SAP ABAP Data Element - Index F, page 23
Data Element - F
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 FLGZL Indicator: disaggregate target stock level of product group XFLAG CHAR 
2 FLGZR Indicator: copy target days' supply of product group XFLAG CHAR 
3 FLG_92_A_2011 With SNC (According to Port. 92-A/2011) XFELD CHAR 
4 FLG_ABWEI 'Variances calculated' flag XFELD CHAR 
5 FLG_ABWL Archive "deviations" document FLAG CHAR 
6 FLG_ACCOSTC Settlement Object: Cost Center KREUZ CHAR 
7 FLG_ACQ_LIST Acquisition List XFELD CHAR 
8 FLG_ACTIVE Deviation if status is "Active" FLAG CHAR 
9 FLG_ACTY_WO_PREDECESSOR Activity Without Predecessor XFELD CHAR 
10 FLG_ACTY_WO_SUCCESSOR Activity Without Successor XFELD CHAR 
11 FLG_AC_ASSET Settlement Object: Asset KREUZ CHAR 
12 FLG_AC_ORDER Settlement Object: Settlement Order KREUZ CHAR 
13 FLG_AC_ST_ORDER Settlement Object: Standing Order KREUZ CHAR 
14 FLG_ADDR Ind: Address update must be called up XFELD CHAR 
15 FLG_AFR Indicator: Work center only allowed until release FLAG CHAR 
16 FLG_AIBEX Flag 'Asset under construction exists' XFELD CHAR 
18 FLG_AKT_APPL Indicator: active application CHAR1 CHAR 
19 FLG_AKT_VRSIO Indicator: Requirements version active VERVS CHAR 
20 FLG_AK_PAYM_FIAR Payments on Account from Accts Payable/Receivable Accounting XFELD CHAR 
21 FLG_AK_PAYM_FICA Transfer Payments on Account from Contract A/R & A/P XFELD CHAR 
22 FLG_ALL Worklist for Displaying/Changing Batch Records FLAG CHAR 
23 FLG_ALLCLI Radio button: Imports into any target clients AS4FLAG CHAR 
24 FLG_ALLOC Indicator: Assignment exists XFELD CHAR 
27 FLG_ANL Worklist for Generating Batch Records FLAG CHAR 
28 FLG_AOB Indicator: relationships FLAG CHAR 
29 FLG_AOBAN Indicates whether there are relationships to other networks FLAG CHAR 
30 FLG_APP Worklist for Approving Batch Records FLAG CHAR 
31 FLG_ARBEI Indicator: Default value work is relevant FLAG CHAR 
32 FLG_ARBPL Indicator: upload work centers FLAG CHAR 
33 FLG_ARCH Ind: Archive to database FLAG CHAR 
34 FLG_ARCHIV Optically archive deviation list if deviations occurred FLAG CHAR 
35 FLG_ARCH_APPR Automatically Archive Batch Record During Approval FLAG CHAR 
36 FLG_AUFFX_S Selection of firmed planned orders XFELD CHAR 
37 FLG_AUSSS Ind.: material master update with assembly scrap FLAG CHAR 
38 FLG_AUTOMATIC Automatic assignment of identification data FLAG CHAR 
39 FLG_AUTOSPLIT Indicator: Automatic Splitting BOOLE CHAR 
40 FLG_AUTO_ARCH Automatically archive deviations for batch record FLAG CHAR 
41 FLG_AWE Indicator: automatic goods receipt XFELD CHAR 
42 FLG_BELTAB Event: Checked against record tables FLAG CHAR 
43 FLG_BEZFLG Indicator: Go to reference sequence FLAG_SEL CHAR 
44 FLG_BF Indicator: Stock determination XFELD CHAR 
45 FLG_BOM Indicator: Access via bill of material XFELD CHAR 
46 FLG_BTAB Ind.: Document table already configured in task list FLAG CHAR 
47 FLG_BUDGE_A_RUN Budgeting Run (Type A) XFELD CHAR 
48 FLG_BUDGE_B_RUN Budgeting Run (Type B) XFELD CHAR 
49 FLG_BUDGT Flag 'Budget exists' XFELD CHAR 
50 FLG_BUFANALYZE Indicator: Analyze Buffer in Short Log CHOICE CHAR 
51 FLG_BUKRS Processing for company code XFELD CHAR 
52 FLG_BUV Company Code Clearing XFELD CHAR 
53 FLG_CACSACTREL Relevant Activities for Commission System XFELD CHAR 
54 FLG_CACSCHG Indicator: Changeability XFELD CHAR 
55 FLG_CACSDETPROT Indicator: Create Detail Log CHOICE CHAR 
56 FLG_CACSPRODRUN Indicator: Program Runs in Update Run CHOICE CHAR 
57 FLG_CACSROLEDIR Indicator: Direct Participation Role XFELD CHAR 
58 FLG_CACSROLEINDIR Indicator: Indirect Participation Role XFELD CHAR 
59 FLG_CACSTESTRUN Indicator: Program Runs in Test Run CHOICE CHAR 
60 FLG_CACSTODAY Indicator: Object valid today BOOLEAN CHAR 
61 FLG_CALC Indicator: Order (network etc.) still to be calculated KREUZ CHAR 
62 FLG_CALLED Event: Call from external application XFELD CHAR 
63 FLG_CAP Indicator: CAP (Standard value calculation) FLAG CHAR 
64 FLG_CAPO Recalculate standard values at order creation using CAPP FLG_CAPO CHAR 
65 FLG_CAPP Carry out CAPP Calculation FLAG CHAR 
66 FLG_CAPTXT Ind: CAPP text exists FLAG CHAR 
67 FLG_CF Indicator: Execute batch determination XFELD CHAR 
68 FLG_CHANGE_PERIOD Validity window automatically "change status" FLAG CHAR 
69 FLG_CHANGE_PERIOD_VALIDITY Filter according to the selected superior change status FLAG CHAR 
70 FLG_CHARGE Batch Top Node in Navigation Tree FLAG CHAR 
71 FLG_CHA_GEN General Overview: Inspection Characteristics FLAG CHAR 
72 FLG_CHECK Event: Verification carried out in background FLAG CHAR 
74 FLG_CHECK_AVC Flag to enable messages when calling AVC XFELD CHAR 
75 FLG_CHK Ind: Consistency check prior to posting XFELD CHAR 
76 FLG_CHKED Ind: Task list was submitted for consistency check XFELD CHAR 
77 FLG_CHK_RE Indicator: Inspection scope reduced on screens FLAG CHAR 
78 FLG_CHRULE Indicator: change rule can be activated FLAG CHAR 
79 FLG_CITY_DATA Recalculate at Tax Office Level XFELD CHAR 
80 FLG_CKWAER Copy Costs in Controlling Area Currency XFELD CHAR 
81 FLG_CLAS Indicator: Classification already called FLAG CHAR 
82 FLG_CLASC Indicator: Classification data has been changed XFELD CHAR 
83 FLG_CLINIT Indicator: Initialization in classif. syst. successful XFELD CHAR 
84 FLG_CMW Plant/Material/Batch Hierarchy in Navigation Tree FLAG CHAR 
85 FLG_COB1 Indicator: start external planning tool with COB data FLAG CHAR 
87 FLG_COIS_PRESUC Indicator: Read Predecessor/Successor Information XFELD CHAR 
88 FLG_COIS_PRETAB Indicator: Return Predecessor/Successor Table XFELD CHAR 
89 FLG_COIS_TIME_FENCE Take Planning Time Fence Into Account XFELD CHAR 
90 FLG_COLORD_EXPAND Enhancement by Partial Network KREUZ CHAR 
91 FLG_COMLET Indicator: Process entire collective order KREUZ CHAR 
92 FLG_COMPLETED Asset Calculated Completely-Remove Unnecessary Records XFELD CHAR 
93 FLG_COM_COM Components in component assignment FLAG CHAR 
94 FLG_COM_ITM BOM items in component assignment FLAG CHAR 
95 FLG_COM_OPR Operations in component assignment FLAG CHAR 
96 FLG_CONTE Batch record: generate table of contents FLAG CHAR 
97 FLG_COPY_HIER Multi-level copy FLAG CHAR 
98 FLG_COST Indicator: General costs activity XFELD CHAR 
99 FLG_COSTS Flag 'Costs exist" XFELD CHAR 
100 FLG_COWAER Indicator: Copy Costs in Object Currency XFELD CHAR 
101 FLG_CO_MLS Indicator: Copy milestones KREUZ CHAR 
102 FLG_CRIT Indicator: Activity is critical XFELD CHAR 
103 FLG_CR_REL Indicator: Generate Control Instructions/Recipe Upon Release XFLAG CHAR 
104 FLG_CTWAER Indicator: Copy Costs in Transaction Currency XFELD CHAR 
105 FLG_CURSW Currency Indicator: Transaction-(T) or CO Area (C) Currency FLG_CURSW CHAR 
106 FLG_CURSW_C Currency Indicator for Costs FLG_CURSW_C CHAR 
107 FLG_CURSW_P Currency Indicator for Prices FLG_CURSW_P CHAR 
108 FLG_DARK Result: make screen dark FLAG CHAR 
109 FLG_DARK_F Result: Process screen dark (screen sequence control) FLAG CHAR 
110 FLG_DATAC Flag 'Data has been changed' XFELD CHAR 
112 FLG_DATUV Result: Date set in request screen FLAG CHAR 
113 FLG_DB_R Result: Data read from the database FLAG CHAR 
114 FLG_DEL Indicator: Delete list KREUZ CHAR 
115 FLG_DELFLG Deletion Indicator FLG_DELFLG CHAR 
116 FLG_DELJO Ind: Delete task list after archiving FLAG CHAR 
117 FLG_DELTA Update session, delta on/off XFELD CHAR 
118 FLG_DEL_BW Flag: Data Record Was Deleted in Source System XFELD CHAR 
119 FLG_DEPONLY Ind.: Copy only dependencies? XFELD CHAR 
120 FLG_DESC Indicator: Does text exist for the info object? FLAG CHAR 
121 FLG_DETAIL Indicator: Processing of the detail screen XFELD CHAR 
122 FLG_DEVIA Batch record: generate "deviations" document FLAG CHAR 
123 FLG_DFTVAL Default Values for External Material XFELD CHAR 
124 FLG_DIR Direct Tax Posting XFELD CHAR 
125 FLG_DIRECT Indicator: Direct function call CHAR1 CHAR 
127 FLG_DL Document links exist KREUZ CHAR 
128 FLG_DLB_CR Documents for the BOM when creating order KREUZ CHAR 
129 FLG_DLB_REL Documents for the BOM when releasing order KREUZ CHAR 
130 FLG_DLM_CR Documents for the material when creating order KREUZ CHAR 
131 FLG_DLM_REL Documents for the material when releasing order KREUZ CHAR 
132 FLG_DMU EWB: Indicator: View DMU in the browser FLAG CHAR 
133 FLG_DOC Indicator: creation of change documents active FLAG CHAR 
134 FLG_DP Down payment XFELD CHAR 
135 FLG_DPG Down Payment: Gross XFELD CHAR 
136 FLG_DRUCK Indicator: "Print subarea order master" XFELD CHAR 
137 FLG_DSSHPR Comment on signat. for process step in PI sheet is deviation FLAG CHAR 
138 FLG_DTAB Indicator: Dialog table for mat. component allocation exists XFELD CHAR 
139 FLG_DTWP Ind.:Online table maint.packg.allocation already configured FLAG CHAR 
140 FLG_EBR Deviation analysis for batch record (admininstrative data) FLAG CHAR 
141 FLG_EMPTY Field not filled in updating CHAR01 CHAR 
142 FLG_ENQ Indicator: Order is locked KREUZ CHAR 
143 FLG_ENQUE 'Object is blocked' flag XFELD CHAR 
144 FLG_EOSP Indicator: End of Signature Strategy CHAR1 CHAR 
145 FLG_ERF_H Activate/deactivate entry tool FLAG CHAR 
146 FLG_ERF_OP Indicator: Operation screen seq. active using tca60/62 FLAG CHAR 
147 FLG_ERRIMP Radio button: Imports where further handling is required AS4FLAG CHAR 
148 FLG_ESC Event: Cancel function FLAG CHAR 
149 FLG_ESCAPE Action was terminated FLAG CHAR 
150 FLG_ESC_LO Event: Exit step loop processing by cancelling FLAG CHAR 
151 FLG_EVP Indicator: Trigger points allocated KREUZ CHAR 
152 FLG_EXIST Missing inspection lot of inspection type is deviation FLAG CHAR 
153 FLG_EXIT Indicator to exit if errors occurred XFELD CHAR 
154 FLG_EXP_C_EN MPX export of constraints: Finish before start XFELD CHAR 
155 FLG_EXP_C_ST MPX export of constraints: Start before finish XFELD CHAR 
156 FLG_EXT Indicator: External processing XFELD CHAR 
157 FLG_EXTERN Indicator: Processing triggered externally KREUZ CHAR 
158 FLG_FE Batch record: consider error during deviation analysis FLAG CHAR 
159 FLG_FEAT Indicator: Recipe/proc. instructions active FLAG CHAR 
160 FLG_FEAV Indicator: Process instruction characteristic/parameter val. FLAG CHAR 
161 FLG_FELEI Flag for structure FLG_FELEI CHAR 
162 FLG_FE_ME Defects Found for Inspection Characteristic is Deviation FLAG CHAR 
163 FLG_FE_PL Defects Found for Inspection Lot is Deviation FLAG CHAR 
164 FLG_FE_VG Defects Found for Operation/Phase is Deviation FLAG CHAR 
165 FLG_FHM Indicator: relationships FLAG CHAR 
166 FLG_FHT Indicator: PRTs Assigned KREUZ CHAR 
167 FLG_FILTER_ALL Indicator: Display all objects FLAG CHAR 
168 FLG_FILTER_ASSIGNED Indicator: Display assigned objects FLAG CHAR 
169 FLG_FILTER_NOT_ASSIGNED Indicator: Display unassigned objects FLAG CHAR 
170 FLG_FINAL_RUN Final Declaration XFELD CHAR 
171 FLG_FLEX_DET Ind.: Editing the flexible detail screen XFELD CHAR 
172 FLG_FLG_OK Result: Number assignment in current sequence is ok FLAG CHAR 
173 FLG_FLISTE Ind.: error list generated XFELD CHAR 
174 FLG_FM_CURTP Assign Local Currency of Company Codes to FM Area FLG_FM_CURTP CHAR 
175 FLG_FRD Indicator: Operation is processed externally XFELD CHAR 
176 FLG_FRE Indicator: Release operation XFELD CHAR 
177 FLG_FULLPERIOD Full Consideration of Periods XFELD CHAR 
178 FLG_GEN Ind: general allocation of material components to operations XFELD CHAR 
179 FLG_GPOS Indicator: Items in graphics CHAR1 CHAR 
180 FLG_GRAPH Indicates whether network graphic is active FLAG CHAR 
181 FLG_HELL Flag: Highlight Loop Lines XFELD CHAR 
182 FLG_HIER Indicator: Process sub-tree of collective order KREUZ CHAR 
183 FLG_HIST Batch record: generate "version data" document FLAG CHAR 
184 FLG_INACTIVE Deviation if status "Inactive" FLAG CHAR 
185 FLG_INCL_AUC include AuC settlement postings FLAG CHAR 
186 FLG_INCL_AUC1 include AuC settlement postings FLAG CHAR 
187 FLG_INI Delete Flag 'Current Version' FLAG CHAR 
189 FLG_INS Mode: Records switched on in step-loop insert FLAG CHAR 
190 FLG_INSLOT Indicator: Check inspection lot usage FLAG CHAR 
191 FLG_INST Indicator: plant maintenance data active FLAG CHAR 
192 FLG_INT Indicator: Internally processed activity XFELD CHAR 
193 FLG_INTTAB Indicator: internal table without DDIC definition XFELD CHAR 
194 FLG_INV Indicator: Not to be displayed on screen (invisible) CHAR1 CHAR 
195 FLG_ITM_BGR_MODE_ACTIVE Group Maintanence of BOM Items Active FLAG CHAR 
196 FLG_JOIN Switch off check for non-plannable planning objects in SxyzE CHAR01 CHAR 
197 FLG_KALC Indicator: material quantity calculation FLAG CHAR 
198 FLG_KAPFX_S Select planned orders with planned capacity XFLAG CHAR 
199 FLG_KEY_DAY_VALIDITY Filter with key date FLAG CHAR 
200 FLG_KMP Indicator: Components allocated KREUZ CHAR 
201 FLG_KNOT Indicator: Process order entered KREUZ CHAR 
202 FLG_KOKRS Processing for controlling area XFELD CHAR 
203 FLG_KRZNAM Indicator: Output format for object description FLAG CHAR 
204 FLG_KWAER Copy Costs in Controlling Area Currency XFELD CHAR 
205 FLG_KZMRP Fill key figure with data from documents/stocks CHAR01 CHAR 
206 FLG_LAYO Result: Branch via list layout XFELD CHAR 
207 FLG_LEAVE Result: Exit Windows FLAG CHAR 
208 FLG_LFINF Ind.: Book delivery information XFELD CHAR 
209 FLG_LIST Result: Step-Loop List controlled by TCA11 XFELD CHAR 
210 FLG_LOCCLI Checkbox: Imports into logon clients AS4FLAG CHAR 
211 FLG_LOCK Indicates whether this relationship is locked in data base XFELD CHAR 
212 FLG_LOE Indicator: Operation is deleted XFELD CHAR 
213 FLG_LOEKZ Display deleted orders XFELD CHAR 
214 FLG_LOEKZ_CHK Indicator: Authorization check for deletion active FLAG CHAR 
215 FLG_LOOP Indicator: Object overview version for loop lists XFELD CHAR 
216 FLG_LST_CR Event: TCA11 list: Start creation XFELD CHAR 
217 FLG_LST_S Indicator: List control FLAG CHAR 
218 FLG_LTEXT Indicator: Archive structure with long texts FLAG CHAR 
219 FLG_LTXT Description of the sequence category TEXT30 CHAR 
220 FLG_LVS Indicator: WM relevant change made KREUZ CHAR 
221 FLG_MAFIELD Indicator: Choose displayed material fields XFELD CHAR 
222 FLG_MANUAL Manually assignment of identification data FLAG CHAR 
223 FLG_MANUAL_BOM_SEL EWB: Manual BOM selection indicator (top level) FLAG CHAR 
224 FLG_MARK Indicates whether objects should be selected at the begin. FLAG CHAR 
226 FLG_MASS_CHANGE_FUTURE Update mass changes FLAG CHAR 
227 FLG_MATCOM Check material type against components FLAG CHAR 
228 FLG_MATLI Batch record: generate "material list" document FLAG CHAR 
229 FLG_MATLOE Indicator: Component deleted (print) KREUZ CHAR 
230 FLG_MAT_MU Ind: Update material master directly FLAG CHAR 
231 FLG_ME Batch record: consider insp. result for deviation analysis FLAG CHAR 
232 FLG_MEKM Flag: characteristics planning CHAR1 CHAR 
233 FLG_MESG Indicator: Display Messages BOOLE CHAR 
234 FLG_MESS Batch Record: Deviation Analysis for Process Messages FLAG CHAR 
235 FLG_MESSA Batch record: generate "process messages" document FLAG CHAR 
236 FLG_MESSAGE Display message if deviation occurs FLAG CHAR 
237 FLG_ME_DS Batch rec.: consider dig. sign. for insp.result in dev.anal. FLAG CHAR 
238 FLG_MKAL Indicator: Production version CHAR1 CHAR 
239 FLG_MKO Indicator: material components FLAG CHAR 
240 FLG_MODE Current mode TYPE_OF_MODE CHAR 
241 FLG_MODIF Ind: Modification XFELD CHAR 
242 FLG_MODUS Indicator: Actual(A)/Plan(P) FLG_MODUS CHAR 
243 FLG_MOD_B Indicator: Printing in a batch FLAG CHAR 
244 FLG_MOD_O Indicator: Printing is carried out in online mode FLAG CHAR 
245 FLG_MST Indicator: Milestone XFELD CHAR 
246 FLG_MSTUF Display complete collective order XFELD CHAR 
247 FLG_MULTI Flag: enter multiple characteristic values as selection CHAR01 CHAR 
248 FLG_NETZ Indicator: upload network data FLAG CHAR 
249 FLG_NOABWL Do not archive "deviations" document FLAG CHAR 
250 FLG_NOBWA Flag 'No valuation type' XFELD CHAR 
251 FLG_NODEVI EBR: display inspection object if no deviations found FLAG CHAR 
252 FLG_NODOC Batch record: display deviation list FLAG CHAR 
253 FLG_NO_CHECKS Indicator: no checking XFELD CHAR 
254 FLG_NO_EXIST Deviation if status does not exist FLAG CHAR 
255 FLG_NO_GJAHR No particular fiscal year XFELD CHAR 
257 FLG_NO_REL Do Not Display Released Orders XFELD CHAR 
258 FLG_NO_VERSENQU Indicator: No version lock (TKA07) XFELD CHAR 
259 FLG_NUM Indicator: Characteristic is stored internally as a figure KREUZ CHAR 
260 FLG_OBFIELD Indicator: Choose displayed element fields XFELD CHAR 
261 FLG_OBJLST Indicator: Object list exists XFELD CHAR 
262 FLG_OBJPS Object Identification Allowed XFELD CHAR 
263 FLG_OFF Indicator: Open operation (not finally confirmed) XFELD CHAR 
264 FLG_OKIMP Radio button: Completed imports AS4FLAG CHAR 
265 FLG_OLD_DYNP Indicator: old (before 4.0) screen processing active XFELD CHAR 
266 FLG_OPRSOP Indicator: same handling of operations and sub-operations FLAG CHAR 
267 FLG_OPR_TGR_MODE_ACTIVE Group Maintenence of Operations FLAG CHAR 
268 FLG_OP_PH Use the same function for phase and operation CHAR1 CHAR 
269 FLG_ORDER Batch record: generate "process order" document FLAG CHAR 
271 FLG_OVIEW Indicator: Display collective order overview KREUZ CHAR 
272 FLG_OWAER Indicator: Copy Costs in Object Currency XFELD CHAR 
273 FLG_PARALL Use parallel processing for planning run XFELD CHAR 
274 FLG_PARENT Indicator: Order has dependent orders KREUZ CHAR 
275 FLG_PAYM_RC_66 Evaluate Expenditure Transfer Postings with Payment Matching XFELD CHAR 
276 FLG_PCAP_CALC Calculate Values XFELD CHAR 
277 FLG_PC_DEVIATION Mill: Only Display Orders with Different Process Batches FLAG CHAR 
278 FLG_PE Insp. Result Valuation other than "Acceptance" is Deviation FLAG CHAR 
279 FLG_PE_DS Comment on Dig. Signature for Inspection Result is Deviation FLAG CHAR 
280 FLG_PE_LT Long Text for Inspection Result is Deviation FLAG CHAR 
281 FLG_PHAS Indicator: CAP/sub-operations active FLAG CHAR 
282 FLG_PICOMM Comment messages are deviations FLAG CHAR 
283 FLG_PKWAER Indicator: Copy Prices in Controlling Area Currency XFELD CHAR 
284 FLG_PLAF_T Indicator: Order temporarily generated from planned order KREUZ CHAR 
285 FLG_PLANNEDORD Selection and processing of planned orders FLAG CHAR 
286 FLG_PLOS Batch record: deviation analysis for inspection lots FLAG CHAR 
287 FLG_PMS Indicator: maintenance package allocation FLAG CHAR 
289 FLG_POWAER Indicator: Copy Prices in Object Currency XFELD CHAR 
290 FLG_PRDIALOG Print deviation list with dialog in deviations occurred FLAG CHAR 
291 FLG_PRDIRECT Print deviation list w/o dialog if deviations occurred FLAG CHAR 
292 FLG_PREVIEW Print preview of deviation list if deviations occurred FLAG CHAR 
293 FLG_PRINT Indicator: Order still to be printed (internal field) KREUZ CHAR 
294 FLG_PRINT_BY_ALV List printout FLAG CHAR 
296 FLG_PRLOS Batch record: generate "inspection lot" document FLAG CHAR 
297 FLG_PRM Indicator: Inspection Characteristics Assigned KREUZ CHAR 
298 FLG_PROBJ Indicator: Object is to be printed (internal field) KREUZ CHAR 
299 FLG_PRODORD Selection and Processing of Orders FLAG CHAR 
300 FLG_PROTO Generate Log XFELD CHAR 
301 FLG_PROV Indicator: allocations to an operation XFELD CHAR 
302 FLG_PROV_RUN Provisional Declaration XFELD CHAR 
303 FLG_PROW Ind.: delete forecast values CHAR1 CHAR 
304 FLG_PRT_GEN General overview: Production resources/tools FLAG CHAR 
305 FLG_PRUMFANG EBR: display inspection scope of deviation analysis FLAG CHAR 
306 FLG_PR_REL Indicator: Print at time of release KREUZ CHAR 
307 FLG_PST Indicator: PS texts exist KREUZ CHAR 
308 FLG_PS_INT_ORDER Indicator: Copy planning from orders for the project XFELD CHAR 
309 FLG_PS_NETWORK Ind.: Copy planned costing from the networks for the project XFELD CHAR 
310 FLG_PTV Indicator: Project time scheduling is active FLAG CHAR 
311 FLG_PURS Indicator: Purchase order exists KREUZ CHAR 
312 FLG_QSS Indicator: QM data FLAG CHAR 
313 FLG_RCK Indicator: Operation requires confirmation XFELD CHAR 
314 FLG_READ_DATA Display Latest Data XFELD CHAR 
315 FLG_RECIPE Indicator: Order requires approval KREUZ CHAR 
316 FLG_REF Indicator: task list can be referenced XFELD CHAR 
317 FLG_REL_CR Indicator: Release at time of creation KREUZ CHAR 
318 FLG_REORG Ind: Task list should be reorganized FLAG CHAR 
319 FLG_RESET Indicator: during entire period FLAG CHAR 
320 FLG_RESONLY Ind.: Copy Only Resources? XFELD CHAR 
321 FLG_RET_LIST Retirement List XFELD CHAR 
322 FLG_REWORK Display complete rework XFELD CHAR 
323 FLG_REZ Indicator: Master recipe FLAG CHAR 
324 FLG_ROUT Indicator: Access via routing XFELD CHAR 
325 FLG_RP_ACT Indicator: HR is active FLAG CHAR 
326 FLG_RUCK Ind: Confirmation to be saved XFELD CHAR 
327 FLG_SAVEABR Flag 'Saved From Settlement rule" XFELD CHAR 
328 FLG_SAV_MU Ind: Save scheduling results without user prompting FLAG CHAR 
329 FLG_SCRAP Indicator: Planning and recording of scrap XFELD CHAR 
330 FLG_SEL Selection indicator XFELD CHAR 
331 FLG_SELECTION_VALIDITY Display the whole selection time period FLAG CHAR 
332 FLG_SEL_COMPLEX Flag: Complex selection criteria FLAG CHAR 
333 FLG_SEL_PERIOD EWB: Indicator: View selection period in the browser FLAG CHAR 
334 FLG_SEL_S Indicator: Selective reprinting FLAG CHAR 
335 FLG_SEQ Indicator: parallel / alternative sequences FLAG CHAR 
336 FLG_SEQLOE Indicator: Sequence is deleted (printing) KREUZ CHAR 
337 FLG_SERV Ind: Services must be updated XFELD CHAR 
338 FLG_SHDEVI Dig. signature for deviations in PI sheet is deviation FLAG CHAR 
339 FLG_SHEET Batch record: generate "PI sheet" document FLAG CHAR 
340 FLG_SHEET_ABW Batch record: digital signature for deviations in PI sheet FLAG CHAR 
341 FLG_SHEET_STP Batch record: digital signature for process step in PI sheet FLAG CHAR 
342 FLG_SHOW Result: Fields in the step/loop are only displayed FLAG CHAR 
343 FLG_SHOWN Lines already displayed FLAG CHAR 
344 FLG_SICHT Indicates whether act.s from other networks can be displayed XFLAG CHAR 
345 FLG_SIM Indicator: Simulation active XFELD CHAR 
346 FLG_SKIP Indicator: Process initial screen invisibly FLAG CHAR 
347 FLG_SNT Indicator: Subnetwork XFELD CHAR 
348 FLG_SOB1 Indicator: start external planning tool with SOB data FLAG CHAR 
349 FLG_SOBJ Reference object does or does not exist XFELD CHAR 
351 FLG_SPECPER Indicator: Include Special Periods? BOOLE CHAR 
352 FLG_SPLIT_BATCH Always Create Batch Split XFELD CHAR 
353 FLG_SPRPS Lock Prohibited XFELD CHAR 
354 FLG_STEUS Indicator: Control key changed XFELD CHAR 
356 FLG_STTAG Indicator: for key date FLAG CHAR 
357 FLG_STUELI Ind: Bill of material can be allocated FLAG CHAR 
358 FLG_STUFE Indicator: upload network to the maintained level of detail FLAG CHAR 
359 FLG_STXT Description of the sequence category TEXT10 CHAR 
360 FLG_SUBCRT Indicator: Activity is sub-critical XFELD CHAR 
361 FLG_SUM_CM Field processing 'Copy Mgmt': add/replace/exclude CHAR1 CHAR 
362 FLG_TERDIA Indicator: Refill dialog table for scheduling CHAR1 CHAR 
363 FLG_TERM Indicator: Scheduling must take data changes into account XFELD CHAR 
364 FLG_TERMIN Carry out scheduling FLAG CHAR 
365 FLG_TEST Indicator: test run X CHAR 
367 FLG_TM_REL Indicator: Schedule at time of release KREUZ CHAR 
368 FLG_TRME Indicator: Scheduling is carried out at least once KREUZ CHAR 
369 FLG_TRMV Indicator: Operation changes relevant to scheduling KREUZ CHAR 
370 FLG_TSK_GROUP_TYPE Group operation FLAG CHAR 
371 FLG_TWAER Indicator: Copy Costs in Transaction Currency XFELD CHAR 
372 FLG_TXT Result: Access word processing FLAG CHAR 
373 FLG_TYP_B Selection Ind. for Item Category B (Base Planning Object) YNFLG CHAR 
374 FLG_TYP_E Selection Indicator for Item Category: Internal Activity YNFLG CHAR 
375 FLG_TYP_F Selection Indicator for Item Category: External Activity YNFLG CHAR 
376 FLG_TYP_L Selection Indicator for Item Category: Subcontracting YNFLG CHAR 
377 FLG_TYP_M Selection Indicator for Item Category: Material YNFLG CHAR 
378 FLG_TYP_N Selection Indicator for Item Category: Activity YNFLG CHAR 
379 FLG_TYP_P Selection Indicator for Item Category: Process (Manual) YNFLG CHAR 
380 FLG_TYP_Y Selection Indicator for Customer-Defined Item Category YNFLG CHAR 
381 FLG_UJP Planning Within Fiscal Year Active (Incl. Block Functions) YNFLG CHAR 
382 FLG_UNITS Indicator: Does the info object have a unit? FLAG CHAR 
383 FLG_UOBJ Indicator: sub-objects used when processing dialog tables FLAG CHAR 
384 FLG_UPD Switch off DB update restricted to planning type key figures CHAR01 CHAR 
386 FLG_USER Batch record: generate "user-defind data" document FLAG CHAR 
387 FLG_USES_PRD Process Type Uses Periods (X=true, space=false) BOOLEAN CHAR 
388 FLG_USE_DAYS Exact Day Calculation XFELD CHAR 
389 FLG_UVO Indicator: Suboperation exists XFELD CHAR 
390 FLG_VAB Indicator: Sub-network exists X CHAR 
391 FLG_VALIDITY_FILTER Status of the overview validity in the the workbench INT1 INT1 
392 FLG_VB_AB Event: PLAB must be updated using update program FLAG CHAR 
393 FLG_VB_AOB Event: PLAB must be updated using update program FLAG CHAR 
394 FLG_VB_AP Event: AFPO must be updated via update program FLAG CHAR 
395 FLG_VB_AS Event: PLAS must be updated using update program FLAG CHAR 
396 FLG_VB_EQ Incident: EAPL must be updated by update program FLAG CHAR 
397 FLG_VB_FH Result: PLFH has to be posted. FLAG CHAR 
398 FLG_VB_FL Event: PLFL must be updated using update program FLAG CHAR 
399 FLG_VB_FVR Event: MKAL must be updated by update program FLAG CHAR 
400 FLG_VB_GPS Event: Graphics items have been changed,save via update prog CHAR1 CHAR 
401 FLG_VB_KO Event: PLKO must be updated using update program FLAG CHAR 
402 FLG_VB_KZ Event: PLKZ must be updated using an update program FLAG CHAR 
403 FLG_VB_MA Event: MAPL must be updated using update program FLAG CHAR 
404 FLG_VB_MK Event: PLMK must be updated using update program FLAG CHAR 
405 FLG_VB_MST MLTX must be updated using an update program FLAG CHAR 
406 FLG_VB_MW Event: PLMW must be updated using update program FLAG CHAR 
407 FLG_VB_MZ Event: PLMZ must be updated using update program FLAG CHAR 
408 FLG_VB_PO Event: PLPO must be updated using update program FLAG CHAR 
409 FLG_VB_TA Event: MAPL must be updated using update program FLAG CHAR 
410 FLG_VB_TXT Event: PLTX must be updated using update program FLAG CHAR 
411 FLG_VB_WP Ind: PLWP must be updated by update program FLAG CHAR 
412 FLG_VE UD with valuation other than "acceptance" is deviation FLAG CHAR 
413 FLG_VERST Comment on batch record version is deviation FLAG CHAR 
414 FLG_VERW Indicator: reference XFELD CHAR 
415 FLG_VE_DS Batch record: consider DS on UD for deviation analysis FLAG CHAR 
416 FLG_VE_LT Long Text on Usage Decision is Deviation FLAG CHAR 
417 FLG_VRGWR Indicator: Create operations (for capacity leveling) XFLAG CHAR 
418 FLG_WBS_E Settlement Object: WBS Element KREUZ CHAR 
419 FLG_WM_REL WM request at time of release FLG_WM_REL CHAR 
420 FLG_WORKC Indicator: Archive structure with work centers FLAG CHAR 
421 FLG_WP Ind.: Maint.package allocation to operations FLAG CHAR 
422 FLG_WPLAN Ind.: Entry through maint. plan transaction FLAG CHAR 
423 FLG_WPOS Ind.: Call task list frm maintenance item XFELD CHAR 
424 FLG_XAUF Order Settlement X CHAR 
425 FLG_XERL Revenues X CHAR 
426 FLG_XILV Activity Allocation X CHAR 
427 FLG_XLEI Activity Types X CHAR 
429 FLG_XPRI Primary Costs X CHAR 
430 FLG_XSTA Statistical Key Figures X CHAR 
431 FLG_XZUS Overhead X CHAR 
432 FLG_YEAR_DEPENDANT Indicator: Copy year-dependent values BOOLE CHAR 
433 FLG_YEAR_INDEPENDANT Indicator: Copy year-independent values BOOLE CHAR 
434 FLHIE Structure explosion with functional location hierarchy XFELD CHAR 
435 FLHSC Indicator: entry XFLAG CHAR 
436 FLIDT Release date for generation of delivery note DATUM DATS 
437 FLIEF Fixed vendor LIFNR CHAR 
438 FLIESSKZ Indicator: continuous flow production XFELD CHAR 
439 FLIFN Indicator: Fixed vendor XFELD CHAR 
442 FLIGHT_ALTERN_NR Alternative Flight Number FTPD_FLIGHT_ID NUMC 
443 FLIGHT_AUTO_PRICING Setting: Automatic Airfare Determination FTPD_FLIGHT_AUTO_PRICING CHAR 
446 FLIGHT_BULKHEAD Seat Indicator: Bulkhead (Leg Room) CHAR1_X CHAR 
449 FLIGHT_CANCELED Indicator: Flight Cancelation Exists FTPD_BOOLEAN CHAR 
452 FLIGHT_CLASS_REST Flight class: Restricted/Unrestricted FTPD_BOOLEAN CHAR 
453 FLIGHT_CLOSET Seat Indicator: Closet CHAR1_X CHAR 
454 FLIGHT_CORP_PROGRAM_ID ID of Airline Program for Corporate Customers FTPD_FLIGHT_CORP_PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
455 FLIGHT_CORP_PROGRAM_NAME Name of Airline Corporate Program TEXT60 CHAR 
456 FLIGHT_DATE_ARR Flight arrival date FTPD_DATE DATS 
457 FLIGHT_DATE_DEP Flight departure date FTPD_DATE DATS 
458 FLIGHT_DES Geographical area of negotiated airfare FTPD_GEO_ID CHAR 
459 FLIGHT_DES_TYPE Geographical area type FTPD_GEO_TYPE CHAR 
460 FLIGHT_DISPLAY_METHOD Display strategy of flight availability FTPD_DISP CHAR 
461 FLIGHT_DOOR Seat Indicator: Door CHAR1_X CHAR 
462 FLIGHT_ELEC_TKT Electronic ticketing for flight is possible CHAR1_X CHAR 
463 FLIGHT_FILM Seat Indicator: Video Screen not Visible CHAR1_X CHAR 
464 FLIGHT_FILTER_CARRIERS Flight: Maximum Number of Airline Carriers FTPD_FLIGHT_FILTER_CAR CHAR 
465 FLIGHT_FILTER_EXCLUSIVE Flight: Exclusive Availability Query Indicator FTPD_FLIGHT_FILTER_EXCL CHAR 
466 FLIGHT_FILTER_SCREENS Flight: Number of Lists For Neutral Availability Query FTPD_FLIGHT_FILTER_SCR CHAR 
468 FLIGHT_FRONT Seat Indicator: Front Row CHAR1_X CHAR 
469 FLIGHT_FULL_FARE Unrestricted Rate in the same Cabin Class FTPD_PRICE CURR 
471 FLIGHT_GALLEY Seat Indicator: Galley CHAR1_X CHAR 
472 FLIGHT_GATE_ARR Flight arrival terminal FTPD_FLIGHT_GATE CHAR 
473 FLIGHT_GATE_DEP Flight departure terminal FTPD_FLIGHT_GATE CHAR 
474 FLIGHT_GAUGE_LEG_NR Plane Index (If Plane Change Under Ident. Flight Number) FTPD_FLIGHT_RBD CHAR 
475 FLIGHT_HANDICAP Seat Indicator: Disabled Seat CHAR1_X CHAR 
476 FLIGHT_INFANT Seat Indicator: Infant Seat CHAR1_X CHAR 
477 FLIGHT_LAVATORY Seat Indicator: Lavatory CHAR1_X CHAR 
478 FLIGHT_LF_LIST Display Type Fare-driven Flight Availability FTPD_LF_LIST CHAR 
479 FLIGHT_LINENUMBER Line Number of Flight in PNR (if PNR available) FTPD_PNR_NR INT2 
481 FLIGHT_ORG Geographical area of negotiated airfare FTPD_GEO_ID CHAR 
482 FLIGHT_ORG_TYPE Geographical area type FTPD_GEO_TYPE CHAR 
485 FLIGHT_PREF_ASIST Pickup and assistance required (for OSI information) CHAR1_X CHAR 
486 FLIGHT_PREF_BLIND Challenge: Blindness (for OSI information) CHAR1_X CHAR 
487 FLIGHT_PREF_BULKHEAD Preference: Seat with Ample Leg Room CHAR1_X CHAR 
488 FLIGHT_PREF_DEAF Challenge: Deafness (for OSI information) CHAR1_X CHAR 
489 FLIGHT_PREF_HDCAP Seating Request: Suitable for Challenged Person CHAR1_X CHAR 
490 FLIGHT_PREF_HDCAP_DESCR Description of challenge TEXT120 CHAR 
491 FLIGHT_PREF_INFAN Seating requisition: child's seat CHAR1_X CHAR 
492 FLIGHT_PREF_MEAL Preferred meal on flight FTPD_MEALCODE CHAR 
493 FLIGHT_PREF_MEDIC Seating Request: Medical Care CHAR1_X CHAR 
494 FLIGHT_PREF_MEDIC_DESCR Description of medical care TEXT120 CHAR 
495 FLIGHT_PREF_MINOR Seating requisition: unaccompanied minor CHAR1_X CHAR 
499 FLIGHT_PREF_SEATPOS Preferred seating position in airplane FTPD_FLIGHT_PREF_SEAT CHAR 
500 FLIGHT_PROGRAM_NR Frequent flyer number CHAR20 CHAR