SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 53
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P22J_XA2ND Compensation Amount (after first Adjustment) 2nd Month WERT6 CURR 
2 P22J_XA3RD Compensation Amount (after first Adjustment) 3rd Month WERT6 CURR 
3 P22J_XAXXX HR-J: Compensation Amount w/O retro-pay (General) WERT6 CURR 
4 P22J_XK1ST Compensation Amount (Ben. in Kind, after Adjust.) 1st Month WERT05 CURR 
5 P22J_XK2ND Compensation Amount (Ben. in Kind, after Adjust.) 2nd Month WERT05 CURR 
6 P22J_XK3RD Compensation Amount (Ben. in Kind, after Adjust.) 3rd Month WERT05 CURR 
7 P22J_XKXXX HR-J: Compensation Kinds w/o retro-pay (General) WERT05 CURR 
8 P22J_XM1ST Compensation Amount (Money, after Adjustment) 1st Month WERT05 CURR 
9 P22J_XM2ND Compensation Amount (Money, after Adjustment) 2nd Month WERT05 CURR 
10 P22J_XM3RD Compensation Amount (Money, after Adjustment) 3rd Month WERT05 CURR 
11 P22J_XMXXX HR-J: Compensation Money w/o retro-pay (General) WERT05 CURR 
12 P22J_YEADD Indicator for Y.E.A. tax deduction CHAR1 CHAR 
13 P22J_YEAID Indicator for Year End Adjustment CHAR1 CHAR 
14 P22J_YEATX Year end adjustment text TEXT20 CHAR 
15 P22J_YEID1 Year end adjustment indicator P22J_YEID1 CHAR 
16 P22_CHARSET Character set P22_CHARSET CHAR 
17 P22_CHARSET_TEXT Text for character set P22_CHARSET_TEXT CHAR 
18 P22_CTRTP New Contract XFELD CHAR 
19 P22_DATE_WAREKI Date in WAREKI(Japanese calender)   CHAR 
20 P22_FDFLG Flag:Data Output(Blank=Printout/X=Disk/E=eLTAX) P22_FDFLG CHAR 
21 P22_PAYCT Payment option for personnel action P22_PAYCT CHAR 
22 P22_STAID Resident status P22J_CHAR1 CHAR 
23 P22_UI_ADDR1 Address Line 1 (Kanji) TEXT40 CHAR 
24 P22_UI_ADDR2 Address Line 2 (Kanji) TEXT40 CHAR 
25 P22_UI_ADDR3 Address Line 3 (Kanji) TEXT40 CHAR 
26 P22_UI_ANCUR Currency Key for Annual Salary WAERS CUKY 
27 P22_UI_ANZKL Course Duration DEC3 DEC 
28 P22_UI_APPDT Appraisal Detail Feature P22J_APPDT CHAR 
29 P22_UI_APPFT Appraisals Main Feature P22J_APPFT CHAR 
30 P22_UI_APPPT_DETAIL Appraisal Point for Detail Feature DEC3_2 DEC 
31 P22_UI_APPPT_MAIN Appraisal Point for Main Feature DEC3_2 DEC 
32 P22_UI_APPRK Appraisal Rank Criteria P22J_APPRK CHAR 
33 P22_UI_APPRK_DETAIL Appraisal Rank Criteria for Detail Featuer P22J_APPRK CHAR 
34 P22_UI_APPRK_MAIN Appraisal Rank Criteria for Main Feature P22J_APPRK CHAR 
35 P22_UI_APPT1 First Appraisal Point Criteria DEC3_2 DEC 
36 P22_UI_APPT2 Second Appraisal Point Criteria DEC3_2 DEC 
37 P22_UI_APPTF Final Appraisal Point Criteria DEC3_2 DEC 
38 P22_UI_APRT1 First Appraisal Rank Criteria P22J_APPRK CHAR 
39 P22_UI_APRT2 Second Appraisal Rank Criteria P22J_APPRK CHAR 
40 P22_UI_APRTF Final Appraisal Rank Criteria P22J_APPRK CHAR 
41 P22_UI_AQUDT Move-in Date of Newly Aquired House   DATS 
42 P22_UI_AUSBI Education / Training AUSBI NUMC 
43 P22_UI_AVGCK In-kind Monthly Compensation WERTV5 CURR 
44 P22_UI_AVGCM Monetary Monthly Compensation WERTV5 CURR 
45 P22_UI_AVGCT Total Compensation WERTV6 CURR 
46 P22_UI_BANKN Bank Account Number BANKN CHAR 
47 P22_UI_BKONT Bank Control Key P22_UI_BKONT CHAR 
48 P22_UI_CLCNR Residence Tax Collector Number CHAR15 CHAR 
49 P22_UI_CLTOT Total of Annual Fee of Common Life Insurances in YEA P_AMT07 CURR 
50 P22_UI_COMTY Commuting Method SUBTY_591A CHAR 
51 P22_UI_CONDA Contract Date DATUM DATS 
52 P22_UI_CONTP Connection Point TEXT30 CHAR 
53 P22_UI_CTXKA Text for Municipal City Code in Kanji TEXT24 CHAR 
54 P22_UI_CTXKN Municipal City Code Text in Katakana TEXT48 CHAR 
55 P22_UI_DEATH Deceased Family Member XFELD CHAR 
56 P22_UI_DISAB Deduction for Challenged Person P22J_DISAB CHAR 
57 P22_UI_DIVGV Hours Worked Per Payroll Period STDAZ DEC 
58 P22_UI_DP1ID Dependent Deduction P22J_DEPEN CHAR 
59 P22_UI_DP2ID Deduction for Elderly Family Member P22J_OLPE2 CHAR 
60 P22_UI_DP3ID Deduction for Challenged Person P22J_DISA2 CHAR 
61 P22_UI_DP5ID Dependent for Year End Adjustment P22J_YESNO CHAR 
62 P22_UI_DPFAL Family Allowance P22J_YESNO CHAR 
63 P22_UI_DPHID Dependent (Health Insurance) P22J_YESNO CHAR 
64 P22_UI_EBEDA Begin Date of Effective Period DATE DATS 
65 P22_UI_EMNAM Full Name of the Employee TEXT40 CHAR 
66 P22_UI_ENTID Reason for Change P22J_ENTID CHAR 
67 P22_UI_EPGRD Grade Number of Standard Compensation for Employee Pension P22J_GRINS NUMC 
68 P22_UI_EPSTC Employee Pension Monthly Standard Compensation WERTV5 CURR 
69 P22_UI_EVDT1 Date of First Appraisal Evaluation   DATS 
70 P22_UI_EVDT2 Date of Second Appraisal Evaluation   DATS 
71 P22_UI_EVDTF Date of Final Appraisal Evaluation   DATS 
72 P22_UI_EVNM1 Name of First Evaluator NACHN CHAR 
73 P22_UI_EVNM2 Name of Second Evaluator NACHN CHAR 
74 P22_UI_EVNMF Name of Final Evaluator NACHN CHAR 
75 P22_UI_FACH1 Field of Study 1 FACHR NUMC 
76 P22_UI_FACH2 Field of Study 2 FACHR NUMC 
77 P22_UI_FAMSA Type of Family Record SUBTY_591A CHAR 
78 P22_UI_FNAMK First name in Katakana P22J_PNAME CHAR 
79 P22_UI_FNAMR First Name in Roman P22J_PNAME CHAR 
80 P22_UI_FPAYP First Pay Period PABRP NUMC 
81 P22_UI_FPAYY Year of First Payment NUM4 NUMC 
82 P22_UI_FPYPR First Payroll Period of Deduction PABRP NUMC 
83 P22_UI_GESCH Gender Key P22_UI_GESCH CHAR 
84 P22_UI_GEWTG Weighting of Appraisal Criterion DEC3_2 DEC 
85 P22_UI_HIGRD Grade number of standard compensation for health insurance P22J_GRINS NUMC 
86 P22_UI_HISTC Health Insurance Monthly Standard Compensation WERTV5 CURR 
87 P22_UI_HSDED Special Deduction Amount for Housing P_AMT07 CURR 
88 P22_UI_IFWOD Insurance Fee Without Dividend WERTV4 CURR 
89 P22_UI_INSC1 Insurance Company Code P22J_INSC1 CHAR 
90 P22_UI_INSCC Insurance Company Name P22J_INSC1 CHAR 
91 P22_UI_INSCT Insurance Contract Type P22J_INSCT CHAR 
92 P22_UI_INSID Insurance Type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
93 P22_UI_INSNR Insurance Contract Number CHAR13 CHAR 
94 P22_UI_INSPR Period of Deduction NUMC2 NUMC 
95 P22_UI_INSTI Institute / Location of Training TEXT80 CHAR 
96 P22_UI_INTVL Effective Periods DEC3 DEC 
97 P22_UI_LATOT Total of Annual Fee of Long-term Accident Insurances in YEA P_AMT07 CURR 
98 P22_UI_LINEN Transportation Line Name TEXT30 CHAR 
99 P22_UI_LIWTH Live with P22J_LIWTH CHAR 
100 P22_UI_LNAMK Family Name in Katakana P22J_PNAME CHAR 
101 P22_UI_LNAMR Family Name in Roman P22J_PNAME CHAR 
102 P22_UI_NABIK Family Name at Birth in Katakana P22J_PNAME CHAR 
103 P22_UI_NABIR Family Name at Birth in Roman P22J_PNAME CHAR 
104 P22_UI_NACHN Family Name in Kanji PAD_NACHN CHAR 
105 P22_UI_NAME2 Family Name at Birth in Kanji PAD_NACHN CHAR 
106 P22_UI_NICKK Koseki Family Name in Katakana P22J_PNAME CHAR 
107 P22_UI_NICKR Koseki Family Name in Roman P22J_PNAME CHAR 
108 P22_UI_NONRE Non-Resident XFELD CHAR 
109 P22_UI_OLPER Deduction for Elderly Person P22J_OLPER CHAR 
110 P22_UI_ORKK1 Address Line 1 (Katakana) TEXT40 CHAR 
111 P22_UI_ORKK2 Address Line 2 (Katakana) TEXT40 CHAR 
112 P22_UI_ORKK3 Address Line 3 (Katakana) TEXT40 CHAR 
113 P22_UI_ORKK4 Address Line 4 (Katakana) TEXT40 CHAR 
114 P22_UI_PASNO Personnel Assignment Number CHAR10 CHAR 
115 P22_UI_PPTOT Total of Annual Fee of Personal Pension Insurances in YEA P_AMT07 CURR 
116 P22_UI_PSCHG Indicator for Pay Scale Group Change XFELD CHAR 
117 P22_UI_PSREG Indicator for Pay Scale Level Change XFELD CHAR 
118 P22_UI_PSTLZ Postal Code PSTLZ CHAR 
119 P22_UI_RCLID Unpaid Residence Tax Collection Method P22J_RCLID CHAR 
120 P22_UI_RCTVC Municipal city code P22J_RCTVC CHAR 
121 P22_UI_REGIO Prefecture REGIO CHAR 
122 P22_UI_RETDE Disability Retirement XFELD CHAR 
123 P22_UI_RETTX Decease Retirement XFELD CHAR 
124 P22_UI_RMIND Refund on Maturity Indicator P22J_RMIND CHAR 
125 P22_UI_RTXID Reason for Residence Tax Change P22J_RTXID CHAR 
126 P22_UI_RUFNM Koseki Family Name in Kanji PAD_VORNM CHAR 
127 P22_UI_SATOT Total of Annual Fee of Short-term Accident Insurances in YEA P_AMT07 CURR 
128 P22_UI_SCHCD Institute / School Code NUM10 NUMC 
129 P22_UI_SIDID Indicator whether Insurance Premium is to be Deducted P22J_SIDID CHAR 
130 P22_UI_SIII1 Classification of Insured Person P22J_SIII1 CHAR 
131 P22_UI_SIMER Employer Exemption from Social Insurance XFELD CHAR 
132 P22_UI_SIMPM Employee Exemption from Social Insurance XFELD CHAR 
133 P22_UI_SIPTY Social Insurance Type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
134 P22_UI_SLART Educational Establishment SLART CHAR 
135 P22_UI_SPIID Indicator of Application for Spouse's Income in YEA XFELD CHAR 
136 P22_UI_STUWO Deduction for Student Worker P22J_STUWO CHAR 
137 P22_UI_STVOR Date of Next Increase DATUM DATS 
138 P22_UI_SUMBB1 Total Amount of Domestic Wage Items P_AMT08V CURR 
139 P22_UI_SUMBB2 Total Amount of Foreign Wage Items P_AMT08V CURR 
140 P22_UI_TASNO Tax Office Assignment Number CHAR10 CHAR 
141 P22_UI_TRFAR Pay Scale Type TRFAR CHAR 
142 P22_UI_TRFGB Pay Scale Area TRFGB CHAR 
143 P22_UI_TRFST Pay Scale Level TRFST CHAR 
144 P22_UI_TRGTP Beginning of Target Period of First Payment PABRP NUMC 
145 P22_UI_TRNCN Transportation Company Name TEXT30 CHAR 
146 P22_UI_TXAMF Tax Amount for First Payroll Period WERTV5 CURR 
147 P22_UI_TXAMR Monthly Tax Amount WERTV5 CURR 
148 P22_UI_TXTYP Taxation Type P22J_TXTYP CHAR 
149 P22_UI_UNWKR Full-Time Union Officer XFELD CHAR 
150 P22_UI_VORNA First Name in Kanji PAD_VORNM CHAR 
151 P22_UI_WIDOW Deduction for Widow P22J_WIDOW CHAR 
152 P22_UI_YEID1 Year End Adjustment Type P22J_YEID1 CHAR 
153 P22_UI_ZEINH Time Unit/Measurement RPMSH CHAR 
154 P23_AAREA Agreement area ('Avtalsområde') P23_AAREA CHAR 
155 P23_ABETP Absence economical category (SE) ABSTP CHAR 
156 P23_ABSPC Percentage of Absence   CHAR 
157 P23_ABTCD Absence Code   CHAR 
158 P23_ACDAY Absence condition days P23_ACDAY DEC 
159 P23_ACGAP Absence condition gap width P23_ACGAP INT1 
160 P23_ACHRS Absence condition hourly split P23_ACHRS CHAR 
161 P23_ACKEY Absence condition key P23_ACKEY CHAR 
162 P23_ADACC Adjustment Accident WERTV5 CURR 
163 P23_ADCI1 Adjustment Child Ins. 1 WERTV5 CURR 
164 P23_ADLI1 Adjustment Life Ins. 1 WERTV5 CURR 
165 P23_ADLKD Adjustment Limit Indicator P23_XFELD CHAR 
166 P23_ADPC Adjustment Private care WERTV5 CURR 
167 P23_ADSB Adjustment Sickness WERTV5 CURR 
168 P23_ADTOT Adjustment total WERTV5 CURR 
169 P23_AEPVA Absence exception amount WERTV5 CURR 
170 P23_AESUB Absence Exception subtype SUBTY_591A CHAR 
171 P23_AETYP Absence exception rule P23_AETYP CHAR 
172 P23_ALTPS EE had Alternative Pension Solution at Previous Employer   CHAR 
173 P23_AMFNR AMF number P23_AMFNR CHAR 
174 P23_ASALD Annual salary decrease for ALECTA XFELD CHAR 
175 P23_BIDAG ER contribution amount WERTV5 CURR 
176 P23_BIDMA EE contribution amount WERTV5 CURR 
177 P23_BUSIN Not used P23_BUSIN CHAR 
178 P23_CAUTL Capacity utilization level P23_CAUTL DEC 
179 P23_CFARN CFAR number P23_CFARN CHAR 
180 P23_COREC Corporate reduction of employers contribution indicator P23_COREC CHAR 
181 P23_CPIS Compulsory pension insurance status P23_CPIS CHAR 
182 P23_CPISTXT Pension insurance text TEXT40 CHAR 
183 P23_EACCKD Accident cover P23_XFELD CHAR 
184 P23_ECI1KD Child Ins. cover 1 P23_XFELD CHAR 
185 P23_ECTYT Text for Employee Contribution Type P23_ECTYT CHAR 
186 P23_EDTVAR Remuneration statement variant RALDB_VARI CHAR 
187 P23_EECOP EE Contribution percent P23_PRCNT INT1 
188 P23_EECOV Employee cover switch P23_XFELD CHAR 
189 P23_EECTR EE contribution P23_XFELD CHAR 
190 P23_EEPI EE procent indicator P23_XFELD CHAR 
191 P23_EETOT EE premium total WERTV5 CURR 
192 P23_ELI1KD Life ins. cover 1 P23_XFELD CHAR 
193 P23_EPACC Accident Premium WERTV5 CURR 
194 P23_EPCI1 Child ins. premium 1 WERTV5 CURR 
195 P23_EPCKD Private care cover P23_XFELD CHAR 
196 P23_EPGHARD XML Extra Pages Hard P23_EPG_HARD NUMC 
197 P23_EPGSOFT XML Extra Pages Soft P23_EPG_SOFT NUMC 
198 P23_EPLI1 Premium Life Ins. 1 WERTV5 CURR 
199 P23_EPPC Private care Premium WERTV5 CURR 
200 P23_EPSB Sickness Premium WERTV5 CURR 
201 P23_ERCOP ER Contribution percent P23_PRCNT INT1 
202 P23_ERCTR ER Contribution P23_XFELD CHAR 
203 P23_ERPI ER Procent indicator P23_XFELD CHAR 
204 P23_ESBKD Sickness cover P23_XFELD CHAR 
205 P23_EVNTY Event Type for ALECTA P23_EVNTY CHAR 
206 P23_FEILD Field number P23_FEILD CHAR 
207 P23_FITWK Employee is Fit for Work   CHAR 
208 P23_FORKD Church key P23_FORKD CHAR 
209 P23_IDAL1 ALECTA department 1 Pension Plan Identifier   CHAR 
210 P23_IDAL2 ALECTA department 2 Pension Plan Identifier   CHAR 
211 P23_IDALE ALECTA Pension Plan Identifier   CHAR 
212 P23_INTFA Intermittence factor P23_INTFA DEC 
213 P23_INTFR Integer value for form switch INT4 INT4 
214 P23_INTVA Interval NUM2 NUMC 
215 P23_IRTXT Insurance rule description P23_TXT40 CHAR 
216 P23_ISCO ISCO code P23_ISCO CHAR 
217 P23_ISCOTXT ISCO code text TXT40 CHAR 
218 P23_ITAB Internal table name CHAR10 CHAR 
219 P23_JOB Job status code P23_JOB CHAR 
220 P23_JOBTXT JOB Status code text TEXT40 CHAR 
221 P23_KOMKD Municipality key P23_KOMKD CHAR 
222 P23_KUTXT Specifikation text TEXT36 CHAR 
223 P23_KUTYP Type of Annual tax statement P23_KUTYP CHAR 
224 P23_LANKD Region Key P23_LANKD CHAR 
226 P23_LOCKE Locked Annual Tax Statement CHAR1 CHAR 
227 P23_MAXDA Maximum no of days P23_INT1 INT1 
228 P23_MAXN2 Maximum no of occurance P23_MAXNO INT1 
229 P23_MAXNO Maximum no of occurance P23_MAXNO INT1 
230 P23_MAXRA Maximum range for no of occurance P23_MAXRA DEC 
231 P23_METNR Union department CHAR04 CHAR 
232 P23_MINDA Minimum no of days P23_INT1 INT1 
233 P23_MSSEE Message to the EE TEXT36 CHAR 
234 P23_NOENT No of days for capacity utilization level P23_NOENT DEC 
235 P23_NYK NYK-2004 code, NEW P23_NYK CHAR 
236 P23_NYKTXT NYK code text TEXT40 CHAR 
237 P23_OPAND Operand for changing infotype CHAR03 CHAR 
238 P23_ORGNO Organization number P23_ORGNO NUMC 
239 P23_PBEGD Start date of Long term parental leave DATUM DATS 
240 P23_PCTKD Percent indicator P23_XFELD CHAR 
241 P23_PROWT Processing type for wage type for vacation debt list P23_PROWT CHAR 
242 P23_PROZS Union due percentage P23_PROZS DEC 
243 P23_PRSJO Processing type for availabilty P23_SPRJO CHAR 
244 P23_PTAX1 One-off Tax percent BSGRD DEC 
245 P23_QSKADP Tax Adjustment percent NUMC03 NUMC 
246 P23_REDNO Tax reference number P23_ORGNO NUMC 
247 P23_REGEC Regional reduction of employers contribution indicator P23_REGEC CHAR 
248 P23_RLEAV Reason for Leaving   CHAR 
249 P23_RSTXT Text for manual check reason CHAR30 CHAR 
250 P23_RSVNR Car code (RSV) CHAR7 CHAR 
251 P23_RUNDT HR-SE: Date of report run CHAR14 CHAR 
252 P23_SACCKD Accident spouse P23_XFELD CHAR 
253 P23_SAFNO SN number (Svenskt Näringsliv) P23_SAFNO CHAR 
254 P23_SAFUN Union SN P23_SAFUN CHAR 
255 P23_SAFWP SN work place number P23_SAFWP CHAR 
256 P23_SCBWP SCB work place number P23_SCBWP CHAR 
257 P23_SCI1KD Child ins. spouse 1 P23_XFELD CHAR 
258 P23_SCODE Statistic code P23_SCODE CHAR 
259 P23_SEQNO Sequence number P23_SEQNO NUMC 
260 P23_SICKPERIODS Total No. of Sickness Periods   INT4 
261 P23_SIFNR SIF number NUM10 NUMC 
262 P23_SINKT Type of KU-type (SINK) P23_SINKT CHAR 
263 P23_SJOLM Swedish availability limit per month ABRKN CHAR 
264 P23_SKADA Tax Adjustment Amount WERTV5 CURR 
265 P23_SKADAI Tax Adjustment Amount P23_7DEC0 DEC 
266 P23_SKADL Tax Adjustment Limit WERTV5 CURR 
267 P23_SKADLI Tax Adjustment Limit P23_7DEC0 DEC 
268 P23_SKADP Tax adjustment percent P23_PRCNT INT1 
269 P23_SKADPI Tax Adjustment percent P23_7DEC0 DEC 
270 P23_SKETA Extra Tax Amount WERTV5 CURR 
271 P23_SKETAI Extra Tax amount P23_7DEC0 DEC 
272 P23_SKETP Extra Tax Percent P23_PRCNT INT1 
273 P23_SLI1KD Life Ins. Spouse 1 P23_XFELD CHAR 
274 P23_SOTLC Swedish overtime limit per calendar year ABRKN CHAR 
275 P23_SOTLM Swedish overtime limit per month ABRKN CHAR 
276 P23_SOTLS Swedish overtime hours limit when reached give signal ABRKN CHAR 
277 P23_SPCKD Private care spouse P23_XFELD CHAR 
278 P23_SPCOV Spouse cover switch P23_XFELD CHAR 
280 P23_SPPDI Cost Center P23_SPPDI CHAR 
281 P23_SPPID User-id for ALECTA P23_SPPID CHAR 
282 P23_SPPNO SPP number P23_SPPNO CHAR 
283 P23_SPPRI Service Sector Company XFELD CHAR 
284 P23_SPRJO Processing type for availabilty P23_SPRJO CHAR 
285 P23_SRELC Swedish restored compbank limit per calendar year ABRKN CHAR 
286 P23_SSBKD Sickness spouse P23_XFELD CHAR 
287 P23_SSYK SSYK code P23_SSYK CHAR 
288 P23_SSYKTXT SSYK code text TEXT40 CHAR 
289 P23_SSYK_2004 SSYK code, new P23_SSYK_2004 CHAR 
290 P23_SUBSI Subsidiary company address CHAR36 CHAR 
291 P23_SUN SUN code P23_SUN CHAR 
292 P23_SUNLE Sun code level P23_SUNLE CHAR 
293 P23_SUNSU Sun code subject P23_SUNSU CHAR 
294 P23_SUNTX Sun code text element P23_SUNTX CHAR 
295 P23_SUNTXT SUN code text element TXT40 CHAR 
296 P23_TABKD Tax Table Number P23_TABKD NUMC 
297 P23_TADKD Tax Adjustment number P23_TADKD CHAR 
298 P23_TAETT Extra Taxes Type P23_TAETT CHAR 
299 P23_TAKKD Tax column P23_TAKKD NUMC 
300 P23_TAXID Tax ID Number CHAR20 CHAR 
301 P23_TCDAM Conditional amount WERTV5 CURR 
302 P23_TCDAMI Conditional amount P23_7DEC0 DEC 
303 P23_TGID Tag Identification TM_CHAR12 CHAR 
304 P23_TMAXW Max Wage Limit WERTV5 CURR 
305 P23_TMINW Min. wage limit WERTV5 CURR 
306 P23_TOTDAYS Total No. of Sickness Days   INT4 
307 P23_TRUKD Tax Rule number OBJPS CHAR 
308 P23_TTYPE Tax Type - (SE) SUBTY_591A CHAR 
309 P23_TVKUG Text variants for annual tax statement (Kontrollupgift) P23_TVKUG CHAR 
310 P23_TXT20 Text field CHAR 20 P23_TXT20 CHAR 
311 P23_TXT40 Text field CHAR 40 P23_TXT40 CHAR 
312 P23_TXT60 Absence text P23_TXT60 CHAR 
313 P23_TYPEC Employer's contribution type P23_TYPEC CHAR 
314 P23_TYPKD Tax Type P23_TYPKD CHAR 
315 P23_UMSETZMM Feature for grouping personnel areas CHAR5 CHAR 
316 P23_UP_14 RSV-number P23_UP_14 CHAR 
317 P23_UP_15 Car benefit - number of months if not whole year NUMC2 NUMC 
318 P23_UP_16 Km with Car-benefit NUMC6 NUMC 
319 P23_UP_41 Fuel when car benefit CHAR1_X CHAR 
320 P23_UP_42 Taxable cost benefit CHAR1_X CHAR 
321 P23_UP_43 Taxable housing benefit CHAR1_X CHAR 
322 P23_UP_44 Taxable interest benefit CHAR1_X CHAR 
323 P23_UP_47 Other taxable benefit CHAR1_X CHAR 
324 P23_UP_48 48 Adjusted benefit value CHAR1_X CHAR 
325 P23_UP_50 Car compensation CHAR1_X CHAR 
326 P23_UP_51 Allowance Inland CHAR1_X CHAR 
327 P23_UP_52 Allowance Abroad CHAR1_X CHAR 
328 P23_UP_53 Business journey >3month Inland CHAR1_X CHAR 
329 P23_UP_54 Business journey>3month Abroad CHAR1_X CHAR 
330 P23_UP_55 Travel costs CHAR1_X CHAR 
331 P23_UP_56 Accommodation CHAR1_X CHAR 
332 P23_UP_57 Entertainment CHAR1_X CHAR 
333 P23_UP_61 61 Part-owner CHAR1_X CHAR 
334 P23_UP_65 65 Other taxable benefits TEXT36 CHAR 
335 P23_UP_66 66 Cost compensations TEXT36 CHAR 
336 P23_UP_67 67 Taxable compensations TEXT36 CHAR 
337 P23_UP_68 68 Taxable remuneration, no social contribution TEXT36 CHAR 
338 P23_UP_69 69 Taxable remuneration, no social contrib, no job deduction TEXT36 CHAR 
339 P23_UP_70 70 Certain deductions TEXT36 CHAR 
340 P23_UP_80 EE's home country CHAR20 CHAR 
341 P23_UP_90 Work country CHAR20 CHAR 
342 P23_UP_91 Time working abroad P23_UP_91 CHAR 
343 P23_UP_92 Type of KU-type (ATP) P23_UP_92 CHAR 
344 P23_UP_93 Certificate/Insurance ref TEXT20 CHAR 
345 P23_VALID Enable control P23_CHECK CHAR 
346 P23_VCDAM Conditional amount WERTV5 CURR 
347 P23_VCDAMI Conditional amount P23_7DEC0 DEC 
348 P23_VCTXT Insurance cover text P23_TXT15 CHAR 
349 P23_VDDAM Decision amount WERTV5 CURR 
350 P23_VDDAMI Deduction amount P23_7DEC0 DEC 
351 P23_VDDAT Decision date DATUM DATS 
352 P23_VDDNR Decision Dnr P23_TXT20 CHAR 
353 P23_VDINF Decision INF P23_TXT20 CHAR 
354 P23_VDTP Order of deduction P23_VDTP INT1 
355 P23_VDTXT Garnishment Case text P23_TXT40 CHAR 
356 P23_VLOCK Exclusion/Lock switch P23_XFELD CHAR 
357 P23_VSAMT Premium amount WERTV5 CURR 
358 P23_VSCAL Insurance scale P23_VSCAL CHAR 
359 P23_VSCAM OPIS Insurance amount WERTV5 CURR 
360 P23_VSCEE EE/SP Switch P23_VSCEE CHAR 
361 P23_VSCOV Insurance cover P23_VSCOV CHAR 
362 P23_VSGT Garnishment type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
363 P23_VSHIF Vacation shift factor used as utilization factor STDAZ DEC 
364 P23_VSRNR Insurance rule number P23_VSRNR CHAR 
365 P23_VSRT Insurance type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
366 P23_VSTXT Insurance rule text P23_TXT20 CHAR 
367 P23_VTLAM Total liability amount WERTV5 CURR 
368 P25AMT_TOTAL Total gross amount for ESOP/ESOW P25AMT_TOTAL CURR 
369 P25CN_FUNCL Name of Functionality CHAR5 CHAR 
370 P25C_ACODE Advice code NUM02 NUMC 
371 P25C_ADATE Leave accrual date DATUM DATS 
372 P25C_AMED To Run amended report once original is run XFELD CHAR 
373 P25C_AMOUT Amount after the year end adjustments on AW WERTV5 CURR 
374 P25C_AVERG AWS based on salary average XFELD CHAR 
375 P25C_AWSBG Begin date of AWS period DATUM DATS 
376 P25C_AWSDY AWS based on earning of this day DATUM DATS 
377 P25C_AWSED End date of AWS period DATUM DATS 
378 P25C_BASIC AWS based on basic salary XFELD CHAR 
379 P25C_CLAM CPF exceeds claim-up XFELD CHAR 
380 P25C_COMP Print company code & plant together XFELD CHAR 
381 P25C_CPFLS Rate for less CPF by festival advance DEC3_2 DEC 
382 P25C_CUMTP Regarding continuous occurance of allowance in preced. mths. XFELD CHAR 
383 P25C_CUTOFF Cut-off date DATS DATS 
384 P25C_DELC Delete last IR8A cluster result XFELD CHAR 
385 P25C_DISK Output into disk XFELD CHAR 
386 P25C_DISML Termination because of dismissal XFELD CHAR 
387 P25C_DRIV Select output driver CHAR1 CHAR 
388 P25C_DSET Path for download TEXT32 CHAR 
389 P25C_DTEXT Text for pro-rate rule TEXT40 CHAR 
390 P25C_DTYPE Part month rounding types P25C_DTYPE NUMC 
391 P25C_EEALL Generate IR8S report for all selected employees XFELD CHAR 
392 P25C_ESOP Update ESOP infotype 0739 XFELD CHAR 
393 P25C_EXPRO Termination before the probation period XFELD CHAR 
394 P25C_EXYEE Calculate AWS for ex-employee XFELD CHAR 
395 P25C_FIXAM Fix amount PRBETRG CURR 
396 P25C_FNAM File name for download TEXT12 CHAR 
398 P25C_FORCEGEN Forced generation of IR8A for Inactive foreign employees XFELD CHAR 
399 P25C_FTP CPF PAL-Internet FTP mode CHAR1 CHAR 
400 P25C_FUNCL Name of Functionality CHAR4 CHAR 
401 P25C_ICPF Interest on late payment of CPF DEC7_2 DEC 
402 P25C_IFWL Interest on late payment of FWL DEC7_2 DEC 
403 P25C_LINE Output in infoline XFELD CHAR 
404 P25C_LIST Output in listing XFELD CHAR 
405 P25C_LOLIM Low limit of amount PRBETRG CURR 
406 P25C_MEANL Wage type for allowance payable by MINDEF LGART CHAR 
407 P25C_MONTH Calculation base MONTH NUMC 
408 P25C_NOPLV No pay leave XFELD CHAR 
409 P25C_NS To print statistics XFELD CHAR 
410 P25C_NVARA New Variable allow XFELD CHAR 
411 P25C_OFFPY AWS payment by off-cycle run XFELD CHAR 
412 P25C_PAGE Number of lines in page NUM3 NUMC 
413 P25C_PAYDT Payment date for AWS DATUM DATS 
414 P25C_PDAT Pay date DDATE DATS 
415 P25C_PEPRI Reprinting option XFELD CHAR 
416 P25C_PFDRT Rounding factor for firing date before qualifying date NUM3 NUMC 
417 P25C_PFIQD Qualifying date for firing event NUM2 NUMC 
418 P25C_PFIRE Last day as qualifying date XFELD CHAR 
419 P25C_PFURT Rounding factor for firing date after qualifying date NUM3 NUMC 
420 P25C_PHDRT Rounding factor for hiring date after qualifying date NUM3 NUMC 
421 P25C_PHIQD Qualifying date for hiring event NUM2 NUMC 
422 P25C_PHURT Rounding factor for hiring date before qualifying date NUM3 NUMC 
423 P25C_PRATE Percentage of amount to be paid DEC3_2 DEC 
424 P25C_PRBLP AWS calculated now, but paid after confirmation XFELD CHAR 
425 P25C_PRBMP AWS paid even if probation period is not finished XFELD CHAR 
426 P25C_PRBNP No AWS payment if probation period is not finished XFELD CHAR 
427 P25C_PREPR To run report for previous periods XFELD CHAR 
428 P25C_PREPR2 To run report for previous periods (2 periods only) XFELD CHAR 
429 P25C_PROBF AWS beginning on confirmation date (new employee) XFELD CHAR 
430 P25C_PROBH AWS beginning on hire date (new employee) XFELD CHAR 
431 P25C_PRORC Proration based on calendar days XFELD CHAR 
432 P25C_PRORP Proration based on number of months XFELD CHAR 
433 P25C_PRORW Proration based on working days XFELD CHAR 
434 P25C_QDATE Extra day as qualifying date XFELD CHAR 
435 P25C_RATE Rate DEC3_2 DEC 
436 P25C_RCNRS Reason for NRS LGART CHAR 
437 P25C_REASON Reason TEXT30 CHAR 
438 P25C_REGPY AWS payment by regular payroll XFELD CHAR 
439 P25C_RUNDAT IR8A run date DATS DATS 
440 P25C_SAVE Save NRS result submitted already to MINDEF XFELD CHAR 
441 P25C_SDATE Qualifying date for ex-employee DATUM DATS 
442 P25C_SICKL Sick leave XFELD CHAR 
443 P25C_SORT Sort sequence CHAR07 CHAR 
444 P25C_TAPE Output into tape XFELD CHAR 
445 P25C_TSTON Test run XFELD CHAR 
446 P25C_TUNIT Time unit P25C_TUNIT CHAR 
447 P25C_UNPLE Unpaid leave XFELD CHAR 
448 P25C_UNPRI Unprint Option XFELD CHAR 
449 P25C_UPLIM High limit of amount PRBETRG CURR 
450 P25C_UPTAB To update results in cluster XFELD CHAR 
452 P25C_VOLCPF Voluntary CPF as output of the CPF report XFELD CHAR 
453 P25M_ADDNL_FUND Additional Funds TEXT01 CHAR 
454 P25M_AGSGA Contribution rates payable by the employer (add. wages) DEC3_4 DEC 
455 P25M_AGSGP Contribution rates payable by the employer (total wages) DEC3_4 DEC 
456 P25M_ALCPF Contribution rate to CPF regarding allowances (ALW) DEC3_2 DEC 
457 P25M_ALLIM Low limit for allowances DEC7_2 DEC 
458 P25M_ALRAT Pay rate regarding the allowances (ALW) DEC3_2 DEC 
459 P25M_ANSGA Contribution rates of employee's additional wages DEC3_4 DEC 
460 P25M_ANSGP Contribution rates of employee's total wages DEC3_4 DEC 
461 P25M_APIND Approval Indicator for full Contribution XFELD CHAR 
462 P25M_AWADJ CPF adjustments for CPF contribution on AW XFELD CHAR 
463 P25M_AWAGL Limit applicable to additional wages for current year DEC3_2 DEC 
464 P25M_BETAM Contribution limit of employee regarding additional wages DEC7_2 DEC 
465 P25M_BETAR Contribution limit of employer regarding additional wages DEC7_2 DEC 
466 P25M_BETGR Contribution group of soc. provident funds SG CHAR3 CHAR 
467 P25M_BETLM Contribution limit of employee regarding total or ord. wage DEC7_2 DEC 
468 P25M_BETLR Contribution limit of employer regarding total or ord. wage DEC7_2 DEC 
469 P25M_BETR1 Split Amount WERTV5 CURR 
470 P25M_BETTX Text for contribution group (CPF) TEXT20 CHAR 
471 P25M_BSCPF Mid-month deduction rate DEC3_2 DEC 
472 P25M_BSLIM Low wage limit for base pay DEC7_2 DEC 
473 P25M_BSRAT Pay rate regarding the base pay DEC3_2 DEC 
474 P25M_CHLNB Number of children - important for tax DEC3 DEC 
475 P25M_CLCNO Child Birth Certificate Number CHAR15 CHAR 
476 P25M_CLDTX Child Type Text CHAR15 CHAR 
477 P25M_CLDTY Child Type AUSPR CHAR 
478 P25M_COGRP Contribution group for conversion from FWL to CPF CHAR3 CHAR 
479 P25M_CONFN Confinement Number NUMC01 NUMC 
480 P25M_CONTR Contractual XFELD CHAR 
481 P25M_CONTY Confinement Type CHAR001 CHAR 
482 P25M_CPFAC CPF account number CHAR15 CHAR 
483 P25M_CPFRT Mid-month rate flag for estimated or actual amount. CHAR1 CHAR 
484 P25M_CPFVO Switch for the CPF voluntary XFELD CHAR 
485 P25M_CPFWG Mid month gross amount flag for estimated or actual amount. CHAR1 CHAR 
486 P25M_DOA Date of approval obtained from IRAS DATUM DATS 
487 P25M_EEAMT Flat amount for CPF voluntary contribution of employee WERTV5 CURR 
488 P25M_EECON Constant for Employee Contribution to CPF P25_DEC6_3 DEC 
489 P25M_EEEAM In excess of satutory amount for CPF voluntary of employee WERTV5 CURR 
490 P25M_EEEPC In excess of the statutory rate for CPF voluntary of e'yee DEC3_2 DEC 
491 P25M_EELIM Low limit used for calc. of wage difference (employee) DEC7_2 DEC 
492 P25M_EEPER Fixed rate for the CPF voluntary countr. of employee DEC3_2 DEC 
493 P25M_EMEAG Age of employee NUMC3 NUMC 
494 P25M_ENTTX Text not found TEXT30 CHAR 
495 P25M_EPCPF CPF Submission Number(CSN) - CPF Mandatory CHAR15 CHAR 
496 P25M_EPCPFO Employer reference no. - CPF Mandatory CHAR15 CHAR 
497 P25M_EPCPFO_VOL Employer reference no. - CPF Voluntary CHAR15 CHAR 
498 P25M_EPCPF_VOL CPF Submission no(CSN). - CPF Voluntary CHAR15 CHAR 
499 P25M_EPTAX Unique Entity Number - Tax CHAR15 CHAR 
500 P25M_EPTAXO Employer identification no. - Tax CHAR15 CHAR