SAP ABAP Data Element - Index F, page 11
Data Element - F
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 FC_SEQNR10 Sequence number NUMC10 NUMC 
2 FC_SEQNR2 Sequence number NUMC2 NUMC 
3 FC_SEQNR3 Sequence number NUMC3 NUMC 
4 FC_SEQNRCA Sequence number of equal-ranking tasks in the monitor NUMC3 NUMC 
5 FC_SERNR2 Sequential field number NUMC2 NUMC 
6 FC_SERNUM Sequence number of the data record NUMC04 NUMC 
8 FC_SETBU Partner set prefix FC_SETBU CHAR 
9 FC_SETGENCGY Year or Period-dependent Sets for Cons Groups X CHAR 
10 FC_SETGENMODE Options for automatic set generation FC_SETGENMODE NUMC 
11 FC_SETID Identification of a set SETID CHAR 
13 FC_SETINDX IU elimination: Elimination group FC_SETINDX CHAR 
14 FC_SETITEM Item set - lines FC_SETNAME CHAR 
15 FC_SETNAME SAP Consolidation set Name FC_SETNAME CHAR 
17 FC_SETS Combination of FS item sets for interunit elimination CHAR45 CHAR 
18 FC_SET_CB Choice of set class RADIOBUTT CHAR 
19 FC_SET_NU Delete generated sets X CHAR 
20 FC_SGCON Consolidation FC_FSLCT CHAR 
21 FC_SGINA Assignment of 'inactive consolidation unit' FC_FSLCT CHAR 
22 FC_SGINV Consolidation of investments FC_FSLCT CHAR 
23 FC_SGVAL Validate consolidated values FC_FSLCT CHAR 
24 FC_SHOWTXT Display Text for Characteristic CHAR1 CHAR 
25 FC_SHSTFLG Hide Assigned Source Tasks in the Monitor CHAR1_X CHAR 
26 FC_SHTXT String of characteristic abbreviations of a jrnl entry lay. TEXT20 CHAR 
27 FC_SIDEF Default subitem FC_SITEM CHAR 
28 FC_SIGMD Multiply by the debit/credit sign in the item master record FC_SIGMD CHAR 
29 FC_SIGN Debit/credit sign (+/-) FC_SIGN CHAR 
30 FC_SIGNCFI Delimiter for Companies & Business Areas CHAR01 CHAR 
31 FC_SIGNIND Debit/credit sign allowed CHAR1_X CHAR 
32 FC_SIGNTXT Text: Treatment of debit/credit signs for the values TEXT20 CHAR 
35 FC_SITEMSD SAP Cons Integration: Sender field for subitem FC_SITEMSD NUMC 
36 FC_SITEM_S Specify subitems CHAR1_X CHAR 
38 FC_SITYP Subitem category FC_SITYP CHAR 
39 FC_SITYP_I Subitem category for data transfers FC_SITYP CHAR 
40 FC_SOECU Currency precedence X CHAR 
41 FC_SORGEL Lower-level organizational element FC_ORGEL CHAR 
42 FC_SORT_ATTR Sort by Attribute CHAR1_X CHAR 
43 FC_SORT_INC Sort by Accounting Technique CHAR1_X CHAR 
44 FC_SPCNT Sign of the change in investment FC_SIGN CHAR 
45 FC_SSET2 Subitem set SETID CHAR 
46 FC_STATIN1 SAP Cons. Integration: Status of transferred FS items FC_STATIN1 CHAR 
47 FC_STATITEM Statistical Item FC_ITEM CHAR 
48 FC_STATOBJ Object status in regards to preceding database operation FC_STATOBJ CHAR 
49 FC_STATUS Status of consolidation units FC_STATUS CHAR 
50 FC_STATUS1 Overall status of CG/CU - data monitor FC_STATUS CHAR 
51 FC_STATUS2 CG/CU Overall Status of Consolidation Monitor FC_STATUS CHAR 
52 FC_STATUS3 CG/CU: Detail Status of Tasks - Data Monitor FC_STATUS CHAR 
53 FC_STATUS4 CG/CU: Detail Status of Tasks - Consolidation Monitor FC_STATUS CHAR 
54 FC_STATUS5 Status text CHAR15 CHAR 
55 FC_STEPTEXT Validation Step: Description TEXT35 CHAR 
57 FC_STITEM Statistical Scope of Reported Data for Equity Method FC_ITEM CHAR 
58 FC_STLGH Length of the subitem category NUMC01 NUMC 
59 FC_STPERID Start period PERDE NUMC 
61 FC_STRGE Structure string for the generation CHAR19 CHAR 
62 FC_STRVS Version: Structures FC_STRVS CHAR 
64 FC_SUB Insert at lower level CHAR1_X CHAR 
65 FC_SUBITEM_IND Specify subitems FC_ITEM_IND CHAR 
66 FC_SUBOE Lower-level organizational element including dependencies X CHAR 
67 FC_SUCCNR Sequence NUMC02 NUMC 
68 FC_SUMIND Summation index for list processor RAW1 RAW 
69 FC_SUMIT_ITGRP_IGNORE Ignore the breakdown category of the totals items X CHAR 
70 FC_SUPFLG Copy Supplier Data CHAR1_X CHAR 
71 FC_SVALU Sign of book value change FC_SIGN CHAR 
72 FC_SYST3X Use "upload" to collect data CHAR1_X CHAR 
73 FC_SYST4X Collect data from same SAP System CHAR1_X CHAR 
74 FC_S_BUPTR Suffix of the partner set FC_SETSU CHAR 
76 FC_S_TCURR Set of currency keys FC_SETNAME CHAR 
77 FC_S_YRACQ Set of years of acquisition FC_SETNAME CHAR 
79 FC_TAXC Debit deferred income taxes X CHAR 
80 FC_TAXD Credit deferred income taxes X CHAR 
81 FC_TAXIN Do not use a composite tax rate FC_TAXIN CHAR 
82 FC_TAXRT Tax rate PRZ34 DEC 
83 FC_TAXVS Version: Tax rate FC_TAXVS CHAR 
84 FC_TBUPTR Reclassifications: Destination partner unit FC_BUNIT CHAR 
85 FC_TCSIND Split differences X CHAR 
86 FC_TCUR Post in transaction currency X CHAR 
87 FC_TCURR Values are entered in group currency X CHAR 
88 FC_TCURR_S Specify currency CHAR1_X CHAR 
89 FC_TCUR_ISO ISO code - transaction currency ISOCD CHAR 
90 FC_TDIFF Disclosure of Temporal Translation Differences X CHAR 
91 FC_TDIFLG Other Comprehensive Income in Total Divestiture X CHAR 
92 FC_TEFAX Telefax center CHAR15 CHAR 
93 FC_TELEX Telex center CHAR30 CHAR 
94 FC_TELFN Telephone switchboard CHAR15 CHAR 
96 FC_TESTTXT Text for executing the program in test mode TEXT20 CHAR 
97 FC_TEXT Text field CHAR80 CHAR 
98 FC_TEXT1 Text TXT30 CHAR 
99 FC_TEXT20 Description TEXT20 CHAR 
100 FC_TEXT50 Description CHAR50 CHAR 
101 FC_TEXT_1 Text for screen 1510 CHAR40 CHAR 
102 FC_TEXT_2 Text for screen 1510 CHAR40 CHAR 
103 FC_TEXT_3 Text for screen 1510 CHAR40 CHAR 
104 FC_TEXT_4 Text for screen 1400 CHAR40 CHAR 
105 FC_TEXT_5 Text for screen 1400 CHAR40 CHAR 
106 FC_TFACT Ratio for the "To" Currency Units CHAR11 CHAR 
107 FC_TIME Time of last change SYTIME TIMS 
108 FC_TIME1 Time of last change SYTIME TIMS 
110 FC_TITEM Reclassification: Destination FS item FC_ITEM CHAR 
111 FC_TITTEXT Text for including totals items in Acct/FS item comparison TEXT20 CHAR 
112 FC_TJMETH Also transport cons methods of task category CHAR1_X CHAR 
113 FC_TJOINT Also transport assigned objects CHAR1_X CHAR 
114 FC_TOBJECT Transport the object CHAR1_X CHAR 
115 FC_TOBJGRP Select the object group for the transport CHAR1_X CHAR 
116 FC_TOBJLNK Transport the object assignment CHAR1_X CHAR 
117 FC_TOHLEVL End processing at this hierarchy level FC_HLEVL CHAR 
118 FC_TOITEM Range limit of an item set FC_ITEM CHAR 
119 FC_TOPCG Top consolidation group FC_CONGR CHAR 
120 FC_TOPCONG Top consolidation group only CHAR1_X CHAR 
121 FC_TOPHL Higher hierarchy level FC_HLEVL CHAR 
123 FC_TOTANI Totals item for appropriation of retained earnings FC_ITEM CHAR 
124 FC_TOTITM Include totals items in comparison CHAR1_X CHAR 
125 FC_TOTRC Include totals records CHAR1_X CHAR 
126 FC_TPERI Effective until period PERDE NUMC 
127 FC_TRANMC Item: Deductions from in ret. earnings FC_ITEM CHAR 
128 FC_TRANMD Item for transfers to minority interest in ret.earnings FC_ITEM CHAR 
129 FC_TRANS Data transfer method FC_TRANS CHAR 
130 FC_TRANSCURR_FLG Summarize by transaction currency CHAR1_X CHAR 
131 FC_TRANS_A Data transfer method A: Offline data entry using MS Access CHAR1_X CHAR 
132 FC_TRANS_O Data transfer method O: Rollup CHAR1_X CHAR 
133 FC_TRANS_P Data transfer method P: Periodic Extract CHAR1_X CHAR 
134 FC_TRANS_U Data transfer method U: Flexible Upload CHAR1_X CHAR 
135 FC_TSITEM Reclassification: "To" subitem FC_SITEM CHAR 
136 FC_TSLCMP Reconciliation: Compare Values in Transaction Currency CHAR1_X CHAR 
137 FC_TSL_KSL Value in transaction currency translated to group currency WERTV9 CURR 
138 FC_TTAB Text table exists AS4FLAG CHAR 
139 FC_TTIND Calculate totals CHAR1_X CHAR 
140 FC_TTYIND Carry forward to subitem (transaction type) CHAR1_X CHAR 
141 FC_TXT Description TEXT30 CHAR 
142 FC_TXT1 Name 1 TEXT15 CHAR 
143 FC_TXT2 Name 2 TEXT15 CHAR 
144 FC_TXT3 Name 3 TEXT15 CHAR 
145 FC_TXT4 Name 4 TEXT15 CHAR 
146 FC_TXT5 Name 5 TEXT15 CHAR 
147 FC_TXT6 Name 6 TEXT15 CHAR 
148 FC_TXT7 Name 7 TEXT15 CHAR 
149 FC_TXT8 Name 8 TEXT15 CHAR 
150 FC_TXT9 Name 9 TEXT15 CHAR 
151 FC_TXTCCTT Description of the task category TEXT50 CHAR 
152 FC_TXTID Index for texts in the list processor INT3 NUMC 
153 FC_TXTIND Display the description text CHAR1_X CHAR 
154 FC_TXTLG Long text TEXT50 CHAR 
155 FC_TXTMI Medium text TEXT30 CHAR 
156 FC_TXTMI_I Medium text for FS items TEXT50 CHAR 
157 FC_TXTNMR Print text numbers CHAR1_X CHAR 
158 FC_TXTNR Text number TEXT8 CHAR 
159 FC_TXTSH Short text TEXT15 CHAR 
160 FC_TXTTASH Short text for the task TEXT10 CHAR 
161 FC_TXTYP Text type for printing FC_TXTYP CHAR 
162 FC_TXT_ACPCT Incidental acquisition cost in percent (as text)   CHAR 
163 FC_TXT_ADDCO Incidental costs (as text)   CHAR 
164 FC_TXT_BKVAL Book Value in Reporting Period (as Text)   CHAR 
165 FC_TXT_CGR Status text for cons groups; journal entry selection TEXT20 CHAR 
166 FC_TXT_CMPCT Cost of Goods Manufactured as % of Sales (as Text)   CHAR 
167 FC_TXT_COGMT Cost of Goods Manufactured per Unit of Measure (as Text)   CHAR 
168 FC_TXT_COUNTER Count of Entries in the List   CHAR 
169 FC_TXT_CRATE Exchange rate (as text)   CHAR 
170 FC_TXT_CSPCT Distribution costs as % of sales (as text)   CHAR 
171 FC_TXT_DIVTAX Tax rate for investment income (as text)   CHAR 
172 FC_TXT_FFACT_CURR Ratio for the "From" Currency Units   CHAR 
173 FC_TXT_HRDPCNT Percentage rate of amortization (as text)   CHAR 
174 FC_TXT_HRVLCAP Fair Value Increase in Local Currency   CHAR 
175 FC_TXT_HRVLCBG Opening Book Value of Fair Adjustments in Local Currency   CHAR 
176 FC_TXT_HRVLCDA Fair Value Decrease in Local Currency   CHAR 
177 FC_TXT_HRVLCDD Adj. to Accum. Amortization from Decrease of FVA in LC   CHAR 
178 FC_TXT_HRVLCDE Extraordinary Amortization of FVA in Local Currency   CHAR 
179 FC_TXT_HRVLCDN Amortization of Fair Value Adjustments in Local Currency   CHAR 
180 FC_TXT_HRVLCEN Closing Book Value of Fair Value Adjustments in Local Crcy   CHAR 
181 FC_TXT_HRVLCPP Original FVA in Prior Periods in Local Currency   CHAR 
182 FC_TXT_HRVLCWU Writeup of Fair Value Adjustments in Local Currency   CHAR 
183 FC_TXT_HRVRCAP Fair Value Increase in Group Currency   CHAR 
184 FC_TXT_HRVRCBG Opening Book Value of Fair Value Adjustments in Group Crcy   CHAR 
185 FC_TXT_HRVRCDA Fair Value Decrease in Group Currency   CHAR 
186 FC_TXT_HRVRCDD Adj. to Accum. Amort. from Decrease in FVA - Group Currency   CHAR 
187 FC_TXT_HRVRCDE Extraordinary Amortization of FVA in Group Currency   CHAR 
188 FC_TXT_HRVRCDN Amortization of Fair Value Adjustments in Group Currency   CHAR 
189 FC_TXT_HRVRCEN Closing Book Value of Fair Value Adjustments in Group Crcy   CHAR 
190 FC_TXT_HRVRCPP Orig. FVA in Prior Periods in Group Currency   CHAR 
191 FC_TXT_HRVRCWU Writeup of Fair Value Adjustments in Group Currency   CHAR 
192 FC_TXT_LG Long text TEXT50 CHAR 
193 FC_TXT_NV2LC Nominal book value voting shares (as text)   CHAR 
194 FC_TXT_NV3LC Nominal book value, non-voting shares (as text)   CHAR 
195 FC_TXT_OC Name for Organizational Change Number TEXT40 CHAR 
196 FC_TXT_PCNT1 Change in share (as text)   CHAR 
197 FC_TXT_PCNT2 Change in voting shares (as text)   CHAR 
198 FC_TXT_PCNT3 Change in non-voting shares (as text)   CHAR 
199 FC_TXT_PCNT4 Share change/annual net income (as text)   CHAR 
200 FC_TXT_PERCR Profit in percent (as text)   CHAR 
201 FC_TXT_PROTYP Apportionment Procedure for Two-sided Eliminations   CHAR 
202 FC_TXT_QUAN1 Quantity (as text)   CHAR 
203 FC_TXT_QUAN1_DHBII Adjustment of Quantity (as Text)   CHAR 
204 FC_TXT_QUANT Inventory quantity (as text)   CHAR 
205 FC_TXT_REV Status text for selection of reversal documents in JE report TEXT20 CHAR 
206 FC_TXT_REVD Status text of selection of reversed docs in J/E report TEXT20 CHAR 
207 FC_TXT_REVP Status text of selection of reversal doc pairs in J/E rpt TEXT20 CHAR 
208 FC_TXT_SETGENMODE Options for Automatic Set Generation   CHAR 
209 FC_TXT_SH Short text TEXT30 CHAR 
210 FC_TXT_TAXRT Tax rate (as text)   CHAR 
211 FC_TXT_TFACT_CURR Ratio for the "To" Currency Units   CHAR 
212 FC_TXT_VALAP Original Book Value (as Text)   CHAR 
213 FC_TXT_VALBG Beginning book value (as text)   CHAR 
214 FC_TXT_VALDA Acc. adjustment of acq. cost for divestiture in current prd.   CHAR 
215 FC_TXT_VALDD Accumulated Amortization for Divestiture in Current Period   CHAR 
216 FC_TXT_VALDE Amount of Extraordinary Amortization (as Text)   CHAR 
217 FC_TXT_VALDN Amount of Prdinary Amortization (as Text)   CHAR 
218 FC_TXT_VALDP Acc. Adjustment of Orig.Cost for Divestiture in Pr. Periods   CHAR 
219 FC_TXT_VALEN Ending book value (as text)   CHAR 
221 FC_TXT_VALWU Write-up (as text)   CHAR 
222 FC_TXT_VGCUR9 Value in Group Currency (as Text)   CHAR 
223 FC_TXT_VGCUR9_DHBII Standardizing Entry in Group Currency (as Text)   CHAR 
224 FC_TXT_VLCLF Valuation allowance (no loss allowed)   CHAR 
225 FC_TXT_VLCNL Valuation allowance (loss allowed)   CHAR 
226 FC_TXT_VLCUR9 Value in Local Currency (as Text)   CHAR 
227 FC_TXT_VLCUR9_DHBII Standardizing Entry in Local Currency (as Text)   CHAR 
228 FC_TXT_VLC_EQ Value in Local Currency (as Text)   CHAR 
229 FC_TXT_VLC_INV Investment book value in local currency (as text)   CHAR 
230 FC_TXT_VRC_EQ Book value in group currency (as text)   CHAR 
231 FC_TXT_VRC_INV Investment book value in group currency (as text)   CHAR 
232 FC_TXT_VTCUR9 Value in Transaction Currency (as Text)   CHAR 
233 FC_TXT_VTCUR9_DHBII Standardizing Entry in Transaction Currency (as Text)   CHAR 
234 FC_TYEAR Effective until (fiscal) year GJAHR NUMC 
235 FC_T_CDIF Text for currency-related differences CHAR30 CHAR 
236 FC_T_CREDI Text for Credits CHAR5 CHAR 
237 FC_T_CTRGR Description for currency translation method TEXT45 CHAR 
238 FC_T_DEBIT Text for Debits CHAR5 CHAR 
239 FC_T_DIFIN Text for strategy for posting differences CHAR30 CHAR 
240 FC_T_ISET1 Textfield for FS item set 1 CHAR30 CHAR 
241 FC_T_ISET2 Textfield for FS item set 2 CHAR30 CHAR 
242 FC_T_ITEM Text for FS item CHAR30 CHAR 
243 FC_T_ITSET Text for item set CHAR30 CHAR 
244 FC_T_ODIF Text for other differences CHAR30 CHAR 
245 FC_T_SETM Set maintenance X CHAR 
246 FC_T_SISET Text for subitem set CHAR20 CHAR 
247 FC_T_SITEM Text for subitem CHAR30 CHAR 
248 FC_UEXIT Name of exit for user-defined exchange rate determination EXIT_NR CHAR 
249 FC_ULOCK Task is unblocked CHAR1_X CHAR 
250 FC_UMRC1 Currency translation: List criterion 1 FC_UMRC1 NUMC 
251 FC_UMRC2 Currency translation: List criterion 2 FC_UMRC2 NUMC 
252 FC_UMRC3 Currency translation: List criterion 3 FC_UMRC3 NUMC 
256 FC_UNAME Name of user who made the change USNAM CHAR 
257 FC_UPACQ Acquisition subitem FC_SITEM CHAR 
258 FC_UPCAT Upload category FC_UPCAT NUMC 
259 FC_UPCATNR Field catalog for the upload method FC_UPCATNR NUMC 
260 FC_UPCFO Carry forward to subitem (transaction type) FC_SITEM CHAR 
261 FC_UPDATE Copy changes only FLAG CHAR 
262 FC_UPDATXT Text for executing the program in update mode TEXT20 CHAR 
264 FC_UPDMODE_GWMIG Update Mode for the Migration of Goodwill Entries FC_UPMOD_GWMIG NUMC 
265 FC_UPDMTXT Text for update mode TEXT20 CHAR 
266 FC_UPDTE Update the database X CHAR 
267 FC_UPFIXWD Fixed column width FLAG CHAR 
268 FC_UPFSEP Field separator CHAR1 CHAR 
269 FC_UPMER Merger Subitem FC_SITEM CHAR 
270 FC_UPMETH Upload method FC_UPMETH CHAR 
271 FC_UPNSEP Characters for the separation of digits and decimal places FC_UPNSEP CHAR 
272 FC_UPREC Display an error if breakdown information is missing FLAG CHAR 
273 FC_UPRET Subitem for retirements/divestitures FC_SITEM CHAR 
274 FC_USER Last changed by AS4USER CHAR 
275 FC_USER1 Last changed by TEXT12 CHAR 
277 FC_USGAAP Calculate acquisitions with direct shares/group shares FC_USGAAP CHAR 
278 FC_USRBU User-specific name of the consolidation unit TEXT25 CHAR 
279 FC_USRCG User-specific name of consolidation group TEXT25 CHAR 
280 FC_USRHY User-specific name of the hierarchy TEXT25 CHAR 
281 FC_USTPFLG Universal Statistical Posting Logic X CHAR 
282 FC_UZEIT Time of last change SYTIME TIMS 
283 FC_VALAL Elim.of IPI: Take valuation allowances into account X CHAR 
284 FC_VALAP Original Book Value (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
285 FC_VALBG Beginning Book Value (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
286 FC_VALCUM Cumulative CHAR1_X CHAR 
287 FC_VALDA Acc. Adjustment of Orig.Cost for Divest. in Curr.Period(GC) WERTV9 CURR 
288 FC_VALDD Accumulated Amortization for Divestiture in Curr.Period(GC) WERTV9 CURR 
289 FC_VALDE Amortization Amount, Extraordinary (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
290 FC_VALDN Amortization Amount, Ordinary (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
291 FC_VALDP Acc.Adjustment of Orig.Cost for Divest. in Pr.Periods (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
292 FC_VALEN Ending Book Value (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
293 FC_VALERROR Number of Errors CHAR9 CHAR 
294 FC_VALG1 Validation ID 1 (for reported fin. data of a cons unit) VALIDATION CHAR 
295 FC_VALG2 Validation ID 2 (for standardized data of a cons unit) VALIDATION CHAR 
296 FC_VALG3 Validation ID 3 (for validating consolidation groups) VALIDATION CHAR 
297 FC_VALID Validation name VALIDATION CHAR 
298 FC_VALLGH Length of value fields (list processor) NUMC02 NUMC 
299 FC_VALOP Comparison operator for validations FC_COMPOP CHAR 
300 FC_VALSEQNR Sequence Number of a Validation Step VALIDSEQNR CHAR 
301 FC_VALUE Characteristic value CHA36 CHAR 
302 FC_VALUE_FROM "From" Value of a Characteristic CHA36 CHAR 
303 FC_VALUE_TO "To" Value of a Characteristic CHA36 CHAR 
304 FC_VALV_ACS Value (15+2) with dr/cr sign from offline data entry CHAR23 CHAR 
305 FC_VALWARNG Number of Warning Messages CHAR9 CHAR 
306 FC_VALWU Writeup (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
307 FC_VAL_ACS Value (15+2) without dr/cr sign from offline data entry CHAR22 CHAR 
308 FC_VAL_CONST Validation: Fixed value FC_VAL_CONST DEC 
309 FC_VAL_CRIT Sublist of Validation Log FC_VAL_CRIT CHAR 
310 FC_VAL_N SAP Consolidation: New value TEXT10 CHAR 
311 FC_VAL_O SAP Consolidation: Old value TEXT10 CHAR 
312 FC_VAL_RESULT Result of a Validation Step FC_VAL_RESULT CHAR 
314 FC_VAREA1 Reported financial data YESNO CHAR 
315 FC_VAREA1TXT Reported Financial Data TEXT30 CHAR 
316 FC_VAREA2 Standardized financial data YESNO CHAR 
317 FC_VAREA2TXT Standardized Financial Data TEXT30 CHAR 
318 FC_VAREA3 Consolidated financial data YESNO CHAR 
319 FC_VAREA3TXT Consolidated Financial Data TEXT30 CHAR 
320 FC_VARI Variant for custom program RALDB_VARI CHAR 
321 FC_VBEGCYGC Net Valuation Allowance of Prior Year in Current Year (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
322 FC_VBEGCYLC Net Valuation Allowance of Prior Year in Current Year (LC) WERTV9 CURR 
323 FC_VBEGPYGC Net Valuation Allowance at End of Prior Year (Group Crcy) WERTV9 CURR 
324 FC_VBEGPYLC Net Valuation Allowance at End of Prior Year (Local Crcy) WERTV9 CURR 
325 FC_VCURR Currency for validation FC_VCURR NUMC 
326 FC_VCURR1 Currency in the validation definition YESNO CHAR 
327 FC_VCURR1TXT Use Currency in the Validation Definition TEXT30 CHAR 
328 FC_VCURR2 Validate local currency only YESNO CHAR 
329 FC_VCURR2TXT Validate Local Currency only TEXT30 CHAR 
330 FC_VCURR3 Validate group currency only YESNO CHAR 
331 FC_VCURR3TXT Validate Group Currency only TEXT30 CHAR 
333 FC_VDIFFIND Reconciliation Differences Exist ICON CHAR 
334 FC_VDIVISCYGC Divestiture of Valuation Allowance of Current Year (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
335 FC_VDIVISCYLC Divestiture of Valuation Allowance of Current Year (LC) WERTV9 CURR 
336 FC_VDIVISPYGC Divestiture of Valuation Allowance of Prior Year (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
337 FC_VDIVISPYLC Divestiture of Valuation Allowance of Prior Year (LC) WERTV9 CURR 
338 FC_VDIVTADBSISGC C/T Difference for Divestiture of Valuation Allowance (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
340 FC_VENDCYGC Valuation Allowance, End of Current Period (Group Currency) WERTV9 CURR 
341 FC_VENDCYLC Valuation Allowance, End of Current Period (Local Currency) WERTV9 CURR 
342 FC_VERSN Financial statement version VERSN_011 CHAR 
343 FC_VERS_FLG Technical settings for versions X CHAR 
344 FC_VGCUR Value in group currency CHAR23 CHAR 
345 FC_VGCUR9 Value in group currency WERTV9 CURR 
346 FC_VGCUR9_DHBII Standardizing entry in group currency WERTV9 CURR 
347 FC_VLCLF Valuation allowance (no loss allowed) WERTV9 CURR 
348 FC_VLCNL Valuation allowance (loss allowed) WERTV9 CURR 
349 FC_VLCUR Value in local currency CHAR23 CHAR 
350 FC_VLCUR9 Value in local currency WERTV9 CURR 
351 FC_VLCUR9_DHBII Standardizing entry in local currency WERTV9 CURR 
352 FC_VLC_BAPI Investment book value in local currency BAPICURR DEC 
353 FC_VLC_EQ Value in local currency WERT9 CURR 
354 FC_VLC_INV Investment book value in local currency WERT9 CURR 
355 FC_VLC_LST Investment book value in local currency CHAR25 CHAR 
356 FC_VRC_BAPI Investment book value in group currency BAPICURR DEC 
357 FC_VRC_EQ Book value in group currency WERTV9 CURR 
358 FC_VRC_INV Investment book value in group currency WERT9 CURR 
359 FC_VRC_LST Investment book value in group currency CHAR25 CHAR 
360 FC_VTADGC C/T Diff. for Net Val.Allowance Prior Year in Cur.Year (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
361 FC_VTCUR Value in transaction currency CHAR23 CHAR 
362 FC_VTCUR9 Value in transaction currency WERTV9 CURR 
363 FC_VTCUR9_DHBII Standardizing entry in transaction currency WERTV9 CURR 
364 FC_VVALISGC Valuation Allowance in Current Year (Group Currency) WERTV9 CURR 
365 FC_VVALISLC Valuation Allowance in Current Year (Local Currency) WERTV9 CURR 
366 FC_VVALTADBSISGC C/T Difference B/S to I/S for Valuation Allowance (GC) WERTV9 CURR 
367 FC_WAERS Reporting currency WAERS CUKY 
368 FC_WARNG Number of warning messages NUM04 NUMC 
369 FC_WGHB1 Number of warnings occurred during validation of NUM03 NUMC 
370 FC_WGHB2 Number of warnings in validation of standardized fin. data NUM03 NUMC 
371 FC_WGHB3 Number of warnings in validation of consolidated fin. data NUM03 NUMC 
372 FC_WSIGN Task is irrelevant CHAR1_X CHAR 
373 FC_XCOCDIND Check Cross-Company Code Transaction Completely CHAR1_X CHAR 
374 FC_XRINDGWBS Goodwill in Local Crcy: Exchange Rate Ind., Balance Sheet FC_EXRIND CHAR 
375 FC_XRINDGWIS Goodwill in Local Crcy: Exchange Rate Ind., Income Statement FC_EXRIND CHAR 
376 FC_XSL_ACS Value/quantity in files for MS Access offline data entry CHAR16 CHAR 
377 FC_YEARPERDERIVE Reconciliation: Derive Time Frame of Consolidation CHAR1_X CHAR 
378 FC_YRACQ_S Specify year of acquisition CHAR1_X CHAR 
379 FC_YTDAT Update cumulative (year-to-date) values FLAG CHAR 
380 FC_ZBALITEM Document Balance Zero per Item ICON CHAR 
381 FC_ZIPC1 Postal zip code (for actual street address) CHAR10 CHAR 
382 FC_ZIPC2 Postal zip code (mailing address) CHAR10 CHAR 
383 FC_ZLNR Row number CHAR5 CHAR 
384 FC_ZMINFLG Suppress Minority Interest Posting X CHAR 
385 FD1MA_KK First Dunning Lock Valid From DATUM DATS 
386 FD1ZA_KK First Payment Lock Valid From DATUM DATS 
387 FD1ZI_KK First Interest Lock Valid From DATUM DATS 
388 FD2MA_KK Second Dunning Lock Valid From DATUM DATS 
389 FD2ZA_KK Second Payment Lock Valid From DATUM DATS 
390 FD2ZI_KK Second Interest Lock Valid From DATUM DATS 
391 FDAAR Leave days per year DEC2 DEC 
392 FDACHFL Attic space DEC6_2 DEC 
393 FDACHFLBI Attic space CHAR10 CHAR 
394 FDAPN_KK Prenotification Valid-From Date DATUM DATS 
395 FDATE Valid from date (inverted: 99999999 - YYYYMMDD) IDATE NUMC 
396 FDATE_B_KK Lock Valid from (Direct Input) CHAR8 CHAR 
397 FDATE_CA Lock Valid From DATUM DATS 
398 FDATE_C_KK Lock valid from CHAR8 CHAR 
399 FDATE_KK Lock valid from DATUM DATS 
400 FDATU Travel Costs: Date REDAT DATS 
401 FDATUMBIS Final date in update period DATUM DATS 
402 FDATUMVON Initial date in update period DATUM DATS 
403 FDATU_CC Payment Cards: Date (1st Settlement) DATUM DATS 
404 FDBEM IS-HCM: Comment on Segment Field TEXT30 CHAR 
405 FDBL_CARR_FWD Balance Display: Balance Carried Forward WERTV8 CURR 
406 FDBL_CR_A Credit Total WERTV9 CURR 
407 FDBL_DE_A Debit Total WERTV9 CURR 
409 FDBL_DE_BAL_CUM Cumulative Balance WERTV9 CURR 
410 FDBL_DE_BAL_LC Balance in Local Currency WERTV9 CURR 
411 FDBL_DE_H Total of the Credit Postings for the Month WERTV9 CURR 
412 FDBL_DE_H_LC Total of Credit Postings of Month in Local Currency WERTV9 CURR 
413 FDBL_DE_PMON Prior Period Posting WERTV9 CURR 
414 FDBL_DE_PRM Total of the Debit Postings for the Month WERTV9 CURR 
415 FDBL_DE_S Total of the Debit Postings for the Month WERTV9 CURR 
416 FDBL_DE_S_LC Total of Debit Postings of Month in Local Currency WERTV9 CURR 
417 FDBL_DE_U Sales/Purchases in the Posting Period WERTV9 CURR 
418 FDBL_MONTH Month (Text) TEXT20_GJV CHAR 
420 FDBL_SHBKZ Special G/L Transaction TEXT40 CHAR 
421 FDBL_TEXT Period as Text Field TEXT10 CHAR 
422 FDBTR Planning Amount in Local Currency WERT7 CURR 
423 FDBUC Relevant to Cash Management KENZX CHAR 
424 FDBUILDUP Restrictions on Cash Management Setup FDBUILDUP CHAR 
425 FDBUK Cash Management and Forecast Company Code BUKRS CHAR 
426 FDCHG_KK Lock Reason CHAR1 CHAR 
427 FDDATE_FROM_SC Date from Which Cash Management Was Updated DATUM DATS 
428 FDDATE_SC Date Used to Convert for Cash Management and Forecast DATUM DATS 
429 FDDATE_TO_SC Date up to Which Cash Management Was Updated DATUM DATS 
430 FDDBF IS-HCM: Name of Related Database Table Field FDNAME CHAR 
431 FDDBO_CA Planning Amount in Local Currency WRTV7 CURR 
432 FDDBT IS-HCM: Name of Related DB Table TABNAME CHAR 
433 FDDOM Different Field Domain (<) CHAR1 CHAR 
434 FDDTL Different Field Data Element (*) CHAR1 CHAR 
435 FDDTY Cash Management: Control Planning Date for Planning Groups CHAR02 CHAR 
436 FDEBI "To" Due Date for Customer Items DATUM DATS 
437 FDECIMALS Fixed decimal places of the amount CHAR1 CHAR 
438 FDEPSORT Sort criterion FDEPSORT CHAR 
440 FDEPVDST Summarization level FDEPVDST CHAR 
441 FDESCR General String Field FB_STRING STRG 
442 FDET Indicator for File with Details from Bank CHAR1 CHAR 
443 FDFLAG1 Flag 1 length 1 byte for field attributes NTABSHORT RAW 
444 FDFLAG2 Flag 2 length 1 byte for field attributes NTABSHORT RAW 
445 FDGRP Planning Group FDGRP CHAR 
446 FDGRP_CA Planning Group FDGRP CHAR 
447 FDGRP_KK Planning Group FDGRP CHAR 
448 FDGRV Planning group FDGRP CHAR 
449 FDIAG Flag (Online Processing) XFELD CHAR 
450 FDINH Default value CHAR24 CHAR 
451 FDINKB Display Standard Code Letters XFELD CHAR 
452 FDINT PP Planning calendar: calculation rule for workday interval NUMC3 NUMC 
453 FDINTRENO Internal Key for Real Estate Object (RE-FX) CHAR13 CHAR 
454 FDISACCUR Translate Advices into Account Currency XFELD CHAR 
455 FDISARCH Archived payment advice notes XFELD CHAR 
456 FDISAUMC Automatic Archiving XFELD CHAR 
458 FDISAVDT Expiration Date DATUM DATS 
459 FDISAVNLY Also display advices for accounts with no postings XFELD CHAR 
460 FDISBETR Amount for grading BTR12 DEC 
461 FDISDATT Reference date for cashed checks (AP) FDISDATT CHAR 
462 FDISDISP Compare planning date XFELD CHAR 
463 FDISEIBE Print single documents also XFELD CHAR 
464 FDISESEL Extended Selection YESNO CHAR 
465 FDISESRC Evaluate Memo Records YESNO CHAR 
466 FDISFORM Form name CHAR16 CHAR 
467 FDISMXAB Maximum variance DEC7 DEC 
468 FDISMXBT Maximum amount WRTV7 CURR 
469 FDISPAMOUNT_KK Planned Amount in Document or G/L Account Currency BAPICURR DEC 
471 FDISSORT Sort criterion FDEPSORT CHAR 
472 FDISSSRC Evaluate summary records YESNO CHAR 
473 FDISSTSA Maintain check cashing time in master record per batch input XFELD CHAR 
474 FDISSUBL Totals sheet for all company codes XFELD CHAR 
475 FDIST Route Length MENGE91 QUAN 
476 FDISVDDT Summarization Date DATUM DATS 
477 FDISVERDT Last reorganization summarization date DATUM DATS 
478 FDISZEMP Print payee XFELD CHAR 
479 FDISZUON Compare allocation number XFELD CHAR 
480 FDIS_RELPR Release Payment Request XFELD CHAR 
481 FDKACCOUNT AP/AR Internet Applications: Account KTONR CHAR 
482 FDKACCOUNT_FROM AP/AR Internet Accounts: From Account KTONR CHAR 
483 FDKACCOUNT_TO AP/AR Internet Applications: To Account KTONR CHAR 
484 FDKACTION AP/AR Internet Applications: User Action FDKACTION CHAR 
485 FDKAT Field catalog TABNAME CHAR 
486 FDKBUKRS_FROM AP/AR Internet Applications: From Company Code BUKRS CHAR 
487 FDKBUKRS_TO AP/AR Internet Applications: To Company Code BUKRS CHAR 
488 FDKCOUNTER AP/AR Internet Applications: Sequential Number NUMC4 NUMC 
489 FDKDATETEXT AP/AR Internet Applications: Text for Time Period FDKDATETEXT CHAR 
490 FDKDAYSBACK AP/AR Internet Applications: Number of Days Back FDKDAYSBACK INT4 
491 FDKGR Cash Management account name or planning group CHAR10 CHAR 
493 FDKKEYNAME AP/AR Internet Applications: Key Name FDKKEYNAME CHAR 
495 FDKREPORT Internet Service for Line Item Report FDKREPORT CHAR 
496 FDKVKEY Report Variant Key for URL FDKVKEY CHAR 
497 FDLANGU Financial document processing: Default document language LANGU LANG 
498 FDLEN IS-H: Field Length of Original Field NUM05 NUMC 
499 FDLEV Planning Level FDLEV CHAR 
500 FDLEV_ADJ Planning level for bank statement corrections FDLEV CHAR