SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 48
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P15_PERIA Mob.: company integration percentage P15_PERIA DEC 
2 P15_PERII Reimbursement percentage c/INPS P15_PERII DEC 
3 P15_PERIN INPS sickness category: reimburs.percentage P15_PERCG DEC 
4 P15_PERIO Reference period as MMYY NUM04 NUMC 
5 P15_PERIOD Declaration's period (Emens) P15_PERIOD NUMC 
6 P15_PERIT Integration percentage P15_PERIT DEC 
7 P15_PERLO Gross calculation percentage P15_PERLO DEC 
8 P15_PERMA INPS sickness category: reimburs. % P15_PERMA DEC 
9 P15_PERNE Net calculation percentage P15_PERNE DEC 
10 P15_PERPT Total part-time percentage P15_PERPT DEC 
11 P15_PERRI Revaluation rate P15_PERRI DEC 
12 P15_PERSI INAIL contribution discount percentage P15_PERCE DEC 
13 P15_PHND Handicapped Person - 770 XFELD CHAR 
14 P15_POSCONT Uniemens cluster: Uniemens composition status P15_POSCONT CHAR 
15 P15_POSIZ Position P15_POSIZ CHAR 
16 P15_PRANF Direct employment income percentage P15_PER DEC 
17 P15_PRC70 Value of the processing class 70 CHAR1 CHAR 
18 P15_PRCDI Company account rate P15_PRCDI DEC 
19 P15_PRCDP Rate of employee's account P15_PRCDP DEC 
20 P15_PRCOM Deduction percentage for family member type P15_PERCE DEC 
21 P15_PRDTR Deduction percentage P15_PRDTR DEC 
22 P15_PREMP Previous employer's name TEXT20 CHAR 
23 P15_PREVI First calculation result for 503 XFELD CHAR 
26 P15_PRMAX Pay scale jump maximum percentage P15_PER DEC 
27 P15_PROCEMP   INT4 
28 P15_PROGR Sequential number P15_PROGR NUMC 
29 P15_PROLU Flag for extended grace period P15_PROLU CHAR 
30 P15_PRORE Record seq.number for medium NUM04 NUMC 
32 P15_PROVE Data origin P15_PROVE CHAR 
33 P15_PROVN Province TEXT2 CHAR 
34 P15_PRPAC Current Yr Adv Payment Mun Taxes Percentage (Fin Law 2007) P15_PRCDP DEC 
35 P15_PRPAY Payment percentage P15_PRCDP DEC 
36 P15_PRPTF SevInd withdrawal percentage P15_PERCE DEC 
37 P15_PRQES Percentage to be applied for non taxable amount calculation P15_PERCE DEC 
38 P15_PRSCA Current pay scale jump percentage P15_PER DEC 
39 P15_PRSCB Blocked pay scale jump percentage P15_PER DEC 
40 P15_PRSIN Single pay scale jump percentage P15_PER DEC 
41 P15_PRTAX Taxation percentage P15_PRCDP DEC 
42 P15_PRTAX1 Tax percentage for municipality surcharge to PIT 1 P15_PRCDP DEC 
43 P15_PRTAX2 Tax percentage for municipality surcharge to PIT 2 P15_PRCDP DEC 
44 P15_PRTAX3 Tax percentage for municipality surcharge to PIT 3 P15_PRCDP DEC 
45 P15_PRTAX4 Tax percentage for municipality surcharge to PIT 4 P15_PRCDP DEC 
46 P15_PRTAX5 Tax percentage for municipality surcharge to PIT 5 P15_PRCDP DEC 
47 P15_PSETT Maternity: weeks P15_SETTI NUMC 
48 P15_PSTEP Reporting back-end: processing step P15_PSTEP NUMC 
49 P15_PYCY Current year, previous years indicator RAW1 RAW 
50 P15_P_APPL Extraction template P_APPL CHAR 
51 P15_QGGEX Daily amount EX-503 P15_RATEO CURR 
52 P15_QMMAU Authorized monthly amount P15_QMMAU CURR 
53 P15_QMMNA Monthly amount not authorized P15_QMMNA CURR 
54 P15_QTAAC Annual provision quantity P15_QTACC DEC 
55 P15_QTACC Annual provision quantity P15_QTACC DEC 
56 P15_QU770 Pay scale indicator 770 P15_QU770 CHAR 
57 P15_QUADR 770 form section XFELD CHAR 
58 P15_QUAL2 INPS pay scale indicator 2 P15_QUAL2 CHAR 
59 P15_QUALIFICA1 Pay scale indicator 1 (Emens key) CHAR1 CHAR 
60 P15_QUALIFICA2 Pay Scale Indicator 2 (Emens key) CHAR1 CHAR 
61 P15_QUALIFICA3 Pay Scale Indicator 3 (Emens key) CHAR1 CHAR 
62 P15_QUAPE Discriminating period for grace parameter NUMC4 NUMC 
63 P15_QUOAZ Amount to be debited to the company P15_QUOAZ CURR 
64 P15_QUODA Registration Fee Payment Date DATUM DATS 
65 P15_QUODI Admitted hourly amount P15_QUODI CURR 
66 P15_QUODP Registration Fee debited to EE P15_QUODP CURR 
67 P15_QUOUT Hourly amount used P15_QUOUT DEC 
68 P15_RACIG EEF grouping P15_RACIG CHAR 
69 P15_RACON Consultant business name   CHAR 
70 P15_RACTC Advance Pay Refund on Sep. Taxation (730 Integr.) - Spouse   CURR 
71 P15_RACTD Advance Pay Refund on Sep.Taxation (730 Integr.) Declarant   CURR 
72 P15_RACTE Advance payment reimburs.on separate taxation (tot.)   CURR 
73 P15_RASOC Business name CHAR20 CHAR 
74 P15_RATA Accrual   CHAR 
75 P15_RATA1 Late Settlement or adjustment month P15_MEPAG NUMC 
76 P15_RATA2 Settlement month for 2nd down payment instalment P15_MEPAG NUMC 
77 P15_RATEG Daily accrual P15_RATEO CURR 
78 P15_RATEO Accrual P15_RATEO CURR 
79 P15_RAVAL   RAW 
80 P15_RCCOM Total income of family member P15_RCCOM CURR 
81 P15_RCDIP Family member's direct employment income P15_RCDIP CURR 
82 P15_RDPCT INAIL contribution reduction percentage P15_DEC7_4 DEC 
83 P15_RDTSS Waiver of overtime tax deduction XFELD CHAR 
84 P15_REAARS Read DM10 archive and print XFELD CHAR 
85 P15_REAC Reaction code P15_REAC CHAR 
86 P15_REBAS Basic pay P15_RELPR CURR 
87 P15_RECOM Total income CURR12 CURR 
88 P15_RECVR Statement addressee P15_RECVR CHAR 
89 P15_REDAA Family income to CURR12 CURR 
90 P15_REDAD Annual family income from CURR12 CURR 
91 P15_REDIP Direct employment income CURR12 CURR 
92 P15_REDPA Reduced remunerations BETRG CURR 
93 P15_REDWK Reduced weeks NUMC2 NUMC 
94 P15_REFAR Absolute/relative reference P15_REFAR CHAR 
95 P15_REFDAY Reference day P15_REFDAY CHAR 
96 P15_REFUNIT Reference unit P15_REFUNIT CHAR 
97 P15_REGAB Rule for date calculation P15_REGAB CHAR 
98 P15_REGF24 Autonomous region / province for F24 P15_REGF24 NUMC 
99 P15_REGIO Special status regions and districts P15_REGIO CHAR 
100 P15_REGOL Calculation rule for number of employees P15_REGOL CHAR 
101 P15_REGOLA Name of calculation rule TEXT30 CHAR 
102 P15_REIDA New Registration Date DATUM DATS 
103 P15_REIFG New Registration Indicator XFELD CHAR 
105 P15_RELI Income to PRBETRG CURR 
106 P15_RELPA Relationship P15_RELPA CHAR 
107 P15_RELPG Daily pay P15_RELPR CURR 
108 P15_RELPR Remuneration for the service rendered P15_RELPR CURR 
109 P15_REPET Box repetition number   NUMC 
110 P15_RESER Space for application P15_RESER CHAR 
111 P15_RESOL Wages subject to solidarity contribution NUM12 NUMC 
112 P15_RESSN Wages subject to SSN contribution NUM12 NUMC 
113 P15_RESTEP Goto retroactive accounting P15_RESTEP CHAR 
114 P15_RESTP Flag for restore period exceeded XFELD CHAR 
115 P15_RETAP INAIL Assumed Annual Salary P_AMT08V CURR 
116 P15_RETFD Return value DDOBJNAME CHAR 
117 P15_RETIO Retroactive calculation influx/outflux flag P15_RETIO CHAR 
118 P15_RETPA Special wage indicator P15_RETPA CHAR 
119 P15_RETPD Special wage indicator description P15_RETPD CHAR 
120 P15_RETRB Remuneration P15_RETRB CURR 
121 P15_RETRI Reduced remunerations P15_RETRI CURR 
122 P15_RETUT Highest rate for income remuneration P15_RETUT CURR 
123 P15_RETYP Retroactive accounting type P15_RETYP CHAR 
124 P15_REVTY   CHAR 
125 P15_RIAFI Fiscal assistance request BOOLE CHAR 
126 P15_RICAT Flag to deactivate data recalculation P15_RICAT CHAR 
127 P15_RICID Single overviews XFELD CHAR 
128 P15_RICO1 Section D O1 M recalculation XFELD CHAR 
129 P15_RIDOP Hospitalization reduction coefficient P15_RIDOP NUMC 
130 P15_RIDUD Denominator of reduction coefficient   DEC 
131 P15_RIDUN Numerator of reduction coefficient   DEC 
132 P15_RIFA2 Reference to authorization P15_RIFA2 CHAR 
133 P15_RIFAU Reference to authorization P15_RIFAU CHAR 
134 P15_RIFLE Reference to law P15_RIFLE CHAR 
135 P15_RIGAF End line P15_RIGAF NUMC 
136 P15_RIGAI Starting line P15_RIGAI NUMC 
137 P15_RIGAS Print line P15_RIGAS NUMC 
138 P15_RIGHE Number of lines per form P15_RIGHE NUMC 
139 P15_RIGIO Wage type for CUD daily integrations LGART CHAR 
140 P15_RILOR Wage type for event type company integration LGART CHAR 
141 P15_RIMXI Rt of cluster Ri minus Rt of cluster Xi XFELD CHAR 
142 P15_RISCA Pay scale jump occurence (in months) NUMC3 NUMC 
143 P15_RISCHIO INAIL risk group P15_TPDIP CHAR 
144 P15_RITOT Total overview XFELD CHAR 
145 P15_RMIM Minimum income P15_IMFAN CURR 
146 P15_ROUNDING Rounding type P15_ROUNDING CHAR 
147 P15_RPEN CUD special pays: Pensionable remuneration P15_RETRB CURR 
148 P15_RRDAT Date of retroactive accounting tool first installation DATUM DATS 
149 P15_RSLSC Substitution Tax Refund for Extra Work (730 Int.) - Spouse   CURR 
150 P15_RSLSD Substitution Tax Refund for Extra Work (730 Int.) - Decl.   CURR 
151 P15_RSLST Substit. tax reimbursement for extra work (tot.)   CURR 
152 P15_RSMIT Sender business name (Emens Declaration) CHAR80 CHAR 
153 P15_RTCRI Read table RT from cluster RI XFELD CHAR 
154 P15_RTCXI Read table RT from cluster XI XFELD CHAR 
155 P15_RTDFR Arrears table indicator P15_RTDFR CHAR 
156 P15_RULE Rule name CHAR5 CHAR 
157 P15_RULE11 Rule name P15_RULE CHAR 
158 P15_RULE11P Rule name P15_RULEP CHAR 
159 P15_S1BRE Sequence number for week 1 of nursing NUMC2 NUMC 
160 P15_S1CIG Sequence number for week 1 RHC NUMC2 NUMC 
161 P15_S1CON Sequence number for week 1 with leaves - leg.decree 151/01 NUMC2 NUMC 
162 P15_S1L88 Sequence number for week 1 - law 88 NUMC2 NUMC 
163 P15_S1MAL Sequence number for week 1 of sickness NUMC2 NUMC 
164 P15_S1MAT Sequence number for week 1 of maternity NUMC2 NUMC 
165 P15_S2BRE Sequence number for week 2 of nursing ANZHL DEC 
166 P15_S2CIG Sequence number for week 2 - RHC NUMC2 NUMC 
167 P15_S2CON Sequence number for week 2 with leaves -leg.decree 151/01 NUMC2 NUMC 
168 P15_S2L88 Sequence number for week 2 - law 88 NUMC2 NUMC 
169 P15_S2MAL Sequence number for week 2 of sickness NUMC2 NUMC 
170 P15_S2MAT Sequence number of week 2 of maternity NUMC2 NUMC 
171 P15_SAT Consider Saturdays FLAG CHAR 
172 P15_SATR Subject authorized to transmission   NUMC 
173 P15_SBLOO Sequence number for week with blood donation NUMC2 NUMC 
174 P15_SCAGE Bracket P15_SCANN CURR 
175 P15_SCAGL Seniority scale P15_SCAGL NUMC 
176 P15_SCAGLI Seniority scale P15_SCAGL NUMC 
177 P15_SCANN Annual bracket P15_SCANN CURR 
178 P15_SCAPT Part-time reduction calculation /24 months P15_SCAPT CHAR 
179 P15_SCDO1 Document expiration date (0002-0003) DATS DATS 
180 P15_SCMEN Monthly bracket P15_SCMEN CURR 
181 P15_SECON Contribution place indicator P15_SECON CHAR 
182 P15_SECTN Report: section/part P15_SECTN CHAR 
183 P15_SEDEA Centralized INAIL office P15_SEDEI NUMC 
184 P15_SEDEC Extended place of work P15_SEDEC CHAR 
186 P15_SEDEI INAIL office P15_SEDEI NUMC 
187 P15_SEDEINPS INPS office code CHAR6 CHAR 
188 P15_SEDEL Place of work indicator P15_SEDEL CHAR 
189 P15_SEDET Local office description TXT25 CHAR 
190 P15_SEDEZ Local office indicator P15_SEDEZ CHAR 
191 P15_SEGNI Amount sign (1= positive, 9 = negative) NUM1 NUMC 
192 P15_SEGNO Calculation type (+/-) P15_SEGNO CHAR 
193 P15_SELECT Italian selec checkbox XFELD CHAR 
194 P15_SELEZ Selection list XFELD CHAR 
195 P15_SENIO Seniority NUMC03 NUMC 
196 P15_SENIO_DAYS Seniority NUMC06 NUMC 
197 P15_SEQ NUM2 NUMC 
198 P15_SEQNN Statement sequence number P15_SEQNN NUMC 
199 P15_SEQNO Sequence number P15_SEQNO NUMC 
200 P15_SEQNR Sequence Number   NUMC 
201 P15_SEQNU   RAW 
202 P15_SEQUE Sequence number NUM03 NUMC 
203 P15_SESCA Expiration notification (YES/NO) P15_SESCA CHAR 
204 P15_SESGG Sixth days P15_GGLAV DEC 
205 P15_SESSO Employee's sex TEXT1 CHAR 
206 P15_SETFR Percentage due to heirs for severance indemnity P15_PER DEC 
207 P15_SETTA Week P15_SETTA NUMC 
208 P15_SETTB Weeks - Section B P15_SETTI NUMC 
209 P15_SETTI Reduced weeks P15_SETTI NUMC 
210 P15_SEZON Area head office NUM2 NUMC 
211 P15_SHOLOG Display extended log XFELD CHAR 
212 P15_SHOW_ERR Checkbox to display program ext. log f. pay scale jump calc. XFELD CHAR 
213 P15_SILEA Consent by silence SI XFELD CHAR 
214 P15_SILIC INAIL: risk of silicosis/asbestosis P15_SILIC CHAR 
215 P15_SIMU Simulation XFELD CHAR 
217 P15_SNCON Freeze sign P15_SNCON CHAR 
218 P15_SOC Company / Employer for form 101 TEXT50 CHAR 
219 P15_SOCIE Company / Employer or paying org. TEXT50 CHAR 
220 P15_SOSDA Suspension Date DATUM DATS 
221 P15_SOSFG Suspension Indicator XFELD CHAR 
222 P15_SOSP Flag "Dependent" - 770 XFELD CHAR 
223 P15_SOST Spouse Replacement XFELD CHAR 
225 P15_SPERD Percentage due to heirs P15_PER DEC 
226 P15_SPLIT CUD 2002 fraction number P15_SPLIT NUMC 
227 P15_SQFLAG UniEmens cluster: sequence flag for data break P15_SQFLAG CHAR 
228 P15_SRIF Consultant reference office   NUMC 
229 P15_SRIGA Starting line P15_RIGAS NUMC 
230 P15_SRULE Secondary rule for absence valuation KLBEW NUMC 
231 P15_SRULH Secondary rule in case of hospital bonus KLBEW NUMC 
232 P15_SRULI Secondary rule in case of sickness bonus KLBEW NUMC 
233 P15_STAGI Flag for seasonal worker XFELD CHAR 
234 P15_STAMP Print form XFELD CHAR 
235 P15_STATES Print DM10 heading XFELD CHAR 
236 P15_STATF24 Archive status F24 P15_STATF24 CHAR 
237 P15_STATO Status flag XFELD CHAR 
238 P15_STATS Status P_99S_STATS NUMC 
240 P15_STAZI Printout for company employment (1=yes, 0=no) NUM1 NUMC 
241 P15_STCHK Control print XFELD CHAR 
242 P15_STRIN String field P15_STRIN CHAR 
243 P15_STRING String CHAR128 CHAR 
244 P15_STYPE Type of the row's structure of a vartab P15_STYPE CHAR 
246 P15_SUBRU Valuation subrule TEXT4 CHAR 
248 P15_SUMBEFORECALC Addition before calculation XFELD CHAR 
249 P15_SUN Consider Sundays FLAG CHAR 
251 P15_T5ITUI_BUKRS Company for customers P15_UEDATA CHAR 
252 P15_T5ITUI_FREE_TEXT Free text for customers P15_UEDATA CHAR 
253 P15_T5ITUI_TEXT Value for filter in T5ITUI, free text input for customers CHAR60 CHAR 
254 P15_TASSA_FILE Municipal Tax file   CHAR 
255 P15_TAXES Selection option CHAR1 CHAR 
256 P15_TCALC Calculation type P15_TCALC CHAR 
257 P15_TCFAM Family member type sorting P15_TCFAM NUMC 
258 P15_TCOM Family Member Type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
259 P15_TCONT Content type P15_TCONT CHAR 
260 P15_TDESC Extended company type TEXT35 CHAR 
261 P15_TDOBNAME Bitmap with employer's signature TDOBNAME CHAR 
262 P15_TEMSE Store in TemSe catalogue XFELD CHAR 
263 P15_TEROG Usage type of not used deductions P15_TERON CHAR 
264 P15_TEST Test flag XFELD CHAR 
265 P15_TESTA Header print XFELD CHAR 
266 P15_TESTMNI0 Selection option CHAR1 CHAR 
267 P15_TEXT Deduction settlement indicator description TXT25 CHAR 
268 P15_TEXT150 Text P15_TEXT150 CHAR 
269 P15_TEXT30 Text TEXT30 CHAR 
270 P15_TEXT40 Text for note   CHAR 
271 P15_TEXT60 Text TEXT60 CHAR 
273 P15_TFIRE Loss right to keep the job XFELD CHAR 
274 P15_TFRCK SI not assigned to a pension scheme XFELD CHAR 
275 P15_TFRDC SI1 or SI2 form compilation date DATUM DATS 
276 P15_TFRDT Severance Pay Taxation Deduction 2008 XFELD CHAR 
277 P15_TFRED Presentation date for LIDestination section of Emens DATUM DATS 
278 P15_TFRF1 Point(1) of form XFELD CHAR 
279 P15_TFRF2 Point(2) of SI form XFELD CHAR 
280 P15_TFRF3 Point(3) of SI form XFELD CHAR 
281 P15_TFRFP Enrollment date previous fund DATUM DATS 
282 P15_TFRGI Leaving indemnity - Interests generation block XFELD CHAR 
283 P15_TFRMD SI form P15_TFRMD NUMC 
284 P15_TFRND Average number of employees for 2006 > 50 XFELD CHAR 
285 P15_TFRSC SI Choice Code NUMC2 NUMC 
286 P15_TFRSD SI1 or SI2 form filing date DATUM DATS 
287 P15_TFRSZ SI form section NUMC3 NUMC 
288 P15_TFRTS Variation type P15_TFRTS CHAR 
289 P15_TFRTX SI Choice Text TEXT100 CHAR 
290 P15_TFRVR Variation of choice XFELD CHAR 
291 P15_TFR_CHOICE SP Choice (subtype 3) P15_TFR_CHOICE CHAR 
292 P15_TFR_PR_SIL Percentage of silent SP P15_TFR_PR_SIL DEC 
293 P15_TFR_SITUATION SP Situation (subtype 3) P15_TFR_SITUATION CHAR 
294 P15_TFR_SUBSTAT SP Substate (subtype 3) P15_TFR_SUBSTAT CHAR 
295 P15_TIARR Rounding type P15_TIARR CHAR 
296 P15_TIMEC Time frame for the child P15_TMFRAME CHAR 
297 P15_TIMEF Time frame for the father P15_TMFRAME CHAR 
298 P15_TIMEM Time frame for the mother P15_TMFRAME CHAR 
299 P15_TIMET Time frame for both parents P15_TMFRAME CHAR 
300 P15_TINAIL INAIL tax balance P15_DEC13_10 DEC 
301 P15_TINAIL_ADV INAIL Advance Tax P15_DEC13_10 DEC 
302 P15_TIPOA Adjustment special conditions P15_TIPOA CHAR 
303 P15_TIPOC Settlement type P15_TIPOC CHAR 
304 P15_TIPOCONTRIB Contribution type (Emens key) CHAR2 CHAR 
305 P15_TIPOLAVSTAT Identify special types of workers for stat. purposes P15_TIPOLAVSTAT CHAR 
306 P15_TIPOR Adjustment type P15_TIPOR CHAR 
307 P15_TIPORAPPORTO Contract type (Emens key) CHAR2 CHAR 
308 P15_TIREC Record type value NUM01 NUMC 
310 P15_TMSNA Temse file name XFELD CHAR 
311 P15_TMSTABNAME temse: table name CHAR25 CHAR 
312 P15_TOTBS Household-related incomes total CURR12 CURR 
313 P15_TOTCREDITO Total credit P15_IMPORTO CURR 
314 P15_TOTDEBITO Total debit P15_IMPORTO CURR 
315 P15_TOTDISC INAIL: Total Reduction Amount P15_IMPORTO CURR 
316 P15_TOTGR Total for pay scale indicator group XFELD CHAR 
317 P15_TOTSALDO Total bal. P15_IMPORTO CURR 
318 P15_TOTWT Total at WT breaking XFELD CHAR 
319 P15_TOWNS Selection option CHAR1 CHAR 
320 P15_TP770 Value type P15_TP770 CHAR 
321 P15_TPANF Family allowance type P15_TPANF NUMC 
322 P15_TPARR Rounding type P15_TPARR CHAR 
323 P15_TPAS1 Taxation type 1 (slip) P15_TPASS NUMC 
324 P15_TPAS2 Taxation type 2 (slip) P15_TPASS NUMC 
325 P15_TPASI IRPEF taxation type P15_TPASI NUMC 
326 P15_TPASS Taxation type P15_TPASS NUMC 
327 P15_TPAST IRPEF taxation type / different taxat. P15_TPAST NUMC 
328 P15_TPCAL Calculation type P15_TPCAL CHAR 
329 P15_TPCIG Type of Earnings Equalization Fund P15_TPCIG CHAR 
330 P15_TPCMP Settlement request for dependent family members P15_TPCOM NUMC 
331 P15_TPCNR INPS contract - second part P15_TPCNR CHAR 
332 P15_TPCOM Family member type P15_TPCOM NUMC 
333 P15_TPCU Contract type to be used P15_TPCU CHAR 
334 P15_TPDER Settlement request for direct employment P15_TPDET NUMC 
335 P15_TPDET Deduction type P15_TPDET NUMC 
336 P15_TPDIP Person subgroup P15_TPDIP CHAR 
337 P15_TPERO Disburs. type P15_TPERO CHAR 
338 P15_TPERR Error type P15_TPERR CHAR 
339 P15_TPEVE Personnel action type P15_TPEVE NUMC 
340 P15_TPEVI INPS action type P15_TPEVI CHAR 
341 P15_TPEVP Subsequent personnel action type P15_TPEVP CHAR 
342 P15_TPEX5 Form type EX-503 P15_TPEX5 CHAR 
343 P15_TPGDA Public holiday type - Sunday - not reimbursed by INPS P15_TPGDI CHAR 
344 P15_TPGDI Public holiday type - Sunday - not reimbursed by INPS FTKLA CHAR 
345 P15_TPGFA Public holiday type not reimbursed by INPS FTKLA CHAR 
346 P15_TPGFD Public holiday type - Sunday - not reimbursed by INPS P15_TPGDI CHAR 
347 P15_TPGFI Opt. maternity: public holiday type not reimbursed by INPS P15_TPGFN CHAR 
348 P15_TPGFN Public holiday type not reimbursed by INPS FTKLA CHAR 
349 P15_TPGGF Type of public holiday to be excluded from marriage leave FTKLA CHAR 
350 P15_TPIFO Type of Fund registration P15_TPIFO CHAR 
351 P15_TPIFOX Type of Fund registration P15_TPIFOX CHAR 
352 P15_TPIFX Social Security Fund Registration Type Description P15_TPIFX CHAR 
353 P15_TPIMN Management type for negative taxable amounts P15_TPIMN CHAR 
354 P15_TPINA Person subgroup for settlement self-calculation P15_TPINA CHAR 
355 P15_TPLIM Limit type P15_TPLIM CHAR 
356 P15_TPOND Weighting or Weight Factor for INAIL Tax P15_DEC7_4 DEC 
357 P15_TPONE Type of allowable expense P15_TPONE NUMC 
358 P15_TPONR Settlement request for allowable expenses P15_TPONE NUMC 
359 P15_TPPE1 Percentage type P15_PERCE DEC 
360 P15_TPPER Percentage type P15_TPPER CHAR 
361 P15_TPREC Record type for form 770 P15_TPREC CHAR 
362 P15_TPREV Subtype - social security type SUBTY CHAR 
363 P15_TPRIC Recalculation type P15_TPRIC CHAR 
364 P15_TPRIV Revaluation type P15_TPRIV CHAR 
365 P15_TPSCA Type of pay scale jump P15_TPSCA CHAR 
366 P15_TPTRA Absence treatment type P15_TPTRA CHAR 
367 P15_TPTXT Employee subgroup description TEXT30 CHAR 
368 P15_TPVAL Valuation type P15_TPVAL NUMC 
369 P15_TPVMI Lowest rate type of value P15_TPVMI CHAR 
370 P15_TR770 770 relation type P15_TR770 CHAR 
371 P15_TRALT Calcul.base treatment of other qualifications P15_MATUR NUMC 
372 P15_TRANF Family allowance record type (Subtype 0001-0002-0003) P15_TRANF CHAR 
373 P15_TRASF Uniemens cluster: flag of employee's INPS key P15_TRASF CHAR 
374 P15_TRATT Employer withholdings   NUMC 
375 P15_TRMES Monthly calculation base treatment P15_MATUR NUMC 
376 P15_TRNAS New employees deduction P15_RELPR CURR 
377 P15_TRONC Truncation length P15_TRONC NUMC 
378 P15_TRREF Actual revaluation treatm.with previous month P15_MATUR NUMC 
379 P15_TRRPR Expect.revaluation treatment with current month P15_MATUR NUMC 
380 P15_TRSCA Seniority record type (Subtype 0001-0002) P15_TRSCA CHAR 
381 P15_TRSP Selection option CHAR1 CHAR 
383 P15_TTCID Total at Pers.No. breaking XFELD CHAR 
384 P15_TTYPENAME Table type name TTYPENAME CHAR 
385 P15_TVALI Value type P15_TVALO CHAR 
386 P15_TVALO Value type P15_TCALC CHAR 
387 P15_TX770 Exposure indicator description TXT25 CHAR 
388 P15_TXACC Provision indicator description TEXT25 CHAR 
389 P15_TXALT Other taxation indicator description TEXT25 CHAR 
390 P15_TXANF Family allowance indicator description TEXT25 CHAR 
391 P15_TXASS Taxation type description TEXT25 CHAR 
392 P15_TXCDD Data description for infotype 0157 TEXT25 CHAR 
393 P15_TXCDE Decontribution settlement indicator description TXT25 CHAR 
394 P15_TXCGN Description TXT25 CHAR 
395 P15_TXCIG EEF Grouping description TEXT30 CHAR 
396 P15_TXCOC Contribution settlement indicator description TXT25 CHAR 
397 P15_TXCOD Description TXT25 CHAR 
398 P15_TXCOG Settlement indicator description TEXT25 CHAR 
399 P15_TXCON Contribution indicator description TEXT25 CHAR 
400 P15_TXCTM District taxes settlement code description TXT25 CHAR 
401 P15_TXCTP Regional taxes settlement code description TXT25 CHAR 
402 P15_TXCTR Description of settlement indicator for regional taxes TXT25 CHAR 
403 P15_TXDET Deduction type description TEXT25 CHAR 
404 P15_TXDOC Document description P15_TXDOC CHAR 
405 P15_TXDTR Deduction indicator description TEXT25 CHAR 
406 P15_TXESP Description of exposure/contribution indicator P15_TXESP CHAR 
407 P15_TXIMN Management type for negative taxable amounts TEXT25 CHAR 
408 P15_TXIRP Description TEXT25 CHAR 
409 P15_TXMAT Accrual description TXT25 CHAR 
410 P15_TXMOD Form indicator description TXT25 CHAR 
411 P15_TXMUN Municipality code description TXT40 CHAR 
412 P15_TXODE Description of allowable expense types TEXT25 CHAR 
413 P15_TXPCO Grace period indicator description TEXT25 CHAR 
414 P15_TXQUA Form section indicator description TXT25 CHAR 
415 P15_TXQUL INPS qualification type TXT15 CHAR 
416 P15_TXREG Region TEXT25 CHAR 
417 P15_TXRIC Recalculation description TEXT25 CHAR 
418 P15_TXSCA Pay scale jump description TXT25 CHAR 
419 P15_TXTCO Family member type description TEXT25 CHAR 
420 P15_TXTFR Description of severance indemnity provision indicator TEXT25 CHAR 
421 P15_TXTIP Description of family calculation type TEXT25 CHAR 
422 P15_TXTMU Municipality tax code description TXT40 CHAR 
423 P15_TXTPR Descr. regional tax indicator TXT25 CHAR 
424 P15_TXTRE Regional tax indicator description TXT25 CHAR 
425 P15_TXUSL ASL local sections description TEXT25 CHAR 
426 P15_TXVAL Pay scale jump valuation description TXT25 CHAR 
427 P15_TYPE   CHAR 
428 P15_TYPEB Box type P15_TYPEB CHAR 
429 P15_TYPET Grace type P15_TYPET CHAR 
430 P15_TYPE_APPREND Type of apprenticeship in UniEmens P15_TYPE_APPREND CHAR 
431 P15_TYPRO Process type CHAR4 CHAR 
432 P15_UCOMM Comment to statement creation P15_UCOMM CHAR 
433 P15_UDEDFA Percentage for further large family deductions P15_PERCE DEC 
434 P15_UECREATED Creation status of UNIEMENS results ICON CHAR 
435 P15_UECUMUL Calculation of ex-dm10 (for INPS pos.) XFELD CHAR 
436 P15_UEDATA UniEmens Element Value P15_UEDATA CHAR 
437 P15_UEDATE UniEmens Cluster: Declaration Creation Date DATUM DATS 
438 P15_UEECNT UniEmens Cluster: Number of Executive Employees B ex-DM10 P15_UEECNT CHAR 
439 P15_UEEXECPY Calculates UniEmens statement elements XFELD CHAR 
440 P15_UEEXECSI Calculates Social Security Data XFELD CHAR 
441 P15_UEEXECTM Calculates Time Elements XFELD CHAR 
443 P15_UEKTYPE Cluster Uniemens: employee/company type P15_UEKTYPE CHAR 
444 P15_UELISTACOLL Uniemens: Generate section: employee's list XFELD CHAR 
445 P15_UEOPER Value operator of a report/legal form P15_UEOPER CHAR 
446 P15_UEPDATE UniEmens Cluster: Creation Date of the Posting Sending DATUM DATS 
447 P15_UEPROD Live run XFELD CHAR 
448 P15_UEPTIME UniEmens Cluster: Creation Time of the Posting Sending UZEIT TIMS 
449 P15_UESFILTER Uniemens: select only unsent declarations (filter) XFELD CHAR 
451 P15_UESTAT Uniemens Cluster: declaration status P15_UESTAT CHAR 
452 P15_UETEMSE Generate UE XML temse XFELD CHAR 
453 P15_UETIME UniEmens Cluster: Time of Declaration Creation UZEIT TIMS 
454 P15_UETYP UniEmens: individual or company code type P15_UETYP CHAR 
455 P15_UEXDATE UniEmens Cluster: Creation Date of XML Sending DATUM DATS 
456 P15_UEXML_DISPLAY Display Uniemens Xml Flag XFELD CHAR 
457 P15_UEXTIME UniEmens Cluster: Creation Time of XML Sending UZEIT TIMS 
458 P15_UE_COD_TEXT Dm10 Code Description   CHAR 
459 P15_UE_DATEEX Uniemens: Executive Date DATUM DATS 
460 P15_UE_DISPTOT Display values of ex-DM10 codes for every PerNo. XFELD CHAR 
461 P15_UE_DISP_ALL_PERNR Creates all employees results in spool (background) XFELD CHAR 
462 P15_UE_FREEZE uniemens freeze dm10 XFELD CHAR 
463 P15_UE_GEN_DENIN Flag for generating Uniemens individual report XFELD CHAR 
464 P15_UE_LISTALL UniEmens Cluster Remover: list all results XFELD CHAR 
465 P15_UE_RETTYPE Run type / statement normal or adjustment P15_UE_RETTYPE CHAR 
466 P15_UE_ROLLBPST RollBack post of Social security XFELD CHAR 
467 P15_UE_SI_AMT_RND Uniemens: Rounded Debit/Credit P15_VALUT CURR 
468 P15_UI_SIMBL_PERCT Percentage P15_CHAR1 CHAR 
469 P15_ULVAL Last allowed payroll XFELD CHAR 
470 P15_UNIEM_INPDAP UniEmens - Public Sector Employee (INPDAP) XFELD CHAR 
471 P15_UNIE_EXEC_INPDAP Calculates INPDAP employees only XFELD CHAR 
472 P15_UNILI Unit of measure for time limit P15_XXGXXX CHAR 
473 P15_UNIMA Unit of measure of the maximum termination period P15_XXGXXX CHAR 
474 P15_UNIMI Unit of measure for the integration of protected actions P15_UNIMI CHAR 
475 P15_UNIMP Unit of measure of the parameter for grace P15_XXGMXV CHAR 
476 P15_UNIMQ Unit of measure of the discriminating period P15_XXGMXX CHAR 
477 P15_UNIMS Seniority unit of measure P15_XXXMXX CHAR 
478 P15_UNIMW Unit of measure of the time frame P15_XXGMXX CHAR 
479 P15_UNIMX Unit of measure of maximum limit P15_XXGMXX CHAR 
480 P15_UNITA Wage type creation unit P15_UNITA CHAR 
481 P15_UNITF Time unit of measure for the father's maximum period P15_TMUNIT CHAR 
482 P15_UNITM Time unit of measure for the mother's maximum period P15_TMUNIT CHAR 
483 P15_UNITT Unit of measure of the total maximum period P15_TMUNIT CHAR 
484 P15_UPD0000 Checkbox for infotype 0000 update XFELD CHAR 
485 P15_UPD0008 Checkbox for infotype 0008 update XFELD CHAR 
486 P15_UPD0159 Checkbox for infotype 0159 update XFELD CHAR 
487 P15_UR_FGDEL Deletion Flag XFELD CHAR 
488 P15_UR_RETR Relevance type for adjustment P15_UR_RETR CHAR 
489 P15_USEX User exit for file editing XFELD CHAR 
490 P15_USE_CODE Rule Validity for Compiling the Code XFELD CHAR 
492 P15_VADIP Number of employees P15_VADIP DEC 
493 P15_VAIMP Remunerations for Executive Employee B ex-DM10 P15_VALUT CURR 
494 P15_VAL77 Value P15_VAL77 CHAR 
495 P15_VALCH Field value of infotype of charact.string type TEXT25 CHAR 
496 P15_VALCO Field value of COVER table of PC cluster TEXT10 CHAR 
497 P15_VALCU CUD 2002 box value P15_VALCU CHAR 
498 P15_VALDA Field value of date type infotype DATUM DATS 
499 P15_VALID Validity date DATUM DATS 
500 P15_VALMA Maximum allowed value P15_VALMA NUMC