25_ERNAM Name of employer TEXT100 CHAR 
234 P25_ESSNR Status Identification P25_ESSNR NUMC 
235 P25_ESSRK Ranking for Staff Suggestion P25_ESSRK CHAR 
236 P25_ESSRT Ranking text for staff suggestion TEXT30 CHAR 
237 P25_ESSTA Evaluator's Status in Staff Suggestion Scheme P25_ESSTA CHAR 
238 P25_ESSTD Description of Evaluator's Status in SSS TEXT30 CHAR 
239 P25_ESTAT Company enjoys OHQ status(Y/N) XFELD CHAR 
240 P25_ETEXT Unit Text for Time/Measurement for Discipline P25_ETEXT CHAR 
241 P25_ETYPE Type of company P25_ETYPE CHAR 
242 P25_EVAID Evaluator Personal Number PERSNO NUMC 
243 P25_EVALG Evaluator Identification P25_EVALG NUMC 
244 P25_EVALR Evaluator for employee suggestion P25_EVALS NUMC 
245 P25_EVAUR Evaluator User ID XUBNAME CHAR 
246 P25_EVDAT Date of evaluating the employee's suggestion DATS DATS 
247 P25_EXITM Exit mode P25_EXITM CHAR 
248 P25_EXITX Description of exit mode TEXT30 CHAR 
249 P25_EXPDT Expiry date of work permit DDATE DATS 
250 P25_FACMT Factoring method P25_FACMT CHAR 
251 P25_FCCSL CCSL validity for last valid year XFELD CHAR 
252 P25_FILNM Filename P25_FTYPE CHAR 
253 P25_FILRE File reference of blacklist TEXT20 CHAR 
254 P25_FLDVAL Pensions Scheme Constant Field Value DEC4_4 DEC 
255 P25_FPDAT Date of issue for personal ID DDATE DATS 
256 P25_FRINT Frequency of interest computation P25_FRINT CHAR 
257 P25_FROSAL Frozen salary P_AMT07V CURR 
258 P25_FUNCD Status Group P25_FUNCD CHAR 
259 P25_FUNCT Text for Status Group TEXT60 CHAR 
260 P25_FUSTS Status P25_FUSTS CHAR 
261 P25_FUSTT Text for Status TEXT30 CHAR 
262 P25_FUTDTE Date of payment for CPF payment DATUM DATS 
263 P25_FWDAT Date of issue for work permit DDATE DATS 
264 P25_GPAL Generation of GPAL form XFELD CHAR 
265 P25_GPML Generation of GPML form XFELD CHAR 
266 P25_GPPL Generation of GPPL Data XFELD CHAR 
267 P25_GRPID Group name used in employee suggestion scheme CHAR25 CHAR 
268 P25_GRPIR Group Suggestion Indicator for Employee Suggestion Scheme P25_GRPIR CHAR 
269 P25_GRPTX Eligibility Grouping text for Interest Rates TEXT50 CHAR 
270 P25_GRUID Eligibility grouping for Interest Rates P25_GRUID CHAR 
271 P25_GUABS Guaranteed Basic Salary P_AMT07V CURR 
272 P25_GUAPA Guaranteed Pensionable Allowance P_AMT07V CURR 
273 P25_GUARPE Guaranteed PE P_AMT07V CURR 
274 P25_HCSTS HDB concession status P25_FUSTS CHAR 
275 P25_HEABD Start date of Inquiry Period DATS DATS 
276 P25_HEAED End date of Inquiry Period DATS DATS 
277 P25_HILIM Upper limit of wage level WERTV5 CURR 
278 P25_HIRED Pensions Scheme Hire/Join Date DATUM DATS 
279 P25_I21DT Date when IR21 was issued DATUM DATS 
280 P25_ICTYP IC type P25_ICTYP CHAR 
281 P25_IDCHK ID number check error flag P25_IDCHK CHAR 
282 P25_IDCOD Personal ID and work permit (SG) IDCOD CHAR 
283 P25_IDCOT Country of ID LAND1 CHAR 
284 P25_IDNUM Identity Number CHAR30 CHAR 
285 P25_IDTEX ID type text TEXT30 CHAR 
286 P25_INAMT Amount of Interest computed for the period P_AMT07V CURR 
287 P25_INDET Financially indebted CHECKBOX CHAR 
288 P25_INTAT FP amount at interdiction P_AMT07V CURR 
289 P25_INTBD Begin date of Interdiction DATS DATS 
290 P25_INTCD Interest code P25_INTCD CHAR 
291 P25_INTED End date of Interdiction DATS DATS 
292 P25_INTFO Interest rate formula TEXT30 CHAR 
293 P25_INTRE Effevtive date of restoration DATS DATS 
294 P25_INTRT Interest rate DEC4_5 DEC 
295 P25_INTTX Description of Interdiction type TEXT72 CHAR 
296 P25_INTTY Interdict/Stop pay type P25_INTTY CHAR 
297 P25_INTYX Description of interdiction type TEXT30 CHAR 
298 P25_INVDT Begin date of investigation DATS DATS 
299 P25_INVNA Name of the Investigating Officer TEXT40 CHAR 
300 P25_INVPR Investigating officer's per no. PERSNO NUMC 
301 P25_INYTD Total yearly interest earned P_AMT07V CURR 
302 P25_IRADT Date of IRAS feedback DATUM DATS 
303 P25_ISCOT Country of issue LAND1 CHAR 
304 P25_ISSPL Place of issue of Identification TEXT30 CHAR 
305 P25_ISU8A Last Issue Date for the Tax forms IR8A/IR8S DATUM DATS 
306 P25_JOBAP Job Applied for TEXT50 CHAR 
307 P25_LAFG Release letter of appointment flag X CHAR 
308 P25_LEADR Employee ID of the group leader PERSNO NUMC 
309 P25_LIAMT Liability amount P_AMT07V CURR 
310 P25_LINDR Leader Indicator used in Staff Suggestion Scheme CHECKBOX CHAR 
311 P25_LISPR List price of property/land P_AMT08 CURR 
312 P25_LNNO Pensions Scheme Line Number NUMC3 NUMC 
313 P25_LOLIM Lower limit of wage level WERTV5 CURR 
314 P25_LSGDT Date of leaving S'pore DATUM DATS 
315 P25_LTSNR TemSe ID number of last IR21 run CHAR2 CHAR 
316 P25_LTTBN Button for long description of Offence CHAR1 CHAR 
317 P25_LTTXT Detail description of Offence TEXT72 CHAR 
318 P25_MAXPT Maxumum points used to define the ranking in ee suggestion DEC4_2 DEC 
319 P25_MEMBR Employee ID of group member PERSNO NUMC 
320 P25_MINIS Ministry TEXT20 CHAR 
321 P25_MINNA Name of ministry's representative TEXT40 CHAR 
322 P25_MINPR Ministry's representative's per no. PERSNO NUMC 
323 P25_MINPT Minumum points used to define the ranking in ee suggestion DEC4_2 DEC 
324 P25_MINS Ministry used in letter of appointment WERKS CHAR 
325 P25_MOLGA Ländergruppierung P25_MOLGA CHAR 
326 P25_NAMES Suggestor's ID PERSNO NUMC 
327 P25_NAMOW Name of the owner(s) TEXT120 CHAR 
328 P25_NASCH Nature of Scheme P25_NASCH CHAR 
329 P25_NETPR Net price P_AMT08 CURR 
330 P25_NMNER Name of new employer TEXT25 CHAR 
331 P25_NMPER Name of previous employer TEXT25 CHAR 
332 P25_NMSER Number of Months of Service NUMC04 NUMC 
333 P25_NONSE Checkbox for absence not counted as Pensionable Service CHECKBOX CHAR 
334 P25_NPENSAL NonPensionable Salary for Computation of Govt's share of CPF BETRG CURR 
335 P25_NPESAL Non-Pensionable Salary for Computing Govt's share of CPF P_AMT07V CURR 
336 P25_NRS_DLPATH Directory for the download file TEXT255 CHAR 
338 P25_NRS_TST_ON Test run XFELD CHAR 
339 P25_NUM Sequence number NUM02 NUMC 
340 P25_NUMER Numerator Value for Constant DEC4_4 DEC 
341 P25_OFFCD Offence code P25_OFFCD CHAR 
342 P25_OFFDT Date of offence DATS DATS 
343 P25_OFFGR Offence grouping P25_OFFGR CHAR 
344 P25_OFFGX Description of offence grouping TEXT50 CHAR 
345 P25_OFFNO Sequence no. of offence type CHAR3 CHAR 
346 P25_OFFRE Offence remarks TEXT72 CHAR 
347 P25_OFLTX Long description of Offence TEXT50 CHAR 
348 P25_OFRMK Remarks for Offences TEXT72 CHAR 
349 P25_OFSTX Short description of Offence TEXT15 CHAR 
350 P25_OPDAT Option date DATS DATS 
351 P25_OPMPF Indicator for Scheme Option maintained manually by user CHECKBOX CHAR 
352 P25_OPNBL Opening balance/Principal P_AMT07V CURR 
353 P25_OPRTR Pensions Scheme Operator Codes P25_OPRTR CHAR 
354 P25_OPUPF Indicator for Pensions Scheme Option selected via report CHECKBOX CHAR 
355 P25_OTYPE Pensions Scheme Option Codes P25_OTYPE CHAR 
356 P25_OURMK Outcome Remarks TEXT72 CHAR 
357 P25_OUTAT Amount of Penalty P_AMT07V CURR 
358 P25_OUTCD Outcome code P25_OUTCD CHAR 
359 P25_OUTDE Begin date of Outcome DATS DATS 
360 P25_OUTDF End date of Outcome DATS DATS 
361 P25_OUTDR Duration of outcome NUM03 NUMC 
362 P25_OUTIN No. of Increments reduced NUM02 NUMC 
363 P25_OUTMT Unit of Time/Measurement P25_OUTMT CHAR 
364 P25_OUTND NWC effective date DATS DATS 
365 P25_OUTNO Sequence no. of offence type CHAR3 CHAR 
366 P25_OUTPR Percentage of Penalty DEC3_2 DEC 
367 P25_OUTRE Outcome Remarks TEXT72 CHAR 
368 P25_OUTSN S/N of outcome matrix NUMC03 NUMC 
369 P25_OUTTX Description of outcome TEXT72 CHAR 
370 P25_OVCHK Indicator for overriding consistency check CHAR1 CHAR 
371 P25_OWNOC Owner occupied CHECKBOX CHAR 
373 P25_OWWTY Valuation wage type for MSO special bonus computation LGART CHAR 
374 P25_PAAMT SG PS Pensions Scheme Pensionable Allowance Per Annum BETRG CURR 
375 P25_PALTX Long Text for Pensions Act Code TEXT50 CHAR 
376 P25_PASTX Short Text for Pensions Act Code TEXT20 CHAR 
377 P25_PBSAMT SG Public Sector Pensions Scheme Basic Salary Per Annum BETRG CURR 
378 P25_PEACD Pensions Act Code P25_PEACD CHAR 
379 P25_PENS Flag for Pension scheme 2006 P25_PENS CHAR 
380 P25_PENSAL Pensionable Salary for Computation of Govt's share of CPF P_AMT07V CURR 
381 P25_PENSER For periods under Pensionable service only, use this model CHECKBOX CHAR 
382 P25_PPYDT Previous payroll run date DATUM DATS 
383 P25_PRADD Address of property TEXT120 CHAR 
384 P25_PRAPO Prior approval obtained CHECKBOX CHAR 
385 P25_PREAS Pay change reasons to be considered for averaging of APE CHECKBOX CHAR 
386 P25_PREYR HR-PS-SG: Previous Year Indicator CHECKBOX CHAR 
387 P25_PRIDT Date when IR21 was previously issued DATUM DATS 
388 P25_PRINT Frequency of interest computation P25_PRINT CHAR 
389 P25_PROC Pensions Scheme Re-process Flag XFELD CHAR 
390 P25_PROCD Length of Service at Component level PSEN_PROCE CHAR 
391 P25_PROCE Length of Service at Pensions Scheme level PSEN_PROCE CHAR 
392 P25_PROCF Flag to indicate whether Ee has been processed for Pensions CHECKBOX CHAR 
393 P25_PRPTX Text for Type of Property TEXT40 CHAR 
394 P25_PRPTY Type of property P25_PRPTY CHAR 
395 P25_PRTXT Text on reason TEXT30 CHAR 
396 P25_PSAMT Pensions Smart Form amount field P_AMT07V CURR 
397 P25_PSBEGD Begin date of a past salary record DATS DATS 
398 P25_PSENDD End date of a past salary record DATS DATS 
399 P25_PTAWD Point awarded by evaluator DEC3_2 DEC 
400 P25_PTSNR TemSe ID number of previous IR21 run CHAR2 CHAR 
401 P25_PTYPE Payment Option P25_PTYPE CHAR 
402 P25_PTYPT Text for Payment Option TEXT50 CHAR 
403 P25_PYRDT Payroll run date DATUM DATS 
404 P25_RECPFA CPF minimum top up sum paid to officer's CPF account P_AMT07V CURR 
405 P25_REFACT Flag to indicate whether CPF contributions already refunded CHECKBOX CHAR 
406 P25_REFDA Reference date DATS DATS 
407 P25_REFENO SG PS Pensions Enclosure No for Refund of CPF Contributions TEXT20 CHAR 
408 P25_REFNAP Not applicable for refund of CPF contributions RADIOBUTT CHAR 
409 P25_REFNEO Have not exercised option to refund CPF contributions RADIOBUTT CHAR 
410 P25_REFNOT Opted not to refund CPF contributions RADIOBUTT CHAR 
411 P25_REFOPT Refund Option P25_REFOPT CHAR 
412 P25_REFRDT SG PS Pensions Receipt Date for Refund of CPF Contributions DATUM DATS 
413 P25_REFRNO SG PS Pensions Receipt No for Refund of CPF Contributions TEXT20 CHAR 
414 P25_REGOW Name(s) of the registered owner(s) for the property TEXT120 CHAR 
415 P25_REJEC Reject reason TEXT20 CHAR 
416 P25_REPNA Name of the Officer's representative TEXT40 CHAR 
417 P25_REPPR Officer's Representative's ID No. P25_REPPR CHAR 
418 P25_REPR Pensions Scheme Re-print Flag XFELD CHAR 
419 P25_RESECT SG PS Pensions Scheme Relevant Section of Pensions Act TEXT50 CHAR 
420 P25_RESIS Residence status RESIS CHAR 
421 P25_RGNUM Registration number CHAR15 CHAR 
422 P25_RKLVL Ranking level for employee suggestion CHAR2 CHAR 
423 P25_RPAGE Page number DEC2 DEC 
424 P25_RSBAS Reason and Basis of arriving at the compensation amount. TEXT70 CHAR 
425 P25_RSGDT Date resignation tendered DATUM DATS 
426 P25_RSMON Reason if no money was withheld? TEXT50 CHAR 
427 P25_RSNOT Reason if less notice given? TEXT80 CHAR 
428 P25_RTEXT Description of blacklist reason TEXT30 CHAR 
429 P25_SCODE Pensions Scheme Codes P25_SCODE CHAR 
430 P25_SEQNO Sequence no. of outcome codes CHAR3 CHAR 
431 P25_SGROP Group Suggestion Indicator CHAR1_X CHAR 
432 P25_SINGP Single Suggestion Indicator CHAR1_X CHAR 
433 P25_SNAME Name of school TEXT100 CHAR 
434 P25_SPADT Sale and purchase agreement date DATS DATS 
435 P25_SPLS Generation of SPLS Data XFELD CHAR 
436 P25_SPNAM Spouse name TEXT40 CHAR 
437 P25_SSNUM Employee suggestion number CHAR30 CHAR 
438 P25_STFLG Tax report status flag CHAR1 CHAR 
439 P25_STYPE Superannuation Scheme P25_STYPE CHAR 
440 P25_STYPT Text for Superannuation Scheme TEXT50 CHAR 
441 P25_SUBAP Substantive appointment TEXT30 CHAR 
442 P25_SUBDT Submitted on DATS DATS 
443 P25_SUBID Submitted by CHAR20 CHAR 
444 P25_SUBST Submission status P25_FUSTS CHAR 
446 P25_TAXYR Tax Reporting Year - Singapore CHAR4 CHAR 
447 P25_TIMES Application date DATUM DATS 
448 P25_TLNER Telephone number of new employer TEXT14 CHAR 
449 P25_TLPER Telephone number of previous employer TEXT14 CHAR 
450 P25_TNOEE Income tax number of employee (SG) CHAR20 CHAR 
451 P25_TNOER Employer tax reference number for Singapore CHAR20 CHAR 
452 P25_TOTAT Total CPF differential plus interest earned for the year P_AMT07V CURR 
453 P25_TOTNT Total Net Points For Staff Suggestion DEC4_2 DEC 
454 P25_TOTPT Total Points DEC4_2 DEC 
455 P25_TOTSER By default for total service , use this model CHECKBOX CHAR 
456 P25_TRNCD Transaction Code for UOB bank transfer file format P25_TRCOD CHAR 
457 P25_TXT13 Text (13 characters) TEXT13 CHAR 
458 P25_TXT18 Text (18 characters) TEXT18 CHAR 
459 P25_TYPER Type of representation for officer P25_TYPER CHAR 
460 P25_TYREP Type of Representation CHAR3 CHAR 
461 P25_TYRTX Description of type of representation TEXT30 CHAR 
462 P25_UNEMP Employment status CHAR1 CHAR 
463 P25_USEFR Used from -date DATUM DATS 
464 P25_USETO Used to -date DATUM DATS 
465 P25_UWAGE Union fee wage type LGART CHAR 
466 P25_VERST Verification status P25_FUSTS CHAR 
467 P25_VFLAG Verify and hire flag applicant X CHAR 
468 P25_WAGLV Wage level for contributing union fee CHAR2 CHAR 
469 P25_WEIGH Weighting of evaluation criteria DEC3_2 DEC 
470 P25_WEIGR Weighting for Evaluator based on Staff Suggestion Category DEC3_2 DEC 
471 P25_WPCOD Type of Work Permit P25_WPCOD CHAR 
472 P25_WPTEX Work permit type text TEXT30 CHAR 
473 P27_TAXYR Tax Reporting Year - HongKong CHAR4 CHAR 
474 P29_TEMSE_DATA_ALV Contents of TEMSE Object CHAR80 CHAR 
475 P2FLD Field names for name editing in HR FDNAME CHAR 
476 P2FXX Fix.price per QU capacity CVAL5 CURR 
477 P2PUS_CA Parameter Use P2PUS_CA CHAR 
478 P2TYPE 2D graphics type P2TYPE CHAR 
479 P2TYPE_TXT Graphics: Description for 2D graphics type TEXT30 CHAR 
480 P2VXX Total Price Per Unit of Capacity CVAL5 CURR 
481 P33_042Z Name of the Payment Method in the Language of the Country TEXT30 CHAR 
482 P33_1NDFL 1-NDFL   CHAR 
483 P33_2NDFL 2-NDFL Format 2005   CHAR 
484 P33_2NDFL_2006 2-NDFL format 2006   CHAR 
485 P33_2NDFL_2010 2-NDFL Format 2010   CHAR 
486 P33_2NDFL_2011 2-NDFL Format 2011   CHAR 
487 P33_2NDFL_MODE_AUTH_1 Submit Form 2-NDFL to Tax Authorities XFELD CHAR 
488 P33_2NDFL_MODE_AUTH_2 Report Debt to Tax Authorities XFELD CHAR 
489 P33_2NDFL_MODE_EMPLOYEE Prepare Form 2-NDFL on Employee's Request XFELD CHAR 
491 P33_2NDFL_RTAXOFFICE ID of Receiving Tax Office   NUMC 
492 P33_2NDFL_VERSION Type of information P33_2NDFL_VERSION CHAR 
493 P33_33TAXVALUE Value from Feature 33TAX CHAR10 CHAR 
494 P33_ABBEG Absence Start Date DATUM DATS 
495 P33_ABBRV Abreviation P33_ABBRV CHAR 
496 P33_ABEND Absence End Date DATUM DATS 
497 P33_ABOVE Above age limit   CHAR 
498 P33_ABRPC Percentage of Payment DEC3_2 DEC 
499 P33_ABRTG Payroll Days CHAR1 CHAR 
500 P33_ABR_WRITE Write Abbreviation FLAG CHAR