SAP ABAP Data Element - Index F
Data Element - F
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 F010DEBI Indicator: Select Customers XFELD CHAR 
2 F010DETA Indicator: Detail Log ? XFELD CHAR 
3 F010JAHR Fiscal Year to Be Carried Forward to GJAHR NUMC 
4 F010KRED Indicator: Select Vendors ? XFELD CHAR 
5 F011RACC G/L Account for Which Balance Is To Be Carried Forward SAKNR CHAR 
6 F011TRAC Display Individual Balances for Retained Earnings Accounts XFELD CHAR 
7 F011TRTA Accounts for Balance Carried Forward Accounts Additional Log SAKNR CHAR 
8 F019ASEG Also Delete General Master Data XFELD CHAR 
9 F019ASEG0 Only Delete General Master Data XFELD CHAR 
10 F019ECHT Field for SAPF019: Update Run CHAR1_X CHAR 
11 F019KUNN Reset Customers XFELD CHAR 
12 F019LIFN Reset Vendors XFELD CHAR 
13 F019NCOU Field for SAPF019: Number of Records per Delete Block NUM3 NUMC 
14 F019SAKN Reset G/L Accounts XFELD CHAR 
15 F019SAMP Process Sample Accounts Also XFELD CHAR 
16 F01MER Reporting subcategory for CBR Belguim CHAR1 CHAR 
17 F020CODA Delete CO Transaction Data XFELD CHAR 
18 F020ECHT Field for SAPF020: Update Run CHAR1_X CHAR 
19 F020G_L X - Field for SAPF020: Maintain Standard G/L Tables CHAR1_X CHAR 
20 F020KRED Reset Credit Limit XFELD CHAR 
21 F020NCOU Field for SAPF020: Number of Records per Delete Block NUM3 NUMC 
22 F040CPUT Minimum CPU Days in the System for Archiving NUM4 NUMC 
23 F040DATU Key Date for All Lives SYDATS DATS 
24 F040DETA Detail Log XFELD CHAR 
25 F040ECHT Field for SAPF040: Update Run CHAR1_X CHAR 
26 F040REFE Reference Document Type F040REFE CHAR 
27 F040REST Restart for Terminated Deletion XFELD CHAR 
28 F041DETA Detail Log XFELD CHAR 
29 F041ECHT Field for SAPF041: Update Run CHAR1_X CHAR 
30 F045ASEG Archive General Master Data XFELD CHAR 
31 F045A_SD Sales Document Validation off XFELD CHAR 
32 F045B_FI Company Code-Dependent Master Data XFELD CHAR 
33 F045B_MM Purchasing-Dependent Master Data XFELD CHAR 
34 F045B_SD Sales + Distribution-Dependent Master Data XFELD CHAR 
35 F045DETA Detail Log XFELD CHAR 
36 F045ECHT Field for SAPF045: Update Run CHAR1_X CHAR 
37 F045KUNN Archive Customers XFELD CHAR 
38 F045LIFN Archive Vendors XFELD CHAR 
39 F046ASEG Archive General Master Data XFELD CHAR 
40 F046B_FI Company Code-Dependent Master Data XFELD CHAR 
41 F046DETA Switch Off Customer/Vendor Link Validation XFELD CHAR 
42 F046ECHT Field for SAPF046: Update Run CHAR1_X CHAR 
43 F046SAKN Cluster Deletion off CHAR1_X CHAR 
44 F050JAHR Fiscal Year up until Which Transaction Figures Are deleted GJAHR NUMC 
45 F061DETL Detail Log for Archiving/Reloading XFELD CHAR 
46 F061LOVM Process only Objects Marked for Deletion XFELD CHAR 
47 F061MINT Minimum Data Retention Period in Days Before Archiving ANZTA NUMC 
48 F061TEST Test Run for Archiving/Reloading XFELD CHAR 
49 F063ANZE X - Display Data Determined Which Can Be Archived XFELD CHAR 
50 F063ARCH X - Carry Out Archiving of Data Determined XFELD CHAR 
51 F063ERMI X - Determine Data Which Can Be Archived XFELD CHAR 
52 F063LOES X - Delete Previous Determin.of Data Which Can Be Archived XFELD CHAR 
53 F068BKRS Company Codes with Transactn Figures To Be Archived/Reloaded BUKRS CHAR 
54 F068DEBI Archive/Reload Transaction Figures from Customer Accounts XFELD CHAR 
55 F068JAHR Fiscal Year up until Which Transaction Figures Are Archived GJAHR NUMC 
56 F068KRED Archive/Reload Transaction Figures from Vendor Accounts XFELD CHAR 
57 F068PLAN Only Archive G/L Account Planning Data XFELD CHAR 
58 F068SAKO Archive/Reload Transaction Figures from G/L Accounts XFELD CHAR 
59 F069JAHR Fiscal Year up until Which Transaction Figures Are Reloaded GJAHR NUMC 
60 F070WAER Comparison in Currency XFELD CHAR 
61 F070WAER10 Reconciliation in Company Code Currency XFELD CHAR 
62 F070WAER11 Reconciliation in Company Code Currency (Group Valuation) XFELD CHAR 
63 F070WAER12 Reconciliation in Company Code Currency (Profit Ctr Valn) XFELD CHAR 
64 F070WAER30 Reconciliation in Group Currency XFELD CHAR 
65 F070WAER31 Reconciliation in Group Currency (Group Valuation) XFELD CHAR 
66 F070WAER32 Reconciliation in Group Currency (Profit Center Evaluation) XFELD CHAR 
67 F070WAER40 Reconciliation in Hard Currency XFELD CHAR 
68 F070WAER50 Reconciliation in Index-Based Currency XFELD CHAR 
69 F070WAER60 Reconciliation in Global Company Currency XFELD CHAR 
70 F100BUCH Carry Out Postings XFELD CHAR 
71 F100GRACCTS Delivery Costs SAKNR CHAR 
72 F100KORR SAPF100 Correction Run XFELD CHAR 
73 F100PUPD Valuation Update in the Item XFELD CHAR 
74 F100RESET Reset Valuation Run XFELD CHAR 
75 F100STAG Key Date for OI Overview DATUM DATS 
76 F100WERE Valuate GR/IR Accounts XFELD CHAR 
77 F100WVWZ Bill of Exchange Usage Indicator to be Evaluated WVERW CHAR 
78 F100XFIL File Name for Extract RKZ_DSN CHAR 
79 F100XLIN Display Investments XFELD CHAR 
80 F100XREM Translate Difference XFELD CHAR 
81 F100_READ_SL Read Balances from Special Purpose Ledger XFELD CHAR 
82 F100_SL_CURTP Other Currency Type CURTP CHAR 
83 F101CHGRC Consider Changed Reconciliation Account XFELD CHAR 
84 F101INVO Only Display Investments XFELD CHAR 
85 F101METHD Sort Method for Financial Statment Preparation CHAR4 CHAR 
86 F101TWAER Fill Document Currency Amount XFELD CHAR 
87 F101UMBWM Valuations for Sorted List UMBWM CHAR 
88 F101VBUND Group by Partner XFELD CHAR 
89 F101WAERS Post in Transaction Currency XFELD CHAR 
90 F103FILDK Post to Branch XFELD CHAR 
91 F103MWKSZ Post with Tax Amounts XFELD CHAR 
92 F103UMSKZ Special G/L Indicator for Doubtful Receivables UMSKZ CHAR 
93 F104WAERS Also Post in Transaction Currency XFELD CHAR 
94 F107_ACC_ID_CREDIT Transaction Key - Credit CHAR3 CHAR 
95 F107_ACC_ID_DEBIT Transaction Key - Debit CHAR3 CHAR 
96 F107_ACTION_A2MT Follow-Up Action After Manual Action F107_ACTION_A2MT CHAR 
97 F107_ACTION_A2MT_TXT Text for Possible Actions TEXT30 CHAR 
98 F107_ACTION_AMOUNT Value for the Calculation WERT7 CURR 
99 F107_ACTION_AMOUNT_CALC Partial Amount Calculated for Valuation WERT7 CURR 
100 F107_ACTION_CALC_FROM Calculation of Discounting - From Date DATUM DATS 
102 F107_ACTION_MT2A Assignment of Transaction Type to Action for Manual Postings F107_ACTION_MT2A CHAR 
103 F107_ACTION_MT2A_TXT Assignment of Transaction Type to Action for Manual Postings TEXT30 CHAR 
104 F107_ACTION_POSTING_DATE Posting Date of Provision Action DATUM DATS 
105 F107_ACTION_RMVCT Transaction Type Follow-On Action RMVCT CHAR 
106 F107_AGGR_OFF Valuation for Each Line Item CHAR1_X CHAR 
107 F107_AMNT_A1 Allocation Amount WRTV8 CURR 
108 F107_AMNT_A2 Consumption WRTV8 CURR 
109 F107_AMNT_A3 Recognition WRTV8 CURR 
110 F107_AMNT_A4 Initial Discount WRTV8 CURR 
111 F107_AMNT_A5 Follow-On Interest Accumulation WRTV8 CURR 
112 F107_AMNT_A6 Interest Change Effect WRTV8 CURR 
113 F107_AMNT_AU Transfer Posting WRTV8 CURR 
114 F107_COUNTING_AMOUNT Interest Accumulation Amount Between Two Key Dates WERT7 CURR 
115 F107_DATE Date DATUM DATS 
116 F107_END_DATE End of Maturity DATUM DATS 
117 F107_FROM_P Remaining Maturity of the Provision (From and Not Including) NUMC3 NUMC 
118 F107_METHD_P Calculation Method CHAR4 CHAR 
119 F107_MON_MIN Maturity of Long-Term Receivables and Payables NUMC NUMC 
120 F107_NOM_AMOUNT Nominal Value WERT7 CURR 
121 F107_PROV_ID Provision Content CHAR30 CHAR 
122 F107_START_DATE Start of Maturity DATUM DATS 
124 F107_TO_P Remaining Maturity of the Provision (Up To and Including) NUMC3 NUMC 
125 F110_ACTIV Activate Country-Specific Payment Algorithm in F110 XFIELD CHAR 
126 F110_ZWELS List of Payment Methods that Should be Used in a Payment Run ZWELS CHAR 
127 F120KEEP Hold Processed Session XFELD CHAR 
128 F120MNAM Batch Input Session Name CHAR12 CHAR 
129 F120STDA Block Date for Batch Input Session DATUM DATS 
130 F120USER Batch Input User Name CHAR12 CHAR 
131 F123DATE Clearing Date is Current Date XFELD CHAR 
132 F123DETA Detail Log XFELD CHAR 
133 F123ECHT X Field for SAPF123: Program Run with Clearing CHAR1_X CHAR 
134 F123KUNN Select Customers XFELD CHAR 
135 F123LIFN Select Vendors XFELD CHAR 
136 F123SAKN Select G/L Accounts XFELD CHAR 
137 F123SHBK Select Customer Special G/L Transactions XFELD CHAR 
138 F123SHBL Select Vendor Special G/L Transactions XFELD CHAR 
139 F123SKBK Also Select Customer Special G/L Transactions CHAR1_X CHAR 
140 F123WERE Select All GR/IR Clearing Accounts XFIELD CHAR 
141 F123ZUSA Additional Log XFELD CHAR 
142 F124ALW Consider Expiring Currencies? XFELD CHAR 
143 F124AUBE Display Error Messages? XFELD CHAR 
144 F124AVIS Grouping per Payment Advice Number XFELD CHAR 
145 F124BVK Special Processing (Clearing Currency from Assignment Field) XFELD CHAR 
146 F124COUNT Maximum Number of Groups NUMC06 NUMC 
147 F124DATE Clearing Date of Most Recent Document XFELD CHAR 
148 F124DEMF Output Documents That Can Be Cleared XFELD CHAR 
149 F124DEOF Ouptut Documents That Cannot Be Cleared XFELD CHAR 
150 F124KULI Brief list XFELD CHAR 
151 F124MINBEL Minimum Number of Line Items for Update NUM4 NUMC 
152 F124NKON Include Supplementary Account Assignment XFELD CHAR 
153 F124SOBE GR/IR Account Special Processing XFELD CHAR 
154 F124TOL Consider Tolerances? XFELD CHAR 
155 F124TOLEB Consider a Single Line Item for Tolerances? XFELD CHAR 
156 F124XLGCLR Clear Account Within Specific Ledger Group (Indicator) XFELD CHAR 
157 F130ABWZ Checking Required in the Case of Alternative Head Offices XFELD CHAR 
158 F130ASDT Issue Date of the Balance Confirmations DATUM DATS 
159 F130AZSB Number of Balance Confirmations Printed NUM10 NUMC 
160 F130BELN Ref.Document Number, if Available, otherwise Document Number XBLNR CHAR 
161 F130BELN1 Ref.document number, if available, otherwise document number XBLNR1 CHAR 
162 F130BKAD Indicator: Company Code Address (Program Internal) XFELD CHAR 
163 F130BSTV Balance Confirmation Procedure F130BSTV CHAR 
164 F130CPDD One-Time Customers Requested XFELD CHAR 
165 F130CPDK One-Time Vendors Requested XFELD CHAR 
166 F130CPDS One-Time Accounts F130CPDS CHAR 
167 F130DNSA Number of Balance Confirmations Printed with Zero Balance NUM10 NUMC 
168 F130DSTI Number of Elements of a Sample NUM5 NUMC 
169 F130ELEM Text Element in a SAPscript Form CHAR4 CHAR 
170 F130KBEW Accounts without Postings Required F130KBEW CHAR 
171 F130KONT Customer or Vendor Account Number MAXKK CHAR 
172 F130KSTI Number of Elements of a Sample NUM5 NUMC 
173 F130NDEB Individual Customers Required XFELD CHAR 
174 F130NKRE Individual Vendors Required XFELD CHAR 
175 F130NSAL Indicator: Account with Zero Balance (Program Internal) CHAR1 CHAR 
176 F130OPBT Open Item Amount in Document Currency WRTV8 CURR 
177 F130PROZ Percentage Rate DEC3_2 DEC 
178 F130PSOR Open Item Sorting in the Itemization F130PSOR CHAR 
179 F130RAAD Indicator: Address for Reply (Program Internal) XFELD CHAR 
180 F130RADT Latest Date up until Which a Reply Should Take Place DATUM DATS 
181 F130SAVE Indicator: Save Data (Program Internal) XFELD CHAR 
182 F130SBVT Confirmation Procedure Name CHAR30 CHAR 
183 F130SCHR Number of Letters Sent NUM10 NUMC 
184 F130SSOD Balance Confirmation Sorting F130SSOR CHAR 
185 F130SSOK Balance Confirmation Sorting F130SSOK CHAR 
186 F130STAG Balance Reconciliation Key Date DATUM DATS 
187 F130TAWD Every nth of the Customers Selected Receives a Balance Conf. NUMC05 NUMC 
188 F130TAWK Every nth of the Vendors Selected Receives a Balance Conf. NUMC05 NUMC 
189 F130TEX2 Field for Displaying Variable Texts TEXT40 CHAR 
190 F130TEXT Field for Displaying Variable Texts TEXT80 CHAR 
191 F130TNUS Zero balances requested XFELD CHAR 
192 F130UADT Last date up until which a reply is to take place DATUM DATS 
193 F130UMSA Sales in Local Currency WRTV8 CURR 
194 F130UPER Sales Period in the Format YYYYMM MCPERIOD NUMC 
195 F130USDT Last Issue Date of Balance Confirmations DATUM DATS 
196 F130UTYP Customer or Vendor Type F130UTYP CHAR 
197 F130VPZF Sorting Line Items by Head Office and Branch Accounts XFELD CHAR 
198 F130WIND SAPscript Form Window TDELEMENT CHAR 
199 F130ZEFI X - Head Offices and Branches Requested XFELD CHAR 
200 F140ATTR Attribute CHAR30 CHAR 
201 F140DATA Key Date Type F140DATA CHAR 
202 F140DELD Delete if Finished Since NUMC2 NUMC 
203 F140IMMD Immediate Correspondence Printing XFELD CHAR 
204 F140OPEN Indicator for Opening the Form Output CHAR1 CHAR 
205 F140STAR Indicator for Starting the Form Output CHAR1 CHAR 
206 F140XDEL Test Run Requested XFELD CHAR 
207 F140XEMD Entries with Print Date Requested XFELD CHAR 
208 F140XEOD Entries without Print Date Requested XFELD CHAR 
209 F140XPRO Log Requested XFELD CHAR 
210 F160DELE Delete XFELD CHAR 
211 F160DSN1 Path Name of the Unsorted Bank File TEXT40 CHAR 
212 F160DSN2 Path Name of the Sorted Bank File TEXT40 CHAR 
213 F160LOEV Mark for deletion XFELD CHAR 
214 F160VERS Change Version of the Bank Tape NUM04 NUMC 
215 F160XDEL Delete Banks XFELD CHAR 
216 F160XDET Detail log XFELD CHAR 
217 F160XDIS File with Unpacked Data XFELD CHAR 
218 F160XEOR File with Record End Indicator XFELD CHAR 
219 F160XFAP Indicator: File on Application Server X CHAR 
220 F160XFPR Indicator: File on Presentation Server X CHAR 
221 F160XNUL Bank key with initial zeros XFELD CHAR 
222 F170XCRE Recreate XFELD CHAR 
223 F170XDEB Customers XFELD CHAR 
224 F170XDEL Delete XFELD CHAR 
225 F170XKRD Vendors XFELD CHAR 
226 F180BPRO Log of Broken Down Documents Required XFELD CHAR 
227 F180BUDT Set up Adjustment: Start Posting date DATUM DATS 
228 F180JAHR Set Up Adjustment: Last Reporting Year RFGAUF00 GJAHR NUMC 
229 F180MONT Set up Adjustment: Last Reporting Period RFGAUF00 MONAT NUMC 
230 F180RLDT Set up Adjustment: Date of Change to Release >= 3.0 DATUM DATS 
231 F180XNPRCT Do not make postings to (trading partner) profit center XFELD CHAR 
232 F180XPRCTR Also make postings to (trading partner) profit center XFELD CHAR 
233 F180ZPRO Log Requested at Line Item Level XFELD CHAR 
234 F181ACCT Transfer to Original G/L Account XFELD CHAR 
235 F181ASEL Only for G/L Account SAKNR CHAR 
236 F181FNAM Field Name of Account Assignment Object for P&L Readjustment FDNAME CHAR 
237 F181KDIF Process Exchange Rate Differences XFELD CHAR 
238 F181SKTO Process Cash Discounts XFELD CHAR 
239 F181TAX Proc.backdated tax calculation XFELD CHAR 
240 F181_CLDAT Profit and loss readjustment: Use clearing date for posting XFELD CHAR 
241 F181_DUPDA Profit and loss adjustment: Multiple excecution per period XFELD CHAR 
242 F181_SPOST P&L adjustment: Post adjustment documents individually XFELD CHAR 
243 F190F070 Documents/Transaction Figures Compare Parameter XFELD CHAR 
244 F190F190 Indexes/Transaction Figures Compare Parameter XFELD CHAR 
245 F190HIST History Display XFELD CHAR 
246 F190OLDL Use Classic Output List XFELD CHAR 
247 F1CHAR20 Proxy Data Element (Generated)   CHAR 
248 F1CHAR3 Proxy Data Element (Generated)   CHAR 
249 F1CLNT3 Proxy Data Element (Generated)   CHAR 
250 F1NUMERIC4 Proxy Data Element (Generated)   CHAR 
251 F1SYSHEL ID for F1 in the System or Help menu CHAR1 CHAR 
252 F1_FOR_CHBOX F1 help for wave checkbox (Transactions VL35/VL36) F1_FOR_CHBOX CHAR 
253 F2CHAR32 Proxy Datenelement (generiert)   CHAR 
254 F4APPENDEDFIXEDVALUES F4 help with appended fixed values F4APPENDEDVALUES CHAR 
255 F4AX Use Search help control CHAR1 CHAR 
256 F4DOMAININTERVAL F4 help with domain intervals F4DOMAININTERVAL CHAR 
257 F4EXT_AUTH Authorization classes for external search help CHAR10 CHAR 
258 F4FUNNAME Name of the F4 function module FUNCNAME CHAR 
259 F4NAX Search help without control CHAR1 CHAR 
260 F4SYSDEF Use System defaults CHAR1 CHAR 
261 F4TXT Note in F4 F4TXT CHAR 
262 F4_APPL_CONTEXT Application context TEXT40 CHAR 
263 F4_FUNCABAP ABAP Function Name for F4 Help FUNCNAME CHAR 
264 F4_HELP Execute F4 Help on Field FLAG CHAR 
265 F4_HELP_FLAG F4 help flag ('X' = search page appears in F4 help popup) BOOLEAN CHAR 
266 F4_HELP_SEL_MODE Selection mode for F4 help   CHAR 
267 F4_POSTLOCK_KK Long Text for Type of Posting Lock (F4 Help) TEXT30 CHAR 
268 F4_RESTRICT_KK Restrict Number of Hits in Search Help XFELD CHAR 
269 F4_SAVED_SEARCH_FLAG 'X' = Saved search component appears in popup BOOLEAN CHAR 
270 F4_SOURCE F4 source to select structure elements.   CHAR 
271 F4_STATUS_KK Status Field (Long Text for Status Indicator) for Field Help TEXT50 CHAR 
272 F4_VISUAL Type of Valid Display for Possible Entries Help F4_VISUAL CHAR 
273 F52C0 Indicator: Schema is in T52C0 (SAP standard) XFELD CHAR 
274 FAAAUTHFIELDNAME Name of Authorization Field FDNAME CHAR 
275 FAAAUTHFIELDVALUE Contents of Authorization Field CHAR40 CHAR 
276 FAAAUTHISDUMMY Ignore Contents of Authorization Field? XFELD CHAR 
277 FAADR_D Number of Tax Office Address ADRNR CHAR 
278 FAANF Field selection string for initial screen FA030 CHAR 
279 FAASN JIT: No. of Inbound Deliveries NUMC1 NUMC 
280 FAA_ACTIVATION_INVALID FI-AA(New) Active in Client;Negative Check Result Trans.Data BOOLE CHAR 
281 FAA_AFTER_CHCK Activation of Switch XFELD CHAR 
282 FAA_ASSETNO Asset Number   CHAR 
283 FAA_ASSET_ID GUID That Uniquely Identifies an Asset SYSUUID_C CHAR 
284 FAA_AUTHORIZED_VIEWS Authorized Asset Views CHAR11 CHAR 
285 FAA_BEFORE_CHCK Check of Prerequisites for Activating Switch XFELD CHAR 
286 FAA_B_TTY_CURRENT_FY Transaction Relates to Current Fiscal Year BOOLE CHAR 
287 FAA_CMPLTNSS_ICON Symbol for Status of Completeness of an Asset ICON CHAR 
288 FAA_CURR_INDEX Index of Local Currency Parallel Depreciation Areas FAA_CURR_INDEX INT1 
289 FAA_DC_AMOUNT Amount Posted FLTP FLTP 
291 FAA_DC_ASSETDATA_HANDLE Data Object Reference (Internal Use Only) IF_FAA_ASSET REF 
292 FAA_DC_ASSETITEM_HANDLE Data Object Reference (Internal Use Only) IF_FAA_ITEM_MNGR REF 
293 FAA_DC_ASSETMASTER_HANDLE Data Object Reference to Master Data (Internal Use Only) IF_FAA_MASTER_DATA_MNGR REF 
294 FAA_DC_ASSETPARAM_HANDLE Data Object Reference (Internal Use Only) IF_FAA_DEPR_PARAM_MNGR REF 
295 FAA_DC_ASSETTDDATA_HANDLE Data Object Reference (Internal Use Only) IF_FAA_TD_AMD_MNGR REF 
296 FAA_DC_ASSETVALUE_HANDLE Data Object Reference (Internal Use Only) IF_FAA_VALUE_MNGR REF 
297 FAA_DC_CALC_END_REACHED End of Useful Life Reached Within Period Interval -Obsolete XFELD CHAR 
298 FAA_DC_CALC_INFLATION Perform Inflation Calculation XFELD CHAR 
300 FAA_DC_CFG_AREA_HANDLE Area Configuration Reference IF_FAA_CFG_DEPRAREA REF 
301 FAA_DC_CFG_DEPRKEY_HANDLE Depreciation Key Configuration Reference IF_FAA_CFG_DEPRKEY REF 
304 FAA_DC_CFG_INVSUPPORT_HANDLE Investment Support Measure Configuration Reference IF_FAA_CFG_INVSUPPORT REF 
305 FAA_DC_CFG_LEADOBJ_ERP_HANDLE Object Instance Configuration of Leading Organizational Unit IF_FAA_CFG_LEADOBJ_ERP REF 
306 FAA_DC_CFG_LEADOBJ_HANDLE Object Instance Configuration of Leading Organizational Unit IF_FAA_CFG_LEADOBJ REF 
307 FAA_DC_CFG_TRANSACTION_HANDLE Reference to Transaction Types Configuration (Internal Only) IF_FAA_CFG_TRANSACTION_ERP REF 
308 FAA_DC_CHANGEOVER_IND Indicator for Changeover on Exact Day or Year   INT1 
309 FAA_DC_CUTOF_VALUE_INDX Index of Entry Used from Cutoff Value Table   INT2 
310 FAA_DC_DEC15 Packed Field DEC15 DEC 
311 FAA_DC_EXPIRED_LIFE Expired Useful Life in Periods at Fiscal Year Start   FLTP 
312 FAA_DC_EXPIRED_LIFE_NEW Expired Useful Life in Periods from Changeover Year   FLTP 
313 FAA_DC_EXPIRED_LIFE_SEG Expiring Useful Life Within Period Interval   FLTP 
314 FAA_DC_FIRST_DAY_IN_YR Date of First Day of Fiscal Year DATS DATS 
316 FAA_DC_IS_BEHIND_UL Period Interval Is After End of Useful Life XFELD CHAR 
317 FAA_DC_LAST_DAY_IN_YR Date of Last Day of Fiscal Year DATS DATS 
318 FAA_DC_MULTI_LEVEL_INDX Index of Entry Used from Step Table   INT2 
319 FAA_DC_OBJECT_HANDLE Unspecified Data Object Reference (Internal Use Only) OBJECT REF 
320 FAA_DC_PERIODS Number of Periods in Fiscal Year   NUMC 
321 FAA_DC_PERIODS_SHORT_YR Number of Periods in Shortened Fiscal Year   NUMC 
322 FAA_DC_PERIOD_FROM From-Period of Calculation   NUMC 
323 FAA_DC_PERIOD_TO To-Period of Calculation   NUMC 
324 FAA_DC_PHASE_DETIND Phase Determination   NUMC 
325 FAA_DC_RANGE_LENGTH Initial Interval Length in Periods for Segment Generation   INT1 
326 FAA_DC_RECALC_PERFORM Repeat Calculation (Not Used) XFELD CHAR 
327 FAA_DC_SEGMENT_HANDLE Object Reference to Class for Segment Generation CL_FAA_DC_SEGMENTS REF 
328 FAA_DC_SORT_INDICATOR Auxiliary Indicator for Determining Calculation Sequence   NUMC 
329 FAA_DC_START_DATE Start Date of Calculation DATS DATS 
330 FAA_DC_START_PRD Start Period of Calculation   NUMC 
331 FAA_DC_START_YR Fiscal Year in Which Calculation Begins   NUMC 
332 FAA_DC_SWITCH Use Old or New Depreciation Calculation FAA_DC_SWITCH CHAR 
333 FAA_DC_TRACE_CD_AMOUNT Calculated Amount   CURR 
334 FAA_DC_TRACE_CD_AMOUNT_PREV Calculated Amount on Prior-Year Acquisition   CURR 
335 FAA_DC_TRACE_CD_AM_ADD Additional Amount   CURR 
336 FAA_DC_TRACE_CD_AM_ADD_PREV Additional Amount on Prior-Year Acquisition   CURR 
338 FAA_DC_TRACE_CD_BASEVAL_PREV Base Value on Prior-Year Acquisitions   CURR 
339 FAA_DC_TRACE_CD_BASE_ADD Additional Base Value   CURR 
340 FAA_DC_TRACE_CD_BASE_ADD_PREV Additional Base Value on Prior-Year Acquisition   CURR 
342 FAA_DC_TRACE_CD_MINVAL_PREV Cutoff Value on Prior-Year Acquisition   CURR 
344 FAA_DC_TRACE_CD_NETVAL_PREV Net Book Value on Prior-Year Acquisition   CURR 
347 FAA_DC_TRACE_CD_SUM_APC_PREV Total APC - Prior-Year Acquisition   CURR 
349 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUM_APC Total APC at Fiscal Year Start   CURR 
350 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUM_DEPR_O Total Ordinary Depreciation at Fiscal Year Start   CURR 
351 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUM_DEPR_S Total Special Depreciation at Fiscal Year Start   CURR 
352 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUM_DEPR_U Total Unplanned Depreciation at Fiscal Year Start   CURR 
353 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUM_DOWNP Total Down Payments at Fiscal Year Start   CURR 
354 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUM_INTR Total Interest at Fiscal Year Start   CURR 
355 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUM_INVS Total Investment Grants at Fiscal Year Start   CURR 
356 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUM_RESV Total Transfer of Reserves at Fiscal Year Start   CURR 
357 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUM_REVL Total Revaluation of Replacement Value at Fiscal Year Start   CURR 
358 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUM_REVL_D Total Revaluation of Ord. Depreciation at Fiscal Year Start   CURR 
359 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUR_APC Acquisition and Production Costs - Current Year   CURR 
360 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUR_DEPR_O Ordinary Depreciation - Current Year   CURR 
361 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUR_DEPR_S Special Depreciation - Current Year   CURR 
362 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUR_DEPR_U Unplanned Depreciation - Current Year   CURR 
363 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUR_DOWNP Down Payments - Current Year   CURR 
364 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUR_INTR Interest Current Year   CURR 
365 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUR_INVS Investment Grants - Current Year   CURR 
366 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUR_RESV Transfer of Reserves - Current Year   CURR 
367 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUR_REVL Revaluation of Replacement Value - Current Year   CURR 
368 FAA_DC_TRACE_CUR_REVL_D Revaluation of Ordinary Depreciation - Current Year   CURR 
369 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_APC Acquisition and Production Costs - Prior-Year Acquisition   CURR 
371 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_CUR_DEPR_O Proportional Ordinary Dep. on Prior-Yr Aquis.- Current Year   CURR 
372 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_CUR_DEPR_S Proportional Special Dep. on Prior-Yr Aquis.- Current Year   CURR 
373 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_CUR_DEPR_U Proportional Unplanned Dep. on Prior-Yr Aquis.- Current Year   CURR 
375 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_CUR_INTR Proportional Interest on Prior-Year Aquisiton - Current Year   CURR 
378 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_CUR_REVL Prop. Revaluation of Replacement Value - Current Year   CURR 
379 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_CUR_REVL_D Prop. Revaluation of Ordinary Depreciation - Current Year   CURR 
380 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_DEPR_O Ordinary Depreciation on Prior-Year Acquisitions   CURR 
381 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_DEPR_S Special Depreciation on Prior-Year Acquisitions   CURR 
382 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_DEPR_U Unplanned Depreciation on Prior-Year Acquisitions   CURR 
383 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_DOWNP Down Payments - Prior-Year Acquisitions   CURR 
384 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_INTR Planned Interest Prior-Year Acquisition   CURR 
385 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_INVS Investment Grants - Prior-Year Acquisitions   CURR 
386 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_PREV_APC Acquisition and Production Costs - Prior-Year Acquisition   CURR 
387 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_PREV_DEPR_O Prop. Ordinary Deprec. on Prior-Yr Aquis. at FY Start   CURR 
388 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_PREV_DEPR_S Prop. Special Deprec. on Prior-Yr Aquis. at FY Start   CURR 
389 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_PREV_DEPR_U Prop. Unplanned Deprec. on Prior-Yr Aquis. at FY Start   CURR 
390 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_PREV_DOWNP Down Payments on Prior-Year Acquisitions at FY Start   CURR 
391 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_PREV_INTR Proportional Interest on Prior-Year Acquisition at FY Start   CURR 
392 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_PREV_INVS Investment Grants on Prior-Year Acquisitions at FY Start   CURR 
393 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_PREV_RESV Proportional Reserves on Prior-Year Acquisition at FY Start   CURR 
394 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_PREV_REVL Proportional Revaluation of Replacement Value - FY Start   CURR 
395 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_PREV_REVL_D Proportional Revaluation of Ordinary Depreciation - FY Start   CURR 
396 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_RESV Transfer of Reserves - Prior-Year Acquisition   CURR 
397 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_REVL Revaluation of Replacement Value - Prior-Year Acquisition   CURR 
398 FAA_DC_TRACE_PREV_REVL_D Planned Revaluation of Ordinary Depreciation Prior-Year Acq.   CURR 
399 FAA_DC_TRACE_SHORTENED_DEPR_O Amount Ordinary Depreciation Reduced   CURR 
400 FAA_DC_TRACE_SHORTENED_DEPR_S Amount Special Depreciation Reduced   CURR 
401 FAA_DC_TRACE_TOTAL_APC Total Acquisition and Production Costs   CURR 
402 FAA_DC_TRACE_TOTAL_DEPR_O Total Ordinary Depreciation   CURR 
403 FAA_DC_TRACE_TOTAL_DEPR_S Total Special Depreciation   CURR 
404 FAA_DC_TRACE_TOTAL_DEPR_U Cumulative Unplanned Depreciation   CURR 
405 FAA_DC_TRACE_TOTAL_DOWNP Total Down Payments   CURR 
406 FAA_DC_TRACE_TOTAL_INTR Total Interest   CURR 
407 FAA_DC_TRACE_TOTAL_INVS Total Investment Grants   CURR 
408 FAA_DC_TRACE_TOTAL_RESV Total Transfer of Reserves   CURR 
409 FAA_DC_TRACE_TOTAL_REVL Total Revaluation of Replacement Value   CURR 
410 FAA_DC_TRACE_TOTAL_REVL_D Total Revaluation of Ordinary Depreciation   CURR 
411 FAA_DC_TR_P_AMOUNT_FACTOR Correction Factor for Multiple-Shift Use or Shutdown   DEC 
412 FAA_DC_TR_P_AMOUNT_MAX Maximum Depreciation Amount   CURR 
413 FAA_DC_TR_P_BASEVAL_FACTOR Factor for Reducing the Base Value   DEC 
414 FAA_DC_TR_P_BASEVAL_FACTOR_ADD Reduction of Base Value for Individual Asset   CURR 
415 FAA_DC_TR_P_BASEVAL_MAX Maximum Base Value   CURR 
416 FAA_DC_TR_P_BASEVAL_STATED External Base Value   CURR 
418 FAA_DC_TR_P_MINVAL_PERCENT Scrap Value or Cutoff Value Percentage Rate   DEC 
419 FAA_DC_TR_P_MINVAL_STATED Asset Scrap Value   CURR 
420 FAA_DC_TR_P_MINVAL_TOLERANCE Tolerance Amount for Net Book Value Check   CURR 
421 FAA_DC_TR_P_PERCENT_FACTOR Multiplication Factor   DEC 
422 FAA_DC_TR_P_PERCENT_MAX Maximum Percentage Rate   DEC 
423 FAA_DC_TR_P_PERCENT_MIN Minimum Percentage Rate   DEC 
424 FAA_DC_TR_P_PERCENT_STATED External Percentage Rate   DEC 
425 FAA_DC_T_ITEMREF Asset Transactions - Reference Type FAA_DC_T_ITEM REF 
426 FAA_DC_USAGE_IMPACT_IND Influence of Multiple-Shift Factor or Shutdown   INT1 
427 FAA_DC_USEFUL_LIFE Useful Life in Periods   INT4 
428 FAA_DC_USE_ALIGNMENT Generate Same Period Intervals for Value Types/Areas XFELD CHAR 
429 FAA_DC_USE_EXP_LIFE_NEW Calculate Useful Life Starting from Changeover Year XFELD CHAR 
430 FAA_DC_USE_MAX_PERIODS Perform Calculations for Each Individual Period XFELD CHAR 
432 FAA_DEPRAREA Depreciation Area   CHAR 
433 FAA_DOCTYPE_ACDOC Document Type of the Dependent Valuating Document BLART CHAR 
434 FAA_DOCTYPE_ORIG Document Type of the Original Operational Document BLART CHAR 
435 FAA_D_DEPRAREA Depreciation Area   CHAR 
436 FAA_D_TTY_CURRENT_FY Transaction Relates to Current Fiscal Year BOOLE CHAR 
437 FAA_EE_AMOUNT Amount   FLTP 
438 FAA_EE_AMOUNT_FACTOR Correction Factor for Multiple-Shift Use or Shutdown   FLTP 
439 FAA_EE_AMOUNT_MAX Maximum Depreciation Amount   FLTP 
440 FAA_EE_AMOUNT_PREV Prior-Year Acquisition Amount   FLTP 
441 FAA_EE_AMOUNT_REDUCED Amount Was Reduced   CHAR 
442 FAA_EE_AMOUNT_SKIPPED Amount Is Skipped   CHAR 
444 FAA_EE_AM_ADD Additional Amount   FLTP 
445 FAA_EE_AM_ADD_PREV Additional Amount - Prior-Year Acquisition   FLTP 
446 FAA_EE_APC Acquisition and Production Costs   FLTP 
447 FAA_EE_AREA Depreciation Area   CHAR 
449 FAA_EE_BASEVAL_FACTOR Factor for Reducing the Base Value   FLTP 
450 FAA_EE_BASEVAL_FACTOR_ADD Reduction of Base Value for Individual Asset   FLTP 
451 FAA_EE_BASEVAL_KEY Base Value Indicator   CHAR 
452 FAA_EE_BASEVAL_MAX Maximum Base Value   FLTP 
453 FAA_EE_BASEVAL_PREV Base Value - Prior-Year Acquisition   FLTP 
454 FAA_EE_BASEVAL_STATED External Base Value   FLTP 
455 FAA_EE_BASE_ADD Additional Base Value   FLTP 
456 FAA_EE_BASE_ADD_KEY Additional Base Value   CHAR 
457 FAA_EE_BASE_ADD_PREV Additional Base Value - Prior-Year Acquisition   FLTP 
458 FAA_EE_CHANGEOVER_PRD Changeover Period   NUMC 
459 FAA_EE_CHANGEOVER_YR Changeover Year   NUMC 
460 FAA_EE_CHECK_AMOUNT Check NBV Prior-Year Acquisition and Correct Total Amount   CHAR 
461 FAA_EE_CURRENCY Currency   CUKY 
462 FAA_EE_CURR_DECIMALS Decimal Places in Currencies   INT1 
463 FAA_EE_CURR_TYPE Currency Type   CHAR 
464 FAA_EE_CURTP Currency Type   CHAR 
465 FAA_EE_DECIMALS Number of Places for Rounding in Depreciation Calculation   INT4 
466 FAA_EE_DEPR_O Ordinary Depreciation   FLTP 
467 FAA_EE_DEPR_S Special Depreciation   FLTP 
468 FAA_EE_DEPR_U Unplanned Depreciation   FLTP 
469 FAA_EE_DOWNP Down Payments   FLTP 
470 FAA_EE_ERROR_NUMBER Error Number   NUMC 
471 FAA_EE_EXP_LIFE Expired Useful Life in Periods at Fiscal Year Start   INT4 
472 FAA_EE_EXP_LIFE_NEW Expired Useful Life in Periods from Changeover Year   INT4 
473 FAA_EE_EXP_LIFE_SEG Expired Useful Life in Periods in a Time Segment   FLTP 
474 FAA_EE_FYEAR Fiscal Year   NUMC 
475 FAA_EE_IGNORE_SHORT_YR Do Not Reduce Amount in Shortened Fiscal Year   CHAR 
476 FAA_EE_INTR Interest Calculation Numerator   FLTP 
477 FAA_EE_INVS Investment Grants   FLTP 
478 FAA_EE_IS_DEPENDANT Depreciation Area Has Dependencies   CHAR 
479 FAA_EE_IS_VIRTUAL_AREA Depreciation Area Is a Derived Depreciation Area   CHAR 
480 FAA_EE_LEAS_ADV_PAYMENT Advance Payment   CHAR 
481 FAA_EE_LEAS_INTRST_RATE Leasing interest rate (capital lease)   FLTP 
482 FAA_EE_LEAS_NO_PAYMENTS Number of Lease Payments   DEC 
484 FAA_EE_LEAS_PER_PAYMENT Periodic Payment Amount   FLTP 
486 FAA_EE_MINVALUE Cutoff Value   FLTP 
487 FAA_EE_MINVAL_KEY Cutoff Value Indicator   CHAR 
489 FAA_EE_MINVAL_PERCENT Scrap Value or Cutoff Value Percentage Rate   FLTP 
490 FAA_EE_MINVAL_PERC_ADD Additional Scrap Value Percentage   FLTP 
491 FAA_EE_MINVAL_PERC_USED Cutoff Value Was Calculated   CHAR 
492 FAA_EE_MINVAL_PREV Cutoff Value - Prior-Year Acquisition   FLTP 
493 FAA_EE_MINVAL_RNDDECIM Number of Places for Rounding Scrap Value   INT4 
495 FAA_EE_MINVAL_RNDPLACE Relevant Decimal Places for Rounding the Scrap Value   INT4 
496 FAA_EE_MINVAL_STATED Asset Scrap Value   FLTP 
497 FAA_EE_MINVAL_STATED_ADD Additional Scrap Value of Asset   FLTP 
498 FAA_EE_MINVAL_TOLERANCE Tolerance Amount for Net Book Value Check   FLTP 
499 FAA_EE_NETVALUE Net Book Value   FLTP 
500 FAA_EE_NETVAL_PREV Net Book Value - Prior-Year Acquisition   FLTP